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Chicago Tribune from Chicago, Illinois · 1

Chicago, Illinois
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Monday, June 14, 1869
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HEAL ESTATE. WASHINGTON. EEAL ESTATE. Satixewof CMHMMI WUL - - 1 Oial. ' ' seat weak; fair to S- legal tenders TSJtf. Sing the week utmr ratfg for most, Kb; Belcber, SB; "J 'oalideuce, 66: Crown f3oa,ooa, or even if all ' mate up the above am Cleared, Macedon, S Flour H.80is.6a. choice, fi.4001.Ci Mining stock ainve, with steadily t scriptlons, closing Oa Bullion, IS; ChaUar, i IMn, 11 - rmnlra U 111 WashingtonHeights roold Carry, ill; Hale- . hi.'! , w -.. , - . ffnntnul-. 1 1I - 1 i. ...1 Situation in Cuba Letter from Consul General Plumb. VOL. XXII. CHICAGO, MONDAY. JUNE 14, 1869. NUMBER 314. WASHINGTON i i Stanton, and rpward of one hundred enlisted EUROPE. DBTJGS AHD CHEMICALS. DET GOODS. The Position of the Present and Secretary Fish Remains Unchanged. ammmmaaasus Great Auction Sale, ; ON THE GROUND, ro COME OTP Holiday, June Uth, Unless postponed on account of the weather, in which case ne notice will be given through the press. and Mi-Funppi; Special Asent, D. O. Coon; awiitiwt. John Murphy Eighth jhrtrtct Headquarters at If ew Orleans, embracing Louisiana, in chartre of B. F. 6. Scheack, axtd assutanta Wm. LHll and Samuel Morehouse. Korcross. 100; 11 - j i , deSiS;oilitf. ss-.rman. To; Savage, 84; SierraS'evatia. ss; Te - Jacket, 60. Sam FBAKCieco, Juig -, Late Arizona advices aay about - Indian-i flacked a train ot nine iui- h-den with g iiuout stores for Caw.) Grant. Alter ten hours' resistance the teamsters were joined by a small force of soldiers and the Indians compelled them to abandon the train, with a loss of three men killed and three wounded. Indian loss unknown. Soon after capturing the train the savages set Are to the wagons and destroyed tnem and their contents. The property was valued at not less than tv,000. Upon (he receipt of the news at Tucson, troops were sent in pursuit of the Indiana The search was fruitless. A large party of savages made a descent upon a herd of sow cattle belonging to a Frenchman named Lasard, drove off the herders and captured the entire lot. Only sufficient troops remained at Camp Gowell to garrison the post, and no immediate pursuit eonld be made. Unless greater military protection is soon afforded the settlers of the jnntry will be abandoned to the Indiana. NEW TOSS. On the 4th, ssth, sad Mth sit. they killed an Indian each dsv. On the evenin? nf iiw rh Hurlbuf & Edsall. HEIGHTS embracing the State of Texas, under the charge of Captain fiailtiv P. Dawson, and aaaittanta Captain Albert Kvini nnrf amniT Smith The Situation in Paris- -Quiet they discovered unmistakable Bigns of the presence of a large party of Tmwnn .ad were soon satisfied that they were In the neighborhood of a rancheria. With the darkness, at fall of night, came the tell-tale lights of the In- TemA it7 Headquarter- at OgdeBBhargB, N. embraeint New York State, north rf Albany, and the Returning. CARSON, PIRIE&CO., 118 & 120 ii nu oicbi nuuw iiiv niia u n'uniiin iir Tfim, rt wee tern j onion of Pexuuylvama. (Special Agenx, es- The night was spent by the troops in surrounding dart in Curtis; aaaistsnt. Orlando F. Psrt- rirls (Successors U S, H. See k Co) 32 T.ATT-F ST-, Chicago, ' IMPORTERS AND JOBBERS IS SALE. tne rancnena; Colonel Green, having. In person, made a thorough examination of the surround-taga, and posted his troops in the most advantageous positions. At daylight the slaughter Eleventh THstrid-Headquarters st Detroit, Michigan, embracing Ohio, Southern Michigan, sod a portion of Illinois and W if con sin: Special Agent, Edward Le Favour; eTistant, J. H. Green, rWffc LXMtriet Headquarters at Sault St. Marie, Spain Navarre for Montpen Speoal Despatch to The Chicago Tribune. WASHIKGTOKf Jon. 13. THB STTTATIOK IK CTBA. Conal General Plnmb has written here trom Havana, grrtns: bis views briefly on the situation In Cnba : bat the State Department does not deem tt adrtsaole to print hfa letter. He says the withdrawal of Dnlce has, lor the time being, st least, weakened the Spanish authority, and that at the time of writing- the Home Government Is nearly without a head on the island. He asks for Instructions as to the course lie shafl pursue. Cuban sympathizers here profess to sier for King. ujuuiuruccu. iiie inaians alter receiving toe first volley rushed madlv down a ravine, but were met by a vollev from a detachment MictugaiL, under tbe charge of lenerai moms m. Bane. J-hirtnth Jaf Huarlnn art Aral at St PauiL funhraC- inc Minnesota and Dakota Teiritorr. under the charge of troops there posted. The nature of the STATE-ST., P RE ID RQ Ua UKVl a UILUaJBC, . Fcurteenth ItiHtrtrt Hpana.rtWl at San Fran ci SCO. KTuujiu ouerea yet another passage through which they might escape, but upon attemntina to lm- I Special Despatch to The Chicago Tribune. New Yobs, June IS. TTSOtRIA CENTRAL RAILROAD. Parties from Norfolk and Richmond have been In New York several days negotiating for capital who did not 'for some weeks after the suspension, Join tn the movement, are now out with the rest, and in tbe language of the Soanton Hepubliam, have fairly locked horns with the companies on the question of basis, and the struggle is now one of endurance. The companies 'have in the most positive terms refused to agree to any basis the men now nnanimously pledge themselves to stay oot until a basis is fixed. ' The whole production of anthracite coal last week was bat 88,000 tons, and tbe surplus production for the year only 150,-oco tons to same date last year. The Pennsviva-nia Coal Company and - the Lykens valley only are at work. The papers published in the Schuylkill, the Lehigh and Wyoming regions, and which are supposed to be in tbe interest of the miners as well as of the trade generally, are urging the miners to tlx an early day for resumption of labor, oot later than next week. The coal operators In the Schuylkill region have submitted a proposition to the miners, whico, the Pottsvllle Journal says, ' If the Miners Association now refuse to meet, will place them clearly In the wrong.' The Hyde Park miners In publio meeting, resolved ' not to go to work until authorized by tbe General Council of the Anthracite Coal Fields.' While miners here are standing idle, tbe place of Pennsylvania coal Is being supplied by the soft coal of Maryland, operators are forced to maintain heavy mining expenses without any return, and our carrying companies are wearing out faster by rust than by productive use, to the advantage of tne Chesapeake and Ohio Canal, which Is reported doing a larger coal trade than ever before. Since this article was put in type we learn there Is a hope of inducing the Schuylkill miners to resume on Monday of next week. If it should be successful, tbe other regions will probably join in the resumption. The Schuvikill miners will then have been out a month and four daTS. at a loss to them. embracing the State of California (tuder the charge ot s w isisi sVs&vMfsP i" " , usL opportunity tney were met by a third storm of hnnta whiii mt ait A-t,ir S&en ISLAiro Lajtd tsnErntmsn Covpavt.) Office or ihe Presidekt. r Chicago, June 12, law. ) By aathsrity efthe Board of Directors and STANDARD CHEMICALS, A free pern to and from the ground, will be given to alt adult penons who wih to attend the mle by calling on Clarke, lajton a Co., on Monday nrovkws to tbe day of ' .ale. A frpe lunch will be served up on tlie ground to .11 who attaod. The excondon train will leave the depot of the Rock Idand Railroad at 9 a. nu sharp, and will return to the Btr at g o'clock a, m. Si win "mmKo at U o'clock a m.; thus givlnr partie. time to examine the groond. before tba eonunaeem-nt ol the mle. Partie. withing to go doww so kuUm the propmty before tba day of mle, with the view of parcha-irig, can set 1 1 tbe survivors. Here the remainder scattered and rushed, each by himself, without regard to direction or obstruction. Twentv-seven Indiana lay dead upon the field, and from the quantity of blood which marked the cround over which the wounded escaped, tt is believed that not fewer l Qua i . jncJ-ieaiL, a , Fifumtk uutrirt Headquarters at Port Townse-nd, Washington Territorr, embracing Oregon and Washing- i ton Territory ; Special Agent, Rufus Lei eh ton. Sixteenfk Dittrict&am&.'oreT9 at Sitka, embracing the territory of Alaska, under the charge of Colonel Frank H. Wicker, and Ami-rant Agent H. U. Mcln- 4JThese assirDments make a reduction of about 35 in the force of Special Agents forme rlv employed by the department,! and, it is believed, will leave that bureau of t be department in an equally eln&eiit working tttacMwMrr af this Cosspaay. the paMIe ss hereby asssresl that the sale ei the property to complete the Virginia Central Ballroad to a point on the Ohio River, near the month of the Kanawha. The arrangements are nearly completed, and the bonds of the company will be sold by a prominent banking house of this city. The plan includes a line of steamers to Europe, and an Invite special attention to their ez-1 tensive Stock of French Print, Organdies, - 1 Lawns, Piques, And Percales, af the Ceaipawy. ts be made at aaetios.ea the iium an aaaitionai twenty naa ten aort ae eombau Eight prisoners were taken. In the rancheria was 14thsf the present sssath. will he aa hastate found a saddle belonirinir to Thnmiu Wnnhlfi. English company has agreed to establish a line be and bona Meeate te the hiawest and heat hid t whose teams were captured by Indians some six ear office at any time before the day of ale. dcrin aceardaoee with the terais a)f safwal- weess ago; a coat belonging to James Price, killed at the same time, was also found. That portion or the property which win be oft-red at ready staced. That no bye-biddinsmi the pan tween Norfolk and Liverpool, on tne completion of the road. The advocates of the road argue that the route will bring the Ohio Valley three hundred nearer the seaboard than the present lines to New In tbe most Elearant Deslms and Colors and ef owners ss parties iaterested in the land MTJEDER AT LA SALLE, ILL. Killing- ef Wm. J. Kiixan laother Kias Shot At Arrest of tbe Crim- Fancy Goods, Pure Dye Stuff. Window Glass, Olanstos, Soda Asa. CamstioSada, Japoniea, Paints. Oils, eto eta. Oldest Drag House in the West, x ESTABLISHED IN 1844. Deal Only in the Best of Goods. till, mle the most eligible and the ehoiepet suburban property ever offered tie mblie around Chiccgn. and will POSITIVELY Bfi SOLD to the bert and highes bidder. TEE JACKSOU, at LOW PRICES. BLACK AND COLORED will be eonarennaeed or allowed. We alas desire te state that the railroad Oaelt H TBAGEDY AT MISS. York. KOBTHSBX PACIFIC RAILROAD. Jav Cooke Co. have nearly completed ar TEftlfS OF S ALB 10 per cent eath on day of sale l per at nt in dara Iff per cent on August la, lst&nl betas esmatraeted thpaash saM lead. ts ram-sect wtth the alain crack aftbe Calcara, Reck Istaud & Faciae Kailpsad, win be anlshed aa br I GRENADINES, to operators, to carrying companies and to con- I rangements for selling the bonds of the Northern the balance in one, two aad tana years, witb annual The murder off colonel Crane Colonel Yerger. France THE 8ITCATI0M IK PARIS. London, Jane is. A large number of arrests were made in Paris yesterday, but the tenor of the latest despatches Is reassuring. They state that confidence is returning. Up to midnight public order remained undisturbed. The troops patrolled the streets, and were frequently cheered by citizens as they passed by. London, June 13 Evening. Telegrams from Paris report that that city has been tranquil throughout the day. Spain. KATARRB FOB M0NTFENSTEB FOR ETNG. Madrid, June IS. In the Cortes, yesterday, Navarre advocated the election of the Dnke of Montpensier to the throne, and declared his preference for Immediate and final action on the part pf the Cortes to that effect. Marshal Prim defended the present government of Mexico, and announced that diplomatic relations would soon be renewed with President Juarez. The Dnke of Montpensier has entered Spain, and is now In Andalusia, Madrid, June is The army and navy and civil magistrates throughout the kingdom are taking the oath to respect and obey the new constitution. 'During the debate on Mexico, In the Cortes, yesterday, a Deputy stigmatized Mexicans as cowards. General Prim replied that a people who were able to sustain themselves against invasion were not cowards. He eulogised the Mexican Republic, and called President Juarez the great Republican. This was received with loud cheering. Burners anuost mcaicuiaoie." The Newark (N. J.) Journal, of the 9th. says: latere at 7 per ceat. ft cror i. trie time to -ecure a eonntrv mat onlv 9Smin- Inetedlaff a hi r ire varierv eratf small ties Iran ITrasse tttenadimes. ssute sf shess (rmm Awc- Pacific Ballroad, and contracting for the construction of the road. They will probably begin advertising the bonds in a few weeks, and It Is understood that surveying parties will go to work immediately. Several parties originally connected rapidly aa can be deat-, and win be -aa lam lard as part of the Use sf said Rack I aland BalU road, and for the ase of tbe aeeommodatlea trains si said railroad esaraiaay. which will be stea1 ride from the arty, at a fan, an me on ticketa, at nry II eanu each, or 71) a yearfur one per-on. About arenty train, each day already run to tbl. property and all train, stop to let passenger on and oil. noa, very cheaa. The largest and cheapest atock in the dry of We learn on excellent authority that 1,000 tons of coal are now being shipped at Kewburgh, N. Y-, to Easton, Pa., it is supposed for the use of the Pennsylvania iron furnaces. Mr. Pardee, an ! extensive coal miner, residing near Easton, is also shipping a large quantity of coal by the Morns Canal from Hoboken to Easton, at a freight ot TO cents per ton, besides the canal tolls, which will amount to anont the same sum per ton. with the Northern Pacific enterprise have left ft, and will devote their energies to the Southern line, vfa El Paso. General Fremont hopes to obtain a believe that a recognition of the Insurgents by our government cannot be a great way off; bnt they are not able to present any facts showing a change of poUcy on the part of the President and Secretary of State. Conversations with these officials are, however, reported, from which It appears that both think the msargents are Tnating headway. Prrrate advices from Montgomery, Ala., say the Busteed Impeachment Committee are pursuing their Investigations there very quietly. Outsiders do not believe they are getting hold of anything very important, and Busteed himself saya he has no anxiety about the matter. He professes to believe the inquiry will result in his triumphant vindication. The citizens generally let the members of the committee severely alone. XOBB DISMISSALS. Under orders from the Secretary of War, eighty-one clerks were to-night dismissed from the Quartermaster Bureau here. Orders for the discharge of two hundred mom from other fcareans in the War Department, have been made out. a take edect on Tuesday; but It may be held bark till the Secretary returns. The force In an the bureaus must soon be materially reduced. 8TR AGA-VST A KALUtOABL The hnsbaad and children of the woman who was killed on the Baltimore A Ohio Bain-Dad, near the Belay House, last November, nave brought salt against the company for $50,000. GOXK TO THB I-KACS JUBILKB. Mayor Bower, of this city, left to-night for Boston and the Peace. Jubilee, intending to be gone one week. General Crocker, President of the Board of Aldermen, becomes Mayor ad interim. SOT A COK TRACT. The notorious Ann, Dempsey A O Toole, whose stationery contracts were cancelled last winter, have now got a contract for furnishing 13,000,1)00 envelopes to the Post Offloe Department. 8CHCTZKN FESTIVAL. Llama Lace Poiuts. i f LACEE, LATTOX & CO.. Agls, 128 WasUxurtoa-st. Special fttteotfcm giveti to MAXUFACITRERS' SUPPLIES. WK ASK AGEKTS FOR Morse's Soda, Fonntaiixs. Pure Dross: Kow Prices! ',' Quick Sales ! loan ef tlt),ooo,000 in London and Frankfort for ran aver said tract, aa sfteu as the bnaiaess bsw exisrinaT a ad tea he baittap amy jasruy er reaairet aad that the fares svor said read from Chieaawtoawypan srar property wH 1 be as lew aa aay ether railroad nmninf pa f -efCMeaawfer the same dlataaee. That all hsptttanti new la searse at casstraciie a pea saM prepertv a ill be east ltd out and Sa- tntv A. BITTERS Jr. CO., iictisaeen. "This 'carrying coals to Newcastle,' contrary to the laws of supply and demand, is but an incident of the outrageous method resorted to by the the latter road. COTTON. A letter from a merchant travelling In the monopolists to keep the price of coal at extrava- j FRESH ARRIVALS OF OCR CHEAP BLACK SILKS FROM AUCTION. gant rates. - Southern States, saya the area planted in cotton From the Memphis Appeal, June 9. ' We learned last night, bv special telegram from a correspondent at Jackson. Miss., the particnlara of a Horrible tragedy enacted in that city yesterday, by Colonel E. M. Yerger, who is well known in this city as tbe originator or mover in an extensive immigration scheme, and whose speech on Immigration, at tbe late Commercial Convention, was published by us a few days agow The victim was Colonel J. 6. Crane, of the United States Armv, Chief of Subsistence for the Department of Mississippi, and lately tbe Acting Mayor of Jackson. The circumstances, as detailed in our despatch, are as follows: During the absence of Colonel Yerger In this citv, a piano ot his was seized, according to law, for his taxes, which were overdue, and was sold, the purchaser being Colonel Crane; There had been some hard feeling between him and Yerger, about some previous transaction, and, as soon as the latter arrived in Jackson, day before yesterday, be demanded personal satisfaction, from Crane. Tbe despatch says Crane, being unarmed, snd having ao Idea- of a personal rencounter, met him on the street yesterday morning, and made, or attempted to make, a mild explanation. On GREAT LAND SALE this year Is less than last, owing to the scarcity of labor and high wages demanded. The Indications Call and set sir Prlees-before parchaaias tshed in aaod faith t and raax everything wll"P be deae sn the part af the Company, : which can be done, la make Waahiastoa Hetehts a flrat-claaa suburban town- - THE RAILROAD ACCIDENT NEAR ANNAPOLIS JUNCTION. are that the crops will be smaller than In 1S63. RAILROAD raOM -DiOLAKD TO CHINA. Orders few -nail will be priced as lew as if baas at la p t iisea. Several English papers are discussing a plan Cheapest Spits rn the City. for a through railroad line from England to India and China, and think it can be built W emnmder the title to tffcp property perfect hattheabTtacttshe faraisbed' ta reach par chaser will show for ttaeir. aa will also the la- CARRIAGES. PHTT.ATl-RT.PTTTA as easily as the American Pacific Ballroad line. eatton aad character at the ssaad, and we FBXCJiS KEM CEB ON BLACK SILK CLOAKS. The way by Euphrates river Is urged as the preliminary, on the ground that tt will diminish time from England to the East, and prevent travel 2,000 Acres, BKOKGINO TO TSK Seymour & Price Estates, AT AUCTION, From the LaSatte (111) Prat, June 12. Our usually peaceful city was terribly shocked and startled Thursday morning by the announcement that a murder, distinguished by remarkable atrocity, had been perpetrated in that part of the town known as Rockwell. Early last spring William 3. Nixon, of Rockwell, took a contract of the Illinois Coal and Iron Company, for the clearing of a few acres of the large tract of coal lands owned by that company tn this vicinity, and let the chopping, or a part of it, to one John Healey, a neighbor of his. About two months ago a dispute arose between them as to terms of payment, when Healey made a ferocious assault upon Nixon with an axe, which might have proved fatal bnt for the timely intervention of Louis Foil-radd, a young German teamster in the employ of Nixon. Work was still continued under the contract, However, Healey giving frequent exhibitions of tbe irritability and violence of his temper, and repeatedly menacing the life of both Nixon and Follradd. A few weeks since, a colt belonging to Healey met with an Injury at pasture, presenting some indlcatiatlons of having been stabbed, whereupon Healey caused Nixon to be arrested, charging him with the crime, but failed to sustain the charge by proof, and it is probable the injury to the colt was the result of an accident. On Tusday last the parties had a dispute as to which was entiled to a certain load of wood taken from the premises on which they were at work, and Healey, In the presence of several witnesses, drew a revolver and fired at Nixon. The latter then procured a warrant for the arrest of the former, and who, for some unaccountable reason, neglected to execute it Last Wednesday evening, at about half-past 8 o'clock, Louis Follradd. while passing along the street on his way to Nixon's house, when distant about twenty-five or thirty rods from it, was shot st by some one, whom he supposed to be Healev, though he saw him but imperfectly by the dim light. N lxon, when apprised of the fact, feeling that his life was insecure, went to the house of Mr. John Rockwell (one of the proprietors of the three coal shafts here), for the purpose of borrowing a pistoL The distance between the two houses is about forty rods, and they are so situated that it wag most convenient for Nixon-to go and return by a private road leading from the street to Mr. Rockwell's barn. Mr. Rockwell, not fully aware of the fearful danger which menaced the applicant, and feeling apprehensive that mischief might result from the use of su:h a weapon in the hands of one whose temper he. knew was severely tried, declined to lend it to him. Nixon started for home a little after 9 o'clock, and when within twelve or fifteen rods of his house, near the corner of a fence, was shot three times, one shot passing through his under jaw, shattering it terriblr, and two entering the upper part of his chest. He was found dead about an hour later. Healey was COAH & TEN BROEKE Carriage ManufacturingComp'y HAVE OPEW1SD THEIB desire te add asthina farther. -FREDERICK H WINSTOX. PresidrBt ef Blae Island Land and Bulldinjr - Company. t.KOKUK C. WAUvKK, ' Secretary aad Treasurer of Company. passing by way of America. CRIMS. Several extensive robberies occurred recently in Paris. Sixty thousand dollars were stolen from the French steamship Company by one of its agents. The Duke of Brunswick baa lost an equal The grand annual festival of the Schntzen Ladies win Isa sar LAf E Departmest rsm-plfte la assortment and very -ertenslv4;. We make spec tatty of selling an Seal Laces Bach fetlow market TaJae. Sen Banralas Is LHESS 1KB HOrSE-KEEPIX6 GOODS. CARSON, PIRIE & CO. NEW WAREROOMS, By Wm. A, Butters & Co., Yerein, of this District, begins to-morrow, and amount. TO THB ASSOCIATED PRESS, tic FRKsnmnr colt ax. continues four days. There will be a great deal Full Particulars of the Disaster. From the Washington Star, June 10. The fast express train through to New Tork, which left the depot in this city st o'clock last evening, with a special car, containing President Grant and famllv, attached, met with a terrible accident near Annapolis Junction. The train, while passing through the deep cutting just beyond Annapolis Junction, at about 9:48 p. m., ran into Into a cow, which was killed and thrown trom tbe track by the cow-catcher attached to the locomotive; but the mangled body rolled down the embankment just after the passage of tbe engine, tender, and mail car, and fell across the track between the trucks of the baggage ear. The sudden shock tipped up the front part of the baggage car, throwing it oil the track, and breaking the connection with the mail car, (in charge of Colonel Armitage, route agent,) which, with the locomotive, ran for some distance before the speed could be slackened sufficiently to return to the scene ot the disaster. As soon as the forward motion ot the baggage car was checked by the obstruction, and It was thrown from the track, the smoking car ran into It and was completely smashed. The largest piece of the wreck o f this car, was a fragment of the floor, which could be lifted oy two men. Next to the smoking car was a passenger car, which was thrown diagonally across the track, ana partly up the embankment, completely blocking tbe further progress of the tram. The two succeeding passenger cars were somewhat damaged ; but the two sleeping cars and On Wednesday, June 16, 67 Sc. 69 ADAMS-ST., With a large variety ot Nbw York, June 13 Vice President Colfax visited Morristown, N. J., on Friday, and was given a line reception. He was serenaded in the eveninr. and bavins been Introduced to the At 10 'clock, at tbeir SaletuvsMS, Hos. 5, 7, t BY William D. Kerf oot, 89 Wasliington-st., ijatiosal peace JUBILEE. Elegant Carriages, people by Governor Randolph, made a brief ad- this Yerger grew furious, and seising Crane, whirled bim atound, using the grossest language to him. Crane resented this, and struck him with a light rattan. Yerger instantly drew a 44 thug knile," (a knife, the handle of which is at right angles with the blade, tbe blow being delivered from the Bhoulder), and stabbed the unfortunate man three times, the wounds severing the heart and producing instant death. A Coroner's inquest was summoned, and after bearing the testimony, returned a verdict of 44 wilful murder by E. M. Yerger." Yerger was Immediately arrested, put In heavy Irons, and carried under guard to tbe military camp, where he now lies. The citizens, with whom Colonel Crane was a favorite, deeply deplore the act ; and Yerger has no sympathizers. From the Da '1 ton (0.) Journal. Colonel Crane was the eon of Judge Joseph H. Crane, for many years Judge of tne Common Pleas Court in our city, and Representative of this district In Congress for three terms. His mother was Julia Ann Elliott, whose family emigrated from Marietta to Dayton, soon after its settlement. Colonel Joseph II. Crane, tbe deceased, was born in Dayton, October 10, 1S2S, and passed his boyhood here. He studied law in his father's office, was admitted to the bar, and from 1862 to 1864 waa engaged in the practice of the law, In partnership with B- W. Davies, Esq., At this time he was elected Judge of tbe Probate Court of Montgomery County, which office he re aress, in wmcn Be aecunea to aiscuss poiuicat Landans Clarence Coupe- Conpe Lsandaaietf questions. Mr. coirax, woo is now uunow xork, The Curtis Dinner A Friendly Despatch tram the Emperor ef Bnssist, Philadelphia, Jane 13 At the Curtin dinner last evening, Count Bodfsco, who responded to the toast of " Russia" in a few remarks, read the following: 41 Count Boditeo, CJutrgt d' Affaire " Sib : The sympathies of our august sovereign toward the American people and then- destinies are too active and too sincere to permit His Majesty not once again to experience a desire to express them on the advent of General Grant to the Presidency of the Federal Union. "By order of the Emperor, yon are Instructed to become the Interpreter of these sentiments to the President. Tbe services which President Grant has rendered to his country nnder such circumstances warrant auguries of the futu-e, and of the great work which be had the glory to contribute in a manner so efficient. This work of pacification and of national prosperity has not met with, and will not anywhere meet with, more cordial and more steadfast sympathy than in Russia. (Signed) Alexander, " Czar of Russia.' Philadelphia, June 13. The Board of Directors of the Union League will give a dinner to Governor Curtin and suite, on Monday afternoon, at the League House. The Joint Committee or the City Councils on the reception of Governor Curtin, have procured a special car from the Pennsylvania Railroad Company, and, with Mayor Fox, will accompany Governor Curtin to Isew York on Wednesday. He sails for Europe on Thursday. CUBA. of tan. Some handsome prizes are offered. TO TBK ASSOCIATED PRK93L CECUTOK Of BESAKB TO COMMISSION BBOEKR& W-uHiM-TOK, June 13. Commissioner Delano ttas made a decision upon question submitted to him by the Board of Brokers of New York, as to their liability to pay a tax or one-twentieth of one per cent upon sums received by them for negotiating sales. It is said that he decides that thev are liable as commission merchants on all sales in excess of 130,000 made by or for them, at the rate of (1 on each, except those made through other wholesale dealers, who par tax as such, and sell on commission, and are, consequently, liable on sales made throueb commercial brokers, and and 11 Kandotpli-Bt. DF.SORIPTIVB CATALOGUES NOW READY. Title t. tbe property abort and perfeet. A Trnnaeript af Kmprd, rantaltrina Urrrea "LET US HAVE PEACE I" Haroacbe- ifi-etr Victoria, farm fbaetoa Rockaway. Chaiiotee- "Kia-bail Jmmp- called on tne onus ana Dears ac me dmjck jkx change on Saturday. BRAZIL. LOTS ! UOTS ! LOTS ! . $eat" Dec Cart Poor Pbaecan, Ianda-slec GKEAT A Rio Janeiro letter, dated the 8th, says the emancipation of slaves is being stronzlv advocated bv a number of prominent citizens of Brazil. IJsfct, Road Waccm. Concord Bag. ffiea tVc Wc. Aim . or raited (Male. Hartta. t'.arv. dlrertinxa proper Deed in Fee. and nn Abstract of Titln Lot. for Ijaboringmen men on long time and in good neighborhood.. Count E. d"Ea has arrived at Asuncion, and found the army completely disorganized. Lopez HARNESS Suitable for same. In every style of finish, from the el- 80 Lots an Btera-anv Bear Maxwrir. 100 Lots ea Brows, Bear Alaxwetl. 50 Iit. ea Johnston, near Wrlaht. ' that commercial brokers are also liable upon all sates negotiated by them at the rate of ifty ceuts remains among me voraiueras, growing stronger everv dav. whUe the allies are unable to move. J as. S. Hill k Oo Ooncord and are losimr strenith.the lonser they remain idle. a. U. on eacn i ,uuu, excepting inose maue dj or tcrougn another broker. A BESPIT. The Secretary of War. in renlv to a teletrraDh Nothing has yet been heard from Minister Mc- National Peace Jubilee! (Projected by Mr. P. 8. Gflmore.) BOSTON, Juno 15, 16, IT, IS and 19, 1869. TO COMUXMORATK THE BXgTC RATION OW PEACE THROUGHOUT THE LAND This glorious event in our National Hhtory will be celebrated by the VELOCIPEDES At price to srat pardbMen. 'is IMu aa Newberry, aru Vj riant, i '23 Lots oa Lake, near Aloraan. ! 3 liflls oa Kvans. aear Browa. KS I.otfl sb Sirmr, near Canalport-avw SO ljets sa TOTeatyuarat. Bear Kenben. 100 Lais ob Arraer-av.. arar Rruoea. SO Lota on Jsnrs aad C'slnmbia-srs., aear juanon. arrived. The steamer Bellona has arrived from London. despatch of Adjutant general Townseud, has directed the suspension of his order for the discharge of clerks in the War Department until his m Oar facilities for FTandlinar Hesrr Car- CHIME. return to tne city. INDIAN niKKIt'L'LTraS. rfarea. rpho.-terini, Fuintiutf, Varnishing Bnfl.anil Kertniriiinr Increaaeda Should the Dreseot mllitarv force on the frontier and all work will ae execnte iroaptiy aad Art her He... 100 Lata sa Paaliaa aad Woad, aear ChU casa-nv. WM. D. KFRFOOT, 9 Warhinrton-rt. ia the heat paagibie aaauuier. Fearful IHnrder by at nadman Twm be inadequate to promptly quell the existing diffi tained lor tnree years, wnen ne removeo to rteus-selaer, Ind., to engage in railroad business. The breaking out of tbe rebellion called him at once to the field. In the brigade commanded by General Schenck, which served in Virginia, he waa appointed Commissary with the rank of Captain in the volunteer army. He afterwards was attached to the staff of General Schenck, with whom, through all the battles in Northern Virginia, he remained till the resignation of the latter. Subsequently be was promoted to the commissariat in the regular culties wuu toe muiaiis, anmonrvy win be con- IiSUUes fatally Moot ana Other Per will be rnrniakied to each pnrehaaer FUEE OF UlAHUK. TEEMS EASY. One-annrter eaak t stre-Q.arter In one srenr one-q.orlrr In two yenrai ooe-qonner la tbree .rear. with IntereM at per cent per anaaai. DEPOSITS ON DAY QF SALE. A deposit of One Hundred Dollars will be required to be paid on each Block at the time of purchase as earnest money, for which a receipt will be given. 1. C. PAINE FREER, Receiver. WM. A. BITTERS It COn lnctiraers. Grandest Musical Festival the special car, wun tne rresiaeniiai party, escaped damage. The darkness of the night added to tbe horror of the situation, as It prevented the uninjured passengers from seeing the full extent of the disaster, and left it to the imagination to picture, while the cries and groans of the wounded were frightful to hear. The embankment, at the point where the accident occurred, is about twenty feet high. Local Conductor Duvall at once telegraphed from the junction to Baltimore and this city, and, in little more than an hour after the accident, engines, with men to clear the wreck and surgeons to attend to the wounded, arrived at tne junction from Baltimore. Captain John Collins also started out lrom this city with an engine, carrying men to help clear the wreck, and the combined forces soon succeeded in removing the wounded and clearing one track of the debris. The work of clearing the track was finished about 3 o'clock this morning, and at 4 o'clock tbe uninjured passengers, a portion of the wounded, and the mail were taken on to Baltimore. The last night's train from New York came through on time this morning, bringing some of the wounded HAEDWAEE. lerrea upon uenerai scnoaeia ro raise volunteers for this purpose, and secure peace and tranquillity to the border. ever known in the history of the world. sons Assaulted The Flaniac Fi. nally secured. Special Despatch to The Chicago Tribune. Fort Watne, Ind., June 13. The Proeident of the United State, Memljero of his Cabi $12,000. found tn bed and arrested, at midnight, by Officers Keys and Craig, who found in the house of tbe prisoner a gun of large calibre, containing a heavy charge, and with the cone begrimed with powder-smoke, as if it had recently been discharged. Moreover, sundry of the neighbors had seen him lurking about the premises that evening and going in tbe direction of the spot where the murdered man was afterward found. "Ihe deceased was about lorty years of age, tn bumble circumstances, and leaves a wife and four children. He bad recently joined .the Baptist Church, ot this city, and it may not be improper to mention, as an incident, that the reverend and venerable pastor of that church, at the regular praver meeting on the evening of the murder, prayed with great earnestness and fervor for the temporal and spiritual welfare of the member of his flock whose Hie, ss subsequent events proved, was, even at that hour, to be terminated by the hands of a murderer. WILLIAM BLM & CO., About T o'clock last evening a most terrible net, Heads ol lepartioeaw, uoveraon 01 au tne States, and many other dietinffuished persona from all partB of the country, together with the Representatives of Foreign Government at Washington, have been invited by , the Mayor and City Council of Boa- murder was committed In Covington, Jay County, KORTH CABOLTKA. The Bureau of Internal Bevenue has received authority from the War Department to use the United States troops in North Carolina, when necessary, to carry out the Internal Bevenue laws. This grows out of the fact that there is a large number of distilleries in that 8tate,and the proprietors continue to evade the law and put the revenue officers at defiance. Ind. Frederick Remster, formerly an auctioneer. 477 West Randotph-st.two-atorv and basement brick house, steam rieatlrtK ranee, and fitted ud with tnn tnhMnmethei ueAof the and boarding with an old widow lady, named Mrs. besuval. . City during the Jones, on some supposed provocation shot and IMPORTERS OF Hardware, Tbe Jnbflee win 1 an mouern improvements, i nis property Is In front of Union Park. Inaugural Ceremonies, i and is one of the most desirable n hit-; an auarees u, 1T11 IT. I! MMu Mill THIRD COKGBESSIONAI. Tne Repert ef the Battle f Puerto Padre (Confirmed. Capture of 10O Imsur;esits and tbelr Execution. Havana, June 13. The repots of a heavy engagement at Puerto Padre are conflmed. Tbe Spaniards admit a loss of sixty killed, and estimate that of tbe Cubaus at 1,200 killed and wounded. The insurgent General Marmot was killed in this battle. The following news hag been received from Santiago de Cuba, and eomes from Spanish sources : A schooner recently landed a party of 100 filibusters at Port Battiqueri, sixty miles east of Santiago. The party was betrayed by its guide, who gave information of tbeir landing to an officer in command at Baracos. The troops of the garrison marched out, and coming up with tbe filibusters, attacked them. In the fight fifty of tbe latter were killed, and the rest were taken prisoners. The leader of the party was shot on the spot, and the prisoners were taken to Santiago for execution. All the stores of the expedition were captured, including two million of dollars in unsigned revolutionary currency, several hundred rifles and three or four pieces of artillery. CnfCIUNATL places on the West Side, tt is of fered until June IBth on the foi lowing terms: - to tms city. The first reports received here as to the extent of the disaster were much exaggerated, the number ot awed aud wounded being estimated in large figures. Later and more reliable acconats show that the large majority of tbe passengers were almost miraculously saved from injury. There were none coroner Dyer held an inquest in the case on Thursday aiternoon, and tne verdict of the jury was in accordance with the facts as herein Mated. Tbe prisoner is now in jail at Ottawa, awaiting the action of the gtand jury. THE HOBBOBS OF THE OCEAN. RAVENSWOOD. Tin Plate, Tinners' Stock. Orders executed promptly at the lowest rates. army, ana alter tne close 01 iue war was assiiieu to the Department of tbe Mississippi, on the staff of Major General E. O. C. Ord. After the departure of the latter to tbe Pacific coast, Colonel Crane was on dutv at Cincinnati for a brief period, when he was transferred to the District of Mississippi, under Brevet Major General Rone it 8. Granger. The State of Mississippi, tt is well known, Is one of the three which Is not yet reconstructed, and hence it is still unaer military government. General Granger some time ago assigned Colonel Crane to do duty as 'Acting Mayor of Jackson, the capital of the state, we Inrer, from the knowledge we have of Colonel Crane's functions as Military Mayor of Jackson, that the duty of collecting local taxes devolved upon him. While Colonel Crane was fearless in the expression of bis convictions, he was of a mild, placable disposition, not given to violent expression of his sentiments and prone to avoid controversy. It would be hard to select a man more careful to avoid offence. He was a gentleman in the true sense of the word firm in tbe right, but gentle as a woman in his intercourse with man. Colonel Crane was married to the elder daughter of Commodore Schenck. in this city. He leaves a widow, who was with him in the Sonth, and two sons tbe eldest about 18 years of age, at school In Springfield, Ohio. He was a man ot commanding personal appearance, fine social culture, decided character, and noble and generous impulses. In sz,ooo casn, 2,000 six months, 2, BOO twelve months, S,000 three years. . Possession siven on or before June 16. This isa bargain ; Hideous Disclosures of Atrocities at Kitten BirB.tfOueswibD arcvutver, ure vauvuveiuijs her neck, causing a fatal wonnd. She was about seventy-five years of age. The terribly Insane murderer then fired upon a highly respected young ladv, about seventeen years of age, the daughter of Mr. Beckelbelm, who came out of her father's house on the opposite side ol the street, when she heard the firing, and was almost instantly shot by Remster, the ball taking effect above the ear, making a wound from which her brain b oozing, and she cannot survive, at longest, bat a few hours. After shooting Miss B., Re outer shouted for John Dodd, and rushed frantically down the street, and when near the residence of James McMahon he fired at a man standing near, but the cap only snapped, thus sparing the lite of the intended third victim. He then passed on down the street, bunting Dodd, when he ran across John Fansler, au rushing upon him, thrust the pistol into Fransler's mouth, again pulled the trigger, and again the cap exploded without discharging the load. Fransler, being a powerful man knocked Remster down, and beld him until assistance arrived, when he tatkMi tn lall and aeavilv ironed. The Utmost uiuacui; mua wmpaimMwj mum 'y i - i - Bice, on tbe Restoration, ot Peace aua Union throughout tbe land. The Inaugural Ceremonies will be followed by s GBAKD MUSICAL PE&F0EMAKCE, in which the GREATEST ORATORIO CHORUS ever assembled, eprlsins over Eight Hundred Vacai OnarajalzatioM. who have been in rehearsal for many months, will take part, accompanied by a Grand Orchestra of One Theaaaiid Mnrfciaiw aeteeted from the best orchestras, bands, and musical as-aocijitioDB in the United States. The scale upon which it is proposed to carry ont this Fertrral, will represent, in its maptnirnde and splendor, the greatest cause for national rejoicing tbat tbe American people have ever been called upon t2-J5cljlr.?t; THEKESTO RATION OF PR ATR ..AT UNION Ketnrn. of tbe Election on Satnrtlay. Special Despatches to The Chicago Tribune. LEE COUKTY. Dltok, June 18. The official vote of Lee County for Representative in Congress, to supply the vacancy made by the resignation of Hon, E. B. Washburne, foots op as follows: H. C. Burchard (Republican) 1040 179 & 181 Randolph-st. FIELD, KING & CO., About CO More of these Desirable ' Lots. Ot EK ea GOI.O IN THB U8T M DAVIS. he Cheanrat and Mas Accessible Properly In the Market. aereaon the Mi .here, north cf the Marine Hoa. vital a very duairable inveit-ncut. Ia iu the market, for a few day. only, at 14.U00. 400 feet on wabAsh-av. A very choice corner, near the car irorka. Much below the market for a few day.. HODGES & VAN ALLEN, Wewl E-vwre 'tut, tilt MnrH-wn-t. sXXJ-ajLVirv. I .. .... . SIS First national Bank Boiwitig, J. V. Eustace (all govts)..... Scattering Sea Xbe Fiends tbat Sail our Emigrant Passenger Ship. From the Xtw Tork Sun, June 11. The trial of James Glynn, the carpenter of the emigrant ship James Foster, Jr., for the murder of John Stokes, a passenger on the ship, was begun yesterday in the United States Court, Brooklyn, before Judge Benedict, with District Attorney Tracv for the proseeuuou, aua J wig xtoore lur the defendant. Glynn, the alleged murderer, sat beside Judge Moore. Heisof medium neight,and of an ordinary appearance. There is nothing peculiar about blm except a rather repulsive visage, which cannot well be described. Assistant District At 4 after Gambling' Hoases sad Houses ol Ill-Fame- Jobn M.ttcleU The Weather, Ptwctkkatt- June 13 The Sheriff last nJoht ar t'HHjr.i'ir: m iiTT th st . a N i . it win Dima toaeiner PUBLIC HOUSES. Corner State & Washington-sts. rested the proprietors ol five gambling-houses of in fraternal greeting the leading men of the nation, and ; people from all parts of the land : and aside from its pig-iiSce M the FIRST GRAND NATION AL RB-UNION since the close of tbe war, it will be- the- Greatest Feast of Sublime and Inspiring Harmony tbat naa ever been heard in any part of the world. T-Tr-TT-xTTHa wnw niv at MTTRIO HAIaIj. tnis, nis native place, ne naa a lariro uc u. -tives, acquaintances and intimate friends,by whom toe lower graue. Wnrnr Tnrmnnp has emnmenced arresting in RAILROADS. ne was greauy uetoveu. Tne aneuish ot tnis bereavement Is mtenstoea CARLISLE HOUSE, CORNER Sixth and Mound-sta, PROPOSALS. mates and keepers of the worst class of houses of ill fame on the charge of vagrancy. John Mitchell, "Irish Patriot," to-night lectured at Mozart Hail to a small audience. His .ST TIME excitement prevails in the community over this terrible affair. Remster bad been married only about three weeks. He had been drinking and gambling hard for some days past, and this is the onlv cause now known for the commission of the acti though it is generally conceded that he was out of his mind. A full Investigation will be had to-morrow, but the distance from telegraph almost precludes tbe possibility of receiving later intelligence from it until next day. Prices Single Admission, with secured seat, 85 and S3, according to location ; Single Adime&aon, without se allied, ana out twelve or mieeu woumieu. wtwi of them received slight Injuries. Mr. WeU, of Atlanta, Ga., Is the only passemrer seriously injured. His head is badly cut, and it Is feared his skull is fractured. He was emigration agent of Georgia, and was on his way to Europe. He is still at the Junction, tt not being considered safe to remove him. Mr. C W. Weeks, of Albany, N. Y., was somewhat injured, but was able to keep on his journey home. Mr. Evans, of Alexandria, was brought on here and carried to his home in Alexandria, badly injured. The tram alon hmnirht. Iu here this morning one man from Georgetown slightly injured; one colored woman, head badly cut; and three colored men, bruised. Mr. G. W. Clapp, of this city, received a scalp wound ; Mr. R. J. Piggott, Internal Revenue officer, New York, was slightly wounded in tbe head ; Mr. H. A. Hall, of Washington, received a slight scalp wound, and Mrs. 31116--! of Washington, a wound in the shoulder. The Presidential party went on to Baltimore as soon as the track was cleared, arriving there about 6 o'clock this morning. Being in the rear car none of tbe party were injured. As soon as tbe accident occured,much solicitude was felt as to the safety of tbe Presidential party, and on some of tbe passengers proceeding to the rear car, they found ihe President placidly smoking on the platform and not aware of the extent of tbe disaster. Mr. McCann, brakesman on the train, had bis left leg broken. The trains are an running on time this morning. . LATEK. To-day Mr. J, L. Wilson, master of transporta. tton, with a iaige number of hands, was engaged In clearing away the wreck. Total vote IMS Republican majority sgs Last November the total vote was 4,eiT, and the Republican majority l.ttfa. The vote is less than one-third what it was last fall, while the Republican majority is a little over one-third. WHITESIDE COUNTY. Sterling, Jane 19. Returns of the election held In this county for Representative to Congress In place of Mr. Washburne, come In very slow, bat little more than one-half the county has been heard from. 'The aggregate vote of the county is about one-third what it was last falL Returns from thirteen towns. Including Sterling, Morrison, Fulton, etc fnnt an follows: TO Ey the lact tnat the family were looking forward to a happv general reunion at the common home in the month of Jnly. Bnt a iew days ago the fafcer-ln-)aw ot Colonel Crane received information from Admiral Porter that a squadron in the Paailc would be placed nnder his command if he cured seat, 3. nonet urnce open irom . m. iu p. in. A. P. PBCK-Masic Halt Boston-Ticket Agent. Per Order, HKNBY G. PARKER, Secretary. TO BUILDERS. - Sealed eronoaal. will he received tin Jnne IX at noon. subject was "Disestablishment of tne xrisn Church," which he said the people of Ireland did not care for. Their wrongs would not be re torney Paris, in opening the case, reviewed the story of the voyage ot the James Foster, Jr. The Foster Bailed from Liverpool in December, and did not arrive in New Tork until March. During that time the passengers were shockingly maltreated by tbe crew and officers. They were beaten with hammers and belaying pins, and were kicked and cuffed, and nearly starved. Many died during tbe voyage, many after reaching New York, and nearly all the survivors were broken Council Bluff s&Omaha VIA . OLD NEWSPAPEES. by the Maywood Ooapany. for the erection of a Brick Bu"r aeyeral other buOdinsa, to he located at May. 7, -.V" !-Ti -sreaerve the right to reject any bidanot deemed for the - of the Company. Tho moved by It. Tbe plan proposed by uiaostone, and supported by the Liberals, would afford no relief. The speaker was enthusiastically applauded. , fc There was rain last night. " Cloudy, with showers, to-day. Thermometer at Io at noon 10 o 720730. Chicago, Rock Island & Pacific NASHVILLE. The cob test Between Stokes a CINCINNATI. Strictly First-tlass in every Particular. ' HENRY S. MOWER. SAFES. HERRDT&S PATENT Baw lit 10 accept it. ibc aiem;:ra ui family In Dayton held a consultation, and, together with Commodore Schencfc concluded that at his age sixty-two he ought to remain with his wife and children, the coming family reunion greatly tnBuenclng their decision. Alas! the famllv circle is broken forever. Inward M. Yerger is a man about forty years of age. He is a scion of a conspicuous family which has been prominent In society and politics for wont wuiwRa-. uj- "- -u pan, au ,.. qq commenced at once, and eompleted u soon as practical.. Plana and apeeificat-ona can be eeen aaihe office of the CompaayN&UMethodiatChnreh Block. H. C. Burchard 810 John V. Eustace C Republican majoritv sot The entire vote last f ill was .5,013 This year it will not exceed lSOO Seater-Tks City War-BecsnciluM TRAINS LBAVK CHICAGO: OLD down and physically mined. From their suffering and ill-treatment fever broke out, and on arriving at this port the Captain and first mate, brothers, of the name of Armstrong, died of that malady. Of ail these fiends Glynn, the carpenter, was the worst; He had charge of the food and water, and often gave not a drop or morsel from the stores for a whole day at a time. A number of poor men emigrating to this country, but unable to pay the 3 10s required, and therefore agreeing to work j. A. yv lt-iiAr-iJ. pecre-arr. tlOB, &C Special Despatch to The Chicago Tribune. PACIFIC DAY EXPRESS, 9:45 ax." xxi., COMMISSION MERCHANTS. SPRINGFIELD. For Council Bluff, ud Omaha Except Son. 1869. out what was lacsing as cooks ana seamen, were 1856. CHAMPION SAFES so shsmefully maltreated by him that four out of many years. ForeUrn Markets. Frankfobt, June 13. C. 6. bonis firmer. S-aTa quoted to-day at 86 V Pabjo. June 18. Bourse rrcn.. Bentf. advanced to 71 fr. 35. COOK COB URN a CO.. -rcWSPAFXB ADVEBTISQia Aossrsy. AremdSorbt to receive ra-- T Tars . ,11.1 f mm A fan uuMKtt a. maM oarer. Newspapers, PACIFIC NIGHT EXPRESS, O: ir p. hi., Nashville, Tenn. June is. The third meetteg between Senter and Stokes took place at Athens, Xast Tern-, on Saturday. Private advices received in this city, represent that Stokes, notwithstanding hts cunning, was worried fearfully by his opponent. East Tennes-ZeemB at tint almost unanimous for Stokes, but a areat change of opinion has taken place within the last few daTS, and the supporters of 3eneral Stokes, who last week claimed that nixTinn of the State by su.000 majorltv, at present 'uaaiisfcioned jew Trustees sf the laiasc Aay Inm Holitical Pay-ateat t State Indebteaaesa, Etc Special Despatch to The Chicajro Tribnae. Hurry Kclsoa & Co., .Per Conncll BlnfTs nmA On...-Dally. PRICES MARKED DOWN. THE CODE. Duel Between Cameron, of tbe Petersburg; Index, and Ungues, of tbe Richmond state Journal Cameron UTonnded i Richmond, June 13. A duel was fought on Saturday afternoon between Captain M. C. Cameron, editor of the Petersburg Index, Conservative, and Robert W. Hughes, contributor to the Richmond State Journal, Republican, in consequence of an article denouncing Hughes. The fight took place In North Carolina, sixteen miles from the Norfolk A Petersburg Railroad, and tbe weapons used were pistols. Cameron was struck In tbe breast at the first fire, the ball striking a rib and glancing. Hughes demanded anotheT fire, but the Surgeons pronounced Cameron noable to deliver another shot. Hughes then declared he was satis-fled, and tbe affair ended. Cameron's wounds are severe bnt not considered dangerous. A. M. SMITB, r Oeneral Pawener Ajmrt. 1 lie snioKuig-car was Huimcu mw bwui niu tbe adjoining cars were also badly broken. The names given above do not embrace all who were injured, for there were some six or eight others slightly injured, whose wounds did not prevent them walking off. Some of them helped to extricate their fellow-passengers from the wreck. ' Tbe surgeons from Baltimore were kept busily engaged in dressing the injuries of the wounded XIV COMMISSION MERCHANTS SDTC21856. taornoHoM toraHBt swap Ansa yaAAuuuiM The Only ReHaMe Fire aad Bnralnr Prael i7 LAKE NAVIGATION. fourteen died on tne way. ms conauct was witu-out parallel' Tbe District Attorney cloeefby saying that this trial, he hoped, would effect tbe amending of the emigrant laws so as to give emigrants from foreign lands sufficient protection from such brutal men. Michael Gannon took the stand. He had been one of the cook passengers on board the vessel. By day he acted ss cook, and by night as seaman. Tnere were fourteen others like himself, called sook passengers, but only five or six of them had an opportunity of ever cooking, because of the scarcity of the food supplied. Indeed, only two of them were needed at any one time. Tbe fourteen cook passengers were divided at night into two parts, seven on starboard watch, together with fifteen sailors, half the crew, and the other QFFlCt n PBABBO-QC-gr. SrniNOFiELDv HL, June 13. By order of the Governor, yesterday, a commission was issued to W. . WorUilngton. of Peoria, as a member of the Sta;e Board ol Education, C P. Timrt, resigned. Tbe members of the Board of Trustees of the Amlnoi for the Insane having resigned, the Governor yesterdav, ordered commissions to be is- - ? - . '. ; . ..ilumiin .h. M.Mniti. Safes Mow Maae. LA.EGE STOCK ALWAYS OS HAND. Intimate they win do saiisnea wnn iz,uvu or 15,000. The Stokes men are still talking of starting a new paper tn Kashville to take the place of the jw--rf TVnun. -Their will la arood. bnt it is sus 1 59 Washington-st., Chicago. Notice to merchants and Shippers. BIOHOTICES. PMKAPlM OF 100, an. n-r.msl Aauumna ITCBBT ITELSOrl. pected that tavr lack money. Some sort of campaign paper win, however, aonbtless be got up. compromise has been effected between the X ashville city authorities and tbe parties waging ellasonic. NEW KOTJTE, Via Goodrich Steamers and fond PIXXEY, FT ATT. 6c CO., Regular Oonvo- SECOND-HAND SAFES of other maker, taken la exchange far Herriag'a. for sale cheap. HERRING & CO., laf.rettr Chapter No. , . A. M a war air&mst tnem. i nree prominent cuuserva- FOR SA-LE AT eatian thi. ilionda? ) evening at . o'ekje. lor Daa-nee and work, at their hall 5 the Ma-sonic Temple. A full and nromst attendance la requested; baauieu of UPPER SANDUSKY. WO OL du uac nanroao Merehandue. etc. tranaported via ateamera to 8HK-BO3 AN, and thence by rail to tive citizens are to be pot In the council, and te-e with one other, are to De constitute the Finance Committee, of which, however, Captain Allen m still to remain a member, but not C hair impon-UK. Per order ot "jKa. gecT. Masonte. State Con. relegates to the Ohio FOND DTJ LAC, OSHKOSH, sto. 40 STATEST. yrt0Ty. Tnrrrt'u'TrtV-t. Tt4 TmHana-ar. NEW PUBLICATIONS. wno, by mis morning, wneu cue iraiu ihwruim to Baltimore, were all able to resume their journey, with the exception of Mr. Wed, who remains at Latch lord 8 Howard Hotel, at the Junction, under the care of Dr. Scott. Weil is quite badly cut about the forehead and Injured in the back. Mr, McCann, the brakesman, Bad his leg badly bruised, (not broken) and will soon be onw Captain Jobn Collins, of Washington, arrived at the scene of the accident at midnight, and aided in clearing away tbe wreck. . The road is entirely clear this afternoon. - A gentleman from Charleston, S. C, on his way to Maine, received a splinter in his breast, and is said to be quite seriously injured, but proceeded to Baltimore. The railroad company sent out on the trains bedding for the wounded, and did all they could for them, sending those who returned to this sity to their homes free of expense. A number of the passengers were cared for at Latchford's Hotel during tbe night, and also at Fitwlmmona' and Kelly's, nearby. TRIBUNE OFFICE. CGMMISSI&H MERCHANTS, man. Ttts committee is to have complete control of all . financial mat-tr and all expenditures. All Questions tnte said Board of Trustees: Isaac Scarrett, of sladiaoa County, for the long term ; General John TUson, of Adams County, for next, and George B. ibh, of Morgan County for the sMrt term. The abstract of votes siveo in the connty of lee at the special election for Congressman, to all the vacancy in the third district, has just been received bv the Secretary of State, and snows that Horatio C. Burchard received 1.040 votes ; John V. .Eustace recivel US votes; John A. Walters received s votes: John Dement received 1 vote, and Daniel I bl receded 1 vote. Yesterday (31,864 of the State indebtedness was taken op. paid and cancelled; fn,M0O of this amount was funded stock due in 1&I7, and the teiance war bonds vun accrued Interest. A large force of bands have commenced work at Pans ou the Spring Held A- Pana Railroad. Thronsh Rates Ulven Alueh I-eas than fey So heM in Blair lKin ffcVicker'. Theatre Boild- seven on the larboard watch with the other hail of the crew. John Stokes, known as "Ginger Jack by the rest of the passengers, was one of these passenger cooks. He was in tbe same watch all night with witness. About tbe beginning of January witness saw Glynn pull Stokes by tbe hair of his head out of the water-closet of the vessel, tear him along deck, strike him on the head with a belaying pin until the blood ran down his face and over nia clothes, and hurl him down backwards on the anchor chain. The first mate stood above turn fa the rigntng. and looked down on the scene. He urged Glynn on, and said what was equivalent to " That's rtctit. Beat the doflr strain 1" 74, 76 & 78 Michigan-av., Comer T-ake-et.. Chicago. Splendid New Passenger Steamers on the In reference to checks already Issued, are to be decided bv this committee. There will be no further effort to remove any of the leading city officials, and the Injunction against the Recorder, Treasurer and Tax Collector will at once be dis wention Special Despatch to The Chicago Tribune. Vrm S akdusky, Ohio, June 13. The Wyandotte County Republican Convention was held at this place to-day. The following delegates to the State Convention were appointed: John Russell, J. L. Cook, F. R. Baumgartner and G. W. Sampsoc Alternates: T. iw Grissell, A. Init. thi. (Monday) evening, at 7 o'ciock p. niiiiijru, fofdn". A. prompt and ifoll ndan ew! Bv order of JSO. 1. M. CABS aa, . uj wow mmtriooj Commai-der-in-Cl-ieC Koute. ' jAfl. 8TgWART. SBo tira-pd serreTAry. FIFTH EDITION OF THOMPSON'S Coast Pilot. THIS GKEAT WORK FUBNITUEE. tw Fare through to Fnti da J. nr. meal, and berths solved. The cases or emoexziemeui, maiieasanre, and so on, against some or the subordinate officials will be rigidly prosecuted. TEAS. Leave Goodrich Steamboat TiiTntisr below Hush-at. Berry, p. cuueo anu a. ii. v nite. Dnage. ; EVERY MORNING, MACONDRAY & CO., SHIPPING and C01SISSI0S MERCHiSTS, 304 and aOO gansom-sU SAIT FRANCISCO. Aent. Hons Kong Line o (Xlppsr 8 -dps, asiU-Kre. topoTter. of China and Japan Teas, and all do-crip- Bon. of Hart India and Strait; Produce. Collections made in Oaliiomia, Oregon, China and tba Kant. ' Ha. been thonraehlr lwiMdand corrected, by VAiri. THOMAS s. THOMPSON, and now contains a cor- I REVOLT AT THE KOETHEEN IHDIANA PB1S0IT. MAUIMOTH TEA HOUSE! earardays snd Scmdar. CTrpW. at oV. t. a. RUTI-IN. Snperintendent. QUTNCY. Thieving Sporting Affairs Wcath-- er, Ac. Special Despatch to Ttie Chicago Tribune. tinracv, DL, June 13. A German named Baute, before retiring to rest. ST. LOUIS. murder Trial Run into the River-Attempt to Arrest av Desperado, dee St. tons, June la. The trial of Captain Wm. B. Donaldson, charged with killing Henry Anderson, a colored porter, on the steamer Great Re MARKS AND DISTANCES. FROM .OGDKJJH- Also the Rivera Detroit, St. Clair, and St. Mar-'a -r . . - . -wimt nf all chaira. in tbe -uune Glynn then palled him up from the chains, and forced him to go to work in the condition he was In. At another time Glynn struck this same man on the back of the bead with a heavy carpenter's hammer, knocking him to the deck: the blood gushed from his nose and ears. The Captain looked on, and said, 44 Rip tbe dog open !" Witness thought Stokes' death was owing to this. Soon after this he was taken to the hospital, and there he died. The man, although sick, was forced to work at all times. Witness had never seen any reason for this treatment; he thought Stokea a willing (worker. Witness had FASHIONABLE p U R N I T U RE . Wm. W. Stromg, gQ3 Randolph-st. FINANCIAL. ; FOR GREEN BUY S KEKOtilONEE. i KANSAS. N ewe from the Border Settlers Coming for Protection. WiTmvTtxB, Ksnsss, Jnue 11. A mail carrier from Salt Marsh repora one Swede aud a boy killed by a small party of Sioux, Wednesday. The settlers generally are well armed, but more trouble Is apprehended. The Superintendent of the New York colon-, here to-dav, saya the colonv. with the exception of some twenty, who have enlisted, have come in ss far as Washington, most of tnem taking homesteads in that vicinity. THE 0XLY 0XE PRICE The prop-Be ST. JOSF.Prl will leave Goodrich up to tbe pre-ent time, renderin it Invaluable te aail-or.. Price tl.GO for air He conea. cash to advance. Uberal ducount to the trade. For aale, whale-ale and retaS. titer lrt of ApiB. at theeoOTfana-rooni i nf the DB-IRoil We PRKSS CO., .DETROIT. MIOBL. to Steamboat landing, beiuw nuati-au nnaae, ; ; wiioaaler Bill" MortallT Waameled. : From the TtuikmapoHt Journal, JuneXL . " On Tuesday last, a consptracy which has been for some time In progress, terminated In an open revolt, but wnn no result except that of mortally wounding the ringleader, who was none other than the man William Bridges, who is better known to -------r.n tn this vicinitv as 44 Booster Bill." the In a few nights since, wrapped his pantaloons around liia head, a friend advising It ss a sore euro for toothache. During the nutht a burglar visited the For lire Bay. aienomonee. ud all Inter-. 1S5. ! T. I. HI B BIRD, 1SG9. CLATEOF HIBBARD A FRENCH,) . . CAmmlMlon Merchant, vhosi all order, .boqld he teed. Jobbing House in Chicago. LARGEST STOCK OF mediate ports. premises, earned oil the aforesaid nnmentiona-flea, supposing, from finding them la that altua-non- thev contained valuables : but. fortunately. Brt.bH.hed In KUMV Ko. MI South I-aSallMt.. Major TO BENT. Oa Tuesday -Evening, Jane lata, a Block. Chicairo. public, last Angnst, will commence to-morrow. While a large locomotive and tender, belonging to the PaciOo RaUroad, were being hauled up the levee track to-dav, the couplings broke and they ran down the descending plane with great velocity, and plunged Into the river. They can probably be recovered. An attempt was made on Friday last to arrest the notorious robber and assassin, 9am 11 tide-brand, of Sb Andrews County. Sheriff Breckinridge, with a posse of fifteen men, surrounded the house In which Hildebrand bad taken refuge, and, after demanding his surrender,which was responded to bv Hildebrand shootiug the Sheriff in tbe dianapolis desperado who shot and neatly killed Isaac Davis, two or three years since, in the attempt to rob him. For som. months, It Is understood, notes have been passing about among the 8 O'clock. ; Tor freight or yasaage apply at office. : T. O. BITTL-IW. Superintendent. SWINDLING ON A LARGE SCALE. A S REAL ESTATE LOANS. TO RENT. OCEAN STEAMERS. paia ii ids, ana erases 4.? ea. x us wiuiesa ik scribed generally the cruel treatment they received. " His delineations were frequently full of pathos, snd sometimes of humor. When ssked whether be knew Glynn, be said, yes, he knew and felt htm, too. When asked what did the boatswain and carpenter do, meaning what work, he replied, Why, they went around the deck, knocking down every one they met. In reply to a question as to what time of the day, how long alter dinner tt was that Glynn struck Stokes with tha hammer, he said : 44 Ukure. sad ow can I tell. TT liefors retiring, a pucketbook containing a considerable sum of money had been taken from the pocket. A pedestrian, named Staits, built a fire and camped out, just north of the ettv, on Friday night, near the honse occupied by a rough named Betnolds,who ordered him off. Upon refusing, Keynolda drew a revolver and shot him in tbe arm. Staits returned the Ore and came to the A Clairvoyant's Confidence 9 FOE LIVERPOOL ABD QUEENST0W5 IKMAlt LINK OF U U-TKiJiKRS. 8AILIJI FOR MILWAUKEE, GREEN BAY, COnViCtS, ana CUIlUUUlll-auuua im t. -urn. mt- kept up, secretly, In other ways, and about titty ofthe convicts are lmpUcated, 41 Booster Bill "being the leading spirit and arranging all the details. The plan was to rise hen the convicts J.A-AJ-B naf. ' ' ' .ii.... ...... -- i And Intermediate porta, the Vint-CIaas AI Steamer ADD ILTIBKIII TDEBUAI& groin, severely injuring him, a desultory firing wss kept np by each party for several THUS LAEGK AlfD OOMMODIOOS STORK, Nos. 102 and loi JlicLigan-av., Bate, of pirnn by the Safari! ay K Warner: LADY FBANKLIN, Bteerage, Currency. IM Cabin, uou. t T.Vnl or Lrtieen-tn.. We can negotiate, at once, Loans on desirable Improved Property, In sums of S0,OOO and upward. tritn m didnt hac dinner for three aVz;;." When asked what was tbe cause of Stokes being knocked down, be said it was a Mow from the hammer. . city for medical assistance, ana yesxeraay morning bad Reynold: arrested, when it was found that Stairs had wounded him aiisrbtlv in the shoulder, staits' family reside tn Ipool or yueei-ifn.f 100.00 1 PaaMse by th. Tna-day In tbe Country. DIBECT IMPORTATIONS Tia San Francisco. TAYLOR & WRIGHT, C CHILD8, Commander, will leave her dock, foot of Wabaih-av., for Milwaukee, Grwn Bay and lmerrne-diaorta,M HOMiA? RVaNlNt,, June 14. For f or pa-ware, having very aupenor aroommoga- Ii'poolor Bteaznar. via -x-uiiaa: L'pool or QaMaat'a..S30.M Halifax. lAgg 8L John'a, N. F-, by naiiiaxM... -. -I. 1,1.'. . v h- From uw sorts (JU.) Democrat, June 11. About two years ago an old gentleman, once a prominent railroad man and well-known ciusen of Peoria, while living in St. Louis, made the ao-qvaintance of a woman, a clairvoyant in that city. Be being a spiritualist, the woman had great influence overturn, and finally induced him to marry her, in order to get possession of his wealth, amounting to about 170,000. She and her colleague, whom she represented to the old man as her brother, at once commenced to carry Into execution their well-hud plans for obtaining the money. As soon as the marriage ceremony was performed, the three started to Peoria on a bridal tour, and while on the wav, the old man was nours, resulting iu mo uniig w James McLean, one of the posse, and wounding of Hildebrand and one or two others in the house. Toward night, however, Hildebrand crowded out of the house and escaped to the woods, and has not been captured. He is a very desperate character, was a merciless bushwhacker during the war, and is said to have committed more diabolical atrocities than any other man. A tanre reward has been offered for him at THE COAL STRIKE. Rrini-h . a -nT" AVflB I tiona, aoply ea awar. or w - . If rarten aieamvr. . uu- were assembled in tne aining-rooiu, overv--i tbe guards, seize the track cars ia use within the prison, batter down the wall, aad escape tn a body, every fellow shifting (or himself. At din. ner. on Taesdav, "Booster B4M " arose, armed with a sharp pruning knife, hooked at the end, which he bad, by some means, obtained possession of, and called on all who wanted freedom to follow him. Only one other man sprang up, while the remainder of the conspirators found the undertaking rather greater than they had anticipated, and discovered that they were wanting In sura-, eient courage to carry trat their part of the -u.--m. Thev arn1B-slv ken ttwir (Wats. FIELD, KING A CO., , - - - n and Sl south Water-ab, - , ' OrtoU. CHAPMAN tOO. Orhce and Dock, foot W.baah-av. Continent, at moderate ratef. For further hJormatloa apply at the Company'. OITca. 4"i?Mv,Iii'5: All. nt, 15 Broadway. New York, or to JAMES iWAJ; Riui, Vf BMern Anent. Otalouo, where cabin plana - Corner of Randolph-st. WM. B. LOVKJOY ofc CO. TO RENT, Ia New Tribune Building. ; Rre-Proof Stores : or Rooms, Burlington, and he was on his wav there, having walked from Cairo. His wonnd Is serums, and the arm may require- amputation. Reynolds was siound over and committed for trial. The examinauoa in our different publio schools occurs next week, preparatory to the annual mer vacation, commences on Monday and closes on Friday. Another severe rain storm last night. To-day pleasant, bat very windy. nvVTTA First Nnttonal Bank B nil ding, base n pat. different times. It is alleged mat daring and after the war he committed 78 murders. WESTERN EXPRESS CO. cor. .state and Wasa.agteo.sta. BUSINESS CAEDS. v 6 & 8 River-aty Chicago. - HOUSEKEEPISQ GOODS." SUMMER GOODS. BEFBIOEBATOBS, , Fast freight LIm fraa Kw Tark via Erie drugged to suca an exveut as w reouer mm uu insane. It seems that the latter had raised and educated an orphan girL The childish old man. ST. Louis, June 1. captain l naries a. sneu, who served with credit tn the late war, Mew his brains out to-dav. Mental depression, resulting from boditv infirm It v, was the cause of the act. i : : A Oenenal Sa.sen.iea. " A tmecial flespatcn from Wlltesberre, 8th, to the Phtladelptiia Kvenma telegraph, deaeribea as follow a the coDiUUon of ailturg in the oosi region: 44 With tne exception ot thePennsjlvauiat'oaJ Oompanv, Lnrne Connty, the snspenaion ot op-eratiotis cxHitinriee general throngtio-nt the entire anthracite region. The Pennsylvania Company Have a I nil force at work, bat oa what terms a not known. It was rumored in Hyde Part yesterday that the Schuylkill County men would resume work to-day. The strikers as yet have not stated th un iim which thev would be wllllna to re American Protestant Association. TheB-sht Wortkr Grand Lo-bre of the United State. Kaiiwaj and ircstcra TransnrUUi . Campaay's Steaafrs. - i win meet ia annual seasion en Monday raornkis ax a o'c-ock ui.r.1. Uali, coraer of B.nAiiiWi and Dear- bom-ats. : . Western Trnnenorratlon fonrnany. Proprle tors. BaSHUo. .-' s - ICE BOXES , OAH STOVES, -44 Boosier Bill " cursed those who remained seated, branding them as cowards for refusing to follow him, and then sprang u one ot the guards with hts knife drawn. Tbe prison guards are not allowed to carry arms, but it appears that this one had been down town, and had a revolver In his pocket, and the desperado was met by a shot from the revolver, which penetrated his neck and felled him to the ground. Getting up, lie again attacked the guard, stabbing at htm ferociously with Ms knife? The goard - again fired, and shot 44 Boosier Bill" In the groin. This waa too much for him, and he dropped to the earth -ihm. The other rorisoirators. seeing the Frsvntins oa Saarhem aad MatHaon- uttu, mitllo ftrr Baa Ha mr fnsviranoo W-A-sa.'.' Afftr - ra - ; WM. C. BOW, : In the united states District court judgment was rendered in favor of the government against one hundred barrels of whiskey bron gtat here last summer from New Orleans, upon which duty was not paid. Also against George S. Hutchinson, in the sum of fiA,00o for the violation of the revenue law In the manufacture of tobacco. Rain has fallen here nearly all day. The storm extends over oonsMeraMs breadth, of country in West. . , - Mark nackagea vTeetem Express Co.," snd ship by KEROSENE 8TOTE9, , COMMERCIAL & REAL military Bstwuih Secretary Sew-ard and Party, c , Special Despatch to Tne Chicago Tribune. Omaha, Jane 13." General Augur is organizing another company of Pawnee scouts to relieve s portion of the regular cavalry now guarding the Cnaon Pacific, who go to protect settlers oa Little Blue and Republican Rivera. Erie Hallway, ners. new rora. - HTJ G H N, Agent, IS Old SHp. Hew York. J. u, TCTTLK, Agent, 80 &)uth Water-rt. Chicago. rendered more ioousu tarougu uw uiuueii w the administered drug, was induced to believe the story that the girl had made affidavit that she had been seduced by her adopted father, and that officers ot the law were apoa the trust to arrest tbe criminal. The dupe's fortune was principally In cash and government and railroad bonds. A portion of this he had with him, and the rest was deposited at different places In the East. To save his property and his person, as soon as the party arrived in Peoria, the former was transferred to the wife, snd the old man retired to s little town a short distance across the river, where he remained some weeks as as invalid, to avoid detection. Not hesiing from his friends tn Peoria he finally came over to the city, but could not find them. sume work. . The operators declare they will not accept any terms based upon the flied price ol coal, each ss the SO per cent basis. 44 Should the Hyde Park men succeed In getting ten per cent advance it would now take them Ove months to make good tbe losses already sustained. tim ii vrie park men are -raided bv the action of BATHING TUBS. -ICE CHEAJI FREEZERS. NORTHERN TRANSPORTATION EGO. ETC, ETC., ETC ------ ESTATEPAPER. ' We are buyinat First-Class Commercial and Real Estate Paper. . .. P ALTON e CO., 71 l.ttKe-rt. i.,n ua,. nr. tn. a-nltegt aa nr-ra and dropped lar oowegra. Cape Vincent and 0 dtn.barf h, i - ,. wm l-.r. rfnelr. foot of North IjaflalArl. VanSchaack & Pillstay . CALESQURC. ILL.," -. MAI-UF ACTTJKK R8 OF P"H -t ILL CHERRY STONER OR P1TTER. TtdaUttle machine leaves the cherries, after being atoned, roundand plump: la rapid In Iu operation, and r.nJ 8ild at retail irr bouae furnt-hlr-g. hardware "dryrS CTcrVwlicreTA.k for it-and aee it wcrlc IIMEAND CEMENT. J. J. MONTAGUE, ' ' "' Dealer In tbe FALLS CITY brand of LOTJI8VILIJ-I CEMENT. Akron Cement. Stucco. Plartertng Hair and Qwkk limSL Office, 98 MARKKT MT., Chicago. Iealera and contractor, .uppued mt wnotesaie prtcea. GENTS' lUBNISHING GOODS. The Peace Jubilee. Boston, June 18. There Is an Immense Influx of visitors to attend the Peace Jubilee, crowding hotels, lodging houses, streets, Ae. Several mu back to toeir places aa aoicfcly as possible. We .... , Wo.116 JLaSaUe-st. ' . TO BENT. ; v Stores 3 8 & 40 LaSalle-st. Formerly ocenpied li j J. B. Shay. Ap- .--1 am viaed aa ta tbe action talyen acainst MOTVDAY KVF.N1N G, June It, at f o'clock, the new COIL SPRINGS. FTE.LD, KZXG 6c CO., and firat-elaaf atearoer, BROOKLYN, D. H. Davis, Master. them, bnt presume they will be, at least, elosely TOMded and watched. HoosleT Bill " was still Stea-wate-rlaTmoraftigwhen trie nafl messen- sical organisations from a distance have already arrived, one from Chicago reaching tbe city by the midnight train last nigiib All such organizations inspecting sonieimng wrong, ue maue a irip iuuh to where deposits of money and bonds had been First National Bank Baiwi. CABS PROPIILIiIlD , .isVo'orl tn Hfftlt-ratiVii-a, O-Ipvi Haven. earner Suae) mi MtJun--c, XTirit-eveUiid, Buffalo, M on trea Que- bw, Boeton. New Tork. and a31 point" eas't. . the Sctiuvlkill County men, so that, should the latter reeome work immediately, the former will not be more than two or three days tn following suit. The Archibald mines have resolved to stay ont for a year, if eceesarv, to force their company to ao-cede to tterr demands. 44 The Delaware and Hudson Canal Company have tust discharged firry laborers at Rondouu They have also stopped running a n urn tier of boata Thev are delivering; about t-renty-Cve per cent of this month's contracts." The Philadelphia Leaner of the 10th eavs: 44 We learn with regret trom the several anthracite coal regions tn thia State, that what was started three or four weeks ago as a partial sos- ier. who arrived last even-as, left Michigan City, bS there seemed to bo no doubt thai the last wonnrt he received was a mortal one, and tnat He Hon. Vf. tt. aewara saa tne congressional wavs and Means Committee arrived from Chicago this afternoon. They leave for Saa Francisco to-morrow evening. Captain J. C Denny committed suicide at Fort Mcpherson last night, by shooting himself. Cause unknown. A teleeram from Fort Benton says the river remains stationary, the usual spring rise not taking place: boats have to lighten below Dauphin's Rap ids, beloro being able to reach Benton. , MILWAUKEE. Mad Bitaster-Tws Boys Dross-nod Steamers of thia line lewra daUr. Baturdara ana oun- $90,000 dare excepted, at 7 p.m. a made, and discovered that the entire amount had been collected, and that the birds had flown. After about two years, and suite recently, the old man learned that bis false wife had returned to Peoria. He came hither and found that such was the case, but has not ss vet been able to get any satisfaction regarding the lost treasure. He COIL SPRINGS. miv urn ,in , w couuoriaoie quarters vj a committee of the Accommodation Bureau. The grand ball to be given in the Coliseum, Thursday night, is attracting much attention. It promises to be a brilliant affair. Efforts will be made to induce Preaideat Grant to remain over Thursday. The week promises to be am eventful one in the history of " The Hub." could not long butiv , IKE ISSIASS. TO LOAS oo Orty Kl Ketate. a a aer ceaa. um north ena oiara at. onnge. HOWE OO., Agents. pnyn" ana ocenreo rmx ws-uko. Patent Secured June 6, 69. JUaMt far aix Statra only for sale. Models ' COAL. , ' vtiiiiifinis - - 115 Dearborn-et. has knowieoge oi iue u,UUUUI v u.ujk uvm, win has frequently called at her house near the FOR GREEN BAT. nensioB of lanor in tne coai mines, to oe contin i at tae 1 rt w ,mm-, J, o A. N . T O Pronen,T I,aA Pranklin will leave trman'j iDock. Fourth W ard scnoot nouse, on .euowii nxwi, but has not been able to see or gain an interview with her. one week. A. J. B-a-SSavrx, FTf -rietor. -IU STJHS OF 000 1 Despatch to The Chicago Tribune. lootot waoaan Green Bay, and Goal Reduced S ii w i .1 1 . upvu Ul.l-..,fO 1 1 1 . PROVED, or city property for IMMEDIATE Ut- .-.SHIRTS! A t WILSON; BR O S., T24 and lg6 Yiaartom-- ?"?; f?rv. N.Taitf South W.ter-.t NEW MUSIC. We understand that legal proceeaings are aooui to be instituted by the swindled old man, who is left nearly penniless, with s hope of recovering a portion ol his lost fortune, but as to what success tyepredatlana era the Plane A Fight - ia Arizona. Junction Sebraska (June 8) Correspondence of the Omaha Republican. On tbe CM Instant, 'aboot sundown, a party of tbirty-liva hostile Indians attacked tbe settlements on the south sfcie of the Platte, opposite Grand Island, and from this point np the river, plundering- and devastating the country, and thanks to nothing bat the arms and ammunition we are bound to keep here, as m oaanot depend nnn ..... nt fT Droteotion. no acalDa were taken Looks Like Repudiation. Meyfhts, June is. The Supreme Court has granted s tmperreaea to the order of the Chancery Court of Memphis, which prevents the Board of Aldermen paving the July Interest on the city debt from the use of the tvw.000 bonds lately authorised by s vote of citizens. It is doubtful, as matters bow stand, whether the Jnly interest will be paid nnleos the friends of the city come to Its relief financially. Qrer lt Bank, corgtate acd Washing on-gtg j PEOTOGEAPHS. A Beaittfal HfW Sessr ana Charts." -.'- --- ' ": Pratrie farmer. ' ued until the increased production ot coal should be run oil a little, with the view of preventing an over-supply and a fail in prices, has now spread nearly or quite over the whole area of anthracite coal-tields, and has resulted in a 'strike,' or re-fnsal to work until the operators comply wtth the demands for Increased wages, and also till they agree to a new basis for regulating wages namely, fixed per eentage of the price realized for coaL This Is more repugnant to operator, than the demand for increased pay. They characterise the proposition as a deetre on the pari of the miners to become partners in the ahin-niiM and sale of coal: sooner than which win attend the intervention of the court, we are sble to say nothing. . :. GENERAL NOTICES. -, , , . MrtwArtra, June 13. Edwin and Thomas Holden. aged ten and eleven years, sons of Robert HoMen"of the First Ward, were drowned while bathing in the river yesterday The body of the oldest was recovered last evening. Tnere were no witnea-es to the sad scene. The father becoming alarmed at the absence of his sons went in search, ana found their clothes on the bank, but no signs ot hia children. The Chicago Turners arrived at it a rt to-dsv, snd have taken possession of Quentin s park, where they are enjoying themselves tn the tma Teutonic style. n -Jl 1 1 T T-i V . .l-n u. .. . U in L- VFfJ null!. 1 , null.. -.-, . cii-u in-uuj u-v I ef all aixe. of HARD COAL to CIS SO per ton for dub. Xiao Special Areata af tiae Xreaaary oiihie NOTICE. IBON-WIBE CLOTH. Iron Wire Cloth. -1 " Best article in the world to keep out . ra Sr MAan.4AUi away, nor did we lose one of our number this "na km4 iievBs. In iraman flhane. cleaned ont and xn-medixe aeuverv. oar ooai m n-inoa u-w Delaware. Lackawanna It Wertern Railroad Coropanv. and in the eentm of the Laekawanna Valley. No Coal mined or confirmed Is superior for domertie parpoKa. Offices .80 E Madi-on-m, 1 Bonth Mar-ket-et-Tajja 734 South Clark-. Port Office Box, 6WA j Of r aln-ar'. Lart and Greatort Work. ; THE ANEEL AT THE SEPULCHRE lr21 to., wtth "cnrprnl. aritoaraTh.tlASB; 111 in-. 5.0 with -aiitable diMXnnt to dealera. Addrea. pnoiiiher. V.M. H. FASSKTT. Bol Si. Albany. H. Y The Richmond Duellists Cioing to Have Their Fight Out. ' nrmaimn. Va. June 19. The principals n the some operators declare their mines may remain nnworked the entire year. We keara from vari two houses, whose ooeapants had (rone off on Mthliene, - Hew Song and Chonis, by Faass Howabd. i.-. t . anrlfnl sowr wfll Snd 4' Bonnie Ath- . , OlTICX OT THS OVKBX OT THB COLS LI) Cocax of Coon COLii, . Cbxcaoo, Jane 9, 1869. I . hn.ii.i-, .nil tn their Ileum dots, nroke boots ana urpaitawit. Washtkbtow, m to. The following i tbe or-ranliattoB ot toe Special Agents ot the Treasury Department, aa arranged bj Secretary Bout well: Firwt IHXrit Headquarter, at Portlnnd. Me., em brMiofftbe State, of Maine. New Hamp-Hre. Vermont. MaMachnaetta aad Rhode lalimd i. under theeharge ct Special Agent It. W. Biatcbuii. with aMietaut Special Arents Besj. H Hine. and othera. Seromd JTisfrtrt Headquarter, at New York ertv. em-bractafc the onthrrn portion of tbe State of New "York. Mate of Connecticut and Faatcrn New Jereev im nn- recently projected duel near Richmond have dis windows snd smashed np everytliing In general -mmm ni fiA T-SO tO tueT-L. STOVES. liene" to be jo what the y want Send K en to any - Persons bavins erairaj snainat the Oonnty of Cook anreaneatedto mewnt the aame at tbe office of the ... .... PACITIC t Latest From Sitka San Francisco Markets Indian Outrages in Art- ous points in the coal regions that the miners are almost dally holding meetings, formal and informal, at which the manifestations are more and more decided to adhere to their demands on tbe operators. The feeling between the two interests, the miners and the operators, whatever they mav have been at the beginning, are now antag winiui a-iQi-a1. nr En uu uuiai-Uiiif.BUUict o wm-j ; ROBERT LAW, - - - - Agent ff Irlinera. ' EDUCATIONAL. ; . T Manu With or without Frames, wholesale or retail. appeared W liU Uieir BWWUUB, IB ..uuwrou iWyhsve rose to Sorts Carolina to save tbeir fi- OOt. ' - - ' - : enable so Agree. E"ta,.i. T June IS. On Saturday evening, the jury in t&- .-.inrt rianiel Xobfe. for the County Clerk, on or before Mondr. Jnne M. 1889, KDW. S- SALOMON, Clerk. faatmedby der the chare, of GaLox-el Prank E. Hjnre. m Lth 1RE.LET, 11X1SC . C0., LUMBER. Next they drove off six horses, where they feap. pened to be picketed oat lrom tnree other places. Two of the horses were eventually recaptured, as the Indians could not turn them Into the bluffs. After bavins packed np their spoil, nineteen ol them went soothweet, and tte balance east, toward tne settlement on tbe Blue and Republican Divers, and no doubt committed many more depredations before this In that direotion. , Hi B.m ia armnosed to be a part of the sand . ...CHEAP! i Patent Smnmer St err. . Two cent, .day for fiael- - .11 W. Ll-STKIi A HON, al" onistic ana steaaiiy wiaeiuim. 44 We hear of Instances of coal being freighted back on the Beading Ballroad from its shipping point oa the Delaware, to maintain tn operation nu j. a. namD. a. a. Brian, ana otnera. Tkird IHMr.i Headquarter, at Phfladelpbi-u eB&brae-I&S Eastern Peno.Ttvania, Delaware. Maryland, and tbe Diitrict ef Columbia I. nnder the charge of t.eorge PUtt, with anittaot. George W. b'. Vernon and othera Royal Insurance bond robbery In New York, In December, ista, tailed to agree sod were discharged. This waa the second trial of defendant on tbe same charge. The jury were about equally HASTES' EYESSOH & CO., ' UaaauUctaienwkd Detvlew - , ; - r ... - An nerw-n. bavin, bnalneaa with tbe tndenigned w"rJeauerinpon W. ST. CLAIR SMITH, at the TMra PiatonaJBank. Mr. Sr-dthi. fnTry anthonaedto act for m. rtnrlns my ahMM. Iron, the city. , Jnne U. 1WB- J- B- RICR- MEDICAL. HARVARD COLLEGE. The Kramtnarion for Adrata-ion will bo held ea THraflJAYl rSlBAY and 6ATUBDAY, JulyLS and A 1SBS. Attendanes en the three days la reoriked, beSnninsatS v m. Another Kvsnjination begii-a Sep-ki-mber A at tike aame hotrr. - - - K 7a. P. PEABODY, Acting President. flaw (a vtm tit aeaaatiartere at nonoiK. va.. en. t Tin iir. wtrii whom General Can. ot the Fifth -.urc-SEWING MAOHENES.' ! fencing the State, of u-ginia and North Carolina le UDder the euar.e of W. M.X Ooldwin, with Aariataut, Cavalrv had a oeht on his march from Fort n.A. tr. Fort McPherson. Neb soma three voi'.xu'i j-. a- aver, ur. . .... ... Manafc. ( WANTED., t . . Saw Fbancisoo, June it. The steamship Con-stitution. wtneh arrived from Sitka to-dav, - brings about flieoo worth of tne skins ef fur-bearing aaimait ef Alaska. Owing to some infraction in the Treasury regulations, tbe government officials seized the si earner and cargo of furs. Everything Je unusually dull at Sitka. The weather Is warm throughout the TerrNory.and but little Ice has been - oat ap either on Kodiak Island or Sitka by the ice companies. i . The United Hastes meaner Peiuaooav brings . in treasure Irem Mexican ports, t Horace W Carpenter, of Oakland, offea to do- "nottaiaM for the estabnshment of an orphan asyhna n that etty, on condition that eve other WtM ujbBrjbe A9 amoant, DaJtrjt- total 3f Ft fA TKcrrti-e Headquarter, at Savannah. fi- m. weeks aro7 and who were driven by him toward liractDg the State, of Sonth Carolina, tt-onna and Bart-era ft lorida to under tbe chance of Captain John O. , PLTiiorjTB, June 1. steamshin Allemanle from New York, June 1, arrived this evening oa her Iowa Normal Academr;of Music, i the settlements, to dp as tney please. . - s DIARRHCE A. viSWaSJfrel bSryTlt will cure Chronic Diarrhoja, ef no manerhow Km. .ndms. in two ta fir. da. a Dv-entorr and ordi-SIry-Ii.rrb5. cored ht- iZlASJ?? part of the rausur. Addnas A. O. 6-MONb, Chica. WerkS On ItS lloO. liwec -i-i-;iuroia m uu vma nee soft coal are supply trig themselves Irom Baltimore, Georgetown, and elsewhere, wtth this arucie, and quite a shipping trade has spninn up In supplying it in the immediate vicinity of anthracite production. This ts. Indeed, 4 carrying coals to Newcastle.' The demand for domestic ase contlnne. very slack. Were it otherwise, a material advance in prices ooold scarcely be avoided. Consumers, as ft now thought, awaiting an early resumption of mining, which just now ts not aa promising as wo -eouhf desire, Tba teal naas at o-jantoo aad iajdo Una, -TEAQHERS. f Arnica, wna aaHanuHnnarnuc an. nanii-m ""aner Cnd aa Filt-sts Ckleagi. - W bTa-w atock of -jImher, crjwfariri -. ,1 JiiT -..t mrmArm nf Clear Fmiahir-C, C SEWING-MACHINES. The Weed Family Faverit. LoclMt-tea Sewmf Ma-ehtne. uoMa ea-y monthly w-menu. iaU to. .truct-on. -pren at tne roBdenoo. at iKin-l-a-er. t . - - - - QFokce O. TWOM OO, Agsars, nam from Camn Orant. ssentioned ptjitu; DAVENPORT." IOWA. " - , - a- . Coo ley. i at Key Weat, Florldv , Aa uu mlm it 1 lailj trsrhT rf I -" ' 4- st mailt aad oa. of piano mnaln. wiiAjiyilinwj in our last as Eavmgboen sentfor sobm weeks, , .h.tnnAt ob SatordaT last. - This sr. iniuwn-s. Mv M and d Atvroat St. For I .- 1 Destructive Fire. - I CTrtrlar. .ddrn. eftber J. F. FAfiCK) K S. A. F AJIK- J ere b racim: the wejt oosst ef Florida alone, cmder the charge of H. K. Ueb ; aMhTtairt Agent. D. T. Oowant. . iiiigL Pi"'" H-od.arter at MobHe, Alu. era. and Ooarmoa Ftoortna, Siding. Boardfc f -S Flat and Sar-arr Ptrketa. SianilM JOA L-4a, UUBr or the nen acnooi year, .noma , k M. TAAOtLlt&r-, Tin in o. i nart- oonsH-wi of Coiorn reesv In eomsnaad: I " --'- ' -sntanla JnSiana ao4 (.Muraapan. sswsa i ii-ii-ati, jane ij.A great ire at Georae- ; tcrc Cj to-asr. taatnjel teav-a--3!2S. sc 05 tns osoa ana bjaanineltiai'TT . l.iaaia eem a aotaea cf

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