The Jackson Standard from Jackson, Ohio on January 20, 1876 · 3
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The Jackson Standard from Jackson, Ohio · 3

Jackson, Ohio
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 20, 1876
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THE STANDARD Official Paper of Jackson County. THURSDAY, - - JA. . No smallpox in Jackson. We get the Xenia Torchlight now Cold weather last week, but rain again on Sunday. It rains every .Sunday night The Lit. rat) Association in Jackson has played out. Not so the leer and tohacco saloon. Work on the Narrow Gaugo near Jack son is progressing finely The hand will b paid this week. Look at the amount of reading in tho Staxdabw this week, then show the paper to your neighbor, and ask him to subscribe. The organization of Good Templars in Jackson has been dead many months. Now let boer and whisky havo a chance This ought to be a free country, you know. The District Council will meet at Pleasant Grove Church, Liberty township, on tho 4th of February next, at 2 o'clock P. M There will probably be public preaching on Saturday and Sunday following. Now look at the label on your Standard. We notice on several that go out of the county the date "Jan. 21, 1876.'' You will not get another paper unless you renew Several persons have complained to us that the spelling book has been excluded from the schools of Jackson They are unreasonable. What use have schools for spelling books and Bibles? Let Algebra, Latin, and such useful studies have a chance. Tho Ohio Legislature adjourned on last Friday until Tuesday of this week. Dr. A. B Monahan got home Friday afternoon. He is looking in fine health, and appears to be in good spirits. A few months rest from his severe practice as a physician will bo good for him. mm - William Callaghan Esq , of Liberty township, got a postal card on Monday, informing him that a house was burned on Saturday night, a half mile south of Winchester. The house belonged to the heirs of Thomas Frasure. Mr. Callaghan is guardian for the heirs. Tracks were made near the house, and it is supposed that it was fired. During the fire, some persons attempted to break into Marvin's Store, in Winchester. Mrs. Ellen Mitchell, who resides near town, on the Chillicothe road, bad a social party at her residence last Friday night, and many of the young folks from town were there. When Mrs Mitchell went into her kitchen to get refreshments, aha found that her fine cake, peaches, and other nice .things, had all been stolen. This was perhaps the work of some of those fellows which Old Bill advised last fall not to steal, if they could avoid it, but not to starve, at any rate. Job work is coming in regularly, and we keep our job department constantly in operation. We have a very large and well selected stock of stationery on hand, and in addition to former stock, we received ten thousand fine envelopes last week from Louis Haider's Sons, Cincin nati. We have the very best material, all tho latest styles of type, and compe tent and -killed workmen.' Send in your work. You will not have to wait, as we run three presses by steam. The Ohio State Register, published at Washington, Fayette county, contains an official statement, signed by S N. Yeo-' man, President, and Y. M. Ogle, Secretary, of the condition of the Wellston Coal and Iron Company, and its operations during the past year. It shows as profits the sum of 3,.36 26. If we rec ollect correctly, the manager, and most of the men about the Wellston Furnaces last full, thought everybody was starving, and they yelled lustily for. "Bill Allen more money and better times." And this whilo clearing nearly thirty-nine thousand dollars per year. NOTES ON JACKSON COUNTY. BY D. sTfrTTTt TT There was no law administered nearer than Portsmouth or Chillicothe, and as many of the men around the salt furnaces were the worst type of adventurers, and as whisky was used in targe quantities, it is not strange that fighting was common, and that murder was committed occasionally. In the year 1303 a man named Fitzgerald was murdered by one Jack Brandon, and about the same time a wan named Squires was murdered by one Pleasant Webb, a notorious and dangerous character. lie had been a Tory during tl e Revolutionary War, and was the terror of the early settler?. lie was known by the nickname of "Poni-pey." I could not learn that either of these murderers was ever brought to justice, or punishment. All that pari of the town of Jackson from Pearl street to and beyond the Fair Ground, was originally a wet, marshy place, with large maple, elm, birch and other trees, with an undergrowth of alder, . , ... wua rose, anu oiner ousties. Alter a time it was cleared, and the timber cut, except one of the original maple tftM, which yet stands on the rear of Samuel Stevenson's lot, a short distance north of the School House. After this portion of the present town had been cleared, it win enclosed with a worm fence, and was an old pasture field seventy years ago. This field was the place where the fighters usually went to settle their drunken quarrels. Judge Salter of Portsmouth, who is nearly ninety years of age, worked at the Licks when he was a boy, and lie once told me that a day scarcely passed without one or more fights in thin field, and that blood could be seen almost any time, either on the battle ground, or where the pugilists had crossed the low rail fence when retiring from the field of battle. The settlement at the Salt Licks was the only settlement in the county for several years. Other parts began to be settled during the war or IMS. In the year IMS Daniel Faulkner came from Big Kanawha, and built a cabin on the Black Fork of Sy mines Creek, near the southern part of the present limits of the county. Mr. Faulkner was a native of Ireland, and was a weaver L -iade. He loved his dram, and was full of fun. In the year 1813 he built the first mill that was ever built in the county. He erected a rude dam across the Black Fork, and put in a tub wheel, and started one run of small stones, which served to grind corn during a short time, when the water was neither too high nor too low. His mill had no bolt, and did not grind wheat. Persons came a long distance to this mill, and while wuiting for their grist old Dan would entertain them with rich Irish jokes, a good fund of which he had all the time ready for use. My father lived four miles from Faulkner's, but he had been acquainted with the family in Virginia, and when he first came to Ohio, in the spring of the year lSls, ho settled in the edge of Gallia county, near Faulkner's. Often have I, when a small boy, gone to the mill in the winter, and being chilled, old Dan. would have me go into his little cabin near the mill, where he kept a fire. He had an old skillet with the handle broken off. In this wo parched corn, and the old man would look as solemn as death while he would be telling some exceedingly funny story. Then you could notice his humor rising, and at the proper point he would bring in tbe laugh. Mr. Faulkner raised a large family, his youngest son being Uncle Billy, of the Faulkner House, Portland. Andrew Faulkner, of Madison township, now well on to eighty years of age, is one of his sons. He had several daughters, and many ot their descendants yet reside in the county. In the year 1814 Peter Seel, a very in telligent German, came from Mason county, West Virginia, and settled in Jefferson township, and was the tir-t tax payer in that now wealthy township His first tax was twenty-five cents. Sev- . At eral other persons settiea in me southern part of tho county about the same time, and among litem l now remember Thomas Spencer, John Aeord, Henry Luster, James Phillips, Robert, Moses snd Thomas Mastic, David and Samuel Morgan, Edward Whitt, Jeremiah Roach, Joseph and William Price, George Crump, and others. About the same time there was a settlement commenced in Hamilton township, in the southwest corner of the county, and among tbe first settlers were Mr. Dever, Thomas and John Cuntcr, Samuel Gilli- land, and others Between the yesrs 1815 and 1820, a number of others set tled in the south part of the county, and among them were my father, John Mack- ley, my uncle, Solomon Mackley ; also, Jesse Kelly, James Mo Daniel, Lewis Adkins, Laban Booton, Dr. Gabriel MoNeel, Thomas and Daniel Oliver, Henry Rhadabaugh, Joel Arthur, John Horton, Bazil Lewis, and also the Cheringtons and Stephensons, whose de scendant are still very numerous in this county, and who are among our best citizens. Nearly all these settlers were from Virginia, and mostly from the counties of Mason, Kanawha, Greenbriar, Bath, Loan and Monroe. I said in the commencement that I had already passed over most of tbe incident to be related in these Notes, but I must now refer to the first tailor of which I have any account in tho county, although I some year ago spoke of him. His name was Jese W. Reese. He built a cabin at the foot of the hill west of the Black Fork, about a mile outhwet of the pluce where Jefferson Furnace now located. Ho had never been mar ried, and was perhaps between fifty nd ixty year of nge He was a small man, and was in the constant habit of drink ing to excess. There were no settlers rearer him on the west than Jack Canter' some eight miles, and it was a mile east to where my father resided. To como east he had tho creek to cross, and the bottom was often covered with water. There was a ford where horses could cross when tho water was not too high, a-nd a large log across the main channel, for foot passengers. These were known a "Reese's log," and "Reese' ford. ' Tho long hill running miles west, is known to this day a "Reese's Ridge." Here, secluded from human society, sur rounded by the howling wolves, resided this old man. A strange locality for a tailor. At a later period Reese built a cabin and cleared a patch of ground a half mile southwest of Portland, where George Veager so long resided, and where Thomas T. Jones, father of Eben Jones, now resides. Reese was always talking about his rich relatives at King's Salt Works, in Virginia, and 1 heard that after he left his county aud went back to Virginia he inherited a large fortune, ami killed himself drinking. As 1 have already hinted, wild game was plenty in this county for many year after its settlement by white men. Buffalo had been abundant, but had disappeared at the time of which I have been speaking It is said that the last buffalo killed in the State of Ohio was killed within the present limits of Jackson county. Prof. Jared P. Kirtland. in his report on the Zoology of Ohio, made to Prof. Mather, Nov. 1, 1838, say: "In former times the buffalo ranged exten sively over the southern parts of our State." And Dr. Hildreth say: "Two were killed on the Sandy Fork of Symmes Creek, near tho southeastern corner of Jackson county in the year 1800, which are the last that have been heard of in this State." The black bear was common for more than twenty years after the first settlement ol the county So much has been written about this singular animal, that I will not go extensively into a description of it The Indians always looked upon it with a kind of superstitious awe, and the white hunter was, to some extent, under the influence of this super tition. The fact that the bear lay up all winter without tuking any food, was o contrary to nature, that tho hunter never could understand it fully. Its scream when wounded was so much like the human voice when in distre, that it often filled tho hunter with terror. Peter Seer"once told mo that he shot a bear in Jefferson township, in the year 1322, and when the report of the gun ceased, the bear fell, and screamed. Ho said it uttered the words "Oh Lord" as distinctly n he ever heard them uttered by a human in the last extremity. He ran to the nearest neighbor's house and took the man with him, declaring to him that he believed he had killed some person. The two then went to the place and found the bear lying dead in the top of a fullen tree. John Farney, in tbe year 1813. killed a very largo bear near the place where Jackson Furnace is now located, in Hamilton township. He attempted to shoot it, but his gun missed fire, and the bear rushed upon him. He threw his tomahawk at it, but only glanced it, when he drew his hunting knife and succeeded in killing it. A good bear dog was very useful to the hunter. A skilled dog always attacked a bear in the rear, and by continual snapping kept it turning around. If a bear ever got a dog in its paws, it would hug him to death in a very short space of time. Bears often carried oir the hogs of the early settlers. I have heard my mother relate that bears would often come around the cabin at night, and their walk sounded very much like the walk of a man. When they would seize a bog they would carry it ott, and she said the squealing of a hog when being carried off by a bear was a most piteou ound. Some times bears were captured in the winter, by cutting down the large poplar trees in the hollow of which they had taken up their winter quarters. Bear meat was palatable and wholesome food, and the hunters could drink large draughts of bear's oil without inconvenience The last bear killed in this county was killed in Jefferson township, by William Whitt, in the year 1827. Report of School In Hub-district S a r Seven, Jackaon township, Jackon county.Ohlo, for the month commencing i twember l'i, 1875, and ending January la, i87. Days Days Present. Perfect Wluflekt Adrian 7 6 Oeorge F. Burns M 20 Reujamln Hurnea -20 20 Greenberry Baileys 18 18 Wilson Baileys It 1 Wllsou Byron 17 17 William Byron 1 W William Beatly...... , IS William Claar 18 18 James Claar 18 18 Oscar L'laar 18 13 Samuel Claar 10 20 David Clark IB 17 Ott-ar Clark - ...JO 2u Joseph Hoover 18 18 Thurmau Hartley 18 18 William Larrabee M 30 Hobert L-arTal.ce .20 20 Cyrus Leak ... 1 Oeorge McDtughlln f 8 John Rowland M 20 Hugh Rowland ..l 17 Perlan Rowluiid ..1S 18 George Riley 2U 'io It. in y Sinclair 20 20 Walter Springer S I Ira Willis 18 18 Joseph Willis ..! It Kllalia Willis 20 Frances Baileys 18 19 Susuu Bailey - 1 18 Ellen Baileys It It Elishabe Bvrou 17 18 Margaret Bealty,'en IX 12 Mary Beatty 20 20 Margaret Beatty, Jr 20 20 Jane Clnar 8 8 Eliza Claar 30 20 Frances Clark 3 2 Rhoda Dunbar 20 30 Eliza Dunbar 30 ' 30 Alice Hartley 30 20 Jane Larrabee 3D 20 Etlle I-arrabee M 20 Margaret Larrabee M 20 Mary Riley 30 30 Caroline Riley JO 30 Margaret Riley 30 Delilah Rowland .30 30 Laura Rowland .20 20 Emma Rowlaud 17 17 Sarah Sinclair It Marth Sinclair .18 18 Margaret Sinclair It It Effle Sinclair It It Sophia Sinclair It It ALKKKI) I.. BOBBINS, Teacher. Probate Court Proceedings. Joeeph A ten adpointed administrator of Paul StinVr deed. Bond tri.too. lione t I.. Chapman aud qualified amlgnee of Andrew J. Ik'Vir. Bond 8.u00. Six accouuts filed. MsaaiACK LIl'KSSaVt, R. E. Cackley and Olive Cross. Transfers of Heal Estate. Sheriff Ewtng to H. S. Bitndy-au acres In Lick I p.; Sl,au 7. Sheriff Ewlng to 11 . S. Bundy 10 BBg In Washington tp ; turn. Robert H. Imler to Nnncy J. Martin -II acres In Scioto tp.; 8200. Allen Hegler to Harvey Wells part lot .M lu Wellston; tSOO. John Martin to Samuel Strain 11 acres In 8 'loto tp.; 8223. No. of mortgage recorded, 7. Amount secured, H.761 58. Marriages in Jackson County 1862. David Pliia und Sarah Liittlln Pratt, Nov. 10. by Henry Weber, J. P. John J. Ros and Mary Woodruff. Nov. 10, by Robert Massoii, J. P. James Sheridan and Catharine A. Bowers, Nov. 20, by John Prams, Minister. John D. Davis and Margaret June., Nov. 25, by Robert Williams, Minister. Evan Orlfflths and Ann Griffith, Nov. 21. hr John Q. Gibson, Minister. James Lnmlrum and Elizabeth Jane Smith, Nov. 25, by E. D. Thomas, Minister. Jscob Q. Jacobs and Aim Crabtree. Nov. 28, by R. J. Backus, Minister. John Poor aud Mary S. Kinnlson, Nov. 28, by W. P. Urantham, Minister. Edward T. Jones and Ellen t'herington, Dec 1, by B. N. Spahr, Minister. Harrison Shlflet and Rebccea June Lively, Dec. If, by Smith HaitNel, J. P. David Edmunds and Sophia Mikesell, I , by Oeorge M. Adams, J. P. James L. Ervin and Elmlri Phillips, Dec. II, by William Cutter, J. P. Edward A. Edward and Elisalx-th Alban, Dec. SB, by Rolert William, Mln. On tbe rJd of Nov. s license was lasued to James Edwards and Lydia Iltirils, but no return 1 made of marriage. For all kinds of furniture, go to the establishment of Aten A' Marshmau, opposite the jail. They always have a full supply. Do not forget to call at the store of Oliver S. Miller when you want goods. He keep all you need Aten & Manhman are all the time fully prepared a uutlertakers, and will furnish coffins and burial case, and attend funerals on short notice. Now that most of the clothing store in Juckson have wound up, you can get anything you need in this line at Mark Sternberger. A lirie number of advertisement have gone out of our paper, until the Ofiening or tl.e Spring trade But Oliver S. Mil- ... . ler knows that it pay to keep hi bui nrS8 advertised. So he Sticks. 88 I)r I'atrin will be at Jacksou. (iibaon House, Thursday Friday and Saturday, Inn '7lh ''Stli and '"'th lac I. son a.min ggt. in, -am anu . in . .1 ackson again, Wednesday and Tliursdav. Anril dth and . . ' fith; Hamden, Sunday, Jan. 'JOlh. L.OTS yok Sale. Town lots of all size up to five acres, for ale in Austin' Ad For particulars apply to Jackson County . Iron anil Coal Company, or H. V. Austin, Wellston, Ohio tf. Ohio State Journal. We will send the Obio State Journal ami the Jackson Sta.ndabu one year lor 9J jo in advance House and Lot for Sale. Any one wishing to purchase a home in Jackson on easy terms, will do well to call on the undersigned at this office. CHARLES RHODES Dauber A Brother want to exebanga furniture for corn, coal, pork, Ac, and they will sell furniture at greatly reduced prices. Call at their furniture rooms. I etween Main Street and the Depot tf Charles Meaebam i agent for the Cincinnati Time, and when he is not in town, subscriptions will be received by J. A. Starkey, at tbe Jackaon Book Store. The Times i one of the soundest and best papers in the State. Why will you suffer from Rheumatism, Sprains, Stiff JoinU, Swelling, Burns, Scalds or Weak Back, when the Centaur Liniment affords certain relief Many articles soothe pain to a certain extent, but the Centaur Liniment cures. The White Liniment is for the human family, the Yellow Lini-nent is for the horses and animals. Nov 11 -3m Mark Sternberger is still at it we ,nean gelling large quantities of goods. His store room i on Broadway Street, only a short distance from the Iham Home, and is one of the largest and best arranged rooms in town, and it is always filled with good, and Mark is a man who gives all bis attention to bis legitimate business, and he is meeting with abundant success. He deserves succes. 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He keeps fire brl lor setting: grates. Hale keeps the flnest Imported win, gins liquors and brandies, strictly for medicinal use only, of any one In Jackson. ERRORS OF YOUTH. A gentleman who suffered for years from Nervous Debility, Premature IVcay.and all tbe effects of youthful Indiscretion will, for the sske of suffering humanity, send free to all who need It, the recipe and direction for making the simple remedy by which he waa cured. Sufferers wishing to profit by the advertiser's experience can do so by addrewdng in perfect coo fill. -n..-, JOHN B. OUDEN. OuovT.iinO t. Cedar Street, New York Persons wishing a good pump should go to D. I IV kr- i . and get one of his porcelain liued pump.. They are worth two common pumps. June 10, 75 tf Builders and Mechanics can positively save money by getting their hardware and building material from D. I.. Plckrvl. He keepaaatock of doors, sash and glass on hand. Odd sixes furnished on abort notice at reasonshle rates. TO CONSUMPTIVES. 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Welsh directions on each bottle. j June 10, "7i ly row I - I aw a B n.k' W k"W at BV 1 I . I I I 1 " ' s s . , 1 V ' John McElmy. whoaa- residence is uuknown, M-lIN AuI1 M, Kir..y, Kels-cca Hamilton aud I "" Hamilton, Ha rah Hestty snd .1 antes It. -n I ly. June r resbwater aud John r resb water. Ellen McElroy, who Is mart led to a man whiste name Is unknown, all of tbe Mtate of Pennayl-vanla, will take notice that on the lath day of January, A. D. 18711. a petition waa filed against tliein. In lliel'ourl of f'oriimou Pleaa. wltbiti ud for the eon nly of Jackson In tbe Mtnte of i Ohio, by John McElroy ol the ritate of Iowa, and Is now nuing, wherein I ndliiu, wherein said lolm Mi- Kirov, the petitioner demands partition of the - following real esiate, to-wlt; 'The north-half of the uorth-wtst quarter of secllon number twenty-one (fl ', township numls-r seven , 7 , of ran o numls r nineteen l'i , In J ickvui eounty In tbersute of Ohio," and that at the neat term of aaltl Court, tbe aald John Mi Kltoy, p. tition- er, will apply for an order that partition may bo made of said premises. J(,HN M( ; u, y lly J B IS TBIPP. his Attorney. January IMh. l7.-8w New Burlier Shop, OVKK H. A. STEPH KNHON A SUN'S UToRK, Oi Ilroudwny Ml . Shaving. Hhampoolng and Hair l ulling done lu Hrst class style. I KM AND SWITCH EH MADE TO OR-I'll;, ii mi. i oi ..ii i AT i: mn HLE PRICE. asT"('olhi-s I in -I und grease spot, remov.-d. J. L EI.ANY. A Remedy that Hi Made It Mark. 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I'O., Hinsdale, N. H. nov 25, '75 .in eot LETTER LIST. last or letters remaining la the Postoffice at Jsekaon, Ohio, for the week ending Jan naty is, 1878. Anheati John Anderson Edward Byrnes Frlnk Black James Colby or llly thlug Evans William-Florey John I.uthy John foreign Lott Mis. Viletta Ma ms William MiKKin Oeorge Mnrrla Mrs. I - .Ml. A. Riley John Haltazs A. P. Vauhorn Mr. Elhu Ward Edward. Person calling for any of these letters pleaae ay "advertised," aud give date of Hat. S. P. HALDR1DOE. P. M. - Ayer's Clierry Pectoral,- For Diseases of the Throat and Lungs, such a Uoujghs, Cold, Whooping-Cough, Bronohit-s. Asthma, and Consumption. Among the great discoveries of modern science, few ar of Bora ml value to mankind than this effectual remedy for all iliseaMt of the Throat and Lung. A vast trial of its virtues, throughout this nd other countries, ha shown that it dors urelv and effectually control them. 1 lie testimony of our best citizens, of all clae, establishes the fact, that Chbbbt Pectobal will and does relieve and cur the afflict ing di -orders of the Throat and Lungs beyond any other medicine. Ths most dangerous affections of th Pulmonary Organs yield to it power; and cases of C'oasomption, cured bv this preparation, are publicly known, so remarkable as hardly to be believed, were they not proven beyond diinut. As a remedy. It U adequate, on 'which the public may re! v for full "luawithwi. By curing Caagwa, the forerunner of more renou disease, it save unnumbered lives, ml an amount of t uttering not to be computed. It challenges trial, and vincei the most sceptical. Every family sh keep it on hand as protection against tne i and unnerceived attack of Pulmonary A tioos, which are easily met at first, but which become incurable, and too often fatal, if neglected. Tender lungs need this defence; and it I unwite to be without it. As a safeguard to children, amid tbe distressing diseases which beset the Throat and Chest of childhood, Chbbbt Pbctobal is invaluable; for, by its timely use, multitude are rescued from premature grave, and saved to tbe love and s flection centred on them. It ct peedily and surely against ordinary colds, securing sound aud health-restoring sleep. No one will suffer troublesome Influenza and painful Bronchitis, a lien they know how easily they can be cured. Originally the product of long, laborious, and successful chemical investigation, no cost or toil is spared in making every bottle in possible perfection. It may be confidently rt uron a Doassing all the virtues it has exhibited, and capable of producing cure a memorable a the gtiiatart it ha vr effected. raAVAasm st Dr, J. C. AYER k CO., Lowell, Mass., Practical and Analytical C hernia U BOLD IT ALL DZVOOIfT g VB8T WBBA DENTISTRY. m:w Mtnff AT.HONPIIF.UM DIRK. ; . . . Ann di Ice for .o-urlng Attlfl.litl T.-tth nrniy , p,M-e, and tendering them perfectly comfortable and reliable In Eating, Talking, Iughltig. singing. Coughing and Hneeslag. Mill lkltePK, LittW.VP j BBaf Sat IuwI;b gieallir inopportune time, can now get n aet of I . . Ui which will r. main firmly In pluce unlr all rlrcumMam. THIS INVENTION may be applied to many old loose plates, rendering tin in -oinfortabie snd firm In place. This Is of .special Interest tothrase having very flat and unfavorable mouths, snd who have hitherto been unab'e to wear artinrlal laetb. to such I given a spclal invitation with the promise of is-rfc-l salisfarllon. Dr. Hsaxuess ha purchaassl the exclusive right for the counties of Jsckaon. Vinton and I'lke, no one else having any right to uaa thla Invention w itlilhthr limits ol these three counties, unless peelnlly lli-cncd by blm. .Iff irlMprr will far yinsaecNfetf. I t uo one dlnsuade yon from trying this new Inyeiitloii. Kememls-r that Dr. Bsajegesa ltua ataked his reputation on Its nierlta. and warra.-its it to ! ey m thing i m- braced lu tl loiegoiiig i litlms. If you would have your Tes-lh . ztrsete.1 without pain, und gel a new aet of Teeth with tbe Patent BwBBa conn- lo lli-diiiarter. lr. ". T. IPXitil.s ll.-ldenl Dentist. jun. ll. t. tl Jackaon f. II.. Ohio, FINK JOB PRINTING AT THE STANDARD OFFICE. HERbrt-H BALK OF REAL ESTATE. H. s. Bund) . ophlr Iron Company .On Execution. i't- of obio. J a. kv ii i Court of Common Plea. Notice la hereby given, I bat I will offer at pnbllc auction, at ike door of the I'ranrt House. In Jsckaon, on sal nrda . January IB. A. D. 1S78, at one o'clock P. M.of aald day. the f.. low lug described real estate, situated In the county ol The - uil.'ea.l uuarf er of t he nnrt I. we ter. ai-i the wcat half of lb southwest uuarter ot section number " township number aevsn i7i of range number eighteen i la, to la- cludealltheliulldlnoan.lsppurtsnancethers- unto irelouging. I K 'frit deVrl",, ;:.r.,'8BS, Mecond " " ?.(. Taken as the property of irplilr Iroi. t oiuiat-uy, on execution in favor of H. S.liund) . Ia.ue.1 out of the Court of 'oinmon Plena of ths rouo-ty of Jsckaon, snd tu ine directed a aherlff of said county. (ilven under my lisinl tlil. ih day of December, A. D. 187S. JOHN M. EWlNti. Shfl. J. CO. Drssij d Moore. Atty for ppff. CKIFP'B BALK Off REAL EBTATE. Mat of Ohio, Jackson County, as. t'ourt of Common Plea. Samuel Stevenson d Co. vs. Christopher Ora- nsm. On Veadl. Exponas. Notice la hereby given, that I will ot public auction, at the door of the I ourt II In Jsckaon, on Saturday. Jauaary 80. 1BTB. at one o clock P. M. of aald day. the following il.-cillied real ealate, alluated In the county ..( Jai-kaon. and State of Ohio, lo-wlt: l.ota No. 34, :ti and ,W In augnn a addition to the town of Jacksou, Jackson county. Ohio, el eept tbe stone coal underlying said lot. A ppratsea as I iot . as at t Ut No. 35 at lt No. 8 al 1 Taken aa the property of Christopher U ra il .in, mi i iirullnii In favor of Samuel ieei, aon a Lo., Isauesl out of the Court of tornn Plcaa of tile county of Jackaon, and to me directed a. Sheriff of aald coantv. Olven under my hand thl T7th day of Dec., A. I). 1875. JOHN M EWINn Sherin Jorkon County, O. jaw mm iKirr. Atty tor pi n dec0-5w HKKirr'S SALE Off REAL KSTATK. Jousllisu Arnold va. Susannah Red t al. n 1st order of sale. Stat of Obio, Jackaon County, aa. Court of Common Plcaa. Notice la hereby given, that In pursuance of an order of sale uwued out of aald t ourt on the I dav of lieveinlier, A. D 175, and to me di rected aa Hberlfl and Special Master ( oniiiu. loner It) aald cause. I wfll offer lor ale, at the door of the Court House, In aald courtly of Jai k on, on Saturday. January 88, A. I. 1878. at one o'clock P.M. of aald day, the following described real estate, situates! In the county of J in Kaon, ami Hiale or mil VrT'lbe .addition to ut lot number nine ehe town of vs uiikafsr a ... Mg.ia.e., ,, n. recorded plat of aald town. Appraiaeo at inai. Term of aale Caah on day of Bile. To be aold aa the nrotierty of Suoannah Iters! to satisfy u Judgment and decree In favor of Jouatlian Arnold. Olven under my hand thl .'li day of I tuber. A. D. 1875. JOHN M. EWINO. Nlierirrand Mpei lal r i oiu i Jabbs Tatrr, Atty lor plff. deCA-5w iiKKirrs sale or rial scstatk. John Morgan va. David Richard, et al. 'in order of sale. Slate of Ohio, Jackaon county, sat i ourt of Com rj N ot lea la hereby given, that In pur an order of s li Hit or aald i ourt. on the! lib day of Decemlssr. A. D. 175. and lo me directed as Sheriff and Special Master t om mlaaloner In aald cause, I will offer tor aale st the door of tne I ourt House. In aal.i county. n Saturday. January tt, A. D. 187M iincsnr.a.ui aatu uaj , me lonuwiu ue acrltted real estate, altuated in the county of JrSOC ad State of Ohio bvwll: 1 1 1 w ll, il to. . 'ni i. i o i . m i ter of aee t Ion numtsrr twenty -si i X township s. of range 17. A ppratsed at S350 00. Term of sale, cash on dav of aale. To be sold aa tbe property of David Richards, to aatlafy a judgment and decree la favor of John Morgan Olven under ray baud thla Jlat day of Decem ber, A. U. la.. jon.s Jt., Hh'ff and Special Master t'oui'r. w. K. MAHTtsixs, Ally lor pi n. . L EBTATE. lleCZe-oW (JHKHiri's sl I ot It! VI O siary oregory ." w"S"'r. awagawawaw lal of Ohio, Jackaon County . aa: Court of Common Pleas. Notice 1 herein given, that I will offer tor Ml, at public auction, at tbe door of fSttS Court House, in Jackson on Saturday . January 8. A. D. IB7B. at 1 o'clock P.M. of aald day. the following described real estate, situated In the county of Jackaon. aud Mtate of Ohio, to-wlt: The north, i-t luarier of the northwest qoar ter. ol section No. s, township No. TMt range Bo. IS-, slao, the aoutheast quarter uf Iffe aouth-wrat iuatter of ses-tlon No. i, township and tange alurswald. Appraisesl aa tallow: Flrat deacrllsrsl tract al 8375. second " " " 1S. Taken a the nronefiv of IssMd rsu.ry . on x.vuiion in favor of Vary Oreeory. lsus 807 the Court tf Common Pleas of tbe cosinly of Jackson, and to me directed aa snerin or niunir. Hlvsn under my band thla ill day uf 1 ber.A.D.I87a. JOHN M. EWINO. dccSrsiW SBWBT18TJ.0.O. . Ill .III 11 s I r. Ol UFA I. KsT TK. (Ida Johnson by her nest friend v. Matlhta M .ii III et al. i u rsniimn. Stale of Ohio, Jarknoa County, aa Court of Common Plena. Notice U hereby given, that I will offer al public auction, at tbe disjr of the Coon H in aald county ol Jackaon, on Saturday. January S. A. I. 1B7B. al one o'clock P. M. of said day, tbe following described real estate, situated In tbe county of Jackson, and Slate ul Ohio, to ... Let Tract being u T.-IW acres of th aw .(uar ter Ol s. I lion I., i.i.iiviip , n " i tw i,i.. .1 th... eoitie, of ald ses-tlon a. theuc. Ti. in el., in. ll links to a lead nlutu tree. In. 88 West 41 links. thence south M hubs, lueuce norm wis. 11 i bains 'j links to a .i.a hickory. 7 luelies dUmi-ter, is-ara a. n w. o nnna wuii i heice'" Jl Chajua'jU ifuka't belice link I, a ns is links lo la-gtuiilni;. whole id said quartei. aavlitg ami esceptiug s OIIOWl I. Ilsiai tllielliullllri .1 l.y uo.e, ai idllliiaiir i.r iiiois, alio ,.,, 2d Tract. nlo s jasrl of I be .w. q Darter of said Ptillllna. an.f H n ,l ."afawSkwl? ses tlou I, la-gluuing si the .w. corner of the earn i. of h. p. ' r ' 'J' '' '"''".,.. lot lM,ved.s?ribe.l. running theme north to Iffc swttrttaty desired to be lr. or p. rat. ,u aa lb. hall M8wS line ix the a w. and n.w. Pf" I'-J ' s d r C ip.urler ol -ah! tastlon 1. snd from th egtrem- 17 JseB-r. ' ' " ' " .',' .,,17- in.-, of thU line runa w.-st lor iuautily to tbe d as lollowa. to w II. onim. injii """ anl. of Jonathan Mcutl.ak. o that this line -s it net of said '""n . t hence ,!. wllb sha Tcoutato' iarrrs. the lo.t.U.lp App.absd onmumlr,d by dower at 1788. . toT,T .m7" i-.. line, b- ad Tract, also 2W acres of th north went aar- , rgles,.iliig the line a the insl.ra a. of uettun 1. towubln S, rauge I., being Ibe , ... .,,.,i-. i ,, i,. u . small .rtl..u tliereol from III, aiMith side here- lri. auuth line of aald aerllon 8. ald i tain: old aud conveyed lo Jacoh MiS'iure, ., ..,.,. , wei ol In. a. e. en. a. I.I laud fully and accurately plaited in tbe rand apptalaer'a return tor HI mBeld town- ship, at page is and j of -uid n turn ....1.1.1. irl. relics ta ne.e AppralMsl unelicumi-re-i oy oower To l aold In certain pr.a-ersllnga In pnrtitlon herein tMa Jobnon by brr i.esl Itb-od Ia- tber V. Johmsin la pelll I" in r , i .t.nn.ia Marvin el al are dereii.iant. Term, oi .le I Ml. -thlli i o j day of sale, ooe- niln one year and irsblue In two years. Tbe rrrs-d pay meuta U t- aerurrsl by notw and Iblt defe Iit.ue. UIHili 111. i:.-lllse .1.1. ....o ... . . -. ...I at Del . . III. Ii ' I i tilven under m) band Ihl. 1st day of lascem- her. A. D. 1ST EWlNti. sib. riff Jackson I'ounl v. Miio. PUMII A MooBB. Ally dca-as-vw oBEitirr s balk or BSCAL EST kTSf. William uoodall v . John D. Ho..! et al. -t In si order of aale. Hi ale of Ohio. Jackaon l'oanly,a. I ourt of I omruon Plea. Notice Is hereby glveu, thai In pursuance of an order of Mile laannl oat of aakl t Ourt on lbs al day of January , 17. and to me dlrect.s aa -.herniate! rsprslal Master omnilaaioner lit iwjd canae. I will otter Srsrnaie al the door ..f th. t'ourt Hon, la aald couuty, on Saturday. Tnnrnary It. IB7B. at our o'eloek P. M. of aald day. Ibe following dwatrlbsd real estate, lo-wlt: Lying and taring In the I ucorj rated Village of Jackaon. Jack-iu couuty, Ohio, and known aa i Hit lot uu ruber twenty-Use J". . In Ibe worth half ol aahl town, isitiiinein lng lot - i.i, iar al IbewMllbeaat corner of aakl out lot aumtarr twenty five i J5. thence weal eight) -six iM.fSsrt, thence north one hundred and seventy -three i!7:li les-l. thence ent eianij-ata mm mnm. tnen.-e aoulh one huudred and aayenty-lbrss- 171 fast. to Ibe pla. ( ana to in.-utur an the i. milling- ui' thereto longing. AppraUcsl tlf. Ter ma of aale, cash on da) of aale. To Ire -ild aa tbe pro rt of John l. Iliai rt al, to aatlaly a Judgment and do ter In 8vo of William tiiaalall. Olven under my baud this Unit day of January, A. D. 17. JiHN M. EWINO. Mherlff A H-clal Master I orn t J. E. KoBBBst see I J. U JoBBn. A lor pialulin. W. B. HAST I .St.s. . A ATBISsaniB. IlaNtiugB V Atkinson, ATTOHNKYH A.T LAW Jackson . H.. Obln. Will pi art Ire In Jackaon and ailjotnlng nam- lal attenlliMi given to ..lie, lion-. ITIJ-Iy DRUC8. I. I...UI..I to .ell Off all of hi. Toy .. t aa... sd hat sneat sell IrrsapeeHt nf prlre. I attall offer mt eullr. .lock of M II OOillm at price, that -III r.rribassV tr..(n(J s ,, .l patron. -Ill gle a ra.ll senlenl. I - .11 tr, all la my p.. er I. aaahs It that Hale I. ..nine Mre andlea. Nut. Italalna, 8 Iga. and n rnl a.i.i. a T , lur,. We We.1 In laws. " 7 ' " - - " . .. ,. . . . - Thaaihlasj say aid awstrarna fair their hind pasiramagre, I tra.t Ibei .III all he .aland da, say hnlldny .. w hleh I. right at hand, natal may the New enr Imparl In Ikm all a " - a. ' PC pertly. I. m, .Ineer. Ke me mi lie r the .eliaroi.n imi way. Jackson. Ohln. where bargain, are always at. Carlenn Oil. heat, ! 30; Ohio, fir Teat, CHEAPEST! BEST! I haw secured the Stable al the Roil II and keep 1 I I orn -, and will h prepared to attend FUNERALS! on abort notice. tiiom ah di;i. Jan., um-U II I BALK Or BtSCAL SMTATBU Wellington C. Evans va. Nancy I . .,. I, et .: Oa td order of Bala, state of Ohio. Jackson County, aa. court of common Pleas. Notice la hereby given, thai IB pursuance of an order of sale imted out of aald court on tbe Mm day ol I . .-ember. A D l7V and to me directed aa Sheriff and (special Manser fommia- n.ner lu ..Oil i-ausr. I will offer for sal. at I tie door of i in- I ourt ll..ue. in aald county, oa watarday February IS. A. . IB7B. al one o'clock P. M of aald day, tbe following arritxsi real muw. stiuaten in in couut; of rbaon aud Hiate of Ohio, to-wit nV'etljl'.Sgfe ".i,"' t liclng a tract of land In W-M ern,r. running Inlrtv-ave iBV rods eaejL thenee thirty Si. rod. Hlh, thence iwelsr IT. rode weal, thence north to the place, of '-gin n I ns r.zc. pi nrieen iuj res t on the I suppiaieil In he nve e,;:'.7!e'lc.,r,ld, on aniiafy a judgment and decree m fasorof Wel lington i . r.sana. tllven under my hand this l day of Janusry A. D. I"7. JOHN M. EWINO, tshetlfT and ri-clal W. K. HTia... Atty for plff jyu-iw ijHtRirrs bale or Devi lrongsii , v. on Firm KAL EST at k. n Flrat Order of "al- rstate of obio. Jackaon Cosinly. as. Onort of Notice I heretty siren, that la ' an order of aale laaaasl .Kit of an Id lisirt on the . . . . . ,, ' 2tJlm"SSAJtMmmtm "17, f.., ol January. A. D l7 and I" me dirrs-t. er le at I be the i ourt House. In nld county, on Saturday. Fehrnary 18. A. D. IB7B. at one o'eloek P. M. of said day. the following desert t-d real estate, alluated la the enonl) of Jackaon and Slate of Ohio, lie-wit: of the northeast . town. hie aeven t elgr.1) a rfs. Apprataed al fa Term, of aale. cash on day of aale. To be aold aa the property of Jamr. Shrrriek. to BtaBfy B judgment and derree In favor of l- lWBiB ' Olvea ansler my hsnd this Halt Uy of Jsnua- ry. V l. l7i. J i H N M KWtM. si, (T a HperUI Master I iss'i. Lk vt Dt'sjosB. Ally tor self. Jy - TsBlTamse aatat Usjawat BsaBravr mKJt Tk. lam Praf, I rkenas .as r. null CwAleaye asf rs.r .e . Ci. how agas t, way SBBBB II.. eg sssaal, asaniu4 jjnkiW aaa unae wgBSssst -'4 f it - i ..l.aasie I I 81 1 I I nlllltlSi I Ik l.grea.. !! . eassng a sfi jaasnsawn. " SMlllir airglelwl Me. asstK. MM aatinrra n Bag I . n ..ll r ,,waJu."r'MU'TwiyB, If yan s -4 iku m4f t ens Bra star rail asatae,. an if a aa ' . rssasa, era f a, st am awss U a. 1 r-l t-ail. l " r- ' t , "OTICE. Nrdlcr Is In i i , , . r a 1B1B Unreanner B. IB7B . n. flu i .in in i.siouet of J ai k son county . Ohio. I gg,,el by nvwe than thirty legal voters fraud lag ion tne territory nereinane, i.e. ainll with an u.s u rnBjB 8SB B raying i.m If uicor.rsllon aa au Incorpornl I village, under the name of tbe -Incorpor.l I VII Inge of Wellston..' Tbe sapposnd numla hnn D uithwa,.l in .. stralahl line till II lut IJJf , mrrt , uee north to the a. e. , A u.i, . addlll-n. nloreanld. Ibeoassln , niur. and dlr.slbm with the .-..tern I. military line nt asio Austin a suuiuen tbrrvsir. Ihrnce In I he auie t.oon- I rrly .sjurs.- In tbe north line of astd aertkaa ; I tbettce west a Ion-; Her bln.artb aertwei line 'to in. place .n ' - iir-ii( i i.isimii..mi".. .. refsn I., i l.e . Ill , ... an i Ibe Audlti., ol leek- I plat ..u gle In tl I ami county . ol th. offl's- of I... he I is l-u IB n'rwiek . V M - t t HHY. W. D PHII.LIHH. II Alt I . I.I.I Js. Agnl IVtli! Ally- 11) E. M Mi so tl 4 B derl-4w SLKKiH OR SKATES, Free For Every ttoj. t nae boor ' work wl tamp to lajr Ut I Hi. north- te,. and the northweel tuartrr ouarter ofaes tloo thirteen i IX K of range twenty 3) . crania ei-r-s. mill, or lea. 7St 2t rm SdIjlZ2!li SasteTL ,. fSrawae. alt .. gt and e.s, 81 II get I tsews. ssafBd 1 cent I o'clock P. Ireahle bar pal I lew I a r. I daaarrtAsnS FIFTH i: K OF Our Own Fireside. A I.AHWK I I'dlT VK.r Illustrated Household Journal. Ii M II I'ii .In. ih. lil.T K I I : ) tl ..tltaite ot a i 1 1 lib Br. I'r. ralum 81.18 a )cnr. KtdurtMl t4) 50 Centx, WITIIOI T PKF..TIII n. Making II tbe y a J c. nt ml rlnulars. Addre. OUR OWN FIRESIDE. IY Willtao. JanylAda WE WANT '.; -:.V' AGENTS! n-n..; AGENTS! AGENTS! AGENTS! AGENTS! AGENTS! turrr. is II isiin nt. 11. Isa.s largo art . and a. mast .f later, .1 lu law. - I .h. r. naka, iiriiggiti. nrwim rrnw,. neaaa' In ho had. floe fortae Cilery ts, per gallon, aneelal t. that. T' - THAT i'VUVH PAID WEAKLY $400.00!! January j, mA mm Lensl-Kil li tSHsntba ,4.1 I waa "rE'd'S rrX TZTlul ff m In tu4 ii aa ittt tltal I lr. in raleh. rna lletl '1m hi twenty years, troobasd all II I. reaiog in my head and dl Hon Iroaa my aar Attn., t' until a Inanor Saras ad of awe h imsaenae slid It bv turn log mr rrae down . 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