The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 6, 1935 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 6, 1935
Page 3
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_ Turbulent Albania Needs Queen Ministers |j8h •" ••MMnM, ' '^' - Series ofSjpecial Cliurch 'Services IHEflil King 7og of Albania , a lilile Bullet )?nled. T« In Marnng By NE\ SeiTici- I.C/MOOW— AWilinliig, girk, llin! you have an Inroiii;- ni o million lioUars a year, tlieie are u ic-Vi 1 Sgiiits you outlil to • consltlc-r be- foie you ial;? sJilp for Tircni Albania, to ripply for that vacant 'ob ES queen. Zog, the- only hac-hr-lor king In Enron?, wants a wife, Or ictlier, Ills subJfiJls Imvr- iiecided hr-'d nc-t- k-r have one, wliloli I*, mucli Ihc same tliliig. Jhvlng liail no liir'-k f.mong liio faE-pnu>. of rfiynHy veinfii'iiins, 7<o? i.t wiillng to vsd nn • Ainn-lofiii uh-1 v."ilh an advanix-d mind, nhillty, C«H! loffc, nnil a inllllon a y. fir. \\1io wmldii'l, be, yon n;;Vv Never mind, IfiL'j Jusi. consider > p ;liat you'll see when you yet In Mint line nf .ippllcAtiL'i. wiilflt )IQS iliirtoiibk-dly begun (o form, In thn first place, King '/$%' &&• pules .with Leys, Diainond tiie (Itle. of Huiiinn Clay Piceon, nnd you know wl iiit hnpiicned to I-cas. As Kilrg '.Kog's i(Ueeh, you'd l» fdinosl cej-taln a liavft never a. dull moment. For .somebody Is njn>j>y,s l;i)!- tng a-sliot ;it King /".OT. IIF.'S CONSTANT TAKOKT In 1!)24, one (jf Albiinia'.-, ]mim- cal cnthHslfislf. really potted King Zog, nnii lie jir-arly iliptl, A few years ago, wlien he v.-n.s leaving a Vienna hosi>ltal, liii ear wns rlddlwl In the real Diamond teli- lon, bill, he cr-capcd. Vlemiiv auHioritl,-x polntedlv SUB- BMtnd tiiat lie BO linmo nl be shot nt. Reports from Greece lecontly hnrt llhn woiuiilc-d by a bomb thrown by revoluilonnrles, bui'liis capital ai.Tlmnn Issued clpiilalx. Still, It givps j'oii an ifif-z. Albania Is a tackwnnl nionniain country which, In addition to nn annual crop of revolutions, produces a continual nnd luxurious growth of hlteil nnd family fends of a kind that makes lhi> Kentucky vm-lpty look, like a chinch social. • : If one in'an, annoyed, kill:; another, then (ho dend man's family does not rest, until It hos killed Mie killer. Wliei-eupon it Is the- other family's • in'ovf, and II. kllh Ihe killers of tlw killer. This gnea nn and on. • " t'UKSE RECORD- IS Ifinil Tiie Albaiilon fend has Improvements that cv'c'ir- Kentucky ain't match., PoY ; lristaficb, If a povcvn- igcnt'shoTis one of the nu Jwroiis fairfdittl who infest, the hills all his relatives und (i ends :ritciprei this as i personal if front bv Kin/ Zo, And if tf"ij canr fp^rj- UIB tli>c to uni do\n to Tlrrni Uie ccp- ital to s-xy It «lth sqnlir-l-nncs thej pin i Cl ,i CC 0 £ death on Zog His scgre on cu,.es no / is bc- llf\ed to nm iboiit 80D fas rf lap l) i i-eiord e\on in Albanli Ihe fact that Zog Is alive at ill as lit ippioichcs 40 is the ten proof Iliat hr ii ^ c 0r i or 10Jll i youn» man on the living USKZC For Albania Is coitilnlj one of the stormiest countries in Fiiniit 01 ans olhei continent An ancient race witn its omi Innguage nnd tradition.- die Albanians liave )x:en foi ffl i-eii- tuiies undu foreisni rule L> ihe Bybanllne Empire Ihe old °eib emplte and the Twfc. Albinla bee amei independent In- lOl'-'ivhaf flic [Balkan pownra llpV-ed th-- Ttn k." W2I.LUM SKI\ ,The grent power^ ga\e \lbinla n ruler in the person' of Prince William of Wieo. Bill -\hcii the V/orlcl War cainc along Prince William (jot out. of there hhlie the t tltr" war. still -fairly. c ,vi ) nml M) m i, n relaiKc-d into virtual 111 ichj a' nmilr-s nf both fide, umpaigi,*,! hilher nnd yon ncron--. her terrl- (ory, One Achu.tii Zoijii. :i young nncl sltirdy niounliilneer. Milled across Ihe pjclHrc, c.imjwiijnJiiff now n-ith one i,rmy, now with anolher, now! ngnlnsl. oil 6f them and for Albania. Zogu emerged nftor the war nt 33 ns head of the Albanian rivmy. Ilaly and Yuco-Slavla both want«' a foothold in Albania, which III* convciiJcHlly. between (lie two, , L" " ic<; J»«»PlnB-t>IT place for .1 war cither way iiiMhf hm m, mll ° 1U " 192S 7 '| lrC<il " " rts! graiipi or sfttvicfs, dnr- tl\e month.i nf February nnil Ma nil, were di/sciissea at, [he rSg- liar mcfting of i)i<? Rlyihorilla s a.i.«ic-!atlon. tifM nl the PJMliylcrla/i i|iii(,-)i Monday: niyilirvllle ainmlnw TfAtn- Umi will he (i'>ld pi (he Afciiio-tet tlnu-cii rvbiiinvy Oivup? from Manila, tvil, K.»B /.os upper vlght, wants a O TO ,:, V (n hrip him nib over Iroubtal Alton a bc-uvcen revolution,. TUP mnn, lower i-| s |,l, shows Alb»i,la',' t.rktlsh Dillon between linly nml Yngo-Rlavln. while-- the cltlwn: .wal«l In tlif pieuii-n are typical of the inoumampei's wlio'drUt, Into •Th-iiiid, Uic (inr-enlerj; Cf.pltr.l. American :-,oel: In HIP HE'S NT)T A HAD SOilT King 7.ot. In addition to .living ;; hie full of n;i»nntic incident, Is gr,od-lcokiiiK, !U:c-s American jaz/, mid has n bund with him-at ihe royal palnec In Tirana most, of (lie time, smokes nn nnbflir-vabk- niiin- fcer of elf-meites. nnd i { nmfehiy an nppavently sineere r-fTon to bring something of modern civilization to Albania. •So,--Birls, if yon have a minion a year, and arc unmarried und n little Irai-cd, yon can't do better tnnn applj for thai vacant lob as Qunen 'of Alb ml i •'Ekron News Notes Rev Ionic SiiiilU filled hi.s reg ulai ipjxjuitincDt. at Etron Sun day. A daufhtei Freddie PrccKIc, n? born Fncfjj Jjnunij 10 to M ind Mi-s Tied Mnson A- IITCP ciowd ittended the chl n cn s(ew nt tlu> home of Mi oiitl MM i:o>ird SatuuHs Ml«s Ccne\a R\m is the guest of Mis." VirUnla Smith Him week Mi Hum]* Austin anu Mis M A Milton -IUD guests of Mis thud VMlkei Montlnj nighl Ml nnd Mi-i Him]) Austin vi= IICIl Mr and Ml Jc^sc Olllinm of Bhiheillle ruiiday schel Alr-xander and Mre, Ii. L iraivklm WPK- gnejis of Nfre .1 W. Ponlcclc Moiutny aftonioon. (.ifbree Crane .'wns' Ihe guc-si, of i-elatfvea In (lib vicinity J ir.-:l. Today's Markets 'I?/ 11 " Ri{ *« Q«« TOO Hiton i o»t^ lif.!t-_ U NEW ; VOR1,', IVh. 'itif'ii .-toll steady. o[i?n high iSJl 1332 U'17 0 (UP) low i;l liji rii l'.'3D 13 1J.H 1231 l:;:l:i 12.15 rtftwa r.l i-ifii). Osccola Jewish Laclins to Give Benefit Parly OSCUpLA, Art-—Till- -Jewish Ladies society. K'lll.gfve n little/It card parly at tin; o.see.oln community lion*, the night of .Tuesday, Feb. 12, it lias been HMiioiuic- c« by Mrs. Morris Sllverneld president. There, will, be , table,'pi-incs nnd a I Io -„ Jhrn, Ojrani7nHr,n"7nir'llic> JJfe -.f^Olirlr.t ail? l.-, j ;e oilewl t liE- RcV. P. C, Mf/rgfllii Augusts, Os, -All) rofiduet n Bible Con- f-renc? at tiie Presbyterian ciiurt-ii, beginning March- 3 nnd •oniinudij through the night pt tfarrh 8. The nev. Nljr. Morgan li the son of the tarnou; Dr O. Campbell Morgan Dr. J. M. wiliinms, IScnrey, Ark., W •lilliw n teats of lectitrcs and dlsra.^loi,:-, on tho ChrlRllnn Home rciul the problems of modern voune people, durltiB the period of Mnrdi in-inili. The wc-nlng ter- vlws will br- Miiuhifled nl, Ihe First. Mell:odht. ehm-rli Ollior RCT- vlws will I),, hclil nt the various liiwl elvii! sessions. Tlii community Is Invited to Ihese SIT vires County Medical Society Meeting ^We[| Attended "i"{, ( over ' « ln '«l "diseases nml iidfjkln'.s dlsf-:iso svere discussed HI impr-rs uiYen at, iho mc.etlnf; or llif county Medical society Tuesday evening- nl, the Vilyllir-vtlle hospital, n, wn<i n, e largr-iiL nueiulnnco in Hie history IV. W. O. Chancy. Dr. Otlr, R. warr and or. Oliarlr.i Heac.ock Memphis physicians, save the pn- Members of nip Broun altcnd- hig wftj-c: wilwii, M. B Kills; PP«. J. L. 'lldwoll mid' ,] A. I-uckcll; Ixi.ichvllte A E Rob- liiOTn; .Dswc-lt, H. I, johnwn- Aimorel W. if. Owefi; Qsccola, W. J. Slir-dilnn and 1,. D. Mawev liitxorn, T. p lliniBou nm i M ' r Cnntvell; nlyiliGvlllc. Pmil I, Tin ton, c. E. wtbjmi, Hunter <; Slnu p, i,. jimbftnd. 1. li • John con, c..c. Stevens, A. Af,'\VoRh- Eiini.-.M -o.-Usrcy. j. A. Ballbn P.-A, RobhiMn imcl P. D. Smith M r '5' Q|Wt; HETsV OHLEANS, F,-l> r, aiP)- Oolluii closed .'iiofuly. . ojwn higli Mnioii 123,1 j.jjrj Ma J' 123J 1537 July Jan 1232 125B 1231 1231 1521 flew 12S9 titwl- Prices A. T. find T Anaconda Copper nethlcln-:i> Btcr-l Cfiry.-Ur C'lllos Borvliv l Altirrl™, O.-tU'inl Kiorliir Oencinl Mntoii, liilfrnatioiif,! 1 Ui Mclf f» Mnnrgomeiy Nf,v Yc.ll; Coiiltel Packard 1337 Opoli closotl nt 1260, on •!. — I a 3211 Post Mori em on Girl Demi 2,500 YK, Showed Secret* Ifi, O. (IJI')-Dl-. Priilik A. rili'lwl mi,) in-. NOII-IM Lmuiliiin. Columbus .silicons, Iinvt- oil ii |)fisi mnrlciii nn Nnsl- n-Pa-Kiodou, The linn iniuiiiny, :i pii/t\l iiosw.iilon 01 Oliio Arfhufnlni-ii'iil anil HIMoilonl Mll-'XMUIl. The yoiinii lady. n|.;o known at: Nitlip i, luus boi'ii dcnil for 2,f>(l« The oppintioit slioivwi; Tliiil Nllll|i WHS ar> nt Oi-nlh; 1ml, her ft-alli was of iinturni QIISPS, but siutilni: that she was' hllrtli-iM; linn n.'.ldi- from Uvo hlldhond illuessrs. she c-njoyi'tl ainpiirntlvcly (jooil herillli. II. c. Khclroiic, oiu-nioi- or the niui-iiin, snld the raoHiliuitlon sels il i-eil o iiollon thnl Nllllp wno a itainoi-oiL'; woman of uu i>xnt.l<! :l/ifi(liun. ftlu. wiif. n spiiir.tor, inlfi- to.-vs nf hr-r lather'. vi\m Kjvi-nt, inosl of linr'tlmo llOlLSC. Plate will be ..served. Services Held Sunday for : ftlrs. Leona Gook HOLLAND, Afn. — .Services for Mrs. Lconu Cook, who died Saturday night .following several mpnuis" with iitnriUs wore "eld Similny ;,(. Ihc home of Mr nml Mrs. Bi>i-l'Urxlsoii. The liev. Jce Doran oMIclntod. "ijurial wns at Lester ccincle-i-y. Mis. cook loam iicr husband, who is employed al I'lR»olt Ark and two i;ons. Billy nnd .luiilnr. Boshers Child Dies i • 111" '" * .«,.».. .11 i^'l VIW--.1 vvftre held Monday nlteiiioon /or "nrt Mr'Ti''" 01 ' 1 tlli "° lllci ' 01 ' M''- ?!J l!i v"',, lu f» p »»w miles 1 so'i'th- of Cooler of pnouintinlsi. The- comUiclnl by ihp : . .'ctired inln- , and Inlc-rment was Muni birr Wine r-fln- Orn Hawkins borirdcd nl Del) lost vvcct: Io nttcnd school fihe rctumed home Prldov far the "'° L , 0 . 1 week end. ' j»«i-vU?«-, Mrs. J. w. Eoysl. of DlythevilIt.uiCT n ,- spc-nt a few days with her daugh- ±L „, ter, Mrs. Claim 3 a ]f 2 , l Dsl «-c ek ''"f; '" Mr. nnd Mre. Karl Wnlker and I c.,:.',,,..,.., ' Uvo children sptnt Sundnv WHIi Ui.i ,V ?• ' c ' I'" 1 ' 1 " 1 ', -nnc Ml-, nnil Mrs. H. C. Bud- ' (•„ • ,, brot ^ra- find Braml- A number of people from this \,t r. ,.' ' nntl Mrs - J(>ll » wnimmlty r.itcmled- llw >lngln»! ' " Dnwc ' Ki Polllt - (oiivcntlon al, ihe Nmavlnc (-lunch "i niythovillp Sunday, including Air. anil Mis. R. I,. Hnw!:tm, nm ) iVilM Ora Le« and S. c. Hawkins. Rnlclgli Wiilson i.< st-rloii^ly 111 from i-itopiils. inn. hk poiidlllnn is slightly imsroved. Miss Elizabeth Holinan sjiciit iho iwcfc end in Drill wlih her pnr- r-nts, nov. and Mrs. Don Holmnn Mr. and Mrs. Dc-iw.ll Howard hnvc moved Io Mnnlla to make lionie. Mi. and Mrs Itar- u-rll McKee will occupy their Home. Gosfieii Baby Dies nnTl 1 '^" 1 ^",^'" 0 '' 1 S0n llf : Ml ' nna, MIS. Rolwrt, Joue.<; died al 5 o'clock this moniliijT at. Ihe fnin- ly.lioine in the oosnell poinmun- Iiitermciit iva.s- 'mnrtc thl? afternoon nt -2:30 o'clock at Maple ajrai^cemolcry. The Cpbb Under- taklng' company was |,v cliiirio'"rti funeral aiTiingenieiits ' • - 1'he dccease.d .'.wps/a'n only child; Duck Suryex: Planned ^ In Nebraskaby U. S. MJJCO!,N, Hcb.:-' .(UP) --RCPI-B- wnlaiives of/Uic U- a. • lilologlcal Survey will begin n. survey of Nebvf.-ikn's-tlock p'up'ninilon immc dlntoly in- assemble- daln for rc- vwion-of /iho oiicn season, -.n-ank p'Coniipli, wcrclai i- of the • Nebraska. Game,. Fvti'f\ and Parks Commission, saw tht siirycy-will glvci. the" ja.itle coin- mission.defliiUc dala "for the first I line'; In wttlnj opm rjiasoir. ffo hiinlliis mlgmlnry v.'ater'fowl." ;• Oil In Woman, 100. Dies • One - of Ohio 1 :; -iVw. ccnU-run-liins Mrs. Juiin narlfili; wh<. became |00 years old Ian June y.t, LI dead he-re of complleaiions front a cold,: .', . CROUPY COUGHS SAY 1 ' elnll °"-".. BOUglil an Itnllan MUCK- hhn. s.Kl later th/',™ £ , mentioned Io Prince^ Tlcana of ?.og even met, [rouble, \vhfn wooed Ihe CountW! tlorothea IJo ^10 pw-foiwl K'enial l \,.4 W)2s court matshs], ? , OB forh ,' Ilielr mntrlagc. and the com, 0 ™ wf:s .later found dead on hp shores or Phalcron Bay near , apparently a suicide 5° g nlso was arllten w'tn Jackson, an American dancer oppcnrlng In VIennn, and propose" tlmt slie t.r>- out tho AltonlarTcll- ti.Rto with him. ' But Miis Jackson's answer she liter nrarcd, \\ts a good, old- for the year. Mr. nnd Mrs, n. have •jom' to Florida where th'ev will impend several \ve.cks. ' Ralph Chandler, of Hoi springs who has been visiting his molher has relumed home., Mr. and Mrs. .Karl Sliaiicyfc-ll. iliavi- moved to the Dell coinimin- Slis. Uan-ktiis Rogftrs, Mrs. Hcr- FARMERS BANK & TRUST CO. INSURANCE DEPT, NOTICE TO MOTORISTS Smaller Rlylhovillc city cai- lags hnvo rm-ivc-1. Iionyc.i-ct.ttrn ynui- large 1035 tags Iw roplacc- mniit .will) Urn nnw amnllcr type. 'Jiotoriats wliti invo ali-oafly swural i;i KS 1)UIS( ro ( llrn hi] . , (n secure small NOTICE Taxes, Licenses Due City m license fcos, (log lax foes juitl alrncl laws m;c fliir nm) jwyaWo. al once al tho olTicr ol the city clerk in Uic city hall. All j>i-ivilc t rn lieoiwiw for Hie fn-s( half of 10'jri ai'a now clue and payable at Iho. ofTicc of Hie cilv clerk in the city hull. ' Sigiicd R. G, Beavers City Clerk. niuUo cv.rn ......... /Jliumons rir-il ........ . .'H. LouLs.fjciii Fisnc-Ucvi Ftr.mtia.l »f w. j. ,. NASAL IRRITATION Often, ieUer-Wrtar Held aipi _ "p, P n," a self-nnrntnled Paul ne\'»f. 11.1.5 feti 1 .s'.lr-il flnrdly by p.tiire. Ab.-iiii on, [i nil "obviously n mental ca.w," arwuhnt! in neferllve Olvl.-f JaniM oill of fiilniibnn Rivl Trtlglus, ''fiolV h "undn atlon" iiy uffirfis. tiioiiiii':, rifll, who ollif-r nnmr, Iir,,i il^hi^ cinl, lii'Slliiiilw;, indicliitiak nnd iljer;. of (.V.mmirtfe with let-) ei.-i doiW ,ivf.i-iiln* of fowf tm- dog trad; Here • revealed hy ter Davis, manager of the' stadium'. ' Diivls said he be!ieve« dog rftces ' fi-oiild tesp the Etafilum. ,m ls y for • the major pait of the summer and provide a larft 1 Income foi the ciiy. His plnns am Im^a on aetlon by l hi- legislature- authori7lr,f pnil- t-1 belling on dot' faces/ C/ntii n bin SI.MU be pasrcu, no infinite sisps c'ai-i be taken, r,n finnii- Ais hide pints hy pa Tiie one who ir,ny ;nell'ji captiiio m,-i A, Failf-y in Idjlita-ad \vlth mo-,! Doll v,v sram|,- Ocg- Rr.wi . - ..- niaminaih nunilclpnl sttuitnni will li(. Ihn wiling for doa inclng next if ilv oblo ieglslstiire , iioinn(r on the hounds, Plnns to t in n iho .'.tnilliiiii into WAHNING FIT TIIP. CHANCERY COURT, OmOivABA.WBA DISTRICT, AfiBsreainro. COUHTV, AH- JSATiflAS. Walter Cooper, ri,-,inlin H-r 5953 ji, Hell Cooper, Defendant. Tin; defendant, Bsll Cooper, is v. : £ir,cd io .appear within thirty [lavs In ihe court named In ,the rspilon hfiEol, nnd nnsivt-r the cnmplami, of rhe plaintiff, Waller Coopei. DalOil ihti 30Hi dsy of Jan., 10.15, II. M, OUAIO, Clerl:, fly DiiabEth Roddj, D C C'lnihle P. Coopei, Ally, Ail Mletn, 30-C-I.V20 Millei- A-l Dog Soap Kills Mean and Lice l Io Coat and 25c Per Bar ffllBBABB HARDWARE CO, A Oimiilofo Line nl' Rlillfi-'s Dog; Foods Will bring track owners :H-- The Important fact to i emember aboui the new Ford V-B Truck for 1935 ii not merely that irgives you new moneysaving feahues—&»/ thai then fealnrti lave been added to a truck whose f(6ii- i,my, [ittformaiict, stamina ban already bttn fiioiid. ' For 1935, Ford engineers give you an' entirely new development—Forward Load Distribution. This makes possible more uniform tire and brake wear. It improves brake action. It provides a more stable ride— which means improved operation nnd wear throughout the truck. In addition, with more load space between the cab and rear axle, the 1935 Ford V-8 permits finite nngleturns with fnU-tvidih semi-trailer:. No matter how efficiently yon are now doing your hauling, ihesc-arul ihe oilier features of the 1935 Ford V-8 arc important advantages to consider. Tfiey are matched by no other truck in America today, regardless nf price. Test the 1935 Ford V-8 truck on your own job. You'll find there's n big meaning in ffa/fli/e-ffiit)'. Power and strength ,.. speed, handling ease, beauty, And ar n price that saves you money from the beginning. AIJTHOIU/5!t> PORD DEALERS FORD V-8 TRUCKS America's great truck value for 1935 THE 1935 FORD V-0 AI.ONB GIV£S YOU AIL THESE ADVANCED FEATURES • Proved SO.horseporver, V-8 eogfoe » New Forward Load Disirihution • Fiill.floniing rca; sxlc • New coupe.type cab, with safety glass nil prauncV adjustable 5^ji . and passenger curiypc vcniilaiion • New quick-Mopping, rib-cooled .brakes • .New type, larger, heavy-duty clutch • New, hi^b-t'llk-jency cooling system • Coppcr-leul connecting rod hearings « Dual, down-draft carburaion • OJ|.i4ving, opcn-iki/i pisrons » Perfected full lortjue-uibc and radius rod drive • 17 (o I siect/og ratio • Duc.ible bike J enamel finish • Economical engine cxclianqe plan 13l)iaad 157-iach whcclbase. Jiodies for almost every use. AND UP f.nv .Jtmi Tlir.jntt, l.lninrsil Otti, Co., Tlit Aurhnriud Toi J finjnvc PUn Phone 811 Today for Demonstration

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