The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 6, 1935 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 6, 1935
Page 4
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PAGE FOUR ' THE' BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THE'.COURIER NEWS CO., PUBLISHERS '"•: 0. R, BABCOCK, Edltw ' • a. W. HAINE6,- Advertising Manager Sole Nalionul Advertising Heiireb-eutilivcs: Arkansas Damon, inc., New York. Chicago, Detroit, st, Louis, Dallas, Kansas city, Meraplus Published Every Aftomoon Execut, Sunday JH.A< Enlcicd as second class matter at the post- office at Blythevlllo, Arkansas, ini<!cr act of congress, October 0, 1317. Served by Uic UnHeti BUBScmi'nON HATES By earner in Uic Ull-y of Blytlicvlllu, 15c per week, or $6.50 per year, in advance. By mall, within a ractns ol 50 miles, $3.00 per year, $1.50 for six months, 85c for three montlis; by • mvll In postal zones two to six, inclusive, $6.50 per year; in zones seven anil eight, $10.00 per year, payable in advance, Who Pays Taxes? Then: hits boon going llio rutimls of tho southern press in recent wciikfi it )jil of faulty cdiloriiil }-eitsonii\e Uial luis for its premise Unit inasmuch :is all tuxes fall in the eiul upon the ultimate consumer he might as well l>,\v them in I lie firs I instance, in the. form of a sales tax ami thus be done with tht'in. There is enough truth in this to lend it nlan-sibilily. Many taxes are ixtssccl along to the consumer. No one who eals, wears clothes and lives under a roof, propurtylos.s though he may be, escapes sharing the biintun of government ami of the public services which uoviTimicnl provides. Hut certain important forms of taxation—and they arc Uie least objectionable of all laxcs—enimot bu passed along. Three such faxes come readily to mind: 1—The tax on the value which'land has as a result of its favorable location, us disti.nct from any value whicji it may have as n result of .improvements that liavb- been made upon it. The rental income which a piece of land can command is governed not by the cost of the land to the owner nor by the taxes .which ho must pay to retain ownership, but by tho benefits which the renter may o.xpuct to enjoy by virtue of occupancy. The renter will pay what the use of the land is worth to him, which has nothing to do with the tuxes tliu owner nui$i pay. •* 2—personal income luxes.-s.T^ere is f no way in (he world: by .which tin: "great majority of income taxpayers may increase their incomes to' compensate for what they arc raiuircd to pay in income taxes. With few exceptions they are unable to pass such titxos along to anyone. 3.—Inheritance taxes. The beneficiaries of the dead man's estate pay these taxes and there is DO one to whom, they can shift the burden. These taxes arc tho loisl objectionable of all taxes bccaflsc they olVer the interfuraitx; with tlie production and distribution of wealth. Li.-general (liuy put no brakes upon prosperity, which is not true of taxes upon production, distribution and consumption. The rental value of a piece of land, aside from that resulting from labor 'ami'investment expended upon its development and improvement, is in no sense (ho product of the owner but rather is Unit of his neighbors and fellow countrymen. A vacant lot in (he heart of the business district of Blythevillc is worth.perhaps a thousand times as much as a piece of unimproved property of similar si/.e five miles from an improved highway. Why? Simply because 10,000 people live in Blytheville and 50,000 more do business here. They have made it valuable. Certainly it i,s not unfair that a substantial purl of that increase in value should go for luxes and thus indirectly to the benefit anil service of those who Imvc created it. Tlie case/ for the fairness of income and inheritance (axes is perhaps not quite so clear. It is perhaps >:uf- liciciil to justify (hem to any that they hurt no one. except those individuals upon whom they fall and that so lon# as they arc kept within reason those who pay them can well all'ord lo do so. Lvcry Inch a S|)cnclcr Lorenzo wns lnviMi, whether he had H or not, -mid ixmb (he Grand made the friincs fly, and "Coul OH Johnny" pilnled the drab ninelecntli ce.iUiry u uiiy. hrltjln rcci, and "Death Vnllcy Scolty" u w d i 0 |-, ]1VL . |,| s vvri n c \\cuki:, and up iittd (loivn nil (h c ]m (.|oiv. s Ui'oaciwayo ouv Princes of Wa.s(rclM- have proiui'tiadaj. They were, sill pihurs. Oootl old Dr., Tou'iiscml la the lirat royal spender lo <la?,iilc and rtclbjU a ciiutto(i.v world. Ills annual of 24 billion dollars may make economists tilniddcr. it .j.ay wrinkle the statesman's brow, a 1ni , y persuade li'.c rich mini u m (. the lime ir, here lo put wliat- cvor lie linx Icfi in „ |,ttlc Wnck ivy nud hike for elsewhere. That's till right, W illi Dr. 'J'ownseritl. With :> Ibslillght Blvcii him by n fellow named Aliuklln the doctor .wrciiely gots Jils noii-dlvcrllblc way! Washington mny heckle him, but he Is delcr- mlned to give cvciybotly over GO his (iiiotn of WOO a month, rcsardloss of what it ccsls. AS a matter of record, ns he told Ihe Ways and Menus Committee, hc Is "not«l in (lie cost." He doesn't cure who produces Ihc base liclf. It Is suiricicnL lo him lo know lhat, If the toys and girls In the sixties arc handed two billion dollars a nionlli lo send careening through tlio. marts, the sun of iibnndance will Una! In tin- heavens, the nigUi. will be filled with music iiiitl the days will diince on merry, tireless Iocs. •.-.So roll the drum ami shrill the fite nud bloiv the bugle, blow! —St. Louis I'osl-lJIspiUfU/: Tlie removal of war proms is n beautiful theory. -Assistant Secretary of War Hurry H. ' OUT OUR WAY I'm Mire I'm stronger ami more vigorous at the .start of my second century than l wns at my first. —Mrs, Mary Michaels, 103, of I'uiixsiitawney, ra. • • * The iWiim'liukiioaii rei;i(M''i, c.sKiblishmnil hn.s marked Ihc slcii hi ihc consolidation of peace lu the Far ,,nd In Japan's fundamental polity of guaraiitetliiE peace nnd order. -Qt-ucnil Jiro Minnmi. Jiiiraiirac am- i hassador lo Mimchukuo. • * • The «nlcs ol Justice nrc not Uilanail tor llH! people, but for the criminal. -Police Commissioner Lewis .). Valentino of New Vork BLYTHEVILLE, (AUK,) COURIER NEWS jIDE_GLANCES By George Clark i >. r / -"*-— JlfjyJr • K / ff^'-iSr JW ' ^ |V^f| f m ^^J^»-.l.K=, ,^.^-V i*l*£t- -<•:•$- ,.,, : ^••^.. j ; ^:,m^'^ r ; ^\\ : -k: J< .'^^j| l * \V^ ; .:;-.»3^ ^v '•"x w . '••>-_- K3fc i "*&*'\ - - '."'*' KSfe&:'' : :. ; '•••&-. ^i^p^i^i '•' ;./' ;-j;. :,... : J:^-- '•?$%!&•?&?& \ /.''• j-KV' '.-,'•','''/' 'I "1 was ilching- lo g«t into llutt ga lliiil ivins cvory lime." "'. 1 U'«( ;t syslem By Williams ', Jws CURIOUS WORLD X^lT ALAS «A H AS A 35,000 MILE COASTLINE/ (ABOUT TEN THOUSAND (WI.ES CSREATEE, THAN THE CIRCUMFERENCE OF THE EARTH) THE NATIVES PUT UP ROOSTING POLES ON MINARETS TO SEfevi AS EeSTING PLACES'; FOR THE RETURNING SPIRITS JOP THEIR. DEAD I ARE ISO KINDS OF EDIBLE. MUSHROOMS/ Some idea of Hie .size of Alaska can bu gained by Mipcrimiiosiivj a map of this country upon a map in the. same scale, of the United Kliilcs. II this were done, and 1'oint Harrow placid al Uuluib. Minn., Iho li.luiuls of Hie Wtultan ArchipclaBO would luiicli Los AU K CU>B, while the suuthcaslurn point ol Alaska would upon Sa 1 h, Ga. Where is c;ivcMhi>|i|i MB as;iinst (lit- BORN TMIRTS' YEARS Makes Slam by Forcing Opponent to Lead l,o Win WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 0 !3, irurk* In a fcilk mill. Hk« :ui|i lii-r Jll-ycur-old Ijrulhtr,. I'JJIJt, • uppui-l Ilii'lr fui-ulld fntiier, STUVK M!;vi:ns \itiu ui*i> i«jrk» Jn II"- mill n«k« <;!,!,. ,„ marry IiJm. Slu- vroiulivtt lu ylic Mm Illj UUMVIT III II ttvt lllljg, •Jn'e jiijea Akiillui;, break* lliroutli llir^ Ire KU41 ^B rc*i>ucd ilirr, row tleuJ, ljulll ibe ml]], llrlnn lull wine home aflvr two yc»r» In i'ari* lo */iler (lie mill. Unlc <lh.ll>urnra llt'fure lie Ira™* IJ*T iiniiic. Vine IT Til.VTCIIKn. <JauEli«<r lit IIIJIHiHT TIlA'ICIIItH, JiVm-nil i alter <-< I In; iiiUI, nclicincn lu vniKlvtitr Jlrluu. (Jiilc 1 * fullicr beiMiuii's III hi lltu nlghl. l:»le Kctn Illllc r>l«ei» tinil is Irilr HI ivurk iieyi niornlnu. l-'ISIIUII, <h»- forejuun, (ell* hrr iCiiit If II buutiCDH usarn bLc'll lo-ic lirr ji>lj. MJ1V GO ON WITH TUB STOtlV UllAl'TOIt XVIII 'rilK morning wore on nlowly, ••"<!alo worked mechanically. viishhiB her head woubl etoj) feol- lug the way it did, wishing Hie room wasn't so warm or so noisy, wishing (hut just for one minute the could Blnk down in a chair :iml lean tack and close her eyes and forget the. Hying spindles. "It wouldn't havo dono any sood," slii! thought, "lo tell Pieh- er about Father being sick." No, it wouldn't have done any fooii. And she couldn't lie late again—not utter lhal throat. H inuihi her job seem unusually pro- rioiiK — (lio thought that idio aifKhl low. il—mid Ciiilu lieul and i.nappt'd oit n bobbin, lier bauds moving Kivillly in spitn ot thoaeho ii: tier uhouldcrH, Klie couldn't afford lo lose her job— When Uiiieli time came Instead of ^oinj; lo iho cafeteria slio went tnlo Ihu wash rorjin where there iviis an old couch ujjuiiml one of ll»: wall:;. It wan hack In the stiadnws and dale laid down on it and prettied her ringers over iier eye!.'. ^ Her head felt ;\K though sonic- 1-colu ajiDlled Hie now.ler ,,„„ to her cheeks and chin. When the entire surface of her faeo bad assumed a Dlnky-vbiieiiess she seemed satisfied and put tho vanity ease Lack Into her pocket, "You oughtn't to iry to work today," iilie volunlcered. "You oueht'vc taken the day off." "I couldn't,", Gale lold her. "IJvBii if I wasn't afraid lo asl; for lime art 1 couldn't nfford lo. Thqro's another doctor's bill to liny now and I'll have to buy medicine. They're enough bills 113 ii Is. 1 can't nffcird lo iiiiSB a. single dny'rt work." The. oilier Kirl sighed. "Uco, it'ii tou^li all righl," Kho imid ui;alu. Hud.lculy ulio crossed (lie roam lo. a locker, opened it ;,„,] took iioinotliini; out. A aioiucnt later '.: wits tacit, holding out n choc- olale bar lowiird tialo. "Here," Kim said, "eat llils. 1 brought it for lunch and lltcufor- Bot "11 about it. It'll do you t;ood. Chocolate's real nourishing, you know." Oale looked donbltiil. "I don'l believe—" she began, Dili Leola insisted. "Oh, «o ahead and eat it! You'll feel hel- ttr—honebl, you will, dee, it you don't eat anything you're liable to liccl over like lhat Connie iiau- man did the other day. Did you hear about that!" - Uulo broke, off 11 bit of (lie chocolate bar and irlc il. Kho said. beard about. Connie. iiinka, l.cota." "Korsct it! Wu're all in Hie Game boat here. Ceo. Uic way they work us and Hie liltlc dough we got! It';; a crime, (hat's what it is!" Clalu Bisllld. "I ijiu-iisj tll.ire isn't much we can do about il." Lcota drew nearer. If Gale hadn't so tired IL-JI jiL-ii'.i ii_>ii II.H uiougu iionie- Jl >j>»i'. aauii i neon srj ured Iliini; won: pushing down on il. ["'"•• would certainly havo noticed It had fell lhal way all morning, tho crafty look lhat had conic in- . She wasn't sleepy now, but there e wilier Kill's eyes. She would now, u ere wer Kls eyes. e woud were jiaiiiH like mile knife-jabs certainly have noliced Ibe change in JIIM- amis 'and in her shoulders, j hi l.cota's lone. As H was Chile Tlio ilnor oppiietl and Gulp I was entirely unsuspicious. ' . "That's where you're wrouc " turned lo wo who liad coim-' in i A lull girl sluod facliit; her. She j i.nila said. "All wroim. meres •AOIV a bluu uniform like dale's.!a lot wo can do iiliaul il " but il. wns rather abort for lier.j "What do you ineanV" The girl luul dark Imli- : , rl d cyc -j "I menu I think it's lime In do jroiv,; iluit luakaa as llioiisli they Komelhiiia-about Ibe way we're had been drawn on wilh a pencil tculli were sliglill Iroatcil hero— "and Ihc way liicy to anyone—not* word. "Yes." f.cula's voice had dropped <« uiiderloiie. "We're Kulng lo OL-- sanlze," K!IC said. "Thai's what we're BolliK lo do." "Organize?" The other iiuildeil. "U'e'ro K'j- lilK lo sc-t toeethcr and deiuaml onr viebls. And we'll gel them, loo. There's (joins lo be a incei-' IIIK. N'ol many know about U yei —we've. KOl lo be awful careful and only nsk those wo can Iru^c. Tho men have been haviuj; ini;et- in^a and (Iwy'ro goiiii; lo let lioinu of IIH Kirla in. too. Haven't you heiird aiiylliing about il at all';" "No," Dale lold her. "We'll," I,cola went ou. "once we t r ct orKuiiized Ibcy can'l f;o on I mil lug us the wny Ifiey havo. Wo won't Bliiud for it. Tliiil'a wliy we're ^ohiK lo have Uic iiH.'uliiif' •lo gut (hiii|-B filiiilcd. I don'i know when it's (jolim to be yet, but if I let you know, will you eouieV" » « t AhK wished Leota would go away co she could closu bcr eyes and rest uonie more before II was lime to KU back lo work. Shi! didn't lake much stock In Ihia talk of.secret meetings or oreani- ziilfon. She didn't Hunk II w;i s nnytliiug; but talk. But llicrodidn't seem lo be any other way of got- tiiiK rid of Lenta, so sjlie said, "Why, yea, I'll conic—If 1 can—" 'flip, other aiiiil'eil. "tlomD" tilio said, "l Iliougbt you would. I'll you know just as BOOH an I iraiiytliiiiK. Keinomlipr, (hoiiKh, don I say a word about it u> anyone!" C.'alo said, "I'll remember." There 'viian't UIUQ lo i;<>i -my more rest, however. Tim boll «u,.. (lien and dale sot to her 1001°. Leola said, "Lord, Ihc lime gota fnsl!" and waited in (he doorway. As Ibcy sleinied oul inlq the corridor ahe inil her arm around dale. Kbo liogati lalkiujj about, something that had haniHjiicd the <lay before, HouiellihiK that must have been ruiinj becanso she laughed. Chile wasn't lisloiiius. She could slill feel the weight Dressing down on her forehead and her feet were like lead. Hhe wished'],cola liadul jua | lcr :1 rm around lier. As Ihey . sleiiiicd iulo liie-hiy room where Iliey botli worked l.oola dropped lier vtiicc again. Sim Biiid. "Siayhi: I'll liavc sonie- :md h.-r upper tcclli were sliglilly cut. our pay : ri,ruvi-n- llttlu tlilns SI '". S1 "<'-. "»Ia.vhi: I'll liavc somc- lirominuni. Khu wami't a prctly and let peontc: 01 d make tliJ " 1K '" lc " y "" l»iuurrow," and r-iH an,! E!IO >v»sn-t Immely. Her i rest of us work harder I hc-ird'"'''"'" : ' K '' y ' ' " iniiiiu was l.qola-Holler. I how Pislier bawlod viin «ii> I|,K- <;illt ' w ""<e<l 'luwu (lie broad how Ii'islit'i 1 . bawlc-d you mtl (bis * *. * j niorniuK. dec,, lhal wns !irriv— r nill-: iicwcomor moved toward i the big bum! I don't sec.why you the eoucu, and looked down at '"'' '"'" S«t away widi ft." C.,ile:' "All In. kill'! 1 ' ;:l, c jistcil! "How could i liclp il';" •.Mniialbclkally. "Tlicro'H -.•.' way!" ' . rirc<l," Hale lold her. "I had lo be mi moiil-ot (he niglii. iMy lalher was sick." "Clec, . (liars Lpiigh. ll's l.nii'h when anybudy'ti'tiicli. all ..rijilit." U-ola IJollcr loo); a vanity case from her piickvt and wont lo [lie mirror. Kbo iimiicctcd liei- facr> erilitvilly. oiiencd ilni case and be- can carefully •iiawderiiii; her forehead. Him turned lh'-i> ;1 i:d askctl. "Iliul your luavli?" "1 don't wanl any," t; ; ,iu u>lil aisle and (noli her nlace liefore the spindles. She didii't think ot Leola iiguin injiii iiii-'ce.nnd a Iniic hours ..later, ^licm" inio'tber bell darkly. ••.•„, telling you-lhin'^ | ^ '''« ^'rrhW™? "ifcol'r "Siy^ »™»,t B-«B I" BO on like ll, is for- | ^ |t ^ ^ ^.^ ^ ,..., , [unshed her wny lo Gale's side. "I e.looUrd at li,.. r ,-uuoiisly. WIW you a( -,,oou." Josie said, "wilit lhal. L«ol:i Boiler. You'd Li'.'ll'T'sUiy away Ivom her! 1 ' Josic tossed her licsd. "Siiil yuiiraclf." sin; siiid. "only I'm wa riling l .voi;:.. You'd betltT kur.'ii | your di»l;inct.>. .'('hat danic'ii u [oil j on ! : ouir;- i ^'jiy! " . ' In'l say a word .• t'l.o ,|li:; Cuuilnucd) ''I .iluu'l know \viuiL yoii't- irl's eyes narrowcil. "Can you kcc-p your inoutli tlint'.'" "10.^," "Vou'n; suir of Ilial'i" "Why. of roiirii..'." "Well. HH.-II— Iliiiia- l!iit yon n Stamp Collector Solves Birth of Sextuplets SILVEH LAKIi, N. Y. (UIV—A tauip eollcclor, Miss Luurn drcpg, us discovered Hie luiinc of Ilic mlor who ".siKiiikctl" Ihc famous iushncH scxUiph'l.s inlo ih i; world n 1860. thus besting the record f Dr. Allen Dafoe ol Dionnc quin- uplct fame. Tin: practitioner wns Dr. Jiimr. 1 ; tlwards, ol Uhiaij;o. III. Shortly after the Uioiinc o.nin- luplets were born, reporters inier- vicwcil Hire. Aliucia I'arltcr, of Silver Cvcck. oni: ol lilt: scxtuplcl.s, hut she coultl nut recall having any record .showing lier Ijirth, or till! name of Ihe (ioclor who ns- sislcil her mill her live Urolhrr;; and sisters into tin: world. Mi^. 1'arkcr i.s (ill. Ucccnlly, liovvevci', Mrs. Orcxt; was-.searching Unous-'h a trunk In the Parker homo inirl diprovcicd a iTrlilicalc of birtli foi- (he scx- Itiplel.s. H. was dulcd Kept, 15. liliiu, mid said lhat six children—Ilircc jboys and three girls—were born, ialivi: ai)d heiiltliy. ip J. F. and i.lejinio-A. iiu-ilincli. .' | A niirae, ...--.I'llscilia Bancroft, scrvt'il as'iistcd by Mrs. i Hannah II. Osborn, the ccvtiricate said. I - .- - .-, . ' TrmiilF, luHiiiior llullill I'ilJLADELI'llIA «UPj—Anlion- ci'ary degree."of Doctor of Laws | will be conferred upon William c. ilJnllilt, American Ambassador lo Hoviet Hussin, by 'I'cmplc Unlver- lsil.y on 'Feb..15. il was announced. OUPx BOAKD13NG HOUSE JJV .t>!:. MUIlJM.s ri,sni;i,i\ lillildf, .lijiirnal of Ilil- ,Vinni,-i.n Medical Asstichlion, :m<l »r H,vgria, (In: Health Maca/im- One in every Ilirce cic.illi-. of "iris In this country i.s litun Hi- beiculOvSls. The rule ti?r young women is nearly twice n:, hi^h as for youtij: men of the sumo ;^t\ Many causes have bcun ;^si»t;cd for this increase, including couipc- tllion in Ihe imluMrinl and world vvitli men, l!.i- new (linisy tyjii! of drKiSc.s v.orn by women, (lie nilnmcc of v.uincii inlo ullilclic L.iiort;.. dii'ni;; io .vilisly the craw for :Ui:u.nw- (tou, and cigiircttc Muo'Kiim 'I'hc Nutioiral Tirtenuk-M Axo- iitiyn decided to invc:-li:^it- the ..ibjccl. H conducted n :.ti;,iy ( ,i Ihc lllr liiitorie.s linbit^-. 'mr- lUdiugb of all ghii, l)!l.uri! 10 mid 25 years of use in Lvijpii nud'In New York wlm !::,d ( ii c d of lubcrciilosis (lurliii; one These -studies Intlirslcri" iii ;1 i imiuy ol the aitiit;. iiivi ;ticd lor this in UK' rWili from LubcruuluM:- ol -:MI • ,. u i; could be ilin:iiid''d. tit,v !i,u,j' O i the girls luul never Urn cnplo.ei! ,li had been working n year. diiclng llieii- than ijvretilosiia v.iui- about tin- IMHV kind ol c['.ithiiii: ar. tin- ijlrls who tiled ol (ubciculit;Li. In li'.-r nnaly.sis of the problem, one invciitlaiilor Iwllcviv; liiat. Ihe chief contributiiii; tactor was th'-extra strain placed on youiiK ivo- mcn of Uirac age.> l;y the changes in their bodies, conplcil with the ncccwity fcr making tir-.v ndarla- tioiti to life. More than hall ol tin; t;irls ;viiD tiled Ii:«t U'cn in ciinet contacl wi!h olhcr IIPIMUI.-; who iiati lu- bcvculo.'>i!=, withciil cither dikbi',' lU^VCIllivr lllr;ir,HTr, - i. 11 !i Mtc:;ru (irjt rxriy CPlC COniCS lit)!)! IJlUJlJlti-. Because (he luiicfcitln-i, in ihrM- cases V.-JIK so r.iDidlv f.ilal. tprdnj calWi we!,- ;ciig!it iii j| M . ... 0 ,i;,| s-ido of the siuialion. These indicate thut ihc Mcial picture on Cirls of (hib ;,v..- tn'iv::. |] !C m lo conct'ul their .sympion-;. i u Uic curly !.!;i£c!,. Moreover, then msi- n ,'iij lar'» toia in iin-ir h u .-. :. i,,,.;,- 1 •[ I;,;,, to lo:ver then- n ..„• '..j.... Ctuclulctl -.MMI" 'i,.- ,•,,;, ii,,,, every cji;,;- K.H.I,., |,,. iu .j,,,^!,,,,. arc two iim-iiioii. wliich (lie doctor must ask today, whenever he Is coiitruiitcd Ly ;i case of tuber- ciiiEii. Uietc LIR. From whom dtl lie vtcliiii E , :t u-. •]•„ w!wll , did. he tirr i! : fcvcvy |i;i .on , .,,, l;Jl( . . 1]iy way wiili i, m-,,..,,, vlu has lu . By Alicnj -•-SHE SWD,WHO HtfPEt) YOU WITH YOUR WOrAEy'/OP,K9'{gs WENT TO ETOM,CAMT3RlbC»E, AN" OKTORD COLLEGES,! S^ LIKfc YOU TOLD 1WE., AM" SHt SMD,WELL,MWB£ YOU WENT TO THEM IN ATOUR'STTATOV, -- BECAUSE TH'TROav.t1A ABOUT TVA- TNPMEK W TrY T-ENCt WAS WAY WRONG , OtOGRWHY.-TVA' ESKIMOS -DONTHUmKAYAK SPLJT-T-T- '' [ YOU TELL /AISS STEW/\RT, AkNYTHINCj-^-l'LL ( TOK THEIR T^Ltta,, TH' K«-,'AV< r xf v.-^, \& fr "BOAT THEY

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