The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 16, 1956 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, March 16, 1956
Page 2
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FRIDAY, MARCH 16, 1986 BLYTHEVILLB (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE THREE Commission on Racial Tensions Apparently Is Not Forthcoming time to time. Nevertheless Eisenhower, as president, has authority to create a commission to examine the civil rights problem in the South and search for some answer to the heat building up there over school segregation and integration.. By his executive authority President Truman created a number of commissions to study special problems. One of them was a committee on civil rights. And Eisenhower has appointed a number 01 commissions to study other national problems. By JAMES MAR LOW ' Associated Frew New« Analyst WASHINGTON (AP) — President Eisenhower could, if he wanted to, create a commission to examine racial tensions in the South or he could call a White House conference of Southern white and Negro leaders to seek a solution. Instead, he has passed the ball to Congress, suggesting the lawmakers,, set up a commission, When he proposed it Jan. 5, he said he hoped it would be done "promptly." It hasn't been done. There's no sign It will -be in a Congress where 101 Southern senators and representatives have just signed a "manifesto" seeking to reverse the Supreme Court ruling against public school segregation. As of now, .judging from .what Eisenhower told his news conference this week, he has no intention of taking the bull by the horns and appointing a commission himself or calling a White House conference. Why does he want Congress to do the job? He told his news conference a commission created by Congress would have power to issue subpoenas for witnesses am compel them to appear and testify. He explained further: "Now, if I merely appoint, call in a party, and let everybody air their views, that would be one thini to do." He seemed to have in mind here not the appointment of a commission but the calling of a conference of whites and Negroes. And he added: "But it is not the thing I want done . . I would like to have that body organized, bipartisan, and . with every point of view represented on it, and as quickly as possible." His insistence on letting Congress do the job, when apparently Congress has no intention of doing anything of the kind, seems to mea nthat nothing will be done except for some conversation ?rom Navy Invites Sullivans to Tour Ship NEW. YORK (If)— The Navy has invited all New Yorkers named Sullivan to an open house aboard the destroyer The Sullivans. The O'Sulli^ans will be welcome too. : The open house is set for tomorrow—St. Patrcik's Day—and Sunday from 1 to 4 p.m. The destroyer, lying at a Hudson River.pier, was named for trie four Sullivan brothers of Waterloo, Iowa, who died in the battle of Guadalcanal. The nation's top St. Patrick's Day event—the Fifth Avenue parade- starts at noon tomorrow, tfohn Joseph Sheehaii, chairman of the parade for the past 20 years, said he expects more than 120,000 march| ers. Physicist Says Hew Planets May Solve Overpopulation PASADENA, Calif., UPh- An astrophysicist proposes that man solve his problem, of overpopulation by creating a hundred new. planets with a climate like the earth's and moving; to them. Such a project definitely is possible with atomic energy, Dr. Fritz Zwicky, noted California Institute of Technology rocket expert, told a reporter. Air Force Personnel: No Charge For COTTON HULLS Jack Robinson Gin East Main St. Great portions of major planets like Jupiter, Saturn and Neptune would be scooped up under the plan and transferred to smaller planets and their satellites. Orbits of the enlarged planets would be changed to make their course around the sun roughly comparable to the earth's. Forces unleashed with the hydrogen bomb make it possible to provide suitable planets for emigrants from our sphere, Dr. Zwicky said. "We can bomb Jupiter and other major planets out of their orbits and into other orbits more to our liking," he said: "We can transfer great-masses from the surfaces of the big planets to the smaller planets and satellites and make them larger. "Increasing the size of the moon, for instance, would increase its gravitational pull to a point where it could build up and retain an atmosphere similar to that of earth." A ship to carry men from one planet to another could be built within 10 years or so, he said. JOHNS CAFE 409 W. Main - Open 24 hours except Sunday • Tasty Plate Lunches • Homemade Pies • Hot Biscuits • Steaks & Chops WE RENT • HOSPITAL BEDS . . . BABY BEDS • ROLLAWAY BEDS • USED REFRIGERATORS • USED WASHERS WADE FURNITURE CO. 112 W. Main Phone 3-3122 nriir • Ktnl ••'••• FLASH CAMERAS MOVIE CAMERAS Complete Selection of Flash Bulbs, Polaroid Film, Color Film, Movie Film BARNEY'S DRUG STORE 2006 W. Main Ph. 3-3647 Certified Blue Tag DP&L 15 COTTON SEED '115" w, ton FARMERS SOYBEAN CORP The ROM of hrfam Hut son A Broadway Arsonist Uses Flags to Set Fire to Catholic Church Ph. LOS ANGELES Wt—Breaking in :hrough a side door, an arsonist piled the American and papal tlags, brocaded cloths, and a Latin missal on the main marble altar »t St. Vibiana's Catholic Cathedral and then started a fire with an altar taper. Sexton Joseph welter discovered Stolen Bikes Were His Gifts DAHY CITY, Calif. (/P) — Every time one of his fifth-grade friends admired his bicycle, an 11-year-old boy at Woodrow Wilson School would give it to the admirer. Roy Beecher, a police lieutenant, said that "we figure lie gave away 15 .bikes." The catch was, said Beecher, that all 15 had been stolen. Police took the boy to Hillcrest Juvenile Detention Home and then started checking parents of the youngsters who got the bikes. "You know, not one had made any report or made their kids return those bikes," Beecher noted. "Some of the fathers even helped the kids paint 'em different colors." Faucet Liquor Found by Cops DETROIT (P) — Two men were held for investigation today because their kitchen faucet didn't run water. It ran pure corn liquor, sheriff's deputies said. The deputies said they found two 600-gallon stills running in a chicken coop outside a home in suburban Sumpter Township. Serving as a "coil," they said was a pipe leading through subfreezing weather to a kitchen tap. Capt. Clayton Johnson, of the sheriff's road patrol, said 91 gallons were seized, along with Earl Arms, 34, and Edward McAmis, 35. Shop's Ad Is Refuted NEW YORK UP) — A little shop specializes in hero sandwiches— king-sized buns split down the middle for filling. The proprietor found a printed story quoting a dentist who said hero sandwiches are good for the teeth. He had It enlarged, and before hanging it on the wall of his shop, showed it to a customer who had just purchased one of the big sandwiches. The proprietor turned to hang up his new sign. The customer took his | first bite and began to jell. He had i broken his lower plate. The hanging of the sign was delayed until the customer left. I day to prepare for the first Mass, the blaze when he arrived yester- His excited cries brought four priests, who fought the flames until firemen arrived. Carpeting and the frescoed ceiling were badly scorched. A second fire, started in the pamphlet raclc, was quickly controlled but damaged the walls and ceiling in the vestibule. While firemen cut a hole in the vestibule ceiling to allow smoke to dissipate, the Rev. John Keeman said Mass for some 100 persons. Utility Signs Snvite Burglars DETROIT (S 1 )—Police Commissioner Edward S. Piggins said today he has asked the gas and electric companies to quit hanging "Welcome burglars" signs on pri vate homes. Piggins said meter men have been, hanging "You were not at home'" notices on doorknobs. The signs announce empty houses, Piggins said, and are open invitations to burglars. The utility companies agreed to stick the notices under the door from now on. Wormy Fags Not Its Line LANSING, Mich. (IP)— The State Agriculture Department is .sorry,, but it can't do anything about wormy cigarettes. Miles A. Nelson, head of the Bureau 4 of Poods and Standards, reported he received the complaint about the wormy cigarettes from Grand Rapids. "Since they certainly would not be edible," Nelson said, "they don't come under our jurisdiction.' Despite its Re'd Cloak Peiping Is Still a Beautiful City Editor's Note—Lois MiUihison, British newspaper writer, took a two-month tour of Red China .This story, written for the Associated Press, was forwarded through Hong Kong. By LOIS M1TC1IISON PEIPING (Sr- Peiping is still one of the most beautiful cities in the world. You come in by train under great gray walls into the station. You drive to your hotel past the Gate of Heavenly Peace. .. the red walls of the old imperial city . . . the yellow-tiled roofs and marble bridges of the imperial palace. .. the Five Dragon Pavilion. . . the Buddhist pagoda . Uie Altar o£ Earth and the Temple of Heaven ... the Mongol round city of the Pei Hai ... the temple of Confucius ... red-pillared pavilions .. . crumbling courtyards ... ancient tombs of the Ming and Ching dynasties. You still can see the old city as it was built, box within box. First the main city walls, split by enormous gate towers. Then the red imperial walls and finally the imperial palace, the inner city once forbidden to all except the old Chinese imperial court. Now the ancient city displays j the habiliments of the newest China, tailored by Communists. New high buildings break the old Peiping skyline. Two stark concrete hotels sit in the center of the city. Many-storied office buildings crowned with green tile roofs loom over the twin lakes and their delicate bridge of white- carved marble. Still shrouded in scaffolding, a tower rises in front of the Tien Mien, the Gate of Heavenly Peace which opens on the Forbidden City. It blocks the famous vista from the imperial throne through the palace and city gates of Pei- ping. .Besides the tower a giant crane broods, symbol of Red China's industrial bent. The tower is dedicated to the new state's "labor heroes." The Gate of Heavenly Peace, facing on Peiping's biggest square displays two enormous banners— "Long Live the People's Republic of China" and "Long Live the Union 01 World People!" As you cross the stone causeway to the Temple of Heaven— most acred building of the old Chinese empire—you face a large map of Formosa and the slogan: "Taiwan (Formosa) is Chinese land. The. Chinese people must liberate Taiwan." Other slogans flank the temple entrance. Everywhere are banners: "Produce hard!" "Develop labor emulation!" Anotlir symbol .lies to the north side of the Temple of Heaven. It is the city execution ground. Attend The Blytheville Bible Church On Highway 61—Across from Chfckasaw Courts An Independent Church without any denominational affiliation —EVERYONE WELCOME— Sunday School and Morning Worship at 10:00 a.m. Listen to REVIVAL TIME Sunday Morning at 9:30 a.m. over KOSE, Osccola MERRITT O'CONNOR, Radio Pastor . MRS. O'CONNOR, Soloist FLEXIBLE PLASTIC Rastproof • Dentproof • Everlasting Ivstrois finish L Available in Red, Yellow or White Quality FEATURES MKfSTS WMTMM > ACID A CAUSTIC ftfflSTAWT HURRY! LIMITED QUANTITIES BF Goodrich FIRST IN RUBBER - FIRST IN TUBELESS ••HBHBB^MHHK 417 W. Main Phone 3-8116 Mayor Found What They Meant CAMDEN, N.J. Iff)— A group of college students complained to Mayor George Brnnner at a meeting he was addressing that thej often got tickets for Illegal parking while attending classes. What, they asked, could be done Brunn « replied that it was too bad, but after all ndlice were only cionig 1 ineir duty. Then he left the meeting—to find his car had been tagged for parking in a restricted area. O'Hara, preferably big jtrtl red- he»ded, posed with a. cute little almond-eyed Japanese miss of the same name. All the press officers could find were a dozen minus-apostrophe Oharas among the Japanese nationals employed at the base. Bead Courier News Classified Ads KEEP THIS AD! Over 15,000 Arthritic and Rheumatic Sutler era have taken thU medicine since It came on the market. Free Information by giving your name and address to BKA'ZIL. MEDICINE CO., P. 0. BOX 5Z2, HOI Springs, Arkansas. K ? ot An O'Hara In 7,000 Gl's YOKOSUKA, Japan Wi — Ah, the shame of it. Seven thousand Marines and Navy men at the huge U. S. naval base here, and not an O'Hara in the lot. The idea was a picture for St. Patrick's Day of an American Fast Relief for MUSCLE ACHES St. Joseph Aspirin. Best »s- pirin relief money anbwforhMd- »che, cold's pain, . too. 100 tablets for. 49f. 200, only 79*. Come in and ROCKET 'ROUND THE B&jDGK «» IIOVND THI TOWN IF TOM LIKIi) SEE YOUR NEAREST IN/IOBI l_E= DEALER • PICKARD'S GROCERY & MARKET • Fresh Fruit & Produce • Fresh Dressed Poultry ft The Finest in Beef, Veal, Lamb & Pork Nationally Advertised & Fancy Groceries 2-2043 Call In w« Delirer Come In 1044 Chick Goodri TOP TRADES ON TUBQfSS! NEW TUBELESS TsbeteR r**edmi at Ittt Pito <*ho^Ho4» InMJB 18 95 SAFETY-S* 6.70-15 7.KJ-B lh> («rilti««t trodo» - . - WJS 7.6O-M In) (wiHioirt texfcj . . . J4.40 BUS* U30-B U* (without trod** . . . 19,60 MJS* Highest Trade-in Allowance on LIFE-SAVER Tubeless Tires 4010 ~zzt. PAIRS OK SfW As low <K *I°° DOWN Pols any B. F.GOOdllCh T»6 on your car today' BF.Goodrieh FIRST IN RUBBER - FIRST IN TUBELESS 417 W, Main Phone 3-8116 »: -•'V

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