Chicago Tribune from Chicago, Illinois on October 11, 1871 · 2
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Chicago Tribune from Chicago, Illinois · 2

Chicago, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 11, 1871
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i-H Jntr ; ij CHICAGO DESTROYED. that nil contracts not settled on Saturday lad be cancelled. Tlie Board could not ailord to bixirte about a few dollar!), and press each other to tha wall for tbat difference, when New York, Cincinnati. Indianapolis. St. Louis, and every othar city in the Union was contributing to tbo rvlUsf of rnnerers Dure, ino motion prevullea Dy about a two third- vole. Israel P. Iiuiusey said that the steeling had no right to tuke auch action. Tbey repreaented parties in the country, and could noteaennce the Interest! of their primi,ars without their convent. Mr. ltrlne replied tbat the board hid no authority to close contract not yet matured. S. H. McCrca thought that It wonld oe well to delay consideration of the matter till they could see bow affairs stand. Tbey would, probably be obliged to come to that, and wipe the sponge over all such contract. a Divine Providence haa wiped the sponge over tbe city. Tbey must make up their minds to begin again at the bc'-iuuiiitr. The last vt.te was finally reconsidered, and the discussion of the matter was laid over till 2 -""lock on S itiintny next. On motion of Mr. C. A. Gregory, it w decided to establish two intelligence efUces immedately, and to publish the locations of tbe same iuTus TititfHE of the morrow, so that lost parties may bj recovered to their friends. CITIZENS' SIEETING. A meet in? of the citizens of Chicago, and proml-r.ent gentlemen from the conntiy fur tbe purpose or consultation with the Governor, as to I lie calling a session of the legislature to take action as to the calamity that bas just visited our city, was held at Congress Hall yesterday afternoon. E-Oov, ernor Ojrlesby was called to the chair, on motion of 'olonel Hou'.'h. and General M. B. M. Wallace waa chosen Secretary. Tbe Hon. V. Ji. Kin?, member of the Legislature from the Kinety-eixth District, offered the '.Mowing, winch was adopted: Jl.nolctit. That the Chairman of this meeting appoint a committee of three, to which the Chairman shall he added, who are hereby instructed to call npon the Mayor of the city anil consult with him as to the propriety of at once commnnicatiDg with His Excellency, the Governor of the State, to ure upon him the necessity of calling an extra session of the General Assembly to consider what steps may be taken by the Legislature to constitutionally and filly, by appropriate legislation, r.lievc or contribute to the relief of our city and citizens so severely suffering from the recent Calamitous lire which bas laid the city of Chicago ! in ashes, rendered destitute a large portion of the citizens, and brought gloom ana sorrow upon an. The committee consists of ex-Governor R. J., 'lesby, H. F. Waite, Colonel C. Hough, and tha Hun. W. U. King. Colonel K. M. Hou"h moved that the committee le instructed to reuuest tbe Mavor, and act with mm. to m.Kiint a sufficient niiinlier of special patmlmea toromplelely patrol tbe city, and that they be pnt under the command of General Sheri dan, ufier he bas been requested to taKO . malid. mid he consenre.l so todo. It was carried unanimously, and tha meeting adjourned. MH7TIT SIDE CITIZEN'S' MEETING. A meeting or prominent citizensof the South Division was held last evening at Standard Hall, ...rn.-r:J Mir!iir:in avenue and Thirteenth street. to take immediate step for the preservation of property and tlio rellel tlie suueren". nnm ine mil' itiirv authorities Ciiild take possession of the city. Mr. Cnanneer T. Itowcn called the meeting to order, and nominated Charles G. Wicker as Chair mult Mr. Wicker on taking- the chair made a brie ru-nrh. siaiiuir the object of tbe assembling was three-fold : n perfect arrangements to dis tribute food to the suiferin". to organize a citizens. natrol tor in . nt duty, and t . secure the immedi ate restora;. '.of the business portion of the city. Mr. M. A. Meyer was elected Secretary. I'pon motion of Mr. It. W. Bacon, the Chair appointed a General committee, with discretionary powers, to organize an immediate and efficient pa-. uobiient of the Sonth Divisior. Jr. Halm was ap-poiuied chairman, aud tne committee at once re tired for action. Oil motion of Mr. Henry I. r-beldon. It was resolved that a Central Executive Committee, with permanent headquarters, lie appointed to provide tor tha urcservatiou of order, the relief of the neodv, and the restoration of the business quaricr of the ci;v. The Chair announced that, as this commitU'e was to be one of great importance, the n lines would be read at an adjourned meeting, to be held nt 2 o'clock to-dav. A resolution of Mr. Ctiauncey T.Bowen was then adopted, tiiat the Chairman telegraph Governor Palmer to convene an extra session ot tae lasgiua. lure tn make nro vision for Chic:iL'o's cmereencv. Stirring speeches were made by Colonel Hough and Ke. Dr. Evarts. in favor of inunediate steps for the rebuilding of the city. Mr. Goodhart announced the arrival of his delegation from Cincinl nnti with provisions, tents, and money for tbe su-fering. The nsa of the Standard Clnb House was. offered for the citv government and the Pnfident requested ro invite the Mayor to occupy the building lor the future. The present organization was declared a permanent one with Cbanncey T. Bo wen as Assistant Chairman, and Henry I.. Frank, and Henry I. Sheldon, as Assistant Secretaries. The meeting then adjourned to assemble again -at t o'clock to-day at the same place. A large as semblage is then expected. ANNOUNCEMENT. Notice to all liailroads. General Sheridan has taken TOKEY BOOTH'S YVAtfEHoUSE as a depot of supplies, by order of Government, and has arranged with the committee appointed by the citizens to aid them in receiving aud distributing supplies sent from abroad. The several railroad companies are hereby requested to switch all Cars arrivin" with snpplies aud provisions to TOBEY A BOOTH'S Eighteenth street, on Alton St. Louis Kailroad, where they can be nn-loadeil with tttrixttch. and greatly facilitate their distribution to the several division depots. N. K. FAIKBANK, Of Relief Committee, Sontb Side. By order of the Mayor. '1 he member of the Chicago bar are requested to meet at 51 Canal street, on Thursday morning, October list 11 o'clock. for tbe purpose of takiug action in regard to Courts and the necessary legis- All Good Templar Lodges suffering in the late calamity are welcomed io Warren Lodge Hall, in .Masonic Temple, corner of Randolph and Ualsted streets. Members of the White Stocking Base Ball Clnb are requested to meet this alternoon. at i o'clock, in Bachelor s Hall, on State street, for the transaction of tbe most important business. All the executive officers of the City Government and the Aldermen are requested to meet at the corner or Ann and West Washington streets, at W a. m. Wednesday. Octolier 11. IMPORTANT MEETING. The adjourned meeting of the citizens of the SoTtti Si .j will be hei-1 in the Standard deb Hall, ' " c Kmerof."'"'!" avenue and Thirteenth street, at 2 o'clock tWarreSK. toarrangeiliiiil ' iT.Se iinmediaterebuiidingortnWiusiness portion of the south Division. .iorae of our most prominet business men will be present. PROCLAMATION. 1 All ritlzer. are reqnestcd to exercise great can' ion in the use of fire in their dwellings, and not to use kerosene lights at present, as the city will be without a full supply of water for probably two or three days. ...... 'the follow inr bridges are passable, to wit: Ail 'bridges (except Van rturcn and Adams streets from l:lk street; souin, anu an unuge over n North Branch ot the Chlcaga River. 3. All got.d citizens who are willing to serve are re:inet(ti to report at thj corner " of Ann and Vhs1i;.utc:i stree:s, to be sworn in aa special poiir n : n. ' Citi' - i:re requested to organizes police f" tv-c'i bh.tU in the citv, ami to send reports oi snch or" .motion to th- police headquarters, corner of i "i u iiiHt west Madison streets. All per.-nu ueedii. Ii.Kl will lie relieved by ap-plving at :he following places: rr.:'o;VVouu tsss,Maoai "linoU " ".tfirT. it. Twenty-second streei "ration H. f t. It. ( anal street depot. St. L. Ic A. R. It. Near Sixteenth street. C. ii N. Y. It. U. Corner of Kinzie aud Ciuia streets. All tbe pui'iir schuolhouses. and at nearly all the cimr!i.s. 4. Citizei i -, ' " avoid passing thnrab the b ln-t t . - .1- neiou walls left slanii ' ' - m tit l'H:.1 -l ... .' 1 " . t ilv diri'riorv. Tl -.! PR' TE('Tlt. iimi OMi.iral Ueri';au ' toiv a Tt ' ilsj iiiunnry f-i-iLnns in !h:i: .-.-;! r l.1) I- i;.;-d 'a'-'fr t'-iwps. t.t be sL; - i -,i on' "i tiy syiv'ui 'i.'iiiis. T.f-se troop ed O r.'.ieti t inenu'o t-us un-rull!. and .rritjuTi i: to:'o;,e;te,li! r. in.linin resi- tine 'U. --; (s r:iou.--- f tli-. i i y i- a pro- .. ill be d; ifetst e air '1 te-.i.m etc It :;dliist in, --ii,!i:in.:i. vliiK-ry. pitta-e, is not imti-rn'iu'ile :ti.if. iti-; el!v will be vUu-' d ii : der m o'i in' lnv. I'li'X'I-AMATIwN" Tt.ef-l on"sr p:oclamatis were issued during liie :ii'eru-o.i : Hl.i'.H.x-. Li il ' jiioi.lenr of tJod. to whose -.-iii hc !iC:e!My s .h;n;l. n lerr;h!e calamily has t-e-t ti,. no!trt:! .frli de!li:'ms of tl our tx -t ef iori for ii. .'rrvatioti of order, and the relit f of tfl" -ll;r- rlt . If K I !' KNOWN. Tha ilie faith rod rrdit of tbe ri;y ol t 'l ic ijr i- luirelv iitdej for the necessary ei-s,-s i"- ihe -eUcf of the snl-Vrinj. Pa'iiic ir-iTcriviK ts; p s-.i ved. Tb j iMtiice and s;i-.-eial ptv !!ce now hemi; 3-i-iiiitsd, will Im rsiH-nsite ) tin nni. Ti?e.ifi::cc d lie- jeace and in ; prtitecion of I "!-' -. All oitt- kc sic! raea of the Kir Pr pari merit irul IT-.ititli L'..-- irti.teut wiil a L ;?s -;h:ri3l t.'onceuien with- at further noil-;. Tl.o M .yor snd o:ntnd-lerwit. giv.- z-iejcrs for all -nriMes foruti-befi tiv ili drtVerenl reiirf cnjaii'U-cs. Ttio headqnar-ters .f tue e;iy ijoveriiTiieiit will lw at thj t'onre-lionai C'liiieh, coii:er of West Waslilieton ard .n;i stipe's. AJ p-rsoi-s are warned against any i I j atls telidili.' to cii..aoe,.r p.-npcriy. A.ler-miit eni-rit in ; iiy i-j):eiiaii,.n will !;- iuiniuitiai-iiy With the ".elp of Cod order uid pace and privitte pfpe:-t -liali 'H.- ;ire-erved. Tb- City tfovcrn-in:--iit c(:nim;iuesofc.tix-:n iledi-i: tbeno-elves t- ihe co.iimuuiy to pi-.ilert tbem. and proiia'S the way for a restoration n.pu'nlic and prlvaio welfare. It is be lie vtd the fire naj sjuji.t its fre, and all . ill so.'-ii In weii. !1. B. MASON. Mayor. OEO. TAYLOR, Comptroller, Bv R. B. MASON. CHARLES C. V. H0UEN, I'rusident Com.uon Council. I . U. FROWN, J'i-enscnt Board of Polise. Ir II lesst, of Cool least, land. '. w v i THE PRINTERS V.J ., At a meeting of tha Chicago Typographical "I'motf, held at 15 South Canal street. President John ' M. Farqnhar In the chair and Mr. E. J. Laf-fertys temporary Secretary . ttelier.cuiusarttue, composed of Msssrs Van Dnzer, Streat, Bocncr, C. Philbrick and 8. McNamars was appointed.- Morgan G. Mills, tbe regular Treasurer, waa appointed Treasurer of the Relief Funds. A committee of seven to assign and Jirocliro work for members was appointed, as fbl-ows r Maxsre.' J. Kearna. Isaac Walker, M. J. HorVcv, M. G. Mason, Albert Auer and W. Niros. President Farquhar waa appointed as a commit iee to secure transportation for members leaving the eltv. The Financial Secretary was Instructed to issue traveling cards free to tbose withdrawing. - The headquarters of the Union are at IS and 15 North Desplaines. where the officers and tbe mem. bers of the committee will meet dally from U a. m. to 8 p. m. The President was instructed to Issue til following telegraphic dispatch : Unco,0ct.'l,1otl.'. To the Subordinate Unions vf the International Typographical Union : The disastrous are of the past two days has totally destroyed every printing establishment in this citv, throwing out of employment over eight hundred printers. W e want immediate pecuniary reliefall veal can snare. Remit to Monran G. Mills, care American M. V., or the United S!i tea, or the Adams Ex- press t'o.s. Chicago. t i JOHX M. FARQHAB, ires i imcago rypogrspnicai ttuuu, ac jo. 'AN OFFER. -' . - : . The following has been received bv Mayor Mason; To the Ma vol. 1 am autnonzeo to reuaer me nse oi ins nuij Famll v School Bnlldlnir on Monran near lilh street. and also the basement of their church oaltitheor. Mav streets, with such assistance as may o necessary. ' BOARD OF HEALTH. The nnblfc are cautioned not to make nee of water rlosets in houses, or allow nizbt soil to be deposited in honse drams, as it will he dangerous to nealtn, and water trom tne artesian wei wm w distributed as far as possible on the West Side. The water from th South branch may be used for cooking and drii.kli g : water from tb North hnnrh should no- h ed tor cookm-; ordrinkiae The chnrrhes :icJ school houses ore open lor shelter, where food will be distributed. Office of Board of Health at Laclede liouso, cor- .ifr of Msdon snd Canal streets. II. A. JOHNBGN. Acting Sanitary Superintendent, PUBLIC OFFICES. " The Post Office is in Bnrliuirton Hall, at the cor ner of State and Sixteenth streets, and all the mailsarc taken there. Tbe Telegraph OlBcc la situated in tbe same bnitdinfr The public fchools will not -' be opened this winter. The headquarters of the City Government are in the First Congregational Churcb,cornerof Ann and Washington streets. All tbe United States Government offices Mar-shal. Assessor. Collector. Ac are at Congress Hall. The County Relief Headquarters are at the corner of Randolph and Jefferson streets. TO THE HOMELESS. The headquarters of the General Relief Couimitf tee are at in, conerretraiionai inurcu. comer v- Washinirtor : nd Ann streets. All of tbe Public School bui : gs, as well as tbe Churches, are open for the sheila of persons who do not find other ac-co.: ii'Oitations. When food Is "not found at such builtiii.g- ''e pnwided by the committee ou appltcat.r... . luarters. vSON'. Mayor. . ii, McA VOT. South Dlvlson. N. K. FJURBANK, South Division. W. B. BATEHAM. Wi-st Division. ORRIN E. MOORE, West Division. M. A. DKV1NE. North Division. JonN HERTUNG. North Divison. General Relief Committee. C. T. HUTCHKISS, Secretary. CntcAoo, Oct. 10, 1H71. Depots have been established at the West Side Rink rnmcr Ada and Randoloh streets, at Nos. 90 and 5 North Canal street, and also (probably) at Seavcrn's warehouse, corner Clark and Four teenth streets, for the purpose of receiving and distributing provisions, clothing, and other necessaries to such as present orders from the Relief Committee. Persona in pressing need of food need not necessarily present orders. Bv order of the ' RELIEF COMMITTEE. The homeless and hungry can find food and sheltei and au abundance of water, at cither of tha public school buildings, and at ail the churches. The Jesuit t bnn hand college building and school bouse, on Sooth Morgan street, have been opened for tlie lodging of those unable to find other accommodations. The Cathedral of SS. Peter and Paul, corner of Peoria and Washington streets; the Congregational Church, corner of Green and Peoria streets ; the Church of tbe Redeemer, corner of Sangamon and Washington, and Congregational Church, corner of Ann street, are all open to tbe homeless for food and shelter. 'The old Soldiers' How, on Douglas place, ia open lor tbe reception of all who may be homeless in the South Division. An intelligence office for tbe lost bto be locat ed at 7 o'clock this morning at the corner of Twelfth and State streets. AH organizations may, through their respective committees, draw for supplies on tbe committee In cbarge of the same at the various depots. Tbey will please advise said committee of the names of persons authorized to draw supplies. Tbe general headquarters for s applies is at Noa. 50 and 5 South Canal street. . A committee of the citizens of Cleveland, consisting ot N. B. Payne, W. T. Warner, Colonel W. U. Varna rd, David Price, Mr. Mason, Mr. Afford, bas arrived in Chicago, bringing with thent from fire to eight car loads or provisions. Three car loads of provisions, from an unknown source, arrived on ycnieruay, on tne Michigan Southern Railway. OUTSIDE RELIEF. 8T. LOUIS. At a meeting of the Board of Trade of St. Louis. held at noon ou Momiav. tlu.tXO were subscribed. The Merchants' Exchange subscribed f lUU.UUU, and the Common Council has voted $5M,0Ou. Ten cars of cooked provisions arrived here yesterday, twenty more came m last aigut. Anere, ranB nere nunng tne nps-' mree steam uines from Cincinnau,'r&u3r arrivca mi a a. m.. one from Dayton at the same hour, two from Indi anapolis at 3 a. m., two trom Detroit, one each from Aurora. Ouinev. and Milwaukee, the latter arriving early Monday morning. Provisions have been sent from Toledo and De troit. PEORIA. The city of Peorta has subscribed f 10,030 for the rellel ot suncrers. prrTSBLRon. Pittsburgh has su'.'sc ibed luo.ovi. OF.fROlT. Detroit has snbsciiuud $75,000, and the amount ...teaanyuicreasing The Committee of Citizens and DKmbera of iSa Common Council of Cincinnati, arrived in this citv at tbe Kinzlo street depot at 5 o'clock last evening, with eleven car loads of rupp'de, consisting of bread, crackers, cheese, coffee, eie and 4,000 blankets, together with 15,000 in cash. Two car loads of provisions and two sieani are engines and equipments from Louisville, arrived at ihe same hour aid at tbe same depot. The Cincinnati Common Council, at a meeting on Monday afternoon, appropriated the sum of 9100.000 lor t ie relief of Chicago, aud will increase the amount to S500,000 if needed. Tbe committee from CincinnaU who came with the provision tra- yesterday are J. L. Keck, Chairman ; J- - Crane, Secretary; H. W. Brown, W. H Harrison, Richard Smith, J. l. Talbot, Hugh McWrney. F. G. Smith, Aif Cutter, 8. D. Lenuier. A. P. :. Bonte, Tbos. F. Shaw, P. CMIahan ; Prank E. Kevin. nqulrr; J. W. Milir, Cotnnerdtil ; W. P. Perkins. Chronicle; E. Kotn - K V. Brooktleld: Charles Selden. Telegraph i Frnk Foetmau, Sergeant-at-Arms; Wm. Folger, Cty Auditor. 'IK .'OI RT HOI SI. AJ Till.' 1.10 HKIIItOH. -'-iiclie'i of the Court Ho9s t wa- ' B- j "I "- 1 . 'be owners of ready. ibrebaJ t-sen, i. , ;Vu if the o:!ginal building was er the admirwiUIe svsrem of re- . of t!.e record ol dI, .. . -;u thought tha if these .- 1 -'S lost, and that a ?om-i ' ' wkfcn A soon d take ' proafcf till. Land Ue -v and i t Conk : .X: j . t . value. The lire. h .Uvir s-es of i he oaino rcial iltatiio "u-n . tit i tae . - : nal bi tire ocr. U . tlie v.ii. WdS I.Ih t reeon) ' Ss.Ho ftieet af-'iy pres-.-rveii. i -. not kn,iwn. lftt., plete. But for the ease i. . Chicago and their fi e i world. I -t it bo kmnvt l-e aaiu p-oduCed. N Dsrhaos. tint bv each ii-J. ! , . ,-; X .1 ' i r v.. : i.c ' ' ( i ! .- ! "t ii'i-! 1 .$. i.' .: iii " ;; i u iii--!.- ,r i!ih'j.i - j l.iri.'!-tot. U.:r.M-. ; 'V ? l'..i... 1 :?-oef-. rcr-Til of every pendin -e'U execution, and nearl e -Till i uion. is In existence. '.U, ju-i ,r"f-l . .i. ;f-i"TSt tt r ; i..-i...,Mit. .'-I.- - " ? ..1 4blci.u has kcoi record of etediugs. aud that same priv. ltrast saed t'ie mrlex to it a Company have savad Ihelr . . !':r.. i,.it at jAl .'. Wfc:e Ofbrr t'i cfup.w i-ioire? 1 ' ' caes, which. by koo,-written up to ifaturttay t.i?;h- ' saved their map books, showir . unions, snixUvtsious. etc. fres, are tlitir b-iikof origins! paten . , ibe copies of abstracts they ba-e tr course of tbeir business, i .saved their tract books, showing ; I.ut thev have lust some 4tJ volume tlf.ft. -!. IV I . u,.n. i . t " te:- .! v. f ! ) tviK. ' : 11 '. . - ' ' . i; ;i s ' . . nnie-i expistited they uid not estabi: -I: 1'. W. Joues to., too, hnvr prot. ' tlitrir bouks of record. Their vault U . hut, so lar as linmao eye can see, i' Tnese will ca-roborf.te tba others, and, v . i; , r-'iv.e C t v.-1 1 1. . - ' -T I- .? '' 1 . . ;'. i i l . .' if' '"j- I ' safe, will till suy gaps io tile oil) so far as they agree, will supply ok vt ith at least complete abstracts o ters mtkt have oeeu wanm fcr tue AsforlldePh.tli. vaoliiofTaE Th sliding toen to save held, their own. I. If tab) prmvwbe so when they arewosaaed. thai will be fswnd comnlota records sf aU property in Hydsi IPark. -- ! . . Beyond Uris there was toved sccor kept by a rcpuncr vi iq pwper, uvmpieie, wi ios amis brought In Chicago since the 11th day of December, ltST, almost to the present date, with tne cirenm- iwiicn ut lis " ' " K C - - In respect to the records of tbe criminal trials, acquittals, and convictions they are of the lost. excepting so far aa the extracts which havs accompanied prisoners to Jolict verify what was of re cord. It had never been deemed Becejuary by the county omciais to place tnese recoraa In a vault. But the pendiBir Indictments arc nreserved. These were in safe lately provided. The thieve and other preyera npes) Humanity may nave escapea lor uie ttaw oetns; 07 reason of tbe eatamKr which has ntllesi anon tne city, but they had better tako advantage of tbat loerty, enrorcea npon tne people, to Mare in precincts of Chicaira lor tbe crime amtlnot them are still of record in that vault, which la safe, and in few days Juries will return, at least, to the duty of enforcing the criminal taw. - Of th United State record not serapls known to remain. The onhr erne to the records of these court will be, a has ' been stated, for the Cook County.records, to be found In tne abstract makers books which bar neon preserved. THE GREAT FERES OF - HISTORY. In tbe midst of ail the blank wonder with which the people of Chicago noted aa they are for energy ana nopeiumess were rorcea tostsnd ana gas ei the havoc which the element were making with their property ; in tbe midst, oven, of Ike sorrow that the calamity was' bringing to every hearth, one might often hear this apparently frivolous utterance: Well, Chicago fas si way been beat on Dealing tne worm in everything sue naa none t again now. She bas had the most destructive tire ever known." This is unquestionably true. The fire which devastated Chicago- on Saturday, Sunday, Xondav, and Tuesday Is unquestionably tne greatest fire' and the greatest disaster, so far a property is concerned, that r known to history. The principal conflagration which have happened in America, after that of New York (noted below), are those of Charleston, S. C, in 1838, which destroyed 1,158 buildings, and extended over 145 acres; those ot Ouebec, in May and Jane, 1845, which, together, destroyed i.900 building and many live; that of Charleston, 8 C, in 1S5, which laid nearly the whole city in ruins; and that of Portland, Mo.. In the following year, which almost totally destroyed tbat beautiful city- The damage In thai case amounted, scarcely more than one-tenth ot that which Chicago ha now suffered. The great London lire, which we often hear referred to as the typo of destructive conflagrations, raeed four days and nights (viz, from Sept. 4 to 7, lrjbfi), burnt over 436 acres and destroyed live-sixths or all the city within walls. But tbe Loodoa of that day was a town ol only' 400,000 Inhabitants, and having been already devastated hy the terrible plague of lbu5, bad doubtles been abandoned by manv or Us wealthy inhabitants.. .Tie value of buildings, moreover, in those days was exceedingly small when compared to onr times. About seventy-live year ago- the principal portion of Charleston,-S. was. destroyed by fir snd large number of it people rained. Compared to the great fire of New lork, in 1835. tt waa larger in extent, though probably not destroying so niucii property. Other historical fire ar those of Moscow, destroyed by military order; of Canton, China, about thirty year ago, when more than a mile square of tbe most densely populated portion of the city waa destroyed, and ot Yeddo recently, about - which Utile is known. - The great fire of . New York.. occurred on the 16th of December, 18.15. and destroyed 678 tores, and many other buildings. In the best built quarter of the city, but the total amount of damage was stftiuiated at $leU00,UU0, against th 9125,-000,000 (some sat it higher! which the devouring element haa snatched away from na in Chicago. Hut London waa rebuilt in four years, and New York, though also scourged terribly by cholera in 133 and Ie34. and visited in 1837 by th financial crash of tbat year, increased her population more man ou per cent aunng me aecaaeot ltsu-tu. bo Chicago, aided by the sympathy and already tendered assistance of her friends in other part of the country, joined to the indomitable and elastic energy of her own people, will be bailded again, solemnly yet determinedly, npoa the still smoldering ashes of her late glory, and become known aa the Phoenix City an appellation to which her somewhat obsolete on of Garden City will readily give place. COXMEBCUL. Tcboat EvxKmo.Oct. 10, The great fire haa prostrated baain. : There was no buying or aeiling to-day, except to feed the hungry. For th information of our rssder la I he country wa give a synopsis of tbe produce bust oeas on Saturday last. - - High wine weak, closing at 92c. Lake freights quiets .on the bast of 1454c on wheat, and 13;4e on corn, to Buffalo, - Provisions dull, closing as' follows: He pork. $13.00; do seller January, (13.35; Lard, 9Xc; do seller January, H1H 5 sweet pickled bam, HQ 19c ; greaa do. T)4c ; should era, fie ; short ribs. 6Ve short clear, Tc; boxed meat, c mora than loose; mess Deer, 5M.0U; extra mess beef, f 11.00. Tallow. 8!48c. The shipments of last week were: a brUbeer, 9,474 oris pork, 80S, 938 lbs hud, and 1,048, 599 lb meat. The stock her last Saturday went 15,500 brls pork, 7,000 tea lard, 3,100,000 lb meats, 1,235 tcs ham. A boa t two-lRlrds of this slock wa destroyed by th fire. Flour quiet at former price ; about tbe same as week previously. Stock tbea 30,000 brls; half burned np. Wheat wa lc higher, closing at 3 1.M for No. 1. $1.1? for No. t. $1.14 for Na 3, and 11.07 for refected. November at 31. tl. Winter wheat at 11.25 for No. 3 red, and f 1.15 for No. 3. Sale. 301,000 bu. Corn dull at 46?, for No. 1 or No. 3 ; rejected at 43KC Sale. 337,900 bo. OatafirmatSOc; seller November ait 31 Ue; re Jected at 97Xc. Total, 135,800 bu. Rye firm at 65c for No. 1 or No. 9, .-Z3i&Xiic lot rereciea. oaies, 7," Lo Barley weak at. TCe for No. 1. and sue for Vo s- oesSTbn. The answer to replies sent out by Milward A Co. to various points, in refereneo to the hog crop," show that tbe general Increase Is variously rated at 10 to 95 per cent, while tne British Isle showea 5 per cent increase over last year. Catte Receipts of week, 10.824; shipments do, 7,023; market dull and declining at $1.75&5.O0 for choice beeves j (L95L5t far good do; $3.75 4.99 for fair grade; 3.503.73 for stock and medium ; and Si.0fX2.2 i5 for inferior. Hosts Receipt for week 38,728; shipments. 36,969; market steady at S4.00&4.25 for good to medium ; and $i.30&M tot good to extra. 8 beep quiet a f4J54.75 for good to choice; and SS.5-00 lDr common to medium. Lumber active and firm. The following ware the price afloat: Joist and scantling, $13.50; good boards and strip, S16.00&17.50; common do. 14.09 15-M; choice mill run, tl8.0OfSSI.0O; shingles, f3.loes.90; pickets, $8.00; lath, $9.19J. The following were yard price : Third clear, $tt.OG35.00; clear flooring, rouf h, JS7.0038 00; clear aiding, t'M.OKfciJ.OO; common do, $17.0018.00; common flooring, dressed, $L0O2.0; stock boards, f .0030.W; common boards, joists, fencing, c, $15X0; cedar posts, $16.00. " , Butter In light supply at 16&22c for rood to chohw; 9 16c for Inferior to common. Oh, 13'ii3!4 lot Western factory. Coal at $11. for Lehigh; $3.0Jfor Erie awl Briar Hill; $5.50 for Wilmington. Common coffee, 19&90c; Java do. aaXOSZc Caudt... vaxime, llffiiac; Ur do. 13ff";i7c. Eggs, 9022c Appies, M&n na In barrel lots. Nails, 3-iH-nny, per keg, SLS7U I l'.,t.i:oes, i5'ii:6.'ic for mixed lo t, and 6570e for wacli blii. Soap. 6'i.5t7c. Common starch. l(J, G- ; coru da, 1C(311C Sugars, crushed, 13 IS c ; A's. 12 ;13c ; molasses ngar C, Iric Japan teas, 60ri$t.Sd; hyson, bOcilf I.M ; gun toivdcr,I.'t.Hl.. To-day it was estimated tln.t above i,100.t)OP bn of grain was burned iu tbe four elevators de stroyed; leavlug us with a stm-lt of 4,500 COO bu. TUere were practically ao receipts and ship ments of produce to-da;- or ye:erday, except tbat sent lu br the charitable in o her cities. A few car loads of jratn arrived, but were left on track out side the city. The probability is that 5 par cent of all tbe accounts of transactions on 'Change are destroyed, and it Is impossible to tell what will be i'ie future course of trade. It now septus probable . t option trwlos unsettled at U time of the fire. bo unsettled f-rerer; tli Board d will take action on tha matter on : -v next. The hoard vriH be in order for bi-tuyortno. iu the.r new quarters, on v .l street, near tbe Washington Street . ., be elevators remaining unbomed will eive and ship grain. The Stuck ; ; 'njured, and so were the packing - t -f ,il!ch He outside tbe "lilt loess t ' There is really nothing fa hinder . , i -' .-.: and provisions, except tbe , - . -jc "t cannot now be toidhow ex-! m ;1 -ate. To-day will probably rat measure. rchandise waa principal-esale marts are all razed - very irregular, some r. ,i.-usly to tbe prices of drantafecf the sit :, bread. sbiI sugar -d to be soanpsp a-Irsrt tb iinicsl-mpply fnnn oiUer -' .i to prevent any I iaie here, who tuvelort every rafrw rents in :. I srill hav tern. o- rs wi'.l taka fc-.-i i. nd opea eot a s ft; on thr . - i... f-'. I tlmeb!br re f.-oi th terrible it -?t'l. ltselli onr : i-'l! , WEDNESDAY. OCTOBER 11, 18U. The Chicago Tbibumc has opened its offices at Nolfi South Canal street. West Division, and tb paper will homaftnr be tegularly issued from that place till further notice. 0 CHEER UP. Ia the midst of a calamity without parallel in the world's history, looking upon the ashes of thirty years' accumulations, the people $this once beautiful city have resolved that CHICAGO SHALL RISE AGAIN With woe' on ; every hand, with death !n many strange places, with two or three hundred millions of our hard-earned property swept away in a few hours, the hearts of our men and women are still brave, and they look into the future with undaunted hearts. As there has never been such a ca. Iamity, so has there never been such cheerful fortitude in the face of deso- latiotuand ruin. Thanks to die blessed charity of tlie good people of tlie United States, we shall not suffer from hunger or nakedness in this trying time. Hundreds of train-loads of provisions are coming forward, to us with all speed from every quarter, from Maine to Omaha. Some have already arrived more will '.reach us before these words are printed. Three-fourths of our inhabited area is still saved. The water supply will be speedily renewed. Steam fire - engines from a dozen neighboring cities have already ar rived, and more are on their way. It seems impossible that any further pro gress should he made by the f.ames, or that any new fire should break out that would not be instantly extin guished. - . Already contracts havc been made for rebuilding some of tlie burned blocks, and the clearing -away of the debris' will begin to-day, if the heat is so far subdued that the charred material can be handled. Field, Leiter & Co., and John V. Farwell & Co. will recommence business to-da-. The money and securities in all the banks are safe. The railroads, are working with all their energies to brinir us out - of our affliction. The three hundred millions of capital invested in these roads is bound to sec us through. They have been built with special reference to a great commercial mart of this place, and they cannot fail to sustain us. Chicago MUST RISE AGAIN. We do not belittle tlie calamity that has befallen us. . The world has probably never seen the like of it certainly not since Moscow burned. But the forces of nature, no less than the forces of reason require that tlie exchanges of a great region should be conducted here. Ten, twenty years may be required to reconstruct our fair city, but the capital to rebuild it fire-proof will be forthcoming. The losses we have suffered must be borne; but the place, the time, and the men are here, to" commence at the bottom and work up again; not at the YxAkta neither, for we have, credit in every land, and the? experience of one upbuilding of Chicago to help us. Let us all cheer up, save what is yet left, and we shall come out right. The Christian world is coming to otir relief. The worst is already over. In a few days more all the" dargers will be past, and we can resume the bat tle of life with Christian faith and Western grit. Let us all cheer up ! CONDITION OF THE BANKS One ot the points of ereatest inter est is to know the condition of the banks. On this point ft is well un derstood that on Saturday nieht the twenty leading banks of the city held an average amount ot cash means, viz : currency, bonds, and New York exchange, equal to 35-per cent of their ''aggregate deposits. We believe, after a careful examination of the bank vaults, that nearly every dol" larof this will be saved. Three of tlie National Bank vaults v. -: c opeiL- ed yesterday, and everything found :atact. The most imrxrtant rxInt. 4 A 7 however, is the "bills receivable.' A earful analysis of this item gives a more cheerful aspect to affairs than might be expected. ' Of tlie aggre gate loans, nearly two-thirds - "were made to lumber, gram, and provision dealers. . The provision and lumber dealers huve lost comparatively little ; and as f jt the grain dealers the entire loss of grain wHl not exceed $2,000,- 000. 1 ins loss would tall mainly on about six leading "grain banks.? The ereatest lots in the " bills receiv able " of the hanks will be on lar mercantile paper. If this merca n tile paper is worth even 20 cents on J the dollar, there is reason to hope that the banks will ulbmately timl . that their" MLs receivable" arc worth, I " ' on an average. 6o cents on tie dollar, A ooi-l-ianss. conderablvmore. -It J 1 7 J will uke tirre to make thi available, but we belieie that some a uie partus a . 1 1 wAl ultimately pay the whole of their a..- Thi must, oleonrse, have a vaw4M V.mcmaS Oil. Sltul some nu.-ucy w fi" ' I t a. for th reosoa will not v vy nvthm? verr soon. There is to oc a n( hankers at the wabasb avenue residence of C.T, Wheeler, Esq., tcwiay, at 2 p. mwhert ani-f im,;tv cf action will lgrI upon . . I a 2ftrt tlie banks I tbe ;,i vrrwrart! to the DOi . . , : ..:ofaV the cir- M1UU1U ... . - trout cumstances, .o r. :k7uWllrrl S?it "ive1 ' SViriE'S ioanKS, iv I U1 via' .ptdyW . p..! prP'on r ; p-v of ll t lieir .liabilities. They iye some money loaned ton real estate which will not be. ayailabjejfo Jong J time, but they also have a large amount in government bonds and other; securities. Tlie greatest thing in their favor is that they have no mercantile paper. The banks have - taken temporary offices, mainly at tsvo . points, viz.: Burlington Hall, on State street, and on West Randolph street, near Jefferson. . : -'i l The records of deeds were burned up in tlie Court House, but the in dexes vvere saved, ; and tlie abstract firms, Shortall & Hoard and Chase Brothers, have saved their abstract books complete. . " TO LOCAL COMMITTEES. Trains are arriving almost every hour ' laden with provisions, under charge of committees from neighboring cities. There should be sub-committees of our local relief organization tofjliect them, and direct the tlis-position of their supplies. Otherwise' they will go roaming around in Vain in search of tlie proper authorities, as the Cincinnati committee did last night. We understand that all the railroads take passengers free out of the city to the neighboring towsis and country. Tlie more who avail them selves of this opportunity to get away for a period the better. Tlie work of feedinf and otherwise caring for. the destitute multitude is necessarily immense, and any reliet tiiat may come by a removal of any portion to other localities, where they can re ceive attention, will be very gre Tlie scarcity of work, as well of provisions, make it very desirable that the unemployed should seek work elsewhere, and they should be urged to avail themselves of the liberality of the railroad companies. ST. LOUIS SUBSCRIPTION. Tlie fol'owinfjr is the detailed ac- coxmt of the subscriptions as inadc in St. Louis : General A. Galevy, 200 ; Joy, $100; - Win. L. Ewing, G. L. $250; J. S. Green tt Co., $100; a gentle- man whose ofleinir is 10 percent, of what he owns, $500 ; Taussig, Livingston fc Co., $100; E. J. Ken ned, $100; Samnel Pdtz, $100; Laveille, Warren t Co., Southern Hotel, $1,000; Capt. Peter Conrad, $5,000; James A. Brawner, $500; Gerard U. Allen, -$1,000; S. C. Davis & Co., $1,000; P. Plant, $1,000; M. Smith, $500; James $1,000; Erastns WHs, George Walur Robb, 500; Appleton, Noyes fc Co., $500 ; Hudson E. Bridge, $2,000; E. O. Stan-ard, $500 ; American Wine Company, $1,000; Isaac Cook, President), Crow, SlcCerry fc Co., $500 ; Marcus A. Woolf, $250 ; Anne L. Hunt, $1,000; James II. Lucas, $i,ooo; Hitchcock, $500; Geoorge Knapp & Co., $1,000; H. B. Graham, $200; James O. Broad-head, $100; Murray, Nully & Co,, $300; More & Co., $200; Joseph Larkins, $100 ; Home Mutual Insurance Company, ;$100.J ' D. A. January fc Co., $250 ; Joseph Gar-nean, 1,000 pounds of bread, 1,000 pounds of crackers, or the equivalent in money ; Rossay, Sbirmer & Co., $50; Northrop fc Co., $100 ;. St. Louis and New Orleans Packet Company, $100; Derby fc Day, $500; Johannes Lndwig, $100; Keach' & Wilson, $100; R. B. Ober, Ion, $100; St. $100; S. G. Scan-Louis and Peoria Packers Company, $175; H. C. Yaegcr fc Co., $250; Frank W. Beard, $25 ; J. II. Lewis & Co., $100; Merchants Southern Line Packet Company, $100; Hallman & Bros, (liquors), $100 ; J. M. Polack, $56; S. M. Edgell, $500. IIEI. OMBORX In this eity, un Mondsv ovenitiff, liza 8.. wife of Wm. Osoorn, aged 55 years and 11 month. Fnneral from her late residence. No. 11 South Carpenter-st., Wednesday. Oct. 11, at 11 o'clock, tteuiains will be taken to Rosebill for interment. I. O. O. F. O. o. All 111 it P.-llntvK tr. TfnnnoAoA I. .......t at thA j ball of Fort Disrlioni IkhI-jh No. 14, corner of I Ualsted and Madison-"!., this (Weduesdsy) morn- Iin, ailvoxiWK. u. KiJUtlt". K. Ji. SUtK-M AN. i. WAHD ELMS. V. H. CROCKER, J. K. THO.MPSOX. LEWIS DODGE., . I. O. O. IT-. Excelsior Lodije. Xo.SJ, will meet at Fort Dearborn Hail, corner of Madison and Halsted nt-, this evening at"!, o'clock. - .umS H. KEIXOtJO. N G. REMOVAL. REMOVAL. I have removed mv real estate office to No. 1Z South Canal-st., next door toljilituie office. H. C. MOItBY. COMMISSION. Dow, Moran & Co., PfOdllCe Commiscioii Mer- chailtS. and Dealers iu w p pi f -ar ?n - fVVX - ' t . r,?-' Woof T.olrnnf f11,;n " muau. STOVES. ' STOVE TRADE-!! Oor wareboare ca th Nortk Pier, with onr n. ItWtttOCK Off stoves, was saved from flie Tim l.u. oi our sampiu room wui uot iatcrru;tourbusiues id ine leatu.. We can fill orders for any stoves wtibont at y de Isr. JOHV P. RATHBOXE Jt CO. REWARD. iiuersi rewira win o paiu lortne rem: n oi following lnj.irgo laken Monday, from Hnm- can on-sv peiweeu oiaia ana waoao-aT. I'l J.K t. w r-arK. y two yooas tiennans : One brown Iratber trUllk. Ulirill" lock- nsnwv nT AWllr an nllM in ; one sole leather trunk, with tanvass cctot. - WJ.'.H "' Chicago, oa cover, .ndooe cassia miner vanse, wiin two locks, very W. C. C. OILL18P1E. 473 VTabasb-ir. TlTTTillTITil.nti NJrfMlUM For SALE AT H&LE tfcBROS., ii r 10, isV14 & 16 CANAL STREET. Tlie Chicago If AYE THEm EOOIS AT 51 53 THE .7CVE.NINGJ- POST will 'bG .iiTied regularly this afte-.oon and here after, at and 97 West Randolih treet, cornsr of Jeffersoii." D. BCjAKELEY, Presid'rnt Pest Printing Co npany. rid MUM Manufacturing Co. rjimmExrs omen, 10 North Jefferson-st., Chicago. Oar properly was spared by I lie tcirible conflagration which has just swept br city, and we arc therefore prepared (with increascu facilities for manufacturing) tol stinnlv our frienda with nur nmilfir ..r.Ll JmiAV; w. receipt of OrtlcTS. WROUGHT IROX.STEATft v.ifi AS PIPE. STEALS ENGINES, STE.VM PUMPS. IT ?S GOODS, &c.; &e. . . t H J. 'BANE, President. KEITH BROS. vt a on? i- it.- n unonnce to our old custom er and the trail'. U it we expect to be able to re eafte business th onr nsnnl stix-t, ciid be ab,!e to nil allor'tc.-M vi ?cmt two weeks from this data Oar office is s! .t at 916 PftAiRIE AVENUE. ITH BROTHERS. Tnne and - efjpi . STOVi: TRADE ! Oar TViireli.- :' on tha Korth rier, vritii our L.iu. stock of Stoves, was Wk rau fill i.ii orders wlthoot a.uvr fie. lay. The lo.. -vf onr sample room v ill lint lTitei-r--- " - :i onr bnsiness. John F. R 3ihbone& Co. toanHkaW-- ' -FrBBaaaaaaVBaaassBMHniiMMBaal Broad' 5 aihsrs & Treyser, tLa-.e .ib . ..ia1u-.iv. ad Callahan A r5ro.iday.) Bill Porters anfl DistrilHlors, 13 tsar iCanal Street F. H. Broudrr -v. M. D. Bro.-.dw.ty. ). A. Treyser. In th? B:is!i,i- 'Jfilcc of THE EVEXIXti nRNAL. - Jtrsic. F. 2IEGFIELD (rircttjrof Cblcaso Academy of Mu.-ic) teacher of music, May be found, for the at ARCHITECT. a ' , JLUVniTUUT, will resume badness at St Canalni!., In a few davs. RBWAKD A liberal reward will bo paid fur the rctur of the following hug. rae, taken 3Iondav front belsreva atate aud Wa-ba-b aveoae, Uarrisoa ati-eet. by I m o yiNiui; gentlemen, lo Lata Park, ono brvt'B leather tniDt, prin; lock, with ibe najoe. of owner on a plate in front, one sole leather Irank, with canvas over, niark-d W. -C. O. Chicago," on the covcr.andon blaek Kossia leather valine, wiih two lock very lare siae. W. C V. GIIXESP1K, j.v apasn avenue. ioni: -f?OR SALE-Nos. C3 antl & Canal A. afreet. ' Buildin-' GilSO. foor stotrs - and basement, lot 46xlSJ. KEUR A DA'VlOV. No, JOIUj fS, nv stairs. WANTED INFORMATION P. J i. O'Connor wh-hes Information of his re'a- Rfll'S i M TP Sill1 tlve. Mr. Frank Wsddock and Mr. V. J. tt'alrh. He ta heard of at the Jesuit t'bnrch. TOAKD AND NICE FURNISHED XJ rooaaKo. ell Twenty-euih street. ,.. Il. 9. B. WALKEB, Of I LIST.- Of. TICK ovi-r Kvot's'fliug-store, corner ot MtiM street. no will f BUSINESS CARDS. , THE OPFICK OF fsn.-rw "; -a JAY, ALLEN & CO? is now located ' at ftn Icli!L-an nv minor! .ii:ouxiiiii4i M-rji u jjn-c auoriai-:i zm will he there iinriir..i mmuill cations, ttr- tirm will he ,he. dnri iil jl CStHStT CULVER, PAGE, HOYNE & Stationers, Print ern, ami . Maunfaetiners Rlauli Koiika 11, 13, snd 1.5 ioriV re.pkinc.s-t.. . ,'r- 1TO CISTGIS IN PRICE Wo are retailing; ciioica fa"m last week's pric;s, dcMrercd free to foiailias- Oriental Mills Flour adisoc-st Brlds'e Sto:e, OGDEN, SHELDON & Ot), .C3 OGSIN, SHELBGN & SCDDDER,vf f'S&. 62 South Canai-st., r-rJJU.MJ ri.X)i:. - ..... ... lIaori fcud nitim. to Ileal lull. Toh ls. t OiriiJJ. 1 iwiitncA iirtlii' liiirtnSerew and Roll c,i me corner i van Jinren mid Jefierfon i crevi-. H, M ' jt.His. Jsclt Screw; Jfscii im- 1'oJt rc. maae at f-tiort notice. Onr Plow and Cnltivr.tor wrcd uijr burned we nroiit to city orcoumrv. We wish to iw.nsceiiiraiiy localed lor ln.ii,cl:.i-t:irir illl.rxi and if f-uflk-ient indiici-iuetiis a:v5 ttt'--n aii:ve oui wurks in;o tke rntiiitry. wii-ri- :1 e v ill v.u shall- give eiupiovuiclll m upwaii! M I.k) lUell rn uaicio. LOUIS ILOYD & CO., Ail rertiainn Arcyiciit) 11 3i,i 59 West T?.-mrlr)1n'h-- uince oi ine i e w i orK DNDEIIWRITEKV ' ' AGENCY, Xo. C2 South I'aiial st kM-oiiiI fitHr. . forties Imlilir.!; onr p;lici who hate k?t ia t!,e laie firo. aro reuosterl to report t, a 0 ieSre in uuce. with a fall rcrord of ttieiroihcr iuafii" i J. 1T. JEWET ATTOliN'nV AT Uff. . May be fmind for tbeju-eseut at tbe iilllee t.t tlie Kyeninx Jourii::!. Sg. 11 Suuib t'siial-f t. Wm Coffee as3 Spice Mill,?. A. IJ. THOMSON,, .u Removed !o 29 South Canal Ktreef. A. J. H ANUHETT & UO.,- coM n i sio. M ii n vn ts. tin Vrt IaImI., 'hlrwjfo. - 1 We are h.-ti;v to iaform otiruisnv friravslliat we Have uul b.-en buruuil ouL v .-Imve a (m ties to slilpH-iv. We .-ll at old pnci'. and do imt lake aavauiaire ol m-oule s neceMit entii nr.! a l. w dollnrs in our pocket, as kiiiic vleuiers art-doing. G. P. Comstoch & Co., Commission M.oic1ianta. hv location at No. 45 'jnal-f.. mid arc pro-prsl lo enre gotii-i-mnwnt' of fTftfn. HERBERT & -JLsnv- Office. 1 527 StATI.- - The- Wheeler & Wilson SEWIm; 1IACIUXE OFi'K'E, At 333 West Madisou-tt. ,"'' FAiutAJ? & wiieklk::. sates.- ev;; SAFES IBSiES I slMill, In three days, open w stm-U of AT OLD PRICES., H-j; Oct. in. tn k. rvi:itT. NOTICES OF RE5IOVAI E.-F. HOLLISTBS fi CO., CARPET WAREHOUSE t'ILL HE FOCXD AT '. f - No.lO South Ganal-st. .. CHICAGO SCALE CO IIP ANY. CM - 1 ' ml ii 1 1 si J K ill I f OJ n nntrr r ,ttt i . . All Sizes Scales'" oa. ITaflfl. OIJI SCALES BEpAIirjil. " ' Fairbanks' Standard Scaled. IV6 IIS. Caiittl-nt ii-i t FAIRBANKS. GtEEXLEAP A lt HIL.IATJX.UY. ; D. B. FISK& GO. . ' Wili oitcu a fu!I i-tk of MILLINERY & FiNGI - In the foar-t-iory aHdlA : , 57 West WasMnston-st., On trie 17:hofllie' i THE CHICAG O JIMES. .TiA TUB !tr - i mid batn rneline.t lo lae a m"rw -hand-'dll she -t. Hnspznd pahUcation fit tha presout. and wifl DIEBOp & KIEIZLE SAaF'ESn AT ' ' . lJ- fir mm CHICAGO TIIS tw-nft n ennvwswreiiiii iaoipleuj rntiil Bluff order, vrhleb it horns to do inaVot a lnitnth!' W. F. STOitEV, CZIfERA: .NOTICES. ice lilTjiiectorviSs lwOtl L?AIiUMfeT & CHICAGO GAtDUilK CO, St. Ctxai'le A Gregory, Sons SHVTE PLACE -nir nrrtT'Y. nn fl.LSLHrill tVrbU.. Auctioneers , OCrTtIl-i Till! ltJt-..Sl,,. SPAtiOIS KexifcDao to tJo Tirbano Offlos, AlrVlM'iMAie sales of ,-veiy .losi-rip-liori. M?" Vicbalic mid lit!selio;i1 ;.hi l reciTii l at .tu." t-iir.e. tV-Jguti-ii. "eiilteiei to; -, ' r-rqrftrjrfj W,if.;:cri-.t.. i at r : AU fjoii u,:(f, child renr and cni-iujij. Till: ,.!lt;i-iT KTilrll il T - Bjnnji and SchooPooks m . w .1 ? rv& ' lit 'L. ! ' r" T"I' islsissriffeiiaJIiijailiaulrllli ILicks Ml SI. - W I H3.iiMi.;'r.Ti 'ritr.l I W-sst Mtiliw w 11 -r r w rr rw t SiTHQHBBOff CO. ill re.-Hiiie- l.J-iii.-ss NiiMU .TeD.-rs.m-Kt. uo.ny. ... (. & CO Win of witu ,t.k m iilnei v O.mxIs at t:)t NOTICE. . A IIMy li a .il lUi! meiiil) -l at tl:.L:ir will lie held vflfciJ ta! to l.wstli.ti fH'r !s J (Inireivi itSxle -rlioj keeix-rs f-jiii lm stmiilted. si -15 Vrtt"?UH'iVt:, Willi tbe Ix-st qaalltv cheese, nt the lowrvt price. POLICY-HOLDESS " In lliir I'ho-iix Insurstir - Cuiipjnv. Hew w, rciptes Iiif-waiice, C'alif.imia.-whirh are fc -.nil ui. uriiu; Ju-si.VTJ'iT'wvin. W Ju'Tb Caiia -t.. tiinu iwa-t star rtaorifcOir,:1 Are: I . .J.i. rv.j. j -1 , . jy? 1 j " - LefiaJstMM iattili VU- fire. 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