Chicago Tribune from Chicago, Illinois on October 13, 1871 · 2
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Chicago Tribune from Chicago, Illinois · 2

Chicago, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, October 13, 1871
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WW! ?ht Sljirajgo iribrmt "r rRIBATi OCTOBER !8r1n.- Ta CiiueoTa;cxs ha opancd its offices at Ko.'l5 Sonth Canal stnrct. West Division, and the , jaiK will hereafter be 'eyafcirly tosned from thai ri toLice till ranker amice. j - - - - ijij ; Oar readers arc requested to notice that we charge the same price for THE TRIBUNE as be fore the Are. Sioglu colics can bo obtained for SvaccntBvrcroiirconntcratXo. 13 South Canal street, and there it no occasion to pay the exorbi-3n( pric J ashed by newsboy on ike street. TISIOMRY SCHEMES. There are various suggestions of rclierues by which Chicago can be i stored, and some of these are very-wild ues. For instance, it is urged that the national government shall advance a hundred millions of dollars and loan it out to rebuild Chicago. It is proposed, also, that the State of Illinois shall borrow several millions of dollars and lend it out to rebuild Chicago. Who would be entitled to receive this money the 6,000 capitalists or the 50,000" pau- pers? Air such propositions are impracticable. That is not the way to rebuild Chicago. It must be built by its own people, on their own credit, and with that self-reliant energy that had already erected one of the noblest cities of modern times. Chicago cannot be rebuilt by any gift concert arrangement. We have every clement of commercial and productive industry that we ever had. Our stores and ware- " houses have perished, but the great, broad expanse of country from which this city has grown, all remains and is as prolific as ever. We have still capacity to store five million bushels of grain. We have the lakes and railroads at our feet as usual. Nothing has been destroyed but the buildings in which the details of this trade were carried on. The insurance companies owe us the value of this property destroyed. It is no- legitimate function of the government to make good the losses of insurance companies. Their capital and their resources must meet the risks from which they have drawn their profits.. To their honor, let it be said, that they exhibit a purpose to pay their losses to the uttermost of their means. The idea that the State or National Government can loan public money to supply deficiencies in insurance, can have no other effect than to paralyze personal energy, and cause private capital to delay its proptr action in hope of escaping payment finally. There is one way in which the National Government may do a substantial benefit without stepping outside its legitimate functions. The government must h ive public offices here, a Custom House, a Post Office, rooms for courts and Marshal, for Internal Revenue officers, and Pension Agency; it must also have here i.-o or more bonded warehouses. TU m buildings are absolutely and immediately necessary. What Congress can do is to provide for the erection of these buildings, and they should be of the most capacious dimensions and of the very best class. The should occupy an entire block should bo free of all contact with anv other buildings, and should be made absolutely fire proof. All these buildings can be built in the most solid manner of the most enduring material for less than five millions of dollars. If Congress, npon meeting in December, will appropriate one or two millions of dollars to begin this work, and will order their construction, it will do more to restore confidence and stimulate private enterprise than any questionable or impracticable attempts to loan public money to back iid stockholders in insurance compa nies. This appropriation must of . 1 necessity be made at some time, oui its beneficial effects upon Chicago will be greatly increased if it should be done as early in the session as possible. For the moment we have thousands of homeless and destitute people. They want work. Each man wants to earn the bread that he and his family consume. Not one penny of any loan Congress or the State might make would reach these people. ' We have thousands of rich Tipon'-e who have been made poor, but we have tens of thousands of poor people who have been rendered destitute who have neither bread, nor clothing, nor shelter. The fact that Congress had voted $5,000,000 to erect" necessary buildings in Chicago, for its own use, would be the best tidings to the unemployed labor of this city. It would be duplicated five times over by private enterprise, and instead of a city of houseless destitute ptr, the community would become a hive of human industry, each man and . family looking to their own earnings for their own support. In the same manner the State of Illinois might, within the scope of its constitutional authority, 'devise some means whereby the people of this city and county may provide themselves with public buildings. We want a Court House, a - Hall of Ifecords, a County. Prison, and a ( i;y Hall. These buildings are indispensable, and must be built soon tupnns to begin igs e.v.i be found then anotlio, given to" ji j e euler'. g f,Chi cagoolutloug lhe!aslieaf thtTpast froniTLer garments, will put oa n ew 1 bWty,TMqnife hV &frerth,n&T win rapidly regain tnat power and wealth which have been so sudden ly and calamitously lost. WHAT THE BASKS WILL DO. We print elsewhere e rvsolu lions adopted "by 'the bankers of Chicago in regard to the course thev deem it judicious to pijrjitjJ t"dfri the best jiutrvsts of aUonceroe3i ' - . scarcely any question in conneu tion with the great calamity which has befallen us required more cool ness than to point out, in the. midst. of the prevailing confusion, the way to restore confidence and re-estab lish the business of the-city. The bankers 'composing iie"committee lio drafted" these resolutions and submitted them tath meeting yesterday are gentlemen whose well- known ability entitle, rtherc to "ihe confidence ot the public, and the course deemed judicious by ( them should meet with the hearty co-operation of the entire business community. , As was stated in our issue of Wednesday morning, every dollar of currency and bonds in the vaults of the banks is beli$vec to 'have been saved. This, together with the New York balances of the banks, leaves them an average amount of cash means equal to .'40 or to per cent of their deposits. If the bank- s chose to adopt so suicidal a course as to press their1 debtors '"for the payraenfpf. their loans, maiiy' of them could pay off their depositors in full within sixty days, . But this policy would wind up the "banks themselves, as the depositors can put them into bankruptcy a "easily as the banks can put their debtors there, o'such policy is thought of by either sidei' It i9 solely with the view of preserving all these : vast In terests that the majority of ilie bankers have ' denieJlt injudicious Jp pay out more than fifteen per cent on their deposits at once. Fifteen per cent, however, will give every depositor something: to use now, and the continuance of the business of the banks is the best possible guarantee that all the present liabilities to depositors will be cleared off as soon as the "bills receivable "held by the batiks which are worth fudy 75 per cent of their face can be collected. It is confidently believed that at least 50 per cent of all the insurance involved in the fire will be promptly paid. This insures the collection of at least 75 or 80 per cent of the loans of the banks. How soon another instalment can be paid by the banks on their de posits it is of course impossible to say. It is thought that some degree of uniformity of, action ii this spect will be obrerved, but some of the banks will probably pay 10, 20, or 30 per cent within the next month or two, while some will pay nearly all their deposits that are demanded within the next sixty or ninety daysy The most important element, how ever, in the re-establishment of . busi ness, will be the degree of !gcod sense shown by the public in si taining the banks. The bankers, generally, believe that if the busi ness community will give them their confidence, every dollar of present liabilities to depositors will not only be paid off, but a new business will be built up at the same time. In this matter the ountry banks can exercise a potent, influence for good or evil, according as they may act. "witbs discretion, or otherwise The main thing to be borne in mind is, that the banks of Chicago have means enough to pay everything if they are allowed time to realize on their bills receivable. As will be seen by the resolutions adopted by the savings banks, their action will be somewhat different from that of the commercial banks. They propose to pay at once all depositors whose balances do not exceed twenty dollars, and not less than twenty dollars to every depositor whose balance is more than that amount. The limit of twenty dollars is placed npon present payments solelyforthe purpose of preventing a run of depositors who do not stop to consider the demoralizing effect such an event would have. The savings banks are sound; they can pay every dollar, and will do so as soon as confidence is firmly re-established. BUSINESS REVIVAL. Already the lumber bis been hauled in many instances to the sites of the recent destruction is the South Di vision for the purpose of construotin frame1 stores and warehouses. Within a very short time our wholesale merchants will be prepared to fill orders Ltrge warehouses, kept for - r af and without the limbs of, the fire, it'it filled with goods. The public warehouses alone have several millions oi dollars' worth of goods, which will be with itrawn for sale as soon as there can he tem-onrory stores erected. Many lines ot business will be immediately resumed merchants using their privtte dwelling for that purpose. Orders will be received and the goods furnished without delay from the EaU Already most of our firms have memtters in the Atlantic cities selecting stocks of goods, and forwarding them to Chicago. The cheering prospect in the matter of insurance bus bad a most encouraging t n. ci i ue iat & nave an amount iu. which, with the large percentage of insur er or later. If the these public bi.'U. ance, will make financial matters far more easy than was anticipated. The country cannot afford to let Chicago pcrishani a. no&lcnWtaTnallflg'everrxeta'Jto pay our sufferers what is due to'hcmjlnit they lnay pay-wtat thejp jowe, andca4ry on theirysiness almost, viuroui icicJTupilon EXTORTION'. Every attempt at extortion because of the straits to which business has been re ilueed should be frowned down by the public, and submission to it utterly refused, even at much sacrifice." Wc have beard of few attempts at such extortions. On the contrary, holders of provision, lumber, fur niture, etc. such commodities as tire most in demand at his (5r1si$ nre-t fqaiorally atT vertisini " No advance ia price." This is a wbolesorue indication, testifying to the spirit .ot iteVoti, t( tbajjit's welfare which has always been characteristic ef Chicago merchants. Let it become tlie motto of the hour. It will not only help us iKitter through bard times by keeping expenses down, but will keep in some productive industry many who might other wise be tempted into trading upon the misfortunes of their fcllo w-citizens. Among the commodities most in de mand just now is news particularly Intel ligencc of the fire audits sequences. It is this insatiable demand, and the narrow ness of the facilities now at band for making newspapers, which has induced people to pay 'from' fivis to ten prices for The Tribune, and even for tha smaller sheets which are offered on the streets The public should understand, however, that .this is entirely a speculation of the newsboys, and not of the publishers. The Thi ucne has been and will continue to be furnished at the regular price by the single number, as fast as printed, to all who can succeed in gaining a position at the doors of our office of publication. "We hope, moreover to commence serving thepapor to subscribers at their residences to-day. PROMPT KI.VIXXESS. Among; thelJaauy kiud and 'generous offers of assistance which have come to us from our brethren of the press in all Darts of the country, we wish to make Attire acknowledgment to our namesake. Tub Tribune, of New York. The fore man or their composition room, Mr. Thomas Rooker, telegraphed, on the 10th, that they had on hand various fonts of type ready for use which would be forwarded im mediately if needed. The despatch, owing to the Immense pressure upon the. tele graph wires, did not reach us till the 12tb when we" had already provided ourselve9 with all that was immediately necessary to meet the emergency! but we are none the less grateful for the prompt and generous offerwf Mf New Yor frfendi' a FOREIGN LOANSk i"" Private despatches Jcdm responsible pej sqnaji LtonflonJuid- Liverpool -Indicate unimpaired confidence by the 'capitalists of those cities in the futura ot Chicago, and it is suggested that it would be well if some of thoseJargelyrinterested in the Jebuilding of the destroyed districts should select some of their number, well known, to pro ceed to the Eastern cities and to England and prreent, personally, the'; condition of aflalrs iThe confluence mvhieag which is generally felt can be greatly strength ened by the detailed information and facts which can best be presented by' responsi ble men, such as Mr. W. B. Ogden arid others, who are well known in the finan cial worlds There is no doubt that alt the money needed for restoration could be obtained on reasonable terms by those own ing the real estate which is to be improved. PROPOSED IMPROVEMENTS "We have been informed upon good authority that arrangements are maturing for the investment of a large amount of East era capital In the erection' of hoteTs" and stores in; the neighborhood or'.llie new business quarter west of the burnt district Our commerce should hot be permitted to leave u, and every effort should be made to meet its requirements. Mr. Philo Carpenter is obtaining plans and estimates for the conversion of his ele gant new block of marble buildings on West Washington street, between May and Ann streets, into a first-class hotel. The front on Washington street is 250 feet, and the block is built of Athens stone. It will make one of the finest hotels in the North west ' JUST AND GENEROUS. That a much larger amount of the in surance on the late losses in this city will be paid than was at first thought even possible, u now certain. Among the most eratifvicz positive assurances that kave reached us is that from the North British and Mercantile Insurance Company of London. This company has tele-eraphed to their agents here, Messrs. S. M. Moore & Co., to draw upon them at sight for $5,0o0 for the sufferers by the fi e, and to proceed at once to adjust ad risks in their office which will be paid in full, dollar for dollar. These losses amount to not less than two and a hall millions. and the North iSritish and Mercantile can pay them without disturbing, in the least, their American securities. RELIEF. . , , . - The magnitude ! the relief work "may be estimated lrom a glance at the operations 6T that, government depot on Eliza-beth streeVear the east hank of th river. The officials there unloaded 60 cars oa Wednesday J50 yesterday, and will unload about 70t tevday. ; A- large proportion o the later j-pto'onsiat ofrlotfring and bedding ; those of the first day were most ly provisions. They have already distribrr ted about 1 00 car loads The churches are all re Dorted to be ia smod sanitary condi tion. The officials announce that they will honor all orders for i-applies, Is-mou by clergjmen, if presented at the depot m CASUALTIES. The sbHowiw Mtleats art In Ward Dof the City uospttar. , ... - ..j . .. Charles Katte1tng,1tiniea In stable on the Lake mon. . - . Charles Xrtntyre, burned at Metropolitan Han. . Thomas jacuainan. onrnea at ib nen jvinzra street, and three of the crew of the schooner Ellsworth srorrhed near Twelfth street. James Divarto, bnrned sevarly on the corner of Polk and Clark streets, wntie trying ie sst nts iar-nltnre. Feet badly parned. i - -- . In Ward C are James Frank Blake, Darned in toe fuce and bands. Henrr Garlord. No. 43 North State street, badly bnrned on the face and band at his residence. Peter Clark. No. 134 North Market street, bnrned in the bead, nice and hands. James McArtbur. a waiter in the Tremom Honse, is among the lost. He leaTesawifa and two children. Charles McAnhnr. a brother or James, waller in the liatteson House, wa also among the victims. Charles felt no family. ,..,. Oeoree Beart, an Englishman, employed In Llll s brewery, was found barned to a cinder, yesterday moraine. His shall and limbs were lying some distance from the body. The only dead bodies yet recognizea are inose oi Mr. H. J. til man and of Mr. Ueorge Beart. A man named DeweT. whose office was in Speed's Mock, on Dearborn street, near Madison, immm imii 10 InmD Cram a window of the fourth story, into the Dearborn School yard, to escape being bnrned to death. He was carried into Back Rajnor'-s drag store, corner of Dearborn and State streets, where he died in a few moments. A that establishment waaMMXi after bnrned. his body mast have been consumed. He leaves two children on the West i . Bid. ; THE SUFFERERS. '-f ISst 'or BuiiiicH" XlsMisea'De al roved lv I li nnnt Fire. --; The following is a lint of the principal business Anna whose stores and Mock i f good were burned In addition to them, ibere ware in- the neighbor; hood of lire thousand wholesale Stmk who did a limited bntineea, and retail dcaiers, which are not given ; AGRK) IJLTT It AL IMPLEMENTS. AtwaterftCb l?5BaiMloIph; ttalchellec Son, S3 Sooth Water; BlTotcc, r carina fc Cau Sebur; Emerson. Stafford lb X 171 lake ; Miller Bros. A Kecf, 63 State; The Jobmston iUreterv$l Lake; . xuion uo- am mu. c : - ' Al CTiO.N' ASS COMXI3&IQKa Ward, Stanfor A Kiddle, 145 Madison. W. A Batters Co.. 11 RandolDh. 1. B. Chambers Jt Co.. 142 Clark. Colby Wirt. 44 Dearborn. Alfred Day A C o., 105 Clark Fay A Cambridge, 165 Dear born, H. Feltvan A Co.. 151 t.3aUe. C. M. Gil- 1 bert. 4 LaSalla. (is a. P. Oofk Co.. 36 Randolph S.l liawley, 138 Clark. E. A. Jew I. as North Clark. W. B. tanglev, ITS Olara.' J. H. Newton, 9 aorta Wells. ' K.' Here be in A Co. 5j.Ran- dulph. Peer4fmitfa, 75 Ciark. Jnlius Spejcr. 147 Iiandolph. , BANKERS. J. M. Adsit, r39 Clark. Badrer A Co., 51 Dear born. Baxter A Co., 144 Washington. -C Clans-sernias A Co.. 4 Clark. Collins A t'Knian 34 Clark. Field, King Co., State aad Waabingtos. C. Fol-laaabe A Hub, do. H. iGreenebaass Co., Lake and LaSalle.' Ixint. Preston A Keaa, " Clark, a L.. Nerliad Oo.. IS LaSalle. J ; R. "hhipberd S Cam IX Labile. . Lazaraa Silverman A Co.. 157 Randolph. J. . Whitcomb A Co., 33 Clark. Ferd. Winulow, Clark. . , BILLIARD MATERIALS. R. Kleemaa A Co.. 143 Kaodotnb. Jnlius Balke, 165 Washinirton. Emanuel Brunswick, 13 La Salle. J. M. Brunswick A Bro 4K IState. -Joe Pare, 78 LaSsllo. Stoll BerHeu lo Michigan. Adolph Zaller, MS State J ''. . , BLANK BOOK MAitDTACTURERS. . Cameron, Amberg A B oil man. 111 Madison. Cox, Henderson A Cck. loti Daareorn. Culver. Pace A Uoyne, 1SU Monroe. J. W. Middloton. 145 Dearborn. Hand, MeXally A Co. 53 Clark. J. H. Small A Co.. 117 Dearborn. Smeal, Rebanks A Co., 84 Dearborn. BOILER MAKERS. r John Schneider A Co.. SI Michism - . f BOOKS AND- STATIONERY. ' Methodist Book Concern, Washington street. Interior Printing Company, 164 Clark. Menting A Schick. 106 Madison. Callsfhan Jb Corkcrofl. 80 Dearborn. E. B. Meyers. S Washington.' American Tract Society, Cobb Bros., SI Lake. Easunan A Btancbard, 144 Lake Hitchcock A Waldcn. US Vt aehtngton. W. B. Kene A Cooke. 115 State street. Swedivh Lutheran Publication Society, 139 North Clark. The Western News Company, 123 State. S. C Qtiega A Co., 117 State. BOOTS AND SHOES WHOLESALE. Miller. Smith Co- lii Clark. - Pains Bro. A Co., 50 Lake. Bullock Bros., 86 Lake. Cross, Stelle A Cass, 54 Michigan avenue. W. a. Crow-lev, 34 South Water. Camming A Co.. 51 Lake. Doggett A Co.. 31 Lake. C. H. Fargo A Co., 46 Kiudolpb. GrecasfeldcR, Iiosanthal Co.,46 Wa- bsb avauno. i'.M. JisaoVrson, 7S Wba."h. C. B. Sawyer A Co., 40 Lake. Weajp A Co., 71 Wabash avenue, yvella A Ca UtS VValiash avenue. Whitney Btom J -Wabash , avenue. Goldman Bros., 43 Lake. McAnley A Co.. 60 Wabash av enue. Morrill A Co., 148 Lake. Hall A Harlow, 45 Wabash avenue. Thompson A Co.. 4 Randolph.- T. B. Weber Co, 7 Lake. Wlswall A Co., 58 Wabash avenne. Phelps, Dodge A ) 'aimer. 60 Wabash avenue. - ; . , , w , x 4 BRASS KOrNDERtf. J. Schaambarg A Co., Michigan and Franklin. Schocnberccr A Bryant. 35 Michigan. Walworth, Furse A Co., 325 Lake. SoviU Manufacturing Co, 1U6 Randolph. BREWERIES.' " " C. BatzACo, Su9 Kinue. Doyle C . 4 iNorui statei Hock Brewing Co , 4 to 4in torfff. State. Lill's Brewing Co, Puss ami Chlasw vtfuuv. ouas aw 14 rfimifl ana t ine, .v dinet A Kaoepfln, 4t Larranso. tttar Bra-r' , Elm. near the lake. Union Brewery, 401 fond stat. RKllEIKM J. f. Nichols, 89 Dearborn. A. 3. Coo If'lA ", 151 Wasbiatrtun. Smith CadawM, list t-mrtrm. Snyder A Lea, 4 MoUopvlttan ttlork. ( tM Uw ratt, 166 Lasall. A. C. Reed, 15S Wsjth'nrtnn J. B. Valentine Co,, 110 LabaUe. W If v rtghl. km vvasningion. BUSINESS OOLI.Rtllfc'. Bryant ft Chase's. Clark'aud Ws.'t-'sgh.ta. Dh renfarta's, Randolph. . CABINET MAKEKjs. Kroeben Bros., rear of Sherman House. Rix hird Resa. 331 State. J. Lndwlg, SuS LaKe. Jaoea Arnold, 1611 LaSalle. James TUura,. 11, Fvurih MfDUS. ' , CARRIAOB BtJILDERS. ' Bradley A Smith. 1U5 Stale; T. II. Brown, 44 Adams. A. Cla.-k, 49 North Wells. Coan A Ten Broske. 69 Adama. Canaiaabam A Son, 1S7 State. II. f. Edwards, 73 Adams. W. Erbv, 2!U Nonh Weils, (ierber. Wilson A CO, SB Franklin. Fletch er A Laaear. 45 Randolph. Hayde A O'Brien, 98 Waiacy. 11. . Hill. 340 Deat born, imck at moron n,iHL K9 North Wells. H. McFafUas.S47 aktate Panaoyer A Co., 337 Wabash avenue. P. Smith A Co., 51 North Weils. -i CHEMISTS J. T. Z. Blinev. 141 Madison. M Dolfontiine,144 Madisea.' u-. A. Mariner. 133 Dearborn. J. E. Fuller A Co, 336 Dearborn. Garden City Chemical Works. 84 South Water. Garrison A Mur ray" 167 Clark. J. M. Hirsh A Co- 188 Lake. J. Roemheld A Co.. 310 Illinois. E. H. Sal sent Co.. State and Randolph. Stein, Hirsh A Co, 39 LaSalle. . - - - CHINA. OLASSWARBv ie." f Henrtck Sarins;, S6 Lake; I. P.Jluwea Co., lit! w aoasn avenue ; rjuney s i yraii, m ijaae ; r . Jaezer. 73 Wabash avenue ; Ketchum A Martin, 40 Randolph ; A. Llebenstetn A Co, 177 Randolph ; H. P. Merrill A Co, io Lake ; A. rcca, tu Lake ; Vergho, Ruhling 4 Co.. 1U4 Lake. CIGARS AND TOBACCO. Schimfferman, 137 Lake. Stanton A Co, Clark and MadiBO". 135 Lake. 49 State. S. S. Case Co, 149 8. Water. D. C Foote. 57 Randolph. Weiareb A Alftntter. 59 S. Water. Hibben A Co, S3 Michi gan avecne. J. C. Partridge. 59 Dearborn. S. Rothschild A Co.. 16 State. Goldsmith A Co, 83 Waohlneton. N. H. Hammond. 54 LaSalle. E. Hoflman, 137 Randolph. G. C. Ladyard. 158 Lake. G. Luerssen. 48 Clark. S. H. Meyer. 76 Dearborn. J. S. Roberson Bro, 364 Lake. Weiner A Co, 176 Randolph. CLOAK AND SHAWL EMPORIUMS. Field. Leiter A Co, State and Washington. Hotchkln, Palmer A Ca, ttl state. J. W. tiriswold Co- 50 Wabaak avenne. CLOCKS. American Clock Co., 103 Lake. Waterbury Clock Co, ill Lake. , - CLOTHING. ' ' Cahn A Co, 62 Wabash av. Claybnrfrh A Co, 97 Lake. Clement. Morton A Co.. 39 Randolph. Fiehtenberg.BnKj 30 Late. C. P. Kellogg e Co., 36 Lake. U. Kmg Co., 8 Lake. A. H. Kobn, 11 Lake.' It. A. &um Brw, 4 iaae. Leopold Huh A Co, tl Lata. S. Ltbermsai. S Lake. A. Louis. 44 Lake. Melzer A Salky, 90 Lake. S hover A Co, 49 State. Simon Strsuss A Co 18 Lake. C. Summer-field A Co, 54 Wabash av." Tattle Ca 69 Lake. E. D. Terry, 118 Randolph. A.D.Titewrth, 160 Clark. -y CLOTHS ANDCASSIMERES- - Biddle A Hunt. 45 Lake. Field, Benedict A Co.. SS Lake. E. H. Harding, 4 Washington. S. Heidmeyer, 164 Randolph. ' . COAL DEALERS. Wilmington Coal Co, No. 3 W. Van Buren. J. L Hathaway, 44 Market. B. Holbrook, 176 Canal. Indiana Pioneer Coal Co, Lake street bridge. W. E. Johnson. 188 S. Canal Robert Law, 380 Madison. T. A. Lemmon, 180 S. Canal. A. B. Meeker Co, 7 North Market. W. M. Olcott, Hl LaSalle. Pratt Bros, 17 Chicago av. i A. D. Waldron A Co, Kingsbury at. COMMISSION MERCHANTS. E. K. Bruce, 10 LaSalle. K. P. Barber A Co., 184 Washington, and 350 others. CROCKERY AND GLASSWARE. R Abbey A Co, 129 to 137 North Water. Irs o tL., jk c.n . 107 Wabash av. F. 4 E. Jaecrer, T3 Wabash av. Johusesi 4k Abbey, River. ST B. Parkhurst, 83 MicDigan uuna mvu, , Sndolnh. A. Piek, 7 Lake. H. Frtedman, 300 NorthClark., ; , Randall. Hall 4 Co, 166 Randolph. Chicago Cutlery Manufactnrlng company,,, itanaoipn. Union Knife Company, 83 South Water. Biggs, Sriencer A Co.. 44 Lake. Champion. Safford A CoT State. C. Hall A Co, 843 Lake. Miller Brothers A Keep, 55 State. DIAMONDS. N. Matson 4 Co., 117 Lake, Wendell 4 Hyman, 99 Lake. DISTILLERS AND RECTIFIERS. E. Boss 4 Co.. 376 Madison ; Cavanagb, Bodle A Co 887 North Water; vonaitn Bros, i naoasu avenue; Dickinson, Leach A Co, 48 Indiana ; D. H. Eaton, Bt ouin waier; iveiicr s uuuiraj 17t Chicago avenne t Kraefft, Roelle Co, 61 Kinzie ; Thos. Lynch, Larrabee street; 8. Myers 4 Co. 370 Madison; Schwa 4 . S3 Michigan ave nue: xi. 11. snnieiau o jwraia n .i. uuc ........ nrnnr t-c 1 I r Bliss 4 Sharp, 105 State; Cory, Barrett 4 Co, 47 South Water; Garrison 4 Murray, 167 Clara; Hurlbut A Edsau,JW u una. oinnu W Wabash avonae ; Koeirwnod Block!, T93 Lake ; Tolman A King, 35 --ouia water i in locnaaa Co, ! Lake. a T. Haskell 4 C IB Randolpb. I. HIT! 39 Rudolph j-B-i?--""!- r (i KOS0 v wU., t iMtuuviiB. ovdivwiu 4' Co, 8S Wsbash avenne. Wendel 4 Co .68 Ran- rinlnh P Baar, 7 Hanooipn. Ulster oenro-der 68 Randolph. American 4 Co, 19 Lake. Bowe Hunt A Winalow. 17 Randolph. Day. Til-SnTc" 35 Lake. J. V.Fwellj 4 Co 106 to 114 Wabasn avennw. wciuw,uaiiH Shaw 37 Lake. Stettanere 4 Wineman, ia Laze. Field' Leiter 4 Co, State and Washington. D. W Keith 4 Co, 78 Wabash avenne. Rosenfeld 4 m 1 .ir. rinoii. Pine A Co, in state, c Gmsaze 4 'Co., 106 State. Hamlin, Hale 4 Co, W?5sh .Venne and Wa-hlngton. C. W Pard-rtdre 4 Co, 90 State. Reinstein e Co, 3 Clark. J. B. Shay, 116 Lake. Simpson, Norwell 4 Co., 79 State. n.mriinnnti JUJklAluiu.,- . Galena Elevator. North Water-National Eleva- tn. r.wt -or aaams; aitu ovvv, . auuuhi. Dole 4 Co.; Elevator A. E. Brown 4 Co, 1S3 Lalr; F. 8. Chandler, 134 Washington; Chicago Jtngravtng -company. 00 k. k r rhilds. Jr.. 117t Randolph : Republi can Printing Company, 94 Dearborn : Western Bank Note Company. LaSalle and Randolph. JVC--1 7 ,u. Brink's Citv; City Limits: Garden City; Adams Express; American -Store Hants lbuob j uutsa States. . ra.-tt;i uwuj. Bamnm Bros, 41 Lake. W. B. Clapp 4 Bros, 108 Lake. Merker Bros, 4 laae. lucnara Schwarx, 136 Lake. Schweitzer 4 Beer, 150 Lake. F J. Seam. 54 Lake. Stark 4 Allen, 109 Lake. Vergho , Ruhling 4 Co, 104 Lake. West 4 Co, 140 Lake. jtakm MAi;uusai. Boal. Andrews 4 Cook, 100 Michigan avenue ; and ten others, . - , - " " ' B. Adams 4 Co, ISO N. Water.? Datsr." Whaling 4 Co, 308 Market. Esgle Mtfs, 157 S. Water. Ion ic Mills. 64 N. Dearborn, sisaonaj ami, w ait-igan. Union Pacific Mills. 186 Monroe. FOUNDRIES, -fitna Foundry Company. Kingsbury and Ohio. Atkins 4 Bnrgesa, 80 to So Clinton. Andrew Bolter. .74 Van iJursn. vnicago iron worms, om Franklin. Globe Foundry. 19 Meagher Globe Foundry No 3, 78 Illinois. Illinois Iron Works, 174 Van Buren. FURNACES AND. JtA?GK8i- Bliss 4 Browu, 15f. State. A. & Leavenworth, TT6 Lake. Lester 4 Cat, 19 North . Btate Cashing Heater Company, IMS itanaoipn. J. H. ncvser s C, 153 . Lake. Babel 4 Brothers, 193 Lake. M, Ai Tbaye A Cow w Monroe. - ' i Ft KNrriKE.- - - - A: TI Andrews Co, 1 llate. 1. Berersdorf. 17 Lake. H. S. Carter 4 Co, 1W Lake. Colby 4 Wins. 44 Dearborn. H. Liebenstein 4 Co, 169 RandolDh. Thayer 4 Tobe, 38 State. A. J. Neu- berger A Brothers. 197 Randolph. Spratt A Par ker, 171 Randolpb. - , tENTa'. FURNISHING GOODS. Brownou, Hayden 4 Co, 36 Washington. IWirnn Tumult! A Co, 36 RandolDh. Harris 4 Co.. 35 Lake. Hart Bros, 38 Lake. Levi Lindauer 4 Co, 30 Lake. Price 4 Co, 43 Lake. W. G. White 4 Co, 43 Randolph. GROCERS. ' r TI -Reckwiih 4 Sons. 1 15 South Water. Best 4 Dickinson. 81 South Water. Bliss, Moore 4 Co, 43 Michigan avenne. Benton A Pierce, 86 Michigan avenue. C. W. Church 4 Co, 41 South Watr. ). C. Cook 4 Co, 90 Michigan avenne. F. D. Coesett 4 Co, 104 Michigan avenne. Day, Allen A Co, 49 Michigan avenue. N. C xnapsr, AS Michigan avenue. Darand 4 Powers. 9 Lake. Farriugttm 4 Co, 1 Randolph. J as. Forsyth 4 Co, 49 South Water. Gould, Bnggs 4 Co, 54 Wabash avenue. Grannis 4 Farwell, 31 Randolph. Grar Bros, 66 Michigan. Harmon 4 Co, 6 River. W. M. Hovt A Co.. 48 River. lngraham 4 Co, 46 South Water. Kellogg 4 Co- velL 38 South Water. Kussel Bros, 96 boulil vv a-ter. F. Marvea"h. 38 River. McKIndley 4 Co, 79 South Water. Mead Uiigrtus, 55 Sooth Wa ter. W. J. Quaa A Co, 69 South Water. Reld 4 Co, 46 River. Sayrs, Gilmore 4 Co, 54 Michigan avenue. J. B. Share. 55 LaSaUe. Sibley 4 Ebdt- eottle. 50 Souih Water. Smith. Brothers 4 Co. River. H. C. Smith. 100 South Water. Warner, Spragae 4 Co, 63 Michigan avenue. J. W. S earns 4 Sons, TTSouth Water. Stewart, Aidrich 4 Co, 73 Soaih Water. Wells 4 Faulkner, 61 South Water. F. H. Wlllard 4 Co, 49 South Water. Amrhinbaurh 4 Co.. 45 River. Bennett. Fuller 4 Co, 36 Sonth Water, Biltinger Bro, 47Micbi- rmu avenue, m. irrau a to, 04 ausis water. Stanton 4 Co, Clark and Madison. Durand Bros. 131 South Water. 1 - GFNPOWDER. American Powder Com pan v. 1 Clark. C. D. Austin. 83 South Water. Ditpont Powder Agency, 39 South Water. Laflln A Rand Powder Company, 79 South Water. The Uazurd Powder Co, 8 fclate. HARDWARE. Edwin Hunt 4 eons, St Lake. Jackson 4 Bliss. 43 Slate, , Larrabcai 4 Iorta, 174 Laks. Tyler 4 joodwarrT. 41 Slate. HalI,Kimbark4 Co, 84 Michigan av.; Atwater 4 Co, 175 Randolph. Bri"ham 4 Jones. 17 Lake. Bucbauaa, Carpenter Co, 03 Lake. - Grant 4 McLean, 309 Lak . - Hayden 4 Kay. 47 Lake. Smith 4 Duncan. 248 Luke and 263 S. Water. Miller Brothers 4 Keen. 55 State. H. W. Austin. S3 S. water. William Blair 4 Co.. 181 Randolph. J. K. Botsford 4 Son, 1U9 Lake. Hibbard 4 Spencer, 94 MicUuran sv. Brintnall 4 Cot, 175 Lake. Greenebauui A Sons. 340 Randolph. Haywood, Cartlcdso 4 Ilonore, 41 Luke. E. Hunt 4 Sons, 84 Lake.' J. Leibunstein, 155 Lake. Markley 4 Ca.. 51 Lake. A. E. Meant, 138 Wabash av. See- bessar A Breakey. 63 Lake. i. L. Wayne 4 Son, 19J Lake. Western Hardware Co, 146 Lake. HATS AND CAPS. D. P. Brown, 3 to 7 Lake. Caibart. Lnris 4 Co.. 43 Wabash av. Fitch, Williams 4 Co, 38 Lake. Gimbcl A Loewenstetn. 116 Wabash av. Inness Bros. 4 Co, 85 Michigan ar.- Keith Bros, 70 Wsbash av. King Bros. 4 Co, 16 Lake. Sweet, Dempster 4 Co, 104 Michigan av. Uotchkiss, Ed dy 4 Co, 116 waoasn av. HIDES. TALLOW. AC. ' Bennett 4 Co, 131 Kinzie. G. C. Chapman, 190 Washington. - c u. cowan, lbs Ktnaie. J. i. (Thaaman-. 193 Khizie. Gaensslen Bros, 139 Kin zie. II. CTillinghast, 141 Kinzie, and fifteen oth- en"' JEWELLERS. W. B. Clatrn 4 Bro, 108 Lake. Giles. Bro. 4 Co. 85 State. U later. Fifleld Co 9 Wabash avwrrne. N.-Matson 4 Co, 117 Lake. G. McElwaine, 103 State. It. J. Morse. 130 Lake. B. r. Norris 4 Co, 133 Lake and 35 Clark. H. Oppenheimer 4 Co, 134 Lake. Roddin 4 Hamilton, 136 Lake. Sonne-scbeia 4 Trenlich, 9 Lake. Stark 4 Allen, 169 Lake. m. r. l Tier. jt ciarx. LARD OIL M ANT FACTORIES. Filrbank, Peek 4 Co, 163 Lake. Goodcnow, Hyde 4 Co.. 415 Illinois. LEATHER AND FINDINGS. ft. Banr A Co, 194 Lake. Blackburn Bros, S3Z Lake. Hach 4 Ureiuer, 63 Franklin. . H. H. Heim-erdlBger, 46 Wabph avenue. A. Kaltenneggor, 49 Franklin. H. Kirchnofer, 313 Lake. D. Mergen- thmco,3iLAKo. D. atergentnelm. 343 Lake. tishorn 4 Adams, l.i9 Lake. Page, Bro. 4 Co, 50 Lake. F. L. bckmidndL 339 Lake. C. Schumann. to6 Ijike. Turner 4 Co, 49 Lake. Wolfenstether 4 Talbot, 43 Franklin. W. Whitmarsb, 193 Lake. uanorc di n neeiur, 14.) ute. LIOUORS. D. R. Brant 4 Co, 147 Sonth Water; Chapin 4 Gore. 163 State : Hibben 4 Co, 83 Micbizsn av.: Killsn Bros, 133 LaSalle; McGuire Bros., 140 South Water; Wendelin Meyer, 75 Chicago av. ; Roth-eerberBroe. 145 Hadisoa: Schrlber & Gerlach, 14 Rush; Stanton 4 Co 49 State; Hugh Tnrnev, 30 t. rava; larney dc iiavara. ov ouin water; 3. L uman uo, zrc aiaawn. LITHOGRAPHERS. Bremmer 4 Co- 169 Lake. Chicago Lithograph. ingCo.. 154 Clark. E. A. Cook 4 Co, 88 LaSalle. Great esiern Lithographing Company. 15S Wash ington. Merehants' Lithegrsphing Cosnpany. fH Randolph. J W. Middletoa, 14 Dearborn. Cbas. Shober. U0 Randolph. The Union Engraving and Lithographing Company, 163 LaSalle. Western Bank Note and Engraving Company. 97 Clark LIVERY STABLES. Cox r n.witr. State Me. P. J. HeaTey. 856 : North TciartL i. i! Howes. 4mV Franklin. A.-Llneie. 159 Dearborn Nathan Morgan. 55 North -Weihr. Charles Naa, 315 rr ssumBon. w m. xvowum a, (j., i jaaaison. 1. H. Eindge, 193 State. Sawyer A Brown, Clark and llearborn. Bchall 'ITudell. 77 Randolnh. W Schuman, 16 an Baren. Smith A Flatrg. 216 In- mans. aiaciora a, vo., iu sontn w ater, and twen iv otuurs. LUMBER DEALERS. R. K. Bicklbrd A Co.. foot ol Franklin. Addi. son Ballard. 14 Market. Claflin A Pose. Caaal and Tea Bonn. Elish Eldrod, Fifth, avenue aad Polk. Jillett A King. . S58 Shermaa. A. B. Johnson, 148 Kin;shury. Piilsbnry. Bradley A Co.. IS rranKiia, asvassoa m jonnson, 14 ciucago avenue. - MACHINERY. Frank Donglas, 180 Lake. i. A. Fay A Co.. IftS Like. W. A. James & Co.. 195 Lake. C. L. Rice Co., ! Midison. .K. sb J. uood A Co.. zl Mich lean. Northwestern Manufacturing Company, 100 Madison. Savaze A Bra.. M Michigan. A. Svver son, 41 Franklin. Clark. Abbott A Co., 6t Madi son, n aiwonn, r urse & -o., x Liaae. MALT. Chas. Pope, 492 North State. Koch & Pope, 305 nona viara, ana many oiners. MAKBLE-WOBKERS. J. E. Cassidy, 331 State. Chicago Marble Granite Manufacturing Company, 197 Washington. D. H. Dickinson. 310 to 316 North Water. E. L Oowan, 146 to 152 North Water. A. Melick. 84 Market. J. L. Schureman. 313 Clark. Sherman. Marble A Co., 333 State. Nichols A Co20 Monb, Clara. - - j MILLINERY AND STRAW GOODS " D. B. Fisk A Co., 55 Lake. Gage Brothers A Co 78 Lake. Hayes A Co., 107 State. Heilbron A Brother. 76 Lake. Hopson A Co., 74 State. Hotchkin, Palmer A Co.. 91 State. F. Lehman. 66 Lake. Littauer A Baum. 73 Lske. Mayboa Co.. 77 Wabash avecae. Michel Brothers. 83 Lake. Henry O'Brien. 131 State. F. Person. 131 Lake. J. J. Schaff. liw Lake. . Scboea. 7 Lake. C. J True, 79 Lake. Walsh & Hutchinson. 60 Lake. Webster Brothers, 84 Vt abash avenne. W. H. A J, M. Wetherall. 84 to 96 Wabash avenue. MOULDINGS AND PICTURE FRAMES. R. B. Appleby, 111 Wabash avenue. J. Arnold, 331 North Wells. C. Brachvoirel. 141 Lake. O. Keller Co., XT Illinois. Rioe A Thompson, 137 Lace. a. t f I MOWERS AND REAPERS E. Ball Co lT9WashiBrron. C. H. TtcCbr- mick. Water and Rush. Seiberling's Excelsior Reaper and Mower. 14 North Canal. MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS. 3. Bauer A Co., 69 Washington. Lyon A Healev, tail ciara itoot ee caay. t7 watoington. J. 11 Foote. 49 Dearborn. W. W. Kimball, 63 Washing ton. Weinbold A Co., 163 Clark. " NAILS. WHOLESALE. Hall. Kimbark A Co., 84 Mfebigan-av. Jefferson Nail Works, 55 State. Miller Bros. A Keep, oiaie. coauargvr is snanij, oe aaac. . NEWSPAPtRS AKD PUBilCATIONS. J Art Review. 115 Madison. Angustana. 139 Clark. Bouquet Programme, 115 Madison. Chicago Ad. vertiser, ITS LaSalle. Board of Trade Report. 114 Madison. Chicago Collector. 145 Madison. Com mercial Bulletin. 13. Washington. Commercial Express, 114 Madison. Chicago Democrat, 154 Washington. Dry Goods Price List, 45 Madison. Xvenlng Journal, Mall. Evening Host, Home Jour nal, Journal of Commerce, Legal News, Chicago Magazine, Medical Times. Hallway iisvisw. Republican, Caicaf a Onioa. Chicago Cyaoaar Com. mere is jwpon avist . stevisws sjoaerega- lionai ne rev. irve jric r rvsse, Avesing Lamp, Everybody's Paper. The Fremad. Gamla Och n Gem of the West, Heavenly Tidings. Home Circle and Temperance Oracle, Staau Zeitang, Volks Zeitnng, Lakeside Monthly. Life Boat, Lvceum Banner. aiantora s Magazine, Mission reu. National Prohibitionist. Na tional Sunday ..School Teacher, North. Mrnstern unnsiian Aavooate. orrnwessem k. Ttew, Nyaverlden.uar Beys, ITesent Asje, R- roaa uazette. neai Mtaie ana smiaing journal, Religra-Philosophical Journal. School Festival, Sbermaa'a. Railroad Gaide. Svenska Americana. the Advance, tha Americas Builder, the Arts, the Bright Side, tne catnoiic vt eeaiy, cnicago week-It. ChicairoLeder. Chicsso Mercantile Journal. Chicago Times, Chicago TRIBUNE, the Chronicle, tn ueetetor, tne ramuy circsa, me neraid, tha IndeoendenL the Interior, the Land Owner. the Landeworthand Hausfraund. the Little Cor poral, the Mechanic and Inventor, tne National, the New Covenant, the Prairio Farmer, the Peo ple's Weekly, the Present Age. the Reporter, the Restitution, the Spettator. the Standard, the Sunday School Helper, the Workingman'a Advocate. the Young Messenger, Western Catholic Western Railway Guide, Western Raral, Yeani? Folks' Ru nu, a ouug ruis, . , -s 3. NOTIONS. : ? M. Cotiaa. 73 Lake ;J.. Cowle. ! . Water Frank A Co., 83 Wabash avenue; Field, Leiter A Co, State and Washington ; Stattsaner A Wine- man, 17 Lake; J. M. sine s CO., at itandoipb; Vergho. Ruhling A Co., 104 Like ; W. C. Watson, 10 6tale. ' 4 -. j , , . ORGANS AND JIEtODEONS. W. W. Kimball, 63 Washington; G. C. Knopfel, 147 Clark; G. A. Prince A Co.. M Washington; Root A-Cadv, T Wanbrnrton : H. L." Story A Co., 47 Dearborn; J. H. Wolcott, 161 Statsv- , PAINTS AND OIL. Chase. Hanford A Co.. 51 S. Water: Lord, Smitk A Co., 86 Wabash avenae ; Pane A Sprague. 14 Dearborn : G. W. Pitkin, 19 Dearborn : C. T. Reynolds, 59 Michigan avenue ; Van Schaack. Stevenson 6 Reld. 94 Lake; J. F. We. re. S3 Market ; Alston. Devo A Co.. 173 Randolph; Hansen A Waldhauser, 184 N. Clark ; Heath A Milligan, 173 Randolph. PAPER AND BAGS. Wwight A Co., 146 Monroe; Hart, Aster. A Co., 183 S. Water. G. R. IV o yes 13 Market. Wheeler A Binraan, 33 Michigan avenae. Northwest Paper Co.. 146 Monroe. J. R. Pettlbone, 106 Randolph. Hatfield A Blanchard, T7 Wabash aveaue. L. U. Hogen, 166 Laka. Ritchie A Dock. 88 Michigan av. Rock River Paper Co , 73 Wabash av. Badger A Hilton. 36 Michigan av. Bradner, Smith A Co.. 113 Madison . J. W. Butler A Co.. 146 Monroe. Cameron A Co., Ill Madison. Cleveland Paper Co 94 Washington. Culver. Page A Hovne. 118 Monroe. G. H. LaOin, 44 State. Northwest Paper Co., 146 Monroe, and thirty other. ... - . . PLANING MILLS. A. L. Brown, 313 Van Bare. Caspar Ha tin, 34 Clybonrne av. Lull 4 Holmes. So9 S. Canal. North Side Planing Mill, 112 to lii Oliio. Loper, Brain-ard Co.57 Forquer. - -;; . , PRINTERS. D. A. Cafhman. Si Madison. Dunlop, Feade 4 Brewster, 163 Clark. Jameson 4 Morse. 113 MadU coo. Lake Side Priming Co, 110 Dearliorn. Rand, McNaliy 4 Co.. and one hundred others. . reUTLW PRESSES. - A.N. KeUogg,- llSJfadison. Co, 141 Monroe. Mardet, nsa M RAILROAD OFIICES. Baltimore 4 Ohio. Chicago. Burlington 4 Quincy. Chicago, Danville 4 Vincecnes. Chicago. 4 Northwestern ticket office. Chicago 4 Southwestern. Chicago, Rock Island 4 Pacific, depot and Offices. Decatnr A SLnff I inm Vrl, tlrnA Trunk. Hannibal 4 St. Joseph. Illinois Central, depot and offices. Lake Shore 4 Michigan Southern, depot and offices. Pittsburgh, Cincinnati Bi. wuu. tictet omce. I nioa 4 Central Pacific H lsconsm Central. Chieax, A a v, r i ticket office. BaiUmore 4 Ohio. Pullman Palace Car Company. UA1LKOAD SUPPLIES. Champlin 4 Rogers, 135 Madison. - Clarke, Abbott Co, 53 Madison. Crerar, Adams 4 Co, 13 lfih avenne. Hallork Jk . t Marsh 4 Goodndge. 356 South Water. Munn 4 Goodridge, Su3 South Water. S . Parker, 166 Washington. C. L. Rice 4 Co, 108 Madison. RESTAURANTS. Arcade Dining Hall. John Wriirht AS ton. H. M. Klnsle v. 93 Wabash avenno siui i w . t. four others. SASH, DOORS, AND BLINDS. Joel Ballard. Kingsbury and Indiana. Coombs 4 Magre. Beach 4 Mather. John McEwen, 343 North Welb. North Side Planing Mill. 113 to 13u Ohio. F. J. Roe lie, 335 South Canal. Holtzlatider 4 Randall, 199 South Canal. Scheffer, Hupp 4 Co, 349 Sooth Water, and twenty others. SCALE MANUFACTURERS. Fairbanks, Grcenleaf 4 Co, 1S9 State, i. F. Forsyth 4 Co, 17J Lske. Howe Scale Co, 334 Lake. Victor Scales, 158 State. SEWER PIPE AND DRAIN TILE. James Clark 4 Son, 85 Market. Cook 4 Co, 359 LaSalle. Wm. M. Dee. 105 Monroe. Chas. Glad ding. 194 Washington. Joliet Mound Co, Market and Washington. SEWING MACHINES. M: na Sewins- Machine Co, 146 State. American Button Hole, 170 State. Thos. Barrows A Co, 101 Wanhinmon. Bleess Sewin? Machine C17 Sti. Davis Sewing Machine Co, ltil state. Elliptic Sewing Machine. 131 Wabash avenne. Empire. 6 North Clark. F. S. Fanestock, 37 Washington. Arthin, Fsrrar 4 Co, 106 Lske. Finkle 4 Lyon. 101 Washington. FIidssm Sewing Machine. 43 Madison. G rover 4 Baker, 1(16 I Washiugton. Ilinkley Knitt I Manhattan Sewing. 37 Madiso ins. 180 Dearborn. Sewing. 37 Madison. Mclean 4 Hoof er, 168 State. The Howe, 107 State. The Wilson. 119 Wabash avenne. Weed, 191 Lake. Western Empire. 113 Madison. Wheeler & WiWn lis: lake. Wilcox 4 Gibbs. 133 Lake: and twentv others. STATIONERS. Cameron 4 Co, 111 Madison. E. A. Cook & Ca.. 88 LaSalle. J. M. W. Jones. 110 Randolph. J. W. Middleton. 145 Dearborn- Millard Jk lWkr 64 Lake. J. H. Small 4 Co, 117 Dearborn; and fifteen others. STEAM BOILERS. Baker. Smith 4 Co.. 137 Dearborn F jr. J Good 4 Co, 19 to 33 Michle-an. Murphv 4 Tar rant. Michigan and Franklin. Peatie 4 Son, 60 Michigan. Savage 4 Bro, 44 Michigan. STEAMSHIP LINES AND OFFICES. Anchor Line. Madison and LaSalle. Inman Line. 36 Clark. Montreal 4 Chicago, 166 La Salle. National Steamship Company. Madison and La Salle. STORES. Burdett. 'Smith 4 Co, 46 River street. Illi nois Stove Company, 323 Washington. J. H. Ker-ser 4 Co, 153 Lake. Morrison 4 Coiwell, 156 State. Tibbals, Shirk 4 Whitehead, 343 Lake and 457 Sooth Water. W. J. Fry, 157 Dearborn. A. E. Leavenworth, 176 Lake. C. T. Boal 4 Co, 100 Michigan avenn. F. Harnsworth 4 Son. 81 Market. Jewett 4 Root. 30 River. I 'rim. Went worth 4 Co., 198 Lake. J. F. Rath hone 4 Co, 100 Michigan avenue. S. H. Ransom 4 Co, 3 River. White 4 Roseman, 200 Lake. - STRAW GOODS. W. M. Hamilton 4 Co, 66 Lake. Hcwea 4 Pres. cott, 143 Lake. D. B. Fisk 4 Co., 55 Lake. Slo-cum Brothers, S2 Lake, and many others. SUGAR. J. H. Dunham. 6 State. A. H. Pratt. 45 Rirnr 8. B. Raymond, 49 South Water. Baltimore Steam Sugar Refinery, 81 Sonth Water, H. C. Carver. 73 jutcuigan avenue, w . n. cotvin, 49 South Water MERCHANT TAILORS. C. E. Godfrey 4 Co, 93 Dearborn. Edwanl rt. 4 Washington. House 4 Barn urn. 88 Madion a U. Tilsworto, & jo, 160 Clark, and tine hnniiii aou ullj oinera. TANNERS. Bunnell 4 Co, 130 Kinzie. Chirarn Tannine W P. i, I if Vlltl. VIMK mi . f . L' M urey, aiarsnai s io, sn r litn avenne. Hach uremer, 63 franklin. Hammond 4 Bro, Illinois ana sl. i iatr. iiioeana leattier Comnanr. 31 1 Salle. Walker. Oak lev 4 Co, 177 Lake. J wit a jrusu, Z4s uae, ana many otners. iai, huuluALE G. F. Barker. 49 South Water. Beards A Cnm. minas, to aucniean avenne. it. K Kovnton jt. 61 Micuigan avenue, r . A. Braymer 4 Co, 14 souin vnaier. vnicago China Tea Comnanv i30in vvaier. . v. trisra. 110 snnth u t..r Downer 4 Co, 63 Sonth Water. Dana. Hl co, so micnigan avenne. Great East In aia lea company, lie Clark. J. A. H. If UtitWOld. 28 River Ilihlvo. a. v,o, ro aucntgan avenne. v. s mil a a Sonth Water. Inirraham. Corhin A TWav .4ftsn7.ih "-". niswiMeiiue,aii(i mj i TELEGRAPH COMPANIES. Atlantic A Pacific. Great Western. Parioe Atlantic. Western Union. TIN PLATE. Wm. Blair A Co- 181 Randolnh. Loeberor Breakey, 63 Lake. Frank Sturges, 143 Monroe. iron mum caa Co.. Z36 Lake, feavey A Co . 17i Lake. Cragin Bros.. 13il Lake. H. K. Cravin A Co TOBACCO MANUFACTURERS. Allen A Ellis. 37 River. BeeV A Worth, aa micuiKan avenue, uresi n astern i'obaceo Works, Team jmzie. urestin. numpnrey A uo 1-4 Dear. born. Hibben A Co., 83 Michigan avenue. J. B Melt rids A Co.. 135 Sonth LaSalle- Mnmv a M. p.. .w .luriii tt vtt. opaiaing a aterncK, y and ia Aiver. cTirsnB m io.. jot riontn water. TOBACCO, WHOLESALE. De Muth A Co.. 167 South Water. J. VT. Fox A son, 45 Clark. J . Friedman. 85 Mlchieaa avenue. Lake Shore Tobacco Works, 14 South Water. Mer chant A Carter, 61 Michigan avenue. Rothschild A Co.. z-1 Lake. T. W. Knffner. 58 Michigan svn J. W. Elite. 37 River. Youur A Miller. 55 Ran. dolph. S. S. Case A Co., 149 Sonth Water. Wright A Steven. 135 South Water. S. Kasproinits. 117 Dwifl vraitx-. TOTS. WHOLESALE. Barns A Brothers. 41 Lake. Henrieha A Snntair 56 Lake. Schweitzer A Beer, 150 Lake. Vergho n.Li: m. - . n . I , TttUJiHS. Becker A KoDssell. 397 Clark. D. R. Creeo. 81 maaoiDB. u. w. navel, obi Liarjc. uasaeii si Bro.. 19 State and 39 Dearborn. II. Voleer A Co., 197 to 303 N. Wells and 10 Lake. T. WUL Lake and state ana 4 . ciark, and twelve others. WAUON MANUFACTURERS. Joseph Crook. 469 Division, i. Flecktt. 313 Huron. Friedrich A Siemen. Si Indiana. E. Han- Ion. 134 Illinois. Koch A Kohnes. 118 N.Wells N. Kuhnen A Co.. 311 N. Clark. K. Martin. 353 Kinzie. Mitchell A KnibeL, 433 N. Wells. Rossoa Bros. A Co.. 138 to 134 Chicago avenue. Seribt A Gebhardt, 333 Michigan. Peter Schuffier, corner Kandolpn and r rankiin, and ten others. W ALL rAfUK. L P. Bowen A Co.. 107 Wabash avenne. S. F. Chase A Walker, 109 Randolph. F. E. Rigby, 89 itanaoipn. jncurain. vn itanaoipn. W mi A LUAD. Alston. Deroe A Co.. 173 Randolph. Heath A Milligan. 170 Randolph. J. F. Warren Co., 173 Randolnh. Western White Lead Comnanv. corner 01 anpsnor ana n.inrsDury. nuns An u ijivtuio. B. Babcock A Ca 88 Dearborn. Cincinnati Wine Company. 338 Dearborn. J. Kirchoff Bro. A Co 81 Michigan avenae. W. Maguh-e A Co., 241 South water, reruns. Stern A Co.. 87 Washington. Tnrney A Howard, 59 Sooth Water, and fifty-six ouiers. WIRE. John Booth. 17 Lake. Clinton Wire Cloth Co.. 173 Kanaoinn. Jones a nice, is Franklin, rt. i Bash A Co., 16 Dearborn. Woven Wire Mattress Co.. 109 Dearborn. A. W. Oberman, 83 North Clark. Excelsior Wire Work. 179 Lake. WOODEN AND WILLOW WARE. Thomas Althoro. 66 Michiirsn avenne. L. Gould A Co.. 57 Sonth Water. Marston A Peck Bros. 55 Michigan avenue. W. A. Mowry, 63 South Water. Vollor. Davis A Co.. 35 South Water. J. F. A J. E. White, 107 Sonth Water. WOOL. Chirauro Wool House. 37 and SB Randolnh. M. Lewis, 78 La Salle. Wm. Miller A Co., 46 Michi gan avenae. T. H. Hussey, 163 Kinzie. 4. BL Howard A Co.. 130 Sonth Water. TUlinshast. Allen co., tra ancuigaaavenue; ana 10 otoer. THE WATER WORKS. An Engine Expected from Louis-Condition of tne Kuins. St. It was S o'clock on Monday morning hefpr tjhe fire began to approach the Water Works. At that time tha engines were working splendidly, the tanks were full of water, and they had hope that they wvuld be able to keep np the accustomed supply, aad so they would, fa all probability, had it not been for the roof. Na one had ever expected so sevore a conflagration a the one just experienced, and a few years ago when LilTs brewery caught or, and , the old shingle roof of ton water ' works was blazing in thirteen places, Cregier was able to pnt h out wiui bis steam puuip. su lue Doara, in rooung tne new building, bad it constructed entirely of wood. It was roofed with pine, contained number of ossces or 14X1 stun ana purnns. inere was also a lath and plaster ceiling in part. This great mass of woodwotk comprising the Immense snan of tbo roof was thoroughly seasosod by the heat of engine was ready lor the aaaws. The flooring was aiso 01 ueorgia pine, in ine rear were sneos. covering some neaps ot aninractie coat. ine nre. passing over Liu brewery and the building lust west of it, seized upon the gutters of the roof, and, ranning rapidlv around, ate it way through iaio the interior while crawling np the roof. It was not very king before there was a perfect caloriduct. aad tba whole snnerstnetare ws a mass of flames. The engineer and firemen held out as long as tney could, but, at nair-pat 3, were lorcea on, most 01 mem taking reiuge oemna tne water-tower. They shut off steam lust before the su-am pipe were broken, bit after many of the rope were bnrned, opened tha safety valve, aadf left things in as good shape as possible. They were utterly unable to put out the fire, not having ail the hose they needed, and even had ther bean successful then, they must have failed afier the brewery took fire, for though tha Water Works were so mnch farther north and east, they were in flames before the buildings near them were touched. There was no' king inflammable about the tower. and all the injury it suffered was the burning out ot a couple of windows witbaroua-ern frontage. od it is not impossible that they were set oa fire by thieves, who were prowling around the neighborhood. One gentleman living near by packed a trunk witn valuable clothing, aa J dragged it over to the office In the tower, but when he went over after a time to look for it. It had been broken open and rifled. RinsrtnTT who t. emolovod at the work, giaa- bed, when be left, a large bundle of paper, eoa- sisting of Cregier's calculations for the new engine. rushed over tpihe,mvr ihiisa, and retui ussl loiawwhaX. ols ho- oouM.. .Wba begot buck into the oiiee be san as mail alnut gelling 00 1 of tbwwintTtiw with tlitfm evidently a thief. . Bienkimvp faotited to the man tu drop i them, tat the fellow looked around, measured him. and declined to do anything of the kind. To) jjinltinsinn art.- tvttmbitatmr. and the thief -enapped the rubber which held the papers, and gut out of the window as rapidly as nossible. As for the papers, the Kind v.Wl-d thew aroncd. and they are acattered all over Ihe lot. Just as esrly as possible Cregier. who was very thoroughly cleaned onti got togetlwr his men, and set to work to examioc the condition of the engines and make the necessary repairs. They are "T? V w?Tk making a lempurary wautira Soarirtg wbicn wul enable them to get at the engines, the fowndaiioas of whirh are somewhat iuhired, how badly it is as yet impossible to tell. The larcsi double engine is In the best condition ef the three. None of the essential Parts that have yet been got-tea at appear to be injured, and there ts no appparent injury th,t cannot ba repaired ia this city. The single engines are worse on ; but. from tbeir peculiar positiui at the time mben ibey were stopped, it is impowiltie to look after toe machinery very closely. On Saturday the steam pipe will probably be in order aad by Monday, if I lie large engine ia in order, steam will be turned on ; hat it is impossible to det by the eye a slight mechanical Inaccuracy hirh wonid rnin evo-rytfelng. The condii ion of the cvl-Inders is not yet known, and, when they are gotten at, they may be found to resemble boar-glasses. The old horizontal engine ia the yard, which was sed some years ago, never amounted to ninrh. and would take longer to repair tbsn any on? of the other engines. Cregler has telegraphed to Whitman, at St. Lonia, for supplementary Gould ensine which the water-v. 04 na there posses, and that may be exported here at any moment. When it does come, they will make a connection with the main at Rush street and the river, and pump the water thence, it being good enough at present for all ordinary purpose. They are still pnmpin; from the river into the hydrants near Adama street, so that there is still some near the river. The same thing has been done for the South Side, and the flow bom Wahl's artesian well ha been turned into the mains near by. It would not be diftlt-nlt to lay pipe ait turn the water from the artesian wells at Chicago and Western avenues into the mains on Lske street. It is Cregiers intense desire to get the water to the West Division so soon as possible. and if any one ol the engines will work, there will he no trouble about it, for the West Side is generally supplied by the Chicago avenue main, which is not tapped to supply the houses oa that street. Had it been, it would have been a work ef lime and difficulty to cut off the service pijies; but as it is, all that will hare ia be done will be to cut off ihe submain which ran down State street. In view, however, of the doubt concerning the enertnes. it will not de to be too sanguine. They will at once proceed to pnt a tcmpsrary nouden roof over the building, tearing sufficient room 10 pnt aa iron roof in nndernaalh when lime permits. INSURANCE. an Insurance Company, HARTFORD, COW. Gov. JUWEIL, one of the Directors, and Chairman of the Einance Committee, is here, and $ays that the PHffiELX losses will be paid as fast as the losses can he ad justed. Capital, $600,000 Surplus, - 1,100,000 Losses in the Big Fire about - - - $750,000 Bisks accepted and Policies written at the Company's New Office, 43 S. Canal-st., OKIOACJO. ILERYU.BROWX,i . , ,.",- I RESIDENT AGENT- MAKSUALL JEWELL, DIRECTOR. : MIT.T.TTfERY. GAGE BROS. &G0., WHOLES ALB OFFICE FOB THE PRESENT AT ' 419 MICHIGAN-AY. Will open with an entire NEW STOCK at 96 1 Indiana-av. About the 2 0th October. Send Your Orders. STEAMSHIPS. Inman Line, Carrying the British and United Stales Mail. The office of thia STEAMSHIP COMPANY Isa Room 9 WELCH'S BUTLDINO. C5 SOUTH- CANAX-8T. TKASCIS C. BBOWN, Afaat El MILLI WE R Y MicilJMlll BAILHOAD. Special Mice For the present, and un til further notice, all p. s-senger trains -will leave from nd arrive at Twen-ty-second-st. Station. We are in a healthy condition, and all trains will depart cn their regular time, as follows: Mail, 6:13 a.m., K.nd.vs.. Day Ex., 9:13 a. m., Sundays rx. Jackson Ac, 4:13 p. m.. Atlantic Ex., 5.28 p. m., 011, Night Ex., 9:13 p, m., Z,? Pullman's Palace Cars ATTACHED TO ALT. TI1AIXS. Through Tickets. Sleeping Car Accommodations, and Through Baggage Checks can be obtained at the Station. HEHEY C. WEHTW0KTH, O. W. P. A. H. E. SAEGEST. Oen'l Sopt TYPE FOUNDRY. CHICAGO Type Foundry, 72 West Washington-st We desire t Inform onr friends that we are located as above, and hare opened onr office for bnsinrss. We are digging onr matrices from the ruins of oar late establishment. One of onr firm bas gone East for stock and machinery, and la a short ilme we shall be prepared to fill all orders. W e ask our friends thron gh oat the Xorthwfst to tand by ns. .HARPED, IXSE & CO. MERCHANT TAILOR. Eiistir, Draper and Tailor, Is still ALIVE and well, and, with a CHOICE stock of WOOLLENS, is at his Parlors, 657 Wabash-av., Between Thirteenth and Fourteenth-sts., in readiness to serve his city and country patrons as usual. 1 Established in . Chicago, 1 854. EXPRESS. TIIE ADAMS EXPRESS Company's Office ia at 55 West Washington-st Patrons will please leave their address, that we may deliver their goods. JNO. L. HOPKINS. Agent. BRT goods. DRY GOODS! DRY GOODS! 32 & 34 West Eandolpli-st.t COBXEB CAH AL, Sell all Goods at the old regular prices. Ho advantage taken of the Hal amitv. BOOTS AWP SHOES. Doggett,Bassett& Hills. HEADQCABTEBB AT f 522 Wabash-av.. ' Corner Harmonoart. Have on tne way a new stoc& of BOOTS & SHOES, And will soon be prepared to snpply customers.

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