The El Dorado Times from El Dorado, Arkansas on March 22, 1972 · Page 13
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The El Dorado Times from El Dorado, Arkansas · Page 13

El Dorado, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 22, 1972
Page 13
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1 /—Ei Dorado (Ark.) El Dorado Tim«—Wednesday, March 22, 1972 No Longer Demo Kingpin In Chicago??? Two Setbacks Shake Reign Of Daley By F. BICHARD CICCONE Associated Press Writer CHICAGO (AP) — Two ma jor setbacks in the Illinois pri mary have shaken Mayor Rich ard J Daley's Ion# reign as kingpin of the Democratic par ty in Chicago, State's Atty Edward V Hanrahan stormed to a renomina- tion victory over Raymond Berg, the man party leaders picked to replace Hanrahan after h's indictment in con section with a police raid in .vhich two Black Panther lead- rs were shot to death With 4.924 of 5,243 county pre cincts reported, Hanrahan had 350,572 votes, or 42 per cent, to 246.945 votes, or 29 6 per cent for Berg Donald Page Moore, an independent Democrat, collected 236,101, or 28 3 per cent I nofficial Returns At the same time, unofficial returns gave Dan Walker, 48. a former $ 100,000 a-year corporation executive, a tight victory for the party's gubernatorial nomination over the regulars’ choice, Lt. Gov Paul Simon Walker had 693,751 votes, or 51 per cent, with 95 per cent of the states 10,858 precincts counted Simon had 659,006 votes, or 49 per cent There were 100 missing pre cincts in Cook County, in eluding 79 in Chicago, where Si mon held a 4 3 edge over Walk er in the voting They were not expected to change the outcome of the contest The 70-year-old Daley, in his fifth four-year mayoral term, I M ( iumhoclia... was quick to make peace overtures to the rebels He told party workers and newsmen, “The people have spoken It's al ways a good thing when the people speak ’ Daley said he would support Hanrahan and called him "a man of courage ” At the time, the mayor refused to concede the Simon-Walker race but said he would support the winner in the November election Embarrassing Loss Not since he came to power in 1954 as chairman of the Democratic committee of Cook County (Chicago), has Daley suffered a single primary election loss as embarrassing as ei ther the Berg or Simon set back Hanrahan, 51, a former Daley protege, had moved up step-by- step through party ranks He was indicted in August for conspiring to block prosecution of police involved in the fatal Black Panther raid in 1969 Party liberals persuaded Da ley to drop Hanrahan and sub stitute Berg, a Circuit Court judge But Hanrahan s loyalties at the precinct level enabled him to edge Berg in Chicago and he also scored 43 per cent in the suburbs where his key campaign theme of law and or der found attentive ears Political observers say they would not be surprised to see Daley and the fiery prosecutor mend fences and reach a com promise which would give Han rahan the role as successor to the Daley throne First Phase ()f Drive Completed Bv GEOHOE ESP KIt Associated Press Writer SAIGON 'AP — The South Vietnamese announced today that the first phase of their drive into eastern Cambodia has ended after 12 days, 743 North Vietnamese and Viet Cong were killed and 23 were captured The Saigon command said its forces also captured or destroyed 38 heavy weapons, 1,109 rifles, a large quantity of ammunition, 544 tons of rice, 48'* tons of salt and four trucks Eight South Vietnamese sol diers were killed and 65 wounded, a communique said The lopsided claims aroused suspicion that enemy losses were being inflated while si/ able South Vietnamese casualties were being swept under the rug a common practice on both sides The South Vietnamese said the second phase o! the spoiling campaign to reduce the ene my’s war capabilities is now under way A 2,000-man South Vietnamese task force crossed the border today toward the town of Krek opening a new front Spearheaded by 30 armored vehicles, the task force raised to about 10.000 the number of South Vietnamese troops oper ating 10 to 15 miles across the border in search of North Viet namese bases No Major ( on f I id There were no reports of ma jor contact with the enemy in the first hours of the new drive 85 miles northwest of Saigon North Vietnamese troops re portedly have moved south into the Krek area since early January when the South Viet namese abandoned permanent bases there in favor of mobile task forces The South Vietnamese dry season campaign into eastern Cambodia was launched March 10, and most of the Saigon Edwards Shares Listed On American Exchange A G Edwards and Sons, Inc , members of the New York American, and other principal securities and commodities exchanges, has announced the listing o. its own shares on the American Stock Exchange Trading began Wednesday with the firm s president, Benjamin F Edwards 111, purchasing the first 100 shares The ticker symbol is AGE A. G Edwards and Sons, Inc is one of the few brokerage firms whose stock is publicly held A total of 425,000 shares were of fered to the public on November ATTENTION!! All Farmer» Iniurarue Group Polity Mold*»» Are Now Serviced at 308 Cordell 862-2201 Bob Bounds. Agent 17, 1971, by an underwriting syndicate headed by Drexel Firestone, Inc Founded in 1887, A G Edwards has its headquarters in St. I xjuis and operates over 60 offices throughout the nation The local office is located at 309 N Washington Presidential Cousins Franklin I) Kosevelt 32nd f S president was a fifth cousin and his wife, Klea nor was a niece of Theodore Roosevelt the 26th president Oysters On The Half Shell Yout Complete Suppe1 Club Imber Steak House 1408 f HilHboro Pho 863 V8I6 The powerful state's attorney post holds the key to investiga tions of public officials and awards 300 patronage attorney posts Walker, whose victory was attributed by some observers to Republicans who crossed over and asked for Democratic ballots, is a different matter He spent an estimated $1 mil lion and walked 1,200 miles through the state in challenging the organization whose endorsement he disavowed at the out set of his long campaign in November 1970 Walker, former general coun sel of Montgomery Ward Corp , was the author of a report which labeled the street vio lence at the time of the 1968 Democratic National Convention a "police riot.” Walker was commissioned to write the report by the National Commission on the Causes and Prevention of Violence l evers Pulled It is likely that in Chicago suburbs, voters pulled levers for both Hanrahan, the tough prosecutor, and Walker, the rebel liberal Walker had a 63 per cent edge in the suburbs. Hanrahan says he is confident that the courts “will vindicate me ’’ Moore's showing, only a few percentage points behind Berg, also established antiorgamza- tion independents as a force that will continue to threaten leaders of both parties in county races. The Independent Voters of Illinois supported both Moore and Walker. Simon was endorsed bv virtually every newspaper in Chicago and downstate, as well as by Sen. Adlai E. Stevenson III, D-Ill , and other party liberals. But Walker proved wrong the skeptics who doubted him when he said 17 months ago, “I am no Don Quixote fighting wind miils I am here to win.” Walker said from the start a big voter turnout would insure his triumph and the final vote appeared to approach 14 million, 250,000 higher than any previous Democratic primary. Collier Trophy... Apollo 15 Astronauts, GilruthTo Be Honored forces are concentrated about 25 miles southwest of Krek. sweeping through a Communist base area that South Vietnam ese field officers say is a major supply depot for three North Vietnamese divisions operating against both South Vietnamese and Cambodian forces The South Vietnamese say they have captured hundreds of tons of munitions and food stuffs In Phnom Penh, the Cam bodian capital, President Lon Nol finally formed a new government 10 days after acting Premier Sisowath Sink Matak and his Cabinet resigned and Lon Nol made himself presi dent New Premier The new premier is Son Ngoc Thanh, »>4, who publishes a newspaper in Phnom Penh and was prime minister in 1945 un der the French In 1947 he broke with Prince Norodom Si hanouk, then the chief of state, was sentenced to prison lor 20 years for revolutionary activity and escaped to Thailand He re turned to Phnom Penh in Au gust 197o after Lon Nol and Sink Matak ousted Sihanouk Most of the new Cabinet members are lesser known poll ticians Meanwhile, die casualty toll from the rocket attack early Tuesday on Phnom Penh rose to 102 dead an:J 208 wounded, according to government fig ures But officials expected more bodies to be found in the ashes of the hundreds of homes that were burned Lon Nol charged that the rocket attack was a Communist attempt to Lake advantage of the political crisis There were no attacks on Phnom Penh Tuesday night, but a military spokesman said 12 82mm mortar rounds landed on the besieged district town of Prey Veng, 30 miles east of the capital There was no report of casualties By VEHN H AL (¿LAND Associated Press Writer WASHINGTON (AP) - The Apollo 15 astronauts and Dr Robert R Gilruth, space program leader, today were named winners of the Robert J (■oilier trophy They are to receive identical trophies from President Nixon or Vice President Agnew May 31 The trophy is awarded annually by the National Aeronautics Association Selection of the winners was announced by former Oklahoma Sen A S. Mike Monroney, NAA presi dent The three air Force officers— Col David R, Scott, Col James B Irwin and Lt. (x>l Alfred M Worden—rode the Apollo 15 spacecraft off the Cape Kenne dy launch pad last July 26 Scott and Irwin landed the lu nar module Falcon on the moon July 30, the fourth Apollo team to visit the lunar surface The spacecraft splashed down in the Pacific Aug 7 On the basis of lunar surface explored, geological samples collected, photography and visual observations, the National Aeronautics and Space Admin istration labeled it the most sig mficant and scientifically pro ductive lunar mission yet flown Gilruth became an engineer with the National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics, predecessor to NASA, in 1937. In the mid-1950s he was ap pointed leader of the research team assigned to develop a program for manned space flight, and in October 1958 he became director of Project Mercury, designed to send a single astronaut into orbit around the earth In 1961 President John F. Kennedy and the Congress met as a major national goal a manned lunar landing and safe return before the end of the decade Gilruth was given re­ sponsibility for the design and development of the spacecraft and for planning and controlling missions and training crews. NASA credits Gilruth also with conceiving the Gemini two-man spacecraft program as a progression from Mercury to a lunar landing venture As director of NASA’s Manned Spacecraft Center at Houston, Gilruth also led the Apollo program The (Jollier trophy was established in 1912 and is awarded annually for the greatest achievement in aeronautics or astronautics Powell’s Wives Near Bedside MIAMI. Fla (AP) - Adam Clayton Powell, once a pow erful congressman from New York, lay critically ill today in a hospital room where guards have barred newsmen from en tering Powell s third wife as well as a woman he was introducing in recent years as his fourth wife were both near his beside Tuesday, while a medical spokesman explained, “The family has expressly requested that there be no press interviews Earlier this week third wife Yvette Powell, 40, asked Circuit Court Judge Jack A Falk to determine who is the lawful wife' of Powell, 63 She filed suit claiming Darlene E Pow ell had told Jackson Memorial Hospital officials she was the former lawmakers wife, but hospital officials refused to confirm this \ isited Powell Newsuen who visited Powell at his Bahamian island retreat on Bimini last year were in troduced to Darlene by Powell, who said she was his wife As the controversy over who was entitled to claim his body and possessions in event of his death continued to swirl around him, the first black U S House member from the East was in a coma at the hospital s intensive care unit A spokesman said he did not know who was keeping a vigil at Powell's bedside, adding, "1 would presume members of the family are making daily visits, but we don't keep track Darlene accompanied the for mer lawmaker to the hospital after he was airlifted from Bimini March 7 by the Coast Guard following apparent complications arising from recent prostate surgery Injunction Judge Falk granted a tem porary injunction Monday for bidding hospital officials to re lease Powell s body or posses sions to anyone and Darlene was served notice of Yvettes suit outside the intensive care until after an emergency court hearing In her suit, Yvette said that any marriage claim by Darlene ‘is void, voidable or bigamous in as much as your plaintiff is the lawful wife of said con gressman.” Yvette married Powell Dec 20, 1960, after working as a secretary in his Washington office They had one son, Adam Diago, who is now 10 She lives in San Juan, Puerto Rico Darlene is another former Powell secretary and has been living with the onetime “King of Harlem” on Bimini since 1970 Prior to his marriage to Yvette, Powell had been married for 15 years to Hazel Scott, a pianist who bore his first son, Adam HI Powell s first wife was Isabel Washington, a musical comedy dancer whom he married in 1933 They were divorced in 1945, the year he married Miss Scott Jl’ST AS DEAD SEATTLE, Wash (UPD- Officer Georger Herr wants youngsters to get good driving habits early, so he tickets them for their bicycle offenses For instance, Carl Nelson, 12, was ticketed for whizzing through a stop sign His family must pay $10 bail and the boy must face Juvenile Court Says Sgt Bill Stanley of the King County Police Department “Officer Herr cares a great deal about children in his area He has been very conscientious in writing up bicycle traffic offenses The purpose of a stop sign is to save lives A 12-year-old kid can get killed just as dead on a bike as a 40-year-old man in a car ” Sea's (iold All sea water contains gold in solution The average amount is about one grain (five cents’ worth) of gold in one ton of water ‘Old Fit/ Enjoying New Life SACRAMENTO, Calif (AP) — Charles J Fitzgerald—better known to generations of fellow convicts as “Old Fitz"—figures his first birthday party since spending 45 years in Folsom prison was a roaring success “Hell, they sang a birthday song for me at that hotel last night and I fell through the floor,” the crusty 86-year-old said Tuesday in an interview “Then I saw a coupla women sizin’ me up ard one of them says, Hell, he doesn't look 86.’ 1 coulda told 'em I led a clean life, got a lot of sleep and 1 feel like I'm 16.” Old Fitz was paroled last De cember from the nearby prison, where he had been serving a life sentence for the 1926 murder of a San Gabriel policeman during his rum-running days. He has spent 59 years behind bars three years for burglary and 11 years of a 100-year sentence for killing a deputy sheriff in Montana At the time of his release, he had spent more time at the granite fortress-like Folsom prison than any other man Now he lives quietly in a small rented house, on welfare grants Jim Testa, executive director of the Seventh Step f oundation chapter in Sacramento, said Old Fiti has made “a whole bunch of friends' since his release and has renewed friendships he made with ex-cons when they were behind bars The Seven Step Foundation, run by and for ex-convicts, also helps youths in danger of becoming convicts “When some kid really thinks prison is glamorous, we take him to let Fitz talk to him,” Testa said “Fitz straightens him out about that ” Revival Planned Revival services will begin Wednesday and continue through Sunday at the Caledonia Baptist Church with the Rev. Glenn Morgan as evangelist. The services will begin each evening at 7 p m and the Sunday service will begin at U a.m. The Rev. Hugh Nelson is the pastor of the church which is located east of the DeSoto Area Boy Scout Camp in the Caledonia community. Try Ihis Gourmet Treat! Mantaitic Stag Sandwich A Meal A Plenty. . . 1 Butfatena 1 Served Twice Daily ' 2 5 30 8 30 (e«<ept Fn PM|t MEXICAN BUFFET ALL YOU CAN IAT! Wed. Night-5:30-8:30 Rose Haven Restaurant Open 24 Hrs. 3019 N W Ave.-Pho.2-559 I For taster. P/ore Order N om ! (or Ham) Dumas Packing Co. 504 N.W. Ave. Pho. 863-3397 MELLORINE % os* ■“ Gallon

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