The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 6, 1935 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 6, 1935
Page 2
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BLYTHEVILLE, (ARK.) COURIER; NEWS THURSDAY'S EWNTS Ml?fl$tlp,,| county p. T. V. - BapiUt. churcbe*. meeting at Ar moiei; 7:33 P.' M. Joint meeting of B'Nal Brllh and ; J3wish, .Ladles Aid »t home of Mrs. S. 6. Sternberg, 8 p. m. Mrs. 0. W. Atiiick navlng njuis- day Luncheon "clito. Mid-Week Bridge club rnwllns with .Mrs. W. L. Horner. The Holy Name society of (he Immaculate Conception church is meeting at the social hall at 7:3u pjn. Thursday Contract club meeting with Mrs. J, P. Lentl, Tnursday Bridge cHib meeting wilh Mrs. N. B. Menard. FRIDAY'S EVENTS Mr. .and Mrs. Mas D. Miller Dr. and Mrs. Hunter o. siuu Mr. and Mis Harry Klrby nnu Mr. ,and Mrs. Russell Millllpt having dance - nt country club. Daughter Barn. A. daughter was horn Monday io Mr. ami Mrs. Olenn hiimphrej. bac,y, who welihs ten pound has been, named Joai\ Nelda. " * " Amdllarjr '„ Has Easiness' Session. Activities 01 the coming spring months, were..taken up In an important, business': session of tin. .Woman's Auxiliary Of tho First Pfeibjlurian church Monday «f- icrmon at the church .; The several, officers to be- clecl- ed.thls j car were nominated. Thej are: Mrs. C., M.; Gray, vice prcs- Inciit; , Mrs. Chester' R, BnMoik secretary and Mrs. James is, Clark, historian. The election will- be held next month. Di. F. Crosley Morgan, a -nur live of London^ England, will conduct a-£«lss" of services heri' during, tho first.,.week of March, ii was announced by. (ho ;>vstoi tht Rev. stitart H Salmon. Dr Mor gan is the son of Dr. G Camp bell, well known tvrltet anil min ister, wno was icarcd iii London, Plans ueie also made 'for o luncheon and all day study of the book "Planning the Good Life' by Dr. Hemy H Si»eet< There wore 23 members it the meeting. * * v Daughter Born. A daughter \vns bom today to Mr and Mrs. Bill Seooy at the St. Bernard hospital Jotiesboro. Before her n.airiagc Mi« Sccoj Was Mies, Rose Emma Sebuugh. Has S/tak Supper, W. M Scruggs had a sleaJi tup W?, el L W evening at the country blub wlien fie' Hirf aS his guests Bob Roblrson of Kelsci, Cole Weid of Memphis, C, 0. L.iligblou. Monk Matthews ai]d Everett B Ge° Aftei supper the men pluyed Club Entertained. Mw~M A Hones w&o dniuuca hosiery for Ih6 pita in the oridge C i Mrs, n tame at the Tuesday Contract c|in> Umn laic this wijex when MR. Hoyd White was hcstesi, ' Members of tho club and Mr H Highnn and iUrsj Fiairt. Du lancy weic suived ti Uo tourer lunch before the games Potted plants dtcoralcd I ho living room. County B. x. V. to Meet. The Bible Training Unloji of Baptist - chuiches In Mississippi ?*? e « n ln* with J. pl^end.'Tr this elty, presiding. r"^*? Ci - fmil ° f A ""°gram. wrilf bl' lovc.50 ii)ii(;!i, you wild, There tnusl |mvo teen a bond llclwcen you and a man who left, Of whom you were (julle i'pinJI ,, T COULBN't say: Oli no, kiiiJ sir, Since j-ou hwc come.along, loij'vc ti^cn the idol of my 'dreams, flic liSfo fif cacli song, PUTI sliotiia like lo tcmim l To speak righl up and say; .My poems I'd fee My poems iiaaginc.ho .1C you should yo uw.iy! Bits oj News Mostly Persona! Mr. slid MM, Max D, Miller will have us Ilntr su«sl» (or tha dance F'ridiiy evening Mr. und Mrs, Jchn 1,, Daggetl of Mar-. Iniinti, und Mr. and Mrs. Mayo Harris, of Mcmphiii.,. Atvli liancocK, of Parugould, intended to I)liflnc£B here yesterday. •••..... Mr. uiul Mi's. J;. L. \YaVd nnd ECU, Lloyd, will leave tomorrow for St. Petersburg, flu., where-they expcul, to reman iiijtll' April 1. Mrs. W, H. Wilson, ot Somcr- vllle, Tcnn., will arrive within u I'vw day* to lie tne • guest of hc-r son, Daker Wjlsoh, iiml family. Mrs. tlarvy Xirtiy Bpctit yesterday in M'ii.iphib. Mrs. niisscl) p|,l!)|ps (UK! Mrs, C. W. Allllck were In Memphis More Young Women Than Boys Tuberculosis Victim*- Solution to Previous Contract Problem in- wiw. ZT7 Kccrcfuty, AIIHT|C»II , TT1 ..,. for some It |s Jiard to appreciate tho place that bridge plays .In our social life, |v{cn nnd women travel . hundreds of p^llca ncroBs the wuntry to play l»i • a •brldgo touriwinent and, if tjw win, llielr only feward. Is to-huvt Ihclr nain?..! ciisravetl on one ol Die (laliorial tropillcs. No cast prises and, no balling-we permitted al national toiiniamspis, f visited thp Terrace club' it New Yorlf.the ptHer night nnd wa pleasantly surprised to sue (lie ar- tay of silver cups- displayed i. tlio clubroom.. The players of thL cliib have mado n very fine rccoru tor themselves. H Is one of the Today's Contract Problem West opgns t\\f tpur of upadce, the l«)i t> p)*y«d from dummy, and Kast pl»ys the, queen < C?n South fix no trump? 4 K 10 1 VQS A J 5 1 JVEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 6, 1935 <|| J06(3 V 10 4 2 10 5 - N . 'J S Del'er AQS 9 74- 1 C3! ..,-.„ a ntc« play by Icadin* a fmoM heart toward dummy's Jack. Wlioi) \Veit refused to win the irlck, tho Jack held. Thh i-mcu- c>>\\y marked. ..Vtet wjth th«o ftQarts to (lie Ijfhj-ien; Now tin! !,pade suit was ttarlcd and'thu lour spade, tvicfe cajjiesl East discarding a .diamond and West lelllns'go a club. The ace of diamonds was played nmt then a small rilarnoiVrt led."''West discarded 'lha eight of hearts, uul lie (rick was won with the king it) dummy. Tha. cUcliircr now has two perfect .end plays ,'oii. West; he can end play ivltli. hearts or clubs, ho preferred hearts end H smul! A AS 1 ' ¥ 'A J 5 • K Q S ,T . •- +K10 I Solution in uaxi 4AKD7 ¥ A Q'3 6 3" . Mines, B. J. Alien, Hccvcs Allen, CMC M. White, Arilen Ordwdcr and Grady Worthy are In Memphis today. Spiireeoti Pnlterson, of . jarteoh. Miss., left yesterdny for jcvrnu days. He will return within :i weok and Mrs. Patterson and daughter, Vti'lah, ivlll accoiiipans him to 1 their new liomc, in Jackson, Miss. . '. , : ' ;:.... Mrs, Jameii hill,' who luia been niiiiu Ill, Is better today, , .. U'KC, ncbcccu Glllc&ple IIHS itono , i» fici)6lh, Mo., for a visit will '' cwcr cllllls 'i»'l the younger pliiy to mint, Mrs, u c. .white ' Mr, and »ua. W. T BanicU » K 10 6 B *K1076 Duplicate—None vwl.. Hoiilli >i'i-st \oitli i Kiist t ¥ , 'i'M i 4 r ,' a ; 5 I. T. • I'ass 4N.T I'BES . UN. T. : l'aS8,.x Pass Pass won for themselves a. tvlp to Florida, in u bridge tournament recently. Here's one of tlie hands played by Morric Ella. He held ths South cnrcls. It will show you how '• alcn and accurate (h?s« youngsters ure, on the ploy of the cards, Tlie Thy Against the six no trump contact, West made the nntuia) opening of tho five of clubs, the -•ix was played from dummy, East pJajed the thiee, nnd clcckucr won with the Jaik South lmni"iiiately cashed the uce of cluhs and now ..i '° l ' 10 'llythavllle hoj- , Mis* Gall Na ve , Tomato-} "«"'-" Wilier, Manila 6?-A i, Charles Read Cotirlcr^Mews Waul Ads.ff laxative So Many MJ^ " | Old folks, young folks—thouaititb i of.them tay tlicy prefer Tlietlford'a 13lack-Draught. when they need a liixmlvc. It dees its wcrt; uo well. "I Iw.'c iiscd Thedfprd't; Black,' Uitmaht In my family since 1835," wrilM Mr. lienson Temiilc, Smith- Draught. We iiro quits a good waja lioni town, and ii good, iimpic ' rel " :l;3c " 1 ' (u Of ^ (imivi.bui I Helen Wolslitmer ot 10 cuils a coi>> lllKbAU, i Ave fie« lurk, N 1. cents In cola for which ploaoe lend mo C (iidlclight tlio new hookl«t ot puomu by Name blreet tity NKIUL ot Elate; -pent yesterday in Memphis,, J. S. Hatsell. has rctm-netl from Jomslioio «heic ho vlslL«d Sam Muyo. Ml? 0 W Womack ami duii^h tei of Memphis fpent ievorol d3i(> iioio Mill Mis c a Hlre;> and lamlly bcfoie going to Calllornln ncccinpunled by Mi',, Womack, to make -their :homc. J H Stewuil hiu as her guei(. Mr und M ri old Thompson of Ripicy, Tcnn Wilbur Stewart has &on«' to Hay- II Mo \vhcio he is entering the furiiltilic bustiiesb Mis lou club of Dell i |pl Ffida> at Lart en Hji Russell Oiocliei. ,„ «»& ™ A U " 1VtC ' U S 1 """ 1 - ™>' l « »»"'£ «"''««"" iiciuiuib iHitldctl urjan Owen Mis ohurle A rtemoinlrM'on on wllon nut- discn^cd Ilio life oCmim^ res. maMrtc was. glun Uy Mrs, 1 1 hi,, ami Mu n I( u "ou Laiv. and/Mil Larl Potlci loo-l lutejcilliig faUb In the life of Mis hpirmm tavo a glngei blind,H H iti« cmaMj f? ls cmoistat'on jrre Bail Bohn 11,, i it '^' P^'^O) Ihc Kt>iOL To oood no ij y^^™ j 01 lllc '"""noon wcc Mrs A l* rilcllc11 «ny Miulen D^ld Lee MiV fiiTfif*.., M«. OU* r n ,,, A ^^ L L Golc ac <"SO Wall cj u oh,it Mr V , f fhc Mcthoclisf, Missionary toUc >j met MOndav afternoon nt the cnmai riieit v,ib n thoit busl ncsi, mccllng tn *hlth n 60( .iMl !i\iio lopoit was plvcn "IE K Jvl Rhciiuiish wut icatt jJj of the progtum on Oriental's in I . tion Ihc' iwtioiial loum-ot-tour iind me natioiifil mixed pah- trophies. •Morrfe. Ells iintl Sy(vcstcr OliUcll, i«o memb'eis 'of inij club i (lie littci parents Mr und Mr ^ o A)c\Dnd«r, pnd son Frctl Mr .ind Mr^ Sain Hanna ind children and rclutlu!, from Cft tutlRifavllU. ure \mthig In OKU horn i Ihlt, v^cck tuiHcc OuthtiL tpenl the littci jiait or )n;t «cck In Jomt, boro it thp bedside of her siiUr Irene Guthrie who under . us mu. an jppcndi'c op«utlo« nt fat Stewart Bcriuncl* nospltal last, 11C ek bhc s ewar ospa mid'daiiuhler who ha\o been here is resting ury will 06 git«,(& of Mrs, Mice leaving Join him today J i{ Slcwyrt Okla ">« *> M. AVCodard, Mr, Holman, Mr A Snlth MIT, j, T Pjhll Lul Mcndoi> \lh, Eiul t'ul ci Mrs, flank ttfuidora dnd Mi Osceola < Society — PerKondi Hai Program. . K of l!le Flrat Chris- chinch had a nicelltw"last «<oimg at the- home, of Mrl joe " e ,, ., s ut «l in an Interesting program on the theme "suntlso Kingdom of J a - Facts of this coimfry wcrc'glv- Mrv Airs. o E Butternorth nnd Mrs J. Cecil Ix>no told of Suga Wara Son, one of fho mos t colorful characters In Japanese life Mm P - dra M a '« atl ° n Was Elve " wilh Mmeo. M H Camerson. Renkcrt Wetenkamp and John C. McHaii- ey neanng the native costumes ™ *»oilonal, "International 01 oil" was gucn by Mrs , A salad was served with i-and^ Riches <,nd tea in tho social hour during which plans MMB made', for the March meeting v,hen Mrs Joy. ner will bc> hott«35. • Muiliary To Meet Fridaj-. JThe , American • Legion auilllan «H) ha\e a meeting Friday, after" t '«|n-*tth MIS, c. E. Cciggcr presiding r • * * * Dtlt.Womtn Meet, _The Women's Home Demonstra- *A Doi|'t Scratch^ H. g»t;al»ttle'of BR6vws LOTION from your, druggist (oday and get ' TOOT, ^TETTER, EX5ZEMA. RING WORM,. IMPETIGO, BARBER'S ITOH, and oth«r Itching BklnVfcl- Utlons. First 'bottle of- BROWN'S LOTION is sold with MONEY BACK, eHTABANTEE by Klrby Drugstores. ' ' Ihc Steele-Cooter Socieiy — Personal J A Willucc 1* In Ciii-ulh a tho bedUdc ot her * n , . M 6 Ahln 1 » thrc<> F) " daughter born to Mr ytlll Jlld Mlb H JJal)e«tlno recently have been given the iioinci of M ILL Juno and Delfle Jime Mi and Mrs D B Holly tncl Mi mid itii uajcs Smith hua iclurncd fiom u vucation t|Mit in Ft M j crt lla Afr i L Water., i attending to busmen in Casa Aik ShcAas accompanied there by Liidon Jonca who is ilsltmg his ihiioren Who arc milking tlielr home there willi Mi uudjftlra Jlnimtc f,sn vrafl They ire expected to re turn the latter; part at thi.'. weik | Mis c N Sanders and daugh Stephens ler \cr-i of Joinci Ark spent liltliy licit with MIS L C bpcn ur In the attoinoon they wcic . club met ' aflcrjittoji -In the , clui) romi lie . cottri libus*^ M,HI» .n, :k ..., attciidahcc. Chailcs ixiwuiKts mollicr 'iV," , c . D , iVitiM » ol Uiiionlonn \ueks h " E " te1 ' for mveni Mrs riiu<| Fcllon who IMS IK-PM wm ' »'« ™'' . s '»™ the Mr 5 . j. tends collcec at MurfrcCsboTo visit «H~h "her 'sktci Mn, (7"w" Jonn spen' the week end villi Coal and Kir Cook " c , rrpireilll>A | Dr u »1 Mis J w llobblns unfl ons RlS,»r^iJ V >rm C '', rl0 '' and ° M] ^ lcu thc l>«W«r part of lasr ons Busier and Mlllei liivr re week loi an o,stcnded visit -• „ toe crs ' , ^ "' "'" "" VaCOll °" ut Ft ' My . - . A.' W. Young, president, "«• John Earinitlbn. Nflss Mud- the meeting to order on. P" 1 ' 0 «'-'"Ston. Mrs.- 'rj. „. •' jt!?_ clcd „ (.hori tmslness ses. ^"' "^ M»BgIe Bart-lcis and Rciwrls from the dlflci-e|it *}*? ,. Alm Scmipon Barblure. arc- ljntnw ,vcra hard, .-f a "'^'S « D. A. R..t e - Rciwrls from the diHci'ept jncma ivcra IwnU •• finns tor the completion or the hlgtuvny oramiiiwiion project. .Were, com'- .-^^ (Wctcil. Mrs. John Edrliiglon tell .1 discn^ioti of die pranosc«i"linv <0' rcfinlre tlist marriage JKfnscs cie ootnined nvc duj"s in ml of the ceremony. . The topic 01 lljc iirormm. .„> >nc attemooh WTO citizenship, led oy Mis. A. F. Biirham. Tho i,.s..,„>.,.. San6 ,, Amorl - n , hc Bciiu _ Mrs. George Deer gnvc a review ol President Roosevelt's •^Ok, "Looking ijorwnrrt." MISS -Ueiie Word gnvc the life lilslOrica -J several famous American Wom- Positive Relief For Itchy Skin •Cootioif aud soollifog liluo Slnr UiDliucnl melts on llu « tested inedicincs deeply into pores VFlifrc ll quifhly Jcills itch, tetter, rasli,_ cczcmi^feot ,ildi,." m , i John Earinitlbn. Nflss Mud- of ih at ' il - - ' ' _ ° f ' d llit, cmipon Barblure. arc- Mr and « D. A. R..t ea | n M ar- Wcod'nn n locla V- • nt thV ? in ni. me l • ... T' T — " *jj>*vii\jcu ri^Jlj ULi BrowrisrUlc,'.. Texas,. In the ; Interest '' . , of Dr. Hobblns'..hcaHh'l -..-! w '. ^ Irs - A- T. Ashcvaft arc 'tic parents 'of uu 8-pound • girl -:^. et "' 8 ^ al t')"«lr ,hbmc 'near Coot« -,, a ,f cf '«•• ^ « : «ek. -The ; baby J 1BS wen -' hcic T'wsdny iiaiiiud • Mlldrtxl Grace. .: , ' M,- i : , I ,; !VI|- - !1 !"l Mrs. Ted NOrthcui an; K & '. " lc ? .?"' ! * " lc 1Wr "' te ° r tt " «'P D "nd coiV. ^ I 7,°' T<im '" ^ ai tlleir hoine near '.Oootir week end here with Sunday/.'-" -•---• - delioerej while it's FRESH 0 .. .in•time, for your ' Breakfast CRAIG'S DAIRY Phone 74 MODES °f *he smartest women fashion knows modM to the manner of the SPRING FOOTWEAR . hV DRENV'S BEAUTEASK SOFT AS 'A 'KID GLOVE'" —13LU13 —GREV . r - —BHQWN ' AK ILLUSTRATED 18/8 CONTINENTAL HEEL 1'KJCED AT -,?5.|0 COMPLCTK SHOWING A11C1I ItKST SHOES - ?6.50 UTiJEU STl'LJiS ?a.!W ami ^M ' . 1 -New Sliades Sijriiig- Jlcsiw.v FL01D A. WHITE House Slippers forced Dninmy discarded a inond ami, us West had only gcod to have on Ijaiul. ,..„ .qu.eei] mid nine of- clubs left, the have never changed be- gave satisfaction." .. , liis(. two tricks were won in rtum my with, the king'arid ten'of clubs. TIIKUt'OKU'S BLACK-UKiUKiHT \CbpyrigW, 19S5, NEA Service, lnc,j 'WHAT DO YOU THINK/ T^€ REGULAR PRIC€ Of CALOMiT BAKING POWDER '• ^^^^^•••••nimfi To Be "Fashion-Right" This Spring You Must Build Your Wardrobe Around a U U IT Two and Three Piece Suits Sporl and Dresj, Styles trim- hows, \ tt|i pionoimcud -self ming othtifi \\itlr TafteU tollati, Mil uiflt, . . All uiuistialh distinctive lines Uomeh tailoied models Die sj bljlea with udi itirs . £,l )0 it and hngei tip J nkelb, sonic with su>- ai ate capes, Three qua j tel and lull Icngtl, Stagger Coatb 'l-U'Pr/IA TRIMMINGS £>rilCHBD ACCENTb BOXY^JACKETS CAPE COSTUMES LONG SWAGGERS Up .95 UP Beautiful sport plmcis in brown, -navy ami grey tones . . ;• Solid bolors of navy, grey, Ijrowii aiitl tan ... Appealing models in Bjiorl or dressy types. • Gay GOATS "that suggest going places'' 10 Crisp, New BLOUSES il $1 .95 I' ±Up MISS WHITSITT'S SHOP , Crqifs, Linen nn'i Biilialo in.briKlil colors to lie wii'ii willi ilark suits . . . Beiiu- tiftil paslol shades to wear \vitlt lighter suits.

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