Chicago Tribune from Chicago, Illinois on January 29, 1950 · 87
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Chicago Tribune from Chicago, Illinois · 87

Chicago, Illinois
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Sunday, January 29, 1950
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Plug MARIA NONTEZ. JON HALL SABB COBRA worau 'All King's Men' Is Called Best Movie-of Year By May Tines Some excellent products have been coming out of Hollywood of late, with more promised in the near future, but " All the King's Men " which you can see right now at the State-Lake theater is my personal and enthusiastic choice for the best picture of the year. There have been times when it has been a bit difficult to make a selection because several of the leading contenders have almost equal virtues, but for my money this Columbia picture is a winner on all counts. It's a vital speedy, and completely engrossing story, deftly written, intuitively directed, and perfectly cast. A thinly disguised sketch of qrle of our late politicians, the film has sweep and force and acid truth, and a wonderful performance by Broderick Crawford in the best role he's had since " Of Mice and Men." In an outstanding cast, Mercedes McCambridge, who formerly attended Mundelein college and made some of her first professional performances on station W-G-N early in her career, does expert work as Sadie Burke, a secretary who speaks the same blunt language and looks at the world with the same, greedy jaundiced eye as her boss. The novel of the same title won the Pulitzer , prize and Author Robert Penn Warren has no complaints to make of the treatment of his book. He has publicly announced his satisfaction with the movie, and so, I am sure, will the customers who see it. Simultaneously with the ol5ening of her current film, " South Sea Sinner," the perky Shelley Winters, Considered by Universal , studios as their most promising young actress, arrived in Chicago. She's been making personal appearances in various key cities thruout the country, including St. Louis, her old home town, where she was given a warm welcome by numerous relatives, and old friends. Liberace, the pianist, who is well known for local performances, is acting as her accompanist on the trip. He makes his screen debut in the film, playing a once famous concert tianist moodily strumming the keys in a low class dive on a humid island in the Pacific. Miss Winters has had few Idle moments since she won instant acclaim for her role as a dumbly adoring waitress in Ronald Cc:. man's " A Double Life." She has completed work on " A Place in the Sun which was based on Theodore Dreiser's t' An American Tragedy." - She will play opposite Jimmy Stewart for the first time in " Winchester 73," a western which includes some of the history of the famous gunsmith. After that she's due to appear in " Frenchie," a , comedy with a western background. Liberace, who appeared in the Elm on a one picture deal. enjoyed his first experience before the camera and liked California so well he bought a home out there. He has another tour scheduled, which will bring him back to the Palmer House, then goes to the coast to work in a remake of " Roberta " for Metro-GoldwynMayer, which is to star -Frank Sinatra and Gene Kelly. Claire Trevor, who won an academy award for the brief but brilliant bit she did in " Key Largo," stopped over between trains, wearing a handsome gold bracelet which has two replicas of the famous Oscar statuette dangling from a wide band. , Accompanied by her husband, she was on her way to New York for business discussions in connection with her latest film, "Borderline," which is something of an experiment, and which other stars and independent producers are watch. ing with interest Miss Trevor and Fred MacMurray, who also has an interest in the movie, are working without salary, in lieu of which they will take a proportionate share of the eventual profits. , Huston Tells Newcomers: Every Part Is Important ITOLLYWOODThat dean of actors, Walter Huston, gave some sage counsel to a group of ambitious newcomers working with him in "The Furies." " Remember, no matter how s m all the part, youre the star when the camera is on you," said the white-thatched Academy Award winner. Sladnish Film VMS.,r - Rafael Rival te s sters in "Don Quixote," Spanish film with English suls-tittes, whioh just opened 41 tlio World Pleyhouss6 TRI3LTNE 'All the King's Men' Mercedes Mc Cambridge tells off Boss Broderick Crawford while - John Ireland stands by in "All the King's Men" at the State-Lake Theater Notes w If all goes well, Bert Lahr will ( be a general of sorts in World War II in a musical called " The Brass Monkey" Gladys Cooper is returning to the English stage in a comedy called " The Hat Trick." Cavendish Productions has hopes of giving Chi-, cago a comedy by Mike Stratton wand Walter Armitage, " We're On Our Own," with other shows to follow "Ice Capades of 1950 " opens March 14 in the Chicago Arena and runs thru April 2, with a " Walt Disney Toy Shop " the highlight of the new show, - - Turn about sometimes isn't just fair play, but good playing. When Joseph Wiseman was trying to get a theater start he finally had to resort to an Italian company, learning the words phonetically with the aid of a veteran Italian actress, sther,Minciotti. Later, his luck turned, and in recent seasons he played with Katharine Cornell in " Anthony and Cleopatra," returning to her company in That Lady" after a vivid bout with the more spectacular of the two burglars in New York's " Detective Story." When he saw that one of the roles in " That Lady " was that of a duenna, he suggested Mrs. Minciotti, and she got the job. So after 50 years of trouping the American born actress is making her debut on the English speaking stage. Just last year, too, Hollywood captured her, for " Undercover Man," " Shockproof " and House of Strangers." The Uptown Players will present " Two Blind -Mice," by Samuel Spewack, in the Eleventh Street theater the evenings of Feb. 9 and 11, at 8:30, and the afternoon of Feb. 12, at 2:45. , Ann Myth an Actress Since She Was 5 HOLLYWOODAnn Blyth, now co-staring with Robert Montgomery in " Once More, My Darling," has spent more than three-fourths of her life as an actress having made her professional debut at the age of 5 on New York's radio station WIZ. The star made her first stage appearance in al Watch On the Rhine" at the age of 13. Genuine Pow Pole HOLLYWOODWalter Huston, who plays a cattle baron of the 1880's in Hal Wallis' " The Furies," is a genuine cow puncher. He owns a 13,000 acre cattle ranch near Porterville. Cal. - -D 0 W NT 0 W N Continuous 10:45 A. M. to Midnite CAST OF 40 PEOPLE Pius Oh Screen, "Barbary Pirates" G5e eti; te 4 ; attt. taki Errol FLYNN. Greer SARGON. W. PIDGEON "THAT FORME WOMAN" Totten motor. with Float. 'fauna. Janet Leiais Jean Davis, Andy Devine. A. Jensen in "THE TRAVELING SALESWOMAN" Phn LATEST NE WS-COIOR CA RTOON. YORLD PLAYHOUSE OPee 410 S. Michigan Ave. II:45 CERVANTES 'GREAT STORY "DON QUIXOTE" IN ALL ITS ROMANCE. WIT. PLEASURE FOLLIE BURLESQUE S STATE nd CONGREsS LUCKY 31.t11-tR IN EXTRA PIG - - STAGE REVUE "TEM WENt-R PmrincrSho,king Extra! N A RCOTICs-,,-Japanese Pipe Dream Arttlir.g Gam-boteia Sat. CLARK ' CIL-:TRFKRIIIOMWA4 A:ST "PRISON WARDEN and Won Berle in "Always Leave 'em Laughing" SUBURBAN EVANSTON OR SNOW TIMES Paeae Re401eat 6-34011 161( VARSITY 1710 SharmanWilliam ladeoelt. eon, Drake "DANCING IN THE DARK" T 1" t."," plul litoroId Resew". Poll:ry Neat. Ritlfiwd Told "HASTY HEART" B&K VALENCIA 156 ShermanA Imrs tvth R twit 111 IPPoPtlrY "ONCE MORE, MY DARLING" D"i 1 "Traveling Saleswoman" A otv ()ovum it'll CORONET Ii7 CtIrego AveotooTyronto Pipinw. Wipes thwitrill "PRINCE OF FOXES" ONO 1101,0,1 "'Sent Sorban' Plaki. Robert Ihstioe "AND BABY MAKES THREE", HIGMAND PARK ---- ALCYON ALWATfa Tr rt 1-14T-44, TAT-GHINCi LAKE EOREST----- DEERPATH John Wasne, Jrbn Afar arl Adele mar& ' "SANDS OF Two JIMA" ta In 'Malaya' , 411110 Spencer Tracy gives Ms full attention to Valentina Cortesa in a scene from "Malaya," now on the screen ' at the Oriental. - -DOWNTOWN 1:111 'RONALD REACAlf. PATRICIA NEAL RICHARD TODD It 1 Haintyl. 11eall't I.:I ) ,;,, :aik. U T1 0, Jr7viNs 'if "DANCINd IN THE DARK" TECHNICOLOR 88LOA LOHNE: HAI AR: VE PIERRE In iv ice 191 MIZE -ADDEO 01111, I AMERICAN PREMIERES ON ONE GREAT SHOW! DARINGLY ,ç DIFFERE! NT Viviano I oRomance i vows? pAR1S.4 UDI I 0 ::Se nA I , 1- nr fit. .twAll , NEC , MAC. CLARK op 7:43 A. M. Lath Show 3 AM. Open I 0:45 A.M. t. VBROADWA RI, lErtmk WINE k E NORTH Ile It IL elan stiCnifira THE HASTY HEART" A gratifying blend of artful story end inspired acting which combine to produce a stimulating motion picture experience. Cchard Todd's portrsval of a disillusioned young man is a skillfully wrought bit of acting artisty. Ronald Resgan end Patricia Neal head the supporting cast at 200. COO. 600, 8:00, 10:10 And THE ESQUIRE HOUR! "A tight little comedy of pure gold." TIME magaztee. 2111lie II.' ----Vveiv) illr"lb ,,' T-11;;Y ' :1'-'1.0111 it it WEEK , -111------ , LITTLE ISLAIID' I i Today es 2 30. 4 4S la 1 I S. 10 OD CIAIL10101 S irrit ft IF AND ON ON TEATRO SuuFTNt :t4t ESSEX Just East of Sdway. at Sheridan 3900 North For these who seareti out owl find the best in foreign flimst MURDER AND THE JEW BILI ("THE AFFAIR SLUM") I :50-3 :55-6 :00-15 :05-10 AO M EA L 163 N. Lambe(' Open I:00 Last Feature Starts 10:52 P. NI GENE; KELLY, ANN MILLER. JULES muNsarN "ON THE TOWN" fleXPT "TIIE BIG WHEEL" ROONEY LANE CT. Astruicitir;i: 9c, 1e,00HITITIR2 P . m. Jane Wyman. 'LADY TAKES A SAILOR" Dennis ,Ntoraan. STORT OF MOLLY X' WINDSOR 1l5 Clark Open 11:45 -Paulette Goddard. Brorktirk Crawrora. ANNA IrCASTA" Also Louts flayirard Binnie Barnes. TIELATES OF CAM CA LO - 104 N. flarkManroes O'Hara '14 AO DA D"Technicolsr Claucietre Contort ERIDE FOR SALE- OIL 12:10 ROSCO 211-4 4 Roscoe-4 Technico)or Ms fintnn. HOT & BLUE" John Wants "SHE, WORE A TELLOW RIBBON" MUSIC BOX 3,73,:,8'2.tphl-Zily-7:1"J"P Jan WFrout. ft Niorgan. 'LADY TAKES A SAILOR SUBURBAN NORTH-- OPEN 8:45 A. M. 3501 TEATR , 1:0 DIRECT FROM THE LOOP At Our Psipular A imam's. 'ERROL GREER WALTER "LYNN Pt GARSON W PIDGEON RORERT YOUNGIIANET LLIGN 'THAT FORSYTE WOMAN' I. Teoheinklor GLENCOE OPEN 4 30 starts 21PS FIRST NORTH !WORE sHowiko TynoNE oRsoN wAlgoik POWER Pk WELLES HE HENDRIX "PRidCE OF FOXES': STADIUM kDIUM Ptl" 31747 DENNIS MORGAN-IANIE WYMAN "THE LADY TAKES A SAILOR" , Roy ROGERSTRIGGERCOLOR itto "BELLS OF CORONADO"It AMUSEMENT - Top Mo filer Role. HOLLYWOODF a y Holden, ' the mother in the Hardy films. was Cecil B. De Mille's choice for the most important "mother" role of her careerthe mother of - Samson in the biblical drama, "Samson and Delilah." t-- DOWNTOWN I DOWNTOWN BALABAN & KATZ WONDER THEATERS-VM,11 1 Top Bathing Suit, Model Begins Work on Movie HOLLYWOOD Voted the 'Swim Suit Siren Most Likely to Sucaed," shapely Georgia Clancy has already begun living up to the rosy prediction. ' The 24 year old bathing suit model recenSly was signed by producer-Hal Wallis to appear in the movie September " with stars Joan Fontaine and Joseph Cotten. The "most likely to succeed title was conferred on the red-haired green eyed beauty as the result of a natiohal poll of American bathing suit manufacturers. 5ertic or a- Sto 11OF 12 NOON,r, Loa Show 10 On ir LAST 5 DAYS! ,0404,wookuktimititowil47. , -a ., , -, ,,1-01-,,oidt,-- Rosalind Robert ' a RUSSELL CUMMINGS 7---- in 3-001,---5; 7;11 It , ---;-- To The r- -ieh E1G YOUNG MARIE McDONALO At VP ,44;" ,,,,, ... , A Coitmbia Kill H StageIN PERSON okincompo;able 1 egarde e MERE I won CHARLENE RUSSELL LANE BROS. LARRY ADLER LOUIS BASIL - & Orchestre Open 9 cwt. 50 C se 1 P.PR km in0.3 Open S: IS ern. 50, 2 p.m. item Int) NORTH DALA BA N p ATZ THEATERS La Telephone a IA Randolph 6-5300 Erroi I-LYNN. 6reer 6APiwitv. moaner PiLitALLIN 'THAT FORSYTE WOMAN' Color! Plus DONALD REAGAN. PATRICIA NEAL RICHARD TOOD "HASTY HEART" VSNERWAN:i At DIM RA A1:i JOHN WAYNE-JOPIN AGAR-ADELE MARA "SANDS OF IWO JIMA" "THE SALESWOMAN" Y We litam POWELL. Betsy DRAKE. Mark STEVENS ) "DANCING IN THE DARK" Techni. Pius Donald Woods DB, Billitioit iP., ealart "BARBARY PIRATE!! ins - MLitt, Iv, ,, I., ii William POWELL. Betsy DRAKE. Mark STEVENS "DANCING IN THE DARK" Techni- color Plus RONALD REAGAN PATRICIA NEAL RICHARD "HASTY HEART" 1000 1635 Belmont Ave. B" BELMONT TYRONE POWER WANDA "PRINCE of FOXES" HENDRIX Plus Robert Montgomery. Ann Myth, Jens Cowl "ONCE MORE, MI DARLING" 1749 Howard Street "K N 0 RS HORE MILTON BERLE "Always Leave Them Laughing" Plus Seoft Brady "Port of New York" K. T. Stevens NORTOWN 6320 WesternOpen 1:00 TYRONE POWER WANDA "PRINCE of FOXES" HENDRIX Plus MILTON BERLE VIRGINIA MAYD "Always Leave Them Laughing" 2653 North Clark St. "IC COV ENT Color!GENE KELLY FRANK "ON THE TOWN" SINATRA Plus Scott IlltetlY 'PORT OF NEW YORK' K. T. Steven. BEd( PANTHEON Direct From Lood1 True Drama et 4642 Sheridan Grit. Guts- El lord "DESERT 1" HOWARD VICTORY" 1621 Howard St. - ohm "TUNISIAN VICTORY" "4 LAKESIDE "4 LAKESIDE -4730 Sheridan Bead Special-Return Shelving! CLARK GABLE 'CALL of the WILD" Jerk Landon's PI" Brue. "WILD BILL HICKOCK" Cabot 8" GINE' 2510 Devon Open ZO Tetheleoler!Gene KELLY '1" "ON THE TOWN" SINATRA Extra! Cele tIARy COOPED SNOW Cpsturette! lo CARNIVAL" ,41 CAA' MAWS from 245 p.m. MILTON BERLE l VIRGINIA MAYO, "ALWAYS LEAVE THEM LAUGHING" CP'THE BERT LAHR. Ras ROkto rnegle Showtims: 2-3:55 USI4 AT OAX 4-43-10 A D ELPHI 7:704:1-.10C3r11 OPEN 5:151 GENE BETTY FRANK KELLY PI GARRETT Pk SINATRA "ON THE TOWN"i Mossiest alas Featurstte Cary Cooper -SNOW ICAATR244141.07 NEWS. CARTOON sad Latest 'MARCH OF TINE' , ii44 In TECHNI- , il:R. Keny,setty Garret. vora.ECZI-011 r! W ' DE LUXE , "ON THE TOWN" Marla, Must. .111ARY PVAPC 1)ETEctivrr' :InlICENTERW4: YEAR S TOP TEC4R1EOLOR MUSICALL "OH THE TOWN" Elms RELL,E. Frank SINATRA. Aye MILLER """"'" "ANNA LUCASTA"- GODDARD LINCOLN T ire Groot ;::;4G B Y4 14Aivtle.! 1 ir I HAD WY wAY" EAST SIDE OF HEAVEN' CITY HOR3,2,4Ht.::vittri-CDROEUEW and "SPIDER WOIIIKW STRIKES SACK" Erfrs: SPOOK SPEAKS COMEDY Rod CA RTPOIII WILMETTE OPEN 12-3 0, E L k "WITHOUT HONOR C " L:::"49):Y stir, a aNI f LEO GOPCEYeow tit.'" povs KE I LA SHORE sFs l'71'17 "ANGELS IN DISOLII o Sr I -BAGTIATI" II,NE IP, rv AN -LADY TA'cF A 0 471441 ' rum "INDIAN AGENT", 1 MAURE' "A" "N" l'illGAN MOLT ' 145. t .3 O. T .30. 10 41 343. 5 41. 11-36 f4 50d to,4 Inc. tax tvpi tfrcvsktorslEveltyliao . A BOLD STORY OF .A DELICATE--"" SUBJECT EVERY GIRL SHOULD SEE! SAMUEL GOLDWYN presents JAMES STEWART THE ADVENTURER" where you kiss a girl with your eyes wide openam:I a gun in our hand! Co Staffing VALENTINA CORTISA i SYDNEY DREENSTREET 1441101W-CASTits. DLITCSASAW II ti i-t JOHN HODIAK r ' ---.,c,10NEL EARRYMORE 1, .,, i ,,,,,... ft "TR 00,111194101NT 1.4 'tl. quit st. soor .1 ',...,trf 0 :;;:',4., 71:: 4000- -.... BUSTER SHAVER. poi His tiny Sifts. OLIVE. 6E016E, IICHARD MARCUS TROUPE tyjik 77 CARL SANDS IV OUNES1101 with BOB DEU, 1 'Thelma Jordon' A love affair behveen Wendell Corey and Barbara. Stanytyck leads . to trouble with the law in "Thelma Jordon:1 At the Roosevelt. - 3, A BIG SHOTwho bought his monbewitched his women! Comities Pictures' ,C; "BEST AIL Tim TONG'S 7AEN",9- Pglia tt, YEAR" d BRODERICK CRAWFORD V64, tios No, C... JOANNE DRU JOHN IRELAND - JOHN DEREK MERCEDES McCAMBRIDGE thi g2.4 A k iss and Kahn Sond Them Imo 0, 4 ' Oiled rt er 1 ,:,0"--.0, ilzmnd kso Kilts ,41 re prfteo,' LGM !e:2 '1"ROBIAT TAYLOR JOHN IICITAKARLENEDAlit ..,,,: Barbara STANWYCK .J,Ae n dell COREY :Alto nst Paul KELLY p.i ..0" Joan ILIZEL t hi NAL Nur productioniz----, NORTH JULIAN 901;EBelmont i2:i$ 3 g:TEODIEN:" STOOGES, BELLS OF CORONADO" Color! Roy ROGERS ANDY DEVINE PRAIRIE PIRATES," TEX WILLIAMS SHERIDAN 4038 Sheridan Rd.Open 1i20 2 Outstanding Nits! MILTON BERLE. Virginia MAYO. Ruth ROMAN "Always Leave Them Laughing" Paulette Goddard, &sear Memo lea, Bred. Crawford "ANNA LUCASTA" VOGUE 3810 B r oal.;a8y-0;40EP.NON:E311(1 ORSON WELLESWANDA HENDRIX "PRINCE OF FOXES" SING CROSBY-,-W. C. FIELDSBEN TURPIN it the New Mark Sennett Corned), Hit! "DOWN MEMORY LANE" DEVON 6225 Broadway-2 CARTOONS! New Thrills in Technieolor! Lassie Is Wanted by the Laws "CHALLENGE TO LASSIE" Edmund GwennCionald CrispGeraldine Brooks plus HOPALONG CASSIDT 64THE FRONTIERSMAN" ',MODE TEgNgoRLK0:1 LAN 3912 Sheridan CLAIRE TREVOR Open iCaetnnn! "RENEGADES" BERTHA RANDOLPH SCOTT 4717 Lincoln GLENN FORD Open I2Cartoon I "DESPERADO ES" 400 6746 SheridanOPEN 1:30 Story ei a Girl Whe Passed for White "PINKY." Jeanne Crain, Ethel Berrymere, Ethel Waters, William Lundigan 'MANHATTAN ANGEL' 021 BIOGRAPH Romantic Comedy Hitt LADY NoN YEI s YiTmAYoKe 11AG:A ,3E3 NI-11.12741 BUCK , SAILOR" SAILOR" LOUIS HAYWARD 33I9 N. Clark BINNIE BARNES OPEN I:30 "PIRATES OF CAPRI" DAVIS 4614 Lincoln Ave.OPEN I:00 MILTON BERLE VIRGIN MAYORUIN ROMAN "Always Leave Them Laughing" Tyrone PowerOrson WellesWanda Hendrix "PRINCE OF FOXES" ARGMORE 1040 Argyi.OPEN 1:30 2 Very Best Featurtel COLBERT PV0117G raltIT "BRIDE FOR SALE" Mallpeen Melvyn Gloria O'HARA " DOUGLAS W GRAHAME "A WOMAN'S SECRET" VIC VIC Sheffield-Belmont "L"--OPEN :30 TYRONE POWER ORSON WELLESWANDA NENBRIX "PRINCE OF FOXES" Laraine DAVDan CLARKFraneh.t TONE "WITHOUT HONOR" a -a-v , os w4soorgli , -k 0g4.4490 s Vitittarot POWELLMark STE VENSTethnicolor! 'DANCING IN THE DARK' BOWERY BOYSHONYZ HALLLEO GORCEY "ANGELS IN DISGUISE" Plus in toierl CARY COOPER. "SNOW CARNIVAL" PLUS 2 TECHNICOLOR HITS! - AI'M3- it ITPP174 I ANN, NV it 1; ow Mark Bolt POWELL. STEVENS CRAKE sit23 W. litertroset ROSEWOOD FREE PARKINGI Rev:ew Feattp-e I S5 1 4 -cc 3 -40--S 45 . -.4 lemeet,042 x4 Itcs:41 000- 15 CART0011S 151,7-Kv9 1.411:AnottpecooGAq 8:15-10-15 0 liwe 1 0 . 1m TYV.2,NE FCWERCPSON WELLS D imp,. wY Mar 16111' "Lady Takes A Sailor"' nn lk I" r ,,,, ,.,...... eais isa PRINCE OF FOXES I COED itiO MITIPP Am 011-,. ramp. V Os "1,- 46 V t 1 Loren lv, T, C' "k - piNINLy. 1-.ITEIC K7 FONOE't 4.- , - , , ,,, 0..E-e AI , A a Ilk 1141. & iG 21E5. 1:30 1 lteo -----DOWNTOWN HELD OVER 5Ht BIG WEEKS RHO GRAND LATE FEATURE AT 12:20 AIM. Opons 9:45 r 1 .0.40,, tompiiki-AA DFRANCHOT TORE C. Sa ?" BURGESS MEREDITH ROBERT HUTTON CHAS LAUGHTON - WEST D ALABAN D. EtATZ THEATER'S 1211 Telephone IWIE It Randolph 6-5300 ItrMARBROr'cuwl William row bcyby truokekt. Marlpi t CAS "DANCING IN THE DARK" , T"hnicolor! plus Ronald Reagan, Patricia Neal. Richard Todd , "HASTY HEART" 04PARADISEMZt Errol FLYNN, tireer tiABSON, Waiter FiLiutON THAT FOHSYTE WOMAN" Techni; color. glue Robert Montgomery, Ann Blyth. Jan. Cowl "THAT FOHSYTE WOMAN' "ONCE MORE, MY DARLING" B" STATE 58J4 West Madison JOHN WAYNE. JOHN AGAR "SANDS OF IWO JIMA" plus Scott Brady K. T. Stevens 'PORT OF NEW YORK' B&K CENT. PK 3535 Roosevelt Rd. TYRONE POWER WANDA HENDRIX, "PRINCE OF FOXES" plus Warner Baxter. Anna Lee, "PRISON WARDEN" 85k SENATE Tyrone PowSeir2.8WWanedsta Hendrix Madiwn "PRINCE OF FOXES" pitto Milton Benin "ALWAYS LEAVE THEM LAUGHING" rntriut LIP tUALb' ;MPS Ifilitell Berm I NORTHWEST "ALWAYS LEAVE THEM LAUGHING" snnvvanvanccnvccnb B&K MANOR 5609 West North Avenue LIBERTY Fullerton ' 8 HITS! Tyrone Power. 'Wanda Hendrix Orson Welles. "PRINCE OF FOXES" plus ALLAN LANE. "OREGON TRAIL SCOUTS" Scott Brady. K. T. Stevens "Port of New York"' "PRAIRIE PIRATES," TEX WILLIAMS B&K BEVY STRAND I641 Roosevelt Rd Paulette Goddard Broderick Crawford. "ANNA LUCASTA" plus Laraine Day. Dane Clark. "WITHOUT HONOR" AMERICAN 8 N. AshlandOPEN Rementie Cemedy Hit! Jane WYMANDennis MORGANEva ARDEN "LADY TAKES A SAILOR,'Binnie Barnes Louis Hayward. 'PIRATES OF CAPRI"Thrilier! to JOY 1611 W. Roosevelt--"Wild Bill Hickok" iN COLORS ANDY DEVINE "BELLS OF ROY ROGERS CORONADO" "Trapped by BOSTON BLACKIE." Chester Morris CRAWFORD '29 13 e9f ritv;1117c17117. THRILLERS! Randolph Randolph SCOTTEduardo CIANELLI 'PARIS BOMBSHELL" MARIA MONTEZTURHAN BET 'RAIDERS in the DESERT' BYRD hi ad i son-CTI 7rRoi-3-NCEA RPTOVENI; ORSON WELLESWANDA HENDRIX "PRINCE OF FOXES" LOUIS HAVWARD-BINNIE BARNES "PIRATES OF CAPRI" 3210 Madison St. at Kedzia Presents ANNA MAGNANI I r.- heMo.tINCompeilinttN-7.; 4", , I Truly a story im .ir the thatat!ba al:elpinte a you. imam. I 1 I You tom its drama .. ita music its Fury. Is-eAdGdoeloidonCAylkolicOo ILITiltaly A i Ina a pa a Also ick 1 IJA Symphonle Faaturatts With the Natitonal Philharmonic 1 Symphony Orehestra and mixed chorus. ' Fred Fahr. conductor. VO I ENGLISH TITLES Feature Times: 2 MO-4 MO-0 MOII MO-10 -00 I KEDZIE 3204 MADISON STREET; 1 2-POPULAR MIMI Robed Mitchum Janet Leigh! MITCHUM IN A NEW KIND OF ROLES 1 "HOLIDAY AFFAIR" 11 GENE AUTRY AND CHAMPION 'Riders of Whistling Pines'' IMPERIAL Matine:,2r2L-1;5AUTN,LTEIIHOW!' Gino Ketty. Vera-Ellen. Frank SinatrarERNi Sono Ratty. Vera-Ellen. Frank Sinatra COLOR RV TECHNICOLOR! "ON THE TOWN" on. Stott Brady. K. T. Stevens "PORT OF NEW YORK" plus Cartoon. Comedy Leto News WEST END ROY ROGERS 'BELLS OF CORONADO' "Treasure of Monte Cristo" 1st Chap. "Radar Patrol vs. Spy King" & Cantonal TAR-GARTER 815 W. Itacti,on Omit $ AL AL ALL TECHNICOLOR PROGRAM Ma'uocen O'Hare. vIncent Price, "BAGDAD 011ie Roy Bosons, BELLS OF CORONADO"' STAR-GARTER I CALIFORNIA 3434 W. '2 t h St. JANE WYMAN "LADY TAKES A SAILOR" Louis Hayward. "PIRATES OF CAPRI" ROY ROGERS. "BELLS OF CORONADO" 4 STAR 2418 W. Mad Ison--In Technicolor! Macdonald Carey. William Benda Wm. Holden. ' STREET S OF LAREDO'. HC1115" Fonda, Jchn Wayne. Vie. McLaglen, 'Fort Apache ; "Vi AYS LEAVE MARSHALL SQ. D;G' D;G' D;G' , and Scott BradT. K. T. Stevens - -"PORT OF NEW YORK' f AVEillE 306 S. Cicero-3 Technicolor Rita! ''GAL WHO TOOK TEE WEST" John Wayne "SHE WORE A YELLOW RIBBON" SAVOv . 4348 )48disonIn Technieninr 1-FIE STOUT Or FEABISCUIT'' Viro Maturk Betty Hutton fled. Jim and Blue' LoormsMOtm MILO 1821 -AIWATR LEAVE THEM LAI-GHING" Sentt Brady. PORT OF NEW YORK" WVITE PALICE Denims Mnrran. Jane Wy-in 'LTP AT TAKES A An Aoa- pima -A WOMAN'S SECTLET" ROAD 71,. somilnEdam.ánon CKW1CK Opel 17ooLAFT PAT! Gene Kell". Frank Drumm "1"; TEM rm-s-- 1---troccior I -DES PLALVES DES PLAIN ES - LEMaVtlE"InT7Z, LAUGIELING' A, 1.P.eta 'rim" at capri --ER 0 0 STRAND "SEABP,-CUIT" roller! nth SHIRLET TEMPLE and "RECKLEF.5- MOMENT" FIrrirr JAMFC MAQ-cIN FRANKLIN PARK - Barri Fitztersiel ROSE- "STORY JOIr EAPT5eVIT" Color I plus Ifickep Rooney. WEILL" Mears Sunitty Travis: Jas. 29, 1950 Part 7Page 3 aSection CTORY - DOWNTOWN - t. 50C to 12 noon ALLAN LANE. "OREGON TRAIL SCOUTS" "PRAIRIE PIRATES," TEX WILLIAMS 3 CARTOONS 3 STOOGES 3 LAFF RIOTS "JAMES BROS." First Show Only! EMBASSY 3940 Full.--On. 30Cartoon! Tyrene Power, Orson Welles "PRINCE OF FOXES" , Pius the New Exciting Mystery Hit! "MARY RYAN, DETECTIVE" IRVIN Paulette GoddardOscar NoinataaOrod. etcetera "ANNA LUCASTA" Laraine DAYDane CLARKFranchet TONE "WITHOUT HONOR" INVOkawymtuses rwliamEt 4,0444 444440 ;444rrice Gad IWO WO Claudette , Robert Comae COLBERT Pk YOUNG Sk BRENT "BRIDE FOR SALE" - Maureen Melvyn Gloria O'HARA - DOUGLAS GRAHAME "A WOMAN'S SECRET" CROWN 1607 W. DivisionOPEN 10 A. 04. IN TECHNICOLOR! Frank J., Gen - Betty Ann Sinatra Kelly A Garrett A Miller "ON THE TOWN" iNt HALL. Frances LANGFORD. Dirk FORAN Russell HAYDEN. 4DEPUTY MARSHAL" -'9111 littAeT7 Ate 7.111'ilte 41114RLE M NEWISr FREE ROBERT MONTGOMERY - ANN MYTH "ONCE MORE, MY DARLING" SCOTT BRADY - K. T. STEVENS "PORT OF NEW YORK" IiVAIWOSVM411 COLOR B TECHNICOLOR! Gene KELLY, Ereek SINATRA, Betty GARRETT "ON THE TOWN" MILTON BERL MAYO E VIRGINIA BERT LAHR "Always Leave Them Laughing" TYRONE POWER-ORSON WELLS "PRINCE OF FOXES" RCBERT YOUNG-BARBARA HALE 'AND BABY MAKES THREE' c r A.J,1 CK--,..),)14 vvtu-b "PRINCE OF FOXES" ROBERT YOUNGBARBARA HALE 'AND BABY MAKES THREE' MILFORD N.- 3319 N. Puiaski Rd. OD. V00 11-' rt: -, ' 6 up. t2:4S-34.33 West north Two Action-Packed Hits! Halt "DEPUTY MARSHAL" Disk Forst Louis 'PIRATES of CAPRI' Binnia Hirevoord , rrli , GRAIND COMMODORE 1105 W. Ireinglea" Crain. Ethel Berryraore "PINKY Wilham lAtndigan pluHa "STORY of MOLLY X. m 'HARA. VINCENT PRICE OAK MAUREEN O"BAGDAD" TECHNICOLOR 1 Plus "Tonlorrolir Is Forever" METRO230r Lavrmtre Matinee 17M Warner Butter, PRISON WARDEN" 31ILTON BERLE "ALWAYM KEEP THEM LAUGHING" !ITREEWAsuEREKO."at;h".:roll;.-Trburin2cR7sTAodam35,39sxri. Stli3URBAN AI CICE110 6I56 CERMAK MATINEE DAILY 2 Star Studded Technicolor Hits! ;;;Tr, etrZ, 'A'VL "THAT HAUTE WOMAN" EdMuiid ft::0141 LASSIE "CHALLENGE TO LASSIE" PALACE3 FP7rItuan l'oc;in""4.1)nnHil 110nKe1: "HANGMEN ALS plE"--PriAtiaer of Japan . . . ,... plaa A W.OMAN'S ALCRET" 1 VILLA C Milton Retie. Tirainta Mayo "A 'LAVA Tia -TAM, Thrm LA (-4ifilNG3725 Rrpogerelt Pen 1.30 June Bine- "STORY OF MOLLY X" Dot. Mart "THE GREAT WALTZ,- MAYINCIOD I,xl.nn ".c.f-',"-r. IT VT Tt" Two lid Ben WitsDINECT FIROld LOOP RONALD 4., BICMAND PATNICIA-! REAG AN TODD Pk , NEAL "HASTY HEAtaTlyi wiLL,AN 4, WANK BETSY POWELL Pt STEVENS lir opAvE DANCING 111 THE DARK MUSIC! ROMAPCE! los TEciponcoLon! YALE -ALWAYS tr,4";"; TT.17f.VArt1:111111:7. Jute Havoc, "51011I or MOLLY IV' '0;:, DOWNTOWN ---- ,---NORTHWEST--. 1BALtA01,BpAheNne & KATRIndZhEtTs3E0oRS - ' ILWAIINEE4 Gre,e bOitibtO el. trial k LYNN. Walter PIULLON "THAT FORSYTE WOMAN" T,entIVI. plus Ronald Reagan "HASTY HEART" Patricia Neal ESCONGRES WjHián PUWLL L. beiss Ltha Is E. Mara ST E V EN "DANCING IN THE DARK" Tafhalsolor I plus Robert Montgomery. Ann Rlyne "ONCE MORE, MY DARLING" Open 0:15 Ronald REAGAN. Patricia PEAL RICHARD "HASTY HEART" TODD plus MILTON BERLE. atralnia Mayo. Bert Loh? "Always Leave Them Laughing" B&K TERMINAL TYRONE POWER Orson Welles 3313 Lavirenta Wanda Nendrin 1" C RYStA -"PRINCE 2705 W. North Ave. OF FOXES" B" BILTMORE plus Stott Brady K. T. Stevens 2046 W. Division "PORT OF B&K BEES ARK 3231 N. Cicero NEW YORK" B" PORTAGE 4050 MilwaukeeGana Kelly. Frank Sinatra "ON THE TOWN" 84' "'Tett Tochntrolari nIt's V""I " Trudy Marshall BARBARY PIRATES" 8" Will Borers gilt,' Ethel Barrymore. "PINKY" plus Pauletto Goddard. Broderick Crawlerd. "ANNA EUCASTA's B&K DRAKE 3548 Montroso '1'14 'MAKE Broderick Crawl Paulette Goddard. "ANNA LOCASTA" plus June Havoc. 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