The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 6, 1935 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 6, 1935
Page 1
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Served by the JJiiiteil Press |Tr P ^'E *•• d i \_^ WSPAPEB OF NOlES VOL. XXXI—NO. 370 Bl.vthevillD Courier Slyllievllle Dally News ^ -~ ~~~ ~- : \_ Blythevlllft Herald Mississippi Valley Lender BLA TUEVILI.R, ARKANSAS, WEDNESDAY. FEBRUARY G 1036 AND aOUT»EAOTou > Rl SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS Bf- J »\ r ii \piiotic Spell Deri a ee; RoHfrr, lo Jail. (Jew 1-BPAmO, A?i- (.<(> fi'^ui)- The Boiilhetn t^nin^ farmci i n 'on won [(a tecrWl kfal 1j til' 1 tcdav vufen n city cTilirt ji^) <Jis» jnku.t'tl n'b'iTifliiy cliMee^ against "Waul H' RoJgei-K a^cai old % cialist, mid Uulrn TCo'h '^7 > m- -old Commonwealth rblKco pir'jl- , dent ^ "T.M The 'charges wcjp disused, Acting Ci^y jAttoriirv JjohV Moby .said, because- 101 , iccfofVlci] ico "ons tho ehirgp VA,-,,n.ol likclv ; to stand up if ippetled io'.t IncJi- ;i'.ei court Tlie two men hid -\\' Wiulv pnld $10 fines on ehai^e-, 01 ob tiiicthu thf "trcrt-i uhpii the.' iltcmptrrt in hold i inotlln" here 'Sunday...... . Tlie fines were paid by Noi-man Tliomns, lic-uci of the Socialist, party, .which H nctlvr-lv backiiu the union In* Its .purported .efforts lo be Ijftfej' -cmiultfom; of sliaie- eroppers. • Roclgers 1 freedom \va= short Jiv- «-d He vl? learie ted Ui SI rrlT I D Diibai l of Ponivtc crunt •uid plrcect in jril t Han <& ig Lccftiiie luo hoids-ncii cnmc oft hi 5)000 bond undf rct-iith p ndino his ippeai of n six mon tlB Jail sentence and $ 00 nne on cltai?es of tijing to Ii cue lot ig^in^t plantatior o rci KiiloUEh Ordei \ci\ 'Ittal WYNNr Ail-—ihe Southein ienaiu numcr Union \ on iu nr*t, slotory with east Vrkuma'! offlceis Tue drv when four union u ilaiit.c- u.ot iiti ja. Msnila womroT- jftii'S Pare! u JL, n in i i mm in non 1 fn W. jubuiij ii&s iiiioimca the moihe, tVr w ha 1,0 m iij riis mattE-i aim tnai -, ilc ,re '"'« l i<- i it-a ii a Hindi iurr ), rli njwtlr Me o! Ic u in iiiaf) i r said to i n i tC Jury-.SeesJHTaiiptmqnn's Child at Jail J4&& EiflfTO tint h c i pi-a-prctue sol in-iav In liefii Hiarriui me. limes oud to hi\r hlnlcd thnl IIP Im lint oRnln<d ns innny* decree 'JcciccK as iu hns nmiitace llcen- '« -Slit hn- ix-cn ndM^il tha, If -he 1m -ulllri'nt frnuids for Wief [hit 'ho to iip\i?nl tli" inoulacse" by haV- ? tho tn<ui in th e cos" jaiieti Ilci daiiBhtcr will be nil rirtil tin niolhei I s,M ro hiip nssiir- I Miss Wntidbiirn, a,- IOQU as 'lie : li-H I lirnicli Serial p. or failure To Art organizers \ ere B Kcn directed vor (licUiof acquittal tn circuit coun nn tlvlr nrpcaUJrom justirp comt> Tine" * Btultz while ard two n c roe, R T Butkr rrd \ D Broikln- had bfcn fined MO eacn in" a ju iLe " u ^ lost Novenitici on chsigcs of us In the soliclnllon of initiation fees ind dyes foi membushp n tlie unloi of shai-ecroppei« The slate clnrgert that thc.un Ion was not R corpoialion is lud been rcpresenlcd. The defense Hfin nrr nirnT wsi5 • H rr LH -h acm:!S Lunu urr unij -^ Himself on Slale at Commit Ice iicaiing IllllF ROC'C Alk—Qov J — • i.«. ruj, im nn n treil foil advantage of a na Haupuuaiin po,ed at the LII ol the etiiti al tax M „ lii-for fiie Elite farm "lebu adjustment committee >c?terda> to unUiulen him elf on some 01 th te ics- «,lli , ),ich the <tete leglj lature i ra\ The troiiblEi cmioi nind th' hni q lacing slot mitliin s''schools _ -.JJis )!quor->a*id damned In feinal readhouscs all c-i ne -ir -^Tlif for- Arlnn c ns to paj half or old ^nge ponsioli " ~ • -- - - - n nionth i i-ant do lie. said hanging the de^k I cam ri>p einy hope for th sales t-ix lie tfd The court miij hold it-constitutional it i amounting to "40 was dialled by ttt govajior i cpic^ciitL-ti. me tiGtensc — \-wnan C T Cnrpcntei produced 1,^°?, he , a![1 ie said was the clnrtei of , u |ri "" J'«l«mcnl evolcnt ot Eeneni weifnif, J^ 0 "." '"HHio what he i benevolent ot BCIIC.III coi-poratton obtained in rountj Indue Nell Killotigh ihc jury to icturp T verdict of ac While V, illnip |o i ij 4, 09 i 3 late to opiate legilli The four also' 10 ipqcallng JLS tlcQ court fines J of $ofl racli on cJ)i:of, 0; dlstuiblti" labor This chrn-ge v.'ns continued unlil , the September term when Prosecutln? Attorney Denver Dudley objected to Its dismissal. judmncnl it would haic It ilf iio do it ^Ilic <;lo' mi-chine operntoi-, fli 11 lo the Tiiei -lie Davis Cleaning House in AAA Organization V\ ASHIHOTOH," Fab '6 (up)— More aiid fakter" : "octidil ; to aid /firmer^ and ic^s -faiir • was promised by the AAA today a»*Administrator Chester C. Davis puig- ,ed his.oi-ganizatioh.of .I'left .winders," dissenters, and riieh lie .re- "bjuiyhao artists,' rperntn * anvwai ind the stite »-nt pitting anjtlim out of i iott Inon aid evenbnd\ !now= thrt liquoi is UhK old ill tip tim« m Ailon^i? It h Lmi.; old in th damned imeinal ionl hou e« which nre pUce of ac •iKiuohery and gambling T can't for the life of me unilci-staiirt people thinking that jiisr b'scaiTs-' they've got : a statute on-the jwoks •liey've got prohibition." '..'.' 'Excuse me geiitiemeiii"' salii tlia govsrnor as he departed!"•'•"•ii eeis I me vexed, these things." Early in the 'heariri- "- •--•' urged tlip.r^ha'tc-vc-r' ,, e the legislature ' sion'-bc turned revenue fu;;d to fc" accordliif-fo needs and fhTa'moint of money r.vailable._ - , . •• Ate Si'tiildi In Si?c and Sliapc !o Tl>o-o of Foi- mcr Yeais The nen •imallei edition of 1915 Bhlheiltlc cilj cir tigs In-; 11 rhed and is iend\ foi dinilbu tion Res;, Eci\cis cilj clcik m nounce<l tlim morning The tio^ (ii e same sfe in puilous veals ssre Ihe mnntifacturlrig firm to replace 'nes *of n-conslderabh hi-gei si/e v hieli had caused wldeipiend dK Eill faction w,ue motor! ts pio f 'I pnrtltiihrlj the size of the i' I 103 > tags issued, the fnult was not altogether - the manufacturers, ' ' ot«s at tiii= E^-- lnto""-the'central . "Now you'll see the.-AAA snap ' 'Now you'll see the-AAA snap ~ : ,".. . '•- • Jnto it," one official predicted a; VValter Cox Presid Davis reora •---- * esl(! Davis reorganized, the farm agency . from 'lop to bottom iii-an effort to eliminate, long standin? dlffei> dices v.tiich lie feels have rstard- al ' Carrying out hk deternilnatlon to oust half n dozen liberals wllii whom i)* could not agree, payl? today fent cneh r, curt letter 1 d"e- L Jnsndlng lus roslgnatiort : nnti not- uylng- him thai "thh will adylse : v l 11 .,l h !\L.-™ 11 al " e "llwcd of |j )5 dulic;', of your otTicc today," Orders Appropriation for Municipal Cmivt JONESBORO, Avk.-A mandamus order ixq.i.ivin? tli« Cvnl-h3nd comity quorum court to npprop'ri- nte $2,000 for municipal couri ex- pemea here was tailed Monday by circuit Court Judge a. R. Keck of Ulylhevills when civil dlvL-loii of circuit court convened m the federal buiWlns. TliD suit \,- ns not contested, , County quonim court officials composed of Justices of the peac»' ailra lo mafcc sn appropriation for fnlarles of Municipal coar Judge Willlnm Cnircli ana .\[ ( mi. Cavr cipal court. Clerk James Cobb . at thc-lr January ' and the legal action followed rne appropriation will not Ve effective unless revenue from fines ceil* and other fees totals $2COo' ;.V:»f••,teachv)!le"C, of C. o^h^new' J Lenchvllle Chamber of Commerce which ras-foi-med'jhis week : O(Jicr officers na'inEd were' Fred Alexander, .vice-president; nnd iV E. Roddy, secretary -and treasurer' members of the Blythovlllo Cliamlwr of commeree \vlio iwre present: • nt -.Uic: flvsl mccllii!; '"and who; aided In the orBanlz.i'.ion were. W.'J.. Wunderllch, Fred Snllbn and Cavncy t.nslle. Although n dclnltc progrnm ha?, not been outlined" for the new organization, it .will be active in the development of the l.eachvllle de territory;" , " . • No Emergency Action ./! to Follow Gpl.rl Ruling Fe-b. 6. UJP)— Pr«-,fdem Roosevelt today descrlb a nation, *"" nal , , ln Ul CTen ' Ilia! the supreme court mled ad- vevmly in the gold clause Ciisc.3 Mr. .Tooievelt's Views were C ° m con- AllOVr Followlii" ilip ])iU^in of singe drinnas to which II has been Ilk- oiwd In an many aspects, the- trial of Bruno linn'.Hmaiui iilso has its balcony scene. But no Romeo could climb to Hint balcony, for 'in! It the Hauptmnnn Jui-y. is noic ilo=el\ tlmn e\ci .-as ii Juliet. That Is the hotel across ilir <|j.ut fr»m the nnr . N. J., courrhoilie. and on iie balcony yo i ce Ihe juror ttt>In8 \ inn l\ tin. ivcsh rh " ntl|; " rom son to visit his frtl-cr in Jill RTOHT: Wlifle Juroi-s hcirinR Biiino Hnuptmaiin's trial locked on from the hol p l ofiOis (he v cij 1 , Mra An- of tlic Hiintcrdon count; D | 11 wjicir shi> \ n s tikine ifaniiicd lo U it his fithu tin the Jims Hrel gllwpv of the defendant's child. NEW CITY , TIS H use<1 nrge tags-'havlng been-oi-tie-red by Bn r aldcrrnnnlc commltlee. However, failure, of, the makers to car- n'^out .their, agreement'- to .furnish , ags-in.the same size and colon*' .s state tags formed the basis for a compromise by ^hlch ' an en- irely new -%t of tags; about 1,000, i T F^ 6 UW-Brnno nicard naurtmnnn/! defeat. cpun=el imiBhl lonp and bltlerlj lodaj to pro\e the Nci JM oj staia pollw nere lax in landing the fir»l im elation of (lie lindbn-gh crime ( U Ilojd Fisher ,n',soeltit<v conn sel for the' former cimnnn ma china gimnet pomtcted nl ||» les, Imony of Fmrt Itsllj p<m| Blr,- Iroin ami Rgt lanlo Kubler uho Hui'chnige of Iho ruigci print mid iidilor du« HO ,|lrt hi, «imisi demonstrate alleged InofTlclen <-y of their woik Ushers questioning revoU.d niounrt the / acl tllnt , „ « pi ink aero romtil tuner | n u,* nureeiy 01 on the Iddiler thai prc- to In ciocf examination of Ihe three witnesses AHj Qcn Diuhl T Wllento brought .he state, tneorj tlmt the kidnaper wore . . -, «• -•- — «•• *«i«t- 4caiu~ ea- nere today, was the "third prepared, by. the makers,for city of- fl'e'lah Artr, fmaller £,- enthe set^r " Three Hurt as Caboose Leaves Rails at Wynne WYNNE, Ark,", Feb. G. (UP)— Tiirt'o persons were injured today when H coalcar and caboose of a fast" Missouri-Pacific " frelghl train leaped ^ the tracks and overturned on a steep 'grade near here. Porter Orlffin, 03. conductor, re^ ceived cuu about the licnd, clic-st W. p. Williams, 44, brakeman, I suffered cuts about the head, right hand and clie-sl 'inJurleE. . Charles P. Jackson, brafceman, suffered a fractured right arm. -.-•-. ••"•« None, of the men, all of Mem•,V* Jee "«r™^' 1 P II . e . il '..P Ills ' "'™ 5 believed injured sen reach- securing tags for the faali. first t!me .'wliPof. course receive he small 'tags, J Warns o! "Tax Rebellion" Navy Chief's Brother Black Headed Women Had Better Look Out Duties nf a deputy sheriff ore often disagreeable mil Arch Llndsey' Is now devotliig his time to an assignment which should not prove altogether unpleasant. -...'.' Sheriff Clarence Wilson has referred to him the following letter, poirmarkc-d at West Helena, Ark.; - "I am .going to ssk you a favor, please look all over the town of Blythevllie for a blacl; headed woman v;ith brown eyes and she Is dark" complected. Please let me know. ' If you can find Hie mnn by the name .of..— •— l expect you will find her" " ' • -I Steels Baptists Start. New CLurch Building .. STKKLE, Mo. — Construction work began thi.5 week on the new Baptist clutrcli on Walnut nvo- ....,„,_,„„„ — inue. Present fimcls will permit but, Against Pension Program L, , smNOTON . ^b. o. (un-'one noor-th.- bascmcnt-wiucii . . 6 ClmrlBs Denby wns paid S5.043 ns will \ K uscd for church services _ n s P ct; lnl for enslern represenlatlve unlll the bulldln» can be com- or the Neiv York Shipbuilding cor- pleted. The present church, built _ WASHINOTON Feb r. Has M png r- ee. Te present churc, uilt tliat lave t tho i mom might be such in 1930 thai "all office holdevs might ,be kicked out." Hastings critic tuna of the bill, L .._ tributary old, age pension plan, as Impractical. He urged that the , ™ at bther was score- "I flon't know, "Did he gel tlie flrm?" "N'o." . Of th ...... Cov/ljoys Merry Chase REOINA, 3aslt. (Up)-King of the Range, a big black stallion, leader of. what Is beloved lo be the last surviving band of wild horses Tlie nontlng barnacle fastens It- f seawcsd, buoy, [keep it afloat, |In the Wood Mountain country in aoutheiii Saskatchewan o me.-ty chase. The hfiiidsome animal, leading a band of ?5, has evaded pursuers for months. The hunt for the stallion has be^n going on spasmodically since the .beginning of 1924. IBEIEH El \Voik of State Officers At' IncLerl liy Counsel for Hauptmann 1 8111 TO END Mililaiy Affans Committee Approves Measuie Unaii- imoutly. iVABHIHOTDN, Feb B (Up) I^J'T 0 ™ mat * «W' ^°-n- ote today th* B»fo. BWnln bliuto.take the proDte out of-or i »--^ t' , he woilltl dlive Wr house ticflon on the mea^uie undikstpod ,(o hate adtnln!sfmt.!6n support next Kee)c The bl)l chipo-vera the' president to frec?e prices In tlmeVot tvaf to Jlicensc lndu r tiW and control prloilty delivery of all commodities. It ennblci (ho president to put Inlo effect n unj^ersal dtaft comma ndecilng the jouth of the nation Into miliUuj serilce and commandeering all material re sourcei Industrial organl?nH6ns and. public services for. government u'so. Ra^burn Would Abolish Utility Holding Companies WASHINOTOH,"Feb. C (UP)- Ellmlriatfon of public, utility holding companies.within five year's was proposed In a .drastic omnibus control bill introduced In the house today by Rep. ' Sam Kaybuin (Dem.. Tex,). The bill provides that immedl< atsly atter January 1, 1940, the securities und exchange commission sliall require every registered holding company to "dispose of securities or to be reorganized or dissolved In so far • as may be necessary to make every'such company, cease W be a holding company." . , . Suit (or Property Taken to Chancery O. Slionyo, loser In a circuit court trial when a jury found three negroes entitled to possession of property In the Holllpeter- Shonyo addition, hns renewed his attempt lo gain control of the properly or secure additional pay-' ment from the negroes by filing "•ults in chancery court. Shonyo asks the chancellor to determine the title and offers to deed the property to the negroes, Mary Parnel), Jim Love and Elizabeth Cothran, tf payments under ease and sale contracts have been fulfilled. P. C. Douglas Is attorney for Shonyo. Nelll Reed Is attorney for he negroes. LITTLE ROCK, Feb. 6 UJP)- na\ f^r Poirell totla> rebiikci Jhe 'enale fo- ic.l ir; to pa«s a bill sUtinr ip j5 public ; That failure, ,6lresa, nas con Jic slnte JaOOOGO In 'federal ri> Hef," the governor aatti in a pro pnred ilolen e;il The bill has rassea tneMioiis and Is avnIMng.. action in Ihe ienale Proffered extension of ferternl aid after lebnmr} l Kn s lost «ncn tup wnita iBlie^i ID pass the mea- V before midnight J?nnarj 31 Favoiablo Action,by Senate Is Expected This Af- teniooh. LITTLE UOCK, Ffh. ft (lir)- Thc Fllb slerlllzalicn bill pawrd .("eisfiintp Uih afternoon, 22 to 1.1TTI.E ROCK, Feb. 0. (UP)_ fiehnoi Oljde 1 Cite MM to etor llfee the Imbltiinllj cilmlnal mid meutably Insane letehed strong 5«ppoit vilwn caH«l nn lor third reading and flml action In the ?pnfe^ today 1 ~ f Only* mild opposition via- of fered by Senfltor f Joe'Bteele Hnll of ^cotlond ajid Senator W L Waid of Warlanna Hall said tlierr 15,01 eome religious opposl tion tot the measure Word nsled thai tne bill bo sent boc) to com ttee tntllcatlons were there ftould be a vote onUhe measure soon after the eenatt reconvened H* 2 pm * Dr H B Hardy, of Qreenbrler, l^> phyBlnlan n-amber of the sen ate epoke in great detail In support of filcrmzailoii and explained Hie opeiaUqn nr4d ne«d o( such progrnjn (or society A comprpml£« bill on the faol finding tribunal r nae offered a «{iatcr J 'Fhul yiuV at B IUe»TWojld s.ebup ? a -,ilMloii nfltfi mpro! poWfi than at pr/fejrnttbutrti6t astmueh as asks in tlie btlliof Senator A J John son of star Olty v A bill' aliendy IW pa&afd tho eenate nlxJltshbig the tribunal Will Discuss Boy Scout Council Program Tonight Bojs work committee of Dlytlic UUe cjiurches and chic organiaa tlons, have' been "Invited lo meet lohlght .ivJlh dlreclo;s of (hc'-Bly thevllle Chamber, of •.Cotnmerce nnd plher Intcrcatcd citizens to dls- CUM plans tor re\hlng Boj hcoiil activity In this community. An effort has been launched (o organize a new Boy Seoul council in eastern Arkansas, which would employ a full ilme executive, and BIythevllle's' participation In such an undertaking will IK dismussed tonight. All citizens Interested in th? Boy Scout movement are invited to attend the meeting, which will be held in the chamber of Commerce room nt the city hall, start- Ing at 7:30. Cieveiander to Reorganize Port of New Orleans CLEVELAND (UP)—Clifford W Pollock, collector of custom; here who la being transferred to New Orleans, 15 expected to reorganize the port of New Orleans. Twenty-aeven years In Ihe cus toms' office IK-IB In various capacities, Pollock Is recognised as the country's outelandlng authority on customs matters. Pollock rose to his present position on civil service .^promotions and once refused Use collectar.ihip appointment in order to protect 111", civil service status. He later nccep:ed. WEATHER \ Arkansas—Partly cloudy, colder n-south and west portions tonight Thtvaay cloudy, slightly warmer. Memphis and vicinity — partly 'ioudy lonlSht, Thursday cloudy ind not so cold. The maximum, temperature here v«sterday was 60, minimum S3, -lear, according to Samuel f. Nor; -U, bffielal seathar Indian, Arrow-Straight At 92,_Wed 8 Girl, 26 VvEU,SBURQ, W. Va. (UP)~Red Cloud, 92-year-old full-blooded Indian, who .doesn't know how many times he has been married, has made another matrimonial venture tills time wilh a 26-year-old "paleface" woman as a bride. The bride, a pretty brunette, was, until her marriage, Loretta Plunkett, of Welrton, \V. Va. The couple obtained a marriage license here and were married by tho Rev. W, J. Prayer. Red Cloud lives at nayland, o., where he-.caUs himself "Big medicine matt." He, Is six feet and a hall tall, arrqw.strtlght,' House Amendment piovfs Piospects Race Im- of ack Measme, ^ LITTLE ROCK, Feb 8 <UP>- •iiinc,': of a horfn racing bill iru}?ln,j lha UgislMUre were <>n- mnetd totlaj \iifjf attachment, of . l)0>\'t amendment fa fhb JIainp- t-in))ld givlii^ a third, of ,tnt iw$ Hie* (d TII old acs j«n3.on tuna.; Penent plea< f<Jinhf|ate4 and.9, ..idlcfent \ipl-e Iiear3 Hefole thftt ainendnicnl, offeifei I}/ Hop ^ B,, Stftllli Rnndolph c6i|ntj, vM pasf? ca Ri»p G P Hou^on Ole'urne coimU illmtiscd thi argument tof the amendment iiltli n giaphlc de- "cilptlon of ncod omotig old people of I ho slate nirliif Advocates Plcnsert , AHhoiigh raping sponsorj wer? Irkod be niijt itinendinenl to theli bill th«y weie obviously blcasod when they leillzed ho\j 1m pelns Ihe clnuw gwe It Mew sun poit wna p'tpcclPd to com= from he flir.cndmeiil A lote the bill no\i unuld he in 1 .^. is ngalnst old pge pension^ T\o otb«r amendments t, lltli , bj ncp aus del get, Conway coun t> Hero detested One would have," reduced iratichlses from ten (to two 5tire Tlie othei would liayr 1 . tnkui Ihe n com brents' on, dhlslon of th« pjrl mutuel pools from the tinck operators Oleigot "aid he htia several other amend men Is he would, offer. r Another tunendment thai vould license bookliig agents carrying racing- Kfs was defeated for Jack of a. qtioium in the house Rep James H CarapbelUoPHoi Springs pleaded,for passage wlth^ out furlher Bircrdments Tlie people of Hot Springs are more inteiested in this LIU than |n nnj !e|lslat!D<,~t!ta, \u< /, befor? the general asseinbly," Campbell declared Olye "them their racing bill first and then. ^e^monej a pea>er Kane TJiani 5 liquor bill VS3 10 icferrsd to committee for fl rtliei dellbelatlon ' Sales Tas Plan "\Iodinca , Life of the proposed Arkansas silea tn> was Hmlted to two jears todnj by nn amendment adopted In the senate providing that the Ian ttould expire Julj l 1037 Educators appaionlly lost Inter cit In the sales ta'c afici adoption of an amendment yesterday •Blvihs all (he levemie to the state gen- irnl revenue funil. After n majority of Eenatoi": liail signed a "round-roliln" amendmch't under which -the common so) ois nou'i! r cede tij per cent or sate tax proceeds. Senator Arms^'ns ofleied. a substitute to put all the money in a "jackpot" to which lie' proposed to add all other ne\y' . revenue and .leacs -the distribu-' tlon to be handled. in later mea- , SUKS. The, Armstrong amendment was adopted by a vote of 18 to 13. . Tne senate yesterday, adopted ah aniecdment to (lie tales tax bit} by Senator .'.Gainings of West Memphis making the r tax rate In. : all towns within 12 "miles of the state line the same -as in the a'd-' Joining state, unle&'the'tax in the adjoining atate escee"d"s ; the tax In this state. The vote Was 17- to la./ ' . •-••-:.•. , , •" ;-., For Cigarette Tas Cui - : 3. B. 57 (Ellis); providing tor' . a reduction In the tax on cigarettes from five to three cents was recommended for passage by tug'. senate committee on revenue and- ; taxation, following a hearing last nleht which "was attended by, representatives of ' wholeEaie grocers' and Earl R. WlEeman,- comnilsX tloncr'of revenues. >•" _ Proponents ot. the .bill, argued .hat the two-cent reduction in tax. R-ould raasc It possible for dsalsrs to sell cigarettes at 15 cents per package Instead -of the '; :revailln* price of 20 cents and would result in increased revenue by increasing the volume of sales and matin; "cigarette bootletgtag" 1E5S ittractire. _ Considers Uquor BlUs •rne senate temparance commit* lee voled last night- to make no recommendation on senate Bill 145, Evens' state-o«-ner liquor store. measure, until Monday night, when S. B.M01, Dillon's licensed package store proposal, will be befora the committee for hearing. The senate temp;rance commit-, :ee and the house temperance •cmmhtes were scheduled to mist. simultaneously, to consider proposed whisky , legislation, but the hoiL.3 commltfep met. earlier, before op- 1 * ponema ,of legalization " ot liquor . The repressnty.tlves hurriedly recommended passage of four liquor bills -*h!ch they did not lais e to read.

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