Chicago Tribune from Chicago, Illinois on April 3, 1869 · 2
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Chicago Tribune from Chicago, Illinois · 2

Chicago, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 3, 1869
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. - ., z - x - i - . a: ' ,..., , -, IrtribnitIPT9011 tiling' i'''' '''.- ...'-'" - a ' ' ' f , : Defy , PaLlairtital D I Aalbuloia gabdleh yet year. by 1101L. 114.0 ' ''''''' ........,.., e Ird-Wesitre MIMIonir pre tone, by Maselor BOOM ler .iest.b7111b116.,,i.... ". -17.'.7 t"'; Womb. trardemo re, root. Ity MAIL-. - ....... MAIMI" 1 L-, - . ' r roma armor at ammo Pomo- - 1 . , - To ammoomodoiro mod omimmoMmo lo tom -.4"iri. lio-oll -.-- 1 - . : , Vim eam te lo& Illorodum We omit emote.- - -" . ..eo o ,..- , m- peormorodro aro onmerod Imo lee twist emommesolos -11, . -1- 0.3 .- 111110.11111110 WM. IS mmoes odor by drat. r ,. roil Uitom roam; or la toolassommt reliewm at est Molt. a lo ern go itialtile , At, ,- '. 1, Imam Miete Ipor mak , . : e, fr...., AMU; oltrimmt lb WaaP Inomtleutok a4kto Yet week. AMMO . - i, A t TIMMUSIS Qumran . . . - VIIIollem al. ; imp- , , , IIIICTION OF TEl PACIFIC RATTatoutt i , . ; , The Union Facia Railway has been com, I - pieta, sal the oars are now zunning hum; t , I -, Omaha, to Ogden, and the track has boon' t - . lad acme twentylive miles beyond that : , point Oa the IMMO day, She 24th of Mareh, A. ("entail -Petal Ormapeay bad reached Lucca, ponting eastward, leetving a gap of . - about One hundred and twenty-five miles to - - -lso complettal Of this Use Union Pacifico , - - Company will eromplete at least ene-balf, bee ing an extension of their ' lino, some axty - auslea beyond Ogden, which is on the t - - - - mat .' aide ''' of ' Great Salt, Like, 't ., and north of the Mormon copilot One of . the great incentives bas the epeedy constrew tion of this and has been the rivalry of the . companies to extend the points of connect I - bon an far into the territory of the other as poseible, the isw militarizing theta to build eastward and westward - respectively, -imt2 they shotdd zneet:'.:.They will, in all ' 1 ' probability, farm a junction, within a few t - ; , - weeks, at a point sixty or seventy miles west st r of Ogden, and to that point each oompeny i - - - -- - la entitled to the credit wad profit of the ea- - . orprias. -Ent there is an effort snaking at - .ta 1 1- Washingtou to overturn -or disregard the s a existing Aro and --tbit facts, awl to-- hate ' t - . ... .;. Ogtbili desikrod, arbritserly, to be theplaoe--- ,- t of meeting, thereby- defreuding the , .- I - 7nion ,' -",l'actitio - Conti:may - of , , sixty -I or seventy miles of -tabor actually per- - --; - - farmed aad td the ireIbearned glory of the -' achievement Snob an sot would violate - ,'"I , the entire eptrit and the letter of all the 1 i L laws on this 'object. " It makes no differ. once which company hen performed its work 1. ': ' - - In thinnest ilovenly manner (and we imagt - - toe there is not much to choose between therein this behalf); as mnong themselves I , - .1, 1.. .., 1 the law ought to .be strictly enforced and I; - '-- rigidly coestrnett -, l- : : The law upon this point le to be forma-as t . ' follows to the several " statutes. The eel 11 of July .1, !BA ineorporated the- Union : ' Pacific Railway, with authority - To lay oat locate. Sonsimota furnish, Ioannina - i ' and enjoy a continuous rtilroal and telegraph whiz I the apponsliancett liwili a pond on the tee hum I , i , grucia trotelettin of longtoade west from Green. wk.!' t to tee weastes boundary of : seeterresaa Tenttora," k .,', Section I of the tame act plvvides that " The Central Pacific Railroad Company of Calf Toyota are berry antonorri te construct t .. a railroad and telegraph line from the Pietas coma, i. ,; :: , at or iwor Pon Francine or the osehrattle waters of the Sacramento River, to ths sante? tionnOarr !.- , ' .. of tolifornia. upca the ammo tuned, sad a t . to meet mad connect enroll Me neekoneationed ft-, i t' , caLitarnibb." , --I . -. "Section 10 provides that incase the Union -'- . , , , ,I'accRsulzood Company shall complatatiosir limo to tho mutant boundary of California I , before it is stompleted sierras the State by i . the Central Pacific II Waled Comp bny, the r ; linstaxamed etanpany in authorized to eon, Untie its line through Cadifarnia " until said roads alien meet end ounnect." It also ' -, - prcreides that if the line through Cslifornia f - ,, , be completed , Inst, the . Ceotral Pacific t,, - Company la sortheriaal to soontinue its maxi straction lesteraelgy through tbe territories '.- ; " of the United finites :" until said.roads shalt ' most and connect." - -, ' - . r . .The set of July 2,1861, Section 8, provides i: that"for the purpose of facilitating the work : 4" on maid ndlrood and of enabling theaompany i . , " ea early as practicable to romience the t4t I- ' 41 gmding of said rislroad in the region of the --; - ' ' ' "mountains, between the boas of the Rocky -a tt I . " "Mountains and the western brae of the ; . . , ls - ' ,, "Sierra Nevada Mountains, the Secreary i I ' - of the Treasury its mithosized, upon a eertrn- : ,- ' t - 'trate that iamb grading hasbeen dons, to tame I,, 4 4 - I - , i S to the ocropeasy a certain proportion of bond 11 s - -t - - - '.- therefor ; " and no Inch bonds shall bane to it : - , -" ' 1 the Union Pacific Railroad Company for '-' 4 -- I, work done we et stilt Lake City ander 4' :'' ' " thoi. seation snore than three hunared 0 - a " mike in advance of the oompieted eons , t . is thanliald lbw of said tallrout." -- 1 -- Section le of the sante act provides that a , 1,1, abooki. the Central Pacific Railroad tome. A ' : , pony casseplete their line to the eastern -1 - - boundary of Califoimia 'before the 'Union Pa- I 's - -- . :-' tido Ccesspani elan have reached that point, I said Central road company " may exte" "" ' t ' - - " their lino re read 'eastward one hundred t : land lay miles on theestabliahed route, so t ' t ' '' "se to nseet and eonisect with the line of the i ; 't " Union Pacifico Road." - hanes away et, loos, Section a, le in - t.:.'''' -. them words i " Tom the Polon Paella Reilroad Corapany, . - . :- Mini the consent and approval of the Secretary et ! i - ,i' the Interlor, are beesoy sonewitee le locate, coo. 1 sacMI , atnbrormagroxcoatarewoutthwanteir roadamonittnininirtitathe,so mein boosite- : ' -7. N wan route, Sad without seferroce 1 i - - ; .-,. wto wtottho itulewrttial t.pnamint000aDoth:prommtvkisdhontbirstitil, law, oneediaow a ion.. I '. themes completed etas note 'they than meg test- A . ..,'" 410111111111e with the Central Pailto liatiromil Comcany , S CASifornia; sad the ()Putrid roma naiblead a licrohy minionsid to s- t. --- - - 'flpony are icolLs' ; onorireet sad Continue leo reel inusterowd, - s a In a reetmemot inicolneted line until they Mall i tia madosil arataat trait the Unborn rectoc staaraatts ginvettiod, That each of the abovonamed tiomptinee I , a - Mout balm the dirk urban VW mature to ens wort t: ''' .- -. r be halt fteeerdieblexptsitil el deeirstsiler;- the a., racier Railroad Mauna be, to Wort for an extent et -. i ' - '''' --"sot to exceed throe ettelrldSinell la advance of t - 1. Therwis no . mistaking the intention et , l' '' , ,thess statutes. It was to notturage both, ''' taweptides to pub on their lines, and offer,. I-kr , , ing to each an absolute poseemion and title o 4 . - to every font at the distance it might eons& 4.. --' plate and occupy with its roft.i. For Coos ;. press to step in now and artararily fis the ,' - ,- point a junction at egdert; when the linion o4 ' l ; .. - - Pact& ites long since plumed that point, is 4'0:; . anal mak injustice that we sonnet believe t , ,it will meet the approval a either house- "t t; -r-Vith as much propriety, if the actual paint ' -' 'lot meeting is to be disregarded, Congress d'' 7 l. , , might wheel Cheyerme, or Laramie, or any 1 : --, . ether station on the lino a the eompleted - Is t -- 1 road, end &dare ilia to be the point of It i - meeting anti conneotion. , II is irged liar i.-; . ' them are parts ot tbs Camillus 'which haver' t . il . ;been very hastily constructed, lied Cali is' I i 4 :. . . ,,true; but it is equally true with regazd to the Central. Neither is entitled to any eon , ? , '' adoration on this point as against its rival. '..; 7 Th. plan duty of Congrens is to keep hands ;it, .---; off, and remit bah parties So their !moody ) i -,. ' in the emits if they cannot agree. : --- -; - ..1 .,-2, 1 1 7, , s-, , ,,- "1- A MIA!' 6011,21. , ra'! ( f -sg : We eongrattdate the Cbriatianti of Chiciagol on the advent cif an infant phenoulicion 71 - ' -, $arong their pulpits. The Chimp Srealaii 1.1-L 1 '''''. .: Post, a vow promising babe' in larat4eis s ' I.., ,entling its ; teeth , la E theology, 1 -mid -1,t ---) '- the - premien, thieigh unpleasant, is - ,t --- : hateseeting.. . Bev they any ' vorderiadt ' 4 ,- -,, onnected vrith their ritual, faith or ;-t , r.cherelt -ovtomment, lel them lay then) at A the foot of this prodigy. candle. Speaking ; ''. .:for 'Its batik with- an authority which no i 11 ky member irould dispute, its decision - - t7 t' ,- , ,cpsmi tender and delioste entettiOns iot fel -!" " - , and practice will eclarene theatteatv'ea to the --. ' conselenees of the elect vrith a fulness of 1 . ; s tionvictiost that sould,-not be eonveyed tiyi, -t. 11 ... , , the t)we mail of ' an-;:tordinery Popitri . . " , -;- 04. a0116 - --- - - 1- --,-,-.i- v i l -T t... The - Peet trIll doubtless , Agree that --- -' - ; - the , world. -boa, -- fla-call ogee, been vo , - labial indebted for its physiest health tti ,--, the saireenlons mica wramght by-those ta'a 1 - a . to ' - - ening ecotatricities; who. without, having - , 0 , 14 - i f. .. been econfused by cc dm with the vrions - -,: t' ,-, ----- mei manhiating-seheeleaast- meditine, wire j, i" ; l SA- been with supernatural poems of healing, Li' ,1 being the seventh sons of verventh noes, or -.2. -,'-: -. ,- whetters obtained these power by diligent -.4 ,-,ta , cultivation of their beards and Imir, or by' i') at i t - ,anaidttece advertising.' - If We is trim la the 1 '-,: I. a physical-werkl we fail-4 see yaw-the reit: I t I : i - -' may not prove it to be equally tree la the - it apkitatal.: We hall look for a beery Inisi--, , - 1 4 .. ' ' Dem in Outing souls now that one not at the J . --- i I Angular teemby hms entered the sad. 14 hie '' t- - '-' ' ectedCand we,sak tha faithful to obeervel 1 1 t- I -.1----that the good people of Grace aim& i f u sweep pew-rents and sales out of it &Oils tl, -4',fron troopers swept out !he itiok. wit,, 1 ;:i -, ; !, 7are not Wormed whim or where the tram -.11 i ' troopers swept out the klub, end the Mut- - 11 4, , -,., initials strikes our titled vith it' stiles of ' 11 ; - anachronism, as if we shotdd say t- "'As the i i ) 4' boyela --bluic Illidesi the brave 0410ersil I , ,Z,-1 , - -, 7,410 jpecnattai overran Gael." - Bat - our thou-- t ' -' logical infant suggests - an tismiptionz ) --' ! - for Orate -Church, which, if painted la elf-ea -; - ,---; ' hederttly large letters, se it ought to be, 'I --- weld certainly Miami the- attention -cil- cc, most people of tame end refinement, Says - ,,ti c or ecclesiastical prodigy la Lai t 4 opiek 1--f-',! - e---1 0 wide the doorsbaserthe on the trout,' , 1 -8 4 ' :-. " 'This is the Home of God--Lat those wise I : !..-1- ' - - l' will, eonmi in.' ''.. Original se this Duty cp. cLtib tini. 'SATURDAY; LIVL a, 18cit.:,),.C, a levant telyi, faithful iressmet that "leas " .id beem for whom entertaisment wee there provided, thinking it doubtful whether the liken. wateld be reammised, wrote eves sibeneIteepectively edo This Is a tuna. This is a boneLei thoe trim veil, "toms in." Donirdeas the architect& of arsecame supposes, in his !simplicity, that people east diatinguish a church from amiy other MCA. larding than they mulct reed any- Inscription thereon, hOgreTer de-re and-npprepriate.- 'We know that mane people stumble into the kger bask. sadoom on Sunday - foe reasons which emmot, be designated ae works of piety:endows:malty, but it never occurred to our imagination that it Ifni-for want of a sign to help theca to recognize eburch when .they taw me. Indeed, mi have the bighent authority for saying that It is mays wicked and perverse generation that seeketh after a sign. t- e - Our ecclesiastical brother of the.J3enf Xe- Marks' - that in 'the bid -aye, when a "'hutch vas built for the honer of our " Maker, it was for plis honor nuke& It ecknowledged - ito ownership 'in num" We confess, with- all humility, that our reconection does 2104 date beak beyond the fourth oentmy, though we are anxiquadylooking forward to the period when it will. But the cereful study of church history does mot reveal to us any inatenee le which a church built by men disputed ite totnemakip by men. In apostolic) times Deacons and Trustees-were appointed expressly that the church might be owned by men. Under the Church of Boum, the Bishope and clergy own the thumb property on behalf of thoce who contoliutet it. There would, doubtlese, be advantages worthy of profound coneider - in vetting the title tatochurch property (Erectly in the Deity. r The Post, no doubt, indidges in lithe "rpious hope that the Deity would , Acquire a stronger hillualuce , over The conseleacce el worshippers if the title to the chureh. Property were vested tin Hint ace. kuowledged no ownershiplin man." While We profoundly", admirö the , Piety which mares that Post thus to make known its - yearnings, ' yee there are incomeniences eummioted with- this phos -which, in the opinion of some, areinsuperable. Some little time- hes elapsed since thr prophets procured their bread from:unveils, and eines, by the diacmdinuance of the sacrifices of , rams and goats, theLphave:Abeen compelled to , buy their imeat J at the butcherk There are etillptemelcommtuaities ' where the : repel till isupported by " voluntauy offerings" -re one- room-ruminant , Lringiu 14 a burhel I tf bran, another pound, of wax, another a slab of hot year's pork, or,it bed-quilt, for the ectufort and consolation of hie peeks iota sexton: ' There canabeDiolobtectiott to any reaching the irmgdomofgleavenouthelf fare, provided they will Put up wit k mocondgees accommodations, orreventon Mime pane, though if they lose their;baggege they can bees no claim for damages onIthe company. We have known some souls:saved at very slight cost to themselves, but we doubt after aU ' whether their owners made a larger profit, on the transaction than others who paid more. We are with the Post In Its demand for a cheap gospel. But Desekles we would like to contract for it, experiencelhas taught the church-Poing people of Chicago that," very " pot)? pay only vomiter "very " poor preach.' While we lade:tire the ardent geese:Emit; of one who would build so elegant a church as Grace Church In order that he might be excluded from it by the presence of the people who:desire to get 'spiritual instruction without paying for Iwo notice that the churches are no built by that gam. , Indeed, were we to wait for our churches until the apostles of grant., itoi gospel erected their temPles, Ire should Indeed have nme that acknowledged-ownership in mannone but those that God had mode. I : AFICIAL AEoltiLATION. iiould not aver that the Legislature of Illinois has ever been called upon to moor. potato farming Itoeiety, -to -Mend an oxyoke, to exempt a hotel from bedbugs, or-to authorize a tender atother,.in the depth of her fondness, to spank her own baby. BM them exceptions only -prove the rule that the nobs Legislature !ashen' tilled upon to-- do everything except that wlmich the highest eour of Eagland have decided that'Yedimmout itself wannot do, Make a moo swereen. la looking oval sk list of fartyrnix bills on which the Governor is preparing vetoes, it is evident that id many cents the special relief sought amid have been obtained by merely looking over the State Constitution in advance and drawing the charter or act in harmony with IL --,, Iniuron teem, Itiairever, the relief I. provided for by laws already in existence; But Out of the entire 1,000 acts which have become -laws, - probably eight ,hundred come under the class ' which could be better provided - for be I general their by speck kets, -and they would be so- provided for did not the lobby make looney -by- withholding general lows and seording the same relief through speeiel enactments. All laws for inemploratieg t(ette, -eitise; or' bagman titotitpanies whatever khitt forehainging motes of in- dividuate, tomtit Or ,counties, or proyide ' folt subecelpdaimiliy Mims' CO fibblie poses 0whatever kind, should be 'general. rude& a ...general Isis, public notioi can be 'Aiwa to the parent aftectnd, advent!, parties can be heard either 'befere courtsice proper sifters the vote aria interested, itit concern a- Wm; POpidation; nen- be Marty taken, and the matter Is commodore& Mangy; ludinially ktid trahotat- the' aselatinee'-of A lobby. - But the hystem-of -epeeist, legkhe don invitee parties tOszttaggle lawn through the Legislature without the, knowledge of parties interested, end tolls detriment and disgrace of legislation. It leaves tne time tow general legigaticm and -emaintnine- the misdeed of the gement laws advanced end progmenive than that of the Iran populous States area' nd us. ) "it :Farwell -arrevoirs. --Ciii-71:h 3 1st of May next there will be iteld in Prammt- the- general elections foe treenbets -MI ' the' -Corps Legialatif. AU -Europe imirookleP forward to these dietitians erftli 4 &lies d inziatitf air staspetups foile Instilled by 1, Mete greet' beiportance. The tem' is Ahat,-6-of that "(Ilyt "'ranee, al' though the pow-of the Come Legielatif, which in to be venewed at those elections,- , Orr exceedingly limitidwM in reality solve t the inomeitime problem -whether the am' pile, as aL prebent Mastitated, shell be Permanent, or, -whether, 'Mao distant dais, some ether form of government shall be t befit-6W foot. I ,E .441; Paftaei lii tnknr arffIdlyallYs ll',t114 trr 1-777.- .7:7 - gre importaucetoc, these elections,' Imcl even'. the- most ardeat and 'olivine Bona. Partin intimidate the Impitriel 'faintly, eta looking forward to the Slat of May with no NUM: agitaticii 'and toreakiness. Per some lime seal the gorentment boa been arab": every nerve wastiliste the disease. tented aleenents al She population, and theme oriel tesionze which it hes adopted.' of lato has bean solely dictated by the de. sire to win over to its aide those oboist doh are Ititetwa ttrbe agitation-I.-hostile to it ;Tho Prelvate liavo: been inatradted to send to got Dinperotoreekly reports tim. willing Poe teats pubis oPiniart among the people of their departments. The lists alike candidatell Ulto-wIN be supiortett by the gaverittecnt 'LarlOtoliutsuily being re. rimed with the utmost care. Boob 'al the teriolints ' ar the government '--!anaty in the "Corps Legislate I. are iksow a to) have; become obnoxious to their ' Oonstitnents - ere T thrown board, and and more popuier men, even' if leas ardent Bonapartists; are noseinMect n their Omen Tb. various. wings et the Opitosi Lion, on the other liana, aralaewiee loaning ito-stons unthread to sea are the election of se many adversaries at the present, regime atipostlie& tlitept hive Imp taken to bring About a fusion et all opposition :element in thoes districts liters" their ; dissen- . ekes hate isontotore donated IA the b.f. wstph et the .goveromenik uotaidates. short, both sidte will dispute svery inch at ground itith one another with extraordinary obstinecty and Ntigor and the mites& is certain, to besoutó by far thathost .-,vicjlent. awl bitter ever known in the battery jot French Whet reVrtialutiestalt POf thieventallkis Totem wha, cot She teth at Deeember. 3851, eightorn dart, after the amp tretat, aptimved tor what Louis Napoleon had done en-the .2411ot- Deeernber, 18511-it large Pro1 pertion arernow in their greyest but bi their plaseshave arisen millionsart toting 'voters, one-half of whom will cent -their Bret ballot on the net Tot , hday next. Al Itte Presidential election on the 10th of Demon. tro' Zombi Napoleon Bonaparte re. , ved 5,434.216 votes. On tha2011t al De. eratiber, tUi 111A,000 ogress IMMO eget for yeer a precedent will be fined for it tbe 1 the approval of the anap feted, sitd a tow 0.1e11100 of am seise wbot attar Imintailth lbotedledthemetal voles global i novas S : months afterward, on the 20Ib of Novene. bee, 11352, 7,819,552 votes declared in favor of the reestablishment eif and only 254,501 .lecidested ageing' kt.flIut 2,072,798 registered voters kept away from the poll& At the elections for members of the Corps Legialatif in 1852 lb affelrellato vote earn for the -government candidates was 5,218,602; their leheral opponents received 818,962 votes. At the next general eleog lions for the Legislature, in the year 1857, the tiggregate .vota obtained by . the govern- ment tetedidatee wee 5,200,101; the candidates of the Oppoeition reeeived 848,646 votes, eo that the Liberal party had gained in, niz years gouty about 30,090 vottet. But still halm number of citizeus lb.. etained from voting thee in 1852 and 1857', la the year 1863, at the third general elsetions for .the Legislature, the, number of vegistered voters was target PAU ever before, endowing to a few coneriodons made by the Emperor to the Liberal party, a portion of those who had hitherto stubbornly retuned to participate in the election. KA peered again It the polls. The result wee that 7,283,028 citizen& vcdett. The govern-meet candidates received 5,362,320 votes and the lateral mediae43.7,863,472.4 The press was still completely muscled; the right of meeting was still withheld from the people, and the Opposition candidates in many distrkte were unable-even to inform the leder that they were ;ronmngthe journal. in Most of the departments being wholly under the control of the, Prefects, who would not Allow any announcemente of -- Likeral - candidates to be made in their column& In 'spite of all these obstacles, the Oppreition $eeve&i sweeping triumph in most Of the large cities, and gained over la million of new adherent. since 18$7. The profound emulation which the magnificent video; of the Oppoeitios hi-all of -the Parisian dietricte treated throughout France, slowed very-Anirly the-elections in the, provinces had taken Awe la week after . ward, the result in many country districts would have been widely different. -.-; Since the year 1883 election. for niszabere "of the Corps Legialatif have been held in sixty districts, all of which, with the exception of a single on were formerly repro. gented by ,b0nsPartinbs,Ewko. in 1863, bLd been elected by heavy majorities. t Noir, in seventeen of these- dirtricts llaberals were elected, generally by handsome majorities, and- the forty-threoloandidates who were elected in the other' 'districts,: succeeded mostly only " by the skin-of their teeth.l.,1 In view of the resulta of theserspedial elections, and the evident state ofl public opinion in France, the most experienced politiernmeof the French Ofposition predict that, under no circumstances, will the goyernmend be able to carryl more than two-thirds of gin the dish:iota; and that, SIMS, mush as the Liberals have a surerprospect of electing all their candidateslin the -first and second-chies cities, the government majority will in an probability ..bek:atill.lmore reduced. , 134 semi "hough the rgoverin gaziment. should emoted in betting Item thirds of , its candidates elected, the victory would be equivalent to a defeat. Ain order to understand this; it 'Should be borne in mind that this majority of the Corps Lees, latif would cousist, not of :hrdentlianti trustworthy Imperialist& but, in great part, of time-servers and trimmers--menNwho, owing teethe frequent' politictdIthangeal that have-haze; place in France, have been , greatly dernieralized, who-orarship ammo, ' and 'who are only too -ready-to abandon 111 cease se soon ea IhelY believe it to be einking, no - matter bow slavishly they may. have , served, before. firlannetia 3100 If. Cot !.0 the - growing Alseontentin the country, the Second Empire luut already lost, in, the hat few years, a great many of its adherent& who, worship. -success, and another striking proof of the growing unpopularity of the Emperor and Empireinch aa the election of an umenalp large number' of Opposition candideke would bewould drive not a fewlmenbers, elected as Bonapartist& into the rinks of the Liberian. At the sem, e time, the Opposition, greatly elated as it would feellby Irma an midorsereent on the part of the people, weal take & far bolder stand against the ;government than heretofore, wed demand inceazions in a tone which would find millions of echoes and produce...intraose excitement in parte of Frame.; The:bolder the attitude of the Liberal., the more timid the government members would grow. Defer time would beoome as frequent ea they were in 1814, 1830 and 1348, and the goyerlinlent might and morning, at a time of critical importance, be confronted by a hoe tile roaprity that would nut shrink from ine. Urging the powers of the Legislature "and undoing the work of December 9, 1851. - '---- NORTHWEST. - - The revenutrof Mie city or eideseurt, for the year ending the gOth fl. dnaluding the Money ou hand), was token, and the expenditurin wire itied,' -The eity WM la noti Meet - At Alton, a nor days ago, a child ea! torn which, two hours utter birth, weighed fifteen pounda , mean" Weiler!, son of the ;dint of the WaSitiTv Ville independent Preas, but received, upon the rec. ounnendation of -the Non. A. G. Bdre the appointment of yeast in the United States Natal Academy at Annapolis, Igarliand. - A child was recently born In Bennington'ToWn: thip, Marehall Coanty, Which hes one hoed, four-hands and lour legs and feet. Two armirMild konlitate Perfect. eat-in treat cat tittle& among from the shedders, are twe additatsat arum with bands haperfonkt developed. , Deka. the- waist there are two separate bodies Joined in one. with four legs end fect.-The child was living at lad leccousel, but It etel mouton it would not long - - , , The Grape had Wile-Growers' Aseociancdt at th 17alli7,--eteds ea, senuai eating in memo et Alton on the UM had 14th days at Aord, MOP. Ohio indisas, Miaow!, and Illinois, arid be veil represented, end d is expected divot several other States will hare delegate. pressen The Ntratilille .ildiutilhass eases V MC Jahn' Terry, wilt and child, were palleaeted at Maidon, in this county, a few dart linos. by drinking wider num a cistern m Mich poise& at MOMS Mork had found It. way. The wife died yesterdity, and La , Terry red child are not snowed to survive." ,- A The municipality of Peru Ma voted tro,ono to the opine stock of th sompany Organized to bairn a eriereever tholginole qitivirev that point. Over Moue bad previousir been subscribed foe woo object by milieus of that place. t The Lamm Jeisensi of March 111 tom "Two yaws ago we had a oonversation with John Go. wide all Milo, Mareaa County, lima Mt yam aid, Ile is yea hale atutheartv, sod tonsorial' (Sunday) will see his one hundredth birthday. One. at his grand chlidres rendes in Incas and another Vas killed the stare of. Vicksburg- He has had bitten' Manama, but two et whom surefire. He has a vino recollecuon Of events in the revithr. bonary war, and often tells of his Mother's hiding a env Ia theecellar to save her from a marauding perty or Britten He bat been it member of the. Mendable Chao torserenteeze years; to great amokari ken balled two trims, an& Swat en it , third. I III -test Week. Caroilne Lewis, wile et a Nerwegian eastatin of Molded died elliliderkluMl; eat a Coroner's investigation developed the tact " thee ket death was awned by the perpetration of In Ober. tint" Tbe irmatv pintas have ask es et been toestaita. ' -.Daniel cower, tonnerly prounneag mien oil Otto, eied at New Albany, Notch, 118, aged T4 years. Mr. C. vas the guardian and nem pre-teeter el the Ban. M desales. - - - George Thompson, whit manly bemeetted I halal entrage upon a worms in riscutoloomor Cesitty, publialem the tonowtag ford: 4b,Polereellastatef nehmen and mama i - - 0-6asruntiost. tee staterent ottnyour, pardon liatt what I have It u -aea-tor. and you have dote nothing Wore Mau your dutytherefore I ask your forgiven. arid I promise that 11.1 aver sat oot of this 03nipe I will lease the Mate of I Ind will hewer cone Vritkia its borders man. s Amon IAN for I an a poor, frienk . km boy . GROWN THONPOWIL - re the Christian-P0Mb at tinniness's., ibleada .1-0 - I ask ma Imerest your weell, Please pray tor lattof I sins peon UiM artd trendiest; boy. ',, A W0112121 ever WM 'mitred Mara old WM TM amity 'cavorts(' at a revival amnia, la Iowa. -- -- A Mt. Pleasant girl, Ma Mariana Thompson,. ill saleadiat W..k4k albeit la Mmeinhusette, sad Wrestling la Me seighborion Iowan mama-A Mt Pleasant aterChaust Ontri tech at tie MOM et Ine nadostias Otos ett Ube anivevety, alatereas far a gallop direeke the WM treat it en conmencement day. E ' -- -Whaa Atm Dielasmast. beamed' in DM Massa ohs tweeted a sole while ea the platform Me writer asked for aa interview at the I; loss ths lecture, which was Want" sad be,:proe'd to be a Tick Omaha merchant, who proposed to Adana ern gfi 001, , Aram Moine& - t - At Wheeler'allrove, seer Counell Mafia, ea Batmen bat, Dann. Mathew, eyed te years, ano 1. shot sad killed by some inkwell Mallon( 80100 resre aro Mr. D. shot a lima la a party that este to kis loom for soma sianwful purpose.. sue iso pannier inky have remind Irma that occorreace. . awes Deeps tella the Bellevue 'bums( $ hots tlaYta se Mr. Puma honotte or Mr. Weston a lot of hoes hams hauling Maas is a tea. ed sabael Jammed eat of the wagon raa away, aim was a.1. Lam week the hoe waa found in the wises, and captured by the brother' Cassese It Is reetemeated as new helm about three feet hien and es taring sums three or fear inches leen two te pietas "es of the dows which um - Aertesh its capture. - " , POirtfe.A , Mils Nei hae been notainate4 for Mayor by by stesamperance people of Gaiesharer, - A, Memetitaan Masa Caaventioni win meet st lessavilia, Stain, And Ilk la amanita a Janda - wine, , - , The Democratic $tate Cormaittee et Peentylia.- tale has deteminsd to dear no ealmeilliall AVM" notainatton of Gannet tM July le his said Mat tart aewee seoweit by Ito friends of General Mallandlem a easentin Whe Cillial Moe the - Wenn the lea Sow Ms eseseltrea et Gletrat.- , Demi and Mis Mon. Ass Packer with oiwteht lanes presenting betarelthe present lagistetces, and which is detriments to the Intent Cl Pena1 It is profaned to add to Delawatesight ettlacest coes hen Maxyland (each. Kent. Quiet Anne Cascline, Talbot, Dorchester, gomertet, and Woreesterl, and two from Pirgitila tkee01.10 and Northampton). Tat present Detesters le 1111,111e; with the wittiness it would be IMAM These te finis probsbility ot the prop owl, titers ever being ODUEUMStattd. The Atlanta awe Bee, spatting ot Amaral P. Mk Young, the Democratic tnesabiw at the hitt Cow trees from the Seventh District of ;Deorgla " We ars more than happy to learn thattkla,talestad, brave and dialiaguithed gentlemen is -Ovate tbe agentiloration or Preening Grant a cordial and ' -General Prank BMW Wilted the lialtneek ChM while a& Sew Orleans, sad, la nepotist to a toast, stated that When the war broke out he went IMO it to lamp as ginned Staten as horns kint that . tier . Wirowaseeisritiedid not wish Ot; neer tne South trodden downbe wanted to ase the country Wholitilint wanted ID del Vie tioallt 'preserve ler former force and proem:ray la the republic." The Richmond (Va.) Joiwiesi says : "Miss Bettie Van Ism is la receipt daily of Montreal-all parta :hi She VeUI ctingratelating her Upon thappoine. tarmt She bag received trona the tresident in re ward for her services to tharnicsa and adelity to Ike Sag. As a would be impossible for tee to reply I. sack et her wellovisheew she inmates us hi return them her thanks by general prodaltatton. So hi kerosine, we mot "Mann you, ladle' and gen Osman, tor lone kind-spispnibiliM liall goon -Irish" e n She la sho botnerset almost extern as Genera Grout, with appticadonw for placesin the Poet Office. onot asks les to state that -Mare ,Iire re- risnoteL" - - t ", The Veit 'VA gni' Mittel that Greeley was sent for by OwiterM.- Grant to go Washington, that be cams, was imked what ha ranted, replied thathe wanted the appointment of General Walbridge for Collector of Me port.' etre President listened to Itim with -tee - raid attentlon with Whick he used to eaten to Om PitOng-frolte In spring-three when be was on his tray home front Louts, when he had bee With s load of wend. Be Men put in kis thumb, and pulled out thgfpiton, and gave it tolitosell H. 'Grinnell; to whom it had tmdontitedly been substantially polled:led long be.. fors Mr. Greeley limn lent awl , Thal leavell thiesters -present sonotmt Mita: - DI. To fire to Sioritoi.eer ega Breeklem. diaaler and eionat wintout 'doers Lid ntreet farts 131 Wathinsion.,......,----o:"---- One - t. LA - ItOtig..14..p.1,04.0111, 4.0o 4-.23.12 Itysight or Vie President in ibeirhitelignseit illaril .; Ito. There la monietiting more to bit placed Wi Credit acconnt, vim, the enlarged Infonnation, the patinglising sialtade, And yet coupled therewith tbe Intpartrality al taint praise which 'marks the new attitude of Kr. Greeley toward the Minnie. nitration.. Witness the lalineriliS rdiOntit expose Mid endorsement, in the orm ot apology, lit the last PrOures for the President's supposed failiwom " Jo M use-often Mot a President is unsalted at the ostsetot his administration with the vindictiveness shown by the Democratic preset. General Groos.,4 la ail free goltertintants the leastrouriczy any party in opposition can show to a new atialinia. Matins in patience. Vito trametion front One rule lo mother is &Mimed, Mid Oftentimes attended with jars and stumbling. The men whir come in ore new to their wortan& to-each other. ' Until they gain Ole imowiteiga, matters will go slowly. A new government generally means a new policy, and any new rile: ts to a certain extent expert. Men libetalbabluel Isnot UM onTs however. ver. Theo appointment or Mr Stewart indicated an norance of law. Well, lawyers like Hendricks voted for the confirmation, lad many Men, meet sad learned in the law,. argued that Mr. Stewart could rake too portfolio. We did not agree with them. Mr. Stewart would have pleased us as Soo. rotary, but we corned t pleased with the Lmanner In which be pro to be Secretary. We differed with the PreMdetit. i He "was' whia enougeott Change hie mind. After font year Alf the lute mulishnem of Andrew Johnson, let us thank Beaven that we have C man who can change his mind. The Stewart businese was, perhaps, clumsy; Put It was the clunnaneas of an linnet men trying to do a wise thing. . - " Foreign' yews we haveonfered from unt war -and Andrew Johnson, and because the Prosioent, In the twenty-live Sarno( his government, has not S ucceeded-in rescutng Us from all these evils, be Is held up to public) morn as a a rater who doe', not, comprehend the duties of his stntionas Mere ' Ian on bone:Nick, Insensible to the wants and wishes of the (entry. He has done nothing but blunder, we are told Cabinet Is ' bitm- "Vitt do net expel from Gement Granciminfal- lible administoition.. We presume be will make blunders. The whim, of men hare, tripped and Mien. lle is truly primo and-, great who keeps steadiir on to bis purposeevery step bringing With it a new lesoon--every anemias only stimuln. -king Co hew incoessen-tovet7blunder serving as an admonition. Aare President has, done nothing to change the confidence of the countrybe has done everything to strengthen it. Our tomtit is better necilittett (WM Grant is Prenidertk -In the South peace reignatresson recognizing the moral weight ol his power, and -not needing any physical Manifestation. Every step indicates that the wort of reform Is being steadily and slowly presto:dr-TM Inbar is tedious, eiwrounded with embarrassments .that cannot be expressed arid Can hardly be appreciated. 'The men are in orrice who mean to do It. Their bands shonid be strengthened. This is oer Ilepoblicanyrandersk Worthy or all that we have done for him, worthq still Mare at the support, of the whole dUfltl7 lot ina enemies rittrilie and moor and de emilyAnit Mat Min administration shall be judged by its results,. and until those Wangs tow acMoyettttened and Canndente." t - PERSONAL. ,, v Wade Hampton hi buying a theneend tauten Sultan of Turkey ilea - written to the Pope asking information concealing certain' pohlta of the Catholit relisioeL . Inteartineh best obituary was written In a Prenet Journal in one line: "He has ceased to survive John 8. kosby, gin nothd inerille;fies boned a farm at Liberty, itedfbrill County, Vs., and, Make it his future home. - - -One of the Lelands has gone tetHeirOpe tO show Berlis bow to keep a Mtg. - , helingibb papers ame col deoraAhe fortune of the Marquis, of Butelo Month) per anesen. , George asereoft booboo" proposed as aa hon. Crary ametaher of the Vienna Academie of Science, pad will be shrank ananlanbaly on the Ilith of helm of IlateMTames Rottschilei afuse to Poi the legacies' whieb their Oecomed Hither and husband has bequeathed to pinion not belonging to the Rothschild laraili. Thomas G. Polk, ei rebel General dmini the war, 'Mil a brother ell General Ittehop Loonties Polk, died s&flolIy Spring., efert dais ago. - Mr. and Mrs. Renton, Si Annum Vermont, have loot tea children within Jour years. Soren of the tubber died el diphtheria, six hi one week, about lareeptare awn . A Weabingtoa letter says t-7." Hiding up the eta- nue lees night in the greet earl, LBW oPPootto inentrith ids clothes no badly Dori Mat be waS en en indecent condhath Se treopoitim the Inds-sot. Or linear, and anybody could pomades that he way but a little wly off front the drunkard'. grave. In feet, beth feeg wittiln; eat It MSC be only question of weelei and months m to the end- Yet this man was for eight years our Consul General in Canada, and drafted the laselpeseity Treaty." ITSCELLASSOUS. .c "pece4steretorbiffis; aged fifteen recently eloped tragesor non Nubians with a pear of beardless youth, and Were Married in erneinnak Atamble Mist in flew York, arrested for steaV Ing a brierwood pipe, alleged In excuse that be was too. hanglrk" A common Ughistinsily- lir in flistYnimothaid strotherc along C Maintor May, lioro-orthrea yours old, wbo has a Cigar in Ids moat& -- The French customs returns show that 1000,e0e worth of Velocipedes ham been exported Hots A Belgian woMMi der; arrest on a tharst having killed ea Infant granddaughter- by sticking pins into ita bead. On the braider efthelertheit POMO Imperial, a ' Sow daises, sae ,Pope sent him his blessing by telegraph. !The Marmot replied to thin mark at tin Me part I the Holy PaShes bj thumbs " eenceived lite Serbs of affecthaate Itathy; "" 11 A "mitring "In Russia has been When up, sad all of lb theabere sent to Siberia. 11 had Osten 1 IKSOSsosiset ssis trosasbetswermsemIL I - Aline thane of Behan, lattungary, laseept niendant nag named by swage dogs bit aktiaten tied Wee toile la pines Garmandoetur maMialas shoe the im:age: vibma Maltby bola net 'dwarfs, and Mist baths tsar boys sositilest spew in---He offers logo into a bath tientaatithir the wows toongssans ingellantes, prni :skied Saar In net corral" he tog Me . trete of lig - theory, to pay a due if he be Wrong, and to go to Snag and tobonit himself to the beyond at Ma, Academy of MeMcin at any time Mr the purpose. --The degreases k tosses taaskatasearse In Lan, manna Ungland,al robot to be Vatter now than was at any Woe durkg.the Awls; 00bsi.1 A NeneWu Ionia Amend ternaki, apiottel ea metering a house, and not soli aterutel a good " swag," bat ailectioitate hisses from the young lady of tbe noissit who rimmed the intettop5(4o be ber aunt from Me 00thity. - t ." "Indian Stai bee betheick," says the Ituntritell Moneta) Repleter, "tad Imagined Ids wife Innate mans Mersa Se Mtn wished for a diseolution of tbe marriage bonds. and Wand to Quallaaot jolt - 4einv00 the lisslhat booth ham sad Ss gelato, Joel respoodedr and scoompligied the deed Meet seactosity mid without mach eerethey, by taking the squaw out Moe little- distance and ' booting her, and Mennimaiadbintiody. ' The taw thins say Mso eid ostebilobed theloal thong them and aro aoldispeattO to have the Stites 1 ' i.theient Logan. Mtn 11, whoa hewbean so Meg in eusMU on Ins Manta et having-murdered Mr- Itog-ses, In Nest Tam wan Moterred on the loth an., time act below ealtekiliewriewele agabot hist to wernmt an ladietment , John kaiser and PM Reilley, in Woos no amplelo of Me same mime, ' will probably be am as Marty sots, as little doubts are entertained of their humorist. A Illeve Tart paper soya: " ApparelMy, at no time since the as. ea Mr: Rogers was committed have the an Sharints to tarsier 10111 discovering and bring. Int so abash nunterersad kis compsaka thes at prosent."- a The WWI Whichirre Mind MI; iitlet near Hoboken, bet Sunday, with a gaffe punted In the breast, bee been identineO as that el (Mug Ftelerna Weiser.: kr- ficlusedita, the pionnesar at signet In Hoboken. gales that Wieser cams to thiseetnahr In Mel ham Austria,- wMrs be belonged to one el Ms lathiest and peereal Wake-When be handed he was penniless, and, being whoffy unlined for physical or mad tabor, become a rockiest sthentiger. Hs found a Mead In Seinnedith and Was Mired a athatioa by the letter In his hotel. e acceptor the Mow, sod for nearly a yam weed la ,lbe ospachy - of Mgt and bartender. While reolding there be become anattMated with a Germs eithea at Hudson City,. sod fro-woolly visited at thill booth lis beanie Sin ! Moats will the Meyer the booth and a damemle comb. took piece at lobia between Weaver and the bustonei, la which The lathe levelekt Met; The insbandi and saga soon seperated. and Weiser sibeethently married the wealth, Ming with ber u ntil the Fridley preceding the anthem of kis torpes --the hot Gay on which be was seen ativs Speaking of ferthinlobbyista, tbe Washington torrespennens at the Plosion Bomb. stye: They have adraseed an ais Othnot of Into in tester fore than ever, aadi lase wear conunesoest to Mr mere to asetabare sad Senators at Moir bearding homes- TM giber day I asked the noorteepor of She Benin 'who is toppeatte the ladled Teeeption room, how unsay 'woman bad sent In cents Is one My to members. and be lethal, three bustrod anti 1 about! The athariess Mrs. Cobb In a daily vial- I or, eircuistias In the corridors sad hobbies es the sad kausalana plying Mr meshes t S THE qlliCAGO TRIBUNE, SATURDAY, - APRIL 3, 1869 ENGLAND. The Debate Mt. Gladstone establishment Bill. Pi B-: --, The Protestant DechulationiZ ------- Kr. Bright's Speech. - -- N! r ir - r k !I v! 1 - - t tot mk ott i.grAlloclooinA, die setidelshMent bill. the tendon Timm of March lit says: Or timidness aeltmett with Mangtee.-the Skid- Slott ot a Columbine's iskirt-M a too apt description ot Ni i D.W. sweetie teat -WM. It wee a greM erasion. He begat by reminding the Rome of Conn:moo that the Irina litliumer of the Crown bed bimeen declared, tn. latrodoeing Me- Irate Chorea On, We no more gigentielmeas bad ever , been presented to the .6eilberation of a tree Per- nib?: tt zat 1"w n did r. flraell re ? tity the tat ". Into phil000phy ; anti while we freely selmowledge 1 that Mc Hisraen's tun is exquisite, hel philosophy I. simply detestable. Then be became hatorioni vied didactic, end kis bletorical -reredoses,. Which worn Illannidoble -naught in Ms weer, political novels, fell Mat wenn reproduced as iterioul gegen weenie JO arrest the attention anti swap the Jude- wet et tha Bow of Common.. There eras nista suiticient sprinkling iunong the Miaissertal ranks who bad read Conigeby and Sybil to reeetve t 1 id uaintences with amusement ; nos it ura be said SIM the Mot - books analercities enembeta----suelly - era Ar. - Diereetes -admirable romances. Englisk Tory members, and stit more the -excellent Protestants of Ireland, were amply puested and Mittman at the use of arguments which appeared to them to abandon an their strong position& Mid So rest the rase they rely upon as sacred upon prams which they themselves feel to be merely fantastical. What they wanted were good, rousing deuracialleas of Papists end the Minleary, opportounies of Ewalt tire ;and what did they get I Mr. Disraeli was laboriously enre to the Roman Catholics. He absolutely seconded Bishop Moriarty's suggestion raM the compensation for the withdrawal of she Maynoolb grant should be paid out of the Impettal exchequer, Molded of Mot the fonds ue the trial Ninabilehment, He spoke of the Order of "ems In a tone intentrible In a secular student Insetzuded by the perfect orgeznzation of a hamab society, but which sent .6 CAWe shudder through sop-- potter& Re was deferential to the forthcoming amenitesi Comte& In a word, be wee, though somewhat &AI and Wood -on the whole, rtalefectly unconcerned 11E- y vivacious; - but - to Um - --back, whose Me and soul werela the matter In nen& wholly ineolnpree nensable one ilaseppointin,g. They all trooped out of the House at the clout, the sconing bra and the bewildered oppotrition, leaving Mr. Owners' la face of a beggarly array et empty boucle& the chilling orate of erne& his dual o acinearas sod premised we: wad ace altogether overcome; and it wee not until ler- Crone and Mr. ebichester Fortescue arose, later hi the eveizim that, the popsies branch of the Legislature t again the keen.' delight Mr, a - Parliamentary " "Ingtind Monne nfford another reireintion. Title wet the apophthegm with winch Mr- Dawn Mooed hie Meech- " The Tiessof March le wren - -; - Two - etement Irak lawyers, -one CarettentaMeese pare nolantarcele in Eagan& Sir Madera , homecom, and Mr. Bright, continued the debate yesterday, and if three greet speecties delivered in one night be autilment in- tnemeelses, the reputation of the Bongo of Commons, was amply us- tante& -141-40-14--tree, wee remarked, that 6 senseof unreality pervaded the dinonesion. - 'The couclumos of -the debate on the Irish Church bill Is forejudged...It wee announced, indeed, last year, Mien the He of -Commoue proved Kr- Gladototteli resolutions by a majority of SO; and if any -one whom wish was father to the thought still landl" denied that the blow wee irreparable, be multi not refuse to recognise the determlnatlim of the comnitateneles-Ceset of all when It was conlinned by the voluntary abdicatIon of the late Mondry. The end being thus cern , the prolonged debate witch will precede it in be mainly wield only In illecniedng the leading details of the government scheme, end in making or i marring the reputation of newcomers in the Monte of Commons. He Ban ochleved lUs first effort high oratorical -distinctira, and though Mr. Suitt- van, the presteM Attorney General, has nit in the House for three veers, his powers of Cop:fencewere-so little suspected that hereeetved the honors of a debutant. Mr. Sullivan, indeed, had the honor , at delivering the neorad great speech of the even- - - Mg." ' The London Tied March 11 contains a tong protest enema the Clem diseleablistiment pro, ject It ie entitled the " Protestant Decimation," and seta eel With the following preamble: - - e We, the undersigned Protestants of venom nominattoes toimected 'trite Rebind, do hereby son eamly protest against the thsemened disestablish-bent and diseadowment of the Established Church, and the upuaM withdrawal of the subside Whom to paid, under the naime of thteilignewe Demme, to --4betteetereern-Lpt rows Me deep emit-Mien of , the Wien' that the proposed measure of the gayednadent, K carried oat, would not only disorgamixe -an itheient Church, by abrogating int existing lawn In matters ecelegiestion, but tend to weaken the power of the great Presbyterian body, and icail to results most injurious to the cause of social luipplnem and true religion. In support of this protein some thirty propoldeons are submitted the y?rincipal of Which are as followst - - " That bete the lintitellebed and Presbyterian ' eittirebee are Sertidural ("Touches, and among the strongest bulwarks In Ireland of the principies tierted at the BeformaGon. "That the Church estabilieted in Ireland is ea integral part of the tatted Church of England mil 'Ire end consequently Mention in faith, don. trifle and diacipline with that part ot the Same Church established In Eileen& e That acknowledges the supremaey ,M-the -Crown, which Involves the maertion of the an. - thorny of the law (ecclesiastical as web as Mein within theEste, to the aranutiment all extern5 . or foreign Jurisdiction. That the property of the Established Mona, Consists of Mutinies& glebe-housen and gienntands told a porno& of the tithe rett,charge in bee of the niene - -- - . That of the glebe land n( & which cousi ot skeet Mame acres, no less than 111,151 acres are situate In the promo. of Armagh, where the Proteetanto are moot mammon's ;and in tba other three prov- Imes only SIAM acres, he the CowesMoneeserepoye tor Una-"That the glebe lands and tititee which were taken from the mouse:mien at the Relannadaa were all either given or mkt tO in whose , pannorsion they eentinue. . " That the right of the Established Church to the glebes" an& tithes bee bent reonrulted, and guarded by acts of Poris or so .aignierance and Import. - - That the tale so WM -Made- ke 1heuCtd by charters end patents from the Crowe. oa " Sod recehUy reprinted by order of Cle Mona. 71 Cananons, and posseesion-bas gone with the ttGe for Dearly three hundred yearn - - - - " That the rewolutionerbich elation 'the present royal family upon the throne had toy Re thief object to uphold the Church of toe Reformation, lust Medea tile legion el the Peotennolle Of the " Thst at the beginning of the seventeenth nentnry great 'numbers of the Presbyterian body were encouraged to come front England and Scotland to settle in this country, under the proud"e and guaranty of certain ng,its and privileges. - "That by the compact of the onion between Great Britain and Ireland, entered into and cone nmmated by ahe respective Legislatures of the then two independent kingdoms, it was guaranteed that the Ratablished Church of the two countriet phould be united, end continue In full force for - " That the Protestants fit Ireland Sr. odontodir among the moat entenirMw& tndusMous, prosperous and intellectual of the hobsiNtante of the Wand, as well as mimesail" loyal to the Sovereign, at-- Inched to the constitution, and Sees supponers 'et - the Unglit between the two itinadome ; and are minty anxitses te secure toall the eitiolnient every right-and !invitee& thatienoneheseut Wit the Constaution of tale tinned Kinadata. I " Teat a-menterous Protestant population bee grown up since the glebe bode tepee granted for 7 the Wintetionee of the Protellate Clergy; and that the whole social life of the !Telenet:tut of Ireland ems beea buinnpen the lath of thew:dinned main. name of pure religiee among them by means of the property and ,S-Mowineut secured by siteli sete emn "T iMmrs property and these ellnoinitento clime now eeken-awny. ineh Prottestents would be ilt a Worse toondition Shag tbo manners of any "Other religious community, none of which is with. - out endowments, accumulated Omagh emceesive .obsorattonit Gook the liberality of Its es-, bent That the Mediae presennee, provided for the Sereinistration et the Protestant 'Maim are nal eaneolave; they- are faithfully applied to the ohjectitio which they were destined, and sio. other objeol can he voluted eat-to wide they Selby be equitably emptied- - -- , , " melt meeierlet an- see -SOW threatened' yin be resented by the Protestants of Ireland ea - an atteck upon their loost weed lights, a pered'tips violation of-the-anion between England and Ireland, and a spoliation of property eeourel their forefathers and to themeelves by the faith of treaties and the honor of England. - nient the erranizetem of the Cliniett1' Row , in trotted las recently, been oompleted ,by the ap pottitment of a Cardinal Legate, and that the thief obstacle to the establishment of the Pope, as Creepily ette Aprons mder in- lielend:In the recoganion and acknowledWneht ;dd Allerenthe" theCrowit - cl That Meeks md shSeL Mid :Veneerer, end , endowments so secured and guaranteed would not only be m direct violatton of all Soranden tar the rogandon ot erotiertE and Make ta their very foundation all titles to land in Ireland, but ero, lianctioa . prtheiples tending So uproot the plants-non of Ulster, en& Weed et being in smordance L.teltit the dictates of juittlee, wbuld be Maar with the growled Injustice and wrong ; 4atat,alstana of reliroonag poem, and good win aienng Roman ouws and- Protestants,- errant embitter Mies eel perpetumit entmosity, ikon' civil and reitgleal, 1 in every Sart of Ireland. - , Thininoteet Molgoltill-bP4ftP-1Molletal Poem, and one thousand Deputy -IMoteoentie trate end "name of the Prece, end other eras, tee- eentiemen. 'The -follow were among the . eannearee: Abereorn teeters bangles thfunoteriteronee tenintionghd, President of the Central Prineetentnetence itateclottOn Air The Mow cane thiaetaborate deelaratiod mill - ratrallicdoeutmeetnann ooletends ma spropo. - Mopes twits supported nir no perste of authority In Pleannellk The Timm adds; e It strives to 'Cover tbe weetrilees'of the Caine!' title by wbielt alealsposiMerellasabashemed nakdaisassolnaineadr by acts of albite:gent memento& and Its them ;Mad erect theinestves up to -thenitonadiag am-seams that It Maul within the moral compotes. or Pareament I Muerte lila theittlitioa they want -0 This decistetion reetesents, We may hestellet, an the Proteisant laraea ana my for Marianne ' after tieeing been -Carmen for generations of thane ' security of tile tenure by which they held the en- reins of the maul, .after mist war es bees procielmet ageing' thieinSer MP? aim a evemonth, and It amounts to nothing.' -- the Roman Gashobe Whop et Kerry, In a letter Antler. Giedstioe's bait Charon hill, epitomes the following curious sentiments: . It is an longest el Ws to halse Met Protestant clergy reduced to pauperism. A puma out M beets entel elbow with a man wife ling ragged children, la not the kind of neighbor I Anew oboes,. Poverty and the ortenitooe reunites admirably. It we were dispieeed, and went forth with a pear aard, shorn heeds, and bare leek we . ithetiM gate it the respect anti love of ma people. It te not at with the parumbood. I eminent Imagine our Divine toed bidding married clergymen go forth Wittlant S mooed oaat, or shoes, or nerney-Inthetr parses. I wish them, thou, to be in Weer-table, nay, in ailluent eireumacooes, for I aflame anal wealth mole& a Marginalia sultan illthen, without inentaieng kis ainInIna IsonerI and lt Wm, la all elaliglq. I wet Trial s-ruientanit Clergy Oa be.' - gamy Istiguisa sent - Inn Mara' Is occurred theitecoed Were -ashelie la the Britian, Rome sie---Owininew we the, Irish CburcbbilL. Ile Iigb who Wal reartred with loud Meet said: I myself have no faith In politico-religious eatablistiments and believe ta the voluntary ptincMie, yet Lam willing to minds litud 111 wend be .1,ek loot to adunt it-chat at present a belied in the -usettnness of latakerobest vast:Urea appear,- la 3 thie ewer? to have the alardaa of SaMorityi of our teepee - Meer. bear. The gum. oemoceinent more martinet, more odelao, or Mare anotuated demob tee merriment et a Freed and jelmee Monde& Ilanoteer.1 - He aim ailed Lard Mayen Irish prOposolo Iomer acelles. and mo tioned 'rim 'Morin honorable and owned geode. ut Whit has loads ascii a powertial Womb to-weld ilieor, hear.) mid this (lunch eras bond , upon- imt act ot Parliament, - IMMO declared certain things, -that unless sielbops and lemy were be preen, lied pray, and perform Me services al Memo secordior do the poleardi et envirch ot lamdtand, MO, amid met bold tbeir ems or brined In Ireiand. Maar, bear" What ei of theertaining tbe power Whicle eionqueet bid frto Bg land, and the Chstech, 'bemires, it the ench ri of acesquestnot only bistoricelly the Cburch If conquest, but I maMtainaed tame is put a member of this House wiso will deny itMat Innte possibility could the Cburch of a email miteority of Protestants remain for tee years estabilshed in the media of a segos of esthetics, except by gm power which Sounded itthe power of row quest. ECmere I sun amazed at bonorable gentleman opposite dieputIng it, V. Indeed, anybody will dispute it; lied I am still more mearedi that they do nog perceive the tremendoue violation of every le of the Protestant Refoimue lion wlikk hs Mvelved thee Male of things. - Hear, - bessee - - For -- Protestant Reformation did not Mesa that any of as Beget hold the melons whieb baking to our ereireetence and consictions, eiteele it Mem& at tine rate that nation might mage its own cbotee of It. owe church, and of It.I ovra mode of worship; and therefore to establish a Protestant Church, Ike state churel of a small nermeite of the people, In -the mid of a Catholic nation was the most the- Meat eitestion ef-the principle of the Reformation that ever took pime since-tee days of Luther. tamers. Tbe right honorable - stetzther from . lathinghemeeho that sight heated as too Mee et theekind el kmWV which he often introduces lithe his speeches, - right honorable gentlemaa said tbaS there was ne gapport for liberty sad toleration Like Use Establieheill Church. Judghug from Ms speath St Edinbergis a year or two ago, his speech last eight, and other speeches, I thins I way say that the right botiorable gentleman reads a deferent history from any onocise ilewuaterl. or be inakee up Ms history as- be gom. sloe& IRe. stewed - laughter. He remeoft me of what was said of Voltaire, that be wrote history far better Without facts than with thaw Itmettneel Now, she I ern for union as mach as any gentleman all that gide of the House; but I sin for a real union. I care iwt.Mng as all for tile earth-meet nor for the ether urttee. The piece; mow will decay and perish, sad the ivords upon it will become illegible and forgotten. But the geographical position of the two bisects points out to every men that union is neutral between them; and I staititain against all comers that a true, a solid and a lust union between Ireland and Great Britain is infinitely betutr for both of them than any kind of iseverance can possibly be. Bear, beet) But it emit be real eaten, not of power and wesenesie or weakness trampled on by power. Honorable gentlemen opposite who cheenised this bill in the Hone. end out of it, tell us that ft appears bete only as the result of what would be called In America a Fen's& mare, and that but for certain events which tweezed bon year and the year before the policy of this bill would never bare bees avowed py the present Prime Minister. Ream beer, from tee oppoeitione were true, IL only adds another proof to the many going before It that it is difficult with popular government and with party governMentto make great and essential reforros under eircomatanceit which forced them absolutely upon the attention of Par Bement. Wear, hear.) We know very wellIrish gentlemen know as well as English gentlemen that the Catholle easeciation led to Catholic emanteatime They know that the dethroneinent of the Bourbonsan event which took piece in a foreign ' but neighboring conetrybrougitt about the Reform MU of 1831 - Theyrnow and I know that tile desperate Coediting. Of gains in the Went Indies freed the Waves in the Mediae Monica, -, We all know that the famine in Ireland came as an irre- ambles argument to beteg about She repeal of the Cora lows. Wear, beset We know that the mutiny in Indta drove the House, imniedistely and ! without farther eensidenetioni 110 abolish Um East India Company, and to make an entire change lit the Timmtent el Stri V I' were-to come .dowa to a later time, and speak of what took ! 'place in ISM, I might ask the right honorable gen- theses Opposite, and blei milkhues, and his party, 1 wines were the circumstances which induced them 'te eve each metinusherle "minion to a measure of household suffrage (Hear, hear.' It is a matter wilek we cannot but deplore, that it hasemeired threseyears et the sespengoe of the Habeas Cow pus Oct in Ireised, and those other grievous events which tare bappened in Inland and in England, ! ! to enable Paribenent to imelertake, and I believe .1 socoesitally to carry through, a policy which Mamie every enlightened Liberal statesman in England for the lain fifty years hat hoped for, but until now has bee& unable to see. Honorable gentlemen aolloo-tantallionta in America have beea-very Set-noes matters, because henianism there hnit canoed this bill- We eisimot deay -that the Mcidence of that disturbing element in America is cite whith inunfortunate and irritating ; but Um theory Of the goeitentheatilleeit else be a mistake, bet rbeiteve is is notour theory As this, thee the remedywieck ' will heal, in part or in whole, the disorders in Ireland, will heal meth of the disoontent of Irishmen everywhere. ' Mond-them) There is no Irishman in the Augrallan coloniesthere is not one siport-' the 'Continent of North Areericawhe is - net watching, as he feeds the papers, the counts of the Engiish Partiareent upon this question; awl unless in his spirit he- has been Maddened to that Mete of resistance 'when be win Ustea to no reason and to no fact, be is himself feeling a softened dile poeition towards the Imperial -Government and this Home of Commons for the measure Widen we are now endeavoring to carry through. Hear, belie With regard So Amertca lieeif; thine I may tell honorable members opposite, that a Fenian agitation in America-has been fed Ma easel-entitle extent by a certain sympathy on the part of the people to the (Inked StatesI mesh natives of ! tee States, who really believe -that we have never done justice to the imativeconnery tel the trithman. Perhaps, the that and greeted' of the Hugest' eleferiae's. Do you thine a Wilt be a misappropria- . lion of the surplus funds of this great transaction thapply them to some objects such as those doe' scribed in the bill I Don't yea think Mat suck charitable Stealing trill be better than :continuing to maintain by these Vaa t. funds three times Um number of clergymen that can be of the siightest use to the Church with which they are weimected I Hear, heara We ma do little, it is treee We cannot reillume the extinguished lamp of reason; we cameo make- the deaf to hear; we thatiell make the dumb to speak; it Is olit Elven to as ,,, thrum the thick-Oita to purge the-visual ray, - - And On the sightless eyeballs pour the Bet IS least we can denies the load of ethic-Mon, and we tail make Me ameseeterable to vast man. hers who suttee - Loud ragente - ffir, When I look at this great measure-81ni I can moms the HOlkeet I have looked at it much mere Menthe majority of members, because 1 have seen it grew tram line to line, and front Manes to clause, and 'haver-watched its growth and its completion with a great and in. ' Meanng interestI Say when I took at this mesa ure, I loot at it, m tending to a more tree and solid union between Ireland end Great Britain; I see 1 giving to Our - 1)6004 ) fd. :laugh lein the - Opposition, - followed - by 'elitinisterial, cheers.3 , When you have e, Water inmetly, rI at least will batty consider it. Cheers! I say-I we tranquility given - to our people, greeter strength to the realm, ant new lustre and new dignity added to the -Creme heat). I dare Chinn for this bill thstippote of alitholiehtftd and good people within the booed5 of the British Empire, Gies) and I cannot doubt that it will be accompanied by-the btesshigs of she lenereme In tie beeeneent results; for I believe it to be loseded upon thane principles of Initial and of mercy which are the glorious attributes- of Ws eternal reign. Maud cheers.)" . Tairittaln ACCIDIONTS i4m wunors...courmir resew - ithe In sweeerisairtemeta is rdalla-glmolOnSi 011 the naornb4 c;r ogi, tie of too moss wreath Colliery a...intent which ever courted in me Wesverhampeen dietriet, of England, happened at the Eart of Dudley's No. ile Pn, Wallows Collier., Lockeelene, Briefly bill- Suddenly, and In the. neciffie of the nigh the water burst into the Pik where there were ten men, three beim And six barna at work-; and it is believed that every Me be been lost. On Tuesday evening the doomed Imo end boys demiended the pit to do a Men tine The lie. la pit Is situated M Loots Ian near the water-pumping enginethe- - igrongen rye water-pumping - the districtand - a few feee of the road; while at Its rear lb the trough 'pumping engine, and the winding engine of the pit Itself in also In close proximity. Shortly hel O'clock In the morning the engineer of the great water-pumping engine Nerved a great reel' of vapor up the pit shaft. Teta must have been caused either by an intentional setting are to a gamer...yet petrologist by the Men as a signal that something was wroag, or by the reek of water over the lights In the pit and a huge gm at the bottom used for purenees of venteleaket ;- , but at suet ea boar It was eselly mistaken for tee effect of a fire In the pit. The engineer ad , once tommumcated with his Mother Seater at the wind-Mg enema, and both, in company with a bums-thee and doom, proceeded to the pit. abate Two - Man temageouely volunteered to dencend. and ascertain west was Me rasher. The engine was let in mattes and elm two - -omen -were kewered. To or threestrokes of the engine brimmed them In col-Mien with the waiter, which was high up the shaft- They tmenediatety cried out that it was ter and not Sr.; boa before Um engine amid be reversed they were phingene Seta os eleven feet Into . Wben tbe imen teloreeffillerthe swersee, messengers were seas ing kw the Earl of Dudley's agents te the Mabel, and a vetw shore Ilene saw them standlog round the shaft, doweling what had beet be dome- The great water engine was set to WOE at themes et nine etnowee a minute, instead of ate or six ; the trough pumping entree was got Intogear and at mice contomeoed to work, sad Instead of a skip, was attached to the end of tee pit rope. The whole of these arrangements ware made, and water al the tat. et Sod tons per hour less mused heat the pit; but such was the farms of the element that as le efeetoret, noon, the water had ores stink shone Weenie Inches down She abaft,. dreadful explosion took pima at the ,P ieee de is Serboome, Pans, pm the night of the n1 t..1 Almost WI the shop fronts of the Mae de is onetime tn. -- Rao -0 Victor , Cousin, and. the e - parts of she Roulevaid St. Minimal were dashed to shiver... The windows of an omnibus passing before the Lyon, Se- Lemke-were awoken. In the Care Bar, bed and the Oslo doles Mahe all the slid lushes viers Mote& or cracked. The accident occurred Is S warehouse a the neigeborbood be longing to IL- Footsie where a quaintly of gun. cotton and other explosive timeshare were stored. IL Fontaine was lately decimated with the Legion of Besot for the discovery of a sew torpedo pow- der for the matey, and it is- said that the material ' w Inch -.caused the eaplosioa was a quantity of 'Aaron& peewee which was So base bees sent oh to Totem the next day. The tom et itleoecationed .iey the amitient is not yet asoartalawl, Seems pore celKums'nsedren:Serelesattebitown so stotellvinger&tallaned.- the streetIMmung .tionlewl"notwthears ere.tChrito--1 rose head was found leg there, and an ens in another place. k r. the Se.botine School was empty at the tinietatra the expintee eceurred two hours sooner aseratet eves must have been sacrificed. - - nu. weetrucx PM Arratee,' e-amr: Beretta, to a speech at Leeds, 'added to hiternatioma Leans in the following term: " As-we end in the eineMry an lactiustion tt 'Male down and to prostrate themselves before the Pope in national matters eow -find-that in latessatienel Mahone they we imbued to bow down end prostrate - theasseives benne the power of America We are delighted to see that -great pen. ilea but we done desire to see their feet upon our necks. Depend epee It that witatevet they de, whatever thee sej,,to tom:mate the Poore er America, they are detenteasid not be be coedits, ted, and no prostration on wr pare d win anentley them bey are eleemmMed to be omMt oa the earth, and, W they eme they will be. The My chance of our opposing Inc Americans le he op..' mete them now -flwtime has gone past when we could have oppoeed them more eastlye mesa the - time When T proposed It to lewd Pameringue. De- peed epos It if yea dona take the preemie epee- tanite. the thee M aot far distant wimp they will prepare to piece she Sabena our meets, ape wens we amet Inflow in the train et the Dialed Seism Now I was thought it- eery elaseetweiel Wesson - when I sem Lard -Pahnetistonnot in this ball, 'bat in tba old teem eit the Callers' Companyto ackeowlesige the Weathers States el Amen's; but what bas occurred only very recently is Cengress Too know that Cuba b just now in rebenion against Spain, and at the Dement momeet Mem is a mouon in tee Congress of the- United States, se--leered to a committee, and -proposing, to odeseededge the - Wand of Cubs as a tree eitszet. Sumer, whin is sews for the genes le Remoter the gander.- IN ft vreeld hese bees wrong for us to seliDOWledge the Southern' Stases ender the peculiar eireweasswee in -which they were 'Need how ma tt, be twit tor Americo to adinowledge the Orton peseta ivbs Menet at ale-equal in social mates to the emithern States ? But we all twee the difference between what is permitted toe great mtleman and what is permitted to a Mali gentleman. The United States may do lireaS they the, but poor England, wretched Wand, be Criled to acknowledge as a tree State a State ar bas a Legislature, an anal, and eletatT in the bid. My poetical teartumay, thee, ote all them points is, beware of tradeerdons, beware of Men, and beware of the rutted States of America. - Theme three things Includethe future at England." . ' - Mix nuesisteli AY 4:011PANY , The nenney article of the Landon Nattily Etter St the task boo the following: I - The proposals to be subadeted to the share-bothers el the Madame Bay Oautpsaw at ebbe - alleelang on the Seth ere the Meowing: The goy-eminent promises that the eeniperty shall sateen. Of Oar people - mess, homy me q,,,i I eminent PP dial the conipeay Mai surreal-tree, thee, la not at all whether establishmenes Vier sa Her all their Illahrel of No are rood In themselves, or tire good anywhere,- but '-roPou'Illt Ire,,,,11, 11 issd sad frObesv Peennrte ' whether with mod to Iralited gis astessmary t .nur hat lione America whelk -will be Areas-the Crunch Narablishment should be reeneee I ' onoos to tire Ireauston el Alansda, upon Hear.) Aft er ail p -,ottps, Weld be soil to me Crotedillpearad On ' cearPeal arloo,WS is Om Meese whether we eve atatratere is serest ctn. Perineas tor thew larr110131 Asa rigida ' Is Tilla (Melaka, that it meets us every Say, that we 1 la Proposed thet the oesupany shell retain their are compelled as lam to confront it, and bettor Init hre oir trade, their Mituotteand Meeks ot land for the tbe settlement of such a onestiostlt Mere be , Norm ram; and rhea abs4 laalearer, be allowed sudi a gamma", 1, misessw7. viol tho erbilt-i, to Maim (me-twentieth ot the lami in every town-&ate Church should be removed, le there sa Irak . lasts releases within what is smiled ale fertile artOwipeat Irish duncany ? le proof f, tort, an set out Ise eettkaraent. Nor are any N:ret woe he cited Lord therinwe statement nreetrdessi Mimeo be MIS ea thecolepanI y Land, as use consernov. bamtee, " Brumot la 54 4 11,14e or eellrallalL IS a 10 be hoped that ' share-months ago, Of winch be rood he was sot sere theft Iwielete nil 110011allbele tentaiwillell ale PrebalaT sines Betsbassazil least there has bees any an. I Lbocb won tonwabie Ulan say tales will ever again seasceinene mere manila more salsas, et zany ! " Wormed samba time aow be anisclect." .-,, 1 ,-, of. " awe leendiediepo died at CanneeicluaSatiat nen 4471:Chaiitsiii list -eaa. Ina see eagg goiniiitassi'iuslanll ' lees roles Ilia Ike titan Intelligente of the Go-moose at a easaser et NOW Me Duke threaten Cleggrier A at Sehleo. wier-litaletehl-Aueuggesageso, Wes see the Duke Frederick et Sceregorlo-kkesteek end it the Phu-redo Loess Auguste. at Desenerk, .deasteter Ot Kees eletethes I1. bora es Celt ilk LICA, be eatoseeted leo Reber te the Delegates Is Auks, Ma, sag tat leerned Sesonsaer, IfiSk loutge Anaemia. COuntamo at Dateekteou The bete Dubs looks two moue eta love deareterk Professor . , - Ilfspoloon am& Illia AZ OLD latiTSW "RON ?WI exria01 SO MIMI panties,' circles or Parer have been 'angularlarly moved by the book of IL Emile ()Envier, Mt Nineteentit of Josteetw. On the lethAanuarY, 186,4 the Emperor Napoleon pabbilied la letter promising liberty of the press, of speech, and of meeting, and this leder IL Emile Othver, Deputy of the Seine, pretenda to have in part biepired. He had expected also to ge into the ministry on the basis of the liberties here indicated, but all these grend projects noled,and M. 011ivier now feels the necessity of explaining his position to iths oonstlMente and the world in general. There la nothing Eike a sharp autobkigraphy so fear up bin and disclose the queer skies of human nature, and this book is fall Meath- But the most remarkable feature of the book is the following letter of the EM ter ad-Greased to M. Inver at the epoch referred to "PALLOR or Iran Tummies, Jan, 1S, 1868. I thank you, sir, for the letter you wrote md, imot which contains a clear and precise retinae of our oonveraation. Our interview left upon me the most agreeable impression, for it infor we a greet asaligaction to oonfer with a man whose senlaments are elevated and patriotic enough to soar above the small interests of persons or of parties. Although decided to follow the line of policy traced out a few months &veto Walewsid. I would like to talk with you again and with Haulier ea the details of execution. You may believe me that I am not held back either by doubt or by a vain in, (ideation of my es, but rsther by the Sear of depriving wont of the means to re-establish in Otis eountry, troubled by so many diverse paasiona, mond order, the essential basis of erty. IA hat troubles me most about a law on the press is not to end a force to restrain, hut-- - Me , meaner oe -defining ht. biw $hit oneness which merit restraint The most dangerous writings -may - escape -condemnation, while the mote litaigniteant May fall tinder the stroke of the -law. That tun in fact slways been the Millotaity. Nevertheless, Monter to strike the public anadwith decisive meeenzen,Ishould like tonstabinh as & Biagio blow vi hat hos been coiled the crowning of the eOlfloe ; I should like to desks; In such a way as not to be obliged to return to the subject, for it .important for me and for the ConntiTeareetally to be finally heed Mt this subject. The end I hove in view mast be adopted and followed up in a decisive manner without hnineg the strof beMg dragged ye sr by year Into new concessions, for one always WM as IL Outset has said, on the aide one leans to, and I desire, on the contrary, to march firer and erect, without leaning either to the right or to the left. Ion see that I erne to you with frankness. You inspired me with a complete- eonedence, and my? inspirations seemed in me so much the better this they were in comformity es your own, I Believe la my best sen- Narotion." - Tbe best of It Is that Onivier professes to have recetved another letter from the-Emperor since the publication of his hook, protesting that neither his political ideas nor his (tournament of esteem for M. 011ivier had changed. - But IC 011ivier will hardly dare to pablish this letter, for too much fluninarty -at the Palace is enough to deMoy any rasa 'a election to the next Chamber from 1azis1 sad M. Onivier's constituents were aiready sulflcenUy dissatiaded with their Delmty 'a conduct. - me suocxemmt 50 ewe Mono Minoan. Ports Ware& lip ekneopossaenes 41, the London. , - Moreing Post. , There is no reason why the Emperor should not be spared to witness the majority of his only son, &mita aelien years, time many events may have taken Mao by which Prance might become endowed with a form of government. has personal and eoneequently less dependent on the Individual will of the sovereign that the system of rule praelised by Napoleon HI.- -If en the death of 111 dadietrelebed srchrologisL The Theatre de eters Gantt was the If vottmie which attracted noticek and, in fact. Map, nil none. The Bit of Me worts in 110111PTh11, Monuments Bistorionen de France,Mihe finiwtr .1 Don Pease of Castile, and an Episode de 11 11storte de Rune, Urn ninong the worts witide will retest!' ait boots in Preach literature. The list of the Renames which knotted from Ripon hi long, and Woven the feennettO of inn Rog; the articles in the Rowe dirs ,4 Monde' aof nd th Sig e Rory 4reAgelogive. the extent learning. M. tieranee wee Inspector General of the ancient and historic monuments of Franca. The death of the Berl of 811111111w reeertett -Me was Rigid Bon. denies Can.lore, Earl of elaterow, Viscount Keiberne, and Lard Boyle, of Belleau., Stewartown, Cam-bream, Fenwica, Large and Deh7, in the peerage of of Scotland; Baron Beek of linwtheadis Renfro11 2 In the peer ade of the Untied and Astro Lieutenant of pm County of Renfrew., Re was a seared Cquilnander of the Royak Navy., ' 0 --FLUME. lee sleeted at the people Enutee were to Ind 1., henteg , governed by a - responsible ISMIstry and Chambers 'exercising real contred and real - Independence, IL would be mom easy for the heir to ascend Ms throne, and for the French patios omelette Met. Soca modifications of the linperkal eenstivahon ta tette place. -Tito Emperor is understood to desire &gradual advance : towards the old parliamentary system, with its old liberties; socki in fact, as is now at work la most mentioned States with more or tem success. If Frame bleier' liberty, wisely wean; liberty- and practises liberty, during the lifetime of NaPoleoll ILL, there will be no question about the rigkie end heirship of Napoleon IV.' I add a Mehemet of the provisions Made by the Emperor for the anecomion to the thyme: - The teocemon to the throne of France Its regm: - lilted by the &name Conaulte of November I, loot, Acconthig to this decoke the imperial dimity hi - hereditary in the make-sod legitimate descencianta of the present Emperor la the order of primogenitom hi defame of male eMidren Napoleon III. bet the right to adopt any of the male desocadants of the brothers of Napoleon 14 but this privitege of attophou does not belong to the successors of the protest Emperor. Should the Emperor leave no children nor nominate a successor, the members of the Council of &Mee, together with the President of the Senate and the Legiabolve Chamber, 'have to elect a sovereign, the election. to be retitled by the vote of the people 7 a subsequent decree or December la, lost Napoleon nominated to Mei ,sumeasias et Me- Serene of France Lie uncle,. Jerome NaPettell Bonstatzte, not the male sad Bedtime descendants of hie union with the Princess Catherine of Wertemberg, provided Iso legitimate et adopted cleacendants should be left at the death of the Simpever. It, woe ordered. likewise OM the descendants- or J erome Napoleeh were 'lune to be included los like 9mperbtl leaving all the descendants of he other brothers of Napoleon I. to be placed in the family of the Smperor,' with- preeedence "rather blirla Maxillaries or sate, but alarvaesitupte subjects el like anverenoWl 4 , - NOETZEIVZSTERN RAILROADS. PireMealtilt 111 Neer MfoiScererlateini - Preset Itwe laamettPw) TY,Wwt - -Tido Nue isprogreashat rapidly rrom Coat Vallee. 8 bluff at the tart aida or tho tows at ossakilorit I by cot down, and the road is now gTe.Ued inte taking in ita three mimeo MY o town, of Cembñdge,1e making arrangements for the purchase of the right of way, and, no doubt, from the spirit manifested byall Anita coeeeee is wiil be satisfactory. The works ere under the Management of tat Seartzwoolt, of Davesport the contractor.' , - e. AtillattelteeltellAbILLTLWAT,-, : r . - Fenn Os AIM (It) Regent At last edema the tesies-layere on tee AlterCM Central had reached a point fear Mies west of Alm do, leaving about eleven miles to templets the road to New Bestott If the bridge ovee Edwards ie Moho& in time, the track-layers will - reach the itaitaippi ila C littemer two weeta, - -TM indica in AMMO completed. On Moeda!, the iad, the passenger mach- tirrived here. The train that btODII it aiso brought a comb:term bit amomt of freight, being the first freight, 'lave railroad keeteTIni, ever enveyed by railroad into the Interior Of emelt' County. A large amettat et freight for this place, consisting -,of dry Sci groceries, hardware, machinery lumber, cr a Mrat g anion pment at Galva and Chicago.. On Tuesday, the tad, the first tionsignment of live Mock departed from Aledolior Chicago. Con- ' sigumeaut of wheat, corm ao. will anon Inuom Prom the date Mercer County will send its pro. ! door tri market from depots within tta seen teat- torv. The bridges Meng the lead ere -the eteoeg'eft wooden structures we laws seen. .vestly superior to the bridgea built in the early stages of ramie& ing In the West The same remora is aim applicable to laying Me iron, sad other figures or the 1 - mum. aroma ?AWAY gartiaOLS, Amami tVilloh.) Ownwpowdonseet DOME z teem The prospect of the early completion of On, Grand River Valley Railroad to Gratd Rapids, sad from theme Co atankegott le very ilatterung. The grading of the road from llastings is progressing ! rapidly, and is expected that the road will be , completed and the cerement:or regularly CO Greed ' Rapids by September 1st. The President of the ! road, Hon. Amos Root, Of Chia city, returned from ! New Sark on Saturday, where, dere the week,- -he 'purchased leant - 'tons of for -- the, -road, and -saftolent lay , Miles. lie ala sold pel,000 worth '' of the first Mortgage bonds of Me road to partied I in New York at 90 cents, which la leper sot bet. ter than the bob& of any other new road now ellber. The rood is being batttla the Very best Manner, and the management id the read thus far gives entire aatiataction, both to the stockholders and the people along the line. large quantities of bard weed lumber are being shipped to Toledo and -Cleveland, sad a lams member of bisca walnut loge are to be shipped ia Pus condition to 'points NA" some gotog se far as Pluladelphia. It was eetteasted by a lumber dealer, who recently passed over the road, that there were at least five hundred eamitedei of lumber eking the Nue of the road ready to be shipped. - i - : i - - - areas Wives -,,ANO ..surnneora Prom the ( Stmesitine hive Ames& ' r A cemendation of the Color Rapids a St Paul Stallway and the Cedar Steads 4 - Burlington Rah; road teepee, was egasted on the thieb of June Mama km given a sew Impetus to the -whole line, from Burlington to St. Paul, Burlington win be in railwey communtcation with St- Louis on the coropietiou of twenty-eight Mien of tract eV- Car,- lege, libuoinend ware emelt am lia oompleted wig lumen s coutaimms Mr Me rein tem SLUM& to kit.. Paul. The road is graded and tied from Cedar Rapids to Cedar Falls, forming spool. - Ran trith the Dubuque and Sioux City Rime Cedar Fans to Waverly, county 'test of Bremer County, Re lead was corapieted seam time - -gime and the aims running, and---the wort -0being-posited forward to khe .Slarte Me, Mitre ermeg s Watm with the 81. , Paul Road. The twat between Burlington and tedir Reptile Sr under contract, ones ate being drivez along the tine Whitten Burlington and Wm mato, and lareasof bands areassaired in the differ, ' ent thvmon the whole line to be grafted sad tied brownish of Amtrak IWO are teemed se ris liable -Meese, that tet iree and loess Mach bas bees prime. - assier morarage, and will be shipped an ems he isaviatatten will permit The mortgage deeds have bees fanitebed for record in the count along the bna Mike looks like " beet-. seta." - Teackidaying la to be ocananitneed- stesulumeottoft eq Cedar - Rapids and Bar-Magee the drat eit hay, 'end the whole line he be In oemplete running ember -Mere the lira of Joheary next. -- The same of the -road winos the soltawridatiet-- la- the - Bertatirtes, Caner Rapids Minnesota Railway Compatio- ILatarwarst tie Crimagfraws The attack made by Senator Sproftee en the law; and the undue preponderant el ititTam is temors la Congress, boa more than a It toe ' tree that the professional 11.7.b5 our leght.ora Sr. too little varied. They - are too mien drawn - from one prolna. A. a proof of that, loolt at the fact that In the Senstethere are--thirty-smen lawyers, of whom all but four or live Moe been long practitioners at the bar. In the House there are let lawyers. of whole at least eightl-Ste are active paaction' Besides there are twenty-tone edit-. era, Mout a third of whom Mee been printers, Tegutarly apprenticed to the "art preservative.. Of other occupations there are thirteen merchants', ten miumfacturers (WOODenno cotton, hoe an tanner; tear dootore-one being a college proftenorfour miners, three bankentone painter, one earpenter,one hoe menkter, one began life as a tailor. another as surveyor, two as teacbers, one being SuperMtendent of Berne Instruction whoa - elected. There are two clergymea, and three of whom e0 business is reported. As to the nattlitiee of membert New Tort chime -04:- -Pommymen ; Massachusetts, It; Ohio, le; DIM" VirgiMa and Indiana, each; Kentoclry, Vermont, and Matiejeacti; Tennessee and Moreland, each:-North &Carolina and New Basopshire, 4 melt; Rhode MOM, a; Artaneen and-New ilenim, a emelt; South Carolina, Detaware, Iouislana, Cmneco t, Mitatourt, and Michigan, I each.-- There am I Selves Of Ireland. C ot Raglantl,. 1 et Germany, sad I of Came& gest. Fifty-seven massbera mate they teeeived their edam-Ikon In the public ecaools; SI Matra a college grad-',Ration M ea acestemic, Mire is, probably, In most itteamon an for the lert Settee of orate emery Mira. llne members do But state the eharatterel their adatelac a ears he is aelfedtgo-- ted, I at home and I at West Polns. Two mem beritleve tees Governors of Buses, aid I, Wit- ot Minnesota, is an ex-Senator ; soother, held the mime - Mice hi Governor'', aP Eighteen members have Germ& In164e "6 war as Colonels, entered the army ea proems Them are IS ex-Brisrathers, most of whom have hen armee of Ma higher grade Seem served as Major Gerw.M, tlas Liettleaane C4:4000111, S as 4 were Iuhallera. 1 a Brig. e ther Sivneral of Mie1t wooded manna, - There a also 1 eit-Pitviaaater. I latijar, 1 Chaplain. X Judge Advocate, 1 Antillean Albuttlat wish the tank of Captaim-in representative& who served in the late ostotalion.igaMiagers esspeadinst filamoseeskierest. I - I be - TM lbennennee.w me Ammbeek,11 ' bag ably 'pronded lonsit wed same seer introduction may be cetera el tee leaden, vereeneme; erdedd et me meek Lindens se to eineartliell iblni hi Welt, tog b bed wee all tile dneden denreete. I á. Mow 1 we eene teliebbele Abbe sultact cogs et Morality, A an may have Writ Mime hile Ida home, and treated theta as eld Meads on Me faita Of a alight introduction; but DO oalia'4uul4s4 sense of .1gratito1s must be allowed to override the Imperative demands Of troth. Duty win not per ste the gut to slot the iMporelet fact that Ms hos. hindii as he lasy be, neverthelem met AMON and speaks with a decided asaal twang. And as spittoons and amid twangs are good Magible Meta. they win sgure to the narrative more prominently Shan the delicate flavor si kindly feeling Pervading every settee of tbe entertainer, which ootalitutee gessine hoopitality. Indeed, it is perhaps natural that the more Merman developments of sationel , diameter elteuM impress themselvealsost strong, apse the trevener's recollection. quiet Lundy I life is hard to describe: bowie knives and awe. eie wig sitatte-the dullest pages brist le. new some , kind of vivacity- Mal Marino it. image" that so Saw Minima American travel reflect MUM , fully, wine I are antwanast be smolt. tivernixangela ' feelings of their authors pleasant memory of Me extreme kisdlinese $att simplicap 01 many We le .. ... 111. MUD. Intorview with Him., -: : Roy Ire Looks -and What He Sart toonrespontkint' or the Blesetint Ffresid SWIM "en esd- nate. conversMionliag dialog a vadt to Dr. HaTaimmhTed- .tirt ream, sod a iroC111 - - - , MOW wait obsemable. - "The Doctor nays be its thirty-awe years of age, - Judge Barnard entered and look hitt L.-we, an Married in le60, built the ammo ins win he now Mo Tweed approactied Mao sag banded ken. lives after hi s marriage, owned a wen-mocked farm paper, which the Coon signed. of about thirty acres, and was at the enjoyment of Jades Barnard thee announced that as he'ha O pretty extensive practice up to the tune of kia been informed by tee Receiver that he had bee arrest-M IMO The world went well and sinoothiy anal to open the safe with -the appliances "SO with him previous to that unhappy event. His mimed, U. caws would ROWNW Bland Orr bowie was furnished with U. the comforts of a Meantime a formal ostler had been drawn dirge country gentleman's residence. Ile hod his horses ling the Receiver to take such meow as woe and Imunds, and, the sporting mation, was fore- Odell the O&M 1110 it was believed lag it could b most at e troyfox amt.. and at etery Manly etta opened withost Japanned. co doubt some of tit door sport. He bed robust site toad a vigoroita, saunaten' could devise &Moan& athletic frame in those days, but it is very different The ease waa then adjourned anal toeSoci with -shim now. Above the ethane height, to-morrow mondng sad -counsel. trespassla with a reddish monster and ohin whia. oad an ;eft the ker., a high forehead and - denuded note, Mr- Tweed, the Recelicer,- went daring the after ma appearance indicates a man ot calm and Now beta in the oompsurs Mace again mod commence reflection, gentle in manner, and of avery domes- teepee the sale, when was wined by Me Clan tie tom Ele says he was born vrithMst few miles Bell, attorney for the company, with an orde: of this bonne, and ha" lived an be We in the gnat by Judge Rosekraus, staylog all connuy. His whole desire now hi to be allowed to Inge uader the order so made by Jiidge 4 Barnard spend the balance of the days quietly hs the bottom the company having taken an appealtrom the orde of his family.- In Ms sunken,- lustrelms eye, pallid Made by Mr- Justice Bossard, and ll'ad security ap lips and cold, ashy complexion, one could read the proved by Judge Rottekrana, who staved risk's pro words, Dry with a terrible SIVA& coealitiri under Judge Bacaard's order until the de tame., Tn ake prime o Ma years, look prema- thatia of Clic appeal he mans at the amoral Term Surely Old and careworn, there are few who . mule gaze on the wreck and ravage in the face of -.;- TIEE SOrrintair BLACKS. this man before them without feeloig & sentiment ethmathe end cominaterstion. have come - - - , home,' said the Donor. IterrOWtollYi te and Eiteleb Off Their Condition b 84 Caulks nothing left me hut my bonae asid urtily... No , &no - firoWtelonn no are.. ' In the fetter from Florida, idea b Rev-. Thomas and an cant' trat- btdare nth where a Parrett, a (lanolin priest, of New Tort, tb a friend rlve the means- of sopped in. me present en- sums coy, Ores Lys the New Tom thenath-eal ambled condition.. There wait no deception here. ..faeeceeeeci interammu atetch she eiondition In the woody forwittue of the house and the pale,. et the Deem population in Florida and 'Reiner', sad countenance of the speaker there was evidence it Hie how, Hr. Farrell haa made careful ob.. enough of poor and altered fortene."It was now mremioes, and hut rename are mdentated to nt. evening and. growing - rapidly - dart.. frig nre awe amity of theweenit mmemetute which exist blazed on tbe ample earth, and Mrs. Mudd, an in- ea this We Mr- Farrell writes teat he made teinfiene and handanne lady, with' be of het throe obserratiorm to satisfy honorer, and in order children, Nen the Doctor and ourselves in the to form correct opinion. Before emancipation conversation overt events' et that memorable we were told, he sty that the biacta Aril morning etter the assassination. , were unet tor freedom, but we were never - "'Did you see-Bomb, Mudd 7' we inquired.; tom when they would be ut. He -With a feeling of intense rereet M hear her reply. think. thev are working the problem out, and that " Tee,' he reYned. eat' Mussel: add Bartdd they are as internee voters as the name clams of after they entered this Wier' Bee" etretcheg persona in New lett. Ms Formals a recent con- himself out on that iota there and Harold .ntooped veil to the belief that the negro macs have a Vote. down to whisper something to Mut.' "' - - e did h , , t Be is satisfied that the franchise is abeolutely no- , centarr tor them, and teat, in a semittican rovers- " Very bad. Be seemed as though he heft oren ment I. more mom., for the poor man than drintcerLhard bil,Yeemere red and' leiceleaa it la for the rich, It makes him respect IllinSeif, i flet apse to suffer much?, and stakes others resPect Mtn. Dase film ime y Not alter he laid down. on the sofa - Tit fact, ten difficult to dim L it is ver prove what is worried boldly and in genet terms tong acettnedheit,e" herdlY anithing was wrtmg with to the theadvaetare of other In etch cases, we con sospeed ear judgment oath we obtain the in- " What kind or a 'fracture did Boeth sestainr emotion actemary to form a eorrect opiahm; We Mended, addressing the Doctor. Beth tas been my tionitton in regard to the mimed " 14 seal be, after le .11- 'old down on that sent, and mem:, told me tied itts nig was atetimaBoupre.eth, Inoemsolif vseed,Tlaithetheanmaanop-d fractured by his borse falling On, NM during his 3--- tec myself. Experience taught me Journey up from Richmond, I took a knife and ai7o - disteimee thinsa , amd witted split the leg of his boot down to the instep, slipped them, both on repast of the.- source it off and the sock with it; I then felt really whence they proceedsA and the unworthy With both hands down along Ma leg, bat at anst ,,, contempt and Owls-Man hatred manifested to- ' Could diacover nothing lite fireellatien, I-ft ward that oppreSeed PeoPlo Before etaanclgttbnhi after a second investigatlota Wend, ffil the We were tote files were not fit for freedom. t we neer the anMe' something mat' fe" him were never told when the ould boat. A y w Pere indurated flesh, and then for the lint time I eon- is not n, eluded it was a direct and mean fracture of the to read nnut lemma. om, to moth most callings Hu kis is mesb, member sw bone. then improvised out of pasteboard a sort of el yman Wee, in Speaking swains& their - boot tast adhered dome enough to the leg- to keep agiretomergased to with great. gravity end show a rigidly afraight below toe knee, without at all in- of endc;re ,,,.h4-4a had not moots to re into terfering with the flexure of the leg. A.low cut - - his bck u h the water tin e owe how to swim" IS was a ' shoe wag substituted for the leather it00t, and be. Ie..... his inrgo,loggning the, ocatinateatotaddy tween 5 and o'clock in the morning Booth and ot- - atte, and yet they were an ohau, his companion" Waded off for a point Oa the river stupid an that subject he wen, or any one . . pow, ride r ewfre inquired. WM". its after ?Mt bed. And be- ter an the olvelVitionS mold- make - 'The boy, alter putting him Ant -in thiltdi and all the lelormation I could vet, I have no heal- Doctor repliest,, repotted that o lotion in saying that they will fa the franchise jun as in OV as the same claim persons in New the forward part of the saddle was taw and bloody. ,-- , moaned with freedom l'un'of'r""S,ahlke rotecgwitliou"conymeedttateheameTentamtion vtheutothell mond,thIhmat becjrcianbwidwasugwenobeentmspicirithugt."40n"arodryinthilwe'ml""viyQuIfront "CforliTutt instant that the man whose leg I was attending to eethw at" WHIlOUt It rigida. Bow I sin totheed that the was . litomelt. anything Mors thom What lie represents Itim- absoimety necemacy tot them, ehet that, a re..- - ou knew Booth Vetoes,' Doctor T -,- t PobnOnn gweeeeleehe It le tanre fltOY the the t w tateed4 YtTBoo' rertitheditin Nneovemi)mber,UW; deft,' 'I war Lints church ea PE;Oeeer Ir""fnAtmeettban---11-efereneall dtrmekeethe i-rk3L etbi ch ere-tateePeci-nultmai,e oS yonder, owe a toe wooss se iota end weer New ...non, it, thas ooe m e.nooes hard h im afterwards until a little while before MN lot Of toil would not he paid Mtn. The statesmanA nuts, when I happened to be la Washiagton malting the lawyer, the dbr in t oa1 the r sluiticieN a few purchases and welting for some friends from erect their m of out s Denim who promimd to meet me at the Penn- become e,...eImeeteur,Ierwet rhaiebrie; sylvania and come Oct here to spend the T. - that the holidays. I was imildag past the National Hotel "'re was temthiind" predicted away the em. ae1na would come lamlatwastjhathderreTtaZilaistallnliningrm"awasminMtrolladrkuiceddi:Ltleiledt .ttilehtte thheieeillutarediortechey,tttionaid- difinallarm4 church about six weeks previonsly. He asked me "" -foietaethits they would hot wort, aside for a woment, and said ha &anima an dar;e aaaia he taxed to oumort them Introduction to Jolla if. Slurred, -with whom he presumed I wit, acquainted.. Him idleness. Welt, if they hatt a little idleness tor tht wan.- sonata and - became almost toice, ylepteareatbeof tglinduneurinnes4g Which they besuppoontyrteda .14 eerily acquainted, from the fact of his living on nOn. and I would like $o See a little of it the road travelled so ones on my way to Wash- ww " is was enjoyed. Hat the fad Iliad he only tavern on the way-that "irtaT show rk8 to viola having t Booth and I waded along the an moat of the - labor done here is ma-formed by therm and theL are - loat - as avenue three or four blocks, when we sttedenly , use, as other Peolits ' an ho came across ilurratt and Weeupon, and all four er"-"th tt Heated madly end wt w in- having beetene acenalated tee adtwuned to the naiad" eftairerf"wetarboul hear vlfarell'd ery little of those riationsimeteHotet oky omm m anditad a mum so of driga taseTe l he jsee bewe between emmoyey end employed emelt moyed to a miner et the mom had were engaged te.,,twt. to for an hoar or so Miecret consultation. Stud was l?-,,00r. too Y.t siee' 159U6n! in n lime permanently at the south. would not a barefaced tie. 11-1Mit'' four Of ws were 1 wish more industrious . renecind and edi- t lend and cr,;12 comvreation aff the Male we were eet bacidtog people. They are ma capable ma any I together, lind when w e ...Vented lent Dater AthAo. dtt laarrsitat ant traria that mat - - - 'los toM the sehtiona Beeler, the Weenie the legitives palmed after leaving tile house ?' ' I dot I Mid them tile route that Booth told me he intended to take; but Booth, it seems, changed his mind after quitting here, and went another way. Ties was natural enough ; yet I was etraightway accused of -rookies to set the soldiers astray, and ft was urged against lee as proof positive of bnplication In the conspiracy.' ' You muel have felt seriously agitated as Ile ing IMMO oormection with this matter . 'Mo, sir. -I was icon as eelf-porweised as I am note. They might have hanged me at the time M and 1 ould have faced death just as composedly es smoke this pipe.' What did you think et the Military eornmin.. " It wotild take rile too long to tell yea. Suffice it to say that not a man of them eases my trial with an unlittoed and unprejudioed mind. Betting a weld of evidence as heard, my case was prejudged and 1 was Weedy eowlenuted on the streugth of Wild rumor and misrepresentation. The witnesses perjured themselvea and while was Wtting there in that doct, limning to their inoustrous falaehoods, I felt ashamed of my species Slid Mat tank forever in mankind. That men could stand up Le that court and take an oath be-Tore Heaven to tell the truth, and the text Moment set themselves to work to swear away by ClOWRII1014 perjury the ii Is of a fetiovcman was a thing that in my Innocence of the world never thought possible. After I loos convicted anti sent away to the Dry Tortugas a confession -wee outlets lip by Secretary Stanton, purporting to have been Made by me to Captain Dutton on board the SUNNIEST, and was afterwards appended to the official report of my TMs was woe of the MOM Internees dodges practised against me, and was evMend intended se a justification for the ittegairty of my convictron. I never made snob a contention and Bete, Owed hare made it, wren I tried,' " 'Mow did they treat yea delta thirsts the Dry - " We1 t, tool tedispested to lay much on that bead. M I made tittelosurell of matters with which I ant acquainted certain officers In command there might and themselves curiously trote- promised.' You MI good mettle daring the Sever plague,- Dletw 4 Welk cart say this. that As long se I acted as pea phyWctan not a Miele life weariest My whole , tame was devoted tb Settling lee spread of the deo, Mae sad Mvestmating Its meanie nature.. 1 found , that the donee does not generate the , poison which gives rule to the plague. The difference be- i tween contagion and infection which I have , covered la Bud one generates the poison from which the fever twinge and the other does not. tuntagioa, suck as striellpox, measles, etc, gencrates the poison wales speedo the eetoplaint of yellow fever, typhoid fever and other Book infee- Mow Bowlines contact with the poison and ace with She (Meese as lagect a .pereon, and if a 'hemmed alma of fever were removed from the place of the Mousse no danger whatever need be apprehended. The fever in the Dry Tortagaa wait of the same type as the typhoid, and the treatment on the exponent planthea Is, wavering the case said treating .the symptoms as tAay mini- - " Were you untramentelled tayour tatinagentent . "'lies sir; thole where I letthe awkwarttnein of my portion, in-as Bmnmeiled. and monde- 1 acently could not act with the thd.iemlenoe a pheatelaa under soak circumstances- should have.' The Doctor -talked- eentederable- length On rnieini other topics connected vett hire imprison- wauItameeacethat a taw--days before he tett the Dry Tortugas, a company of the Third AAA- tory, vibe were ea board a tramport about being Missed to some ether point, on aseng the Toner:or weliOng en lire parapet, set up tIueeceem for the nuts who perilletthis tile for Mem ta the IMMO - tight with the dread visitation of tever."- . , TEE rAlor PACIFIC ILAILROAD , said Putt the safe Was to be eitelied even if MM. ghee bed So be set to do - et- - The dere nakikered, ad thenebt theroW lis tri Tweed""mod:berfLa ereet wet remark, and - Mr. Barlow Wel the Supreme teen bed no no, thorny to order Um earn le be opened, 'ether wee no eglit pending betore that avert lowhich soon ail I order could be made- Mr. Tweed- &nee when I Ar- Bartow. &nee Is. resseral into the Vatted 1 States Covet. , Teo ettlertu Tattled Met key warn, and, torn-bur to lir- Tweed. laid. " I ent, open that lock with the bey." - A gley-beanied gentleman, peered over Mr. Barlow's abonater, and bestmengly somiested that the name- of the roan who, wee working at the iock should betake& , The mum" eng " working" instanter. hie Tweed muted blm if he emilthet pick the lock I and, the artificer replied, " "tat lock caul be picked.; aa old Bream' Welk Too Went tinunbeciewe to open it." No one present, had " tikumbecreeree and irthey had would not Mum produced them Mr ferret baying them applied by the determined Mr. Barlow to their own persona Mr. Nalew notified all hands that-time were tireepassereand that no more atteuipte could be made to open that aces - The " Vermonters " began to molar sbutillettly towerd the door, and Mr. Tweed remarked Mat ao attempt wand be insole, aa the woMman had announced thaa he could sot open the doer. At nee the setetation nagged and dropped one by oae front the olio leaving the premises- as tranquil re they totted theta and the eincials te finish their , As one o'clck thevarlone seamed anT romisembled in the meet rem, thud a good Minima was Obserreble. Judge Barnard entered and look his a .-me and Re. Tweed approached him acid banded him, a lairz, which the Coon .ildited. as Barnard this announced that as ha had been informed by the Receiver that he had been anable to oyen the sate with She applioncee athle inseand, the CAM would twee) stand over. Meantime a formal ostler had been drawn direeting the Receiver to lake such aseans as woutd opea the Mitt ait It was believed that it could be opened without toil:tenets No &tube some al the eefentakem could devise Mesa& The ease wee then adjourned men 11 eqdoeik tounorrow e mo t. ndum and counsel. " tresecuseill aad ad left th cour Mr. Tweed, the Receleve, went dbring tbe after-- noon be the emptily 's Mace again Mad commenced Mopes the Bale, when he was wowed by Mr. Clark Bell, attorney for the company, with an order graated by Judge Rosettrena, staytog all toga under the order so mode by Judge Craed' i'd, the company having taken an appeal from the order matte by Mr. Justice Barnard, and had security approved by Judge Rottekrans, who stayed itisit's pro- meting' under Jades Beetard's ordm until the decimals at the appeal be needs at the amoral Term. 1 u - the South. r would not rbZelr-cor --fhti -;;110-1171-071-r-a iwri; Te an rjirrmTreAtijr113 reepeettid and bob- lend and men comorsation Sit tee Owe we were ens latiorbuinenolia They are as capable sa any ameatiov, and when we Separated we Loaf WSW other gootao---g4 of learning ny too. to" they nos same.' ' be toughs them There ayepven now, many 'lea told the seletere ?Motor, the Outwits ths very good carpenters, tele fif nod tupitives pursued after leaving Mot house ?' &MM. lotions them We coustently hear " tbd. I t4Nd them the route that Booth told le ,tidLic. of their Igoe.... and .yee me he intended to sake; but Booth, It seemet r7nd ahem ueolady as Intelligent with the raanged ata raind " eallaing here, and wen same Mass of ptio-ple at the North, or as the labor- mother way. Vila was naturst enough ; yet I wait tog goenthtion of the old worth. It in Woe that "nugaVear "um" "earag aea the most of them catmot either read or write. But "therm "TV' and " "as urged agamet ma as could this be expected when It was to asuay a Pl'friu" "nP"eallen in the enneetrauy'' crime to teach them, as It was for them to learn? . on moat have tett seriously agitated on be. Thank God it is so no longer. The? are now MO arrested In cormeetion with this matter V' Ukelele. Of Their Condition by st, Counts . smite Priest. A letter from irtemte, written byr Reg. Thomas Farrell, a 1,Mtholio priest, el New York, tb a friend of uses city, gives mays the New Tork essomoirest 41deeetteen an interesting sketch of the gondition ot the segro population in Florida and elsewhere n bomb- Mr. Bartell has made careful obnervations, and his remarks are calculated to remove many of the wining iffinreesione which exist en this subjeot. Mr. Bartell writes that he made these observations to entisly himself, and in order bins a correct opinion. Before emancipation : we were told, be says, met the becka were mint for freedom, but we were never told when they would be ilk He Munk' they are working the probleta out, and tbat they are ee intehteent voters as the mime class of persona in New Isork. Mr. Barredis a recent convert to the belief that the negro least have a Vote. Be is satisfied tind the franchise is sheolutely necessary for them, and that, in sepublican government, It is more necessary for the poor man than It for the rick 11 makes hist respect Waned, and makes Gibers reaped t biro-Haan Mk !Aim It is very erten difficult to disprove what is asserted boldly and in general terms to the disadvantage of others In such cases, we can suspesd ear Judgment stall we obtain the In- formation neemeary to form a correct opinion; Bitch has been nil Polenen In regard to the colored people of ahe South, and 1 resolved, on the Snit opportunity thst presented noel', to net them and judge foe myself. Experience , taught me So didedieve many things mid- against then, both on &repent of tbe.- source whence, they proceedeA and the unworthy contempt and unchristian hatred manifested toward that oppressed people. Before emancipation, We were SOLd they were not fit for freedom, but we were never told when they would bent. A person Is not in to reed now he learns, nor to practice Inge calhngs tin he is taught. I remember an aged clergyman who, in speaking swains& their freedom, used to say, with great gravity and anon' of wisdom, "A person had not ought to We IMO the wader till he Snows how to swim." IS was sad to we tel inniertileughing at the obstanatestuniddy antrenidice of age, and yet they were am obstistupid an that sublease he wee, or buy one be- - , . , And now, after the observations meld make and all the isilermation I could get, 1 have no hesitation in saytug that they will use the franchise lust as intelltkently as the same claimed persons in New York- I was tome very well satisfied with freedom for the soloreS people without the right to vote. Han an esteemed friend contMced me that they could Dot wfthent it protect themselves in their rights. Now I am satistied that the franchise absolutely necessary for them, and that, in a republican government, it is more necessary for the poor man than 12 la for the rick makes hint respect himself, and makes others -respect him. Without it, that deference which soothe the bard lot Of toil would not he paid kink The statesman, the lawyer, the divine, and the politician, would never erect their rostrums in the slums of our cities, and become the schoolmasters Of the beg. log classes, If they had not the right to vote. Before 'emancipation, 111 was predicted that the pogrom would come Nottlt and take away the employment of the whites. But they did nue tome, and yet the falsity of the prediction did .isot stop ithe menthe of the prophets of vit. - They next foretold that they would not work, and that we would be taxed to support them In idleness. Well, if they had a little idleness for the years of toll during which they supported sod kept others in idleness, it mould be Only a just compensation, and I would like so see a little of it, ff only to show bow it was enjoyed. Bat the fact is, that most of the labor done - here is performed by Men; and they are - just - as wining as other people to to se booms days work for fair wages. -- If treated kindly and pretty well impplied with good - schools, which are well attended; and the testi. mony of their teachers, who are White, and many of them natives of the South, Is, that the - chilthen are as docile, smart sad intelligent as the same elan et white children. If the parents had been educated, the children, of marsh would have greater facilities and helps in leeZineat I understand that the Freedmen's Surma is to be continued some time longer for educational pupate and I ate Vert' glad of it; for then the education of the colored people Trill be placed beyond the posedbility of a failure. I spent a few days m a town here of a pipetsnen et mere than 6,010 In which there is no school for white children. This thews how education hag been attended to hi the past. Who that loves his kind, would not be glad slaverythe common enemy of educatikm, morality and Industryis Seed. I feel gm happy that I desk le Son news and helped to kill it. it le it net shameful for men to -hall the ' Weeks Ignorant whea they did alil --, tiny , - mild - so-- keep them tti ignorance ? Would It net be -Creel to degrade a una, and Um to upbraid iffin with his degradation I Would it en be heartless to rob si man, and then to reproach hint Otte his poverty? Would it net be eammend to arm a man of everything, andi men to lenge at kis nakedness? The railprohibited by law the placebos et tee ed then called tem Leeman.. The Anglo. Mixon race in the slave Stases did the same to the neereeh and the Irish approved and sustained it. How strange i But oppresigion does an teach tice and fair play even to the epprea,sed, and Syneny is the worst school thst man wee ever placed in, te learn the virtues Mat might to adorn, moo hood. , --I was tett? betel) nett beme that the &grins , were anxious to return to their master and to gtit.d acit again tate slavery. Weil, I have gum- the si5Itizredeigh down by years, and bones down toil ; I hove questioned the poor in their ali and eheertess poverty; and the snswer of all was the same in substance. Were you angiegis to become tree? "We, girt -The Lord knows we panted and prayed for that 6 Lord but was it not long a coming ? Still. the Lord knew best, I suppose." Would- you not Ike to go back to slavery ? " No, -sir; I would die fine; Wei would have to kill toe, sure"- -- . -- It is seed that the adored people irM Me oat. Welt, I suppose we shall all have to die when the time tomes, and I we of the opinion that the cot-. ered people will not die- any sooner than other pug& Judging from eppearances, I vrould say that irtre mach beanhier than the white.; and, rrom tbe number of childrea limy have, I cond never guess the ume of their dying out - - In the ;Mate of Georgia jar the year I166,-- the ' marriages of the libido exceeded those er the - whites by quite a respectable- number.-- Persons whe 'Maks ! , predictions sheet the dving, eint of the More people have, I euspect, very at ,,eienedenteein thee Mewthemy of the superiority of Anglo-Saxon or tan bleed; for, Jugligngfrom their rompleztot" the Mend mediation have a great OW et Angio-saxou blood la their Yens; and, behring from their names I would legtothr huff had also a geed deal of blood in , , - The shriekers often ask, Do you want is put the , vrlide emu 's Deck ender the heel of the negro ? I don know whether to call that question tranc'er ecenki. - IS te vertainly not poetic, lor truth is an mental element Of poetry. - , , Is the giving be Man the NCI of i freeman, petting his seignior under kis ? M the making of man She equal of his fellow before the law ' giving Mae a Tien 10 tyranidse over enothere If , 4t -is, ten I want More of that subiection and trams, established tarronelteet the work? ; and I will ecet be content US the wholektunsnlamily ban ! the beaten of it. - - , -- - - -I hear tt ones 'Inked, De ire Want me tent to ' the Legletature erne a negro ? lily &Wirer ill. No.. I doe 'wool yen oar any min to sit anywhere thee is iteceovenient for you, or does or salt you. ' legit, tf Urepeople elect a nun to represent them In the -Legielatere, I want yoga So- entomb $ o their gre end vempeet their choice; otherwise you see aorA for b republics& form ef noverninebt. Is it not remediable that the mane question used to be - loginnsatly hiked a few yearl age be New York to order In prevent the Dined people from riding to tb,,, OW - -cam . IThe - persons who eked the question -crow ones, ail least in (linemen ennolaboa, beinens, gentiernanly, and Chliglillil-lilell i Not is elogin ef It! I wetiM like I. see nie Irian that dared he niestion It! They were mee of tender and kind feeling god sogne of for all I know ' may bave beionged lia -Mr. NIVAIMOCIS11013 tor the Prevention of Cruelties te Animals; and yet they saw no cruelty in cola.. pelting sooreolored people he walk front Harlem to the aSteTy from their hard elay's be& , Sock a - witiontee wen not be hoiengede Men's feeliaqpi must on be sheeked, Oar their leases Offended; aid new, by the pregrem of evens 1111(1 the terve et pebtle openket, be sto in every ee r. and refined men are tan shocked, see seantive ladies at. But the men who talk to this nay we eery often the eon who entered late the moat intimate refashion of Ofe WHO the entered pappon Her we laspeeridesee enough that thee went on an fah. tidlonaliPthey areenin nor was their aversion for the colored people an great as they pretend. But enough. -The election of Grant shows, even ecer,the dawn of a brighter day; and before his tertian one. expire I 'media that eh men In this reran will glory In the enjoyment Of equal rights and equal Janice before man and law. IP oh kind regards, truW mar frisato--- - , a timecees,117-1"Y4sced' doorthe7resT.I.bellaaof-717.-dirui joeywhich oustiTelooTublocktneed4:-ey-bit gmanwrinie4measire-ve Wes:rullrewalto ar conalesemeePoleinea' It in the keyhole, and a grand 00110rallthlikon oe Atenuenew - ' clerks, idiere sad" cabers Inetaisde took place Ara the Intro Poet . - around the scone - of operation& the ;little key We are enabled ty date, tnicla underdable tadmon end ...nipped', th the lore, anii ea Iliad- thorny, that Messni. Jay Cooke, J. lidger Thompdectly the eliding of knives and tnt a the ante- goo, hod Thome. scot; T., or she mum.. mot Niue& A ten, eeetigisety-loog lthi mem Inept Lake Superior der known as the came at a brisk pato nein e the innotilerootth wiping Paul et Lake Superior) recently- had S a his lips with a melds and Intik a linoutit full of protracted conference with the President of the food, the mastication of which had not beim flung Northern Pacific Ballermr, W. L. Banning. the re7told ta a trei valet - Vat Of wilikk km been -Mat order have been gives 11UrtilePenThen7le, midsateT.P:grny:Ir. hattlailpaliew- ajlth111711..acted- aletee:948e- --77goa at$aatharlitr611"kotice' gneMadthelePacjacatocto Pultskoti11rardilimirc44.sathellX1:71117teirillirbn.le'rucli11thatIr.Pbe11'inringdiaidcm1Plaanc.lrinc4"eMettShebsloerlisefemn-will;b14 ittait you are a trespasser bete and bible to arrest, shares, or each number an will eons a sumelent A will pertatt ire one to inter ere with chat Isle" amount of capita) to carry the Toed me the ,nwey The crowd relir ILIECInOli and gassed- - - of the Red River of the N for which it b. eget Mr Tweed mkt he wig Aimee bona, the hi- Mated glii3OUO,000 win be - This libooDIZzuvol. oz 8.9,109 onatt ana the 'expert pliebed they crill then appeal wIth conddenoe to Closeted bM galdsle and gliTti Ube kei allOtbdr tov,thMent der at to carry the read beyond wriggie. ar rt p , mow Mountain. Preparations ere already wow re OifybOtKIP- roms Mks, made tor commencing the worL It will be tom- , limber use, tem Dep.', Nutrias IN burglars, meshed at the head of Lake elaporturOat accordthas y hod (wired theta to mice with the tenon of the chador. - - )e11T abler Pahl or tabs Strobrd SM 1111,1 Per", -.ArPROIMOINNIS. lavaboes atetewideb beers roma reProarr313.. - upe renrolottos of the rand cottaeating I. Paul -r. Tweed bummed bitty that dbli al as6 14" 111 4UrtUr te."" VaS 'lima throe were any benders preseek hive of thd attends soca Paul to Da Luth, - rtatiow ftn, , that be did sot ammo there situated as elle Mknir kli Louis, a few maks Storm Vero; Dal be sabotool Oat alikla liathald bib 3, vies bobetbe ldb borportfb, - d- . The Ara lesiva lisiMicararithen eamaapsilayear Prole as Irate Yee IteratA Marsh 111:'2 er"77:,1' At belf-yeet lteeek everything was 'Wigwag la the onagnM east black-walaut-ferned allow of the taloa Pacific Railway Company, In Massie 'Meet. A tew centime en busbies Whisked Wvai,W Rita sad eutor the offices, and the gerke Wel Waning ea Wooed books sad holding otiniabs In groups ol two or three in various parte oir the room. At the back of the apartment an erne,- inentshy treated glens partition divtdes a portion ef the spawn Arum tha men meow and the Seca la covered- vita, green, apriia - A handsets. waking tbIi overed. A :, a artute cloth , and bearing a amber 'of dishes 'containing roma chicken and other deli-conies, was surrounded by several digulled sea. siemen. ce of the company and tittorneys. and the clink of sliver-plated terns rand knives would have induce& the betel tri a blind elan that be had been sabered into a down-town vtinow saloon., On a irreen, leather-covered kuage aear the door leading trona the pteway mit a Depnty Sheriff and a " pal," both In a social "chin," with legit creased and hinds thrust deep lavvretrn pantaloons pockets- tly a toll, dapper Individual entered the office with a brisk Sep, accompanied by a shorter, but equally dapper young nun trent the iraterifts office, and a bard-Dated, ametty-eaced malI, with a sietwbed kat, w twee Shpehrhahe - Itim an artificer in the homer metals. The mil gentlemen turned to and addtweed the the boingers," be weramed as twee a very liehhe and conga spIlliatoweilWa the deputy eradiated hum his breech, J es-pocket a small,' insignificant loolmig, Teen- Liw.4-shaped piece of metal, which is dideilled with the appellation of a age key, and handed it to his baterregato, William M. Tweed, Jr, the Receiver of the company. Mr. Tweed wanted hrtelhtt the diem enciosure behind the denim, oilowed by the suratty-faced man and the depute to small re-teas, the rear of which was blocked by a moralise iron door. -The artificer look the key sad wriggled It in the keyhole, sad a grand concentration or onrks, idlers sad" Gibers inateautv look place around the scene - of operations.- tale Anna key ...ticked" and ...nipped" in the lock. sue as mut(Moly the linking of imivea and teeth in the ante-Mont ineased. A tali, gentiemattiy-looking man came at a brisk nave heat the lunch-room, wiping his lips with a napkin and with a tomtit folio! food, the mastication of which had not bolt fully "nrmad ta a erre tweet - . Tvreed, by whit seshority de $al anew to open that Wel". -- - - - Mr. Tweed teptied t he acted ender Sathortty et the Sepretne Court - - Then," saki Mr. Barlow, yea Iloiloe that yew are a trespasser bete and liable to arrest, A will petted asi one to integer. with that Mrs." The mesa grey aseited and grins, -Mr Tweed said be woe staple hegira, the In- strectien of the Supreme Coat and We -expert changed has and gave the nes another lin Bartow- gave- eveitybOttV pigment '! - wherher gory were- iteparat MUNRO er UMW'S, that they were trespassers. and Wetted them to Masli abler pha et board arroned and bad per, amid, tenpnannin. - , . , - 'roved lawansed validW inaa he dba doa -Sint thaw went one barriers reassak sad . - - 'TKEPHILADELPHIA HORROR. An Entire Family Swept from Existence A Man ILI lit His Wife and Two - Children, and then Commits L Suicide. -- Prost the- Pate Ideates remerer, Vane se ' about a Tear peat -Mr. James L Blacklatek , of the aria of Femmes. It Bleskiatote meera NG iI Market street, has resided-with Ms family, eme , Meting oe Me wire, Mabee& IL illsciOstori, mid two staildren, one a boyemosed Lee Blactuaten. agel ; years, and the other a gni, teamed tedeerine eirie between- 5 and it yearn, at Me ben Judaea street, a innate but pleasant and respectable meet, wee , neat twoetery brick homes on loch side of tee , way, tad-runnier from Brow& tn. Poplar streets, west et Twenty-teird street. , 'thorny after I O'ClOCIE yesterday afternoon Ur ; Fannon teceived a telegraph from Menden, cone.; which read as 'Mimes: "I have received a letter from J'erties, amine thet bis wife aad citikiren are aided, helograph intim MALAN L. Funsten Immediately rePaired to the Ninth : District tettaion House, situaeed at Tweleyehim : and Brown, and exhibited the telegraph to the ea. cer in charge. Policeman ewmaa wa; tely destinceed to tee residence et Mr. blame i!r5 th7ma"diet4ardle:cuugt.a.fmt:ed-senb.":"Bigheffolt:undthfuT a most an .I feted the kitcbes, and ost &manna d h,,141.. - was discoveree lyiug oo her beet ou . the kitchen Boor ber head facing the WM- and turned Ipartially on the aide. lier bead - anal face were compleeey covered with blood, so - that her features were indbatinguishable; two ter! bier gashes, evidently inflicted with an axe, were : observed on her neck, and the floor was fairly manueraing trite blood la a congealed state, thee , eating tbiat IbeflLMgAer bad beeu committed soms ' Mine. - TM murdered woman was clothed in a sort of pinvekeiresa, and her general attire was am as a ; beame-Wile wears when performing her deneetc Mee& Bar body lay stretched amoss the floor wile Me Seel 'outlaw toward the north, and nee; her, oa her right side, with their beads am eat - touching the body of their mother, lay etretchel eat Use dead bodies of her two children, dremed In- time pleb& clothes. The head and lace of each of the ceddren were coyveree with blood, and each contained a numler of frightMl contused wounds, either of which was suMeient to produce peat& Tee boy was dreamed In a tematate name' ekee-etting night-shin and dizewers and the little girt ui a sotto( quilted night goitre There were no andicaucons of a struggle to be seen; the appearance of thews about the kitchen, demoted some doomerectiente hut ate more Mali mind wawa beamest beim prepared. An axe was Mead austettug against; the wall, with CM bled& sad a portion of the Mingle revered with Mood. The kitchen eontained a range, and an examination revealed the fact Mat the tire had been beaky laid MK not lighted; both lids and the centre pieces of the runge were 'removed. - A -turther examination ot the beck parlor or dining-room, adjoining the kitchen, revealed a table spread tor a meal that had evidently been partaken of. A lounge, stationed against the wall nearest the kitchen, contained a ptiloe. the came of Which wail covered with mood, and a small counterpane lay on it which also contained blood. On tee carpet near the heed of the lounge, was a malt ool of congealed blood, and a waft evident thatone of the children, probably the little girl, wee bine on the lounge When she was struck in the been with an axe, after her Mother had been slaughtered, and the body tarried into the kitchen and Mel near tee mother, where It was found by the policeman. A ceild B MO chair was standing against the table in tee dieung-room and on it wee foetid the frock and petticoats' of the gni, so phwei se to Davey the Idea that Me had been undreseel there and lipped trona Me Mabee, leaving them on tbe seat of the chair. The general appearance of the (ening-mom was such as to convey the impression that supper hat been partaken el, and the Madly retired to rest, leaving things to be cleated up before Weakish. to the Morning. Notieng unused was obeervedM The front room, or parley adjoining the dining-room The entire appearance of the premises gave evidence of cornier' and donatetic content before She terrible tragedy occurred- The room was well furnisbed, and it was evident that the children were well cared for, CC rotten! of soya lay mattered around; a handeome child a cloaca was platen to a confer kit the and Sao or three children. chairs were Itirithr. room& A number of bancisoine pictures decorated the walls of the miter and dining-room, ani in the latter was itit excellent book-cam, containing a, large number Sr religioim, historical, and other works of a standard cearacter, math met ea would be need by a MOM of edueetion and Chria(tan principle& That the murdered woman was well educated' was apparent front the faet that a ?nutted certnicate In the parlor Mowed tier So be a graduate of Me Young ladies' ti.'ollegiate Institute at new Haven.. Conn., land that abe bad merited the dna honor for excellence in scholarship. in the study of Doges compointion and algebra. This eereidosite wee dated Wafter Term of UM e Au extiminettoot of the upper porter the boners fillaciosed well-furnished bed-room and many valuable& Two or three gold watches were toting, and a member of gold bracelete, an. One of the bracelets oontMued a pbotograph of the heehaw of Me aluriimed womaa. On a menet up-stairs, two half bricks were tome, and on Me wall near them was a hanosome colored picture shattered to Mem& The supper-table, in the dining-room, was nicely get with napkins rolled in silver napkin-rings, and other things In scoordenoe. It is entirety evident Mat the triple murder we committed with the axe found in the kitchen, and that the murderer was Mr. Blackiston, the husband and father of the victims, and that immediately after the oommession of the 'Medial) act be Proceeded to Cbeenut street wbarf aad threw lemma overboard and was drowned. The horrible butehery took place al an early bout on Monday morning, ma the next-door tielkehnt bo state tbst tee), heard Hr. sand Mr& haacklaten in conveettion, shortly after o'clock, on Monday morning, sod a dull heavy sound wax heard shortly afterwanhe but it did not excite any suspicion at the time. After the Murderer had Meshed hie wort he left the boom, lad atothing of him M known until aboultnine o'clock oa Monday wonting, when be jumped into the river at the looteity mentioned, Coil put an end to his miserable existenea. Mealmei of this drowning ogee was made in Tuesday liorpliTer, and also the feet that the suitide left upon tbe wean' a baudkerchief market elements-tom DM body eras Subsequently roommate and about six o'clock last evening it was conveyed to OM late residence and placed In a Whin near kis murdered faintly remain& The name attached to the telegraph sent to Mr. Fannon, front Madison, Conn, le Mat of the rata, er of the neurdered woman. It appears that directly after the fearful deed, or possibly while he had it In Contemplation, Blackleton wrote a letter to Mr. Lee, telling him that be bad murdered hie wife sad children, and hence the teiegrape, making Anfoemanon la relation to the matter. Both the murdered woman and her 'Mick bus-bend are very respectably connected In Connecticut, and were both in good circumstances as far as Worldly goods were concerned. The theory of the murder la that Mrs. Bleeklaton , rose on Monday morning early, and proceeded down stairs to get breakfaet, and while she was in 1 the act of making a are, her husband stepped , quietly behind her and dealt her the fatat biow with the axe, which be had coneatied for the pm'-pose. He then went into the diMme-room and min. dered the little gel who was probably aaleep at the Dineen peek:tango, having been placed there by her mother, and threw her body on the kitchen Door, beer ace matter. The boy Lee probably beard the Roam, and came down teMna in his night. clothes, to see whet was the matter, when he was Strnell in the head with the axe, and thrown alcmgstfle of his tester. - - It im Mated thM Blacketten Was men about eight o'clock on Monday morning, in the street., by some policemen, acting in a very sesipiciona manner, but while be wee approached he sea ele and shortly afterwards drowned himself. It is aim Meted that be made a transfer Of some pronetty to a seal emase meat on MOWS tug " but the the story mede eolith-mattes. elacriston was bout purchasing a piece of erty on Girard avenue, and very recently Mint landlord, Mc Coulson, that he email not get the money asecemary to make Me purchase. He ex-peeled to receive It Demme Ms wile, but failed, and be said be would have to take Me bones on Judaea street on a lease for another year, entice Wes agreed to by Mr. Cotileole and hie pled a , month's rent in advance. - , A family Bible was found in the botegease In the dining-room, from Mitch our reporter gleaned the information that James L Blectiston and 'Isabella E. Lee were Married August lie met. Mr. Blame. , Mon, The murderer and sulcielte, was born on the atth of August, Ma& Dee Macanese the murdered boy, was bornamel PAIL Catharine Black- Mon, the murdered girl, was born, January 113, Dee, and Mrs. Blackiston, the Mtn-tiered woman, Wee born December 2, ISM Mr. Funston, Mr. Blakiston's partner In bird-Dew, states that the latter was In tiomfertable Mr- ettineteneela end both Women and wile bad money in bank. About fourteen Monthe age he sold -a farm, in Cennectlene end came to this eity to enter into Me gliding business. He was a cornice man in every Slid Mamboed, and affectionate father. ter wit a, born in Bramford, Conn. Mx- Newton was recently told by Mrs. Blackiston that Insanity wee hereditary in her bustand's family, set this in-Wes Moog? out from the fact that the twe bad some cementation about the depression el apnea noticed an Mr. Biackleran recently, and, and which waseauSed by some businees troubles. It appears that the bookkeeper employed by Penmen a Blecklaten bee been keeping the affairs of the tem In a loose entidition, and this being discovered, it preyed en Mr. Blacalatem la mud, and made him very melancholy, as he feared, but it appears without just grounds. that he would suffer cinch tinenend embarrassment In eontequence. Ordinarily, be was of a very happy disposition, Iliad enjoyed the society of his donieetie circle. Be was constanuy in the habit of bringing home toes . candies, fruits, etc., to his children. but Mace the dieresery ef his bookneeper debelenctea, be ham exhibited a quiet, unataciable and. unhappy frame There ma be no doubt that temporary imanity, caused by the anancbe troubles, led Mix to consmit the terrible deeds, for which he Ma eolunterny gone to render an account. --------- A pen matey examination Wes made on the Indies by Dr, tampleigh, the ClerOnerb phylletatt, who reached the home as an early boar In coatny with Coroner Dealees-, ehe result of Dr. Shapleigh examination showed that on men. Blackiston's person there was a Serer contused wound on the back part of She head tuade by she pole of she Am. -Aimelarreonttatee wound was found near the rtarbt. ear about one and a half inches tong. Another Contused woundl was found teweedowit, Mont one said a quarter Mabel lone-A large moan& matte by an am evidently, was found on the throat, chick wee about four lathes In length, and went through the jaw-bone, and extends diagonally down the neck on a line with the ear. This weend is en the tert skle of the chin, akel la a deep raping as eseverber the- vrindpipe said ilk .eleo &Ugh& bruise on the heck. The body of -the iTtde ght Catharine discloses a fewest wenn on the aide Of the bend, which ist mashed la, and the bones of the bead broken, and driven Into the brain. ,-tin embattle et tie face as contumed wounds, me of them near the right eye., and another on the lest fore part of the neck. TM scalp le meshed In, sad the belies pushed out. Back of the mar is a wetted &boat ens inch and -behind that another about one-are Inches long. Behind And ender Me tete ear the head is crushed tee - " - ' ' The bey, lee, was dielieruity'weneded. A Matt was found on the right toilette. Made by the pole of the axe. A large contusee wound wee observed on the back and top of the bead, with toe bones fractured underneith. Thel wound wee about two and a ball inches balm ne the left side of the head, over She ear, the balms were all fractured. All these wounds were. tengelawlem Anotnedr wound Was foetid on the right side Utile neck-The axe wMettenede the wounds struck the jawbone, end there are two gashes three Incbes long on tee right aids of the email, litele&fievered tbo About three year 'since the tricdher of Mr. Blacklaton, the mureemr and suicide, was burned Ms death at her home In Conneetlept. She was enPffedi it le Meted, In onto cooking operations; has Mabee In tire, and before ameastance could be rendered, Me was so badly burned Mat Ma died Dom the whets of ber Injuries. The Mouthon orktoCn4 ol Naples have detained to do honor to the Pittman Margaret. daughter-In-law or Wan Emanuel, maul a largo number or dens have occurred lit econequenen Leverner, the noted Wendb estrenotear, tube on-premed a desire le he relieved green hie duties as Chanel the greet Parte Obeervatoro. Re had become se unpopular with the perielea oarronnaber mud other amens that mod of them hall relined --eke former bootie or Wm L. IL elgoorson on Amid agree Hartiord, boo boom sold by Julius Violin Iota Moto Hartford d Brio Bakroad,, for kokooeo abed profit of laOttlak Ith000rk motives 114001 so Chasoollor or Os NOM Germs& Cootederat tos. ittaAte an Proollan Prank ad about arekell polo kis prorate saunas. jobs Ebergetlyl, the taardeisas at the Cesmtems Tborlatalty, las goes mod la the Notdort PeoltakHunk aka botooto very ollotottaleabia, Nadi was MSC kit Ouse diva kilo tas dark sot oat bread and water Whoa abr. woo lobed out oho Wok tosuid to be tombs. - - Frisco Jtallor flood 11) kattgone to laftatti salt loavol kir ladolkn011akt Odd kkasaL - - . . . t , . . . h - ) . , . , . . . . . , . , . , - I . . . , , , 'r ,. , - more or lees success. If ride was sad to in its de s et a ba Po eleeted of candidat Mr. Sullivan, n con distur oy the Ada , brann another p and ni waned as imeat I at nude we ut dep were never S the abolish the Rase India drove the Rouse a farts, awl fr " i o the bew they s when Would never bave be In interests o I . - - ; , , . . THE-- CHICAGO . TRIBUNE SATURDAY, - APRIL 39 1869 - , ,, . , - . . . , . . Rill .c.;1717. r lb tt n A t tavern sign,' faithful besge el .the "mart monde afterward, on the 20Ib of Nevem. Cam atuttlention Ase Packer with . . . - ' - ' - e. , - et aseerionang 1220 Peeler 'Which emaleaft had a Silelleghgbed erehmedetrigl- 'The Theatre da teeateenaCthemnaareidaraseadraramehttatatiaate gaidniarelodat them :teem waste :kb, ,t9a1184.- . avall lila- :- '7-4 THE . PlinADELINIA HORROR Jere heist .1 far whom entertainment Win bee, 11352, 1,819,55 votes dedered hi favor knee Primseed beforeMbe prams Legisimme, ,- - , eetuaalefinn' --nt-- ' ENGIAND. - to England, atm she church, tearer M the eters teasel was the Met vaunts whin &tweeted honor. mu .,.. - - freer of coaquest-wict out! Y the "tick . ends ill tall& ?necks - -ble lanme--- etillmljnYa laterti. AawgmtiMinanintz16ctIVals own; but dose Weliouelr'eleltikealwed to - Loodihe hrokesaeaKbanleoinerealmre4liene lat- a alight. a - ''''' .- .e ; ' " - ' - - ; t . - - - s them Prodded. Welling it tioubtful witeth- ele ebb re...t.bliahimmt of . amd and seta is detreeentel So Me Interan of Paseo te - . et the !thanes Waled be relognieed, wrote only 2511,001 ntroeseted - ageing' it. ---e:---- ne. Citurch of conquest, bat I maMtain-theed mere is The list of Ms worts he lioug,,,an. mote demands st inew n Tweed made a wow ft...rework and , . to aim Mr. Earl said the Supreme inert bee no so- An Entire Family Swept from Eiji' teno, 0 1,-spreauto,--r, - , ,- ..- - , , , , - , 0' k ----., ,! ri -'. , , - . ' , i , ,,,-- --,'., IfillitOMIOPT101 liggiggs le -- -' mem over them, Imapeetively e..41 Tids is a mann. 2,072,198 redwood voters kept away from coormeelt le raftemillooes temarrundead te Delimatesunett. 'elliblKetit.amitcentacts The Debate ext Mt Madaten ' pis- ont,-40r-provirtsridt. ...Lint- cburetra, 9000...----nemeabh... de Rune, are ounoCastate'ng theladwrett-sleen win relegluct Lae neillallevelay be, t nev- lacVertratemaillenagebU nal- spittoellei el eviler strai Pendingae erder before. "rebate a heree:red'ilewtnollagthereseellwirel '-' . -'' - n "----- : pot member of this Rouse we will deny it-anakinio.. 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Mained MOM voting than in 18,62 itud 185y; Stated that " ben the war brathe Out h. went intet Conainoni the: the Finn Minister of the Crown (cheers) The right henerchletreaseawlelnearve to, inan;wani , - - Indeed, win hatre dell higheat authority for a the 1863, at the third mmeral elate . semen ta inclein snowman litataneverenesenallearentawbolkallint nerbea thane, committee beesettbin shateecieree'lle morsel enganueletreeeeteeleamelle.eadlybilretor , saying that tt is may a Incited min perverse tions toy tn. Meetialsetmei tbe number of soum trodden wombs wowed to sea Lite eowaty , Ai,.enLbeen presented to tba Al:Mere-tali ot a tree Par- ham hid ePeechelt - All COP- term Mien 'WI Merrann TO WWWAI .' .fl - - - ' JUNCTION OF TEl PACIFIC RAILROADS, gertexwbon that moment after ot - , Bat hoer did hir. 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Oa the mans day,- the 24th of Marsh, ste actinow Magni no ownership lin mime peened again at the pain The result was werd for bre mese, to theme," end 'dome to mute te arrest 'the attention and swap tee 116 ion. rar bone , Imo than with them expecwd ego to tie into the memery on the ben - As no onion, toevennis omen& a,,,y son, to see if anteing was the Miner- lie foetal t-l- Aim Clentml-Pawifillt Closapeety baa leached wo--- coarse. .,,, - ,, , ment et ties Bosse at VollintOna There esti a -- "best inmates the converoMion-bad. elide( a matt to Dr. ,, wit, ni :,, bumnity, tbm that 1;283,028 cisiee, witeet The severs,. See gag. As it souk" be impanels for tar to reply . mete eprieemig among me einneme ?met !treoghtect Now, iter, I ent for union am much as Of the liberties here indicated, but all these grand . -weeto , , , . - , . - neeilisemaled in the eosin recom ands goot of . 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Ern the careful mudy on anima distwey doss right or meeting Ina lain withhckt r the es., she is MO bomered, alince twelfth all Geo- hers, and stiti more the -excellent 'Pretense of geograpidem position of the two., Wands points out fall Milo But the most remarkable feature ot - a pretty extensive precticewup to the time of kitty in Men that union is eaten between them; the book is the follovring' letter of the gm reeled- amen IMO g an extension et mem i mun nom, iitity sat reveal to us an imetanos la which a sod the, lion candidates in ena testae...a wall IMPSeartnowto state foe Illaeliale the Pr Ireland' mega ellutePwIlhrchangles gad tedimmiteo anbonthe retri stalteein against all comers that a true, a Greased to M. Oliver at the epocti ref to: with him previous to thee on nifts.PPI event. His notieintaaned,oartime. wen:mese; le: 7: sutancodwodvebre. Y use of miles beyond Ogden,. which is on the &web bunt by men disputed in, onfrimekep many dissekte were tmanno-snesi to int -01netffic'hea-- -, Wen. ,Will..;-, .- - -... ,,,, than, . Illere, ... Are We - -- wind" leddered t th - - le - Ho and a just union between Ireland and Great "MLA Or Iran Illitaitlee, Jan, le , 18611. ' hone was furnished with all, the enaBortat of a Meaatime a forma' ostler had been drawn direet- I , , ..,, , don ail &Mir strong positions, ead So rest the case ee-- ---- - , they rely upon as mcred up), ,,,,,,, which they Rrttain bi infinitely better for both of them thou . " I thank yen, ler, for the letter ion wrote mei, country gentleman's residence, Ile WA hie horses Mg the Receiver Se lake Such moans so woind obe.yrithheair beredleatenelon ehrierdestly imbeted with an axe, we "- -, Sad tilde ''' eit , , Great - allt Ake, by men. In apostolic) times Deacons and the slot:tone that they niers ; . - e --' The Wen Tat Nitd Matta that Xr. Oreelee was themselves feel to be merely -Me- -tastiest. what any kind Of leterance can llOwithlY be. Meer, 'Me Which contents n elear ead Precise minas of and bounds, and, in the sPorling lemon, an fore- gem for by oretern- Gram lee gai 10 Washington, they wentedemseregood, rousing deuttectemine of bear.) leat is sew be real natell, liet Or power due eenversation. Our interview left upon me most at emwmfox Mont and at every manly item opened wenn injoringle No dent some ot the , end !daemon , entelett One of Trustees were appended present Ulan the journals in most of the ' - - te and centimes, or weakness trampled on bv p wer. the most agreeable impression for it M or me a door sport. ne bed robust Mtn Mtn a VigOrmia, ealestakera could devise a means. swimming trite Mood la a congealed ewe, tutu - the greet Moen, tie el Isit the Ipeedy conetroc- church might be owned by Under who Mee- lly under the control of the, Prefects,- piths:rat wentedeem4 wtet:e apseepoied;tmentrees bete Weeted'Oeneral naltiabotiorne. co"", son'"le "tam It.omanenoertennicatt et el HKeutell - pi melee gentlemen opposite who disenesed this rest satisfaction to confer with a man whose !ea. athletic frame In three dr but it is very different The ease sea then adjourned ante 11 -Mewl; fire end west did -Mei get ? Mr. Disraeli was la- on ,tion of this road has been the rivalry of the the Church of Beene, the Bishops and clergy bit in the House end oat a te ten us that it appears materna are eievated and patriotic enough to soar with -nem now. Above tee middle height, who Would - not idlow , any announce.. Walbridge for Collector of Me portn leo President mum weonded Bohm moments e bere only as the result of what would b ca e lled In above the small f p p. with a reddish monstache and o hin whim toed a n left the cowl, sort of suggestion Mae ersons or of w eurpeeiresa, and her general attire was such as a companies to extend the points of mimeo- own the thumb property on behalf of thine nimbi - of , Literal - ' candidates . -to Mimed to II With -Me - rapt summon with the compensation for the withdrawal of the Mr- AlWertc8 a Ireniell owe, and titat bet for certain Although decided to follow the line of policy I ker a high forehead and - atteettated nose, Mr. Tweed, the Vetielicer,'went daring the attern m none won mond be roid out or tee henna womb, whim happened h ot year an d the yam be- 'raced out a few "months note Walesa:MI would Ma ippeeraece indicates a man oi calm and now n p.exoontostsothme come., i., . cirirhercalgagIT;etl'I-, aamel7auklayrdeeeredriaabd-asaehuilumNertirtiuglas,"11:e::Ptretkadow;leCitabeetethalue:e"Im'seumnuLrallederth time as far into the territory r eatr of, the othe who satute it. There would, doubtlear, be made i n thing columnar. ite IlP whim ha Imre ta he" to ' tee nintertmles - exchequer, instead of cot eg tbe te the final lore the pohe or y this bill n late to k tal with ou agan and w yiith ouh litee en the reflection, entle in mann ger, and of levery domes- ton the sale , w de wa mead by Me clerk " Pearl", the ISIS hotimaillinn thent to be advantages 'omelet. of proinuna noneider- of an then's' obstacles, the opposition artnnitt. Laum'therlemesewhentweensdambeearm Wealth-Was cossibolnoteernanaead. Rembilakinta a woe taetanwe atbseete seoketaa seautarom theaaaaanordeet talletwaeinfemreees tearvoW,e!ifroffMtatilePle8entoppositiPrImfm.elidini4er.weillwiLifile"P it aMderedenotehreleed bercktele.eitherYbee doubt beikeveor by amveseltalein! oftlethessuelLbortse,fie SeanYedbeitasweenebedeniallwithihtell-elliefearin"thele grained by JungrorRosenYtelrtraus7wmtminagainstayYlog7dIrilnalleCga- moneMtilemencedron: es, but rather by the eminent. tits whole desire now al to be snowed to Inge inner the order so Made by Midge ittarinted, tsentumehlegthelzithilletood,b1dityg:nelid theal:etrotconthoneLttl child d mother, ditTa?hnestrum:e.ehhr.ted until of build eastward and wefeward respectively, Ohm - in "eating tho title tejgchttrob 'achieve:Tit sweeping triumph in' most Of the , Be teen put in Ma teumb, and polled en thetpiton, by the perfect, orgenization of a hamon society, but Were true. it nerds anOtheeped SO I Many fetnethIn at lay al labould tneet.-.-7Thee win. in all property directly in the Deity The Port, large cit . ies, and gained over la million' of and nave it ta--Ittatter H. allimall' to whow en, it had hi m paatwhicamh eentilanaaaelabaatereate ahuaaiddertatimousho emt , e a egoingramertfore it t it is dated with mimeo'. gov- fear of depriving meet! et Ms mans to reestab- spend the balance of bet days quietly hm the bosom the cesupany having taken an appenerom the order of -- me and with party grieernenentto Make great tin in tido country, troubled by so numy divene of his family.- In his sunken,- instreines eye, pallid Matte by hin Justice Barnard, and fled security ap- dead bodies hr two ren, ressed Probabline, barn It junctiont withie a fee no doubt, . indulges I till late eirpions new adherent. 18$7. The prog ' emdeobtedly been substaltesr premised long bee mainenimi c000mt. , la a "rd. no Ill and essential reforros under circumstances, w hick paasione moral order, the emend& basis of lib- Lips and coke ashy complexion, one Could read the provee by Judge Roeekeses, who staved frisk's pro- vend lace. tt each et the eatalrea were Iv- With a terrible tumid- means under Midge Beenard's order until the de- mind fore Mr. Greeley en lent Mel , Teta kneel Mt somewhat 411 and wined oi, the mime, forced them aboolutety Upon the attention of Par- erty. la bat troubles me most MGM a law on ward Bin . , weeks, at a pone sixty or seventy mites west hope that ti,,a Deity am,,k1 i anvil, a munition am& the magnificaus vietiss of , tinealey,aleeeres amount mum . . n , , , . . on.... to a - nuy unmemnied .",- $em element. Weak bawl We know roil wen-Irish the Prises al not to and a foroe to restrain, mace.' in SkeTp8?litit years, mot prema- MAO& Or Xtie sweat be made ott tile General Tern, Mistral etrused wounds, either of which was , , produce pent Tee boy wa s dowel Of Ogden. and to that point each oomeene stronger - influeues, over -the oonsolan cm the Oppodtiola htnill of Iles Parisian die- tor - ' y - Vprabby..; - but . to , , the gentlemen know as well as English gentlemen- bun -. tbe Meaner -oe Meaning ta a law the turele old and Careworn, there are few "0- M who . .., ----.....-- , To fire Wathellellt .......... aims Ene.ii--- as - - ins --back, whose life and Mat the Catholle sedation led to neon eman- offences wine merit restraint. Tito-moss dita- . coal gaze en the wreck and ravage in Me face of e, oaulg en .. in a &Sateen Manse chmeeteing nighositin and -, -- -la entitled to the credit and profit of the en, at norshippera in the tide to the &mein arida amatad euwashout pram sloven To in. nen, n ..., -nun' a Is soui weress the matter In mem wholly nemmpre... eine hey know T that the deteroneinent of the caroms - writings may - escape -condemnation, this man before them without tecialE a sentiment , 0,, ITTREBN BLACKS. , drnweraknow the little gut in a met et quilted nient . , , , , , . cwre . here were no indications of a struggle to -, e o . tetpriae --Pot there fit an effort making at property wen vested tiu mm isadiention verynniserrysnast,is tbsnelectiows in thd, ctili,..demoine,4erdiiicmmicr-scdeseasscpst.wese wits., dews.- .,.... .s.tottle eenwelear the Boast ,adrameinuem mem se trooped ous Bourbons-an event which took Woe in a foreign while lite . most -hungithleant may fail ander- - of empathy end commiseration. nt have come - '- ' - seen , We appearance of OM. about the &Ach- ille close, (Methe atom ng nuatterta t. bet neighbonno Country-brought about the Re- the stroke of the -lam That tens' in tom always home,' said the Doctor. sorrow-faun mo and fiatotett of Irately condition mo a cam,. W. ahhillema to motor lte dinregard the knowledged to ownershi lin man." While provinoes had Wren -lace Ca week after. it,ae"e'l fsel a s"lkleg"'"'"""'--".- s ishi nd ildered mel M Mr hwnt nth Of l'alt - Te7lten and 1 know Mat Me be te no h detaite Nevertheless , enorder to strike nothin le g n me but -ray home aad lionny, N , .. -olio Ellen. . - bar mg .-tbia o:- huge we P P - --of - -- " - - - - nee,- - --- -2- """ -- . el ornery te nee og a beggerly el a istem &lame' desperate eotidlidoill 0 annint in the Wen Indies Me public inhadwith declaim imesenzent should like monety ne - provisions, - no crops . in -' th wr mo e -A truer' taxa memo. itten by. men ws, prefoundir: admire,. the '4 piety which ward, the moult in many country districts In cent the ean bautat -- - cam --nn - - - I . , ,,,--,- - heateme, me coining imam of emelt his emote m treed the Maven in the normal COMMON, Wit all esestabiish se a, single now vi eat hes been called sued no dew war- before ele where to Parrett, a (embolic prier of New York, tb a Mewl azbilTtedralasidav ta":711eapovuumitugetiblmatlaNtoreain of alrith:kandlbein'rent:bile- PrehulreLl'eoteParel.euredwlthrilejka: -,- -Ogden dellthrod, stbritiality; nib be the place moves the rod thus to make tutown its would have been widely different. ,--; -, ' "notateonnotmemomenemono-memnillenn, memos eed weaned en,,,, SOW' OS me sometime knelt MO the famine in Ireland came as an irre- the crowning of the ediffee ; I should Like to doting aritT''e the means- of trireme in- my present en- or that city, gives mays the New York Cmoneweini tem& The kitchen eentained and JW10 an - Men argument te brim about the repeal ot the in such a way as not to be obliged to return to the leebied condition.. There was no deceptIon bore. , M? ' meeting, " ' thenbe" defranding the ' yearnings, ' yet ' there' are inconveniences Since the year 1863 aleetketa for Membent ' Dratehter the Prevalent le the'Whitenteme"'eallalli glicerfic'eamtfer. rod U wa: lwterose,"the letilletennt-reahe evadveeeemeM1', Mon lime Wear, hearel -We know that the mu- subject, for it litimportant for me and forum Conn- 111 the scanty Menem of the Mum Min the took not--"'"Imer.tuene boiaormuithaueolumountitermuare. yaneuon inalinbeecortt wade careful traitc.nif tletillunereovtnalealednos ligtStenr:eetremoi aotthalyhed.tidathe . . mdfiretaohltlwabeeatre 1' I11 .,'. ' . Battle , ContPlna- e 7 of - silty atemeoted , 'trial, this mien vbich, in the of the Corps La have been held in .; It a There al Itelnettalatt mare t ba gee" -7 ellat the Pointer enema of glidature tiny in , maiediately mid treeseecialle t o be A mor need on this mibekt. lad mentenance Of the speaker there was evidence , mat nem, ybo , the emerged informion, the win the in ivaner deemed , me a. peremmIciary without farmer coundenuen no- The end I have in view mast be adopted and tot- enough of poor and altered forrenee ' It w as now orntion end he mean,. so, ownewee to cw, - A umber or seventy miles of 'Idiot actits2y per- opinion of some, are 'insuperable. Some sixty districts, all of which, with the enter patronising mattede, Ind yet coupled therewith sexergite --)me - - , ... , India Company, and to mate an entire change in lowed up in a decisive manner without omens t he evening and. growing - tepidly - darn ,,A. big era tem, mice of the gone impienion which exist diaingesem, mmingeteMaigmioatheld albite eaitdetteePaeimirmeir oil; ea this subteen- Mr. Farrell mites teat he made table spread for a meet Lin bad evidently been " -' fanned fela ot the ireIneerned glory of the little - fliMO has' elapsed since the prophets Mon of a single one; were. formerly reprise the impartiality at WW1 Prone which 'marks the mamma essintd-- off - -ord another temente,- on the goyernment of Mae Sir-, g I' were-to oome strotbemg dragged ye sr by year Gataatinto newaaaconees-aam, blaxed on the ample nearte, and Mrs. Mudd, an in- 'rids waa the apophthegm wee weigh Er. Daree4 tlow a to a later and speak of what toot skins, for one always taile as IL Megan and handsome lady , - with, one of bee these observation to satiny immete and in order partakes of. A Mimeo. stationed against tee . achievement Su& an sot would violate procured their bread frommvents, and sines, sented by ,Bonapernentlwhoe ba 1863, htd new attitude of Kr. Green, Jointed the edmints- Mooed nie epeeett . . - ' ISM, I Migtat l rieleste the right honorable gem on the aide one leans t o , and I desire , on the con- eleitiedeened the o araattaoyaratase tteor eweatasad ou ay rseiv taat mamoraotaes in to Ions a correct opinion. Before emandpetion wall nearest the kitchen, contalued a pone, the mese me -,- t place in tiessen Ite. and bin colleagues, and Ms party. Warm to march Itner sad erect, without ming cone the entire Spirit anti the 7 letter of all the by the discontinuance nof the morifices been elected by heavy majorities. nNeer, in letratten- "Deka the lleikevi alm a na a rm ' Tee 71.'"1.,6,,,,oilla elani,,,a: - - -lawyers.- Tome- - "frepents Willee leteeePP91111e citeit. erealleee Which induced meth either So the right or to the left- Y eee theS I April ' sifter dte Sellelle011111011. , We 'were told, he nil , that the blacks came of winch was covered with mood, and a small ' end Wader...Meat, In the form Of manage, is the : mem - . - Iftwe Ott this 'object " It makes no differ- of , rams and goats, . theynihaveneneen seventeen of these detente lInberabi were p hug r,.0,... for the resen,. tionposed famine in , 11T...were pen...ifelantaryle., se liegmatt Sir &woad te eve e ach melleureeette ope n $e a measure of mete to you with Mane To:at:umpired m -.Did ou see-Booth, r e y Aie Mudd 7' we treme-emoe- solderere unarm for tbefreedoes, .7 we counterpane la y on it which also concerned blood. , y - . andsome majori e e idt debate Melee" Wettrage 1 Olean leant It la 1 Metter Wha a aaMniata.eanadeM3e' and MY' thaPtratiene -With a feeling lst Meuse latereet a hear her relnY thtbawykearethietztaareteriateatY aortae pannroblegataa amour; earaaatelleacet IsnillatitlietcarPeCool of congealpear abed hbaldlood,tantilde lik'unge'wee ewviavdenl once which entriloal. be. Peeforened its work compelled to buy , the . ir the elected, generally o nties, J. a e non St a President -moms.- -Mem-it-time,- inntasamesesuStmememesinieenteemme-- m manta blore, mat It helmetoared mu seemed le ins se t the better thee they were in e Tee,' she replied, r 1 Memel and etarced - el -Me thimOst Stoves:di meaner (and we imag lwitabiwiL. . aro etinimmeloommmon and , the fortinthree the moms's( ma administration with the Medic- me' ----sighrbe-menmeti--t Li--tsemesiyee,-&teoute.-- three ears the sespenelea Of the Habeas CO connormity tenter Mee I Relieve le mY beet gen- after the; entered this Plor- Booth atretched e:r thaeone of tbe eteldren, probably the little girl, was Who were learoutoit" himself out on teat sola there and Harold stooped be na in New Moe Mr. Fame when she was struck in the timeless shown by the Democratic preset General tem of the Boum of mommente- wee amply nos- pas act la Ireland, and Mose other grievous events -Mons, - . , - : ieler to Me belief that the deer laiistje eltiornve stye:ten' 13111Z owniththeanin'ingeame: after her Mother bad been . -, me. me there to not stitch - to ' Choose between ties '' where o the : gospel Eint intepported elected in . the other districts,: seconded - Grantee la sil free governments the leastmeurtese - esthete- eeeten-is-Inge, eut ins remarked, that a which -have needled in Indand and in England, , - Tbe best of it is tbat W. elliviersprefesses to have down to whisper sorting to Mine e e ' , , . :, Btisfied Un it the francnise abeolutely no- Slau is ghtered, the body tarried into the kitchen them in min behalf); as mnong themselves b o voluntary ,. attention. n- one. noom wetly only, 4, by the ndinonthein teem e , any party in opposition can show So a new adaninia. d mutant, pmeaded ma stoonwiwi. , to enema perineum to undertake and I 'believe memos soother letter from the mperor sinoe the . 'How did 'Boot look?' e le sa ; , . . , J be . , i we re' station le patience. -Mee ttansition front one eels . The couctuma of the debate on the mob socowerrally to every through, a policy which at. publication of his book , protesting that neither his " ' Very bad. He seemed or though he hed been emery for Mem, and ten in a sepebtican ;rotten- and Mid near Site mother, where It was fount by " 1 tbe law might to .be stricely enfumed and municent , n bringint nt a. n ihnithel I tf In view of the reindta of these spinal ito another is awkwon, awl oftestimes attended Church Ma la forejudged- -It was nmenneed, in- most mere enlightened Lase Salesmen in Enta political ideas nor his seemliest& of esteem for V. vem hard ; his area-ware rod and, semien Siena It is more necessary for the poor man than the policeman. A rend n kigh chair wee standing y rigidl moistened. , t . . . a otmd woos , of mother a elections, tied m state ogi public with MrstmliurwmaVaingiaZhitz erne worerdo tth! n ellivier had claimed. ' and ehs his- lei disorder.. - - di erowdead'er l'ew whea -H I tie le - by .11-, now gur Um bill aft' 11e hall ratifeerientemen - But M (Olivier wM hardly air to- pablish this m Did besmear to stM'er much?, - :---7' it as for the richt It makes Mai respect meg, against the table in Me dining-room, and on it was , - , and makes ter renneol Mtn- Mead tee hook and petticoat.' of Use gni, so Mimi The law upon this point is to be found nn slab of bog year's pork, ornin bed-quilt, for opinion in Prance, the most experienced they eel OM Imostedge, 'natters Will Ed slowly. me to; atm e suey one semen wi:selts timeether te tedisatitatemetati in ainerlea have beim-very me. letter, for too mach lamillanY -at the Palace is ":. Mot after be laid down on Me soft - In fact, prolscenswg blase l It towel enenindietrt Vedte- aa M Weave.liir,rotitiatt cashed itelitvInneer l - mom in the several statutes. . The set the eoinfort anti consolation on 111 ss po 83 anlitieiens -of the French oppomuon predict A D ew gonveewrnerneougst Letioerecertainy monuiette,w pollery4 the Leonel:, it,tiall toinddle denied Mit the blow watt nous matters,. Vie bee's". 141;411;8m ritteere 'd of Chateherldroemsar" saTaladaVOliivieses eats rtim thenna " lerdlY allitilisS ulta arraag wits to tee desdventage of others' In Inch ogees, we on tbe seat of the chair. of July . I, t561t. hntorporated the Onion er eanben and sexton; t The azenontectimi to that, under no circumstances, will the R ri entakeibt, a ...,., sai.,, s....., , - ' determlnat.on of the constneencles--Leset of ail nuld bin element in A g merica s one wi inc were a e, lready aulli y diaaanatied with their e Me hat kind or a 'fracture did Been soldainm can speed ear judgment moth we obtain the in- The reneral appeannee a the dining-mem was - - - formation neeeesary to form a correct opinion. such as to convey the impression that supper lia,1 Pacific Railway, with authority- We bemired. addressin g the Doctor. - - - ally reaching thelringdonlIt-fPlennenlOnplelf eminent be nble to cartYt more !than two. nit- '... aPPollisa;071r 0147'-ineleate' .."....''''-an ' In -- ofwetheee IteireeMtiestryrrneed. Tern:trees WebeingerderIthuseedcelreUrtainl laillOirhivernmellertehreeimientd nialrelytatingbe a mistak; but thee, both? Mbeej Oftlevtkee Dern'. rIntrr rlincninumendwts- 40 WI Wittettlt eneent. ' -: " 'le die and ke, enter Co Was eed dewn On &tea hm been ini Plantain A regard So the eWkWed heel' Partaken elr and the tahttlY retired to red' people of tive South, and I resolved, ea Ms trat op- Leaving things to be cleared up before Mealiest. to e 'To ley 00t RCM theatraCt. tureen maintain fens provided thigy will t -t. d third, of , en the dimaina; nid that, ism, Dormice of law.' Welt leverets ilhe Hendrkka the immense," moote which win precede is mu st je le not-our theory is tine, mat the remedvereen Pares Watch Ili - nemsestliews 4, the Londoa . that sofa, and having told me that his leg wee . and nj y a and telegraph with o onetinueee retired' --. put up w, ins Moon -- r he firmation sal many Men. meet , be mainly useful only in diacneetng the leading de- will heal, in part or In whoM, the disorders in Ire- o lioreied Post- - fractured by ki bore falling OW him during his pe ' s srtenity time presented Melt, to met them and Me thornlike. U.. eleitillelleneee. form a Point en the see hum chute soommodations, orreeenton eaterea Mach as the Liberals l'ave a anrer voted fo prospect and learn ted in the law, argned that Mr. Stewart tails of the government scheme, snd in making or land, will heal medi Of the disoontent of Irishmen There is tie Mason why the Emperor should not journey up from Richmond, I took a knife and Judge am erode' ineeithan of tangoed. woe from Orme- if inn lass theiebagerace they of amine. all their - dinatn tio the first . mad tele hie portfolio. We did not agree with moving the reputation of newcomer, la tee Boum everywhere. ' flond-cherti There is no Irishman be Mend to wends the manner of his only SOO, split the leg of but boot down to the instep, nipped myself. Eleerience , taught me ' Nothing unused Wash obeethed'in the front room, So dititaniere many mines , aM- against or parlor adjoining t e than-room The entire both on recent of s Me- soarce appearance of the premises gave evidence of re:a e ene - wl:1i I to Me wormer boundary of Palms then& ---.. it emem -," electing 4. them. Mr. Stewart Meld bsve Plenued ino as Soo I ot commons, lir. Ban maimed at hos Ares effort iti the Australian coionlemthere la not one upon-- andei amen Years.- time - mane events may have it off and the seek with it; I then felt earefony mem, h Mm Tante:en" - - ' ' t high oratorical 'distinctime Mid though Mr. Sinn- the 'Continent of North Anierka--witet M not taken Woe by which Prance gin become en- with both bands down along Ma leg, bat at arm can hairs no claim for damages cmtthe emu- and second-olass cities, the government ma- retarl, but we were net t Meade with tee manner whence thee proceedel, and th e unworthy fort and theneetic content before the terrible trage- Section 9 of the mime act Provides that puny. -IVe berm known some souls:saved at tority will in ea probability benetillnimore e Iswithallinthell herVT:redeem .tiene -neeeisere-thrlerte; wa wend ' van, the promo Attorney eenerse has int in the watebintshas be lament eam the papers, the course of - dewed with a form of government. lees Personal - Meld discover . nothing IWO erelelOttle, till, contempt and unchristian hatred manifested to- dy occurred. The room was well turniabed. and it ward teat oppressed people. Before emancipation, was evident that the children were well eared Mr, , - a Tile Central Pacific Bethnal CrtMpiany of Calt- ,e0ef,11 to for House three eo an& his powers o el gen f ogee- the Prig liaMent Oprin this question; and and eentequently less dependent on the Individual after a second investigatiou, I found en the , we were toid they were not fit for freedom, but we or plesty of toys lay acattered around; a handsome VOI-V alight Wet to themselves, but We denbt gedieed; , 'But, evani thought the govern re Mange hie mind. After tom years Cif tue omen-, wereso little suepected that b ireeeteed the honors unless in his spirit be- has been Maddened to that MI of the sovereign that the system of rule onteide, near the ankle, something time led bite toms are hereby antherizol to onstruct - . lute mullehnem of Andrew J00101011, let us thank o f a denten. livan, Indeed, bed i Me honor Mete of resistance when he wM tat to no reams practised by Napoleon HI.- -If en the death of indurated fieek and then for the first tine I n- eco owe. never Iced when they "aid Mein" A We'll Child a each was Planed la a miler "i the a railinen c and teleran. line thine the Pacist CASIII, after - di ' Irhether - ' their :, mom etlimmit Wield goateed -in kitting Itwo. Beavet, that we nave a Meet Who can change hie of convenes un, mooed great speech of to.-even- and to uo met, be le himself feeling a softened die, me elected at she pie prance were to chided it was a threes ans clean tractors of me er net lit to read nen be leer nor to practice and the or three Children. chairs Were Vilritehe.r at er neer ten granciwo, er the ariganie watera mo d s - a . larger - :. profit on the thirdis . a' , y mind The Stewart Modem was, perhaps, clumsy; im, e poottion towards Silo Imperial Goverment- and lead e. benne' goy by a - responsible Into bone. e then imerevesed out of pasteboard a non to MOM Calling till he le taught. t remember an rooms. a Dumber of bencianoneartares decors- of the Serenest River, to the taste? mender! the victor - Mt ft was She eluneamme of In kenest Malt trying --be Maiden 1.1,,,i Gemm,11-12 contains e Mee met Bowe of commons for the mesaure wane we imam and- Ja Chambers -exercising real centred - boos tese leered close eon to the leg- so keep - eared elereTtese Mt in 'vent an ing num their ted the e walla of the Peram tied d 11-3ra3M ' anIt in . - ef likens.. two, int, awe, reciee, ead monactios than others who paid more. erotdd be equivalent to a defeat. Ala -order to do a wise Ming- .4 .. protest sweetat the owes dittemabastment pro- are now endeavoring to carry. mecum". mime and reel - Independence, it would be mote , it rigidly gown below toe mate without m to to. freedom, ton to toe, with great. gravity and abow the latter Wee 101 excellent book-ceee, containing a . , ',sad e a amesmene mbefreph eeeneseutintlo amstitareameametem re emednoneeled ,ad-of We a with the rt imnd for 11, datnd this; ' ' ..-- " Freight Imre we haeMreeed 'mem me War Mee It ie entitled the prosement Declaration,. beset With regard to Amertca limit; e think I easy for tee heir to ascend Ms throne, and for the terfereig wide the flexure ot the leg. nips eat t "'dem' -d- Bennet had ow to u1 gull" t g int Mitre number et tenant"' end tem ,- it should be e in and Andrew Joenson, and because the Presteent, end eete mo item. folio," mamma, . may tell honorable members opposite Mat a FM Frenchman:no toliec kins. Sec& modietations ' shoe slut substituted tor the leather boot, and be- the Water tat he owe h swum. is work Standard rmier, sucet s a enemies." - , e -- cheap gospel-, But, troicklas we would like InMa that this majority of the Corps Legis, in the twesty-tive Myna his government, ape not - . we, the undersigned protestants of swims de- Man agitation in aerhas been led tos diesel- of the !Menai eitiatitiman may salts rime. Tat , toren a and 1 o'clock in the morning Booth aria would flied by a insii of education and CMS- - . -- taant. eaee "Itildicetuatrataaallage, aningn Synth: b1114teev were IPLaut"obsti&i- - eSelation IQ provides that in case the talon, to contract for it, experitmeeth-as taught the latif would omelet, not of "ardenttland treat- -Succeeded-in reocutng us nom all them evils, he le nominations maned. Mel Ireland, do hereby see mete extent by a certain sympathy on. the part of Emperor is understood to sire &gradual advance -: his companion started off for a point oa the river - - stupid en teat subjectes he was, or any one That the murdered woman wee well educate" . , - : , , :, held up to public acorn as a (allure-Ca a rater who ' amply protest against Me thileatened disestabliain the people to the United States-I meaa Wives of towards the ole entem system, with its old Mom. .. , , - - . , -l'acilledeelxoad Mempany MA eompletotkeir chutch:godng people of Chituge thigh" very worthy Impetnaliete, but, in great part, of does not. comprehend the duties of his stet-ion-as inept and assadosment of the Established Chorea, tne Mates, who realty believe -teat we time never liberties; maw n race is now at work as la most . Row did Bonen' betas e00k after ate Meg be- . was apparent from the datum a teemed certificate Den le th ' taere ' Man on borgebece emensible to the wants thd et meters boundary of Ctlifornia at poor osy a only proems's n very timemervers and trimment-mennwho, ow- seid memo ot tbe memo Be has done mita and the proposed wirawn of the subside hem done justice to the eative-manwy et e th Menne continental Statea w . wa lititle ride we in 7' quired- . And , meter all the observe time 1 coed make in the parlor allowed tier to be a graduate of the a - vow --...--' , - and all the tolormation I mold get, I have no heel- Young ladies' collegiate Institute at New Haven. , - - v- ae to paid, under the name of the Inns Denote to Pentane . Me Mat and great of the Babel Pa. Praha Ial-WaeetY. wirelY Weal. liberty Ond - The boy eller eweee him ret in the ' . ...thole it is completed across the State by A pronto 4. wham - we i eadmire big kritikus frequent, politmaintgongetti out but blunder, we are toll the Cnbillet is a- blim- the proemial., of peewee. . - , t. gamer& Do YOU Mink it sal be a misapproprim practises ladle. during the lifetime at ?Meeker' Doctor rePlieli "retorted that his back a tation in saying that they will aiiii the franchise just Conn-, end that abe had mented the first bonfire coirrmeposxl'ettilleoranindvcalgeth3lardthIPInTiust" ecertidrateaadY et ihkglIeweeei - der.' . the Central Pacific R unr m ead Cop my, the the ardent geserosity of one wive would byre-taken place in France, have been - nee do net expect from Geneva' Ottatinan! -Mien- --Radsbeemtmenseneeneneaevekeeetem the propoemkSe Seer eesof.Victie-litee gee! tionof the surplus funds of this great transaction ILL, there will be no question Mout She right. end e th forward pars of the saddle woe few and moody. es inielltgentil as the sane, eine a Persons In New . et lonely &beta to monis Meets such as Mose dee ' heirship of Napoleon IV.' Vile eirCumstattoe tallied with Booth eseount Aork. I was time very well satisfied with freedom , , - Indelesnal re ancoller in euthenist' to clove' bad so elegant a church as Orem Church greatly dearicralised,- who-orirship line administration.. We . Presume be will make eenoiene d canted oat, would not only disorgauje scribed in the bill ? Nine mat- think that suck I add a Matement of the provisions made 'by' the that he had been riatig an day previous from Rice. for the adored people witheet the rigid to Vote lined e Winer Tenn of lees" ealleellec blunders. Tbe whom of men bon tripped and -an Meet Church, by alt existing laws charitable "Mane will be betler than tielitianing EMperor for too imecession to Me theme: - mond, and no auspirten arose in my mind for on Rut its mesemed me conv ad Mced me that they Au exaMilminte of the upper patter the home , thin. ite line through. "Wardle " until slid in order that be might -bet excluded froni it and Who are Only' too - ready I abandon a mom no is fret e great who keeps wise on, in matters eccimmeteme but ten to women tee to maintain by these vase funds three Ono the The Mireetimon to the throne of Fiance Ito wee instant that the mien whose leg I was attmetior to could DM without it Protect thefilisetten in their disclosed neinnunlithed bedaroom and Inane van Towle e - artasagetteryozaaaaaryi els ettstareedtaam,thasaaretaaa,freritheMsea ;moan deendmTcerw000rttghZed btoraceicwid watetiseed, woear:le, fatoutnalz llen - skeet - slid tionneot" a als o b the co of the people who:desire to cause ' se - soon ea then believe it to be o Y steadile n to his 'Irene-every step bringing power of the great Presbyterian body, and lead to number of clergymen that eau be of Me slightest ' tided by the Senatua Consulte of November I, WM. was aaything Imre Mom win be represented Mil e with it a new tenon-every mews only semen results moot Weirton to the cause of social mops.. um to the Church with which they are sonnected ? Amordhig to ties decree the Imperial dignity ki - kende' - - efore me - , - . I Pronidat that if the line through C-11:1Illie get apiritual butt:action without "eying for -sinking -, ' eice - ' matte; how alavialdy -tine re belt miceesseeMevenblemder serving as lin nese lout true religion. We hereditary ?, . . Rim heara can do little, It la' tree. - We in the make-see legitimate descembinta ou knew e e 'Y Ilootk b Doctor r Mi e ",' , , ' i noan govermigent it is more neeessmn for the bneelets enthused a PlieteMith et (ha husbend ed lamp of reason; of the pro:Pant Emperor la the order of primegene - w Y t.,mreptiedithe Bootor.'.. I waa firer nitro. -- .., , .,, ,,... ,,, atm - tee hail micro were teems, and on the well near neminttedsc.t:hedaldrus;t:r: woor man than It to for the ride It mattes hint of the murdered mama, On a mantel up-aniirs, . , be eutepleted . Irate the . Central Polito it, we notice that the churches are not b nt th ha PrePtml-are al eynlaan:e cannot make- tothalleeek- aheljaLtiutfaTzhae hear; are "WW1 tare umbering of Mine 'children Napoleon lit timed te Booth In NaveMber, lee at the chin -'"-"P'". """""'" ene --ee --- - "mree" -e- them -. : - to ' - Cnentour t allthallItaall t "atilt" its eotti by that edam. , Indeed, were ire to wait for m a dicausequence e 4 tnn the -,". , growing everything to strengthen it Our credit la hatter roiliest ..-,- -- -' - - - ,, ,. . change the confidence of the country-he has done thilniallZreubrtmotteeetlitem-Pngeete primioesonseofkhirtjohw - .- It eY Ine.Y. . ye , serven-e nAen '. beton,. . admonition into Prealdent has done -nothing to The supper-table, in the inning-room, was saroolion sentwardle , through the temiterie s - our churches until the apostles of it gran. -dieetedentin tbe. ommtry, the Sociond tern- ' peace reigitmoreation recognizing the mend weight commies are aeriotural churches, and g the tot of toil would no be paid bine The statesman, Scree- n M not given to me-- , . bell the right to adopt any Of the male deemedants Yonder, Woke a few "mom se him and never tow without it, mat deference which soothea the hard mem was a hanosome colored picture shattered to because (Mescal Grant la rrodoem, ,--In the route . t e That bona the bei'Membeel a;-14 Presbyterien e terrom the thick-elm to purge tee-visual ray, , , Of the brothers of Napoleon L; but this privnege him afterwards unit a little while before corm, tns gospel erected '' - ' - And on the Sightless ereballs Pour the day.e. " et attoptioe does not belong to the sacceetors of atm, when I happened to be to Washington amitteg the lawyer , the divin and the politician, 'mete nicely set with napkins roiled to sliver napkin- " . - -'a um united States ,!' until mid roads shall io their temples , Ir e ' ehotdd vire- ba s shoat leen An the mat few years, a of his power, and -not needing neeng any pill strongest bulwarks In Ireland of the pre am nt et li kelt we can eesen the load of aMic delen, the Present Emperor. S hould the Emperor leave a few purchases and welting for tome friends from never erect Melt in the at of our r tune ing s, anti othee things on scanned). e et Y eical - , a nd we can make Me more eeterable to that mat- lie comma nor nominate a auteemor, the members Belem who promised to meet me at the Penn- M MO and beeeme the neh(.1m8ster. Of the isben It at eattrellevaleal that See int" lard"? I'm 'meet and connect" ' Manifestation. Every step indicates that the won sorted at the Reformanon. indeed have imme that aelmowledged- -own. great many of its adherent& -when worohiu of room being steadily and slowly present-The fog commems they had not the eight to vote. Be- committed with the axe found in the kitchen, and . , . memo toe Church mamboed in Ireland" is oit In. , born who suffer. Loud engine OM, hen I look of the contact' et State, together with the Preened sylvanis and come out here to speed the - - -Tim Inn of Jolt 2,10g4i section 8. Provitles ernhip in man-none but those that God au co, and another striking Proof of the 18b6r 11 tvnulm,111mT"d" with emDirra""len" wenn of the United Church of England and at this great measure-sod I tan masers the HOU66 of tee Senate and the Legialielve c hautber, teener, e wae inane pect the emeonai motel fore 'emancipation, le was . predatiet that the that Me thee far covered la ro t a I have qu Weil tuererY again Ot junction at en; wheat Iron we b ee ever placed diningMOnt tb ented and exeseted n e a W e be would have to take Da e r a Man of e then to e 40 de-er engipe b t a r Two yet e That a O l oa u ierous Protaat popution m On Y there is no school e by wow mo Blacklaton w , Co do en ppoes ov of Turk where the Prote he other brother of Napole foreign juriscietion. be indeed by its results tan a overeign, ab murderer was Mr. Bleceiston, the Mammal tinit"Ior the purpose of facilitating the worn bad made. .., - ...,, o - , growing unpopularity ot the Emperor and ,ptea ex trecieensiconontiates tin are are mid can hard, be alw lee and eonsequentM Identical in faith, doo- I have looked at it much mere Meanie majority of ' have to elect s In office wina Mean to do Mine and diacipline with that part ot the .asami Weineers, because I have seen It grew trees me to to be retitled by Me vote of the peepelle. Myelseetke U l w a asub- Quilt hader,ameat:etrerturning IsenTonnear"--I discoBel w eallereetneit negroeselt.w.d.mtoord....thrztidiethftoet Bidet antdvtalt2 adiwaydros, theaamemi rittanittheawrembe,sneeutv.ietiareuawilanaritelattru imwinbecaeraelpr .y " on aaidtailroad andel enabling theedenpu3t - n ' t 1 - - - - - I Empire,such sa the ideation of an unmeant. m Their bands moues be strengtbenen Tina M Churc-h established in England. line, and from dozes to clause, and -haveterateaed eminent decree or December la, bebob. Napoleon III- was the gentleman I was mtrodueed to at the an ew - eewo ''' - e -, 0. Me- overboard and was drowned. SPICIAL LEGISLATION.' our Beene en , '!Irolehe Of all thee we mein is acknowledgea tne supremacy et-the ite growth and Its completion with a g reat and be noininated SO ' Ma succession er ne, tarese at awn about six weeks previenaly. He amed me em me of te olibt e Prolthete w m - al elnlY " Preetieelde in rannsellesi the - alO - md aver that the of large number' of OPPointion candidaten have deo for ol worth Chit morsel the auPeort.- -thows, which involves the emersion of the Ms- - ceasing intemet-1 toy when I look at this -WOW. Francis his uncle,. Jerome Nieetten BonsPafte, nide ter e IIWIlitellt, and leed he - desired aa The? next tereaad that theY "I" ant worn The horrible bu"te" toot idace at au early . - 'I grading amid rinroad in the region of the . aa ' ois hm ever bee, mum' upoli so t000t.. electwoull be-would drive not a few tmembers, Oat Me etemies elltane and the Male and of the weds nun e .thority of the law (ecclesiastical as web se idea) ere, 1 look at It, as tending to a more tree and solid legitimate descendants of hie inooductioa to Joh& if. Suomi, -with whom -and that we mend be taxed to alalvrt and mese and de easie-oute that Mee ad- wine" theRate, to the estemokAMOMMI externM union between Ireland end Orate Britain; I See It lildOW wink the BrinCeat Catherine of Wattemberg, be Presumed I eras acquainted.- I said that ylmeeentateltof touSage-meueltnthee them in bout on Monday morning, met the next-low - - '4. mountains, between the bole of the Rocky as Bonapartisbn into the rinks of ministration shell ,. and nit' or -"' ' ' rebel - Usageline to -our - perniat nt Ianeh provided Ito legitimate or adopted themendeure I was.- Burred and - I became almost notes- yy.badhiaaa tlihttlaye ladalepnpoosertectforanthae sbeartiataatere eintatecoetterat Sinata,ey therm aft " Mountains and the western hams of the Parata b 'swing -1113641.' -P -slant an aa- the Itherale. At the same time, iho ppm& tu those mama are attested-penteee and conn- 2 That tte property of the Establebed Mogen rem the - uppoeition, - followed - be inamis- Mamie be left at the ate ot the Emperor. lt, musty serireed, from the feet of tile hying on kept meets In haleness, It iroaid be only a just on Monday morning, sod a dun heavy sound wait but it did not excite any yoke, to exempt a hotel from bedbugs, or , , , dance." - - I cornets of heretics, Mebe-heasee and eiddjands tenet. cheers.; , ., when you bate iso note woe ordered. likewise that Me descendants- of the road travelled se ottes ea my way to Wash- comPellea--- - -e I ion at the time. - ..t . ff Only to show kow it Wee eillOYed. net the ito eirel, e 0. tion- and I would like so see a lino of it heard shortly afterwards, - et Sierra Nevada Ittountettia," the Becrebuy ,-, -ens a ..c.on o of tse mac rett,oharne fa ilea of me ter 'remedy - y at team . wig Mem Jerotne Napoleon Were alone to be included in the Wren- Mid avig e Only v hn th taern on She way thM ,at lb. to authorise a esteem amehemete the depth time great': tasted as it wo1141 feeellibt tau& m '- e , - - e - -- - eeteere- I cared to nom. bone and I eine one the be tms mem of me . labor done -- be is After the murderer had entshed his work he left is authorized, upon a cord& be, own baby. an endorsement oa the part of the people, .., . - ,4 - -- . . . PERSONAL -, -, to . consider s. i 1 1 say -I see tranquilitygiven imperial family,' leaving all the descendants of me, are - Jual". as, the boom, and wonting of am M known until Of her fondness, to ., That of the glebe which amnia about - our people , strength to the realm, anel ton L to be macel in menus three or four blocks, when we so ddenly Pertonme by Item ann I cote Oedema' pealing hasbeen dons, to Mime ,.... spank , wool& taks a far bolder stand against the Wade Reendon k borne a theugend hie"- Miss acres, no teal latiliti in dS,151 acres are Situate ' n lustre nevr dignity added to tee -theme Me family st tee Bmperere with' precedence name across Wrath and Weicbmon and all four willing 'la Meg nePle to -' do -' ae henget shemle Mensal' We-1mM!) (91 11"d".... .-.Krathg, when he , , m mos these exceptions tom -11:1TOTO the rule -0 - ,. Tim Dolton or " too . wring. to the pope in the Province Armagh, sts - . Mese. hese I dare cm for this bM the-seier the More oir WM, but outerwate- l'aving beneath acquainted, ire adjourne o d t the to the company a metals proportion of 'sotto,' that the Tmnots Legislators haw beim ogled goverzonsmt than - heretofore, end nenzatiti wean, mform.uon comments minim' pointa of, are moot namerene vend in me wee num prom et au thompornmed good people withembeemode 'memo amiecte - - it , ;,. - ,, . ,- -,,, , wolatioludiaes Jorakvatataaabad astaararouutamd ef ,dneeterinneeeme: mineral razz, 1"ImPthot11.1"111"1.4 heat- ifverytreatedlittaeklueglithted ii.....';:rut Into nuseraharl:ethrt.."estegistethtea nareniad:aViel was error. , i .., - ': e ; therefor ; " and Ito mach bonds aledl inane to tip, to. nuimit etZOO ',old soncesol.. ons. bi a torts which. would find mill- the esteem religion. S Ol! 11 i i . . - . eel d.tes acres, ee ellestm la . go nmes- ream beton Empire, illesei and I menet doubt . doubles Moyer and employed' which eon of 1111I drowning clove was made in Tuesdy's " the Union Penni Beartmd Compaq for egene.- h- , ounevrevepore tor tam- w that 11 wM be accom ed by-the ion of meow; ene produce. intense excite- loalornm's bent Milner wee Written t a" "--- "That the glebe lands and Mien which ere snereme m to beoencent realise; beeedeeefor I believe lane - yed so e mmor ef tee moot wad were metered linnoy US Se mesh as the Nora, ead which tettd to . . wiett--...for a-L-InoZoile.duztriTms.hey ar;ePectan caruiPabsalealin'ebed. WWI' the bite reetdenee end Placed In a Ala tier hal -NOETEWESTERN 'I' BArrellOADS. t an weir or ho a met miumnatime mem oas disturb the otherwise Mal Minn et eite South- anti Me Trawl a andkerehief Market .illacitis- !rich the highest eourts of - - It work done wake of Salt Lake City guides ar . - Ehgthatil ment in an Darts of Imam; Tian bolder the Morten in One line: "lie ban ceased to Survive taken from me imam:Aries at the Reformation to be Weeded upon Mese principien of Imams and -, . ' - - - ' , - ' - - - "' a barefaced ties The -nhela ' four of were in It Ilvms PermanentlY at the South. r would not tea. 't efilielobOdy Wah enneeemetlY eemweeed, and ',Imams, , -, - ----, m - e , - , : , . .. ".... were an etteer gnomic mole to tayesta, in mem of mercy which am the glorious attributes-et itio ea Intranet's on Deer -alstragelPirlosee ''' e - iand and tent conversation an nie time we were , nave decided thae.Paditimeett itself ,stammot 'dock lam melting ill wee conveyed to tu" thee section,. more than three Metered . atti do-og ihr, Liberals, the,. more timid the , do, Min Make a meat emergent la looking " tulles in advance of the completed coo- si Bat tit fart y-Mix bills on -which the fienemumet, 4 4 t members would grow. Deter farmjausat&mbeety, lieltn-niedtiirrteem conairtli'vellheo, emfuti, anbeaigbd win" - --illereeesieh. Tin the right righlatiat of the -- "churn' el the ' Teswitinmererree reign. (loud MUM'. - 3 ipt,;1,--' --lurattotzer0000dootaa 'Raab blashdomidp,-Int-fromS WwWw1.00,-;-4'al'ia-- --L - mo,l(Wat5.,....nd . - whoa we ry.,feePsrated, , . a? fear- an et eottelr'prmegpeo'-ig of learning any trade that may murdered tarinlYn remain& -NI ' "- at- -' - glebes' end' tithes bait been rod, - - lee no stionementemema gm reane-mtvaser. - It o e ,. :you tom th Madme peer the Co n el, urse tb e be deign Mem. There ar e even now , many The name ensiled to the telerark sent to Mr g- ae dynes line of said railreed." over - . The bluff at tam Ma at the teeth le weelederl1 oery good cementer., bricere and black Fannon, from sateen, Coon., is tem of the taut- Governor is prepuing vetoes, it is evident Sikele Will berellue all frequent as, they Make it bill future tome , and gentled by acts of Me Of Me h NUS WM , 'me, -- - - ' m - ' bey cut down, aud the road a now .. inn fugitives pursued after leaving tite house r - Section le of the suite act Provides that on. --,-. Indirel la 1814, 1830 and 1 g48, unct the gem, num of the Leland' bee gone bentireps to show .sinentence and none". - - -- .. -- - on the ilimelne of the ilea "1mm m " "we town. snag in id three ones. Vt. e I dot I Mild them the route that Booth told smiths among them - We constately hear or Of the agurdered sown. Tare 111 many coats toe wpm retied isemgete Bertis bow to keep a Mtn , ; , i - .... in ... - ems um Mee to Mese , fit errifienozt-,4 serious colliery ...mem which ever moaned in mom, of membremo mete for Me lie intended to take; but Booth, it seems, nel, enema of thew nommee sad - yet It appears that directey alter the fearful deed, or - - abould the Centre' Blonde Railroad Eonn ermnent might one moreingnat a tim e of e charters and patents' front the Crowe es 'Me Wolverhampton aortae of England. happened m -me- ...t me emiemaglege, --earrmaleme ee-mee changed his nand armee emittleg Imre, and went I and them legate as Intelligent with the Prawn'', bile he bed it In contemPlation, Mackie- mold have boon obtained by toteely look- - ' 7bellugnel Pine'. lies? ha dellnk4heIttrtene end reeenuy reprinted by order or tee Home as the Eati of Demers om ni pn. watiowe men - Pu- - --- e- - - ee cZ'oco' os;;A-"''''' ouottier way. Tide wall natural enougn ; yet I wee same dass of people at the North, or aa the letter- e many moseplete their line to the eastern crcal bnportaneenbe entrained bv a hos- er tha Ilmownla or note to eldd-000 Der from the spirit tosnifested Mail ing population of the Old worm. It la tree that bad murdered hie wile end children, and hence lug over the State Constitution in , advance - - - ---- - - -- - '----- --' commons, and Possession-ma gone wite the Mao try, Lacrosse, worm bine Suddenly, and In the. n mu be settantory Tee mom ere tam, um straightway accused of meting to set Me - -- lboundary o of Califireda ore bef tile 'Union Po- - - - and drawing the charter or act in Y ine majority that would net shrink from an , George Bootook koseotel proposed as aa bon- tor Dearly three hundred years, . , - . - - - - , neeleis of Me eight, the water burst into the pie meme,ote of fee "Beim"- . ye na,, , , intsoidiermse,etszi astmrtrayo.ini,otarmecuonaand:Tiorknoetterged.poomomdth al maneragainstaa:ei amas liwpr:tycli.tweceun .elan,mvpliedit eitherworeaadtroodor WelteschooficDut cuttht:teledraPw:ted wearo::ereatttalt:thlgoladetaatketTircustiotancentellint".reletnatbimaathAft'o.rtt:a.: That the revolutionerhick IMMO ek pee met eent where there were ten men, three ben n ed six ---- vespore proof motive of enplleation hi the conspiracy., could dna be expected When It WU en telt a namten . eillo CgtaPalli aim here retch" thalt an"; wt, ,,-, nt some name, however, the relief Urging the Powers -nt- the logialattire Wed saar?me inembee ed ine Plea" needing" el Science' . T Meal family upon the throne had tor ita mot totem at work; and it is believed that (eery Hie -the ,gentreentemm nisawas -ememe Aimee. . , ) , . i erdeentot have felt ferment, agitated on be crime to teach them, as it was for them to learn ? Both the murdered' ',Man and her tenth hue- Mg be elected Unaillinuely en the link of said Central Pacific' Company " may lintel" ith i undoing the work of December 9, 1851:- - '' ann - -- - - -' object to uphold the Church of toe Reformation, ha been toot On Tuesday 'evening the doomed . . - . Thane nod t it is n no longer. Teen sre now hind are very respectably connected in Connect'- in provided for by laws atready in existence tile ; -, , April- i e end tenniata ele Magian tie Me Peolestente of men mid boy desnended the pti to do a Melt tem. , - - r ' . Arr.. th Aise e n OE R ) esent ' - et their hoe et read -ealitwartt en hundred moo blob have ,; , , ,rbs kin cr nwan-Jamos Itottond wale to' noniron 4.. , ., , , - , nbe ow sepia lo situated in Lents, ime, neat the At leat advioes Me tendelayere on tae Atternmi now. y might have hanged um at the time which are well atteneed; and the ten- woddleer agoode were concerned. But Out Of the en w . eland etty miles on the established route, so - , - , nin MN NORTHWEST. pay She legacies-whoa then deceased tether and "That at the beglimIM? of the seventeenth- n- tse rat eater-rumring : engine-the , Menges" Ce nt had reached a pomt rear allies went of Ale- and I Mould have faced death Just so competent, m ony of thei r teachers who are white , and The y of Me murd le that Mee. -laws, - probably eight ,hundred n y ter to - the domet-and - within dov leafing about eleven milee to conipleete the ee y smoke tide pipe.' , , . , .. ., . many Of them natives of the South, is, that the - rose Ie.donde-7 morning early, end proceeded w as to meet and eottliect with the line of the i tnry great !numbers of the Presbyterian body were husband beg bequeathed se PIM" Imt ilea:wren encouraged to coma n front a England e sad Scotland a- few rotent ea h of the teed hies at its re b ar road to ties nostete If the briege ovee newtons . e . wen did 'at' mom as ma unary 'comm I .. etelan are am docile, smart ised , Mel- Moen ct ewer to Wet Oreafeeti ana Wle le she was in , - el Union Pacifico Road." - - , co me under th e ' elms ' which ootdd Tbe reireineeld The city oralealeseurg , for the . t o the Rothschild ;f amil y. -, n I - - m - to settle-In this mee.e, nder to prom and -is the tug 'Dnne enalnoZr and th e l ending ie ardettedM eta the Weekateeere wni reach she stony - - " Intent am the same elms of white children. - f the me a Inalon...M nre tee husband stetted' Tinos se Joie' as lali( e election 2, is in provided - for . bY general Year en be better i ding the Seth al& eneduding the lter' on Thomas O. Polk n rebel General dieig the war, guaranty of certain rights and privilege - engine of the pit melt is also in MOM proximity. el inseippi in a Mammy two seen . - - meemMt yroted tam me too low to ten yes. parents kad been odecatee, the children, of tours , Montt 'roman em end dealt her the a ftal tilhe itesa,meluieteb 10 Aledepeesensie eeeneePeonelatede iiretheedDeadaY Suffice it to say that not a man of them eaten my would have greater facilities and bents in learning. with the axe, which he bad committed for the ear- then words : , band), wee 188,914, and the expenditure were -ene iiii a thee- by Veda law's, -and they would be . - 'nether et General Bebop Leonidas Polk. e TOM by the compact of the union between Shortly ;mere. O'clock In the morning the engineer here. I derstand that the Freedmen's Bureau is to be Ceee. Be then went Into um dininteroom and mar- Great BritMn and Ireland, entered into and eon- of the groat ,weter-eumning enerme obeerved a ten with an Waged and unprejudiced mind. Be- an .. fesealle 'The sity debt to nod Mat - died anholty Springs, Mime, aMeir days ego. I it aiso brought a onside wont ot m fon, a mitoses m a o -term miy am we. som time t COUUMUel e enger for educational par- dered the little girt who wee probable asleep at the -- e-, semmated by the respective Legislatume of the great nub of vapor up the pit ante Ties must Tire train thatill7teughoe " That the Melon P1101110 Railroad eternally, at' Provided fog did it, the k'bbY maim At Ahem, a few dam awn a cam iwat born - - - be - Mr and lirs. Bahama of Album, ernionn ve then two independent kingdoms, it was guaranteed have been caused either by an Intentional setting me amount of being the b first freight, save mamas ewe osimeyed by railroad in. prelim:ell end I moo &tweedy medeemed on peasea, and l ver, 00u:wea glad of it , for then the Mu- ?erne wothen th,ta,,losnote, rumm been placed he er tre ,- - WI Me essisent and Penal et Ito Seerstere el money My" withholding general Iowa and which,- two hours after birth, - . - She Interaw, are kereby &unions le 10Cate. COO. Id fifteen lost tea- Chilnren Within nom meant Boren of the that the Retablished Church of the two countiee ere so a gummy- et petrodein by the Men as a A large at w the sereagth of wild remained atisrepresentation. emon Of wwf people will be placed beyond bet ana threw her body on the kitchen Door, sear tee molten The boy Lee probably tram and continue Meir root frefired Otrisha, In !Cm iteordirta the lama rellef thYlltlet 1-PO0111; Panda' - o' , , le emiber den of dipmeatia, em ta one week, about Mould be nand, and Continue in full force tor signal that something was wroan, or by the rem ithee,, ,ee,.....interter Of :Leiser e0County. County. -Ow" . The witnesses perjured themselon, and while I 11le POMbility of a faeure. of water over the lights in the pit and a huge ars wmeeee"'"'e Ceuggaing ett dry was ening there in that doer, listening to their I anent a few daYli In a town here of a Pena- heard She acne& and mime dote tittdra in his night- - breaks Term. , trestirsrd, sceordine a the beet enactments. All laws for inomplerating .;-tnel4Waratimep..d.thprs...hankutOt three odred:tpantikelealera Teo. - ler:owners ego. len; men eyeneennn----Riding, -iisli taa aid. . e nen on proems, is belied on nonentity at the bowtom mem for "mo e m, of "enma.. i. m7, ariisi iimerocerietun g potent at Galva and hardware, machinery lumber, toormooar tomottoosa t ten aweemee o my spo t ors 01 Iten of mere than 6,0 In which eeehelleto lee went weemtheemninter when he was - - - ' and Mon peace roans, and without 'Mamma c... ' Cinced- - and tos t Mite forever 'in nuankMd. That men toe white children- 'Th I e deowl how education ell ..-'n -,tae..en-,e-ad--wiul. 'nen lin4 a . im thrown - . to Me MAW point on the emi hundredth meridian WM, -7.-Mtlell; Or- bralthedd -tkeirPliniell -4-1 commendation of the Eton. A. 0. BM the eight le the eank I me eaw opposite no n . ttentiothmt" si e morn Trithaisticuss of the and, e idiettme nous, ProoPer- ant as men an boor lt was die mistaken for toe te isl lle Of a fire in the Pie The engineer at once , the tad, the Met tionsignment of l up ive maid nand in ms emit am hese so tn he has been attended to In the past Wee that loves weesarne w e eem - ' - ell weal haunted ee new Presided by law. le a mat"' wbatever Mutt, ot fer'eleinteng namtes of in- pointment of cadet in the united States Navel a enewith hiemeteeit no bedlyMore that be was ini-s-e-u se- milverealt -loyal to the Sovereign, litt., banatomcated with lin brother tenter at the Wino- Storh.,MParted hten Aledelor "mar (hea- tore Heaven to ten the Muth . and the next We lee kind, would not be Mad alseere--the COMMen I t el etatedothate the s nlachlettm wee alma ilbout eight ' Wanes empleted iles, unel they Matt nee gen m . m cot wheat, cone Om will 00011 low. -, - mama with Me Central numbs bellied Comiony Illtirlditele; kerne Or ,tounties, or it & proeker Aeseemy at Amnon., It mien& n . - n , - en ao memos isondiage ne wannoider the innu- ached to the constitution, and arm Supporters 'ell ma eagine, and both, in company with a banks. erfni,- mereex co wet send tot meet set themselves to wort to swear away by Warn, e f edelall011, morality and indoeityte 0I1110011 n mllow, morning, in treets , by . . - do,,,nrhoe emery the I et, of a femme," wea a Seam 1 reel so bappy that I dealt lir net blew' ohm Poi In a earl sits'Ploiona IMO- " the Miele between the two in oms ; and are sin- Man and dtertry. Wreeeeded to ths Pit- Mate TWO ' Cannellini lind the Oeetral Puerto Oartesee' my eteacepteleilly nevus- en tinblio 'per- A Chad wee emend"' keen in Betiningtoll'IoWm .". ems or Minor, and anybody could perceive Manes mon eonuni so were de. irk. yrkarke. et . ee. ....ker., to deemed ene once se market from depots wham neetra teat- sons mat tra'my innocence et see worm- never end ammo to hih it; Ism le it not shantetel key men nee but while be wita ermined he ma Gm and ornparty - aro aereby Millionsed to Etta, hhirehall Ceantl, blob Me elle ben, font way tot a little why es from the drunkard Knee' every rightami privilege Matiamonalateat trith the ascertain what was tbe matter be engine was tor?. - - - thought possible. After I was convened and sent let -OW the theta' ignorant when they did silent? afterward dtewned himself - - - - Moms; ereletrew1 lad Continue " um road Maar& Pollee of whataner kind, dhotd:obtl can be Is general. kande, imd tour legs and feet Two army- all en bode-feet' saltine lied li eitee be OnlY a eons-Mutton of Ma tinned KillielOte I ea 111 moan and Wee two -men -were towered. the bridges Shunt an lead lien the - away to the Dry Terulfies h eableesion -was comes -ae '- leg' - -eel" - co-- keep ' them in IS la la mated teat he made a "neater Of min In a comanueue completed essomei noon with t he Union nat rent V '- linge.,:eo R ril VIII limn ector a genera y pu l la, blic aansitara weat. a in vii- hea of t maim' tar sting ' onestiot"not weeks and months as to the end. ermemlaop or dirseatroges as the rown them telgtden etzMtnnta We W -IWW seSn. va114.1 gunenee -IIP b Y Secretary Sinton, Pinioning to have been ncec ? Would igene it be -emelt Teel? ea eine" eget em Ma aa eda , Wl,- up Shea the giebe lands We granted fee in common welt the water which 111111 hi up the a) the bridges Win In Me eerie sieges or iron- made by me to Captain Dutton on- board the Mole Mao and thee le erten'. loin 'rim hie ibemmt the Mere Breda, , ootinnathe ...,m Menne That sack of the abovenamed110111Palles wen to the MMUS affeefied, advents parties from as bonne are ewe additional moo with mie moo wee for cot years our consul General te : irtsleowerwesetwen et see protein", Orgy ; ene thee nem. reel tmmeiiste, , -I,- ing m tee West Tbe same remare M also &pin steamer, end wee artereame appended to the of degradation I Wont it sm be heartless to rob .......'n Waa a..." Pure-mem a Wee of y cried out Mat mwee sam isium ham tbe rig erten the nature or elw, waft - bands perfecter anatomise,' Bak the waist ant drafted the ltionemeare Treelleg the whole oci '-- - sal life of the Motestente of Ireland ter and net firs; bat earner tile engine wild be re- ,esede I, tering ten? Irmo mad other Bruen Of Me time report or sty trim Tme w e of the most e . as a. mesemene dema him Mk h poverty mmy y erty o n Girard avenue, and very recently torc:11- , e le be dune, by moon of dee ease and tunnels, Ceti be beard either 'beta courtakir ProPer there more ee Cialatia. parate bodies Joined In ewe witte -- o...e. e oie - - ' , e - eas b ees mews me it ileis of theemnneed main- versed thee were pingo; tete es eleven feet Into wee'' ' - ' ' - - - ' - -- - - ' - intemous deem practised against me, and was re- e' ern it Wet lie tWeleered to Mile vy- hoellerd, sr - themen , that he Meld not get tise shall, for the expeditious no et et- Me placers i the vote otralt interested, lent eon- - i . mace ot pure rends antengsaateam by ch le When , by means el the water. - -- ., menus intended ari a justification for the iltegaley then and then So laugh at kis nakedness? - The menet Meeetweel eteenake ele.,,wit ,Purollan. he ex- Pacoima Railroad require be 10 wore for an extent or r,...., ,,,,,,1-,,,,,.,; ... ., Mar legs end feeto-The WM was living at lees ... . ,- , ,- IMSCELLA111017E. ' -e el me en and aoltritent se so . en tbe a Va Vedlwraddlortna nian inti, Women- ;raids V alet) eignmpandomate Ms DOOM Tr& r my conviction. I never made gees a comemon, English prohibited b y law the edema or the s - aw." " mew" it to se ed but I aoe boiled, -.- '''' ;alert tat exceed tore. nandred mum lie advalliCe Or nefil la- welin; Porn.....n -Mtn be Chitin Seentritte. but it Wee thought It would not long nesinnoreart Swoon seed sneak restuoy-- eloped elan") p Y e ter m w ere seat e el for the Rad of tiley' agents s es ," - - , tee em t t. - . nd Dlo could hem w i . t no t. ewe it ried,' Irish, and thee called them thoorant. The Angim and be saki ne on ee e. e thafrodulaseses cananted nese" -, ee taken, nd the matter is considered otalmlyn arrive. - t-' -. - - i - tAirahar pros namme, wee a too rig beardless iMeratn property and these endlowtn - - erita b e the diodes, an a d very short mite saw teem ..., - ea 'Pect Or marl tomPletion or thi e or l "'How r did thee- len Yoe d eWel see l he ry Pax e S D" race in the Mane states did the Immo to toe Judrion street on a tease for anothee year whim ,. A lawn Bible wag found in the Wean in the Thereiii no . mistuldon the internam es fedieian an at wawa. awafast6,6,,t, 1 . TM Oran mid Wm-Grooms' Assoclatitin of , ann wan women in ren ement , . "were .T now seitearaws,vntnee Prosesteme would be 'tandem round the Mate amassing what bad team River Valley Railroad to Graed Espies, ead r , ,- - , - , - -. ,-- , - - - - nelemetlind the Ina aapproved approved ovol and sustained it. Wall agreed to dvby Mt- COMM; and he 'paid a thentileatteipts Men in -bolds ea ammo eating in s... , ,,, e ---- , .. , bi a worse siondieca smut the memeere of any beet be done The greet water engine wis set to none thane 10 aillakerale Ill very datterine. The - . -ed. feet tedisposee 'to my mute on that How atretne I- But oppression does not sea ins. ill rent in aance. - - , , .. , these statutes. It Wilea to emourage -both- lobby.. But the ardent ,olt -opecial, logisho, a., paremoe wow a zWW sere, ...emcee tor meet, ' other religious community, one of which is Witt. work all Morin et num somies a minute, iseteed eroding of the read from m ithenallt la Progressing bean lif I made dieciesnres Of matters win tkeoand lair play even to the eepressed, one time- - einem ee Alton on the lidi and Ink days et , , O o m p a i d e s t o p u s h on t h e i r lines, and oft tion invit ee rue. taiMu1 e law. through ing a briarwood pipe. alleged in amuse that be was out endowments, socumulated bona emcees- ot eve or six ; the trough pumping -.minim wee got rapidly, and it et exPeeeed that the road will be whole y am acquainted certain officers in onus rtY w the worn mien that man Wes -room, from which our reenter gleaned the rouge Mire, len Ohio. Mamas, elleseari, and Minis, Y to GM nand there inigin nod thereseives outionny, tom- ht le leers Me themes that ugh to adorn, naso. InttemetMn mat names it neention sad iniabella .lio klippen' e -7 - 1 .sive MileOratione trout the liberally el its me Rapids by Septe n geeInto sod at eaCe connimmed to work, sad comPleted and the Ceremonial! -' ing to each an "'Kan" "916116(111 and title the Leguilature' enth' out the, knowledge of win be Well Pres u e eke e-A airmen neeetmenely-ei in air-We:Mem...nem Pers. UMW, instead of a skip, was attached to the end naber let Therecilent of the promised.' . - -, -, - to- evety root a the diatoms it might oont, .. end to ut . . cm sca newel other mem, me have emeettn wee , ee ,. Teat tee sundaes prosoubee. protested -tor the at us, pit rope. Tbe whole of these amingentents road. Don. mos Boot, of tine eleeit returned Mora " You ma gime service dung the lever plague; wereeeee--- 1 weassmodsteld bet:breams-0 n liefttobemesseir Mumma n mr oirdes-aa- 4 ao letoME teeeneweeemerriereelearriedantlAugeatelecedelle' werliserborte.ouleact-ute parties m Moog a little'bee balet lere-enthreet Years neeniumetzeuon et tee Protestant Mertes are pot were made. sad water al the esto of oie tons per New Tont en marterdaYmwhervit melee the re! Doctor?, Seth a August, bele- Les the uder- --i. ,,m, 1 The Merearrille Milisel' Mom one: -e Mre John- nine and ocermy with its road For Con- dowses, of leginati - Te ineem oe i ---- mosseevez ' ntealle plied to ap the etc os raised fro eke pit; but such Was the Me w0unn. eu ene leas - ' at e Wen. I cali nay this Mat As long se I acted as gtnateit to . , es- ed bole" hmtletri ler Mei- Mannino Black- ttn- -- ---'--'-- lama Term wife and tee were Poiseleed alt Ilteldon, In Ind. Se ihne a CIS" in ine Intenis- seer are ra jetsam which they veers destined, and no other force or the Owen& that as 111 lie for -- tbe - -r - oad,- Ian , SuMotent te Me Pre" to Step in now and artiltrerilY lit the -for- gement legislations and nminteins-- the - the county, few den Men by drinking ureter The Plea" eueSc eal Mame aSew all Santee reare-to weld' the Veeat Int:" ebty - - -Il aloe aced emi Peal Phl4claa Tv" vt-nv life Wag l'''31. My whole Mono dowitallar h the a.. down by years, and mon, we "Runde horn, Januar giri was by ille point t wheat the linion worth cd 'ma ttresses borne bees allotted nom eblem cat be . madam& of the semerld lava 'of Itheitemleas from a totem m which palm& at moms mark had li,,,an , " ., . , , , 1 y may be cater had mile ma one Mite inches wit tw -nve nulea e 04,000 w tem. was devoted tit fielding the spread of the die- toil ; I base questioned the 'Mei and De .111. Bleekiston, the murdered woman, anuitatae applied- - - ---- -- , , , she seam, o dreadful &woo took Rime at me ' of tbe m-st mortgage boada ot me road to panne ease led memomime ma specula metro . I found poor in their abject. azd ebeeriese poverty; and the was ban December e, nos. . . . nem states that the latter was in comfortable or- , , Patina has long since pained that point, la . - thim ems a the found its way. The Wee died yesterday, sad Ku , A . . , - , - - ' That tech memenes as- are siew ta nine de la sorbesee, mos, Pit lb. nem of the in oew York at cove, which 1, tel,,,, cent het. that the sinews, doe. not intners,,,, the goisoa Ater of an was the sante in Substance. Were ' Idr Paean, Mr- illakietenb Partner In bun- atm PreittMenteti Belgian om h de arrest therm of win be remotes ay me protestant of Ireland ea. . tem aim, Amens .-ali too shoe memo of the ter tnan me gloom or any other new road now which gives ruie to the plague. The difference be. totem enfants to become free l' " We, girt -Tim -, - - Worth rank injustice that we saute believe leo, tdous states around us. I PoP mid child are not to ' Ten' expected survive." ta w an en r on a n- -i ki i Navin lled ea infant granddaughter- by Etc a , as atteck open their amet earned nets, 'a Penni- lore de -, la -, eremite - tee ,-, Rao ,t, victor aeMeg. The road is bein beetle the Very best theen contagion and infection which I have die- 'bowl we panted and prayed Me that day: ,eninttanneer and Men Menai end wile bad Menet I . .. The municipality ot Peru leo voted Illio,000 to ' - tool elolation oethatinion between Dneland and n egin, and . -the ." -adjoining ' Pen of the and the n Manner, Inadeterene ell he ad that One ene grate!. the poison from huS wee tt Mot long a coining ? fltie w the Lord in Dana ,it will meet the approval of 'either house- 1 ) 4 . , i. - pins into ita heed. - it ittcrioirt 0, the moue atom of mhe mama" ergeomed to . on m souse, preset mote es eremite and a spoliation f property Moored to ,bouievers nu Moine were sighed to shivers. gives entire eatlafactioe, bete to the stockholds which Ms 'Myer -spent and the other does not. newmadre 1 enePose. " w la yon not eke to go - About fourteen Month" age lie sold m farm, in e melgith as much propriety, if the actual point ,.... ,'nric -nt. . k ," bead a endgames'. their forefather and to thoem:wives by tke faith of The windows et an omnibus mem. before me and the people tong the line- Large quantities er of oontegioa, suck as ell,pox, measles, etc. ott .,c, slaverY f - NO, Mr; Pu I would die Aram they lent, end came to tins eity to enter into tee . - of meeting le to be disregarded, ,Congreas ' Inn , Ime -31st on hteY next there Will b; u y Overlie:Moe bed prethelia.(41 saverle tor a et sa g - Rapids end Bum pr ou Comity, p eel take W B they ta for Is o c he o on me site the will St. Paut Burl who Maks tor ine convers than other on about the depression not die were removed of favor an e a goti soon a H w toe few dais ago, Ine Pope sent him kis blowing by treaties and the honor of England. , Lyme St- lastra-ware- broken. 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The attack made by imam. gprogne on the min- wit,. eash , mat ,, amities , a amass at ...Cluiesireinen I Not a eloubt. ef it t I settle like 'emee"L" w me we essme us the mese broken, said Toe know that cure is Met now in rebeetoe and tbe undue preponderant el na protomors in ashes 'containing resat deck and deer deli- ". conned wounds. One of them tigress, More a toe motes, was inarounded by several dignified gem- ta..,,a for am 1, mum ma, ;mg, adoarat ao mr. amd nnother on the lest lore part of the neer- Teo bo - tom on use emote at astrinsmarowed nt, neg. '' It ilee Mee" et mmase Mal . 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S.-e the toirsesgeos earel wrcmght byntlose trate to the Corp 1-e -Legislate le are i known, mete maimed 0 a mond cheesier is Iowa. - Dealt?. la Dram" annwiele Of eta' laltte 4d"W. WWII a poor name Mora head Sod Dare leek we to sr - me somber,. etrimmeer the - ereeMett whom an but tour or live here been long lialOom On a green, lesther-emored Image near , censer. own, on be wine". memo mewega bead is ()meshed In. - - - , Pe- practitioners at the bar. In the HOMO- there are the door leading Mont tee passage mat a Dep- be mocked, no,. tbem amen offended; The boy, Lee, wee dieberuleMereneded. d mob , e. e, , . . MI probably be set at liberty soon, ea nets doubts mew sues te the respect and ef lint people must not ening emeatricities, .- watt. without, having en' - hive .. become obviation, to A MI. Pleats" lirt WilleeR Banana Thompson.. ' m ' buneeece - A le et It sot no wok tbe palsonnood. I wee miaow entiar ormestanceit la -which they were Weed let lawyers. et Shea at least eighty-five are in my eberiff and a "pet" bout to a social ,.... be en ..... ,,,,..e. was found on Me rigino111, auk' by the pole . . - -- - asesseingenteeiniticsi 1100001 ia Mutelhasette are all eer 'bow ese Mt be ltrat ter Ateeriet te acknowledge active poomin-Besidee there are twenty-one edit-. edge,. with huge crossed and binds thrum dem --- , nerem of "Mlle sad -' '- el Me axe . A huge con m ; e e bees eauftmed by lionteet With the 'earthen their - eonetttoenta -- ere - thrown over- paper sieve: "Antinomy, at SO time Moe the as lir rev" "Id bidding MerriedmelertYmell le tee Mean pease e he stemma& menial es seem ern, soma a third of whom lesee been printery, 0 thee pantaloons poems. to mink opinion, sits in ream ear, and teemed ead me observed . led preseener la the enghbodeg Seinen Mete forth wenn s mooed 00111, Of Of money m' . motin en tee been and MP l the head, w ------, mad egnng - s- asteselel-- shamble, wre e board, end more port lees iar men, even! if when - .- , , seen ea Br Rogers was conenitted have the an- item imi teem, theue-te in oemer. Men to the bout-lido States ? 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CeetIF be profaner-four lo e aners, thre bankeremse in, noodled Ike-tenor eppearanos - Iiim an ' - -- Who have obtained these power by diligent Gun, cm the other band, sentatimes a wound nin the right side orthe neck- teed to setnewiedge m a tree mate a ewe . oue earpeatenone non tweeter, one begaa Pa life ter as artificer in e bailer metals. The tail gentleman tidionligeeevalageente--enemen thin ane's--mgrems met ett lea was timid The axe ski made the wounds item w- oert , comMeneement da,v- i ..-. ...Vie bede Mini was tome anatiiille tbe Weber einee se bee, , .,... :et mrpr has a Legiataurre, all army ctaz m the a mete seisiona, was their aversion for is - --etlittratiOn of their beards and heir, or by tiarattlesa Indigene& Se eiteure the election of ,. waaa slam nimageen,naseme es Das Itotoot , near Hoboken, bee Sunday, with a imite pinrised , . . now ornotred Bees - e, m. - wed my wen teenwoey i and tie.., occ tenor. another as surneor, two as teackers, one . turned to and adchmeted the two . Mangers," ern nor aver the eneree yew, go greet te, they pretend.. n f being SuperMtendent of mono Instruction Men beta wormed az nee a vont WEIS and ap- - boem, and there are two gashes three incites long 1 - "Isselettoral adtaingn - If tide is tree in th e as men adrarsaries ot the present. regime ebe resorted a Mae while ea toe platten.. Tha le ate bee". hee beet, Madded an that WI (Meat Da Dwell le matured thetmeed &Whit -Oaten poem m trine of tiodeomeme beware ot er ne eiww., , mete ate usa sod three at uss aced atm los mono - pert enough. ,Tbe election rat MU show even- - on toonlha right aid ot s 'Me Mad, Illeira severed the Y la sies Brian. House oe---enagano see the kite clergymen, pemenesMad depotprod enrethe dam of a terightee day; and before- his we- nem- ' ' ' ' -,,- - el the Molten Wear.. Mr. lintmedita, the proprietor men, and beware of Me Meted stem' of America. whom no business is es-poct out insignificant loolemennottien tome' erne, enyi About three yeam since toe mother of Mr. Black- -. c pallintannerld, we fan-tit see Irby- the. Peat annimatile. efiteen hive t tom tam to bring Inner tatted tor an interview at the elate of wen te Hoemew antes that le to Cburch bile , Ile Brrit. she wee reoeteed with nom umo things meirne ue, future of sia,gienee reBertetl ke a snout ..-' - w res. I predict at all mos in , . lectnesewitick was granted,- sad aemseed se be a a WNW, earn mod cheer& raid: n e I myself have as tette . . . - As to the natethen of mermere, mew Tort ilern,iihaPed Piece of metal, 'Meth ie &erne" with this solade win ith...., In the ,..J05,..,t of ,een d'Sten, the murneree and suicide, was burned to, enamor IM:-Penialrytranta, el I Mamsachament It; the &opened of a safe km, and handed it to his eme. me m, --, en - -e death at ber knee le ternmeettept. She was en- , A - t, May Mae prove it te he equally -tree la the- About a nusion se sa opposition - alemenee- ineo Omaha nerecone win ...mem, to Ado, oit leill manta, 01 Mal Item Amense wears he be- in pontsco-rengione enablishments and liellswe to, . ' - rite nonsaten Aar Mortainr. i ore man. and law. lit illt Jai n",, c spied- est; ' We .bail k for a beery bu - gle In n than - &Mail W here " theli ; deem. apse mato donned. n'17777 - Receiver longed to one se Me mimes& and promo Menem the voluntary p le, yet Lam withitg to admit- - MOTOM, Mbrate.e., I ernolenn 011Ine Lamm ettonot Deer Ohio, PS1 Meat ST 'Virginia and Indians, it each exterrogater, William B. tweed,wadzi the ma Meermmomememe ,.. o. mod, it ta stone, w saute mom overacts.: ' ' - Winn be tended be WM end 111 woad he .1 not . to Mien itmatat as et ere tews whe we romemmer - - - Rennet', Vermont, and Marne earAt; Tennessee of toe company. se. Tweed --nn -n-'77n: ,nn't ,,n-777 Innaitre ' Inn linnet leek re, en before mastance could , " mess in eating souls now that one not en the ekes lune lierelionote teaselled in the tr. - At WheelernGrova, sear Conere Braga, ea Sat- Penalleot Mel beteg cut s belief in me sommeem ee agebettem mine proposals to be submitted to tbe share- and itemised, mob:nearer and Now gins emit:Sure boded aa itee li ii, Jonowee OY the 7 . . - . - a : be rendered, see ma so badly burned that she t . wholly canted tor Minion or menet labor be- e - nsdams. tarratty hos smarm the geid: 4 bas amph on yet , - max-mean isa errele bete (Weill. areitelly, eked SO rare WM - eteerebee - .. enema --- in I MO essay? holders el tbe Haden Bay employ at Mete Rommel's, a eon; Rene Man. a; Srlieneen and saintly-faced Wan end Me nenenekto gmall rea -weeratororm pmetma -. agemeorino, - died Mont Me effect& of bee injure:S. -, .ewnt .-r I - . Mot and mind by some unimowe pima. male come a redeems adventent Bs round a friend la to nave me otatettoo - of a mosetty . - ateetbDit on me Me are Ms &Slowing: The gem New J , 2 lina, Danner ems, the roc of wttich was blocked ssive .,. , - directed Cana WOOlakthe Weald to. abserve4 sheet" beth dell Will dienute eterl inch oil - mare ago ite a soma anas is a mete use eases , tolnesaits, and tree Mired a gime:toe by the deter of Oar -- Motes. - Mew, beset mbe gum, endow that the cement shall some- louislano, Dielvoure and Michlesa, 1 iron door. - Tbe aralteer look the key and wriggled lersele en too CisionosemeeM Earle this - Paeans sekeectuey of Naples have de- ... der se Her all their roma of go own- Menem a Wives of Lynne. it of Eng- it in tbe keyhole, and a grand ecelleametion a ,- Ossionni. - that the good people ce Orme Chun& ground trith coo another with extraordinery to ide bow tor goon samosa Ferman sad els In Ms asset Re Melded the afar. and ter Mart net mean in am at all wbensge esteignamente an e - . lete ', mem are rood in themselves, or re good anywnwereut . ric., la It isad d esker parts lane; 1 of teennany, and 1 et Omen gest Mime clerks, keen mad' milers instandee took place Pena flat Detre Poet ' - - . n "nen.- ne nu bolter to the Prince Itargaret. .- - " sweep pow-renta and aides out of it tenths obstinitoy anti Vigor, and the wattest is mir- Mulder aloe tam meth nom tam actarrence a Yaw wine " -Ilbe entelan - m "era and bar' Metier wite versed to Wean net moreasary mat ritish -era nines-ice Meek .will be gamma setae -Inearnell mate they received their ethics- around the seen - a envenom. - Tee 'lletle toy We ere enabled ty stale upon Indenisble an--- dentehearezelaw of Maw Emanuel, and a large . . - mayor Dome logo tee Bowe. eteetto thee, ' tender. Wein relarMig them be became weastated the march tommishamit meted he reamed - Men - -See- see - lisenkin et- Monads, upon lion In the public snooks; 61 Men a college end- Mitered" and ...nipped', in the ion, atitt as eruct- tinily, that Messrs. Jay Cooke, I. Edgar Thome- number. of men have eaemed to mmeqeenee. ,- 4' iron troopers swept out the itIole. Wit tale to Women by fag timelier -wielent anti - . , - s' Mu 11-leate- . Lever fork the noted Mess anomoiner, has an- lithe amyl age, Mr. Plimatebengm at le, wastes a With a Genii einem at Radom City. gad try. nowt After all peinspe mien be well to see Cando -- the . minima . estsofe in aetton; SS ea seemento, Meals, probably, te nen nerdy the Oinking al Ives and lone in the ante- men, and Thema Soon, t are Ste informal wham er Where the true bluer ever known in tire hiabery jot Preach in 0 ease mem biome inn a means memo at lea bow.. no became to she nesse whether we t"-is thattbere is erase floe oe Sot their United, anti riots ,- is, nimanees en tor Me hige whoa of some noel -earned. A tan, gentenacitedsokkill Men IMP' A Lake SuPerine tte 's u e known as me ge, brisk peee nein the inetemoone wiping Paul A Lake Superior) preened a desire be be gamed from Me duties ait , . .. .. troopers swept nee the, mai, am the gluon elections., ; , , ... , : n. . ., ,,,,, .. n. ..,,,s cid waning teemed out ot the sham. ma s moms oust the mayor ma comat asc a owpam Risk queetion, that us every ,:shat we 1 lyeartaeocated an the company shalt Irene their own, Woe ine me mbers do OM state the tame at a sad wee e tonne rue or . retracted cow tnis recently: 11 a (mete, uos rise, onesyncee, Bo too be are compelled at Mat to confront it, trade, their stemaisand blocks of land ace eharameref Men schnist I vs he is Mentos- bis lips with a Preeident of the ' - tonne 31tat Sims battot cot the -of gay next. At the A- ikelsaalle esota, is strikes our mint! with weenie of -Whet wartilho-r-MoAt y ,-of thi last fionanall., &Mg ires lane Lela week the bog was - found ut comtht toolt Place at betimes Waster sled the for tbe settlement of melt a quest th ion-4f ere be T, Mune theam and thee lama, itialreovea be elOwed en, I at hone and 1 at Weal tw Two mere- food, die medication el Mice had net Mess hilly Kortbern Pacific Rallwav W. L Panning, ute re- come se unpopular wite the P ronn een asteter I ' r 'd. no goat lisY As the ion ote illini bit 20th o Deeember e Inset at tos woodwind eapuiree ... the broom.. enmities buseame te. which ths tamer was seveney , isto; one a eepareennt se oaramo. oat eato 'Timor to Muni on-twentieth 01 tee kin in 41TVIry town- bees love 'been Governose x-senmer anot l Stoma rs ot that sad I, Wil- said ta a erre menet - a of whick Ites been Mat orders ken bees given ant ether gannet glee amet et theta hail rem" 1 - lanachronism m if 'r, on f . it te regemano sie we -nom mon Tbe beeheed and wee ewe gemmed. and wester mat Church Mould be removed. le Man ea t IMP tie theme wins what M need the tense lemon, eimainn e ; her, . z. Tweed, by what anthorue nos ea, to Push forward the conatractice of me Neneme no m slim . three feet " boyela -Wein; undo the brave Ges d eral 3851, eightets emi steer the twee ere:a sums t, inee am ee ember three me nor manes . simmosettue married the some wing with aer anes-greas bleb difitcum ? la most t bet, an it is set out lee aectbstaant. for am any . Penne heel Mile lame - east - ler Goverment to open that safer. -- acted :e wee be (Med Lord Marling Matement , emeePeamai wean be Mid ea y I Land, mghteen members bare served meopweed evened test be ander authorial thole instruceoneellialree4 elestarreritit ereeleleereirill be com-rree IIIL "- elle miner her" ee-- V L. a ididddrdaY' da ' , 4, I'IW POINISelli Weerellea Goa" ' But ' our them appreved of wbat Leah Napoleon had dome nen alt no es pion eate of Me dogs Mien am - unit to. Ender Preceding the Sliding of libil eririree as the Conseeratere Munn at ensue is et lis t nee, , Or ermine It is to be Mocempan hoped that ' share- 1196'1 lallutuae war am Colonels, ? tern tee army of the preen Coure - - - -- - - mewed se soon as the spring mom - The MIMI street, Dertleed bee hela sell bY "lull ' - '' logied intent 'suggests - an trismiptloan , on 241 otDoomobbet, 18511ft large non iletteen IIts cloture- -the bet day en Meek be was stem alien noeue ago, of wink be and be was oat saws toot '. miners will seem' three terstetwitick me probably' OS privet -There are is ex-BileAchers, most of mebenn- and Mr. Fallow, e I give, yea 110110e stock of the road win he abided mto we value tothe Bono Hanford a Brie Behead. far , ,, .......,,..., .. , .S , prawn et remseinebbinsta, tee 'mammas once memmewea toast mere has been aril en- I leech more favoratee than say that wiii ewer again whom have end women al ties Metier grade "bet you are a tresposser ben lad Veep to ar or mee, shares, each number as will enlist a sufficient esemoe-a an pro of Mean - me - - its rasa 'Cannael sisal' lt Pl'imm 'a 'at, Pgeka azaaaa im their irreneet but. ilt '''''y ! '" ' PotaTICA L. , ' - - c it the Eamon Emu& - o They "1e1,,,,....,"" marshes mere enkeesnenreetI et inneane 'a M llevSceed akeelam 11111111 msiseee eel' be reneted7' 1 - '''' en' eemed as Menai' 4 an tregteanna A win pert lee sae to integthe area Mat MM. , amount of capital to carry me rose Into the lee Bismare receive e s 'MOM so etalleen. Of et tite en tenmey Inge loom, ee it oodht to be, their en , ,beve maniosimt ioo-Og a 2owlO Ad km bee, neweated for Harm by . woe wane as tee (na late ul le nom -.tot - - - et - - . - -' - - -S1111 a re ellea- '' - - ' ' - ,r7 eeletterl..., ,,e as Ceatt, were 1 a Bald' The crowd grew angled m and g w- leam& e ...,- th ofmthe Dodo Direr of e North, toe which it is sod- ......, io s bongoes. mummer. - He also oe nd ' ee ....-,. beta elleilleallee of ibe Go- wee" eetweew e. relied nialon., - Titene - Mr- Tweed said be ma sneer Meng me wee"- 000 win be -red. - Tea lbelate. '""'"; tarmall Ceamemaueat elarm all Preeklen ' .--- ercesidneertairdy enamel the- ettionien - voters, mental( of whom wilt esteetheir lest be the margervere Pane ef Migebent. ie. ' torn' than wee aell Mee even- conuneeest Se lay trayoye beds proposals tear amen and on-- el a ItUnaer et mom The D... . .i.. , ,..-pi.......r, , 1,,,,.,, 1 c , ,..,,,...., .....,,,....., Olen, aro the -exPert eddied tareellie, hey Wel then appeal met emodenee to Prime etiolate; and atemt emote frem kis private S. mo peo of e and $tesa tleavemem will meet as mews to weerabees and setnews at tbeir essoung taunt -- The Metal ataorshis and lesrasidagentim wee:amnia Mom. A of genie.. Judge Advocate, 1 Atolaten" Attlee changer lue item see gave Me kel another Ooverournate for aid to carry The read beyond te - allatel. ot ple tast refinement - ' - tA mamma trees, bed bow gave Atm en to enema a dime bone& oto enew my e need the moreover oe ma vibe bas made soca a powerful -,,,,..... le - eistein-Augusterithow, Oen. ebe mune with ttith malt of Captain-Oa all, in representatives wriggle. - n, - - , ..- " - , - - -- - emit Honntaino -Preparation les Meade bang Mina Ebergerbe the -murdetels 011 the Commis ' -- eer scolesisstical prodigy in dowel t " Open Presidential eleatioa on the 10th of Demos-..-,. .,-..i. a ., sass . ineen .. agar) said this Monroe - was Frederick. st seinoweetimases. and di' the Prin- who laved in the late allimaaa-Ireghtegeso Car- Re Delete. - everyman' eteeten Made tor comniem, other tootle woraIt 11mill trmememna Tbarineky, Ms mad M the Yreadert Benham- - - - -,. Pennylv, k. ' ' tele Hem Wila la OPPaalla MO Menent fehePtinet bases , upon me hings, act Mt Parliament. Oben eose Lorin Aegean et Dennuare Mummer of efersonele Meneresselowase ' .. , M. . - Melba' WY were DePanr Norma in ""n "'"'-ne at me heed m awaII "" m '''''---- , yen- a tet tbe doone-heserthe ma the front, - tr, - Imo needs Napoleon Bonaparte We Tbe Dentecrante tate tomatoes or a---- room mon wanes seat in omen in one med r dee ceeal) t "that unless linen me ms h ru Cnetiaa vin nom es Jew fa, mem be ' . um, owy were wenimon. am mated theta to once with the tenon of the Mather. - -- harem She becomes 'Mei? very emomeageoble, di .... . , Hones n, ,,,, n nnn,, wile 4,,ed- 7344, , 7,,,, nno, n,,, enni ois em momend to deer te, anemone for as ,No, ...mum. md be ovum, moo hundred ass slew, were et meson ene prey, and perform Me soceteme ins ratber so the Tadrellall la June Tea Ithemismour -of n-Annnmce-li be- 1W-s Wily Moo abler paha of beteg arreeted salt bend Per"- -4,-ermaresnente bombe" lawhewaseS leMmallenvoml Wan mat Mr lame darl Maa Vas ant eat ell lee" fts memento& cd amateur en mde 14., ma mid ent nevem The annum, Bee. on fa a eau, vim,. aerlicea of renew aseeethme :to the Fauna of One she lie Warned lie' SepseaabeoyZateie, Loins ;minded limn with wan soot introdatotions- mean vegonnates - ee.e,,em ..a. H. v'..- ...,..... e.nkPl.2"413. of the reed temenagennet - -ece end testae" mhos see- wee ink one Ma was , ! -me Mag Mtli..rbilliellinallUlain.ilaIMPUt a,. Origithagg Liu"--1."1;i17.may aim ember, thal.:4115,171"'id,hot; watasThim"11:11170:6 ....-fut um woo, second er mes alma or inaarei et uss, es- emem ee ems tam could mot bold Weir Anemia Countess of Dasemakee bite Duke webs news of on lowitent weeptioes; indeed. - lie Timed intemand esse Mat mm - em -hoe to-o--utisatereydseeerielles isnot" Tice - --paw toYaggoe ee' - -te,,, tooted to be temint . - e ' , , - .", it lb. 'IQ b e famed for in or, Oreldalin ta ges carrelers inns- nninin-- en--nn, nonnt.--teni. mere weee on Maths two moos ant tkree Pretest of se Meek sloe an to einem-eon eme ht seen- -Win Meth were e banns Proseek 'we ; me- Peefe a Preendant - the aPP""la clir the mini drast3 sila a flar leotTandhels. e ellindidate. Ithe Mint that la tbe emselle sod ilesainase peeing dm essation of we me at-Mermimmt ?-on ted . of tee 1100611 Mennen wee diee at Cannot ea ammo year. lair his weed win ail the temem emoratee- I ' he Dente that be det VC meow there Munn co ea Nene liktallill, as few mute Seal- , Prase name tered lat boa- lase' to: Intend. ant . 1 i z.. t I:: (t,,.. f. J t: t - -::-Tt-- I. r tt ,, ,,, .1, ,i i I t!, ,)'-,-';11 - 3 C - ;: le, r : , . I , f'1 a 4 .4 1' . ' I-I ' . .. I !Ait ' ' 1 C I - t.,ol, c-; ,- - , i 1 I 2 . P. 141 ) 1 ,1 ! ' L t . - 4 , I. i . t , i . t , 1 az .., '11 - I ' ' t ' t-;': : - 1 s! t it r.62"."4'... imil0.041"M"'"IMl"'"'11MIFINIIMN ,.mm.--. '. . I 1 u ;,, , I I.....; lf: I t: i; I. 1 , 1 (

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