Chicago Tribune from Chicago, Illinois on September 21, 1867 · 1
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Chicago Tribune from Chicago, Illinois · 1

Chicago, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, September 21, 1867
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THE NEWS.iy - "Gold closed In Kew Tork jeeterusj s ICS- . . .. Xhere te reporter "totmble" in 'neStOB' iagtoa (Conn.) basic, sad the cashier to Slid to-be General Phil. Snefldn ra.ed throuiTn. Bairisbcrf yestcrd-j morning a tor Balti- 7ASHINGT0N. Arrival of Generals Sheridan and Sickles. ' The Merchants Union Egress hM extend- f d its line from Cicrcl m: to PlUsbareh, orer the Cleveland t I'ltlobnrh B ilro d. '-. . It is reported, thai 8. ndey next (to-morrow) 1. too day Hied mpoa by G ribaldi t auk attack ob Koine, frep. rations aga reported to be coanpletcaA. . ' Our Waih!noa pe?5! save General Hancock wiH kt for St. Louis la a !. hut will sot proceed to Sew Orleans to take charge of the Fifth Die trict for several woeka. A new syriairojrue, ai-i a ted oa Superior street, in it is city, was dedicated yesterday, with ras-own eeteaacaleaw It eort aW. The Society Jnt foruxaa, eont .ins thlrTy-ve meanber. A largely attended meeting of ladiee was leld. yeeterttav, in this city, for the purpose of formlne. a mole' .auxiliary to the Yaang Hen's Christian Associativa. . Charles Keemelin declines the Copperhead SMsaiBatiun tor Congress in the Second (CirjciB-.aaii) Ohio Distract. The Teiaoerata will nearly nil .uppuit the renegade Cary. The tirantT Chipola, yesterday, exploded ber boiler on the Savannah Elver, eighteen miles below Angusta, and all the crew oa board, fix in number, were killed. None of the passenger were injured. Harvey i Rice, Democratic candidate for -tatc Senator front Cuyahoga Coanty. U avows, if be is elected of which there as not the lessotest chancre he will, nder no cireanutaneaa, vote for Y-ilanriigbwm for United States Senator. Mike UcCoole and Aaron Jones, who are topping;! the Southern Bote! in St. Louis, are bavins a hih old time there. They give a grand tperring exhibition on Saturday evening, and after that begin their starring excursion among the xo-igh and ping allies of the principal cities. Commodore Tanderbilt has a rival in the person of aTaiaes Guthrie, of Louisville. That gen. pieman has been for soase time almost the exclusive owner a the Louisville A N jshville R lil-juad, au now he has so aunipoLited as to pos-tAdaowf of the Memphis ohtwRdlroad. lulls lia.e been introdnced in the Chilian Coesrr fr the auoiitiun of capital purxUhment ami imprttUD2ent tor debt ; and a bill has pawed Cunsress to rend sn envoy to Mevie . The Chil-i n army baa been redcced to a peace footing, as tiiere i no expectation of a return of trie Spanish sect. A Kpeci il dispatch from St. Louis dated the 19th rnst. say : Nearly one handred deaths from cholera have occurred here daring the past two week?, abuz. UealHirm. from the indiscreet e.-fHlmit f the Kcei-i of li-nlih. in rescinding the orur rebatins to the -?.le of vegetables, c llotu JT. Kedman, Secretary of State for aiu-Fouri, visited the office of the Wtt'Uck Pott, tin ThQTvd.iv, and tier abnoive 1-nrrnige to one cf the edisr rs wMcb revolted in. a t personal iL-nt. AfVr padncl.iiv each other for several B. intite. the conibiliau were finally separated by C. irl f-cborr, the editor-in-c'iief of tiie Hut. The Vr.ic-n mcstius; held a. Chilicothe, Ohiu, on Tbtuvday. was a great saccesH, notwith-e landing thai the weather w: oppressively hot. It v the L:rirvist pitlierin since the Bronjrh e :m-pzign in 13n3. Senator slifnmn and Spe -kerCol-i:i addressed the enmd. The ainments oi both Pickers were received with the londest cheers. In response to a tclesram from the Howard A incUnr.ii in Sew Urler.ui, the Cincinnati Ctamtr of Comaiexce ha donated t0&, and sp-Tmct.-d a c.mTTiittee nf sixteen to solicit subscription from the ciripn? senerjtly, for tie benefltof t it- eunerjr trom the yellow fever at New Orleans &xti other cilits in the South. In a recent mtiversation with some Southern politician, who nrg-d him to reope n an 1 ex-ti nd the time for fie rearistr.tion o; voters in the tr-nth, the Freident acknowledged that he had no power to interfere in the matter; th t tie Uii"rict Cmmanfrerv alone hjd control of;on ; and that if be undertook to inter.ere be would in-trr the mk of rmpe..chnvi. nt. The consolidation of Pittsburgh, Allegheny, and a score of adtoinmg' boroughs into one cor-foration is sgin bein ssrit:ited considerably, and the friends of the movement feel pretty conn lent of euccese. sooner or later. Allegheny City, however, appears to be dead set against it, preferring tu secede and form a new county, nuking the Iletrbenv the boundary line. In conversation with a gentleman in St. Xoais, General Sheridan expreased the following Opinion: Tiuit he rerded his adroinhtration of aai at Nv Orleins as cump ir,tively mild, and coniii siiort of the standard required of him by tLcrai Orant, wuu. be said, favored the exercise c-f fir great-r severity, and if he (General Grant) bod been tl' ling the position himself, he would bate aooptcd more strinnt and rigorous meas-nro. At a !orj.e and en'hDijsiic meeting of the Cuka K-pui Uc n; of Pirry Connty, O'llo, at New Lrxinston, on the ISth, at wiiich eloquent and effective speeches were mtde by Generals fecLenck and Gibtton. The father or Gen r il Phil, theriuan occupied a seat on the stand, and mani-Jerttda liv-1; sympathy with the proceedings. J'oil. Sheridan's boyhood was passed in Somerset, J:i lvrry (."unuty, and every allusion to him by the f -T-Lers ws iondly applauded. o ut ral lVpe has issued an order directing an eh-ction to be held in Georgia, commencing on Vunrsday. '. th ef Octo er. . ud cout naia - three fcavs. :t nLUh reir-tor-d voUrs may vote for or f '-.liiata (.ui ventivn, uid lor dele tes to said t'anvmtioi: in cae a majority so decide. The iVnvenliwi: v ill consist of lt9 delegates, and the enatoniil UirrH-ts. is estxhlished by the State J-i, will le rectHrnized .or the b a s of represen-tntion. 1 h insrrnctions are generally the same a- those !- "for the election in Alabama. Tbi- St. Paul J i-wrr of Thursday says that V M-reiiaute i'uiou tvpress the d y previous s:.!p:ied 1 t iKieof tb.j t r est lot of furs ever sportid f m c;iy- Tht-re sere three hun-w died and rijhtr-even bl' of fine nd valuable fnrs, weib.t: iuriven Ctu.and four hundred and mrei. tn pnuuds. Iu aMition to this there ere thirty-one Utousan.t nve hundred mnskr t sk.ns. eu:hi:i.; w li'.y uvc thtiusand pounds, and X aevbuxtsoi fine furs v ila--d at five thousand noiiars errV.- . The ti-i j -rity of th"se dyinar of yellow fever in Kew orp-ansare frei;"Ti-r . nd children. Very fx from tbe Northern SL.tes fatl victim.'. It is cserved tbat mt nf lhv Utter t'ke excellent e .-e Of thi-fuetves, d, when seized by the epi-!tmic, tuo-iiy recov'rr. The murtaUty araom; cliiltlren bof n in tb ctiy is uno-milly be .w. Of the nftv-eL:bt who rtied of yrllow fever in New .Orleans last Thur-day, hnt two were Trom the lijrth; forty ine were jorviners, and the remain-Jt fifieex of Southern birth. A special Cable despatch dated yesterday xuoruing, frc-ra H.-neb-i-t-r, EnUnd, s:ivs ail was i.let there. The poii.-e are actively at work to prevent the escape from the city of the rescued p'-toners. Sevr:! TM-ions suppos. d to be impa cted In the rescue of Ke:Iey und leasy, were ar- atesUd duriiig tee nLrht ; s.meof Ibem taken from tixeir bed-. Ik was a matter of much surprise how speedily tU" mob dUaersed and qui-t rest'ired af ter the rescne. The ram er of lives lost in the aCilr h unknown, but it Is certun that two policemen are dead. C sprain Osborne, one of the Tenian prisoners, escaped from the Lil at donate! on Tbarsday night. Ue has not been recap-tar.-d. tince the extension of the Chicago, Rock Island lvciftc Raliroad to DesMoines. a m irked Increase of travel has taken place, and the Com pany will no dcnl find it imperatively necessary I- iensveu the ptss.ner traius now running. The niHt thin of the line to the lows capital has opened the way to a l.we section of the coun try, which secares, as a ttatur .1 consequence, a greatly increased putronige to the road. The -company is now running two d tfly trains between Chieseo sad TcsM oines, fcr.vtng here, at a. m. and I'T p. m. The train which leave at 9 a- m. t ikt the mornin:; Taisrsc directiy through to JiesMoines, reselling there airly the following Dg. This affords our friends atDesXolnes arnd intervening points an opportunity of getting thtcst news by Tea Chicabo Tatatm about twelve hours in advance of the Chicago evening papers. The sentence of Captain Charles Frederick Thrown. Thirty-seventh I'nited States colored troops, who was Died before a court martial at Jtaleigfe, N. C in November last, has last been coitfirssed by General Grant. Captain Brown was triesi os the charjKs of selling the property of, the Valted States and appropriating to .his own use xie proceeds of the sale. He was found guilty, and sentenced to be dishonorably dismissed the service, with loss of all pay and allowances now due or kere-.fter to become due ; to be forever tisqual!fled ta houi any office of trust or profit under the Government; to pay a fine of ti.o and be imprisoned in t-'ort Macon. North Carolina, un lit the free is paid ; and that the name and place 4wT abode of the criminal and the sentence be pub-iihea hi the newspaper of the State of Massa-bueff and North Carolina. In approving the sentence, tneecretary of War announces th-it Cai tata Brown ceased to be an officer of the l etted States Army on the (1st ait. Jefferson Da la and Ilia Trial. A Richmond correspondent of the New "V,k Trif.aa writes : " from an authentic source I have reason to state that Jefferson Davis will be tried at th Nnramberterm of the t'nltcd States t'ir- uit Court here, ana Hint ne win se lonn- mniiw at that time. The conn-Mi for the will declare themselves ready for trial. The Conrt will sitrnify Itself in the sine manner. The tioreruiuent will ask for time under the pretense of being unprepared - s shift to act out of the trial. The Court wiil then say it wiU be In aesslon for con-eideraoie mmmI. which will afford the Onr- ernment ample time to prepare, and if its rep-rreentatives tail to pro-ecate the prisoner before the term of the court exnires it will in that case lieobaliW declare the prisoner dia-hareed, in the absenre of the prosecution. mh -will most probably he the protrramme of the lone-expected Uavis trial, and such the noshot of it in case ..f th. teiiura nf the (Government to snbstantiaie iu charge. The couairy sui una w "u at a serious encum brance." A Ketrrw Soldier S hoots a Heawl Soldier, atasfi Aesinluesl by a Hebet Jndxe. Fresn the ran Keatacktaa, ft nt. il Vie gave an account last week of the shoot-Inar of a whit man named Jeff. Booth, an n. euel soldier, by a neirro named Tom Wilson, ma ex-Federal soldier. Tn was tried last weea before Jndire Richard Hawes. and so. quitted, hlaU. f orney. rebel sympathizer, - toetnaT rivaecntinr AUOTner. Tha facts elic ited in the case were as follows : Booth was intoxicated andistmck a neero boy m arrocerT in East iaris. who twice returned the blow. Booth then drew a pistol, which was taken from him. . He next pulled out a poc-ket knife, when the negroes left the bouse. Booth ibiiosinir theio. and makinz f. r Tom, who ran about fifty- yards and ' wheeled and tired twice at Booth, wounding Htm severely. Tom was tinea tor carry jag conceaiea weapons. rj9The accident to Mr. Edwin Booth oe- . urrea at toe noiiaay etreet Theatre, itaiu Complimentary Letter Sickles from Governor Orr, of Sonth -Carolina, hi to Alleged Tiews of the President Relatiie to Southern Registration. Further Speculations as Grant's Successor in tbe War Office. to Department Reports Course of Preparation. in A Complicated Case Conflict Between Civil and Military Authorities. Etc., Etc., Etc. Special Despatch to The Chicago Tribune. ''WasaTnaTOH, T. C, Sept. Su. ARRIVAL OF SUSUI. S1CKUS. General Sickles arrived here this morning, and has been called upon during; the day by a large number of persons with congratulations for his course ta the CsroUnas. Be spent several hours st the War Department with General Grant, but . ;id not visit the White Douse. He is likely to be ere several days. It may be added in this connection that since being relieved he has received i letter from Governor Orr, of South Carolina, in which that gentleman says he Cannot refrain from evpeseinghiB deep regret at the coarse of the Pna idem in making the removal. He expressed h i hearty approval of General Sickles'' administration a whole, and especially of his famous General i irder No. 10, which, he states, enabled the people if the Carolinas to make a crop this year, when ;hey could not otherwise have done It. General Nickles replied to this letter, and it is possible that Governor Orr may make the correspondence public sn-xarDA. General Sheridan reached Washington to-night, -nd dined this evening with James T. Brady, the other guests being Governor Fenton, General sickles. General Hancock, and Congressman Robinson, of Brooklyn. A large number of per--ons railed at the hotel to pay their respects to Sheridan, and there was a crowd in the lobby and mils till a late hour. After dinner the General rode out to General Grant's house. asortwous lxttb-bs to ocwbrai. obaxt. General Grant, since going into the War Department, has received s number of letters, some of them anonymous, and others from unknown persons, urging him to take great care for bis personal ssfi'ty. The writers represent generally that his life now is of the utmost importance to the nation. Some advise him to refrain from going about the city unattended ; others, knowing us penchant for fast horses, beg him to handle them with every passible precaution. One advises him to keep away from theatres, and another lmres caution in the admission of persona who wish pri vate Interviews. A cosrrucATxn casx. A somewhat complicated case, involving a con flict between civil and military authority, is now under consideration at the War Department. It -ppers thrt some time last sprrng a man named Hamilton was enlisted as a soldier at Philadelphia, and sent to a recruiting station in that city. He deserted in Hay, but was arrested in Angnst ly Captain Andrew Brown, chief recruiting officer for the State, and returned to the station. Captain Brown, shoot three weeks ago. in accordance with directions from General Butterfield, who has hsr-re of the recruiting service for tbe whole country, gave orders that Hamilton and three or four other deserters should be taken to Governor's Island, If ew York harbor. They wt-rr to go in charge of a Servant, and left tbe station so as to take the 11 o'clock train from l'hilatlelphia. A1out two o'clock that day, Cap- r-tn Brown was served with a writ of habeas cor-in, issued by Jnde Pierce, of the Connty Court, Philadelphia, requiring him to produce Hamilton, who, it seems, U charged with a civil crime. He returned snswer that the man was no longer in his custody, hnt had been sent to New York. It -erms, however, that tbe Sergeant missed 'be eleven o'clock train and concluded to w -it till the following morning before soin; on with bis charge. He so waited, bnt nithoot reporting to Captain Brown, and then ,tk his men to Governor's Inland. Affidavit was -nude to Jndge Pierce thit Hamilton had been in Philadelphia at cn hour later than the time when apinin Brown made return on the writ of '.orVos cor, vt hereupon the Judge assumed :hat the officer was guilty of contempt, and bad rvm arrested and sent to J ill. Captiin Brown re-"orted tbe fact to General Butterfield. bis snpe-ior, ho beljithat bis subordinate had not been :cilty of contempt, and therefore could r.ot meet the requirement of the Judg a the matter of perjuring himself. The Judge vcum crotchety and inexorable. The case was then i-ferred to General Meade, Military Commander f that District, who found he could do nothin: s neither Bntterfleld nor Brown are subject to his rders. General Butterfield then made a case in he I'nited States Court, and attempted to get his inordinate ont of jail as a witness, but the St eriff ref nsed to obey the writ. The matter has now come into the War Department for consider-tion, and meantime Captain Brown lies in jail. What action the Secretary of War will take is not et inuiceted. DKnOCBATIC Wiun-WOBUBS. A considerable number of Pennsylvania Demo- ratic politicians have been heredurinir the last three or tour days. They reminded the Presi .ent that, as goes Pennsylvania, so goes the country, and assured htm that, with a proper control of patronage, they could carry their state by ten thousand majority. Of course they wanted all the Republican officials suspended, even tn the face of tbe fact that Congress would probably restore every man. It Is understood that tbe President promised to give them all the help he could. WAtrvB wab rum Governor Chamberlain, of Maine, came this evening, and will probably remain three days. Ills chief errand is to expedite the settlement of war claims of his State on the General Govern ment. - rxconRCCT. - Tbe telegram in a Kew York piper tb it Pay. master General Bruce Is very sick in Baltimore is incorrect. He is in this city, and at his usual business. VT-ATaTCT BBPOKTS. The various departments of the Government here are preparing the annual reports for present- alum to congress. To the Associated Press. jnore. on Thursday evening last. In the play rf he "Apostate" he was accidentally ' in wit? the flehT Part of the right hand, Li ."ft". i?r in the bands of Mr. Vandenhurr! : ' .i-. t fij J .1 . ! t ;- t t-i-'on if : r-.-T t:!t b"t I of u.U :I . ' t .' t -,y fn.; i a ? -I '. Xl.i.J uvif c i a r - .'.--.:.! m 1 - ... , . ifft- ' 1 "!!' fi.'ei . :h ' t .v . . - . - , - asamal '. . . . a ' ' - - . . . .. ' ... t ssw. ..t.rMtT iaw .. f, f: - B--tPI''t -v: .-r.t si: I .i-.-'T'lf .! -isii-I ),., I i BnasBsaBBBsasaBBBBasaam VOL. XXI. CHICAGO, SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 2l r 1867. tit . :: ! NUMBER 83. eensuqnent on the epidemic, can do so by sending moaeyt the President of the Chamber of Coia- THE SOUTH. Sertovrn Xronble Between Waftea aaa Kfeeroea on Georgia Plantation. Satamkah, Sept. SO. Colonel K. Bucks and an overseer Mr. Lancaster, of Camp Pickens, Charlton County. Ga.. had a difficulty with a negro working on the place, which resulted in shooting the negro in tbe thigh. The next day Sun-day-rswo armed negroes went to the bouse to demand satisfaction of Lancaster. Several shots were exchanged, and one of the negroes was killed and the other badly wounded. Mr. JLanca. ter was badly wounded, and had a horse killed. Lancaster snd Mr. Nn?aser left on Mondav for SL Mary's. An armed band of thirty negroes seized them. Nngsssr escaped by swimming the river. vit uiia nanus nun bat Lancaster was 1 and it is feared that they killed him. b negroes, General Pope's Order for an Election In Georgia. Auocsta. Ga., Sept. 90. The Rtptiblra contains an order of General Pope, directing an election to be held in Georgia, commencing on Thursday, the 29th day of October, to continue three days, at which registered voters may vote for a Convention or against a Convention; also.for delegates for ssid Convention, in case a majority of votes so decide. The Senatorial Districts as established by the State laws, are adopted for the purpose of representation in the Convention, which will consist of one hundred and sixty-nine delegates. The instructions are generally the as issued for the election in Alabama. Tle Duties of Common Carriers Salt Agra Inst a Virginia Railroad. Btcanoitn, Sept. SO. Another negro to-day sued the Kichmond, Fredericksburg & Potomac fiaiiroad Company for nonadmittance to a first-class car upon a first-class ticket purchased at New York. The company have determined to sund the suit and test the question for the railroad companies Sonth. General Mntford enters upon the duties of Rev, enue Collector here, October 1st. North Carolina Politics. Bauiob. N. C-, Sept. SO. The Register, edited by Daniel R. Goodloe, and the recognized organ of the Republican party of the State, denounces the recent .Radical Convention bitterlv- ml communicates Ilolden and his coadjutors. " n.ui-u,UUUUA, UVU UC1U . 1 IflK IIS mass meeting to-dav. Almost all the influential and prominent men signed the call. Convention of Union Officers and Sol diers in Blcnmond. Washington. Sept. 21. A despatch from Rich mond states that preparations are bein? made for me convention 01 ex-t nited states officers and soldiers, to be held on tbe 35th instant. Letters have been received by the Executive Committee from all nortions nf th(! Sliti and thA nrn-iuct it That it will be a full Convention. Horning or the Crntehfield Honse at Chattanoosa. Chattanooga. Sent. 90. The Crntehfield House was totally destroyed by Are this evening. The fire was cansed bv the breaking of a number of lamps in an oil-room. Little propertv was stved except in the lower stories. There were several narrow escapes,but no lives were lost. The other buildings near were damaged by sparks, not seriously. Loss abont $ld,i4iu ; insured for V,0uu. OTJT-DOOR SPORTS. Tbe Base Hal Tournament at Dceatnr TOatcbes Played Yesterday Pro gramme for To-dajr. Special Despatch to The Chicago Tribnne. " - Decatck, III., Se:it. SO. This morning the Lihertys, of Springdeld, played the Centrals, of Decatnr. Both are pony clubs. The attendance was not so large as yes terday, but not less enthusiastic. The plaving was very fair, especially after the third innings, snd on the bart of the Lihertvs. who won th game by a score of 65 to 12. in is was ionowea ny me jucmersons, or this place, cerstfa the Clintons, of Clinton. Four innings left a score of 16 to 8 in favor of the Macs. It was a frieudly game and fairly This afternoon the Excelsiors, of Cuicigo, ? laved a picked nine from the clnhs present, he weather was flue, and the plaving ill that con Id be desired. The game closed after the sixth innings with forty-four tailys for the Excelsiors and six for tbe picked nine. Stearns made three home runs, besides which thi-re w.-re four others. Cnmp, of the Athletics, of SpringuVM, secured a home run for the opponents. The Excelsiors were whitewashed twice. To-morrow the editors and reporters rl-tv the printers, after which throwing, running baet-e, Sc., for prizes, will close the tourniimen:. The citizens of Decatnr gave the reprtors an oyster supper last evening. All were delighted. Se tes of Rase Ra.11 TIatebes. Pftroit. Sent. S-i. Base ball matters are be coming lively here. To-morrow the tjnickstep Club, of Toledo, will plav a return match with the Detroit Club. Earlv next week the Welkin t inb, of Port Huron, will plav with the Detroit Club, in this city, as does also the Ann Arbor Club. On the 1st of Oetolier the Atlantic Club, of Chicago, will lisit this city and play with the Detroit t'iub. On tin- iih of October the Detroit Club will visit Chicago aud play a match with the Excelciors. While there they will also plav the r turn match with the Atlanlics. o-n thereafter the Detroit Club will visit Pittsburgh and play another match with the A Uehanies. Hoboken Races. Siw York. ScDt. 40. At the Hoboken races the steeple-chase was won by General Willnims, beating 7iz-ig and Oakland. In the hurdle-race Skv-lark I eat t:rryov.en: miie heats. Time, rMlij snd 4:14. For the r mi-purse Juhal beat lakland. Susie M. and Pa':ie; mile and a half heats. 1 1 iui, ..-m. a uci c.-i-wF17. lor imv nine, nna won l.y Clement, b. utiug Susie M. Time, 1.3i. For the Poststake-purse, two mile he-its, dames Conno'y beat Morrissey. in Szii aud 3: li1,. Banning Race Between Xnro Cripples. Cincinnati. Sent. 40. Two men. both with le-rsampntnted at the hips have a one-mile race near this city to-morrow, for a purse of $ 500. One weiehs one hundred snd twenty pouuds, and the orner ninety-seven. et are onred tnat the mile will be made in twenty minutes. CRIME. Suspocted Rank Defalcation. Xtw York. Sent, wi. There are renorts hre of irouoic iu me loninion rk.nK, t-ouuecucat, and the cashier is said to be missing. Heavy Smuggling Case Stupendous AVlilskey Frauds-Case Involving Vp-wards of a million of Dollars. Xnr York. SeDt- . Henrv Hart and O. McCormirk have been arrested, with -four others, charged with smuggling $30,000 worth of cigars, afiu linn to nail in s-l-xvtHJ. The principal owners of distilleries In Bonrbon County, Ky were before Commissioner While to-day, charged by Collector Bailey with defrauding the revenue by carrying on the rectifying nusiuess vtiinoma license. Uslugsuunous Drauus, removuig liquors without inspection, etc Their nnniesxre C.Ii. Sauliorn. B. Messmore. A.H.Mill. T. J. 'Ihikham. and thev were held to bail in $?,(Ai0 each. In tnrn thev have eoromeneed two suits against Collector Bailey. In the Superior vonrt. anu ne is. nem to nail resneenve v in tst'.Ui O and 4ii.e(i0. Messmore is a brother of Assessor Messmore. of the Metropolitan Board of Acicuuc vmiiiuuuiiu invuiteu in toe case. Till rBESIDBNT W IBS SOCTBSRil RKOISTBTTO?f . loHLMl. it I De Ptewiork inwe Washington special savs: "As an indication of tbe President'a latest t'-mper on the situstlon of reconstruction anaira, witness the following ab- srracis oi nis views as recently expressed tn conversations with certain poll lie inns who railed un- on him for tbe purpose of urging falm to reopen uie rex isira- uu iu uiv suatn- xie luiormea tnem inat ue coaia notuo so withont lucumnc thf rr- in rtsa oi impeacoment, ana intimated that the Reeon-truction laws confer on the I '1st net Military Commanders sole control over the registration. His only power of Interference was the removal of Commanders when they i.tuea to execute tne taws in sccoroance wiin nis view of their lecal construction. Ue admitt-d that the District Commanders are acting under he direct authority of Conirre In the neno snce of a civil duty, and that if he should attempt to ss.ume power as ormnamier-m-i niPT, to control the time of reffttration and holding elections, hey would have tbe riirbt to refuse to obey bis onlers snd wouhl be smeuahle to punishment for mllltsry Insubordination, ir they did so, he stated that the recent nromulcation of the amuestv nroe- bitnntion threw upon Concress the sitw ? de priving legally qualified voters from registry snd vounir. snu ne bopea tnst tne sootbern people wouia appreciate it in tnat num. u anv oi toe psruirtiio masses, ne continued, attempt to register, snd sre refused, the courts are open to them. ntiO ttiev can conioel the mililarv to allow them to rectstrT thromrh the courts. If thev do not do so. ne ronriunsa. ue tan it or their diofranrhlsement Is Wltb onuress. as he Claimed that K had d.icis i inst ne couia do to restora thsm tn their rignis. ssenrTAar o wab. It has transpired that President Johnson. Im. mediately subsequent to the removal of Secretary Manton. tendered the War Outce to Uraml wrl lei'an. and tnst the oflir si. Dnunittl, v. "J film RTDIITlDIBt in inisroimerthsa It win he Interesting to snow th.l the efforts to obtain tbe appointment i..r uenerni Bteedmaa have not yet tiesn aban- uowu, auntiugn tne premature nnbiicatioa or Mr. tireelrv's letter. reCiHBmenflilu? hint fns the oSli-e has blocked the game a little, aa it was Intended to be used only for the purpose of Influomun tha Senate when the aomtnalioa was sent to It for cobarmstioa. BNBBAt. OBANT. General Grant enforces economy tn tbe eg. pendiiures os nis osjnsseni wita an ansp.irlng hasa. lie has recently ordered the members of his staff to tarn la all tbe public propertv around headquarters horses, wagons, etc snd the staff genllenien, wno nave always Tn very cirenm- peet and modest In matters of military display. - t 1 1 u -. ...t 1.. .n unmwi.' e" - " s- -i ni-ri . vial smuL nan. n.Mrtl knar has Issued a circular calinz upon regimental and company officars to ase the Blawl tllCIUUKV HI KHSiu wcuiwi mvuiiru. " the rowdyism of toe past lew nays, wmcn resuitea Klurderer Kewplied. Indian Sent, wi. White, convicted of Indiana, to-day, has hern respited by the Governor until tne secona weea in uctooer. An immense crowd from all parts of the country gathered at murderer wss so tntenselt was feared that White would be taken from the and handed. The streets surrounding the iail were blocked by the crowd who were clamorous for his execution. lNDiASAroi.ig. Sent. 40. The excitement st Anderson, Indiana, in regard to the execution of Milton White, has subsided, and the crowd has aisiereu quietly. Arrests on a Charge of Murder. Et.iswoBTH. Kan- Sent. 20. Two brother nnmed Farrell v ere arrested at Fort Harker to day, chanred with the mnrder of Frank Johnson, which occurred a few days asro. THE PACIFIC COAST. California Election Tfews Tbe Grain markets tn San Pranctsco Sandwich lslande News. Salt Fbancisco. Sent. to. Return from fortv- eight counties, psrtinlly official, give llaight e..-si; wmos.iB.(Hs; rar,i..m Sas Fbancisco. Sept. So. Ihe vote for Con gressmcn has been received from a few counties ouy. At w ill not he fully known for several d.iys. multisection t:iat onlv one I n;on can J date. Hlehv. is elected. The I nion tnjiioritv in the Senate Is now poslriwlv known to be fYmr. snd ennuirh to prevent the rers-al of the Registry law or division of the school fund, which Is favored by a large portion of tbe Democrats. An aovanre in Hour of twenty Cents has Keen gaiueu, tuuKinir tne otitsiae rcto ra--s:&ft.a. w heat, fi.Otiiit x.U5 per 11 pounds. The di-no.l tlon to Bold is apparent among farmers, a laree bole having been made tn the crop hv the ex nort demand which still continues. 'ine insn organ in A-siuornis opposes runner levies for raids on Canada or insurrections In Ire-laud. It thinks the nreseut time not favorable for the Fenian project. Internal revenue collections in San Francisco for the month of Anirnst, sn.OPU. sannwirk Islands date are tn Anrnt tn Anxiety Is expressed at Honolulu lest the next ellale rauir tne reclirncltv treat v. Tbecoolie Insurrection was prevented at an Ono- ma plantation oniy oy tue airplay ot lorce. f orty viere arrestea ana unea. Arisona advices to Angnst 1th represent tbe Indians still more troublesome. Governor McCormlrk writes General Mrliowell Imol s-inir more troops, stating that nosiiuues or the disns in tiie Prescott District are onn-ually for uildahle and aiarmuut, aud the niiUUry force otaiiy iusuiucu:nt. poLrriCAis. The. Late Fenian Riot Manchester, England. Tote on the Sew narrland Constitution Baltiborb. Sept. 10. Hfcrtl il returns from most of tlis counties of the State foot up a maturity ol A,0uu fcr the new Constitation, tn nd'tl-tion to the nwjonty tn this city, whicn was r. pome counti's sre yut to do neara irua ami tnry win increase tno majority. Declines to Run on tbe Democratic Xtches. ClttcniKATi- Son! 9n rn..slM Tteemelln ds etines to ran on the Stats Riehts Democratic " t uncrrstooa tnst tne i?emocrars win vote for the spo-tate General Cary, though not .uMMif Miiiiaiing mm. NumLer of Killed and VTouuilcd not Ascertainel in two cases of unprovoked murder. They are enjoined to prosecute all persons selling Honor to soMuera, it'It tne rrooiDiwvj w kmi. a i r- k l.BM. Vuiikcmx Kent. Su. MstoT General Sickles this morning had an interview with General Grant. btibbai. bahcoc I sionlsts left last night for Albany, haw WMkiin. i. few aAn nr St LrmU. I 4 a. iMirlan Umiu.. vif. bat will sot for una weeks oroceod to Sew I dav from Usvsns. 01 '"s- I The Grand Lodge of Odd Fellows ta-d.vr.nt. vokbw or aasracT. ed leave to the Grand Lodge of Pennsylvania to ?',1,BU"1 '?" of respect fur the memory of I action of the Grand lodge Sire In granting war-Mr rreuerick Brncsv m rnlnmln Enrsmnment n i ..F FROM NEW YORK. Departure of Cincinnati Bzrarslontsts a we Odd Pellowa Catberlnc, etc. K w York, Sept. 90. The Cincinnati exenr- Dany. Eiumbeth arrived to- Fralerick Brace. iTVUI rrreipts since the 1st Inst ; Customs, sti,a 4.0UI ; frnca Internal revenue. 9,?lu0d in S II rTS" TArW mansurhssska -s , .a - -..--- wwi veruaca llOvOUO. njnding this mUhap Mr. Booth u ;:irriuay ana eatarasy nights, but it Msra. Sunday tnat he would be can-alw Ip.n aa soraswrmiAce fiwa r. . seqaenca of tha inliAined sta'.e AMIS few sat Tel la war nratwae m s-atn. , , ClwCTSr-ATt Sept .-Ib response to a tele-srsm trom tne Howard Assoctatio in iu-w Orleal as, asking assistance, tbe Chambor of Com-e rue doaatedlva hundred aolUrs. and an. Pem - o soucu sabsoriD-unna from Ine citizens reneralir fiw th- .. L ect. Msasnrsswlll betaken immediately to carry on tbe object. Parties in the interior, who may easare to ssalsl the snjteiing poor of Sew Otiesaa, lodges and encsmnmenta la Colorado and Mon- ana was approved. Cesnsnerctal Bank, of Canada. bTobtbsai Sent, a. The Directors of the Commercial Bank, of Cssutda, have aaade a report reommeniling ine rwajesapuoa n utw at sw per cent to provide against possible losses. The 1 usiness of the Bank is said to be in a favorable position. Tan New Steamssilp L.lne Between Bostoaasd l.lvoi-pool. . , 1 Boeroif, Sept- o. Steamship Ontario arrrred shortly after midnight, making the passage from Liverpool In ten days snd six hours. She brought aw passengers ana a targe gargo. EUROPE. in he Rescued Prisoners not yet Recaptured. Garibaldi'd Proposed Move- ment on Rome. Preparations of the Party of Action Nearly Completed. BIsmark's Circular Relative to the Salzburg1 Conference. ' Unfavorable Comments by tha French Press. Etc., Etc., Etc. BY OCEAN TELEGRAPH. Prussia. BISK ARK'S CIRCULAR RELATIVE TO THE SALZBUBO CON'IHK.NCE. London, Sept. 20. Count Bismark recently addressed a circular note to the diplomatic representative of Prussia in regard to the interview between Napoleon and Francis Joseph at Salzburg. The document has just been published, and is the principal snbject of editorial discussion In English and Conti- nentnl newspapers. Bismark says Prussia is willing to accept the representations made by f ranee, that the Conference at Salzbnrg should be regarded as a pledge of peac?. He alto makes many allusions to the anion of the German States. The London Journals comment with f jvor on this note, regarding it as pacific snd tranqnilizing. The French press, while fiey seem ditposel to find bnt little fault with what Biamrrk says, denounce the circular because in all its references to German unity it completely ignores the treaty of Prague, snd omits all allusion to the obligation under which Prussia rests to fulfil the stipulations of that solemn compact. Italy. OABIBAUM'8 PROPOSED MOVEMENT ON BOXB. London, Sept. 20. Preparation of the party of action in Italy, in the revolutionary movement on Home, are about complete. It Is rumored that Sunday next has been fixed by Garibaldi as the day upon which the long-deferred attempt is to be made. Great Britain. IBS LATE r EN IAN BIOT 19 MAN CHESTER. Manchester, Sept. 20. Quiet was maintained all night, but the police have been vigilant to prevent tbe escape of anv of the rescued prisoners. All the avenues of exit are closely watched. Daring the night, several perrons, supposed to be implicated in the riot. were arrested, some in their beds. It was report ed early this morning tht Keller had been recap tured, bnt the report leeks confirmation. It is a matter of surprise how speedily the mob dis persed and qniet was restored after the rescue was effected. The outbreak has taken the Government by surprise. A strong force is being mustered toprevent a further demonstration. One of the wounded policemen, it is reported, died last night. It is impossible to tell how many lives were lost in the affray. Several persons badly injnred, and probably dead, were carried off by the mob. It is thought that the mob had friends in the inil who kept them informed of the movements of the police and prisoners. Manchester, Sept. 20 Evening. Everything quiet here. The rioters appear atisfied with their succets, and fiere hive been no more disturbances. No traces of tbe rescued prisoners Kellcy and De:y have been discovered, snd it is thought that they hive snceeed- d in escaping from the city. The name of the policeman killed yesterday was Brett. Arrests of iotcrs continue. Among those in cnstcdy.ire William Alien and Michael Lark in, charged with murdering Brett. Loktjox, Sept, 2" Evening. A despatch from Bradford reports that Kelley and Ocasy were seen in that city this afternoon, but the police failed to arrest them, and they again lUsaprteared. EscAfB or ANOTHER tenia prisoner. Dt nuN, Sept. SO. Captain Osborne, one of the Fenian prisoners. escaped from jail at Clonmel last night, and had cot been recaptured up to noon, though the jail uards started in immediate pursuit. The police are searching for him in every part surrounding where it is supposed he is still concealed. France. roRTncomso annual statement of the credit BOB1L1EB. Paris, Sent. 20. As the day for the annual statement account of tbe Credit Mobiller approaches, much dis quietude is apparent on the Bourse. The opera- ions of tbe Credit MoMlier exercise a Influence upon monetary affairs in France, anl -he anxiety to know with exactitude its condition is correspondingly great. SOUTH AMERICA. Affairs on tne Isthmus The Insurrec tion Quelled In Sw (Grenada Ameri cans Killed by Soldiers at Cartuafrena Recent Action or the Chilian Con-press Peruvian AOalrs, Etc New York. Sent. 20. The steamer Arizona. from Aspinwall, brings l,ooO,ut.O in Calujrnia treasure. Genera Totten is a psssenser. and brought the new Panama Kaflroad contract, extending the charter ninety-nine years. Panama nates are to tbe ixtn. A letter is published at Panama, from A. A. Burton, late Minister to Colombia, deovinsr the allegations th::t be endeavored to edVct a treaty between the Isthmus and the lnited btates. 1 ne ransms Legislature was in session. Tbe A Costa tvovernment bad been fully recognized by the merchants at a mass meeting in Bogota. 3f oeqnera was still a prisoner. The insurrection at Bovarna had beea snn- Srcssed, and Lopez bad given his adbusion to the lovarnment. Itcrrara had been defeated and was fleeing from Begnlus. Peace now reigns throughout the interior. Julius Kroehl. late emnncer of the American nsvv. died at Panama on the frrh. where he was engaged on the construction of pearl diving ma- vuiucrj. two Americans were Killed ana one Dnaiv wounded fn Carthaccna bv soldiers. au attempt at revolution in tneneighoornooaor n.iracos nsa neen suppressed. Two hundred arrests were made. A nartv or hcnsdorlans were reported to have captured the seaport town of Tttmucoa, and were levying coninnntions. inev are reportea tn re oneratinir in coninuction with the revolutionists iu the interior. Steamer China left Panama on the 4th for San Francisco. Bills were before the Chilian Congress for the abolition of capital pmilhment and Imprisonment for debt. A hill for sending an Envoy to Mexico had passed. The Chilian army Is reduced almost to a pence footing. There was no expectation of tbe return of the Spanish fleet. A revolutionary scheme In Pern had been suppressed. The intention of the conspirators was to assassinate Prado and proclaim Cauco President. Prado was to be declared Constitution Presi dent. Th Constitution was to be published this month. The orgsnlc Isws were to be given within sixty days, aud Congress dissolved. eteamcrw atavoress sna Aurora, oouznr in toe Vllited Slates for that Peruvian Government- had been abandoned as useless. Salt f bakcisco. Sent. Mi. Tha BnttetUt has ad- vires from Chill that J. U Whltmore and Harry Meigs have a contract with a French company of to remove the immense deposit of KUano from MegiUln's Point, held Jointly by Bolivia and Chill. I The steam-run Mortn America bits arrived from Klo Janeiro Aagnat s Para September 7, and Su Thomas September IS. - At Para creal preparations were brine msde to celebrate the opening of the A mason River, on tl... ?th The united Slates steamers t.nernere. rawnae. and Kansas are at Eio. All well. FROM DECATUR. made a rpessh of welcome axH introduction, and enrnnsiasuc cneers were given tiie J -: er .1, n. o replied in a brief speech of thanlu to tiie Governor and people for their kindness. , CHIN A AND JAPAN. The jProposed Telegraph Between Hong Kong and Shanglul Result of an In q nest an the Jeddo Tragedy Hydrophobia at Shanghai Cruise of the Sbenandoalt on the- West'Coaat or Japan Summary or News ty the Steamer Colorado. Saw Fbahctsoo, Sept. 14. The China Overland denies the report -that the Hong Kong and Shanghai telegraph scheme will be abandoned. On the contrary, the maturial is on the way for its construction forthwith, and some of it is already received at Hong Kong. An inquest on the Jeddo tragedy resulted in holding several Chinese for wilful mnrder. They were handed over to tire Portutrnese Consul. The Agamemnon is undergoing repairs in dock. Two Europeans had died at Shanghai from hydrophobia. All nnmuzzted dogs were being shot. Tne Harkow Chamber of Commerce had discussed the project of insisting upou cash pay meuta from Chinese, but abandoned it as having a tendency to throw business into tbe hands of native merchants. , Tbe open bnlk of the John Adams bad been sold to the British Government for $7,500, to be used as quarters for the water police of Hong Kong. The news from China and Japan is generally unimportant. 1 The North China Beratd gives an account or the cruise of the Shenandoah iu search of a suitable port for an American establishment on the west coast of Japan. General Van Valkenburg accompanied Commodore oldsborough. The cruise extended from July ISth to the 24th. Su-merons places were visited, having from 8.11OO to 5,000 inhabitants. Ine people everywhere were very friendly, bnt sometimes timid. What the result of the expedition Is is not stated, except that the port designated in the treaty is not adapted for foreign commerce. 'I he Pacific mail steamer Colorado arrived from Yokohama and Bong Kong this morning, six days sooner than expected. . -They found the Curta Rica at Yokohama, Jnne STth : reached liong Kong August oth ; bad three deaths nmcng the Chinese steerage passengers : returning, leit Hong Kong August ISth; reached Yokohama on the 22d: and left on the 24th for this port. M e brings Sfi2 paesengors and 1,1-10 tons of merchandise. She had moderate weather, with good health on board. The I'nited States steamer Shnhrick. went sshore the 9th tnstBt, in a fog, thirty miles below Care Mendocino. Sue was returniuir from a trip to convey light-house material. It is not. jv, idu, n ix sue can ue aavcu. The Yokohama Herald reports frequent murders nt Nagasaki, and tbe existence of much apprehension in consequence. " Business is arrested by the great annual holiday of the Japanese. The.f tte Napoleon was celebrated at Yokohama with great eclat all foreign nations participating. Tea was quoted at $2433. Picul silk ; fell r'Ji toJfSU. Tiie lie) old declares the proposition to recall British troops from Japan unwise. Their pres ence prevents violence sgnnist loreisjners. San Fbancisco, Sept. 16. The following despatch, dated Shanghai. Angnst 16, wis delaved n the Post Office in this city by a clerical blun-d r: The continued drought fa North China is ascribed by the anti-t'oielgn party at Pekxn to the firoposnl of tiie Tsnr C. Yamen to employ foreiea nstructors in astronomy and mathematics. Tbe tniperor received numerous petitions to proMbit .lien invflitinii nf aniti.iil pnslnm. Prini.n TT.nry Regent, is abused and oners his resignation,whica la uu, aixcpicu. A million tads is to be raised by taxation for a levy to supply the army of North China, and assist sufferers from drouths at Che Foo,6U0 miles from Shanghai. The rebel Tantai takes refn?e on the Enrrlish gunboat. As one good result, be shows his grati- uuc in aiionfiiat n.icuuuu men Mr CUIU11K cuot mines, forty miles from Che For. Americans think the United States shonld have a gunboat on the Yangta Kiangr at once, tn protect tbe river. Large interests are at stake at Harkow. Imports by American steamers for the quarter ending, June 4, amounted to $4,000,010. 'J be river was very high again, and the country u. UWUI.-U .or uuien.- Tbe American squadron now in Chinese and -Ta-pan waters numbers six vessels besides the supply ship. France is withdrawing her Beet from Chinese waters. England and the United States are withdrawing theirs. TheMahommedanrehcls in Yunows carry everything before them. They have declared Sen Sin Emperor. The British 3f inister had returned from a tour of the ports. At almost all he found evasions of the treaty. At Amov thirtv and sixtv ner cent is charged on forcim goods intransitto theiaterior. The treaty allows only five per cent. The Hon? Konz Chamber of Commerce favors a revision of the treatv next year, and a rednction 01 tne uuty to two ana a nail per cent. uen tne treaty is revised all powers concerned will insist upon having the railroad and telegraph charges lowered. The great tea failure of tbe English house of .wat-Keiiun to. causeu great excitument at Harkow. among the native losers. A 'mob of eiultty attacked the British Consul, while1 holding court, kicked and bruised bira. No man-of-war was In port- 1 be Chinese attempted to plunder. THE FAR WEST. The Indian Commissioners on the orth Platte Council with Chiefs of the ft rules, Cheyenne and Og;alal-iahs The Indians Acre to- Retire to the xteaervalioii. Special Despatch to The Chicago Tribune. North Platte. Neh, riaOBABA, Sept. 20. Tbe Commissioners refuse to give np the Pow der River and Smoky Hill roads, or tb treat for compensation while the w r 1 ists. The Indians here accept the terms proposed by the Commis sioners. Railroad Workmen Attached by Indians Above Vart flays -Five Whites and F: Is: tit Indians Killed Progress on the Kansas Pacific Railroad. Fit s worth, Kansas Sept. 20. Tbe camp of 1 nomi s rarger, raiiroaa contractor, lortv-stx miles above Fort Havs, was attacked by Indians yesterday st noon. Forty men were in camp at tbe time of tbe attack. Parker and five of bis men were killed and five mortally wounded. Eight Indians were killed. ParkerV body was pierced by fjltecen bullet, lauce and arrow wouuds. Previous reports of scalping of Shaw and Shnrpe are nntrue, nut nve men 01 their outfit were killed on Mondav. Tbe track oi the Union Pacific Railroad. East Division, is rapidly progressing and has now reached a point fifteen miles from Fort Hays. FROM DES MOINES. Trstertlay's Proceed In ga In the Grand Lodge of Good Templars Final Adjournment. Special Despatch to Tbe Chicago Tribnne. Dicatcr, III., Sept. 20. Last evening's session of the Grand Lodge was the occasion of a marriage, in open aessloa, of Mr. J. K. Saunders, G. W. Jf ., to Miss Sue A. Pike, ti. W. D. M. Rev. Charles Perkins, G. W. C, performed the service. The report of the Committee on the Official Orcan was received, discussed and adopted. This morning and afternoon were thnronghtv occupied with numberless items of mostly uiiira'. poitant business. Chicago has secured her fair share of tbe important committees. Miss Fanny Woodbury was placed at the bead of the Committee oa Cold Water Templars, and Freeman Si Ike was made Chairman of the Finance Committee. The Pnblishinr Committee Was selected from onr city, thus securing the pnhlieattoa of the otnclal organ 01 tne great centre oi tue awmwisi. C. B. Holmes was chosen as Chairman, and ft. B. Sherman and O. M. Babcock were nude arsutt- A vote of thanks was unanimously tendered to Hon. S. D. Hastings ror nis vaiuaDie aervices m n.MuliM, Avrtr th hodv. Tue Good Templars1 Lodge thea adjourned to meet at Uaiesourat next septemoer. The session has throughout, despite its radical changes and decided action, been harmonious and profitable. From it tbe temperance cause will receive a powerful impetus, and much good must wawnlt. 'I hi. anmnins Dr. Sasanel Jackson will deliver a temperance lecture, and tha delegates will go Bone strong tor ue connm. . t fthertdan at Harrteemra;. Pa. Habblsbubs, Pa-. Sept. ta An Immense crowd greeted Sheridan at the depot. Governor Geary s , Proceeding In the Drs Itlolnes Confer ence of tiie Church Extension Society An I.rring Daughter, etc Special Despatch to The Chicago Tribune. Dbs Moines, Sept. 20. Ti c second anniversary of the Des Moines Conference of the Cbnrch Extension Society, was held last night. Speeches were made by Dr. Har ris. Colonel O Pnrinuton and Revs. Knott, Tesd and iTencnck. According to the reports made, the Society work during the year had been feeble, and that the amount required by the Conference had not neen raised. The Conierence assembled at eight o'clock this momii.g. A resolution changing the time of holding the Conference to the last week in August or first week in Septemlier was adopted. Revs. Stewart, lick I it, Smith and Lowe were ordained as Deacons. A committee of one from each district was, on motion, appointed to report on Conference collections. Permission was granted for the sale of the parsonages at Panora, Iudianola, and Bedford, the funds to be npplied in building new ones. By a resolution it was agreed that the next Conference should he held at Council Bluffs. The advance guard of the grasshopper army arrived here to-day, and arc hourly growing thicker. Tbe I'nited Presbyterian Synod of Iowa assembles st Newton, on the 24th. Reports from nearly all portions of tht. State say the corn crop is safe from frot. A father from lows Citv, flamed Hanna, fonnd bis roving daughter at the Savoy Honse, in this city, to-day. It is said she had stolen tbe old gentleman's money at heme, and fled, and he followed her up to this city. MEXICO. The Execution of General O-'lToran. City cf Mexico Correspondence (Aug. 27) of the ACS AOTK A ImOI. I informed vou Of th. cantnre of General O'H 0- ran, some w ecks since, ami that a trial hv court martial had been accorded him. This was con cluded last Sunday, the prisoner being declared gnuiy oi most unneara-ot crimes, or treason, rel-ony. etc., w hich were all proven so the complete satisfaction of the ignorant, illiterate and vengeful Board, composed of Indian Captains, before whom OTloran was tried, and by whom he was condemned to be shot within twenty-four hours. fevery effort was made hv msnv ffistlngnisbed pe-sons to secure comnr'.tation of th.' senteuce, but without avail. On the 21st Instant at a. nu, be was taken to the Plnxuela de Mexicalco, guarded by the battalion of the Supremo Polert. Reach!! g the place, he stepped lightly from the carriaire, snd accompitiied by two priests, walked briskly to the spot designated to him, there to undergo the dread penally. He stood a few feet from a Hgh wall, surrounded on three side by troops with thoussnds of spectators filling the streets, and covering the roofs of the bouses, .which were black with human heluira. He was as calm and sell-possessed as If at a review, placing his hand upon nis ten nrcast, sno requesting tne soldiers to aim at the heart. Then, gracefully bowing to all. ho drew from his packet a white handkerrhh'f, folding It across his, and takinir a last look npon the scene before httn, gisleg at the cloud-oh-senrsd sun as It was rising over tbe snow-crowned peak of Popocatepetl, seemingly binding It and the world adieu, he raised the handkerchief to his eyes, tving It over them, and gave the word to fire A moment's delay occurred, when he urged the men to fire, exelaitnin?. Ilea la ludrpendrneUl " " Urn Mrxuru " He expected to be .hot in the breast, hnt after the pieces bad been levelled upou was directed 10 turn, hut not obeylni.', an officer stepped forward aud forced him tu turn bis back to the executioners. The next instant the report of tho ritles was heard, and the brave General O'lloran, the friend of the foreigner, the hero of Pnebla, was strtiegline in tiie aconies of doath. After he fell, be was shot four time, in succession, and his breast literallv torn Into shreds. The fonrth shot was fired at an interval of not less than live minutes from the third. It was a sickening, horrify-irg shlit, hut one greatly enjoyed bv Mexicans. During the night of the -.Wh O'Horaa was engaged in writing letters to friends, and also one for publication, from which I translate one or two extracts. After referring to the sorvieea which be rendered the country during the Texan revolution, '.be American war, and the early part of the intervention, aud explaining bow he became interested in the Imperial cause, be says, with regard to the severitv of military incisures As a soldier, and oheyim? my chlf I made forced requisitions of supplies, adopting those violent means which are always employed by those carrying on war in whatever part of the world, when left withont other resource means, too, which have always been employed b tbe successive Government of our country, la all their difficult and dangerous hours. And he who sss governed States ; he who his taken part in eiirhtv-eix reanral battles; he who haa shed his blood la eight com lists; beea a General in tbe army, carried upon his nreast twelve decomtions, won for servic.'s la foreign wars, now dies, leaving bis poor children tn necessity. When tbey sre seen in this .ad and painful t itna-tion. then it will be said that the executed of the 21st of A rnst was a rood and honorable man. The dyhur lather, now upon the verge of tne eravo, recomaasnaj. uiscoiioren not to censure the justice or tha consequences -of the act which throws them helpless aud friendless upon the w; rid. . Fellowltlrens, t victim of political turmoil, la a few brief hours 1 will be rylng dn the grave. The life which had ever been respected by tbe bullets of foreigner, is doomed to be taken by those of Mexicans. Would to God at blood might be tha last spilled on account of political convulsions. Would to God that the RepuilUcaii v overnment would be able to preserve the peace ia the future, and become great and generous in tint ejee of the world, promulgating after my death, an amnestv to my unfortunate eorep mlons Inarms. Pardon for tbe vanquished 1 Pardon for thefcii.enf T.OHobaB. IX MX Pmaon, Aug. 81, 1W7. : . Australians Items. ; . Hnr Yobk. Sent. 20 Australian ruvwa to An gnst let is received eta Panama. A suitable re- cepuon was to be given Prince Alfred. . The country districts were recovering from tha effects of the late floods. Two pilots and five of their crews were drownei in the attempt to board a ship during a sale. ' General Latham, the new American, Cin.n1. has entered on bis duties at Melbourne. Heavy gales on the New Zealand coast had done damage to the amount of 60,uU pounds. .... Explosion or a Steamboat Boiler Six Persona Killed. . Col TTTErK. Ga- Sent- 90. Th atsaailmat Chipola exploded her bofler eighteen miles below here yesterday. Six persons, two white and four colored, all the employee on the ho t, were killed. The passeagers are all safe. The boat was a total kws. Order from General Mower Deaths - from Yellow Fever. . Nxw Oblkans. Sent. 20. General Mower hss issued an order similar to tlitt of Gmeral Canby, regarding Confederates self--jxilediince returned, now snbject to the parole. Interment from yellow fever in twenty-lour hours to this morning, 6. Resolutions of the nauasachnsetta Tem- peranee Contention. The following is an abstract of the resolutions adopted by the Massachusetts. State Temperance Convention, at Worcester, September 17 r - " - ; The resolutions, after' declaring the sale of intoxicating liquors and the drinking usages of the age to be crimes against society and sins against God, and that potent forces are at work to legalize the sale, pledge the delegates anew to use their best endeavors to suppress the sale and banish strons drink as a beverage , call npon the ministry and Christian people of all sects to defend tbe principles enunciated by Edwards, Buecber, Channing and Wayland ; recognize the various temperance organizations of the State as useful collaborators ; declare that earnest efforts should "be taken to impress temperance principles upon the minds of children , that w hile legislation may be the special necessity of the present hour, moral means should not he neglected; that entire abstinence is the only safe rule, and that moderate drinking invariably leads to drunkenness ;' recognizing the influence of the press, and thanking those journals that have " taken a decided opinion iu favor of righteousness ;" declaring that the licensing of any crime or moral evil is based on a principle destructive to society ; that the prohibitory luw of 1S55, having been thoroughly tested f the courts, sifted In its general featnres and in its minutest details, and sustained by the highest legal authorities in the land, should remain upon the statute books, and be supported by all the power of the Commonwealth ; that its enforcement is' practicable, reasonable and essential ; that any modification that would impair its efficacy would at this time be mischievous and deplorable; a- blow to the cause of temperance and a disgrace to the old Bay State, while its vigorous and impartial enforcement would win for it the respect of the community and secure its perpetual and final triumph ; that it is the duty of tern pea ranee men to attend nominating conventions, and town and' district caucuses, for the purpose of securing the nomination of men known- as prohibitionists ; that in the use of all these means, temperance men are dependent on Almighty God, in whose service they are engaged ; that the question of temperance in a national point of view is second only to that which has so long affected our general policy, and that as the great work of emancipation is perfected, there is now a propriety in engrafting the principle of prohibition upon all organizations that continue to direct :xud control the government of the country ; approving the clause of the proposed new Constitation of Michigan, containing the prohibitory principle ' , The Ioo y County (Ind. Horror. From the Uvansville (Iud.) Journal, Sept. 18. From Mr. George TVoolflin, who was in the city yesterday, we learn that the accident to the Keidenhatier brothers was not as fatal as it was represented to us, but at the same time little less horrible. Neit her of the men were killed outright, and it is hoped that three of them will recover, though very seriously injured. One of them, however, was so terribly mangled that it is not considered possible fur him to live. His left arm above the elbow was terribly mangled, and his le t thigh so badly lacerated that amputation will be necessary, but the worst aud most dangerous injury was indicted in his right side, a piece of the shell passing through it. mangling it in a shocking manner. Tbe ac cident occurred about two mills from Mt. Vernon. Itat-iajt "Restorers." One most success, fnl forger of Raffaclles was Micheli. a Flor entine. There is at this moment, in the im perial collection at St. Petersburg, a picture kuown to be one of his forgeries, yet placed as a genuine Raffaelle. Italian "restorers" again have done a good deal to complicate tne question. An anecdote given, 1 think, in the Quarterly Hcvkw, some years ago, is worth repeating. "We once asked an able Italian restorer if he had ever met with any pictures ny a painter 01 tne iximnara senooi 01 considerable merit, whose only work with: which we are acquainted is in tne Louvre." un, yes," he frankly replied; "the very first job upon, whieh I was employed- was in convert-ing one of his pictures into the Leonardo da Vinci, now in a well-known gallery. Since then I have frequently repeated the operation, and I don't know of one now existing under his name. ConihiU Magazine for Sep tember, i Coffjxs with Bells. The French rival onr 'own countrymen in tbe novelties to which inventive genius is applied. Among a late list of patents granted at Paris is one for "coffins with bells (cercneVs a mnnett) for cases of premature burial." This dr-vice must be an inexpressible consolation to those people whose chief anxiety is lest they shonld be buried alive. Bnt the ereat question is how the merits of the invention were tested. Did some ardent devotee of science allow himself to be prematurely coffined and sealed np for some minutes, until tne nens could be heard above ground t It strikes one that the chances of anybody being conven iently within hearing at the time tbe bells were tinkled, even could they be heard, must be so slight as to be hardly worth counting on. Jtno iotk Tone. WILLIAMS COLLEG The graduates, and those who have been students in Williams College, Massachusetts, residing In Chicago and vicinity, who are desirous of forming an Associa tion to commemorate the recollection of College trt nmphs, sufferings and pleasures, are requested to meet at the office of MtLLEK, VAN ABMAK at LEWIS, 94 Washington-st., at 8 p. m., TUESDAY. 21th Inst. of present month. H. L. LEWIS, ' J. - LOCKWOOD, H. IT. ELO RIDGE. ANY PARTY Having from Five to Ten Thousand Dollars to Invest In a safe and lucrative business, either as partner or npon security, can learn of a Ko. t opening by calling at Sherman House, Boom during to day. JEE tt VAN RE5SELAER, Northwest corner Dearoorrsst, Best Estate aud Law Offire. 9T0 acres of good farming lands wanted. 5,000 a 'res wild lands wanted. BUILDINGS MOVED ON SPRINGS. Brick and Wooden Buildings, etc, Baised.1 Address, E. F. BosLF.T, ' 11 7 West Wahlagtoit-.t. CARDS. -r Bnslnsss. Address and Weridlnr rants of everv ds. scrlptlon. executed In the finest style, st low rae bv P. t. It ASSrtiM Co. t firs. Room ii, Tonng Men Christian Association Bnildlmi. HYACINTHS, TUMPS, ETC. JUST received, an assortment nf i CIIOICK I1TJX.I?!!, i Tncludlue Bvadntha. Tulips, Rnowdrrsi. Croenas., arc cu direct from Holland, at my Floassr Si.i' S. .56 South Clsrk-stj EM4AK SANUKKS. MOSB, FOTt rPnOT-HTEREItS' A"D OOACUalAlvEKS' Pl'BlXIbES. , Plrted, (entry ana "DquhamV Prepared, For sale cheap, by f H. B. BTOBAW. Btm I.oni, Wo. 23C JQousc. JYEICr AND CLEANIXa.. j AUGUST &rWAJZZ,i Boston Fancy Steam DYE HOUSE, j 15S llDnohvet.. second door west of Horth Clark, and 103 West Lakset, . geobgeT h. AfycrrR, Aeent. linucational. TNBTRUCTICXK X TKOF. GITLLAUME FOMC11E ha IN D A N C I N GL-hr has taken the hall Ho-138 Soutli Stalest, (second floor, and will aire Instruction In all modern and nonnlar fiances, to nu- tcrssnd misses,yount ladlesand rentlemea. Theriall Is now open lor ttsltora and pupils, and Instruction win commence Sept. 44th. For terms, which axe reasonable, adcress a note to 4S Jacksoivst or call at Ike ball, from sus o'clock p. m. - JJATIIATTATS ACADEMY . i . will commence Its eMGHTEEXTH ANNFAL gEs-MOS on M nday, brpivrntisr SL Instruction win be given In an te.he b.ancbes suited to sColleaiafie or O-mmerdal Education, store Intellectual power and hnr-inrss carseitr may be acquired here in X1X MONTHS Luas TfeAKs- Innvs-t Institutions. W. G. HATHAWAY, A- M-, irlnelpal. WEBTERNMIMTARY INSTITUTE A fcCHOOL FOR BOYS Near Dayton, p. i revet Lt. Col. JOSfcfH At. LO.&. U. 8. A. and C ., Superintendent. ' airf. . HAS. B. STIVERS, TJ. 8. A. Commandant of Cadets. The fifth aetri-ennual session of this Institution orered Sent. 5th, 1SS7. For announcements, Ac ajinlj si WALSH'S Book Store, or hy mall 10 the Supertax TJ TVERYIEW MILITARY ACADEMY. J.V Pouchkeeiie, I. 1 . L4-inn he.uhy, sceae-.-wnenualled, tsalldlnr convenient, teachers hlehlv educated, earnest, wonting men ; svstem of order unsurpassed. A vlde-nwake, thorough-goine School for bovs wlsbtnz to be trained for business, fur coileee, or r West Feint er the Nutal cuueuie. frur clrcu-ar a audress tXIS BIbB&E, A. M, Frtucipal and fro. r later. P. A. CAVANN A & C D., 133 CLAKS-ST. ' ' aims m sasrl ( 133 CL1EK-ST. MAHUFACTURERS. EEDUcnoir nr peices. , AffrsMlass SOk Bsnt - Seeaaal eaualitr aaade to atrdcr for...s. 6.00 - Equal to any sold in tbe city for &50. : ST Give us a call and lodge for yourselves. CAVAN.YA & Ca EE A T S . 1 1 Gentlemen will find an entirelylnew and carefully selected stock: of Fashionable Bead Dress, just opened, at the New Store of ELLIOTT & STRYKR Corner Clark and 7alUngtoiifit8. BOYS' HATS. 1 - .. 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As Member of Con greas, Mayor of Boston, President of Harvard Univer sity, as a wise and zealous advocate of Freedom and a National life Inspired by the principles of the Declaration of Independence, tbe story of Mr. Quincys career Is one to be read with admiration hy all who can ap preciate what is noblest in American principles and in human character. II. WAVERLEY. 1 VOL. GUY MANNERIHG. 1V0L. The first two volumes of The Illustrated Library Edi tlon of the 'Waverley Novels. 12mo. to match Illus trated Library Edition of DicKens Works, now in course of publication. The Edition will be comprised in twenty-five volumes. $1.50 a volume. For sale by all Booksellers. Sent, post paid, on receipt of price, by the Publishers. TXCSXOR Bl rXX.S3, nosToy. - latrtwgance. JADAME CAPPIIELLE, THE CELEBRATED ' Natural Clairvoyant & Physician, Rrct ntly return fd from Europe, where she has mt wltb an unprecedented success, has arrived iu Chicago, and taken BOOMS at (he METROPOLITAN HOTEI WTiPTe she wilt be nappy to receive her old friends and the public in general. Pvthpacmrarywltti which Madame Capprelle describes the Past and Present, she brings borne , Coniction to even th mom Incredalova, That what she peiwlves In prophetic vision In the Future, will yet be realized, and bv the experience of everv day thane conviction are confirmed. Hv her Bplrltnal Power she Is also capable of ds-rririlnat Dlseas or the most Intricate character, and or suKKfstlng Remedies, which. In thousands ol in-Munri-s, have proved successful. w nprever sne goes, ner rooms rr crowaa oy tne ailing and the curious, and all go away satisfied., rr-ltt .dme CapprelleV ItecepHon Boons rv nt ih MetropolltsiBi Hotel-corner Haa- aotpo slii etta mil BEST STOVE I. I ill (11.0. Barstow's New Cook, An improvement on Model Cook. - j BANGS BROS., Agents,' 82 MONROty-ST. T AIJGE STOCK OP REGISTERS AND VENTILATORS, Turtle at Baileys raaaufscture. B1XCS BSOK, iseats, 8i Menree-st. tn fttois. QIDEB MILLS. ( CIDB MILLS. Oreers from the trade filied daily. ' -HEMRYH.TAYOR, Warebottse corner oC Beach and Bebor-sts Chicago. GO TO BRAND'S GALLERY. 108 LAKE-6T- for one of his elegant Bboto-Portraita or Poiceiains colored in OH. So ; true to nature one rata can tell whteh is trie semblance, which the realty. Vou rrt-aatilullor children. Cabinet Photee-M? aly 9-3 ssr deiren. ' VS!i d "tV"iV i JO. Clieapust place in the ettTTfor rncA work. WB ARB NOW RECErVTNO OUR FALLAND WrSTKBoTrUSSOs": BOOTS -AJX1J SHOES, For Ladies, Misses' and Children. . -Also, a fine assortment of Gunts cutout-made Boots and Shoes. HAMILTON at EOASLET. 1S!I Lake-st. THE WHEAT FIRE AX IVLATTS- JL. BUBGBa K. Xa AllguStaUalSai . Nine Days in the Fire! MeMMiuHaBArras, Fakkxi, : bHKKXAjr, Kew York : Gmrrs : We were amon? mffpnt. w va ti- ble nre of Tuesday, the 2iat inat. Most of U contents nau bwu imora rrom oar Safeone of yonr mma fsctare end we did not get the Safe oat of ap rtrin the btiUduig conttaved so hot that the workmen- wes compelled to throw water on the rubbish to girethem a chaa-ee to work, and the SaJfe vms stiU hot enoveh to bnm the hand ifjatdnpon it. After gettiue it oen, we found in the drawer aomepaoer moiieT.' mn onr surprise., ihera wa also some gold and nilver. which was all rigbc. We consider this wondeTfal. txftAr fffkfh m InniTftTaiT tarrina Iisms- iiespecuuiiy yotws, Edwards & Clv ....!. .ojKOTHEBI Ft a rrsHi ugh. N. T- An if-rr Ifmsrs. REffsnrti. Fartjcl fc Sbkbsax. Wv Vm Gests; riie hemnffl iwuiut tjbamnion Safe prs rvnd mv iNoottr?. naners. and some monev tn rliar. re wnien occtirrea nere on raervjay nipht. ol owtA ui ti-"i!s imus i'i uikii.u, Aoaea prinhi rf f h ninrdi nT. nre th a mwl roasting. Thi was the Hu-geet and hottest flrethat evr wok piarvin nir miwob, ecareicyoi warer pre- vciiutAg ua uiaumuIiui; no masHaiwia until uavu. m. wim bubiuess portion of oar town was destroved. inuy yours, t. a. dalcs. AND ANOTHER! .. . PXai iSHL'waw. N.T-; Aug. t?7, 1967. Messrs. HnititrB. Aunax Haai a. iSew Tork : Gevts : The Htrritifir Safe I had in n4S was anb- jecttd to a seTere test at the very large fire which oc- vaiicu iicir uu( 1 LtrfUttV UIKJU, ZAMt 11M. ' J V UlUGB Tns on the second ntnir ir hrift KntidTrur- Ts .ffu .U with the floor and walls into the cellar. On weanw-aaT 11 w impose. Die lor men to work on tne rntns the debris had become svhot. I pnt it oat oa a uiuouaj, i nc crcaxivA uv Mtcr em ore, itatatopciKa iu The valuable papers, some Pmall accaaax books, also mm Si S . "i'.'Jiis.-i.-.- TV; . OP CHICAGO 111, ' MANTJTACTTJKERS OF lGtILiATQR, c " " : ' " 'c ASD ALL DK3CRTPTI0S Oi. Also, Cltvck Materials and vEolIed and Sheet Brass."1 .l ; , . We bespeak the fhror and patronage of the Trade generally for this new evidence of Western enterprise, aad will guaraatee as GOOD HATEKIAX, better made, cud In KEW 8TYLKS, better suited to the Western market, tbaa abr at present made bj" Eastern Companteav ! -. j -ii;- ' . tW 3aler. are cordially InTited to can and muliw styles and workmanship, and judge for themselves. . GILES BRO.&; CO., General "Wriolesalo Ajjisnts, PT' 6EK1 FOB H1LTJSTEATED "CATALOG UK. rt some CQtes, were preserred in. excellent condition, every line and wrd legible. I cunsitfcr thb an excellent test of your Fire-Proof Safe.and assure vou it was a surprise to Um find anvihinai inide after such a terribie lire, uo aaicr having been thrown psk th buDdiug. Truly yours, Oec. X. Clauk, Aitorney-at-Law. &c-Alii ANOTHEBt! w Flattsbuboh, K.T Aur.23.1Sb7. 1 Messrs. Tlvvvmn, Faeukl & Sherman, Kew York : C jtSTs: Tiie destructive Are of Tneadav nitrht, 2l?t inst- which burned up snch a large nnmber of btiild-ings in Us coarse, swept awav tiie store I ocenpied among it victims. I was doine a iewelrv business, had one of your iblding-door tares in o-e. which contained a birge amouat of watches and other jewelry. I had it removed on the sidewalk. The strong wind vliuh was bkwine at the time, blew the fire upon the Safe like a blow-pipe, the exterior was very hot, an it distinctly shows ; the jewelry and watches are all well preserved, thongh discolored from the steam of the nre-prool com position, which can easily be cr!tand. BesicCUuliv vours, Wx. l&ai. STILL ANOTHER!!!! PLATTsatrnOrT. N. Y., Aug. isc;. MpRrs. HErRDfG, Faleil fc Sukcmax, Sw York : tirxrs 1 had one of your Herrim; Patent Onam-pum iSales in use, wi.icii was subjected U one of the hottest and largest hrts thatever took place in a small town; the heat wan of the most Intense character, lack of wau-r preventine a !'.opairr of the flre until it had destroyed many building?. I removed mv Safe trom the rains the next day after the fire. When fpened, the' books, valuable papers, wills, and ome mt-ney. were all preserved in sood condition, no appearance of having been through such a ft rev ordeal. Truly yours, E. D. Shook. Herring's Patent Champion Safes, the most reliable security from fire known. Hrrrlngs IVew Patent Banters' Safes. the only Safrs made with the new metal ' Sptrrki Ecrk, tiie bfT protection against a burglar's drill ever manuiaoiureo. HERRING & CO., 40 State-st-, Chicago Factory, csr. Foarteentht. and IndianatT. HEliRTNG, F AftRELafc SHEKMAJT, No. t35 1 Broadway, corner Murraytu N. X. 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We have a large assortment of all the materials for the beautiful and useful employment always on hand. We hare added extensively to onr large stock of w.-nitmiitiiiai. ntnKiiie unr av-r?urvnn.-ni ine i.irijesi nna most raried wett of Hew York. We are offmnir; such indnceirtPnti) to Ladies nnd fiTif lAmon havinw ia knovledire of this art as will enable them to make irom ab u yiu per aay. Airenta wanted. Ldies shonld call and sne. Cltr and count it dealers supplied at the lowest wholesale prices. Printed msirucnons niauea iree on appneation. Pronrietors of Dniir Pton. Rnolf and Pirfm1ia.l dealers will find lt to their advantage to keep the McNALLY & CO., Packer., Forwarders, and General Jobbers of Books. Stationery, Caeap Publication, Newspapers, o&e 1 Dearbom-st., Chicago, Illinois. t"A larjrc ar.?ortment of White Ground Vases for uecomiin. c'iiiaiiiiy Lin uanu. Cransportatton. JkJ T. CO. . . 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This Urewery Is one of the Isrirett snd heat cou'tranted liulldliiE tn the West, built with reference to brewlnc Laer iiror. Ale and common Brer, has two tier, of isri; censrs or vanius, or cspscitr or isjkm Darren or tteer, with tmmeuae lee House in the centre of build Ine e.nable ofatorlng sufficient Ice for sll purpovs, M.ltKllu and floors rery extenslre and well arranged. 4tam enclne snd machinery for all purposes of raash-Ing. holstuiR, p impuiK. coonns. aie-sud In fact sll mnioadaud river communication with Sll part of trie ronntry, and the facilities for snipping: Beer and reoetvtiiK Barley, c, sre un.irpasd. Is wen lo-cstedst Aurota. Indiana, en tbt Ohio River, 2r aiile. bcluw Cincinnati, sod surrounded by M fine s Kraln- roa-luic country a. c.u be found Is the West, aad a ... ..ii ... i.t... ta iin . i.,.. .ni mmafahia itnaitica. Tbe prtKiit owner, sre not practical Brewers, and hare other hcslncss sufficient to occupy tlwlr enure lime, hence their wish for s partner with practical ea licrlence and mom:y, snd to such a one very farorauie tciuis will be made, or thoy will rent tbe concern ito leaiponslble parties for s term of years. Address At RURA B1U.WLNU ANU MALI IN U CO," Aurora, Indiana. - of all gradea, by 8. W. McBRIDE CO, Lard ou Manulaerurera. Offtc 1 4S Soeth Water-t, np-stalrs Star Collar. THE 8TAK COLLAR COMPANY (Lice naed by the Union Paper Collar Co.), Atanalac-turcraof Ladies' and Gentlemen's Collars and Coifs. The Extra Star Collar,, i Th Occidental Ce!hr,'; The Cem Collar, ' i The Esgle Collar. The above styles sre manufactured front the best quality of paper and of supeiior finish, both Li ne u aad Enamelled. -. ' I Liberal discount ta the trade. T :. j . - SAM'L T.LAMB. Treasurer,! ' - 28 Area st., Hotwira. 23usiittis orartrs. i HEXRT N. HOlDEJf, ' ' ' I 9. . WholeeaUe ajid Beiaul Beaisr U - ' HARD WOOD LUMBER Of .a Idnds. Also. Wagon Hubs, Spokes. FeUoes, Bent stuff, ifcc. Office and Yard, corner Marfcei and jscksoQ-sts. gtgbcs' anft jartoatg.' JJABDWAR1?. WILLIAM BLAIR 4 CO. 179 tt 181 Bxndolph-st., Chicago, EEPOKTEKS OF j HARDWARE, Tin Plate, 'llners, 'Stock, &c. 1 fAa3on; our aajrtslnea maybe found HTJUrS ASES AUD TOOX.S, BUTCHEH'S St WOSTENHOIaXTS rxisss, DOOBLOCSS aUTSlVATCBES, STRAP AHD " T" BXXiOE3, WEEZO.XI4-0 IMAXXaS, ) SHEET XSOXf, Tinners Tools and HTnrMnes, Jhtpaaneal aad Scamped Tint Ware. &cr SVc Orders by mail executed wnMt fidelity snd despatch. WM. BLAIR & CO. 1866 FALL TRADE. 1867 MILLER BF.QS. & KEEP, DIRECT IMPORTERS OF Hardwarc&Cflticrj' Manufacturars Aeciita for ; Wheeling Nails. AGE'S T 8 FOB AMERICAN FILE CO.'S FILES, (The best in the market, and every file warranted.) ' IVo. 55 Stato-st CHICACO. ariotljing. Boys' Clothing Fall and Wiktee Styles fob 1867. I am new prepared, with the Larircst Ktsck opened in thin market, to offer such induce, nients in the way ol" Cheapness, Durability and Style, Ap shall at once insure purchasers. C. C. COLLINS, 74Randolph-st. QLOTHXXG! CLOTHING ! KUSSANDER & PETERSON Have just received s new stock of Fall and Winter Goods, at their old establishment, IVo. 2?Al Knst T i nzio-st. Heal Cstatx. JflOX PACIFIC RAILROAD. CHEYENNE, DAKOTA. The Colon Pariflc Eailroad Company are now prepared to eell lots in the Town 01 Cheyenne, Dakota Ter, at the Eastern base ot the Rocky Mountains. Thi.? win dp one of the most Important depot on the line of the Road, the Company will erect exteasive machine shops, roond-bouees, and will be the changing point of the running department, as at this point the road commences ascending the mountains. It is also the point of intersection of the Denver Branch, will he the distributary point for the Colorado mines, and ts the General Depot for all Military Posts on the Ft. Laramie, Ft. Reno and Montana Roads aLso the distributing point for all Military Posts northwest and sonth. Ft. l)avid Russell is aleo located .at this Town. Lots can be purchased on application1 to Messrs. GLKNK & TAPLti', Agents, on the ground. G. M. DODGE, Chief En?, and Trustee for Depot Towns. CGotirntmrnt Sale. LARUE SALE OF PUBLIC PROP-EKTT. Dspot or Afmt Clothixo asp EriPAGS, JuBersouvttle, Ind, Sept. , latia. f Will be sold, at public suction, st the Clothing Warehouses (Hoepital tiroundsj, in this city, on T DEED AT, the let day of October next, commencing st 10 o'clock s. m the following articles of Army Clothing snd Eqnipagre: 177.13 Woollen Blankets, 10,59 Trowsers, tnounterl, lt111 1'nlform Coats, 75,(100 Trowsers, footmen's. tlUtS Uniform Coats, Ir regular, 5,tri rnlfnrm .tarketa. ia;n v, ets, 5.TO! Knit J 20,C10 bat:aL Coal, lined. 31,000 do., unllned. Great Costs, iufau-try, 17,303 Great Coats, mounted. 2S.1T0 nairs Bootees. M. S. 3,800 pairs Bootees, M. S, It. Corps alack- 25,000 pairs BrOfana, ts, I'll pairs Boots. ,t Jackets. S.000 Shirts, mm lirawers, 49,117 Cap Covers, 2tS Caps, 75 Hats, ltl Knapsacks. Also, s quantity of Tarions other articles of Ciotliihs snd Equipage. Samples can be seen st the Depot within ten days of sale, and catalogues will he furnished. Terms cash. In Government fnnda. By order of the Quartermaster General. G. A. HULL, Car, snd M. S. K V. S. Army. reposals. J3ROPOSALS. , " Iolcdo, Psokia at Warsaw Ratlw at Co., ' fiuclneer's Office. I Peoria, bept. lith, 17. ) Sealed proposals win be received at this omre until Fatnrda.&tptemberitli, for the grading, arubbinc and clearinz. and brldelng of that pirtlon or the road pf tliis Company, extendin.; fr im the Junction witt the Peoria, Fekfn ft Jarhsonvllle Kallmad totheTows of Canton, tn Fulton Oiunty, s distsnee of shout twenty miles. Also, for the delivery of one hundred inousana oreaj. aes. f iana prouie. anu specinraitona will te ready for examination on and after Monday, September Sftd. - The above mentioned work sll to be cnlsl.i a liv M&roli .Hint. InfH. For fnrtlier Information, apply at the etBee of tht undersigned, or to ue Itesldenl Engineer at Canton. Fulton Connty. w. H. CRTJGER, , Vice President and Chief Engineer. JkTOTlCE - TO AncitiTEcrs. tn accordance with the requirements ol sn set en titled "As act to provide for toe location of the seat of Government or the state of Nebraska, and for tbt erection of Public BuUdlwrs thereat," approved June llth, plans snd specifications will be received si the offlce of the Secretary or State, st Omaha, Nebraska, until tbe toth day of October, 1W7, st 12 e'elack m, for the Cspltal Building, to he erected st Lincoln. The fcronristloa ol thebuHding Is required to beet stone, snd the superstructure of stone or brick i she building most be constructed to accommodate the ex ecunveomcers (six In number) aud the assembly ol the two bouses ot the Lsgtalsture i snd lbs eost of tbt edifice must not exceed forty thousand (S4uo)dollsm The architect whoa plan sre adopted will be sp pointed superintendent of construction, snd receive ample eompsssstios for bis services, ss by lav provided. PAVin BUTLEK. Governor i " THoS.P.KEN.NAUU.Hccretsry, . JOUN ttlLLfioi'IE. Auditor, ' ' ' . . Commissioners. Lincoln. Nebraska, Ana. 2S. W87. , , , Commission iHtrrfcatrte. JIIfDEN, BEWALL & TEED, General Commission Merchants, ".'.,.''".!' ' 1TERCATTLK BtTILDIKG, op'posite CHAMBKlt OT COMMEBCB, Chicago. ' ' , . gsr- CABB advanced on conslguments. Befar to Fifth Kationsl Bank. Chicago. ; . ,' 1 iiaatrtcs. yyESTERJf WATCHES. , , , j ; ! THE . SATIOXJI. WITCH . COJiTAXT, . ELGIN, TXLINOIS, ' r . 1 T ; Is now nrepsrec to supply the trade with their , , j B. W.taU!TBnd" aaa "CalTer" HsTeatwU In any edantlty desired. ' : ' ' : - - All (orders will rereivetirompt attention. Adareas G. M. Secretary. Elgin. HI. diaper Collars. i "JH. JOBBERS. OJ6V J3T! GOODS, FANCY GOODS AND NOTIONS. 1 r ..:,- .i !-vWetoveapsolrated ujjj I t JUT. B. S. LASDON, of CjiicaffO, Oar BALES ASAvNt to taka rdera CbaT Has trade Sbrour CbBTOas trade , - t 1 LADIES' PAPEE 00LLAE3 A5D ODiETS. WV. F. LYON afc BOX, Kew Tork City. California miiies. umnunuci ines. u;-2 BsTlng united with the Pareaf Ttona tn Calirumla. and owning and oontrollBar the aarst vineyards iu tne State, we are now ofierins; the flaeat anal largest Stock of California Wine, tn the market,. As experience of FOUR! EES TEAKS has glvrri us dVrlded advantabta in the production of these Wines-; and at the vano SUte snd Saiional Fairs oar Wines have carried the bichrst premiums. They stand unrt ailed for use ia slckneaaj, and for dinner or dessert wteeg art nnanr-paased, WewonMcallpartlciilar at-aripn to the funorlne neamhle and Reeoluiion of thc-Calirori u ute Wine ""lSM' AMuPMu1hilJ,U'.Lher Whissas. The Brm or Perkln. Sfcrn c la Sear Tork snd Boston, have, sir lr- ywt wt pst. beea legitimately engaged tn the sale tma lam auction of Calhoraia Wines and Brandies la Um AlUiuc Suites, BtsoAvsn, That we hereby tendertmr thai is iosaid nrm for their perseverance and good buir..-- tat-i la brlngtnesurWtnestn their pure stattvrieforc In-pun-Hcui tlieAtlnnttcStates, therehyCTeAting a demaad snd mar feet for our generous Wines. Attest: CHAS. V.STITAKT, President. " BOSS BBOW1TE, Secretary. "I am glad of an opportunity to say that the California Wines introduced by your house s0m of rxrel-lent quality." - WILLIAM Cl'LLhlS BETANT. . Hon. J. A. GIXMOKE, lotc Governor tf i,"en- Hnnp-shlrc says: "My physician ordered me tt hse California Wine. That purchased from you law as we red the purpose, sad bees Just what was recommended." Bon. JOHK a. DOWN BY, Governor cf Callftir. nla, says: -1 most cheerfully recommend your Wines to all who desire a pure juice of the grape.' The following, from the U. S. Senator, from Callfoar nis. will carry eonvlcttoa to the most incre lulous : 'We are satisfied that the arm of IVrklns, Sters aV Co. sell only aunni CaUlhrnta Win.-." C. COKE, JOHN CORNERS. Washts-stor, D. C; March 3, 1T. Messrs. Perkins, Stern & Coj . - In reply to your letter of the 7th, I would state that the wines purchased from you by this Department, is lt5. correspond In all repe.'U with the samplei examined In the Surgeon General's OBicc, and gave satisfaction. Your obedient servant, C. 8HTHERLAXD, -Assistant Medical Purveyor, u. s. A. Srnwiros Gihikai.'s Ornrt, W ashlngton City, D. V. t eb. , l io "All wines submitted by your house for examinatloa sre pure." . J. K. BABXES, Surgeon Ocuerah " I can recommend your Port Wine as bet u-r calcu. lared for use for sick in the army than any other I have "ccn-" J. J. WOOBWAETJ, 1st Asst. Surge-m, Sur?. Ges.'3 oare. . The Committee of the Chicago Medl cat Society, to whom the subject of California Wines sas referred., nnited in tbe following report : Tour Committee, having examined the wlnr-s presented, and also the evidence of thtir purltv and general excellence, unanimously report the following: "The California Wines from Perkins, stern & Co of ewTork. preaentetl before tMs Society.- bv th"4r Purity and general excellence are worthy of our confl-dence and patronage, and we hereby commend thun to the profession. j. , The American rharmaceutlral Aseoelatlori, at their recent yearly meeting at IK-irolt, commended these wines as equal to sny wines now .offrred for" medicinal use. .: The American Medical' Assm-tatl n eVarfed the a as the hr-est and best wines with, which, tltc profnoai sre now acquainted. ' XW SEE THAT ODK KAMJS 1 TLE.jU . 1 OJT EACU T.T- - ; i PEEKIKS, STEEH & Oi For Sale by All Druggists. ittustral Instrument!; lill, AS THE KESULT OP MAN V TEAKS of careful study and experiment, weh-ivethe satisfsction of placing before the public tbe new in iiiii ii in; In wtcrl in fntTodnrvHl CAliPENTETTS TMPROVKT VOX HI MAN A, avrhnowlrfj.'v-j by the most CTniniat ortranists wlio have e amine J it, to ov the art at -t m-Slcal improvement of the s-re r is, a? ;;s f-Mim' -. iu catee, an imnaiion of tbe linroan mice, p-wrrifniariy beautiful and elTectie in t.o)o pari-Hirfa. an-i whtt tised In connection with the HAKMOSlC CKLKSTK (Mr. liardett's lagtand crowning invention Trhe rinh and varied musical etfoct produced aie altitoot wuu-derfiil. and pleaplnrr In thf-n liegi, dfri-ti, u pA'-init tn pa y and evenneaa of tone any otTier rued iua'-ru-ment In existence. These combinations, toceer ttith th ' her?tofoi need, have placed the BtTJUETT tM4iAN In pnrli a high poeition among modern mnsicai iiistrume'tui, a has not heretofore b-aea deemed atuinaMe by ir.otru-menta of ttiia class. . g3rThose In want of an InBtmn-nt ( .reKhfr Chaxcrh or Parlor nee. should not fail . huax the iiutdeu -ur-caa bdore TUTCiia6?n anr other. LYCN & KEALV. General Agents for the aVIannTactorerB. Clark anc! W-iwliiiiirton-st,, Chtrr.iro picture jpramrs. piCTURE FEAMES, i aLOOKIXG-GLAS-fiES.- Twenty-ave per cent sa.ed st lJ."t Ie-irliorti st. , SAilMONh, WHITE 4 Chi I. K. VW Price Hats famished on appllcatl on. gEIKES, NETS, Twines Sio. Settings snd Fittings of every descrtntlnn Bw sals and furnished to order Vy If. u. LOId". 9 Commeroia&nh, HOKtoi. iicmolial. T EMOYAL. ALBERT If,. IIOVET, W dealer in Agricultural aud noritcdKiimt riifilw. ments. Seeds, Ornamental Iron Work, and WorK. sf Art, for the house, garden and Inwti, hnvln? aso-claied with hunaeU JuUA 1. MCJloi,b, uudar Oia nrm name of hovet & mcnoifS, They have removed 87 siate-at, In the new marble-front store, nar Randolith. v-h n-, with greatly Increased Inclines, luey will continue the business as her toiore,and will behnppy to snrte tLelr friends and the nuollc senerslly with the bust of merchandise, and ai ss low rates aa can be purchased la the rnuntry. .if lout. JPLOCKI FLOUR! FLOUR! "We have now in stom, and aaI1 h eotut int'y rccoiv-iDg, some of the CllOICbbl HIlAMln of WINTEit ANU eWPttlNU WIIKAT U L O TJ IF , Which we offer to the trade, or to consumers. SLEEPER A- HALT,, IX KfA'l K-T. jpflt Sale. J0 CAPITAL1BT8. . , , ' A D RUG STORE FCR SALE. A RARE CHANCE. The well-estahltshed PRI'O nnsiSESftofthenndee. signed, st Ion Wayne, Ind is now uu.rvj lor e. The stand Is the most prnuiliientuudbedUn Cieciiy,fc is been doing s saccessful bustn-.-. foroi er t.euty-to years, ana Is now uoing a tuslucis cl from iifty lo enty-flve thousand dollar, per ye.r, and in all raspects otli-rss rsreopporttinliy for any cos having the capital and time to devote to it. A large u ;.l.le. trade my usdeieioned with Utile ellort, .net the uew mil-roads now In process of construction, jll te. iuiuatln st Fort Wayne, will open a suit larger neia tor tas A lease" the'bulldine, wWeh icarTIr eceuTn'es tha best locadity in the city, will bo secured to Unjer oa ""J will imoice from $lo.e to.l3,M. - . r gaiisfaetory reaawns eiven for aeUmg. fat partlrular. and uilbrmaUoa address the ander-signeoTat Fort Wayne, Ind., or BID111.E II (J-LiSB, IToprletor. Bojal Bafeicc Powder, Stl -Waall- ington-st, Chicago. , - BTODLE ft HQAQLASD. TO LUMBEKSUiX ASD SHIPPERS OF HAY. " . ,-i T 1,000 Tons TTpland Prairie Bay. TirBtrale, salted in the .tack, aad everv bale wan-ranted to be a So. 1 STticle,fU-sale In lot to Mail, at ue lowest market prices. Inquire of A G; VAX SCTTAICK. 342 South Water-si., lutofter FvchanaS. ropartnrrsljtp Kotircs. JJOTICE.1 OFuCOFAKTKKBSaiP. ' ! !! SIMPER 'A- HAI.Iw ' -, . , Aj.te Kieeper' Co..? - coaraaissioaf HEacaoT3. Dealers la FUsr, ;utt?r and Prwshit-e Gese- X Ka.ll J a , '- -'3 STirE-ST. r.B.sLsana.1 ' I I u . I f.. I We have tbe plessure of presenting our basin.. card a. above, exiatnlng the nature of a copartner-ship entered Into by us this day, Chicago, Sept. 13, It. blJXrKB at BAIX.

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