Chicago Tribune from Chicago, Illinois on June 1, 1881 · 1
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Chicago Tribune from Chicago, Illinois · 1

Chicago, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 1, 1881
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I el . VOLUME XL. '1Inhi4.Ie.11owriis' nere. Find them at "YOUR UNCLE'S" on Clark-st., or at some of his more pretentious neighbors on THAT SAME THOROUGHFARE. We don't have to hold on to our Coat fronts while you look at the backs, or vice versa, to make them fit you bike the paper on the wall. Oh, no I A. J. ill co. otre abort these tricks of the trade, have no use tor them, gee US) good in them, need no inch strategy, for OUR GOODS are worth the money tee ask for thew, and the people rerognize that we benefit them by prodiwiny outfits, as N icely and correetl y ae we do, quite as MISCh as they benefit us by their patronage. The fact is M I TrA L. res. this is the GREAT MUTUAL BENEFIT HOUSE, where Lioods are sold for what they are, and at what Worn's.e worth (olltinses for leas). Tbe sum total of human comfort has been greatly increased by our enterprises. See how much at ease this man is after WE'VE DRESSED HIM. Our Business Stilts, Our Dress Suits, Our Summer Coats, , Our White Vests, Our Boys' Clothing, Our Furnishings, and - Our Custom Tailoring, Will just fill your heart if you're needing anything in either of these lines. 104 St 106 Madison mist. Is the location of the Great Electric-Lighted Clothing and Fine Tailoring House of A. J. KITING GT, Co. PARIRItGES' CLOTHING. IN MULL TIES. BOTH sToRre LUm 0 arg Ins LITEIESa 100 tozen r 33 cents, Worth 75 cts. 100 tozen 5 cents, Worth St.00. F CT. 9 R Es 114 84 116,State-st1l 284 & 286 West Madison-s MOIZCZ,t2ST HOSIERY, LACES, MILLINE111; ETC. n r rif.,1 Ft Pi IM'M 145 STATE-ST. ANNOUNCEN I 4- Our New Store is being rapidly completed, and will be OPEN F T -CRS Y, The Ladies and Gentlemen of Chicago are cordially invited to visit our Establishment. We will offer a complete assortment of HOSIERY AND GLOVES. A superb line of Fans an Parasols, TRIMMINGS & BUTTONS. LACES. 1Iiidkrdiif atid lite Goods. Our CORSET and UNDERWEAR Department will be found well worthy an inspection. Particular attention is called to our line ot RIBBONS and MILLINERY GOODS at popular prices. Our JEWELRY Department will be dazzling in its splendor. WORK-BOXES. SOAPS, PERFUMERY, and TOILET Articles. GENTLEMEN'S FURNISHING GOODS a Specialty. C. A. MUTANT& CO. 143 State-st. No CE. NOTICE We hereby notify our customers that we have fixed the price of Beer at Eight Dollars per Barrel, and that all discounts from the above price will cease from this date. Chicago, June x, z831. DOWNER & BEMIS BEG. CO. SCHMIDT & GLADE. FORTUNE BROS. M. BRAND & CO. VALENTINE BLATZ. BAETHOLOMAE & LEICHT. JOS. SCHLITZ ERG. CO. PH. BEST BRG. CO. KEELEY BEG. CO. CONRAD SEIPP BEG. CO. F. FALK. CREAM CITY BEG. CO. BARTHOLOMAE & EOESING. WEST SIDE BEG. CO. M. GoorrFRIED. P. SCHOENHOFEN BRG. CO. FEED MILLER. UNION BEG. CO. -, JI US IC B 0 KS. - relusic Books FOR THE 1.000,000 WHICH SELL BY THE 1,000,000 !! Thd number la not exnagerat'ed. as there are perfet shoals of these pretty, useful. and bright book.. full of good, easy MUSIC, thrown over the country. and catch one way linve one. 1or a few dunes you can reeekve by mull front LYON & HEALY, DItaninelre.. CHICAGO, ONE OF THEE MOST ATTRACTIVE BOOKS Here are a few out of ninny. For further Information send for lists or catalogs tree. NVIoner's New School for rine. 75e. loner's New achool for Heed Organ, 75e. Nlo loner's !New School for it.; fait nr. - - 75c. -Winner's New School for V - - 17se. Also, NVinner's Nev Schools for almost every instrument. at same price. 5.000 Matalent Terms, Adams.. - 8 75 Slow Pinola I Tench Lowell Mason.- 1.es4le l lute or Violin and Piano. 1.00 Winners Porgy 'lattices...Violin and Piano, 75 NI loner's 1)3Ince i war. Vint - On Real Estate, in amounts to suit, at Six per cent. A Special Fund to Loan without commissions or charge for examination of abstract. WM. V. JACOBS, Portland Block, log Dearborn-st. MONEY TO LOAN At 5 per cent interest and no commission& Proposit101114 tor loam in sums of t.lttlxill and upwards on first-- class productive real csutte in this city are Mvited until the 20th day of June next. Address. Witil description of security, C. ILEELEtt, at Union National liana. r a it aaa aa, sTAki Dolt bCD FIN,1 NCI .1 L. FONLI TO LOAN ASUALES.-- SCALES or ALL. KINDS. FAIRBANKS.MORSE & 00. ' ill& 113 Lake St., Chicago. Be care ful to btu ()Lay the Genuine BUSINESS JUNE 2d. C.A.COUTANT& CO. 145 State-st. In inaugurating our new business we beg to say that we will offer to the public of Chicago and vicinity an assortment of NOVELTIES Such as has never before been attempted in this city, and at prices that will prove very attractive. Our beautiful Store is wqrthy of the City of Chicago, and the stock it contains will be worthi of the Store. Our facilities are superior, as we have established connections with the leading houses here and in Europe, and will be in daily receipt of Novelties as they appear in the market. We shall mark our goods in plain figures, and those figures will be the lowest. CI A1 COUTANT8411 CO. 145 State-st. IMmPl...11 CARRIAGES.-- --- 82 CI! OPEN! i WE SHALL OPEN TO TILE PUBLIC TO-DAY, JUNE 1, Our new Carriage Manufactory and Salesrooms, Wabash-avi and Harrison-AI Containing nearly two acres of floor sintee furnished with the latest and most improved machinery, affording us facilities for the manufactme and sale of tine Carriages unsurpassed in the United :states- Our stock of tine Carriages and Harness is unusually large and attractive, and of the very latest designs from the best manufacturers in the country. The Public are respectfully invited to call and examine our stork. 1' -1ILORING. , FOR TILE GLORIOUS Fourth of Jul We have just received a large assortment of White and Fancy Summer Vests, pricescSI.50, $2.00, and $2.50 PANTS to order from --S4 to $IO Suits to orderfrom SIS to $40 Samples and Roles for Self-Measurement forwarded by toad On kind i(atton. ()pen until 6 o clock every evening. Saturde.ya until 9 o'clock. WEDNESDAY, JUNE 1, 1881-TEN PAGES. S. W. cor. (lark and Adams-As., Opposite Post-Office. BUSINESS CA BD,S. G! T I Boys' Bicycles. The II ECLA. with and without Rubber Tires, 7.00 to a:i-i.otk Also. the IRFIF;1.1) and (writ Btu v i.Es. Illustrated Price-List free. A.G.Spaldinz&Bres. 104 Madlooe-at. D KEIIFOOT &CO. R ea l Estatel 00 Wastaztant Refli e erenees furnished if d- an Loans trect to any porson we have ,ronro,ented d i n 211 wears. BLANK BOOKS, ttc. PA: EJLIVERTAGE to, Ect3 co C1ROINE &CO c) BLANK BOOKS, DRUGGISTS' SUNDRIES AND FANCY GOODS. DISSOLUTION NOTCEN. - - DISSOLUTION. The copartnership existing between W. P. Dunn and W. is. Beagle is this day dissolved by mutual consent, W. S. Iteimie selling his interest to V. p Dunn and S. McNeal. who will col iect all accounts and pay all bills ot the firm of Influx Heggie. The business will be continued under the firm name of W. P. DUI111 t CO. W. P. DUNN. W. fi. f 0B, 1TOSIERY, tte. Weather this might be called, but as Society says that all hut street-gauous IVILIST COVER THEIR TOES, Ask all, each ana every one of you, to Stop Washhe Stockhes TILE DEFOREST WELD BANKRUPT SALE! SEAS. SEAS Fur new ones ere cheaper. Continues to draw C110 DSCROWDS. Dress Goods; Silks, Linens, Domestics, Notions, &c., ARE OPENLD IIOURLT THIS MORNING niBooris, As described in to-day s " TIMES." and IT Co WI, 1111 E-t-a7 As priced belowA GREAT CUANCE. SEA'S. 2 ctsa SEA'S. Children's Fancy Striped, Sets., 4 ets., 6 ts., 9 eta. ,12 ets., 14 eta. Children's Hose--Not Half Value. Finest Silk 'Embroidered. Silk Clocked. Tinsel Embriadeted. Lace 1,Viirked. All &he newest colurs and effects in Children's,. Misses', and Buys' Hose less titan half value. Tartan Maids. Ribbed, 9 air. Pair. SEA'S. 4 cts SEAS. 1,000 pairs Ladies' Fancy Hose. 5 cts. SEA'S. 2,300 pairs Ladies' Unbleached Balbriggan& SEA'S. 8 cts. SEA'S. 4,500 pairs Fancy flair Striped, Patent Seamless. 200 dozens Fancy Stripe. Steel Mixed. Brown Mixed..te. tas., wortb is etS 8 cts. EA'S. ti CIS. SEAS. Silk Embroidered )3albriggans. Balbriggan Hose, embroidered up entire front. 14 cts.Silk Clocked, Patent Seamless. 19 rts.--Full Itocular Made Balbriggan& -2 t cts.--Silk Clocked, Full Regular Made. SEA'S. 19 cts EA'S. 1 9 CtS11 SEAS. , Ladies' Full Regular Made Cardinal - -nose, Extra Length, olid Carchnals. t . I"' SEA'S20 cts SEAS. tull Regular Made Fancy Striped. SEA'S. 49 cts SEAS. Sky Blue, Pink, Light Slate, Silk Embroidefed, Full Regulars, Fine. 39 ets.Sill Embroidered., Fancy, Full Regular. ol 4 iii 9 122' & -st. -st. -st. LAKE NAVIGATION. Goodtith filspoilatioll Co. TR BOATS A BAY TO MILWAUKEE, ETC. On and After Friday, June 3. The large and elegant sidewheel steamers CHICAGO and SHEBOYGAN Will leave our docks. foot of Michigan-ay., every morning and evening at S o'clock (Sunday mornings excepted ). For ktocine, Milwaukee. and via Milwaukee for Grand liaven. Grand Rapids. and all stations on the D., G. It. Sz. M. Ry. For sliehoyean. Manitowoc, Ludington, and Manistee every morning s t S o'clock (Sundays excepted). The stanch side-wheel steamer MUSKEGON Will leave for Eseanaba, Green Bay,4and all Intermediate ports every Sitturda morning at 1 o'clock, connecting at Escanaba with C. a, N. W. HI. trains for all towns on Lake Superior. The screw steamer OCONTO NVill leave for Creen Bav and intermediate ports every Tuesday evening at t o'clock T. (i BUTI.1N. Stint. PIANoS. Y 9 STORY tt CAMP, 188 & 190 State-st., Are offering rare learVains in Decker Bros., Haines Bros., Mathushek, and story t Camp And In Estey and Story Camp Organs. foreash or on time. Every instrument thoroughly warranted for live years, and all detects made good. STORY Zt cArelp 188 tt-, 190 State-st. OPTICAL GOODS. MORRIS ItEltAHAICDT Optician. 5 trill" le'V'-; ' la! L Wr P'1"';, in state-sr tto,om 3'. Seeond Boor. Spectacles exclusively. :ri years' practice in the adjustment of t; lasses to every form of detective eyesight- Letter of recommendation testitTing to his superior ability UM lin Optivitin and the per.fectness of his glasses Can be tWell at M. Bernhardt a office from the noted Professors of Rush Meditzti Cunene. Chicago Meitietil College, HairnetIan t'ollege Chicago Homeopathic College, leading Divines, our most prominent and well-known citizens. including high encomiums from Schools Of Seiettre. Blind Institutes, etc., etc LiiiIS 14 , 'NI ATil Es. A ssithrit. , PICTURE- E RAM- ES. It will surely pay 7fitt to write for ins Illustrated Catalogue free t LT les and Prices. S. IL MC ELMrAllti. Manutacturer. 2tU I a4 Wub411,11-av FUR Sl'ORAGE. Furs preserved front all damage through the summer, thoroughly cleansed and stored in the Jive-proof Tribune Buildiny affording perfert safety unattainable elsewhere. Lease address, and Furs trill be cane d for. IlA1i2VES fit CO., 8 ,Thulison-st. UNDERWEAR', etc. "APPROVED - BY THE TRADE." CHLESIIICE 11 Mit,lili tt. "LEADERS OF POPULAR PRICES," State and Madison-sts. Bargains! IN OUR Cotton Underwear Dept! 100 I)4110:ear. Ladies' Night Dresses, trimmed with two rows of Embroidery Insertion, with four alternate rows of tucking, and cambric ruffle, with embroidery edge down the front and around neck and sleeves, 75c! 5 11 (00 Ladies' Night Dresses, trimmed with six rows of Pulling, with five alternate rows of Embroidery, neck and sleeves trimmed to match, SLOW. 05 13)(-)11. Ladies' Chemises, Pompadour Yoke, with three rows of Embroidery Insertion, four rows of Puffing, and two Clusters of Tucks Embroidery Edge around neck and sleeves, 75c! 1-25 ILIC102L. Ladies' Skirts, six-inch Tucks, trimmed with Fine Embroidered Flounce, six inches deep, $1.00! "Miscellaneous Lot" Drawers and atemkes, Former Price, $1.25 to 2.30, "Present Price," 98c! '25 JDC-1,. Infants' Dresses, with two rows of Embroidery Insertion extending the -entire lenzth, three wide Tucks in front and back, and wide Catnbric Ruffle, with four Tucks and Embroidered Edge, neck and sleeves trimmed to match, 50c! 100 111(10:4- Japanese Striped Skirts, with two Side-plaited Raffles and two Embrold'd Bands, 75c! 150 II)Crio. French Woven Corsets, Spoon Busk, with three heavy bones over the hip, Aside from these "Special Bargains," we have constantly on hand an elegant assortment of Ladies' and Children's Muslin, Cambric, am! Linen Underwear, MAIL ORDERS 91.001. Bridal Outfits! Infants' Outfits! Lawn Sacques! Corsets, Etc.! Will receive prompt attention! tEADERS OF POPULAR PIIICES, State and Madison-sts. Branch, Madison and Dasplainos-sts, CHILDREN'S LIVES Are sacrificed by the thousand through improper feeding. The best and only sate diet during warm weather, is Dr. Ridge's Prepared Food, Recommended by all leading physicians. GALE & BLOCKI 14-A JI-e 160A., .1- A. SOLE AGENTS. 81 Clark-st.; 44 46 Monroe-sr., Palmer House; and 126 V. Ciark-st., t'hicayo. 17-37"EYq7771- );Al FAMff64-IT-OW1 E BuoGIES For the trade. Only COM- ri.E''rit; lines of Business and Pleasure VeitiCiPS manufactured in trie CuiLed snates. Farmers' 1,1rivie Quality the hest- Catalogue, prices, and tem"' sent. ou application. ()SILKOSII. WIS. PREPARED FOOD. FURNITURE. - TO RENT. ITURP! 1.1 FINE & MEDIUM! lotion El Hildreth 2?1 223 STATE ST. MADISON-ST. Store and Basement To Rent. No. 254, Opposite Marshall Field & Co.'s Wholesale House. Inquire at SILVERMAN'S BANK, 70 La Salle-st. t7;Tit LTS,rilinnc PerS0718 unable to purehase ropie' s of Tax CHICAGO TRIBUNE at News Agetwie and on railway trains where Chicayo ;miners are sold will confer a favor by reporting the facts to this ogice,giotny full particulars. LIGHT rains, followed by fair weather and slowly rising temperature, for this region to-day. BISMARCK is seriously Ile is suffering front his old complaint,--intlatuniation of the blood-vessels of the legs. A sTIZONG shock of earthquake AN-as-experienced at various points in the Province of Quebec yesterday about p. tn. IIUGII G. ANDERSON, at one time Governor of Maine, and who once represented one of the districts of that State in Congress, died yesterday in his SOttt year. JOHN SARGENT, an American, has been awarded one of the twelve second-class medals given by Salon juries of the Paris Art Exhibition for painting. No lirst-class medal was given for painting. - THE President will attend the graduating exercises of the Naval Academy at Aunapoolis June 10, and the Commencement exercises at his alma water, Williatus College, on the 4th,.5th, and itth of J uly. JONES anti Vanderpool, two Ohio forgers who sought a retreat in Canada, were handed over to the United States officers by the Canadian authorities yesterday, and they wilt S0011 form part of the much depleted population of Ohio. 011 THERE were issued during the month of May $3,342,070 worth of Nation al-bank notes, and there were surrendered and destroyed $1,745,919. The net increase of National-bank note circulation for the year ending May 'IA) has been $9,216,250. AT an adjourned meeting of the creditors ()t Lawrence &Martin held yesterday, it was resolved to compromise with the firm by accepting '25 per cent of the claims, 15 per cent in cash, 5 per cent in a year, and 5 per cent in two years, or 20 per cent cash. DivrD HOLLAND, the ear-inspector of the Pennsylvania Railroad, while examining ears in the Company's yard at Jersey City yesterday was crushed between two ears, a train backing up on him. lie was taken to his home, and will probably die. As effort by his attorneys to have the indictment against Joseph Bork, the defaulting City Treasurer of Buffalo, N. Y., quashed, has failed. Bork is charged with embezzling WO City and County Hall ponds of Buffalo of the denomination of $1,000 each. 31ns. GARFIELD is rapidly convalescing. She has been entirely free from fever since Saturday, and her complete restoration is now only a matter of a few days. As soon as she is fully recovered, the President and his family will retire to the Soldiers' Home, near Washington, to spend the summer. M. SEotas, a Parisian correspondent, was killed by Arabs at Ilijao Saturday. The murderers were arrested and court-martialed, and were shot yesterday. Speedy justice. Seguin was a man of considerable ability. and was author of a work entitled "The Next War," which attracted considerable attention in Germany. THE New York Legis lature has passed a bill providing that steamship companies shall be taxed $1 for each steerage passenger landed in New York. The object of this tax is to provide for the expenses attendant on the inspection of emigrant-carrying vessels, and other expenses. The bill now , awaits the Governor's signature. NOTWITHSTANDING previous reports to the contrary. it is stated on apparently good authority that the Hon. William E. Chandler wilt not be a candidate for the United States Senate as successor to Senator Rollins. The New Hampshire Legislature, which is now in session, will elect Rollins' successor. That gentleman will doubtless be again honored. THE forty-first annual Convention of the Protestant Episcopal Church of the Diocese of Illinois assembled in this city yesterday in the Cathedral of SS. Peter and Paul. There was a large attendance of clerical and lay delegates. The It.-Rev. Ilishop Mc-Laren &livered an eloquent address on the state of the Church. Most of the day was spent in the work of organization. THE Orangemen of Western Ontario are in trouble. Their Treasurer, Mr. John G. Moore. has tied - to parts unknown. taking with him sa,000 belonging to the brethren. Moore's brother-in-law, Mackenzie Bowen, has been asked to make good the .S'2,000, as he was one of Moore's bondsmen. Bowel! refuses, and there is serious trouble ahead. Dowell is the Dominion Minister of Customs. THE Court of Claims decided adversely yesterday to the claim of the Union Pacific Railroad against the Government for $1,000,- 000 for carrying the United States mails. The Union Pacific wanted to charge the Government at the same rate which it charges for express matter, but the Court decided against this view, and held that there was nothing in the charter of the Company which would warrant such a charge. It is probable that all the active members of the Central Land League, now in Ireland will be arrested in a few days. A large numberof detectives watched the Leaguers as they entered their hall yesterday, and Mr. Forster afterwards held consultations with these detectives, and with paid magistrates, and with other Crown officials. The League continues to progress financially. At the meeting of yesterday the receipts of the week were announced to be about 85,000. : WENDELL Pntwes' protest against', the execution of Stearns K. Abbott for the murder of Mrs. Crue has not been unavailing. It will be remembered that Mr. Phillips' protest when first made had the effect of forcing Gov. Long to reprieve Abbott, and yesterday the Governor and his Council decided to commute the death-sentence to penal servitude for life, and it is not improbable that they will recommend a new GREAT preparations are being made in Chattanooga. Tenn., for the nteeting there (Jr the Soelery of the Army of the Cumberland on the 2Ist and 224 of this month. At a PRICE FIVE CENTS. meeting of citizens last night the Secretary read letters notifying him that the President, Secretary Lincoln, and other metubers of the Cabinet would be present on the OCCa.S1011; also Gens. Grant, Sherman, Sheridan. Hancock, Rooker, Schofield, Polk, Augur, and Crook. ! - THE number of immigrants who arrived at Castle Garden for the first five mouths of this year are: January. 8,Ct2; February, 9,758; March, 27,708; 'April, - 59,748; May, 76,812; total, 182,10S. During the corresponding five mouths of 1880 there arrived at Castle Garden 135,336... The immigration for the month of May of this year is the largest for any one month in the historyof the country, and is even larger than the immigration for either the year.18'76 or 1877. AN attempt to collect rents by means ot Sheriirs sales front twenty-one farmers neai Clonmeh Tipperary, yesterday, resulted in a collision between the military anti the people. A body of hussars charged the populace three times. Most of the rents were collected by the aid of the Landlords' Committee hi bidding in the stock and tenant right of the farms. One soldier. a policeman, and some civilians were Injured in the riot. A Land-Leaguer named Murray NS AS arrested in Leitrim under the Coercion act. A 3IEETING of the English holders of the Confederate cotton loan bonds of 13 was held in London yesterday. Some of the bondholders. in the innocence of their hearts, held that, although they had no leg-al claim on the American Government, yet if a friendly appeal was made something might be done to refund part at least of the money Wilieli they had foolishly invested in the bonds. The bondholders are a pack of idiots. They aetel idiotically in investing in the bonds, and they have not yet gotten over their idiocy. They seem to forget that the Confederates do not rule this Nation. flows' GRAIN elevator at South Brooklyn, the largest of the kind in the country, has just been completed. The building cost nearly 2,000,0w, and has been over a year in course of construction. It has storage capacity for 2,500,000 bushela of grain. its transfer facilities are unequaled. It has a dockage which can accommodate half a dozen vessels. All the machinery Ls contained in three enormous towers and in the engine-house, and the main building is absolutely fire-proof. Mr. David Hows, the New York capitalist, is the owner of this immense concern. THE PennsylvanIa coal companies have entered into a conspiracy agt inst their workingmen and the public generally. They have, in order to advance prices, determined to limit the supply, and for some months to come the miners will be permitted to work only on alternate weeks. Prices will) be advanced 10 per cent on all classes of coal. How the miners are to live on half wages is a question which the coal companies have probably not considered. It is pleasant 0 note that there is one man who refuses to join in this conspiracy. Ms name is Sloan, and he is an official of the Delaware, Lackawanna & Western Railroad. LosDoN Is somewhat excited over the success of the representation of the Shakspearean play of "Julius Clesar" by the Duke of Meiningen's dramatic company in the Drury Lane Theatre Monday night. The success pas not so much in the representation of the principal parts as for the way le which the multitude representing the Loma people so thoroughly realized the coo.. ception of the great author of the play. The London Standard says that " never before was the Shakspearean drama represented with such perfection in every detail," and adds the exhibition of the use to which the stage crowd can be put was a revelation." The other London journals, while quite complimentary, are not so enthusiastic as the Standard. IN the French Chamber of - Deputies yesterday M. Barodet, Republican, proposed a revision of the Constitution, and Clemenceau, Extreme Radical, in supporting the proposition took occasion to attack the Senate and denounce the Constitution as an inheritance from the monarchy. Minister Constans opposed the proposal saying that it would be rash to change a Constitution which gave France a Republican Government supported by a strong Republican - majority in the Chambers, and that any such attempt would produce excitement and d isturbance. Barodet's motion was then rejected-4 to Isti. The majority was doubtless composed of the various monarchical factions and the thick-and-thin supporters of thd Government. while Barodet's supporters were principally Republicans and Irreconcilable& THE Rt.-Rev. Joseph Napoleon Ilerche, the Boman Catholic Archbishop of New Orleans, claimed from the United States Government the sum of S4,000, with accrued interest thereon since 1s32, on the ground thatin that year, while yet a French subjeet residing in New Orleans, Gen. Ben F. Butler, commanding the United States forces, destroyed property belonging to him worth and subjected himself to arrest awl imprisonment. It was claimed on the part of the Government that Dr. Perche not entitled to any damages, as, although he was a French subject in Ist2, he became a, naturalized citizen of the United States since 1s70. The French-American Claims Com mission, to whom the matter was referred for decision, held to this view, and rejected the claim on the ground that it does not come within the terms of the treaty, whiclironly provides for the claims of French eitizens. The decision covers many other cases involving a larg4 amount of money. MRS. LUG EN HEEL. Mrs. Christiancy's mother, was cross-examined yesterday by Commissioner Lovejoy in the divorce. case.. She adhered to her former testimony, and some new facts were elicited front her. She said that in July. IS4), Mrs. Christianey, after considerable hesitation, took charge of some jewehy handed her by Ciro. bln;. Lugenbeel said she was present at the interview on that occasion. Soule time after the witness and Mrs. Christiancy went to New York and delivered the jewelry to Dr. Blood, the agent of Ciro. Mrs. Lugenbeers - memory seemed to be St nnewhat at fault in reference to some incidents of the visit to New Y:n-k, and when asked how it was that site had 'sn...h a distinct recollection of what transpired in Washington on the Christmas-Day of Ciro's visit, she pointed. out that it was perfectly natural. because it was a day of family rennión, much talked of beforehand. and frequently alluded to afterwards. The cross-examinatiou , failed to shake Mrs. Luger-beers testimony 1 i an3r tuaterial point. . - - .,- - . ..:- - - it 'i0 . ..,--, N . -,,. I. 11........ :0., , . . . - , - . . . J 1 i: , .. 4 ' lib t" I - t : L. 1 . IA It , S ; . -,-,.- , ,,, , ,,- ..1 t , 1 .: . , 114 11 1 p ,. , -4- . , , 1. ' I, Il.'1;''. i4 ,.- 1,. , - , - '.' - ,' f I tA ill,. (46, 11: 4 ' .. 4 e . ' , (I' trjr- kf":' t I ,4-4-44sw 4 . , - -- - f';.-- .. , .. rtC7.)., t p., CAV Z ....7.---7;-..,-:--------) N K, 1 iu u ..1' , I J.? , x... - .4 t ,,,-77 Vo?. --.....-- , ,,,,.::, LA. FINE & MEDIUM! r ion Hildreth - 221 223 ST.11171: T. ,1 PL. EA 111 PI. . inommoni.onimmoilummmnin, , 1, 247;- L11 TA LORD RD 111W, E tt, FaiksT B1 Pr ,,9.".11 N et 41 i 4 C 111:d il ANT C; 77..N ZIL " 4' 's - q PEBBLE - 44,-s. SAN' 1 ( , A t, A a a , , . , , p ,,trn , r, 1 t .1 t j V , ii.. -mr 1; 0 N t

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