Chicago Tribune from Chicago, Illinois on June 24, 1882 · 12
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Chicago Tribune from Chicago, Illinois · 12

Chicago, Illinois
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Saturday, June 24, 1882
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4 I. 4 11 1 t 1 , i 1 i i ; I 1 , i A Famous nide by Capt. WrIzht, of the Propeller Prua(da. " To the list of famous rides, such as Paul Reveres and Gen. Sheridan's. must be added that of Capt. Wright. of the propelier Prussia. which I s thus described by the St. Cathariue's Journal: "On Saturday the steamer Prussia, Capt. Emerson Wright, passed down the Welland Ca, nal on her way to Montreal. On board was a horse cons'irned to Cornwall. In St. Catharines the Captain thought he would ride the horse uptown to give it some exercise. his ride up-town was a perfect success. The horse trotted to perfection, the Captain was proud of his display V",--Lif horsemanship. and moored the beast safely I. le the stable. It happened that the horse was bold in subjection by a rope bridle, and a small Section of the Faroe material (lid service as a bit. While standing in the stable the horse par-Willy chewed this bit, so that when Emerson mounted again and pulled the wires taut the the bit broke away. So did the horse. In vain the Captain pulied the jiegiers and shouted wheal The engineer instead put on a full bead - of steam, and away went the craft. piunging ahead. reckless of obstacles. In an endeavor to turn the cratt around the Captain was thrown tfum the pilot-house, aud grasped the horse's heck for satety. Still on went the horse. nekety brindle.' as the Captain afterwards described it . to the mate aud to the man who bons the mate,' until nearing the new canal briden on Geneva street, when a friendly hand seized the bridlo, which gave the Captain an opportunity to get safe on the ground, and lead the horse once more in safety aboard ship." C 4 4 I ' J MARINE NEWS. o Vessels Chartered Yesterday to Carry Corn to Buffalo. "Ind Other NotesVessels Passed Port TonVessel ChartersAround the LakesPort List. I Freights at Buffalo Again Advance to 65 Cents to This Port. Famous Hide by Capt. Wright, of the Propeller Prussia. Lake Freitthts Yestt - y 1N-as but a. repetition of the past ten "Ys as as the demand by shippers for grain-carriers Lake Erie ports was concerned. No corn wa'intracted to be taken to Buffalo. though rtwa, t,ikeh to that port for 1ir.2.91Io busuels of t There was a fair demand for VeSS"4 t'Le corn to upper Canadian ports. Rat" ..,a" hanged. being a cents bushel on corn "(lints en IN heat to Buffalo. and P4, cents a bush 11 corn to upper Canadian ports. Carriers of descriptions are abundant; in fact, the - 8110- xceeds the demand, and tends to keep the rat a their prestnt low figure& The following -els were chartered yesterday: 'or LltQfd lo. 1111Ahr Ix. Propeller Roche, ..ilei. .10tto0 Schooner Cbarle.. ,ster. , heat ... .. b.tAto or Er i. Propeller Leh igh, il --1.000 Propeller 1,01 I h, i5,0o0 Propeller tiortion t, bell corn 15,000 For c ,tittv wow l'ropeller St. Paul, et 2:1,000 Propelier Toledo, cue 2-..:,i)oit Propeller :ettt la, corn 1-,,00l liebooner Mary Ilitttle., . Total capacity nacre Wati a lime inqry yesterday tor Mutbcr-carriers, especially f -(Nessels to go to Muss keissoo, and a moderate nLber of charters were reported by agents. Thetis little, hmiever, to encourage vesSelsowners, t,es relilaiaing at bed rock. and tanng quott From Grand Haven 1.25 From Muskegon ........ -,25 From White Lake From White Lake 1..t,ti .. From Pn . . . e twater 1.a.', .., From Ludington 1.W1,,2 ... -.from Manistee a (top 0,11 75 From Bay City . LIAM 41;2.:.:5 From Chelloygan . .. - L.-:c From Black River. ....... 1.73 From Ashland ..... ....... 325 (ilr'3"-'11 From Ontonagoh... ..... ....... 3:15 0,3.50 Ten thousInd sh,1:-ds are equal to 11,000 feet of lumber, and 5,000.atla count as 1,Outi feet of lumber. There W no demand yesterday for vessels to P. brIng ti, posts, poles, or wood, and rates contact very weak at the subjoined quotations: Ile:Wadi, l'osts. Cedar and anti tit'S. oak ties. )091es. From Sturgeon Bay 4-71!. .... 4 From points in Green Bay.7 .. Front East t:,bore toppositi. ... 514 .... From Alpena -1, . 2 9 From &cogent. Lay ..... - ','i i .... .--. From White Lake 10 Frotu NV tarton 8 .... .... Rafted, St cents. 4Free on board. tOn deck There was some demanti esterday for 'cossets to carry iron ore from Eseanalia to Lake Erio ports, but no charters were reported at this port. There is no change in rates, which are as follows: From Marquette to Lake Erie norta....i 1.25 From Escanaba to Lake Erie ports Loh From Escanaba to Ch,cago 05 From Marquette to Chicago 1.1i501.1.20 Coal freights at Buffalo yesterday were somewhat better, seVeral CILtrter5 being reported at tl5 cents a ton to this port and .Nlilwauaeo. There is no change in rates from other lower lake ports, and rates continue to be quoted as follows: FrOill Buffalo to Chino $ 62!iC4 From Toledo to Chictig,) 1,(0 From Cleveland to Chicago. 15 From Erie to Chicago From Oswego to a tneago. From Fairhaven to Chicago 1.30 From Buffalo to Milwaukee From Toledo to Milwaukee. . From Cleveland to lilwaukCe Front Erie to Miiwatikee From Burial() to 'lacuna tso From 3uttalo to Kenosha. Unadulterated Humbug. There is a statute ou the law books of Ontario which provides that all steamers that make it a business to ply between Canadian ports must be owned and captained by British subjects. In the case of the City of Toronto. which runs between Toronto. Niairara. and Lewiston. the owner, J. P. Fortier, of Buffalo, was at one time a British rubject, but afterwards took the oath of allegiance to the United states. In order to qualify Recording to our law. he now forswears his allegiance to Uncle Saul and becomes a blarsted Britisher once more. So far so good. but the captain, named Daggett, is a true-born Yankee, stud at once the lawyers find a loophole for him to creep through by allowing the owner to act the part of captain, which, It IS said, complies with the statute, and the vessel gets a permit to run. For pure and unadulterated humbug on our marine laws this is it specimen trick. Fortier can now sinz. I am the cook and the captain, too, and the mate of the Nancy Catharines Jo u Pock and Other Notes. The propeller Champlain left for the Straits last evening with a full cabin of passengers. Frank Johnson has Been appointed to the command of the schooner Gipsey, Vice L. W. London. The tug Lawrence arrived yesterday evening front Sturgeon Bay with a lumber-laden ark in tow. The schooner Four Brothers was chartered yesterday to go to Whitefish Bay for a cargo of wood. The schooner Guiding Star is at the docks of the Chicago Dry bock Cotnpany to receive a new rudder. A line of steam canalboats between ?titian's and Cleveland IS seriously talked of for carrying atone. The sehooner George Finney has been cnie tered to bring coal Dom ,'1,,ta1us Point to this port at per ton. The steamer Corona, of the Goodrich Line, is working up a big business in tile freight and pa-seager traffic. 0. Swensen hss retired from the command of the sehoonor Mediator. and George W. Hutt has been appointed to the acitucy. John Joyce. executor of the estate of A. Carlson. oeas,t, bas the scow Aginea to Jacob liensen anti Fairick Ducey ter 2,0. The tux W. 11. Wolf left for Milwaukee yesterday atternoon wit It the steatn-harge Marshall flutters in tow. The Butters will be repaired at that port. The schooner Rouse Sittintt,r3S arrived 'with a cargo of Omit:kir last Suntlay and lay at the market until 4 o'clock yesterday afternoon ticture the lumber was sold. The schooner Blazing Star is still at anchor at Detroit waiting for a cargo. Capt. Hurley think, areat deal ot Detroit, but doesn't quite like the citia of staying there soiong. The schooner Lincoln Dalt once more has a tew master. The Captain of tbe schooner John 3ean navigated her treat Grand Haven to this tort on her last trip. The Mate ot the Bean will 111t1111,1111 Zbtit craft tin another cbange is made ou the iu due hotice of , "n,000 , 17,001 hJi) 303X.00 , 0177Pnr11.0Tr--7Avo.Fmmosomfoo,--nmmomanErtrwm icled in the daily press. The ball at present flies the champion flag, haying bad a new master nearly every trip this season. A new chart of Chicago River and its branches, together with the different slips. bas Just been pubbshed by B. F. Davison, vessel agent, of No. litil,South Water street. It is aa excellent piece of work. Among the vessels chartered yesterday to bring lumber to this port were the following: Schooner J. A. Holmes. from Grand Haven: schooners Australia, Myrtle, Mowry, and Parsons, from Muskegon. The steatn-bargeWocolien made the trip from Cleveland to Escanaba and return in six days and seventeen hours, bringing down tons of iron-ore. The next to be beard from is the swain-barge City of Rome. Capt. A. A. Cox, of the tug Wilcox, saw the barge Norway on Sunday evening shortly after she had been dropped by the tug Vard. She was near Spectacle reef and was drifting towards the Georgian Day. When Capt. Cox saw her the crew were making sail. Collector-of-Customs Hall, of Milwaukee, on complaint of Steamboat-Inspectors Heed and Fitzgerald. hits ordered the owner of the steam-scow Josephine to lay her up, as she is not supplied with a proper boiler. The owner of the craft has appealed to the iSupervising Inspector. The steamer Gazelle unloaded her circus at the Detroit, tirand Haven a; Milwaukee wharf yesterday. The report circulated to the ellect that Capt. Dodge could never turn three handsprings backwards and stand on his bead A nde . Von count twenty is lake and without foandation.Dctrint Free Prtss. Tbe Sturgeon Bay Canal Company has nearly eompieted a telephone line Irom the canal to the en,rath of the baya distance of about nine linie3so that the tug 4). B. Green, in whichever part of the bay she happens to be, can be signaled without delay when a vessel is sighted that wants to tow through. The Captain of the schooner Antelope upon his arrival at Hamilton. Ont., recently, reported Passing the spars of souse unknown vessel in Lake Erie, about twenty miles off LiDng point, Two topmasts and bowsprit ertuid be seen by those on beard the Antelope. vi Ilia' passed close by. The topmasts bad balls on their tips, and Capt. Brown thinks that the vessel was a stest in-barge, both spars being the same height. The sunken vessel could not have been aground, as it was near the middle of the lake. The fine -passenger propeller Fountain City, Capt. Gibson, of the Vestern Transportation Line, will arrive today, the tirst passenger-boat of the line to make its appearance at this port this season. The Western Transportatiou passenger-boats are the only boats -that run direct between this port and Buffalo, and both the rounta,n City and Badger State. the boats carrylug passengers for this line, have been completely overhauied and refitted aud are not excelieu by anything on the lakes. 1119 Hush street bridgetender compelled five vessels to lie in pt,rt one hour Sins ply because try reached that bridge two minutes utter the f r closuag the bridge tor the evening hour arrivsal. No harm would have resulted bad be let thein pass, and no eititeu would have lost his supper thereby. It was sanely a piece of stu, not to say MancionStesS, On I he part of ;le britiaasender. and would sot have bees done '-',Yitny other bridgetender On the river save the 21"4-4 street Mogul. Yeste - afternoon the prOletier Toledo, whiie on r way to the South ivanch. instead tutdtth the draw of Welisstreet brabre ran into the smashed the slily; Stutment on the svtat side and alk up to the ntOeis pavement street. of the L. accident was causal by the protaller retusik- a nx to obey her rusher The steamer escaped wit, slight damage. Tr., nri,t4-e wt04 wide ()pen at ttl, timitand those woo saw the accident supposet, jump over the street Mille Toh to Toledo wa tr s yng order to stow how smart a boat she was. A goad joke is told on a retired marine rstaorant-keeper. A day or iwo lig() a man NV 8 run over on the West side lir 4 wagon and Haat ly injured. A grocery-keener-over whose store the ex-restaurant-Keeper livet, happened along Rad recognized hint. as he suPoosed, through the mud and blood with which be was covered. The wounded man was placed in a wagon and taken to his supposed home and placed on a bed. The groceryman volunteered to go for a doctor, and started down South Water at a lively pace. just as be reached the Lumber Market he met the restaurant-keeper. and being a believer in Spiritualism thought it was the wounded mans ghost. On seeing him he fainted. The restaurantman rustled home, convinced his family and friends of his identity, and had his double taken to the County Hospital in the police patrol wagon. The joke got out, and the restaurant-keeper bad to Set 'em up for everybody he knew. Vessels Passed Port Huron Yesterday. Special Dispatch to The Chicaao Tri una. PORT HURON. 'Mph., June 243-1;30 p. Passed upPropeller China, 6:30 a. tn.; steam-barge William Edwards with schooner M. W. Page, 7 a. in.; steam-barge R. Stewart and barges, steam-barge D. F. Rose and barges, 8 p. tn.; steam-barge Sanilac, 11:30 a. in.; schooner S. V. It. AVatson, 8 a. m-; schooners W. H. Vanderbiit and Hartford, a. tn.; schooner 1. N. Foster, 9 a. tn.: schooner 11. C. Richards, schooners Col. Cook and R. Winslow, 6:20 a. tn. Passed nownStearn-barge Oscoda, 6:40 a. tn.; propeller Alaska, 6:40 a. m.; propeller Portage, 9:30 a. m.; steam-barge J. S. Ruby, 7 a. tn.; stestn-barge Iron Aze and consort, 8 a. m.; stain-barge S. ti. Hubbell, 11:40 a. tn.; tug A. J. Smith and barges and schooner Belle Hanscom, 7:30 a. In.; tug Goodenow aud consort, 11:20 a. In. Wind south, light; weather fine. Speciai Dispatch to The Chicago Tribune-PORT 111:RON, MAch., June 24-9:30 p. Passed upSteam-barge Colonial itnd consort, 12 in.; propeller John Pridgeon Jr., 7 p. m.; steam-barge Villiani Randolpu and consort,7:10 p. 111. ; schooners Agnes Smith, J. Kelderhouse, Michigan, E. A. Nicholson, J. F. Case, and Nellie GarJner, 6:40 p. m. Passed downSteam-barge Don M. Dickinson and bar,res, 5:30 p. in.; propeller Roanoke, 5:30 p. m.: propeller Nevailit, p. m.; steam-barge J. P. Donaldson and barges. 7 p. in. ; schooners G. W. Davis, George Sherman, Exile, and Latrinier, p. in. Wind northeast, fresh. Weather cool. Arrivals and Departures at Escanaba. bBeciat MeDateh to The Chicaao Tribune. ESCANABA, Mich., June 23. ArrivedSteambarge R. IL Raney towing barge City of Cleveland and schooner Guayle, steam-barge Massachusetts, steam-barge Burlington towing barges O. J. Hale, Eivira. A. C. Keating, and H. F. Church, stoam-barge Oscar Townend towing schooner Ed. Kelley: schooners Thomas Holland, Horner, and John 11. Merrill. aiIed Steam-barges Norman, Inter-Ocean, and M a ssacrin!we t t schooners F. J. Kutg, C. A. King. and Thomas Guayle. NV ind south, light. Port of BulfaloCoal FreIghtsVessel Charters. SMCidi .Disocach to The Chicago Tril)une,,, BUFFALO, N. Y., June 23.Artived from ChicagoPropeller Potomac, corn; propeller 'Wissahickon, sundries: propeller Montana, corn, oats, etc.; schooners Ida Corning, Nellie Mason, and Rosa Sonsmith, wheat. Cleared for ChicagoPropeller Wissahickon, Sundries; propeller Vanderbilt, coal; propeller Buffalo, cement, etc.; schooners Rosa Sonsmith, Nellie 31ason, and Ida Corning, coal. Coal freights are looking just a little better. Several charters of handy vessels were made for Chicago at 65 cents. The rate to Milwaukee is the same. EngagementsSteam-barge C. Green and schooners Ida Corning, Nellie Mason, Rosa Sonsmith, and M. E. Tremble. coal to I, hicago at 65 cents; schooner Nelson Bloom, coal to 3111wan see at 65 cents; propeller Potomac, coal to Ludington at 65 cents; steam-barge J. it. Whitney aria Schooner Guiding Star, coal to Marquette at 65 cents; sehooner IL M. Scove, coal to Manitowoc at ,Sti cents; steam-barge D. M. Wilson and Schooner Frank Perew, railroad iron to Duluth at 4.L25 free. Canal freights are very dull at 31,1 cents on corn and 434 cents on wheat to New York. Freights at MilwaukeeOther News. b9tctal Dispatcli t Th: t7hitgoo Tribune. 5111,WACKEE. Wis., June 23.There was but little doing in grain freights today, there being no inquiry for vessels. Shippers are offering. but f 1 on ore from Escanaba to Cleveland. No charters were reported. Coarse freights are unchanged. ChartersSchooner M. Stalker. wood horn Traverse Bay to Racine at V,.! per cord: schooner Travest, ties and posts from Norwood to this port at six cents on ties and four cents on posts. Lumber freights are dull. Charter Meam-barge G. 7r. Burroughs, lumber from Manistee to this port at I:',0 per Low. Maxon & Parker have purchased a two-thirds interest in the schooner Petrei, recentiy n6nore at hnapee, front Capt. Peterson lin Capt. P. ,thderson, toltnerly in tau wrecking tug Leviathan, is to have command of the new siesm-barge now bwiding at toe Milwaukee sti4iyard. The new tuir building at Wolf & Davidson's 111111!) yard will he launched next Saturday. She wit! be named the Louis Shultz, after her owner. Clearedtsichooner Leonard Hanna, tor Ash Port of Cheboygan. spectot Thava Icis to The Chicaeo Tribune. 01E1101'01N, Mich., June 21 ClearedPropeller Fountain City, sehonner Flora, steam-barge Oaltiand and tow, tug Kate Williams and tow. steam-barge S. C. Hall, and schooner Morton. ArrivedPropeller Van Haalte. 1.N orth wind, light. Weather hue. Items from East Tawas. Spectot Diepatrh to The Chicacto Tribunt. EAT TAWAS, June 23.The steam-barge Ohio and the barses Ryan and Juhnson are loadmit ( AAA for Duluth, the Lerater at the E.a4t latttla ME CHICAGO VILIBUNE: SATURDAY. Salt & Lumber Company's dock, the others at Emery Bros. The tow-barge William Pringle is loading lumber at the Ett,i. Tawas Salt & Dumber company's dock for Detroit. The schooner Demtlerat, which waterlogged and salitik Ott this port some time ago, has been raised and is now being repaired. The steatn-barge Handy Boy is loading lumber at the Eat Tawas Salt it Lumber Compan)"s dock for Mount Clemens. The tug Vulcan, with a large raft, started for St. Clair River lust night. Vessel Charters at Cleveland. special Diev,itch to The Chicaoc 3wtte . CLEVVLAND, O., June 23.ChartersSchooner3 Republic and Mont Blanc. coal to Marquette at 60 cents; schooners Montmorency and Montgomery, coal to Portage at 65 cents; schooner Mentealm, coal to Eagle Harbor at t 1; schooner Ellsworth, coal, Ashtabula to Escanaba at 60 cents; schooner Chandler, coal to Milwaukee at 70 cents: schoopers Col. Cook and Southwest, ore, Escanaba to Sandusky, 1; schooner Bacon, coal to Chicago at 70 cents. Cleared for ChicsitoPropellers Dean Richmond, Waverly, Russia, Buffalo, and Scotia, merchandise. Entered and Cleared at Erie. Special Dispatch NO The Chicago Tribune. RI E, Pa.. June 23.LnteredPrope1ler City of Concord, from Buffalo, salt; propeller Japan, from Buffalo, passengers and merchandise; propeller Philadelphia, from Chicago, merchandise; propeller Conestoga, from Chicago. corn; steam-barge Queen of tne West, from Chicago, corn. ClearedPropeller Japan, for Duluth, passengers and merchandise; propeller City of Concord. for Port Crescent, light. ----- Arrival) and Clearances at Marquette. zs'avrcli Disvatra to The Chicaao Tribune. A HQUETTE, Mich., June 23.ArrivedTug M. F. Merrick, steam-barge Sparta, schooners F. C. Leighton, William Young, L. L. Lamb, D. M. Austin, Sumatra, and Fayette Brown. ClearedSteam-barge tieverh ; schooners Maxwell. Snawnee, Warrington. and Halsted. Passed downPropeller Winslow. Passed upPropellers .,;tiutrol F. ilodgeS and A retie. Vessels Passed the Welland Canal. 6pecial Dispatzh to The ChiCLIQO Tribunes PORT COLBORNE, Out.. June 23.Passed down Schooner Jamaica, Chicago to Oswego, corn; schooner J. B. Gordon, Chicago to Oswego. corn. Passed upSchooner Rival, Charlotte to Detroit. coal: schooner George H. Sloan, Sothis to Chicago, coal; propeller Gicutinlits, Montreal to Chicago, general cargo. Death of Capt. hatles Speciat Divpatch to The Chicaao Tribune. PORT 111-noN, Mich., June 23.--Capt. Charles Ely, well linmrn on the lakes, died at his residence in this city last night. Arrival at Midland. Rpertot Dizoatelt to The Chicago Tribune. Mii)LA ND, k )nt.. June 23- ArrivedSchooner Arabia, from Chicago, corn. Port of Chleago. The following wtre the arrivalg and clearances of vessels at this port yesterday: Prop Lehigh, Burn 10. sundries. Prop Monallansett, Escanaba, iron ore. Toledo. Cot lingwoml, sundries. Prop City ol Traverse. 'Ilraverse City. ImIndries. Prop NI essenger, Benton Harbor, sundries. Prop I Pougitas. Saugatuck. sundries. Prop Menontillee, Muskegon, sundries. Prop A. Soper, MUsSegini, hiluber. I rop F. E. Thoniuson, Muskekon, lumber. Prop teorge I hinbar, askegton. lumber. Prop IL McDonald, Niuskegon, lumber. Prop Argonaut. Escanaba, iron ore. Prop A. Miller, Niantstee, lutu bor. 'rop s'Iarucett, Buffalo, sundries. 1,,am J. C. Perrett, Manistee. , Favorite, Ni"mloininee. sundries. City. ot New Vim k. South k hiugu. light. ugV. W. Lawrence, Sturgeon Bay, towing two bares. t Smt. ' 'irskegort. NI iiwalikee, sundries. Manitowoc. sundries. scur A. 4ierviood. Erie. coal. S clul Beii Waioridge. Sturgeon Bay, lumber. :ctir'. mil,4,egi.n. lumber. 'cur Meta,. Sehr F,Calittba, iron ore. laven. uskegon, lumber. Parent Bay. ties. S NV Stair M. Escanaba. Iron ore. chr lumber. Schr E. Rob son. :Marinette, lumber. Niatinette, Schr It. Vilbeci CtI r Empire sta. Alenominee, lumber. si7hr Lincoln 'all Marmette. lumber. Urania haven, lumber. N"Isitegon. mintier. ,cur r'lelliteliNti. Menominee. lumbet Schr tenouunee, lumber. Seim' S. A. Wood. Ninst.,,tte, linliber Sctir Lookout. Vorkiei thy. ties. Seim' L. Doak, St. JUC,uuber. CLLAILNCES. Sttnr Chicago. Manitovroc.swidries. Stun' Muskegon. ilwaukee, Lundriiys Prop Messenser. Benton liarlor, sundries. Prop t 'lean, Buttalo. Prop Erin, tn I real, ll,.,ellbu Prop City or TfliVI'.e, Traverse' 7ity, sundries. Prop t hicago. itutlzilo, 4a.tion nu wheat. 14,431 bu corn. Prop A. Soper Muskegon, light. Prop Charles itltz. leautstee. lignt Prop Ileorge Ludlngton, ight. Schr .1. U. rentiald, Amens, light. Sehr Citv ut Grand Rapids. tu-lind Ilasen, nom Sehr Niediator, it ile sLurgeon. S,hr titstrieti. uIutiiuleO, "MM. !'t7t11' Reindeer. Elk Rapids. light. tschr Frisco. Nioniague. toting Schr Ashtabula. Sulu I'. D.. Oscoda. Schr :Mockingbird. Whitensh Bay, light. Sehr A. Igekson. :Muskegon, light. Schr Kate Lyons. Muskegon. light. sehr 4 iv ot tirand Haven, Muskegon , Seltr E. Allen, ;thiskegon, tight. Schr IL C. Albrecht. Muskegon. light. Schr NI inerVa, :l uskegon. ligat. schr V. Allen. :Muskegon. light. Schr C. J. Roeder. Nlanistee, light. Senr Isabella s,ands. Manistee, light. Seim- A. Potter, Manistee, light. Sehr Metacontet. Escanalia, light. Prop Mmuthansett, Escanaba. light. Sehr S. t'. Andrews. itarias Bey. light. Schr I CIITI I !tv, itarle" s Sent' M. Mueller. Green Bay. Inuit Sulu- Apprentice Boy, NV hite Lake, lighz. schr Lnii.ia. Ilarden Bay, light. Selo- Mary Ani,rala. Middle Isle, light. Prop tieorge Dtnizmr. Muskegt in, light. Prim Champlain, hehoygan, sundries. Sehr Transter. Stig.Kaw, Schr Miutekaunee. Marinette. light-Stair Stephenson. Marinette, sundries. Sent. E. E. Tyson. Marinette. sundries. Prop Newburg. liutthbi, li.i541 bu corn, 120 bales hay, bu wheat. id brls pork. Prop MODOIllinCO, Muskegon, sundries. Stint- Muskegon, Milwaukee, sundries. Prou E. E. 't notupsim, Muskegon. sundriel Prop Favorite. Menominee. swidries. Pr,m Douglas. Saugatuck. merchandise., Prop J. L. third, Dritimagon. sundries. Prop R. Meitona Id. Muskegon. light. Schr Lookout., 6artien Bay-, light. Schr Lone star. Marinette, sundries. Setif- A. A. Carpenter. Menominee, light. Schr Sonora. Menominee, THE SONG OF THE REFORMER. For The Chicago Tribune. How can I live in at world like Ibis, tCled with the base and the evil? how can I help but believe in my heart, NVhen I examine it part by part, That Gott Wiii be killed by tbe Devil? Does not the wrong rule over the land? Are the poor not sold in the shambles? Are nut the leprous slaves of the cup fly every bearthtire burning up Tne souls tor which the head gambles? Up and down through its every street Do not the lost vonten wander? t;lek unto death with the horrille blight, The canker and worm of their piteous plight, On their ease can I tail to ponder? Are not the children crying for bread in the reeking haunts it the cities-- Crying tor care, tor nurture, tor love, With cries which might rend the heavens above, If there be there a God who pities? Are not the brutes in the busy marts !S-irtelting tieath lash and labia., !stunning Nv it h groat and piteous eyes Lilted appeaticiziy up to the skies 'Uttinst man, their-cruel neignbor? Are not tne weak oppressed by the strong Through every rank and station? Do not the liars and bypocrits stand In the holiest places in all the laud, For pay dealing out salvation? 0 how can I live in a world like this, Unless with a sword I Can smite it Unless I con cleave the wrong with my band, A ppiy to the evil the burning brand, And aid somehow to right it? must tear and rend, with a purpose firm To leave no wrong untighted: No peace. no opilet. uo il It days To the man God calls to mend the ways (it the Earth so poor and benighted. litt a ray of light streams now and then the fiwe CI things so evil. And a little hope springs up in the breast, 'that, when airs over, airs for the best, And Goa may have killed the Devil. HATTI E TYNG GRISWOLD. A Model Spanish Grandee. Truth. The Duke of 0,iina whose death's announced, was a curious specimen of an old-tasbioned Spanish grentlee. He tad 8.,out litty titles, mans- tuent beinz hIstorieztt, for a tzpanisa grandeeship earl he inherited through the temale hue. He as a sdiguiarty stupid awl a singular. liberal man. htztlig p)SAcfst,1 Of vast estate. For years lie contcui plated marriage, but never could tiring himself up to the proposing point. Eventual's- be married a German lady, but was with thlieutty prevented from running away on the day of the ceremony. Ile alvvityo inststed that the Empress Eugenie owed tier throne to ban, as the Emperor Napoleon would never have married her had lie not feared that if be delayed she might became Ductless of Osuna. Among- other vagaries. he wished to be loved tor hintseit a contingency in the hignest degree improbableand tie proposed once to me to go with bun to iscotland. and to introduce him under a teigned name to the pauper chief of some ancient family, who watt blessed with a beautiful and high-Dorn daughter. Tuts damsel. he anticipated would fall in love with him, and only then would be reveal bia real name. did not happen to know just then of such a (411151.4 vt I woulil have arcilied taLli ease 1 should hive elven a private hint to the daughter of the .pauper chief, which probably Nyouid have facilitated matters. For some Years he was Spanish Ambassador at St. Petersburg, but he always refused to draw his eatery, as to do so was beneath the dignity of tin Osumi. His notions of hospitality were of the grandest. la Madrid open house was kept in one of his palaces, whether be was there or not. One day a lady told him that she was going to some town in Spain, and presuming that he had a palace there. he begged ocr to use it, but Uniting that he was mistitacti, he at 011E30 ordered one to be bought and furnished. in order that the invitation shout(' stand good. It was difficult to praise anything. in his presence, for he at once insisted upon the person who praised it ataept it. One et his estates in Spain was so large that it supported a band of robbers, who respectfully called themselves "the robbers of the Duke of Osumi." Of this he ivits exceedingly proud. THE CITY ASSESSMENT. What the Controller and the Assessors Sty About It. Controller Gurney says, in reference to the proposed examination of the books of the Assessors, that be will not do anything until the Council has acted in the matter. If they approve of an examination being made, he says be will do the work, but he has no idea that it will ever amount to anything. The Assessors, he says, are beyond the control of the city, and whatever he may do cannot possibly avail anything further than to show whatever inaccuracies may exist. lie is satisfied, however, that the assessments are all 'Inconel and too low, and that if the shortcomings of tile Assessors are pointed Out, good will come of it in the future. Too ta-sY. " I didn't attend the meeting of the Council Committee on Local Assessments," said Assessor Drake to a TRIBUNE reporter yesterday, cause I have no time to go to any meetings." " ViIl you increase the assessment this year?" " " How much?" " A can't teli. I have added 5,10,15, and 20 per cent, and in some etPwS doubled the figures, but what the total adifition is I won t know untd next week. It won't be doubled all around, however." " Is it true that the Western Indiana escapes taxation almost altogether?" " I guess that road is like all the others." " None of theca pay what they Ought to?" " Hardly." " AN ho is to blame?" " The State Board or the Revenue law. I am not. The railroads make a sworu statemettt to the County Cletk, scheduling everything as track property. and I cannot go back ot that. They come under ,Schedule A." I assess tally under Schedule D," which covers all outside of track property, but the roads return none." " You cant assess w ma you sce?" "That would be doubting up. They make a sworn statement of their property to the County Clerk, and the State Board assesses them. Suppose I till'. That would be two SISqVSSMelltS. They make a bridge ot this office, awl I can do nothing." "BOW Is IT that the South Side assessment in Irt waS 50,- tititi3O00 and last year only t:iii,u00,000?" " Reese, in IS;S, undertook to assess at 100cents. When I came in, in I assessed at one-third the fair cash Vail le. and have been adding to the total ever Si LICe. My lirst assessment was 146,- ti77,5, my second Iii:;,043, and my third 5ti-;;c-ii. and that this 3 ear id be higher. NIV Se-,stneitts suow a substantial gain since 19. while those of the Assessors of the West and North Towns show a decrease for 1,S0, and an insignificant increase tor 11." " Will you jet the experts examine your books and tnake corrections according to their judgment?" "My books will lie open to the press, and the Information they contain will be made known to the public at the lust meeting of the Town Beard of Review." " I hadn't time to attend the committee meeting." said Assessor Sok ii p, ot the West Side. YOU r assessment be higher this year than last?" Yes." " What percentage?" " 1 ('an't tell yet. There will be a considerable increase in both personal property and real estate.- " Is the realty increase due to improvements?" " Not raise in valuations. We have lost a good deal ot property, hien has been iti)Uilityr UP BY THE itAtt.floADs and seheduted as right of way, but the additions to values will more than onset that." " Have you increased the assessinentS of the railroads?" "I don't aSSCES them. The State Board does it." "Your assessment for IsSI was .143.465.(r23. Can you guess how much that of this year will amount to ?" I should say between $35,000,(K)Oltind t 36, 000, - 000 ; perhaps na,re." "Suppose tile committee of experts comes here. V hat will you do ?' "Give them ail the information they want. but not change any assessineuts at their suggestion. I am sworn to do my duty, and will make a proper assessment to the Uest of ray abliity... " Vhtii wiii your books be ready tor review ?" "About FrUlay." As Assessor Chase was represented by Aid. Colvin at the meeting. there was no necessity for seeing film. ills assessment will be in the neighborhood of ii,oillopuan increase over last year of about 2ti per cent. BUZZING THE BANKERS. What They Think of the Senate Bill Though Opposed to the Silver They Wilt Graciousoly Obey the Law A Needed Mow at Overeertilica. Ikon." k reporter of THE TRIBUNE yesterday Intervlet,d Mr. Lyman J. Gage, Cashier of the First Nzititnal Bank, in regard to the bill externling bunK otarters which was passed by the Senate Thursday. In addition to the provision already named, tke bill further provides that no Na Donal ballt shall belong to any clearieg-house which retuss to accept silver certificates on deposit or In Inwment of clearing-house balances. The bill also '.mposes a penalty for what is known as "overeertilicatitar of hank eheck. Mr. Gage said that siiN er certificates and silver dollars had been taken by the National banks of Chicago all along. Re thought silver money was a nuisance, and was laelined to prefer the certificate to the actual coin for the reason that it was more readily bandied. Vhite entertaining the regulation Natiomil-bar k dislike for the silver Malan, which he characiorized as benig worth se cents and no more, be Peileved tuo banks would loyally accept the provisions of the new law if it should pass butit Douses and receive the signature of thii President. As to the overcertitleation of checks, he said this provision of the law was aimed directly at certain New York banks which did business almost exclusively with stock-brokers and stock-jobbers. It had become the custom in New York fur such banks to carry these brokers, and, as this practice was NEITHER GOOD BANKING NOR GOOD COMMON SENsE, he, for one, would be glad to see it stopped. So tar as Chicago was concerned, overcertineation was practiced only ly the banks doing business with Board-of-Trade operators. At the end of the month, when settleinent-day arrived, men who had large trades outstanding needed money. It might he that they needed only to be carried one day. or perhaus only two or three hours. The banks knew their wen, and knew them to be reliable, and under these circumstances it nad been the practice to certify their checks. No evil result had occurred, and he bad yet to learn of the first case ill Whicha tie bill had been lost. It was a point of honor with the operaturS to Meet such engagements. As to tue future under the new law, Mr. Gage believed that a strict enforcement of its provisions might lead to trouble. lie was prepared to contorm to it, although, as be said, there was nothing to prevent a bank loaning to one of its depositors on his individual note money enough to cover his possible overdrafts. Ireit z,. Eames. Cazdtier of the Commercial Natiorai Bank. said he had not read Dna text of the oil!. lie ihoublit the provisiou against overeel-tine:10in would In tio Lanai. There had been no such practice in Chicago, or at least only to a limited extent. anti bankers could now point to the law and refuse to grant suett faVors. 11iS bank had ALWAYS TAKEN SILVER DOLLARS, and F tioid ready to take certincates when ofered. In fact. they had not been bothered ttery much with cAner. and could always dispose of all they get without any trouble. D, Sturges. Cashier of the Northwestern National Bank, held stunt:Jr views. Like the others. ne was antagonistic to the silver dollar, amen he pronounced a nuisance. But be felielnut d himself upon t e tact that comparatively few silver dollars were uttered, and that there were ways of placing these. None had been ret used, nor wcuid any tie, and Silver Certificates would be taken, as they had been heretotore. Ile thought, as did the other gentlemen inteitviewed. that the provision in regard to Overcertineation WHS directed mainly at the New York batiks doing business: with stock speculators, and he believed it would not affect Chicago at all. If it should do so, the result wouid be good, for it was net good business to certify checks in excess of toe deposits co hand. lie had no doubt that all the Chicago banks would bill b;ra, cheerfully accede to the provisions of the law, eptreetleedottlateototandeolvt lokr: ov fe r tehien end, like the ether Mummers questioned, he otor otherwise. 0 A Bald 'Ian In Court. Tabors " Tairty-tiaht rears A man had prosecuted another for assault, and the petition which be presented bad entered into all the tlitidi hyperbolical details; among' other horrors was introduced the statement (never omitted in FUrn dOCUMentS)--ViZ.: that the defendant bad "seized him by the hair of his head" f,efore proceeding to otter awl ul acts of violence. As he was giving his deposition on oath in contirtnation of the piteous narrative, observed that be was entirely baid, without a scrap of hair in any corner of his cranium. I therefore put to him the question, in a serious voice; "Are ail the statements in your petition true?" On his answering confidently in the atttrutative, I Ititid. "Are yvu blue, Ma de JUNE 24, 1882-7-SIXTEEN PAGES . tendant did seize the hair of your head?" The fellow said. " Yes, my lord," without hesitation" Do you say that on your oath?' There was something in my tone or in the looks of those standing near him which euddenly attracted his attention, for, just as he opened his mouth to answer. he stopped. raised his band. and passed It slowely over his head with an air of bewilderment which was not diminished when he pereeived L broad grin on all the faces around. him. I told him to walk down, with dillicuity restrains lug my ittughter, adding that as ie had told and caused to be written a deilikerste lip I dismissed his case, and recommended him to let his hair grow before be presented another petition of personal grievance. RUSSIAN-JEW IMMIGRfiNTS. Etta-ene Schuyler Considers Them an Undesirable Element In the Pupil laa lion ol This Country., New York Tribune June 22. Eugene Schuyler, who has been connected with the United States diplomatic service in Europe for many years, is at the Hoffman House. When asked by a Tr thunt reporter yesterday his opinion as to the probable result of the present CX(ALIS of Russian Jews, Mr.Schtiyler suggested that the problem in all its aspects was a most perplexingone. "The causes of the present difficulty." he said, "date back a very long time. Very few of the Russian Jews are artisans, and none of them are farmers. They nearly all live in the cities and large towns, and their business is that ef go-betweens. They make money and thrive where any other class of people would starve. Among the grievances which have led to the preeent troubles are the methods they have employed for getting the peasantry in their power. They lend money on good security, and then insist upou the most rigid enforcement of their claims. It is not the same there as here, where, if a farmer has a mortgage which he cannot pay, he can go to some one eke and raise tue money; no Jew in Russia will lend money to a man who is in dela to another Jew, and for this reason a good deal of laud comes into their possession. Their exactions in money matters are peculiar. For example, if you go into one of their shops to buy anything they never have change; you are Witted to go to a Jew broker and buy youir change, for which you pay a small percentage. If you are traveling in Russia you will hardly reach ycsair room before there will be a knock at the door, and you will hnd a Jew there who otters to place himself entirely at yotir disposal during your stay for any kind Of service you ((lay require. If yeu have any purchases to make you wit' usually make money by employing hini." How many Jews are there in Russia?" was asked. I have not the figures, but I think about 2.500,0i5t, and in Itoumaula about 750.ts.00. I have seen some statements which pretended to give estimates of the great loss to Russia which will follow the expatriation of the Jews. I think these figures are very greatly exaggerated." "'If tuese Jews make so much money, and are so well-to-de, how does it happen that all of them who have come to New York are absolutely destitute?" " Because the wealthy Jews do not come to America. and those who do come expect to be cared for. If they would only colonize in the Vest. and become tanners. they might be of service to the country, but that is precisely what they will not do. 'racy will all settle in New York and the other large cities. and they will add a -very undesirable element to our population. Last winter a gentleman came to me who had a scheme for settling the Russian Jews who come here along a Western railroad. I told him the plan would result in absolute failure, for even if he could induce them to go by giving them a free passage and land after they reached their destination, they would only stay there long enough to earn sufficient money to get took to New York." Then you consider them undesirable from every point of view" "Far more so than the Chinese. I believe in America for American. and I see no reason w he we shouli beebbired to have the inhabitants of any nationality come here to settle unless we Nvant them. If e desire them ter our benefit not for theirslet them come: otherwite I see nii reason why we should not regulate the matter by law." BESIDi THE SEA. Across the shrouded waves of gloom, here ghostly mists forever Forgotten breezes, fresh with nloom, Itetarn from climes of deathless spring. The wraiths of joys that are no more Chile hither in a Virwiess barque; Unawed by Times forbidding shore, - They ot ten anchor in the dark. They wander up old paths again, They seek their own dismantled bowers, And find that we, to ease our pain. l'ernance have planted other dowers. They Nvnlic us from our dreams at night To tell us all stiell care is lost; We shivcr 'neath the touch of blight That weighs our blossoms down with trost. 0 hearts that wait upon the strand Where all is white obscurity, In God's "new Heaven.- that wondrous land, He says there shall be "no more sea." 0 hearts that wait on every shore And guard your tomhs ot iess today, Behold, an Angel ifrum the door Has roiled each ponderous stone away Some soul of good, Hli glorified, Rises from every form of pa.n. As drenching dews through night abide 'To only seek their sun again. Julia IL Thayer in li'6Ify Journal. Mulligan SaltsGoing Down the Hay Bareheaded and Perched In the Rigs ging of a Schooner. Acit, :011). A large schooner lay at the foot of East Twenty-eight street on sunday evening. ,Jost before night tali at bareheaded man rushed down Twel.ty-enith street closely pursued by two policemen. and sprang on board and climbed the untininast wilh the agility of a monkey. The policemen watched him, evidently puzzled at the situation. We sail in half an hour," said the Captain. The elder policeman, a gray haired man of 50 years, hesitated for a moment, and then proceeded to climb the mast. The man in the rigging smiled. The policeman pushed steadily on. however, anti the man above finally frowned and proceeded to elimb higher. A crowd gatherd upon the dock watched the two men with deep interest. Up and up they went. until the pursued man bad reached bis last foothold. The policeman was a tew feet below him, and still climbing. Both seemed determined. A struggle at that dizzy bight was likely to result Ilk the death of one or both. An unexpected incident caned forth a loud cheer from the crowd. The fukritive seized a wire rope stretched between the two masts and swung himself into the air. Hand over hand he went until he reached the second mast, which was without support for him other than the wire rope anon-led. He locked his legs about the mast and clung to the rope. The policeman descended to the deck. - How cad I get that man?" he said to the Captain. The Captain smiled grimly. " If it was any ordinary man I should say you could- pick him up on the deck pretty soon, or what's lett of After seein' him cross that rope I should say you couldn't get him until he comes down. Are you going " out with us?" and he otdcre dhis crew to east off. - The policemen went ashore, and the man remanied in his dizzy perch until out of sight in the twilight. The fugitive was William Irwin, alias Mulligan, who. on May g3, innicted injuries on Edward Marron of 314 East Thirty-first street which kept lr. Marron confined to his house until last Friday. The policeman who made the plucky pursunpvas Michael Kellard of the York-Vine Police Court. .J1 careless diet. a change of water. or a cold Fettling in the lbowels very often brtmrs on at this season of the year an obstinate diarrhea or sotne serious allection ot the stomach or boweis, imperiling the lite ot the patient. If you would treat such complaints in a rational way try at once Dr. Jayne 's Carminative Balsam, a simple but safe remedy in such attacks. and equally effectual in all cases o'crnrnp, cholera morbus. dysentery. and bummer complaint. NS11: UCTION. plioF. IncxstiN's Z....warner of Eloeution Meets datty. la a. nio Monroe-st. LA) tessbns, o. Pupils can enter any time. pi ION OG RAH Y-A FULL COURSE IN Munson's uneAnztled system. day or evening, vri. Inseouraged learners of tithe. svistems become enthusiastie m learning this. Tviie-iNritina course. W. llitetropolitan Business itr.V. J. NN A. 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F011 SALE-LARGE WALNUT BOOK- citAe (b feet high, 7ta king), a apartments. 6 glass (L.-Afro. drawers. etc.; cost 6125; sell for 6,4,1 Catif at 0 (i;IITQlapst giLis or it 9(4 Wt141i4itiltdU-bi. TRIBUNE Bit Alvcir OFFICES. -TN ORDER TO ACCOMMODATE OUR numerous patrons thronghout the city and suburbs. we have eelabli9lied Branch ()tbee,. as designated below, where tolvertimenients will be taken for tile same price as etutr,zed et the Main (Alice. and will be received until 9 O'clock I). m: if CITY. SOUTIt VISIONWM COTTAGE G RON' 1-;-A V , corner Thirty-fifth-sL Henry J. Beck wP it:Druggist. TW ENT V-SECDN R. Simms, Booksellers and s ationers. 5237 INDIANA-A V., corner Thirty-first-M.Judson ,incohns. Orugeist. CORNER TillitTY-FilisT ANT) STATE-STS.II. W. Buchman. Druggist. CORNER OA kV to I - ROC LEVA RI) AND COTTAGE t It IV E-A V..4 &Co. Et-: DI V 'sit 482 WEST LA KE-sT., corner ot SheldonL. Schreiber k Uh. DruLrgists. b112 SOUTH I t A LsTED-ST.. corner Canalport-av.F.. A. Drnetil. DruKL.71141., 641 WEST MADISoN-ST.. corner Paulina-11.. F. Krn ft. !imagist. 134 SOUT it LSTED-ST., corner of AdamsJames M. Ktri,ley Co., 1)rugeist.5. 572 WEST MA DisoN-ST., corner Ogden-ay.J. W. Vailiw right, Druggist. 249 BLUE ISLAND-AV., corner of Twelfth-st Son nict!sen. Dr ovals:. 720 WEST LA KE-ST. corner LincolnII. C. Her- rick, Jeweler. :Newsdealer, and Fancy Goods. IS2 NORTH DA LSTED-sT., corner IndianaAugust Jittobson, Druegist. 110 WEST MA Di SDN-sT.. corner Western-ay.John Myers. i inns:gist. WEST LA KE-ST., northwest corner PaulinaB. Sill, Druggist. N4 )11T11 DIVISION. 44.5 NORTH CLARK-ST.. corner DivisionAdolf 0. ogt. ter, DrUggiSt675 LAR It A RE E-ST., corner Gartleld-mF. AL Will-loans Co., I1K. HYDE PARK-AV. AND 1.14"1Y-T11111D-SY.Goodrich Q. bow, Drugist. EN,v; Ewoon, CORNER NV ENTWt II-A V. AND citEsTN UT-ST. Englewood EV4. )niee. EVANSTON. GE011G1 ; W. MUIR, Bookseller, Stationer, and Newsdealer. LAKP VIEW. EvAr()N-Av.. ljctr Diversy-st.C. S. Wells. Post-Orrice and Druggist. L ON TANI) 1'0 UN D. - - - - - - - FOUND-ON TILE SIDEWALK, JUNE 23. an amount of money which the owner Clin have by identiliiniz. 13. A. 131tANCIL, Casiaier United isltates Express Company. T osT-PACKAGE FROM BUGGY Al)- i Adrelked to lady in Munnsvnie, N.Y. Return to 417 ebt itandoloh-bt. and receive reward. L. SCititEl HER T OST-TIFURSDAY A FTERN 00N, 2 leinvils in boxes of Trask, Rowe & Co, Finoer eiease return to ROWE 1110111EitS, jewelers, 1t6 State-st GOLD-QUARTZ T-40sT A LARGE she wi-pin The Hanle of the owner is engraved nn the hack. Please hand the same to the (-ashler of The Trt Hine and re.lvt nri approprinte reward. W. B. 3 LS GEL L fiN Et us. A N ENTERPRISING DOUSE OF GOOD ALL standing doing business with wine merchants, grocers. and druggists will be appointed agents for the saie in this ciLy and vicinity of "Zoedone." the national lion-atootionc ne verzwe iit Great Britain, and rapid.y becoming popularized in this csountry. 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WEST SIDE. 9Q,-, WEST HAN DOLIIII-ST.-STRICT-, ly private English tausilv opposite NV liar dNave. large anti small well furnishe)0ms. wan or without board. 6-N1 MONROE-ST., NEAR PAULINA- Very desirable rooma, situgle or en suite, will board. NORTH SIDE. 7 NORTH CLIIIK-ST.-110ARD WITH room i.50 to $; per week, with use of piAno. Furnish ed rooms 1.0 to per week. HOTELS. 1 ENTON TIOUSE-OPEN-15-1 AND 1541 Clark-st. over Burcky .t Milan's new diningrti,tnIS: IOU single rooms, handson.ely furnished. ate per night. BENToN MAI, 7. Y. rroprietur. CLA RENCE I1OUSE. STATE AND ILIR- rismi-sts.Newly-turnithed and renovated tnroughou,: MO rooms. from 5oe per day upward; roi,n1s with board, 1.54J to 2 per day; per week from to U. WDSO R EUROPEAN noTEL, TRIB- une Block-1s the largest and best European bole in the city. having 16'4 rooms. ranging from Zitc 1012 Pet' day, ite,ording to location. '1 bounson's restaurant underneath. SAMUEL tatEGSTEN.Pron. SUBURBAN.. HAVING LEA SED JUDGE TULEY'S sumnier-residenee at Pine Lake. Wis.. I will take a tew boarders; tine bathing. boating. fishing, and beautiful drivel,. table first-class. Reference!, re-hull ed. Addre-,s M itS. A. J()N F.74, Hartland, BOARD WANTED. , FO THE SUMMER-THREE b dr and one parlor. wan hoard. in the vIctniy I;I:tit')Felu4:71d R Hyde Park Hotel. Address S M Grand Pacific. I pOARD-IN EVANSTON FOR TWO OR .0 three months. References exchanged. Address A 51!, Tribune the B0AHD-FOR SELF, WIFE, AND TWO children in Hyde Parkor Evanston; near the lake preterred: state price; two rooms wanted. Addrt,vs t;!. Triteme (abet.. t EA IJ ;1-01A NTS. A- LL IZECOMMEND MES. FRANKS, 361 West Aladtson-st.. I,est adviser on love. marriage, lamily, tnn,mess troubles. AIWIS a at home. IME. JOY, THE FAMOUS FORTUNE teller, clairvoyant, and magnetic healer, 445 Madison-st... cur. Throtip, upper door. alu and I. RS. T. J. LEWIS, RELIABLE BUSIness and medical mairvoyant. Teils past, present, and luture. West Aladison-st. HS. COLLI,NS, MAGNETIC HEALING clairvoyam, one week only. 24.5 Wabash-v, Ito,,on FOR ,SA LE. . , . rOtt SALEA Si Go1,1) COIN OF THE t nited :states S yPars oki dated 1-1I1. ou or address A. J. 111:1,1. Fisk Hotel, Iti to Z-1 Adants-st FOR SALEFINE THOHOUGHIMED year-et0 Ayrshire Itit, in La s,tilie County. Aduress PHI rap MYERS, ;:tot West Munroe-FtChicago. i.uI SALECOUNTEES, SHOWCASES, side-boards, tab:tet, enairs, etc., used only for a short time in one o: the linest restaurants. Call at 144 Niadison-st., tetseultAit 311C11,1:17EIZI.; . . L'N(1NE AND BOILER FOR SALE A Engine ;liklit inch cylinder; band wheel wei,hing zz.otto 11j s.. 1, t eet thaaleter. ineh rave. together wiLli heater. steam-pump, and connections; also one or two tubular boilers. inch flIi, 16 feet long; the above are in cood orkle;', and have bet n Ui constant use at our En:tory until the present week. Also DA') feet 5-ply 22-4 ch rinkher belt, the latter used only 3 week9. totitt it Phillips Mtg. Co., corner 'tisk and West Twenty-setonti-sts. IA-10R SALEFULA ET OF MACHINfs.'S ery ter the martutacture of boots. Phoes, and skippers, and thee fix:An es, stte, etc, Address ADAM A EDAY, Monne. BUILDING 31.1TERIALS. , , , Fo It SALECHEAP, A QUANTITY OF turriniz stripzt ADAMS, LORD & 4.0.. South f,,f,t liztnth4iph-st. A T IL ROM STEEDMAN, PIANO Ili Inner, reters by permission to his previous eniiiloyers A. Weuer, also Chiekering & bons, wit! start Ior Milwaukee in a tew days. ItelCdents on hue or railroad between Chicago and Milwaukee pleatie egatk watts vir A.. WeWl Cl4citsg CITY REAL ESTATE. FOR SALEBY ERN ST PR USSIN G Room to Borden ttiock, . Northwest corner lit andotpla and Dearborn-sts. W ST. CRTIal-St., near Maxweii-st., Stt,re and dwell- CL na itl-st.. near Maxwell-sa., store and uweltI 6'Citt) lug 5,0,1 Milwaukee-ay., near Division, witu two buildings.. 6,000 Mliwaukee-av.. near Evergreen, two lots and stable. 5.1k1 Ogden-ay., corner Polk-rt 4 Ogden-ay. norm of Polk-st 2,011 jitorgan-istl, south of Maillson-st., large lot an nue two-story residence, with all modern ininroveinents 12,01:0 West JI-atte-st., between Pauline and Page, large iatA )11 t,rbrzaieti,,u1 o'neden:td, ule. InKi al vt:71,ri dd, cfx ir.4 an) ute :11 nwLial 1:1)11 zt ;12st x: 17.6:1:Flot31 Canal-rt.. near Bunker. store and dwelling Denuvster-st.. east of Halsted. tt Leavitt-st., corner Ewing-place. 5 ,x150 it 1.40 Evergreen-st east ot Home, i5x1.10 It 7.-z) North Morgan-rt., with 2-story frame building 1,s7x1 Carroll-ay.. near Lincoln-rt., 2-story frame house 2.211 Le Moyne-rt., east of Leavitt, 2flx nig .... . a, Lutieck-st.. corner thik ley, 2f4likt out Ashland-atv., north of 24-ft lot 1,250 Lake-rt., 62.44 It. near Elizabeth. 150 per foot Eiiligress-st., east of Willey. teet 3,110 Ilarrison-st between Lanni-at. and Ashland-ay.. ti lots Damson-' tit. between Loomis and Lahin-rts.. 75 feet, south front Ashland-ay.. ;A) Itiet, ettst front, north of Polk Evergreen-rt.. near Dome. t fi li. each 754 Itirsit-st corner Shiftier. 72 teet Warren-ay.. near Wood-st... 5t) tem, with 2-story building Chicago-ay., near 'Joyce-fit. 4,6 feet Michigan-ay.. north of Thirtv-rixth-st., 2-storv brick residence and brick barn; ito.50x176 feet, east front ;Mary -tn., near Archer-ay.. with house Len Sanizer-st... near Archer-ay.. 2-5tory brick told Matn-st., near steams, cotta,te 1.200 Kossuth-tit., near Butler, i teet and house 1.2e0 Butterhold-st.. near Thirty-rixth, lot. Langley-ay.. near Forty-thirn-st., Su feet, easc, I rola; at ti40 per foot Indiana-ay., near Sixty- tirst-st 62x110 feet, splendid lot. east front, at 4,30 rer foot cbice24(I feet east front on Michigain-av near Fifty-second-rt., opporite South Part': gardened for eleven years. set out wtth shade trees, evergreens. fruit Li ess. grapey toes, all (1 small fruit: cottage and green-houre.,.. Normal Parkway near sixty-nitith-st., 20b fee east, iront, cheap V Eileen nes-a v., corner Ninety-SW.13-SL. 7.7, feet Ere tiroveland Park-ay.. near -l'hirtiettt-st., al feet 4.ttiO NottIlt Ere-st., near Townsend, lots fronting south, Tier fiJot or) Fieuswick-st., near Itlackhawk. 2-storv 1weijii. 5,0.10 A comfortable and spacious t unie. with ad modern improvententr. on Chestnut-tit.; lot 54x103 feet t large stanie: cheat, Co-bourn-ay.. iorner witn two brick buildbags- 9.000 Iturlbut-st., north of Belden-ay., 51,1 feet 5.240 Larrabee-st.. near North-ay.. 2-story brick house and brick stable 7.230 Larrabee-st., near hoes. large lot, with build 4.543 Rees, near lialsted-rt., 9) feet, running througn to tardner-st 1.51.43 Clytiourn-av., large lot and double building, netting 14 per cent 7,500 Wendell-at, near Wells. with cottage and Kahle 3.tol Hickory-ay.. near Division-st.. 2-storv dwelling. 2,51A) kVailon-place,reast of Rush-st., ficxliki It Walton-place. kart of Rush-rt.. 24iftliti It 2,750 1tawthorne-av.. south Of Oak-at.. It 1,0.41 North-ay., east of Halsted-et., two lots, at$10 per ft sitie!uhrie1n ldr02 ii-,atsv.. an or- odit 1,103 CEft,,,Titutti,ueir- p- obretthwoete n t chard -st.. Si-tr per foot :Manufacturing property: North Branch dock lot, 1311xikki ft. near Clybourn-place. cheat) Business property Oh the North Branch, improved: river front docked... Manufac,uring property. I:in feet front, on the N. W. R. R. and MO w. st. Paul R. R.. cheap. Ob"iSiD E. Englewood-ay.. between Halsted and Wallace. rts., 7a feet front. Bel ley iew-av.. north of Forty-fourth-at-, ött feet, west front, 140 ber toot Sbettield-av., between Montana and Fullerton, firixige ft Lail; WrIghtwood--av.. east of Racine-ay., building lots, trix.124 ft. each Beiniont-av., corner 1Ialsted-rt.-24 building lots. Barry-ay.. east of Dummy-road, 50x1643-1t lot and itriok barn Sheffield-ay.. corner :Montana. Jil ft.,with cottage 2..:01 Best-ay.. near Wrightwood, 2 lots 1.401 Stale-st.. near Ixtiu ti 4lU It.. 1,3eti ,Improved farm, acres. near Elmhurst. at WU per acre .Elston-av., corner Jefferson-ay., about 4 acres, at $4.01 per core 2,, are extending HiOrill Twelith-st., front Desplaines River to Maywood road. per sore 291 Acre lots on Foster and Warbingt.on-avs., west of Lincoln-ay NV hitesides l'ounty, stock farm ot -tsk: acres at Vila per acre acres, with buildings, 12 miles north of Milwaukee, tin Witie01)Sin Northern Railroad 2,O.X1 6 65-lc acres highest ground in Wiintette. about 4 blocks from the (lepot, wit h a young grove of shade trees: one half under plow; per are Money to loan on nuproved city real estate at lowest rates. FINE STOCK FARM. For Salent) acres or rolling land. good tillable soil, tine creek ot water. never dry. surrounded by Unproved farms: near a schoolhouse In Marshall County, Kansas. six miles from Blue Rapids and the same distance front NVaterville, stations 00 the Union Pacific Railroad. Or will exchange tor improved Chicago City property. ERNST ritusix(i. Bordon Mock, Northwest eorner Randolph and Dearborn-sts. 11.-101I SALEBY C. MOREY & CO., S5 Washingion-st.The northeast corner Lake and tiOxi lkI tee. with ii-s.ory building. recently put in goad order and rented to desirable tenant per annum. Half the purchase nioney eaa remain at 5 tWr Cent interest, and good Vgleant prop. erty in desirable location taken tor balance. F, OR SALEBY GEOP,GE M. BOGUE um DE 1113( ii.017R LOTS ON Alit:W.:a-AV., just east of Main. st.; will be sold cueao SEVEN IAA'S ON MALN-ST., west front, just !Oath "t Archer-ay.-, a II he sold cheap. FOUR L4J1A ON IIAIN-ST., east front, just south of Archer-ay.; will be sold cheap. FOlt SALEBY W. D. KEIZFOOT & CO., w3st1lngton-.t.: tf1'ATE-T.----.1ust south of Banks, a very desirable lot. boxbio teet. STAT E-ST.East front. 200 feet north of Division. 67.1 xii;f feet; at a bargain. 1-10R SALE-AT A SACRIFICE: IL Northwest corner of Fullerton and Line In-avL lit; feet on each; a choice husitiess corner. ots on (larr-al.. near ileiniont-av.. very cheap. feet on litststed-st.. near t entre; a tartan. 5i) feet on k ullerton-av., south front, cheap. S-roOnl hoUSe, wit!' lot. on t,eutinary-av, near Centre-at.; a positive bargain110P KINSON it 2,11,V A. 12 5 Dearborn-st. FOR SALE-LEST 5 ACRES FOR IN veatment or sondivialon; only one block from Humboldt Park. 1,50; per acre; 5 or It acres at divot, Soutn-k;nclewood, a decided barkain if aold aL CA. HELAMATER SON. It.) Hearborn-st. .11;10R, SALEWE WANT OFFERS FOR a 1(A 2.7,x12;), fronting tkouth on Ilarrison-sL, west of Campbell-ay. BAIRD a. BliADLEY, La 6alia. FOR SALE-5 ACRES NEAR DOUGLAS Park at a great bargain. E. A. CUMMINGS IL CO.. Southeast corner ot Madison and LA Sal le-sta I41OR SALE tf,119,000. 1VE 11AVE A tine corner brick block rented tor $14.10.l; tine aleviitor. e also have several tine buildings on state. Clark. ashington, Franklin. Randolph. Lake. and NVeat Madikon-sts. We can otter some bargain& RANNEY & tULE. 1 Washingtoo-sL FOR SALE-20 ACRES 01.3.111EAST ' corner 91 Chicago and Kedzie-avi,. cheap. Apply to GEO1WE Dearborri-st. ISOR SALEBY W. D. KERFOOT CO., Washington-at.: WABAS11-AV.Corner Thirty-seventh-at- mils feet; at a bargain, or long time at ti per Cent. FOR SALEFINE BUSINESS CORNER. on V. et Side partly improved. paying Walt, Price 1.15,000; a bargain. 11EN it Y WALLER JR.. 107 Dearborn-It. I7101t SALETHAT CHOICE NORTH-west corner Jack utii-st. and Western-av- Vafal Want an offer. H. A. OSBORN. jj.$UeII . ..IFOR SALEBY BAIRD BRADLEY, t4t1 La Salle-at.: OAKLEY-AV.South of Van Buren-at.. 2-story and basement brick, octagon front, lot.20v. 1'OR SALEFINE CORNER ON MICH, aian-av. , MI or ',i.Mieet mint; tiAl per foot great bargain. illiNgY WALLER 1U7 i iearborn-st. FOP, SALE-A FINE PIECE OF PROF OP, ou Jefferson-et. adapted to manufacturing purposes. Lt.:slit' WA1.1,1,it Jtt., 1,1; Dearsorn-al. FOR SALE-BY BAIRD 6t BRADLEY, i tit La Saile-st.: NV ES1' MuN h0E-ST.East of Leavitt. 10t 511120C te 2ti-tt. aliey. toutit Irmit; very choice. ---------- FOR SALLBY BAIRD BRADLEY. tki La l'IRAIICE-z-,T.--Two 2-story frame bul1cilts1. bank lot ;inxLM; rental, E.;580. Price, f9:250. WALNUT-ST.--o. 1711; g-story Irame, lot 351 14 Cheap. FOR SALEX--(;00D OFFIC1;. BUILD- int in business centre, well rented, paying kood interest on price asked. MEAD & CDS, Iti La Ss lie-st, --v.. FORo toot: e SALEAT S3.5,000, THE LOT 80 2 e 1Inonthwst corner Adams and Worth ltlh per xamine the until' oveme Jeftersen-ets, the street, the Farwell flaildtne, oilerel f.timik sit weeks ago. shall close boon- fr.:. LL CUMMINtsie Rooth '24 Ashland Block. A FOR SALEOR RENTTHE TIDIES& .f almy stone-front dwelling 291S Calutnet-av. F WOR SALEBY W. D. KERFOOT & CO. 90 ashington-stt - nta OU 1 1.11RO-A V .tit, tween Harrison and roik-sts.. Mgt feet, with two-storv Kra basement brick house; ietleati. ..--------------. 1-410 IL SA LESOUTH DEARBORN-ST., near Thirty-thlrd. elegant cottage and Ink rented tor ,;:-4,0, only kOKN1. 1.1!;SINGElt & GHEE:Ole'. BALM, 7t3 Dearnorn-st-- Rooth 2. Fe it SALEINDLkNA-AV., NEAR Thirtfr-Aecond-st.. IA i 25; a bargain. B18501.44 A. ti KEEN EfiA 1.: M, :a Deari)ora-st., Room 2. ... --------- FOR SALEBY tiliORGE M. BOGUE, 14.3 pettrborn-,st.: virit V t itolth LOCATIONS on Grand and Drexel. boulevards. ... I:410R SALE-A 4-STORY BRICK BUILD: ing on a leading business street, about one trt,1 from business eqf tre, now renting tor over it on price. F. A. ilLNCHAW, 1-i0 La tsaile-st. -- - ----- FOR SALE - L I C. MOREY S: Wasningt.di-st., &)xI1 feet soutnwest corner Nionroe-st. HMI Clinton- Vs ill take good 111." tA"me In part payment. 1,Nlt SALE - A BARGAIN - FRAME aore and tint on Madison-at" ;fear Ceutift-alA L1l pay lu per eeut and taxes. H. A. os HORN, 128 La Salle-st.. TOR SALE VERNON-AV., NEA!1 A.: Thirty-third-lg.. Ill-room stone front, lot 2-Lxitit; litSzt,11StAk.:.11 &GliLLN.L1326.C11, bira I;Vcaii, .

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