The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 24, 1948 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, May 24, 1948
Page 2
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1WO Air Force Plans Unique Fighter Highspeed Plan* Will •• Flown from Pro** Position *T WBUMi r. XcJftMuniii UB*fcrf FtMt Stiff CarrapoRdMit WASHINGTON, May M. (UP) — Tht Air fort* it working on designs for » new high speed plane that *ould bt piloted by a m«n lying on Tht idmntagM of piloting a plan* from a prone position me many,, according to Maj. Gen. Malcoun o. Grow, air surgeon. • H« laid preliminary tests showed that men could He prone for eight hours or more in perfect comfort. Som« men reported after the lest* they were less tired than If they had been In a sitting position. A pilot In a prone position can dive and execute other sudden maneuver! with far leas chanct of "blocking put," Grow said. Tht reason for developing ships whereby trie pilot would lie down Is simple. In a small fighter plane built to approach and pass the speed of sound, nothing must break the smoothness of the streamlining. Most present fighter plain's have a bubble canopy for the pilot and a thick' fuselage. Grow said he reasoned that the flying wing >a« the most perfect); streamlined shape for an airplane. By having the pilot lying In a prone position, even a fighter plane of this design could be perfectly streamlined. Eliminate Canopy This would eliminate the bubble canopy as well as the fuselage. The pilot would lie pront in the center of the plane, facing fonvnrrt. The flying wing would be open In front, except for a smooth cnnopv that would not break the streamlining. His vision above and to the rear would be assisted by means of mirrors and periscopes. These problems are still to he worked out. Grow believes that young men learning to fly will learn faster lying down than In conventional aircraft. Signs of the Times in Germany UKT.T COURIER HEW! German. In Munich, blrthplaet of Nailism, stage a hunger demon- ttrallon to demand action against black marketeers and an Increast in tht food ration. Tht demonstration was sponsored by tht Social Democratio Party, Signi read (left fo right): "Death Sentence for Big Optrators and Black Marketeers," "Give Us Workers Our Hornet end Gardens Back Now tn the Third Year," "Givt Uj .—- Workers Our Worknr'a Settlements Back." S#/-//fe Follows Firing of Red CabinetOfficer HBISINKI, Mav 24. -(UP) — President juho K.'pnaslklvi Saturday removed Communist Interior Vrjoe Lcino from office and Com. immlsl-lcd harbor workers im- inediatcly began a strike. lnCt " 50 *"" 1 lnto ex - Lelno's removal crisl scauscd from of/Ice. Paasiklvi appointed Elno Kilpl former Minuter of Education to succeed Leino. The striking hnrbor workers de. manned that Leino be retained in trols in one hand lever or Instru- I merit. This would do away with the I foot controls of the rudders. | BACKACHE for q«lck eomfortlnt help lor Backache. Bbfru»»Ue F»JM, O«ttlnc Up Nlghti, atron j McKellaf Bocks Judge Mitchell in Senatorial Race NASHVILLE. Tejin., May 14 (UP)—Tennessee's chief Democratic political gossip today revolved around the effect U. 8. Sen K D McKellm's week-end indorsement pf Judge John A. Mitchell will have on the Senate race In the Aug. 5 prhvary. Senntor McKcllnr's not iinex- yote for the Cookcville Judge and that T ask and urge all my friends In Tennessee to do likewise." It highlighted week-end political activity that Included two other major items. One wns announcement by Ahan- cellor Gordon Browning tlmt he nor ' ..•aca'npngn or gover- Doctor Crawls 8 Hours After Plane Crash HUNTINGTON. Mas*.. May 22.(UP) — An Injured doctor crawled ,,S ght houns th rough a mountain wlldernesa Saturday to report a plant crash In which his companion physician, the pilot, wa« killed. The crash on Mt. plsgah lat« last night claimed the life of Dr Er- w(n L. Ray of the Northampton, Mass., Veteran's Hospital and resulted In serloua Injutiea to Dr Ashton Tenney of Gander, Mas.? The physicians were flying from New Jcr.«y to Northampton. Dr Ray, * veteran pilot who had been attending American Medical Association meetings at Washington, had stopped at Lyons Hospital in New Jersey to pick up Dr. Tenney Their plane apparently was lost In a heavy storm and crashed in a wilderness. Dr. Tenney, bleeding from numerous cuts and a lee fractured, managed to crawl through the woods to a . Summer camp owned by J. Vreeland Haring of Newark, N. J. The camp was locked but he | shattered » window and crawled . "side where he found a telephone I «"d called police. Foot parties 'were unnble to find the wreckage but t finally was discovered by a heli- j copter from Westover Field. Hotel, Wartime Quarters Of Spars, Asks Damages PHILADELPHIA, May 24— (Tjpi —The government agreed Saturday to pay the Benjamin Franklin Hotel »3,COO for damage allegedly ""''« by Spars quartered in the 1-city hotel for a. two-year period during the war. The hotel asked $9.454 damages afler the ladles of the coast Guard moved out. The listed damages in- th eded burneti a "(t broken chairs, night table sand desk!, °£, oTlnmp shades, carpet repairs, painting and veneering. Although agreement was rmched on the $3,000 judgment, it will take an act of congress for the hotel to get the money. There are no funds available now to pay the claim. Arkansas Ntgro Croup Favort Ltartjff Civil Right* Law* to Strtoi IJTTL* ROOK, Ark,, May M (UP)-Th. ArtaruM Negro Dm!,- cratio Association was on record todsy In favor of leaving tht l*su« of civil right* legislaton within state* boundaries up to tht individual .tales. However, In the same resolution adopted at the conclusion of the a.s- socuuion'js qu»drk>m)iel meeting here, they supported enforcement of civil rights by th» federal government in interstate commerce and in federal Jobs. On other national issues they gave President Truman a blanket vote of confidence. ""'«" The group named seven delegates to the national convention to take , , cloud; uti«i, IrrttktluE pu»K|tes, Leg PiLni, ciielcs under eyta, »nd swollen nnvlts, due to non-orfvolc utd non-syitemlc Kidney and fcladifer ttoubVu, try Cy«t*v. Quick, eomplela MtUfMikm or tnon*y back fu»rivnteed. Ask ymir dnnlat for Cysttx today. mand that a Communist be named to succeed Leino, who as Interior Minister controlled the Finnish DO- llce.. Communists called for mass demonstrations In the streets of Helsinki to protest Lcino's removal. The Air Force built one experimental flylnpr wing plane, the XP- "9. in which the pilot was in prone position. It crashed Sept, 12, 1045 on its Ilrst powered flight. Previously, however, it had flown as a glider. - , --*•• UULJ & I t.-wiJijllU 1 IllS- trlct camptvlgn mannRer for U S Hep. Esies Kcfaiivcr, who a| so ' wants to be Senator. RenDtion on the McKellnr announcement seemed to auree in gcnwnl on two things: that Its main effect, it nny. protmbly will be felt In East Tennessee, and that it will put a number of normiU McKcllnr lieutenants on the spot politically. Otherwise comment was strictly nlonK candidate lines Phil Harris-Alice Faye Show Goes Off tht Air DES MOINES, la.. May 24—(up —The "Laugh awhile, let a son be your style" theme song was hear on a national hookup for the las time last night. The F. w. Fitch Co. said risin cost of taleat caused it to stoi sponsoring radio network pro grams. The firm sponsors tht Phi Hjrris-Alice Faye show. Ads. LY Th. PERFECT SLEEPING MATTRESS! See Jjmmie First For Sealy! Jimmie Edwards Furniture Company 301 East Main Street Phone 2487 tht vacant seats If a Dixie bolt should devolop, but refrained from openly supporting any candidate for governor for fear that s uch .up- port mlghf. b* a political death blow to tht candidate tney r«vor. WOMEN NERVOUS u Buffer from hot d*sh«a *«&k «u irrluble ' Si 1 * «f ">« /unctloaaj • P«Hod peculUr to wome I" •> "h»n M Plm ..5 . ble c °i'P«utid to relltvt auch !rapto«»l It ,l>o hu wh.t Doc«» cut > stomachic tonic effect I FLYIN'SFUN by RICHARDSON YARIROUCH "Red" Redman record ointhti hold ew while [ whip ^, airport for mother Right te MU n!" BLYTHEVILLE FLYING SERVICE C : ftlGMT TRAtHINC \i\y »»oo«cu PKOHE 27t7 MONDAY, MAY M, IMf Couritr New, want Ad«. | KM* Courier Ne«s Want A*. Extra Ply Tire Gives You 25% Bonus *••!•'* ** u^L/** * **" ta If yo.r «*r H*M M Ntrwafc tlr«—that ««r> Mh ply (Htt jo« 25% nor. raMeti«ri f.kri* and deeper t*«t at&kwi ««t huu-d. .". . J6% »««. rracUe*% aJI UTM an t«* 4- ply InK Kwwalk dam «• to dlffertot aad *tttn thl> yo« and y«w f motif f ftwUr »t»- »e*r mmkrt .Vonralk (Ply m*re M»o«BU«aJ nr mite. «M them tod&y! Spcciol: A4-ply •M-1S Tir»—» pine lax. Lib«r«l Trad*-I« 0. K. Rubber Welders North Sixth Street R. H. Godsey Phone 37« FOWLSTON SCHOOL OF MUSIC Offers SPECIAL SUMMER CLASSES In PIANO - ORGAN - VOICE DalUw C. Fowlston, M.S.M. CertificaU A Special Price for (he 12-Week Term Is Off««4 For Information Call BLYTHEVILLE 2049 Slip fWWUMMW, ILICTRIC RAN*II* At Jimmie Edwards •N!'•'"••:' • •' &* /i,- 7h» PfM!*l!l »lo»J.,< Th. Ntw PRESTtLINES for 1948-A, Adv,rtli«l in Llf.l Com* In today -»•« A. gnat fealur., that mak* Prtt«*li M *t ouMtandmg El«ctric Rang* for 19481 fremlin. •„ ,h. truly posl-war rang, thai wo, built to "M tht nttrfi of Mn. Amtrko. A cheict of four top orrono.- menu-offered on/y b y fr«, e li n .- m . ar ,, Ao , y<JU gt , ^ >'ylt you want for you, own individuol cor,,r, c . * YOMR AUTHORIZED Prt«t«n»'i »vtn-h*a) iurfa<t unit iwitchtt givt yaw torn- pl«tt lltnibility of cooking htat«. Accurott ovtn 1 e«»uft ju»t »ht boXin« htat you n«t<j for fcn Prwttlint'. ovtn-larot«t in Hit notional CITO ri« K angt field-bak.icompltttmtol.Qltotwthmt.Ctmt m ntwl -S« Hit ^rtiMIn* f»f ••"• J01 latt JIMMIE EDWARDS FURNITURE COMPANY

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