The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 6, 1935 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 6, 1935
Page 6
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PAGE Wilson Gym's Low CV-ilin^ Doesn'l Keep Cliicks from Tnssirio Goals. llff, Chiekrisruvs tool: uu m palm from Wilson's liMlldr^i In the. Wilion "riugoui." la.-;l nlplit. liy ft wore of 33 lo 12. Fmtle pared the Ohicfcs nnii was hlgli point scorer for (lie night will! n toial of 11 points. Blake, WilEon-ceiifr-i. led his leoir, wllli B points i •The ciiickajswe F.'fre far offi form on fw throws, making only one .good out of about. 15 chances. Hersliel Mosley, ncc OMck fov- .Vi'ftrd, who hsri b'ec-n out of the )m?-up because of' Dinrgs, returned to the floor, last," night in Hi? lole of n guard with Ills younger l/roiher, Russell ' Nfosley,' 'holding down his old forword . position. The OhlcliftsBwa .will • meet Wei- Meel Shawnec Feb, 19 ,8hawnoi> nnd. niytlinvllle \vlll piny, on Metj, 10 Feb. 14- us (unioimMil jvLwrrtny. Her I'lidny night In A'-KOHIR llml 1R cxpccK-d lo draw a fun Imiuip nl the aimory here. Weiiicr beal the Chicks in tint llnah; ot^ llu< dKlilel lournaiiient here lust year mid have srorert- n vle.tory over thr locals this scnson at" Wellior. 'Hie Chicks will be .vnktiig ample reveuBu tplicn they -clnfli Friday. Dlek Tipton, star (junrd, who hn r , been :out ol piny because of nn operation for sinus trauble, Is expected to be uncl: in the lineup foi the Weincr snme, If Tip- ner should find ihc. Chicks plenty tough Otlierwis!! the visllor:; may hnvc a ifccided mnrrtln. The Hne-up5 of Ihe Blylheville- Wlkbn emne: . , ; .. SIYIKEVIU,E, (.A?.;:.) COUSIN NETrg Awl That's All Tliry Pro- fpss to On, Comtru'nlr, NF,A F/filor... nv HAKit NKA ScrvlM- Sprirls ccjmmercifihzca on •> WriKreE YA POIH; ) m MAKING A SCBA.CHItJ'IIJ fMAPOFMOO TH'DIBrWITHy 60 I CAM SHOW 15 AT T f%\ YOU MY P L4W TO STICK V ?«\PB^eTlCLEMW V x--ol W/ y \Ouj OF MOO T.r/.- />~^' ^4 : .' .- w ISK" ' J. Romaiishl Man hilinducca ;, I" lo abolish ccjmmercifihzc nestling In .i'l tlml. It Player Turtle, 'f R, Mosley, f ICoohlev, c . Blacktvell, e II.' Mosley, c Ealita. f .. Burns, g FC, FT PP TP n u 8 n n '1 n a n .ti s -,Toinis ..'.... ic i •! WlUon • Playci k Ffi FT PP Taslty, f I 1 j MillliliS, f 00 0 J*inke,' c 2 t 't Uiwli, S 2" n 2 faslcy, g , ;i,',. . (1 . (I I) R Dnrton. ff'.;..;^0 __1({^ ^2 .1 Barton, g 1 ^".'. 0 n ^i)" 1 ..... .<) 0 ft V 2 - 10 as .Mminlalii of SIrfnefh V/nll Urown, a vprllflblp riinuii- laln Inwcrlnrt U feet :! nnd scnllni; clo.'ii 1 lo 200 poiinds. |]lny«| a ln>- mcndoilii • roln In thr- IVnrs' <J!i?.li 1 llU! : illlR. . ' ' ' ' The"-Imc'ci rlflit-liniirter MIC Ivny to IiHorvisuioiinl Dltchr-rr, with o percenloBo' of M fie Iwd the low eariuul inn'nver-' H.50; lia^ged lhe mast con,. 20: nnd lost, only i) ]t c worked 'ihe mail ccinpleto gnmcs: 21. 'Iln tinned hi- a hnlf dozen "inilouls to lead' lit" lliaL 'dmm-t- inent, nnd \v(« well lip 'near |.hc ( op In r.tilkcoiilo with- 130. •Hc-'-pravrd' himself n Brral '•n'n- Islier—tho real icM,- of' n pitchev— with 33 ccjl«ecfull« scoretes Itiri- '•JB« lit the I'asf fliv p)igngeine.nifi 7 Ihf eaiitptilRn. " *'•' Vito 'niiiiUlis; a •IS.'J-iwunit''iWiUli- inw wltli'; /piir- 'yenrs' W-p'rbjJisjlM)-,. 'il* 1 expeneiTc'b -Jit 'S^i'.'in'a'de^'a'-Ire- iiieiKloiis' r'hlt wltli': MdciillJix^'iiV 'jlanklng tlio -AAAAAAiVA';: -v/lili iovcn ' lillc -Init. fnl!. 'Tamiiils./ 'By-;: [Harry Gray so a I .j: Uf.::--.^' ' J ' '' ' f DUi;pALO,-'Feb. 1.—Joe .McCarthy OQCS the;New York. Americans of 193p too rich, in bo cruntcjl ou( Indeed. , Cpl. Jneol) . , . . ihan bi'onks .nn old custom by predicting : thai the -Yankees .will win the pemmni in n wide- open nnd gripping race. Like . everybody eke. McCarthy iinimes Detroit nnd Cleveland (is the clubs to beat,, nnu anticipates trouble from Philadelphia. Ho does not discount Boston's chancea to the extent of thOEe who point to the apaiem weakness o! Uie right Infield. for dD of t)i5 Tied "As a yardstick Hie Yankees' strength this season let's glcnce backward,'; sold McCarthy, at his hcme here. "The c!u" won 93 games in 1934. '-•We were without the. services of Outfielder Dixie Walker for the greater pait of the campaign, and inlmles deprived, us of Cntcher .iiil Dickey and. Outfielder Earl Combs when we- needed ihein most — in tlic weeks. Word from them is that thej are In fine con ;dit|on. . "Pitcher Johnny Broaca did not join lhe Yankees until June. Broaca, .and Johnny Murphy .and Jimmy DsSliong. two other splcn did young right-handers, should Improve.-with experience." - ."' - - ' ' • » * Hill, Erosvii. and Tamulis Hen- York's Junior Icngue rn- try must be rebuilt, so McCarthy's reply to the 'question. "Fvom which new recruits do you expect the most, help?" Is InlcraUng. •••••i tn f-miiiv IJl'O- ••--.-, •" efTecL defrauding" the [•.mule," says Roin.-;nEltl "They o- eaiMf a Iraiipe nnd go ftom plnre to place pulling on 6 hows that are sur.nossd lo he conteils but which In Ilif i,ng I,™ h e fc, re .,.._ Ijrjtln." - , J!«,» Rn " m . nskl 'fl-I»lvllc-He' to kill «f«tllnB If IIP ctin, but the I ' Intor doesn't, have to attack it honesty thai. n tuiiilln nuisance. .' allrr 01 furl .... rnejince—to ruldlcU fir, dojrn pew? Working pre hblcs Jor. B igo were ulnfoi provide rov<j fo, sprot TOJ) | C scvu/tl of whom IKWO earned "ni <"""' rnahh In narrow Lapo..-,,. flying Man Mountain Denni blebkes Hud Savoldls Wiesllins might nko well Iw "Tcil with dhtnibing tilt pcnc, When business t slack all „ pto "Pier hns to do is obtain the a- .lifts of cicntlcmati Jack Wn-li biiin rltlier of tlio hcttei, nu icHt Chief Clteu-wlil 01 iuiy 011(1 0 J „ do/en 01 move stlnu uppeu ihty — Ills hall—\vllh pollcf sf no one D!« They come—first eln Mot pi nrnntecd or no pay I at Acrobats oh D O J<. rHmjamkl" bin i m - the -olid bnckiiir of Ihn Amalpainntod A. w,faiion 01 Arrolnte ti ( e. mcmbcre V> V V>... T »W'tMtt.MlB6E: . «'HOME OF k. V ^t T° T« I-IMP c F "CACmerc '. J T ,\ I /Jjz* 'flNW/ Jo( "' *. Y /ifc -xi |...„. \ V "iRlBt Oi- *"•;•'• HOME OF ' ? ? •A \ o WILE Hf\i s* UlNrKlinOc 7. £5 ,_ \.\. * .>• '"*. f 3 MCW-HERF-s THE OF My Pi^u » YOU Mo&r DO SOUKTHIN& TO AMGf p THE TRiee or urn-E men ONLY THF.Y MOST THINK IT WAS THE WOCK / / i GET'IT.' Wfc ^ m v/AUTA MAKei>IGl/r( soMAorueyu,MftKe '""" "TUNK . ...., . tatfit fic-hl immljor uantel OMfthonejs IiLsh »hip Just, wlwl does notnnnskl -.. ... •• ->u v uuu.1 ivvjiujuihni WITH llif efir mnvaigns to do? All thej profess lo be ctohiff I • • cuilamm n show inliKlcd pel MI stated stnael' up ling Ido uho Is liniiRd out into " night Old Ivfcns irtime \Vroilllnp wel- tome* oi,i nghtirq, too nnd r<> cfntly has provided a new out. Roland's". - Boys' Pas- ; Gui'iie Is' Exliibili ion »at nnd Jim LomloS niul olli« .cifccl«t nlher during aortal fedt Wipllen had Ho tntts 1 to the i" to gel In' the tuoie imptr tnnt sviile i Sopnnenlici-fc; -ho; rd 'he \?(iy ;v|th iti 1L ny | nfr j^, jonflo^ m me i\i mtg w n)j t lie n( Jlnim spin Jo,i v csvsolill lUlli lhe •opljfel^ and Jirn UrownUiB ^wlih scissor? , The npol Team t_:,i. -. . \v. i olaiul'rt ,-Booleiy .'.. 4 i ast Art<. Diillijcri .. .1 i ITeiry's-Stntlo'n^X... • i i rt\stirae .HlUltird•'....; o ' Pet too 760 •>iiO 'coo .riiwt exuuleil their yvlruilns- -streak to .four /lJ!'>"to^^tIii;'t!xliufii!' ; oVll'ie-'pits ' iJ ' ' ' i flmi; J llnrd'tca' Dttke jnd.-oiicr Melton. lefUhnh,,- "gover - B ' " ».»™P«" Bb-' Dukec-opped 10 . e (jiven u trial on-lhu r.(roiiglli of recording it; victories 'for Utiltl- noi-e in. 1933. He got nowhere wttli the . stasEcrlng Orioles- -of y It, a^ a a,nSdA ! ^ ^ ' Terr S ud . 193.1. wlimlng only 21 decisions. li wilder dropi " InlkM Remains tnlacl Bni mishops, .. , L, vv.. j uj H(l' lU hieli A in pm th(!m ,, p ' oxen foothiE with lite Bootprj- 1 .I'oi (lie time beine llioush Booi- •w-y ls-on. lop.htotic'. -Tlie 'Dootcry 'tenjii sliairrd more' scoring pumlu \thnn-'-. they .-"have: displayed all'\'s?nsoii. '.Chavlev Bn>gdwi,_ ' " ...... »"•« «-iij<nuit- • cmviuiix Mining hitting by the rangy Dickey. Anula Jorgens Is the sec- . ond string man. win, nill Harsh- j ........, U1IL [1UIK1I- berger vyho'hlt .314 In 116 gB , nc ., for Hollywood, the'"most likely looking pcngreen. Newark conirt- butcs n pnlr of " Olenn, who lilt l"»*s...... — ind ^fOTraaI] ... - jy.'Mrix• ctirUtrnn wllh a points, . •-- : :.- -• :- . ' Emesl. Barnes "•'paced-'lh6 -pSis-' llino pi-rformers with U points ^lie Postltne ^teflni '.' has "bwn " lienefl- by lhe -mlilliton or B.inilerson, pell school . ., '<ies. who hit only 25o Unfi-oiuiintely, the' only new n- licldlng candidate who has shown unmistakable signs .of getting <o,newhcre phys first Dose, whw! a fellow named l.ou Oehrlg hfti h - ] Tho llnc-up of the ..04 . to-th for ttu> Yankees In ,„.. >•'•••- ^uiuva, iiitj utiirir h ."n 8 , 0 , JlK{ 5 ull ">. « 'Itosay left- hand nclder who hit ,331 for To* rt !l|O. r f? r , "! ls rerti ' 011 ' lhc Yankee. Ui- fifld u likely to be lhc snme as It «-as in iiHi, witu oeteiR laiafi Hemier """^ 6lltt '«' l « r ' ""'' .o^'AWeSSs 11 ^ 1 ^ ly said, that hte Babe could pi av S'^^r 5 ™ 10 " 6 - 11 " i4^%5-Ai-rn? IUM. iimpi is inieresttng. , ' "' u «eur-iaiai crash in st "From Jesse Hill, the' outfielder ' ", ; , lf Walkei's nnn has re- tiiH the pitchers, Brami and Ta- | S|lont! ' d : and Hill (urns out to bo 'nulls." " (something more than n minor One (fathered Ihnt McCarthy is i" 0 " 0 -'' lar ' lhe " ' bonking heavily on HiU to raakc s | 0111 " role a good stab at filling lhe sizeable I nf), lmjor '-«"'•-• brogans of George .Herman nuthl,, , " rt ' il WO "W ?«« eu1L°'orT mQ °( lh * spccd - to ' ' 8 - t«c club that so lone was pro- vlded bv the scholarly Combs A Ushl-band hitter and throw- ei, Hill is built for wear and tear aa he demonstrated with Newark' last year by belnz tlie only inter-' national League flyrchaser' to play the.entire schedule of 154 games. What Is more Important, he finished eighth among lhat loop's For Our BIG USED CAR SALE "f n hand in an m , ce riain rame , t Wre llli]p IMS done n (rrat deil Blonkeashlp 2, Barries 14 Ellc> Sandcraon 2; J. Sniolliermau. — , •••lutifb* fc(l-w ^ f LO the ojli^r half HVed ..n.i. adopted giappljiu ^r n slilP* Hiic Diohko NpgursM oi iht Ohi JttJ ^ Wltntas In CJv cngo Beata v pfl(| Rny fitchitd- oi , ^ 1T ' AUE < % MV ute « ^P) Die DUrqtt Lion.- rehcrett tbeb 7", ' 1Isltip| ' ^^a* 1 today <Ion d hi. gildlrun -nnmrneiit on Ihe camTis ^""^^"P to appear iif 'n \ itnc-i'! hert Ihf othei iilefif f> ""other cnsc^to nnd out hov/ 4 ' _ fnn nf li&ii tr ™1^ uj.__i Or Vice Versa < t 1 Wieitllng (•oulJtlc-w rorttib itr-il no lltlb to eiwdlna. )jo\lpg out, of nr nv and hfodlbirs -- ' Bitnp CH >!iim?' up*. Die gr eaniei lain and/botiliig' 1 with ,Wre?tl6K Hght ilnfi err wrestle' i,^" 1 _' > " i' Wrestlers In-t forev r wlilth I-, fthy lioiip cicr-wuitj up l» the .Roosevelt Writes Chapter in Anti-War Book ROXl Wed. and Thursday^ MAT. & KlTK—lflc -'asB Franklin D. <op) _ llnosnvolt and nine othe;- prominent, v/oinen sccl''in™ to outlaw n<n r hnvo coiHrl'hu'ted clinptefs lo Why Wars Must Cense," a new Ixwk edited by ROSC Yfunj? foj ihn Nailonn) Commltlee on UIL 6211 o ind due of War Con< .iLlori 1>«?W« 'II IncliKie Cfiirte Clrapinan Catt Jnne Adaor Mr William Brown Ivrelomy \inry r Woolleyi Emily :)l Blair, .nt'doo FlorenceT Al- , Di Alice- Hamilton Dorolln Canneld nrhei, aijd ™-'- v Tlic National eurnmittcC on tlis 3ni«p ( and Cure 01 V/m \ 3 ^u,. JOS^d'of representatives of 11 ft o mens or£im!7atlon<! ^ith a com ' Now Located at 101 North Second '^'ADDING MACHINE & ..^, »,>, , , ' SERVICE BUREAT&V 1 } _, t DOJ? KDWAE08, Praetor H ' i. Ml maliMnfrrtmfltT^ptwtitm, tatto* M^hln»»ndCaicnJator. u—.!--,_p» r l»—Hlbbon* WAKE UP Wlh C<Ui«rii« Douc«t, H«nry Ar- nerH.Anrfy Dstlnt, Win! Slw.' J'o!ybyJohnMzfhan,Jr DincUd by Kurt Nturajtin A B F Zeldman Production, Prz>enl«d by Carl La«.' nmh _A UNIVERSAL PICTURE- Fox News Corncdv last Time Today MAT.— ^< NITE— f, caman BULLDOG DRUMMOND STRIKE) BACK' withLORETTA. YOUNG Paramounl News Novclfy— "Paramount ' Souvenirs No. 3" Alusieiil— "Wicrc'a That WHAT WE GUARANTEED Under the irrras of our Introdtic- torj' Cash Uei'mul Offer, Aerotypc ' II I "fir.-" lasior 'nriit slut ( qntrker |2|ollal/i i,,;)^ pprfonnr.nce In less ilrne and with less "warm-up" • . •(3| delhir more power .: i-UaffnrJ lilfjliw '',':in(|.k.nock" _(5)hss\iro lioitrraceelerailrvn |6Klo;elflp ruoiv speed, nnd (7| possess AttMtr licslhllKy — than oityinltfrjutl matte 'MtitfM after V. S. ,-fimi- lighting Gr.uft • \ii.itrftti t'tlrt—brtic? ;'ti Tiger" Confirmed by 1% Million Users Prom flip very sfatl.'wp avoided maklnij ftiraraiiant dttlnufar.Wrai.vpr ESSO. There was no doulit In our nwn minds that It would ouiperform all other motor cor fuel*. But «'e ffariteJ Aerotyp« KSSO, Itself, to prove what it would do. •Therefore; we Introduced It under an uni'Ondlliotial guarantee*—offering to refuinl the premium paid for It, to any user uliodid not flrid it the most eftl- (-Icnt motor car fuel I\e had ever used. Quick Starting a Feature Among the thing* Aerotypc ESSO had" to prove were that it would "fire" faster -. start quicker.'. and deliver peak performance In less time and with less "warm-up" than any oilier fuel made. Mow well II demonstrated Its ability 10 fulfill these requirements U disclosed by the following simple and rnnrliislve data: r: fRIUMPHFSR ALL 3! INTROnUOTORV <HUHANTEP. OFFEft IN FpBCfi-DEC. J TO l>r ; C, 21, 1934 ; No. purchasing Aerotype '•*;. ''••'''. KS_SO... ...1,529,75} . No. refund requests for all reasons (les* tnun 1 out of every lO.Mfl wlui f;ouglit). m . ; llsers endorsing product /.'1,529,639 Amount of Aerotype ESSO sold (approximately).. .$3,000,000.03 Total.amount of casli -r»---- — •' funds..................... Sil.20 Thi^ overwhelming acceptance of Aero- type ESSOtlms furnishes indisputable evidence of its superiority. Consequently, In iirjlnj other mo. torlsts to try Aeroryrw ESSO «'e do so with the conviction that they will tw at favorably Impressed as the mlllloni now using 11. iUYAT THIJ51GH Thit si<a i l ibr Jtl.OOO AEROTYPi - *C«;h RtfufiuGuarirttee diicnotinued December 21,1934 oa uacomtiCtJ i Jir.g of PeuoUun Admialnatiff Raird. €SSO f or£t! STAN-DARD.OIL COMPANY OF L 0 U 1 SIA N A ALL OTHERS S V: 3. VAN DYKE Dumbell Letters Cotnetlv

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