The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 17, 1954 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 17, 1954
Page 3
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BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Sara Sees Error; Now Learns Acting By BOB THOMAS HOLLYWOOD (API — If she had it to do over, Sara Shane would learn how to act first, then become a publicity "star." Sara, who is much more glamorous than her adopted film name would indicate, became a Hollywood figure overnight. Maybe I should say half « figure. Anyway, one morning a movie trade paper featured a pinup pose of her from the waist. An ad in the other trade paper showed her assets from the Sara Shane Only Half a Figure waist down. Put them both together and you got a lovely gal. It caused something of a sensation, which may be testimony on the low state of creative press agemry in Hollywood. The stunt was hailed as the greatest severance play since Orson Welles sawed Hita Hayworth in half during his magic show. Sara had offers from several studios and signed with U-I because it offers the best training for young hopefuls . Sara's .career fizzled out after a year at U-I and she was dropped. "Now I realize my mistake," she says. "I did the whole 'thing backwards. I should have gotten a firm foundation as an actress, and then gone after the publicity buildup. The stunt developed my name to the point where I should have been doing star roles. * But I wasn't ready for them." She has taken steps to remedy that situation. She has been having dramatic lessons five hours a day. six days a week for several months. Now she is up for good roles, and she feels she is ready for them. If she does make the grade, it will be a tribute to her own native determination. She says she has yearned to act since she saw her first movie. A honey tilonde with a cover-girl face and warm blue eyes, she started modeling as a schoolgirl in her home town of St. Louis, cutting classes if necessary. She went to New York and became a Powers girl. But the heat of summer was too much for her. and she decided to try her luck in California. Building Permits and Real Estate Transfers Five building permits were issued by the city engineer last week for the construction of residences totaling an estimated S31.400. E. B. David received permits to build two 110,000 six-room brick residences, on North Circle Drive while Max Logan has permits to {construct two $5,000 five-room brick houses in BOO block on East Walnut. Robert Williams obtained a permit to build a $2,400 five-room frame residence at 217 West Clinton. Real- estate transfers recorded in the circuit clerk's office last week were: Sylvester and Mary Lee Glover to J. L. O'Steen and Alice Oerber. fqr exchange of property, Lot 17, Block 6, W. W. Hollipetcr, Second Addition. J. L. and Mamie O'Steen and Alice Gerber to Sylvester and Mary Lee Glover, for $10 and other considerations, Lot 3, Block 1, J. L. O'Steen's Addition. Servisa Harris and Doris Cash to Willie and Allie Hughes, for $10 and other considerations, a 50 by 150 ft lot in E half of Lot 3, of Rebecca Paterson Subdivision. J. E. and Mary K. Stevenson, Jr . to William and Jewell Caldwell .for $10 and other considerations, Lot 12, Block 5, Country Club Addition. Allen and Golden Hood to Hugh and Mildred Gee, for $400, S 50 ft. of N 160 ft. of N 225 ft. of S 450 ft. of SE quarter of NE quarter, Sec. 28-T1. N-RLLE. E. B. and Rovene David to Jerome P. Brownson, for $800, Lot 27, Block 9, David Acres Subdivision, Clay Davis to Charles and r>ivie McKemie, for $10 and other consideration ,a lot in SW quarter of NW quarter. Sec. 27-TI8N-R11E. Charles and Davie McKemie to Alta S. demons, for $10 and other considerations. Lot 11. Block 10, Ruddle Heights Addition. Well, I'll Be a Dirty Bird BARCELONA. Spain «1—A parrot was kicked out of the national championships for talking birds yesterday for using gutter language. The judges said it was a shame—the parrot could speak in seven different tongues. Read Courier News Classified Ads. vember 32. 1839. Bcv snc was ni (lie best yarns are told - not sold., can't tell which Way they'll bounce spoiled brut ' next. See where beds are to be blR S er! ."".. . .. .. ......I "Some arc like balloons, full of i put me on his mailing list. Can spring be so inr away? My j KQI- in.siiuice hero's .something Dutch iris sprung out of the! worth repeating.: "A lot ot Chn.v ground last week during Uioscj turns <u-e like wlu'i benutitul sun-shiny days. tin (pood unless pushed. Some nre like It still isn't too Into to plant for i canoes, need to be paddled. a late spring blooming. Anybody I -'Some are like kites, ti \;ou don't i u 0 would say can grow them, that's why they R t u t , - n n .| are called poor mmt:; ore h ds. : ..... 1 uwuy. Some :ire like kittens, more: arc like footballs, you) Shukespeare — In his time said, "To be honest as this world goes. is to be one man picked out of ten thousand." I have no idea what percentage of this day and time, OSCEOLA KIWANIS OFFICERS ELECTED— Morgan, treasurer; Gene Butler, vice-president; Newly elected officers of the Osceola Kiwania a. G, Brickey, president; Ralph Wilson. vice- Club are pictured above after being: installed in president; Russell Childs, secretary. (Courier their new positions. They are (left to right) Ray News Photo) They are one of. my (tivovilcs,, Hloiip with daffodils, crocus, uilips.i llkei - 5mm ' bearded iris and hyacinths — did 11 forget any'? I didn't mean lo leave out n solitary spring flower. Love 'em. It takes a heap of spending to make n house a home. What you'hear Is never quite as interesting us what you overhear. Sign on (he back of :i truck: "Please don't hug me, I'm going steady." The gal wno sets her cap for R man shouldn't let him sec the price tag in it. As any married woman knows, STARR GAZING Whether you detect something missing on this page or not, there is. After writing my 200th story last week, I decided my readers needed a rest and vise versa. I've gotten a lot of pleasure, doing these bits and have made some mighty good friends through this medium. You know the old Indian proverb, "You never know a man until you've walked a mile in his moccasin." I learned an awful lot about human nature through the interviews I made. I'll pass along to you the main thing I learned, and that is, we are all pretty much alike in this old world. We have our ups and downs, our joys and sorrows, just like the little fellow down the street or the tycoon on Wall Street and if it were not for rose-colored glasses life wouldn't be worth living for any of us. I approached a lot of people during this time, that for no certain reason, I had shied away from and when I did muster up the nerve to ask that I be allowed to write them up I found they were not at all like I had pictured them, but were as human as you and I. I believe yi(u will agree with that after having read my stories. Probably you felt the same way toward a person for no certain reason, but changed your mind when you found out they saved old news, paper clippings, just as you do or perhaps the poem that touched them, touched you, their hobbies were along the same line as yours, they like the same food as you do, they had bad breaks in life, probably worse than those you are nursing, but which reminded you of yours. It takes all of these things to qualify in sulnming up human nature and bringing us closer to our fellow man and that was the point I tried to bring out in each story I wrote. The Suez Canal was opened on .his date in 1869. Also on this date vhtch should interest all Ameri- The first child to. be born In I cans, John Peter Zcnger was ar- Iowa was Margaiei Stilwcll on No-t Oil Consumption Reduced 45% with Trop-Artic If your car has been using oil, and if you could reduce this consumption or oil by as much as 15 to 45 per cent, it would be worth a great deal to you, wouldn't it? Today the good news is that you can do it. It's been proved you can do it by changing from ordinary winter oil to new Phillips 66 TROP-ARTIC All-Weather Motor Oil. Not only does • TROP-ARTIC reduce oil consumption ... it can reduce engine wear 40% or more. It keeps pistons and piston rings cleaner. New TROP-ARTIC oil can even double the life of an automobile engine I And it increases gasoline mileage. THOP-ARTIC is a superior all-weather oil ... S.A.E. 10W-30. Any car, in any climate, at any time of (tie year, will perform better with Phillips 66 TROP-ARTIC Motor OiL * * * •ETTER, CLEANER GASOLINE PHILLIPS 66 HUE-FUEL Phillips 66 FLITE-FUEL is the new gasoline —the only gasoline to which is added the super aviation component Di-isopropyl. •FuTE-FuHL gives you increased power, higher anti-knock quality and greater fuel economy. You get all the special benefits of famous controlled volatility plus the clean burning qualities resulting from the use of natural and aviation gasoline components. FUTE-FUEL and TROP-ARTIC go together for better engine performance. PHILLIPS PETROLEUM COMPANY SEE YOUR PHILLIPS 66 DEALER DISTRIBUTED IN BLYTHEVILLE AREA ,BY R. C. FARR & SONS Distributors Phillips Ptfrrottum Product! Some time in the future I may ake up where I left off, but at he present, I'll just worry you iong with "Starr Gazing." I YAH Mfly HflVE [ IUU PIN-WORMS AND NOT KNOW IT! . rested for libel in 1734. He was the editor who had criti ' fined the acts of n colonial govci j j nor ot New York, Zenger and his wife, Anna, proceeded to fight and j win (lie first test .of freedom of the prcs« to be tried in America. He died twelve years later. He was publisher at the time of his arrest, of the "New York Weekly Journal," and the governor nt the time was Cosby. Zengcr was defended by Andrew -Hamilton. FAST MUSCLE ACHE RELIEFy GettheW/ \wLEK OtMANO ZQQTablets 790 -100 Tablets 490 tiic ti tint; rod ill itch "re often U'll- tnle slirna of !'iri-Worrns..,ui:ly jut r unit os Hint medical ex^erta any infcal one out of every thrrr, p.-r- eons f&nminod. Kntirc fnmilies may bo viulims und not know it. To K oL rid of Vin-\Vorm», th«;so IHvit.-i must not only be killed, but klllrd in the lnr K ,. Intmtlne wli«r* tlicy live nnii multiply. Thai's ex- nelly what JUJHP'H I'-\V tftbtetAtlo .. .ana hcrc'fl how tlicy Jo it; >Vr,t(-a sciontilie cimtinK car- TH*t tlic tnliliM^i i:iU) the bowels ln^ Ion- thoy (lla^dlvi-. Tfirn- inyno'ft iiu.ih'in, mdlloiilly-ai.iimvi-,1 In- Bri'tlioiit citi's rik-ht to work -kill* i'in-Wornis <iuickly «"il easily. Don't tnke diiuices with tlila limit'''"""us, liiirh'y I'ontnuiouti con- diliun. At thft IJrst siun of !'in- Wtirmn. nth you i- ilriiKirint for otHuitta Jwno'HP-W Vermifuge... llit- niniill. i-iiby-U^Uko lahtetu i>i>r- ftvtctl by fnmourt Dr. D. Jnync & lorovcr ItiOyu JAYNE forPm-Wlfoiii •MAKE a date •WITH Joe Warren or Cecil Connell •FOR November 19 •SEE Oldsmobile for '55 HORNER-WILSON MOTOR CO. ;i!7 E. MAIN Ph.2-2056 What a wonderful drink Coca-Cola is.. • with a rare, delicious flavor all its own. And how refreshing the bit of quick energy it gives you. How nice, then, lo know lhal Coke has as few calories as half an average, juicy grapefruit. Have a Coke! Four generations have made Coca-Cola by far the most asked-for soft drink in the world. toiurD UHOM Autxonr? (>r IHT sec/ueot» COMPANY »y COCA-COLA BOTTLING COMPANY OF BLYTHEVILLE "Colt" It 0 ngitl»r»d tr C '«-). THE COCA-COLA COMMI

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