The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 16, 1956 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, March 16, 1956
Page 5
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FRIDAY, MARCH 16, 1956 BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE NINE RE VIEW ™° FORECAST ' On Missco Farms Bj KEITH BILBREr C»nnl7 Can't Stand It I often hear farmers say and I also read In the papers statements like this, "Farmers just can't stand another cotton acreage cut." The heck you can't! If you can't sell it, eat it or get rid of it to soraf way you might see several acreage cuts in the future. The February, 1956 - Digest of Foreign Agricultural Trade, printed . by U.S.D.A. in Washington says, among' other things, "Cotton poses the biggest problem. July- January .export value of $170,000,000 this year compared with $413,000,000 in cotton exports in the same period last year. Foreign production has more than doubled in the past ten yenvi,. Dulh it and synthetic fibers are outselling U. S. cotton in foreign markets." I Have Company Ever once in a while some farmer says, "Bilbrey. I am with you on this advertising of cotton. I don't think it would be bad if we donated $1.00 > bale for advertising." If you feel that way, then I remind you of the folks in the past that have bellyached their heads off because the gins have deducted ten cents a bale for National Cotton Council advertising. I picked up » magazine this week .and a. full page ad said, "II you buy work clothes read this." The picture showed a pair of overalls made out of some' synthetic by the side o? a pair of cotton overall*. (Guess which one looked the best and had lasted the longest, in that chemical or acid factory?) I understand they paid $17,000 tor that one page ad. If somebody asked you Mississippi County farmers for $11,000 for a one page ad promoting cotton, what would you do? ' I still say you are going to have to advertise cotton, more and more If you stay in business and keep it profitable. Lagt Chance Tbi* perhaps la the last chance you will have to hear Dr. Ivan Wood, the nationally famous irrigation specialist from Denver, Cola. I understand he reaches retirement age in July. He will be our featured speaker at the public irrigation meeting in Manila at the S. C.. S. office next Tuesday night, March 20. * The Ball Bounces About 20 4-H Club .basketball teams, both boys and girls, are playing a tournament at the Lost Cane School today and tomorrow. Finals will be played Saturday night, March 17. Why not go and support the youngsters? International Bepercucslon I forgot to tell you about the long staple cotton growers success in Arizona. Breeders have produced, an outstanding long staple " — ' Arable with the np; Egyptian long staple variety, Karnak. It wasn't selling so good so these growers asked Secretary of Agriculture to lower the support price on this particular cotton to 75 percent. The Secretary agreed. The growers assessed themselves $3.00 a bale for promotional campaigns to hasten the acceptance of the new variety by the women's- wear trade. Their cotton is now selling so well that the Egyptians are complaining about losing their long staple American market. Research S»y» More and bigger roses will reward you for fighting black spot year in and year out without fail. In research tests roses were dusted once a week in the entire growing season and compared with undusted roses. Bushes dusted regularly with copper - sulphur mixture, yielded H19 blooms in May and June compared to 492 blooms in the untreated plots. Good control was obtained In these experiments with a 6% formulation of Zineb, also with mixtures containing 3.4% copper and 24% sulphur, or 7.6% Ferbam and 25% sulphur. I mentioned this because Blytheville and North Mississippi County people are definitely planting more roses this month than any year before in history. . . EVERGREENS Just Received Fresh Stock of Broadltof Evergreens. SALE T- HENDERSON SEED CO. Same Location For Past 8 Years Hlway 61 South Phone 2-2860 JACKET FOR A SWEETHEART — Melba Jones, Blytheville PPA chapter's sweetheart, is pictured as she received an PFA jacket from Jerry Hodge at the FFA's annual lather-son banquet last week. She will be entered in county "sweetheart" competition. Ham, Egg Show at Rosenwald The 20th Annual Ham and Egg Show will be held at the Osceola Rosenwald School today. This Is an annual educational activity sponsored by the Extension Service and will feature exhibits of cured and canned meats. There also will be exhibits of white and brown eggs. The afternoon's program will consist of demonstrations, by the •Negro Extension Agents and slide firms will be shown on how to produce meat type hogs. The program will end with the awarding of cash prizes donated by the Mississippi County Farm Bureau to the first, second and third place winners in each division. IN THE CHANCERT COURT FOR THE CHICKASAWBA DISTRICT OF MISSISSIPPI COUNTY, ARKANSAS ' Bama Spencer, Pltf. vs. No. 13,227 James Roy Spencer, Dft. WARNING ORDER The defendant, James Roy Spen- cei, is hereby warned to appear within thirty days in the court St)t) it in action ... See how much more it will do.;; Tkt Crtof New Here Is modern power, traction, and stamina never before available in a utility-type tractor. With full 3-plow power, and correct power-to-weight ratio, it walks away with 3-bottom plows in practically any soil. With weight built-in—instead of hung on the wheels for traction alone—you get unmatched stamina that pays off in longer life, lower upkeep.. LET US PROVE TO YOU... The International 300 Utility Out-Performs Them All CALL HI TODAY FOK A DfMOIff TJMTfON Delta Implements Inc. 312S.SM9HJ "Swvto H«M* Our Phone 3-6863 named in the caption hereof and answer the complaint of the plain- tift, Bama Spencer. Dated this 23rd day of February. 1956. SEAL QBEALDINE LISTON, Clerk. Wrn S. Rader, Atty. for Pltf. James M. Gardner, Attorney ad Litem. 2/24-3/2-9-16 IN THE CHANCERI COURT FOR THE CHICKASAWBA DISTRICT OF MISSISSIPPI COUNTY, ARKANSAS Jonn W. Watson, Pltf. vs. No. 13,228 Beatrice Irene Watson, Dft. WARNING ORDER The defendant, Beatrice Irene Watson, is hereby warned to appear within thirty days in the court named in the *capHon hereof and answer the complaint of the plaintiff, John W. Watson. Dated this 23rd day of February, 1956. SEAL GERALDINE LISTON, Clerk. Wm. S. Rader Atty. for Pltf. James M. Gardner, Atty. ad litem. 3/24-3/2-9-16 WARNING ORDER IN THE CHANCERY COURT, CHICKASAWBA DISTRICT, MISSISSIPPI COUNTS, ARKANSAS Wendell W. Keel, Pltf. vs. NO. 13,230 Delia Raye Reel, Dft. The defendant, Deila Raye Reel, Is hereby warned to appear within thirty days in the court named in the caption hereof and answer the complaint of the plaintiff, Wendell W. Reel. • Dated this 1st day of March, 1 1956. I SEAL I GERALDINE LISTON, Clerk. By OPAL DOYLE, D. C. Percy A. Wright, Atty. 3/2-9-16-23 REST PERIODS Your heart, while beating nearly '.00,000 times a day, or more than 2,000,OOO.OOObeate in a lifetime, rests nearly 40 years of the lifetime. Something to Think About By GCKTKUDE n. OOLIMAN C.unly ••M« Demonstration Agent Did You Know That LeaehviUe Home Demonstration Club's newly finished community project is a stone block public rest room for men and women? The Chamber of Commerce assisted with the expense of the men's side. The building is uptown and sits back from Main Street. • The Home Demonstration Club tne -- tarries matin uielr money lor project by putting on a talent play, having bake sales, rummage sales,, selling Christmas cards .and each member gave a dollar to help with the expense. The finance committee members were Mrs. Cleo Croom. .Mrs. Delbert Hooker, Mrs. Mary Hitt, and Mrs. John F. Bearden. News Project The Gosnell Home Demonstration Club is working toward getting a club house. Recently they gave a chicken dinner and cleared $288.00. The club members are now planning a minstrel show to make more money tor their project. Eggs Plentiful Eggs are likely to be plentiful and at a reasonable priee for the next few months. An egg a day has a place in every well-balanced diet. It is no wonder that eggs are such a popular food. They are full of food values, being noted for their proteins, vitamins and minerals. Egg protein is in the same class as that of meat and milk and can be used instead of meat. Eggs are a good choice for any meal of the day because they are so easy to prepare. Eggs can be used in many ways—as eggs, "hidden" away in cooking. They 'are good and nutritious either way. There is no trick to cooking eggs so they retain their flavor, tenderness, and attractiveness—if one rule is followed. The rule Is to cook eggs with low to moderate even heat. Like all protein foods, eggs cooked at too high a temperature get tough and leathery. Blytheville Man Joins Missouri Extension Staff Perry Lee Adkisson of Blytheville has been named assistant professor of entomology at the University of Missouri. Adkisson will have headquarters at the Southeast Missouri Field Station near Sikeston and will take over his duties there on April 1. For the past four years, he has been employed by Elms Planting Co., at Altheimer, Ark. He received his master's degree tro mthe University of Arkansas and presently i> completing work on hi* doctor'! degree. Bead Courier News Classified Ads. cook them minutes instead of hours. The less time you take to. cook greens, the more food value you will have. Besides, the greens will look better and taste better. Sweet potatoes, too, are a bargain in vitamin A. You can fix sweet potatoes the same as white ones. Sweet potatoes seem to bring out the best in meats. Spread thin sweet potato slices over ham and bake them together or try them around spare ribs or pork roast. Auricot-Honcy Pudding 1 quart, toasted, U-inch bread cubes VI teaspoon salt "j teaspoon mace ^ teaspoon cinnamon >a cup melted butter or margarine 1'A cups cooked apricots % cup honey J ,i cup apricot juice 1 tablespoon lemon juice Place toasted bread cubes in a (Hi-quart) baking dish. Combine salt, nmce and cinnamon and sprinkle'over toasted bread cubes. Pour melted butter over toasted bread cubes and spices. Remove half the buttered, spiced bread cubes from baking dish. Alternate 2 layers, each, of spiced bread cubes and apricotf. Combine honey, apricot juice and lemon juice and pour over bread cubes and apricots. Bake in a moderate oven (350 degrees P.) lor thirty minutes. Yield: 8 servings. , Attention Farmers: • Lee Soybeans, certified blue tag • Dorrnan Certified Blue Tag • Ogden Certified Blue Tag • Korean Lespedeza • Sweet Sudan • Spring Oats • Buffalo Alfalfa Certified Blue Tag • C & PL 15 Certified Blue Tag • Deltas 9169 Registered • Sroneville 2B & 3202 Registered • Funks G Hybrid • Paymaster, Yellow Dent, Tehn. Red Cob • Pioneer Hybrid Seed Corn(, the corn with the replanting agreement) • Piper Sweeps. HUGH W. ALLEN OSCEOLA, ARK. Office Phone 465 Res. Phon» 471 few reminder! for Here are cooking eggt: 1. Keep water Below the boiling point. 2. Keep ttie fat in which the eggs are fried at IQ.W temperature. 3. When cooking eggs in the oven, keep the temperature low. Set the dish in which the egg mixtures- such a* souffles and custards—are to be cooked in a pan of hot water while cooking. Vitamin A This time of year our diets are likely to be short in graen and yellow vegetables. For good nutrition we need to eat one serving of green or yellow vegetables every day. These help to furnish vitamin A —the vitamin that helps to keep the lining of the nose and throat healthy; the skin moist; and our eyes' able to adjust to bright light. Carrots are an excellent source of vitamin A. They are regular vegetables of all trades. It is a part of numerous stews, pot roasts, soups and chowders. Carrots go into vegetables and nut loaves, into sandwiches and Into salads. Green* of all kinds are rich In vitamin A. In comparing greens, remember "the thinner and greener the leaf the more vitamin A." The habit of serving a green leafy vegetable every day is a good one. To save food value! in cooking greens. MH50 With HYDRAMIC POWER by MASSEY-HARRIS! built to trigger a new tractor age ... We Will Demonstrate This Tractor On Your Own Farm At No Obligation To You! Call Today. 61 IMPLEMENT CO. "Tli* Farmtr's Horn* of Satisfaction" N. Highway 61 Ph.2-2142 Mrs. Richard Blake Is shown operating Blythevffl* Propane Company'* Two-Way Radio in the main office. ._ TWO-WAY RADIO SPEEDS OUR SERVICE TO YOU The Blytheville Propane Company is using Two-Way Radio as a means of extending belter, faster, and more efficient service to you! The Blytheville Propane Company is the only LP-Gas company in this 'area using a fleet of tank and service trucks directed by such means. This additional service helps the housewife who cooks on clean, economical propane; the busy farmer who uses highest octane propane; in fact everyone who uses propane to cut the costs of today's power farming. For the quickest in service and for additional information on how you too, can save by use of propane. Call Blytheville 2-2061. Blytheville Propane Co. "Propone Gas For All Farm and Home Needs" Hiway 61 North Blytheville, Arkansas Phone 2-2061 DELTA PROPANE Co. Premium L-P Gas Butane Propane ir Cooking * Tractor Fuel if Heating it Motor Fuel GAsTpPLIANCES • INSTALLATION • TRACTOR CARBURETION BOTTLE GAS BULK PLANT: i '"'"o So. Railroad St. Broadway & Hution Srt. 'V (Phillips 66 Warehouse) R. C. Farr & Sons, Ownm Phcmt: | - 4 * W •

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