The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 28, 1955 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, November 28, 1955
Page 3
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JtOWDAT, NOYKMBKR J8, 1996 BLTTBETZLLB (ARK.) COTOTEK MITTS PACK THRW Arkonsons In Woshington Sen. Johnson Is McClellan's Choice for Demo Nomination By GORDON BKOWN WASHINGTON (AP) — Sen. McClellan's present choice for the Democratic presidential nomination is Sen. Lyndon Johnson (D-Tex). "Lyndon Johnson is my man," McClellan said recently. Johnson, Democratic leader in hoy who studied law literally be- the Senate, is at his home in Texas recovering from a heart attack earlier this year. Until his attack, he was regarded by many as a red-hot presidential, prospect. McClellan said he found the Democrats in Arkansas somewhat cool lo the leading possibilities, including Acllai Stevenson, the 1952 candidate; ov. Harriman of New York, and Sen. Kefauver (D-Tonn). "There doesn't appear much enthusiasm at this of them," he said. time for any tween the plow handles and by the time he reached 17 felt he was qualified to practice. But state law set 21 as the minimum age limit. So he and his father took their case to the Legislature which responded by enacting a law r—'r- mitting McClellan to be admitted if he were found to be qualified. Thereupon he appeared before a committee of lawyers at Benton for an examination. The lawyers nn- nnimously voted qualified— Old Report In cleaning out an old safe in Cnmden recently, members of McClellan's office staff uncovered a 42-year-old newspaper which gave an account of how McClellan was admitted to the Arkansas bar at the age of 17 be a special act of the state legislature. The paper was the Sunday morn- iu? issue of the St. Louis Post- Dispatch of April 13, 1913. McClellan, the story suit!, was at that time the youngest practicing attorney in the United Status, The story related he was a farm GIFT CATALOG •vwybody's dreamt torn* trm when "Santa" fhop« at S«ori low prk«« PHONE YOUR ORDER 3-8131 MAM ROteuCK AND CO. Catalog Sales Office 217 W. Main — Blylheville at.the age oi 17. MeCIellan started to school when he was four. His father was a fanner, school teacher and later a lawyer. It was in his father's office and in court rooms where he went with his father that the senator became interested in law. Must Gve Up Snakes Billy Walters, 15 year-old Senate page from Osceola, Ark., has had to give up the pel snakes he kept in the Library of Congress. Tlie high brass of the library oljected. Billy's zoo, whicli he kept in the Pages' school on the. third .floor of the library, came to light when one his twn snakes—a 12-inch garden snake—escaped and touched off a big hunt. The episode got much publicity. After that, the, library authori- the snakes. Since Billy was keeping them in the library because his grandmother wouldn't let him keep them at her home, he had to find another home for them. The only place he could locate was the Washington Zoo. |50 Smile When Rep, Hays recently sponsored two Arkansas, attorneys for admission to the Supreme Court bar, Chief Justice Earl Warren smiled broadly—and Hays knew why. A few days before introduced Warren at Hays had a banquet and told a story of a conversation with the late Chief Justice Fred Vinson. Vinson, Hays remarked, once told him "Brooks, I'm always hnppy to see you appear before the court to sponsor an attorney. I always say to myself 'well, there's another $25 for the kitty.'" It costs an attorney a $25 fee to be admitted to practice before the court. "So when I saw Chief Justice Warren smile the other-day," Hays commented, •"! knew he was thinking 'well, there's another $50 for the kitty.'" The two Arkansas lawyers who were admitted on motion of Hays were Reed Thompson, city attorney for North Little Rock, ar 1 his law ties decided that was no place for [partner, C. Byron Smith Jr. Church Fire Blamed on 13-Year-Old Girl Who Was Robbing Poor Boxes NAPERVILLE, III. (ff) — Further, marshal, directed the girl released questioning is planned today 13-year-old girl who, authorities say, started a church fire while on a mission to rob poor boxes. The girl, unnamed by authorities, was picked up on a telephone tip supplied hy her 15-year-old brother. Damage to the First Methodist Church was estimated at $60,000. John McFaralnd, deputy state fire II worried by "Bladder Weakness" [Gettlnr Up Nights (too Ircnuept. burning or itcn- Inc urination) or Strong, Cloudy urine] due to common Kidney and Bladder Irritations try CYSTEX for quick, gratify Ing, comforting help. A billion CYSTEX tablet! used In past 25 years prove safety and success Ask druggist for CYSTEX undar satisfaction or money-back: guarantee. to the custody of her parents pending completion of his investigation. No charges have been filed. McFarland said the girl, who was detained Saturday about six hours after the fire, told this story: She broke into the church to rob the poor boxes and while searching in a cleaning closet accidentally dropped a lighted match onto a pile of cleaning cloths. She lied after taking $6 from two ot the boxes. She tola ncr 15-year-old brother on returning home of the theft and the fire, and then refused her brother's demand that she give him S3. Her brother telephoned police. Read Courier News Classified Ads. CAGEY PICKETS—These New York City park department em- ployes huddle in a cage called "Bob Moses' Zoo" during a recent protest parade against Parks Commissioner Robert Moses. Some 2000 park employes marched to protest what they coiled "cruel practices and flagrant union-busting" by Moses. A truck carried the cage in the parade. Doctors Are Warned Against Long Use of Strong Laxatives BOSTON (>Pj—Doctors were ad-; stein, patients in whom X-ray find- vised today to be on the alert for \ ings suggest outright inflammatory ditions. Two University disease of th* intestinal area should first be questioned as to whether they had ussd strong "Irritant" cathartics for long periods. If such it Hie case, they indicated, treatment then could be directed to*!urda eliminating the cathartic natise of the ailment instead of Incorrectly treating for a more serious condition. The Buffalo doctors tell about in a scientific exhibit prepared for Changes in both' the clinical meeting of the Ameri- the large and small intestines which, I can Medcal Assn., which opens to- under X-ray examination, could I morrow. falsely suggest the presence of such, diseases as ulcerative colitis, ente- j ritis or even intestinal tuberculosis, j Therefore, advised Doctors Nor-| man Heilbrun and Charles Bern-! an intestinal ailment linked with abuse of certain laxatives lest it be mistaken for even more serious con„. of Buffalo physicians said people who use certain strong "irritant" cathartics for prolonged periods can develop the condition and that doctors should keep it in mind not alone for its own potential harmfulness but also for this reason: I tis marked by DR. GEORGE W. VERNON Dentist Dental Office Now Open in Lynch Building HOURS: Mon. thru Fri. 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. Saturday 8:30 a.m. to 12:00 Noon Telephone I'O 3-435J Blythcville. Arkansas WE'VE GOT IT! 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Injured were Owen L. Duncan, 25, of Peoria; his wife, 21; their daughters, Jeannie, 4, and Terry, 18 months; and Ted Goodlct, about 25 of Mount Eden, Ky. The Duncans and Bradens were riding together to Peoria after Thanksgiving holiday in Oliver Springs, Tenn. Both families had lived in Oliver Springs until Dnnc:in and Brnden obtained work recently in a Peoria factory. FRISCO KIKE The Sun Francisco earthquake, accompanied by fire, occurred on April 18, 1906, with more than 500 desid or missing, and property damuge between §250,000,000 and 5300,000,000. New 21" Console WITH SET-TOP COMFORT TUNING Smooth, beautiful lines of the Famous Designer cabinet face are uninterrupted by tuning controls. All the dials for tuning the brilliant, Full Range 21" picture are conveniently located on top of the cabinet. Aluminizcd Picture Tub* doubles picture brightness, and exclusive Automatic Distance Selector adjusts to deliver the best possible picture whether the TV signal is strong or weak. In rich mahoganyf1nish,Model902K2I.J Limed oak finish at extra cost. AS LOW At *Prkti includ* F»d«rat Tax end fult-ytor pktvra tub; warranty. $050 * Mm A WEEK (AFTW JMAU DOWN PAYMfNT) you CAN si SURE...IF rrs ouse Wilson's TV & Radio Service **"•£ > $. first expert fWseJvice PH. 3-4237 Boy, 18, Admits Setting 50 Fires CHICAGO (ff) —Police report an 18-year-old boy with a record as a firebug and burglar has admitted setting 50 fires and .committing 150 burglaries and robberies in the last four months. Detective Francis Higgins said yesterday Charles Harris Johnson admitted he set fires Saturday in two North Side apartment houses. One of the fires set Saturday was Pet Lion Given Royal Funeral HERSCHER, 111. (£>)—A 300-pound lion with the disposition of Ferdinand the Bull was buried yesterday in pink-tufted satin with his head on a royal purple pillow. He was Tex, aged 5, who died Saturday in the arms of his mistress. Miss Bobbyetta Porter, 2S. Veterinarians said a chest tumor caused the death of the lion who liked television, who never roared, and who loved human companionship. Miss Porter, who once owned 32 cats, had kept Tex since he was 3 montlis old. He lived in a pinelin- ed den off the living room of the porter farmhouse near this northeastern Illinois community. .He went to Florida on vacation with the Porter family, played ball and wrestled with Bill, 30-year-old brother of Bobbyetta- He also was fond of riding in station wagons and found ice cream a real delicacy. He was buried in a pet cemetery on the Porter farm. Nude Painting Sets Off Fuss BALTIMORE (PPj— The Peale Museum has been caught in the middle of a row between a number of local artists and Mayor Thomas D'Ale- sarjdro. A water-color by Glenn Walker started the trouble. D'Alesandro last week called tlie painting morally objectionable and suggested it be removed from the museum's "Life in Baltimore" show. The painting depicts a nude man and woman lying on a bed. A spokesman ior a group of artists says the mayor's action implies "a clear and immident threat to creative expression." A petition has been signed by a number of those exhibiting in the show, the spokesman said. It states that if the picture isn't restored to public view, the signers will ask that their pictures be taken down too. BIG BITER The average mechanical loadir machine in a mine can scoop up 60 tons of coal : n 10 minutes, or enough to load a standard railroad hopper car to capacity. The usual railroad hopper car holds 60 tons of coal, but super cars now on the rails hold more than 100 tons. at 2413 Lincoln Ave., the scene of a 1953 arson fire for which Johnson was committed to the State Training School for Boys at St. Charles. Johnson was released last. July after serving a year in the Sheridan Reformatory for burglary. Higgins said" Johnson estimated his 125 burglaries yielded an average of $60 apiece. He did. not give figures on 25-odd strong-arm robberies police said he admitted. Johnson was held without charge. G'E Appliances •-I AUTOMATIC TOASTER $1 WEEKLY J23 95 $1 WEEKLY •-I EOHfMH* MfXM 1 WEEKLY O.| VISUALIZE* IRON $1 WEEKLY mru-wmr $1 WEEKLY *-f SANOWKM GftltL *H* E IKON $1 WEEKLY J22 95 DREIFUS 1 Wiiiir lliiimiinil<i 3 b WEST \H\ST. Car Mix-Up Solves'Theft' DETROIT (/I 1 )—Vcrnon Mnnus, 19. wns on his way back from a ride with his date last night when he noticed the spotlight was missing from his car. He got out to survey the damage thieves might have caused. There wasn't IUIY damage. It wum't Mi CM at' all. He called police. Police had R stolen car reiwrt (rum a Icllow who lived ncnr Malms' girl Wend. It was the same model, male* and color, and tn one of those ran instances Manus 1 key fitted bom ignition*. New Hampshire has eight mountains, each over a mile high, and 1300 ponds and lakes. IMPORTANT Medical Facts For Every Man Who Hat Passed His 40th Birthday Men, Too, Go Thru "Change of Life' DOCTORS CALL IT "MALE CLIMACTERIC" Mew Stft Discovtry Cftmpowifed For CamrtvractiflK Effect on Bodjr Mrf BIoo* Chances DtwTo USM! DefknMMt Thtt Often Qccw (taring Middta A«». Doctort, employed and scientists alt agfee that itlw llw fint W ye«ra, the human body undergoei important normal ehingei. This change occurs in M£N *s well ai WOMEN! Men. it you are over 40. hi good feel nervous, physically »eak in legs, back snd aims, tan'l iteep, find it difficult to make deciskirts ... are quick-tempered, always tired and suffer from that terrible "what's the use" reeling... chinew are you ara going through "change of life," or as doctors call it. UALt CLIMACTERIC. And at this time it's more important ttun evei Italyout system isn't deficient in tha very vitamin: and minerals nature created to counteract and orlsel the distressing symptoms ol thesa "alter 40" body and blood changes. 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Because the body and blood are undergolcg Entire aysicm may become upeet 'ana symptoms ure varied. Men *n usoilly extremely nerroiia. tire coaUy. become Irritable, feel weak In armj, left and barfc and ottea are Very "crabby." Often there are "hot Hashes" accompanied by thai -.. ..^M filing. And fc- -"-- source — la needed such i you Sail In this important dbcovery C*Ue AFTER 40 CAPSULES. WHAT CAN BE DONE? Medical EclCDCt} baa discovered roan medlclnea that can tide you < often needed during thli period. Full month's supply only $5.00 ... be absolutely delighted with resuJw ot cheerful, unquestioned refund. Easy Home Trial Proofl Available Af All Be tier Drug SfofM Amazing New, GUARANTEED "AFTER 40 Capsules" (Only One Capsule A Day) WOODS DRUG STORE 221 W. Main St. Phone 3-4507 SO EASY! So easy ... so convenient, and so smart! 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