The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 15, 1954 · Page 12
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 12

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, November 15, 1954
Page 12
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PAGE TWELVE BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS TV Network Rating Battle Has Forgotten Audience By WAYNE OLIVER \'F\v YORK (AP) — The television networks are in a hot war for the first 10 places in the audience popularity ratings, but in the heat of battle they seem to have forgotten the viewing public. sponsors and affiliated stations, the networks pit their strongest shows against the'eT^m-'s best to gain places in the coveted "top 10," about which the average viewer knows little and cares less. The viewer, meanwhile, oflcn*- linds that two shows he'd like toj _ «"k P\ watch are scheduled at the same i A f f A f t \Jf\\lS. time and he has to miss one. Onj/~VI IGI *• fc^WJJ, some other nights he finds there's | . — little to attract him on any channel. He's led to wonder why a good new show, when It comes along, isn't scheduled on a dull field day in Ihe ratings. One example of the way the battle is waged is NBC's new medical / Heifer Gets Out of Sewer documentary Medic, replaced the Dennis Day Show as op position to CBS's prized I Love Lucv, perennial occupant of No. 1 spot in audience ratings. There was little expectation that Medic would draw a bifrgcr rating but there was the hope it would pull away enough viewers to cause Lucy to slip to No. 2 or lower — while one or more NBC shows on other nights moved up. The result: The latest Nielsen rating still pills Lucy in first place but with only 52.9 per cent of TV homes tuned in against 65.9 a year ago, a drop of 13 points. And viewers have to choose between two good shows when many would like to see both. Medic drew more than 25 per cent. CBS's countcrotfenRlve was directed against NBC's Thursday eight Dragnet, which held No. 2 spot all last season close behind Lucy. CBS scheduled its new Climax dramatic scries, with the Shower of Stars in color every fourth week, so it overlaps Dragnet. The latest Nielsen puts Dragnet in sixth place with 43.1 per cent of the potential audience, c om- pared with second place and 56.5 a year ago, a drop of 12.4 per cent. ABC spotted its new hour-long Walt Disney Show W_ednesdny night so the second half" overlaps ttie Joan Davis Show on NBC and the first half of Arthur Godfrey and His Friends on CBS. While no Nielsen report has been made yet, spot checks for ABC by Trcn- dex gave the Disney show n bigger audience than the combined Cfes and NBC opposition. DECATUR, III. fJP> — Jewel, !,hc heifer that behaved like a mole, is back on former Ernest Florian's farm today after two days in a sewer- A 5-foot-2, 130-pound construction worker maneuvered her out after bigger men had failed. Jewel fell down a manhole Into the sewer main, only an inch higher than she. on Friday. She had nudged aside several rescuers rind retreated farther into the 500-foot line, which lies 4 to 20 feet below the surface. Yesterday construction worker Eddie Sea ton got into the sewer through a second manhole and prodded her toward the manhole she had entered. When she balked, he splashed her face with water from a pail he had carried down with him. At the manhole, the 600-pound heifer, held by wooden barricades, was hoisted out on an Improvised sling attached to a crane truck. Julius La Hosn, the humility kid, will do a two-week stint on the CBB-T V morning show starting next Monday. A network source says he'll make $2.500 a week; his press agent says $5,000 . . . Arthur Godfrey, who fired La Rosa lost year, hns chosen Prank Parker to sub for him on his Wednesday night T Vshow. Peter Llnd Hayes Is pinch-hitting on tonight's talent acouts and on the daytime shows About 350 skilled workers take a hand in constructing an average pair of shoes from the time the hide Is removed to the point where the shoes arrive on retailers' shelves. while Godfrey spends the week hunting with bow and arrow. .. Bob Hope is back from Europe with his filmed show to be telecast Dec. 7. New Group Formed With Ike's Approval ACTION Will Work Toward Better Neighborhoods WASHINGTON W—A nationwide organization called ACTION — American Council to Improve Our Neighborhoods — came into existence today with an aproving gesture from President Eisenhower. The President scheduled an address at the klckoff luncheon of the Board of Directors of the new. nonprofit, privately supported group aimed at the eradication and prevention of-slums. The movement Is headed by retired Maj. Gen. Frederick A. Irving, former superintendent of the U. S. Military Academy, and a 53- member board made up of leaders in civic affaris, business, labor and the church. Y- :r of Planning After more than a year of plan- ng in cooperation .with federal housing officials, ACTION announced it will launch "a major program In the spring of 1955" to enlist industry and community support in protecting the country's 22- billlon-dollar Investment in its 50 million homes. It will work closely with federal and local agencies. ACTION said it will concern itself with "the entire range of housing," grouping its activities in these categories: About seven million dwellings which are In good shape. Here the effort will be to help maintain them In that condition. About 35 milli6n dwellings in need of some repair. The organization will try to assist their re- Operation May Aid Heart By AI.TO.V L. BLAKESLEC AP Science Reporter ATLANTIC CITY, N.J. \Sl Taking a tuck inside the heart looks promising for overcoming one dangerous kind of heart trouble, three surgeons said today. The tucking could narrow a heart valve which became too wide because of rheumatic fever, » blK heart killer disease. The widened valve lets blood shoot backward Into the heart Instead of being sent through the body when the heart heats. The tucking operation can narrow Ihe valve ring to help the valve ring to help the valve tighter when the heart beats. It m done by cutting away a wedge of the outer wall of the muscular wall of the heart, at the proper spot. When this opening is pulled together by sewing, the inner wall of the heart Is crowded or gathered together, to create a tuck or pleat which faces, inward and doses over part of the faulty valve. The heart-tuck method was described to the American College of Surgeons, opening a week-long clinical session here, by Doctors Elliott S .Hurwltt, Paul W. Hot- [crt and Ruthven Pcrreria, of Montefiore Hospital, New York. Prom successful tests on animals, the tucking method looks good for overcoming one kind of rheumatic heajt valve trouble in humans, and Is ready for trial In humans. Hurwitt said. New Building Program Starts In London LONDOK * — A construction program, spurred by recent lifting of government' restrictions, promises to fill the bombed-out gaps which still mar the heart of London. Fine modern buildings, Including a few baby skyscrapers, will go up In the empty spaces. About one third of the City of London, a square-mile financial center, was devastated by German bombs. The city planning office estimates that one fifth to one fourth of the area, including build- habitation and modernization. Another eight million dwellings in slum areas. ACTION will devote itself- to helping remove tile slum conditions. Ings tnd streets, has been returned to normal use. This leaves a number of stark "bomb site" areas. After Ihe war, building materials were tunneled Into housing and into factories and other construction which dlreptly aided Britain's economic recovery. Only recently, after prodding 'by business Interests and newspapers, the Churchill government scrapped Its building licensing controls and put the matter back Into hands of local planning authorities. Plans for London's tallest office block, with 27 stories, were recently announced. A new key opener flips pry-off caps from vacuum-packed Jars and glasses. Because the wide hook on the new gadget removes tht cap without bending or twisting it, the lid can be used to reseal the container. MONDAY, NOVEMBER 15, 1954- The Ivory-billed woodpecker 1» said to be the rarest bird in North America. Beware Covghs Following Flu After the »u kom and gone, the coajh that follows may develop into chronic bronchitis if neglected. Creomulskm relieves promptly because it goes into the bronchial system to help loosen and expel germ laden phlegm, and aid nature to soothe and heal raw, tendec, inflamed ^nwchial membranes. No matter how Mny medicines you haw tried, Creomulsion k guaranteed » please yotnic druggist refunds money. Creomulsiw has stood the fcrt of many milliom of users. CREOMULSION MEET SANTA IN PERSON Old Santa himself will be right We in your town for two whole days—Plan to come in and tee Kim. H* wiH have a gift for the kiddies! Nov. 16 & 17 From 9 A.M. To 5 P.M. Blytheville, Ark. 217 W. Main St. Sears Catalog Sales Office NOVEL FIGURE - Actress Marline Carol is one ol the reasons Emile Zola's famous novel, "Nana," should be a ulm success. She portrays the courtesan in the film now being shot in Paris, France. In one musical sequence, Marline wears this black lace and flesh- colored nylon costume. Get the Best for Less m MIS Msmr-Mnm ASPIRIN RMff unit MR Biff Do M millions do. 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