Chicago Tribune from Chicago, Illinois on December 6, 1898 · 8
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Chicago Tribune from Chicago, Illinois · 8

Chicago, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 6, 1898
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THE CHICAGO TRIBTOOJ : TTJESDAX, DECEMBER 6, 1898. GAHAN IS STILL CHIEF OF PARTI Ee-elected as Chairman by Cook County's New Democratic Committee. Schlesinger & Mayer announce a unique and important disptay and sate of distinguished Thespian dolls BURKE IS THE SECRETARY Secret Meeting Held in Expectation of Fight on the Harrison Men. RYAN'S FRIENDS STAY AWAY. Thomaa Gahan and Robert E. Burke were r3!.wted ns chairman and secretary re- sictlvelv bv the new Democratic County committee yesterday. Their chief assistants will be Alexander J. Jones, Frank X. Bran- dtcktr. and Thomas Cusack. as Vice Presi dents: Fred E. Eldred as Treasurer; and Joseph Strauss Sergeant-at-Arms. It is un-. dtrstood the machine will operate hereafter Jn secret as much as possible. Some of the lxtsses are complaining that the failures Jn past campaigns were largely due to the lact that everybody Knew just wnat it was doing, and thus kept the enemy so well post ed It could easily take advantage of every move made. For the first time reporters and spectators were barred out of the annual meeting of the committee. It was learned subsequently that the Harrison leaders expected some of the committeemen who are not supporting the Mayor would say things they wished to keep from the public. But the anti-Harrison lighters did not put to an appearance. The 60-called Ryan members of the organization, it seems, had a prearranged agreement to etay away. At least that was what several of the Harrisonites said. They freely quoted Alderman John Powers as making the state ment he would not go near the meeting. He was not there, and neither were William J. O'Brien. Roger C. Sullivan, John McGillan, and Dr. George Leininger. The absence of these men gave rise to stories that they would continue to absent themselves until after the Mayoralty fight is settled. These nine cdl dates for the office of Elec tion Commissioner to succeed P. H. Keenan. whose term has expired, were nominated and recommended to Judge Carter, who, it is ex pected, will soon make the nomination: V. H. Keenan, John J. Sloan, 3). i Consuiine. George English, Thomas Judge, S. I. Grittii J. B. Lynch. II. 11. KereelT-P. J. O'K-eefTe, A number of contests were referred to the Executive committee. J. P. Gibbons is after tha Second Ward seat, held by John Fitz gerald. In the event Mayor Harrison stands by Controller Waller and turns- down John McCarthy's street repairing bills he may get it. . A. Munzer, J. J. Klein, and Edward E. Walsh are fighting over the Fifth Ward leadership. As " Chick ' Curran has been repudiated in the Tenth John Sloan and J. J. Halpm both want the boss' job there. Oeorge McConnell and J. N. Twohig are malting trouble over the Eleventh Ward committeeship, and John Grein, a City Hall employee, has been put forward to knock out Dr. George Leininger In the Fourteenth Ward. Leininger is one of Timohy Ryan's Iirst lieutenants and probably will be ousted. DEMANDS BY PARTY WORKERS. New Arrangement for Distributing Cor.aty Patronage Is Urged by the v Xxiends of Republican Hustlers. The organization managers and committee n distribution of Republican patronage met egaln last night and endeavored to make a more satisfactory apportionment of the Jobs by ward and towns. The work was laid out last week on a basis of the number of delegates In the county convention, but that did not please wards where hard work had to be done and where a better showing for the party was made than in the big Repub lican wards. They want more of the pat ronage with which to award their workers. POLITICIANS AID M'CARTHY. Afraid the Mayor Will Offend Second Ward Democrats if He Stands by Controller Waller. : Some of the Democratic machine bosses tro mixing In the controversy between City Controller Waller and John J. McCarthy. Robert E.Burke had an audience with Mayor Harrison yesterday and it is said he made a jlea for McCarthy. The leaders fear if the Mayor should sustain Mr. Waller end turn McCarthy down, the Second Ward will go against him in the Mayoralty convention. FIFTY-FOUR PERSONS POISONED IN ORPHANS' HOME AT VERSAILLES. few Cook Comes to Kentucky Asylum and After the First Meal All Who Partook Become Seriously III; None Fatally. Versailles. Ky.. Dec. 5. Special. 1 Fifty-four persons, of whom forty-nine are orphan children, are in a precarious condition t the Cleveland Orphan Asylum here tonight from the effects of poisoning, the exact nature of which is a mystery. The institution is conducted by a j3oard of Trustees from this town and county (for the maintenance of children without parents, and is under the management of Mrs. Van-flever, a matron. Besides the matron and the children, her daughter and Miss Christian, the music teacher, made up the as semblage which dined last night off a meal prepared by a new cook. During the night wery person who had eaten of the meal became sick. Doctors were summoned. The physicians spent the night at the asylum, ana u was witn aimcuity that they succeeded In saving the lives of all the inmates. Tonight only a few of the children are In a dangerous condition, and the doctors say rone of them will die. Some think the j'Oison came in water from a lead pipe. There are many, however, who believe the poison was in the pie eaten at the noon raeaL THEY CHALLENGE GOMPERS. Issae Cowen and M. S. Hayes of Cleveland, O., Want to Meet Him in Kansas City. Isaac Cowen and M. S. Hayes of Cleveland. O., members of the Socialist Labor party, have issued a challenge to Samuel Gompers to meet them in joint debate on the labor question in Kansas City during the labor convention, which begins its sessions there next Monday. Dr. Zelgler Snears Oat Warrants. Dr. L- Zeigler, who last Thursday caused the arrest of Dr. James A. Armstrong, President of the Independent Medical College, yesterday swoie out warrants at the Harrison Street Police Station against J. H. Kandall and John Randall Jr., whom he charges with assault with a deadly weapon with Intent to commit murder. The Randalls operate the Western University. The casa will be heard next Wednesday. Emperor Wilhelm of Germany Never traveled so luxuriously as do our Americaa kingsi and queens. Two modern up-to-date trains leave Chicago daily via "Wisconsin Central lines for St. Paul, Minneapolis, Ashland, and Duluth, where connections are made with all Pacific coasttrains. (Picket office. 230 Clark street. lately shown at the Attditorium, and now offered for the benefit of the Charity fair. They represent the leading men and women of the stage, by whom they were designed, dressed and contributed and in their most successful roles. marvels of costume and swagger decoration, Each celebrated donor of a doll to the huge bazaar at the Auditorium has put not only most valuable time and money, but an overflow of sympathy, in her work and her letter to the association, which must be a reverberatory benefit to the lovely worker's own happiness." Amy Leslie in Daily News. f The people represented include: Otis Skinner, Anna Belnto?it, Mary Marble, Kathryn Kidder, Pauline Hall, Mabel Fenton Ross, Jidia Haxvlhotne, Mollie Fuller, Mary Ncrman, Maude Adams, Georgia Caine, Le Petite Adelaide, Mts. Louis James, Julia Arthur, Alice Nielson, Princess Yutakamee, Ada Lewis, Henrietta Byron, Belle Archer, Marie Jansen. Hope Ross, Elita Proctor Otis, Gertrude Elliot, Edna IV. Hopper, May Irxvin, Blanche Walsh, JZmong them are dolls really worth up to $100 and higher. All will be offered at surprisingly low figures in our doll department, on the third floor. CHLESI HGHR Holiday marbles, bronzes, artware. Helpful holiday suggestions from the most cleverly chosen collection in Chi- h cap-n rrathered and irrmorted esDeciallv for this occasion and nriced O L I 'If' 3 W '- , as you can buy nowhere else. -by such master artists as Louchet, Gagniare, Villami, -each subject fit to adorn ' variety as offered elsewhere. Fine French bronzes Carpeaux, etc. Marble SCUlpture from the first ateliers of Florence- any lady's home we have none of that "building ornament' German iVOry CarvingS a very fine collection of the best ivories we think Chicago has ever seen many classical figures reproduced in this work for the first time. Vienna enamels. Capo da Monte vases French regulator clocks. Dresden paintings. French boudoir clocks. Ivory miniatures, French mantel clocks. Old silver ornaments. Frencti clock sets. Daomm's fancy glass. French enamels. Limoges enamels. Parisian enimeH. Sevres vases. Royal Vienna vases. Royal Bonn vases. Real French bronze bust typical of Louis XIV. period 18 inches high new Ba'rbo- dienne finish a very handsome subject-regular value $25 special American cut glass the crystal beauty of the world hero are to be found all the newest fc most lustrous designs & cuttings from the best & largest factories very moderately priced. Our own cutting shop saves you many a dollar in me dium-priced, well-finished goods all cut by experienced glass cutters such a saving of all intermediate expenses & profits enables us to outclass all competition & sell at FACTOR PRICES-t from $ 1.75 to $7.50. Our collection of cuttings & de- H5 fliniatures painted on Ivory by a famous European court artist mounted complete in empire frames two sizes S-inch oral regular value $ 18 special S-inch oral regular value $25 special $10 $I5 signs are unmatched In all America & Include tankard Jugs-whisky jugs wine decanters water bottles many kinds of nut & salad bowls preserved fruit dishes sugar & cream sets rose bowls-cologne bottles handled nappies ice-cream plates bon bon dishes. 4c a most exceptional gathering of holiday novelties. SUPREME COURT TO CONVENE. Behearings to Be Asked in Gundling- Cigaret Cases and in Several Others. Springfield. 111.. Dec. 5. Special. The December term of the Supreme Court will convene tomorrow. But few cases of importance are likely to be disposed of. aside from several petitions for rehearings of cases .decided during the last term. Among the applications for consideration! is that in the case of Gundling against the .City of Chicago, better known as the clg-,aret case. The ordinance fixing a heavy tax Vn the sale of the articles was declared legal by the court. Application has also beert made In the Torrens land law case of the people against Robert M. Simon, the newly enacted law also being declared legal. Other cases in which petitions for rehearing have been filed are those of the Pennsylvania Railroad company against the City of Chicago, in which the road won its suit to prohibit carriages from standing in front of the company's depot in Chicago; and the case of the City of Chicago against McDonald, referred to as the garbage case, the. court deciding that the city could not contract for municipal work for a period of ten 'years, owing to the present burden of indebtedness. State and Quincy. JOAQUIN MILLER AT ELGIN. Poet Talks to Students of the Academy on Literature, Klondike, and Other Subjects. Elgin. 111., Dec. 5. Special. Joaquin Miller is the guest of friends in this city. He addressed the academy students thl3 evening, interpreting the language of the birds and the lessons of the flowers as learned by him. He scored the American school of literature for building 000.0UO words from 5,000. Miller concluded his address with a half hour's discourse on the Klondike and its people. A reception followed, during which he shook hands with hundreds of people. Government Regulates Opium Habit. The Chinese government does all in Its power to check the opium habit, tlie punishments common in the Chinese army for this habit being extreme. For the first offense a man may have his upper lip cut; for the second he may be decapitated. For the last sixty years on an average half a ton of opium has been sent to China from India every year. a Where Prisoners May Find Safety. In the Sandwich Islands there is a spot called the Rock of Refuge. If the criminal reaches this rock before capture he is safe so long as he remains there. Vsually his family supp'.y him with food until he is able to make his escape, but he is never allowed to return tohisown tribe. Reliable Qualities, Reasonable Prices. A.BISHOP&CO. Kefponsible, Reliabla Furriers. 156 STATE-ST. Only address-no Branch Store, fiend for catalogue. M PUTNAM DAYLIGHT CLOTHING HQUSE Men'sClothing Bargains. The clothing you get at bargain prices from The Putnam is not bargain clothing. We never buy up cheap, questionable values to sell cheap and create a noise about. When we clear some of our counters of odd suits you get genuine bargains. Today we offer choice of more than 100 Suits left fromSlO, (J r AA $12 and $15 kinds for.... pOUU $10.00 Overcoats d (? HF for p0 I O Complete lines of new, exclusive styles of Men's Suits. No other store in Chicago can show them at any price. They are merchant tailors' styles, but our prices are only $10.00, $13.50, and $15.00. If in doubt give a piece of SCHOLLE'S GOOD Furniture Music Cabinets ..$7.00 to $90.00 Parlor Cabinets $30.00 to $250.00 Parlor Desks $5.50 to $110.00 Dressing Tables. $10.00 to $75.00 Over two thousand pieces of Good Furniture to select Christmas Presents from. 222 Wabash-avo Hats The best $2, $3 and $4 Debryaad Fedora Hats la town. J. S. BARNES S CO., Fashionable batters, 86 Madisoa gl3jB TOMORROW, at 10 A. M.. For account FIRST NATION AT- BANK. CHIC AOO. we will oell at PUBLIC AUCTION, at our new Sales rooms, SO? and 209 Madinn-t. ... Chicago From the Btock of ARTHUR ABRAHAA1 & CO., Chicago, Importers of Laces. Vellincs and Ltnenii, Inventoried Value $40,000.00, consisting of LACES, YEILINGS, LINENS & RIBBONS. Stock on exhibition today. SAMUEL OAKS. Mananr. Western Salvage Wrecking Agency. AUGTIQHOTIGE The sale advertised for This Tuesday Morning at 10 o'clock at No. 16 MADISON PARK (Hyde Park) will positively take place. A nice lot Household Goods, Turkish Rugs, Fine Cabinets, Parlor and Dining-Koom Furniture, Ctit Glass, Bric-a-Brac, &c, &c, will be sold. WILLIAMS, BARKER & SEVERN, Auctioneers. L. MANASSE, OPTICIAN. 83 Madison. Tribuns Bid Spectacles and Eye glasses scientifically adjusted i-yes tosted frea. Artificial eyes. etc. Read The Tribune for Reliable Sporting News. Carson Pirie Scott & Co. Xmas Presents for Men. 1 Ideal gifts for the male persuasion the kind of presents that speak of comfort and happiness. T7 : lacKeis are $475 All-wool Genuine Assabet Tricot Jackets, lapels and pockets trimmed with quilted satin. These handsome coats come in wine, dark green, brown and navy p blue, with handsome plaid linings all J) IB sizes our special " holiday" leader at.. Jackets of plaid-faced wool exterior in plain dark colors, with pockets and lapels of fancy plaidsinside of coat of handsome two-toned plaid. These Jackets are trimmed with satin or silk cord binding S11.40. 9.50. SS.50, 57.75, and one special lot at Men's Lounging Robes We have Wool Jtobes, extra long, in plaid and plain colors, with silk girdle J f f a varied and attractive line to choose II II from, at prices ranging from 25 down to t v Christmas Neckwear, 50c We show an unusual line of high-class Neckwear in colors, made from fine silks, as ties should be made just the thing for Christ- f mas presentation and, we firmly believe, the lC best values offered in the city at Dollar Silk Suspenders, 50c A line that we had made up for us from material furnished by us; had we ought them in the regular channels we could not have retailed them at less than 1.00, but because our "V order was a large one and we sacrificed profit lC on the materials we offer these Suspenders at mmximm Winter Underwear, grig popular and famed Portage " Knit-to-fit" underwear garments that fit so well that you do not feel them any more than you feel your skin. Here are some attractive prices: Women's Portage 'Knit-to fit" Fast-black All-wool, full regular made Tights knee and an le length open and closed $3.00 C values pair . Women's "Florence" style Union Suits perfect fitting in natural and balbnggan good values QQ Children's Natural Vests, Pants, and Drawers plain and ribbed all sizes OQsuitor 7c per piece wy V two pieces Men's Pure Australian All-wool Shirts and Drawers natural color will not shrink C soft and warm pi?U Men's "Mattelutz" Underwear, made of natural wool, steam shrunk wonderfully soft and warm without fi0 (1A being "scratchy" per garment J)UU Christmas Gloves. For One Dollar we give handsome, genuine Kid Gloves, whose intrinsic value in the glove world has heretofore been considered unquestioned at 51.35 &?1.50, as follows: Dress Gloves Thousands of " pnirs of real French Kid GloTes, in clasps, books, and buttons, with either self or black embroidery liclit weight skins, overseam. popular colorings Si.sO alue holiday sale price. Street Gloves Women piquo a Rennine French beautiful. y htting pay $1.35 for these at most any other timi or place are worth every cent of it colors are chest nut browns, French prays, new mods, myrtle greens, etc:. in fact. all the desirable shades for street wear holiday pri e. $1.00 :ns 2-clasp r snch make N glove you'd t -fj at most anv NC1!! -mm $1.00 $1.00 for Men's ?1.35 street Gloves, ninne sewing, one patent clasp . fastening we've a good supply f these, made of the finest quality selected German lambskin in English reds and ff tans also of the genuine mocha skins in rich shades I.lJlJ of brown holiday price $1.50 Tinsel Silks, 68c. We state in all earnestness that this is the most notable Tinsel Silk offer ever made in Chicago's dry-goods history. An importer's dilemma, and our financial "preparedness" placed in our hands 119 pieces (nearly 6,000 yards) of Tinsel Novelty Silks, specially adapted to holiday purposes white and gofd, white and silver, dark grounds with gold figures, dots, and broche also turquoise, pink, Nile green and helio grounds with gold designs Silks which we jT q ordinarily wholesale at $1.50 are offered to IjcSC you while this lot lasts, at, per yard . Art Squares. Site Department. Rich Tinsel Silk, suitable for all kinds of fancy work, dress trimmings and vest fronts actual $1.00 OA-values, each OyC Silk Ends for Mufflers A choice collection of rich, handsome Fancy Silks, specially suitable for men's mufflers averaging 1 yaras m lengtn prices halt regular, each $1.25, $1.50, $1.75 aP"?o $2.50 Christmas Plaids. We are very sure that our stock, in point of variety if not size, is not equaled elsewhere on State-st. rich American-made Velour Plaids that are exact copies in weave and fabric of the imported $1.75 goods-the season's plaid bargain at 39c Mohair Fancies Special- 50c .The greatest feature at the Dress Goods counter today will be an offer of 50 pieces 4G-inch Mohair, Silk and Wool Fancies, Mohairs and Jacquards, tor nouse gowns, wrappers, etc. full $1.00 values, per yaro flnakindC Removed to a cosy corner on VsluaiUlld. the 4th floor till after Christmas and here are some prices that make a trip up the elevators profitab.e: Heavy Black Kersey Cloth for Winter Coats, C0 (f Wraps, etc. $3.0 quality closing per yd. ).UU Children's Cloaking. SSsS- cfnfi $1.".5 quality closing at, per yd J)I.UU UTILE GIFTS AT LITTLE COST. Christmas Pockct-Knivcs There's no present more acceptable to the average boy, of any age between six and sixty, than a good Pocket-knife, and we have a most pleasing assortment to choose from in pnarl, stag, sterling silver and buffalo handlestwo, three & four blades, at these prices: Lot 1, 25c; Lot 2, 35c; Lot 3, 50c. Mcn'S SHppCrS. Basement. A most attractive stock now, complete in all grades or ri57M5 Men a Slippers, KgZBsma" aT presentation, including fine Kid, Alligator, Russia, Vici Kid and the newest styles & designs in pattern slippers. We have priced them very low, & you will find them all bar gains at from... $1.00 to $3.00 Sterling Tableware. Sterling Silver Napkin Rings, 2 special Tallies 1.50 values, choice, 95c $2.50 values, choice, $U5 New patterns la Sterling Silver Teaspoons, each. 50c Dessert Spoons and r orlt to match, each, $1.45 Tab'eanonns and Forks to match. ea$1.75 Gold Bowl Sugar Shells $1.45 Gold Bowl Bon Bon Spoons $1.25 Engraved Gold Bowl Berry Spoons.. .$3. 50 Gold Meat Forks, new designs $3.00 Sterling Silver Xmas Spoons 1.25 Special values in Pearl-Handle Goods, Pearl-Handle Table Knives and Forks, silver-plated blades and tines. German Qsr silver ferrules, worth fully $1.50.. Pearl Hand e Fruit Knives. Batter CA. Spreaders, 75c values, choice OvC Holiday Umbrellas. One might almost establish a rule that " when in doubt give an Umbrella," for an umdrella is always an acceptable gift. Women's Silk Umbrellas handles of imported Dresden and silver deposit as per cut, also fancy carved ivories $5.00 Umbrellas- choice $3.50 Engraved Free. Women's Silk Um-brellas with choice ivory handles silver capped as per cnt, also handles of imported n -jc Cape Horn, $5 Umbrella, choice V" i Men's 28-inch Silk Umbrellas with finest Cape Horn handles $7.50 Um brellas, choice Til Dolls, ssl Special values in large size Dressed Dolls, opening and closing eyes, dressed in attractive costumes. ?.95c $5.00 Toilet Wares for.the Holidays Imported Solid Back Ebony Hair Brushes-fine French bristles special sale CA. brushes worth up to$l each price Fine Foxwood. Olivewood and Ebony Hair Brushes, worth up to $2.00 j choice pi. Ebony Military Brushes, fine French CO O C bristles per pair JJ. uO Complete assortment of the Celluloid Co. 'a Toilet Productions all their newest patterns in Hair Brushes, Combs, Mirror. Complexion Brushes, &c Ac, at lowest prices. Fine Fancy Box Perfumes Roger Sz Gallet's, put up 2 bottles in satin lined box Vera Violet or Violet da Parme borx..$2.75 Crown Perfumery Co.'s Cra bap-r1 e Blossom or Violet pur up 1 bot. in O'sr fancy boxV71 One special lot at... One special tl K lot at l-4 Kid Body Dolls, opening and closing eves, full jointed, shoes k t-tockings. two special lots 50c. 95c Pocket Books, Etc. Three special lots for tomorrow's choosing: fa' tj'j Combination Pocket Books i jjf i rT .tit .1 in all nonnlar leathers. plain or mounted Bill Books. Letter Cases, Card Cases. CigarCaset special values in tiiese two lots-Goods worth np to aa $1.50, choice...1 l-vv Goods worth up to $3.00. l QQ choice Lot 3-Fine specimens of the leatherworker's art exquisitely mounted Imported Cigar Cases. Letter Cases, Card Case. JUI Books vames up to IIS $6.00 each your choice .. Oxford Mufflers. In handkerchief department main floor In sizes and shapes for women and men new French, German, and English creations, handsomely quilted ia the best of silk 50c, 75c, $1.00. Holiday Hdkfs. You should see our splendid dispiayot Ho.iday Handkerchiefs. And the prices arc lower than ever. Plaid Skirts will continue to b the reigning favorite, and nowhere can you find a more pleasing assortment of Plaid Skirts, in both dark and light colors, plain and flounced, t han on our 3d floor. They are all made in true dressmaker style," from the latest model products of our own matchless workroomat prices ranging from $22.50 rv down to if J.UVI Black Cheviot Skirts splendid bargain last week and to which you responded so oufy- $10.50, $7.50 & $5.75 X5 fSl Mm Silk Shirtwaists., ment of really pretty Waists, in pli(J striped, and plain silks and satins-" made on fitted li nines with adjustable stock collars, most of them our own mrn8sCd.wo.!k: $9.50, $7.50, $5 Carsom Pirie Scott & Co. Fine Seamless Axminster Rugs. We inaugurate our holiday sale of Domestic Rugs by offering these rich Axminsters equal in wear to the best Smyrnas and Wilton Rugs. Leautiful Oriental and floral designs, rich dark or light colorings, suitable for parlor, library or dining-room at these unusual prices: Size 6x9 regular price $20.00 our price Size 7 ft. 6 in.xlO ft. 6 in. reg. price f 27.50 our price Size 9x12 regular price ? 35.00 our price $25.00 $13.25 $20.00 Oriental RU&S ? artir?e of merchandise gives more enduring pleasure, oi j - umc tasting or accepiaDie nonaay gitt, than an antiaue Oriental rusr. We nave made eitranrrlinarv nrnaratinne f.- . . holiday trade, and have pretty Oriental pieces from the kind that cost JsA Sll eds of dollars down to mats at Ja V antique son s hundreds or in

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