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The Baltimore Sun from Baltimore, Maryland · Page 4

Baltimore, Maryland
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Monday, December 29, 1856
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f! i t : t I ii : v . - r. 'i i- 1.- 'I J t J. t: it i I , ' ivy ""BALTIMORE, MONDAY, DEO. 9, 115o. i . . . i CorrermdeQC of (he Baltimore Itm. , . r. VmiMin, Dee. tS. letmflU Crt if Centra? Anuria Trtmtf Mr JllM'I$trttii4u4Crf 4 Ntat'orp M Jtt Apprttiatiam oftk TV' It DttaiUA Provisions Tk AtUmti TU A-rapk CMtpcay mnd Our OttrmmmtTh Comgrttritncl ililtigt, . .", The published docnmeat, Borportiajr to be the toaventien concern Is; Central America lately eat to the Senate, la evidently somewhat maa-oird and Incomplete. It will be safer for the publle to pronounce upon the merits of the trea ty after having seen a genuine and perfect copy than at present; ina it mar m auo urn the poo llotlon of Mr. Dallas' Instructions, and of the correspondence between hun aad Lord Clarea den, will he an inn portent aid U a Just appreciation of the proposed amageineat. The new convention appears to be eomDileate. la luptorUloaa, but. perbape, not naneceaaarlly . The treaty to which this Is a suppleeneat was o reneral aad ladellnlte la Its terms that It eon Id Stotoe ei ecu ted. The proposed supplement la, so aouoi, uifoaeo to oc minute ana explicit and is. therefore, complicated. Stilt the srenera! provisions of ike trwy, as rerised and Improv. ted, eorreepond with public expectation. The Bay Islands arealreadrsamnderedto Uondaras, ana the limits of BrltUh Hondara are to be Hied according- to our construction of the treaty of fcso. cta Klca Is to nave access to me ocean, Which was always admitted to be her rlht. To make Baa Juan a free port is also a measure con. d naive to the commercial prosperity of the re s' ion. The Maaquito Indians are entitled to some consideration. Their numbers are few, and all that Is proposed to be dene for them Is in conformity with our own mode of dealing with the Indiana. This treaty recognlxes the British ftiuhquito protectorate; but so did the original treaty. 1 1 provides for an alliance of the United .States with England for certain object, snd so ild the former treaty. In tine, If the Senate ebould ratify this conveBtir-n, there will aot probably he much delay In carrying out Its provis- 1c ns, so far as Nicaragua and Coots Rica and Sin Juan are concerned. The brief remainder of the session will hardly suffice for a reneral discus- sioa of this convention, if It is to meet with much opposition la that body. It may, therefore, lie over tor ue Deneat oc ue incoming administra tion. The managers of the Atlantic Submarine Tele err eh Cempanr have had a aatiafactonr inter' view wick the President and other authorities here, aad have expressed confident belief that tLls Government will afford aid to the enterprise in uie manner as ine nriusn uoverninent pro- roses to do. ' I oil government premises a eer taia amount of business to the company, and tufficieiit, as is supposed, to pay four per ceo', on the capital of the company, which is stated at cxiO.umi. a no tresKieai may recommend to Cragresa some provision of the same sort, but to Use extent. 'The line will undoubtedly have business enough to answer its success A considerable portion of the stock is held by Ameri cans, it was an American project, mo contractor for laying down the wire la an American It is English only because its American term! pus Is ta British North America. But the enter I rise has new such headway that it will be exe mud whether with or without the aid of this Government. . . The project of equalizing the mileage of mem beta of Congress is less equitable than it may at first view appear. The original basis of the present system Is Just as proper now as It ever was, to wit: that the sacrifices which rcembers make of coming: to Congress is la proportion to the dittmnt of bis reldence from the seat of government. Besides, if a member la not to be raid ra this proportion be will be interested in bringing the seat of government nearer to him. If distance aa well as mileage be equalized the teat of government must be put on wheels. Yours, Ioji. Correspondence of the Baltimore Sun WaiHisoToii, Dee. 23. Wmthingtn and Gtfgttmwn Items. The weatherto-day Is spring-like; citizens and eojourAers appeared on tae principal avenue in great strength and all the churches were well atteiidd. An orphan lad named James Exerllae, nephew of Mr. J. T. Berkely, whilst skating near the monument grounds accidentally fell into the tiark made by a canal boat and was drowned. The travel to-day by land between Washing-ten and Alexandria Is "quite active. Cerg(wo, I). C. Since Christmas day the whole town wears the aspect of holiday. No changes In flour or grain. Very little wagon pork coming In. Bales at 97 73 from wagons, and from stores 3. Eggs good supplies sales at S23 per 1H dozen butter sa25. At Drovers' Rest but 60 head of beef cattle offered. They were sold at 3 75$i 25 per 100 heep3 SO to 13. Hogs 97 50. Aiiacrjat. Correspoadence of the Baltimore Sun J ' New Yoaa. Dec. 27. Tkt Will 8tttt Fergtr Slayer if tod mud tkt Hackm Bailing cf tkt Blmzk Warrior At-Umpt Is Blow Up m SafActidtnt ta a Summer. The Huntington trial la netrly finished . Yes-terdsy Dr. Chandler K. Gtlman, Professor of Medical Jurisprudence, wm called by the anal examined at length touching Huntington's insanity. He had visited the prisoner la the tembs, exd concurred with Dr. Parker, a previous witness. In pronouncing him insaue, but regarded his insanity as general, while Dr. Parker thinks It Is a particular lnanlty, like tnooo-maLla. It was, in hit opinion, moral and mental lnsaiilty combined. Officer Bowser was recalled, and stated that the total of Huntington's ferged paper which had fallen Into the handt of the police amounted to 500,000. It was admitted . ty the prosecution that in all the twenty-seven forgeries tbeie were no imitations. The counsel on both sides announced that thev here rested the rase, and the court adjourned to. Monday, when the closing arguments will be made ana the case submitted to the Jary. Mayor Wood has taken a tep in behalf of the poor, talf-siarved horses. He refuses to grant licenres for the coming year to all hackmen who drive broken down horses and shabby vehicles. Thirty or forty hackmen, who were aggrieved by this exercise of executive power, waited on the mayor yesterday and remonstrated, but he was inflexible The United States mail steamship Black Warrior sailed this morning, for New Orleans via Havana, with 10 passengers for former place erd 40 for Havana. She also takes 1 250,000 in erle for New Orleans. TLls morning, about one o'clock, policeman Rce discovered the office door of Randolph tc hkldomore, coal dialers, corner of 4th avenue and 13th tUeet, broken open, and on searching' the premises, found the burgla-e had escaped through the rear, leaving behind their tools. TLey had wrenched a padlock off the safe, and veie fllllr.g the inner lock with powder to blow it open, when the approach of the officer alarmed them. , A civil suit was commenced la the Supreme Court yesterday against Ole Bull, and the great Norwegian performer on a single string was arretted and h eld-to bail. Propeller Piedmont, Capt. Post, from Baltimore, with merchandlhe to H. B. Cromwell, reports that on Thursday night, when forth miles off Baraegat. her smoke suck blew away, while ace it st specter-ocsm, naa ner cam a windows stove, and itlli spilt. The strong winds of the early part of the week liroke op the ice in tne North river to a conside rable extent, and flftatlag down Into our harbor - It ta somewhat obstructed the piers on the north aides of both rivers.' A boy named Tsjlor, only nineteen years old, living in Brooklyn, has been Imprisoned for refusing to support his wife, only 10 years old. . P All of the immigrants from the packet ship N. York have arrived at Castle Garden. Every effort Is making by the charitable and humane to render thsir condition as comfortable as possible. The arrest of the mutinous crew at Freehold fives mack satisfaction. Captain McKennon ia lowly recovering from his wounds. . v ' James B. Lock wood, Esq.. late partner In the Arm of MoOraw fc Taylor, died on Thursday. Our shipyards present rather a dull aspect at the clee of the year. There appears to be but little building eelng on. The rear 1857 will open, however, wllhTbrtghtrr prosrecta for our shipbuilders, as most of them have contracted for building a large number of vessels daring the coming year. Bevetal craft are now upon the atotks, and In twoor thrte yards only no work is going on. The number of vessels of all kinds built JU this port the present year is 88, against 40 last ) ear. There are also now on the stocks twenty vessels. By the fue at No. SO William street, on Wed tietday night, 2.000 copies of their new splendid holiday book, "The of Court Napoleon," which were awaiting the arrival of the, portraits from Tarls, were destroyed. The entire edition of a r.ew work entitled "Across the Vt1antlc,' by Jobs.R.. Thompson, Esq., editor of the Southern Literary Messenger, waa also destroyed.- -Altfsrs. Derby Jaekpon are the losera. Correspondence of the Baltimore Sun.J Faii.aBBi.rBiA, Dec. 87. : XktLt ItmrltT Heoejr Rstftf ry 4arCs- Lmrgt Gas HoldtrZftUl Fe',Je. An Investigation waa commenced yesterday by the coroner In the ease of youns Clark, who waa (tabbed on Christmas eve In front of the Western Bank, on Chestnut street. At the time of the occurrence the deceased waa with a friend, and and both ef them, while quietly pawing alone the street, were attached by three rowdies. Clark, who waa noed for hla quiet uP"l- "d perate conduct, gently expostulated with them, when he recelVel a stab which produced death. Two arrests have been made. - - 'r- tw.i.. i..f iicr)t a mty robbery was perpe trated Tat tho rwldence of Mr. Henry Wearing, 3Ii. " ..A, vi A tin box. contain- A"J37.T" :TOTt.h Trto amount of i9(J00. eleiging to a lady from the West I n-leweerfiedeff by aomeone at Ue preaeat u,21-rr;.noa of the Phi Kappa Sl- marrateralty, vfhlch has been in session in UU StV closed on Tueeday evening by a grand ban-5J; Mer-hants' Hotel. The oration waa t"r. " :TC . vMiniir an Monday ve ruTr? ..r'", nr Wviio Mitcheu, of TXiiXZSZ t u 'tiZMur Thenext conven tion will bo held at Washington CUT, December, 1367. On Tuesey wnlng wxt Sesoth Instant, the taal tMemblf of te ton 1612 van to at . . has end oeu be by to - Hu ventloa will bo at tho Musical Fund Hall, at , .which festMUes will predominate. - - - -i no immense gas-noter, J oca tea . in tne nrst ward, being the largest -In tho world, Is -completed, and has been la ns for several weeks past J This holder is 160 feet In diameter and 90 feet high, weighingfiSSjOOOpouada, and will contain one million eight hundred thousand coble feet of gaa. The weight of east-iron la the guide frame is about l ,600,000 pounds, and the wnoie structure, consisting or gaa- noioer, guide xrame us ius, cni idooi iw,uuv. - . Bcariet zever sua rages in tnis city. Tnere were no less than 47 deaths from It this week, besides 12 from measles, 84 from consumption and 17 from inflamtlatlon of the lun gs . i no comrresauen ei ue itev. tienrv uoara- man, D. D., have aided him la the purchase of a house by the subscription of ten thousand dollars. The defenders of our connirr In the war of will be permitted to pass over the Peoasyl la Railroad free of charge, to the convention oe neid at Washington on ino tu ox January snu The skatlnr Is remarkably fine above the dam Falrmount, and was enjoyed by thousands of persons yesterday. The steamer Balloon, running to Smyrna, Del gone Into winter quarters, not being able to return to this dry ta consequence of the large quantities ft ice in tne ner. Post OrricsrXrraiBs. Afarvfaai, Tirrini PmtJtcan-Poetmaster General Camp- on eaiuroay ordered tne rouowing: At Church Creet, Dorchester county, Md appoint Thomas Brers, postmaster vice Daniel P. Oiem resigned. At Boonsboro1, Waaninton county, Mo., appoint Michael Beard," Sr., post- uuier. vice camuet n. Bioitn resigned. Ftrrmia. EsUbUsb a rxut-office at Chester Gap. Warren cbunty, Va . and appoint John T. Walter postmaster. Regular mail facilities will furntalied to tbe people of this neighborhood route 4S42. Front Roysl to Culpepper Court novae twice even week botb ways At ueiming-ton, Barbour county, Va , appoint Philip Dlg-man Dostniaster. vlceF. O. gpurtllff resigned. In rnj;eai. Commence route 3211. KortLomberland to Lewlstowa at Lewlsburgh, romittin? Northumberland.) and embrace Win field Increasing distance two miles and order three additional trips between Lewlsburgh and New Berlin, via Win field. Establish the following post-offices and mike appointments: Rogers pnstmaater. On route 3147 Lackawaxen Hcnedale. Narkonks. Bradford county, Pa John Cummlskey pottis aster. Near route 3163 Stunk to Suear Run. Appointments. John L. WJngert, postmaster isew uuiuoid, rranmn county, ra., vice rt . k chison resigned. Benj. W. Stosffer, post msster, Mount Pleasant, Westmoreland county, vice Geo. W. Keller resigned. George Snyder postmaster, itnsn, susquenanna county, ra vice Noman Granger. Thb New Cbstbal AxxaicAii Cohvihtios Tbe convention proposed for the United States and Great Britain, by Mr. Dallas and Lord Cla rendon, sets apart a portion of Nicaragua for the Movqulto Indians, who are to have independent legislative power wlUiln their territory. The title of Nicaragua to rfie territory south of Segovia or Coco river, not within the limits of the Moiqulto reservation. Is recognized, saving any rights which may appertain to Honduras; oa condition that the navigation of the river San Juan, from Its mouth to lite Saraplqui, be made free to the citizens of Costa Rica, without tax, except for light money and other reasonable port charges The territorial dlputes of Nicaragua and Costa Rica are to be settled by Joint arbitration of tbe United States and Great Britain. Grants made by tbe Moqulto Indians since 1S49, of latd lying beyond their reservation, are to he enfirmfd, each to the extent of one hundred yards squs re within, and of one league square without tbe Unit's of Grey town. Nicaragua shall declare Grettown to be a free port and city, though retaining over It tbe sovereignty; the town authorities are restrained from levying export or Import duties or collecting a tonnaie duty, except enough to maintain the police of the port and the lighthouses. The boundaries of Belize or British Hoqdurasare to be fixed within two years, by treaty between Great Britain and Guatamala, as they existed on the 19th of April, 1850, which said boundaries and limits shall not, at anv time hereafter, be extended. The Bay Islands are to be a free territory, under the sovereignty of the republic of Honduras. Tbe consent of Nicaragua and Guatamalaare made necessary to the validity of this treaty. . , 1STIBXIT150 fbom Jafar Tk Steamtr San Jacinto A letter from a friend at Shanghai informs us that the United States steamship Saa Jacinto, the flap vet t el of tbe East India Squid ron", arrived at Woosung on the 11th of September, in six days from Simcds, Japan. She left Bong Kong on the 12th of August for Siinoda, having on board Mr. Harris, the United States Consul General to Japan. During her trip he rescued quire a number of Chinese from fragments of wrecks. In onecase, no leas than fifty-five persons were taken from a Government Jnnk while she was in a sinking condition. .The San Jacinto had a very pleaant visit to Japan, and the intei course between the commodore, hl officers and the Japanese authorities was of the most frler-dly character. It Is said, however, to be the policy of the Japanese Government to oppose with every obstacle in its power foreign ir.irireurse, and the arrival of the Saa Jacinto, with Mr. Harris on board, was not desired. In an interview with the commodore, the question was aked if he eoold not Uke air. Harris back apaln. The reply was that his o-ders were to bring Mr. H err is there and leave him, and he ' should obey them. Finding the epmmodore 1 thus dtclded, tbe authorities Immediately set about to prepare a residence for the Consul Gen-eral, and for that purpose fitted up one of their temples, near by which a flag-staff was erected, from which, as the San Jacinto left the harbor, tbe s'ars and atrlpea were displayed. Pkilmitl-pki Inquirtr. - ' The Diao or 1856 In the long catalogue o those who have died during the past year we find many eminent and well known names of our countrymen, among them John M. Berrien and ex-Gov. Troupe, of Georgia; Rev. John O. CboulC, D. D., of Rhode Inland; ex-Gov. Walker, of Louisiana; Com. Charles Morris, Com. Dulany; Joseph W. Field, author and actor; Corollne Lee Hentz and husband, of Florida; Com. Joel. Abbott, Surgeon W. P. C. Barton, Lieut. Charles G. Hunter, Major Robert B. Harney, Com David Conner, Com. McKeever, Commander George Adams, Robert L. Stevens, Og- oen lineman, rercivai the poet; ur John Warren, of Boston. ex-Senator Dawson, of Ga.; Hon. John M. N lies;' G err. Memucan Hunt, of Texan; Edward Curtis, of New York; Hoa. John G. Chspman, of Md.; Gapt. Patrick Hays, Lorenzo B. Sheperd, Dr. Branch T. Archer, George Steers, Hon. Samuel Hoar; Elizabeth J. Eames, Hon. John M. Clayton, Gen. James Bankhead, Gen. John H. Eaton. Samuel Swartwout, Rufua Welsh, Hon. John B. Arrlgg, of N. J.; Robert Maywood, Beth Sprague, and many, many ethers. Blow at tbb Hoops. A few days since, as'a Roxbury friend, at the close of his labors of the day, was enjoying a comfortable ride borne from his office In the cltv, In an omnibus partly filled with ladies, a gentleman upon the sidewalk signalled the driver to stop, and, throwing open the door, sprung into tbe vehicle. His first step towards a seat, unfortunately, Influenced some, what by the sudden motion of the coach, brought his rlpht foot In contact with a lady's dress; and as, with a hasty expression, he strove to extricate it from the embraces of the hoop, he was sud-denly plunged forward, and in a twinkling found nis text toot in tne name unfortunate connection with a hoop on tbe other ride. This was more than our hero bad bargained for. ' For a moment he seemed fairly nonplussed. "Good heavens, madam!" said he: and then nervously pulling the strap be cried: "Stop, driver! stop! stop.1 stop! I thought I waa getting into an omnibus, but I find iVi taoper tkopS'PortJoli. . Mabbiaob or Gvizor to tbb Fatness Li swan. From a private source we learn that the celebrated Gulzot has finally married the "Princess Lie wen, a lady not less celebrated in diplomatic and social circles. It is stated that the afiair Is kept a secret, or rather, that it is a public mystery. The princess still wests her former asme, and the happy couple do not live under the same roof. Gulzot is nearly seventy years old, and bis lady-love Is but few years younger. The friendship commenced lit 1S40, .when Gulzot was .the French Ambassador at London, and while the princess, once the cele- tor eignteen years ue acknowledged leader of tbe highest Lauttonln England, was residing there with her husband, then Russian Ambassador at the Court of St. James. iVw York TrtSwas., A Good ahbcdotb. The following converse- ion was overheard amons "the volunteers of the Rio Grande." -Scene, night. Two volunteers wrspped in blankets and half buried in mud oiunieer ist: Jim, now come yon to volun teer?" Volunteer 2d: "Why, Bob, you see, I have no wife to care a red cent for me, aad so I volunteered rd, besides, ft ir.' Now tell tie how yr.u came out-beret" Volunteer 1st: "Why, the fact Is, you know, II I have got a wife, and so 1 came out here because i Uka He.'" Hereupon both the volunteers turned over In their fconkets, got a new plastering of muo, ana went to sieep. Higb Fkicxs ronSLAVXs. A statement of the vales of the negroes belonging to tbe estate of Alexander Moore, deceased, or uauiax county, shows that the prices were almost un precedent edly high. One man, aged 2-2 years, brought VI, 4 06: anotner one, oi me same age, i,4; ow sovrara. si.4& a Bin, 17 vears oio, sold I or 1260; a boy, V )ears old, BWO; one 10 years or age, f 960. The number sota was xorry-six, va-rv m In ate from 4 to 75 years. . The sum of the saies was oos., -'-- JavtM ( Tm ) gur. v. ,w Kmiii. The Boston boot. shoe and leather trade has subscribed 1 20, 000 to establish two towns in Kansas daring the eaau- -.i- m t a iw aiitl Batehelor and Claflin. Batehelor Is tbe largest manufacturer of shoes In the United States. Claaln Is In honor of Berace B. AUen Claflin, New York, and of A. WllllBHi CUflta. Maseacbuarita. rrepa- rations are in progresa for founding another town tm hv prominent snembera ox the Jtver. aar. Ilale'i congrrgatrOB. - . J. aWmw ki.ati KxciTBMssr There was ' MAit.tnit at Jackson. Mlaa . on the Mat U.r in eonaeoneaee of a contemplated rising of 1, i . n r wkAn had been arrested. The Mayor hai called upon tho eitiaena to organise rtTit ti.mselvi There was also similar excttetcent at Canton, MUs here fore, aad semes pa, fri'TTi the Both haa that ber. specie ins ed to of ry. by fast an bstdy teat ' York New U0 I! 1 Ill 125: and f In sr ftp 1 1 rC at ard Fk IS O 7 ui V fl 1 f W to ar at I Monetary and Ceannierelal. on Sarordav. as tndieatad tr: tbe few rnforrail operations amocc tree era. BAOKR renamed aa be ti bid m toe rpeninjr, a asked. SR. bomfg city loans steady and firm. The Stock Biard rt. its regnlar sessions acam to day, at 11 A. at, j Wa h&ve one day later foreien advises by tho Earo- which arrived at New York on SVurday afternoon Liverpool Uis utii wuant. la the outon nal breadstcfls market there is nothing; special to a&l. hat finanoial advioes grow more and more favorable. the Back or England and Baak of Franee sbow eontiaaed increase of specie. - The Bank of EnxlaM so far recovered its position in regardr to specie, it stands where it did oa the first week of Ooto The lowest amount waa reached on the ath November, siace when it baa been graduauy gaining strength. - ' Specie, Diomlts. Zl.MS.11 19.0MS . I36,S1S 19.i-61.4MI 13.K4S.42S l,n54.M7 HJW.439 October 4.......1,t)4st lt.lj067 9.W0.4A2 9.a.m .Jn,lS2 9.897.635 tic 22 e 2.... 10,4 UJ37 17-53J,70 Tke money pressere on the Back haa been dtmtaub st tbe same tiro. Tbe Bank reserve has iaareas. to l,74,lSfl eterting from 252.744 Sterlmr. the lowest point reached 18 th October. Tue money market remained easier; Consols were quoted ex-dividend at 93Ve93?i, but had been Iower, SCK. An arrival of from Austraua, (haU which wiU co into tie Back,) had oaused a recove American seuritiea were ia mure lauiry at im proved prioes. We may add that the private letters the Canada state that money was becoming easier io London, and that after the new year had set ia active demand for American securities would pro. rue up. A large amount of money would, by time, be seeking an investment. Tbe Illinois steamr from AsptnwaTl arrived at New jettcrtfay wnh cearly 51,700,'tiO in gold from CaliioTuia. Tbe foUowibt; taJes of Canton stnok were made ia York cn Friday, at second board, 10r shsat22; sbs, UU', at 2. -. . TorK raffEs at xkw tobx. nso. 37 The stuck market at New York onatordtj mirnLr extiinitel mere activity evml a vrrr bu:''vn,!y. ensure stock advsrtced 1. tnm: Clevaid Pil f'i as crit. to 57: Mi. h -.iu hi. tnl!: and Vi. R s:ck fr-it oll K, but tbe rif ht advon iod to Galeroan4 CIjio dvr,cer S. to I19S: Crona Mil H.toW: Krio to fi261: NY C-rtl i. oSTX: Clev ard rn V. " 7fM; aiM N'CirasnA tn 5 rlu-ra. AiiiwHOicee ani mus K wl i at m; fncn Cet.rrslat94X.ex dtv;atvi Chic and Rk UrUyiJi, t-Vi. Matettocki the lurrot we wer in CVi'ornil "1 Z2 lor lhoe of l fin. and 73 fr 1875'; Ot.inn 12 c!omi at Tew etweH U90at 94: Nrili OtroUna at 6 ntb4M: and liM,iviii at 71. In Fa.lroad buriiis ti:e prtiipat Irfisineis was in IMiiois Centra, e'osit.e at for coeirt root ion ixuidi. nQ- vsnce. slid I in f..r fre land, with tt;e stock wiviieee. Ene I ones of ivii o!ut-l at 9' J: G jshn Kntneh at 8 J. advirc: M rh outhfrn Smkine fmid at 8), and rr. tlMur Ami Alui V.1 htnrimrm at 71. Ai ii-niuI Ixiril ti n kct craenilt n'ridy. thoncb MnrilLii.uVit,t bw-r. New Vtirk intrat R sold sid ckeri tr.Jf; F.'i- at fi'VlfS. bii(H rrf-BiiJ; Kedir.rtH?i: Pv.roa9?K: 1 ;i Centleriires l).imJv' at j2H; Utriaanl Ctiie IW; Olev 'I o.ecV 75: Clv ana Piti' 2 5-S t50; ChlL-Hto nnd n-im s.i kr tix. W; Micl iu iU t- H Ml ():lier thTir fl-fced hu foltow: lit in w Ci.in2i;CuiiihC117;Ilv!em IP; Ilmitaa 21J ic-jsjua ;. 1 fce marnct lilt cH ztdr Fits ki.nrn of :h Hivk of Adams . P.'s Kxoreu irbw-T were Mild at Sew York va Saturia? at 1U lin:e. The S. Y. Post, of Saturday eveninr, says: The money rmket (or the week ctoaed much eaier 1 1 ppwi. Cocfideooe in the present aud tlie future preiaiis very reneratiy. "r4fcl kuns bavn proved very easy since our last notice, wnich it will be rtserved lias influenced the naiket prioes of blocks. The ovprdraf' fnnn ths S-uiii a? rapidly reaching- their limi'. C iovisare 4s cvnt. Ducouats FHcSif cent fur firt erale ea-di-ited perer not having iver-fi mmiUis in run: to ! fi-r rcti stndMs, at'onrding roUatp; and in to 12 for Pir.ciieo! pe.prr. The oa- k suttmcnt on Mn4ay i! show a stead? litis ofdiBOoniita, but ies rpecie. "Fire ru exenante i inactive. Rntes are verv a I. bat lower yncei thn ir quo'ed ones will tM acc-p'1. tU-rliot t tK-ld at UifXl'8X for 'fists i; 8, ard ies r produce biUB.wtnetiare betne b int tie lre rxohnrj nouses, lidia are aiandanu Franc 5 S 5.iEi. The Water?-wn and Rnwe Railroad has decIarcJ a strni-sr nial ci idend rf 4 1P cent. The Newcastle and WilminEtttn Railroad Company hnv dtcisrvd a haif-jeariy dividei.d of ShJ & oeut, pay able 2d January. The tiiuil value of forcirn exports from the port of Baltimore, last week, amounted t 3iSr,d. Amonj; the pnncij'aJ articles ei portal were 9.it2 bbls wbeAl ur: 2,164 bb'.s corn mrai: 47.792 nuahe J wheat; H361 buKieis of corn; and 66 bhds totcoo. BALTIMORE MARKET SATURDAY. CA.tni.ya. The aappiy on roe market is very lixht, her the demand ia ftfciid. We s.cote Ad&ro&nujje at "SSHa cei ta: jir or Chen)ic! Sperm JVC 33 oeatu; rpern at 4etl owir. Parent Was at 5 cnt St. inexpert dr.marid fr Aiould CAtiilit-s u still cond, and we qtxd liiern in larpe and sotaU boxes at lH17 cecta: ajd D ppe at I4l4)4 cents lb. tkrrkx. 'i'lie Ccffee market to axy waa very e,niet. There is a rood demaud for Bin Cuflee. but buid-rd enerai.y are aWinit hither rat tlian buyer are wii-irc to tive. No sales have been reported today. e aucte ordiiMry to fair a s at 9l"if eenta, fair jud Rio at l'XcU ce!;ta. roud u mntrma do. at 11 V M1H ccnta.c!)0' llV cer.U; irnayra, at 1PJ4 el.' ceri; and Java at T4iLS cenU 4W ra. Fiher nil AIxal. Th Fluor tuu-ket waa steaJr to-day. a(es ol 2-(kO Mas Ilownrd street and 4 Hi totals Ol-io at ?i 6 50 market c!uinis ateadj. with tuteraand sellers al tbia quntalKm. .okaUrsof City Mills soper, rmtvs at $G f' V I:. I. but tmidtra ileiuaudinc mure. Ksuuly aid Extra Fioor :ea t-ay of lf) iia Howard rtrert Kxira M 96 K7(. Alv. not before re- prwtnd. l,li liiilaCi'y Mul Kxlra. Ei Lnrado 97 ifK We que Howard atreet anil Ohio Family h i5.T$a in; liajtiiwri- Bxtra at 68 m, and Fami.y wo. at eK jp bLl. Rye Flour No tales reported Us day. W aiiote rev at 6 UHe45 25, and old at S 25 e83 l l.. Ct rr .Meal We e,otecity mvnif&e tnred at tZTW, and eountnr do. atSOia 23 V tU, ai'ri ru'J c4 sale. Gbai 5i. ?Fit. Wbeet Th rrwrket to-day waa qmtt, I ct kteauy. Eeoeipta ftir aad pries un-eh-nscd. Aii-ot il.-W 1 uhe;s oflered, aid sales of fair to iod white at 1 53i b (ood to prime do. at see Si 6?, c:oc do. at 1 tSefl 65. Rid at I 45s Ql 47. nnateat fl 61 4y Uiu ei. tool de- niSiitt. aid prices steady. A tout S.oi bushels ored to-sy auo salt oi new white at 5-:o2 uenu, old do. et 6?63 oeota. new yeliow a: 6"Efil cn. old do. at 63C6o cfhXo kP tBsrieu. Rye About Con hatbeii oXer-eo t-vtft? . at-e sates ol Mary laud at 7-t cents. leaniyi-vata at eri ceuu V bnahei. 4)ata ANut 2 mi riunis r6erVd lo-day, arid aairs at 45e44 to W eeats By tmi'i. Serl Balea to-day of 175 tnsheta prime C nrarsid st $1 Sfl. We an Clovetaeedat 7 25ffli7 43, and Tr.v'T st S 2t.e.3 & 4p busbei. MoLASfE". Mariet quiet and steady; holders firm We .quote New Orleans new al 75ei0 oenla. old si KJ 065'cer.ta; Cua ebtyed at 44448 cents; Moaoirado al Mn52 oects and Knelish isiacd at 50O36 oenta m I a'ior). Stack fan; no sales to-day. PaovisLoa. Thenrket wis more quiet to-day. Beef No seiee to-day. We qone nouiioatly. tiew Balnniora packed Mwa at 160)17, new No. I at 14 Si4 6t, and new Wc-stern No. I at 913 on qa bbl. Pirk iDquiry rhxI. and supply limited. Sls no' belrre reportxrf of 100 bnls new uninspoted Mesi at and 2i 0 bbls new Prime at a 17. We quote AVesiem Mets at 19 Ae81 7S, Prime at 17, and Rurtp Fork at 9isa bbL Baoon Market very qoiet and supply limited, with a sood demand. No sties today. We qenteDomiaally shoulders at lifmibi oanta. sides at93arK centt H. Saies of auo new hams sr 12K cefcU 4jr lb. Ei.itliah Meats No sales to-day. V quote nominally, hox middles, lone and ahort bine, r.t 9)4 eii cents, and singe Baoon at rtieiH'H eents W lb, tie- on boatd here. Bulk Meals No sale today We quote nominally, hoe Idem at 7! eots, sines at eK-cenrs. and baina at 9&r-X oen'a V Tb. Lard e quite western is tree and bole at 22i criits. kejra at lSJfe13 cents, refined in kef at 15 ela. si d do. in tir at I5K eentr. ia.les to day of 3r.i tret Western at 12H. and loo kers leaf Lard at IS eta W lb runrr nr inniaei uun. e qaore Uintes at 190)23 cents; Western at 140)16 eU: Northern Ohio at 2t23 oer ta; Roll at 2023 oevU; New York State at 2402S oer.U: (icahen at 2bff23 centa; arid city packed at iS eents V n. Cbneae A moderate demand. Sales are rrskirs of Eastern euttinr at HHaH cents. Western Dairy at 12t2H otwita: Kaatam do. at 13I5 oU 4W fb. Rica. A rcod supply on the market Sles makins of rood to prime tew aMXenS eenuee B. caXT. 1 no )omuic deinaua lor Liverpool Salt onn-rtnuesr.ood. and sales are ntakinc of rround Alam at !(; ftlaribaJI's, Jeflrey'a, and D'Aroy's toe at 1 66t) 60. aiad Asbtoc'a do. at 1 bvsiBl m ar.aaok. A fair supply i.f utiier descriptions, but tbe demand ia very limited - We quote Tuik'a lelaud at 2e)an rmni.-. Cadiz at 2" rwtg; St. Kirta at lAaik oenuq basnel StJ6AB. The market waa very quiet to-day, aid holdera firm at previous rates. No sales repia-ted. Wequote Porto Rico et SHalOHtoll cents: CBbm' and I Enclish Is'ard atSVolO eenta: NUrluu mi imV eenta I. Whihiv. Demand fair, ard trsmotetuma limited fto tales to-day. Wo quote City diatilied and Okie nominally at 28 oetiU & caihm. BlT6BTOJ (RiHTOHlCimiMiirtr. Tien. 9 At market. 145 Beef Cattle, 23 0 Saeep and Lambs, and IJtrti Hors Prices Beef Cattle, extra at W 25, fcrst quality 97 75, second do. 7 fin, third do. 97 00, atid ordinary at 4 764 5 qa ino fca. Cows acd Calrea a irom sv u ess. ueepand Lam, extra 6e fa oo, by lot J Wa.1 eo. Boca WhoiosaJe at 7 eenta, gml r4a,lpt?y wnt eg IS. District ef Celnaafcin Advertlsemonts. EVANS CO.'A GREAT GIFT BOOK SALE. j f BSA!en wot 4i9 l no so wav. N. y.) fvr-w oaen. with aJarreau w1mmntr,( M Ini'r.T.a- NK4IUSAMI STANDARD WORKS. Eaoh pur. . ebasr will receive, withool arfditiooa chance, a am aei l worth from 25 eonts to Boo, at the time tbe book ia Doosni. . - . The p'lblie sre reteeetfallv rnrite.1 to mil and t. eriilr e 'Or avk and immw nf dmnr hatineaa at fi.v. 34 LCUI?IANA AVKNUK.MprMtteCrBtre Alirket, lietween 7th ard 8i- ein. Waahinrton, D. . e27 6t: H. Washington ,'itv. HPsflirrrVl I W WJ I'! I?D sBa 1 a. aj kTa Tfi t?I NIA AVENUE, between Ninth and Tenth at. bet s leave te inform his pawns and the Mb ia ia rea-erai that he has opened THIS if AY a larxe varietv of pun vtrti u, etsrvaetns; w atones, Uiaiawata, Jewe ry, SiWerararo, Pawed wars and 'ancy Gaoda, suitabe for Preaenta. -, H. SEMREN. o wl - -. - . Jeweler, i THTC PflTOM f! RlVKI 1 STEAMBOAT COMPANY haria 1 1 thoroughly overhaa.jBfremhdtr? 1 ALICE C, PRICE, aodbaTUir proooTeds eewboU-mr, and made other imDrovetneuta, Will pier aer oa ber roato on TUESDAY, AprU tth. She wiJlaava aaninsiflsi mt b vcaioat auo fi BTTi Bjqna ax "oaoex. 6f) TVKSDAY MORNINGS tha Cbaaaw Paiat. Wieomioo, ieorauaaowa, Puey paant, bt, aiVy's Bed Cone River. WEDNESDAYS, frsturmnk,) leava Cone Jtrrer at 4 o'oloek, A. M.. tot hUseeio, Pmer Pumt, Luwer Maohodoa, Cahoenan, and Mattox. - VN tKlDAY MORNINGS for Mattox, Cario-Ran. Irarer MaahnAnn Viaaw Rnint. ITiaaaln uri Cone Rrver. i - . ON SArrRDATS,frvrninr.BvaveCkawKtvr at 4 o'oiocx, a. tar StTMary's. Pmer Pscat. Leonard town. WurnniM. and P.hal PnindL . - . - CCallinK for passeaaers at the rejpiav BtadrfigB mt u.b nH,.w ura nrrer, aa saw aa bib bibb Pornty on every trip tUrw that point, only at the tbe side oa which aae ia raakirar tao trin. maims nt tlanl ?AMUEL RAKER. Castaiav FAMILY FLOUR ' - -i . - " ' j EJCTRa. AND BTJPER PINK, l tThe moat aryrovsd braada law FaaaUj aad RakWs7 n. i lTiaa mT mkmrm. "T" V. BfWTbCALPK. - , i tsa, A4i rt. txowara sarear. 1 ii it... Jr. 25 ' ' BWtm. rsnl ue iu kt Tm. Sa kn tavy Tla. hrlf Cry tSth IfW - n. O fc. Mth .t dp of of to PORT OF BALTTMORK. Deoember 2. 185!. I r.-'e . : ! , . ... . .t I oaaABcn Btetfaufcts tUB4oa!a.lTSel(I. BW ii mm a rmmww m a4Mvn. n &i ttmwy A Bom fcrtrW, CtDM 1 Bnaa, T. W, (KBrtai sdtoawUta MW Pwa, grtmW satiargssfc ,.p.t .... ,y..i ,ul f. mMp aahWim. XS. tm w Ye&& JL d H5C' it Sj WoB Trm. rrlM Mnlas. ship Bit Jaba Prukil. Wallae. Imms fur Liwwiol. 4ai4 ta b imiWSi eg tho rtmet, itetMr Cny at Karfcta, fiVSS St, a vrMii low. . -. . . , , . Btcamafatp Kim 8mm WmbB,ha W. Tocfe, fcx A. 43. BaOU 8twnAiUKta.ate.biBKnrTik.liiAi C UtLr Czpr1cacS ray henry m rTisn in tilova oJUx on ssil wokasUck.hnd.Ac. - 1 Bamrn Moadkaita. Barraa.' fttia BJa lasalrau' Bav.' 11, SS Wbltrtac A Oa. BaUaS ta eoataaay with aarqaa Cat- rordTarka, far Carfc. Ufl ahip Main B. HavaU, BafiM, mm CattxiialaUaaa.taklac' ia Iratcati aaraaa Swaa, taaaaa, tmw Baxly HooC. hrr ni mm l. taaaU axt Say. Epoka Uik laaW, Ut. StTNloa.74 41, achr. SHaOaalpBl, from Be Pvalaca to York, IS ar out. Ezpartaaoad from lath to Utii Da&, aorUierfy sbS aavtawaatariy wlada. Can tola us CPaoii tha satk raau x B( WUaM,(ar.) Oark, baaa Bis 4a Jaaaira, Ba. (ta, U WateMcaAOo. . Sear. B. M. bUtcait. . fai TnTiSrxn. ta .FaJUlas A Oa. BaavkpyaHaiaay Slainlilp torn. Wkttaay, Batraa, far Soa-toan aar4jaa BoatlcaDa, (aav, SCS kia)a.l Thaa. atopalas, Sjr Bto aaJaarlra. Ta-aay Baraaa Blxa, PhllUt, far AaplavaUt TalaaL (BrJ Adaaa. for 8u Jotiaa, H. F. ! atnoBASOA. -J BUaiaaklr Ptodiaaat, Faat, a K Teik ITth hwt, aa That. vAfrnt, wkaa as ma og Baranat, had amoka alacB Mawa swmy, Icatapaaker bnoas,atoTa cabla wladova, anS apiltaaUa. Ship BjaUa,JlarrUl,froai B tklm&ra, arrtra la ths Texal a!U kaky.Ac . . .. " '., Sbip Jaba ncld, yield, fx BaUbBera. saDad from Qasana. tovaSOChBlt.. - 1 ' tatr Umu.. A fr. vwt. trmm MKim aatara hw arl at tsOi ait. - - - J Haadcraoa, KaovlaB, tnaa Basshay, was at Star arll!&ib tnat. . Xip WlaUitd, OatenBaan, trass BMuaoad, arrlvad at Bra. BwrbaTea SOtb aU. - ! f t' ! ' Barqoa paladin, WUms, from Kia da Jaaatzo, arrlaad at UrlfUI lSlril (lt. y . , . If . Mlnr cboreBch.n TnrertoB, for City Taint, ntarsd. far 1m4V fret Lit erponi Must - : . Caroii la," Kranivr, fmm Wllailiictea, ar'4l la 1ha Traet ttfu rarrttaHu" Pnttar, froal Iforfelk, arrival at Siaraelllea Ml Hmo.n Volkmaa, ta ItlcHmoB'l, ard at Bmm Sih last. -. "Hfpld." ntcewwr-S. ard a O oat laat. Bifj- Joka Boyalna, Fatar. Sir Wllaita10B.claarad at Kaw Tork :th laat.; achr. Ciinilm laail, Sauuaa, froai Alaxaadrla aianS.ertr, Clilrkcatar; alarcDaol.(aillra; uraaaaaw, BUM C. A. .rJ Edvardai Dl r Bisxrna. Dtt. aad J. P. Lab Nlrke'd. from BIcbmflBd. arrKad at do. sama dy, F. J. I Brocaard. Mirkaia. mad KlUb&etb. Faraona. fniia dauBaplra,- I W rr a. Kjiol. and J. A. Mtiilay. Hlainwia. tram BTU- I Bii-ctofi, u. T7ti: Lracitanrft euma. tor Kicaaoaa. ciaaraa. a-Bra. Vary A Huy. Jaaca, tmm Jtm Biat;TacBKiaab, Vavr.lai riynictb: BT!sBinatta. TodU. asd Oeaaa Btrd.iaaaa, ratnabarc all boaad ta Baltlaiora. are at KorlMk Mi la. ft-.lir. ni WlBd.4llbba, trom lUitl am , mi il mm at Karfalk tamt. UVmztM a srrat aoaatity of tea la Ua bay. Schr. Rrll-r, Bp-lctt, fat. Oearsabnra.'boaBd ta FrOTtdaaf, . I a to NcfiVJk Saw laat. la diatrcai, harlnj baaa cat tbrosxk bytlaka. .... , 3liubct roa BalmoBB. ' " . , eiear-ihtt Uxntvt TrtnX, Fraach. at Maar Vark I7th taaU - -M.p Jan. WakriUld, TrnU, at eibraltar SU Bit. gl Ip kiartani-a, , at Uvarpeot . 6hpn.taa.Kauar,atUvaraa4AlBai. - -tx-lx. LmWm Otra.a, FatrcLLWl, at Matn Sgt tart. Abbitbd raoa Baltibojib. e:-nuMp loroat Pol at. Frmrh. al r Tork Stth laat. etoamrbtp Piedmont, rt, at Ktw Tork trtb I art. SMp ri'jorr. Tmwty, at BrwarrtiaTrn jyth alt. . , SI-ip ralmeosh. Barry. U MarBrlllca seta aH. ' , PI 'p SlaHier. 1 lm. BJupatr. at SrrBrea t4 rnC Slp ruw.tiTlabd. LMtbart, at rMvoct tStB Bit. Ship I,nfea Maria. Wanrka. a HTot 0l all. ' Br Avrw-l'a. Blir, Uth imt. ' Bi Wlrntwar-!, Rnarfa, at New Orleiu WtJl Inrtaot. "Hit. Fraacfa R. AMxict. Snttb. at S Tork tath Ust. . ir. F. P? 4Tr. 4.m. al Ww""1' S ' ""t rp B I? IS TO GIVE NOnCEvT.itthe BaVeri- X ber b-s otrtained from the Orpharr Court oi hul-tirrwire erty Otters of ndmTiirarn on the peraurrU exteof HKN'R-Y J. MATTHAl. late of snid city, deceened. All persor haritir clairris arainit the sail deceat-ed are hereby warned to exhibit the aarne. with the voucher tlierr.f. to the siifisonrier. on ox before the 3d eay cf June vxt; thef rrwy otherwi"?. by law. cxciuseairomaii Dcnentoi sai l erotic. Aiipersana U'dpt.ted to as id estate are requested to make immediate payment.- Given nnder my rraivl this let day of DererHir. 156. , ELIZABETH MATTHAl, rl2-im-4w! . Adminiarnx. rT'HI' IS r I.IVK .i,TH'R Ttrat th antMcrt I If rs have obtained re ot, talced froin the Orphans Court of Pfiltimor city Ifnterv of adminitatioo oa tbe estate JAMES JOHNS4JN. laie of said city, deceased. All rerwitis havin- eiaims armnst the aaiJdeceaaed are hereby warned ut exhibit the sanM, wish the vouch-e"tlipreof. t-Jtnesnbscnher.oaor before the Pthday Junerex; they may other arise, by Isw.beexoludee frm all Itrrtet of sa d estate. Ail persons indebted raid esta'e are requested to make immediate pay ment. Oiven urifler onr nanos mt" iin aay m uo- Cf rrlr. 18.V. RICH A B I) V. rfcHK, 'Adm's dil-lva-4t! JAMES 5I1RKAT, THIS IS TO GIVE NoTiCE. that fie sa cri-lr has olitained fmm tbe Orphaas' Court of timore city lttrs of adminirration on tb personal estate of ADAM ElSENHART.teof said Ail persrns bavinc claims axainat the said dt-cexted are hereby warned to exhibit tae same, wiih the vouchers therewf, Us tbe subscriber, on or before tlif9:n tiny ot J ana next; tner may "iwrwiw, vr lav, be scludei from all benefit of said estate. All prrewia irrdpbted o said eate are requeiei to make lmrrtedinte payment Given under my band this lih day cf Decetutr, 1836. , . UARBARA EISENH ART. de 11-lsw4w Administratrix. rT'HlS IS TO ;rVF. NOTICE-Tnitthesahsmi- 1 berba haa nhMinMl frm tha Ornhnna' Coert of B - i .. w , . r.9 4mi.irfi .t,i rtw Ih. mm m m'mi etat- of A. I iijr V tlhUII'IAU. raie. ot Br,l cit. dersxpd. A I wrsons sons navmic alums aainm said deceased are hereby warned ta exhibit the same wrth tho voucr-ers thereof, to tbe subscriber, on or ha.'ar rh firat itr nt Stnrch next: tber mar. other wise, by law, be excluded from all benefits of said estnt. All persons indbted to said estate are requested to make immediate paveient. Given under my hand this lothoay of neeember, 185S. . ANN HELM LING- Administratrix, dll-lwl2i; t , No.4HapneUast. riJllS IS TO GIVK NOTICE, That the suhscri- X bar has obtained from Uie Urpnans' Uoun oi tsni-tinre city lettera teetamentary on tha estate of CONRAD BUSCKEY. Ia of said eity. deceased. A 1! persons bavinc; claims acaiast the said deeeae-ed are hereby warned to exhibit the same, with vouchers thereof, totbesubecnber.ooor before the 9th day of J one next; the may otherwise, by tow, be exporter! from n.11 benefit of said estate. All persons ia del ted to said ntitte aa requested In make immediate payment. Given under mv hand this h day of He cem tier. 1856. ANNA C. Bt'SCKEY, dll-law4w! Executrx. THIS IS. TO GIVE NOTICE, That the subaori-ber hes obtamed from the Orphans Court of Baltimore eitv lettera of sdrmnistrarina on the estius of P.OBEHTM. WORTH INGTON, late of eit y . deceased. All peraons having clarms aeainat the tnul deceased are hereby warned to exhibit the cams, through the Pout -office, with the voucher thereof, to tbe sulfcnW.onor before theSJ dy of Jane n?xt; the mar otherwise, b exetuded from all ba obt ef said ex'aie. Aii poreooa indexed to aaii estate are requested to make immetnte payment. Given under my hand tbia 2d dev -f !mwT, !.;. WM. F. WORTHIN5TN, d3-1aw4w? - AdmmisTator. IN TH K C1RCIHT COURT FOR B LTlMORE CITY. Dec 19. 18.t6. Thee Fedetal Hill Bui:d- lr.e Aaoc'8rior No. 2, or Kaibraore City. vs. JJAU-THAZAR WEYFFARTH. Ordered. h-t tbesaia nade aiid repored by r DWARD DUFFY, Trustee, for the sale of tbe property mentioned in the proceed ir ;a in said cause, be ratified and confirmed, uoees , enure o the contrary thereof bo shown oa of before the i2th day ol January next; provided copy of this order be insert d in some newspaper printed u Baltimore. fce in each of three successive weeks before the 12th day of January next. Tbe tepott states the amount of ra'rs o be SS02 50. . WM. H. H. TURNER. Clerk. True copy; TeU WM. H. H. TURNER. cai-lawStj . Cierk. THIS 19 TO GIVE NOTICE that the subscriber bas obtained from the Orphans' Court ofttalti-mors ci y lettr rs of sdrnmistraticu on the eersonal estate oi JOSEPH ROBINSON, late of said city, deceased. All persons havinr claims aeainat said de-eeaaed are hereby warned to exb ibit the same, with the vonehers thereof, to the subscriber, on or before the 17i b dav of June next, they may otherwise, by law be excleded Irbm all denefitoTaaid estate. Ail peraons radebted to said estate are requested to make irrraediate payment. - 4iven under my hand this 17th dar of Deeemlr. IS. jan law4W! LEV IN J. DRUMMOND. Admr. THIS IS TO GIVE NOTICE. That the subseri-. Ir !a nMaJne1 fram tha f Irabikna' Poll rt of RaJ trrrnra city lrters of administration on the estate of H KN B Y SANDLEHACk. late ol said city, deceased. AU pervoss having claims against the said deceased are hereby warned to exhibit the same, with the vouchers thereof, to tbe subscriber, od c before the 17ih day of June next; they may othe-wise, by law; tie excluded from ail benefit of said estate. All persona indebted to said estate are req nested to mike immediate payment. Given imder my hand this 17th j r Ti i ,o-fi uy it irwi,rmr, 1,19. , d8Iaw4f! ANNE SANDLEBAClt. Arlmx. fT'HlS IS TO GIVE NOTICE. Tha the sabaan- I ber haa obtained front t fVBkiuiB' Ooart of Baltimore citv letters of admmistrarioaoa the estate of HENRI GEORGE KUPER, late of AH pet amis having claims aeainat tbe said do--oeased sre hereby warned to exhibit the aarne. with the vonehers thereof, to tbe subsorifier. aj or before tha 19th dav ef Jane. 157: thev mar otherwise, hy law, bo exotuded from all benefit of said estate. AU persona indebted to said est&ta are requested to make rm mediate payment. Given "nder my Hand this I5thdsy of December. 1855. T. HARWOOD PER1NB, dl7-law4t! " --- Admmistrator. rpHI91STO GIVE NOTICE, That the subscri-X ber haa obtained from the Orphans' Court of Bat -timore letters tebjameutary on the estate of RICH'D MoA Ll.ISTER. late of said city, deceased. All per-bonB bavinc claims araisst the- aajd deoesed -are hereby warEed to exhiliit l he same, wllh the vaohera thereof. to the subscriber, on or before the 13th day of Jnae rext; they may otherwise, by law, be excluded from all t ene fit of said estate. All persons indelited to said estate are requested to make immediate-par-mt.t. Given under my hand this 9a dy of Doem- tter. 16. WiLlilAW rfclKCE, Exeoutw. . TkJOTIC E. E X ECUTI V K DEPARTMENT. A V AKV4V01.IS. M DXrMirm 14' h. 1XV5. To all bom it may cneern: Notice ir aoreby fireu that SppiieatH'ii has been mmetnatho Ooveraor lor the pardon of THOMAS GAMBLE, convicted ia the Circuit Court for Bsitiirjore its January rm. 185", of larveey, and antenoed to serve aai lal r fn the perritenriary until lot May, lsflo. The Governor wil take b a the aaid ease for fil ds cision 4n or after M ON DAV, the dav nf Januav-ry, 1857, until which time protests aeMnst the ssad application will be heard, and the petition ia 'the oaee pen to iDpciion at the dsMretiooof the Governor. By order of the Goveriior,' ' - NATHW!RLCOX, da-lswSt tal' - Peeretary of State. HASTINGS COMPOUND - ... .. IT SYRUP OF.NAPHTHA. , NOT ONLY A POSITIVE.. BUT A WAR RANTED CURE FOR.CONSUMPTTOV.and 7nH S1ISEAE8 OF THE LUNGS-This Madioiite has eeided the dispute about the eurabdity of Consump tion, aad sntashedthe Medieaj Faealty and all wbo Bare mrnrm tt tsmt Jmaaana(.toa and all ABeotiona ot the Lonrs cannot only neoared, hat that they Are aa easil v and armei v CURED aa aiaaoat a)r of the diaor- vers to wnenn ue panran iraaae bs tnnto. s rm txaiaoi a i tbe evidence)' and ereringth asatadrby vDicvnaaereav - ... .. e. . ThiasBaaaAea-stiSfetrevnedy. Dr. Rum, 3s diecovewei. is one of the moat eminent PhyaMano wne are.-ana ass) nnaae n tan a laotawara of its aisiory Bod all its eompoBwtit parts) to -tho world mot snakmg to incur tbe poaaihiiity of one fining to himself, for the sake of profit, a secret which Was calculated to do such nniversal gtioeV And such baa been the wonderful result rfus operations that tbe London Laaoet aad Me-' fioaT Times, aod the moat emmeot Pay sieasm f both hemisphereay are anxiously eolling apon avfforers to have immednUa recourse to it. and proclaiming that, ef. all known anedieine, it aion haa poaitirely estab--bahed its afijcacy by aadezuahLe proofs of amnac Cosh Burnptiou aad all Diseases of the Lungs. ' Price ft per botbo,or six bottles for tfi. For Sale, wholeaala and TOtallTW KTH H ANCK, No. MS fvajrim e etreev, ana s tusssaiiM at w ot CharVes and Pratt straxa. . .! QKTH REKDjbr ta pi iuil. bm be found otN. mf tm newie; fsee, mam wi "uuuu c si tsmi aaa DSXJing et 4yrvUAvS( UtAiXUB, db. nsMTle acaue, waton aaarts L rs sumcieot te UilT aav BBie.u tl not sireadr tna tar ronsi with disenso of this (hot. and eves) n amarle doaa riven of Sts xWSjuidiiau s- snflueaoa im nealiiii taw immediate raUef of viae n For ti S aodl the 6 L - PASSAGE TO BOSTOrf BY SEA e wtieel steeinariis WAL JENKINS.' W. AT ouai ana jeeive Jhar soox ot Uww 4a efTWWAY, Jaaaaey I a;e, taslsxtmr' sneais -sjd stat- I' nwui sseau nu mrti SW HTB-WPI -Pr a-w CUmamm. . mtmj ' a CROMWjELIHTKAM$HTP LINE. 1 'One of the oteamera of this line will Daw I - RlViNi.TlA.EEZ HEE8T T. r tj rv , . r taw Ath mmA Mek mSTmM AfastfB. ITO spienoie v. ts. siau Bteajner -'.-i . ISABEL, . -; If B WwOMtf wwa SraBBa.aas.SlsalSa,- a . -fl I w asLa arv ' l. a- I rvajt vnimBmim - i ' IaVM (TfTA RI JXTON. rV. H..iti tha 4th and 19th each month, and HAYAijAon the mth aad 25dtv L This splendid steamer navua had a Lboraoch ever-hauling and fitted with all the modora impiuvonieuta, preaenta a 4Uiwhlful aad eocaortaAlsrovtaX Cobv tux ths paaaensera in HavaBAonthe LTlh.ixjfrom, HI. ,... '.! M T nlt-l 'For aaasace apply to jauavisuai at (WlnrtnB; or to " tOBERT CLINTON WRIGHT. -1 lemtmi Pattwaoa st, Bdl. Caalab FOR WEST COAKT OK AFRICA. The i reliti Der ketoh MARY ATWF.LU new. to sail about Jannarr 1st. as above, ean take a few faasengers for - Mauroria, Cape Palnua, or Sierra Leone. Eceiish naonthly steamers, up and down the eoaat, tcnoh at these places for Keers and frirht. psBsaxa apply to GU ATWKLL, 68 BowTv's wnari. . aa-wt 1 : SOTTTHKRN TBLAVELITRB. -Fer Norfolk, Witfmngtwn, CkmrUt MocriU mnd Ntw Orleans, via th Bmn tan,Anrttm. iLin mnd Stohoard mnd Rmmnoko Kmilromd, Tie Steajner LOUISIANA leaves the Union Dock, t of Cnoeord sspaet, Baltimore. rsry TUESDAY, u KfiiA v ana A i UK.iiAy: ana tb thogteainer NORTH CAROLINA every HON DA") liSUA Y and U)A i . at o'clock. i ... i ..... ..a . . aa. ItlLtf? - . .. - prewidont Raitimore tkearahoat Jr"" CHAVK r KOUTK. PLafyw . Ob and after JkTOXDAY, DoO. 124, aB Bai i ntliB steamer PHCENIX. Capt. 8ttny ill ma thm tuiiowinr route. Imvine Licht streal. : wharf, foot of Barre. EVERY SATCRD A Y MORNING, at 7 o'elnek. for "Wait River and Hernac Bay. retarnoa Monday by the ssad. . TCE? PAY and FRIDAYS fur South River aad rerarn ue Barre dnr. r ; bvery WhJ)KESIAY tat Wost Rrver ,aod retarm same day. . i F. very Th URjTDAY for Aanaaolis anderriacBay' Bud return the same day. , - HOLUNG5HEAD NORTH. Arwita, dlt-t; - OtneeNw. 144 Itttt st. wharf. ' PIANO FORTE. A lirat rate Sewn iOctavallroo Frame) tiokorinf PIANO, whioh fcas net been kosa in iM.nnr besar- ehaaed at a reasonable pree, hy apptyine at Mr. r . O. BKNTEKNS Wareroorn, S4 Fayette street, aaax Charies street. n ie27-t - .-' i-Sa, SEVERAL good seconu hand EwyPlANOEirfjr sal eheap; one Cbiokarinf I I I :m cuod rdn DBtnev pnaewood of eayearn make.BBod iiat oa mnata, 0)wk oneBaitiiuma rankje, rcave, 91on; nee 75; one tSi one 940; one IS: at STI EF F tJ, 7 Pop to Liberty, near Gerraaa nS-tO WM . 6 AEHLE at 1 fFBOal -TXB L1TI VI AM p ftiruLt A: Co.) Manufacturers of GRAN D and gQIARE PIANO- I FORTES, mnh-east corner EuUwand Fayette stav, 1 R!rirv-. Mft.. vfaero naf he saea PIANOS. whlOO for el-farioe of fisiata. sweetneea of tone, eombtased with en acreeabls touch, and second to none m the Tern and prices rnoderale, and every btftrajnerxt wa'rautad. Pianoea hired and Tanifix attended u urompt'v. ol8-rfI ROSKNKRAXZ PlANOS.of aaeenoi ' aea arvt iiiin frames, manafaetared to order by K. Eozbmxakz, in Dreatfea. just received and for sale by W. MALLINCKRODT, nK-lm 81 South Charies St.. np stairs. T1EFF'S FIRST ObAoS-ittON FRAME PIANO MANUFACTORY. Ill nil The larrsat saaortment in the city eonstanSv er hand, from SX to 7 cwtevea. Ole- prAMOS wili be taken in exchartee. at STI EPF'S, No. 7 Sorni LIBERTY STREET, near German. sell-tf- KlkST lMi.-.MIIlU tiANO-FOKTEa" iNEILL, DUROS3 4b CO., MaanUaclirerr, II tl arermranaea Favbttb IT. E. of Carvert, Peraoos desirous of Drocurinc a first elaea P1ANO-FORTEatanuderataprieo ars respeotfally mviied to ah exaaination of our asaortrnsat. OUR instrav raecls have been before the public in oonnetitaoa wrth makers of this and of northern ottiae, at the Maryland IcFtitcte. siaoe 1651, and have reoeived tho first pre-rniuni tn every iBstanos. -Wo have also ia our posses gionteatunoaiaisof distinguished Pianista aad Ama-teura, toreUtef- with tho entire satisfaction of aU whs) have oar Pianos in use. Ifl7-tf,l N., D. dt CO TH E LAR G EST . ,1 CHALR AND FURNITURE ESTABLISHMENT IN THE CITY, . ... ," 2SATRJOTS BAY ST. WAJLEROOMS. Ka. k N Gat Sthtt. mi a Fay si I' a. - crra ia inti Tcr4i,. . WwJ.o mr maae to oraer. very styteoi rrencn iiiiirA-jiiiJi m.riuAk, French Fall Stul! and Medalboa PARLOR- ARM CHAIRS, m Plain. Hair Cioik or BTocafeile. . French Fall Sturf Carved PARLOR CHAIRS, 7n seta, with Plnsb, Hair Cloth or BroosteQe. ' SO FASt Half French Spruir Mahorany and Walnut parlor CHAIRS, m Hair. Cloth or Plash, . ROCKING CHAlRS-vanoas desires, vs. Hair, Cloth and Plush. - Stuff Sprine LOUNGES a hvao aawirtnMntalwaya ready on band, or aay pattern made or covered with any roods to order. ; ' Cn AMiJEK suiiT -a natMcaoT or. wamai. AAmiJle. rrnm BrK n a. CANE CHAIRS asd Rockine do the IsjTest.aa-eor'anent ready made in any oca house ia tne United StAtee from fl2 a doien sp. . ' 5ar Room. Office and Dinmr CHAIRS, in Oak. Walnut or Mabora&y, with Cane. Wood or Stalled Beats an Beat I merit embracirrr over SO doe-en. Wood Seat CHAIRS and SETTEES and Koctm Chairs over 10 doxers. - t . A. MATH I OT, 3S Nor Gay street,' i fa-tf' , ns- Fetf street lHP.ORTa.NT TO, THE ruBiiH.. . ; ' ' Tie nderBurr.ed most ro- BBoctfnll inritM tha Medieal' . Kacnitr. . uranau ana.jiia ublie in reneral to call ane examine tbe kreat itn- krnven4it of hi a labs I, I.ASS PAD TRUSh Patont- ed October 7tb, 1856, and recoameu'led bv the prui-cipal Surrecris aad Dootorm of the Uaited Ftale as the only and best Truas for too sseeortaad rarfioeJ euro of Hernia, saitahloto Mem, Women and Children. He haa aeeared his potawita in Ens land and Fmree. . - fry The Truss applied free of charTe.'- j PneetfSisrleTruM,j3t Double Truss, 5. A liberal discount allowed to Drorxista. CHAS. C RE1NHARDT,' - . Manufacturer of Sarcieal Instrntnenta, . 7 North 4ay atree4 riear Bafturwre street, n29-tf? Late C, C. RembardU Ltyht st ) JOHN C J. Al E Y K5M m irt er ai MMBfaetarer of Guns, Rfflewiv : tola, and SBortsTaaa'e Wsre. 'OIO. w. rratr sr., otweji tjvarrm msrr and the Bridxe. Baltirenret Tirtioe' attention eeild to Reaairirrr. ". o29-n" - fsmpm . Jr"ajiMAKKN, ! " StTORK AN n FACTORY mSjstZ rs:. sa snnTH CHARLES STREET. IsTMitor aad M annfacturer of Ravtiroad, ifay, Lim Stock, Coal, Dtpat, Warokomu sad other kinds of SCA LES, wholesale and retMLwarranted equal ui the Fairiwiks' cA-'e. aad at moh loas erica. ot-tf. 3; the rn k a PEST SCA LE are those which can be relied on for etrenetft, peAnanent accura-Lev and durability. .Suoh Scales the subscriber manufactures, of all kinds and suss, as Railroad Track and Depot. Hay. Coal, Dormant and Portable Warehouse and Platform Sealea, Counter Bal tnoea, Patent Balances and Atnae -w ae?9-4m; ' 46 South Charles street. P1WII.V HORSE FOR SALE. A SU per ior FAMILY HORSE. 6 years old. larre sine. bay. wiih a responsible warranty that .he is perfectly sound and t entio. Can be seen at UIN9 I.EVS STABLE, oorner of Calvert and Pleasant streets. . TparttT FOR SALE A nair of haathmne BAT I HORSES, sound and gentle, suitable for a -rentlemajTs earrisre. Sold beeause the own- rhaspofartrieTUserorthetB. Can bs seen at GEO. bHFP HERD'S Suble, Fayette street, near Charles treet. - dg-3t . an t, UIIKHRS. rillWH. H (. t Will I be paid on delivery at the Booe Factory Cross hw nr North Point mad and the railroad, west a. nmriTrm TW arill tm remoTArl rrv naJlfnr at oor. Chewand Sterlinx sts. Bone Dust and Animal Ma-marm always in store. JOSHUA HORNER. !! HE GREATEST MEDICAL . DISCOVERY OF THE AGE. - DR. KENNEDY, of Roxbury, haa djaerered ta oma of oar eewtwt eai avrrarre weeds a remed y that etiree EVERYKIND OF HUMOR, : from tk worst Serofnia deans to cswrwnm fraa. He haa tried it in over Lioa oases and aeverfcailed axorpt in two eavsea, both ttuaderhuanor.- He has now tat hie poaseeaion over two kuadred eartihoBieaotf its virtue, ail within twenty saueeof Boataa.. -Two bottle sn warranted to are a aaxsincaors Ctae to three bottles will sure the worst kind of pun- nn nu uvj iecv - . .- - Two io three bottias will clear th iriUn . Two bottle at WsUTmnt9d to Mr thm wont Gftakw Ib aftB aaawasafia vwi aaf i iillsknll v t f - Three to firs bottles are warranted te cure the . One or two hottles are warranted to sssre aU hi trobottressre warranted to enre runauncof the Ears and blotahee among tho hair. -Four to six bottles are warranted to eareoorrupt B ranriina: nleers.- , J ' . '.'.:'' . One bottle will enre sealy eruptions af tke skin. ; Two er three bottles are warranted toearo the worst cemof rinrworrn. ' "A" ' ".T . Two or three bottles are warranted to oars ths ravel deeperateoasaof rtreunaataus. - ' -'j TrTewfesTDnttleeawwaaTaated to care the salt rheum. -. - .:. 4l!l J , Five to 4fnt0OHiOa WIU OBrBl ub wsyaa u aa" a beoefitia sjyraya'expeneoeed fjeea the irat bos-tie, asd a perfaet euro ia warraulad waa. the above MlnowBratioe I always kept it striotiy fcr hi- mors, but sinoe iu raSroduction b A-rwMral family creat and wondenai virtaeanavaooen louaa In it that I never saspeoterf. - " Several eaaes of wlepUe fits- diseaae whieh waa always considered iMweMe-hav been eared by a few bottles, u. vmi a many n vui prara bbw-. ajVeTeaaesot that awful malady; there are but few wbo hava aeon more of it tbAJi 1 hare, . - - . I know of several oases of Dropsy, aH of theeUared neoete. cured by it. For ta various diaaaBes of Ue soiaaasBS ot imm Asthraa, Fever oftrrecaod ys.Jea.Tlhe dm- iv aasdinins arST Lafor. fiiek HeadsAe, Dysi aowl am piimu aae aid. JJw eovery-ha ekmeasnr goott taan any 'kamge ef diet ever Baeeasary. iat lAAbsatyos a. snaadl saas IkBIB II mmf lt a. . , h f . . iiWHajs7rI;'. AdarU.on taW-prwriful per day; ChihL eu met ten, ycrs usbbu t s Iwsuwit ui-dren from five to eight years tea-spoonfuLTAs bo dw gnetions ean be aspUeabte to a0 oonstitxtferis, take nl&oaaat to operate on tne bowels twice a Uy. . T MaMfaAtirredbv" - "".' DONALD RENNEDT. .' lioetUof-ahieaJeBfor f wlTrrB. LaXmuj, jaaaaw - I . rltoBaJtlmrvebreet, And SWEETS ER A CO.. exxner of Vmwtttmmna rmttstraeta. B8-ti 1 i VL, .'aiTL UJ . mrm. ml all tilPBBI BreA mmmm ML. WW m mtmmi- '. ' - Hallkt, Doclfor sr-etdek. Mi UOI-f O. cisaatesi tar cu hMusarvTi . r frewata apporto dzfet! - - . '" Il Spear's waarf. ? Nq billsw nvripr swrpea art departure of steamer. and - " sad at road or Bi. - f aa for ' . ' - . ltfil TWO DAILY LTffKS VnsjrH& WFT. THXNORTH KRfi CEXVfQKxmf&NNj - L hem aVLVJkXUAJUilUAlASnA AS) I sslasrsj Bnittmor esaV itttioarc jdatasrO , and. St. Lu kS 1 andsitwDECBtfBER-tstrTraina wiB Wav fevrrve at Stations tm the Nobthbbjt CxstBAi, BaitWAtl LehtTSa A WATMIS-,, aa SI A. M arriraa ill f. BL. faxoept canaava.1 i - . - . .- i . EXPRRS9 TRAIN, t ' Leavea daily at IB P.Mtarnveaatl P.M., '"IITTBeaTnuns nako eiose ooaotoetiona for sit itT7-ACraMM6'DATlON TRAIN f"OR YORK rntlGHTSVILLE. COLUMBIA LANCASTER, PHILADELPHIA, ! ... (Snndafg ExccrUdY lATMitlUP. af arrireaatS A.M. fn-WailLiB Paeeeozers loavhw Calvert t niiiiiinn bii ii it i nr Miir W.Tnuna Hamshtrrc with Trainaeverta rennsyrTMua.iaii- for Pittabarf , there Traina to i from i JU vBAB ISt. I LmTViMi,- - Madnwn, - ; ; ton. lndiaooaotia. .Coiantev. ZsjBosviSe), ' Wooster, w Maaailea, . Allianoo, Mam bald, Detroit. OtMtiaod. . Alton. Chiaaro, , . Sprincfiekl. ' FranklorV rieuelorjtaini iS. Iartrnirton, Lousvilie, Terra Haute. Toledo, Cienseland,' - Rtanantnatoa. Davton. - Fort Wayne, La Salle. Bttrtmrton. Rock Tsbutd. Milwaakoa. Usbaeaa. . .. Passengort km imam tmins nrrtm Casesee ievrj .tav adeaaus mnd mt- MiamnmattS 2 aswrsts mdmneM of otAsr b-ouUt.Uind otmnetl spmA Irawu Cmtra and St. Lams. . Also with the steam Paeket-Boats for Lou: in He, Louis, CmaumaXi and New Or loans, and all later tediata river towns. . , fiy All Western Banare ra-oheoked at Pittabnrt. The .U A. M. ard JoTCl&Trauss eoauiaxyt wilh Ex-pre. Trains, r-f-vu- Road .for ! KLMIKA. t . ROCHESTER, . t , 't . And CANADA- - -. Thm forming. Lha naoat direct railway route toNorta-western Pennsylvana aad Western New York. Travelers oa boauMaa will and this the saost tnttdttxaus wall as the skorust aad ekamrast roaU to the above bJaom aaA Canada .-,.. r lor ymjavn rj ir,i HANOVER. GETTYSBURG, EMMJTTSBUllw rLTUMBlXi 1 iNCASTKK. ! CARLISLE and - ' CHAMBERSBURG, : by the traia at a A. it betaa; the only one that wadireeecieexmnationwilhCaiaaodStace those Points, Pasaearars for SHAWSVTLLTT, JAJIRETTSVILLK, , - r CLEAR MONT, :' PILES VI IX Band ' ' SLATE HILL, leave on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday at Ui A'11' WESTMINSTER BRANCH.' The Cars oa this road saake bat one tha per day, eonneetinx with the 9.15 P.- M. traia. For THROUGH T1CRKTS aaal further information eppty at the Ticket OnW tTertStauon, N. E, .Ojmer Onlvert and Franklin streeta. nansejae r anas oniy reeeivea ror rare. 03-u: C. c. ADREON. SapU FOR ALL PARTS OF - THE WST. BALTIMORE AND OHIO - RAILROAD, NEW AND nnROVET ARRjkNGK.VftirVI". VAJL9 BTAKT tl TSfATTntf. . sun i n nuBAnu aiAsar, O" and aer MONDAY, December 1st, there will be THREE TRAINS DAILY from fWirnVoro for Camlierland. Wheetinr. and aH parts of the West, First. Tbe ACCOMMODATION TRAIN will leave (except Sunday ) at 8-43 A. M ononecunr with traia iron PhUaatelpsst, first traia f t Waahimrtea (at Juactiooi vnbstopaA way statt .i and arrive at Cvmbertand at 4 P.M. - Seeosd-Tho MAIL TRAIN leawea fexeopt 8au-dayatS.A.MuaBdreaons Wbeean by 4 A. M-, eonnectros; at - Becwnod with traina for Coiemhtts, Cincinnati, Dayton, indtanapolia, Louisville, Cleve-larrd. Toledo, Detroit, Chicago, SU Louis. Cairo and intermediare points. Third: The EXPRESS TRAIN leaves daily at 7 P. H cormeetiox wua express traina for Cincinnati. St. Louis, Cairo, Chicaro and interrnediate pfaoaa. c ttmmmw , . . m n .h. I to iiuMsci to uinctuatu ana outer central mm soutiiera plaoea in the West is nearly 19 miles shorter trian by any other route, and the tune la uae- aaaed 1X7 BAGGAGE CHECKED THROUGH to New-arc, Cotumbos, Clocicaau, Indianapoia and St. -ICT" PASSENGERS and BAGGAGE tratarferred, at an points, fre. - - THROUGH TICKETS wrll ba sold to all tbeeitios m the West, at the lowest rates, at ths Ticket Ofios. Camden Station, and at Washinrton. f Cr A SECOND CLASS CAR ia attaohed to the Hail Train. Psasemcers from Baltimore or Washmrton may mieto tk tntira rand by dayliakt, by taking ths Aa eouunodation or Mail Train aad iyinx over at Cam ber land or Oaklaad. - Thev resume next morninx bv the express Tram, which loaves Camber land at 1A0 JL. m., ana reacne w neetrnr Kir. m. FOR WAY PAWRNGER9 ' The ACCOMMODATION TRAIN at . will atop at all Statioas east of Cumberlaod, and the Express at Stations beyond Piedmont roinx West. KjiBtwardly, the Mail Train leaves Wheefmr at 7.15 A. 31., and AvSmmodatMn leaves Cambemnd at t SR, resehinx Baltimore at 5.45 P. M. Tie FREDERICK TRAIN starts at 4 P.M., (exeept Sundays.) stoppinc at Way Stations. Leaves Fredarios at t A. arrives at Baltimore at 12.30 noon. . Tbe ELLJCOTTS' MILLS TRAIN leavesat A. M.and 33i P. M. Leaves Kiliootts Mills at 730 A- M . aed 7.90 P. M ..(except Sundays. ) FOR WASHINGTON AND THE SOUTH. ' Leave Baltimore for Waahinctoa at 4. 15 and 9.15 A. M., Sand 5.15 P.M. On Sundays at 4.15 A. M. only. Leave Waahinrton for Baltimore at 6 and 8.i A. M. and 3 aod 4.3 P. M. On Sundaya at 4.30 P. M. only. - The first arid fourth trains from Baltimore, and the second and fourth trams from Waahinrron, will be express nra-Il trains, stop pice only at vVaaainstoa Junction and Anaapolia Juaction - Tie .15and&.t5 trains from Baitiraore, and the and 4.S traina from .Wsaminxton, oonneet with the trains for Annapolis. - ; Tor tickets, lnfiirnuUion, tare, Ac. apply to J. T. ENGLAND, Airent, at the Ticket Omoe. Camden ftirm , ' WM.S. WOODSIDB, ng7-tf Master of Trejortation. BaltirrwTre. UBJU1VB1 ana ALEXANDRIA KAILKOA1. ' -GREAT SO VTHERN MAIL LINE. TWICE DAILY ( 8nrfay nixhU exMpted) BETWEEN WASHINGTON CITY AND THE SOUTH,' , v a Aiexandria, GordbnsviUe, kUchmorjd, Danvilleand wreeimDoroatB, n. u.. ASS baIly to YIBGINIA 9 r X 1 rt b s . Leava Washington o'clock. A. M, Leave Wsahiugtaaat. 7 - Z.k a v. at. Leave Alexandria ax. 'leave Alexandria at. TraveJers will find the Morning Line.' ia aoon action with the Virginia Central Railroad, the Cita? .axe PUagawf and ErrtAitions Rent to - - - THE VIRGINIA SPRINGS. ejreenbrier White Sulphur aod Faaquier White Sulphur, Warm, Hot, Alam and Capon Springs, Weir's Dave, Natural Bridge, Laxragkon, 4cw Omnihuie and becrare waroos wul be at the Waah-tegton Railroad Depot to oonvey ssanaBiiwi and bag- avaajFAk O tlr STEAMER. tGEORGE PAGE" for Alexandria, a distiaioe of six miles, aliowing ampls time fcr meals. , , ... Fare from Washington to Riehmood . .- so . Danville .-11 oa " " - Greamsborough. 13 00 Tickets procured on the boat. Expedition aad comfort are secured by this route, as it is a continuous lins mt firmt alaaa tailmadl from Alexandria, to Danvilla. Throue-h Bssenm ws aad baxsaxe earni sa wiuoaitaoBi to tks Deaots of the Peterahurg and Dor Peteraburg and oan vnuo raureaoa. m . a. B or VTa . JAMES A. EVANS, Agent, Alexandna. Vi asis-tf? si i rnrrn i iu buu NOTICE TO SOUTHERN 'AT tr. is. TO ft THB SO fTi Two fart daily MaUTrains for Frederic ka- Kiakmond, retersoarg. vraiaon, wiimiavrai. Bad throngk tickets apply at the Southern Ticket Of- Bosw 4Jaicu2a& ttaxion. t Pdliill BiowBra bob ram ptreetm. to E. F. KREBS, AgenC mJ4-tf. TtprA l-jtrWrw2 RAl LROKD.Now eprn titreew swd in raceetrW lyitsya.-raengersby this rosta .take the Baltimore aad Ohio Railroad to the Ohm River at eaiwood; the Centra Am Railroad, to Zaaea-rille, and theooedireot toCiaeianati bv fessCus-OinaAU, W fl minxton and ZAnert'iila Raroad- amymg to Ume lOT KXpresa XTairsi to au paron uaa iwn auai Westnd oonneeunrwith Us weirantpsABwtwea-ers of the Ohio and Mississippi Rivera. Cwavsotioos perfect with Marietta, aod Cmeixnatia, rJooUa and Hocking v alley nauroaas, so uiiimoub mm rori-HMthTOruo. Time as short and fare aa low an by ntMr matA TVUteta via v. w. at sl. sv. be proem sd at the Ticket Ofloe, Cajnden Street Depot, B, k. O.K. L ml 7-1 y. E.GEST. rrea taausep ii . j 111 1 1 im . . llf Ar TWN AND RAL WILMINtt. jTIMORK RAILROAD. . . ...... n., . n . no IVflUUVUff PUB 1BBB n ' - - m r .i Wi a ina tor Philadelphia Will iaavo PTeaMent st. depUdauy (except Sandars) aa forkrws, vis: - Express Train as g.40 e'gook, A. M.f Way Mail Tram at II o'clock. A. M.; Bvenmg Mail at ;oe!k P.M. On Bundsvs at 43.45 P.M. only. All traira oorbect vrith New York traina exoepta.U P. M. oa 'loR HAYRE DS GRACK9VL1, ' lata, RalrimnrB) al . M o'eloek. P M. " ' ' Hsrre De Grao at 7.45 o'clock, A. M, ' rom nutanaipaiB in a. n 1 r. n. ana iir.n. Ot wn, vaaw rvaii ara. T)B WILLIAM STILES Will esntiaae the araetieeof VRNTIS- TRY at his reatdsaa. No. TB LEXING TON ST., between Charles and Liberty atA. All work done in th saost proaapt nnd tnoroegh saaa per. deeBHBx,th'K, 'mm- TMtS tigfc All J KASL P-Jm SSaf!S CVON iToSCHZISKER, 5t-r-sG "LiiT AJt Avxnrr, trrvs las eeur sAABXtloa to All mOitoMMS of IA Eya and Rmt, Aattficiax Ktbs Inserted. The finest aaBKjrtatjrSjMcfjbii Eva-el, suited to to fbena of th eye. Omo, X4 Himm st. ... - ........ n-isaw TRRTH1N3BRTED asiraer. aoLBeea, sale- ARTIFICIAL ta the areatai 4nv. rfaraLllltT as halT th .. arveeq, txj upper sss oes airat fii:ao. os iteeai vJkt goal 4i to be obtained to order at th irtAtmlhr firsV ' E. N. DAVIDSOHN, , Tqwm' ti. to E. Baltimre ec meat HiY. - Uu-Eaiv r. . . . on beetstivwn: do. on Ll - A . TA .at AL. AB4L. ratail W lie UULLAKb SbrrAAU, V BAN AWAY frora (he subscriber, on th" TM. I fi i rnat., a NegroMxa (slave) calling htmssvf JRR. A KV UUKUUN. Jerry is welt known in waiti. , mote, having sailed from Waa4tmgtoeu N. C-fio this port m the aohonsMr Ins. He w about k feet 1 nionee sign, rather uark. Bow-Kwgea, rnioa sex, turn kmt a lower frost tooth, aad haa a dsfaot u ths fiarsrs of hia right Band, not being abas to open thevn: whoa a4ntasdBsimpaisBe in his ssijah. .and shea his eye. 1 will pay UeaSueeiewaid foraisx tfWxig- en in Jail, er inXormaton grveu a tne rwa iua,ao tb I, Caataia JO&EPIX BOBLNSi I dxr-fil1 TASH FOR NEGROES. We, VMS so mir nj tmaneduuaty atotot yoanguo fa which the bfkxeatCAsB .pnern NEOROrwi. To---wC: Brass r anng n egroea f bbmi wui e&liJ Bal VAJiUUI B 1. tMUBBBorst far dresn, VwUgh seed arse 11 aas. All ABtterS proBBpay I mrwmA tnanud. la tia a. " m -:1.f -A .: SOT UtiarlB uagnsta, VII EVERY MO&NING.aS quarter past 4 Retook, aad afjB-nrwv a anartav aaat A For further reformat KM DK. i7T1 efj srti tiace Vkoe, Stfea - debt1 Mil Soots peat rasea e:thw of of ment Brseh aion what vigor, and PR, , had aod Who frora are and uax af and tho sd a tar aud all to ' - J 1 JOHNFTTJfr. X a iiv km iiunua- r4 ly t-w 8,e'- " fEh$yAZRXTiLIa io cruse r ! I rTITf dob Ln-rrWJ mm II N IT Tt 3- mrmVfS MS M . a ' .9txietnea, AfecUons o tho Kidney a5BladS.7 Wervoaa Debthty, ; Dyspepsia; Lar4rnor,Xow Spmta' Oonrnaioa of IdeaavPatAtaenvi t Heaet.TiriuduT.'i tho HeaeV, Throat. Noawor8k-eMterriNe2 If (ra- anBTnr fjows the 1 aaMa6re Kimr teoUhvy Habus'i V wiiSlmiyS9 : iozfoeaua, aad deatrqy ttj!ibyrindln! i' Xn' t YOUNG KEN 7T:,. ; EaTv who hers beooroe the vtrtaiieisf Solitary V' thai dreadful arJ duatiamne habrt whroi? ansa- , of the eaoat oxaMni talepu ni bntitant BiWauiZ it wboraitlrtothervnaeBaaeBtraaraB -with tte thiraden w ejoei-s9e,or wake to eostaor :- ' BtAXxan rasaoM,or Yoanc Ken eoniaaaplathsj 1 nmrnae, oaaBj aware of fhysaoai weakness, orcaue 1y, QeforTOJtrea, e. , sjould a pvl v iisjiiiiiisiii j , ! VKH4JI 1U VyEJkTtrjTS - iiaraediati eared, aad fall vnror restored- . J ' - lie who si anoar ue are or nr. s. aar jauRonaty oonnae in nia nonor awa aeaueatan, act :" OPFICJB NO-TSODTH FREDEJIlcI ST- nan, msam goaaa i ' buw atrBoa, a lew from the cornet. FalL not to observe Baoat and 1 DR. JOHTiSTOr---'A-Merebercf the Royal CoUece of Sttryeoea, Loftrfoe, t mdnate frona one of the most emment Ooileces of the . Uaited rJtatea, aad the creater part ef srhoee life has T I a pant in th Knaaita'a of Tr.acm. Pana. nnla. I eptua ajia elsewhere, nas eseetea aoraeot tnenunt aatoaiacriia- mtm ral mrnrnm kaaww bbabb tuaMWith nncnkB in Ubb hesMl aavd aars wheal asleep, U nervoasneBS. batnr alarmed aVssrfeaa sounds, . haahfulaasa. with freqoect UaahiBB, siMBded soma- , , wak icarariremeDt ef mind, wars em ad isune '. diaielr. - - . TAKE PAJRTICOLAR NOTICTS " -' ; i Dr. J. addresase all thoaa who hare rrJiisbVr. -eeivea by improper fcrtuireueea nad eoiitarvaabits, whieh rain both bodv and rasad, vnfittinx thfcm fat Buxineam, Study, Bociety or hlamare. Taeee are some of ths sad and nieianobor effect!'' SToduoed by eariv habits ef voutha.vts: Weak seas . the Backaod Umdm, Pains ia the Head, Dnryjeas . SirJtULosabf Maaoutar Power, Pal pitatioaef the ' . Heart, Dyaaepaia, Nervous imlaiuiity. Derancoi; af the Pig estrve Fanaaiona. Gaaeral DsUkry, -Symptoms of 4iuaumBUon.Ae. - w . -r MXBTAIXT. Tae fearful effects en the miad art . to be dreaded Lms. of Memory. Coofanoa et ; Ideaw,Dpreaauor of Spiriu. Evil Forebodtnrs. ArT- , to Society. Self-Dyrtrcst, Love of Solitude, TV ,' nrWay, 4ke are some of the evils prodseed. , ' Tkxiuaands of perarms of a'l 8 ear eea now Judre . . ia the pause of their daoUnaie health. loaUar thetr " beoorninr weak, pale, nervous sal eaavsiated. . kAVBisBaisolv.MPesAnea aboat the eyes, eoaxh, f rympunns of consumption. JOHNSTON'S INVIGORATIN41 REMEDY fOX ORGANIC WEAKNESS. - ty thai graat and lataortaat remedy weacaeas ef the orranaare speedily eared . and fail viror reatoi ed. - Taouaaads of the saost aavvusje and oeUmued, wke lost ail hope, have been lansod lately relieved. All imsedimeats to Mamage, nvaiosjor Mental DisqBsJifioatBTrja. Nervous lrntabusty. TreexbUEg. f Weaknaaa, or exiiaaation of ths most learfBl kuX r oeedilyoux. rorjN0 -, . ;: have injured themaelvea try a eertars practice . lndalgad te when alone hal-it free neatly lenrsed ' evil erapantons or at school, the effects of whioh , subtly felt, even whoa adeept aad if not eared render, marriage impossible, and daatroy fceth pauid body, should apply immediacy, - what m pier- a young awa, us nope oi a is country, us aaruae; ( his Barents, should bs snatched frora ail provpeota, , i onievmeeta of life, bv the oouaeqaenoes ef devl attng from tbe pafhof naiare.anc Indnlfin m a oertaoi . ; habit, Such persona st v, betore eon torn plating I H.ABaiAtttW -- rcfleot that B sovad mind asd body are the saost leees-sary req sites to promote eonaabnU bapjrineae. Indeed, without these, tho youraey through life kaesiuet aweary pilgrimars; ao aroaaw boortyv darxveis ta view; the mind becomes shallowed with deanair filled with the metanehoiy rtfleotioa that the r isoBioi snoineT nrxannrB iMirrueo wilb "or oara,, . ENDORSEMENT OF THE FRESH. 1 form Mait Twoa-iAwns onrad al thia irat'i.ntka: within ths lart Ifteen years, sod ths cttmecoui imaar- J; Soryioai Overshoes perWmed by Dr. Jokoalon, witnessed by the reporters of the papers and many . 1 Char parsons, noiiees of which have appeared area again before the public besides hia standmc sa a ' I genaemaa of ooaraetar and resaonsihiutyiB a vuAeiect larmiwi w na aiwuwi. top-iib- ' ALT110RE IOCK HOSPITAL. 1 O ... PR JOHNSTON, The founder of tiiit celebrated Institution, offars the tost speedy snd ctcct4rM remedy ia tha world fur , the effects of 7 IMPROPER AND EVIL HABITS, - I Orranif Weakness. Puma m the Loias, rVHerores, General IVteili'y, Lasmtade. Prostration, Nerrmis- ' ne. Reatlra N nhta, Paipitatioa of the Heart, Ri or- 1 ing in the Eara. Loss of Memorv, Confuirian, M eisa- j oholy, A ffexuauas of tbe H ead. Throat. Nose or Skia, ' aod all thewe peculiar d reorders arising rrom taarndia- 4 eretioa or oittrjr Hahitt ot Yeaoa, leader iibi theat I unfit ur either BvaiBeve. Studv. Soey er Marnaga. DISEASK 41K IMFKUUKIMCK. - -t when the misguided and imprudent votary or ilea- . sure finds hs has imbibed tha seeds of this psiafal dav l ease, it too often happens that aa i'J-timed aenas of ' ahame or dread of discovery deters him from applying i those who, front education and reipectahility, out alone befriend him, delaying till tho eooatitntMual Brmptrima of this horrid d iseejie make their s ppeanutee . affeetinr the bead, throat, nose, sk ia, Ae, progressing - en with frirhtful rapidity til! death puts a period tests dreadful sufferings by sending aim to "Uat ertdiseovar- ed country from whoso booms no traveler ret urns." ' It is a melaaohoi v fact that thousands fall vietimsto thia tetribia disease owing to the nnskillfalneasof ignorant preteoders, who, by the ase of that dtmdlf auo, fnerrary rain the eonatitutMsa, aad make the residue of Ufa mieerabe. i . ORGANIC WEAKNESS . - . , Immediately cured, aad full vigor restored. This dreadful disease is the penalty paid by the vie rims of improper indugeaoes. The system be- i oornee deranged, the physios! and mental ptrvera weakened, nervous debility, dvt pepsia, palpitation of t heart, ind igestion, a wasting of the Tram, sob a, eon-: """cFCINo.TSOtrrH FREDERICK ST., East or Itft kmnd aids taint from Baltimort Strstt, ! - N. B. AH lettera must oonlam a stamp. , ; DR. JOHN STU m woara no pauenia awi ukwi iaur anabla of aesreciating and d iatimraishiog the service of a regular, Ihorongh bred physioiaatrora the paltry, , anlearned and tnfling quack- - Dr. Johaaton. la Us only physeiaa advertising to enre diseases of impra-denee. His Dipiomea always hang ia his ofliae. j HIS REMEDIES are entirely unknown to a'l others. Prepared frora a life spent in the first kotpirsls : of Europe aad this wmntry, and a more extensive ' ert:ee than any other phtsieise in the world. ! HR AIXNB CAN RFTORK VOU. axwi rvR.J.B. MILLS. . - . . ..... '! jr s w rjjirBiiwivsu rniBtviAPt No.Sl SOUTH GAY STREET.(Bc4U tha Postoflos , .B-'tiraore.) - . Over TVesty Yrs' rpvwae enablee Dr. If ill to insure a sevmd aad rpeedy oure ra A'.L DISEASES OF fMPRUDENCE. . No poisonous oomponnds of Mercury or Noxloe . . Drugs seed in bis sraotita. IMPAIRED MANHOOD . may here fine a restorative ot anlatling virtaa, WklflS sea been Wail tested ia n extenaire sractios, OBSTETRICS. ProTopt artentrna to this branch of his profess., ud all affocuons of ftmaJts treated with skill and dsliov ey. ' Persons al a distance wi Mreoetre .rtment pf Sddreaviaw - , DK.4. H.M1LUB. ; . dlS-lanf . tssjiimore. mu ' mar Tfl THR IVFl.tCTF.Dl If xEDICAL CAR IX-Persons who have fallen via- tisna to Pkmim ut Imsrndenee will find speedy AO permanent relief. ( om rtatonmklo Unu. by oallmi on DR. J. B. SMITH, at the ot eataJwianeH Means1 House, No 16 S. FREDERICK ST.. BArtinsve.Md. The afflioted shoe 14 bear ia wind that Dr.S. lithe oo-fy regular Physieiaa sdvvvrrstng, wbo has for ' years devoted his wboie attention to the trsataient of this erase of Diseases. 1 - - rSl lml HOW TO 6 ET H ICH. Prof. OLIVER'S NEW BOOK OF WONDERS, T 100 pages, .fiveslB) different and sure ways. Caa be sraeriaed at boms and in secret bv old or young, male or feimle.- Alss bow to ba handsome, healthy and saoeeasfal ta i Vjvs , Price SS eenta. Seat snj where by mail. AdcTsai Yrof. P. B. OLIVER. N. York Poe-omee. a- tw SI OB; LDDRcyMJGSpirNFORTn ' NATE'S FRIEND, a safa, sseidy aad aertaia our lor aU diseases of a private and deJieau naure. TuM aiedioirie is put as ia snoat oonvenieot form, so that a ean te earned ia the vest pocket without tear of break tare or dittos by the most iBitBBto eed. II may txoiy do cauieu itb -uiiryaiy "i ,kT FR1KND." as it never fail to bring reuef taj lbs aAictad aad anrtansx, earing thssa w Iross twe is "itwaiao aa e4reotrve wrsmtntimu it taken aftwsg-aoaure; farttrmore, it does not .aaaseatotaeja svJi-Amia Btnaoh. er leave aar diae-sting smatl. te IM preath. It la put Bp is boxes at tt Bar bag, wgiss 55hbto tt"s!H ANCK, Ne. ISr 8WEETSER A CO., ooraor CWies and Pratt sts. Sent by mail, en reosipt of the pnoa, to any r Waited fctatea, . v - dlfrta., ?f"fin BEWARD! THE FRF-NCH SPKCt , OUU FIC MIXTURE FOR TaKCTKB 0 CERTAIN .D1REASE.-This Jftfc eifie is gusraatied ia all oases of delieate d'f; aether with tbe attendant oawipkunta. to effect a spse-Jy. safe and lasting enre ia Oe eonrssof .afse dsy - - - -: imiinH orinisry""" wiuiorn rv"ricaaia wr mm ,.iu u.m Inec system. It 11 aa ow ana popu rr"! at i . 11 -...J tk. laalB) ajraotlOS B 1W1IIIII nrMU tm mmrm r ri ,L.baB- icou:, radieally esrln: aiaty-ain ia Us mb area boused try any ns arauii Miy vi . m7-i? Vj Id Ipelhottlew Fr sale hy HANvJ r street, snd 6WEETSEB CO;' eomar. pnoe Baltimore of Charles and Pratt sta. - . - m IwSfro-maii dlsclmrges of th Btadda, Kidtieyi 1 w tans, from whatever oaase they say tare emms1" Speedily cured hv the nsof HELMBOLrr8 TRACT BUCHUr It is peasant in iU taste ta hat immediate iaiu action. , Grvinx health and vigor to the frxxx. And hkiova to tSe psilid he. Try it and be emvinoedof tu omoaey. It F enbed and need by oar moat eminent T15ZT 1 a medieire waioh is prerdxp-T aooorvLiil the rale of Pharreney sad Chemietry. STRANGERS AND TRAVKLEILeiii Save long anlTjrrng. sarwey and axpessre try seso eeaJlrngfbrbr7t)erftbjsippus ; . SPECIFIC REMEDY. noatt Prioe ! per bottBOT as bettass fee " .teb.xdattt.r-ot,n 9.TETT osTT'iK HANCE. Nd? BaltgJ bwfTRER. CO eoraer of g" street aod P rrau 1 , w-. MAGNIN'S LL'CINA CORDI A-L. , J W Ot A5LIXIK OT WJSrf I fb only Poaitive ears for Com its I Pk.ul 1 iial. and nanaral Prustrawato Th only Maithre eer tor tkBuaU I ainarla and fl OeneVal Pn-aata iJ hi lit, aad ail nervtMaB Affl anabBBBB nt Ik liawr. and UVSIT uaslf- eoBcteq wit is u, - . - - - -. if arraaotoaaot "7 aA-iM it. ax nLL. "mZZTl. trmr bortles ForaTa bVS KTHK H ANCE. lSS IT., and PWKKTita mirKAif Bin. rrryii BALSAM &ssJ bv SCTH a HAjVet nnd PRATT Bio. satswiiAiDw el-" neea r maaAbility, awwrnkl "JW"? CIN A CORDIAL, as it will WWZjJwm of ani vigor Ina one? ported; til s pnns is a sours of regret, if rsjoures a--j tHrZmt Ltmal ranlta may b aiitioiaax 0 F' awl 4 P si. '' ' ti. .A 1 M'l-i-

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