The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 26, 1955 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 26, 1955
Page 3
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SATURDAY, NOVKMBKR 26, 1955 BLYTHEVIU.E (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE THREE Historic Jaffa Has Mixture of Orient By JA.MKS M. 1,ONG. JAFFA, Israel (AP) — The lillle Jewish girl immigrant from Poland grinned and spoke lo him in Arabic. The chubby, dark-eyed little Arab laughed and answered in Yiddish, then in Polish. Become Strange and East Europe That is Jaffa. i The muezzin ironi (he nn'nareisj of the greal. mosques oi Hassan | Bek and Al Mhamuydiye still calls Mohammed's faithful to prayer. [ But only 6.500 Arabs are left of| a crowded population of tjO.OOO. The. rest fled during the months of j border battling' between Jaffa and Tel Aviv in the spring of 1948. Since the last of the Iraqi troops Undrew and Israeli soldiers dy-j • tit nt i ted and mortar-tired their j way through Jaffa's Miinshiye! slum quarter, 50.000 Jewish immi-j R ran us have been moved into the j city. I From Everywhere They come I'rom Iran. Iraq, j Yemen. Morocco. Poland, Romania and Sultana. Their first babel; of Oriental tongues, North African French, Romanian. Slav and Yid-l dish ha: begun '_o blend alter six; years into modern Hebrew. But the children have picked up Arabic tooj in the playgrounds and the narrow j streets. The city, reputedly founded by Jcpheih. ilie son of Noah, when the Hood subsided, has, become a .slranyf mixture of the Orient and of Eastern Europe. Where Arab Lived • Here where Pcier lived in the nouse of Simon the tanner, the European Jew is now living in the house the A ra b buili. The city is more crowded than ever before, but small-shop trade and little home crafts and industries arc beginning to form the pattern oi » new economy. The old. curtained hashish back rooms have been cleaned out. Quiet, in his dignity of years, ihc Arab patriarch sits in the sidewalk shade, with his hubble-bubble pipe and his unspoken thoughts of the o* Jafia and the new. Beside him a Jewish shoemaker works at his last, and a street vendor cries his peanuts and sun- tlower .seeds. Their grandsons go to the same schools now. Their sons work side by side in the port of Jaffa. Help Came Too Late-Couple And Two Sons Burn to Death NASHVILLE. Ind. fji — A farmer ( and his wife and their two sons: died yesterday in a fire that destroyed their hill country home be-i fore three young daughters could i get help. 1 Sheriff Lester Percifield said the i dead were Kenneth . Raymond I Graham, 37: his wife. Mildred Lti- 1 cille, 33, and their sons, Kenneth i Randall, 7, and Ronald Lee, 6 i weeks. : A neighbor, Kenneth Carmichal. said only one wall of the two-story! house was left standing when he, arrived from his home a half mile] away. ' The oldest child, Carolyn Sue, 8, • said her father awakened her about: 4 a.m. and carried the youngest daughter. Sheila Marie. 2. outside, then went back to rescue the others. Meanwhile. Shirley Ann, 5. marie her way out of the house with Carolyn. They said Che wallpaper was abla/.e. The little girls took refuge from the freezing cold in the family car, waiting in vain for their parents and brothers to come out. Then; they walked throueh the heavily j wooded country to Carmichael's home. Sheriff Percifield said the fire apparently started in the kitchen while all members of the family j were asleep upstairs. Western Agent- Disappears Into E. Germany BERLIN '.V' -Police reported y< tcrdiiy !luu n Western espiou ageni - a German \vhu once ;tl- losccily spied for Deninitrk • ha vanished into Communist Eatt Oer i many. Police identified him AK Wuiii r fteUier, 34, and s;iid he h;td worked for "one or more Wo-loni countnc | including Denmark." A .spokesman for the military mis; ion immediately declared this lo !JP fiihc. Police >;aid tlicy have evidence hf- ] i- in Commum^r East Germany, j but were unable to explain why. I The newspaper .said "all signs'" | pointed to a case ol dr Lining and i kidnaping. j __j Arrest of Slavs Is Protested TAKES ORDERS FROM THE S H" ! :i — natural or othf i nvi?r-- i '-t ii -"h h; the phot or* I PC* rip ^qunreF or r'~-^nrTtrntt>H Q[ GonP'"ll Motor" ?oureos. tn be held Ann. 31 to S"t;t ry-nH!--" has no practical npp! 1( " <; says, because U would be u?e!e^r o UN BELGRADE, Yugosku ut .?' — A : Yugoslav government spokesman said yesterday recent arrests of j Yugoslavs in Hungary "provoked '. consternation" in Yugoslavia. ! Branko Draskovic, foreign office j information chief, told a news con- \ ference the arrests were 'contrary i lo the policy of normalization of' relations" bet\ven Yugoslavia ;md i Hungary. ' ' Blgrade press reports this week ' said a number of Yugoslavs who; hold Hungarian citizenship were ar- : rested recently. Among them were! several persons active during' World i War II in opposing pro-Nazi author-! iiies. ; After 32 Years Chance to Sound Rangoon Readies For Red Bosses RANGOON. Burma (.fl—Rangoon is yetting a spring cleaning for :!w seven-day visit next week oi Sovu-t Promicr Bulgnnin and Comniuni-t Pui-ly Sweury Nikita Khrushclu-v Nearly 600 hut tenements on roads the Rushkin guests will travel are bcins torn down whether the owners like it or not. Streets ure being repaved, curbs whiteu.t-iu'ri and buildings painted. Mi>ctnc standards are being erected on traffic circles. Landslide in Italy uls Gets Off at Rabbits ZAMBANA. Italy W — A quarter of a million cubic yards of rock and earth swept down the side of Mount Paeanella yesterday, but debris trom a previous slide saved this village. The slide was blocked just short, of here. More than 100 villagers ^'ere evacuated from 20 houses. MAP REDUCING DIET—India is working on a plan to cut the number of its slates from 29 to 16. Idea of changing slate boundaries is to group together people using the same language. Their separation has been a, source of discontent, and sometimes violence ever since India became independent. New boundaries, to replace the old British one?, will be drawn on the basis of language, culture, economic and administrative considerations. The government hopes to get legislation for the plan through before the January, 1957, elections. Survey Shows Thoroughbred Racing Headed for Another Bumper Year NEW YORK W — Thoroughbred racing in the United Stales is completing another big season, witli Wagering expected to break all records and the states in fine to collect tlie biggest bite of tax money in Formosa Gets Buddhist Relic TOKYO fJ) — Despite heated protests by the Red China radio at Peiping. a Chinese Buddhist religious relic was flown to Formosa yesterday, Kyodo news service reported. Five members of the Ail-Japan Buddhist Assn. flew to Taipei with a portion of the skull of the seventh century monk Hsuan Chuang. acquired during the Japanese occupation of China. Previous Peiping broadcasts have said parts of the monk's skull were enshrined in Buddhist temples in Hed China. Hsuan Chuang was famous for translating Buddhist scriptures form Sanskrit into Chinese. Czech Ban on West Literature Affects US Embassy's Garden WASHINGTON f.-pi — Communist, lime, the embassy was doing a land Czechoslovakia's effort to prevent office business in back-issue maga- its people from reading Western zines. publications has reached into the Soon the Communist regime — flower garden of. the U. S. Embassy j which forbids all Western literature . at Prague. t to its people — got wind of what, The -story, as reported today oy j was happening. i |JornesMiSUcan Actor, Dies HOLLYWOOD (ft— James A. Mil- : lican, 45. a character actor wiio' iiad appeared in more ;han 400' films since he ciune to Hollywood: in 1933, died Thursday after a brief I Illness. I He was born in Palisades. N. Y.J (he son of a pioneer circus owner, i Fred S. Millicnn. \ The actor in recent ye;trs had ap- ! • pea red in television also. His best ; Known screen work included par's I in "Strategic Air Command," "High Noon." ''Man From Lara-. mic:," and "I Died a Thousand I Deaths." ' LONDON i'.?' — The Murquis of ly Cholmondeley '.pronounced Chum- ley.i made his first speech in the House of Lords Thursday niyht after ?">. y; in ihe Briush Parlia- mei\.'b :av-Ai5t upper house. "At long hist." lie toid his fellow peers, "I nave been brought to niy : feet by the wi--h to do something about rabbits." • SpeL'kiii'.' with weighty emphasis the 72-ye:ir-old Lord Great Cham-i berlain, who is Queen Elizabeth's custodian of the houses of Parlia- 1 nient and theatrical censor among other posts, said; "I know a neighbor who will not try to catch his rabbits and the i only way to deal wi'h him is by; dni.stic legislation. T do not believe ih:ii m-op-dgiinda \vili do U. "There should be healthy fines. | ;md mayi)e jail and if some of your' lordships land in jail, it's your o\vr fault." i Ritbbit;- do great damage to crops ' in Britain ;ind thp subject of how- to control them is debated constant-; in Parliament. I history. | That's the picture after an i plete compilation of figures by the! I Associated Press from the nation's! •-• '24 racing states where parimutuel j j betting is legalized. ; For the third consecutive year the • parimutuel turnover exceeded 2 bil-j lion dollars, w i t h S2.086.638.242 passing through the mutuel windows in 1955. This represents an increase of approximately '2 per cent' over the 32,045.756.921 bet in 1954. t J Several states increased their! • share of the "take" last season, j I and an all time high jackpot of • S148.888.403 will go to ihe common-' t wealths in tax revenue. The increase is 4.97 per cent over 1954. when the states c o 1 1 e c t e d '• j $141.831.588 from the thoroughbred' sport. In 1934, first year the figures were available, states received only ' ' S6.024.193 in revenue. i officials who served like this: there, goes Called off Display On Nov. 11 the Czech Foreign Of- Long before the Communists, fjce called in Harold C. Vedelcr. in came, the people of Prague enjoyed ; charge of the embassy in the ab- taking Sunday walks. Traditionally, | sence of Ambassador "Alexis Johnall the embassies which lie in the ! .son shadow of the presidential palace; V edeler was fold the di.plav of U. have thrown open their gotes to tne s maaaailie . s Wlthm readv reach of strolling pubhc on Sunday. | Czech" citizens was "unwelcome." American Magazines t Hp flj . gued ^ ma! , az j llps were not This fall, the American Embassy, propaganda but .simply reflected set up a small table in its court-j American culture, yard. On the table were spread Nevertheless, the embassy had to j back issues of U. S. magazines call off its magazine display. The table no longer sits in the which the embassy staff had received from home. These pubhca.- courtyard on Sundays. tioiiK included fashion magazines, j ' _ ". periodicals and some news and I picture magazines. ' Atop the dome of (he national Czechs leafed through them and , Capitol is the Statue of Freedom. by the end of the first day all the j made entirely of bronze and weigh- magnzmes had disapepared. In' intr almost. 15,000 pounds. Refugee Fomi!y Gives Thanks LOUISVILLE. Ky. f**— A German ' refugee family, Kanrud and Ernesline Bu.s.sman and their two sons, ^ave thanks Thursday. They came LO this country under .sponsorship of a Ft. Knox muster' sergeant, but found the sergeant' had been traasinrrpd to Trebnd. i The plight of tlie rcfusees U'as told in the new.-pi!peiv>. So yesterd;t\-—on Thanksgiving— calls poured in offering iiousiue.. turkey dinners and employment. ! The Buss mans accepted a tempo-' ntry home until a permanent job is located. ; Peipino Radio Honors Whitman TOKYO '.? —Peiping radio broadcast ye.sicvd^y ft ifiviiiiy U'ibuic 10 American poet Wait \YhiLinan on i what it suki was the 100th anni-; ven-;ay of UK- publication of his Iu'-ty "Loaves of Gra^s." The Mociern Library ediLoh oi the volume, in a foreword by Prof. Jo^n Kouwenhoven of Barnard College, li-is the publication dale as July 1855. , "The pooN of New China," said the broadcast, "prize the works oi i Whitman a.s it valuable pitrt of the world cultural heritage which they ' fire Record TOKYO (.-P—Fire, a national menace in tinder-box Japan, reached postwar record proportions last year, national fire defense headquarters said yesterday. The agency said 27.870 fires destroyed almo-r. 100. million dollars worth of property in 1054. Both are potswar records. Seven Hunters Get Seven Deer TRESCOTT. Maine M'I — Seven hunters in one family went into the '.voods together and came out with seven deer. Harold R. Mores of Moose River told today about Wednesday's ex- petition. With him were his four brothers. Gordon. Raymond. Albert, and Chfton; their father. Levi, and 1 his 12-year-old nr-phew, Harold L. Mores. They spotted a herd of deer at Bog Brook. Sevenr ifles banged. Seven deer fell. DR. GEORGE W. VERNCN Dentist Dental Office Now Open in Lynch Building HOURS: Mon. thru Fri. 8:3(1 a.m. lo 5 p.m. Saturday S:3I) a.m. to 12:00 Noon Telephone PO 3-43.i7 Blvtheville. Arkansas "Osceo/o's Finest" November 26-27-28-29 Few Fail -•0 Compare at t LitHeBoPeep ^ Rooted Hair Lamp Colors ri^Wft* YOUR FRIENDLY THEATRE Northeast Arkansas' Most Popular Theatre TONIGHT 10:30 p.m. SUfMY and MONDAY WHO WAS THIS MAN?.. MI, vu'.i vni\ sr ••AN 'e«mt o* Ed«n • enaatlon in "REBEL. WITHOUT WARNER BROS, put all the force of the screen into i challenging drama of todays teenagers He profaned the cloth he wore! She fought against this forbidden relationship The most challenging story of faith ever told! , HUMPHREY NO WARNERCOLOR I ff I ^/\nn with ifiHf< f '«vic(iJ ti Dwrcltd br in*'. Pn, t,t LEE J. COOD AS • ND0r ADLEt - EDWARD EMmiM • MfRfO NATU COLOR by DfIUXC • DRUGSTORE Main at Lake Street BlvUieville, Arkansas Attention: Men of the 461st Wing! Hudson Can Supply All Your Clothing Needs: • Uniforms • Belts • Cops • Ties • Slacks • Shirrs • Cheverons • Jewelry Cleaner - Clothier - Tailor Blytheville, Ark. 1GTON RAND Typewriters — Adding Machines — Calculators Portable - Standard - Electric Business Systems Authorized Safes and Service? WHITLEY OFFICE SUPPLY 70fi So. Fifth Phone 3-SS20 FREE SHIBLEY'S BEST Flour Al Your Favorite Grocers BUY 50 Ibs. Shibley's Best 25 Ibs. Shibiey's Best al your dealer price GET FREE 8 Ibs. Lard 5 Ibs. Sugar <ARD'S GROCERY & MARKET Nationally Advertised & Fancy Groceries > Fancy Fruit Cakes I Fruit Cake Ingredients -2043 Col! !n n We Deliver Come !n 1044 Chick Bob's Gypsy Rub Liniment C. G SWJTfl PRCIIHTTS CO GAS** A NEW ADDITION TO OUR SERVICE FOR THIS COMMUNITY Gas Appliances Gas Installation Tractor Conversion Phone For Free Estimates! R. C. FARR & SONS Distributors PHIM.II'S "lili I'KTROI.Kl'.M PKODt'CTS Furance Oils — Kerosene — (iasnline — HI) Motor Oil "Serving This Area for 25 Years" I"" S. Railroad, Rlylheville. Ark.

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