The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 24, 1948 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, May 24, 1948
Page 7
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MONDAY, MAT M, 194S French Economic Structure Grows Slowly Stronger and People Display Some Optimism (AM.)' COUWM NEW! (EDITOR* NOT* »,„ U lh , flrll of lwo dispatfhes th ul«d who touring the neo's bureau* | n Europe.) *»• Earl j. johmuin WnHed PT«M StaH £<mr«|wn<lrii( hut th. - " "*' (U P -'~ rr " lch wononty has no« begun to roar vel «rin« r t, d "" 7 miSlakab " hum in th « b '^"' cl«r air ol Paris .hi, spring, and iieople ar P sayliif. the worst is over. You can depend on gas and elec- + 1 tncity now, thank* to imports o! " coal and petroleum. Early risers don't have lo shave in cold water by candle light the way they did lust Winter. You can have 15 percent more bread, too. Effective npxi month, the daily bread ration goes from 200 to 2,iO grams per person thanks to wheat Jrom America. Two hundred and lifty grams is a shade more than a hall pound During the ~ Letter-Writing Move Launched For Steam Plant NASHVILLE, Term., Mar 5< (UP)—Perhaps the biggest 'letlcr- „ - -- ; writing campaign In Tennessee German occupation > history Is slowlv generating a full ^r^ 11A>,i*i. /nil l.-l \. -. J _* _. - / *"fc " *n II the daily ration never fell belou 350 grams a day. head of steam today. ------ 1 It Is aimed at U. S. Senale ap- But prices have, gone up 40 per P™'al. and ultimately a lull Con- cent faster than wages and the Rressiona! o k nv , fol . a proposed spiritual lift you notice in sidewalk new sl «<rn generation plant of the cales may be only an expression I Tennessee Valley Authority al -5f thanks for small favors— and for j Johmvllle, Tenn. The House al|P?ace and sunshine, it ignores the ', ready has turned thumbs down on tact that the government has not Hie proposed plant, hut. TVA back- been able to roll back prices. It ers are hopeful ihe Congressmen ignores the fact that union labor . will change their minds if the (the Communists control the unions ; Senators approve Ihe hill about four to two) may soon de- | Ammunition for the cammicti inand a further 20 per cent wage ; Is, in e/fect, that the TVA is now boost, rh.s could lead to serious ; the sole power source in Tennessee h° e pe'op'S 8 ° V '" nmCnt a " d /0r f' d ' hat power """-mptlon^at j*&™ -.h«—• ii^r^-sr^rs s; M^S pK-isr "fiK ^-^^sr^^ ™-& s;s s^s;^ : -"^ ^^^r^ ™^^^™^ n ^i'f^, ™»£'. £^* ^^tw^rc^ssiss, 1 " 1 '- c ' tw <*'™< N " r ^ K-halt^r^^e^^Tl- ; in^i^n ^ ,«""'•««- p" c^t ^^ ^ -s?,-; i jsr wr: s^ ions would hold back their demands : Th"* t '" nne h' ee ' s Senators, until June i Those u ™ Sen. K. D. ^JrKellar The government succeeded In'!". .??"-T om &W*. already are halting the. price spiral but has achieved nothing like a 20 per cent cutback- In the first two months of 1948. [he price index (based on 100 in 1938) jumped from 1217 to 1519. At the beginning of April it dropped back to 1499 and Is still at about that level. Much of the improvement that jtomp Honors Swedish Pioneers [ . SWEDISH PIONEER CENTENNIAL A new 5-cenl commemorative posUie stamp will jo on sale June 4 honoring the lOOIh anniversary ot th« cominf ot the Swedish pioneers to the middle west. Blue in color, the jlamp h»s 12 slars representing the midwestern state* settled by the Sw«d«. It wiW hr nlac^d on sale first in Chicago. Wife of Dishwasher, 68, Has Triplets, Boosting Total of His Children to 35 NEW VORX.Msy 24. njP> — Andre Dupre, a 68-year-old dishwasher, said today he has no In- tenion of limiting Ihe si?* of his family even though the triplets wnen his fourth wife presented him ye*, more (erday brought the number of his 1 14 h« children to 35. ; -'— He wan married the firnl lime .,, Argentina, where, his oldest, child. Survey Shows Common Cold Causes Most Illness in Babies By Pi ii I r. Kill. (tliilt*4 Frt*a Scltnrr Wrl(M-) NKW YORK, May 34. (UP) — Ju»( «« In Rrowmipn, HI* common cold l» Ihe cause ol most sickness In youns babies, a survey by the U. a. Public Health Service dl.s- ckfsed today. The »un*y, imported on by l>r Selwyn D. Collins, was one of the (no*I extensive studies ever made on llic cans* of illness In Infants one year and uiutei.Th* data he said, w»a taVen from live dll- ferent Illnes* similes conducted by ixrodlc canvasses ol iRiiilllc.s within the past 25 years, The study .showed Ihm bion- chllls w«s Hit second cause ol lu- f»nl illiiMj. Olhers In order werei dldMtive disturbances. diarrhm anrt enteritis, whooping cough, in- fluenta, Mi and maMold, malfor- where he "married »ev«n He came to New York 15 yrnrs RKO and married his present wife In 1945. In addition to lh<. Irlplei.s, they have an in-month-old daughter. Dupre who works al the Wai- he came lo New York he had been In a circus doing trapem ami trick millions In early Infancy, m«.sle« pneumonia teething and gum dls- larynglllis, chicken po«, and accidents and violfnc*. The cause.! of jlcltne.s.. however do not parallel In the unit order as Hi,, ciui.wi of de»lh» In lnfanl«, for Instance, premature birth* Mill are listed as tin No. 1 cause ot deaths, with malformation* .tec- ond. Hint pneumonia third. Tlt« common cold IK not listed at a major c»us» ol Infant death. Or. Collins .«ild there was no data un whtudier Infant illness is luriciuiiig or ilecieasing, but. he pointed out. that infant mortality )>n» steadily declined, "ThemouiUaln Main." h* aata 1 . "have shown a mortality definitely hlRher than in Ihe, North Central and Pacific nectinm,." Th* rule in UK Sonlh «| w |, higher Hum (he overall averau*." Hi- said Ihat considering infant mortality' by sen over the counirv ,<" a whi)e.,lh» trends for male and • emale Inliuils have l Me ,, »,,p,. O xl- matoly parallel, but Hie mortality rnle ol male InlaaU has been con- Slslenlly higher (),„„ „,„( ot , males. faney an4 of all other causes. "On the other h»nd, illness de""')•« from a hijher rat* under J terra* — "—• • •»«"<« ran unaer i which the raU r« month ol aae to^ajiiiiiinium al 1 mately tli. aam..- month with aa teenw •* up to siK month, * „. **<m* which the rat. remain* appro*. for the plan. Instead, the letters, telegrams and resolutions are aimed in two general directions to all Senators and especially to members of the' Appropriations Committee, and to public power enthusiasts In other sections of the country. This latter . _, admittedly is a "you scratch my ,, ._ Ihe French people feel more ' baclc snd r11 scratch yours when I optimistic this spring is due to the '. 8et a chance" call for aid. help from abroad such as UNRRA.' interim aid, and ERP. But those assists alone would not have been enough to save France from f I lan- fc_ f*\ •>•» j twvn cial chaos. The French also helped rOV I/.jJH.UUU themselves. They devalued llieir'— . money, cut Bovernment costs, In-[ | 0 .ArKOnSOft Arkansas families received S3.- 984,000 in life insurance death ben: creased taxes, forced savings into . government loans and reduced the amount of money i n circulation by calling- in all 5.000-franc banknotes. i Food. Fuel Still N'«I|M! I Those drastic measures were the ; basis of the Mayer plan. Further measures for reinforcing the plan \ • will be necessary this summer if ' prices stay high and the unions • ; challenge for better wages. i I France's mast pressing needs are • slIH for. wheat, coal, petroleum and i factory equipment. Those are the Don't rush mft." Dupre, voiible frenchman with a shock of grey hair, was recovering some of the calm he lost when his 34-year-old wife, Juanila. gave birth to the triplets in their three- room flat in crowded east Harlem.: It wasn't, he said, because he was i becoming a lather again. And multiple births were nothing new' to him. His first wife, now dead '• had four sets of twins among the 14 children she bore him. "But trlplets«-sacre bleu! that I wasn't looking for," Dupre said "The doctor said wed have twins probably—but this, this h maenl-1 fictue." The first or the triplet*. Joseph ' four pounds, was born unattended' out two policemen and a special nurse assisted in the births of Mary! four pounds, four ounces, and Gloria, four pounds, eight ounces. The' babies .were taken to Harlem hos- \ pital, where they were reporter! ] "doing fine" in an incubator today ' Between trips Into the bedroom ! to look after his wife. Dupre said he was a native of Marseille and one ol a family ot 23 children presented him with slit children.I (lull the circus." HEAR AU THAT'S OH YOUR t RECORD**/ flfffopo/ftr'/// PHONOGRAPH NtlBLt main items the government hopes ! to get from ERP. Some of it will I come from other countries In Eu-1 rope, of course. Ultra-European aid • is part of the recovery program. ' The French have made remark- j able progress with what has come I in already. Industrial production is ' up 13 per cent over 1938. Good re- I suits are coming from the recon- > struction program. These gains may be enough to justify the claim that France is the economic bright spot of Europe. 'A second dispatch tomorrow will report the extent of these gams.i Yes, first real improvement in gin making in over 300 years. efiln payments under 1,441 policies during the first three months of this year, compared with $1.892000 under 1,526 policies in tVie corresponding period of last year, the Institute of Lite Insurance reporU, "Theae payments reflect the Increasing ownership of lile Insurance." the Institute snid In announcing the tlgures. "Although there has nnt been »n appreciable change In mortality, the greater amount of life insurance at risk resulted in greater death benefit payments In this state." Of the aggregate payments in this staie, $2.029.000 was under S9< ordinary policies; $160000 was under 83 group life Insurance certificates; and JU5.000 was under 654 industrial insurance policies. For the nation as a whole $377 206.000. was paid as death' claims under 353,32(> policies in Ihe corresponding period If last year. Of this year's first quarter payments $262,268,000 was under S7.9I6 ordl-' nary policies; »58,959.000 was under 29,38* group policies: Slid J54 878000 was under 226,228 industrial policies. Nationally, the death benefit payments were 8% larger than a year ago. Other payments to policyholders showed » n appreciable Increase. For the nation as a whole the payments to living polleyhold- ers were S458.809.000 in the first quarter, compared with $428,955,000 in the corresponding period In 1!M7. Yes, you can enjoy it straight—\? so smooth. 's Ancient Bottle Gin is an ArnmYan Original— and that means xornething better. Result of an original proceae, t'liif gin starts wher« leave off... It's naturally diOLDKx It's naturally SMOOTHER It's mitumlly KKTTKR J'txt ask anyone who's taxied it! KROM AMWtCAN «AIK. M PROOr. SEAGRAM.DUmi.UK* COW,, NEW YORK Attention Blythevilliaml WE NEED ROOMS tit* sixth showing nf ih* Tennesst* Walking Hors* Auction will h« presented in Rlythevilte ,lun» 4th onrt 5(h. and with * hi K g*r »nri h*t(er show. s R renl many more out-of-town peopl* will he nllraclH In Rlvthevillc this y*»r. One* »xain the problem i* f« find housing Hrcommoda- lums for the hundreds who will »lt«nd. If v(m have line or mor* ro<im8 availahl* for th« :ird. ,j|h', Sth and BIh, it U most urgent thai you conlact Mr. C. (,'. Smilh »t his offir* immediately. Your nnopernlion and interest will h« great ly appreciated. Orders fo r re serva- Imns have «lr«ady arrived from pr»c(ic«lly every stule in the Union, and it i. of <itmoK( importance that thev he p aced as early as po*.;!,!,. ]><,n't Helav. List votir available rooma C. G. ROCK woo M r «. tr COOLER TRAVIS INSULATION CO. 700 Clark SK Bfyrheville, Arkansa* I'hon* 2I1.J3 — 55 Charlet A. Fleming Governor ol In ammmiclnii my CHiidldncy for '•'""•.IwlMi tos.y It my Wends «»1 help , ne all they, together we will win a reul victory ! Schools siut Roads are the pi-|,,J ci,..-l needs of our Stale, ,,,,1 hcse nre my first concern. , 1 nin » practical man ami will get 1 i'te Jot) done. i Charles A. Fleming "The Pi«,r IH.n'i friend- Don't Wait! Don/I wail any IOIIKIM. Think of all the things thnt could happen to your furs—nmlhs, fire, theft, damage! l.el UH pick them up toriiiy. We'll give them the best of fur c«re Hnit return fhcm wife and sound next fall, , PEERLESS CLEANERS 41« S. Franklin Phon* 2433 AMEIICA F *ODUCE FOR Pf ACC —TURN IN YOUK SCIAr IKON ANO STW. Start of a Family Spree T HF. fun begins when you pull into the driveway at the wheel of tfiU *tunniri|t!y smart Buick. See how you've excited the yoiing- »t«r«, and note (he bright sparkle in your Lady'* eye — she know* you've brought home the fre«he««, *aye«t look in ear styling to h« aeen anywhere. And have you eaught a tlimp** of .rnwr face in the rear-view mirror? There's where you'll find! the grin ot nil. JL or while ymj've jiz.ed up thU «pacioti«, two-ton car as more than hijf enoii({fc for the whole family, you found it handling with feathery lightness. run. h HfHff j. rAriOi. *<„»„.( N*w.,i M While you've sainplcil llic htioy- ant Buick ride (hat corne* of all- coil springing, you discovered ihe. softness of riding on big, evlrn- low-pressurc lives —and the surefooted going nf Safety-Rid* rinin, widest in the jnduslry. And while you've felt the thrilling lift of Fireball power, you marveled al the restful comfort and quiet ot Vibra-Shielding, where tiring tremor build-up i« made a thing of the pant. S _ o you know certain-sure you've latched onto the jweetesl traveler ever to rale th* family's cheers — tli« »weelcst thing in looks, in action, in ih.t and »afety and downright comfort. And if what you brought home i« a Raadmaiter with Dynaflow Drive,' you've got the liquid- smooth m-.igic of a new kind, of drive where llic power plant do«i what gears used to do — wner» you move siviftly from standstill to speed without a gaar «v»r shifting. Oo why hold back from making • dream come (rue for you and. the. family? See your Buick dealer now, with or without a ear l« trndc. 'I lie suuni-r you give him your firm order, the sooner your fiimily's motoring >pr*« >Mrt*l BUICK alone ha* aliens* fartures . ,, * I **,**:. n ?! u /, r r"*'* * a"* 8 *"*'* eon * HI-^OIMB fl»r«AU F0wi» "i OUOMATIC »PA»a; ADVANCI on tiHos * KOAB-mrj «AIAMCI * *i«i» roD«uf-rui( tonu* jor IINIW* * ntw iMA«r MOMK * ton vihen better outomct'le^ are built BUICK will build them ^LANGSTON-WROTEN (0. Walnut ond Broadway ~ Telephone 555

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