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I di! J- 18 mm v. liich w.i iheonTy In the city that escaped d- slrttciisHi. Eastman lias sectucd the nymoirlhCou" grcTational Lhurch. on Wabash avenue, near nai-mou cjurt, as the Oflice. and will move iu at olio'.

BULLY Ft HI BONNER. Persons and. Property VOLUME 25. thursday, October 12. isn.

mmmx or. tr; lak. Uisigioony roulti irivel now. Tspi'r walls ta'the firs' of the Loar 1 1 re build-ifcgaic s'ill tai.ding. nKiii Cic k'uds Jhn R.

Walsh, the President ot ihe Western New Company, received the follow -jjig de-iiat from Itolf-rt Bonner, ihe pro" iaielorof Ihe York 'New York. Oct. 11. Tn Wi'lnt, t'itl- l'rfl. At ff fo.

AM Nevr York pat hix-s wilb Chicago. Millions will be collected iu Ibis city aloue Tor tho geuejal iclii-I fund. Diaw on me al sight foi ten thovsand doltais towarrls relieving sufferers who am in aay waycoauiscted with the new.papcr or news hnsiuoss. IJnIJERT BONNEK. Mr.

Walsh has an office at till West I1.1U- L0SSE3 AND INSURANCE. "Th3 folIowiBu is a lisl of lossi a sad iust ranee as supplied by the i nereis iip-te tie time ol toing' to pres. The trnal amount rf giain drilarred iu five ole-rators was1.s:4,7tri boshcls, valued at il.i5,:t. lKivcmrnth u-. As a matter of course the stool Ihe bes.

but the large cobble atones split ju many i istat.c-s. asplialt laid in he Com II-mse squsrj was not Tho ucw'cylindrxal ELOJK PAVEMENT oil Clark slree. stood it very well, except iu one place'v. iicic the Itr hud ran over and a great Guarded by United States Troops, Assisted by Volunteers. EnconraaffHeetlsgs cf the Boarfl of Trails, Bate, Lawyers, Merchants, an Basiness Men Generally.

The Legislature to Meet in Special Session To-Mor-row to Consider the Emergency. Seventy Dead Bodies Recovered from the Ruins Awaiting Identification at the Morgue. Tie CU7 ia Cisrge of Lieutenant General heTidafiUtial Law Proclaimed la tl Enrni District, Full Description of the Devastate Territory and of the Kalas of Prominent Buildings. Partial IAt of the Insurance Announcements, Etc. YESTERDAY.

Owing to the fact that the North Division was accessible onlv across Kiuzie and Division street bridge aiid through the dark LaSalle street tnu- nel, passage through which was forbidden to teams the people wh- visited that quarter of the city were chiefly those who hntrrorniprlj liTcd here, and were limiting fur shreds and scraps of it 1. i i I J- property, or were trying ta find the places where they bad once lived and the property they had once -owned. The great rash of visitors ou root and in carriages -was across Randoih. Lnke, end Madison afreet bridges into tha orrth Division. People from the tt'wr Side, from lower down on the Soul Division, and strangers who bad just reached (he city, all turned in that direction, and wandered from point to point, often puzslrd In their whnreahouts, and seeking in vaiu for old and miliar landmark.

The prin-7 cipal business iu the Sooth Division yesterday was thC DIGGING OUT OF SAFES i from the smoking- hnildhigs iu which they were buried. Several rjerj-oris -warti smart en.rnrh to i. make that a hosine-s, aud iher succeeded iu getting all the woik they wauled. A few rocs, shovel, lever, and, occasionally, a little water. tuwle ny Uie stack ia Bomu had gotten out their arth sale iqr 3 o'clock, and were hnaticg aronnd in search of other ills.

Many of the safe csmc up iu excellent condition, while others wero the most deplorable wreck. One of Herring's lay on llivcr street near Rush street bridge, the Interior wcudwork gono, and all the pnpers charreil. The Harris cafe of Declfcvbacher who is the tobacco, business nn Water street, was also found to he worthless. It contained papers valued at about 10,000.. others were taken, out which bad anpar.

ently passed anharod through the fiery trial. Others which bad b.ien mxxwd were fonnd to be in excellent eonifV.lcrn: All things considered, Ihey btre rtpoA rather better than was expected. Many which have been gotten onl will not be opened frra.dayur two, until they get somewhat coulcd of Mc Yickc, was working to get out bis 1 evening at which an orgaulzatioa took place, and I Lwas ma-Je Jta Chairmati. The tbjecis of that meet ing were to provB'c f.w the want uf the t'eMitate might tic doc mod accessary lor Ihe recstablis'inaeit oi baai-ncsa and IJt the rebuilding uf our city. Xotiiinz definite wacoi cli.dol apun.

A mi ttoa was mads to appoint an Exccut ve Couuvjttce, but it was do fersaaaaU this attwaaaa. as Cbairiaaa. was iBntractei itt fclegraph the Gaveruor ai.4 rcquett bin to call a sea ion of (he Lcgialaiore tmmc-diatsly, which I did, and I received ibis aaswar Springfleld, Oft v. er. i Ttie is called to amtsi fb Friday.

1 JOHN M. PALMER. The object of Ibis BKetingislo appoint aa Ei- ecative I sappoae since pnriisioas have Nwamsde by General Sheridan to protect oar citizen all we have to do to proceed to re-aslablkdi snd teriaild the city. Total end kftns-proceed at ooca that sucicthhis Breybe aceeaap-Hshed as ttau as possible. floo.

3. C. Dure. Tt so happens that a meeting of bankers and merchaets aad others- bad beea called tor Ibis very hoar, at the corner of Ann and Washington si recta, with a view to locate iiw city government over there. A voice I I hat official Mr.

Dure: I will give you my autherity A I know it to be so. Mr. Dorc: My authoiilj is Jadgo, Bcckwilh David Uage.aud B.C. Ayer. They requested that the baukereand others adjooru their meeting, aud repair immediately to the comer of Ann aid Wash, iugtoo, and I am requested lo ask this meeting to adjoara and meet at that place, aa they have agreed to keep that meeting open until wc get there.

The Post Offiua, tne Custom House, ibe banking inter est is bee, aud the insurance officers would be here if we bad any. Our ncrcaatUe interest is here, and we want the city government here, This la to be a kind vt- grind ceutre, and I tote, tbat this hall baa been tendered free to ur Il a city hall, almost, in itself. I bope that before we adjoara aar Executive Com niiltec will be appointed, and I will ask the Chair man to nominate the (ouunitlsa. and that the com mlttee drew np such a couuuunicatrau as they Ihlak proper, and aoboilt it to a meeting to be held at 2 o'clock to-morrow afternoon. I now that (be Chair appoint an Sxecatrve Committee of sevrn, whose duty it shall be to present to this meeting to-morrow a ommnuicaliou suck as tby may deem proper.

The motion was agreed to. The Cfaaliman I have received a despatch front Mayor Mason, which the Clerk will read. Iu tbat connection I might say that agreeably to a rota of ihe meeting last night this hall was tendered for the asc of the city government, and the Sucre iy requested to furnish that information tba Mayor. The Secretary, Mr. M.

Meyer, then read Ibe fallowing telegrams Springfield, Oct. li. R. B. VafOr of Chicago The Legislature Is called far Taesdar.

13th of October, bond down a committee to suggest measures for relief of vour ceoule. Eveivbodv is disposed to aid you. Slid -I desirable that sutna soar Senator aud Kopreiwatative come. WtUtea en the bock of 4hif dstch was the fol lowing: jj Will the meellBZ, at iu. appoint a committee compliance with this request.

k. b. m.v!ht, Done. I have trlegrsnhcd the Governor com bero- and comprehend the position. I think it would be wall, however, to appoint a committee.

Mr. Kellogg. At a meeting of a tore bants tbt, morning, 1- was authorized, in tbe nama uf Farwell and Marshal Field; to telegraph tbe Gov ernor to meet as at Standard HaH. to counter wkb merchants in relation to this great calamity.

I have telegraphed, but have not yet received aa an swer. The Chairman. The citizens have been well eared by the city authorities. The committee alluded will consist of the following namSd gentleman General Jdrui Logan, Chaancey Boweu. J.

C. DoroW. F. Cuoftiaugh. 1.

M. Walker, Palmer, Judge," i On motion, the Chairman aud Hon, C. B. Fai- were added lo the committee. On motion of, Mr.

Dorv, the nvectiug adjonrned attend meceiug at "Ann and Washington streets. South Biile- merchants, bunkers, ni.nufac- -tuxers, and. others ace. requested lo meet at Stand-, Hill, Cur nor of Thirteenth street and MnbtgUa avenue, at this afternoon. BANKERS AND MERCHANTS.

There were two gatherings of. kaabsaaa bodies annoaoosd for o'clock in tb't sftemooo-tlie meets -j of the hankers and Ibe uieettssi wf too mer chants at tbe- Standard HaUV -on. Miebluaq nreauev of these bodies sooat ariiourjtt'. atrad a and JoiMt meeting on corner ut vVsahiog-toa and Aa atreets ij -it The oMect ef the meatus: eras to take nieasnrra iba imuyedlala relmitdltuof tbe faaiBes por-. ttoanof Hantn, Y.

icam mm elected Chalmnrn, and Henry I. Sheldon Secrelaty. The the Common Coondl, Mi. flol- state- way ef talbrniaihm. that tbe Coancil ready to place lb City (tovernmeni for Tbe wherever It would be tor tbe best Ihtcrests

Ei-Msvot Rice, aflet lalius be was ah nt to prepare for the rebuilding of hie own propeily. ainvrsl iha eumniUc of five hi spool ntee to tDDfer at one WKh tbe Cmnnion Conucll for the icbwh Ihe City Ball. Mr, tiScammon, tha Cbairmaa. aaa wee also the President or tn Marine i Bank, rUted that upon the rebuilding of the born, portion of the South DirblQD depended the tio or the city, it wa not a matter expediency, bnt of proMng necessity to as all. could rent all his buildings.

In many cases, to former tenants, al the. farmer prices, a soon a they eonld bo rcbailL? After a fall discnssioe by E. F. Kenyse, one or Weft 8i4 Par Cimiiutu-. Colonul Hough, of the Chamber af Oomosercs, eueral StUpa, the City Attorney, Dr.

Evarts, Obadiah Jsch. soil, ibtary General Mann, and atbera. era enanimonsly resolved that a eoeanUUe -of live from each elvisioa oT the city, appointed to wait vpm the Common Cotiucil, son ret to the relinllffing of tfcs Cily yal). The Chair appointed on this committee Froas tbe Soita DiTi tioa-Kx Mayor Rice, J. C.

Dorc. Dr. Evarts. Charles Wicker. H.

HomaTt. Front the North DirUioo Maolon I). Ogden, Obadiah Jackson, A. II. Barley, John Borden, J.

ll.itced. From the West Stilus, Gen oral Menu, E. f. Ranyan, B. Billing, F.

Culver. BkivKT I. SHKION. Seoretaiy. ANOTHER MEnrnW.

An informal meeting of merrhanta'waa held at Standard Hsll, at half past o'clock yesterday sr ternooti, toconridcth? sohject of spM store IjiWo Park. A roatmiitre on that matter bad beeuappoiutsd nK-itinoq (l0 preyio(is even iog.andtbey bad -cenrred wilb Ibe Board Pubfle Work. Ibe whole park from Ramloll to Twelfth street WiH occntiicd by building two storica in heiuht, A I "a meeting was i inrurma! one. ao dsflnite action was taken. It suggested that the- dlffsrcat' chiuss of tMMncss Mew.

fun i. hardsMuc, dry goods, notions, etc. ar near together as mssiMe. Tbe committee have rmti draft of the spice, and ssetchants are aucster lo cat) al Slasdard- iltlif nj) acherf a lle fit their Utojoi. MfRf firins Jare sUy ot defed liaca of good ftva he Sast.

a PAR MHnl INU A nnmeronsly atlendvd lr meeting waa bold at boon vosteroay. at tbe Board of Trade ro mis. The Grant prcsldi Jg. ami J. C.

Kplckcr bocker actiesr Ibi motion, tt tn resolved that a meeting of Judge pfth" varionn court and fit tbe member ot the bar held at Hi A Jachsod l(alt. at. If o'clock tobyTand Ibu fjllowlng Srmlein wore npnotatcd a-oaiiUje to make' the nxtsesary ar rang Tncnts M4ha -UHieUag Grant tWlrivh. BredwcTt. John.W, sUnr, J.

F. Bunyan, J. "Mariaa aud P. McBrtgk.5 Wee ft's Hsll b. LejtB mi the fdsestof ceting.

tisconniy olliarr tliera. I A oi riJil A merrtia nfeitiaclto btd Tuutday even ing la-the Haven The, records the gstodrin; are Bet exlaet, ba It Was a'mtH-tiug of the most 'tmportant characif r.f 'la'' agcut wsa 4re.nt trosn Detroit, safborid make arrange-, meats fur Ii) wotth of saimlics. II was left to the MeeMsMC -deejrie; Ijunj ((jj should come-le tlothlhg. Javocju fucL food for hankaS eser for -fotar cousuiuytie-T Jl detorminvul Hi accept uetyoit mtg-iifixiiV Uons i on loss of uf most firim was also the wa al res in If tSlauiirpt wiil furniU li praT'e-iss lie a time. -T" ol Mcsi i YISTEKDAY'S FIRES.

Between i ai 3 u'clock jestetday sflaiioon a fire was lief in flic ucc' yard of No. II Wabash ivanix, imar i marble troull uhliiij. A iKise tai; assing at the time, and the lire was put it. Ab jrtt 6 o'clock i. in.

a -u at No. io street set fire to a bcil-cick. she was ie fire put s.nt, POLICE FROM INT-LVNAPOUS. Captain Jnhasun, ot tlia ludi iti'Mniis police ai rived here ou Tuesday, with fonrtocn niea, in aud tliev reoaesied iwiiou. slid licd- tfng -r llieir siw inxoaiai slstioii here.

Ther to our- local mid w-ut guajd ou Tuesday evening, rested all Iay yestei-' lav, autrv.err ia patrM stirty ipaiu uiglit. t'N -lHs5 ii AT. OU.ll. To tiie r.tlitiii ff l'hi ri, T-f liow iuj iwrsoim are ou llic Pittsliiiigh Fet Wayne train item New i oik. due iiit hlrcgo ti o'clock p.

m. on Thursday, wiih all tw aud iu arihof I. E. Fwiness, PaUadelphia CUarh M. lUvvipv.

-IeoM: r. Pieri-toii. Orange, N. S. Sr-, I'hilatU-lphui; Richsrd Wall.

rmanand J6il 'fiuauy, Chicago; s. U. Hall, HI. AGBNl'INE The Utile frame iu lie ncarol which ams the. burn iu which IV lire origin tied, on Dc Kovcu stioei.

eUiuls lu-dfv alol and liuiil- iured. The flinies swept id it ou side Igniting cvei-ylhlag-clsA, whl tliat miserable 4tructaro amonuuu lit. of Use plac. where ike fire commenced. Will bi suWi prising iuu- fffm f-nrcrroU at a Cciiioas and beli to relieve the disaster wit i a round sain? INCf-vDIARISM.

III addition to tbe eases of-iac ediarisin aiready T-sited. the lullauiiig well a Uhcnricatf fact ve gathered yesierslay. In tie. alley lietweea Tav "I aud Twelfrh streets, runuiug Irom Ilsltied to Nctvberry streets, mi so attued fu a -black lio-sk waa fo.u.'l enMicbiug at Ike rear of a barn, and iu theactlof aoptyinga lighted match in dry ccnibu.sli Ide material. The party wha siiw liie uttriupt.

In flic iiunulwoi the niotueuu iaise-1 an lu -lead of lUiuvr at inc-iKiiaiy, ud thuwrclJi escajstd. At 11 o'clock Tacsdsy reno-m Cbtirie" Coy, employed at tho City EiewaUii. was on Milch ell street near Cara! strr-c' when ho heard the cry of fire raised by sua-; ttjfr o. Rushing Into a shed be discovered a quai.tity of bt imstone oh the floor, burnine-. In this liiftaacc, too, the ikceu- diary escaped.

At Ibe diugstoieof Mead larotker; i street, between Judd and Wilson streets, ibe re was fonnd Under the bam, on Taesd ty utter ii.mmi. a piece of Manilla rope, i.v feet loiif. saturated Willi Lu aiid other cunitinsiitilc The cuds Were frayed, so that if woilM ignite, and ou one end a loose knot tied and ssisked in tar. Auexiierimcut was trh-d with-five nqie, and it was found to. bnrB slow.

geilty aiat', lu thik'rafe. wns uuaccn. Hannah, wiio own a lumber pile near the Cily Elevator, fonnd a handle of hay and straw deposited in a risky place, and saturated with, kerosene. This was also on Tossdny. A young man who was in THE TKIDL'NE oUco ycslerday laitrnrog, but tailed It: laeuiiou his staled that a nian was caitgh' in Ihe arl of setting Are to the room iu which he lived.

There were no revolver iu tne house, aud Ihe ruflian has scaped. ij: A silk 1 witli koroacae was flung over a garden renro on vvanasu into a hark yard, andivn pirk-vlupdrippin-rvvlih oil. A man is seen tiangsug to alauip aist oB one the avemies, dead but not cold. At, I O'clock. yastcuUy nriaiii ion, ity Su pciiiilenoVut Sherman receic-d twin Ser nrant Mc Aitl at the Wi-bsti-r avriiu iflti jlation the oalyone rVtuaialitg -on Jlw l- several house had liecil set i lirr, ait-l tlist store than a dozen iuceudiarics had liecu and wr-re locked up in the statiHi.

I lie natural niurer "that, liie- ib int iid-l to despatch Ibeui without deli aecmnpiiiUd Ihe ami- Wfn'l of nolicc were called togelbe Au wnuiliu(pvisiiv the I'lti tthu waac-ipiurcd ')' Ihe M)IIce, Ihe iiiiiclly'reijtisstel tosrt oat. anl the drivei o.d. i-efl to drive thn tUHtm, The report proved to be utterly wit'ioiil foiitidat'nai. the bi Iieinlx proltibly tliS VMfm of a b.iu i-euc piele stricken resiusjnt or lipvy polii -nian. AN APPEAL.

Th filiO-viug a--p-itc-h hi- ln'flu waited to mikioBtChiifuinriei in (lie Ea-t, aji-l 1 here made public lli-U t'liii and Sim ty SehiKif Siijc'iiiileial llin-B the. coual ni iv tak action airei justil. Many huuiUs ofuiu je i i hrfstlan fsmili- ate Will you uol sliinsiatc U3 taking coHeetiod in tmr'ehailciie Svhool il 'l'" Sabbath ia llieir One kuiisaiul tiiil Irrn of Mr, 4 vs Sclio Srit henil I. JIO-iUY." Jvll l-VL' FA SWELL, i REV. CHBSCY.

n. Keli V- 31. V- A. thu Ac.uiEaYfi'F Much iuto.vttceidoted i Ihe ir De Bniffliig owing to Ibe art lre.isr;res o.ak-.-lel mere The artist i worksd koroieally bnt their cf wsft hulo avail ow ii.g to Ihe iiiip issiMMfH olgettug means of tat to i. ilic raineoi Gettysburg, llotherBul historical iietur! taken out by ciutiug it aud we are informed ilia- ill safe shortly hi hipped the artis' whos wns it.

The Urge gripo ol J. Dosu's ramily, fcy fine bust N. O. wire alto saved. The twoachi-tcetura' plcittre by, "Neal Mnnich, whir have bien iu llie gaileiy Uuie, were only rcCMifly biid to Yale coilege.

large marigc, a Iflnja picture by FWrstadL nearly all tho Hoali ik-nree- in the tat-loryp aii4te cast, kjcliidiiig thu Vc.iiumoi, colle. -UoU, fal warded from Italy, mere lost. There wen; abit tlNeo kandiud pletaros ia the gallery in nil. Thae qf Iboariist uho sated uioslof their works were EJkhis, Rockwell, add Ford. Those who lost everything are Jenks, f.

ii. Peed, Pisblib-s. Hi. Diebl savcii Drarr, CjggsncD. and Bradish.

picluro uf M.icb' lh. The l-aildmg Ifc longed tw Junslhsti hok. mk! atadeuty toi: pusso ot-jn i tho lt of last No-vemher. 'he Sui-erintcuilent i4 Ihe Ojssra Woiii? Art ni.uitiai.-lj had ineansof Ir.siis-si tat ien al IiikI ed nearly every picture sh g.inety. maditirm to Ihe tire' collection in Crosby's private rwnnts, THE UiSTtMi-'cAL SIR'IETYS BUILDING.

Thtto-aof Ihe Buildiug Is irreimra bh-i Tbe blwary cuibrncci Umud volttaios. and eompb-te sj-is riles of Ur-Chicnira iiv-wsiaii ii. This coliecli-iu eniiii'ced a comjiiotc p-curd-nf tk Cbicago from cat lie days' to lb- picseul. Iu fddi lion- to lli library. the.

socie'y owned the oii'giii-r dreft of Irs? Kiaa.ici-(Mifou Prut-ben rUon by Presidul Lhn-olo, a on ocl ef the CbUago haul" -g-. me fl.g-. the II u.lseiy oflhiee linn-lied paiiiting. Coite 1'redigBi Son, ail elk'tv Shis' Mr.

Liu-Jki -jlitwiljfontf fur Mr. 1 hadalifciilKs''The of IK-aastrvc ft sWf flieitn-'re will be felt more kcerly.itn the 1Urj tieirUres, which hisefejhsa iHw'! be it i.lsced tliid in their losi'lU? biftiyeL ilif cilf is lost Wsii- tome, valuable, piiva llbreiie aal lh-in these c-f MesSis ftWAI-raiaVardd. Mr. McCBgj. Ibra.

iuiililieu lo liiji. rfeilV.4 -hi ltVat wicinre Ihe Coli- 'Wnwe altlianrtea -wh an liw-itBtaf cmliei il.Mitvsrf pivivie's alf by fomc sn.l iMioiuartu-ts. P'Thoiiid in Ihe Court Hume his licen, r- aud found, pi-rfeetly il. i contained sit hcJUsnti-iil eulb, of city from ifcinCaary to jftvwiw net T.oiumaoiwrh, Everyilifii; la llie vanits or' flic riiiJi ik' wi'wi-ilwye4v-i ftt AXNOUNtEMEtTfiJO'j j'. rn -hMmSMX-.

tiltf 4 tmhtuiucis and OuifioMuM of t-fenfy-eHs jreli-i'iad a liuelybitii nw 4'mr the. pci street of the Soufti Division, and "has uneienk 111 operaUoa, (he Tweo' y-sccoiiU SUcet taviugs Bank, and to a Cai np to some funds tho mill, lioaa the Hie and of lh SI from itl Tee in A on help thu I No. to will ran aad It nq UvfiV tlrs i toro a wide arrack, iu the walls iu its vicinity. A search am irg the ra; is reveals r' gral Jjliig f.iel that ttie two eight cylinder valued at aocat are not seriously damaged. It is believcfl that both can be restore to service at small cot t.

The Jonr turtles age ales til right. In cluding Ike two which wcr on the Te.svQcn the men got M'sred and trft. THE ITOT OFFICE Itl'lLDIXO also i-tood well, iu walls beia iuUcl, and iu roof is not entirely gane. It cm probably be repaired. At the Eorthcast corner of Stale ami slrevlx stands, coinmrnllvely uniujiired.

the imfla-ished brown front which was erect in-' there Since there was uothinr; In It to bnrn, its front how very few traces or hcorching. Tae which stood in front of it has inlloua sunst one of the upper wind wa, but his broken not hi tig. Of the masaincenl block occupied by the tVuaturn News Company. S. C.

Orig otily a frag ment rcataius, lUo ioatliireitcru corner of tbo wall to tlie second story height. -ii tne corner of Washington and state viands tho building which has nuquelioiiably best sloud the iriut by fire THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK. IU walla seem perfectly sale, the floors nave saSered. Kield, Kin? Jt Co. retain iheir ofB oascmcnr, wncre nooeri Law alo in stalled, and if thy rooui wen only swept out, and the pieces of pjjwr re noved, tio one could perceive that auyihing had gone wrong ovcr- Deajl.

TJuiiHcstioaably tho onirntratively slight repairs will put it hi order again, and will sciVc as a nucleus for building in that il'iaiter. Turning cast into WAsniNOTON STUELTT, the way is encumbered with the limestone blocks which once formed part or Field, store, and which were thrown there when the building was blown ilixjd up with brick, telegraph wire, and other debris, it makes a mass of rubbish which oaght (b have iniieded the progress of the flimes, but did not do co. Down in the basement, piles of dry goods are still burning and emitting an unpleasant stench. Ou the opposite side of Washington, the photographers' places the other si ores have ranithed. while DRAKE 3 BLOCK is decidedly more of a ruin than it was a vear ago The question of die removal of the SECOND PRESBYTERIAN congregation has been eternally settled.

The hard limestone walls of the church resided verr well notwithstanding the slight amount of bitumen in them. The southern tower remains, aud the walls are all upon a level with a point jnst above ih top of the great front window. The experience or this fire has dmu rather nnravorablc to the softer. LIMESTONES fiouteiuout, and has shown Ihut. after all, a th'ck wall of good brick will stand as well, anj lesist the action of the flames as well as any stone that is nsed here, excepting granite.

The cflcct cf tho fire npon the Athens marble has been remarkable In some places tho stone has disappeared alto gether. Iu others, such as tho LaSalle street front of TIIE COURT HOUSE. has been gnawed and eaten away, or fallen o(T in great flake. The sandstone and granite may not have been exposed lo co intense a flame, but Ibcy certainly stowl very weil. Tno TRir.CNE BUILDIXU was badly scorched, but the stone was not materially injured.

DEARBORN PARK has been taken possession of by Keen 3t Cooke aud Lord Smith, while right across the way, on the BASE BALL GROCND. the fuuee surrounding which, has been wiped out. is a sign to 1 lie efl'act that parties warning room public gronmls mnst go to C. B. Farwell, at the coiner of Thiilcenth aud Michigan avenue.

The American Merchants' Union Express have obtained possession of a part of the ground. Including flie diamond, and tiray Brother, have bold of Ike north fllty fert of trio base ball lot C. T. Italics, dJaler In stoves, bav-e also begun ntuuiug np a small booth. The gronud i covered with pile Iubh bee, and bears a mora, striking resemblance to Clieycnuc in its incipient days than anything else.

THE IRON STORKS ef V. Ayer: IlaU, Kimbark A and others, on Michigan avenue, between Lake and Randolph streets, present a cnrlona spcctaclo. They are filled with iron twisted, dtorted, and bent out or II shape, while across the street the imincme Iron rafters and beams have been dealt ith in Uie most extraordinary fashioa. Iu many of these stores. and.

iuileed, in the hirje whoresarc ware houses, the fires were still burning, and, courar, no attempt was made to put Ihcns oat. The side walks of TIIE UNION DEI-OT, thick and strong, ar still stinding, but (he offices In the rear have caved in except at the north east corner, where one tall pinnacle remains. The Imilding occupied by tlus Chicago, Burlington Quiney and Mirblgan Central Roads has been gutted, but the Walls arc still partially staadinx. The Michigan Central freight depot has also been cleaned out, though the walls are up to lh spring of the roof. Quito an amount of sugar was lost here.

Just south of this depot half a doxen car were burned, the tracks yet remaining on the track. Near by was a car which had just rnn np from Tolono on Ihe Illi-Illihois Central Road filled with gener ally bread and cheese, some of which were Issued on the spot to hungry men who happened to be near by. The Iraius of the Illinois fc Michigan Central stop just 1:1 front of the old.dcKt. STEAMERS FROM ABROAD. At tire head of the slip which lies jurt west of Elevator A was tho l'rovuirnce.

one of the five Amoskcag steamers which cama ou from Pittsburgh, and the Phoenix, of Detroit, engaged in pumping water through a long line of hose. past the rums of the Massasoit wet down the rnina beyend. Another engine was near the Central Elevator, playing upon an immense hill of wheat, which was in ELEVATOR and which was bursting out in little pnfs of smoka all over its surface, it cannot do very ensny extinguished, and all that is to be expected that It will gradually moulder away. THE MARINE HOSPITAL, anoki and substantial building, is in very good order, comparatively. Of caursc the inner walla and tho roof arc gone, but the outside walls have sta4itvery well.

It i not possible to ascerlatu as yet the entire amount of lost along th river and the branches. Th Navarino, bowovcr, a new vessel belonging to Captain Good, rich, was lying off Goodrich's docks, and tred to run oof, but stock beyond and behind Kaih-! tone's stove manutactnry on the north sidu of the river and sank there, bar boii. re now bring just visible. Eight or ninescboonria and brigs were also caught near tho mouth of the river, and bnr.i-rd to the water's edge. From Uusli street bridge cast, on tho north b.vnk, the coal beajm are in a blaze.

11a! hbone's place, an all immediately east of that, are safe. Rush street bridge itseir is a' hopeless and utter wreck, a ie also too Slate tUeet one. THE GKKATWIlOI.Fi; A LE HOl'SES on River snoot have coaiplete'yvvi pt away, and nothing ia left give an idea i.f what was once done thctc, except that hi some plates there is and iit another' a quantity oflime wbicsj has licen crleclually rained by the hirat. Abng here were one or two burat as many AU rusted, trot nncomplalniinr, wnors. I Water street is done Tor.

and Slat street. frm ihe bridge to Ihe First KatUiaal. BmiK, Ts in tne leamft CoBdiiton. At the mwtliweatcoruer of Cl-rk and-Wator streets one corucrofa bnilding Llaml- rn-. but oo-W to be taken ilowaaa toon aa.

the riousE alv iiiKra rl te renrai In that p.rttfjt heclly aio so scanty a tiimikcJtaliiicsit Hentily localitie. On ar tbeaa I aieki0iBandch4 wuaiea and chuuruu were cnsgca iu ivi.i.Ken no svu AP of iron and kinds of rubbish from the still hot thildiatM, Ixisjiad found on Wafer street a lot or tSilua dntl heaebv wc wcIk-w. ImU aabrokea, and were cnrrvlug tiictn off a- relics. Tvirr me went also aiotiug tb rvct in a ioar bpjt. Intent on dome; a littlo wnsckiti.

tber gotatbaocc The Vhrnt district Is. now so thoroughly pMtrallcv I Iu, rtT thai n4 1 i I urn i uiuiu 11U3IIS. 1 1 old ttart of --v, the hate vry wolU Brfggs House cellar alone remains. sccu t-t iiieW iui. will be open to as the Biigs liouac.

Th of are alL aud the that did by at rive This of. rile or ed liver np the and or the I broods over tl.e fi isT th j.roi(d,S!d BotHii.t;e?. of ists to mark the thoiisiiKls happy hoUK svveit away on that dreadful ni Striking Li i. coin Park, the tr of the Icioin of de. is visible even there.

The fences have all i-ooe, ani some of the railiLgs a i ootid lie graves iu Ihe Old Cemetery are scorched and burned. The fire did not penetrata br. iulo the l.u a5 itdid not reach it until about ft o'clock mr Monday night, tvbsu the welcome rain was in torrents. Just hero it may lie interesting tu state that a the amc hour, the Cauica taught Joha A- IIm house, bcjoiid the cily limits aud. it waa the last holts-: destroyed.

2 The houe Xo. Mi Clark street, a saloon ovposit-! Liacola P.irk,kentby Mr. C. Itaggis standa aaaarai ed, and so do two houses a short distance sooth, one of th-ni being a baiidiine brown fnmt hous not entirely flntsbed. The ecipe of these baild-inga msy be attiibaiod lo IW-ir iaulalod poritkiov The same is true or the reaidcooa of Makiau IX Ogden at the corner or Oak Dcarbwa.

Then il stands in all its beauty, not eventae fence scorch- i ed. Ihu iulcuse heat lf which it was Ihieateuud, its escape was remarkable. Standing northeast of tte Ogdea mui on ti lake two dilapidated ruins of Buck's aud Divery's tuammolh breweries. Ttey ara a total wreck. Tba loavr stories and at intervals pieces heavy masonry snrv ived the shock.

Unity Chinch, so recently reared In all il! at-aa tiful pmiMMtious by.the iud ami table crgyof Kev. Robert Collyer and bis cougregat ioa, ataada al ripjiod of all its grandeur, a ruined pita af hi latch ed stone. The walls are solid, and the towora ore not materinl'y damaged, bnt the BonVling i gaHed from base-met to root. Next to It area few window aiarklir the aito of a large stone resiikiicc.aud immediately aoarirof are Ibe roofless walls of the Now England Church, one of he most elaboialely finished edifices ef the kind in the country. Those who hare seea its gor- guous decorations inside must feel sorry for its lata.

Robert Collyer" (rid church, on tin. comer of Chicago avenne and Dcaiborn street, sacra recest- ly used by Ihe Baptists, has all disappeared but the basement. j. TbeW ater Works stood the fiery Ust well. The lower is intact.

The walla of the immense engine house arc still perfect, the roof only being destroy ed. It wasj strange how It took fire. The flames bad only reached Ohio street, when suddenly and in an instant, the roof was Mazitv? (high, arid the men inside tunning for their Th buildings intervening were untoached and it seemed as if an invisible tongue of flame shot across and struck Ibe rocf with the rapidity and fatality of lightning. Tbc distant engineer had baiely lime to stop the car ginc, and shoot to the men to open the aafcly valves and save themselves. Tbis occurred, at 7:311 on Monday morning; apto which time there waa a full head of water on, with Only oue engine run ning.

Such fat the; account givcu by Mr. Crcgier, the engineer. A large force of men are hard at work on the machinery, which is expected to be ready lor use early acxt woeft. l.iH's and Sands' great" lirewcrics, near the Water Works, on the lake shore, are badly dam aged, the roofs are gone, and the walla cracked aud torn. Tho German church on Chicago avenue, near State street, can be identified by tbc basement story, which remains.

The Church of the Holy Kaaic ia wrecked all but the spire. That solid piece of work stands as good ever, aud Ihe new ttjiy recently ad I'd by Frank Agncw shows by Its ('tbttantuu apiiear- thnt it was the work a ful and skilful mechanic. Aliont a month ago Mr. John Dunlin began Ihe "framework of tba apicr portion of the pir-V which reached total height or mo leer, wa. reaoy iox slating, but the fierce wind oT Mocday night, aided the fire, blew it down, and it Is rumored Miataix men were Injured by tha'falling limbers.

Tho Orphan Home, conducted by the Sister of Mercy, which stowt- tr the -fcicck atougaido tba church, ia gone ectSely. little af the wreck remains. It waa there. 0iat orphan chUdrea ftitsnd a home, and we educated ly -i ha pioa women who devQicd Ibcir Uvea to the holy work. chilrircu bad a narrow Awcapo, aad but for ba cllortP of Mr.

J. B. Sellivnn, who drov tbeta away bis wagons, many of thorn would haye a sacriflco to Ibe relentless x-i a'ti; Next comes the HibtorlcaJ Society Catttri tract, which, with Us preciona. docaaMnta; waa ntierly deslred. Tneia wax the ar'tglnaLExaa.

i lMitiou rroclamanon and a collectioa of aaaaa of th war I bat would have been prized by rutmeagrs. The t-Blldiug was Intended to be flr proof, aud lis niafclve walla wonld Kad aayaae lielicve that aotbiog could ahake 1 1 daatroy Hrrmr would seem, hw.evor, that not rvea It coula breast the fiery ware that beat sad suiaed against The bniHUigr ia now -a Lap "i rtonv Tw arched window in the aonrb and of th. front are that natitk fcrAp tawMMMw -fine building, and, worse thaa ll, of soma twelv fcllo-auri: terord buried ba- neath the shapelesa Bias, of rubbWav Tj i St. James' Bnitcopai Church has; lost It roo' floors, but otbei-wiBelbe' Injory apparently 'TtriaBgutarpicoa'of wklt all that survtvad of old Market Hall, placa or soma botoristy and ialefestia the history of the eily. 'J The placo of tba ioxie bcuooi anowa and its site caa ba ascattained hot without OX A btoek or two further north on ISalle street I stood a church, of whith only the tower aad Jaggtd all rcinalu.

We have gone the rounds, Iha dismal roand desolation, and have luuiciiea iu jnoaiiuui sfrncturcs that have tea a trace behiod. They are snd fcur belweea. Taouaands oT.aooaef. o- happy homes and prospermia ba-iness marls, re. ma'n unrecorded, far so completely ar they blotted out that evea their aw nets ana cccrrpam cannot positively locatd thoir situs, It is worthy of not ice tbat scarcely a unci yard of woodn sidewalk remaining, and those who witnessed the conflagration know fall well 0," fatal certainty with which they conducted tba ur from block to Work, even acron' vacant Wocka.

They were as porfcet conductors ol fire as steel is of lightning. kt In many strerf uia smitwi burned, and It was scorched mora or losa every: WThi-re has been much distress aud ao snrill amount of actaal sufleriiie among the people ol he North Division. When rctreatiug before nre fire like a mariner at sea without compass ibbj not know where they wore goji. Taey sought refuge ia sort of pUcss. Uadar tba iaowalk the Division and North avenue bridge mmitie aid down wearv and exhawtod lo get I iocp wktcb they needed so Ono catawotia relaliirg.

a teamster, told tba late about himself and his family. lived with his wiM ana six childnin, Glen Mrert. near Franhlla. la the cailr oart of fir bo used bl horse u.1 he'liiitg hto ftbutds lo remove their rural! arc. Wucb his own property was threatens he haded the wagoa wUh hi Rooda.

some bed dins? among tho rest. Hi wife pat sreca- L. in uf lb. bods, and rushed Back totria- rnmseto nil something else, isonjre sua couia et out a brazinjt fsg'K fell oiiim i.i i wagou and set it on arc. ucr cioincs uent la th's honso, and to iavf life- ber.

baa- bind was forral to ior ctoisoi irw her bjdy. Eha had. lUesallj qa bur and escaped with a bors Wanlrar-aroano eldest dso-jhler was tar Beany toe aama took refuge under the sidewalk JS'orth An-nue were Ihcra at two a doc y- -t trrnay.wben the habatnl came- town to gmi tc aiii--'; -js7i lie stated that, Idid jiot wc. ed, and hi wife wuaim tiot tjif her biding place without soma -ewverlug. They bad ooly tWi) horse inkets to CifeT thrmiansl srred oai a barsul of fi jur which was about the only ttriti tkey saw.

Three miBistcre and a Cath-Ug clcrgjtuaa, sIcb wuosirH, Jdflwaflseua nigliCvBaah ia tha Btle. axutof Mr, Hock hiinaeaf. PUBLICS A meeting m-rchasO, b-ink era, aul others, who were in kasiurss iu tbc SouthDlyi- skm.wm beld atStaodsid HaM. uwf afThirteeaU Street and MVeadgnj ayewUo, aeatetda Th obie4of fhe mn-mW, tathU.aa to arruj fur Wi sejamjjfjif, WffvyB mf prt lOcraautW. Es-Atuomaa Wfckar aallal lit BiasUaj to Bf.

der. said i GentlenitB A meeting was called bare last -of iu to the for to wdll to ard jug Both third for sSen, were cd ful of He the It be aad on a 1 The amount reinainTng in store is hu.helt Wm. M. Butler, list of losses and insurance it as firtow Printing offlce on the third floor at No. 11 Madison street; losa fi.lUI; iusered fi.ceoin Mu full Secitrrty of Chicag Ofas staining works at No.

IIJ. 211 and So periorstreet; I05 on building and stock imercd 1 in Allemanin. and lsa ki tiei mania, both of Cleveland. DwVllrfg hosts No. 81 Adams eireet lcs Insured l.ep In Coiumeirral kI Chicago.

Dwdtings No. 25 and sircct; liu- iXz t.WO rnfiardcu t'aly- Dwelling No. St and zys Out erio slrtvU lot tVABO; insnrrd jrn rn t-anlrn C.l; Dwellings No.3Pt ami 8T Erk-sU set; loss iW.OOO: tnenree in Gerriru City. Store No. S7La stieei; loss CVaiisI-, inrSred.

sttJAftiUoue of New York, and fioj Manhattan ot New Tor. Stock of hardware above Mtur. ared fiiiOi Bufialo Fire and Marine, and Clereland: Total lues by Wnt. i Butler, firjWtt: total n- amucc, Michael Mahoncy, dwelling No. 9 Pgden i lace; oss 1,800 Insured (1,000 in Hotsre of (hicag Joseph Shannon, same nous mb $0U, i usuiauce.

Jowei O'Connor, same bouse; lots. Str; no iTwurancsr. Hnyck Knox, No. 37 5ulh AVatcr strecl. chemicals; los Irn-arancc -tin of Hartford, Home, Manhattan aud Sec art) of Ik'oV Tor, Nonh Amcriean of Phlladeljdsia, Fireman of Chicago, and People's of Worcester, Aniust OeMiardt.

residing at No. lKvisioa street; bmcksnrith shop Xo. 2 Michigan street with wagon and carriage factorjr Total tossHUO hwflred ffifW in Mntual Secnrity uf Thomas Maddr, No. 99 West Harrison street toss ttisared Fireman of Oiica Wat. Sine, No.

Clark street; tos insured $UINt taa or Uartlurd. Geo. Shore, No. lot S- nth Ctark street; loss building audcontcLts; insured Mer chants of Chicago. 5Vriongbby, Hill Baston Clothing House, Nos.

It. and South. Clark street; lots insaied German Ckrtsland, Lycoming of Msacy, Ph. $200 Aurora it Aurora. 111.

Teutouia of Cloveland; Allemania of Cleveland SXtOU North British uf London ital, i5.00J. i-C. A. Uarilaad, Uih of tlte Wtsl and Soldieri Frwttd; Iota insurance not stated. Mr.

Mary Buckicy, No. 12T Tuwueund M.taie; insured HJtM la the Mcichautk ol ChicainK 1 J. P. Kennedy. No.

2U3 Booth Clark street tos? CSoO; insured tMO Tuutooia or Cleveland. John Wren, No. 459 South Market street 'totes (T.UOll a buildiug and contents; Insured d.OUL lerchants' or Chicago. Mrs. Kate Tieruuy, No.

7H Third avenue loss $3,000 iasared Chicago Fire. Stale street: loss building and coutonts insured flO Chicago Fire, aad Mutual Sccerity of Cbicago. Uandulpb foMUJO iu bonds and JSVIW in building and stock; iusarcd 4,000 Coinaierclariand Mutual Security of Chicago. J. P.

Nudd and W. C. Grant, residence No. II Axlama streei; loss insured Jlo.tvie in Hait-fard. ef Haitfoid, aud W0 tu Merchants'.

oXIiiuV ford. i i G. H. Barbirr, No. 3d Lake street loss insured 0) in home companies alo a-cvrv'i uf Lake and Ftauklln.

strccu-; loss tttsnred in bonac compauios. C. B. Reynolds. No.

tw Jtorth Wells -vtrret; Insured $1,09) In Republic, ol Cbicagq. I W. T. llancock.No. 15 Van Huron street, liir-niture and cuithUig store: lass nwuraaoe fl.OOOia Umlerwriters, NewYtkr Empire Lino, d.

Stockton, Agent. No' l.a SaHc street -lues rasorauce $i50. 1'boenix, -HartroiTJ. 5 J.oiin W. S-utliwold.

Jto. 5aii North LaSalK fnruitnre, clothing, Ac, Insurance, -Etns. of Hartford. oMwIftssOinllhTrrll No." TO LaSalle Insurance. Dprtor 4..

S. Claike, Nth Wellf Loss, $U)0 in the Pome Mutual, of Chicago. Clarke UKeule, plsmbersou the erst side LaSalle street, between ltahdolph and take" ossijiVVou. vouisurancc. THE ttsESEIlAI.

Plts.isriCT. There are of capital reprcseidod insnrauce -compauica rloing business iu Chicago." Qatal. ewmpauiea'have front. 35 to 40 niiIhB or which wifrcvrae here to losses. Snf-rcccrs will probably get from bisarnnce-cbiopanhis 100 lo TT minibus.

It Is thoul I lull -ou aa avcrpge. the companbs vv-fTf yay per ceiil. of lses. tf (his ts correct tt is lbon -tit HiaL the-national banks will piy 100 er cent, within a reasonable Mine: MISCELLANEOUS HEMS. THE WATEtl St rPLY.

Tester day noon km of the near Adams street, made a copue. pn with tho main there, and pumped trie wacr in, so that there a supply at Ibe hydrants near the river, and tu the houses nlong Cans! street, aomcli met en floors. A timilar connection made at Twenty-second street, and Sixteenth, ao that water ran from soma of the -South Side hydrant. Though it came from the liver, It waa quite pilata bar, the stream being much purer, however, owing to the f-t that the discharge tbe main eewera has ceased, or been greatly diminished. Mr.

Ocgier, tbc engineer at th Water Works, says that his cngiiics ill be pm tip byMeudsy. WTVf llosi'lTAU ni Th fpjItoWHig tiaiieuis ar Ward Dot the Cily iloapital: Ctiarle Kstteling, burned at a stable -ou tliei shore. Charles Mclntjre, burned at Metropolitan nail. Tbuuias McQuiuan, biuncd at l.i Wost Kiuzie street, and three of IliccreWoT tba selitHuier worth scoiT-djed. p.uar Tvfelflh street.

James pjvaro. burned severely ou the corucx of Polk and Ciark; stri-els 'while Irylug ra'eavsii hie Feet badly bnmt-d. In Ward are JnntesTrauk Blake, burned iuthv lace and haod. Henry Gaylord, Wo. Nor.h Sla burned on Ihe face ami hands at bis resideiii-'e, Pi-KirC-lark, No lit North MariM street, burned th head, fete, and hands.

A HAPPY FAMILY. Ia Ibe following ciri nmstance there was icrosr- thing like the awaki xla; Ir.Mit a horrid Sir-am to flud il all a Mi Ferd. S. Wuislow, Ihe well known banker, owned abc.inlirur r-idciicf aad ground ueaily pposit Wright tirever- a. lilOe paradise, in in.

bo had laken parlicular piTdc. At rhe near approsch or Ihe Are one cf "the n-iighborti erjed HJr. WHtslpw's to botake iheniselvqs ti beir carriage aud flee. They did sw. fi-e fax Iheir lives.

along with' 4 eHBL'rS. sought thti bleak piawte. whoi-a llmjioaaii'iteuus-lor the night. Ye- lerday urirning "Mr. TC.

vvsn ler'-cd iack to gaze upon the ruins of. hwtnt. when burst Jnp ri his astonished t4n.a -recu easii in Ihe dosei It vVp his vdd Mid scathed. fire had tt ctttin (wl tit rf sing ii Ttre.bai-py fanijlf relo'tncd iklnst fii jrr.nie.atorCiS ith lu-iu; And Iheli friends have rejoice 1 eiccrdmgtyjf YUPli; Th recent in- lis p-Wf sf Jov-iitiaJ. uf I'T tBousauds it Hai4da so, treKesnu4y giyen uit'tq the acre is.

Ktistae, iter kn'pia-s. -awl tbrir taiiaias dealiiiy-. "Two JtoWt'mt '-lHls. fH aenilifltee vtho kinjrtoiq lea giid.csb-euoiaerauf Moid" erasperoiisoter, went tktra thav-ftre tm'i ronuc.ted tuppliee efi Eciedisjrs tlu eeok.ii lease the to'H'k Wresirf'i 1 toasiiHre crwt ffTQjrta) -en; ihe etbre JUad Mr Sis. kitp, I lie poor treareei-lotnu oC hia-ea.

tM f.Ati i watte har-e IS an, I cau't ge hack, cn njy. .11 Ine you all Ibe provisions you erae. pay tbe f.r, s'V "TTbls. Mr. Ulackiip bqy next ay Mouno Iq Uru Jqdcs lhal if bu hi takiuj in any buiUie be nf it by ry sign kirt to W.

uf lii tbu iu Mr. it pi "1 dolph strrst. where he will receive applications and distribute the ic-lu-i. -ARRESTS. Wm.

shannon was arrested last eveuiug near the Giest Ea-toru llo4, by OiScci- Del linger, and a large number of clunks naitly aur II-d on the i Traders National from I'rasoii. I '-'O- u'lsrpu i.aiKs'svnle nd George IS -uson were arrested lor brenkln into il.e vault of Kimb ill Iks olieer ihem wllli their hand iu tho vault. OTicei Carpenter, at o'ciiKk on Tuesday night, t.ikiirg some regular ldiers on to the North Side to NcCoruiick's Reaper Factory, aud when near here a man Uhiu fifteen feet of hi in suddenly fired at hi. flee or six rimes with a revolver. Fori uusely lie was tiot woo tided, and fiuslly e-cuied the He gives the name ot Joseph selcnsy, and sjjs he was a witchman the Ph H21: ttnnuy.

The was couiiuued uulil Friday. William Webb, formerly employed by Mr. Welhsr. of this cHy. wa on Tuesday, cbargi with arson, by a number of South Side resitleiii.

JI was held lo bail yesterday for further examination. Bridget Ilickey, a servant girl, was arrested on the charge of arson in the So-tth Division, and held for further cvidenr 1 1IIUECTOKV. The Pacific aud Allan: ic telegraph f.fiiccsare situated at No. 351 tlnrk street. Tbe rnlinvm Palace Car Coinp-ny have atatwued I lieir oflica at the corner ol Eighteenth Ijeel mid Piaiile avenue.

The Lumber Exehango is the southwest corner of Like aud Mtiket streets, where tUe imp and dealers can ftumd. Th I'KiHPfflt c-iu be rau lied cii Eig'ateentli and '1 weliih atreets. It is situated at Burlington Hell, corner of tale aim Sixteenth stre. t. the Western I nion Tek-L-rsipu Ceiupauy have their badqua.

teis also. PEHSONAL. If Artlmr N. Sullivan, eicpeclei in iis cily from New York, has arrived, ho cm find his brotl.t William at THE TRIBUNE office. Lunt, Preston Krsu, hankers, opened th sets yesterday, and found all money and securiti.

a uiihatmed. They will re.ume busiuess iu a few C. Van llii-an, of theD -lroi; Fir and Al uiu. iu nraiKe Couijuuy. arrived bete, day.

II the agent of his company Messrs. Lewi ithw-y, that they aie prepared toaud will iy every dollar of loss promptly. J. II. MeVicker may be round nl No.

Michi gan avenue. wher he w'ill d. all hi. oiver to help tbe needy liie piofessiou. WARNING T.

COUN11IY MEiiCHANTS. Parties Iu ihe' coantry will do well not lo emu tolbecity. esp.vtuig lo.doa pi business for lew days. Tho toiimisi.u men will lie aim; to trade by m-vt week. Till then j.eirueys will i.

hwt. tli.High limited quaatiiK-s of produce cm bu taken care of. ami some parlies an- ady to advance thereon. THREATENED DESTRIXTK N. A small piece if charted w.s-d wa found on Tuesdsy lying npou a table In the hetise of Di- r.

No. West Mwlb-oo rtteet. It was (jirow ai the Oeor, wkeic it bloke iu pieces, the igniting tin: iaiet in two places. It wns extinguished in a lime. TIMELY All).

William Salliu, I'lT-iis iit i Lc lutem-iliou! A -social i-mi, arnved hie yi-si. rd.iy loSik alter lb intoi feisiil his rait here. -Jehu Colliws. Secretary ol the Internal iousl Typographical Union, arrived here from Circiuns'j ycstcrdiir, Irriising ranged in an hour, for th.v itlicf.ol Ih-Chicago L'uhiu piiiiteis. He ill remain day, and render all the id be can iu urging stil.oidiii.-itc Virions lo coiitrfbtile all the need; for Ihe relief of tho i-roit here.

THE TURNING TOIM'. i -dreel brld" aul ho O.ieiita; Mil's or Norton Jt Co. were only rave I from ui tioi: by imlticuse ste im lire pun.p to the by wiiic'j a po'veilnl itrr.uu of w-t k-lt up i lb' exposed pti' ity, hour slier his inujp dotii.ted'y sav -t) V.csl Division liini a tcrribio igia'ttoii. it t'i Mills had burned cnml-u lilile nlu.e" n- a jjoiuing buidings aCjaeert lum'-ier itds would have insured a srene of ileiasl.siiou too hart si. forct.n t-nmlatioa.

Wiliinai Caulirld, Charles Munger, K-tbrti Whitley and Jesse II. Ilenbet hud charge this pump. i- THE I.EGiSLATl RE. TIusUovisiuoi has "iiinn-'d a siwcial session lisls'iire to lake aclloa ou the part of tbe fire In this city. Membute Cook Ciuinty arc especially p-qne'lcd to 1 escnt at the niseting ill Spi iurficld to morrow.

AH perscjis in ul lu ll will please call St l'sliick's Che.u cs.ruer oi Dcsplaine said Adorns street. PREStXVliD. Mr. Fred. S.

wiii.luw, bsuk. coraerof South Water and Clark street, stated yesterday tbat m.e tin a.ifoj in his bank wf found to hare pie- served nil the money llierrlu deposited intact. other not yA eueU arc thought to be also good roiidition- TIIE Ui MAN CLERGY. cail Ui-'ui all tiis German clergy, without r. -gap' io creed or seel: All Germau clergymen arr req-teslcd lomeet at No.SSti BainsbW street, northwest i-tirii.

ol i street, Friday, at 5 o'clock p. in to uiatnre pliins 1 1 nor pcti'l. and to alleviate the Kuuetiiigaof the C.I NTltl'M, 1'astorof St. Stepheu's Ci.nsregalloll. Tii a Star Union Line an Hai k- Si Agent he Peniisyiv.i.ii i have c'r oOlce at 9 West Medl -rm street, turue; the Laclede Hotel.

Men were busy yesterday erecting f.sme building- In Washington Park, on the North Side, aeeoituiodalo hoesoles. fs MISCELLANEOL'S. The general delivery of letter, at ihe Jt oflleo this Psitsliioucr of thu ('allied 11 of Ihe Holy Name flud llieir pi ft or at St. Patrick's church, where InleliieTnce of lbs ir Js-t friiuds, clothing, food, kxigiug can lie obtained. Photographs oT Ihe ruins aie being taken rroin every avalHble point.

Iw Eastern illustrated -peia and storeoscouic tJiikiS. THE ELEOHONS. Pliilsdelldiki.Oet. 10. -The Kenublicaii majority Mayor In Hi city fc '1 he S.alc lias gou lhjuti'iicsM by al lcBt Ht.t!-i.

wardsghrea IVmiH-ralic net gain cf only ltoon Him vole-tor il.yor. ni ls county shows a Republican gain or 313. IV-rks county, HJX Domvcralic majority. York av, Duiuoi'iaiie Lit'; Ri-pablfcaii -aiti'irf o. Iii 1 "liilafl.vlpfiia Ihe Reform twkclll.dWi ItirladcipliM, Oct.

lli-e riot Biynsril Ilnkeiwl.iiiet'wae thsf Int'ie shoulder by VeMhitoV Ail unknown while man was killed fnnucriif jneiili, and jnilard street. iMiige Redding Is nrif Vxis-cled to live. Several mitmr ntr.wriollrij il tol fliiti was freq lent m-m'icrs in the l.t-gfe -latnrc iu. iu aad al. KenaH-si Hm a cr bo.h K-iasesvi TlrviUHjuew)- the tHalc Convcn'iou is j-TW-g rhilMiwia.ttct.

II estimalcs air jiMUy ill the Slate arSYI ihjj. Tht is Ueavity uepuuncan lu emA bianc-er. CIHO. Cininna'i. Oct.

11 If el urns fau till county vrrj in th iiilr of wanls. The'iMd -es last iii-'ht. adji.erued till to-day. and Hex just sssstutrf ibTr woik. Return are from siticeji waul ami twenty tncinelii.

Thu ilmt of Bates and fritzgi-ratil aro-. Reptt'diean Coiinlv Corumiiouer. i In d-vunt. The tlje lWpHb)n Couuly ticket is IN pub kan. gets I tr ue Lruubliran.

ii jirily for tti strip was cuieii tut. The tar was gone from between the blocks where hc gtavel had wit been laid ou it, but Ihe block were generally uninjured. I iM pavements on 3Idicn. jramlnluh. and the oth -r -tri-eis were in much betir than asexpoi ted.

Thuy were badly lionev. ouibid in inauy an I nnetime twisted mid up heaved, but can be gcnerallv renainal. 'I lie ills of i tie sircci cars were in many badiy spruit--, tie sills arc aainjured. THE SOITII SIDE KOAD will pr.iliably have its track all repaired to-day, and it will take the Wwt side companies but a hort time to ri l.iy theirs. There i considerable iu many ihj streets, but Till; VOK OF CLEAXIi'G has already benu.

The si.U r.alks, wood aud I sloao, Iiovc goeu, the luigu liintl -looe blocks split- ling and caving in. Akuiir the South Drauch LINO'S Ili'ILDlXti and tho Mail has its onlee there. The yards soulh lo MdL-ou are siill burnlog, ami will do so iespllc the wator, with tho cxcepiiouof the one at Jtamlolpb street bridge. the LaSalle street lunnct i in pjrSjct order, but. on account of darkness there, aud ihe tear of lowdenls, noeariisge? wera allow-U Migo llirouzh there are no record in there al present, and, if any were stored there, they have heeudiMtroyed.

PUESLKVIXG OKDEK. The real headquarters or the oider-preferving force or the city is now st No. 5ti) Wabash avenue. where Geueiai Phil Sheridan has established his headquarters, in the house formerly occupied by Piaeaix Club. Here the head of the city has planted a piue labia and outertuiucd his numerous visitors.

The force at the General's cuniinand, in addition to thu city regular aud special police, consists of seven Companies of regulars and fix volunteers. The former are from Omaha and other wesrn lints, aud arc all camped upon the site of the Ball Park, on Michigan avenue. To them, a.s tho most trustworthy and vigilant force at hand, lias been en trusted the caru of the South Side burnt district, reaching from Harrisiai street to the main river. In Ibis space is al present the wealth and treasure of Ihecity yet iu safes, aud in must cases buried lit Ihe ruins. The numbers of TiliKVES now known to be in the city.

the presumption that they will make the safes their ohji-ctivc point render this disposition of the troops the most prndent one oible. The orders to the sentinels last night were of the strictest possible kind, and it will be wonderful indeed if the luilianly element shall triumph. TIIE from lllooii.iiiton. SpringlieUl, and Cham palgn in this State, and number six companies in They arrived in the cily ou yesterday morning uudcr orders from Adju tant General Dilgrr, and were immediately sta tioned in parts. of the cily to repress pil lar, and generally to preserve order.

Two companies were placgd on the corner or rrairie avenue Tvrcnty-ccoud street, and were as fine leoUing men as one could see. They ere from the llli- nids Industrial i at uanipsi-u. and a hearrie, heallbJer. uitelligout set or men would be hard lo One oilier company of militia was statioacd at comer of Canal and Wilson streets, ror Ihe protection of the tho; oughly-aa righted rcaideuts of portion of the city. Another company was placed on Halstcd street.

with bead -quarters at tho- railroad sfatiun, on Twelfth street. THE NORTH SIDE not lii'cd inucli military protection ill it tlft-apidslcd condition, ami was abtiudantly gnarded" two militia companies stationed In Lfticclb A rirt of thii Champaign company' was also tho coruor of 'Randolph, aud ElizaVctli strccla GENERAL SUEICIUAN seemed satidfied that the city was pet fen-tly safe under the protection already at band but. in order toassnro tins, more trtopa wilt amvc shortly. Three additional coinpaiil-s of fegnlars Were ex pected Uid night, and ten companies more will ar to-day, making a for ce iatc enough to keep in order all the roughs in tho United stales. ANOTHER ADDinONflf the ordr forcj of the cily waa ou yesterday started by Frank Sherman, under antbor-ityr from Mayor Mason, and General Sbcrulaa.

will consist of a regiment juilltia lo be- recruited by trnstworlhy for twenty dy rcgiutaait. will consist of ten companies sily men, and throe oHicurs each. The Colonel has eslnWished his hmri-qnarioK at iIh Wabash Avcuuf Mvtbodb-t Church, corrs-r or nrrioi street and the only hers or his staff yet known are C. II. Dyer, Adjutant, and Mar.iu lie an, Commissojy and Quartermaster.

The followinaro the names of the Captains cti- tmsted with the raisiugrcoaipauics in Ihe Older Ihetr appointment Phil. Wadsworth, James T. II. Whlitlest-y. L.

O. Goodrich. John Fisher. Paul raeeh, John Panl. S.

S. Farnsvvor.h. 1C Fisher, aud W. E. Rogers.

The only Captains of companie ho hud rejioit. their recruiting offices ou last evening, wein tne following: T. II. Whltilesay, corner T.veirth and State streets. S.

S. Farnsworth. No. lfi Soulh Grocu street. J.

K. Fisher, corner Iudiaua avenuo and Sixteenth street. W. E. P.o:rers, corner Canal ami Madison streot.

THE NORTH DIVISION presents a sad and dreary Crossing the by Division street bridge a vast stretches out berore the eye. With the ev. of a few pieces of masonry standing hen- and there, nionnmeiits of departed "lory, everything has lieen leveled to the ground, and no vestiges remain of the wooden baildiiigs which lined streets ou thnt si.Uiol" the river. Along Division slrect nothing can be recognized until Sedgwick street is) marked by three jM'-gcn corners oi wnnv wasonco Frankliii School. Thence to North are there Is not a tta-e on cither side of the road.

yesterday jieisons wauJered aronnd search the sites of their homes, hoping to Bud among debris sonic re.nn-nls of their property. The ami sidewalks aic all "one, aid ibe rail are bent and chived, in tome place rising high three A brick tower tells where the North Avenu- Police Slatioti slood. and standing out ia hold reiser against Ihe sky are the walls aud tower of St. Michael's ttSermau) CbarcU, on North avenue. The walls do not to have suffered much, and sceui to have withstood the heat belter than and building on Ihe North Side.

The Catholic Chntrh or which Ihe Kov. Mr. Butler was Ihe pas tor, ha vanished entirely, and fo has tho Alexinn cscepl part or a si'lo wall, which rises and criin. l. th mudmatks notuiug lint frrom scdgvricK, aioig North avenue, lo O.ebard.

cvcryihiug is gone, ibe Newrierry School having boon a barrier to the farther progress n'ttolviaid of the The scuotd house is now 1 A HOCSE OF REFTGE, imd each room is crowded with mcu, women, and children, as many 10 nry fauiilli being ia each room. Fojd is being dealt ont to them snflieien! to supply their wants, and crowds of persons ai-c in line alldiv getring rations. JCND.UUES Ol' THR FlSE. Thaonly psrt of Uiu Nutth Division lhat vscapyrl was the angle Vnmdtnf on the south by -North tbae wlby OieJi iid and on ihe west by the river. Tba line of rau ioiiheaft irom the Newberry lieliunl, -striking Wehsw? avenne Liucoln pi'ivc.

rnc! coartnuin; thence totbo- lake- All eastof Ilulltart street to the cily linUtt, all cast Orchard to the lake, and all Msath it Orchard was destroyed. few soliiary hoowa Onuof these ou Lio fciln place, fs small whll collaga, which romain unscathed iu tho of tho Uicsry snr rounding it." A aoikeiuaa named UdUajir, rn ia- Valid, wns th.9 ocenpant ben th-; Ire-tts. lie hauled us the sidu walk, as fax iS iilarliiblaUnn. Thau hepauie the bonaiDC Sa latt," find whe tw Water a-aa aU'goue, las loot: Jti Odcf out of bis cellar and mevPIt ia the same way aa luj is now icukid lhjr tuuiDttl.X):ic of 'ncm beiu -wussioner i.udii s. No igu of lif lessen frwrn that house to Ibe a a nn.

a by Tho Iu toes It it. all and Ihe ly did yesterday rod they were on one or two ia XL XUIUUXE Another business was started by a man in a cart, who druTe'down Randolph to the lake displaying a sign of sifrns painted here, so that persons desirous of sticking upon the ruius of Iketr vtoreoa aottce of the places at which they Intended to reopen bninecs con Id do so. Kotbing ctrikos the t-ye more favorably, in goin near the bouth SidJ, than toe great nonibr of these little BtLLtTIS BOARDS. hich bare Ijeen roaghly lettered off with notices of removal, generally to Wabash avenne or to West Canal or Ranlolph sireets, and they give abundant proof that the energies of the merchants have not b-en crushed pnt by the catastrophe which has be fcilcn them. TUiJ STREETS.

On crossing tite rherat dii-on street there is TacaaneyoB the worth side of the street, and neth-la else, and wirfh few nnticeable exceptions tber: remain but Insignificant and one-story relics of once flr-t cla.1 buildings. Law's coal yard, on the south ride of the street, is on fire, and even where the flames have not broken oat, the white smoke is pouring out at fearful rate, foroe of It may, however, be saved, by the liberal aud constant use of star. Beyond there, going east, there is practically nothing nntil the relics or hi: Otis Block ara reached at the corner of LaSalle nd MadUon. Jast to the s.a:h on LaSalle. the walls of the A re ade Building, which was in the rear of the Farwell Hall, remain roea-paraiively Til 2 TMLXNE BL ILDUNU.

THE TRIBl'XE was, by several hours, tho last newirpaper in Chicago to sarvive llie general destroction. and its manitleeat Ire-proof bailding was the last to taccamb, allnotigh it bad been surrounded by lire on two tides aboat fouf hoars. The bailding was a perfect of arcbltecaral clrgaree, and bad liecn contracted Ihronghnnt ith reference to safety and lurabdily in case of fire. The ceilings were of con uga'ed iron, resting apon wrought iron 1 berJi, while every parli- Uoa wall in Ike entire of brick. It in all re-pectv, oi.e of the liifl abvolotcly fire-prMif "buildings rvcrer-ctcd.

That was fire prool up to the dale of ii I deslraction. Jl was completed la April, 1, al a coat iT aliont and il mleins were inlly flOi more. Helving noon the integrity ttf their edifice, THE TRIBL'NE coniiiany had taken no iDsliniiice, al- tbijh they now have JIKIti c.iujo to regrot tuta rlu Ilaeoraror4lie flret floor waj thu oHicc, with a fire proof vault lor lite safe kar ping in. valuablo4 etc. On the and Denrborn vtnt troets were eic-ant ftvlej ot Uluun, all Klled with storks fioods.

Jii Iio, baetneut were boilers and engines, two of Hoe's ei-ht ciliml-r press folding machines, larpj iinaui'lieaof t.ruit- ing paper, and a va-t voii -ciloa of BtisceUaaetiai marJiinery. tvolr, i-pjiaaces ami ro tctal mcena- -loiue carrymg on -i a newspaper. -wKoni aim no wsors oi sua nuiiowa wr dUtvuted to rss.all of l4 the forma floor wore Oi editunat, sud tnmtyKias iJ.all saperblt fiid up! As si.icT i irWi-tHwxi lor for several h-ura, aud; it air jir o'clock un 3Coadny bga a-J aa'4 eaailngJr atcipni, tkat it fros tb eastward M. Vickor i Tbcatru. Tio woodwork and eombusttbfo.

reatatial r. .7 at pace, bat lla flosahd ahr-n-riny reiaarBca lot art. although all were hi U. red, cracked, aUd tw isled as to bo's I dw vKirthlaasforlataraBatv. '11a arivate oflice ol thejbasliwa rnsvgeron the ground floor was a relic of (he siege brTartV, a theil, which waa fixe a by tho boat, and, ex i.

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