Chicago Tribune from Chicago, Illinois on February 18, 1940 · 72
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Chicago Tribune from Chicago, Illinois · 72

Chicago, Illinois
Issue Date:
Sunday, February 18, 1940
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PABT 7 PARK '4. CHICAGO SUNDAY TRIBUNE: FEBRUARY IS. 1M0. A Little About the Movies on City's Screens His Girl Friday." A newspaper t-ry. Adapted from Hecht and McArthur' " The Front Page." Features Cary Grant, Rosalind Rus-r !i EIph Bellamy, and Helen Mack. Chicago. " Vljll In the Night." Screen adap-tation cf A, J. Cronin's novel of the rr.eiical and nursing professions. Brian Aheme and Anne Shirley are co - starred with Carole Lombard. Falace. The Marines Fly High." Adventure in the tropics. Leading player! are Lucille Ball, Richard Dix, and Oieiter Morris. Palace. Geronlmo." The early settlers' struggles with the outlawed and I'.ociihLrHy Indian chief. Preston Foster. Ellen Drew, Andy Devine, ad William Henry head the cast. Roosevelt, Tb Light That Failed." Adapted from Rudyard Kipling's great novel. A great artist goes blind from wounds received in saving his friend's life in wartime. Stars Ronald Cflmart. Walter Huston and Ida Lupino play supporting rdles. Apollo. "Little Old 'ew York." The story cf Robert Fulton's romances and his Invention of the steamboat. Leading flayers are Alice Faye, Richard Greene, Fred MacMurray, and Brenda Jcj ce. Garrick. Remember." An ambitious young advertising executive becomes so wrapped up in his work that he fails t3 take his bride on a honeymoon. Greer Garson plays feminine lead opposite Robert Taylor and Lew Ayres. State-Lake. Pantheon, Tower, Regal, Sheridan, Esquire, Deerpath, Paradise. " Gone, with the Wind." Based on Margaret Mitchell's story of the south. Stars Clark Gable, Vivien Leigh. Olivia de Havilland, and Leslie Howard. Oriental, Woods. lit "Rputin." The power behind the Russian throne. Harry Baur plays title rc opposite Marcelle Chantel. World Playhouse. "Balalaika." Musical based on the stage operetta. Kelson Eddy, Ilona Massey, Charles Ruggles, and Frank M-jrgan head the cast. United Artists- I "Ireland's Borderline." Irish comedy featuring Jimmy O'Dea, Myrette Mowan, and J. H. Edwin. Sonotone. GulllTer'a Travels." Cartoon in technicolor based on Janathan Swift's ir.rnortal tale. Uptown, Marbro, Southtown, Avalon. " Swanee River." Based on Stephen Foster's li'e. Don Ameche plays opposite Andrea Leeds. Al Jolson also stars. Uptown, Marbro, Southtown, A altn. "Everything Happens at "ight." Romantic comedy starring Sonja Kenie. Ray Milland, and Robert Tivoli, " Intermezzo." Marital triangle between a temperamental violinist, his wife, and a girl pianist. In-grid Bergman, Edna Best, and Leslie Howard are featured. Tivoli. "Another Thin Man." The sleuthing Charleses solve another murder rrystery- Myrna Loy and William Prwell co-star. Varsity, Riviera, Cap-it cL "Foot Wive." Sequel to "Four Daughters." Cast includes the Lane sisters. Gale Page, Jeffery Lynn, and Claude Rains. Century, Norshore, Ccr.gress, Gateway, Paradise, Bel-rr.or.t. Tower, Stratford, Teatro, Lido, Mont Care. "The Great Victor Herbert." The i-iuence cf a great composer on the Irves cf his two singing stars. Allan, Mary Martin, and Walter Connelly are leading players. Century, Norshore. Congress, Gateway, Paradise, Belmont, Lamar, Mont Clare, Ficcadtlly. Mnotchka." A daughter of modern Russia meets life in Paris. Co-stars Greta Garbo and Melvyn Douglas. Nortown, Maryland, Terminal, Crystal, Biltmore, Senate, Central Fark. Berwyn. State, Manor, La, Tivoli Downers Grove, Beverly, Jeffery, Grove, Vogue, Devon, N. Center, Windsor, Howard, Pickwick. Forest, Crown, Tiffin, Maryland, Commercial. " Irtry Rides Again." Western remedy with Marlene Dietrich, Stewart, Mischa Auer, and Una. Merkel. Nortown, Maryland, Terminal. Crystal, Biltmore, Senate, Central Park. Berwyn, State, Manor, La Grunge, Tivoli Downers Grove, Jeffery, Rhodes, Ogden, Highland, Met. Vcgue, Devon, Windsor, Howard, Pickwick. Alcyon, Forest, Crown, Tiffin, Broadway Strand, Monroe, Marshall Square, Maryland, Atlantic, Midwest, Peoples, Commercial, Ramova. Historical Play, Paul Green's historical play, "Highland Can." written for the 150th an-riversary celebration of Cape Fear Vaiy, Fayetteville, N. C, last year, in th future will be a part of the annual gathering of the clans at Cape Fear each October. It was the srrr.d of Mr. Green's projected serf's dramatizing the settlement and development of America. The first was " The Lost Colony." due to open Its fourth season on Roanoke Island in July. His next project will prob-ebly be in connection with Williamsburg. Va. 10 PARTS Part. I r. PftrTft. Mtrkru. S M etropolitan. 4 TmW. A w Blr .46. Prt. 6 Wonien'e Fratnrrs. Fashion. T Drama, Morlf. R Society, TrTl. 9 Graphic Wkly, 1 FWnr Srtti. WHY GABLE IS if if -f - , If this Isn't one of the most charming photographs ever taken of Mrs. Clark Gable (Carole Lombard), why then, we're all wrong. But we DID think you'd like it for your albums. "Vigil in the Night," featuring the pretty lady, is now showing at the Palace. In This Movie Hildy Johnson Is SO Pretty! "HIS GIRL FRIDAY." Produced by Columbia. Directed by Howard Hawls. Based on play by' Ben Hecht and Charles MacArthur. Presented at the Chieaio theater. THE CAST. Walter Burns Cary Grant Hildy Johnson..., Rosalind Russell Bruc Baldwin .....Ralph Bellamy Sheriff Hartwell ......... Gen Lockha't Murphy Porter Hall Bensinger Ernest Truex Endicott.... .....Cliff Edwards Mayor, ............... .Clare nee Kolb McCus ........... I Roscoe Karns Wilson Frank Jenks Sanders...., Regis Toomey Lcuis ....Abner Biberman Duffy Frank Orfh Earl Williams... John Qualen Mollis Mailoy Helen Mack Mrs. Baldwin ........Alma Kruger Joe Pettibone Billy Gilbert Warden Cooley Pat West Dr. Egelhoffer Edwin Mexwell By Mae Tinee. Goo J Morning ! "Front Page," that fire breathing, rib tickling stage play re the fourth estate, brain bebby of Messrs. Hecht and MacArthur, now'comes clowning into our lives attired in another screen dress. We saw it in pictures once before, you know, with Pat O'Brien, as Hildy. It is like and unlike the original stage or screen productions, employing twists that fool the feller who has an idea he's seen it all before. . . . For instance, Star Reporter Hildy Johnson is a woman this trip, and, as portrayed by Rosalind Russell WHAT a woman! The fair Rosalind, who, In "The Women" proved herself a great comedienne, doesn't disappoint you for a minute. She just sets her teeth Into Hildy, lets her hair down, and GOES places! As the story opens, Hildy descends CHICAGO FILMS THE WEEK'S W MOVltS: " Hii Girl Friday," starring Rosalind Russell and Gary Grant; Chicago. " Vlg-il in the Night," starring Carole Lombard and Brian Aherne; Palace. " The Marines Fly High," starring Lucille Ball, Richard Dix, and Chester Morris; Palace. " Geronlmo," starring Preston Foster, Ellen Drew, and Andy Devine; Roosevelt. CONTINtED: " The right That Failed," starring Ronald Coleman, Walter Huston, and Ida Luplno; Apollo. " Little Old New York," starring Alice Faye, Richard Greene, and Fred MacMurray; Garrick. " Kemember," starring Greer Garson, Robert Taylor, and Lew Ayres; State-Lake, Pantheon, Tower, Regal. " Gone With the W ind," starring Clark Gable and Vivien Leigh; Oriental, Woods. " Ratpntin," starring Harry Baur; World Playhouse. " Balalaika," starring Nelson Eddy and Ilona Massey; United Artists. "Ireland'! Borderline," starring Jimmy O'Dea; Sonotone. COMING: ' The Shop Aronnd the Corner," starring James Stewart, Margaret Sul-lavan; Chicago; Feb. 23. " Northwest Paare," starring Spencer Tracy, Robprt Young, Ruth Hussey; United Artists; soon. NOW! STATE & VAN BUREN Am I Oil 11 V 11 A LUCKY MAN w-vavv . , f f- - on the office of her newspaper managing editor ex-husband Cary Grant to inform him that she's about to give her life into the keeping of n nice, safe, sane insurance salesman tRalph Bellamy and settle down. No more hectic scoop scouting for her! No sir-ee! However In return for a $100,000 insurance policy taken out with her fianc6 she WILL, cover just one more story for her persistent "ex." And O, but that "ex" is deep! . . . Ostensibly being the sweetest thing in the world to his wife that was and her husband she thinks is to be, Burns, who is chock-full of mental reservations about wangling Hildy into remarriage with himself, goes Machiavellian, the while Hildy hies her forth on the trail of the "beat" that's to be her life's prize experience. As for Bruce Baldwin? Well pity the poor Indian, This farcical film is smartly acted, dialoged, and directed. It has nary a " Go " light for boredom. See you tomorrow. MOTION PICTURES DOWNTOWN OHH 9 A. W. Come foryf CONTINUOUS.... 75c NO SEATS RESERVED 02.) Com ANY TIME until 2:30 p. m. aid tit a COMPLETE SHOW (mm mi I 2J TOHIGHTV'AT 8 P.M. ALL SEATS RESERVED latin Main Floor I Bale. SI. 10 Mmmltii $1.80 DON'T BE MISLED! W Stats for All Performances Available at Box Office MAIL ORDERS NOW FOR CHOICE SiATS AFTER MARCH 3RD Enclose check or money order and self-addressed, stamped envelops BUY IN LIMITED ADVANCE ENGAGEMENT 2 HITS WILLIAM POWELL MYRNA LOY in . 0EM ItiJO A. M. Wit AIT, MIVK GnAHLtS, Jf, thr. n I PRISCILLA LANE WAYNE MORRIS wmsMrmr. LA SALLE Madlsnn-Clark. OPEN 10:1.1 LATEST NEWS FLASHES MARJORIE REYNOLDS and Borii K.rlnff. "THE FATAL HOUR." fi. Withri. "Sllf I) FOR LIRFL." K.nt Tuvlnr. linrtu H . kt AArtC Banrlolph-nrarb. Dearborn 37S2 TYWWlw TWK F. DAILY 2 AND 8 V. M. AH Scat Reservorl Mi's. Jl lit; Eves, tl.10-fl.50 "GONE WITH THE WIND" BOX OFFICE OT'KN 11 A. M. TO fl:S0 P. M. Mail Orders Given Prompt Attention SONOTONE 66 E. VAN FrjRE.N font, from 12-3V In 2 n m TODAY'S HEADLINES. Direct from DI'M.IN "1 R EL A i ITS 13 OK D E R-LENE" Also "Kilmainham Jail" Th" TP I PNPW; State-Randolph STAtu 2121 " fnt. P:4S. m. to midnight Chirago ONLY HEAL Xtiiw Thealsr 1 If r. Program Apws & Shorts kJOKIDOC Monroe & Dearborn St. IT: I?T rT. W C .TAMES STEWART tfiKTCH "DrMry Ridrs Apain" "MEET DR. f HRISTIAN." Jean Hrrshnlt NORTHWEST PORTAGE 41inO Mll.W Al h F.F OI"K 1 I :.(! . M. ONLY STAGE SHOW NORTH OF THF IdOPI ON C ACTS STAGE VODVIL Ranrtnlph Avery Trio 3 Lorraine Sitten Rllbert It Armnn gerror Tim Lamarr Trio 0NUicREEN 2 Swell Features 2 JACKIE COOPER nllV" VICTOR McLAGLEN O I VI UUI "Blondie Brings Up Baby" MAT. ONLY Radio Thriller, "The SHAOOW" Thlt Great Show at No Increase In Arimiition! ALAMO :it;.!! tun ai.ii JASIKS jL .M Hl.l;.NK RTKU'AHT n IIIFIIiK M "DESTRY RIDES AGAIN" lllX o6ou"BtA. "N INOTCH K A" FAMOUS Kdward Kllin, Anita I.r.MUe. "MAIN STKKKT LAWVKR" Phil "THE FATAL HOUR." BORIS KARLOFF RIV0LI 20c Come Early .3 GOOD FEATURES 3 1. Clatirlette folbert, "nnirna Alonu the Mohawk" t. lilonei Parrrmore. "Seeret or PR. KIM) ARE" 3. KDWARD KM.IS In "THREK HONS" fnlor Cartoon A Mat.: "Green Hornet." Chap. 5 TIFFIN "NORTH AVE. at KARLOV .TAMP.S STKWART Marlene Dietrich. "DKSTRY RIDES AGAIN" garbo "K1NOTCHKA ' nil r C8KO Milwk. 3 HITS! "DRT'MS UALL ALONG th MOHAWK." "SEl'RET of DR. KILDARE" TRLDE of BLCE GRASS' MOTION PICTURES DOWNTOWN BALABAN & KATZ u CHICAGO SItI NR. KANDDLPN RAN 9300 tm um Open 10 am m V 8tK m Se m m m Hi m EE m m Slew EE BIX E n turn m M m m ' Bitt EE $ BJK - BIK m EE m Se bTk iW iRiAi JiwItbA jwin ifT iFTiiT? T.'iiiTi rr-Til Cary learns about women from the star of The Women!" CARY GRANT Rosalind RUSSELL HIS GIRL FRIDAY Coumbia't hi9 RALPH BELLAMY HELEN MACK Paramount WORLD News Open JO: IX a. m. ON THE WARPATH! PRESTON FOSTER ELLEN DAN t?.J'&VSr:ifr' win ii i tirunw Op. 10 a. m. LATf HEWS ROBUST ROMANCE Spectacular! Exciting! LOOP WttK Plm LOUIS GODOY Fight Fllmt NORTHWEST BALABAN & KATZ WONDER THEATERS HARDING 0D"n 1-3 B'9 H,,,'ETJ ,1" JI Charlea LAUGHTON BUI 'Hunnhbark of Nntra Dama' A Joan Rfnnrill, 'N Milv. Oouolan, -AMAZING MR. WILLIAMS' r-3 Entra! Whn Rf ALLY Won lha rinht? BtK Louisfiooov nr.HT picturss jw Lant 2 Feature! Ml; Lait Fight Film :IS - CITCUInV 2IS Lawranca Oon I UAItWAI Lana Sister.. "4 WIVES" Pitt Allan jonan. "Great Victor Herlert" PflWrnCC 2,15 Mllwk. Frea Ptrk'i u OUriUnt-OO Lana sutrr.. "4 WIVES" Pltu Root. Taylor, f.reer (Mn. Chln) Carnon I1K Lew Ayr en. "REMEMBER?" & Diuey Hit J Tomorrow yri r 0 C C rt fl M ' I K Wnlnor) Polish Hit IU rHttUUIYI lit Showing BtK TERMINAL ft A D D n am BIK 91 BIK Open J CRYSTAL niir.n ja irs Melvyn Dnllolas "NINOTCHKA" Plus Marlene DIETRICH lat (Mr. Smith) Stewart BILTMORE 'Ocstry Ridet Again' BJK 6 BIGUNITS 6 221 Both Theaters: nr-l nini 1 LOR ETTA 1 DCLrAni I 'ETERNALLY YOURS Will Rocersf t jarain Boopitr . "big r.uY" BJK Root. Benchley Riot JUT Open 12:10 LUNA 1 Novelty. ionuc, ptewi -y Open-1 :30 S B I G UNITS 5 "Dead End" Kids and Little " Touqh Guys. "CALL A MESSENGER" 4 Diif 'CHARLIE CHAN In CITY IN DARKNESS' Also March ot Time. Peta Smith. Sportlite SJ ALBA 4Bar'-3 FEATURES g Rathhona. Karlott. 'Tower nt Lonrion'-'Retiiro it Dr. X' A 'Our Nelnhbnrs, the Carters' " I inrnTV Fullarton 5 BIG UNirs LlDtri I I 20o TO 2 P. M. Pat O'Brien, Henry Fonda. "SLIM." and Herbert Marshall. Clatidetto . Colbert. "4 FRIGHTENED PEOPLE" fXJ 3127 Fullertnn-20c UNTIL 2 P. M. MVUfl "SECRET of OR. KILDARE" and Fonda. Colbert, "DR UMSALONG Jha MOHAWK1' rMllACCV 3310 Ftillerton 3 BIG HITS! tlYlDAOOl "BLONDIE Rrlnqs Uo Baby" "ETERNALLY YOURS'tV "D R U N K O R I V I N G" -Z inWIIJi 4103 Irvlnq Pk.-3 FEATURES IlCVinHJI "BLONDIE Rrlnos Up Baby" 'SOUTH of tho BORDER.' EJERNALLY YOURS m . PDnUfU IRO W. Dlv. lames Stewart. Va IT J W Ft "DESTRY RIDES AGAIN" Greta Garhn. Melvyn Dnunlas. "NINOTCHKA" FREE PARKING IN REAR OF THEATER ALLAV JONES MARY MARTIN "THE GREAT VICTOR HERBERT" THE T.ANK SISTERS "FOUR WIVES" -IF PICKWICK ,,t GRET fiARBO MEI.TYN Pni GI-AS "NINOTCHKA" Jamfa KTKWAKT-Maflene HIETRiril Mi-'lin Al F.K hnrlea VVINMXKI4 "DESTRY RIDES AGAIN" DRAKE Hflte Darls 3548 MnntroBfl "2 Swrll Oiipn 13 Noon J Features 'l-IiraKrlli & K.srx" Krrol t-'lvnn ' AT JAr YOUHS' 1 'Zrll VT" AFFRtoT 'Blomlie RrinpsUp Italiy' . COM K KARI.Y . . IHMmSJM'KNJ'J NOON . . rn Till 2 P. M. Open 12:30 P. M, K1U ZUC 2.VI0 Milwaukee Ave. S Featur-i "Secret of Dr. Kihlare 'Drums Along the Aloliawk' t-. 'com ADMIRAL 20c .iOTSr 20c 3-FEATIjHE TIIKIIX SHOW!! BnriH KarlofT. "TOWER IF UlNDON" Fa, K .inter 'ol Tit N Kit 111 HOKS - TFI K CARTKRS' EDW. EtXIS. "T-H-R-B-B S-O-N-3 ' MILF0RD 20c sTm.10 Come Early ;ir;fi(iij features a , ,., 1 Clautletta (nllirrt. "Drums Alone the Mohawk 2 Lionel Harrvnmrr. "Hfcret of 1H. KIUlAIlt 3. KrlwaM Kllla In THRKK SONS" Color ( art mm t-M : Hoinrl.'' Cha p. S rnv on 31H7 EI.STON Open lZ.'M) rUA ZUC r..3i00 KreP Tlioloa Mai. Triple Barreletl Thrill Show! Rrtria KarlolT. 'TOWER OK I.ONIMJV;, COMMODORE 3XLfl .'"Ti ',"',,',!! "Elizabeth and Essex." I rrol U-nn Art..l..ika 'JHondie Hrinss Jahy ismKin..n rr;iiron .'!." klston-icii i:::;i KLVUCj ZUC to 5:1111-Stnr I'liotos Kn'e Mat. n Feats 'THAT'S KIUIIT, iOIIHK WIIN(." J "AT Hi" HUT'S; c IMWI'rTKI. l'ASSAtil." ITTT-P On 4'" MIlwaukeB t)'tl t Noim JLrr ZUC AIjI, DAY Krre 1 1 1 1 KIiIh HI. hard Arl. n, Antly ''i'",.!V,.',','1',.l''l,'!U ."V '.'?! Alw. Jai-k IUlnlall. 'OV KRI,A M MAIL nnTDC "."ilt'i Fullorton Open 1 :(M KUVjLlYO "0:l NF.H1HHOHH, the Carti'r" llaoil JIJil.nnti'iKRKI.MilN r tr Armilane-We!,tern Ojion 1 lW A.vres, UAlY "NKCHF.T OK 1)11. K1I.DAIIK," Claudrita Colbert, H. Fmitla. 'DHL' MS Along lha MUllAWk' rRIT'll rt 335:i Armltasts Hasil Hathbnna, AKMllAVlt "TOWER OF I,ONDON" Ain - oiiR xErcrmoHs, thf. jcahtkhs ' fD ATajri 3:'5 W. North Ave. 3 lay UKAINU "ni.oNDiB nitiNc.s i'p barv Victor McLaglen, Jatkia Cooper, "Tha HIP IHY" AVAL0E C. cnlliert. H, PATIO J811 Dlversey Op. 12 :rin Starta at 1 Ii. Avrea. "Serret of Dr. Klltlara" Fonda, 'Druma Along tha Mohawk 6hnSTrvi'n); Park CA RTOON "PLONDI R BRINGS IIP BABY" Younir, Wuah Herbert, "?:ternallvYourV KARLOV T. I,amour, 'niSITTKO PASSAGE n. Karloff. "TOWKIt OF LONDON" 1. Tenner, B. Orable. 'Dav tha BOOK IKS WEI'T' TIMES Ior. Liimonr, LOGAN" 447 Milwaukoe Opon 12:.'t() Marx Bros., 'AT THE CmO'ITS" A. Tamiroff. ''Disputed rassace Milwaukee at Patrver Open 12:n BIONPIK BRINGS TP BABY" 1, .7AZ I. Ma Victor McLaglen, Jackie Cooper 1b "BIG GUY" MOTION PICTURES DOWNTOWN WONDER THEATERS I ?F401 jyjl 10:30 i m. kVINGE ON STAGl 50 Broadway Favorites! Dave APOLLON "W" and hte complete fnrt FILIPINO ORCHESTRA ? SUE RYAN Broadway PlaygirlsBen Beri 1 Anita Jakobi The Albans lV ji mm., J, vNV Onrn 10:15 a. m. V ' V :W COSSACK ' WILD AND RECKLESS! V Extra! Silly Symphony and World Npw Events Open 10 a. tn. I a nvckiTiiDCB i ADVENTURER! LOVER! Hi Oufitondinq Seratn Portroyol WEST y I V I M'll'lli H".' I'l U l J' Jl'J Open at 2 TECHNICOLOR HITS I P. M. A Full lennlh Cartenn Fealura 'GULLIVER'S TRAVELS' a mech e "SWAN EE RIVER" Wr&7r L0UIS-G0D0Y V,' DARAnKP 0l"n Hohert layloi. rHIIHUIJI. Greer (Mr. Chips) Garson. Lew Ayraj In "REMEMBER?" Plun LANE Slittara, John GARFIELD, "FOUR WIVES" E tm ISK UK Mm 4 &k.ii J- Ay LATI NtWS Op. GAUHO 12 Launhs In Open! "MNOTCHKA" 12-25 ) Plm a New op. di K.nt k 11 :I5 Jamet Stewart 00 "IIKSTKY l?:in RIOKS A(;llV' STATE SENATE em AMERICAN N' AHiltl. Jamt Stewart, Mill tnlUMIl 'DESTRY RIDES AGAIN' and Grata Garbo, Melvyn Douglai in "NINOTCHKA" m OTIV CTDAMn lfi" Bon'-Ioo E. Brown B UI Jl nMlIU 'BEWARE SPOOKS' and Ja. Stewart. M. Dietrich, 'DESTRYRlde Aoain' A fV it'll Roosevelt Rd. Humphrey Bogart w JVI W Rosemary Lane. "RETURN OF DR. X" Borle Karloff, Rathbone. "TOWER OF LONOON" CRAWFORD ID S. Crawf. 3 BIG HITS! "HENRY GOES ARI70NA" THE BIG GUY" and "MONROE DOCTRINE' HE BIG GL BYRD 1a Davis, En Madison at Clrern Loretta Younq. David Nlvan-'ETE RNALLY YOURS' Batta Davis, Errnl F lynn,JELIZABETH A ESSEX WEST END 121 N. Clrero OPENS 1:31) "SOUTH OF THE BORDER" and "BLONDIE RRINGS IIP R A R Y." Lauoh Rlnt CENTURY I42I W. MADISON Doora Op. 12 Noon at Both Theatres tV.ADL.IN mm w. MAnisnw PENNY SINGLETON ARTHUR LAKE 'BLONDIE BRINGS UP BABY' VICTOR MrLAGLFN JACKIE COOPER "BIG GUY" IMPERIAL 2 JAAS STAlis Miifonir (irno Autiy in Kasitiic Sonif Hit "SOUTH OF THK l.OKDKlt" Comical Sttiart Krwin in Stnrv of Nfwlvwftla "THK IIOMIY.MOO.VS OVKH'' 1 '1 U B S E R J A j ,L A TE N EW S & COME I )Y MARSHALL SQ. 28T5 Marlene Dietrich stewart "Dostry Rides Apain" -Day-Time Wife" lt,1dEaB LEXINGTON 715 S. Crawfd.. Op. I :IS Lew Ayres, "Secret of J)r. Klklare" Henry Fonda. "BRCM8 A1.Q.NO THE MOHAWK" 1QTAP 2418 w- Madison Loretta Young, " J a rtl David Nlrrn. 'KTKn.VALI.Y YOt US' Penny WinRielnn, -KIjOMIIK Urines I'p Hatty" SAVOY Henry f'niida. 4:ttl W. Madison I,ew Avres, "SKCBKT fK 1U. KIMIAKK" TlHCiM.S AI,(l.tJtha MOHAWK" KEDZIE ANNEX 310 W. MADISON Edith HVIlowa "I'KIDI AVENUE I'KIDK OK THE EM'E t.KASS" t'lcero Jackson Itnrothv tumour, "IHSl'UTED HASSA;E" Kay Kvier. "THAT'S ItKillT. lllj'RK WIIDM!" MILO 1SI S. Imtni FVnnv Klnntrlon, "ni.(IMIK IIHINtJS I I II A II Y" Iti'Ite Pavls. 'KI,l,Ai;KTH AM.) KSSKX" A I FY MadiMin at Hamlin -Op. 1 2.'.o All Iiav HLiEiA March of Time ."HKTI H OK llt X" Kay K.vwr. "TIIAT S ItKillT. VOtI HK WIHINIj" nfllin AC S21" w- rm RflOPKN 12 LuuuLni "HI.OMHI0 Urines I p Hahv" Itette llif,. 'rrlate Mvc, of Kllrelmth A- fr' SOUTH KIM BARK 6210 Kimhark Olien 1 T. M. THREE KEATl'RKS 1. Jtruca I ahot In "MY K(). IS (jl lLTY 2. The (JlcaMin Family aa the Hlesins Kamllv In 'Money to Hum' .1. Slar I 'ant, '.Nottli Sea l'alrol JACKSON PK. "Private Ln of fcli.i Lorprtft 011nB. luvicj Helta Jlavls, Krrol Fh-nn. Olivia, L Havilland 'rrivata I,ies of hli.abeth anil hsscx I In i'olori Loretta oiinn. liavltl iven. ".lemaliy Yours" COMMERCIAL 8i;,i l oniniercial Op. 1 1 :Su drrta Carbo. Mclvvn DotJfc'lHH, EAR. DoiikIhh, MMIU H h A Ac .Ihiiicm Slcnarl, Marlcnn niclrich. 'DESTRY K1UES AGAIN' dh'M Went. Jlcnry Fonda, clatiilette I'nlhelt, "JiKCMS AI.ONIJ THK MOHAWK" in Technicolor Lionel Harrvninre. l,pw Ajtph. "SEJ'KET OKJUl Kl I, DA HK" FA!T !riF" ''"'"" S. Ewinir Ave! a-trttJ 1 tJlUL, First South Sulo Sliowmir "SOUTH OF THE IloKDEH" JJII.ONDIE f ltlNJis' itAnV" DAY 3 Vig Jilts lloht. Yoiiiib. W. 1 onnollv. Art 1 "WHOM THE HODS llKSTItOV" TllOI'lf: Kl'HY." Richard Arlrn. Andv Hcvltia 'Kechlcsa l.liltiii.' Nan titcy, F. Jenkins. It. Wilcm W00DLAWN 3 ItKl HITS-IVIcr l.or.-c, John l.ltel, Wnvnc MiuiIn. 'IjOvp, Jfunnr A Wflvnp, 'OulNdlr MIDWAY 'I.ovp. Honor A Hchave, 'Ailvcnlurcrs find.' John Wnvnc, 'Outside Those Walls.' M. Whalcn-V . Weldler 8 Hi Hits "Fools for Scandal," 4', litimhnrd, K. Jtcllamv. A. Jenkins 'Sh, OafiKcrous,' w, I'ltlscon. Itomcro. Ittrnnan 'Hard Kttck Harrtitan,' (Jen. O'ltrlcn. lrcn llcncy If 1 DV 4 nr fi.trd Ai Harvard Loretta Young. I IriV f rVIVL p. Mven. KTKHNAI.I.V Y(lt IIS" Betta Partsi. Krnl Flynn. Olivia Da Itavlllanrl PHIVATK I.IVKS OK J-.I.IZAHf.TU A J-;SSK." MICHIGAN Betl Davis. Errol lift K. liarneld Jarkia f'nnper. Victor MrLasIen. "BIG GUY" Betl Davis. Errnl Flynn, 'EUZABKTH A KSSKX' SUNNYSIDE 7210 Went. On. 1 folnr f'art'n D, lamniir, 'IMinnterl fasiaite' MAR X BROTH E R S In AT TH B CIKCt'S" Mil DA 31 Rt A; Halatnrl Lew Ajrta, llllLUA "SKCRKT OF DR. HILDA RK" Edw. Kllia. Wni. Gaiiian, "THRKK SON'S" D A RinV A Snth-Halstwl Jaa. Stewart, Marlene IVAIflU V TMetrleh. "DK.STItY TtlOKS AOA1N" Tyrone Power. I.lnrla Darnell. "DAVT1MK WIFK" 0LYMPIA Lew Ayres, ' ASHLAND Rt 47th Thrill Hit' "DltrNK DRIVING" SEt'RKT OF DR. KILDARE" PARK MANOR 321 T.. finth-Dorothy T,amonr TMsrrTKn passage" W;.n Morris, R Ijina. "RKTrR.N OF DR. 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Chln" i'lAHsoN "REMEMBER" AtfZ MARYLAND Nominated for tha I919 Academy Awardi! fiARRO laugh! In "NINOTCHKA" I Jamei Stewart, Diatrlch. 'DESTRY RIDES AGAIN' nrpil Sea tha SAVAGE SLOGFEST nCUHL nf tha Century Every Round I0E LOUIS-ARTURO GOOOY Fight Fllmi A Robert Taylor Greer (Mm. Chip) Gartnn with Law Avian In "REMEMBER?" Plm "NICK CARTER. M AST F R DETECTIVE" SHIM Allttn Junes 1r' Mnrtln "THE GREAT VICTOR HERBERT" KHbht llrrirn ( hurlle Met nrlhy 'Charlie McCarthy, detective' walt disney comedy ATLANTIC MIDWEST PEOPLES Ifith-Craw. I 35th- Archer , 47th A AM'd Mariana Dietrich, Jamet Stewart. "DESTRY RIDES AGAIN" Tyr. Power. L. Daroell "DAYTIME WIFE" Walt Dinnay Comedy BOULEV'D AMTA -e HALFIELD . v M 85th- Loretta Young, D. Niven 'Eternally Youri" rLaqlen. J. Cooper BIG GUY" nnintlTfllil 4221 Archer Penny Slnqleton, DnlUn I UN "BLONDIE BRINGS UP BABY" Loretta Youno. D. Niven, 'ETERNALLY YOURS' nrOFIIT 69th A Haltad-C. Colbert. H. Fonda. ntULNl "DRUMS ALONG tha MOHAWK" B. Rathbone. B. Karloft,TOWER OF LONDON" j a nnrn 53d-Harper-Batta Daylt. Errol Flynn, nAUrtn "Private Llvejof Ellaheth & Eex" Loretta Younj. D. Niven. 'ETERNALLY YOURS Uvnrni 63d-Laka PK. Victor McLaqlen. riTULril "THE BIG GUY" 81 Erwt" ln "Th H0NEYMO0N'SOVER" 43rl-EIM Claudetta Colbert. OflBKCSUGare -DRUMS Along the MOHAWK' Dead End Klrt In "CALL MFSSF NRFR" COLONY 51th & Kedfia Mariana Dietrich, Jantei btewart In "DESTRY RIDES AGAIN" Tyrona Power. Linda Oarnell In "DAYTIME WIFE" Open 12:45 MARQUETTE Klrd A Kedzia Open 12:49 HIGHWAY Klrd A Wettarn Open 12:15 Kay Kyuer Adnlpha Menlou May Robon THAT'S RIGHT YOU'RE WRONG" Plm Loretta Young Oavld N'ven In ETERNALLY YOURS nttrl Tril Claudetta Colbert, Henry Fo'ida vni-L I til "DRUMS L alONG THE MOHAWK' 7-lth A Echang Lionel Barrymore. Lew 4yre. "SECRET OF PR KUDARF" Ooen 12 ' 1 r 1 TM k 2?3 W. 55th Today. Tnmnr. & Titra. ALAU1A Klrrt Kills. "THKKK SONS" !ALmJ?Jl-K-ln-' niri wr 2435 W. 4Tlh 8t. -Today. Tnnmr., Tuen. VlALLlV, Marx Urns.. "AT THK l llil t K" Kill I h Kflloira. 'TRIUK OK THK BI.I'K CillAS r TYin Halstrd noar 51st St. KAU1U Ponaltl Diifk ( xrtoon "FIKTH AVE. niTiL." -HOAIIINT. TWKNTIKS CICERO OLYMPIC t,i;it U.KM K KOJ iii'kn r:.- TtlllAV IIMV ON 5 ACTS VODVIL a r nanin ktar STAGE RILL ANSON. N WILFRED DUBOIS Gay Lauren A fimorr Two Featiiret, Vlroinia Weidler. ' LONETTE RISTERS a Anlhony Allyn A Hodee "CAFE HOSTESS'' RAO LITTLE ANCEL" ATATATrTXA C. '.V.V.I7 South r',mi Avp. ANNLllA JC i (;:.. -i'ri.'lll: 1.hv: jn.on cafi-'v mi ;"v.Hlv"r'::lH.. t4iniipr KoBt'i". "Fib TH AU.M 1, t.Iltl. la-i WHh"rV ' TA.-K T'l TIKM I'.I.KS " Vol. KNfYt l,(irKI)lAfornlyH- SMI Ti c W. l-KKMAK ltl.-t'P. 1 P. M. VILLAO ( laiKlettn olhrrt. llniry Kini'la PKI MS AMIMI THK M I 1 1 A. W K tore,,, v .. .,;i .;5N ALLY l US' Ilavtil Mvrn ' ' " . nTlTrtr 623i w. r:5iti ir. I'ntii :j FALALt .T-Hiff Krnturna. .J Vitnr Mi-I.Mslcn, .7 Cooprr. 'TIip BH! Penny Sin, e,,m lil ONIMK Mil. MIS I P HA H V B"K a ill tmnr. TU TWKR 1 ?.JMJ.. TA1I7M nnnmvelt ar Austin l.c I 1 n, : . " 1 VI TV 14 f.Mwerrt Kill" Horn KarlntT. Hathlmne. ' iipkk SDNS" anil 'TOWI.Il OK l.oMS" AUSTIN .....ixiitr 4n:t7 V. rhii-aro Ava. 2:.'lll I.IG ,r UNIT IMUM.KAM I Vlr- MrLaclnn "RIG GPY." .lackio Conrr " Lnrolta Voiinr In " ETKR N ALL Y Yu rilS i "Wi. kv War kv Konmtx'e 4 . Lni-t fV. All SI,..a: sWI-J''-" ,,'KJ'KT: PI AKANfF. 4 r.ti JV, DAHKSIDK AllHllll tllll i.,.i.tta )rii, Alon; tlio Sloliawk t'olhrrt . , . Kihlare" I,, llurrymore. Lew A ret 3 litis Trim Doesn't. Tav" Htl'Mi DHIVIN'G" IDIC 25f. 1 :: IIAIlJ n llnll' l.,-w Avrr. "SKCRKT OK lilt. K I LI I A It I', ETERNALLY YOURS" Lotella YnmiK, ninV Dorothy T.Hmt.ur, Akim lamlroff. PAKK. "IHSI'l'TEK PASSAGK" Kav Ky.r.J!Vr-fJMIIIT.JJ:nj'VKoMf-: AUSTIN "ILHi:S in Aims" 1 Viiner. "D AYTH I KT WKiESV E , 6S3 N rirarn 150 to 2 P- M. 1 2'hl After MARX BROS.. "AT THE t'llU I'S;; Mnrrla in "RETURN OK Pit. X OHIO Wayne OAK PARK , -- . i.L-A t. Lana Ulster. LAMAK "Font WIVKS" fins Mary Martin and Allan Jnnea. 'GREAT VICTOR 1IKRHKRT' Marlon Fla. Jo E. Brown, LAKL BKWAHK SI'llllKB' and Dorothy lxirett. .lean Hersholt In ".MKKT Itlt. fllKISTlAN' SOUTHERN s2SKf 8. Oak Tark Opens 12: .orT ov rn k' tr.rIIK" t'nlhert. Fonrla. "PRI'MS Al)NO Ilia MOHAWK HOMEWOOD H0MEW00D '"oV DR' K1LD A R E "DRCM3 ALONQ the MOHAWK." Colbert, Fond 2 FIRST RUN FEATURES Froa 1h Hvl kr A. J. OHOnTn V CAROLE LOMBARD BRIAN AHERNE ANNE SHIRLEY li R. K. 0. Radla't Triiaip. Prtiietl I? SEORGE STEVENS, Btlar tf llMirlk MOTION PICTURES SOUTH WARNER BROS. THEATRES Fr Plctiir Ttm Phnna Trlanala 1500 Jtttl Stoay M m K gjT 4TaaanrilofjMaJkaMBHlHiafl Open at 12:10 p. M Lata Show 2 TECHNICOLOR HITS 2 Full Length f mmUirm fur toon "GULLIVER'S TRAVELS" Don Amch Andrea lecrti Al Jolion "SWANEE RIVER" mrmaMrmgTmmTTmmV rC7I NRM Ttrhat HaUt.rf Fr Parhlaq Open 12:45 P. M. Lata Show 8:25 Prllcllla Lane Wayna Morrit lana Bryan and Peter B. Good "BROTHER RAT AND A BABY" William Powall Myrna Loy "ANOTHER THIN MAN" Today! Open 12:45 P. M. ON STAGE IN PERSON! I frftom, nonywooa tomii to wntcaqoi , DONALD "Small fry" O'CONNER I 'Sin. You Rinnm" and I Hau finitd" Mm i With tha rantnu Z7 OXONNER FAMILY and Scrnland'i Herein of 1,000 Movial EVELYN BRENT with HARRY FOX and BIG STAGE REVUE fl Serttn: Th Lan Sittr; Gal Pag h "FOUR WIVES" gJMatlnea: Chapter . "THE SHADOW" priirpi V B5th-Aihland I rea Parking Dbl CnL I Dinney'a "Society Do Show" GRETA fl A R BO laugh! In "NINOTCHKA" JIFFERY 7 1 t-Jff ry I ra patklnt Dlinv' 'Rnrlfty Doo Khaw" Diotrirh, D EST R V Ririo Aqain.' S1art GRETA -T.ARRO lauoht In 'NINOTCHKA" RHODES Krrn )'ai King OGDEN C.ird-A'.hlalld HIGHLAND Mnrlrno IHt-tr.rlt tlitinra S)frt "DESTRY RIDES AGAIN" Tj rnnit I'nvifr l.lnilit Hiirnell "OAYTIMi WIFl" Kiff l'a king Added! DUney Color Hit, ' Society 0" Show" ft nel c 7Sth-Cottaoa Jean Herthnlt, UnUVL "MEET OR. CHRISTIAN" GRETA GRBOlauthi In "NINOTCHKA" PftCMfl Open at Noon ! Bumtead family LlUOmU ' BLONDIE BRINGS UP BABY" Virginia Wledler and Hank Mntqao In Comedy Riot, "HINWY GOES ARIZONA' eijAnr 75th-Klnoatoa Loretta Young. OnUHE "I Tf RNALLY YOURS" and Rumitead family. 'BLONOIL Biinm Ul Rahy' FROLIC sSth-Ellia Bumitead family "RLONOIE Brlnot Up Bahy" Betta Pavlf. Errnl flynn, Olivia De Havilland Private Livei of ELIZABETH AND ESSEX" nil1 llin 3917 Oretel Loretta Young. UAlVLttllLJ "ETERNALLY YOURS" Victor McLaglen, "BIG t,UY," Jarkla Cnnpei UnMII TliU "Montoa Doctrine" pint rlMIVIIa.1 Utl Terrvtonn railimn and Newi Victor McLaglen, "lllli GUY." lerkla rnnnrt Sluert Erwln. "Tha HON! VMOON H OVIII'' Matinee: f raa Cracker lark to tha Chlldien1 HMTT'I 47lh-So. Parkway Jean Heiiholl. rlbl "MEET OR CHRISTIAN" and I Oietrlrh. 'DESTRY Ridet Again,' jai. Sle.,t I P"Y 11,12 Rl. Kraltirina I'nh hack L,CA loretta Yniir,(, " f THIN A I.I. Y Yot lis Helta Pavl. "Private l,ue of f.llalHlh A h-sei" NORTH P A I fl iYHMt N. Open I. 'Mil vMfLU Hush 11,-rl.rrl. h.ii l'HI Lnrrttn Vnnnr Dm Id Mtm-llillic Hilrli "ETERNALLY YOURS" l'llla III Bl MSI Fits' I.TF.ST III T "BLONDIE BRINGS UP BABY" I.ATKST KWS KtKTS A HrtHS I.hsIJJ fcitliiif. Ntwrl !::i(l I". ,M. UnCOfi Kttactte nr. Ijimin Open I I. M. nUOUU Onnald Duck Cartoon. "DISPUTE D PASSAGE." 'THAT'S RIGHT. VOURF WRONG' RIDGE DEVON AT CLARK Onnrt Onn 1:30 P. W LOHtllA YOUNG OAVID NIVEN ITIRNALLY YOURS' , PENNY HINGLf TON f ARTHUR IAKF "8LONDII BRINGS UP BABY" f X T H A Ridge Only 'DRUNK DltlVINfl" MUSIC BOX' SOUTHPORT DOORS OPFN I P. Unci DUI 7074 N- CLARK ROG. PK. 1011 HUtUrni r.nnt. 1:10.10 A 25o ALL DAY Claudetta COLBERT Henry F0N0A Edna May nilwr Jnhn Carraritna Jfttta Ralph "DRUMS ALONG THE MOHAWK" Law Avrtt- Lii-mrl Barrymora Nat PmrtMnn "SECRET OF DR. KILDARE" I-irv WINDSOR m ;iiKT n b mki.vvn noi (,i,s "NINOTCHKA" A Jimra NTKVKT Mitrlrn IHFTIt If'll MlKrlm At f It hnrlr. ItlXMM.Ml "DESTRY RIDES AGAIN;' DELUXE 1141 WILSON AVE. Op. 1 PAVID MVF.N voI'mi1' "KTKI.XAUA joints M 5 It n tl i c H r i n pl! p 1 a I Hlnglelnn A. Lake ROSEWOOD Open 12-3 Keati. I"i2:i Al.mi. "TllltKK StIVH '- Ulu mtt'MH AUINtI the MOHAWK." tnllieTI Fi.ticla TIlWKIt of l.tlMHlN," Hhoi IIbiIiI. Kail. .IT DltlNNK yllNTS," Alrx Wnolli-tilt. ".ix-V BERTHA 4717 l.lni'nin Ave.-l(ont tiin-n 1 1. Nf. I 'Imi'h-tte ( nlhcrt. H''tity F'cnila "IHtlMS AMINO THK Ml III tlVk "- Lew Aire. Mntirl llarrymnie. "HK( ItKT OK Hit. MLDAItK" rnfrirrii qt'cla n k T north avk. IjULLI LUAO 1 AIwhvs 1 5. 1 tit lt"turn S 1 1 o w mr ' T H R f i R K A TW ALT," DI A7A 30S w- Nofth Are. Henry Konna. iLAil "IlRIMS AMIMI THK MOHAWK" l.lnnel Harrvmnre. "SKl'HKT OK Oil Klt.haHK" SUBURBAN MAYWOOD OJSJTJJARK CADCCT Martison at lr!i I'lalnes Free l'aikini rUIVUI M RLE N E lilETRM H ,I:m STEWART. "PKSTHY RIDES AGAIN" Melvyn D...llilaa i I l i . I I r . LI L II iW in Chapter r. "THE SHADOW" Kward V.llia "TH It EE SONS" Family in " M i N E V T.I IURN" BERWYN NEW RITZ M41 W. Rnneyelt Rlf . DOORS DPI N I P. M R0XY ZJS I.Rnvf AVE. nonn nnm i p m LOHtl IA VOUNIi DAVID NIVEN ITIRNALLY YOURS' PINNY MNf, Lf TON ARTHUH lAKf "BLONDII BRINGS UP BABY" Eitra New Hil Daly "Intnrmatlna Plet,e" BERWYN Open 1 ; fill G A R T'O Lanrha In "MNOTCHK A" I'lne .laniea Slew art Dielrieh. "DESTRY HIDES AGAIN" VILLA PARK VILLARD 3 m:ati:i?ks !! r(r,!;iL',ne ' i.onuov EDITH KKLLOWES GANTItY THE HORSE l-RIDE OF THE HU E GRASS" "MY SON IS GI ILTY' JDES PAIjSlES DESPLAINES l nt YOI'RS" nini liEl'TF, DWIS. I'.ttril HttiM, " KL1 TtKTH A ESSEX" in Te.'litii. t,.ir Mat. Onlv: THaCTICAL PIG' A- Our Gatm EIURST Open 1 P. M Melvvn Dniitlas. GreU Garhn, "MNOTCHKA" "I.cslry JJitlr Apain" ,T Hlewtrt M. Dlelrl. Il LA GRANGE TikW Open at. 1:1.") Lew Avrea In PAKN, ".SECRET tiF PR KILDARE" A rlaurt. Cnlhert, "DUI MS AIDING MOHAWK" Ktlra Mat. Onlv First than. "THK MIAI'OW "' I A rOHMPC 3 Hilt GAR RO Lstit-ha In LAVlKAPtUC. "NINOTCHKA" & .lamea Slenarl Dietri.-h. "DKSTRY RIDES AGAIN" DOWNERS GROVE PHtftT W niwn 1 '.'tO CARfln Laughs in " A. lamri S t a tt" J T" t llVULl "NINOTCHKA" A- .lamea Slesri New DIETRICH. "DEoIiiY K1DE3 AGAIN" l)lE'f t C T T W,Vts" 1 MOTION PICTURES NORTH Ope,) l .l I'ura t haeaa at a P M La,t "liiilllver" !l : I a "Rwaeee" I0JI I Mil, TfrMNIlOlOfl fUtt)?" GULLIVER'S TRAVELS "Swanee River" LOUIS-GODOY f,Mm GRANADA lit fcnciw Matti I.i loaa Rlonrtell, Meiyye Hi M Sp M 'i 0 B Oouslal. "AM A 1 N 5 MR. WILllaMS' & (,ha. Lauohtnn, 'Hiinchaartl af Nntra Oae tatra! Who REALLY Won tna Fiontf LUUIS-f.OOOV fIGHT PICTURES mviERAo'LL?7:wiLL 'ANOTHER THIN MAN" A Prttrllla Laee lana Rryan, "BROTHER RAT A a ftaay" CENTURY Extra: Dttnay Cartnaei Lana Sitteri. - 4 WIVES ' Rohert Taylor, firear IMn. f hi na I f,'i Lew (Dr. K llrlat I Ayiet, "REMEMBER" uoncunnc Rhn" j tana it.m nUnonunc m - four wivev Allan jone, "f.REAT VICTOR HERBERT' PANTHEON Oaen I 111 5-Unit Show Rnht, Taylor, Greer r,arion, Lear Ayea, "Remem her ?"' A Alica faye, Warner Baitar, "Rarricatle.' faihmn Forecast, fart'a. Newt BELMONT Open I? IW.) Feature Lana Suteri. '4 WtM ' lln lonea. "liRf it VIIIOR Hll ! ' tela, fteroen, '(hatha M,(a-thT. Oeterfix ' NORTOWN "r 35c ft AHRO. 'N INOTTM K A' A Marleea Diet'ira laniet Stewatt. 'OltiTRV R I IW Al.aiaj' B LAKESIDE JVTo 5-unit SHOW 3 (;ma Antry, 'SOUTH M tha BOROC u Stuart trwin, '"Tha Mnnimfin i Ovr' 4 Vmr(ra't l,r8Tft Mnara. 0rM"t Or!t"a' Lat Artntwra of 'DICK TRACY' A COVENT r'n 5-UNIT SHOW loa t. Brown, "BEWARC Of SPOO' Virginia Weiillee. "Henry f,nt Arttaa" Alto Rnht, ftenrhley f.ome,y, (a'tnon. Newt Mat.: Lateit Adventma at ' Tha Hl)0 ' plliri Oaen I in Retla Dl. t"l ulflt riynn. "ItlARETM A f"if-' lORfTTA VOIINr,. 'FTfRNAIIT VOia' tl IK JULIAN Vl belmonl A.e LAll All Swerltth DialooMO famtai "fOLKEI PA MOCROI.AHO t N " legmh Ti'ia SHERIDAN ..rTaar: 'MR. SMITH Goit to WASHINGTON' Vv'IVn'n "FOUR WIVES" l rf I fC BroaltaayOPLNa I P. M. VUUUL (jreta f.a'ha. Melvyn Cua'av, "NINOTCHKA" and Mariana Diet'"-". M,.re, Auer. Jamet Stewart. "OESTRV RI0ES A G A i MODE 3112 Sheridan Loretta Vau-a. 0, Niven. ' ETERNALLY V0l Hear Hit Bona In "SOUTH OF THE fi 0 R 0 E R 400, t Kyer, Oor. lamniir, "DISPUTED PASA(,E Kay Kyr, "THAT RIGHT. YOU RE 0C DEVON .'.'J lirtartway 1 f.AIT0Oi tela farao. Melvvn Qetitat. "NINOTCHKA" and Merlrr.. Oie'i'B. Auet, Jamet Stewart. DESTRV RIOES AI.AIM a DinPDttllJ J,n LmromOPEHS t: DIUunArn - h.u- "drikk oiviari 'ETERNALLY YOURR." SOUTH of tna BO0l N. CENTER "DISTRY RIDF8 A DAVIS ; 'I ft RNALLY YOUR 4011 Unrein I MATURES "111 WANE SPOOK V P'na DISTRY RI0F8 ACAIN" and "ll INOTC " r AIC ,hl4 """-"in A t UMVI3 "itiiiNini ami. i. ' I ft RNALLY YOUHh.' Mlul H at tna 0Ut " BUCK'M .111 N Clark lea E R'ow RlwARi henna"- Tytona fowar. Linita Oarnell, "DAYTIME WIFE Tytona f owar. Linda ARGMORE 1040 Arayle HENRY lOaO and Claudetta Colaert " "DRUMS ALONfi THE MOHAwa " lew 4,. Lionel Parrymnra. 'StCRlT Of OR KILOARf VIC Sheffield at Relmnet Ave 1 RlO HIT "filONniE flHIIil, UP RARY " SOIIT H e the IKllinl R 'While Aee,lra II O V A R.D HOWARD hi "I ' flt flRUT IIHOW AT I 111 ROG. PK. OA; i; iiHo- tii (,t "HIMOTCHKfl" S W AIIT-I'lf I Kit II 'DESTRY RIDES AGAIN' AflOE U Ditnev "hOLIEIV OOlt (NO BRYN MAWR Rryn Mawr ''L1' Rta Opaa I Lanatiaarh " SUni,D.v,d4N,..n t.Et,rnly y,Br,e. VeV'HENBT GOES ARIZONA "InfnrmMinn Pleae " (Geaa Tonaevl "TOUCHDOWN REVUE " Reyua at "tt f Kitna'l Seaton Ala Id MINUTES Of NEWS EvfNTS revie ? 00 f I fS rvS ft (' -:: oo-ann CI II cl II H 8 00 if) 00 c,..a ii i in F :s , i ANNA NIA&LI CEORGI $AN5fli HAY ROBSOM I ON A MAT OLIl film of jwporfar a and qpaat di5t!ac;nn NURSE EDITH GAVELL! ESQUIRE Onk tlfnr t,fh. ' f-M EM IE I a- In ,t P. M . r.fjffH (.AS'-.rW l?7lh ESQUIRE (Ot fmel HOUR PCBttr 7AVLR Tor,' 1rrt lyty't. Pr'nunr tit Milit71 TCvPY '17 SHKRIDAN RP ripen 1 .tl UoLA OHh Knel'r-n T't'ean t:harl.R I.ovrr in ORAGK' Urmal.l Pink anri,niF.sKCIIr' 'R COED ;&' i:c.Mat.&Kve. 'Zh "orr,s at sk.v LITTLE GERMAN 'S1i,tl lfrATZ "I KlJl lllJNGS MKLUD1K" lw Avies, 1. I',arrmnre, ",-,t rvf rr. kl. ! DEARBORN Lnr. Yrviin?. rari-1 .'yr!, "PTKKSAT.LT YC.T t Klliralte'h i1 f'"ey." B. P-e EVANSTON lll'f.N I :. . IHII lit this a HUNT t Nsf t MimUVCV- HERE IT IS!!! When Germany Surrendered OfFieial Authtntie Rtol STortliftrj. 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