Chicago Tribune from Chicago, Illinois on August 14, 1884 · 7
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Chicago Tribune from Chicago, Illinois · 7

Chicago, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 14, 1884
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THE CHICAGO TRIBUNE: THURSDAY, AUGUST 14, 188i-TWELVE PAGES. NORTHWEST NEWS. Arrivals at tho Summer-Resorts A Larg-o Number of Notable Doatha. Cravo Alligations Ajjainst a Citizen of Rockiiml I he Insanity Dodjje null-Pox. money under false pretenses from residents of that section. It is charged that lie secured altogether about $..,000 by representation of his wealth and standing here, and invested the same in Jersey catile. of which he is said to own SI, 700 worth, and that, tearing a descent upon his property, he niortgagc-d his farm and other belonging to Helen Ileier, his daughter, and a eehool-teactier m Chicago. Hf.ATII OF A CENTKNARIAN, A centenarian. Mrs. Margaret Hart, mother of Mrs. lanicl Downej-. born in Cork in 174, Hie, at tho resilience ot her daughter on E'm Mreet today. The deceased had lived iu this city thirty-two years. LAKE MA11LNE. The Market for Lake Freights Was Dull Yesterday A Decline in Bay City Lumber Freights. Release of the Stranded Schooner Newsboy The Aluerta-Osborn Collision Case Central News. Arnv: j it. ; Mult ti'-r i ..p. Mi ll Two Ladies IZilleJ by the Cars A Michigan Mob Matrimonial Events-Eolbery and Murder. THK SUMMFTl-RESORTS. W CK l-UA. WrKFKH . Wis.. A it if. IS. Special. " The following wi re among the arrivals today: fountain liens--Judge M. K. Tuley. J. Ilutchln- im TlJui'i.'tJ D'lHiirt. M iKirlniK and wife, Chr. Kon'n, .1 I"' w I'l'i-n. It. C. Dean. Mrs. D. Thouip-ii Btid seven children. Mrs. K. Tin. nip-. n. three cliildren. Hint nurse, b. W. Hollnday. .Miss Flora 1- imnliciai. Miss Clan Kli'rsh.Mm. II. K. Milll.y. If i- i .ii. I 'lni ibyi.o. Mum billio P.llaydul, h llariy 1.. 1 fv i.-l. M. I.'. in. UKVII. S I.AKi.. IUh ". Wis., Aits'. H. I Special. The following are the arrivals at I (evil's I.uke: :lt ill Cliff House - Mi." Fanny l.nnlejjrccn, iain " W. It. H.-li'-.., Cumin l.oni, .1. '. .l.V, unit. Mi. IS. ". Itic-s:lt. Kate Wur-VvV:il!ll''e, M-ss Wiirl.-y. .11' 1 1 itilicock, ii krnl I O. l'nrki r. ( l. K. "M'liu w ick. I i .. . .. .... I lu.L-. I .w I." i Hunt. I- nam-".-,. .. .... ... M'rtrcw.. pr"l M-ir.ey. Or. O.inp.n. V . II Suui-J. ,.r pr .1 W Vcllie. Or Or. I .aw re nee, i;,iui' tii. W . A . l'huli! and brewer. K Howe, ( 'hit a-i" 1 1. member oT tho Chlcairo Academy of Ecicueos arc also pilosis id tho hou.-e. WISCONSIN. (i!'U( v. i:i;v.n. j WvTFtiTows. Wis., Aug. bt. Ppeciiil.l j WiKiuin D. Sproes-er and Mi;. Mary Weber, j prominent i" German circles here, were mar- j ried this morning ft Ilie residence of the , bri'le's pan-ills, .iiuie H. of Jetfersou j performing tin.' cert tunny. The proem is a " lending bii-iiiiess-ntaii and the bride an necom- : j.iNhetl society oung lady, daughter of ex- Mayor Jacob Weber. j Sil At. I- POX. j Aii'iliov, Wis., A UP. 1 Special. Fred j SV... the it of a prominent liirmer of lilaek : Cic.-k, t'ii county, mis i -eon taken Gown wmi n T'l.iiipmiiit leim of nioili-pex. It will un-:ou!itedly spread over the town, as many have beiii eioseii. It is supposed i: was brought h'.ro by imuiigrititts t roia Geiiniinj. ILLINOIS. Ttoroii on i.ur wr.r.s. FAimifiiv. 111., Auir. 1;.'. i Special. Tn the riuiiwira' flections held hero today tho contest was iitw license or no license, tho latter prevailing, l'aii'bury has sis saloons, paying an annual sum of ;,IHHI into tho city treasury. hi" M .AY-SCHOOL CON VKM lll.V. Sn hi.ijv v 1 1. i.e. III., Aug. bi. special. The County Sunday-Scliiiol Convention closed a two-days' scssii.m tiiis evening ut Tower mil. Among the nutaoles present were Miss Lucy J. Kider of Chicago and W. It. Kundcll of Cham-paipn. I". A. Warden of Cowden was reelected President of the association for the ensuing tur. Tho convention was a great success. Dl'M'AN MILLS. Vaxum.ia, HI.. A up. 1J. Special. Mr. J. (). Dunciiii an 1 Mi-s Carrie Mills were inarried ut tho residence of the bride's parents in this city tins eveniiip, the Kev. J. IJ. Thompson of 1 bo Mothoilibt Church ottii iat ip-. Tho newly-veibled couple lelt tonipht for tho East. T K At. H 1. 1 1 S' J N ST IT I T li. Wapki-'.n. 111-. A up. 1:.'. Special. The Jo rtav.c-s County Teachers' Institute convened ( day. Supei intendent Robert ltrand of ia-ici.a is in ciiarpe. Principal II. L. l.oitwood of I lie- h un-itou Hipu School is the principal instructor, ais.sted by Miss Flora I'ennell of tho State Normal School and by J. C. I'aul of Crystal I.akc. One hundred and ten teachers were mroiied today. I 'LA Tit OF THOMAS ItLUIUE. Iltt.l.siiOHi). III., Aup. b). (Special. Thomas Remedied at his home in Butler, this county, this morniiip, aned 7,i. lie came to this county at an early day and was well known throughout this section. NEW I'UUI'DKATIllN'S. Pi'IUNwiei.d, 111., Aup. bi. Special. Tho followiup ooi poi'Ht ion i were today licensed by tho Secretary of State: The i'.elt-l.ine Klevator i ninpauy of Chicupo; capita! stock. $J.,ilnil; in-iii poratiirs, liarii'-" Uriseo, Louis J. NiehotT, mi 'onrad L. Nieholl'. The Scotford Manu-fili turiiiif t onipany of Chicupo, object to man-.itucturc, buy, and mil lubber and metal ', 'tc. ; capital s'nc!;, 5111.000; incorporators, bonis K. Seoi ford. Rylome M. Scotford, and Virifii I '.Mat I hews. The Cedar Lake bleasure and lioutinp Club ot Chient'o, not for profit; incorporators, John ( i. ISliike. Howard N. Hinckley, and Charles K. Wardell. The Cotiimissioiiei s' report of tho Dual eikUi iatiou of ihe Hicks Humane Live-Stock ar on -pany oflhiiapo was (bed with the Secretary of State lOday. The purpose of this company is to bu ild and operate cars on tho railroads in the Cnited States and Canada. It N an Improved stock ear for tho transporta-tinn ol live "tuck, with Ik adiiuat ti-rs at Chi-capo: capital stock. ."ii 10.000. The followinp ti-lilleinen were elected directors: Col. lli.ii.Tt Forsyth of the C. F.. I. it. R. : Col. w- 11. I haddock, (icncral Mauaper of the t'nited Siuies oUlep stock Company; Col. biioriie 11. Harlow and IM 11. Culloway' of Chi-t-npo, and K. A. Hendriekson, ( tuirles E. I'iirtnt, and II. C. Hicks i f Sr. Raul. Mum. The I'mipuny will commence the construction of cars at oni e. DEATH OK CPT, WILLIAM J. AI.I.EV. Cant. William .1. Allen. Fnn.iilnp and En-Rrci-siiip Cl. rk of the House of the Th ill y-t bird bein vai A -seinb'v, died this neirninp at 10 o clock, ( apt. A ben a- well known tiirouph-eut tU State as a cmiii aipn singer, .second Hiiiy to "Old Miady." THE I.KCtON OF HONOR. I!i,0(.vin(itun, Hi., Auir. bi. Speoial. Tho Session of the Am. ricuu I.epton of Honor ti-ti HUitci this tnoniiup. Tho followinp ollicers wen elected: IXriANA. TERU1I5LE ACCIDENT. Elkhart, Ind., Aup. 13. Special. Mrs. Andrew Swinehart and Mrs. Frank Shafer, while endeavorinp to cross tho Lake Shore Railway in a boppy about two miles east of In re this evenlnp, were struck by a passenper train, demolishinp the buppy and killinp both ladies almost instantly. The horse was to badly injured that he had to lie shot. MICHIGAN. AN KXCITKII MOB. IIoi.lavt), Mich., Aup. bi. Special. At 11 o'clock last nipiit u mob of atiout 200 pathered around the city jail, threuteninp to lynch the neproes who shot at the City Marshal yesterday afternoon. Tho others ranp a lire-alarm, which checked the crowd, and althotiph they hnnp around until 4 o'clock this irtorninp they dispersed without carrying out their threats. The three prisoners were tpiickiy put in a closed hack and taken to Hamilton, a station ten miles southeast of here, where they were pul aboard tue I rain fur Alle-pau. A crowd palhered near tho depot this lorcnoon, but tho prisoners were pone. Tho Marshal is around HMendinp to his duties as usual, as tho wound was but a short cut on tho rinlit side of his neck, passing between the skin and tho flesh. brand Couinmrul.T John I. He 1.1. I'hlllipi, Spring brand J. b. White, Illoom-iiitfoin. rami orator T. C. NewniMn. I'hieMio. '.runii si-rremr) J. it. a,i wa 1 1 n.ler. Lincoln, ouiul l i .-:is.ti r,-! tint., r: IluMon, lirHi.lwood. t..l'Hild Hiihresci-tntivn - II. ..o t- p I nl,lw..l I'hi- Clik-u, it.ivroN. in., ,i.p. M. ISpecial.l Texas I 'verhas appeared ainotur cattie in He Witt 'unity in a tew localities, but reports as to us Tim., condition huve been much mistepre-'t ed. finis lar very I.-w cattle have '" ( probable boon exhaust itself. that tho diseaso will TEMPI. Aits OF honor AM. TEMPERANCE. 'Al.k.M;rnr. in ... , Th Hub tn aninmi J A . . ' aece is n, i , 'Uil'lars ,f lU"wr Teinper- f .'Ay " p, p I'V'"'" this nr States. Th,. ,,., '."'' r-'l'resentinjr fourteen iii:u itifj if-iniMt- i c 'rs ' n Th- following olh- Jear: lvllu 10 we durinp the cominp B:.''.mucVV,5.5' Ten",lar-Tle Hv. C. P. Woodruff, .I. "l,ri;'y Vlce.Teu.jdar-n,d,ert He M't W ortfiy UecrUer K II. c-'irk?rinc, o M.hi U,.rUly t'jliiT-Alusi Wurtliy uard- rries, St. Saj:e, lijiiintton, Ki Ucy, l'hila- n 'I "m? Hcv. A. W. Tihbetts, W. K. Ta it. Calpfhiirp. 111. -W. H. timyth. Providence, It was KANSAS. ROTVTIEKY AMI Al I li UEllOTS AFFHAV. Athiison, Kas., Aup. 13. LSpeeial. I Thieves robbed the hardware store of W. W. Seoullar last nipht of pistols and knives by tho do.en. They repaired to Winlhrop, Mo., across ! the river from here, and soid tho knives i at any price. With the proceeds they filled up on whisky and bepan shootinp, when a score of citi.'.cns joined in. At 1 o'clock tnis morninp It became peneral, resulting in tho i fatal shootinp of Sain Sharp in the torehei.d. Many others were wounded and cut up. Ike Ryan, one of the thieves, was shot in tho side and beaten with revolvers. Ho will also die. j Tom (ialcr, F rank Jones, and Put Formal! were all arrested, and recopnied by Scoullar as hay- j mp visited bis store duriup the day. i CHAKOED WITH FOI'.CKHY AND COMIDEXCE j OPEIiATIONS. i Frnnk V. Ptaubern, late chief bookkeeper of ; Fowler liros'. Fai kinp Company, is in jail in default of bail under eharire of forpinp and eonrldenee operating'. While beinp arrested he j shot, at the ollicers repeatedly, lie pives the j names of parties in chicapo, St. Louis, and Kausaa City of hiph standuip who wil'' aid him. j 1 IOWA. ! DEATH OF jriK.b I.E FKINOWFI.L. I Clinton, la., Aup. 13. .Special. Judpe W. I E. Li flinpwell died at Lyons at 10 o'clock this j morninp, ajied u:S. He w as one of the first settlers of this county and a widely-known lead- ! inp criminal lawyer. He res'ded in Chicapo i several years, leavinp there a lew days apo. ; He was President of the Senate in Is,",;), and ' afterward Judpe of this district. He leaves a widow, dauphtcr, and two sods. One of tho j latter lives in Chicapo. j THE li.K HESTF.n TRAriETlT. j MrsCATiNK, la., Aup. 1:5. Special. W. I Riddle, the principal and murderer in the trape- dy near Rochester, in Cedar County, mciitionod I in The Thibi ne of Tuesday, waived e.tamina- j tion at the preliminary trial, and hopes to alear j himself on u pica of insanity. A C.1IAVE ALLEGATION'. j Hrnrori:, la., Aup. bi. Special. Otto j Iirown, late engineer of the Key City Furniture Company, was arrested this inoruiup charped with atteinptinp to blow up tho boiler by pet- tinp into the enpine-room at nipht and with- ilrawinp wat.T from the boiler. The latter was wrecked, and an explosion prevented by with- 1 drawing the tires in time. FREIGHTS AND CHARTERS. AT CHICAGO. The lake-freipht market settled back into its old-time depression yeeterday, a sharp advance in the prices of wheat and corn having shut oil all demand for prain-carriers. There was a model ate supply of tonnape on the market, and several enpapements were made early in the day. There waa scarcely any inquiry durinp tho afternoon. Kates were 6teady and nominally unchanped. The best rate on full cargoes to liuflalo was I? cents for wheat and 1 1 2 cents for corn. Shippers pay .i cent hipher on small lots. The line apents claim to obtain earpoes on a throuph rate to the seaboard that pay 2 14 cent to the vessel. The rate on corn to Kinpston was o!i centd, and on corn to Sarnia 1 vi cents. There are several empty grain vessels in port that will not accept a carpo until better rates can be obtained. The receipts of pritin yester-. day appjsf -pared l,u30.4'Vi oushels. If prain continue, to come in as liberally durinp the re-mninder of tho season there is likely to tio something of a boom iu lake freiphts. The en-Piiptments yesterday were as follows: To liufala. Prop Aradia, corn Prop Milwaukee, corn Prop l. i'. Wiiit.ney, corn..... Prop I). C. Whitney, wheat To Kingston. Schr Ellen Spry, corn To Erie. Prop behigh, corn I'i op Lehigh, rye Ti Vu'ltnfuliry. Sohr White Star, corn 7 '' . iirniti. St tir J. L. McLaren, corn .- 10.000 bchr Flying Cloud, corn ls.lHil) 2Tn. bti. . ;o.oii . Sli.liuO . 25. CilO . 40,000 . 40,000 . 50.000 . b.OUO . 23,000 Total 30.'t,0i!0 Lumber freiphts were dull at unchaiiped rates. Very lew loads were olleriup. There is no improvement iu tho condition of ore freiphts. AT BAY CITY. Hay City, Mich.. Aup. 13. Special. Freights took anoiher tumble here today, six boats oeiup chartered to carry 3,000,000 feet of lumber to liutlalo imd Tonawanda at Sl.ti' j, a drop of 1 cents. Vesselmen are conlidcnt that the break is only on the Bix boats mentioned and will not affect rates. AT CLEVELAND. Cleveland, O., Aup. 13. Special. Lake freiphts were quiet today. There was some demand lor coal lonnape to Chicapo, and the rate went to 75 cents in consequence, a rise of 5 cents. Charters were: Prop Minneapolis, coal, Cleveland to Escanaba, at fill cents, and ore back 011 private terms; sehnsS. 11. Foster, coal, Cleveland to Chicapo, at 75 cents; 1'athliuder, ore, Lscauaba to Cleveland, at 70 cents. AT MILWAUKEE. Mit.wArKEK. Wis., Aup. 13. Special. The schr Puthlinifrr, which has been iu ordinary here for two weeks, was chartered today for ore from F.scanabu to a Lake trie port. The schr H. M. Scove, which was laid up last week, waa enpaped to load prain at Chicapo for Kinpston. Several vessels are still in ordinary here, amonp them the schrs C. C. Iiarnes and M. E. Tremble, which have been laid up for a month. The schr Alvin lironson came in litr". lrom Chicapo today to lay up. AT BUFFALO. Buffalo, X. Y., Ai.p. 13. Special. There was no chanpe in coal freiphts today, rates be-bip steady al 70 cents to Milwaukee and Chicago. The charters comprised the strs Siberia, t.corpe King, iiur.inpton, schr taveland, bar-pes t '. L. Vounp, 11. t". Church, A. C. Keatinp, (i. Hall, lor Milwaukee, at 70 cents; scur J. I. ( use. for Chicapo, at 70 cents; schr G. G. Houghton, barpe Levi Rawson, for Kenosha, at SO cents. Canal freiphts were firm on tho basis of 4 cents on wheat, 3f cents on corn, and ;'3 cents on oats to New York. will JAY GOULD'S FINANCIERING. '.CCiileii 0, V,,,!.l 11 (,, ... ,, 'i me next annual ses- a. I .IllJiOr, .io AufTUst, tho second Wednesday iu A PHYSICIAN'S DEATH. KorsFoin. i;.., Au-. i:b-IsVecial.-T)r. C. .H.chtw, .be. levy. iu. d ;,l years. He was ty;;;' ,,1,yeu;:ttu ui 1HIAZEE POTTEU. A dispatch was received in this city todiv nttoui.clnp the inarrinpc at Auburn, X Y i.y-e Hev. Lanstrp Porter, formerly pastor' of ,ft- ,'rSt '''''f!itiotml Church or Kockiord, ti ',1'' M' lira''-t' ttud Miss Caroline A. Pot- r of RocUtord. ( ol. liraee has for years P'V'tiee.i at the Winm-bapo County liar, and is j,w k'iown in public ntl'.nrs. Miss Potter was "Taer. y u teacher in the Rocitioia Fcciaie aiinury. A HEUtOU? ClIAItOK. naVl1 1!i,'r- "I'l nmi hitherto hiphly re-ted resident of Rockford, was touay nr-1. p hy Stieriir C. C. Stirlinp of Fayette Coun- renubyivauitt, ou the chaise of procuriiiif How He Vnloailed Ills Union Pacific ut Just the Proper Moment lor His I Own Good. I Mew YotiK, Aug. 11. Gath: Jay Gould has been tho particular person soupht to be ruined j by tho bears. They had an idea that by de- j moralizinp confidence they would find Gould j so enormously extended in his holdinps that ho j would have to let po somewhere, and, like the Irishman at the too ot the welt with his hands around a windlass and his comrades clinging to his feet, so as to make a strinp down the well, if ho took oil" his hands anywhere to spit on them down went the whole line. l!ut Gould teems to be the prize speculator of the plobe. Sinpie-hauded, with this wholo continent mapped out under his eye, with a very small adjunct force, consisting1 of only one or two brokers and some accountants, he lose hero to win heavily yonder. While people are looking at his losses in one placo and shouting with joy thi't ho is down, lw has broken out in a new place and become the owner of another million. He has stability, too, as is evidenced in his Cnion Paci'.ic campaipu. He bepan to buy Union Pacific stock somewhere about bs71, when, throuph the failure of Oakes Ames and the general panic, this stock was down to 15 or "0. Ames' sons had a lot of tho Slock, and thouph they were poor they trusted their deceased lather so much iu his predictions abo it this road that they managed to keep it. Therefore, when Gould move d the stock up by Uio slow approach of better times, the Ames stock moved up. too. Other persons in JJoston took up Gould, as a respectable authority, notwithstanding what the New York papers hud to say. iso, in tho com so of time, I'nion Pacific was above par, and it turned out to be a pn at triumph in Gould's hands. The trouble with other people is that they ure always expectiiip Gould to be lookinp out for them, when he always is lookinp out for Gould. The purpose of his campaign was accomplished when he took this stock up to such a high figure. His natural move next was to realize on the stock ut hiph figures. Ingenious explanations are triven about the rascality of the man in accomplishing this, but 1 hear nobody say that he tailed lit it. They claimed that lie staved oil the Government from getting its just ones in tho road, but Gould was not the Government, and if Gould beat the Government be is entitled to a little praise as a man standing alone. Some of tho newspapers argue a speculator is a great criminal unless he pays judinneuts which are not exacted from him. 1 find everybody dodges ta.ves and judgments who can do so. In the end Gould got rid of his stock, while keeping up its dividends and etavmp off payments to Government, by bringing in extra bills for mail transportation, etc. This is done all tho time by everybody who can do it, bad as it is. Moautirue Gould was drawing- out of Cnion Pacifto. and he paid off some losses in sp'-culation with this stock. " Ah 1" said people looking on, "see how Gould is tightened now He has had to sacrifice the only valuable thing he had his Union Pacific." Not long before they were saving that this I. nion Pacific of Gould was not worth more than 20 cents on tho dollar. If they had stuck to too sitter proposition, instead of chanpuip it, they would have been ripht. for Gould knew tho inside of the road; that it had a great many judgments, etc., against it, and he delivered his stock into tho hands of tho pood men of liostou, who know everything, e-peeiatlv on morals. Tt seems that the chief dupe in i'toston was Charles Francis Adams not the man who played bunko. This junior Charles Francis had been filling up the reviews and railwav journals tor a long tune with what he did net know about railroads. Gou.d. at periods, pays great apparent respect to these gentry, and ireis thetu on his -ide. So laioa Pacific, on the advice of Charles Francis Adam.-, was pushed on lioston. Some of tins, with others, the Ames boys received, who had been holding their father's stock all alonp. and con id have sold it out at. any time for about par. They concluded that Mr. Gould was with them, that Mr. Adams was advising them, and thev held till that fatal moment when down went tho stock, and now it stands about 41. and there are sales iu it every day of about 50,000 shares. KI.A1XE AT BAH HARBOR. TSar. Hakboh, Me., Aup. 13. Special. Mr. Blame took a short run to Ranger this morning. He spoke at the soldiers' reunion there, returninsr ibis evening with M. P. Har.dy of the Philadelphia Ittts via the Jiuine Central tranefer steamer. NAUTICAL. NOTES OK IMPOHTANCE TO MAK1NEHS. The prop IL Chisholra has been detained here by the serious illness of her Captain. The passenper v-rop Joseph L. Hurd leave for Lake Superior tomorrow night. A wrecking company has been formed at Owen Sound with a paid-up capital of ?b),ooo. The prop George L. Colwell, w liich was libeled Monday night, was bonded yesterday and sailed for Hay City. The schr T. L. Parker will take coal from Kuffalo to Lake Superior and return to Chicago with a carpo of iron-ore. Last year 374 vessels, aggregating 74.090 tons, were built in Canada. The estimated value of Ihe new tonnape is S3.333.050. The passenper prop Oneida, wrecked on tho St. Lawrence River last fall, has been rebuilt and will po into commission next week. The Captain of the prop Resolute was offered a carpo of prain, but. refused to load his boat at the rate ottered. He lelt lor Sarnia light. Tno tug Crawford left the harbor Monday nipht in search of a tow. and returned last evening light. The tug business is almost pros-tinted." Among the list of Canadian craft is a schooner which was built in 16'ti. Another was built in lii-tt and quite a number have been .afloat since ISto. The schr Queen, which was raised by Capt. Merryman, is at Iirockville. Her hull is in good condition. She will be repaired at Iirockville. F'lni?s were flying at half-mast all along tho river yesterday on account of the death of Capt. Arthur R.Atkins. The funeral will be held at ihe late residence of the deceased, No. HO Willard place, at 1 o'clock today. A fter the Anchor Line prop Gordon Campbell had finished loading her cargo she started down the river and became disabled by getting a lop in her wheel. She w as detained several hours while a diver was sent down to remove the obstruction. Capt. liogart of the prop Montengle severed his connection with that boat last evening and left lor Rufialo, where he will assume command of the prop Heotia. Capt. liogart waa master of the prop Roanoke last year. He is one of the most competent steamboat-men on the lakes. An adjourned mectingof the tug-owners was held yesterday. A number of scaled bids we re received for laying up tups, but none were opened. The project of reducing expenses by laying up some of the tugs does not seem to meet with unanimous approval, as several members of tho association were not present yesterday. No delinit action was taken. A committee was appointed for the purpose of ascertaining how many owners were w iliinp to pay their proportion of the expense. Tho meeting adjourned subject to a call of the committee. The steamship Fred Mercur of the Lehigh Valley Line met wiih a serious mishap yesterday near Twelfth street bridge. She had been loading grain at an elevator and was backing out of Kmpire slip, when she struck the dock and broke three buckets off from her wheel. It will cost about StitiO torepairthe damage. The Superintendent of the line was notified by telegraph of the accident, and the boat is waiting lor instructions. She will either wait here until a new wtieel can be sent from liuttalo or will be towed down by the Oceanica. The accident is a provoking one, as the boat was neatly loaded and would have got away last, nijriit. If she is detained here until a new wheel arrives she wiii not be ready to sail until Saturday. Capt. II. N. Throop, said to be the oldest sleauiboat-mnn in America, died at Pultney- ilie, X. V.. last week, 87 years old. Fifty years apo he L uilt the lake steamer Express at fuli-n.-yville. and later the widiy-known schooner ii.vcl, which figured conspicuously in the Canadian rebellion of 137. He was the builder of the first propeller wheel in 130. aud a year later invented propeller or screw wheels attached to sides of a boat. The wheels are still extant at Pultney ville, and are the oldest known. It is stated that Capt. Throop lent much aid to tho Canadian insurgents in tho rebellion of and that he escaped arrest and punishment by flight to Mexico, where ho secreted himself for several months. AROUND THE LAE.E3. THE NEWSBOY SOT DAMAGED. CHrr.OYCA.v, Mich., Aug. 13. Special. The schr Newsboy was released by the tug Leviathan last night and towed to Lake Huron. She was not damaged in the least. THE ALliERTA-OSBORS COLLIStON. Buffalo. X. Y'., Aug. 13. Special. Capts. Webb and Richardson, of the firm of II. J. Webb & Co. of Cleveland, part owners of tho J. M. Osborn, are in port. They are accompanied by II. D. Goulder, counsel for the Os-born's owners in the claim against the Alberta for damages caused by the recent collision. W. A. Moore of Detroit, counsel for the owners of the Alberta, is expected here tomorrow, when a private consultation will be held between the parties interested in that unfortunate disaster. 13. H. Williams will apneur in behalf of tho pool companies holding tho collision risk on the Alberta. It may be stilted that this risk is for $100,000, on a valuation $ 128,000. In case the Alberta shall linally be shown to have been to blame for the collision, the companies would have to pay $100,188 of the damages awarded, and the Alberta's owners would have Vi etand the rest of it. As near as can be learned, no testimony in connection with the disaster will be taken at this time. The statement that if the pooi companies should be obliued to nay their proportion of the damage done it would ruin some of them is ridiculous. It would assess them an average of about $500 each. OBITUARY. Frank Williams died unexpectedly early this forenoon, aged 57 years. He was bora in Connecticut and came here in 1837. He had been connected with surveys of the lakes, with the enlarcement and deepening of the St. Clair River, and other worts connected with the development of lake commerce. About twenty years ago he engaged in the transportation business at this port and later became identified with the coal interests. He was senior memlier of the firm ot Frank Williams Co., w bich supplies coal to many of the eteaniera calling here and also has the contract for shipping to Port Arthur a large amount of railroad iron for the Canada Pacific Railroad. THE PARAGON' AFLOAT. Kingston. Out., Aug. 11. Special. The Fchr Parniron. which ran mrounil Saturday near tho N ine-Mile Light, was released today attcr tweuty-flvo tons of her cargo had been taken oil. A QUICK BOUNTi-Tlilp. Bay City, Mich., Aug. 13. Special. The tug Music with four barges made the round-t rip to Tonawanda and Ituffalo.uriloading lumber ... ....... ..1.,... i ...v tl.'C UIlH -F. ....... . I. . j 111 urn i. ijiin.-ca, .u nj w xuuiituii uours. wumu iiiuo is uiietiuaiieu. SHIPYARD NOTES. Mii.WAUKEE.Wis., Aug. 13. Special.! Capt. J. V. Tuttle returned from Manitowoc today, w here he had been looking after Canfield's new wrecking tug. She Is already in frame, and will he completed Oct. 1. At Manitowoc Hanson & Scove are building a now schooner for O. Torrison. She is to be 77 feet long, 21 feet beam, and ays feet hold. James Rutler is building a new schooner, which is to be finished Oct. 1. The schr Staf-lo.d of Muskegon is being rebuilt, including new centre-board box, now frames in ends, new dub frames, decks, and bulwarks. The rebuild will cost 83,000. Tho tug Hoffmau is receiving a $3,000 rebuild. VESSEL MOVEMENTS. LAKE MICHIOAX.-GRAXO Haves, Mich., An?. 13. Special. Ar rived and riearea Mnirs .un-mean, city ot Milwaukee, ti. P. Heath. Whitehall. Mich., Aug. 13. Special. Arrived Schrs Klla kllenwood. Condor, belie Laura. All cleared. Weather very hot, with light south wind. Kscanaba, Mich., Aug. 13. Special. Arrived Props Merriuntc, Maine. Sailed Props, Maine; schr Cnadilla. Wind south, light. Weather clear. Chaki.evoix, Mich., Aup. 11. Special. Arrived Schrs America, Jennie Weaver. Cleared Schrs Jessie Phillips, Sardinia, Charlotte ltaab, l'rime. Sea Gem, KHgle Winp. Shehoyoa.v. Wis., Aug. Ui. Special. Arrived Kvenuig Star, (iuiite, Silver Cloud. Jessie Winter, Island City, Muift-'le Johnaon, Clara. Sailed Knlpbt Templar, for Tonawanda, light. Weather clear. Wind south. FliANKPOKT, Mich., Auu. 13. Special. Arrived Props Weston, Sanford. CummniKS, Lawrence. Departed Props Weston. Sanford, Cuui-111 iops. Lawrence: schrs Carrier, Auisilun, Burt Barnes. G. W. Scott, O. Newbouse. Milwaukee, Wis., Aug. I'i. Special. Clearances Prop Boston and ertr il. M. Scove, for Chicago; schr K. P. Reals, for Buffalo, wheat; steam-burge John N. Cilidden and consorts, Georpe li. Wuriuinpton, schr Pathfinder, for Escanaba. MUSKECON, Mich., Aup. 13. Special. Departures Schrs Penobscot, Evelyn, tor Milwaukee; prop H. U. Inperboll. for Waukecun; schrs Tennie and Laura, for Port Washington ; it. Kanters, White l ioud. L. B. Cow les, props Tempest, George Dunbar, 11. C. Brittaln, for Chicago. l.nnxf.TOX. Mich., Aup. 13. Special. 1 Arrived Props Marshall F. Butters, Huttie Perue; tug George E. Brockway and tow; schrs I.lllie Pratt, Fleetwinp, Cleared Prop Hattie Perue; tup George K. Brockway and tow; schrs Mars, M. K. Cook, Nancy lell, ilollie. Venture, M. J. Holmes, Addie. Manistee. Mich., Aup. 13. Special. Arrived Stmrs City of I.udington, F. i P. M. No, 1; prop Niagara: itehrs EOeiiezer. 1. Sands, F. Moss, John Mee. DrendnauKht, liattie Fisher. Sailed Stmrs F. & 1'. M. No. 1, City of Ludinpton; prop Joseph Ruuibel. Charles Kietz : schrs Topsy, M. Caprou, Ida 1L Tabor, J. Marks, Areiidul, Hattie Fisher. THKOCCH TUB SOO. SAULTE Ste. Makie. Mich., Aug. 13. Special. Passed down Prop S. Chamberlain and sonsort, prop Joseph L, Hurd, prop Quebec, prop Alpoiua, prop Kmpire State. Passed up Prop Japan, prop Arizona, prop Osceola, prop St. Mnpnus. prop Hecla and consort; tun Seymour; schr John Bcgl es, schr Lady McDonald, schr Niagara; prop Continental and consort. Saui.t Ste. Marie, Mich., Ansr. IS. Special. Passed up Prop Warrington, S :25 p. ru. ; prop Jay Gould, 0:.j0 a. ru.; prop J. H. Whiting, 0:50 a. ni. ; prop Business and consort, 3 p. ru. ; prep Badger State, 10:.";0 a. in. Passed down Prop Einpirb State, 8:05 a. m. ; prop Northern, 12 :05 p. m. ; prop Toledo, 3:25 p. m. : prop Smith Moore, o p. ni. ; stmr Francis Smtth, 6:50 p. ru. : prop Iron Duke and consort, 3:10 a. m. ; tup E. M. Peck and erhr Charles Wall. 10;45a. m.; schr Chris Graver. The schr Wagslatl is unloadinp coal at this port. LAKE SUPEKIOR. Ontonagon, Mich., Aup.13. Special. Arrived Prop City of Fremont, Duluth. Wind west, very lipht: clear and warm. Wash burn. Wis., Aup. 13. Special. The China cleared for Buffalo. The Arizona cleared lor Duluth. 'the Jupan arrived west-bound and cleared lor Duluth. Pout AiiTiit H, Ont., Aup. 13. Special. Arrived Schr Midland Hover, from Midland; Ontario, from Duluth. Cleared Ontario, for Sarnia; Kussia, for North Shore. Duluth. Minn., Aug. 13. Special. Arrived Props St. Louis. Arizona; barges Queen of the West, K. It. Hale; schrs Cyclone, George W. Davis, Thomas Gawn, Alva Bradley. Cleared Prop St. Louis. L'ANsr, Mich., Aug. 13. Special. Arrived Tug Gladiator wilh scars Selkirk, Baldwin, and Col. Cooke; stmr S. J. Macy with schrs John Burt and Jshpeming; stmr Khoda Emily with schr C. 11. Burton. Hancock. Mich., Aug. 13. Special. Arrived Osceola, KufTulo ; Duluth, Duluth. Cleared Osceola, Duluth: Duluth, Chicago: Chamberlain and consorts, Cleveland; Gladiator and consorts, Marquette. The Khoda Emily left for L'Anse to load irou-ore for Chicgo. Maujuettb. Mich., Aug. 13. Special ArrivedContinental with Magnetic, H. L. Worthing-ton with Shawnee nnd Oneonta. Porter with A. T. Bliss, Ida Corning and T. H. Crhoou. Cleared Stmr Cormorant, tug Niagara with schrs Mont Blanc. Montmorency, Montgomery. Montcalm, and Kepuulie. Passed down Idaho. LAKE HURON. rntBOYOAX, Mich., Aug. 13. Special. Arrived Schrs J. Luff, Fleeting. Millard Fillmore. West wind, light; fog; weather tine. THROUGH THE RIVERS. . Detroit, Mich., Aug. 13. Special. Passed up lapt niL-tit Props Calumet. II. J. Jewctt, Kudolpti and barges. Down Props Taconia, Missouri and barges. Torrent and rait: schrs B. F. Bruce. C. Ames. Passed up today Props J. Sheriffs, George Spencer, City of Cleveland, City of Mount Clemens, Zra Chaffee and barges, K. Stewart and barges. United Lumberman and barge, Hiawatha and consort; schrs J. C. Harrison, A. CobD, C. Crawford, P. 9. Marsh. Down Prop Cumberland, Shickluna, Oscoda. Chicago. Michigan and barges. V. Swain and consorts, Cleveland and barges, M. Sicken and barges, Yusemite and barges; schrs Helvetia, K. Ilailarune. Corning; Joseph Keed and raft, S. Chamberlain and consort. Wind southwest, light; clear. Port Hup.on, Mich., Aup. 13. Special. Passed dow n Michigan and barges, 4 :10 a. m. ; Oscoda, 6 a. m. ; V. Swain and consort, 7:20 a. m. ; Cliamber-lsin, J. Martin. 9 a. ni. : Chicago. 9:13 a. m.; Sanilac, 11a. m. ; New York, 1 :2' p. m. ; Empire State, 1:20 p. m.; Fame, 1:30 P- ru. ; Northerner, 6 p. m. ; Wm. Edwaris, Golden Age. Charles Foster. 6:10 p.m. Lp Samuel F. Hurtle, 11:15 p. m. ; Ger-mnnia and barges. 1 :K0 - m. : A. A. Turner and barges, 1:10 a. m.; Oswego, Fanny Campbell, swallow, A. Boodv, 2:30 a. m. ; tup Beatrice, Waveily. 2:30 a. m.s Inter-Ocean, 2:30 a. m. ; E. K. Roberts,; Flora. 7:30 a. m. ; Calumet. 7 a. m.; Arctic, 8 a. m. ; Handy Boy and barges, 7:20 a. m. : H.J. Jewett, 7 :10 a. m:M. M. Drake, F. L. Dan-forth. l'ensaukee, 8:10 a. w.t William Kudolphand barees, 11:40 a. m. ; Kittie Haight, William Young, St. Clair. 12 m. ; City of Concord. F. J. Dnnforth, 1 p. m. ; Citv of Mackinaw. 4:15 p. m. ; Kalkaska. 5:30 p. ru. : tug Hand, Mary Davis. 5:40 p. ru. ; J. Sheriff, 1:20 p. m. ; Ira Chaffee und barges, 2:30 p. m. ; Cnited Empire. Wind south, light. LAKE EKIE. Cleveland, O., Aug. 13. rspeeial. There were no Upper Lake arrivals today. Cleared Prop D. M. Wilson, for Chicago, and schr Cauiden, for Milwaukee, both with coal. Erie. Pa., Aug. 13. Special. Entered Julia Wiilard. Kelley's Island, stone; prop India, Du-lut-h. passengers and merchandise; schr F. W. Gilford. Escanaba. Iron. Cleared Prop India, Buffalo, passengers and merchandise; schr Julia Will-ar.i. Keiley'a Island, lipht; schr Constitution, Milwaukee, coal. Buffalo. X. Y.. Aug. 13. Special. Arrivals Prop Juniata. Chicago, flour, etc.; Rochester. Chicago, corn, flour, etc.: Commodore, Chicago, corn, flour, etc. ; V. II. Ketcham. Milwaukee, wheat: Siberia. Chicago, wheat; Portage, Chicago, wheat. Hour, etc.; Wicslow, Duluth, wheat, copper, etc.; Nyack, Duluth, hour, etc.; schr J. I. Case, Chicago, wheat. Clearances Props Conemauph, Chicaco, sundries: India. Duluth, sundries; V. II. Ketcham. Milwaukee. l.Si'O tons coal; Anna Smith, Milwaukee. 900 tons coal; W. T. Graves. Duluth, 1.150 tons coal; Walliila. Duluth, 1.050 tons coal; Buffalo. Chicago, sundries; eehr ti. W. Adams, Duluth, 2.150 tons coal. WELLAKD CANAL. PORT Colboknr, Ont., Aug. 13. Specials-Passed down Steam-barge Nipigeon and barges, Pequaniing to Ogdensbmp, lumber: prop California, Chicago to Montreal, general cargo, lp Nothtng. Port Dalhocsie, Ont., Aug. 13. Special. 1 1 assed np Schrs Halsted, Charlotte to Chicago, coai; Nassau, Oswego to Chicago, coal; St. Lawrence, Oswego to Chicago, coal, M. J. Cumminps, Oswego to Chicago, coal. Down United States steamer Date, Buffalo to Ogdensbnrg. supplies; Myles, Port Arthur to Charlotte, light; schrs toiandon, Toledo to Kingston, wheat: Willie Keller, Detroit to Kingston, wheat. Fine, warmer weather. With light southwest wind. STRAITS OF MACKINAW. Mackunaw City. Mich., Aug. i;i.s:peeial. fassed down lTops Saginaw Vallev. Keystone and consorts. Allegheny and consorts, Fayette and consorts: tup Swain with schrs Bolivia, Oliver Much-ell, G. B. Sloan, Hoboken. Samana: schrs B. Hans-corn. M. Fillmore, Rising Star. City of Green Bay, C. Nilsson, C. A. King. Adventure, City of Chicapo. lassed up Props Wissahickon. J. B. Lyon and consorts; schrs Col. Ellsworth, F. Corella, Arabia, T. Howlund. Wind west, light. LAKE ONTARIO. Charlotte. N. Y., Aup. 13. ISpecial.l Arrived Props W. J. Averdi. Scotia. Cleared Props W. J. Averill. Chicago, coal; bcotia, Port Arthur, coal; schr Halsted, Chicago, coal. Wind northeast, light. Kingston, Ont., Aug. 13. Special. Arrived bchr E. 11. Blake, from Toledo, corn. PORT OF CHICAGO. ARRIVALS. Prop T). C. Whitney, Milwaukee, light. Schr Wayne, Milwaukee, light. lrop S. C. Hall, Alpena, lumber. Schr Light Guard, Alpena, lumber. Schr Russian. Alpena, lumber. Prop I.ora. Benton Harbor, sundries. Prop M. Groh, Muskegon, lumber. Prop Albert Soper. Muskegon, lumber. Bchr William Jones, Cedar itiver, lumber. Schr American L11101:, Menoiuince, lumber. Stmr John A. Dix, St. Joseph, sundries. Prop City of St. Joseph, St. Joseph, sundries. Prop A. E. Wilds. Muskegon, lumber. Prop Mary Groh. South Haven, sundries. Prop James H. Shriley, Manistee, lumber. Stmr Sheboygan, Milwaukee, sundries. Prop Milwaukee. Buffalo, sundries. Prop A. B. Taylor, tsaugaturk. sundries. Prop Annie Laura, Muskegon, lumber. Prop J. H. Aliniiudiiiger, Muskegon, lumber. Schr K. Harmon, Alpena, lumber. Prop W. L. Wetmore, Esefinaba, iron-ore. Schr Brunette, Escanaba, iron-ore. Prop Daisy Day, .Muskegon, lumber. Prop Armenia, Montreal, sundries. Prop George Burnliam, Manistee, lumber. Prop John Pridgoon Jr., Buffalo, coal. Schr David Alacy, Grand Haven, lumber. Prop "St. Joseph. Menominee, lumber. Prop Swallow, White Lake, lumber. Prop B iscobel, Peshtigo, towing. Schr Noijue Bay, l'estitipj, lumber. Sctir Advance, Peshtigo, lumber. Prop T. W. Snook, White Lake, lumber. Schr Annie O. Hanson. Frankfort, lumber. Prop Avon, Buffalo, sundries. Prop Joseph I. Hurd, Duluth, sundries. Prop Menominee. Muskegon, sundries. Prop Messenger, Cheboygan, fcunuriea. Schr Lady Dufferin, Vert island, stone. Schr Starke, Thompson, bark. Stmr Chicago, Manitowoc, sundries. Schr Penokee, Evanston, light. Tug C. M, Charnley, Sturgeon Bay, towing. Barge No. I, Sturgeon Bay. lumber. Schr Australia, Mieliigan City, sand. Sehr Gilbert Knapp. MuHkegon. lumber. Schr Adirondac. Marinette, lumber. Schr Evra Fuller. Menominee, lumber. Prop Adrienne, Michigan City, bundrius. CLEARANCES. Schr E. rtarmon, Tonawanda. light. Schr Minnie Slauson, Alpena, light. Prop S. C. Hall, Tonawanda. ligut. Prop Gordon Campbell, Buffalo, 24,000 bu wheat, 20,000 bu corn. Schr L. S. Hammond, Cape Vincent, 20,293 bu wheat. Prop Resolute, Sarnia, light. Schr Waukesha, Port Huron. 19.287 bu corn. Schr Comanche, Kingston, 21,445 bu corn. Pnw. Arabia. Buffalo, 25.355 bu corn, 6,375 brls flour. bchr Ligtit Guard, Tonawanda, lipht. Schr Russian, Touawanda, light. ridiculous in the eyes of the main body of Toters. Tho well-known fact that a considerable portion of the men who took part in the Independent meetings, esjieciaby the one held in Boston, are opposed to the protective policy of the Republican party leaves the movement open to the grave suspicion that, under the cloak of a Pecksniftiau doubt as to the political and private morality of the Republican candidate, they are trying to accomplish what cannot be done in a fair and honest attack. Howard M. Holmes. CIVIL-SERVICE REFORM. Dependent Upon Republican Ascendency Mr. Blaine's Record Consistent witlt tlie Keform Bolter Inconsistencies) Reviewed. Lansing, Mich., Aug. 6. The following letter from one of the foremost advocates of civil-service reform in the West is published in the CieU-Serrice Record. It deserves the thoughtful reading of all sincere advocates of civil-service reform who are not so blinded by-personal or political passion that they are willing to sacrifice tha reform if only they can gratify their revenge: To the Editor of the Ciril Service Iieeord: As a constant reader of the CiTc'i Srrri'ee Record, and as an ardent believer iu the final reform of our civil service, I yet beg leave to present views opposed to those that you and others express in regard to Mr. Blaine, and the duty of Republican reformers in tho coming election. There can be no doubt that, under possible circumstances, "bolting" a party nomination is justifiable; but equally true is it that such a movement should not be resorted to lightly. Bolting " is revolutionary in its character, and, thouph it may rise parallel to the dignity ot our colonial contest for liberty, yet the danger is great of its sinking to tho level of a Mexican factional warfare. The Republican opposition to Mr. Uluine in the Eastern States not having submitted "facts to a candid world " to win for itself the former comparison, it certainly must be characterized by tho latter. Tho main reason the Independents give for their action is that Mr. Blaine is tho very personification of all that is bad in the spoils system; in fact, to use your o-vn expression, a " political robber baron." Now, if that charge could be substantiated by a long array of " facts " it would justify the action of the Independents. Thousands of earnest Republican believers in civil-service reform have looked in vain for such "facts"; and it is safe to prophesy that until such "tacts" are "submitted," along with tho sweeping denunciations, the mass of the honest voters will be little moved by this hostile action of a very small portion of the Eastern Independents. The truth in regard to Mr. Blaine's use of Government patronage during his Congressional career is that, while he was not faultless according to the strict but just, beliefs now entertained by civil-service reformers), be was not a common place-hunter for his political followers. Certainly, he did not debauch the public service as you would have your readers believe. I presume he had not the bravery, like Senator fldmonds, absolutely to reiuse to be concerned in tho matter of appointments, except in a constitutional way. We could admire him more if he had exhibited such bravery; but it is not reasonable to desert the Republican party now, because Mr. Blaine bent, as ninety-nine out of every hundred Republican Congressmen bent, to the fearful pressure of office-seekers. It is probably true that, when a vacancy occurred in any post-office in his district, Mr. Blaine recommended one of his political Iriends to the position. Undoubtedly Garfield did the same thing. All the Republican Congressmen were ohliged more or less to seek offices. Some did it willingly, others under protest, despising and denouncing tho system. What can be brought forward to prove that Mr. Biainc was worso than his fellow-Congressmen in this respect? 1 it known that the appointments made at his recommendation were peculiarly bad ones? Is it known that he ever by public- or private utterances upheld the spoils system? While knowing no facts that prove Mr. Blaine is the prince of spoils-hunters. 1 can mention several that tend to disprove that charge. In the first place, during a iarge part of his C011-pressionai career he was not particularly in favor with the appointing power at Washiug--r,. nn.l undoubtedly pielerred his claims as little as possible. Second. y. his personal popu larity in his State was so great tuai uo -ua raised above the ordinary vicissitude of a Con-pressman's political fortunes, and thus was not obliged to pander so much to the insatiable demand for ouice. One w ho is so prejudiced as to refuse to aekiiov.-.e.lpe this fact is not worthy of an argument on any question. So much for Mr. Biaine's action. As lor his opinions in r ard to ctvil-service reform. I have nothing more to guide me man a speech he once delivered, in which he ably discussed the Tenure-of-Oflice act, ascribing to it a very baneful influence on the civil service. There is nothing in the record cf Mr. Blame, nor i there anvthmg in the range of probaoili-ties that justifies the belief that it elected he would iniure the civil-service reform movement. The fair, candid truth is that tho results of the labors of the Civil-Service Commission have probably convinced him, as they have thousands of others who have watched the experiment, of the practicability of the measure H has nothing to gain by opposing the reform of tne civil service, for no one is so hadv as to say that tho spontaneous uprising ah over tho country of delegates in his favor was due to the abuse of Government patronage Even as a shrewd and adroit politician, if you wish to characterize him so, he would be led by the force of the reform sentiment in his party, as Mr. Arthur has been, to conform his acts of appointment to approved civil-servk.e principles. The incongruity of professing civil-service reformers helping to put the Democratic party in power is to apparent that they will appear BASE-BALL. Cleveland, 1; Detroit, O. Detroit, Mich., Aug. 13. The game today was played with two new batteries. Cleveland secured Moore, of the disbanded Terre Haute Club, and the other three came from Grand Rapids. Their work was good throughout. The score: Itvninot 12366789 Cleveland 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 01 Detroit 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 00 Earned run Cleveland, 1. Two-baso hit Han-Ion. First-base on balls Detroit, 3. First-base on errors Cleveland, 2; Detroit. 1. Struck out Phillips, Whitely, Evans, Muldoon, Geiss, Getzerii, Fisher. Smith, Farrell (2) Cox, Gastlield. Double play Cox-Meinke-Geiss. Passed ball Moore. Time 1:38. Cuipire McLean. CHICAGO DRIVING PAEIv. 9 09 24 New York, ; Philadelphia, 1. New Y'ork, Aup. 13. The home team won today's game with ease. The score: Innings 1 2 3 5 B 7 New York 2 0 0 2 0 2 1 Philadelphia .0 0 0 2 0 0 0 Huns earned New York, 5. Bases on balls Philadelphia, 3. Bases on errors New York. 2; Philadelphia, 3. Struck out New York. 1; Philadelphia, S. Two-base hits Connor. Hankinson, Farrar. Three-base hit sFarrar. Ewtng. Double plays Caskins-Wood-McKennon ; l-ogarty-Mc-Clellan-Clemeuts. Wild pitch Welch. Time 1:40. Umpire Kelly. Northwestern League. Milwaukee, Wis., Aug. 13 Special. By reason of the recent changes tn the Northwestern League M.lwaukee now stands at the head of the list. A meeting of the league will be held at tho Plankinton House Friday afternoon. The Omaha's have tiled an application with the Secretary for Quincy's place m the league. Today's game between the Milwaukees and the St. Pauls resulted as follows: Inninijs 1 2 3 4 5 (1 7 8 9 Milwaukee 0 0 10 10 11 4 St. Paul 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 01 East Saginaw, Mich., Aug. J3. Base-ball: tiflinys 12 3 45 r. 789 Saginaw 4 1 1 3 0 0 0 2 11 Minneapolis 5 10000000 ti American Association. At Cincinnati Cincinnati, it; Louisville, 2. At Toledo Toledo, 11; Indianapolis, S. At Pittsburg Baltimore, Allegheny, 0. Other Games. Madison, Ind., Aug. 13. Special. The second of the series of the games between Shelby ville and Madison here this afternoon resulted 10 to 9 in favor of the home club. The closing match comes off tomorrow. At Kansas City Cincinnati Unions, 6; Kansas City Unions, 4. Columbus, 7; Hamilton, of the Ohio League, 6 twelve innings. At St. Louis St. Louia Unions, 7 ; Chicago Unions, 3. C leveland Will Not Disband. Cleveland, O., Aug. 13. Secial. The Cleveland team left Detroit tonight via the Grand Trunk for Providence, and wdll play a postponed game there Friday. The club will not disband, but will finish the season. Burch of Peoria, Moore, catcher of the Terre Hautes, Henry of Grand Rapids, and two new men will supply the places of the deserters. The directors have not accepted the proffered assistance. Buffalo offered Pitcher Hagan and Providence Catcher Murray, but there is no need of them. The team is stronger than ever iu spirit, and their three victories in Detroit has encouraged them. A Scurvy Trick. Norfolk, Va., Aug. 13. During a game of base-ball between the Baltimore Unions and the Athletic Club of Portsmouth, it was discovered that the Baitimores were playing with two balls a Jive one for themselves and a dead ball for their competitors. Intense excitement and confusion ensued. Four or live men and boys rushed to the diamond, aud the Baitimores would have been roughly handled but for tho police. DEFENDING CLEVELAND By Slandering Hamilton and JarkBon. New York, Aug.12. Editor .Sun. Much has been said in tho Independent papers, such as the Springfield Reiuhlicanl the Evening fosf, and some Democratic papers, in excuse for Mr. Cleveland, citing the conduct of Hamilton, and commending the bravery with which he met a like charge. They" mistake history. The charge against Hamilton was that ono Barrymore, who was a Treasury official when he was Secretary, was kept in office by Hamilton as a reward for tho favors of his wife. A mere charge against Hamilton that lie had a mistress would never have been answered by him, because, after the manner of that day, he would have felt that it did not touch his honor: but the accusation that be used tho Public Treasury to pay for his amours was ono that he would not abide. Therefore he published that famous pamphlet, extracts from which will be found inHildreth's History of the United States, in which, in short, he admitted that the husband was an officer under him, but declared that that was only because he was a good officer, and that his appointment had nothing to do with Hamilton's relations with his wife, for which, he asserted, he paid in good hard cash, and produced the original receipts of Mrs. Barrymore for those payments, so ill-composed and badly spclled that they bore evidence ot their genuineness on their face. All America commended tho bravery of Hamilton's defense, as all England applauded the Prince of Wales when he testified as co-respondent in Lady Mornaunt's divorce case that his relations with her were merely Platonic. But Mr. Cleveland has not made this brave defense, but perhaps he will in his letter of acceptance. It is to be noted, however, that Mr. Hamilton never offered himself for the suffrages of the people after that defense. Xor is Gen. Jackson's case a parallel; and I am ashamed of Democratic editors defaming Jackson in order to make a defense for Gov. Cleveland. Capt. and Mrs. Kobords had quarreled and separated, living in Kentucky. Kobords went to Virginia, and through one of his relatives, who was a member of the Virginia Lepisiature, he got an act passed divorcing him from Mrs. Kobords. After that divorce Gen. Jackson, not knowing that there was anything wrong about it, married Mrs. Kobords. and she made him a good wife and a happy home. Afterward the Supreme Court of Viipin. in another case decided that acts of divorce like Capt. Kobords' were void, because, among other things, the party charped was not, and never had been, a citizen of Virginia, and Virginia could make no law affecting her. Therefore she was still Mr. Kobords' wife in law. Jackson was ex-ceedinjrly distressed at tho condition of things, of which he himself and his wile were innocent victims. He then applied for her to the Kentucky Lepisiature, where the parties resided, for a divorce, which divorce was granted by the Legislature, which had jurisdiction. This would not have been done if the Lepisiature had believed Mrs. Kobords guilty of any wrong with (j en. Jackson. Such conduct would have been a full answer to her application. A divorce being granted. Jackson remarried her, and w-as her loving and ttuibful husband until her death, which he mourned through the rest of his iifo. A Democrat. ftiflxiimmnp n IT i KopiTiff Amur Ll ItUbllli. illtUUl V I. Iff Four First-Class Eaces TODAY, THURSDAY, AUG. 14. FIRST EACE-Mile Dash. Centennial Maid, I-ady Morton, Tnx, Laciycraft, Aristocrat. Mi night. Loupe, Eobert Bruce. SECOND RACE The Douglas Park Etttka. M Mile. Coukliutf. Berlin, F.r,,r.,ft Mauley, Avery, LongkniBTht, La Belle N. THIRD RACE All Ages. 1' Miles. Tnadjr, Lycurgrus, Ballard, Boz Sedam. Lemau, Bonnit Australian, Athloue. FOURTH RACE Ail Apes. Selling Allowance. 1H Stiles. Mart Borham. Hyder A bad. Die Brown, Vergie Items, Manitou. COMMENCING AT 2:30 P. M. RcniCEbiT (he Great Chainj iua Slake on Saturday. RACING EVERY DAY UNTIL ACQ. 21. Hon.tqimrters and official Pools at l'nbner House. Admission, iiiclu.niig seat in Grand Maud. l.iM. M;iiiison-st. cars run iiom tiie centre of the city t j the Track Gate. The C. K. V. K. It. will run a special train from I nion Depot on Canal-st. direct to the track, won ample accommodaUons for all. starting ut 2 p. ui. ; K A X 1) "(Tl'E K A-H ol'S E. " Ciark-st.. oni.ose.e l ourt-House. JU11.N A. HAMLIN Manage! HO.MK AGAIN! All the Way frora Mxico! C. I). HESS ENGLISH OPERA CO. A NOTABLE PRODUCTION! AN OLD GIRL IN A NEW DHKSs: SATURDAY EYES' ING. Nov. Itl. liulfe's ever popular BOHEMIAN GIRL. To ho prpftpnttKt it ouht t iip. Corrm't and Kle tram M'twiery! iiriiM:int "-ti!Ties! runj Mnrhf 1- 11 liiTnc ot 4'.' Vh t's, it i id an AU'.'uitMium orchestra. Observe Iho r.w-rf;ii i'n-a of c'riantctors: Mi AUbie I arrinjzton. Miss Kwiti.t Kriloii, Misg Julia May, Mia Mury Haktr. M. Mooffvriiro. Mr. Thirn. rhrinty. Mr. AInn.o Moflilnid, Mr. Jnu'i IVakts, Mr, Henry IVnken. Miss Ijixie ( Im ihiihu.M r. Murk larl-, Mr. If. K. Ie A. l.ieouattK Musirni Director. Jnim K. IK'kt'rt. hoarier it on'tivtrh. In UitMiruit'A 1 tir S-ene Onv Hundred and Kifiy IVrnttiu. wiii Dar-tiuinate. Urand M ihtary . Civic, und Vn Us l'rossi(n. other mimths ami new face itl he pre sen ted in rapid sueression u; tn ilie sanio elaborate cai. I'rices M.tFt, ,ie, and :.x DASE-BALL PA II lv LAKE iliOXT. LEAGUE GAMES. BA BUFFALO. "O ATT W. ilk f" 1 111 g ii in it H THURSDAY, AUGUST 14th. Game called at 3:40 p. m. LAST GAME UNTIL SLFbEMMER iC:h. Tickets for sale at SPALI UNO'S, io3 Madison-.2 TAMER'S, 103 Madison-st.: and MAYER'S, no W'ajlw HOOLEY'S TILEATilE. LAST NlGm'3: LAST NTGHTS1 Every Eveninc and Saturday Matinee. KICK'S BIG m'Kl.KSCd'K COMPANY and thi" Greut Comedian, HENRY K. DIXEY, In Wm. Gill's Bewilderinu Burlesque Niphtmare, .AJDOiNTS. Fridav. Testimonial to Mr. Pixpt. tuiidaj, Lactl Nitilit liice Hit Burlpr-iiue Coniumiy. Monday. Aup. is Carlotoii Entlish Opera Co. JiOOLEY'S EXTRA. ADYANCK SALK FOR Carleton's English Opera Company OPENS THIS THURSDAY MORNING AT 9 A. M. First 'Week's Repertoire MERRY WAR Monrtur, Tues.tHv. Wednesday evening, aud Thursday, k ilA DlAVnLO Friday, Saturday Mutmee, aud Saturday evenintr McVlCKEK'S THEATRE. A POSITIVE SUCCESS. ENGAGEMENT LIMITEDrTO TWO WEEKS. The New Picturesque Dramatic Spectacle, The Pavements of Paris! A sensxtiomil drama of intense interest. SECOND MATINEE SATURDAY. Special Performance Sunday Niitht. AMERICAN PANORAMA CO. SIEGrli: OP PARIS. The irreatest einht in Chicago. Thoroughly ventilated and liKhted at night by 33 Excelsior electric lights, open daily, Sundays Included, from fe-i'l a. al. to 1U:uU p. in. By cable cart to panorama place. NATIONAL PANORAMA CO., Wabash-av. aud Hubbard-cuurt. Battle of Gettysburg. Open daily, Sundays .inclwled. from S a. m. to 11 0 ii. Alhums now lor sale. Vandepoele Kleetric iAgh KOHL & MIDDLETOX'S SOUTH SIDE DIME MUSEUM. TIIE ORIGINAL MAGNETIC GIKIi Greatent and Stranpest Curiosity Living. Kvery other curiosity and Atae net new. " BAUM'S PAVILION. Toniirht and Kvery NiuhtThis Week. "THK EI.KCIUIC yUAHTETTE," Supported by a first-class Novelty Company. Removal of V.'reeki Li Harbor at New Or leain. UMTEll STATES ' NoTXEKll OFFICE. 37 Union-st., Ntw oki.ka.ns, la.. July l. 1HS4. ) Scaled propot,ni, in triphi-ate form, will be re. celvuil at this oltice until 1- o elock M., A uirust V lssj. for removal ol the followiim wreck! iu the harbor at New 'rlea rip, it. : SteauiMiiip G realm ni. now Ivlne In the Mississippi liiver. in line with ,mth-st.. City ot New Orleans. snip Asia, now lytnj in the'ii Sixth and Washington-sis.. City of New Orleans. sit.-mfbip Gen. Grant, now lyinu in the Mislmppt Itiver, In front of wlutrt between Tuuloune and Jet-lerson-sfs.. City of New Orleans. Bidders must tie redy to enter into contract within ten ilavfi aiicr nolittcutiiin ol uward of coiitr:i.-t. and rile bond lor same within ten uays alter signing contracts. lor blank form". pecittcuti.nt. or further Information apply at this omce. THOM AS 'i t K I LE, Captain ot fciiKinecrs. II. S. A. lroio8al for Pier Kxtension. Enoixeck ovvu-k U. S. ABUT, KhR. Wis , A utr t-HL -SEALED PROVOSALs. in triplicate, will be received at this "thee, tintii In o'trl-H-k a. in., on the S'lh, day ot A uirust. lv4, lor the extension ot pitsrs ut Uit lollowhii: harbors: Ontonagon. Mich., I'priMnkee. W'.. Grand Marias. Mil.h., Kewaii'iee, Wi., Cedar Itiver. Msch.. Two Itiver. '., Menoiiionee. Mich.. MamiiiuwAc. Wis, Oconto, is.., V':s Port Washington. Wis. Specifications and hums, forms lor proposals snd tniarantee tan be obtained at tins fl.i e on aip.ic-ti,,n. .1 W. UAIU.itW. Lt.-Col. ol Knijsneers. HELD FOR ALLEGED KALFKACTKE. Lot K port, N. Y., Aug. 13. Special. The EC-iieatioti&l cat-c of Dr. Ira Kichiiion.l of this city, who is charged with murder In the first dejrree in causing tho death of a young girl namtU Lizzie Cook by malpractice, has been cut examination before Justice Stevens, and con-citidcl today, the Justice holding Kiehrnoml for the next (rran.l jury, which Fits Septemtier 1. !r.s. V.'iiiiani Howeu, sister of the uniortunate victim, and at whose bouse she died, was held uuuer the same charge as an accomplice. BURGLARS AT WORK. Jant:svili.f., O., Auir. 13. Special. Our citizens are iilarrned at the numerous eases, of housebreaking that have occurred in our city within the last few nights. Po lar no arrests have been niadt, but last night out- of the thieves was t-hot at, and 1 rorn the cries he made probably hit. yet he made his escape. Since Friday last fourteen cases of house-breaking have occurred in the city, and our police are demoralized at their inability to make an arrest. Mothers, If you are failing, broken, worn out, and nervous use " ciis' Health Kenewer." tL Drugjjisia. Proposal for Iree-inij. KM.INt HI I H V V. S. All MT. Mil ivirin,. Vli. An, ii. SEAT.ED Pitop is A i ii1. ti liiiu Me. will here- reived :i t this . .fh.-e uiu. I KI oclocit a el-, on the 'M day of Augur t. i --. lor dl . '-t:::ii. as to. lows: Ceii'ir jliv.-r H:o I '.r. M. b. ipecifi.-Etions anil blank forms lor proposals ar.4 I guarantee '-e sent on "i'lfini on. I j. W HAi:l.oW. I.t.-i " Fnyb.cers. I ILtrbor Improvement. Fv:?VTit file r. U. S. A 11 MY, 1 No. l:J7 1 i-t P. o. IP or HI. V j ST. I'.u .. Minn.. Auk. b4. j Scaled proposals, in Hue'icate. w'l tie rwe-vod t-T the ui.Cers-i.e.l. at tni- o:h .-. ui.ti! U p. hi . '.siih M-I Ytrcc. -.-:-t. s. i--s, ul wuich place and time) 1 ,.'.'. ,.i, lor: j l.-.oi; iW :! ;:,eir-. le harbor cf D-itutfc. Mlr.n. Dree-'inir in tv i-iivi f -utNTlor. Wi-:i. im!,':n.' ;u tne harbor ol i.nwl .Mara. s. Conk C nntv. M,i.:i $iuiik uiM.11 which pri.;.i.s:i.s mint be msdn, con. tiuniuv tnsti ii.-'.i. us to S.-bi.b is its w--;l all i.tlicr in. torsuttUvo, may be obtained upon application to 1 1 1 .V "-. .1 . A 1 . 1 , K N , Mninrof Engineers. C. S. A. Sealed Proposals Wi:l t rreiYprl till noon. Mnlir, An;?. !&th. for tf m e;it;re JiiTcT.or '-ar;.eitoi' and J-'tner Vork 'f ACRrtPniTof Wu"Hat Kal Sntif-:w, .Mich. onimit tee r nerve rzhi to r-j-ct ny ur alt bid a. 4'ro p.alH to t'3 TT- with Mo-eiy Jin-., Kat Kf.irnHw specification, and detuil can b fiesta at tha buikUr.if at Kafli iiinaw. J. M. Wrw-TX Arrh.tet- S IOO.OOO STOCK Illustrated entire In fives CFUaiCitruea. Betel luc for efthr. or Sue tor all Kildrcf h i C. hT:. 221 S, 2:3 Eti5-:t Th Ideal Callgraph may ba outaineii at l. 1-a rllc (L It Hands at the bead. Buy tii lUier wrilinu-uiacbiue. liltim.N. VOVVKLL CO.. successors to Juo. M. 1 aurhcid, bc-ie Aais lor N. w WRITERS Eil; t

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