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A definite- iinniwvf'lk techniaue handling the more astute leaders of thought hesitate to" draw very definite or fixed conclusions. The reader demands' a. definite explanation, with as fixed: conclusion, has only to choose hjs writers in accordance, with whatever conclusion he desire. Such YORK Ctt9 (CmMsbW INS, UcCoy EsilUl amic Lc Angt.M. CtU Wghly controversial fcgislatlve prob mmk ym PICKING LOCKS ASA Communication! lor Or.

McCot iKMlrv tddrcwed to- McCoy Fubllettien. Infer- 6W Scuta Aidmr- Tnu. Lot writers, doubtless start wlth the. conclusion lems seems to have crystallized outJfthe farm relief and There is so much-similarity between the How to Increase Your-1- NOW; NO MAN" fi TAND A PUBLISHING COMPANY At Nos. 121, 123.

125 West Broadway. Butte, Mont. iNews or communication! Intended for publication In the Montana Standard should be addressed "Editor." Montana Standard." Letters relating to advertising, subscriptions or any business matters should be addressed to the Standard Publishing Co. Published by STANDAR PUBLISHING COMPANY DAILY Ss SUNDAY MONTANA STANDARD (By Carrier) One Week One Month Six Months (in advance) 6.75 One Year (in advance) 11.00 MAIL SUBSCRIPTION Delivered by Mall to Vour Addreu To Postofflces In Montana Oxygen Capacity presldentla CAN, EQUAL A yd HIM IN 15 and then sort the, supporting material, to fit theconclusion.lThls may be quite satisfying to the reader" until glaring flaws are5xposed such as were exposed in the once-pgpular doctrine of technocracy then the reader' is inclined to scrap the whole thing. Doubtless the new trend in reading will bear fruit in a wider public understanding of economics and history.

But ther will perhaps also be quite a few discerning readers who will, in the meantime, develop a preference for rnateal which at the outset is labeled fiction. -SKILL method of- endeavoring to enlist all active factions In congress behind his proposals In both cases that it'in-: vites attentloni-1' irke siMPtAM it is to be re PRODUCE called that pledged ONE FtoUND-J hi of himself to get eewna any cm up which farm spokesmen could agree. Unable to induce such an agree Any part of the body that la working hard will need more oxygen than parts which ar That is why a man who is running a long race will strain for breath to furnish his muscles with more oxygen. A person with anemia or heart trouble will not get enough 'oxygen to the tissues which require it, and, therefore, suffers from a shortness of only alight activity. Plenty of oxygen Is required for health and it Is also i beneficial in recovering from dis-" ease.

That is the reason I so often advise my readers to secure fresh air by deep breathing, especially out of doors. A good supply of fresh air-is always helpful (to and the only time that deep breathing is not advised is where there is present disease of. the lungs that might be spread or made worse by the increased activity, though. FOSTERING DISTRUST. the administration cut the Dally and Sunday 8.00 Sunday Only 3.00 1.50 'Outside of the State (In" Advance) Daily "and.

Sunday 900 4.75 Sunday only 3.00 1.50 To Canada Daily and Sunday $6.00 Sunday Only 4.00 2.00 knot by including all the major proposals within the scope of the bill It. 2S .00 2b 1.00 .40 570 "WOBtKlNaA LIFE. TIME- M-PRpnted: That tsractically insured support of the the toll! as a rt Th kv to the-situation was that 6 WEEKS IS -ffiE. AVERAGE LIFE OP-tflE HOMEy BEE all-methods-were made "permissive instead of mandatory. It was left to fViA crpfnrv of sericulture to se The prospects for international accord on a wide front and for general agreement on arms limitations have been considerably weakened by, the outright hostilities which the German nazi government has engendered at-home and the general feeling of distrust which it rias fostered abroad.

It is difficult, at best, for one nation to -understand and' appreciate the motives underlying the activities -and contentions of another. An interchange of confidence is necessary for an approach to any form of international agreement. "The setting of one class against another, press censorship, "and lect and apply thafacSmSeT JbV'ANMENSLEy' SWEETENED TO TASTE. Official Paper Silver Bow County MEMBERS OP THE ASSOCIATED PRESS The Associated Press is exclusively entitled to the use, for publication, of all news dispatches credited to It or not otherwise credited In this paper, and also the local news published herein. Entered as second-class matter at the postoffice.

at Butte, Montana, under Act of Congress, March 3, 1879. NATIONAL ADVERTISINO. REPRESENTA-TTVES-Pfaddesr King Prualenj- New San Francisco, Los Angeles, Seattle. And to sweeten it to general legiS' latlve taste, the farm mortgage re OF ORLANpO, Weicjhed more: TflAH HALF HiH. VYEWHT A-C9 ACE lief proposals were agaea as a new x.

Dcc.ron,' Chairman Smith of the senate ag the proscription of ideas and Ideals hy any. riculture committee, "whose powerful support was won despltfl his distaste; for the -leasing and allotment plana, likened the bill to a sand-. wich-wfith a tasty top slice his own government does not foster such air exchange of confidence. Now the nazis, in less campaign for German purification, purpose to burn all books-that disagree -with their political burning of cotton plan and ait appetizing ooj-tom slice the mortgage-relief sec HIGHWAY CONSTRUCTION tion whlfih made what Jay, between more -palatable' HOROSCOPE i 1 The Literary Guidepost -K By JOHN SELBY books, simply on the basis of opinions and eco Yet ven in this form the senate nomic theories expressed, is far from edify debate on the bill dragged out. And, with time essential if whatever result the bill might have in cutting ing.

Have not "the nazis heard that thfr burning of books is tyranny? Do they not even to these cases, a continuous supply of fresh air is most taper-. tant. I Everyone can readily understand that the lungs need fresh air, but It is also important to see that the skin of the body has ready access to air. When practicing deep breathing It Is Important to make sure that hat you are breathing to i fresh clean air. By fresh air we are referring first to all air which contains a-ipod supply of oxygen; an whiclyils been shut up in a room and as been breathed in and out' by a number of persons loses its oxygen, supply and contains too much carbon dioxide.

It becomes stale and one who breathes it be- comes dull, drowsy and may develop -a headache, He shows that he needs v. better air by deep yawns. Fresh air has other qualities. It is clean; that Is, it. does not -contain dust, dirt.

smoke or offensive odors If-we are JL: to be comfortable, It must carry a light amount of moisture and be neither too hot nor too cold. An- other important quality of fresh air Is that of bet air: currents to keep "it moving, When autos a breath of fresh au it is the move- ment of the air that theyenjoy--- If you wish to obtain thex from, fresh air, "it is well to know how to breathe in the right wayT The best method of breathing Is to follow the method called "diaphragmatic I sometimes Called breathing." There is rpaily no minh thing aa aMomlnflL breathing since the lungs are the or-gans of breathing and- they are located in the chest, not in the abdo- "As the Earth down agricultural surpluses 'and boosting farm prices was to 1e' ef know that the practice is definitely linked in the'Dublicmlnd with the dark sees? And. fective on wis year a cropsr the de bate turned on currency Inflation. even granting thatfthe burning of some books Stupendous sections of the Roosevelt "new deal" program remain yet to be submitted to congress as part of the special session legislation. Banking legislation, the plan to, aid the railroadsand a jnammoth public works program are yet to be enacted.

the president's indicate that he favors a public works program composed of projects of a self -liquidating it practically certain that highway instruction will have 7 a prominent place in the plan, whatever, its character i iriZ2lZZIZwZ. Att METHODS Tuesday, May 2. 1933. 7 Although this Is read as rather an unimportant day in planetary dl-rectionadverse influences are strong. The morning hours are read as suspicious for constructive work of every sort, and there is a sway making for direct action.

Scientists are subject to helpful planetary direction at this time chemists should benefit. Again the seers foretell discoveries that assure great improvement to (he human race; -Nature is to disclose new secrets of beautyfiris" The adralnistratiort, promo tly carrots and cabbages are brought up from the cellar and an Indian pudding takes form. or. perhaps like hatchets, 4a honor of Washington's birthday. Sejue tof-the-Shawa go into -the world, some even leave Maine.

"But they remain Shaws In a curious stepped in, applying the same tech nique as with the purely farm pro might be no great public loss, do they not know that it is the -surest way, of exciting kAUJthis fluayavt jferylittit direct eonSeci tlon with the German issues pending for international discussion but it' has a verydi-rect bearing on the foreign attitude toward NEW YORK Finding Gladys Hasty Carroll's "As The Earth Turns" Is almost like finding a family, album with the miraculous gift of speech. f-. And-yet-moref- forf eut-ef thia conceived hovel there cornea hot only the minutiae of- a family, depending upon the soli for life, but the feel and smell of the soil -and its produetsr and the eound of the life as well. 1 ill li li" Pavingthrayrwlthrthe'H gold export embargos "sense, with stamp of the old reached out for permissive power to apply almost any one of the meth ods uggeste4 for enlarging the-voU In the road program of the federal govern meht, Montanarpeopie-are-deeply interested; This state's magnificent highway construc- GeflSanyrIOeemFtRat ThfTiagrgovern- house on them and unity of tradition and feeling underlying superficial differences. Through it all passes-Jen, competent, alivacalm.

ume and Increasing the speed of clr- foretold, jUThe, bQok is aljapmTillj to Cosmetics aaflothcr artificial aids ment is enacting a successive "coniedy. of errors" which can hardly helpftaflfprove tragic rrrthe rrrmaTtfnallon. anA the most likely Jpn plan was developed and carried forward Thus it would escape theaoMoTrt Most Pt the Shftwi to comeliness are to be less popular the theory of leaerai mvvtxmwtiFWt ptill 'tetWVaoWTind pmbarrassment of mnndeM-y Infla-WoiW-jfWaikm. ItvKbpWalao to ex- thar have Been, astrologers jtandSkihe'. outeide world.

When ldpatiorrn-he8-44r hey Will not be needed bVihe-nazi aiUr tfl pedite tlw livron relief bill, success FWXNWeimiMi by the federal gdVernmentJaecause of the iarge; jtmount of of whloh migtw render any tampering with tho 1 currency- bases un federal government land holdings in Mon necessary. men. However, when you. use "jTW ronnce comesTTCTS the young" Pole down the road who brings it. -7 One can do little more than suggest the flavor of the Earth Turns," and to add that fundamentally the -author's -concept is poetic one, although ther are no flights into rarified realms, She provides the base from which: the tana.

Now that program has been suspended year, beginning in winter, progresi sing; tag with winter again; with Christmas 'eve and homely, preparation for Christmas for which all the Shaws have gathered-ali except Ralph, -who is buried close by. i Carroll makes the book al from" the detail of living. She sometimes spends pages describing the deft and sure way of Jen with he feels the warmth of the stove, over, the door of which hang the men's coats; ngnt roenoa oi creaming, taeniD-' as the race develops physically. This should be a fairly lucky day for starting on ocean voyages. Many European visitors are to be entertained In this country la the summer months, astrologers declarecr One of the seasonal prognostications for vacationists announces much touring that will bring profit to- railways, alrwaysf and water by order from Washington The federal gov MUSIC AND FINANCES.

wiien, along. withiHe -anncruncementrfthat President RoosevpffiTiadappointed William Hi WoodlnjAjecretary ot the treasury, -there was added the information that the new ernmenthas not this year participated in any Items of Interest 32 Years reader himself, according to his. capacity, makes his poetic flights. tPubliihrTh Tork) ways, cabinet official- was a music. quite a few were inclined -to put down that May 1901.

Julius Sultanr an-oTdktime drum accomplishment as a freakish which Fairs of sort should profit, if the stars are rightly read. Chicago will attract crowds, despite all misgivings due to recent financial anxieties. This is not a fortunate day for mer from San Francisco, is at the Butte. OUR CHILDREN B. K.

Loeb of Helena, is at the unfitted him for the grave financial duties which-he called upon to supervise. By this time Mr. Woodlri has come to be recognized as one, of the most able men in the cabinet. HavlnV demonstrated his abilities Butte. seeking employment or preferment.

By ANGELO FATBI 1. J. Browning, the Sand Creek mining man, js at the Butte. Mrs. John SUllln and Mrs.

George (CopTlUtat. HJJ, by thi 8eU eradleU." persons wno control human destinies may be difficult to convince. This applies to political as well as commercial dispensers of Jobs. Women should find this a favor in line of duty, the treasury of flcfaljseems en Oreer of Livingston are guests at the H. P.

Bennett of Twin. Bridges able time for looking after their titled to a hearing with -regard to hla own estimates! therelation of music to foutlne problems in most anyllne of This WHAT IVVRONG? and T. Woodford of Missoula are at tho Butte. summer wardrobeaThe stars smile on those who sew. A.

R. Oates and W. Oates of new highway projects on theyld co-operative basis with the state. This withdrawal by the federal government has all But prostrated the new construction plans of tlie state highway commission. The five-cent gasoline tax is the only financlng-that is available to the state highway commission and a very large part of the annual revenue from this source must go into the maintenance of state roads already built.

There is every hope In Montana that, if the federal government' does embark upon a new highway building program, its plans will be speeded up so that full advantage may be taken of it to inaugurate a broad work program in Montana during the present summer. More.than 4,000 men were employed lastsea-son in new highway construction work. YThe highway construction operations ot reent years constituted one- of the most ef ectfre agencies for distributing work among unem-ployedmen of any that had been put into effect in this state. Montana's program is about three-quarters finished. The completion of our 7 per cent highway improvement is much to be hoped for both for the benefit of the state and for the purposes of the federal government, en-lirely aside fromits.

employment-creating as pects. estimate he gives in an article published in the current issue of musical pub wuo entertainments or many Helena are at-the McDermott. II. B. Segur, general agent of the lication.

Burlington at Billings, is In the city. sons are weu directed under this planetary government which foreshadows the rise of new leaders among organizations of women. In this era a younger generation Mrs. J. E.

Mccormick of Hunter Hot Springs la visiting Buttrfrlends. A. B. Coos, of Helena is in. the is to prove its ability rapidly as It When a child does what his par-" ents and teachers do not like, they immediately ask, "What is wrong with him? Why doesn't he dowhat he ought, to do?" d4 they stop to think that perhaps there" Is nothing wrong with the child.

He has been asked to do something that Is foreign to "his nature and because he does not accomplish It gladly his behavior Is pronounced wrong. Suppose a child Indicates that he would prefer to stay at homeAnd read a' book Instead of joining a City. Patrick Clark of Spokane is regis tered at the McDermott. tases over affairs In business, professional and political circles, astrologers point out. Good manners are to be fashion per part of the abdomen goes in -and' out, since most of the breathing movement is carried, on.

in sec-tlon while the chest remains comparatively still. In learning to breathe correctlystandiip to front of a large mirror with the upper part of the clothing -try to inhale and make your Abdomen larger Just below the ribs, Imagine you are drawing the air into the upper abdomen, swelling it out, but keeping the lower part from protruding. The position of the chest will change but slightly. Now exhale slowly, pull in the upper ab-dpmen and hold the entire abdomen rigid. Vou will find that this type breathing will develop the dia- and help prevent asthma and other pulmonary troubles.

The regular movement of the up- per part of the abdomen also acts as a valuable massage for internal organs. You 6hould go outdoors' several times a day and practice this type of breathing. A good time to-do this is while taking a brisk walk, as there is at that time a natural tendency to absorb more oxygen. After firmly establishing the correct habit of breathing, you will -notice a remarkable improvement to feeling and appearance. This is to be expected since oxygen is so supremely valuable above all else to the body.

The one who gets more and more it will enjoy greater health and strength in every wayy. QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS. (Sleep Naturally.) Question Helen U. asksf "Is it better to -sleep on the right side 1 than the left and why?" i Answer Most people naturally sleep on the right side, which keeps them. from crowding the hearts Starting to sleep on the left, side, they usually unconsciously turn on the back or right slde during the night.

The best position for sleeping is to lie partly on. the right side with the knees drawn slightly up, the and shoulder fitted snugly into the pillow, and the right arm straigt down and back of the body. In position the circulation of blood is less Interfered with than la any other position. (Orangea Improve Alkalinity.) Question Mr. X.

inquires: Would Onlythree times last year were pilots of Slam'a commercial air line able once more. A trend toward formality in social intercourse Is It li quite generally recognized that a hobby is a very useful thing in these times of stress to preserve a healthful mental balance and to-relieve the strain from too constant thinking on perplexing Sconomic and' political problems. Music; it appears, serves this purpose, very well for Secretary Woodin. In his article he says: "Consciously, or unconsciously, there is a deep seated desire in aU 'of us to express something which, can be expressed only, in music, Just now this is a practical need. Precisely as a boy whistles to lteep up his couragersowe are all cry ing today for something to re-ettforce confidence after our absurd hysteria' ofcieaf idurlng the.Ust Jew years.

The strain tfouf, modern mech- off schedule, and then because the airports were under THE TUTTS By Crawford Young THE READING TREND. group w-ho playing tennis or or going to the movies. Is that child wrong-? Maybe he is, but the chancea are thatNhe is right for him. 'That Is the only reliable standard for such conditions. all has been said and done, why are not the child's tastes and preferences to be considered as well as his elders'? There is nothing wrong, kbout a child's preferring his own company and that of a book to other activities.

Usually children like to play with other children. Few of them deliberately choose to enjoy themselves apart, but those few ought to have that without interference. The majority may be choosing the better way, but then, too, so may the minority. I think that the fear of solitude for a healthy child who is doing well in school and holding hla own in family interests is unjustified. I am afraid that he.

is going to be very unpopular. He has only one boy friend and often the two of them go to his room and stay there and talking by the hour; This happens when there is a ball game on, or when there is a school dance. What's wrong with boys like Nothing, most likely. Their tastes happen to be different from those of their companions, but that not mean that they are wrong. It is not going to hurt a child to be different, provided he adjusts himself to the essentials of living.

That means so long as he is healthy, happy and.nseful he can be allowed to go his way In' peace, although his way may be that of the Cat Who Walked by Himself. It is true that children who are failing in any field of effort are likely to retreat, but those children will not be happy. They.wUl not be- at' ease in their own company. Keeping friends with oneself Is a Dad Jt 5MS AJ EVtRY UST MAN IN fewN WHO XSN -WCRKiN GOME5 TC WATOA DAI) CfjAN6-C Ar Tl.RE Reports from libraries throughout the eountry show that during the past year reading material dealing with economics and history has gained in public favor. The trend away from fine has continued.

The people have given up an attempt to lose themselves in poetry and fiction, the librarians tell us, and have turned to economics rand history: for an explanation of "their troubles. This has brought suffering upon the poets, who have: always at their wit's end to make a living, even in the best of times. Fic discerned. Persons' whose Wrthdate it is have the augury of year' of gain through hard There may be much readjustment in financial in terestj. Children born on this day probably will be energetic in whatever interests them.

Many subjects of this sign are writers or lawyers. Clyde Pitch, American dramatist was horn on this day, 1865. "SLIDING ROOF" HAT SHOWN. The. "sliding roof" hat Is the latest In Liverpool, England.

It has been invented by R. Nlll of that city, and feels like any other soft hat, but it has two crowns. The ordinary crown is made to slip Off, disclosing an under-crown of the same material, but perforated with numerous small holes. It will be popular on warm days, says the inventor. THREE FLU VICTIMS AGED 308 Three women who have Just died from influenza in Subetitza, Jugoslavia, bad a total age of 308.

They were Muishka Sitcn. aged 100,. wno has -been married five times and is survived by sons aged 75xand 78; Dana Katunoritch, 107, who-had a son only SO years old, and Liza Abraham, aged 101, who had been' a widow for-70 years. Police of Scotland, are arresting occupants of old condemned houses. anleed civilization is making it more and more hetessary all the time to look toward the fine'r and esthetic things, to find balance and compensation for the grind of daily living.

Certainly one' of the greatest compensations is to be found in xnusie-." It is common experience to have problems that seemed insolvable at the end of the day work out splendidly after a night of sleep. Mr. Woodin explains music seems to have, a similar of more definite type. He does not attempt to explain the psychology of thlv but merely asserts that it has been confirmed by. bis personal experience.

--'s'-v: Perhaps we shall yet come tp'recognlze-that a man's recreations are as important to the efficient 4xandllng -of -hiSiresponsibUlties and performance of his idally duties as the more direct he may 'have for his vforfc. seems little reason to dispute Mr. Woodln estimate of the value of music to him, as an energizing force in keeping him it or hisasks of national finance. tion writers, it" is reported, are not so bad off, though all have slipped a rung or several "rungs down the ladder. Those near the bot tom have slipped clear off the ladder, but this can hardly be regarded as a public loss.

Taking the library reports at face value, filing cause mj fingernails to become soft? I eat one orange to the morning and one or two at night before retiring. I also eat quite a lot of candy. Would that cause it?" Answer Using too much sugar can deplete your blood of its normal alkaline reserve and this might cause the softening of your fingernails. The oranges cannot hurt too. the trend of the general public to seek an explanation for current troubles in reading material on, "economics and history is not without its element of tragedy.

A canvass of most desirable state of mind, and lact. rou iim rrnc There-stm-seems to he somegdifference-of the child who can achieve it isfor uus anouia aeip in cor opinion as to whether a program of managed Dominican republic are increasing- currency would make It wild ottless shy. proaucea with reference, to economics and history leads one to conclude that many cf the writers dealing with these subjects would be better fitted to deal with outright fiction. The mind is a product of electricity, ac Many of them either prove their case, very cording to Dr. Maybe niceiy oy leaving out some, or the 'more im i way some or vni iqgaa proaucea are so tunate.

He haa acquired independence of spirit, and life has no finer quality to offer than just that he feverish activity that charac-teqjes 'many or reur young people has affected the' viewpoint of their partnts. Noise, and rushing about, speed, breathlessness telephone calls arid dates- without number and be yohd reason are taken as signs' of are offered as Indications of personal worth. The sooner they are recognised lor the recting your trouble." (Inhaling Causes Tarry DepofcJis.) Qaesgoh Baffled writes: "When, impurities from cigaret tobacco are? deposited In the lungs by inhaling. 7 do they remain there or are they eventually carried away by the' blood?" AnswerThe tarry deposits from the Inhaling of cigaret smoke are gradually carried away through the lymphatic circulation, or they may be expejied in. the sputum.

portant elements of the issue they are dls sham they are, the better for the aealth of our community. -It is possible far Boys ind glrtt prefer a quiet hour with a friend, a time of solitude and meditation, an hour with a favorite book, to the dates of their associates. But there is nothing wrc-ng with them, nevertheless. Their differences in this particular may be recorded to their credit. shocking.

cussing or they are too confusing to allow the The yes-men. axaLiauch evidence in drawing of any conclusions at all. So rapid been the changes-whlch have affected our social, order that most of Cuba these days. All of the others are either dead or-in.

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