The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 24, 1948 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, May 24, 1948
Page 6
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TV* BLYTH1VILLK COCKIER NEW* nBoouROBt mw» co. ft. W UAXNM, UMML. PAR. D. HUMAN, AdvcrtttBC Winner Oo, New rott, Chicago, Detroit. Published BTWJT Afternoon Except •tiered u «e«o^ cla« ouitter at the poet- office »t BlytherUk, ArkuicM, under act at Coo- October ». W17. •erred bf tfce United Prwg SUBSCRIPTION RATES: By cwrler tn the city of Blytluvllle or *H7 «uburbe,*j Com where carrier service !• maintained, JOo per week, or Sic p«r month. By mail, wHhln • ntdfvw of 60 miles, |4,00 per y*»r, W.OO (or dx months, $1.00 for three monthi; by mall outside 60 mtte «om, $10.00 per yew payable to advance. Meditation And be uld unio her, l)au«liter, h» of rood eanfart: thy f»i»h h«<h marte Ihe whole; f" > n .paw*. — Lake 8 -.4*. » * « Faith builds a bridge from this world to the * next. — Dr. Young. Carbs B« a live wire at your work. It means less chance of being stepped on. * * * FMcn covboys do more croonirif than sliootlrig the*e day*. It's >illl just another way of boring people. • * • The druggist who brought the first jukebox to Mii*ouri 30 years ago thinks it's silly to put a nickel In to hear music come out. or nerve- wncking, A Umtly health hint for some of our younger generation—fo on home I * » • Some schools have closed because of lack of fundi. When we were kids the financial condition of our ichoola wu disgustingly healthy. UN Problem in Israel Highlighted by Tragedy The drama connected with the bii'lh of the State of Israel has been highlighted «t the expense of tragedy. An independent Jewish government exists in Palestine for the first time in 2000 years. Its independence is being purchased in blood—a price which many nations, including our own, have paid for liberty. But the price is still exorbitant and unnecessary. Tb« Jews are brave, and their position i« honorable. The new government of larMl has adopted the only positive policy toward the Palestine problem. It* peopl* were promised independence •by the L«ague of Nations and voted in- depencenee by the United Nations. However much the UN may seem to have reneged iti part of the bargain, it is still on record as favoring partition. . Since the UN has not raised a hand to enforce its vote, Israel is carrying out the decision of that vote. It is fighting as its ancestors fought in the days when man knew no better means than war for settling disputes over territorial and sovereign rights. M a r, is supposed to have a higher social morality, if not more wisdom, than he did in those days. But when an occasion arises to put those moral forces into action, the world's governments don't seem to have profited much by the lesson of the past 20 centuries. So Palestine, the Holy Land of the three religions and the battleground of centuries, i s once again the scene of war It is a cruel, unjust war. And it is a vn- which the United Nations has known was as inevitable as tomorrow's sunrise unless it took action. But the organization did not act-not because it was unable to, but because it was unwilling. The problem now facing the UN is more acute, but it is unchanged. The UN must still reach agreement on .sending troops to enforce a truee, not only to end the present war, but also to keep it from spreading. For once let the United State, or Russia or any other major n Mi m?' My in Palesti " c > ollt - wde the UN's framework, and the ingredients of an explosive world situation will be assembled. The members of the United Nations must see what has to be done. Yet the special session of the General Assembly merely sent Palestine a truce commis- *wp, appointed a municipal commission» for Jerusalem, approved a meditator, *«d then adjourned for good. Thus the war continues. And as long V T: ** Ch Arab and Jewish caus •Ity will be a fresh reproach to the UN far ito feeble and fumbling action. i n particular, those casualties will be a «,- PW«h to the United States for its part » th« P»l«atine crisis. The American government Put thn«i«fe Cation, then rwwuiced it| »nd finally, with th* British mandate's end, immediately recognized the new independent Jewish government which a few hour* b«fore it had *o strongly opposed. This amazing- performance has been a major factor in creating today's confusion and slaughter. Bipartisan Labor Policy AFL President Green has turned down Paul Hoffman's request that an AFL representative serve with a CIO member as administrative advisers to the Economic Co-Operation Administration on labor matters. Mr. Green gave as grounds for his refusal the ClO'a affiliation with the World Federation of Trade Unions, which is said to b« Communist-controlled, Mr. Green has a point, but does it outweigh the advisability of labor cooperation in this matter? The CIO's affiliation with the WFTU is not necessarily permanent. Meanwhile, the Marshall Plan has official CIO support. If we need bipartisan political policy on European aid. it seems equally necessary to have bipartisan labor backing. Communism's hold i.s strongest in the field of labor. It might well weaken that hold if Europe's workers were shown that American labor stands united in support of freedom and recovery. VIEWS OF OTHERS • •••••• ••••••••*••»•«•»•••••••• What's Been Done About Kickbacks? To members of the medical profession who nre still complacent, about, the klckljnck rnckct in their midst, there Is a warning In the suit which the Government has brought against several optical eoods tlrms In Cnicngo, ,vi:;neapoljs and Columbus and the doctors who do business with them. The warning says plainly: "Clean up or get cleaned up." How much better would It have been U the medlcni profession In these other Midwestern cities had cleaned house instead of leaving their Job to be done or them by the Federal Government? It has been there months, and longer, since professional .wcleties in the St. Louis «rea announced that they were going to do something to root out the kickback evil. Declarations to this effect were made by (he council of the st. Louis Mcrtical Society, the St. Louis County Medical Society, the St. Ixmts Ophthalmic Society and the Missouri state Medical Association, in these three months, what have these four professional organizations done about it? The County Medical Society Bulletin, has said thai "eye physicians know of these rebaters . , ." The St. Louis ophthalmic Society has npporvori a program of action suggested by Dr. Lawrence T. Post. A report to the public on what progress has been made would be in order. —SI', LOUIS POST-DISPATCH. 'Arise, Anoint Him: For This Is He." - s » MONDAY, MAY 24, 1941 Scprekeeper Wasn't Sure But Anyway the Democrats Won THI DOCTOR SAYS »y Karnun W. Me holt united PTM, staff Correspondent WASHINGTON, May 24.—(I*. —Man and small fry, Ire's cover*? my share of basetwl] games. Runs, hits and errors. All In a day's worlr. But never before did I have to lug ~, . - i alon « a Congressional directory »o rue chancej ot dj . lng ,„ (he first r could tell the names and numbers years ot life *cre much gretter 35 tot all Hie piayers. years ago than they are today. The I H happened Prldav night. 5 h"? o° r ch(ldre n has d.V)p- ! The Democrat of the House of d about 80 per cent. Further- Representative* were givlne Ihflr rf'J± S™" im £"°vement ha, Republican playmates of the saro. been accomplished during » time In i House their annual contest. Last hlch there have been two World I J'"r the GOP won by a contr) ted r a «lo*, * maj ° r economl = fe- I sc ,°. r< ; °£ 16-13. Last night, even the r « sion - official scorer from the Washing. Tlie lowered death been alike for all -•»te has not I ton Sl »i'. sponsor of the game the diseases or! wasn't sure of the right score Ex- .ciponslble for early • cept he knew it was the Demos The Improvement for tlm e to win and they did either measles, for example, has been 24 or 23 to H. °«»-«,tner about 93 per cent. Expressed dlf- I wish I could set the record ferently, this means that for every ' right. But I can't Bob Serline of 100 children who died of measles i ""'ted Press Radio was sitting 1910, only seven would die now. "we right besioe me and he said The Other Diseases Drop drop for most other infectious diseases has also been great" "there goes Republican Fran Case of South Dakota around third and " scoring," etc. that was all right. He ly the first ^ ~> .,,uvi. *coa uuauce 01 ay- *»cu, vimi part was a from scarlet fever, whooping j did score and it was on h, diphtheria, diarrhea and in- Pa't of the first inning imation ot the bowels, and tu- ! The second part was diffecs'-t " t "' lf """• "—- '" 1910. Fewer The Republicans had Bob CoiW.;' and appcn- ] of Pennsylvania, n ri?ht .laiuLr Senf/ment Concerning Atomic Energy Is Turning From Escapism to Learning to Live With 'Bomb' WASHINGTON fwvii _ r.,r__ . ,«»« . WASHINGTON. brows to understand the aton? at last beginning to roll out Ever since they took office, Chairman Dnvld E. Lillenthal and the .our merry members of this Atomic * —" ••iH{,'*'-i<ll, "AUlllCiJlS is of Hydrogen-3" or "Spin Counts of Rare Earths." They're unintelligible to the average guy or gal but hot stuff for the scientific journals Within the ne.\t couple of years on the day after the first bomb ' Last year, the American Library , , -~™ i^.v>t gicai.. Tnere Is much less chance of dv- ing fron- . . - J cough, [lamination ot the bowels. Mrctilosls now than In pneumonia, influenza and annc fli-lH |L j ,. "•*"* Oll\l HJIJJl.,. j - . , ,. ....i. .j,jllUi;i dicltls than in the past. i on the hill. That turned out to be me only important exception to a fatal mistake. The GOP didn't His improvement in mortality has ! figure on running up against the been automobile accidcnU. The, oleo belt. lutomobile Is responsible for a. < First off. Democrat Laurie Battle MWV, '™''" se in th e number of of Alabama smacked a clean single childhood deaths. According to the i through the box. L. Mendel Rivers report of a large life Insiirance i of south Carolina, whose pals call company the increase of deaths < him "oleo" for short, account he .rom automobile accidents (o boys.' led the fi^ht to gnx the taj- kno-'^eci Tom one lo n years old, has been '• off oleo, plugged one out into deep >i per cent, and, for girls 144 per • left center for a triple. Then :c "*' ., "Runt" Bishop of Illinois, who Is a For those diseases in which it dressmaker by trade, fumbled his has been possible for medical sci-1 needle on the easy roller trickl»d ence to be active, giant strides . down by Sob Jones of Alabama. That's the way it went—for 2 hours and 40 minules. Along about inong j the sixth inning, the Democrats their , began shouting from their dugout: "Had enough!" Between 1911 and 1915. about five ! The Republicans guessed Ihey children in every thousand died had. They had made seven errors each year. Between 1941 and 1945 , to the Democrats' three only about one child In a thousand I The real hero of the game was died annually. | "Tiger" Teague, the Texas Demo- cussion groups, night schools and i M - * " cflt| who !tMt a fooi '" com;)ilt university extension courses Dr ' Jord[m Is unable to ' against lhe Germans. He made two The American Society of News answer individual questions from' hits, fielded flawlessly—and man- aner Eriiinn h,. . ,..." I readers. However, each day he will j aged to snare the first ball when | It was thrown by Chief Justice i Fred Vinson ol the Supreme Court. Well, to get down to it, it wasn't much of a ball game. Fat and 4jt of-shape Congressmen don't ixac very good ball. Neither do you and I at our age. What would you do if vou w-ere slandtng out there on third and a *"' it did have been made. There is no rca-| son to believe that efforts to re- ! duce sickness and death gnmno-' children have yet reached paper Editors has a committee reaclers - However, each day he will j ai studying atomic energy educa *"?*" °'> of the mos < fluently It it , . D . . . *•*«-* 6 J CQULJA-- J aclf aH nncrMnn^ i» !_.•_ __i ._ I TT\ tton through their educa-J 0 .. i.m.i columns. The Boston Globe is already running a high school essay contest on bene- ncial uses of atomic energy. A number of organizations have prepared docunmentary films on questions in his column. texts arc out of date. Publishers want to revise them. TKb trouble of the blamed thing they didn't want to know anything about it That sentiment now seems to be ,„ *,,_,« atviua IO oe clinnging. The idea is taking hold that, if the mind of mnn discov- tlw dnh |°H "r r ° leaSe al ° mic eiler|s >'' ««:ntlsts. Ab ''T,,^ °,' "I"' 1 can .» ; " roi «• I ntcal books o -~ .^ uuijt*., reaay this fall, will pull together nil un- THE DOCTOR ANSWERS By Edwin P. Jordan, M. D. QUESTION: Are there any hospitals where patients with severe i'fn^"-'" 1 uu> - u """ :I «aiy nims on i arthritis can be treated (or long atomic energy subjects. The Moody periods of lime? i standing out tnere o Atom" i ^ H ', G ° d and the ANSWER! ™s is* great defect hot one came, your '>u «did nvpf«> P ac . ltln £,, ! » audiences all of our present system; there are! last night to Thor "Tollefs'O or over the country. 'Tale of Two Clt-I few such hospitals. Several largsr I Laurie Battle? Would vou-all duels ics, is made up of Signal'Corps and | cities are working on the problem lor look at the umpire "for a decis w*vy films from Hiroshima and | of providing hospitaiization «•«•'•'««» going strong in ' ' " material Nagasaka, is still its third year. The Monsant Chemical Com- IMI un- ; — ...w.jjti. ;uide ior! p , an - v ' which op«»tes an AEC plailt '"'"'««. , at Mlamlsburg, O.. recently opened Its i,, the less (echnical fields . "" exhibit to stop uRly rumors and that information will be dished out' educat e townspeople to the fact that " " l ' nii ' ' hey had nothin sclenti,, " ro Instead of beatlnff It for the backwoods, where no enemy would have any good reason for dropping a bomb, people now- are reconciled to staying where they are and saving, "Okay, if one hits me. it hits me!" That leads to curiosity about R'Jiat It Is that may hit them. They what they do want to know about It. Most Information Still ' Too Technical Most of the information available is still too technical for ordinary folk to understand. About 3000 tech- n ' h a il the non izen non-tech- have come out since thhe deep-dish Smyth report was issued in 1015. Selig Hecht's "Explaining the Atom is typical j they had nothing to fear. Though ammunity population was only the exhibit drew 17,000 visi- Hungry to learn, they came of such chronic diseases as arthritis, but the solution is not yet in sight. H Fears Ago In Blytheville— 6500, tors. The School Association Mncipals 1 of Secondary Mrs. w. C. Higginson entertained for) ion? Sure, same as they did. Or on a fast throiv home. Would you slide? Well maybe. Like Mr. Riven, the oleo guy, did once. Anv- l how, it was all for charity and if fit wasn't a good fame it was for a good cause. A lot of poor kids are gonna have a vacation on account ot it. om miles around."" ' "~"~ members o7 the^Supp^r^Club 'last' ^.j".'" 9 * Make * Belated Most successful of the exhibits 1s' u' ght with a part - v ln hcr home '" ^ ace - or Governor iat by Brookhaven Laboratories I honorln 8 Mr - alld Mrs, Victor Bray EC research center nm v™ ,i'!* ho R ''. u 50on leav '« to make iheir the AEC »s««ch center SO THEY SAY , , —• --'v u "fc ivuv teen- ror tne ceiipvil m - - 'vr?ps'Znoved V by h A d pc hC A SCC u Cy Co "™ lss ><' n "'• Adu charts, questions anil answers and such source material. It's intended for use by high school senior honor students, training them so they can train others less smart. Teachers, Editors Working on Problem, Too For. the general public, the Joint We try always to be fair, but we won't compromise principles for the sake of expedience in settling disputes.-Charles E. Wilson, president, General Motors Co. * * » I fear we have already descended » few rungs on our ladder of freedom. We have accepted government controls of many sorts, we have accepted a crushing burden of taxation, and we hav c bartered away some of our freedom as citizens in return for questionable doctrines.—Crawford H. Oreen- walt, president DuPont Co. * • i It is the soul of culture of western Europe thai has hecn the mainspring of its contribution to world civilization. We must bend our energies if we are to succeed.—Sir Stafford Crlpps British Economic Minister. » • * Some time in the future it may be possible for rocket aircraft to fly from New York to Europe in and hour.—Lt.-Gen. James H. Doolitlle U S Army, Ret, • • • I don't think anyone ever reaches a dead end. If he's menially capable, he has possibilities, one Hung I do know: You can't expect to reform a man by beating him up.-Wardcn Edwin B Swope of Alcatraz. The man or woman who has had wide ex- P'rlcnce with different types ol persons before "»m«ge is best suited to choose a mate wisely Prof ^ adJUSlmmU »"<* "»rrlMt Prof. tdward Pop*, Cornell University. • * » I would talk with joe Stalin if i could end the ir;" 1 uar and prevc " 1 a »»««««« , "* Clvl «»«<>n-R 4 p. Joseph W. Jr., (B) of Massachuseiu. Cn8et0 Amtr>C * has b * COm<: a " a PP«l 1 mankind to save it«, f , rom destruction Om»r aridity, Army ch!M of IN HOLLYWOOD lit Education is' ing out that th crs for dis-lwith in peace. ,, . ._ iheir' LITTLE ROCK, itny 24. (UP) — in lallullah. La. A going! After spotting the rest of the field away gift of a silver pitcher was! about a month, William T Jen- given 10 Mr. and Mrs. Bray by the • nings of Texarkann mnde his bid CIuti - ! Saturday for a place in the 1048 race Mrs. Floyd White and Mrs. Hun-1 for governor of Arkansas, ter Simms entertained yesterday I Jennings request that the State scheduled tours" of 7ch«>rijdV who ' «Jl» a bridge luncheon at the J Democratic Party reconsider and ac- love this stuff and lap it ur> i,X , mc honorln e Mr =- R- N.tcept his party loyalty pledge as a All these are slens of what's (,, I \f rc £" " nd , Mr5 ' Vlctor Bra y ' ca " dldat e for governor was relayed «nats InU-h,, w , u soon leave ,„ Tauullah.lby state Central Committee Sccre- eastern N. Y. This exhibit showed "tor eight weeks at the Museum of Natural History, New York, and is now opening at Mechanics' Hall Most of the cr in Boston. the wind .—•!—!"!"'"'""""'" ' opponents hold strong hands, the "" —— | remaining high cards are land. Even with a Swedish accent bet it sounds good. I like lhe story tells on himself. D'Area's Jagular (5600) The review for M-G-M's "On an . . .. iNext , When he had his ftrst big star- fercnt " "™' 0 'I 1 .. ».,P! ctu «- th £ rc *as a | "Okay," e swe u v , ! - 1 ovc f nc!lrd Esther Williams say- Youngling -to producer Joe Pnstenark. Next time let's do somenthine dlf- f*iriM\t " ° called ance of strength may a;i w> in one hand or may be divided between two. Blind Lett— The Initial lead Block -ti) To hold up the master card of the opponents' suit. (2) To fall to unblock partner's suit Business Double — One made ""- !±, W M re J h £\,V m makC thelr: l ^ ry Harv ^' Comb7o'rL,t7| e °Rack home. Mrs. E. B. Woodson won the : and Committee Chairman Arthur prize with parting gifts being given j Adams of Jonesboro to the 33 other Mesdamcs Ware and Bray. I committee members. £L Tommy Thompson and Denny) Combs, who first turned j Fowler, the - i • •' »ivf »iob L.IU neu a Arkansas A . Jennings' pledge, said the partv -i»-rt ciAni-.jH i n ™ ' ^ i , .. . . .. . . »-"•'• <-J < at home. preview Iheater. ld the — ., , ~.inj, .-MIJII frfau j JIB jc in [(IP Grauman's next one the water comes to you" took hts ».'i>Ft^^ r-™,~~w. ° LAJ J UUi colossal Chinese 1S ,'fo " < = t her k U ^' alid^K?™^' ^« »* to Mm ".^"Wrr^Sf- and looked! Ba'-Va'.-K^" 1 ^ %*' ?1 « at him as she said, very seriously: i n the n-n n n»vt r^n * "Robert^ don't think you'll ever i ^ ^"..Tm tta'wo »nd .f- Michael Loses Property BUCHAREST, May J4. fUF) — The Romanian cabinet Saturday deprived King Michael of his citl- seized all royal pro- -- -. —.«^.LI,^nj, ^j^v; i "—--• ••• ..omanla, Including l cn inrormatory. ' castles. Bust- -A hand devoid of triclc- | taking possibilities, or nearly so.. Read Courier News Want Ads Cash—To lead one or more win- mng cards; usually, to lead all one's ' ^.= joview i 0r M-U-MS "On an island With You" were swell hut! ^——•— ^u^ ulc — une maae'un>cii zviug r ,......,,_— J „ .. ...=.. s »e». ™ l primarily for the purpose of dou- I zenship. and bling the value of undertricks. See | P er t>' in Ro: majority" of the committee members. Jennings pledge arrived st Little Rock 1 p.m.. April 28. an hour after the filing deadline. Familiar piles of sawdust and waste wood at American sawmills are scheduled for cattle feed. The • coves will not eat the sawdust or Illie wood, itself; they will eat a molasses made from these mill wastes. nificance. Coup—A - 5 ' OU WhC " you he raw wen Into buy . for five et * A hand void of trumps. 1 n .— A practice in dec- play which hfts some mderstood special sig- brilliant play. (Grand discarding of a super- i "Uous trump.) Dnwn «t<l Out (te»d| — Tne opening lead of leader's highest card of the suit, followed by the play) of the next lower, English Poef sch'ool" '"sn, clubhouse. There was Frisco buy- i?'? "' 'T s ' °' June <->< ,*,* illB <=l«""Pagi!e like crazy for five '^ d ior P lay) of " his 2;>th anniversary in show busi- J(x . looked up saw him took out' Card ullct)nvcn "onaUj K* 55 ,?" 1 ^ * ± crlcs . °' B "8 S Played I hij bankroll neriprf off f.™ i„•»„». l***™ °< deception. winning « trick decorated with 25 ics handed them lo Bing and said •Melancholy B-a-a-aaby' for the girls" Bing sang it, too. pound ham candles. • • • Prances Langford will be the of- j ficlal slarler for the 1048 women's Iransconlincntal air race next I month. , . . Wh}' movlfs are e.v-1 pensive: Tyrone Power. Gene Tierney, a crew of 18 photographers' and iclors spent seven weeks hip- deep in Idaho snow for a skiing I sequence In "That Wonderful I ' ----Urge." it lasts only three minu'es' -*-*-••••-*>-*>-«>.'.*>;.»>:>>:.»:>:>:>:;»>>: on the screen. - - ON BRIDGE fox Is taking t term contract with Richard Arten following his work In "Burlesque." Arlen has been burled In B's for several years and deserves the break. Howard da Sllva is after a comedy role following » series of vil- used "in bridge. I suggest 'thal'you at Paramount Promised and clip lliem out and put them In tor: June Haver going to your bridge book. Then when JOM wii-.t "rJ* e Eva °" 'nvlstblelrun acrow; a lerm you do not un- LntL ..W cqucnce , " , " s «ver I d.-rsland, you can look up its mean- Lining. Forcten car display at ing. Wamtr Brothers-Bob Mont«ora-| Balutc* of Slr«n t th-When two Hei-e's a Glossary Of Bridge Terms ».v William E. McKennej- America's Card Authority Written for NBA Service This Is the first of three articles giving you a glossary of the terms r —^ -. lead a — for the pur- -— .,, deception. FintM*—To play the lower card ^i a tenace; or to le&d a lower not touching) card and to play under the card led. Force—To lead a card which another player must trump to win. Fnurlh Bent—The fourth highest card which a player originally held of a suit, When the fourth best is |«d initially, Its denomination sub- I tracted from eleven shows the ] number of higher cards out against 'lie leader. This is called applying the Rule of Eleven. Fre»k ID»»I or H»n*)—One In which the distribution of the cards is abnormal. Free DouNe—The double, of a jbld which, if successful undoubled, WOlllrf «/-rtr» (rarrt* HORIZONTAL 1,7 Pictured famous poet 12 He has spent many years in 13 Expunges 15 Tableland 16 Open space 18 Partner 19 Leaving" 20 Fancy 22 Indian 23 North VERTICAL 1 Mulct 2 For /ear that 3 Brother 4 Royal Institute Ob.) 5 Habitat plant form 6 Venture ^ 7 Tidy IT 1 S Either 9 Sweet po*»<o 10 Jacob's brother 11 Bench 21 U,rcs 46 Taps 5R M aE . S ne!< , 4T Area "wssur de of cereal 48 Golf devices score game G»m« All—One side, (Continued tomorrow.) game tor each First sVif.t of which there Is sny record wert long, curved frames covered with leather, according to Encyclopedia BriUnnlc*. Carolina (ab.) 12 Amid -4 Or[ e* 25 Negative 17 Each (ab.) 27 Type measure 20 Means 28 Spanish horse 30 Domesticates 32 Before 33 Follower ,4* .14 Bird «^ 36 Hundred (comb, form) 39 Bovine rttiadruped <0 Boy's nickname 41 Half an cm •12 Railroad (ab.) 43 At the stern 45FreshetJ SO Tree j SI Before long • 53 War god 54 Great Lake 55 Most faithful 57 He is from 29 Beak 31 Males 34 Cook 35 He waj educated at 37 Educates 38 Annoyed •H Trip 49 Hireling •W Spoken « Born SI Note of dn'do's scale 56 StearriEhir) fab.) 58 Gloria Pair! 59 Attire 60 Calyx

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