The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 5, 1935 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 5, 1935
Page 6
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SIX (AR&) COURIER COUNCIL OP WAR! NOW THAT W£ HAVE A NO, AUEy-l KNOW YOU M(e AGPEAT WABB10B -BUT, EVEN , voo CANT WHIP A WIIOLH ARMV SOONER OR i ATEC, Tney WOULD GET YOU-AND THEN THE LAST MOOVIAN KOPg WOULD Be . WHISKER006KY, I COULD CURE UM -VEAH BUT, WHAT ARE we GONNA oo? I WASCOMIMtTOTlUT/ B A SHARP STICK rut SHOW YOU / A PLAN CVE j AViRIGHT, BUT THINK A« AXE COUPLE OF BIG RST - WOULD BETH BEST Jump Ball ,il Oute Give Wa Coaches Tile Oral ri o.»(. lo nsrmine- HIP tiilr. Wilson, Woinpi', Sikoslon, Shawriee ami Jonesboro To Be Facocl HV .1. r-. UK tonight find eonllimin (lie ir-nuilndr-i- of tfi the path of ihn Illy llievllle Chirks will IK' iinyihln bill a bed of lows. Tlie tribe will li.h- on Wilson WctiK-r. Sikcstoii • (Mo.), fjlinwiien find Jon-'Sboro in order. Tlie, they jump rlijltt Into Ihr- count) iniiriffliucnl. Ifardly will' il l;e n brenlli until ihey will be faced iritli (lie district lonriicy. With Ilif- na<sllile exception ol tonight,';; set to with the Wilson does, rm the Inllcr's criurl, should piYivi . Die iiinlili- of ' Har- nil Hie Chtckiuniv.",. Conch Hen vis' proteges proved easy a week or so ajjo in Hie armory. The liiitliox ffi'lii In Wilson likely will iilTer n handicap hut Hie Chicks fhonld pull (nit oka/. lllyllic- vlllc won, 42-tfi. be-fore. Friday night at ;Jir: armory, Welner lilRh school's (jlams, wbo nosed out the Mnroon und White for district honors last, yeiir, nnd , handed Condi 'Lnslio's laddies their first setback of tiif current sea- 'on, will ninlic 'ilic'lr' 1 : firm 1035 appearance here. Weine.r won, 2520. In their own rack yaivl, recently. However, local follower! j:3ini out that Itershel Mnsley, star fni-tt-nrtl, played the entire BIIIIK with a 5,'inpcratinl,-. ii, game .Guy MtCiinllcy, Welner' acs ;ind -Motley's man Id (jimrd went basketball , sissippi cnithly schools will be hold in, Osceolu rYliruary 'J2 nriil an It lins IKVJI diK'lilrrt (i)' Urn lttrp. Kiipcrlntr-mlenl \VI]r/in | ; ; rhalrrnnn nf ftlhli'lk '"i-l Hird Bid'-, vrerc Un-vlllc niul Osesola. 'li' 1 jump !>:, i 1 v,'ay In ()] |)ass-ln, bull, -j'jii, lilfd liy a 'I to 2 by tin . snbFiiiUoil tjy niy- ,')linv,'iM'i> ri.H woll us liolnl wns 'atr mailed The loimiRiiicnl this yo/ir prom. 10 Ijfl bi usio t. sdinols will i,nvi« entries division, will, nine wild, l\vn week's res llicvlllv lilgh 17 iJOlnLs. Wilh HIB" brilliant, llly- maker Is t.v- ppctcrt lo he in tip-top shape anil iho Chicks nre out for revenge. The following Tuesday (lie lo-. eats will lie Die 'liiirsls of Slices- ton in ihc Miffiourl city, in their fi^t encounter the Mls:;om'|iins Ici), 21-10, but made ii, hilereslllis ill the «ny. u wiis reported Iliai ttnee icfiiilnrs were missin« from Die" visitors lineup.' If .so, the tribe will have plenty on' their haiids. Coach . Johnnie Unrnetl will brnifr his erecn clad crew • to the 'Armory for a slni'lc encounter. Thursday, Folj. 14. Slinwrin- Is alwnj.s In the thick of the flghi wilh «'local team and- U shmiU lie a nieriy scrap. At Joiner Bly ttevlllc «on, 34-16, with Moslej felting Ihe pace with M r.'ii Hoys Ifiiins will .represent, Mim». l.eachville, .lilylbevllle, r>ll Osceoln, f< r . f ., n . t wnsoli ; - and profxiWy Armorel Hie .same school;! wjl! lmm B fjl .. Ifnin. except niyttifevlllo. 'I'ho toiirlicy w m „),,,„ Pri , !n . at noon nnd nil, ihroiiuli Ralnr 'lay nliilil. Harold Davis of Mem I»)M >MIS Iw,.,, cliosen us referc.: for, llio meet. n ;lvi ., ls ,, n cx . 3ncFil official and Is vicu-pira nir',' l < ," f tllc MW - Sol «"' AUilcil ojficIiiLs uwoclntlon. ' ^11 .schonh »iio c.Niwt to enter tc:ini.s')nlUi(, notify Mr. ni r( |, nlialr- niiin. at once, The brackets :m.l a .scncdule of names wilt b b- llsl Showing Baseball Teach Youtli Came WASJIIMCITON. (UP)--l,cw I'nn- seco. fnnni'r nmtiai>i>r nf ihi i While Hox iinw )s 1'fn.vca, employed' In Ihc 'iiolfonitl depnnmcni, nf Hie A iciiii l^jujiic. prepared «nd •;, n .sniiiut Him noiv i In cities of the Ix?ai!U( Ifih se!ir.ol nii',1 collcu.! p,-o- 111 vised or fraiwnal Ul nuikhig V.'lill filciure. " Otose-ii]-iV nnd of innny >!ov.'-nir>|l(.n pii famous American - ---.\--s .....nni.-> American ( , player.', arf fentiirod in ihc! 1 ' 1 '"" "' lu ' :lcl "Aciflni" Incl'Ki/' "R.,|ie" Ml! /irlii'l;., Mickey c.i-h- /Kelinol liny'.' 'ROWC, .liimn I'-rnnk lIlKions Heinle M,,. ^•'•irl Wbftelilll, ./i w croni.i '_ C)jv>i-o, ni)i'.eva . Hoinsiiv i ATf,rtNTA. fia. develnpnir-nt S, 1,11(1 to OX- liluy.'i (if (he game Golf Pros To Play in Atlanta l( _ ((J1>) ~America's touniainenl Knl/lJig pi-ofe.wioimis and will comiicle nr-i'e April iiKllin .second : iniiiu,l j;;noo [jolf tmirniimenl. This foitoWs iminedliitely semnd annual Masters' lour- nnmrriil ill the Aupista Nntloml cioir niHi, in ivhi,.}, iiobhy rom' r>i?.iln will iiHitch himself nei)1 ,, = '| the prnff-fi.-.Ioiim fielil. Ky l,Diroon'. the Denver vonder look the Atlanta open lust o fi soon us „ dellnlt arc 1,11,1 by Hie The following night, Friday, Fcb 15, the Jonralioio Golden Ilmvl- cunc \\ill blow in for a skirinish They aie 'strong contenders foi not onl> tile dlsrilct bill siat' lilies Recently they defeated'Pine BlufI, twice •state chanipions' and whipped the.' Chicks -for' : tlSfr~S5P ond defeat of.ihc Ecnson. It shiiiiVi give tl]o lofals a strang' InsigKi as to the district .Ipurnnment.' ' Dick Tiptcn nnd'ilerslielMos- ley apparently arc over their all- ment.s and arc-expected ' to break inlo ( llic lineup in Wilson '"10- nisht "ScTeivy" i-(fcfinly mider- wenl a .sinus operation while "All Disliict", has. been given a rat to get r nd 'of a'f malarial htlhck. The receive strength ol rtie Clu'cfc »n5 boastsd, .ivlth - the (ietui-n ol John-"Wimpy" Burns 'to Ilic fold: Tri-Coiinly Girls Tourna- menl Open ; at Mayti Wednesday Nighl 1H T SI AX STDRJT Srfelal Corrfsiitindenl HAYTI Mo., Feb. !i.-Tl,s ei s hl nrsl high school sirls basketball to.nni in Dunklin, New Madrid and Pcmlscot'counties are scheduled to oompelc in (lie 3rd annual Tri- Countj Girls' Basketball Tonnw- nient, which will be held in (he high school gymnasium here Wctl- nrfrtay, Thursday and. Friday nisjhts of this week. rirst, .second, third and consolation nunids will be piren. Tiie following towns have entries: Senath PorlngcMlle, Cooler, Matthews'. Eraggtidccio, Arbyrd, Cnrdwcll and Cooler, wjth a perfect wason of ten victories and no defeats is the favorite. Their record un- inatthed, gave them the counts- season championship. Next in favor is Senath Dunklin' county with ten wins and one came lost. Por- taseville, in New Madrid county tUlh a season of nine won, two lost nnd one lied, is being talked as a possible dope-upsetter. The iccords of the other'teams follow Matthews- six won, five lost'- Braggadocio; seven won, two lost find one tied; Arbyrd: seven won four lost nnd one tied; Cardwell- eight won, three lost ond two tied : „.£!). " 10 ,' opc - nin S night .the gome Mhedirle Is: Cooler 'vs. Aihvrd Portagevllle vs. Braggadocio; Sen alh vs. Cardwell; .Matthews v.s Hayt . Officials are: ncferecs: Wld Mattliews, Caruthorsville, and j I- Sfccianahan, Hayll; time keep w, Camilla Huber, Haytl; score keeper, Mfss Ion Fails to Gel Back In Ring In Time To -Continue Match'. ovy lust night before crowd to,nltend nn Legion . MTCstlinj; show <ho fir : Tlie miloi. with bo . ll»v best American herc '' ln "?''','""'' '"'"' "" "»"«« ,. " , ; ' T' 8 '? "" f "° !V« '.owing a dls: I'edretty, mafchmnkcr-refcree had ;' busy evening'snd was frcn'iieiit- 'v manhandled In . ihc" affair •"'. Welch n-as an'flrdwl (no nmlcli Mien Cliancy, •. losscd 'outr n 't Ihfe .Ing.-failed, to dlmb-iUa'cKlh -be fore ^cdj'cltysi.coiiK/of, -2o A liad Dnded.. : ,Chaney. •claimed,.'he .'coiild not heni'^ Pcdretty's countv becau'ie . e the clamor being nmde uy rlii». sidei-s and that: he' was'. 1 not 'hiin jut ready lo eontlniio " couni- ou.: • . . . Efforts lo rcmatcli the pair for mother match here next Monday 're alrc.idy underway, It is uiitlfr- ilood. Jn n preliminary match Roy Al- 'en defeated Sailor Clark' In two straight falls. The match was -oinewhnl rougher Ilinn tiio iisiml affair thai Allni parllciiiales in. ?ownrfnl Dell Team To Enter Coinil.y Tourney Dell high's fast boys' cane earn, coachsd by Marvin "Soak" SandcKon. bids fair (o IK- In (lie thick of the nght for the count v basketball title, based on lUs show- inc m Ihe Jonesboro Invllatlon .ournnment held lasl week-end The Dell team, provlnc the dark i.orse of Die moet. almost, plnved Joncsboro-s touted Hiirrlciuic 'r>if Its feet before lo.sin ? i,, s wcotlt , round Rnmn. : Dell had an cniv time dLs|»sing 'i Union Grove in the first c'lme vith Coach Sanderson, formcilv :f Arkansas Slate college, shlfi"- ,ig (o h,s 3 players rtcm . De) , vvon , e second round Dell squar- agalast Jonesboro's Golden i'inc club. — ..D».,h,i uum^ijuros L Hurricane, conijiiciws of Bluffs stale clinmploiuhli Jcnesboro '--'- •• • - ' look lhc he lead at the n 1 i f ie half lo s edged :! when ,...., ,i,e. last luiu mm- will, only three players on (he • Captain \v.i||, Kcivsationa' "irnwtord and Banghmai four 25 tc tourney tide' Phone 644 a| Ifil Nnrlh Sfrr.nJ ADDING MACHINE & TYPEWRHT-R SERVICE BUREAU '•- "-ON. KnWAllD rtoprletnr WORLD'S LOWEST /CHEVROLET As outstanding in endurance and operating economy as they are in price. „ AGAIN m 1951, the ms,,tcnt ^ -LX demand for Clie\Tolct pro ducts lias njade Che^ro'let (he Mfoi-H's large!,! imWer/o/ tnich as wellasofpawnge.r'cars Audno^, due. offers still Holf-Ton Canopy Express, $555 greater \alne8-the highest (/;,o?if_ v Che\ i-olet Trucks erer Ludt and the /otiesr-/)rjc<!(/ trucks jou can Imj' Truck lunera «lio nant to save money ,nll £ n d that tlicic ire not only ilic nwM'» loucsl- .[triced (rucks, lint that they arc also very economical to operate and CnmiOLET 110TOK COMPANY, DETROIT, LomparaCian-ola't lowdeKweilpnceianJsa^-O.M.A.C. i, to Ihe Cheyrolet „„.,„, inTo them. They af0 Lig—rugged —dependable tmcjcs They are , powered !»• sjt-C)/frjder mltc m- lieai engine* \>luth use very littlr gas and oil And the) are extremely long-lived . . . built to do their job and do it hil\ih,]] } . . . al minimum cent . . . over a long penod of^ears. Buy a Chevrolc" Tnick and AOU buy fine, dependable, economical haulage service — nt the iiwMV lowest prim! Half-Ton Pfck-up wilhCanopy $4?5 Half-Ton Pone?, $560 '!!!• Whirl but) *1 '/2-Ton Chassis and Cab, $605 TRUCKS LITTLE CH Blytheville, Ark.

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