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I XUAU XilllCiLUU XJiAiiJlJ; tsJsVjl, ULiuo i ATJCTIOW SAXES. 4-ounce less than 8 ounces an outrageous cheat I GAMES AND" PASTIMES. THE FIRE HEED. Br COLBY a. W1BTS.

0PEK1 BOISE. disliked to see so promising a sensation coming to an end. But while Ibese people from a distance marched off, tbe firemen never stopped for a moment in their heroic efforts, which were, bap- fily, undisturbed, for, with tbe exception of one alee alarm, nothing occurred distract their attention Irom the business in hand. home: She took the lead at the start and kept It till the Bnlsa. When sbe passed the three-quarter note, hnrribte (ftrtv, ber chignon, which was of enormous size, became unfastened.

It bad been fattened with sctflcleat care, however, to ding; wefi under the dr-enmstanres, and waved and flapped about tn a way that would have been very embarrassing to any but so Bttdsnntec an equestrienne. Should she pause, and from a false senseof modesty lose ber chant of winning the race? hot at all. 8be would brave tbe jeering shouts of the mill boys, and ar awav the laurel, and be did, and tbe aacUence made a feeble attempt to burst into entfauslasrtc applause, but easily relapsed Into Its chronic taciturnity. do seller 'November, do seller December, V(ftic- Dry salted meats (loose) froua winter-slaughtered togs at 6c for shoulder lor abort ribs 7e for abort dear. Boxed meats at 6e for shoulders; 7c for short ribs: 7c lor short clear.

Bacon meats quoted at lc for shoulder; se for short riba, and 8jc for short clear; bacon bams at lS15c Beef bams nominal at Mess beef, $9 00; extra mesa beef, $11.00 per brL Tallow at SigSc Grease at Sale were reoorted of 1,500 brls mess pork seller the month at 100 brls do seller first half of December (new) at $13.50: 100 brls do seller January at $13 35; 500 lard teller January at Sfe'c; 1.UU0 tea do seller January, Februarv, and March at 9c; 175 tcs snnsmer lard at sic; 50 tea No. 1 at 9c; 20 brls beef at 19.00. The present stock of provisions here is about as follows: Mess pork, 14.000 brls mess. 1,500 brls; lard, tcs; shoulders, 1.450,000 Bs short ribs, 1.250.000 tts short clear, rouch sides, 180,000 sweet pickled hams, SS5 tcs winter, aud 350 tcs summer cured. The stocks one year airo were Mess pork 6,000 brls lard, 3,000 tcs shoulders, 400,000 lbs short ribs, 50,000 Bs.

Flour was exeeedinsly quiet, with scarcely any buyers in attendance. A few dealers seemed willine to shade yesterday's quotations, but the majority were firm, and would make no deductions. Sales were reported as follows: White Winter Extras 100 brls Mairnolia at $3 35: 100 brls on private terms. Spring Extras 100 brls Nashua Falls and 100 brls Pease at tfi.25; 200 brls at (6.00; 700 brls on private terais. Unsound Spring Extras S3 brls at $4.50.

Rye Flour 100 brls at $3. SO. Buckwheat Flour 20 brU at $7.25. Total. 1.502 brls.

AUo, 10 tons bras at $14.00 delivered; 10 tons do at 13.75 on track; 20 tons do at $18.50 on track. Wbeat averaeed lc higher, and waa more active, chiefly in a speculative way. Liverpool advices were conflicting; most of tbem quoted that market dull, but some despatches slated that wbeat could not be bought at quotations. New York waa firm, but quiet. The course of the market here disappointed a good many experienced operators; they expected to see it decline, instead of which the speculative demand was so liberal as to produce an advance, and make options lor future delivery rise nearly Jj'c further than cash wbeat.

On the Earlv Board seller the last half sold at $1.14 l.iy5i- On 'Change the option opened at and advanced to $1.20, closing at $1.20. Seller the month sold on 'Change at closing at $1.19,. Seller November sold at $1.20 gl.213. No. 1 spring closed at No.

2 spriug at No. 3 sprine at $1.14,: and rejected spring at $1.07. Winter wheat was quiet and unchanged. Cash sales were reported of 1,300 bu No. 1 spring at do at 3,400 bu do at $1.21 10,000 bn No.

2 serine at 39.HO0 bu do at 82.SO0 bu do at fl.BY 9.S00 t.u do at 27,400 bn do at si. 19; budo at 40O bu do at S.OX) bu No. 3 spring at ti.4iJ bn do at $1.14: 1.200 bn rejected sjirinir at 1 4o0 bu do at 900 bu do at1.07: 400 bu do at 00 Lu No. 2 red winter at il.25; boo bu No. 3 red winter at $1.15.

Total, 201,000 bu. Corn averaged jc lower, and was dull at the decline, especially on the more deferred option, the premium on last half nearty vanUhing to-day, there being very little speculative demand, and but a tight inquiry for cah lots, tlioutrh com was quoted steady in New York, and the feeling on freights here was easier. On the Early Board seller the month sold at 4V(r4ri c. On "Change the option sold at 4HX(iific, closing: at 40c the same for cash No. 2.

Seller last hall averaged above tne whole month. No. 1 was nominal at 4riX. Rejected closed at about 42c. Cash sales were reported of 4,400 bn No.

2 at 45c; 45,200 bu do at 4riJic; 118.000 bu do at 40 -ac; 53,000 bu do at 4i-c; 800 bu kiln-dried do at 43c 1,600 bu rejected at 4o.Sc 1,200 bu do at 43c; 400 bu do at 42c: 1,200 bu kiln-dried do at 42c; 1 200 bu do at S.tVm bu yellow at 47c: bu do at 4rtc; 400 bu new at 40e on track. Total, 237,200 bu. Oats were moderately active, and averaged a shade higher, under a good shipping aud speculative demand, while sellers were scarcely so free as heretofore, spite of the fact that New York was reported dull and easier. Seller the month, or regular sold at seller last hir at SJIVc; and seller November at 31t3lV all closed firm- Cash sales reported of 000 bu No 1 39. bn No.

2 atSOc; 12,000 liu do at 3odc; 50,000 bu do at 30c: 30,000 bu do at 2nc 1,800 bu rejected at Zic; bu do at 27j'c; 600 bu no grade at 24c. Total, 135.SO0 bu. Bye was in good shipping demand, and averaged about Xc better. The market for regular No. 2 opened at 04Jc, and improved to 05c at the close.

Strictly fresh receipts closed at 5(gG5c. Nothing doing in No. 1. Cash sales were reported of 4.000 bu No. i at 35,000 budo at 65! jc; 4,200 bu do atfiS.c; 6.000 bu do at 10,400 hu do at 10.000 bu do at 400 bu rejected at 56)c 400 bu do at otic.

Total, bu. Barley was qniet and weak. The market opened out seemingly strong, but fell on" aud closed very dull, owing to liberal offerings. Cash No. 2 closed with sellers at seller the month offered at seller last half nominal at 58c, a tew options being sold early at lc above those qnotation.

Cash sales were reported of 1,200 buNo. 2Jat 0-ic; 7,200 bu do at 60c; 1,200 bu do at 59r; 10.S00 bu do at 50c 5.800 bn do at 4,000 bu No. .8 at 51c: 800 bu do at 50)c; S.200 bu do at 50c; 800 bu bv sample at 400 bu do at 6fic; 1,600 bu do at 64c; 400 bu do at 60c; 400 bu do at Total, The Buffalo prsai, in commenting on the recent increase in the grain movement of this year, says that "the lakes and the canal are recovering nothing making no headway against the competition of the railroads that the increased quantities argue nothing that is encouraging, and contribute nothing to the fogy logic which contends that the canal are doing well enough, and that they need no improvement n.r liberalization "of policy to quicken and cheapen transportation upon them." The general leatures oi the grocery market were substantially the same as noted in our reports from day to day for a week past. A satisfactory business is doing, and prices are firm for nearly all articles in the list; the exception being sugars, which, owing to a less active demand aud a slight decline East, are easier. Cotlees are still excited and unsettled.

Both tbe consumption and speculative demands continue active, and prices are steadily working upward. Teas, also, are somewhat firmer, with a tendency to ad-Tance. The inquiry for syrups is improving, as the season advance, and prices are more firmly hela in consequence. The oil trade was reported reasonably active at nnchanged prices, though increased firmness waa noted in lard, linseed, and turpentine. There was more activity in the hay market today than at any previous period within the past fortnight, and a better, firmer feeling prevailed.

In addition to a fair Eastern and local demand, several large purchases were made for shipment up the lakes, and, although tbe stocks iu store are liberal, there are indications of an advance in pressed descriptions. The hide market was without the slightest change either in tone or iu prices, there qeing a moderate supply and a fair demand at 10)c for beavy green cured, and at llc for light do. Thts activity that has characterize! the market for domestic dried fruits continues, and prices are still advancing. Foreign dried fruits, though less active than domestic, are meeting wiih a good demand, and the general tendeucy is upward. Among the changes -day "we note an advance of in apples.

jC in blackberries, and 1c in peeled peaches. A fair degree of activity was noticeable in the demand for saltwater fish, and mackerel and cod were firm, with a tendency to higher price. Lake descriptions continue dull at former quotations, bagging remains quiet at previous rates, the quotations being 36)4c for Stark, 36c for Ontario, 343c for Lewis-ton, and 32c for American. Nothing new was developed in the butter market. A firm feeling was evinced on tbe part of holders, the opinion seeming to be pretty generally entertained that for the better grades higher price will prevail.

Eggs were steady at 20 22c Conperage ia firmer, in consequence of the larger demand from packer. Salt is firm. Lumber steady, and moderately active. I'ry good infeood demand, especially for winter stufls, and price are firm. The cattle trade was again quiet to-day, and previous rate were no more than sustained.

Hogs met with a moderate inquiry, and ruled steady at price sot differing materially from those current yesterday. LATER. In the afternoon the wheat market was quite active at seller last half-closing at the outside. Seller the mouth, or cash No. 2.

ranged Kc below last half, with one sale at $1.19. Corn was quiet at 46 (tr for eiler the mouth, closing at 4t-c. Seller last half was Kc higher than the month. Provisions were neglected, there was a good inquiry for charters, under the apprehension that the insurance companies will advance their rates on Monday. Three charter were reported for grain, aud rate were firm at 14aC for wbeat; lSc for corn, and 1V for oats to Buffalo.

A JUXTFACTrKEK'S STOCK OF SUPERIOR- SILVER-PLATED WARE, Direct irom New York, WILL BE BE SOLD TaWttUy, tVt. W. al tM m4 pa, at COLBY fc WIUTS, 42 A. 44 Dearborn-st. Tne good! are nrat-claaa, and will be aiaraateatj ad repreaeated.

Amors the colkctMm will be found Tea and Coffee teta. rna. Ire Ptf-bera, Cake Baaketa, Ba volvlfe: aatd lireaktaat Caaiora. Batter ltohea, tipoomm Forks. Ivory and SUrer-Plated Table Cutlery, itrooae and other Crorkn.

Ac. Tbe sale will be positive, aa Uto mannfarturers tnumct to aetl every article. an4 warrant aa prtented. Sale TL'EWUAY, at Lajf-paat 2 in the afteniOM aant 7 In the evening-, at our Boom. 42 and 44 Deauikoravaw COLBY A 1 6.

A ocUomenrm. 476 At tbr renirience of GKOBGE M. SOBTOK, mm old rkltnt of CiU Itj. wlwla about to leave Xar will entire HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, Cnt: Bixldinr. Cm krrr.

9ntMt wtlh TlDM4 Books, a. will tAe Diaue ua ttie prcBttiiek. 4tt at' iteln, Tuesday, Oct. 10, at 10 o'clock. W1BTS.

AurrJooMn. eoTpTc 6 reTco tt, tl, mm aaadaajilMU, win. orrum at ahctios. Ob Tacaar Ort. at 1-2 a.

A fink mi or SHAWLS, Ladies' and Cents' Hosiery, rndewear and Cloves, Artificial riowers, Lace Cdee BuOIiar, knil Goods, otions, Le. 250 cases Men's Boots. 200 cases Boys' Boots. 150 cases Youths' Boots. 50 cases Children's Boots.

250 cases Assorted Bobbers. 300 cases Men's Ass't'd Goods, of SEEGE. KID, GOAT, CALF and BTJIT, EALS. and POLISH. Included in tbe above w.n be PHILADELPHIA CHICAGO-MACE Oooda.

tfcat lave NO SUPERIOR, and 230 caeea MISSES' and CHILDREN PO-IilSH. At AUCTION, ok eIufMlay, Oft, at 9 1-2 a. UISO. P. OBK ncMon-ra.

KLEGANT new FURNITURE, HOUSEHOLD GOODS, Stovefc, Crockery, aad Carpets, A.T AlfTlttX. 0b Salura, Ort. Ii. at OEO. P.

GOKK A s. cd 2d Uui4pii4t. By J. B. II A CO.

BANKRUPTCY. vex worth of Drv 0.xis at An-tlnn ltnoot-tani tu Ute ra it mud Public. Grjat Bauav ru4 itaie of OO ds AtliU and 14A MadlwaL, appanltw Paht well Hall, 4 swewrlnai Mmii, Utar A largt-1 tuiMgnuitut oi fortlfu and domtwtie dry poodK ronFltli)K of Wert Liijrlaud, I roiidi, ani rnann broad and narrow wooltrt t-lnthn, all Hh1va and oo.ra; Frco tncMh, aijd Scott fancy Tweed aud -wilmf-rf, Ftirla-Jt. MWMtw. and tniamui bt-avr-n, tJiinrtiillaa, renting, cl-wkinica, ala ht-ou-n.

VremL, ami iFt-ruian Pala.t-y. Caa ri nitre, Out r-ntand, and oi tier falitf liable and uMirao4 Ftiatwls. Lrt-a. gftodf In raric tr, aucii mm titwtf M. and rolared ilks, Irish and Lvun uoo-linn, all-wool mrrin.Mi.

dfUttis, aattwn riottia. ericaa. 1mporrd plaid. alfiMoaa. Amj.n-aat clotti-, ew.

etc. A ery rit and rareajwiirinifnt iif iv'f-iwjuid flur-ilk wuUiniiCpriutai.tilewoav-Ml ao 1 Ul.tit-A (1 muallua. from 1 tard wide. A. lare luit- of Lnjcliati aud Aiti rtc-n bvaitaeu, nanrifta, j-nr', mtt hoit-rj eio-.

4tc, hvthvr artth a t-tioli-e and wt-H-Hn-twd ftot-i at Bniw-t-l, hiddfrminaiMw hoH a-rMla rarretlDB. ituun- and N'oittnjc'iata lavat nnains. taijit-and iim from uiediuu ta tlD-Ht and a vartt-t ot olbr zji Umj nav rMir tu nx-ntruu. balf lo couUnue i-oaa ear to dar. until ilf al'M'lt i dlrpoetl of.

Tbe whole to be witbont rwcrvp, Id ku to salt ad lor eab. Smlm will riiitnicncr at 10 a. 2 and jf p. m. Df T.

S. FITCH aw CO. IMPROVED ANT) TJMIMPROVED South Side Property. Wednesday, Oct. 1 1, At Real Estate Sctlearoomi, 163 aud 165 Decirboru-, commencing jtt 2 clock p.

tn. hoi 11. Kf.brtar.n'w auh llTlslr-o. OT! Rlrlv-W'trd-af. and ojiuowti lii eoutn rmrtu Lot 4S, ElTi-ms ftutfllvMon.

on nflar and WooOlawn tetaUou. LaA Lolfe'-, abd 7. RutKrton uldivtai.on. on tMarr. near tli Mtuib LU b.

Lot St, LnwcioQ Kou'b Kbore ixUiu. near turn Lots 106 aad Ufi. Iiati i. fw 'ti Hfvoie mMfVtoo abont on--baU a re w-h; Hearani trore urouvrtr Lot ou ar tii Ii-t. and tbe rwr-xb- 1 niafj ol Mleof all thratKi-ci.

nn a tavlrd rAattl. in 1 auid 2 ram a ur Threr luctd-t latuiana-aT. and If -eig: bii-t. tscn. lcrata on4-uui oaam i-'-mT I trmi alg ier cent.

Lot on near UtM)g Term riRh. almtt In -ornbrMH of due od a rar fiom 17X. at a per oenft Tarf lot in Pbtlltpe aubdlTl-too trrma cawab. By WLA.


na. Tne baianve of tne aoct oj tuLuim uu i rnpu. ai hio as Wfh Inlaid 4 mire and fl beaa Tahiea. Bmw "bair, l-ifaDi -ui'a of bain, bixer. JxmXagm.aiaA HOaa.

awo. aotue very nne OIL PAINTINGS, Fmwi the fate Art Gallery of HOVf.Y HVMtOW. jnrmaiiAiE that -utert fauirtnjc. THK Ul l.Nw," fay f. Morau.

A If), tuo la'Cf b'rf-atr Fornatwa. witb I'fpea. 1 LcBetrinurt ana luiLilUtre art- bortivu- irf ta caxtf-eat ato. of tle e-tataif Mid bauikrupu. and uiuaA now be td to aetll- aald etau- WM.

A. BCTTfcBfr St CX- Aartjaneen. Bj KEEO, KLEKSIIK1M fcCO. Oa 1 rttDAV. (KL in.

dm a'dack. at 65 IksLZ BOOTS ViU SHOES, To Uie irsdt, at oar ba.eanxmi, Sn and a Kandolpej at. It REED, FLEKSIIEIM ti. CO. OS Tt XhDAT.

Ot'TOllEB U. AT It O'CLOCK 7.500 LBS. WHITE LEAD. At our and Handolb-at. Mr.

r.U. Lt.tmnuM aucBinwcra. COHH AN'CLNtt AT OXOOCIt, DRY GOODS, LiiirDV riulbt, CaHimem. Envfrt, Cemeta, lUrprooia, Bonery. smni, toa urawen, Asd lrr rirlrty of otber Dry to the traat OOlr.

1 OQr MlrOOfD. VI ftOd 25 IteOOOlpht. xj.k.i.inj!.iinut.ix a Auciioicra. Um anriai, w. la.

mt mx aanaw IIOrSEDOLD nTiXITTRE, Carpets, all kiad Parlor fcuitt, Cbasnber Sait. By C. M. C1LBKRT A. CO.

Valuable Hachinery AT AUCTION, Si Enrlne Frthig Arrfu. Woortrcr PI.B-er isltapir.c hlnbwl Snpo-rtor feoke Laiijew. BJrlne Marhiue. Biat njllh Brflo. Vi.

An.C. To aad Otan, Btuiluiif an" fr-llloi. Ir nnUtj ol matulaU, Wat nut OAte 1 urnilmr. Ac. AT ALCllOM, On Monday Morning, at 10 o'clock.

At 1 41l SoutL Caric. Sato aCTwapwy. By M. GI LBEKT fc CO. Choice Umw Crop Teas, Fine Imported Domestic Ciatars, CnTlll KrVAl MuaBia.

maim mewmmm. o. Br FLETCHER at LAZJviB, a. a aa aVauaw Ka r.t-u. Beenlar Avcrton fmte Wedneaday.

Or. 11, at WV o' icn a. Uiataea. acxxind-bawd Bueiv-. mua Bw-w and ecord-hard Harneaa.

Aver UiiriK 4iiaJaaUw-4 tohrai reureaenit-d at tb: hoofw- or no WM. MAX MILLLii, AueOaoeer. Bf Ta Ee STACY HORTGAGEETS SALE. 1 it NO. OKortt.

U1U1HU .11 ot UK ri'ltKITCBK. Braoini. CrcH kerjw.rt. to. Olawware tr-tar fert.

tarpa. and all me ooU of tha alwv all to iriitir tbt aiwntloB ol on. S1 aoalUia. tau err, o. oaj oi 1 1 imrt.

Parttenlarattcntl-n! ii foreclosing aiurwaa. at bert ot prte. BTACT. Dfpat, torl. MEniCAJU LoSto Your Cluldreii Tk tXat BMKMsf ltmtff.

KS. I dm aolkl aad frfvt I PaWJB WBIlx.oalI(w tha Imam laoUaMajaj. MBS- liMia eooruMioo. PatOal WHTTCoafBw tovemmaaaa dl taeM 1 itsUr. f.ottouaoaaal tUKrom-'C- TJ Mli.

Icwaiitanw.Iraityyraiya WEITi aa Bin, mat GouMaia SVkLP. cLiHr.s ol alt an HETa ft tae ami Iaf am' aod ChUaaart mi aa By WM. A. BUTTERS CO. CYELLIHG HOUSE AND LOT, 784 West Lake-st, AT A17CrriOX, On Monday, Oct 9 at 12 o'clock, OS THE PBCMISU.

A Oh4imt INrrlTlac Hmne mmt Ban. LM SO kv IN Fe. TEEMS fl.Cfe p.Tlr tuoDIiM, IH PT1C te Vt tatf WM A BfTTEBS ajraoMCT. Valuable CENTRAL PROPERTY TO BE SOLD 09 L0S IS EAST ITXSS, BY WM. A.

BUTTERS AUCTIONEERS, On Tuesday, Oct. 10, at 2 O'Clotk p. On tlie Prcmlaeai The followlQr Iot In Batidl vtnlon of Lot 1 and jMrt of Lot i. Is Block 141 of tkiKxit bsl-Uub Aodl-tiwfi to CbldfO, vie LOTS 1 and 2, south trout, on 10190 fret cars. LOT 3, west front, oa 30s fret.

LOTS 5 and 6, wrst front, on IOy frrt rarb. LOT 7, vrst front, northeast corner of Adams aud 10 xS ft t6. Tbe- Low are loratei in tlw mot central part of ty iity. wh-r tb- ni't improVfiut'Dta Vmve hern and ar now bcns iuaJp. But half a block from thf t'uMOTL ITou-c; out Mni Irtu tht- i-lfiidid new buiioing of the Lakeside Fatbit-hing and FrintLac (Vimpitny, on the outbwet corner of Clark and A1 mi- I.

Tb Palmrr Hoom, a okmI popular hot4. eornerof and 1- but Uli a ul away. Tb Academy of 1 and Fotttr Pavluitji handsome aad novel aolid Iron-front balllin on iadirtM-tJy oroite. I'iaconally ith on la the Blgelow Hoiiie, Jiutt completed, aud now belnjr ctaprhly flni4ied. It Ik one of tbe finett and moct eUborattlr fln1-bed botIr- In tbeTTest.

On d.ntant on block wt. if- tbe mag-nlflcrttt Ftwiflt- Hot-I, the larfffFtt hoi In the Wtwt, now nearly complft'-d, a moboment to the projector, and a credit to the mtprprltrtp citizen of Chicago. On State wliti half a blotk. on the tKmibfart corser of Monroe, Falmer'i arand botd. tbe only nrr-proof hotel In tbe country, the flntahmfK.

onlv. bernr of wood. It will be the lariat, niwi iubManttal. and elearnt botl In tbe Celled tatea. and wi.1.

withont doubt, be tbe tno-t njatD.acfDtly ti ui-btil and inrntfbed uuHiw- In tbe world, upward of t- dollar. Lat. bat not lea-t, of -a-ut and eofy ImproTe-men 'l'1" ceI1Lre- Uonorc wmm K. airM-tly Ofpoaite, on one ol ibe btTi-bailt ntruciuro in Amert-s. For grandeur, mac nlficence of devlVn and architecture, tt nnaurpanard.

TbCbe Ininenff rxpendttum aarronDdlnc the property to be oM will necear11r continue to enhance lu value. Alame-ci. to the direct thoroughfare to tbe centre of the tbe bridge over the river on lhi street ia the fluent in iht ciij Eat OF SALE. One-Fifth Cash, Oue-Fifth in 5 Tears, One-Fifth in 10 Tears, Oue-Fifih in 15 Tears, One-Fifth in 20 Tears, With interest at 7 per cent per annum, payable semi-annually, with coupon notes, secured by Trust Deed to be dated November 1, 1871. ATI pnrrhattem of rnnrt derwwtt a eertfflerl rbeck of for earfc lot bonebt on tbe groucd befon1 ttie tale te duwd, or the lot or lot will be put up nd resold.

A Warrantee TVed win be ffiren. Ahotrart wilt be furniavlirHl eavcb urcbMcr, frear. k-t yiArcXMtm UiUbt pa tbe exi-ne of nutkinjc papera of 1 ru-l Lfcred ond Suttm. wht will be made by L. C.

P. Frtver. at Nm. it; up atalra, tbe day after the aale, whtTe tbe Ahatrart If ready for ezarcinatton. WM.

A. BUTTERS 4 Auctioneeri. 30U CaseH BGOTSjSHOES B1LM0MLS. 200 Cases Rubbers, For Men', Women', and Children'! Wear, AT AUCTION, On Tuesday, Oct. 10, at 1-2 o'clock.

At unr 1. m. B1 1 1 WM. A- BCTTkKS CO Aunlonem. Oil Paintings, AT AUCTION, Ob Wctliirtdaj Oft.

11, at 7 e'flork, At tbe tore corner Bute and Qnlacj-eti t'nder trie Palmer IIoum. We ahall aril, recardieta of prie. one of tne flneat col-lecSona ui Oil. PAINTINGS Msct, vl Uit.ii. kL.

Mori la; oo. km I ol ljoduu; Km-t-v, LeBiit, VanHaiiiine, Htrr ajc. af. Ki-au. Hxit, aiurifht.

M. C. Jkoca, 1'erUna, and oil i popaUr aril'ta. 1 tit- coH dow on exbibuion at the corner More ncder tite Faln.rr Boase. irvite tbe i.ubHf to fall and rk-w rbetn before tba ftije, itn are, wuiiOUt excepllon, tbe unet lerUoo of iiaUnilnta er cx1i11iukT in Cbt'tco l-Jt ibli, sale.

WM. BLTTKRb AT pnU; AU'Uoneenl. Handsome Residence OaN KctwMB Clark-at. mmi iawte-afn AT A-XJCXIOf. Oo ITEkYDiMT, Oct U.

at a'dork p. AT OfB ALEiEOOMS OS BiXDOLFHT. L' br 115 (w. tx lir 1 Onrrt. TUI lot bAftdfrjtirfrlT rnvmr Liwot Park.

Ou-ibja 1 mol i v.r. M. A. Wiuue inrtooMri.

21 FRONTING ON Opposite the Stock Yards. AT AUCTION, On WEDNESDAY, October at At onr SarrootL, 7, and Bandolpn-ft. lota in Afwaaor gcbdJTiion of Lot 1. of tbe W. 34 Mt.

Ii, Iowa- aa, liance 14 xii; feet avi. Tbe-e lot are lo'-ated opposite tbe ouxk Tarda, aortb of ortj-vtiitb-et. T'-rr ODevrMrd eh. belane 1 and 2 yearn, with f-7 "-ot- S'U. A- bZTThHS A CO AucUoteer.

5CO PACKAGES ASSORTED GLASSWARE, 33 CRATES WHITE GRANITE WARE, AT AlCTlON, rTedneay, Oct. 11. at 1-2 a. Al our balwrooni. 7.

arid 11 a M. A. BLTTtl OU-. A-ctunMr. LARGE STOCK IlIilHAHLn DRY GOODS, P.LADT-MADE CL0THINS, Shirts and Hsierj, EUCK GLOVES, Dress Goods, Motions, AT A rXTlOS, -ia THTBSD AT.

Opt. tX o'doak. at oar ulcsroccna. 5. T.

9 Bag jolplrt. M. A- BVTTfcBS A CO AnctiODWg. GOYLRn LHHTCLOTBIHG lOOO Infantry Orarcoaa, 1,000 Infaatxy Panta, Cavalry Paota. 5C0 TJsifomi Dree Coats, lOOO Cavalry Jackena, 1 OKTk AriTITW A.OCO Robber Hi nice ta and Poncboa, XUW r-tuim i Army BOCKa, AT A XXTION, On THLBSPA1, n.

13. o'clock, atoarlal- a. BrTTKRg'ft h-vil'mn ST. ADVK RTlSEMXJf T. Aactkia-A u.

ia ia Konk ittk, oaracr PI ST. LOUIS. For nT Mad. ol lilrtW Bv iov we trttx to tacloUovinc bub mnd bauer. A.

atodut.CMliaTirVt. Bulk. 8t. Loal. A.

8. Alftl. Cw HlMuu' Hx- Kit- Lrw, boacBacH Co Ci.rtM.rl. -Cuoo b.nbic CWMUl. pbiilclpbi.f-BaK ol KewSor Suwssl nlgn X.

Bo3lTon SaUODal J. B.'kat aliH. Chicago, $1 ii.uoo. OH THE EAST SIDE of Canal street tbe wind permitted a scarcely less disastrous conflagration in proportion to tbe value of tbe propertv than occurred oa the West Hide.

The Hacfne House was located at No. 310, and suffered tbe fate of the rest of the street, being totally consumed. Tbe building belonged to a man named Maine, and was uninsured. The Union Wagon Works, situated at Wo. on tbe same street, were also foully consumed.

Tbey were owned by Mr K. F. Flood, whose loss on building and stock will approximate $17,000. Mr. F.ood is understood to have been insured for Messrs.

Cbapln A Foes, manufacturers of shingles and lath at Nos. z30, 228 3fi and 28 Canal street, had. In addition, a lare lumber yard, in which were contained not less than four million feetof lumber. Abont one-third of this was destroyed, tbe loss involved being between $50.0 and $00,000. Tbeir Insurance was all placed bv tbe Firemen's.

At Nos. 318 and S18 were tbe lumber jwda of John Hherifls A Hon. These yards contained not far from three million feet oi lumber, valued at over Tbeir insurance was large, but not commensurate with tbeir loss. Among the items may be mentioned $6,000 in the Germania, and $15,000 in tbe Liverpool, London aod Globe. Other not be learned until the opening of the tVi's safe.

The hole sum was stated to be At No. 314 was i-ituated a large two-story frame, occupied by several German families as dwelling-house. Toe ownership was understood to have been in Messrs. Sheriffs A Sou, aud the loss was complete. The firm held some insurance, but bow much was not ascertained.

At No. 312 was a two-story frame, also belonging to Sheriffs A Son. In this building was the office of the firm. It as total ly destroyed. THE GREATEST LOSS of tbe destructive fire, next to the planing mill, was in the coal and wood yards on the east side of Canal street.

Tbe first of these was at No. 176 Canal street, where B. ii Ibro- had an immense amount of oal in store. The value of tbe stock was set at ,000, and it witl he nearly all lost. The insurance was not lrge enoiurh to cover evervthing, beinif not far Irom TbU was placed in the Firemen's, Mutual becurity, Germania.

and two other con ponies. The next firm north of Iiolvrook was a smaller ore. Messrs. Lamon A Cornish. They were entirely burned out.

North of tbe lat-named firm was the establishment of W. Johnson, a'ent of the Wilmington Coal Company. He had quite a large amount of coal on band, and his loss will not be less than $0,000. The iiiburance will auiu to about two-thirds of this sum. Directly north of Holbrooke yard was tbe blacksmiths' shop of the Pittsburgh, Fort Wayne A Chicago Railroad Company.

In this were a large amount of valuable tools and machinery, which were entirely consumed. Ibe loss will be about $4,000. Two barns were Included in tbe fire on tbe east side of tbe street, aud tbe loss In tbem was, perhaps, even more unfortunate than in the yards. Ibe barns belonged to Meson-. Johnson and llolbrook, aod in each of tuem were consumed valuable live stock.

The loss of Mr. Uol brook under this bead will, it is understood, be exceptionally beavv. Tbe number of hoots lo-t could not be ascertained, but will not be less than hall a dozen, and may reach twice that number. ADAMS STREET. SOOM AFTEB MTTJHIGHT the fire began to appear in the rear of the buildings fronting on the south side of The flames came on in vast volume, and In les than teb minutes Nos.

38, 42, and 44 were enveloped. They were as dry as under, and burned rapidly. The flames ran up the rear of the houses, along tbe roof and sides, burst out of the windows, ana in twenty minutes not a vestige was left. The hreu.en bad all tuty could rio to prevent the fire from leaping across the street, and the buildlnirs on the opposite ide were only baad by being deluged with water. SO FIERCE Was THE HEAT that the crowd fell back voluntarily before it, piad enough to get beyond the reach ol its scorching power.

So. 8 was owned by Samuel Wagner, who lived in tbe basement, and the first floor was occupied as a saloon. No. 42 and 44 were totally deetroved. the latter bsing owned by Mr.

Htepbenson. Fortunately, there were vacant lots alontr the street, and the loss of property was, therefore, less, as nothing could have stayed tbe Progress ol the fire had the block been entirely When the fire threatened to consume the houses on Clinton street, tbe inhabitant began to move tbeir roods and luroiture out on tbe street. They were mostly poor people, some of tbem boarders, and all of tnem will be at a serious lost, to say nothit of the inconvenience and discomfort tbey suffered. Beds, chairs, tables, bureaus, clothing, aird everything that makes up bnusebold furniture were heaped up in nn indiscriminate mass, guarded by tbe owners, who stood gazing upon tbe fierv sea that spread out before them. There were EE, WOMES, AND CBTLDREW, babe in their mothers' arms, and little ones, who conld not lullv com prebend tbe disaster, clinging around them and crying pitiably for protection.

The sight was heartrending. Many of tbem mourned their loss, but all seemed thankful that their lives and the lives of thoe dear to them were preserved from the merciless wave of fire that swept everything before it. One poor man deplored tbe lots of an overcoat wbich cost him $40 a lew days previous, aud his wife wondered where be could find another to shelter him from tbe cold of tbe approaching winter. A woman lying sick in one of the bouses alone, her husband being away, did not discover her dauger until the fire was close upon her premises. Then she escaped with a blanket around her, everything she owned in tbe world being ablaze a few minutes afterward.

So it was witb many others. There were cases of dtt-tret-s all around, but it would be Impossible at this writing to narrate any more. THE ADAMS STREET VIADUCT. The new viaduct over Adams street was wrapped in flame, and about 100 feet of the flooring was burned. The paint was scorched and blistered, the total damage amounting to alwut $1,000, which tbe city wi have to pay.

From a distance tbe view of the viaduct ww some gigantic skHeu and smoke twl-ting and regions. ir rofind aud in and out amongst them. panics Lad a small shed for tbe delivery of iroods, near the viaduct, and fronting on tbe railroad track. Some men who were looking after tbe propertv were driven away by a shower of sparks fall ire as thick as snow-flakes, but tbev returned and moved away two or three cars standing near the shed. Tbe sbed itself took fire soon after from the viaduct and was totally destroyed.

Tre loss aud insurance, any, could not be definitely ascertained. THE NATIONAL ELEVATOR, owned by Vincent. Nelson A made a narrow escape. For a time it seemed to be almost sur-ronnded by the flames, and loosed like some tall rock looming up in tbe midst of a seethiuir ocean of fire. It as expected momentarily to fall a prey to the flames, bet happily it wa saved.

TEE TERRIBLE SCENE. THE FLYING SPARKS AND CINDERS. From all the bridges in Lbs vicinity of tbe great fire tbe scene was oue of uuparwlleled, terrible beauty. Tbe dense column of smoke, driviug before the southeasterly gale the millions oi burning inders, carr ed by tbe force of the wind over a mile from tbe theatre of couflairratiou, and the dense hr glow of the dest royiug element itself. Illuminating the entire city, made up A PANORAMA OP GRAND BCT TERRIBLE VBATTTRBS.

Everything was rendered so plain by the gigantic flames that tbe ropes on the vessels in the river stood out in stronger relief than tbey wonld have done in tbe light of day. while the gallant firemen drove their horses, coming fiom tbe sooth Side fire, right over tbe burning briC'je at Adams street, call ins forth tbe admiration of ail beholders. The number of spectators was beyond precedent, every alley and lane, as well as tbe principal streets, the cross-yards of vessels and the roofs of houses were garrisoned with anxious and excited citizens, watching with interest the progress of the dames. THE FIRE DKfAHTEENT more than surpA-sed itself. No effort was spared by the boys to check the advwee of the great destroyer.

Again and again the flames appeared to be gaining ground, making desperate efforts to pass over to the north side of Adams street, but as often did tbe firemen, with hose and axe, repulse the dreaded enemy. Tbe unfortunate saloon-keepers who bad been partially burned out became unduly liberal, and dispensed tbeir cordials to crowds of ready customers, who evidently believed that it was a sbame to have liquor given to tbe flames. la many places sine walks eave way, causing Immense confusion and running around. Women pt sbnmiLg for tbeir fnemls, children made the air resound witb tbeir bowlings, boys yelled, while tbe ceaseless clatter of tbe engines, and the loud voices of tbe Fire Marshals, helped to make up a d.n tbat might confuse many who had been veteranized to such scenes. THE FOLICX had tbeir hands more tban fell in keeping back persons anxious to eet into tbe circle ot the fire.

Tbe reporters atone were allowed to pass through. Deputy Wells Sherman kept moving along tbe line catling out to tbe police, It they don't keep back lock 'em up, -afa the way to fix em." Had the officers been oofieed to arrest every man that attempted to pass tbe ropes, all the prisons and police stations in the city won'd have been full. Tbe officers rendered most emcient service, and deserve miob praise for tbeir energy and forbearance thtoskjhout the excitement. No fire that has ever taken place tn this city progressed with so much rapidity, and at no previous time was it so difficult to get at the facta and figures, owing to the general destruction which bred a confusion seldom if ever equalled. A ST BAUER IN DANCER.

At an early stage of the fire tbe attention of tbe spectators was diverted for a lime to tbe Chicago engine, which was overtaken by an unlooked-for disaster. It was stationed at the northwest corner of Canal and Jackson streets, and had commenced operation when the entire side of a house seemed to give way, and the flames burst out In a furious volume. Tbe engine was almost enveloped in the flame, and tbe engineer and all tbe men were compelled to desert ber. and flee fnr tbeir lives. Alter a time the flames at that point subsided, and a crowd of citirens rushed to toe rescue aud dragged her off.

Sbe was considerably damaged, but not to such an extent as to prevent ber from goine into active service ar a subsequent period of the night. TELEORAPB W1EBW BROKEN. The western wires of the Western Union Tele-gran Company were burned and broken down, so that communication with the West was temporarily suspended, and tbe wires of tbe Fire Alarm Telegrapn in the western part of the city met the same fate. DTCIDEHTS AST) ACCTDEBT3. a COLLAPSE.

On the corner of Clinton and Jackson streets was a lanre sbed. tr-e roof of which offered a tempting coigne of vantage" lor tbe crowd. It was ac-rorriiLgly taken possession of at an early stage of tbe fire, and the numbers on the roof kept on increasing till the crowd numbered about ISO people. All of a suddea athe roof gave way. and the entire structure collapsed with a great crash.

A cry oi terror arose from the crowd. A large number of the adventurous spirit bad cone down with the ruins, and were severely crushed. Tbe precise number who suffered injury was not ascertained. Every effort was made to rescue tbe sufferers, and it is believed that no lives were lost. Tbe sidewalks on Clinton street caved In while they were crowded with passengers, and a good many persons were more or less damaged by the tali.

A VAmaow ESCAPE. When tbe fire as racing in tbe lumber yard of Sheriffs A Son, some sue or eight men were surrounded by firs and could not get out. Piey were in imminent danger of being suffocated or burned. and, as a last resort, tbey tumbled one of tbe blsxing stacks of lumber into the river, and made a sort of raft upon which they paddled their way na safety to tbe ooposite bank.f raorsRTv saved in the btvek. Teadly diseases call tor sharp remedies.

Tt was a singular sight to sea tbe men belonging to tbe coal yards hauling heavy trucks and wagons and precipitating them into the nver. This was tbe only method to be adopted to save tbem under tbe circumstances. About fifteen trucks and twentv-flv wagons were in this manner thrown into tbe" river. TBE SIDEWALKS on each side of Jackson street, from Clinton to Canal: on both sides of Canal, from Adams to Van Bursa: and oa one side of Clinton street, from Jackson to Tan Buren streets, were entirely burned up or otherwise destroyed. LOSSES AFD rS3URA5CE, Dime rinse In a fire of such magnitude it ts reasonable to presume that every insurance company in tbe city has suffered to a greater or less extent.

Tbe Utene of tbe hour, and tbe extraordinary confusion prevadine everywhere, bow-ever, precluded the possibility of obtaining an approximation to a correct list of the companies. The following are among tbe names of those reported this morning: Fireman's: Home; Fuitable; Commercial; Chicago Fire; Teuton i a. Cleveland: Alps; Lycoming Hi hernia; Buffalo City: Buffalo Fire A Marine Weston, of Buffalo Andes, ot Cincinnati: ttlinos Mates' Merchants'; pacific, San Francisco; Union, San Francisco: Fireman's Friend; alnickerbocker; Republic; Great West-era. AM ESTTJfATB. Owing to the extent oi the fire it was Impossible to learn the kisses or tbe tnenraDce oi tbe owners of tbe property destroyed.

The probable loss will be ia tba neighborhood of $700,000: the Insurance about twoHhirus of that. KO; Lycoming, of Pennsylvania, while Dr. trice r-peciai fiavoruigs are iu measure, strong, and pare. Cawtftem laa the sase atis! beware of those which contain noisoa. Baoao Chlouaxi is fnx from ail poison, and is entirely harmless and safe.

Prepared only by TIL- 1 ilX? SV ritk-fc I4t -UTilllaiM-at sA Kw oruggBSte general i j. Tks wrU-kaaws Ana of Messrs. sb E. Jaeger, 71 Wabash avenue, have now oa hand a larpe aad complete stock of China, Glass. Silver, ana Plated Ware, Ac, which they are selling an very favorable terms.

All foreign goods are par-chased by Mr. F. Jaeger, who ts now in Europe. Hmxarw. 4 Caswell's Cad Liver Oil ia tbe purest, sweetest, and best in the world.

Physicians have decided tt superior to any otner Cod Liver Oil in market. Patients who have once taken it can take ao other. Tht Best are tme heapest A si law- mense stock cf Burt's fine Boots, Shoes, and Slippers, can always be found at tbe well-known nouse ox uanuitos uoaaiey, lis state street. Bait Rhsam eaureat fejr msftnas Ja wiper Tar Soap, made by Caswell, Hazard A New York MOXETARY ASP fOM3HRCLlL Satcbday EvEsrjre. Oct.

7. The money markets, both local and general, continue only moderately active; the sup ply or lUDda ia siui fair, asa rates of interest are not materially different from what tbej were at this time last week in any of the principal American markets. But, aa there are still some some slight apprehensions of what may result from the disturbance in European markets, caused by the payment of the French indemnity to Germany, considerable eaatton is beings observed in financial operations in the Eastern markets. In the local market money in fair supply, and tbe banks are taking abont all the first-class paper offered. Tbe movement of currency to the country seems to have almost ceased, and the banks have stopped ordering currency from New York.

Exchange waa rather firmer to-day, with sales between banks at from 75c to $1 per $1,000 discount. At the counter bankers sell at par and buy at 1-10 discount. The Manager of the Clearing House furnishes tbe following summary of the business of his office for the week ending October 7: Date. Balanen. October 3 ii.Ori.S0 Octobers S5 OfiT.43 October 4 3.57$.4.2 3l.40.2S October 5 5.015.7t9 57 October 4.44.15fW3 10 October 7 4dx.lrtS.ll Total 9H fLtt.W.m Last week Corresponding week last year 19 9M.SSS.W SOLD IX HEW TOkK TO -DAT.

Btsn a. 1U 12 rt p. 115 a. 114S I45 p. 114J lit 115 11:25 a.

H4lClose 115 LATEST. Srw Yore. Oct. 7. tiotd haa been very firm, at 114j115, on purchases by foreign bankers.

Lnan were from 1-32 or use to per cent for carrying. The clearing were 73.0u0.0U0. Tbe exports to-day were $138, iff; for athe week, fSOO.OtiO. Governments were strong, in sympathy witb gold, but iranatione were small. All classes of securities are lower in London.

Tbe new 5 per cent United States bonds fell this morning to discount, against per cent yesterday afternoon. Tbe effect here has been to advance rates of sterling exchange to 109 for 60-day hills, and 110 for short sight. It is said bere that foreign bankers are trying depress the prices of the new 5 per cent loan, because they were not instrumental in piacing it upon the market: but it is probable they will fail, for large orders for the purchase of the securities in London, at tbe discount they are now being offered at there, have been sent forward, by cable, for Western banks. The Syndicate here reports that it had sold to banks all there is allotted on this side. Stock opened steady.

Business throughout tbe day was unusually limited; and in many shares transactions were not eumcient to establish quotation-. Lat- in tbe day Lake Shore and Nortb western were arm Reading steady. The brokers are all complain iLg of the dul Iness of the market. This afternoon the Stock Excharge was almost deserted, tbe Jerome Park races having drawn away a large number of regular attendants. The marKet cUed dull, with a slight recovery from the lowest point of the day.

Tbe bank tatement is unfavorable. The following are the changes: Loans, decrease tS.lW.9no Depofits. decrease Specie, decrease Leal tenders, decrease Circulation, increase il- ney was ea.y at 5 to 7 per cent. There ave been coceidersble shipment? greenbacks to me feowth dnring tbs wk. Htrui feswds were neglected; Tennessee dull and Sterling, 109.

Governments Coupons, 1 llVConpons, '67 1l4V Coupons. '62 115 Coupons, '68 Coupons, 'W llba.lQ-ftue 111 Coupons. bS ll Currency 6s 114 Conuons. (new) 114i State bonds M.t-iouris 96 'Old Virginias 614 Old Tenuessees tilH Old N. Carolinas i New Tennessees 6 New S.

Carolinas. .23 Mew Virginias 6d Mocks Canton 774 Bock Island 100 W. 6tt N. J. C.

ex div 1U VnUkcilver St. Paul tia Manpuea IS St. Paul pld 81 Maripova pfd 2 Wahas 6i Adams Express S6 Wabash pfd 83 Wells. M. 54 Ft.

Wavne American 57 Terre Haute 32 United States 57! Terre Haute 58 Pacific Mail 52 C. A A 1174 ew York Central. 9i CAA pfd 120 Y. C. scrip f7 Ohio 42 C.

C. A SB line pfd 65 C. B. A 131 Ilarlem 1) Lake Shore arlt pfd 133 Indiana Central Su'-a ReadiLg 114 Illinois Central L15Hk Michigan Central. .119 Xniou Pacific 274 Pittsburgh 122 (Union Paciflc bonds Northwestern MH Central Pacthc lu2 Northwestern COMMERCIAL.

Sattkdat Evkttho. Oct. T. The following table shows the receipts and shipments of produce at this point for tile twenty-ioujnours? 1871. 1870.

1W71. 1K70. Floor, brlf 5195 SRa loan tht heat, ha Corn, bn Oat, bo By, bu Barley, bu Grae geed. 9w Broom eora. Cared meals.

t. Beef, brls Pork, brls Lard. I T.llrw. Bauer, tie Dreceed hops, Live bora. Cattle.

So brls WOOL Potatoes, ba. Lumber, Shingle, Lath. a Salt, brls liTXTi Viihmt I Mill lllit-C VMta 1164W1 51733 7'B7l SSKBl liJilB 12S1S0 7tftU6 1 4.1019 1N0 128113 lWt I BS S5 i 11M1 W4 8520 MM3 ailtWli SlSaii 43630 "S8M 117 1 81340 8750 J740 SB726I Bttm ma 1555 S54 57n S7S4 fcB5; i SSOUi T7JT7. W10 179 1121351 7KH0 525 M4M 1550 M18! ami tsl ITOTi 44090 "S5i ST10 907 9646 The following were tbe receipts aud shipments of breadstuffs and stock during the past week, and for corresponding weeks ending aa dated: SaCXTTTS. Oct.

1871. 1871. 1171U54 lasn 7trt) 5524 140 Oct. 8, 170. 4V)1 W71i0 5SrJ5 7(7ta Flour, brls

Corn, bu Oat, bu Buiey. bu. Hogs, Cattle, So. V45S 9B6451 10tei 6-S463 K259S SUOtM S7504 106M Floor, brls 3S7 n4 SKS7 Wheat, bo 7434 7V719 Com.

bu 45K711 4S3SKS 40257 Oais. bu 711S3 3H-404 Rve. bu 7 R4590 (51 Barley, ou Irani S87i61 Hop. So 8t50 817-2S 191W Cattle. So 7115 7 7336 The following were tbeelosiDg prices: Oct.

7. "71. Iff. 8, -TO. Flour, Sp.

(6.09 25 f.2fl 85 JSp. 1.061 1.07 Wheat.No.Sred a 1.45 a 1.06!4 Com, So i 4II ST a 1 ia Oats. No. J. 10 36 Be.

No. 65 654 71 7i Barlej. So. 58 91 I 014 Bihwtnes 84 84 MFWpork m.0H V.iS (ft 25. 50 Lard 13 3 15 Shoulders 6 13 Sbortriba 6A 6 1 The following grain has been inspected into store up to 10 o'clock Uiis morning: 312 care wheat; 266 cars corn; 38,500 bu So.

2 do; 134 cars and 5.O0O bu oats; 55 ears rve; 102 cars barley. Total (S9 cars), 405.000 bu. Withdrawn yesterday for city consumption: 3,51 bu wheat; 3.248 bu corn; 2,500 bn oats; 1.901 bu rye; 4.tj6 bu barley. The leading produce markets were moderately active to-day. with few important cbangea to note in prices.

The ahipping movement was light, as is usual on Satur-dar, but the receipts were less than heretofore, and hence there was no special local reason for hearisiess- Tue statement of the profit and loss account on shipment of feTain to Lirerpont, published ta our yesterday's report, was furnished r-y one of the largest shippers in this citT, wtfb OM0S to know it ia incorrect, nevertheless, as was proven to-day. Wheat, at lis 6d per 100 Bs, in Liverpool, is the equivalent of 11.54 per bu in New York, and $1.18 per bu in Chicago. Corn, at 83s per lbs. in Liverpool, is equal to per bu in New York, and to about 42c per bu in Chicago. Hiehwines were weak.

The market opened at VSc, with sales of 3U0 brls, but fell oil to 92c, at which figure 150 brls were sold: at the close there was no demand, and two lots were offered at K3c without finding i buyers. Lake freights were dull and easier, though the wind setting north this mornin? delayed the arrival of several inward-bound vessels, and caused owners to ask hieber rates. Shippers were not anxious, as they expect a large fleet in shortly, and would only take bold at a sliebt reduction. A total of ten grain ehsners was reported since 'Change yester-dav. which will carry out lOO.OuO bn wheat, SvKO bu corn, TO.O0O bu oats, and 44.1WG bu rve.

Owners asked 14c on corn, and 15c on wbeat to Buffalo; shipper offered le less. Throueh rate were nominally nn-chuiced. at 35c on wheat, S3c on corn, and 22c on oats to New York. Corn was taken through to Portland at Sic. Provisions were duTJ, Mesa pork waa nominallv firm for future delivery, but waa unmistakably fiat on cash lota.

There are orders here for pork, but buyers hold off, not knowing when they can ship it out- The movement of the past week has been a liberal one. under the circumstances, but several large lots have lain here for some time, waiting to go out, with no present prospect of their being taken as yet. This makea cash pork beavv. For the future, opinions are divided, but the majority of operators begin to think that products will have to tumble still lower. Lard was rather weak for future, notwithstanding reported firmness in Sew York.

Meats were nominally an-chanced. The shipments of the past week were SS brls beef; i.474 oris pork; W6.933 lbs lard, and 1,09899 9m aaeata. The following was the closing rantre of price: Mesa r. rmlr. rash, or seller the month.

fia.00; do seller the year, do sell'. December. do seller January, tlS.S5 1340. Lar. cash or aeller tha month, we do seller December.

do seller January, feVc; summer rendered sari, Vc Sweet picUe4basaatUlae. Graem Uaara at 7c; ALBERT CHOSEr GfcO. W. Proynrtor. Hunger.

GRsJiD OPES ING, lioadar eveninc Oct. km, THE0. THOMAS' UNEQUALLED COS-TIBT ORG AJiiTATIQS ol dUtf liitinguioheA Pcrldrmera. Moattey Eveatter.Oc. tl Trntmrnmy Ira ay Xemlaw, On.

Hi TkarW-y Et1bw, Ora. 1 Prttmsy fireav-tmtr, Oe. 1S Hmtmrmmr Atttrma, Oca. 14 BaUvrter Evealac. Oe.

14( Mlr Ev-Oc. TmtmAmy iemic Oca. 17 tiintor Oca, IS. Tbe fonoanng etfaacraied Mtmm wta ppear for the ftrw nmez MAiUE tbe Youn aad BrOlLant Plaa-bu Tojet-Uifr WITH th- tjKANl ORCHFSTBA ef OTOT Fir 1 UlTiJGl LhriJ rfcUrOUMfc-Ua. PU1l OF AlMISiO One lxIKr.

Bfverred Brat, Flfn CeQriiri. fijKuiir Box Ent Dollar. Famitv irfle, FiftrCtnU. Box OtBre now open. pToariamni for the waolt rerie can be bad at all tLf Mn-io Storr.


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Oct. 9 FiLt-it bail the tteinon. Ev-t-iMEir Tinir of rnx entirtl. new and very IiiiiiihaUt sketch, by J. U.

KrmbW, intilied LOVE AND WAR. Grand Burlesque Monster Concert; 12.000 Arttllcry fte. Se-. Poubl- Song and tlK'n BOOEHS Luke School! raft', famona UONT VOL" WANT TO A WM; TuKOay JOHS SJ1LLIG AK. CROSBY'S OPERA HOUSE.

Theo. Thcmss' Grand Concerts. KOTIt'E. The maEagemeni taktr gieat i-leasure tn amiouiiuing lUat illr. JOSEPH DIE.1I9 TliP fnrrure Thomai., haa arrive! i-? OLIMPIf TIIEATBE, COKNtH CLAKK AND MONKOL-tTS. fW The finest Varteiy Organization in the Western couuirv, and itit mvnl allrautive pUct oi aiuuactfteuK In tlit Jallet9 Vocal ism, liutrelsy, Burlesque In 'flifion to the Orest Company, everr evmine 'hi rtfitiitifat HtiriQoe Artress ni Coi.ttli.E,n ilcn JLN.Mt KIMUaXu iid Miiw ALlCt KIMHALL, Voahst. DR. PAYNE, Independent Lectarer, Will (TiTc Third roare of Lwrtrrefi, which wil! be irrly diflermt froii. tlw that be delivered at r'arweliaiiu Cruft.j's, Ulia, at METSOPOLITAN HALL.

Monday isUI, Oct. 9. Practtf al and Dt'lat-tic LrTurt- on the "Art of Ba4-tac Human and of DiagrnoiaiQtT ti tka CoDaittuD of the Human Heart, Throat, Stomai h. vtrr. t-tc." Thi IrsnoD i valUi.bit to xiui iiaijrurmioiuaA i-f- l-le.

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Selrepolllan Hall, Saturday Ocl. 11. rranrt sopi rj'-r for 'xrt it benefit of gentmen. Folly Uli. fAVSi, tJA- mf-eior.

Plren--! igl -aT ani Mcdlm! Examination arc now given at the SHFKMAN HOUSK. Parior No-. 4 nv wit Kht; and turn to left, nrt Oo-tn. Oftl Ii nr fr mi a. m.

to d. m. bp-araie roou for ladiee and gf-otleun n. Prices asme aa nfUiU. V.

LEWlts. Ileporter. STAR LECTURE COURSE. TKN LtXTTRES. by the mort lturpr In foi imiudine r-rvei ieat.

ol Cour-f i ki-to ni A.T)ttc Library, clort Ffi-ia; liiiL O- lotHsr. WtAXil I Al UltATION OF THE STIR LECTTRE COrRSE, MONDAY FVENING. lfh(i-oovT. tn Farwtfl HaH. An tifllt-nt conceit bv i.

anlftD. luanural Ad-tr- bv KotitifT LAIKOjp.OLXJEli, and a Lucuue, -Poeirj and t-tte Foeta, by JOHN C. SAXE. Aimlsrion. SO wot B-aervd aeat.

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Aieadinga and Beet "-at Km from tbe POETS AND DRAMATIC WRITERS, Mooday asd Tneadav Ernlnpi. Oct. and 10. EDtftainmrat varlfrt bf mualr on tfir OrsmntrrA. J.

CKfcbWoLD. A n. SO cent, latrved w.f rrjsa extra. For -wile Box inUce Th ir-dsv, Fnla. Saturday, Monday and TutOay, from to f.t an! 2 to 5.

OPERA HtlSE. Carriages wffl take op or net down their loads for tbe Op-r BwtaetjMaU ao Lbc Ael, conaing in on iemr- irn-t. (n1 gwny on Mat-T. A Book for Kverjbody, ronlaintnc valnah tnformartoo for the marrivvl. or ibOHC couirn.ptaiing luarrUn.

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Addrwe DR. A. ii. tH.IN. Itrj hi IV nifKTABL Arrival and DeparUire of Train SPBIXQ AMMASGMMEST.

IlltmMe CeatraO. St, Zjczm mrpivm a EPI caa oo wmmi uum. raMall Caro Eupnm tL.fKHM 'kmnttbaiL Paerer 5.13 PliacBrT ll 0k Bvie lck aad Oaa. Wood a do do do itiia do do dO do do do -k do do do cuO do do do Upm 11 1:45 taadaygjjpUiil TBaunxdai Aaftko Itare tk ftoattecrm Kaall mm. Puot- Corner of j-birm asd nin iiinii m.

TIcKet OOoe. banth C'ark-at. MaD an. p-00 OtnjaJSew Sots IT I liium iai-a AUaaitc Lzpraa jd.ft....... oa a Hni HA a Ticket Osftoafc tor-poant buna LtJoa lepo.

toot of lke-at. Maui caa 30 a aa 4:11 aatUiae lL-am tvaieaburs Fataerger at a a ateLaoT ur tTirmjiT uj pi AororaPaawenrer BAmp Pacis pa a Downer fr rtrre Aoomodmron. 1 A5 50 pt TwnvGrowAooosMCaaott. m. mli- Oowiir'ajrroT Aocociodaxicn.l4.'J0 a ricai aUverideiid a a iilven-idead a at ic ffiverside and -aaile 1:45 pm -baiidaya raaULraajrs ''artin mmm aamtrwakw Kmmm Darwi Foot of 1 akwT.

T)cktoAo, rr n. AH trama aup at 2ad rtreet staooa. Mall (na main line air as) a a Fast New YorKAxpreaa tm a a kx daliy; via Air Line. lent ifckproai Vb a LOCau. Tt raa.

ffalinaaiMi laekaon Taree AfCOnimodattoo 4Kpal Sraad Kaptda aVErrea -W a a uraad jgnt Aaai tae finrrlu jtiT tanaa aoawa. i aaiim rurputL aai Caxleaa, ttmm a I la lUmi TacnKUawoa. aft Paaraora n. Crpreai sniaia Ollcl AO tubpm Smil fcxprg tAlwpa Ltrkmicc aalDDin unoj.ya. oatnrdaya a-eptad.

mm ad aoMW excqnaa. a atu-warsju Dmr Corner Oana. and EJnse uaeaj West ride. Prtfrat Office itCC.A I. C.

Co. office, esorner ViaJataflrt aad Carroll atreeta. PUS Train, Co4eao Tune 4dQ a tuS a DaporCorner Tan Bnrea aad Bbencafrm. Tmw niiiii a wziTh lark 9 Kiaiit expreaa a 7:40 a Pera accOPamBaTnai aa a Faetftc- expreaa. 10: a aa w.

if narlnr adtvntOaT rar Hi rtakiJwWl ttl tha lAu a. m. uaiA mwiat ttitoum Cwtaatt BiaMm aa Oaiaaa CfcSeaaaj Wtmm awti-w Ballwaf. TKxn imcrn ti oat heat coraar of Oark ad Um CHattm 3 nttaai 1:11 aa M.waa Panne a tne Pacific ntcMaxpraaa Port DoSge and Daaaao Bhku Oty bow Dabaqoe Mllwwtkee atafl III I 1 I 1 II 1 fW I fin lq -Sd ml tMtmrJi mi PROGRESS OF THE 00HTLAGRATI0H. AT TBJB TTH OP TBI ATT BA B-A HCB OT THW Fill, which originated in Lull Holmes1 planing mill, on Canal street, near Van Buren.

the wind was blowing due rlh, so that the spread of toe dames was northward in the main; althouirh the mischief was soon communicated to the right and left, and the district from Clinton the river, a distance of two was embraced in the destruction. Soon, however, the wind veered fnm tbe southwest, and tLe line of fire began to take an angle to the nortbeart. The buildtnes and piles of lumber betweeo tbe last line of Clinton siieet and the river, at a point about midway between Van Buren and Jackson streets, were entirety swept away, and the flames, sweeping across to the north lice o' Jackson street, threatened to follow thai Hoe, no one could tell how far. Tbe fire department were powerless to checa tbe progress of tbe fire, which was carried bodily across the intervening streets and swept to the northward. On Jacktton street, between Clrnton and Canal, there was a continuous line of wooden building, mostly two-e ory frame dwellings, and back of tnete were various arpenterMhopH, barns, sbeds, woodpiles, an of which became so rapidly surrounaed by fire as to render tbe saving of tbe contents an Impossibility.

In many cases tJ.ere was barely time arouse the occupants and get tbem in safety from the premises. One after another of TBE Bl ILDIKOS VT1BX SUV ELOPED III TLAMK8, and, in the brief space of twenty minutes, tbe space between Jackson and Adama and Clinton street and the river, was all ablaze. On tbe east fide of Canal street, aud between It and tbe Pittsburgh A Fort Wayne Railroad tracks, bounded north and south by Adams and Jackson, were several coal and lumber offices, all of which disappeared like tinder. Huge piles of coal hundreds of tons of anthracite lay back of these build-icifF. and tbe heat uid flames at last became so Uitenne a to communicate with tbe coal set it on fire.

Up to this time the pasrae across Adama street bridge bad been unrestricted save by tbe volumes of smoke and cinders driven in that direction, but at last the flames reached THK ADA WS STKIWT VTABTCT. and soon a wall of fire drove across tbe passage way, and barred it edectually. Under tbe bridge tbe devouring element was sucked witb fearful velocity, and, before any eteps could be4taken to prevent it. tbe sidewalks and ratlins of the iron viaduct were lapped up, and a long, low shed, on tbe noitueaft corner of Adams aud Canal, used as a freight depository by tbe United States and Adams Express Com panics, was doomed to destruction. As rapidly possible the contents were removed, but there was not time enough to save one-qaarter of tbe goons in store.

Beyond this shed, to Lhe eastward, stood a large number oi PAfflFTTCEB fOArHTS belonging to the PJttsbunrb Fort Wayne Railroad Company, to fave wbicb it was necessary to tear down the rbed, wbicb was successfully accomplished, tlad it been otherwise, and bad tbeee cars taken tire, nothing could have cbecked tbe names, which would have communicated with tbe Pittsburgh it Fort Wayne freight depot, consuming in their train the pas-teuer buildings, cars, and never stopping until Maditon street bridge was reached. All thie was fortunately prevented by tbe ttren-uous endeavors of citizens the fire department being unable to operate to advantage in ttoie locality who, appreciating lhe ternbie danger of a further pread to the eaet and la'tored most heroically in tbe midst of a horrible ttmwer of livid and a fierce, hot driving emoke. SOrTH LIKE OF ADAMS STREET. 1 Wr.ile the citizens were battling so between Catal street and the river, north of Alams street, the firemen were huviut; a furions contest on tbe south line of Adams street. west of Canal, and extending nearly to Clinton otreet.

The buildings were at wooden structures, mainly occupied as re-itlenct aud it Lad become perfectly clear to evervbody that the rreat tight must take place at this" point. Once let tbe flames cross to the north line of wooden structures on Aoaiue street, and TUB COXXqrZNCES WERE AWPTX TO A dozen leads of bue all that could be worked to aOTau(ae were brought into the street, aud as ntaiiy creams of wuter were directed on the burning building, tbe rear portions of wbicb were blazing furiously. Inch by inch those firemen fougbt for an advantage, fiifhtinir in a perfect heli of heat and t-uoke. Their courage and endurance were something magnificent. While the spectators, hundred of feet fttrtueraway, cowered to-fore the tern He best Mid Minding drift of elowine cinders, tbe pipemen stood tbeir errmnd.

often for five minutes at a s. retch, wit bin a dozen feet of the wall of fire, now and iben withdrawing a few pace in order to net breath, only to return to tbe cbarue as maufuOy a- rtetore. Tbey could not hope to eith ffinb. but they did not succeed In suhduine. tbe flames so as to save the opposite buildings, and 'event ar turtuer spread of the coLdauratioa.

Tfiii uf the trrand pitched battle of tbe octs-lnn- lbe masiej'piece of the department ard it deserves to he signalized a one of the most remarkahle acbievemenui on record. THE Born ABIES of the conflagration may be briefly summarized as follows: Between Clinton and Canal streets, about three-fourth" of the area south toward Van Buren street. Between Canal street ard tbe river, about nine-tenths oi the area south toward Van Buren street. Between Caital street and tbe river, and Adams and Jackson streets, tbe entire area. Between Canal and Clinton streets, and Adams and Jackson street, about seven-eighths of tbe entire area, the ouly remaining buildings being the frontage of aiout eighty ieet on Attains, and ia feet on Clinton street.

On the east side of ('anal, north cf Adams, about one hundred feet frontase the express com par freight sberis is consumed. As nearly as can be estimated, the total area burned over covers about twenty acres, which is by far tbe largest district ever devastated by fire in Chicago, even eclipsing tbe famous conflagration of lb57. xnt30B STREET. FRom THE PLANINU MTU. the flames travelled with ungovernable fury wet and north, ignitint; all tbe lumber in tbe lumberyard attached to the planiig mill.

The sparks-some large brands were carried by tbe draugnt of air on to Clinton street. Meanwhile the truck-house, owned by the city, and situated on tbe southwest corner of Jackson aud Clinton streets, ignited, aud was reduced to a cinder in a remarkably short time. A row of dwelling houses on Jackson street, between Canal and Clinton, caught Are somewhere in the middle, tbe flames snooting from tbe lumber yard on tbefSouth Hide, impelled by a rearing southwest wind. These dwelling houses, dried almost to tinder by the long-continued drought, fell before tbe consuming flames without appearing to add to their savage brilliancy, so quickly were they destroyed. Tbey succeeded in helping the lire into tbe mass of dry barns, outhouses, shanties, shops, and dwelling bouses tituated on Clinton ft reel, ana In its rear.

Tbey were all on fire in a few minute, and in a few more were reduced to ashes. All the dwellings on Jackson street from Canalfto Clinton were Lbus destroyed, hile the fire travelled half way to Adama on Clinton. Tbe whole of tbe row of houses ten in number was owned by Alaton Watson, and were totally destroyed. They were o- cnpied by tweuty-eigbt families in all, who lost all tbeir property, with the exception ol a few articles they bad succeeded In removing before tbe flumes rendered ingress to their dwellings impossible. No.

i Jackson was a two-storv frame house on tbe corner of Clinton street. It was occupied by three families, named respectively, Peters, Williams, anu Isaacs. Williams was a printer. The total loss of the three families must have been about $400. upon which there was no insurance.

No. 65 was vacant, aud owned by Lazarus Silverman: total loss. No. ft) was also owned by Mr. 8 il verm an, and occupied by W.

Bobbins, a backman. His loss was about $T4; no insurance. No. til was owned by Mr. Watson and occupied by Patrick Power.

Bis lose was probably $S00; Insured for $500, thouub he noes not know in what company, and believes the policy has expired. No. S9 was owned by Mr. Watson. It was a two-story house.

Thomas Walker and two daughters occupied tbe lower part of the bouse. Their possessiors. valued, perhaps, at $300, were all destroyed, and were i-ot Insured. The upper story was" occupied by Mrs. Merrill, who was in great distress, having no shoes on her feet, which were wet and nasty.

It Is probable that her loss is $1U. No insurance. No. 57 was also a two-story house, owned by Mr. Watson, and occupied ou tbe lower floor by Frederick Greenough.

His loss is ftirtO; uninsured. He was waiting for some miraculous aeency to restore his property. The upper floor was occupied by Sam. McAllister, who says he lost $500. anyway, and bad no consolation of insurance.

Nos. 55. 53. and 51 completed the list of ruined bouses re this locality, all owned by Mr. Watson, and more or le-s occupied.

The occupaots had vanished to safe quarters, and conld not be found. Tbe total loss on buildttgs on tbi street, on the north side of tbe tame, will probably amount to whether insured or not could not be learned Isst nigbt. Tbe loss to the property of occupants was" pos-lbly $8X00, the insurance oa which will be found very light. Indeed, THE He AM. Scattered round in the rear of these bouses was an unnumbered mass of miscellaneous buildings.

Tbe carpenter-shop, owned by John Stephenson and occupied by a man named Klein, was destroyed. Loss to Klein, $3M). A barn owned by Klein, adjoining tbe carpenter-shop, was destroyed. Loss, $.100. There was no insurance in any one of these cases.

There was also an unpretending two-story frame bouse owned by Mr. Pierce, which was also destroyed. His furniture was a total loss, aggregating $1,200, on which there is no Insurance. The south side of Jackson street, as above stated, was occupied bv tbe truck house belonging to tbe city, loss, $2,500. CLIHTOH STREET.

1WOIMHO TBE TRUCK-HOrSB on Clinton street stood two one -mory frame cottages, owned by Meurs. Haltalander Randall as a box, blind, and saoh factory. Their establishment was piled up with lumber and valuable property, and they claim to nave lost $10,000 by the transaction. They were protected, with a light proportion of insurance. No.

lctf Clinton street was north of Jackson. It was a two-story frame bouse, where Mr. Mon-aban lived. He was employed In the Alton A gt. Louie Railroad oepot.

as general porter, or in some other capacity, lie succeeded in savin his goods, but claims to nave lost a respectable amount. There was no insurance on hut aeeu-ucv iMe property. No. 1M as owred by Mr. Watson, and occn- Sied by John Weiss (who insists that bis name in erent nglih is VI hite.V Hi furniture covered tbe sldewaik to an appalling distance, but be insisted on bis losing $kU.

on which be bad $500 insurance in the Fireman's No. was also owned by Mr. Watson, and occupied by F. Cronin. wbose lo-s Is claimed to be --OU- 1 lie urea for $4ot).

The uruiture is insured for $200. No. was also owned by Watson, and occn- Jte by an Israel itish family named Schoeu. His oss is assumed to have been $1,400: insured for $7K0. Mr.

Sullivan, wbo occupied the top floor, lost all his propertv. No iusurance. Nos. 17S nd ITS were owned by C. B.

Far-well. They were but slightly Injured. No. ITS as also owned by Mr. Faiwell, aud occupied by James Ban levin a bouse in the rear lived a backman.

named Lewis, wdo saved bts hark. Near him was the agon shop of Messrs. Bolzer who had just at the present time a great press of repairing on band. Tbey lost not only tbeir entire stock, but a number of wagons seat over for repairs. Loss about iusurance probably light, AX WHOLESOME SCOABSTIOW was madefftby some bystanders.

Toe re was a story current that a wake was being celebrated la one of tbe wretched shanties in the rear, tbe party undergoing the ceremonies being woman. Tbe corpse was left tn the bouse and was burned. Whether this was true or false it was impossible to discover last night. CABAL 8TREET. the oaxotw.

Tbe Are originated In the boner-room of tbe lanre planing-mill of Loll A Holmes, at No. 90s Canal street, and, as far as conld be ascertained, was groundless that is. no possible or probable cause was asslened for iia oriirin. The Wilding was of brick, two stories in height, and abont 300x00 feet on tbe round. Tbe whole buildlnr, machinery, and material of tbe firm were consumed, involving a of not less than $20,000.

The insurance on ibe planing mill was about two-thirds that amount. In the rear of this was a box fact ory belonging r. Foster. Tbe loss is stated to be about fft.en: Insured for $1,500. inrectly north of toe planing mill was a dwelling, which was totally 1 tr i 5 Nuance as far as could be ascertained.

North of tbe dwelling on Canal street 5 tWotw frame building used as a saloon This was totallv consumed, with atotal loss of abont to tbe occupant; and "aII lmr could be ascertained. lfl.J. Canal street was sit- TbednT An Uninteresting Contest The Championship Record. Tbe Boetn-naymamer? Series Won by the Former Club Defeat of the Btnaa by the Stars Bobbles 92 Wright. The Jerome Park Races Billiards Miscellaneous Matter.

BASE BALL. WHITE STOCaUBUS VS. ATHLETICS. The announcement of a game betveea the White Stockings and amateur Athlet-sUrftU ed not more than a hundred people' to tte Lake Shore Park yesterday afternoon. Tbe game was not especially noteworthy, aside from tie fact that tbe Whites played with but eight met.

Ktnr and HcAtee laylnE off, while Brannock pixhed, Fslev causht. Hodes olaved third. Daffv snort. Zettlein second, Simmons first, and Treary and 000 took care ox tne oat Dei a. ine Atretics were weak at tbe bat and in tbe field, and ayed a poor game throughout.

Below ia White Stocking. OSBT AtMtMc. MB THE CHAKFlOSSHir BECOBD during1 tbe past week has not been materially changed, but two games having been played, is botn of which the Bostons participated and wen victorious, beating tbe Mutuaisaud Haymakers, and deciding the series with the latter. This leaves tbe Bisions second tn the race, with only ore series yet to conclude that witb the Mutuals, with whom tbe pames stand two and two it is probable that' no more championship games will be played at the El st until after tbe Chicago-Haymaker games, as both tbe Bostons and Athletics will doubtless prefer to stand back and await the development of tbe standing of the White Stockings. Tbe Athletics have yt-t to -conclude series with tbe Mutual.

toward whom they stand two ani two, and witb the Haymakers, whom they have beaten twice, and to whom tney have lost no frames. Tbe conviction current in tbe West that tbe Eastern clubs will flvure" among themselves to retain the championship in that section, and keep it away from Chicago, provided this result can be reached by a mutu-: iTangement. It is doubtful, however, wbetbt a a plan is iu contemplation. Tne carrvine out of this scheme would ret mainly with the Mutuals. who, to attain tbe supposed end, would bave to lose tbedecidin? games witb the Bostons and Athletic-, in order that each of the latter may stand with but one series against them, and thus be on an equal footinc in this re-nect with the White Stocking in case they should lose a series.

In this event, the tie between tbe three would probably have to be decided on tbe basis oi games lot, and there would be some tall to work this out. Tbe probabilities are that tbe Mutual Club will refuse to enter into any such combination if not on the jrronnd of honor and fairness, then by reason of the fact that the state of feelinp between the Mutual and Athletic is far from amicable. It is sincerely to be hoped, for tbe credit of base ball, there will be no tames "thrown" for the sake of keeping tbe championship in tbe East, and that the remaining craines will he contested solely on tbeir merits, and may the nest club fly the whip pennant. Below is a summary of tbe standing of ibe various clubs with reference to tbe cbain- pionship; IS Athletic Ponton fcckford Mutual Obmi'lc K'Kkfcrd KeklQDga i 1 1 2. 2 oi i i 3' 3-' 3 2-ai 9: 3: Si 3 3.

41 11, 3 ii 3 4 2 3 t1 "3I IS 1M I 3, i. 2:11 16:15 a. vii.i.' l. 128 8ic si u- COMINO EVENTS. To-ioorrow afternoon a game occurs, at Lake Shore Park, between tbe White Stockings and the Forest Citvs, of Kockford.

In view of tbe marked discourtesy manifested toward tbe Chicago public by 'he Kockford club on the occasion ot tbeir recentvisit to this city viz withdrawing from a ame without any just cause or reason lor so doinr it is not to be expected that the attendance will be lanre. Tbe game should be played to empty benches. In reality. It should not be played at all. Tbe White Stocking management should refuse to hold any further intercourse with the Rocklord club until a suitable has ben offered.

le wHng for. intense interest, the issue of "inch will be eagerly looked for throughout the country at large, is tne White Stockiog-Haymaker game, which takes place in this city on Thursday afternoon. The number of tickets already par-cbA-ed indicates that the attendance will be Ini-mense ii-rhaps tbe largest of he season and those who wish reserved seats in the pavilion should lose no time in securing them. BOSTONS VS. HATMAKEB9.

Tbot, Oct. Tbe fifth and deciding game of the championship series betue en tbe Boston and Hft) maker Clubs was played here to-day. and resulted a victory lor Lke Buslone by a score oi 12 to 8. STABS MTSAB. Special Despatch Tbe Chicago Tribune.

New Yobk, Oct. 7. The arrived here last evening, tbe game witb tne Trenton Club beinif posipoued on account of ram. Tbey met the Mars on the Capitol ine Grounds this afternoou, and met with a severe defeat. In tbe third inning the Sure, by some good bits, assisted by a couple of wild throws, scored eleven runs, wbich placed the Anal result beyond a doubt.

Tuis decided lead disccuratred the Chicago lads, and they played with very little spirit afterwards. Tbe fielding on the Star side was good, and at the bat tbey were generally very good. The following is the score by Inning- 1 I 7 8 I 1 01(300004 fiiur 3 0 11 3 2 1 0 3 033 "iVf 6wr htt tna, 6: Stars, ffl. rnipireMr. Burdi of tbe Atlantic B.

B. C. Time of gin Two boors. Tne tnas play the Patnama, of Troy, on Monday, THE TBTTH ABOUT BABBT WEIGHT. To the Editor of Th Chicago Tnbttru; Sia: To tell the truth, I have a curiosity for you; it ia the most bungling specimen of malicious perversioa and misrepresentation that has been seen In a New York paper this year and words tAnnot say more.

With your kind permission I will quote from the last number of Wilkes Spirit In Tub Cbicaso Tbjbfxb of tbe ittftb ptember there spp ared a letter on tbe subject of tbr-Chicaco-Ba maker difficulty from a person uatnE tae Aom de pltrmx of Mr. Bobble," In wfalcb he comm out very severely upon Mr. Harrr Wright's remark tbti be con-stdered the Whle htocalDgs wofild forfeit a series of Sines to tbe Haymakers If they persisted tn thetr re Ml to play with the latter dub long as Craver was a member of tbe nine. Mr. Bobble 3 states that be besrd Barry Wright give his opinion to tbe above effect, and tries to twist it Into sm-h a form as to lead tbe public to believe that Mx.

Wright has already prejudged tbe case. To tell yon the exact truth, most respected tir, I am not at all aggrieved at being called a person in fact, I rather enjoy It but I leave ii to you if I am not mlstated. This was the main oor-tion of my screed: StlTl further, that was so far convinced of the Justice of the Uaymaktr claim that he should vote to give them a aerie. Witl-out touching at all up-m the subject of the Indeltcacj ol these prematnre revelations of how a vote was ts Eo, the writer tenderly asked Mr. Harry Wright ha beard the evidence upon both sides upoa which tbe decMlng committee was to baae lie verdict.

No! Mr. Harry Wright bad heard no evidence, more than the general tinaerstandine of tbe case from tbe papers, bnt vet be was prepan then and there to say that he should vote to throw tbe series agamst the Chicago Clulj. and In favor ot the Ba makers. Now. as between man and man, do yon really think that I twisted Mr.

Harry Wright's remark when I stated that he was "prejudging the case?" 1 have not the slightest Idea, my dear sir. that you understand slanc and yet I am moved to say that the writer Vave himself away" bodily when be penned tbe following: That Mr. Wright is entitled to express an opinion on the subject of dispme, an Individual, there smely cannot be any doubt: but that Mr. Wrieht is not prepared to give anv evidence which may be brought before him. In his cspst iiy as one of the Judiciary Commute on the char i pionshlp qccrtion.itd fall weight and hir most earnest coasi deration, no one wbo is acQaunt-ed with him will beiieve.

To Mr. Harrr Wright! name not tbe slivbtest breath of suspicion bas attacked, ever since he hss been connected with bae ball, and tt Is somewhat surprising to find Thb Txtbcee allowed such a letter to appear in its c4umas. No crsver or more scandalous charfre could be brought against the worst member of tbe fraternity than that contained In tbe last sentence of "Mr. Bobbies'" on worthy epistle. Mr.

Harry Wright, like the late Mr. John Goldte, has alwavs been regarded, at least as tar as our experience has extended, as a gentleman who eoubl not be "got st' in dy ohnpe or farm, whose word was bis bond, and who-e Jnugrneat upon any qaeation brought belore aim would be quite impart iaf. Now tbe joke oi the whole matter Is that Mr. Barry Wright owned ap the whole thing to a prominent sporting man when tbe Bostons were here last time; that is. he admitted that he had nt-ed just about the lantruaee with wbich 1 charred him.

He aid not deny that be asserted that be would vote to give away the series to the Haymakers. In the strictest confidence I would like to impart to yon my opinion that the next time tbe spirit man undertakes to pull" for Harry Writrbt be had better see that Harry don't sell him out before be begins. Tbe writer whom I have been tenderly examining takes exception to the closing paragraph of my letter to yon, and doss me tbe honor to print It. On reading it again I admire it more tban ever; and, if yoawiii spare me the space. I will ask yoa to reprint it, as containing some sentiments wbich bave become more and more impressed upon me: Tbe nine is tn tnteut, and may be practise, an one for gentlemen to nstronize.

Has nan only be the case, however, so long as it to asvorned by a fixed code, and remains ia tbe bands of men above the suspicion of Jockeying. Every boaestaimirer of tbe game win lift up bts voice against sli manner of rule-breaking and revolving, such as Mr. Harry Wright contemplates, by voting to gtve a dectsl on beiore be has beard the evidence, for the reasons enmneraied. Just as soon as tbe code of the game comes to be the sport of Mr. Harrr Wright, to be broken over when be caa gain therebr, Inst so suoa will the gwlm become reduced to tbe level of faro aud such kinds of none-racing as have brought disgrace upon that sport.

After which I shall remain yours. Mb. Boa bub. WTTTJAUTS. HATwAKXB.

The Mutuals and Haymakers played tbe first Sine of an exhibition series at Troy, on Tbnr-v last, tbe former club being victorious at the rate oi 10 THE TTTBF. TXaOEE FAKE BACBS. 5iw To be, oct. 7. Tbe attendance at the Jerome Park races to-day was slim, and the track was heavy.

Tbe tm rate, a handicap sw oepstafcea, one mil and a quarter. Nine horses started. Oi tolas was the winner. Time, Tba second race for tba champion stakes for three-year olds, two mil ee, was won by Harry Basse tt. Time, Tbe third rare for tbe Nuranry stakes for two-year-olds, one mile, was won by Cotonal Mclfcaa-lels, entry.

Time, In the fourth race, a dash of three-quarters of mile, for all ages, for a pane of 400, Midday was the winner. Time, 1 )(. Tbe nith race, a fo ox -mile dash, waa woa by Ecliptic. Time, 8:50. A WOWAWS BACW, wbicb took place on tbe Fashion Coarse on Tburs-oay last, is thus desert bed in tbe Sew York World Then came tbe grand exci'ement of the day the rare between several equestriennes.

Everybody had been looking forward to this with Impatience, and every-bodv was disappointed when but three entries were announced. There was oae middle-aged borewouiao, barely passable Id point of looks, very abort and very plump, and not very graceful. Another was sotte a beauty at least contrast afforded an excuse fur saying so but stiU at some remove from a Venus. Bat tbe third snrpaswed descrrocioaw By bo very great stretch of tbe imagination sbe save passed for tbe Itch sf Eador nasWssw. The sympathy was all with the pretty one, and maay among the audience were persuaded she had tae best horse.

Alter riding around the track once, sod indaclng the bettef on the part of those who had no very great ex-psr'atkMB of a womaa raeetaat this was all the race be seen, they rot off anety. aewl bow unmerciful tbey were. They semd to exhaust themselves whlp ing the poor animals, who did their aunost. Tbe two hundred poat der was awanted oa a gray msrs UvU ran weU, but ske bad too anavh so carry, aod chilis til bU seood best. "Tata and Bsuty4 did well, but her csarger didst, and seemed to be regains ber frost the st-rt.

Tbe third, who had neither graee, beamy, aor youth, aad coBseqasady neayna- Ctb among the hurrahlBg porttouM the andteaos, bad, versa, vast was af amors aaaortaaoa laa bet Wood, and r. 3 a 4 4 J. O'Neill, 1 Sill Trescy, e. and 1. 4 4 3 3 Stambangb, 2 i 1M Dnffy, s.

7 3 8 Boardman, e. 4 03 1 2 7 k. 7 LufLtner. 3 1 Ii I Foley, a 5- 7i Sl 1 Brannock, 7 SIM Hodes, Sb I 0 f. T10E.

O'Seill, f. Zettlein, 3 Ahern, 0 I jDann, 1 Total 48j Total 'ii' A Terribly Destructive Conflagration Last Night. Twenty Acres of Bofldicgs in the West Division in Bains. Lumber, Wood, and Coal Tards. Planing Hills, Stores, and Dwellings Burned.

The Adams Street Viaduct Destroyed Narrow Escape of the Bridge. Thousands or Citizens Witness the Grand hut Awful Illumination. The Loss Supposed to be in the Neighborhood of $1,000,000. Scenes, meiaenis, ana lacciaents uc-casioned by the Fire. DISCOVERED.

the onroiHo or tui nu aubi from Box So. 948, at abont II o'clock laet night, was tbe solemn prelude to one of the mot diaaa-trons and imposiu conflagrations wnich naa ever Vie 1 ted acitj which hat already enrolled in her annals number! of etich visitations, many of them terrible that they can serve as eras tn her history. For days pas alarm has followed alarm, 1at tbe comparatively trifling looses hare familiarized as to the pealintr of the Court Hone bell, we bad forgotten that the absence of rain for three weeks bad left everything in so dry and in-fammaMe a condlrlnn that a pnrk start a fire which would sweep from end to end of the city. Only a few minute- elapsed after the striking of the alarm before the flame were seen sweeping to tbe say, and tbe lurid light that illuminated tbe Lorizon grew more and more powerful, casting Jtp brilliant rays in every direction, bringing out 5n bold relief the fronts of tbe buildings wbicb laced it from all quarters. Tbe wind, seeming to rise as the flames did, set from the souv.bwet, carrying with it in its onward rush streams ot, Sparks, cinders, and parti ally -burned pieces of wood, which covered the sky with dazzling Fpanles, sweeping northeastward like a flight of thousands of meteors, but falling eteadlly in a fiery shower of rain, over that broad rea embraced between the river, the South I ranch.

Wells street, and Jackson street, tbe lijrnter one going far over on the North Division, While tbe heavier and mure dangerous ones fell Vfore tbey reached that point. They dropped frith gt force on the ground, to tbe occasional danger of io passengers, and the scmrl ng of iiorsea, and showery uprm tbe roofs of buildings. Inspiring constant fear tat otner conflagrations would break out, and that a terrible broad area Would be covered by tbe name, pat it oat of tbe power of the engine to com dm tb em-Late as it was, the splendor of the flames and the wonderful brilliancy of the sky were Mich as to attract enormous from every quarter. The densely -populated quarter of the West Di-Tieion lying near the fire would have, of Itself, leen sufficient to choke up the surrounding Btreets with a dense and Impassable crowd, but, the fire showed no sin of abating, they came from greater and greater distances, forcing their way down Clinton street, in tbe centre of which, sear A4ams, were half a dozen isolated street cars, utterly unable, for some time to come, to get back to their stables; and getting over or around the obstruction caured by policemen or entrine. Xuade their way down to Jackon, near which the began, and stopped there, caring nothing for the smouldering ruins which lay beyond that point.

Tbey crowded inincy. Adams, and Ja on street on the one of tbe nvcr. while Others, far more anxiou-. and fearful that the Haze mifat at any moment leap across Jlhe fcoatb Branch, and sweep toward the filled streets leading to and on the eat side of the South Branch. At first the conconr-e wa all from the West ide, but as time pa-ftd on they V-ran to come from across the water, and at the blazing viaduct and the police made Adams street bridge im-jiasable, they swept in a eolid mass across Madi Don street, meeting.

a3 tbey crossed, the returning stream of thore wlio um1 satisfied their Curiosity, or who felt it inMlwahle to stay there after 12 o'clock. Tbe bridge and the approach on MadiSun etret I were covered with men and women, alone and together, who found there a favorable point lor watctiinjr the flame, whUe they were generally out of the reach of tbe falling Cioders. Tbe viaduct at Adams street, with its tIazing woodwork. tod out in bold relief, and teyond and underneath it nothing but a wild Whirlwind oi flunc, obeenred for a moment by riawta of smoke, bat reappearing the neat with added brilliancy. The fire, burning close down to the river, and impelled eastward by tbe wind, seemed to one looking from tbe bridge to have almost reached across the water, and to have partially consumed that, as well as the combustible material on which It was really feeding.

Above tbe sound of the conflagration occasionally rose the scream of the engines, or the thunder of falling beams and tumbling bouses. The sharp smell of smoke filled the air with its oppressive odor. On tbe west side of Clinton street, from Jackson to Adams, were tbe relics of the household gods of tbe people who had been living on the east side of the street, sometimes piled DO dray or wagons, but generally piled upon the sidewalk. After tbe adjoining houses had proved too small to contain them, their frayed and dilapidated condition testified to the bade itb which tbey bid been carried away. Cm, around, and among tbem were their unfortu Hate possessor, who had been wakened from a Bound sleep In wbicb they were refreshing tbem-for tbe religion t-erricee of tbe morrow, and who, instead of getting up to dress for church, found themselves compelled to snatch what they could, and fly for their lives.

Thoe who were near Jack-eon street could look eastward, across a weltering aea of fire, through wbicb, black and desolate, ran Jackson street, like tome road calling through the infernal regions, from the wrecks of burning buildings, from rapidly consuming lumber piles, and more slowly l)utmore steadily burning coal heaps, rose thousands of jets of flame, whirling up with them pillars of smoke, through wbich loomed up the taller buildings along the river, or the slender snaete and blazing rtiriug of some vessel In tbe ziver. bo grand and so novel was the spectacle that those poor men and women who stood shelterless by night did not wail and moan, and hug heir half-clad babies tighter to their bosoms, as is the custom on such occasions, but stood gazing straightforward. They did not stop to see what they had lo-t, or to inquire Into the Condition of what they bad saved, but watched with intense admiration tbe terribly beautiful pectacle which nnfolded iuelf before them. Further north on the street the efforts of the firemen and the eastward tendeucy of the wind tad preserved the hoaes facing west on Clinton street, the southern ones being mere shells, and Ibeir condition improving as on went north, though tbey were all much scorched and rendered uninhabitable by tbe lire and its opposing element, water. But though these sombre and forbidding-looking tenements pexerany barred the view, yet through alleys and occasional breaks in the buildings one could there pet a view into the furnace which lay beyond red and sulphurous glimpses, as if one were gazing ttmmjrh tbe portals of bell.

No one wasted any time upon tboee individuals wbo stood beside their Iweftiocp. and tbe only persons who approached Ultra were in search of information concerning ll.eir possible insurance, to which tbey generally replied that they had none, when tbey replied at all to what tbey often considered a very nnnecet-ary and rat be impertinent question. Other inquiries were also made as to whether any pervon? were mi-uur. or had been Injured; tul while it is imnosftble. so ereat wm the ran.

Jamon, to ascertain mach concerning it. It be-A yonu aflum that one person was seriously injured, aud another is most likely missing for ever, unless rome portion of ber hones should have escaped the action of the raging flames which enveloped them. Mrs. Downing was an old woman wbo lived in one of the bouses on the north side of Jarsx street sear Canal and who. surprised in bereleep by the advancing fire and stupefying smoke, would nave been unable escape without foreign aid.

Happily ibis was adordedfhy printer of the name of Robert Can-pet who succeeded in carrying her oat. hut B-t until she bad been severely barned; nor did he escape without serious injuries. She was taken to a bouse on Jefferson street, not far off, wbero sbe la now receiving medical attention! JBut, while she escaped, her daughter-in-law Jftararet Badley, witb whom she was living, was ft behind, and has not been heard of since. It 3 Uy remarkable that in the sudden origin and Tifaarogrea of the fire more accidents did not After atme. the chief interest of all who conld JE4 any be.

neurit, or form any Idea was cired the northeast corner of the lueht bin only point where there was became EL tU IlendiD'- But presently reiute and de- there; and cLtb stopped it die away, aUsTEi the Posj as aosaethiL? t6ideaeen were enUm ZJftfY tbo" Wiy tanker, and wbo BILLIABD8. TABLES BOB FBTVATE BESXDEllCBe. Since the inauguration of hie remarkably snr-ceaeful enterprise in tbe manufacture of billiard tables, Mr. Emanuel Brunswick has, by the lavish exercise of taste and care, accomplished wonders in the way of external ornamentation, so that be bow, and with no small degree of justice, lays claim to the distinction of producing the handsomest, as well as tbe best, billiard table ever manufactured in America. He bas just Introduced a novelty wbich especially commends Itself to gentlemen who wish to select tables for private residences.

By the aid of improved machinery Mr. Brunswick is enabled, without extra charge, to place an in 1 aid monogram of rosewood and maple or other woods, if preferred upon the leg-heads of the table, in suh letters or designs us the purchaser may order. The effect is superb, added to tbe general elegance of finish and ornamentation, and those wbo nave to make a selection of a table for the private residence should by all means call at the ware-rooms of Emanuel Brunswick, No. IS LaSalle street, and look at the sample there on exhibition. lOSCELLAJEOTJtl ABKOUaCEBESTB.

A novel race Is announced to take place at Riverside on Tuesday next, at o'clock. MiGuire, tbe pedestrian, is matched to run oae-oaif mile aati st Roval George, a trotting horse, lor a stake of 3J0 a side. Tbe regular meeting of tba Prairie Shooting Clnb occurs to-morrow evening. EEUGIOUS INTELLIGENCE. A Clermaii and a Layman Appropriately Rewarded.

Programme of Services in the Churches To-Day. A TX.EA6AJVT AFEAXB. A few evenings since, the many friends of Rev. Alfred Eddy met in the reception parlors of the Ninth Presbyterian Church to bid their former pastor good-bye as be starts for his new field of labor at iles, Mich. The evening was pleasant, and the church parlors were crowded with those wbo have for the past live years listened to tbe of Mr.

Eddy, together witb many of his vld congregations frum Olivet and Bloomington. The committee had tastefully decorated the rooms an abundance ol dowers and mottoes, conspicuous among tLem being Love is our motto," ia white letters oaablue background. Alter the coDratuiatioDs, and hearty handshaking all round, the pastor and his amiable wife were marched up to a covered table, and Mr. Bd-det proceeded to say Beloved Brothee and StsTEx nt the Lord: I ad-dreS' you as tbe representative of your most particular frsTs, who have niaie choice of this occasion to present you with a farewell token of tbeir sineere Chrirmn legard. It is sad to realize that tbe precious seasons of oar almost dailv intercourse are vanishing away.

Tbe Muater baa cuiltd, and we be true in our obedience to hbn. We p-hall often refresh our memoreswith the happy hours we have enjoyed iu eac other's soctetv, fully expecting that what we are called upon to relinquish now will in the future receive ample ompenation. The hour is coming when we shall meet in more glorlotu rc-latious aud endearment; when there will be no obstructions to those blexsed associations so happily Inaugurated here, and Which, believe, will be made perfect iu glory. We believe you will be true in your lov to us, and here we affix the seal to ours by thefe memories to you and yours. Accept them at our band, and whenever you look st tbem you will renieniberrhe time and the occasion that called to-getlier, ana it Will confirm the tie that united us here, to be exchanged for those purer joys that can be perfected only ti Heaven.

Carry with you, wherever you go, a border, of love from each one of us, which, we assure you, wt rno-t heartily cherish, though wanting language to lolly express tt. Love Is our motto both fervent and Tne, We adopt most fully when thloliin of you; Tis like tt- briiiht noon. elouMes and clear. It never brags shadows, nor auuhi we should fear. How stem it beats though It be.

Mow blest workings, in and In thee: How poor should be, bow vacsnt each bour. Hod we never known iu beauty and power. Cherish this ife-giving gift from shove, bile under sway, will confeieuce approve, AJ1 times and sesous. In sorrows and joy Cur motto is Love, without any ailoy. The cover was then removed, and tbe table flittered with a toad of presents to Mr.

Eddy and is wife, from tie congregation, besides many from other friends. It being a complete survsrie, Mr. Eddy was entirely unprepared, but responded in a few words welling up from his big heart, and then offered a mot-t touching prayer. After singing, the party repaired to the refresh men room, wbere a bountiful supply of ice-cream, cake, fruit, Ac, bad been tastefully arranged, and to hich ample justice was done. Refreshments over, the com pan inspected tbe beautiful presents, wbicb consisted of "owing articles: A dozen elegant dinner knives, a dozen tea knives, -d'wn oyster spoons, oeauti-fully enjzwved.

half a dozen table spoons, and an inborately carved ice pitcher, server, goblets, and water bowl, wjtb tht words "Presented to A. Eddy and wife by their friends of the Ninth Presbyterian Church, Chitago. September 2e Also, a beautiful gta and silver fruit basket witb maty other minor gifts. Dr. Eddy goes to about tbe 1Mb of the present niontb, where extensive improvements are being made in his new church.

AS OTHER OF tWT- ABE SORT. On Wednesday evening iast. at the Church of tbe Atonement, corner Rohey and West Wash-incton streets, alter special religious services and a few very appropriate remarks, the rector of the parish. Rev. H.

U. Kinney, presented, in behalf of the congrenfinn, a large and elegant Bible to Reuben Taylor. iu recognition of his fai'h-ful services in the parish as Senior Warden, which office he bas filled since its organization, twenry-tbree years ago. Mr. Taylor warmly re-ponded, gratefully acknowledging tbe token of tueir affectionate regard, lie was about retiring from the chancel, when a little girl approached, and, in a very graceful manner, presented him with a beautiful Book or Common Prayer, in behalf of the Sunday School.

Tbe servant of Christ, whom even the lambs of the to honor, was very much affected, and brief! hut very heartily tendered bis thanks for tbeir "kindness. This was one of the happiest evens in the history of the parish, and will long be remembered by all who participated in it. After tbe presentation, the congregation adjourned to the basement, where the ladies of the parish bad provided refreshments, aod the evening closed as happily as It began. rCTTABIAir. rniry Church, corner of North Dearborn and White streets.

Services morning ansl evening by the pastor. Rev. Robert Coltyer. Third Church, corner of Laflin and Monroe streets. Rev.

C. A. Staples, pa -tor. Services in the evening at the usual hour. liev.

C. W. Wendte will preach. Rev. C.

W. Wendte will nreacfa at the Masonic Ball, Hyde Park, at 4 o'clock p. m. Rev. R.

L. Collier, of tbe Church of Messiah, Chicago, will preach la tba School house at ngle-wood, at 3:80 p. m. The Fourth Church Society meets at Avenue Hall, So. 147 Twenty-second street.

The pastor. Sot. C. W. Wendte, will preach in the morning.

2io evening service, Church of the Messiah, near tbe corner of Wabash avenue and Hubbard court. Rev. R. L. Collier will preach in the morning on The Philosophy and Traataatnt of Crime." EPISCOPAL.

Christ Church, Bev. Chaa. 8. Cheney, rector. Preaching morning and evening.

Seats free ia the evening. Trinity Church, on Jackson street, between Wabash and Michigan avenues. Rev. K. Sullivan, rector.

Services morning and evening. Calvarv Cbnrch, Warren venae near Western avenue. Rev. A. W.

Sn der. rector. Services morning and evening. Sunday School at 3:30 p. St.

Ptephea's Church, on Johnson street, between Taylor and Twelfth streets. Services morning and evening. Church of tbe Holy Communion, on Burnside street, between Twenty -ninth and Thirtieth streets. Services morning and evening. All seats free.

St. Mark's Church, corner of Cottaee Grove and Oak avenues. Rev. B. Morgan, rector.

Services morning and evening. tnrrvBR titsr. Sundav School anniversaries will be held at Murray Chapel at 10:45 this forenoon. Preaching in tbe evening by tbe pastor. Rev.

O. P. Saftord. fenbject: Repentance and the New Ufe." St. Paul's Church, corner of Wabash avenue and Van Buren street.

Rev. Dr. Ryder will of-ntiate morning and evening. Cbnrch of tbe Redeemer, on West Wahig-tonstrsat. Rev.

T. Flanders prea-faes twice. Morning subject: Tme Evening euby-ct: A Kiss tor a Blow." BAPTIST. No-th Church, corner of Chicago a venae and Deartorn street. Rev.

Dr. Westover. having resigned tbe pastorate of this church, wil presch his farewell sermon at 10:80 a. m. It is expected that Bev.

O. F. Walker, of West Mendea, will preach October W. morning and evening. Rev.

R. Wood worth, of Rhode Island, will preach, in the morning, at tbe Free Baptist Church, tornerof Loomis and -Tasks on streets. Second Church, corner of Morgan and Monroe streets. Rev. T.

W. Goodspeed, having been invited to become tbe pastor's associate, will preach, morning and evening. BBTHODtBT. Centenarv Church, on Monroe street, near Morgan. Tbe pastor.

Rev. Dr. Fowler, will preach morning and evening. Snndav School at a p. m.

Rev. S. McCbesney will deliver the first of a series of discourses at the Wabash Avenue Methodist Church this evening. Subject: Morning.1 aracsixAKBors Church of tbe Fraternity. Services in Metropolitan Hall at p.

m. Tbe pastor. Rev. W. W.

King, will deliver bis fifth on Immortality; or. Life In Death." Church of God. corner Warren avenue and Bo-bev street. Preaching, morning bv Rev. William Beecber, eldest ort fof Henry Ward Beecber.

Seat free. First Christian Church, corner of Wabash avenue and Sixteenth street. Services morning and evening by tbe pastor. Rev. Isaac Rvritt.

Advent Christian, on Green street, near Madison. The pastor. Elder Frank Burr, will preach moremft- and evening. Morning subject: The Rich Man and Lazarus. Mariner's Church, corner of Market and Michigan streets.

Rev. Joseph H. Leonard, chaplain. Beats free. Sailors and landsmea are welcome.

Preaching morning and evening. Sabbath School at 1 p. m. Union Temperance prayer meeting from 8 to 4 p. m.

Oakland CongTegatioaal Church. Rev. Geo. A. Jackson, of North Adams, will tn tbe morning.

Sabbath School Concert in the evening. Fnends' Meeting at noon, 18 Methodist Church Block, corner of Washington and Clark streets, at 11 o'clock a. m. Samuel Beck, of ag-land, will be present. The Great Faaa.

We call attention to the card of the Mutual Security Insaraare Company ia another column. This company has always been distinguished for equitable rates and honorable dealing. During tbe terrible fire in the West Division, last stent, the officers of the company were on tbe ground, reckoning up their losses. They will be ready to commence the work of adjusting early oa Monday morning. Every loss will be fairly met.

hooesti investigated, and promptly paid. Happily for the stockholders of this sterling old company, their ample surplus far exceeds the loss and leaves their handsome capital unimpaired. Tne result is a lesson to property-owners to insure in none but old and tried companies. Metropolitan HalL Dr. Payne will deliver his third coarse of scientific lactnree to tae Ladles and gentlemen of blears at Metro? -olitaa Ball, eoamnienciag on tomorrow aight, (xtober a.

For particulars sea amusement colwma of Tna Tmracwa to-day. Dr. payee's parlors are aqw at tbe Sherman House, where reports of persons examined are made by short-band writers. Thousands of oar etuxena have already heard tbe Doctor lecture. USLM EBB OTICKaC VesiTtBi Aaaaal atmsl aewCtwsal for tbe benefit of St.

Joan's Church, ia Burling-toa BalL comer State and Sixteenth street, oa the sve sines of October 11, 1. IS, and 14. Tickets, admitting lady and gentleman, $1. The above fair will be made attractive and in teresting to both old aad yssrtg. ah are iBviieu to aneno, ana la behalf of inn) praise wormy oopscs.

Csvrata, BrsimtoBaa, latiswtmg Waiils extracted without pain, by Dr. Keniaon. H7 aad 119 Clark street, where be has seen tae past six years. Privau room (or ladies, feasant a aad a. Pmatan laaa mt tatai which (a ao coawesi aowauara, aaar a.

MUr.lT ava.ated bT tba uaa at Buiaaa'a Onwalaia, VktYnrthTkat mt th a. eavlieJ DANCING ACADEMIES. BOrEMQfE'S DANCING ACADEMIES. WEST SIDE, SIT AND 5r WEST Will Offtcat aMara.r.Oct.14. CKIfiren'- CHm Wtgrdaya.

2 P. Tuesday. 9 p. in- Irer.rfc'Bies Clatw MonfHra mai TharsdajB. ft p.

m. ctaas TBuraaaa. p. m. SOUTH 81DK, Clearer Han.

COKN'ER OF DREX- fTAMaM omnlxml and mt oo Fridara. Children. 4 p. m-; fanif nrt ffrtfriTira, 8 ai Lor-nre Boom, Crobr Opera Hooae Ladles and 6fptJ -m rm eiMI tnwayi, a p. Far EMTticclars.

arpty to Mr. or an. at halt on efae tiara, or a fire residcDee. So. if Twnvy- lOS-Tin a.


147 Twenty-ecamtl-6t. CrLaJna nf Ti aadFridsT. at p. m. AfrMiwn Urw On Taeda uid isatmrdaTr it 1 a.

LtMUW bpeiial Qm Oa Friday at o. m. Tar art fiaurdaj part? arlC bald an Far liirtaer parHcnlaz appir to Mr. or lira. Soltrniif, 95 Twmty-taird-t.

PAEISLW DANCING ACADEMY, err. georgits haxl. 109 Moiu-e-6t. Ipn Tartdiy aii Satardiy Sight. OpfB VednttdiT ad Saturday Aftfraoom.

MIKASOLCS ACADEMY, WOW OPCT ypB TUX BEAaOJ. MABTLMTS Darciner Academies WBST 8TD-al nflS AAMt- HOKTH SI i ajsn as ma an aanv uatMtanKsiw-.

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