Chicago Tribune from Chicago, Illinois on February 12, 1868 · 1
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Chicago Tribune from Chicago, Illinois · 1

Chicago, Illinois
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Wednesday, February 12, 1868
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, - ItHE NEWS. - s.- - . Gold wet weak In New York petite:411r. clot ag at let a tea aaktur price-The resit price for imrceled Havana 14,1 cigars rues yew from littera to aunty-Iva cents earn- le 1W16 the SIMMS Ckffare woltd bat. raid Iron tna to See oasts sleek. A tot on the warner of Broad way sod (sand 4 street Wen Toth, with a Avatar,. of stzty-tw 1 11"4. ell lee" WiLY. and Mt fart es Canal street, I 'rel. ell proadals.v. and lffl fees es comet street, gold a.1 week, at auction, tor IMAM ; A man named W. 1., Smith obtained $1,500 i out a certificate of deposit for Id fed, ou a dr.ift " attired Soma $S to MAO. at the banking home ad 1 C. K. Rettracm A Co . el last Stamm. Bich.. ou luevoey leo. Tao gory ry was discolored ebony after, and tbe toectisdrel was captured Pug as b.! traP le-wird Est-t Saginaw ea the Jechrea ar 5 Lars-hir tries. Z The New Orleans Picarmse has amurancea from Lesbians and adloinieg States that &pore-booms, or a Mck of Sued. sad of destructive raids wpm the property by idle freedmen mad tattlers white men, have seesaerably diastolicmed, being set 'my to the pretztlitiOuti taken by the inh4tary err et cavil antburidea, but to wiaer sad better conclusions upon tui part of the freedmen, who begin to tee that freedom does not mein dleitoree. - - I Those who ioroplain of the coat of living mows-cnve- and the conclarnt is almost aateerft,,, teal. will he nuereated na the report ot the Mal- Y. ,Nnerfeld Community. where. Met year. the bare t "- Trims foe fond sad clotting re Stir Pera3lis were , P-7,07tarS. or Slat St. pet 1th:tetanal, which is hoard I et the rate of nig a week. Bet this is exclusive a Of the coat of the preparenon of food, and the -. - Men of teat. a serious one in city living, does not otter into the eetimate. . -- i 1 Dr. ileorze Cochrane haa commenced a I aiii againet H. B. Hubbard end other, in Hai Su1 preme Court at Brooklyn, Nes Tort, for the re- ,, 4,0,, of Sio.002 irh;ch the former bad invested ,No oil apeorstion. During the oil excitement the ,; d'tad ant and a Mrs. 'Daemon represented to plaintiff that they had purchased liar ease of oil land tear Oil Creek, Pa.; that they had paid ECO) to bind the hereidn, saying Ilse coat of the Witti well $50.01 and proposed to form a coin' - piny to purthaeo it. - On the strength of these - tepreeentatione, as claimed, plaintiff, and others. : termed a company and raised $50,00, which was ' Minch d over to defendants to putchaae the land. Stock Ca the amount of $300,0o0 was ironed and edVided maces the members of the company. A , , Oro sub,tyiptioup had only been taken. however. . when It vtli sot:ermined that Hutted of having mug tpkto.0 thr Ike la- d. the defendants had only iirrerted Pl.( Ott b &Thu $10,000 to be accounted 1 1 THE PLAINS. - , r Irropotted ittundles Improwentwate at Inntabarrize Flab at c f ee illeatielontedi Mormon Immigration, dkr 'pedal Deseatat to The Citrate Tribune. Matte. Pelt. It. Arradvententa are emnpleted to bails another brae Ihrtrit block, with Iron front. for twelve neves, eosthtg about te..t0.00P.early lathe spring- be Sheriff has called upon the Ire companies int,t ta trevervinr Order at the hanging of (Away G. Baker next Friday. - 'rile weather tire iwoderated slate yestordsy, laaine cleat and warns. Co etrato n Ff b. 10 --A prize tett between Mem tote Jo Bran. this afternoen, reen,teil In a - fleet ry ft Peen alter twenty rounds, Reey bay' fr Made a Ion' nate Lunn. Felt. 3.--Brieham 0,1,11she., appeal ikw Cfnftri 91.1,41.. of drhwt trait. and nytrablea. to he cent to the wet end of the Jain Partite liti role. for a lame number of linoa cancroid. expected next coring 1 he parttenciro about the PhootIng of C ono, wit in uw cowl oom by the itittUn of Mica indbec. .how that Campbeti. atter senuetion, rett,.ao to warty bet nbereupou her father . under neYtritesnent ,bot bum I tie Salt lane oapera etrastder th shootirg iiiatitibe. ilugheS o ut as re-ted. MTICMGAN. - , a , lEtt tempi ea Telmer Frauds hattarthed r Diattord in the Democratic Camp. Special Detpateh to rhe Chime Tribune. Drumm Feb. IL ' 'sterols-v. frauds in tobieto hive boot lin' r- dratted ha Mharoe County', tbe calprt helm a waniteeturer named Joie -4- ,as:'S !bleb. We we straizned to day, oleined Tunny was COMUlitti to Jul In defeat or ft0.000 a. A the at an ratty boar VIII, inornier tritted the nitlime re eetabnwhinent or F. Devi nt Cr.. -,, 10 le r.nn avenue- Total Joe, $21,aut); insured kr tit. P. 44111te a quarrel his sprune an between the . - Ighgeowralle rerae t tett riot el the State atcl AP, State Ceam-31 aromatittee or that party. the 'tomer faverttuz. nod the iitter thus fir declining coil in eat ty Stste Conventual- boate of the spa, a0,0 PUZILVatillig a ata-s tepeeOlen, it - he commit ke coutinse I.. retaee to act. CRIME. robtostium Caen at !Upper Mandate. t My, Ohio. tiggglaiDeepattli to Toe Chicago Trfinine. terra Saitursair. Ohio, Feb. IL case of Mn m. Mary Boweber . who to barred with the murder of her three children - y paroon. wait brought before the stead jury - 4 eiterztoor. Ttey Ind a bill of indictment t Itt.tuot key, witch will be given to the cowl to- mn011- e llitairowkeeson Garrote& lin ildulirall. Be IMAM, Feb ILDavid Knapp. of M gee, wao garroted on Lock otreet this creator, robbed of a womb- Reface the garroter amid vet at Ktappe money a patrobata csp, wed bus. 1 d'old It enthez. . Ida twarnow, web- II..-Tbe weather I. la 'dent' I htte . At eeieen oclock Vile It trnnin eight Severn. below sown bee.; tnennsny.e' ewes bennw at bt P kill, IN illb 11 degrAegi 1,010,r at La eronwe. WI.. sixteen' derreen beteV Omens. Wis.; and titer. below at Manama, -- - rew, 111. Fab. 11.Tbs thermometer MI to bir y kar deg rem below zero bete yesterday wormer. It la sot ao cont to-day. 4t. LOUIS- Feb. 11.--Wesibes dear, and thaw- ants Me bum - 4 i IP'edentriantatat. 8 Louie. IF. b. letter trot Lextligtoii . doe wive Rarsiall D. Howell, knows as the ioelhern penestrtan. arrive.' there hist week Matiedeld, Texas. on his way la Connell : j line., Iowa. From Manelle,d to Lexineton, tana bustired and thlrty dye mike. was made In ixosee dsys. The envie trip, tae,.kenIred . sa slaty-four toilet. Ile expecre to are-imp lob in - glare. Howell was in line condition . eoldident 41f seeeeetlier in his undertaking. Wee Inieta Items. ' Patrash. Feb. 111.Presi4ent Caioael, of lit, 'moires. bee 'ellen trove itiir and aimed 'toed capital- Getters' Hernerie ha. 'seamed the , Si goverentent. Many Mexican have at' here 'rote FriDei. to amain ot the bon Pedericolos Med IWO. I 0 Mit etc deteutton. and ima41-2,1 to Hate-Ike Erie aud Niagara Ball stray ExSeuxion Project,. .t - vo, Fen. 11.Tbe Erie and Niaztre ay Extet Floe Fill has passed to the &neon.' In the Aar embly. Mesa. Issue. N. T , ie.. It Prot. Illebardstra, : - Oita...salty et Rochester. died se-day. WASHINGTON. Additional Correspondeloo Between General Grant and the Fret Letters from Cabinet Officers Bearing Upon the Controversy. NonCommittal Character of the Notes of Secretaries Sew. ad and Browning. A Third Party Movement in Progess Among Conservathe Leaders. A New Injunction Bill Filed in the Supreme Court in Behalf of the State of Georgia. The President's Nomination for Commissioner of Patents Rejected by the Senate. ' t Dr. Special Despatch to The Chicago Trihnue. t In the Senate, on Tlift,day, after the con- I Wesznieten, Feb. IL "hieratic. ot medal bills of inher Imperforate. TRU WIT 4Millfoll (anal POMONM71, , aid the reception awl refererce cot numerous pe. I be principal topic of conversation In Cod - -at one., the eurphmentary Reconetruction bill grudional circles to-day is the additional corre . me up. Garrett Davis having the Roar. At 2:A epondence between the President and General ' D,,vis yielded to a teotion for execative session. Gram. sent to the House this afternoon by Mr. " aid. after a ebort that therein, the Seftte ad- Johnsou, in response to the call made yesterday. .. -,, Jouniett. In the Hons. a petition was preeeeted Tne documents were lietened to, when read. with -, ' le. In cit.:efts of Ross County, Ohio, praiing Con- ekes attention. Secretary Welles' letter was res r eve to autheifte the tepee of lege-tender notes ceived ol.b a roar of laughter ghter fro all parte of -, lefaDelet I. to pay the hoed of the United Stale. I the Chamber. Sedetary Seward's was also re-The pe triton was referred to the Way and Means celved with laughter, end there is a great deal col t lb emitter. The bill relative to the debts of it quiry tor thybody who can tell on which aide . American citizens abroad came up. end we dire he easily lied hinutelf. The !Manner in which daesed u:1 the expiratio. of the morning hour. Mr. Randall comes up to a full endorsement of - Ile Speaker saberilltd a meteage from the Pre. 1 tre President is regarded as verycharacteristic. Intent. ire, -minirg his letter in reply to General It is rot seen by anybody bow Mr. Johnson dirrut shwa woe, on motion of Mr. Bizirham, I can make muck out of Seward and Drowning, releted to the Commtnee on Conespondenceand I who are tbe only Ministers thet spomk of matters , troded printed. A mottou by Mr. Loges. calling I in detail. Deer:crate do not profess to think the : kw ail further eemepondenee between the 1 Presideet has materially strengthened his case, 1 pixie ot. oth zho adoeted. The Hoeft then and it le generally reported and believed teat his Newt tutu Committee of tat Whole on the Leen- I k tter has been much testae down since ft was t Akledre. Executive and Diplomatic Appropriation arst written. Republicans are unanimous in trey-a bid, and. after tgreeing to several mendmente. 1. mg that there is nothing in the communication ullieg out aprroproatione for eateries of certain 1 of the President and his Cabinet to beet General - caters. the committee woe. The Speaker pro. i Grant. I he letter of the General thews coneln- seated ft vend commenicatiose, among them one eively that Mr. Johnson's chargeof insubordloa- . teem the Preterite...A trantomitrieg a copy of General hos le beauty made and without founds1 'Mauro bet letter to himself, ohich letter was re- o tios, and that Ownt had no purpose to disob y ' feted to Vie Reesman-action Committee, and I Executive orders, but merely to recognize Stanton - entered printed. G mewl Logan asked leave to as Secretary of War in the ordinary business be- ' oder a rescholles dillies on the Secretary of the tithes Headquarters and the War Oflice.just as he . Versoury for Ire correepondeace of the Comma- to recognised by Messrs. McCulloch, Randall and . Moaner of lutenist Revco. relative to the r I e- ether Members of taa Cabinet. - - -mewl or arpointutent of Afteseors and Col- I Information'. Coneerrative deck is to the ef, . leased Objected to. The Committee of Waya , fed that coneteemble erodes' has been quietly Sod Memos were inetruebrd to lequire into the ex- : made throuebout the country by theme promi.- t serMeery cf amending the internal revenue laws, tient in the Philadelphia Convention toward the t i Om to provide for a distribution of stovernment inauguration of a combined movement, looking - stamps throneb the Poet Mee. After the adop- to the formation of a third party upon the plan of ' 'Oen of a rowentsee. offered by Mr. Jencks, relz- : that couveetion. Hoetality both to Grant an I . -dee to few psid by the several departments Pince such Democrats as Pendleton and Seymour will -lad lee legal services. the House adjourned. mark the action taken, and the mime Of General Inx. which is constantly used by these men, to- . SPRINGFIELD. dicates the kind of party organization content- , I plated. There have been numerous privnte meet- - , 'trowel itentlera--Artleles of Asenetation tugs of trub-conneitteee in various parts of the - - te t sled Illailitrood ConnolidationCome country, ant it is expected Hist the National traele a warde foe Work ea the Sole Committee appointed at Philadelphia Will seen d - - diem,' rollaway EleasasUallatina al assemble here. MIX PREMDIFIN S XtrillAr. - IMMOSISISSIMMI. The ordee discontinuing the Freedmen's Hu- . , ...pedal Despatch to The ChiceresTribune. ream in Maryland, Kentucky and Tennessee on ernixermi.o. Feb. It. Saturday next, will probably be carried into - ,- in the Hotted State, Dietriet Court, todey, effect. secretary Stanton has declined to revoke , At Zedekia M. Row. convicted for stall robbery, was or Novena it. probably because be doe not ewe - gentenced to too years imprieountent in the to interfere while Mi matterstnatethorde iieVrar..0:teeldeaaren '' tre Prima- it oil! be remembered Vier be et- la tuck an uncertain condition. and General oo- Grant Ne sped from Cliotedy during a former trial lie vow Eine Iron the court room unobeereed. since cannot now annul - -which time, luta receetly apprehended. be has . Sedetary of War ad Wads. The matter has - t be.ei at lame. 1 teen brought before Conde's, but that t S. Filmes Brrollart. pleadine fund" to liteelioX body has not yet indicated a disposition lettere twat tee mule, received six ISOMMI is the . Pt nitentlaw. a to do anything in the premise,. every ester ' L - . j imihe the tees teem of the etteett court of et standing in the three States named, and hen ' seesaws Comely sett was bronent &gamest the , drede et other prominent individuels, b we asked 1 411,a,admea it 11.. .0 to, Loan is RA Inmasi Kw 2 I! I e....................1,.. .,.... ,.................... 4 tocino. A tton & SL Louie Ha Woad. by J. V. I for ne suppretwica of the order, and represented Wats. ...lime city for the recovery of damg. that me bureau shoe d not be withdrawn before tbe loos of a bore and burry ram ?ter bysa I Ot aa,41 Company. At- Viral trial a yet:diet e'n21E14 - ari $:34 Wa4 TeadtTea It faver of the di tintiff, on loterlithl railleArTION. tile fedi d that Ite dyad-at C. enithd front e we- Within the last ten days c,ed oil lempe bey Venice. ea the oath of the employe4 tit the corn-been banished front passeng,r trains on the route ' wane A wonont tor a new trial. made by , 1 bi threes Cincinnati and Baltimore, did eittsburith General Pelmet A ttoreey for the clews.. bodge emoted. the eiwe bad a vecond herniae t ra. and Harrbarg, and lard oil and candles emboli.. --- tort mg a Vt. riWt for Volt foe the pilrollif ale , Wed. eogeopany mill Niel app.y ler a farther hearing Of PNOICRIPTION IN ALANANA. - Ithr etre. Articles orisiwreistioo ante Chicago Groat 1 Winne deiPaMbeis Wpm Prominent Be-Pieter" INtlecsol Coot-may and of he ef.111,30a9 Id Alabama, read bere to-day, ay that doses Ce, feat CILvn.d w-re ta.dv bled cab I witbout exargeration thoneanne of men women WA berretaty Cl rele. Vh-e, comp tete ere sett children are on the verge of starvation gap...hest. a..der the title of Conimini. oicav. .ta ttroughout bud State, the cause being the gen, a ca pit .1 of 5.'41).004). end elecharge of those laborers Who vats the eleco ion tor ths aneen Ebrectore as Radical ticket. s provid,td tor ny the article, win be Itaid to-inor- notrengnet naituoaos . vow be rono....e. to tracts f w -or at Cohnohue. tibia ol- on th The hopressitm of the Ccmmittee on Southern . e.: e S . Oleo.' robin.- Home. at Ilkoomi-..too. we-. to- Railroads ho that the terolutionereported by them de; fo, rot. d by qie Bnii,togg t7.thetittee of the wastes the rayments of all Claims for use or - Trelec.: eart.erttr wthk.rt resoled:too Ceal. damage during the wet' 'revel, and comaelling kr, Bk mli et v., 4,41,4,0 inie work aed weed- erompt rettlemegn, 'tali pave both houses by a es, B gton Mntionot;iving ane r..bunep large majority- Ewe of the Tennessee delega. ebirty-ele ewe psr y mod; plumbing, A. J. BIlb- Volt lt. it is thougt t, priors it on the grotin4 16E,Kly. Ppres nes-s ede d. St of such retion greatly lynnerring the State credit The cot trert or tie heath tr apparatus I"' bed but es the claims amount to many millions, there "Pr. (teeth I Schema's and Csionel J. Border .0, -. 1 4 4 4 . g .1.p.b,ted vvit sti,e le no chance el Congress allowing Uwe to be - twitting. is, al Jack,onvile to examinee the Palo. opt ankles in nor them Tbecontrwis re awasa.g aeorincit INJaNCTION CANN. - wo t be owe-t nicoters and the figures are c,inald. Ex-Governor Jenkins and Jerry Bieck rave no ate. very tea enable indeed- lioa i th Snsse dPemmt .1 .Lt CIL. AIM SOUTIDIRM RAILROADS. - The linprteeltel of the Cemmittee on Southern Railroads is that the reeoluDosereported by them teatime the eayments of all claims for use or delimits during the war illegal, and comaelline ;Tempt settlemenot 1It pase both helves by a large sleety. Some of the Tennessee delegation will. It is theme t, oppose it on the ground of such retion mealy impairing the State credit, but es the claims amount to many millions, there le no chance el Compose allowing them to be pale. exernicit INJVTCTION SR. -- Ex-Governor Jerkins and Jerry Bleck rave no-lice in the hupreme Court yesterday of a mottos to gle a bill for am injunction against General Meade std General butter. Military Commander sea Previsions' Governor al Georgia, to reetrain nem from using the public funds of that State to pay the expensea of the Reconstruction C onerettiou. Jenkins has been here ever slues he a $e removed by General Meade preparing foe Ibis mcveteent. The Court has not yet geed any lime for bearing the argamenL It is hoped by this action to get - a &million galuet the - Recenstruenon law. Con-geese, it will be remembered. pasted a hill het week empowering Secretary Stanton to employ counsel to defend Generals Meade and Rarer in their suits. This has not yet been eigned by the President toentenatesee. The Rconstructioa Committee, at tie meeting to-day, alo ved the eorreosoncient of the Worti te revise and cornea his testratotty relative to the intelviews bet seen the President and himself. The examination of General Grant was tomenned it his request, because he was too busy to be at the Capitol. - - ! REMOVAL Op DISAMILITT IDICOMMUNDS11. - 1 The committee armed to report removing political disability from a "limiter of prominent southerners, including Governor Orr, of South Cerolina ; ex Governor Brown, of Georeat ; ex. GOvellaGT Holten, General Allied Dockery, General Rufus Birringer. Hon. Victor M. Barrineer. ex-Congreesman Wm. B. Smith, of North Car- olin. and ex-Congressman !tourney, of glis sett; ph - - - THE ilCARDLI There eke a eceral telt and belief about the Caoltol teety last the Supreme Court, at the cot hrence on S-,tardey, agreed to dismiss the McCordis case for want of jerischetion, and would announce the decision next Monday. if it could be prepared in the meantime. It is not seen how such a concluelon. if it has teen reached, could pebitelj known, but the Democrats and Republican.) alike appeared to credit the rumor. CRS RANDALL erneract BILL. The Timm Committee en Banking and Cur-: rency at its meeting to-day took no action ou tge Randall bill substituting greenhacke for National at k notes, ostensibly because of the absence of the Cbairmsu, but it is as to eay that the bill will never berrported favorably. - IIIR ORMOCMATIO MATIOMAL COMMITINI - Iv to meet here on the hit instant to decide upon the time and place for holding the next Presidential et:revelation. St. Louis and Cincinnati prom-lee to heart:me Points of rivalry, with Cleveland tot far in the background. NATIONAL DipOSITORITS- 'The Senate Finance Committee have agreed to report favorably upon the BCD bill providing that hereafter so goeernatent money shall be de-smelted in National Banks in any city which has a sub troveury. - - WM TNT APPROPRIATION RILL. - The Senate Committee on hopropetatieme, It, meeting this nowaing, considered tb Rouse bill making appropriations for West Point, and subetastially agreed to report it revocably. man emote:int name COMIlletION, - consisting of Proletwors limey and 'Dieted, of the Smithsonian Institute ; Captain O. H. Poe, of theme, I Lieutenant Greene of the navy ; and Meeers. Charles litalleD, Iowa ; William White. of Buffalo ; and Witham Utterly, of Troy. met today and organised by e:ectine Proteins, Henry Chairman. They are required to report on the let of le ereb, and will be in daily session, to bear any body v be calls, 11.1 about that date. To the tesoeisted Press. INPRACIIMMICE. The iterate Judiciary Comutittee have bed peareral seaslors for the purpose of corattler;ng Mr. Edmunds Impeachment bill. E majority of the a:enmities are anderemod to be opposed to act-mg immediately on this measure, as taey are arced to do. They d a not favor the clause a impending an officer daring impeachment. Tula tact may have a good deal of weight in detesting Has impeachment propooltioa now ander coneidtration in the Rouse. The lierat,te despatch sajres The examine-ties of the Worte's correspondent developed the tact that the President bad assured lure that be had prothieed General Grant to lifetime all renoinetblitty for a viotation of the Tenure-of-Office set, in case of the restOrstiOn or Mr. Stanton. Germs) Grant appears before tee committee tomorrow." A mISTSIDIRSTAMOMO., 'The New 'York Trthene's special earl: 011: dal lettere received Iron M sind show a Waitsderelanding between Mr. line. our Meitner to p tor r, lad his Secretary Of Legation. Me Paey, and It Is said Met the former will come home an' Imo Perry is recalled." 31.CIALLAN eon onneran ye mietaatto. ' New Yens, Feb. II.The evem, wive the imme ot Gezeral McClellan to prominently I mentioned as a puccemsor to Castles Francis Adam.). at the Court of st, James. s The 7'neuee's owe, also states that the Pent-Meet eentempittee offering the intietee is E land to General McCiel hot was rigout verortreert. The Ilepertmeet bee authentic inlonst tics that the rumors ol menacing wsr between and Meeko are without eabetantial foundation. ColOPTIMATONII AND ULITIWTIONIL I 1 The Senate coatinaed John B. Pennington, VOL. XXI. United State" Invent A horsey fee Delaware. tl The below rejected the followvair saininatiens : tA W au D. Beibee- Commiestonte il Posited Jolla lt m et Ibt soo, Use el Slat ei al endue f e Veginis ; a Delete Cowellb- tat& 4 States Mamie d iltr Ken- n 1 ;nay ; Get rge A. Maguire one or the two eine- ti ISISSiOniTil to fteble tkie Glnne of lailiame foe al dessailima fond. piste aad meareeite Weeps te el laid ill ellineremeee the rebellion . th TM M sonar-Jo liston 001intiliPONDIttern. 31 WA.IfiroTon, D. C.. Feb. teAbe Prmident ol this afternoon sent the letoying lettere to the n Bode of Representatives, is aceordituce with toe te rmit:lion adopted 1 esterday: - G Tun ri.listhrAT TO a locrittt. genre. le , Egzevervi M Jolene, Feb. 10 leffe. Onelnue: Ile extraordinary cbaracter of your gi fetter of the 3d met. would leen to preclude ay w reply on my part. but the manner in which pub- ta th lie has been given to the torrespondefeat of tc . mai that letter forms a part. and the grave tram al tents which are involved, induce me to take Inis n mete of giving, as a proper eequel to the connate 8 etc-atoms white have paned Witween us, the le datements of the eve members of the Canton w wro were preeent on the cession of our conifer w Option. on the leth nit. Copies of the lettere U which they have addressed to me upon the auls la net are accordingly keys ith endowed. li Too epeak of my letter of the In nit. es al reit- T erotic. Of the inety and green mierepresentae a inn conteined in certain no e sparer knives, and , n reassert the correctnees of the statements con- e talotti In Jour communtet bon of the verb tut, fi addle gand here I give your own wooleet Any- U thing in yetire in reply to it to the contrary not- ti withstandive." When a controversy erten met- al tent of fact reaches the point to which Ibis has at been brought., igniter amertiens or denials be- n Drees the Immediate polies Mould come. wipe- G daily when, upon either !Wait loses the charac- P ter of the reopectiel dimussion which is required al by the miation In which the grantee mann to each ti o ther end degenerates in nee and temper. In a itch a nee, if there is nothing to rely upon but ti the opposing ltateinentn, corelusions newt C be argon from thine inatemeets alone . b end lona ithatever inteineic probabilities si teey afford In laver of or againet either of the par- it ties. I should not thrmk from this controversy, 0 but fottneately it is not left to this test shone. C There were eve Cabinet officers present at the li convereation. the details cf which, to my Wier ti of the eie b nit , you allow yourself to say con- b tMn many and cross nurrepreceneations. Thom c getelemen heard that conversation and Dave reed C Toy elatement They speak for themselves, and I t ave the proof without a Weed of eommente I emu It properebefore coucluding Utis coin- I weniestion, to notice some of the statements contaitied in your letter. Yon say that s performance of the promisee oilfired to have been made by you to the remittent, would have involved a remittance t to law, sect au incemtatency with toe whole hhe y oory of my connection with the suepension t of Mr. Stanton." You then etae that yen had r teem that the Preetdent wou'd, on the remeval of t Mr. !Stanton. appoint come one to his place who t could embarraes toe army in carrying Out the Re- a conetruction acts, and add : e It was to prevent c witch an appointment it I accepted the ofdee r et Secretary of W ar ad Laerina, and not for tee pennies of enabling you to get rid of Ma Stan- I ton by my votilbolding it teem him, in opposition c to the law, or, her dung o myeelf, emreeedering r It teem: who would, ile tee etatemente and areump- a Clone in your COnonutliCation plainly indicate, e eland to avoid teis daneer." I ?wet of all, you I name tree from the very begineing I of what you term the who e hietory c of your connection with Mr. Stanton t empevehen, you beended to circumvent the Pres- t idett. It was to carry out that intetit that you 0 accepted the linpoilitment. Title Pal TM your t mien at tee time of your acceptance. It was not, . tben, in obedier ce to the order of your superior, as it bas lecretofine been temporal- that you asimmed the duties of the cffice. You knew it was the President's purpme to prevent Mr. Stanton Dom resumii g the office of Secretary ot War, arid you iteeeded to defeat that purpose. You accepted the office ' not in the 'deem& of the Preened, but of Me. Stanton. If tbie purpose I 00 entertateed by you had been confirmed to your- I elfif, ben aeon pting the effice, yen had done I Co with a mental revervation to frustrate the Pres- t itentit would have been a deception. In the a then of tome permits each course is allowable, t I bet you cannot stand even upon that questionable a , ground. The history of year conoection with this I trannenon. as written by yourself, places you in I a different predicament, and Chow. that you not only conceted your design troth the President, but educed him to suppcoe that you would carry eut hie purpose to keep Me Stanton out of office by retateng it yourself. after an attempted restoration by the Senate. Co ae to require Mr. Stanton to eetahneb his right by Judicial declaim.. I now give that part of title bletory, as written by years If in your letter of the Wet ult.: "Some time after I Ind mourned the duties of Secretary of War ad termini, the Preeldent 'eked my mews as to the course Mr. btanton would have le pursue, In nee the Senate should not coven in his sue-pewee), to obtain po-seemen of the office. My reply was, in instance, that Mr. Stanton would li bave to appeal to the courts to rein-kite him, il- i I twinning my potation by citing the ground I bad taken on the cage of the Baltimore Police Coat. InieeiCittre." Nov at that time, as you slide in your letter of the ard inn., yo3 held the office tor the very deed of defeating an appeal tote. courts. In thit letter you say that, in acceptiog the office, one motive was to prevent the Pretedent from appointive some other perm who would retain poseeseion, ad thus dike judicial proceedings necessary. You knewthat the President was envMine to tenet the office with any oue who could not, by holding it, compel Mr. Stanton to mann to the courts. You perfectly I pnoerstood that in this interview. sometime after 1 you accepted the office, the Preeddent, not Content 1 yen yourelleece,deeired an expreseion of your I views, and you answered him that Mr. Stanton I would have to appeal to the courts. lithe President had repmed confidence, before he knew I your yiewe, and that confidence bed been violated, it might hine been mid that be made a mite . take; but a violation of Confidence emceed after that converiplion pan no 'Menke of hie, nor of ,ours. It le tbe fact only that need. be stated, that at the date Of ttis convereation you did not tented to hold the office with the portion of forcing Mr. Stanton into court, but aid bold It then, and had accepted it, to prevent that course from being earned out. In other words, you said to the President that te toe proper column, and you said to eon:mile I have accepted Hill office and now bold it to defeat that course. The excuse von make, in a subeequent paragraph of of that letter of the estb nit , that afterwards you charged your views !ye to what would be a proper coulee, hse nothing to do with the pont now natter conederation. The point et that be- fore you cbaneed your views you bad meretly determined to do the very thing e tech at litet you dideurrentier the office to Mr. Stanton. Yon may have charred your views as to the law. but you certMely did not change tour items at to the couree you had marked oat tor vonoe t from the beginning. I will only notice one mere Motet:neat in your letter of tbe 3d instant, that the performence ot the promises which It is alleged were made by eon. would have involved you in the recistance of law. I know of eo Manta that would have been violated had you carried out eour t rotalees in good faith, and teadered your tesignatien when you concluded not to be made a party In any legal proceedinza Yon add: I am in a meaner confirmed on this conclusi in by your reedit orders direCting Ma tio cheobey orders from the Secretary of War, my superior and your enbordinate. without having counter- mended hie authority to none orders I am to reeobey." On the nth ale you addreeeed a note to the Pet anent niqu. Ming. In Mettler, an order given to you verbally five days before to disregard Dicta from Mr. Stanten as Secretery of War until you knew from the Preened brunet that those were bts orders. On the Mite, In compliance with your request, I did give you Jeanne-lions in writing not to obey any order from the War Department aesutned to be teemed by the de rectiou of the Preeident, odes tech order is known by the General commanding the armies a the United States to have been authorized by the Executive. Tbere are some order which a Secretary of War may issue without the antherey of the Preeident. There are driers Inch he issues simply as the azent of the Prerident, and which purport to be given by direction of the Preened- For ouch orders the Preeident et re. f powible, and be should, therefore, - know and untletetand wbst they are b. fore gince such dirt ct on. Mr. Star ton, in his letter or the eili net., ohich accompanies the publiebed ed. refounded with the President say that duce be resumed the dnnes of the office he has continued to didbarge them without any personal or Written CAlainitiniCatiOn with the President. and be adds : e No orders have been netted atom Ons department in the name of the Preened e itti my knowledge. and I have received no orders from him." li thee mem. that Mr. Stanton now diecharees duties of the War Department eithout any reference to to the President aed without mine hi. name. My ord. r to you bed only reference to orders assumed to te ironed by the President. It would appear from Mr. Stained letter tiat you have received no ouch orders from him. In your note to the President of the ilth ult., in which you ackrewledge the receipt of the written order ef the ellth. you say that you have , been informed by Mr. Stanton that be has not received any order limiting his authority to Mime ordere to the army, according to the practwe of the department, and state than t- while this authority tome War temartment is rot cone termanded, it will be eaterfactory eel, dente to me that any orders tamed from tee War Department by direction eine President are au-I Unitized by the Executive." Toe President i penes an order to you to obey no order from the t War Department purporting to be made by direc, lion of the Provident until you have referred it to , him f, r hie approval. You reply, you have re. ' ceived the Preeident's order and wilt not obey it, . hut will oheysv order purporting to be given by bit direction, if it comes from the War Departmee t, You will obey us direct ceder of the President but will Obey his indirect order. If, is you say. ! there bae been a practice in the War Department 1 to le-ne Indere in toe name of the Pateicient withr out bis direction, does not the precise order you I tan requested and received change the practice as to the General of the Anne ? Could not the Preeideet countermand any such order, termed in the name of the President, t3 do a peeled act, and ' 1:1- ridttredafretTut.fgemretahedoPargidwel;'ifer ymo5en it not o obey? You answer the question. when you sly to the Presided.. in Your letter of the 3d instant, i the Secretary of War le my ruperior and your subord'eate, and yet you reface obedience to the eapertor act, out of deference to the subordinate. le tenet nether comment on the menborrimate ' attitude which you have assumed, I am ! at a loss to knew bow you can relieve - eminielf from the Oritcrl of the Presioent, weo is I made by the conetivation Commanderea-tedef of the army and navy, and h, therefore the official eopenot. as well of Um General of the Army es of the Secretary of War. I Remedially your!. Anonew 'meson-I Gereral U. S. Grant. commanding armies of , the tented Stem. Weehinethe. D. C. ' The lettered the Preeidedie accompanied by letters from the Secretaries of the Navy, Premien, Diener and elate, and the Postmeeter Gen . era). supporting his position In respause to Am r following letter of toe Piesident : Tan ritzstlitutT To Wm cAtirczT. I ILINCUTITZ MANSION. 1 I f WASISINGT011, D. C., Feb 5, Mb& - Sin : The Chronicle of this morning contains a corremondexce between the President and Gen- ' era' Grant, reported from the War Department, i in anewer to resolution of the House of Repre neittatiVrti. I bed to call your attendee to that correepondence, especially to that part of it which tefers to the conversation between the President and General Grant at the Csoinet meet. in on Titeedav the letb of Jarman,. and request , you to state what was raid in that conversances. e Very respectally pen.. - Aeronew ennitione , . UnrkiTART wIrEl...t.mliseTL.73.eui. 5. me. ! Bra 2 Your note of ibis date was banded to me e this evening. My recollection of the converse don at the Distend meeting. on Tuesday. the Dell '- of January. CerrPtOondo with your statement of it in the letter of the 3let nit . in the published : correspondence. The three points specieed in e teat letter giving ,our recollection of Vie con' venation are correctly slated. Very remedially. Gioadt WILLISa ito-arracy Veritocit's LgrrenIfarinaraY II T ' Feb. S. 19M- '' lint : I have received your note of the 5th income callinr my attention to the correspondence between yourself and General Grant, as pueliebed ' in the enrosiels Of yesterday.. especially to that I. Dem fit entice relevee to what had occurred O in Um Cabinet tontine, on Tuesday, the e tete ultimo. and requesting sie to e stele what was said in the conversation reeerred to. I cannot undertake to stete the precise late enage need, but I have aohealtation in paying that 6 yt.ur account of that conventions. se given in 7 your letter to General Grant, on tee 3Ist alt.. Pub,- stautiatty. in all important particulars. seemed. eith my recollectiou of it ' - With 'great reepect, your obedient servant. I Broil MeCtreboon, To the Preeident. rotersommrz ON-111LAVII 1.11.71111 Poet Orrice Dor. aaaaa ur t Weser:48'ms, Feb, S. tufa. r 8rit: I eta is I rt-ipt of your letter of the ete of Flo,marp. tuolting WI attettloo to tke entrepoodot.ce aublithed la the atroukte oeteteeu tbo Presideet and General Grant, and especially yi to tbst pert of it wields refers bo the 'mavens"- yo ties between the President sad Geberal Grate, ei at the Cabizet neettng on the leth og Jemmy, lis 1 wida a reeMeSt that -I state wbet wart Mad is Si that egoversettose In reply I have the homer to et elate tast I bays read 'carefully the Correspond- di S.C. la questeole sad particularly the letter el G the President to Genera Grant, deted Janette, hi Si. tded. The following extract teem your letter 0 of the Sine of Janeery to General Greet is accord- or mg to my tecollection of the conversation that O took place between the President end General be Grate at the C.bilset meeting oa the 'elk of Jan- - th uary lain: , Bo "In the preeence or the Cabinet the President be asked General Grant whether, la the converiudioa tie which took place after Ina appointment as itecre- ile tars of War ad interim, be did not agree, either a to remain at the bead of the War Department ni and abide any judicial proceedings that WI might follow the non concurre: ce of the th Senete In Mr. Si. eon's suspension, oe, seen' el pr he wish not to become involved in once cootro- be vele", to put the President in the imam poeition di with reepect to the office as be occupiel previous tb to General Grant's appointment, by returning it hi to ibe Premien' in time to anticipate such action to by the Senate. This General Grant admitted. di The President then Joked General Grant II al , at the e confetence on the preceotng Saturday, he had Si not, to avoid mitenderstanding, requested General Greet to ante what he intended to do. and, Ye further, if, in reply to that inquiry, he, General Grant, bad net referred to their former converse- non. saying this from them the Poievident understood his position, and that his. General Grantee re action would be consistent with the understand- el nag which had been reached to thee questions. di General Grant replied in the affirmative. The eel, Presicent asked General Grant if, at the conclu- tu lion of their interview on Saturday, it was not the understanding that they were to have another cooference on Monday before the anal action of the betted in the ca.. ot Mr. Stanton. General e, Grant replied that such was the understanding, e" but that be did not suppoee tile Senile wonet act so soon ; that on Monday he had been eneaged .., in a conference with General Sherman and was ee occupied with many little matters, and asked If e"' General Shen:min had not called on that day. I e.: Mire this mode of replying to the request con- mined in the President's letter, b -.cause my at- le tention bad been called to the subject when the tn. conversation between the Presicieut and Ge neral l'e Grant wee under coneiderattote Very reepectiully. your obedient servant. ci Aexx: W. RAZDAIL, Postinarstar Geseral. ai To the ereeldent. re di theaseecv eloweireo's enema. DEPART li mitt or yes INT1111071., t P WII ABINGTON, D C , Feb. 6, 1:964. tA Elia : I am in receipt of yours of yesterday, call- le teg my attention to a cerresponeence beteeen e." youreell and General Grant, published in the Chronicle, and especially to that part ot said correspondence which refers to the conversation be- ,Y' tween the President and General Grant, at the te, lee bine meeting on Tuesday.the Ilth of Jenuary, e' and requesting me to state what was said In the; el" convereatica. in reply I submit the foliowing t., Statement : At the Cabinet meeting, Tuesday, January 141. It ISM, Genres Grant appeared and took his accustomed et-at at the board. When he bad been ll reached in the order ot business, the President le ailed him, as usual, if be bad anything to pre- sent. In reply, the General, after referring to a le nett which be had that morning addremed to the . President, encloping a copy of the reeolution e of the eenate rename to concur in the reasons . Iti r the puspension ol Stanton, proceeded to say ee that be regarded his duties as Secretary of War . ad illiffilIi terminated by that resolution. and el that Le could net Iswfully exercise such duties S A r a moment after the adoption of the resolution ; el that the ramointion reached him last teethe and se that Itots immune he had eone to the War Depart- a' meet, entered the Secretary's room, bolted one al deer on the leside, locked the other on the out- el' aide, delivered the key to the Adjutant General, mid proceeded to the headquarters of the army, le ard addrefeed the note neove mentioned to the Prepident, informing him that he was no longer , Secretary of War ad interim. The President ex- . premed great surprime at the course which ll General itrat,t bad thouebt proper to pursue, Y and. addressing himself to the Genteel, proceeded to say, in eubstance, that he bad anticipated such action of the Senate, and, being very desirous to have the conetitutionality of the Tenure-of-Office bill meted and his neat to suspend or remove a e. ," member of the Chimnet decided by the judicial e" tribunal of the country, he had some time ago, . and thorny after General Grant's appointment as Semetery of War ad interim, asked the General what his action would be in the event that the Sienate ebould whoa to concur in the suspension Mr. Manton; and that the General had then agreed either to remain at the bead of the War Department tell a decision could be obtained from tee Court, or retitle!' the office into the hands of the I., President before the ease was acted upon p by the Senate, no as to place o the Preeident in the same situation he occupied at the time of Grine appointment. The Piesident further said that the conversation to was reeumed on tee precedne Saturday, at which e , time be asked the General what he intended to do t if the Senete should uncertake to reinstate Mr. ' blenten. In reply to which, the General referred , to their L. r xer couversaton upon the tame subject e ' and said, You end. raised my position, and my E conduct will be conformable to that understand- e hurt" that he the General. then expressed a re- puenance to being matte a party to spiracle proceedleg, saying that be would expose himself to ra line and imprieonment by dere so, as his con- a tinning to diacbarge the duties of Secretary of t War ad interim, after the Senate should t have refused to concar in the suomension E of Mr. Stneton, would be a violation of the Ten- s ure-ofeeffice bill - that in reply to this the President informed General Grant that he had not suspended Mr. Stanton under the Tenure-of-entice bite buthy virtue of power conferred on hint by the constitution, and, as to the due and imprisonment, the Preeident would pay whatever flue was Imposed and Omit to whatever imprisonment might be adjudeed ag iiiiet him, the General ethat they continued the conversation for some erne, discussed the law at length, and thees' ' seperated without having reached a &elite conclusion, and with the noderetaudieg that the General would see the President again on Monday. le reply, i General Grant admitted that the con- vereatione bad occurred, and said that at the drat co arereetion ha . bad elven it.. his opinion to the Preeident that ID the eveet ot non-coneurrenee by the Senate In the action of the President, in reepect to the Secretary of War, the question would have to be decided by the court; that Mt Stanten would have to appeal to the court to reinstate hint in , effice ; the the ins would remain in until they could tie displaced and the outs put in by legal proceedines; and that he then thought so ard bad agreedl that. If he slimed change hie mind, be would notify the President in time to enable Iv to make another appoint- meet But at the time ot the first convereation be bad not looked ve ry closely into the law : that it bad recently been discuseed by the newepapers; that this had induced bins to examine it more carefally, and That he had come to the conclusion that if the ben- ate should refuee to concur in the suspension, Mt Stanton would thereby be reinstated; and that be, Grant. coull not continue to act as Secretary of War ad interim, without subteetueg him- self to line and imprisonment; that be came over on Saturday to inform the President of thM change in his views. and did so infanta him : that t. e President repot d thee he had not enspenied Me. Stanton underethe Tenure-of-Office oil), but under the conetitueon, and bad appointed him, Grant, by virtue of the authority derived from the constitution, ac.; that they continued to discuss the matter some time finally he left without any Conclusion hating been reaelvel, expect-tug to see the President again on Monday. He then proceeded to explain why be had not c tiled on tte President On Monday, saying be bad a leng interview with General Sherman; that vanone little matters bad occupied his time until late, and he did not think the berate would act so mon and asked " Did not General Shermen call on you en Monday?" I do not know whet passed between the President and Gereral Grant on Saturday, except as I learned it from the conversation between them at the Cabinet meeting on ruesday. and the foregoing is substantially what then occutred. The precise words need on the occasion are not of coarse given exactly in the order in which they were spoken. but the ideas expressed tied facts slated are faithfully preserved and pre-punted. I have the bonor to be, sir, with great respect, your otedient servant, D. H. Bitelealne. To the President. - melts TART STWARes Lumen DEPAtern trit oP STATE, t WAIshetes, Feb a, ISMS. f Sin : The teeetine to winch you refer In your letter was, a regular Cabinet meeting. While the members were aesemoing, anti before the Presim at had entered the council chamber, General Grant, on coming in. paid to me that he was not In standarce as a member of the Cabinet, but nen Invitation, and I r tidied by the irquiry whether there was a change in the War Department. A nee the President bad taken his seat business went on in the usual way of hearing matters submitted by the several Seem-tenet,. When the time came for the Secretary of War, General Grant said that be was there not as Secretary of War, but upon t he Piesidenre invitation ; that he bad retired from the War Department. A alight difference then appeared about the telpeekiett intitatiom, General Grant paying that the officers who bad borne hie left, r to the Preeident that meet lug, anuouncing his retirement from the War Department. had told bier that the President desired to see him at the Cabinet, to which the President answered that when General Grant's communication was delivered to him the President simply replied that be supposed Generel Grant weted be very soon at the Cateret meeting. I regarded the conversation thus began as incidental. , It went on quite informally and , conested of a statement on your part of your vices in regard to your understanding of the tenure upon newt, General Grant had aseented , to hold the WareDepartment ad interim, and of , his replies by way of ems err and explanation. , It was reepectfal and conneotis en both sides. , Behar in this coneereationel form. the detaim could only have been presented by a verbatim reert. So far as I know no such revert was made , at the time. I can give only the general effect of , the conversation. Certainly you stated that al, thoegh you had reported the regiment. for Mr. Stan, ton's enepersion to the Secrete. you nevertheless . held that be would not be entitled to remain a the 1 office or Secretary of War even if the Senate . should dtsapprove of his suspension. and that I you had proposed to have the question tested by yudielat process, te be applied to the person who I should be the incumbent of tbe department, en. , der your designatioe, of becreuder of Wee r ad interim in the place of Mt Stant ton. You contended that this was well understood between yourself ant General Great: that when be entered the Department as becretary ad teleran, be expreseed his concurr rarer in a belief that the eneetion of Mr- Stanton's restoration would be a question tie the , emote that in a subsequent eentereatiell with the tereveral you had adverted to the understanding thus bed. and that General i Grant expreseed ids Concurrence in in; that at the same eMertreation which had been previously held, General Great said he snit entered to the Name coneraction of the law. bat Aid if be holed change hie opiates ha eremite I give seasonable settee of It, so that you could in - any case be placed in theteame position in regard to the War Department that you were while Gen- : eral Grant held it. I did sot understand General t Grant as denting nor as expllocitev admitting'. t three Pt laments is the form and to the fall ex-a tent in which you made these His admission of - theta was rather indirect and circumstantial. t though I did rot understand it to be an evasive one. He said that, ettasetilingt from what occurred in the ease of the police in Maryland, which Is retarded as a parallel one, he was of the opinion. and so assured you. that it would be his right and duty, under your in-I 'tractions, to bold the war office after the beliste e should disapprove of Mr. Stanton's suspension. ti until the question shoed be decided by the if courts ; that he remained till vary recently of that I opinion, and that on the Saturday before the Cabs test meeting a conversation was held betweea I. yourself wed him, in which the subject was gent, really discussed. General Grant's statement was that in the convereation he had stated to yea the I legiteddeculties width might arise, involving line and mapriamement, 'soder the Civil Teatime bill, I- aid that be did not care to subject himself ele to these penalties; that you replied' to this me- u mark that you regarded the Civil fenure bill as it ancorstatunonse and dad not think any penalties 4 Isere to be feared, or that you woeld volunterily le serums them, and yea Insisted that General el Grant ehould either retain the Mlles till relieved a by youreele according to what you claimed was I. the crigined understanding between yourself and at hen er by seasonable notice of a things of pares pope on ins part. put you in the same situation le which you would be In if ha adhered. Yon le claimed that General Grant thirdly said in that , Saturday's conversation that you lindenteed his view, and has proceedings thereafter would he .eontistent witti what had been so understood. General Grant di I net conbeavel, nor can I say that be admitted, his iset statement Certainly Geueral Grant did not at any time is the CabinA meeting is Piet that he bed, is tee testarder a el conversation. either dhatinctly or dually advised ve you of los determination to rehire from the c piece l'a of the War Depaelauent ; otherwise that under CHICAGO, WEDNESDAY,- FEBRUARY 12, 1868. yoer own suboequeet ebreetion be acquieeced to yoer etatement UM the beetartay couvareation e de ntk sa xeeetatiou that takers would Iss a subsoeneat coafereace oat the nbleet, which he, as welt as yeerself, appalled towd seasonahly Mite 'Mee es Nina-day. You tam alluded to the fact that General Grant did sot call anon you es Monday as yeti had expected from UM comoraution. Gooses& Grant admitted that It was We expectation or purpoee to call apse you Monday. General Grant seamed reason& ft r the otnema. He wed be wee in coeference with General Shermat teat there were many little matters to be attended to. Be bad cooverited upon the moose of tee encumbering of the War Department with General Sherman and expected that General Seeman weal& call upon you oa Monday. My own mind suggested further explanation, but I do not rentembee whether It was mentioned or sot . namely: tit wisp not supposed by Genera' Grant, on Monday, that the Senate would decide the quest ion so promptly 'as to anticipate a turthisr explana ROD between yourself awl him it delayed beyond that day. General Grant made another explenatioa that be wee 'waged oa Sunday with Geberal beeriest), aid I titbit also on Monday, in regard to the Why Departmer.t, with a hope, be did tot BAT, la en eitort to procure an amicable ettlemett of the affair of Mr. Steelton, sad be will hoped It would be brought about. I have the honor to be, with greet respect yew' obedient pervent, W. H. lexwaars. To the President. - RR JoRSPON TO TIM ROTBR. The aceomeeni tag leiter from General Grant, received since the transmission to the House of Representative .1 of my communication est this date, Is submitted to the House as part of the correepondence referred to in the resolution of the leth instant (Signed) ANDRIN JORATOON ORARTAL GRANT TO TRU TATTIDRNT. Wainn ' ewron U. CV., Feb. IL RAM. HAADQTARTRRI Am ow 11111 U. 8, t WASHMOIoN Feb. il.1881. His lExcellency Andrew Johnson. President of the United States Sift I have tte honor to acknowledge the receipt of your communication ot the lOth instant, accompanied by the 'statements of eve of your Cabinet M misters of their recollections of what bad occurred in the Cabinet meeting on the leth January. Without admitting anything contained in their statements where they differ from anything heretofore stated by ate, I propose to notice only the portion of your communication wherein I am narged with inaubonnealloa.4- I think it will be plain by the reading ol my letter of the teth January tnat I did not propotte to disobey any legal order of the ereeident, dietinctly given. bat only gave an lute prettiness of what would be regarded as mathsfactorypvi lence of the Preeidenee sauctioa to the orders communicated oy the becretary of War. I will any here that your letter of the leth met. cottems the enut intimation I have had that you did not accept that interpretation. Now for the moots for eiving that interpretation. It was clear to me before my ietter of January Si was written, that I. the person having more public busbies to transact With the Secretary of War tban any other of the President's subordinate. wee the only one who had been Inetructed to disregard the authorityeor Mr. Stanton, where his authority was derived as agent of the Preallentein the heth ot January I rectived a letter from the Secretary of War (copy herewith) directing me to furnish an escort to the public trains from the Rio Greed. to New Oriente, utc, at the recguest of the Secretary of the Treaeury. To him I Rho pent two ether enclosures. AllowMT the reegnitiom of Mr. Stenton es Secretary of War by both the Secretary of the Treasury and the Postmaster Genets'', to all of which cases the Secretary of War bad to call upon me to make the orders requeeted or give the 'atom:Mon deeired, and where his authority to do so is derived, in my view, as agent of the President, with an ordor so clearly ambiguone sa that of tee President's here referred to. it was my duty to 'Worm the Preeident ot ley interpretation of it and to abide by that itterpretation till I received other orders. - Disdaining any intention now or heretofore of dieoheyteg a legal order of the President distinctly communicated, I remain, respectfully, ytur obedient eervant, IT. S. GRANT, GeneraL NONINATIoNs. The President sent in the following TiOnittillions Chas. Robinson. of Va.. Comment at Quebec; Henry L. Heercott, Collector for Georgetown, D. C.; Wm. Fitcheen. Collector of Internal Revenue for the Seventh District of Illinois. CONGRESSIONAL. - - WAsilINOTON, Feb. SENATE. APPLICATIOne TOR PATENTS.. Mr. WILLEY. from the Committee Olt Patents, reported, without amendment, a bill requiring permute applying for patents to give public notice of the tame. pretec LANDS IN 011100N. - Mr. WILLIAMS called up, and offered a gullet - tate for. the bill in relation to public lands in Oregon which, after diecussion, went over till to-morrow. -molow. PWITTION. Mr. TRUMBULL presented a petition of cidtens of 11.1nole, that two terms of the United States Courts be held annually at (Olney. Referred to the Judiciary Committee. - - Pitivaele CLAIM. On mottos of Mr. BOWE. the bill for the relief of the helm of the late General J. B. Richerdeon . appropriating to them tour hundred dollars for homes etoien frt m him by the Indians while in the service of the United States. was taken up. Several Senators objected on account of the principle involve& The morning hour expiring, the bill went over. - EAT OF DEPARTMENT CLERK.. Mr. MORRILL, of Maine, from toe Committee on Appropriatime, sulked to be duicharged from the further coneideration of severe) petitions asking to be included lathe twenty per cent incresee of pay, and recommended their reference to the Committee on the District of Columbia. They were co referred. PrBLIC LANDS IN NEBRASKA AND NITADA. Mr. THAT ER presented a petition from citizens of Naeraeka, praying that lAnd along the line of the Union Pacific Railroad be opened for iftmeetead and pre-emption. and that pre-emotors may enter lands along that tine at one dollar and tv enty five cent per acre. On motion of Mr. STEWART, the bill tortes effect to the act in regard to grants of public ' lands in Nevada was discussed till 1:20 p. tn.. suPPLISNTART InsooNsTRucTioN BILL. Mr. DAVIS relined to yield the floor any farther aid proceeded to address the Senate on the Supplementary Reconstruction bill. Mr. DAVIS moved to strike out all after the word ' ipstructed" in Doolittle's amendment, aLd usert the words t' with the recommendation that this bill do Lot pace ;" and also that the hill entitled An act further to provide for the more efficient government of Vie rebel S Wee," mimed March 2. '867, and all acts oupplementary at d amendatory themeto, be repealed Mr. DAVIS, at 3:ex yielded to an executive metier, and after a short time therein the Senate atiljouni eil. - ROUSE or REPRESENTATIVES. Mr. VAN TRUMP presented a petition from clutzehs Lf Doge County. Ohio, of all parties, praying Congrees to autherize the mane of legal-feeder notee eullicient to pay the bonds of the United Stoles, with due reference to not producing an over-expansion of the circulating medium. Raerred to the Committee of Way and Means. CITITENARIF BILL. The Rowe proceeded to the conviderafton, dtrivg the morring hour, of the bill reported from the Committee on Foreign Affaira concerning the riehts of American citizens in foreign States. Alter direuesion, at tbe expiration of the morning hour the bill went over. JORsoon-ciltANT CORRNSPONDXSICM. The SPEAKER tothwitted a message from the Preeldent; transmitting lila letter to Grant, he., hick was read, when Mr. BLNGRAM moved its reference to the Reconstruction Committee and that it be printed. Br. LOGAN Mated that there was a reply from General Grant to that letter which he desired fur to the Hone. The SPEAKER intimatinte that there were some errore in the correepondence as printed, Mr. BINGHAM modified his motion to reference to the Committee on Correspondence, and printed; ar bich woe agreed to. Mr. LOGA N'S resolution asking for all farther correet tinder ce was also adopted. Tte Reuse v cot into Committee of the Whole on the Legielative, Executive and Judicial! A pproprim on hi L The amendment proporied yesterday was rejected.-Mr. BUTLER moved to etrike out the item for compet cation of the Assietant Secretary and Cleik of Pardons, and three clerks of the fourth clem employed by the President of the United Statee, which, after debate, was adopted. On metion ot Mr. LOG N. the item for the eatery of Solicitor fir the Internal Revenue Department war clinch out. B. W UODW A t,i) moved to cancel the &pone priatic n for the Office of Military Justice. Rejected. coneurfteatrtoes. The committee roee and the SPEAKER pre-routed come unimportant communicateme, and ore from the Secretary of War se to the project of ecristructinx a raliroad on the weet bank of the ftom sL Franc Mem, and a statement of contracte made by the Quartermaster's Dertrrrett in Janusry. The Speaker aim preeented a mmesure from the Presicent transmitting a copy of General Grant's lest letter to him, which as read, ordered printed and referred to the Committee on Reconstruction. Dialler TAX. - Mr. SCHENCK, from the Committee of Ways and Mean., reported a bill to facilitate the collection of direct lute Delaware. The hill makes the aesettement of April lit, 1967,a lawful assessment for that purpose. Plumed. tarezern APP012.TMENTS. Mr. LOGAN asked leave to offer a resolution calling on the Secretary of the Treasury for the correepondence of the Commissioner of Internal Revenue relative to the removal or appointment of Ammeters or Collectors, bat Mr. Wood objected. RETENr11 STAMPS. On motion of Mr. BAKER, the Committee of Way.. and Means were inetructed to inquire into the expediency of amending the Internal Revenue law en as to provide for a distribution of georerilWilt stamps through the Poet Office. DIPARTNIINT COrrissi.. On motion of Mr. JENCKES. the Secretary of the Ireaeury, Attorney General and Secretary of State were directed to furnish a statement of fees paid yearly since 1860 for legal services, in addinon to the amounts paid to salaried officers. Adjourned. - CALIFORNIA. lt Qweettonrof Ildennoval of the Mato phial ihisemoned I. the Legislature. eAti Weasemoo, Feb.11ibe removal of the capital of the State from Sacramento to a more emtatike locality is being discueeed by the Lens-!Mare. San Joe, offers the State the ase of its Court Souse free be lye years, a creel of several acres of land for the erection of the Capitol build- Ire aid has invited the members of the Legisla- tor; to vied that rime at the expense of its cit.- sena- The invitation has been accepted, and the Legielature bae adjourned over two days for that Purtou. AS FILANCIPC0 Feb. ft.Advice from Lower California and Sonora are to Jannary 30. The election passed oequ1ei3r, a L:beral being elected to Concrese. Juarez forted to receive the electoral vote. I be Lower California Territorial Aasembly had adjourned. Annum the laws reseed wait one prohibiting the asent stock punishment to refractory psalm SU additional duty Of roar cents per pound is levied on dour News trout the Raines in Lower California is see (waxing. It antes are made ae to what has become of the Lower Califonois Colonization Coopen- Nothing bap been beard from it recently. The Amencaus in S000ra and Lower Catifonda complain of the insupportable annoyances from Idea-min customs ofildals. the eS,ret of which is to dearer, trade and nullify the spirit of toe treaties. They call on the United States to inter. free and compel the Mexican Government to vacs Americans on the footing held by garopeana or &Dies boners and bower ea:atomic. There is no communwatioa below Southern Arizose except by the route throrteh the mei-icon territory, subject to annoyance by preinniced tffici.Ie, ard the country is lefested wilt Indians, rendering it necessary to travel In isattes sufficiently arcing to ortrent InatistiCte. NICARAGUA. Valium of nonostaggoong tor a New Transit Kongo. Nnw Tong, Feb. 11.Advicea from Nicaragua announce the failure of W. H. Webb. n4gotiatwos for new transits through that connuy, on agreeing to pay tte,Ote due trom the old Ceutral American 'Franca Company. Webb demanded the exclueive privilege of umeg the transit. which was refused. This eels the Nicaragua transj t. as no one will pay the le0,000 due. Tetras are to be negotiated U7 Coven:meat with Colonel J. C. Wwste fi..r a nen railroad coactmaila. EUROPE. Preparations at Florence for a Grand Banquet to Farragut. Death of Sir David Brewster, the Celebrated English Physician. Address of Loyal Irishmen to the British Home Sec. retary. Prussia Seeking Closer Diplomatic Relations with Rome. BY OCEAN TELEGRILPH. Great nettatn. KATZ or BIN DAVID IIINDITIN. LONDON, Feb.11. Sir David iireweler, the eelebrated gush phyeician, and thstMguished scientific diecoveyer and author, died last evening, aged 87. NANNOTEI IRON CLAD. The Br 'tisk ironclad ship-of-war lierculte. said to be the lergent In the world., hes been meccas-fully launched at the Chatham dock yard. ADDAMS' or LOTA.L 11118MINS TO TUN HODS NZTAINT LONDON, Feb. It. A deputation from the loyal Irishmen of London yesterday wetted upon Hon. Garthorne Hardy, at the Home Office, end presented him an addreee expreasing their devotion to the Crown. The Home Secretary replied to their address in an appropriate speech, thanking them for their intaufeetations 01 loyalty. FURTH PICNIAX TIROL-BUM 111 CORK. Conk, Feb. Another attack was made On the police in the street yesteroay by a mob, who pelted them with stones aid bncks. he police, who were armed nith muskets, fixed their bayonets and charged on the crowd. A alma and deeperate tight followed. in which eeveral of the rioters were bayoneted. The assailants then fled in all directions, leaving the wounded on the ground. During the day an attempt was made to seize a well-known informer and lynch him, but the appearance of the police prevented the outrage being carried out. 01111111 DUBLIN, Feb. ilEvening. The bial of Lennox, which commenced yesterday, ended to-day with a verdict of guilty of murder, felony and treasoz. Mr. Sullivan, of the Dublin Irishman, has been indicted by the grand Jury for publishing seditious libels. His trial will commence to-morrow. Dyntin, Feb. ?tr. Martin and other gentlemen arrested some thee ago for taking a prominent part in the Fenian ceremonies for the Pentane executed at Manchester, have been indicted by the grand jury. Coax, Feb. 11Evening. One man is k town to have been killed by the police yesterday when they charged upon the crowd with bayonets. The number of wounded cannot he ascertained. Prussia. 11.1.14289 OP COMM 31831ARK. Ireb.11. Count Bismark 1. sick and unable to leave Berlin to avail himself of his leave of absence. No change in the Prima Ian Cabinet is proposed. Denmark. 'AMORE OZ TRIATT NZOOTIATIONO, Cosartzukomt, Feb. IL It is said that the negotiations for a treaty between Denmark and Prussia for the settlement of questions in dispute between ttiem have faded. Rome. TIEN TONI AND TEl AUSTRIAN CONCORDAT. LoaDON, Feb. 11Evening. It is reported that the Pope has declined to enter tiro negotiations tor an Austrian Concordat, and that Prussia Inia made au advance for closer diplomatic relations with Borne. Austria., AllIZMBLING or TIM 1111CIESRAIN. Vises freb,.11. The Iteicharath has reessemoted, and the houses have organized for butanes& Italy. PRTMARATIONA AT PLORANOZ TOO A GRAND BAXQUZT TO PATARAOICT. FLORENCI, reb.11. A grand banquet la to be given here to Admiral Ferragut by the members of the Italian Parliament, and ofikere of the Italian army and !MT'''. Preparations for the affair have already commenced, but the day has not been named. THE SOUTH. Synopsis of the New Constitution Formed by the Arkansas Convention. Probable Defeat of the Alabama Constitution. Proceedings in the Several Reconstruction Con. ventions. Tennessee Leg inietnreChairges Against , Receivers of RailroadsResonation. Respecting the PresidentIndiesdnat litatellities of Stockholders. - npeCial Despatch to The Chtcogo Tribune. NallieVILLI, Tenn.. Feb. IL The destb of Cc lone' Edward Maynard, United States Corsul at Tunes blond, and son of Hon. Horace Maynard, was announced, and appropripriate revolution Of reopect introduced. - In the House. there was a good deal of discus-Pion in retard to receivers of railroads ; and rumors et defolcation having been current rnpecting Major S. B. Brown. late receiver of the L. A M. R. B. a-d charges of corruption having been publtshed against W. P. Inure, receiver of the N. N. W. R. R., a opecial committee of me Levis-tare was inetrueted to investigate the truthof the Miner& Colonel Thornbery, of Granger. Introduced the following preamble and resolution: Warns-AS, By the late correspondence between the President and General Grant, it is seen that the former boo made an leeatiit upon the noblest Sidniee of the republic, thereby giving pffance to all true ooldiera gibe nation, as well ati annum:in therefore, Be it resolved. That we deelare our untie...being conedence in the honor and tntegrity of General U. S. Grant, and that when the ethos of the United States shall chow him as their tend-aid -bearer, to carry the banner of the Republic oree Ware in the National Capitol, the people of Tenneewe Win again demonstrate their faith in the Unica by rending him to the White House, and Andrew Johneon In disgrace to private life. A Ina to make nockholders In chartered cowperiiee individaally liable for the debts of the eemPallY, pained a third marline. In the Senate nothing of consequence transpired. V trent& Ilreonatruetton cAnnentieettlik The Georgia Memorial to Commons-- TaxationTito Tobacco Tax--Bank- log and letnewee. , ememal Despatch to The Ctdcago Trilerne. Rronnono, Va., Feb. In the convention tneday a commanication from the Constitutional Conwntion of CitiorMs. requesting C egress to appropriate $20.000,000 to aid the planter! of the SWIM. was referred to a committee of eve. Ti. convention refined to reeondder the vote giving the Governor the veto power. Resolutions Were cffered and referred, to exempt from tagetion ptoperty belonging to state. coonty, or witinicipat czrporeuons. or to ecientific, benevolent, or Chnotien institutions; also. 1,500 worth of the personal property of each family ; WINN that Me produce of the State, or ttie manufactures thereof, shall not be taxed more than is required to nay for the inepection of the same . aThe report intim Aellenitenel Committee recommends memorializing Concret.e to remove the tax on tobseco,which Wee Carried by an alimet waleimons vete. coptes were ordered to be eent to tbe President of tne Senate, and Speaker of the H see of Repregentatives. lite report of the Committee en Bettene yrs, rejected. It provided that the General Amembly corporation to any .babt'unkb,d.Insurance nt ebto"terd mpanyofor otner corporation with privileges to negotiate loam buy or eell stocks. coin or met-wines, or discount parer at etter Hameln thee Axed by law also that no State officeror broker stun be la integer in a bank or inference contputy. The action of the convention in rejectieg this report is taken as an ir,dication that tney are in favor of the peel of the prmeet listu7 laws. Alabama Eteetionelettetrits trona Thlr ty Conottee--Cleneral Mende So lovas. agate the Circanset neee of the Elec. elenl Special Deepatch JO The Chic tgo Tribune. ALAILANA, Ga.. Feb.II. I have returns rem thirty comities or Alabama; , but of elity-two in the whole litste these thirty glee moo vctes for rattlestion, bartiz Is than rev-half registered vote from some or them. lioiterer. return' are not romp eie, an we may ee eeerpecteoly Wal In the thir y-twi counties yet to heir from ; but re the guest "me., am unlit ed to tbiek the constirettre bee not genured tee requi,ite number of eetee. Tee result cannot be desently known for some time to come, and momume Gmeral Meade will eleoratiely ',mealiest1 the eireent.tencee of th eaat eh,etton. There are two large countiee. ant peewit,. "roc . in which De pollee were opened at all. I. One otter the belled beset were broke. open by verses and the bailout destroyed boon all their weerl will be rigOttil. MOPTOOMMIUT. Feb. 10.--The detist or the cot etuatieu is admitted by the Radical candidates. The vete le lest than the regaireit halt It in verrtoende, estimated et front ten to twenty-three thonsand. The white vote, no for, does ad exceed ono to every one hundred ant 1117 Georgia ilettenetruetion Convention-an Old Seduction Case made, Discide- The Gubernatorial COlniteld - $pecial Dtspatek to The Chicago Tribune. - Arittntn, Gm, Feb.11. The convention spent the entire day consume-Me the Mee of Aaron A. Bradley, colored deegate trots Savarmah, charged with having committed adultery In New York seventeen years ego. The rebel members are determined to make a point out of this matter, in whotever way Malay be Shelly oettled There la as yet no particle of proof to semi that the Bradley who committed the crime le New York is the man who now occupies a eeat in the convention. The imprudent cotduct of the accused himself has, however, created a etrong presumption aeamot him. while the matter was referred back to the committee with instructions to report next Friday. Bernell Ancreory. of Miles County, has dieen hem the gubnnatonal conteet. Buttock ans Fa row are now the only candidate; for the Bet ublicar nithinatioc:tritti the chunces largely in favor 01 Bullock. Weather and Crepe In IN111141011100-Tbe Lantarttle dic Memphis mattroadbe vere Sentence. Special Despatch to The Chicago Tribune. Nmurvitun, Feb 11. The late severe weather has very seriously dainsged the wheat crop in Tennessee. The late POW1DR In Middie Tennessee., It is leared,is pretty generally killed. be Louisville, Clarksville tj Memphis Ballroom is still in the kande of the mob. There is a convict in the Tennessee State Penitentiary, sentenced to a year's imprisonment foe stealing a bushel of wheat Synopsis or lb. New ConWitation Formed by the Arkansas C Itistiram Feb. 11.The Appear, Little Rock epeeist to-dtv says the constitutien was presented to the convention last nights and, after eve Hours.' noisy debate, it came to a vote this morningyeae, 45; nay.. elnine Radical. bolting. It watt voted on tie whole without bonne knitted. The folloveng are the main lecture. : it pro-idea for twenty Senator., stet eighty Representatives. The ezecutive officers are to be elected for four years.. No incum tient of one office is eligible to another Goring the period for which be is first elected. For an electioa by the people of our b upreme Judges. and the appointment by the Governer ot the Chief Jitenee for eight years, with a salary of el,Gle; prohibits counties levyine a poll tax ; authorizes a State poll lex of one dollar for educational per-poem ; compelling teree month,' atteneance annuallynt schoole without distinction of color or sex; enfranchises and mikes negroes competent jurors: disfranchises all disfrancbieed by the mil- luny bills and who vote azainet the conetitation; appoints March la, next, for the vote on the ratification and election of officers under the constitution ; authorizes Mr. Bowen. Preeldcut of tee convention; Mr. Brooke, of Pbilltps, and air- tiodgee, of Pulaski, to appoint the judges and ascietain the result of theelectioti, and when adept,- ed to present it to the Preedent of the United Stater, ; directs how the election shall be conducted ; Totem are required to swear that they will enpport and maintain the coartitution and laws of the United Ststee and Arkauses; that they are Dot excluded from regietering by any clauses of the Mate constitution ; will never countenance or ale le secession In any State; will accept the civil and political equulity of all men before the law, aid not attempt to deprive any persoe of his right on account of color or previous condition, etc.; oleo to vote for Or against the constitution, ced for the election of officers under the constitution. Seventy thousand copies were ordered to be printed. - The convection will adjourn on Thursday. Doinses in lb. Mismistippl, South Car. &Mutt and Florida dons. JACKSON, Feb. It --In the convention the proceedings were uninteresting. CHARLESTON, Feb. 11.--Nothing of Importanee transpired in the convention to-day. TALLAHASSEE, Feb. the majority convention to-day twenty-seven delegates were presexit. The Committee on Electines reported adversely on the election of Bilitege, Riches, White, Pierce and Sanders, colored, e bo were expelled. Iran, Stearns, Davidson and White, meted., were aeons in in thi Ic jeac ..e. An ordinance was pieced to pay the expenses of the cenvention, and issue bonds to theamonnt of $15,tee, of which 13,tere ire to be taken by the supporters of the convection. A re-olution passed expunging all records or the convention since the 34 inet., except the fact that no qucrum has been present. Two of the candidates on the Mines ticket - for State and Congressional offices have withdrawn. The Per Diem Question ha the Loatal ana Conventten. 'New Oluxamt, Felt. 11.After a stormy ad disorderly debate to-day, the convention adopted the resolution allowing members and emploves thirty per cent additional pay to their pet diem, by a vote of 4o to 32. On motion to rec3nsider, the vote was lost, which canoed another scene of disorder amidst which the convention adjourned till tomorrow. North Carolina Reconstruction Coit ventiont. RALZIGH, Feb. 11.the only point of interest in the convention to-day was the consideration of the report on judiciary in Committee of the Whole. The convention irstructed the committee in favor of electing Supreme and Superior Court Judges by the people. pp Dank Defalcation in New York,. Niw Ifosx, Feb. ILThe defalcation in the American bachange Bank, proves to be $60,(100. It in not likely that Vane. the assistant cashier aid defaulter, will be prosecuted. In this city. Feb.11. at the residence of G. W. Gillett, ',sq.. by the Rev. Arthur witzey, Mr. J. E. EV- ENGEN. of chicane, d Miss EMILY J. CAMP. of Grand Rapids, Mich. No cards. In this City. Feb le. by Hey. John A. Gray. 'Mr. CRAIG ,ES WATERtiOUSN and Miss DELI& CLARK-, odi of this city. In this city. Feb. O. by the rev. Clinton Locke, Mr. E. H. SMITH. of Lawrence. Maness. and Mu SATIE MAI:Mot., of C Waco. Lir-Milwaukee and St. Lonts payers please copy. DIED. Ti,e funeral I Pt lief. of the late Mrs..1011N 1. NOBLE wilt be held at ner res;denee. 195 West Washingt(n-at, at I et lock to-day. Wednesday. Feb.12. In this city. Feb. S. 1' pneumonia. BKVJAMIN FltoN NUN Infant son of Leen:wand S. Jensge Stratton. aged 7 montl In Brooklyn. N. T.. Feb. 9, at the residence of ter brother-au-um 'If- K. leoetlY. FAII,) NELLIE (HA-PIN. wife ot Gen. S. I.. BTOWn. formerly of Ogees. In this thy. Feb.10. of general debility. MRS. JAN N D. RANDALL, wile of J. W. Randall, aged 69 yearn and 7 months. Funeral to-day. at II o'clock, B. m, from the residence of her sons. J. B. and G. B. 241 New. berryst. toe e5tating taott. West Side Rink! MAGNIFICENT ICE. Skating Every Afternoon and Evening. Wabash-ay. Rink. Open day and night tee ht pelendld eondidon. Call at the Rink. or at (YRRiEN'S. 124 Dearbarn-st., and get a Cory of the Skating Jonrn..I. rtsma It n g FASHIGNACIE DRESSMAKING. MRS. ALPHA WEIGHT takes this mesas of intormice bet Minds that She has removed ber Matinees Dom her ratilenee on tilebig . meav to the pleasant mms over Ely's Parlorthon Wais shstion-It. OPPolite DC WhOria Park. To those 'who bai not already extended to her their Dairousee. she tronld ask a trial of her skill in Prewmakinz. which he the rcsolt of twenty-eve y care uninterrhpied p, settee In lastionable workCtiesgo. Feb. II, hiSS. Vroftssional. A CARD TO THE LADIES. MRS. M. M. CRCSS, M. D., Ilse located permanently In eblearo. and trill glee her attimtien. as heietotore. to the triotntent of Chronic and nervous Meese of Wooten nod Children. A 'acceptor& experience of fifteen years In this specialty is her anarantee to the public. 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Domestic Goods ,aissocing daily. So dealt fail to be la season for Bargains, at CUSIIING & SOUDEIVS, 73 LAKE-ST. TREMONT HOUSE BLOCK. Ural. Ostate. South Side Real Estate FOR SALE. We have f-.11,t2-11; Acres of Improved lana.belng SO feet higher ground than the lake shore property. and having three ssu.nono STATIONS Dear the lands. Ms Ag An dry laud. Moat of it sowed down to timothy. Said land la fenced, having good roads on the east and oath lines. and the Great Eastern Railroad on the west. only 111 mile from southwest line and the Chicago & Rock Island on the t sat Only 20 rods due east). This land is valuable. and we offer It on very easy terms. Title perfect. abstract furnished. For tau or address WARREN & GOODRICH, Re al Estate Broters,ItSDearbara-st.,Roma t. Vension agturn. Pensions &Bounties COL. J. W. BOYDEN, Os LaSalle-it., Chicago, Late U. S. Pension Agent. DICREASE OF PENSIONS. ADDITIONAL BOUNTIES, AND ALL JUST MLLITARY OR NAVAL CLAIMS PROMPTLY COLLECTED. ,dluto ano Mato. HATS I New and Stylish & 1Goods at Very Low Prices at the Mann-FURS !factory of BIShOP & BARNES, 115 "Anize-st., SIGN OF BLACK BEAR. Co Loan. Eamps, Glaootuart, COMET BURNERS, SUN BURNERS, SOLAR BURNERS, For isle to the Trade by E. Fe ST-40 C UAL Wholcale Dealer In Lamps and Glassware, 122 sol4ALIVEL-W1. 41russts : 1 STOCKINGS For Varicose -Veins, Weak and Lame Joints, Swollen Legs, Ike, Silk. Linen and cotton. of the eery best make, Trusses. Shoulder Braces, Suonstiers. &Pimratans for Detbrmities, aeenrato,ly tted by MARSH CO., New York, anti MARSH. BOWLER & Co. 71 Washington-et., Chicago, adjoining C roeby's Opera House. MO N EY TO LOAN Ou 3 to 5 Tears' Time. Apply to WETORT & TTREPTi. Room 'So. 5 Metropolitan Bloct. $10,000 to Loan On "load and Mor trate. Apply $o J. IL BEES & CO.. Opera Elmo.. Jot !Ego. Ti't:1? A FIRSTACLASS 'Merthant Tailoring Establishment Situated in one of tke bear locations in Chicago, doing a good paying trade. A small stock at desirable goods on band. Address "A. B. 0.9" Tribune Office. ultatts. HOVIE'SSCALES, NownrwEsnrieg wARKHousa Itil & Slel gamielph-ot, Mow& I s To WHIPPLE, agent Ert a'al; Ear. EYE & EAR. DR. TISDEBWOOD.Woo. 31-A and 144 Raltdriltib It.. Cbicaro. The 1-yritterian and AtuUsterion trest infra i eat used with rest success.. ArtilteisA Eyes. Ear Drums, Trumpets. -,Aurieles, Acoustic Chairs, booed t..toodurrt,ra, Auriscal-plumet and mar other opthahnie, median:foal and otacoutile aroaratue tun be had of Dr. D. Oruro erre &Mott LonUJ ograttht rAir TO BUSINESS MEN. A situation la wanted by thorough. Practical double-caw, bookkeeper ot 15 years experleace, and for the piwt 25 years in tMs city. My extensive ac. 'mainmasts should give Nes a passport to any boost desiring a oDulteleizt man. References A Na. 1. A larye nibuT not so much of a desideratum as liminess in time of need. Please addrets BOOKKEEPER.. MB Whitney-M. A BABE CHANCE.--A GERAfkif OF A 2.tborough bovines habits to wanted to take charge of a large Life Insurance OUStOPOIL Ii an old tomowt ay. The busineet is already built ON hut will be eir011 to DO man union be ean furnish evitience of his ability to take tate ot it and Inerewe is. To ouch a mail full wommleolona will he allowed on old and oew bustm as. Addrtss "LIFE INCURAE CR," Tramp. omee. LIFE INSURANCE. The irmeepritroeoare prepared to offer Ilberti toduel...eats to two or three experieeed and energetic kkgbeitor tor the city. especial Travelling Agents for Illinois and toe Northwest She wanted. To those wbo WS capable and desirous or a permanent and prottable businers, as eltrible opportunity IS SOW Well. Apply to PAUL tgr M te0W, General Agents Wmbinston Life Inc Co, 130 1.shalie-st Chicago. CoaL . Briar Hill Coal. 300 Tom beet attar Hal Cu. l, on our Doaa. mad tor iale BELOW M REF? PRICE, apply tr) al-Nu a II-Mx. 10S Ittngsulry wt lioctaweat coma lotions-at. ' 1 iimmonmalligmwn Dtp 000115. CARSON; PIRIE & 003 ,- cA-TtAli-4,' VIIIITER SAIL 1 3 6 Lake-st. , - FRESK EARGAINS IN LIHENS. 111-L1.ra Itook Towels - ler eat Good Quaint " Itio 46 Heavy, Ise ski krge Towel, Ate 66 Criss lass-saustioned is specistir chess.) A besatifol qualify IAA Limon for SO orals. Bleached and Brown Cottons and Sheetings Very Cher,. Buy Now and Save the Advance! - - 111-WoM Red Flannels - - 25 teats Heavy Shaker Devitt. Flannels 25 tents Merino Empress Goths, Drest Goods and Black Alpacas, at VERY LOW PRICES. Printed Brocade Dress Geods 15e per yard. GENERAL REDUCTION OF PRICES. CARSON, PIRIE & Co. 136 14nice-st. EZIattr Works. Trin - Holly Water Works, ISENTIED BY ISITIDSLIAL Dispensing with Reservoirs and The Ratlines. for Water Supply tied Fire Protection of cities and vil lams. In suocental operation la Lockport. Auburn sad Gouverneur. New York, and hilaneapolls. Minnie Iota. Thousands of towns now tudering from the mirages of ire. or a scanty supply of pure water, would have these Works if their great value was node:Mood. Manufactured. and warranted superior to any other system. by the HOLLY MANUFACTURING COMPANY LOCKPORT. NEW YORK. larFor mu information mad Sur Descriptive Pamphlet. to MON ALL WcDONALD. 180 South Water-et, Mess DI. Or to HOLLY M ANUFACI USING CO.. Lockport.. New York. T. T. PLAOLF.H. President. J. K. lirDONALD. Treasurer. February. Sok Copartnership ItCotices. 1V-OTICE THE UNDERSIGNED, -a- hat inn tormed a partnership under the drat no of HARMON, AIKEN & CO., WILL OCCUPY SALESROOMS Nos. 23 & 25 RANDOLPH-ST , WITH A REWASH COMPLETE STOCK (IP FANCY DRY GOODS, WOOLLENS, WHITE GOODS, NOTIONS, ETC., AT WHOLKAALT. Succeeding the old and well-known bon. of EMI. &ARMOR CO. E. R. H SRMGN. Late King. Harmon CO. J. E. AIKEN. Late Gillette. Aiken & Follett. N. H. JONE4, Late Irvine, Jones & Co. H. B. SCHULER. NOTICE. Tbe underebreed kering formtd a meerteetsbith coder the in of LOBECK & LAPHAM, Are bow opentag at their well nghted and elegant Salesrooms, No. 100 Michigan-ay., The moat ATTRACTIVE and DESIBABLZ Stook ot Gloves, Hosiery, Linens, White Coeds, limp-Marts, torsets,Suspenders, Neckties, kG, over offered In this market. Mere-arts vialtina Chicago will end it decideillv to their ad vantate to examine cur goods and prices bet.lre making their purchaaes. OTTO WRECK, late orGenesee, WM. LAPH M. tate with Bowen, Whitman Wins. low. formtrly with Richards, Crumbaush Shaw. Cblebeo. Feb e. Ellosoluttou "I'HE COPARTNERSHIP HERETO-fore esistine between L- A. WiLl. MILD nod G. S. THDICAS, utder the firm of WILLARD & tHOMAS. I. this day clissol,ed by nminal mument. U. S TTIOMAn will continue buslosss at be. I. $S wssbington at- and L. A. WIlLARD continue RPM Emate bmtutss at Room No. In sAm I. building. ttf Wsshinnton-st. L. A. WILLARD. G. S. THOMAS. Chicago, Feb. 8, 1S48. COPARTNERSHIP. The naderogned have thh day Ihrmed a eonarrtior, tinder the name and anti of WILLARD & RED. nE, for tne pormse of purellage Sad mile Of rest es- tate, milking Invest-memo, renting pronet ty and loan. lug money Ou real estate. L. A. WILL AHD. a IL KRUM. Room No. 9, St ViaahingtouaL Chicago, 111.. FON S. it'd& DISSOLUTION-TITE FIRM OF T. blottGAN. & CO.. Is diarAved by mutual consent. T. 1.. Moreau retiring (rum the business. Which will be ennenned by our successors. Messrs. GILBERT. IC OLCOT r & CO. Cbleago. Feb.1, ISM T. t MOTMA,V. ROBUNT B. r1.11111141. GILBERT, WOLCOTT & Co., (suocemion to T. L. Morgan & Co.) COMMISSION MERCHANTS IN GRAIN AND FLOUR. 13 LaSnibregt... Chicago. Grain bought and gold on Martina Goo. L G Malt Er. G. H. mobLocr, late or True. Moires? a Co. ROB1EST H. FrAmina. late f T. L. M yosn a Co. lirirt larbint. THE LOTZ PATENT BRICK MACHINE & CONCRETE PRESS. PATENTIID JirLY 23, 1S07. Will grind the elay, ores it into erstcclass lacing bricks. aud deliver tbe bricks ready for setting la the kiln, all in one operation. It will ran Ike wbole seamen without earl-ems repairs. and requires less wise Power titan any oilier Machine of Ike kind. A sample Blackfoot eau be seen in practical operatiou daily at Na Se Illinois-out, near Welloott.;frove 1 to 3 'clock p. um. Far fortner particulars cell at the allies, Po. DS front 0 te 11 a. na. WO1. H. LOTZ. Patentee. Gard's Improved Brick Machine Acknowledged tbe Best In the World? 1100.0,0 wen Of tee brick made-end sold in Chicace. Inachines tett.t entirely of Iron and bteei. For descriptive pampJet. address E. II-GARD, I 1 II Clinton. $t- C71 'cox o. liumpo. PUMPS! 01 all khtds, with PIPE FITTED READY FOR USE, BY W. D. TIVIINER & CO., 5S South Wells-at, Chicago. Seed for Circular. wouto. MAMSON HOUSE, Corner Randolph and Dearborn-eta, CH ICA GO, ILL. It le a well-known diet that Mb house has a SUM ETON LOCATION. benne eentrai to all business Meet railroad einem and Owes of amusement. With 111 recent addition or to hare and tierrantly thrmoliee PN mg, It &fiords ample wenummudtrions for WO 'Imola. Its appointments are not sus 'tamed In the West awn MILL. ErOten EREO. E FT ACV oak, CHAP. Commtssion ititutants. C. s. atrreatus IL CO., COMMISSION MERCHANTS. GRAM 6E222, BIDES. DRIED FRUCIA, FIRKIN BIU LINN. Ac. Nos 211 & 212 litouth Watendoe.. Clittesso. iLottrrito. T OTTERYOFFICIAL DRA.WINGS LA OF TUE &Mill:I:KY STATE LOLYKRY. latra Cisme 169Feb. U. 1. 2., 32, IS. Cs. 36. t4. 38 '715, 0, 72, V. I 70feb. Ii, kW- 14. 67, 21 2S. 60, 15, 2, 21, 13,12, 31. Is. SS Pr tzte ea...bed and InI&IlnIfl(u tiVell by JILSbt h. SMITH & CO.. Itrokns, Boom Waacel.Y Lock, 3 U3. Denborn-ot. 1934. Rooms. T OOMS FOR WEANINO FACE EILDI -Ca UP.--Ite Bridertnire Planateseartnr tsuloaul ere prepared to tarnish their new improved Looms tom Verna rueds tare slue up. They alert oder then weowu Cotton at ti Woollert hiachintry. inctudial Their NEW SELF tor Woul. at 2 4qcod pneli. 10.1- Mil N. rth Froatit. Pt.: detiglik poop 5titts. 1868 clusoL1Mms468.- - LOCKWOOD'S NEW PATENT SPIRAL '( coNTLNuors WIRE) SKIRTS. These SUPERIOR IFICIRT8 beve been TWOIONNINN ?INTRO, sad pronounced by the Ladies as tbe wad INTRANLI, Ecososincas. SAN BNATTINNZ or al talt estuotnnts yet latreanced. They are made al astir TWO wins. the one heavy wad the other bidet. Gad cousennently Sr. never Out of order by tegarattea ad otherwise. They are wade ot the Slat regPalleta UAWWTNNIA 1111ANTINVIAT 017NENN. arra troraliP zwre. The Tare, are Of a antriatou Itanutheturie and Quality at thread sad at& al the eastwainuis Veil silvered. Them Santee ant guarenteed to mesas tenon on LOSS AN ANT 86121 NAOS ay ANT ONNWII KNOWN! WINNOW. Ladles purchasing Criaellue Ifmt. cronstrug TASIT OWN rwreusee by mains tot their Sentra, stair must not accept any ea rename that do cot beat Sap name plainly printed ea Ste hand. in blue rob. FOlt.isklA by Chicano Jobber and ail rwar.cnian Dry Goods HOWW, TANOUNHOWE be country. Meow factored ONLY iv G; W. LOCKWOOD, Nos. and I Widtwaub Pl SPIRAL SKIRT CAUTION. I have recently purchased trout "rosier Beat-mat CALI and am now the owner or. Waist Letters Patent 'framed to Sarawak Faunae?. Novena. ber SO. Ms, for sn Improvement in Lailes Hoots Skirts. known SO the rtnak Sark" and SI SO SSC Skirt an be made except under said patent. on amiss are hereby nottned not to pnrebace or vend any spiral ekiru, except nor s have my name. with date ot pet. ent.C" plainly printed on the band in bine Ink. us, r der penalty of prosecution for damages. bismuth. turers are also notified MIS iny debts nider said patb. eat will be ..forced. U. W. 1A4tWOoD. Noe. ste White-et.. N. T. A FULL ASSORTMENT ot the &acme Ditainaabill MMus we for hALAbk HUNT, BARBOUR & HALE Nook 3. 1 and 7 Lakees.. Mame. TM art aosottation. tEtERE fittj I. ,IFICITES kJ NATIONAL ART ASSOCIATION' OF DECATUR, ILLINOIS. ceeducted by a Counotenm, telected by Abet Ticket...Hoidens, ISM' IL 7.-100 Worth M VALI. ABLE PROPERTY distriblited I& TAO mites: TURN RoLTS elegant NEW ROTEL. at Pane. valued at MAO Ote three-story FLOURING MILL. at Decatur, te.ase Your valuable IMPROVED TARR m In Macon Goan. t. 111.. COP) leer s. sood tarn:deg lends. so woeime too-chimes. several valuable city houses and Iota. Lid 11111 Cabil Pie 17.k... TIEZI DRAWING wtil we take Wane. as the Committee are now rap idly Completing the arrangeep tete. I en eat. public n otice will be elven nrioi to the drawing. DODi dd. lay. but order your Certificates at once. doo tir E.R1VIo TOO LAT. Oa Tan Dadddlle WILL. BR PRt)MPILY Ref URN ED. bindle rertinestes. 4.1,0 : five Certificates. Ina; ten Certificates. OIS.00 cue hundred to one person or club. dido.00. Certificates of de ail In any bank. .oPsysteLis AFTEa uu DEA W MU. may be. forwarded for Certificates or tickets. Every ticket-bolder will be entitled to one engraved perpetual rail,. ender of the Nineteenth tentati fr. For further Dirac-Mallon and desertdi e circulars. apply to F. PRIEST VD Diner. re neestar. Or. SHEPARD & JIANDLIN. Chicato. P. 0. Drawer 3N1 4. Certilleates frr sale at 31 West Rand inttat.. Ed North Clarli.-at., and by McNally & Co.. t 1Searborae t., (lacer automatic eao Martini:- TO CITIZENS A Vio STRANGERS. TOD are respeetitilly Invited to call at our othee and see the most pertret tias Lisht la existence. IS Is produced automatically. by a machine work iu WLTRQI1 at a cost a about ONE DOLLAR per thousand beet. Any bouae or building situated away from the coal gas mama eau by this means obtain a beautiful ties Linha at a small cost. and thus be enaided to de away entirely with KEROSENE LAMPS. Parties from abroad will learn mull corn., elso coreerning this wondernil light bp bending tor a coincide.. Address "Northwestern Automatic Gas Machine Co.' ROOM 16 METROPOLITAN BLOCK, (tTP-CHICAGO. CHICAGO. Lite 'Insurance. Etna Life Ins. Ca., OF HARTFORD, CONN. Alves, over $3,030,000 Betelptsfor ISO 5,131,271 Policies 'smells ISGT 15,289 Dividend Fifty per cent. Experienced Agents and Canvassers tram ett, IR.r city and country. vritb "'bent liberal arrangements will be Etude. S1M'L B. 111-310ND, Gni Age Itt Anton Building. Mg tAnkuisio es. proposals. IALS Preposals for the Permanent Locales et Ike Gr.dL.dgeorL,F.LMasU if Illinois. At tbe Annnsl Communication of the Orand Lotlant ht Cetober last. the first four oMeers were appointed committee to receive proposals for the permanent 1. ' canes of the Grand Lodge. from the several clues I. The P raternity of the several eine" in Illthote aro therefore invited to submit proposals Ibr sueh peruse cent location. and to 'pretty the amount offered to tonne,. Bodo, iota or other property. Lands and tont to be described in full. with valuation. Said prop, bellied linnetgot the undetaignatt smdorred ' Proposals for Pennanent Locatios of Grand Lodge," on or before the trot dry et July. A. D. lithi and to be opened in the pr. sence of the Grand Ledge on the Colt ctsy cf the (Stand Communication,in UMW bet next. J. B. COWS. Grand Mvler, Deeatur., Clittb. FISHER, D. G. Master, Sonnet...IL DEwITT C. CREME CI S. Warden. et leads. JA WES A. Litany. C blew. J1,11 IS, 1,1101. 0. J. Warden. Mum.. 13FIOPOSALM FOR PCITOOL SITIO A IN THE WWI II Dit,P4ON. &wird proposal' win be received at tbe entre or OM Board of Education. Ito. 78 Lanans rt... rill Wedoes- day. Feb. 19. for a rehool she In the South In the neighborhood of Thirty orsog len Oats two hundred feet front. Proposals to give size of tot. location and terms ol sale. The Committee reserve the right to remet either or all of the proposition'. L. BRENTANO, E. A. BRIGGS, IL T. RUNT Mt. Committee on Bundle's estd Grounds ot Board et Matiet - - c.torkbolluts 11-1mutgo. UNION PACIFIC RAILROAD COMPANY, MO MASSA IT-ST,, tw you'. Am. The atoetholders et the UNION PACIFIC RAILROAD COMPANY are hereby notified that the anemia wettMg of said Company. fw the election of Directory. amendment of By-Laat. and Mansactioa of saris other bovine,. es may come berwe them. will be bead ea tba ELEVENTH DAY or MARCH PaCIE, at tem o'clock a- In at the office of said Cowpony in the City ot New York. OLIVER AMES. Prosidaili. CHARLES TUTTLE. HecrettrY O FICE MERCHANTS' SAVINGS, LOAN ABU TAUS' Go.. Clew Lao. Feb.11. WM The Annual Meerrnw of the blochbolders of tote Company. tor tbe Eteetont ot Trustees. arid be beW at tbe tritIce of said Comoany. on MONDAY. March N. between the hours of 10 a. m and It tn. L. J. Ght.F. Secretary. itlarbinm, Scr. ALFORD, PITKIN & CO Engineers, Founders and Machinists, Breltobooeld the old ettardisbed worn of BILL 111 CO-. CIIS anoca Ohio. are prepared to I itnntb artier STEAM ENGINEs. SAWMILL M At:MARRY. LATHES, PLANERS and DMILLo of improved coo, structIon ; PAPER at d FLAX raAcntNERT. HYDRAULIC PRESSES, for Sewer Fire and Oil Work& end for Otompirg.Punehtzte and Wiest-tog. ITISES. VISES, VISES. VISES;VISES V The UNION VIrE Co.. 30 Is atkt-qt.. BoStaM. Maas.. rushy Vises ot all kinds, for heavy and baba Work. Thar nue ',Asa.. with aod withuat Burma Jgw. are equal to the hearten kuao, of PIPICIVI WOM. Ittett Standard Ii1flnr Machin,' of Itoprovnt eoartroettos and easy adtuytutent. Sena for frice Wt. For sold by &mien, teaculnery WW1 Bar d-vralr, ationat Coffee liot. TBE NATIONAL COFFEE POT. Rouse Furnishins,Hardwere, and Store Dealers. are invited to examine this new invention. Whin'. Is economical, simple, and valuable beyond unstring ever intrOdueed.notkes delicious evil-c.c., sesis resdity. and always suite. Tram au pored- Send thr circulars. Mee ot N Moral Cores Poi conloany 31 Deans:enIt. CHAIG-N8 HITCHCOCK- General Aguat in WI. DOIS. lows. and Missouri. Cub Engtabing. S. D. CHILDS, JR., - ENGRAVER AND DIE bINIElt, II Tv Roodohdt mt. New an elmroog styled tor Cores. lotto and EnVelorwm, Monto,romo &stemma Ond faurravea. Door Plmteo ard Moose Number& . - -- , - , , .. . . . - -. ,,, . . -- , '. r - - o' . , o ....,f I.- -,, I. ' . .. . - - - di , .. , - -''.' ' '.," 't . ' ' ' ' - . ' ..' ' 1 . ' ; ;I ' -' et. - ' i 1111 ' - ItHE NEWS. - 1 Gold was e" ' .-n.---- IIII1GTOH. . s.' ' , , 1AS clo,tue at let alVeollkitaalktult Nelr York yeti. calay. , , . I z price. The retaii price for imrorted Havana cigars rues awn frown lawn to oetenty,tve cents - Additional Correspondeloo . g LI. I . t , 1 I -'11....., 1 11 . ., . - - - ;:- - - ,.-1, , , . - ' ' t 1 , . Fir - , 1141. 0 . t 1111 - . - - ... - , , , o ,, 1 lk . . t . 4.1 0, . pcny :- DIRIE r ,.. 13U11 t I . 1 C3r1:1,-UtAl St; 00 '8 Rgo 1868 ' (111 - LOCI , , coda. I. 1W16 the MIMI agars wotAL tat. aid I) Irani two to live oasts seek. ' A tot on the corner or Broadway sod Canal Between General Grant - , .. , It . , . ,, - -1,ma ' . . - -- , -. . , 7 - 0 A 1 r ATE111 , 4 attoeto. ?tow Yolk, wita a treats zo of sixty-too and the Pretident. , - - 7 PA , ,, , 1 11"4. ell BroldWILY. and ift fort os Canal alma, . i . 0, H L E 'wit- coN maid hwt ook . SISP n L S 'N1 iiAIR 1115011L r - .. VOL. ma. - CHICAGO, WEDNESDAY,-FEBRUARY 12. 1868. NUMBEit 225 1:7; ebe.rborty4,.kym-etitTrtall'am.1.."63-c obed..1.07;,,roon36.171,,:',.74.:ni andth'4...:. ilnet:t!-F:ayt.D.,471 Tr.ovpielo::.ptIga.rdMkil,..enoCrattims.b,,s.datencra Ziabistito. mo. , - ..- . - VINO FACE EIEDI 0. PP 1, ,11A , 1 Nansfastarta Crrt C.'S r new troproard Looms tot p. They &too otter theu 1 if lk I i ttiont hiacbtatry. loch:pita' 11 ,,,. -11 Ill.k.S tor Wool. at PP - Z. .1 N4rtb Froblit. Plus --' b bt b.,. b., IA trungtets. - part of it whicii relate "0 whai had occurred were to be feared, ot that You womid volunteriiv I Erna, iti, Asa toe country is wrested will lad- OUT ca inity-too v .-- - -.v.., oom woman goo,' ZePeelnt Irielse ----- goliettore tor the city. epecial Travelling Agenta IOC L0TTE In Gm Csbiost mane', on Tatteda!re the serume them, and oil Insisted that General an, rendering it beceseary to travel in p.irtes give 50,00 vette for ratileatitm, barn.; lest than wilUnotabo ...anetplobeleiindorthwdestioest also. ;ate iperinknated. Tomtli.dose 7., 40,.t:2.1' 411-. lath ultimo. and requeenng ate to Grant Gloat(' either retain the ogles till relieved tudielently etrong to prevent maaeacre. 0..amar ma froward aora from imam a ahem. d esow,x14:1116se:A:Peitee. H0R1013, tra Class It lett what will elle In the conversation referred by yourself according to what you claimed wag be Honey-et, return' are tiot (Oath ate, and we they 21( 10. I cannot undertake to state the precise lane the original Uoderstanding between youreelf and -e''' NICARAGUA. do usegreetenIT evil le the 'hit -Y-tv13 counties NOTICE.--8. c. totrBElunr. prottable businer.s, au elleible opportunity le Sow 21.. 60, 15,7,1 pelage used, but I bare whealtation in raying that bon. tr by eeleonable nodes of a change of Far- !et to besr from ; but rs the thing moos, 1 am open. APPIT tO PAUL fir M Astro, e'eultl'El E yur account of t hat eonceraation, as given to ye , toe part. ut you In the same situation on p , '''' . ' - . BOOT IITAILESty . . Roo Ina gralliares of rierolittationo tor a New inclit ed to think tbe coestitunce has not seaured toe re-rottn number of votes Tee result cannot General Agents Wmhington Life Ins. Co, your letter so General Grant on the Slot ult. Mils which you would be in if be sdbered. You e . 1934. istatteallY. is In Important Particalaire. accord. claimed that General Grant tinily said in that - 'Frannie litontaie a Vitmhyxrecoirpat reelectpect,lou oyf oitir obedient setwant. , Saturday's conversation that you understood his 742w YolM, Feb. ILA dvtces from NiOaragua I views, sod but proceedings thereafter would ha announce the failure of VI . H. WebbM negotia- , 111 Dearborn-et- bees leave to notify tits frfoode be deeentelv known for some time to Come, atm ttod cu,tom en that the gaewvenienev arising ft ow eabnme detect-al Meade will oloordo sty loves- the late fire le at alt end and 'bathe is ready to receive - , 'late tbe eircum.taneee of the recent election. their orders at the old aLtad .. tia above Stated. To the Presidn T.. po....rm e..zlicuonl.M.T.r.riceuttoc. n, coneistent watt what had beeu so understood. Mons for new tinned& Weigh that country, on mare are two large counties,. awl partial,. tree. et ' Fuer Orrice Der aaaaa or. 1. Wasatatitea, Feb. S. Istel. r General Greet di I not conbmVel, nor Can I say aerschig to pay tte,Ote due trom the old Celtrel i e whir rs no pone were opened at all. I. OSO utht ith admitted. OM Met statement Certainly American Trailed Company. Webb demanded other the None boxes were broke. poen hy 1-41.A.SP CAll-dran 130 LaSs'Oe-st Chicago. .---e . ' . -- ' - - Coat. - -1 Briar Hill Coal;. T pow. Ji, up.--1. Gest:al Grant did not at airy time in the Cabin A tee exciaahre privilege of ustng the trallett, which iebsis aLd the balloui destroyed. boon all their Onbr three weeks more we gennenta anode at . ,.... ,e best'. win, au, coal.. ,...... tor are twee,ret "'wenn ii sled that he sad, in th e testorday's was refused. Thla eels the Nicararus wreaga will righted. gni: I ate in receipt of your letter of the 5 11 convertation, either distinctly or dually advivea no orre will pa 7 the if0.000 due. Torino are to moartionany. Ala.. Feb. 70.The defeat of IP,Licrl. be beeS" et 11 Per eent l'ejc'w "1"Ytegu lag ilar:-.. 'BILLOW MARKET PRICE- of trbroary. ealting any attentioe to toe corre- you of bee determlnation to rehire from the ouarre be negotiated oy government with Colonel J. c. pondetee published n the Chronicie etwee of the Woe Deparet ; otherwie i bn !sina tha untie tie r WOoda far a ste rlread COatesir n aieet t es tha t tegairen half. a Me COtatilution is mitnitted by the Radical caa- didates. 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