Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on February 16, 1895 · Page 6
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 6

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 16, 1895
Page 6
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?Wi>i?>pBP?«3?^3^ into tbe' cau-e FROM THE PDLPIT. Fftioe's Celery Compound Mas Made Us Well! We Advise the Sick to Take it, Say the Clergymen. Re iveparecl for tlie Danger Season of Spri-ig. CbiistianUy Is Possible Witli Health. * of Al! Sects Preach it JEast and West. UACTICAL w 0 r '£. dlsUneruisho s the pulpit. D.ietrl n a 1 sermon i loduy aro at a (Mdcounl. Minis. tcrs o! tuo<j03pol. as if by a welUcon-' ; corlcd plan, arc now putting trc- " roorSous energy of {food tfivernrncnt and pn'ille bonlih. AtfgrcHsive Corin. tlanTiy s ;C.HS to he tbo pride of every denomination. Flat-chested, sallow-ch o o It e d, weak litfgod, watery-eyed olerffytnon are scarce; fctrofig. vigorous, clearheaded, manly follows are entering the sominarlo:). That a well man is a baUor man tban a sick one la no longer heresy. Public baths, fresh air excursions, open parks, sunlight, physical train. IUK and proper modlclnoa for the sick lire all contributed to the work o( homo missions. All s:>ot8 appear to be entering with tinusua' activity luto a practical reformation Last week In Boston one of the Rreateet of its pulpit orators preached upon clean streets; In Nsw York tho churches have b:en preaching up political corruption. Money from the contribution boxoa is going Into hospitals. Many a younp clergyman today takes a year or more, not In a trip to Europe to hoar music and study cathedral architecture, and "round out his education" but In a plain, mitter-of-fact raodlcal ichool to learn unatomy and hygiene. Most progressive ministers in every demonlnailon today ara recommending to the people tho K^at remedy that makes paoplo well, earnestly in- doralug tho work of D-irtanouth col- lego'd gonorous solontlst, and frankly lending their lollaence to that of the boat physician*— advising generally theusoof Paioe'd celery compound BOW that tho "danger season of spring ' is near. The proprietors of this best of rom- Bdlos now furnish a great quantity of testimonial* from olergynoen In every state, and almost ovary city and town in the country, froon which tho follow. lag are takoa nt random: JBev Ch»rl«» C. llruoe. JVom SomorvUle, Mass., Boston's wealthy suburb, Charles Crombor Bruoo, one of the ablest youag pastors In tho State writes: • •I am nearly 38 years of ago and weigh normally 158 pounds, at pros- en't my weight is 148A. My etoknees took me down to 13-li), so that you o»a soo that I am getting back to my. golf, aad, God willing, shall soon be there. "I have boon a vory slok man, but owlnK to tho goodness of the supremo powers I am now on tho royal road Tfhoaj ond is perfect health. "Afi.or 20 yeais of excessive labor In dtudyiog and proacbing, I wa3 elected to a position In a high school In Boston, But tho work told on me aad I grew ill. Tha lUuoss lastod for about a year ind a half. But now J am so that I can soo the end, and a raoro thankful man you never saw. A gentleman who lived noar mo bogan iouso Prtlno's celory compound and it built him up. I thought of this and BOOO I was led to use it. and it has brought me out all right." Si. There." i'* Academy. Mother Taarcsa, writing from Si, Tkorcsa.^ academy, near Poorla, 111., says, that they have givea Paina's celery compound a thorough trial, and found" it lo ba all that is claimed for It. Sboadda: "Wo shall continue it? uao nad also recommend it to our Jrlendu.'V . Jtov. T. F. Stn-ufl'or. The following- testimonial from n BO widely koosvn and beloved as Rev. ,T. F. Siauffar, pastor of the Fifth Reformed church, of Lincoln, Neb , is a positive proof of the wonderful modi- - clnal power of Palno's calery compound and its graat suporiority over ordinary sarsapartllas, tonics and nt>r- vic.09. "For many a year past I have Jell myself running down. 10y nervous system was gradually growing worse; I had slight lymptomi of rheumatism, and was troubled a #ood deal at times with , insomnia. I felt ihav something muit , be done, and concluded to use Paine' celery compound. After the flret few days' use I began to Improve, and I am very much better now. Indeed, I feel like myself once more. All symptoms of rheumati=m are disappearing. I can sleep well, my nervous system Is rapidly improving, and I balieve a radical euro is bolng effected. Pa'ne'a celery compound is a splendid remedy, and 1 can conscientiously commend U to the suffering ii like cisas 1 further behove that if this medicine wero takeojln time H would save many heavy doctor* bills. I have never used a remedy of any klad that me; Its promises so well and so readily," Ktlltor of Ihc (Jem-Kin Jljp'.IM. Rev. W. J. White, D D , editor of the Georgia Baptist, says: 'My wife was in poor health. 1 think it a sort of general debility which caused severe attacks of heart palpitation. Sla was favorably impressed with Paioe'b oelerv compound aud procured it at once. She felt benefited from tbo first bottle, and I eoe a decided improvement which U gratifying. We have spoken of this medicine to several friends, and several havo already ucodit upon our recommendation " Kc.-tur <>!' S 1 . Ansi.'s. X»BUVill:-. Kov. T. F. Martin, roitor of St. Anne's cburch at Niabville, givus his people conlidencoiu the great curative powers of Palnu'd celery compound He says: '•During tho Lenton season last year, which on account of multiplied services, is vury trying and laborious to a clergyman, I became so rua down that I (ewod I would not be able 10 hold out to tbo end. Having scon accounts of the sWoacy of Paino'a eel-cry compound in similar cases I con- eluded to try it. I was .soon delighted to ftud that it gave me new vi<w, and by tho uso of one bottle, I was enabled to get through the most laborious part of the season, including Holy Week andEister day, with ease and comfort. I attribute my relief to P<tiae's celery compound. I keep a bottle of of it on hand and whenever I have a return of the feeling of exhaustion from unusual labor I take a few doses, always with a pleasant sensation of relief." The Upper Confdrtuce. Among the many able ministers in the upper Iowa conference none is bet. tor beloved by his church than Rev. B. F Berry. Eoad of the groat good that Pains'* colory compound did him. "For three years 1 havo suffered from indigestion, constipation and biliousness. I have taken three bottles o! Pulne's colory compound and Dad myself wonderfully helped. I feel rested'now mornings and no longer havo nny tired and stupid feelings. Therefore I take great delight in recommending; ]Paino'« celery compound to all suffering from these disorders," To Venerable IVllUuiu A. Smith. Rov. WiUlam A. Smith, of Groton, Conn., after years of work, is still well and active, He writes: "In my early days, by great and prolonged mental suffering, I broke down in health and became a dyspeptic, being obliged nt one time to give up my work in the ministry on account of ill-health. lam now 83 years of ago, and during my long life havesuL fired greatly from dyspepsia, to.-pid liver, constipation and insomnia, at times thinking I should die for the wantot balmy eloop, and it is a won, dor to mo that I am alive today with all that I have been through. "1 havo tried an endless amount of medicine, but lately, I have been taking Paine's celery compound, and havo all faith in its merits as adapted to my case. By • the use of several bottles I SO far recovered my health as to consider myself a well man for my ago. It regulates the liver, stomach and bowels without any question. My appattte is row good, my sleep is refreshing, my liver active and bowels regular, and my crutches not needed, as I can walk without a staff. I am daily increasing in strength and improving generally, and hope that my youth will soon bo ro- no.w. '1 * > tb,%t I can. work as in by- •gouo ua,ye. i'jopla aro surprised at my improved appearance and activity." XCTV York City Clergyman. Interviewed by a reporter in that city tho other day, a large number of clergymen expressed the heartiest indorsement of Palne'e celery compound. The interviews were published ia tho World. Here are a few of them: Rev. H. L. Granlienard, pastor of the French Presbyterian cburch, who lives at 14S West 16:h street, said: _ have frequently been rollered. of nervous aff-jetloas bj tbe use of Paine's celery compound. I think it a most reliable remedy Rnd shall recommend it wherever I have an opportunity." Rev. R, D. Winn, pastor of the Abyssinian church, said: "My career as a minister of the gospel has been hampered by tb.3 faci that for years I have suffered from nervouness. Icon- suited several specialist*, who treated my case for many months, but 1 must siy tbat during the past few weeks I have received more benefit from one j bottle of Paine'* elery compound tbac ] all the otfcer medicines taken." v The recent indorsement* of the great remedy by Rev. Fr. A.. Oaellet, Rev. Mr. Laird and other prominent divines have so recently been published that they atefreeh in tbe public mind. K ST. C. A. Emerj". Rev. G. A. Emory of Pittsfield, Vt, writes: "Palne'e celery compound is the best medicine to be found and I very cheerfully recommend it to all who are in a run-down or exhausted condition. I have twice used it with satisfactory results. For five years my work has been very heavy, especially so during the last two years. My conviction was that unless I found something to help mo I must give up my work as a minister, but I took Paiae's celery compound and last year came out all right wilnout a vacation of so much ai oao Sunday. I recommend it 10 all as a wonderful nerve reatorer." «ov. IS. S. Crosby. Eev. B. S. Crosny, of lirushton, N. T., says: "It gives me great pleasure to add my teaUmooy to tbe effect of Pains's celery eurnjiouud. for eight years I huvo tuil=rod great palu in my back. Last April I wus so v/esik and nervous tbat I arranged 10 go 10 Montreal fur treatment, but three days before I expected to go u friend of mino urged me to take Piiins'o celery compound. 1 wont that day and bought a boitie and ejmmenoed to take it, and before 1 had taken the first bottle I was free from pain in my back &nc! could sleep sound, and am able to preach every Sunday. "1 will gladly answer any one who may write to me about it. I trust your business will continue to prosper until tho afiiioted ones o! the entire nation stall take Faino's celery compound and be revitalized." IVan Canssit by Grip. Rev. Rev. J F. Hall of Mountville is one of the best known ministers in southeastern Ohio. Mrs. Hall, whose life was despaired of, was restored to hsalth by Palno's celery compound, She writes: • The grip made a wreck of my natural good health. I suffered from continual headache, which nothing relieved, and from nervousness which prevented sleep and caused me to have palpitation of the heart when startled by any unexpected noise of sound. I had distressing pains in my back and side, was constipated, bilious, and sallow-complexloned. My pulse was very changeable, sometimes quick and at others scarcely perceptible, appetite poor, with a feeling of languor and weakness at times almost overcoming me It seemed a«s if every organ in by body was diseased, and I was in despair of ever being well again. At times the grave seemed vory near. I can never describe my terrible sufferings, aad it would havo been a great relief to havo exchanged worlds, but line every mother, I would look upon my baby boy and cling to life. "Not, having much faith in adver- Used medicines, it was with reluctance that I began to uaePaine's celery compound, but after the flrst dose I slept well. My improvement was rapid; I took six bottles and gained between 20 and 25 pounds in weight, and now I am flsshy, ruddy cheeked and clear complexioned, the wonder of all iny Irlends. I do^my own work and assist my husband In his labors as a minister of the gospel. I always lell tho sick and suffering what this "•rand compound has done for ma." Vor All SulTorcra. Kov. Percy T. Fenn, rector of St. John's at Boonton, N". J., writes: • Ic gives me great pleasure to commend the usa of Pdiae's celery com- poaad i.o all those who are suffering from nervous troubles. I had suffored for two years wilb nervous prostration brought on by overwork and excessive study, and during- this time trid trLeO! almost everything in the way of medicine, besides being treated by an emi. neat specialist in nervous diseases, but nothing helped ms until I used Paico'e celery compound. This remedy has been of great benefit to me, and I shall always recommend it to all S'-ifferere." The fact is Pdina's celery compound makes people well. Try it and be convinced. Ralph Wllk-es is belns JossreU daily this winter, and'he will be trained and campaigned again next season. James Golden, his trainer, said last ye;ir that Rftlph "VYiikes would submit to the use of nn overdraw' chock he could trot in L':05 or better. The son of Red TVHkes is now vrearins one o£ these appliances without fishting it as ho used to do, and hopes are entertained that he will boat the stallion record of Dlreetum— 2:05Vi—in l$S3. THE DIAMOND FIELD. Tlie officials of the Leag-je o:" American ^Vheel.men ore talking of instituting proceedings against the owners of the Indiana pike roads, who are Imposing excessive charges on bicycle riders. It Is said that the League of American "Wheelmen •will give each division racins board chairman power to appoint one or two division referees, allowing them no salary but providing 1 them -with expense money. NEWS AND GOSSIP OF BASEBALL WORLD. Sketch of Joseph J. Keller, tho D»rd Hitting- Outfielder of the Baltimore Clul)—HI* Kccord Up to UaM—Fer- somil ami Impersonal Solus. OSEPH J. KEL- ley, "'ie hard hlt- tinsr and clover out- fielUer of the Baltimore club of the National I e a g-u o line! American association was born Dec. 0. 1ST1. at Cambridge. Mass., and it was aiuhis native place that he learned to play ball. ,. Beginning at an early ;>.se as a pitcher, lie soon gained a local reputation in that position. Each yt-ar lias seen him advance a seep higher until he has reached the hijjli- set notch in his adopted profession, being In the front rank us a batsman, bnse runner and fieluer. His professional career K>san in 1S91, when lu> accepted an ens^isement \viih the Lowell club of the Now-.Knprland league as one of its pitchers. His excellent v.'ork with (.lie Lowells attracted the attention of the management of tlie Boston club of the National leatrue, a'.Hi he fir.isht.-d the season with the latter elub, takinpr part in twenty-fuiir chainpioixship contests, most of wliich were played in the outiidd, witli its ream. This being his first experience in major* league company, and this, too, before he was twenty years old. In 1?!>12 he joined the Omaha club of the Western leaprue. After taking- part in forty-nine championship contests, and tying Sutcliffe for second place in the official batting averages of that league, lie joined the Pittsburg club of the National league and American association, and later on he, with a monetary consideration, was exchanged for Van Ilaltren of the Baltimore club of the same league, with which he finished the season. He was re-engag-ed by the Baltimore club for the season of 1S93, when he made Quite a reputation in the different branches of his profession, he taking part that year as an outfielder in 12-1 championship games, ranking: sixth in the official fielding- averages of the major league. Ho also ranked well up in the official batting averages. He continued with the Baltlmores throughout the season of 1SH and his excellent work both at the bat and in-the outfield, greatly aided them In winning the pennant during the past season, he taking part in 129 championship contests, ranking seventh in the official batting averages of his league and sixth in fielding. He has proven a tower o£ strength Co the Baltimore team since he became u member of that organization, and has made many friends both in and out of the professional ranks. Kelley has been credited with a number of batting performances.- I" 1 " 0 most noteworthy of these wore (in the two games on Labor day, Sept: 3, JS'J-i, at Baltimore. Md.. against the Cleveland team, when he went to bat nine times in two games, and was credited with as many safo hits, including eight double bag- gers. Dave Rowe will continue to manage the Omaha team. First Baseman Billy Klusrnan has been re-signed 'by Kansas City. Catcher Fred Lake, with the Louis- vllles last season, has signed with Toronto. Sam T-iroque, once shortstop for the Pittsbuvgs, has signed to play with Qulncy. The western league season this year will be four and one-half instead of five months long. Pitcer Mercer has refused to sign with Washington, although he was offered an advance of $CCO. Arlie Latham has broken the record. When he signed with Cincinnati recently lie did not ask for advance money. Nlles or Clingman \vill play third base on the Pittsburg nine. Both are young men, and'the one which does the best work in ante-season games will get the job. From the way Hanlon Is seeking to strengthen the Baltimore's pitching department it looks as if he feared McMahon's arm would not regain its wonted cunning this spring. Dan Eroutliers is on the very oclge o£ the minor league precipice. Ed Hanlon has signed First Baseman Carey, JOSEPH J- KBI.LEV. of last season's Milwaukee team and the new man is likely to be 'the last straw. Philadelphia should be reasonably strong in the pitcher's box this year. Manager Arthur Irwin has eight pitchers from whom to select his corps in Wilfred Carsey, Gus Weyhing, Mark Baldwin, Tom Smith, Taylor, Johnson, Beam and Kiroble. M. J. Fleck, the Louisville cyclist, is trviiijr to arrange a- southern racing circuit, to comprise the following cities: Jacksonville, Savannah, Charleston, Agusta, Macon, Columbus, Montgomery, Birmingham, Chattanooga, Knor- ville, Memphis, Nashville and Louisville. • . A JUVENILE N JULIET Little Violet »al». Who Support* Her Mother, to KM»T the -Tart. One of the principal lectures of the benefit to be given at a New York theatre in aid of a charity will be the appearance or Violet Dale in scenes from -Romeo and Juliet." Little Miss Dale is probably the youngest exponent the daughter of the house of Capulet has ever had. She is only thirteen years old It is to be sincerely hoped that Miss Violet will succeed, for it is she, and she alone, who is supporting an invalid mother. Since the death of her father, a newspaper man, tho courageous little girl, by her undoubted talents has managed to provide a home for her mother and self. This season she has been giving exhibitions of her skill as a dancer nt vai-oius drawing- room entertainments. In spite ot her -^P^ /;i*ii&ir >M*$?$ ^;^!^;L 0%^:J ^V^fe^: •^:*^J'^ -v'^H% S'i i MISS VIOLET D.M.IC. love for tho theativ she is still a Rirl at lK-art. Playinpr with her dolls, all named after tho Shaki-^ijonre.in heroines, Is one o£ her principal .imuso- mems. She is said to show remarkable ability as a toe dancer, while the quality of'her recitations indicates that her talents are not alone of the physical kind.—New York Journal. PLAYERS ARE SIGNING. Much Anxiety to Get Listed for the Sciifton. President Nick Young is hopeful as to the baseball outlook for 3SP5. He says that more than one hundred players of the National league have come forward and signed the roll for tho coming season. Jn a few weeks almost all tho men who will be soon on the green diamond this year will report for duty. "It is quite likely," ndds Uncle Nick, "that a hard winter o.xerted considerable influence over the players, lor all the boys know that as soon as they put their names to their club contracts a generous allowance of advance money is petty certain to be forthcoming. There are onlytwo clubs out of the twelve in the loaguu which have been backward about slffninff players thus far-Baltimore and Cleveland. There is no particular significance attached to this fact so far as Baltimore is concerned, because the champions are in the league to stay. As to Clove- land, Prsident Young- war- pruardcd in his answers, but thought the assurances given by tho men on the reserved list would bo sulliciont guarantee against any trouble. "In tho case of Pittsburfr," said President Young, "nearly all tho players havo signed contracts. This Is also true of the Cincinnati players, and finch Kwliig predicts a successful season In Porkopolls. Arthur Erwin's men at Philadelphia are in tho leading string, and their contracts a;-e safely booked at league headquarters. Captain Anson has had no trouble securing signatures to contracts by the Chicago players, all of whom wore on his resi-pved list. In the the case of Brooklyn and New York, a glance at the official roster shows that very few of their players are outside of the league fold, and by the time the schedule meeting is held all of the men they want will be enrolled under the banners of Captains Foutz and Davis. THE TURF. Susie G., 2:11W, has a record of sixty- four starts, and In every one of them she has succeeded in getting part of the money. Charley Marvin's record of 103 horses beating 2:;iO and twenty-Six in 2:20, In- cluding'Arlon, Sunol and Polo Alto, Is a groat one. C. H. Nelson has groat hopes for Edna. 2:2-1. She is by Dictator Chief out of the dam of Nelson. She goes at the pace and can 11 y at that gait. There was a big rush to get horses registered under tho old rules. The American Trotting Register association received* about 10,000 applicants during December last. Ten o£ the So.OOO stakes offerrcd by C. W. Williams of Galesburg, 111., have filled, being those of yearlings, 2-year- Olds, 2:25, 2:20 and 2:10 classes, trotting, and 2-year-Olds, 2:30, 2:20, 2:15 and 2:10 Classes, pacing. Stand the Test. A popular remedy is sure to be subjected to the severest tests, both practical and medical. Allcock's Porous Plaster receives the endorsement of medical men and private persons everywhere as the best remedy for colds, coughs, sore throat; pains in the back, chest or limbs. He Nor Dccrlvr.l. Imiut!.™ ="• »fiwti totlicccnuine. Ccl ALLiOCK s and no ol&cr, Mlcock's Corn Shields, Allcocli's Bunion Shields. Have no i relief anv cure for coms d bunions. Brandreth's Pills purify and tone up a debilitated sy* tern. They aro absolutely safo. A I'o-JiiM- U rill on CimrttiiKTclCurc |V*p LOST MANHOOD onfall uttt'iulnur Rilnimis, hotli of yomi's mil* uiiJitio- .. rlmn'i-<n:H-!:Iyc"iv<J!'Vl)r. i;.>,lrIrurr.M<iMil"li >;"'O S?S..-?Ti£vno<o..^^^^ KIM., Imt arenpn-m M-.lfMj 'illMo »n<l '"•"".'J iKiKSvHte.w.'^fl^RTi'.-uTSs -*" Fourth Street- Lost Manhood nnd vigor quickly nlehtiy vmlMiloiu, Mroi.1iy.clr., mivlv on.'il !>>• I.MIAl'll, Ihi-, im-»t almioo lUlUi-ay. WltU -rlll~ «u.r..Cr. .<,«»«. bol Ben Fisher, DruRB-sJ. LOGANSl'ORT. 1KB. REVIVO RESTORES VITALITY, Made a 'Well Man i*h£teV.^p;*f of Me. THE GREAT 30lli Day. produces Die abovfl results In :iO iluyn. ItacU j)0weri'tt!!y ji:id yiin-Jtly. CIIIVK ^-hcn :ill others tail, VOUUK mini vill ri'Kaiu thojj' k\il jiiiuihootl.aml old men will rccovar Unlit- youthful viKor l>y usinK KKVfVO. It iiuicklyoiKlbUraJyrcstonjRNen-ou*. nonE. Lout Vitality. IniDOiviicy, Kiuli">' liiuissions, Lost Power, Fallinc Memory, WaMinc Diticuw,»nd nil effects o£ scU-alium! or PXCOKH unO iiKjtHcrciion. \vbicb onlitti on<* lor Hiiuly.buhiiiosKor tnarriaffo. It not oiily cures by htartini: at Hie winl ol iliscnm.', but is.icrc.it nervo Ionic and blooil bullil^r, bring. in£ back tbo jtinlt glow I.o p:il*' choi'^sandre. stoiinj; tli'i (Irr <»r y*»nih. ]t. wards olV liwiaiilty and CoiiKUiuption. InfiJst on haviticUliVlVOt no otlicr. Ii can In- (.-arrU-d in v-'Kt nodn't. IJy mall. Sl.OO D<?r pacliaai). or Hix ior S5.OO, with a i>oil- tivc \vrHten ^uiinnnoo to euro or rofund tho money. Cir^-jlarfrui;. Address ROYAL MEDICINE CO., 63 River St., CHICAGO, ILL FOK SAXK 1SY B. V. Keesllni;, Druse's 1 . Logansport. EAST HOV.ND. New York Express. J.-illr Vi Wayn" Accm.. txwpl Siiudnj-... _... Kan. CHr i: ToiiMl-i «x., except bunday...LLOi) a m Atlantic Express, dally 4-«J P M iccomroodatlou lor Kiist l-io p m 1VKST ttOKXO. Pacific Exprfis.?. (a'V —JO-^ a™ Aoeoinodatlon /or WVst.......... UM m Kii!)rti.s City Kx., <.'xc*l>t bunUay »•« P ™ Lafaj-ctte Accm., i-xcwpl Sunday J'.UJ P ™ St LOQls Ex., dallr W-^ P ™Eel River Dlv,, Logansporc. \Veslj| Side- Between Logansport -~" and Chili. liiST BOUND- AccomnipOatton, leave cxctpt Sunday 3j>5 a ra 1VKST I'.OrMI. Accomraodatlon, arrive txct-i't ounday 0.00 a m C. «. XEH'BLL. Agent. Consumers ( arewillingto p^j a little m tlie price dialed for tie ordinary trade tokccos. will find tills brand superior to all oliiets BfWARE <!? 1MITATIOIIS. Tbe Peanaylvanla Station. Trains Eun by Contral TIaae w ~*I2.iOam •2«aro j-iiuiiu'iuuiu and New "iork-'l- V) n m ''US a m Richmond aud Ctncinnail * 1 OOa m Indianapolis njid LouIsrtlle.-'lS.SO a m li^Tn^rHiid i*ooji,'i - —* -/>?** Iu Crown Hflnt and Chicago * ;!.li_a in Ktctimond and Cln'lnnatl t O.*ja ln .'-•-.«--zr C-own Poli.liuwiChlja«0—-t (i .-ij' ) : ) ™ Iil'wpm UnllTtonl alic cb.um'btSr." "T 7.!>) a 111 T,? ^ P m Monilci-lio and Kttn«-r t 7.10 a in fl^O j> m lndlana:«ll!.and LouL-vli:e...«I2 to I> m "T-W Pro Kclimonoand Cliicliinatl.-.* 1.55 P-ru •}-» I' m Bnidtord and ColunibO" * I.* P m '1 i> p m J-hlladeipliJa and New York-' I.9i P Jn •"- " - Montlceiloand >.ffi;t-r t 2.2011 in Chlciiuo and int^nneOlate.-.* J.'w P 11 Kokomo a"<l Biclimoiid 13.W j> ui •W'mamac A«ooiJJi(x);itlon. ...f •» w p m Mzrlou Accomm(x)a") ( -in ....T • ) . J °t )ln • J. A ilcCCLLOUGH, TlcX*t Agent :port, Ind P m .am Lfc p m VANDAL! A LINE. Trains Leave togransport, Ind TOE THE NOETH. ' ' "2.W p SO .. NO.K ForSL FOE THE 80CTH. yto. 51 7or Terre Haote No. 53 Far Terre Haa!« •Daily, except Sunday. Tor complete lira 9 card. elTlnz all trains and. stations, ana for lull InformaUoa tbronjb cara, etc., address. J C. KDCBWOBTB, Keot

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