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Chicago Tribune from Chicago, Illinois · 1

Chicago, Illinois
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Saturday, April 29, 1865
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4 4 i i i I i I SATURDAY. APRIL 29, 1865. THE NEWS. The official bulletin from the War Department brings the Intelligence from Gen. Grant 1 -Of Johnston's snrrender to Sherman upon the came terms that Lee received. .Gen. Grant, Tipoa. reaching Raleigh, notified Johnston 'tbat the armistice between himself and Sherman was annulled, and gave him until Wed-Xteaday of this week to surrender or fiht. -Johnston replied that he would surreader If Jeff. Davis and the other rebel leaders might leave the country. As Gen. Grant had previously informed him that his jurisdiction did not extend to civil matters, of course this condition was strictly gratuitous, and not to be entertained for an instant. The surrender embraces all the rebel forces JromBalcIgh to the Chattahoochee, or in -other words, the force of North Carol irp and -Georgia, as that river forms the boundary be. tween Georgia and Alabama. East oi the Itissisaippl River the rebellion is dead. There yet remain the armies of the trans-Mississip-Ii, Taylor's, Kirby Smith's, Price's, and the forces in Texas, the surrender of which defends simply upon the time It will take our ' troops to get to them and demand it. That .rill be soon, as the 4th corps, and the troops that captured Mobile are already en route for that department. One of the moat terrible disasters which has ever occurred on western waters took place Sear Memphis a day or two since. The steamier Sultana, with two thousand exchanged L'nron prisoners from Vicksburg, on their raj home, and one thousand civilians, exploded her boilers, burned and sunk. Oat oi the entire number cn board between five and Eeven hundred only were saved. This fearful calamity ia the more appalling from the fact that so large a number of the victims were our brave soldiers Just escaped from the hor-Tots of the Southern prison pens only to meet death at the very threshhold of home. The great cavalry raid of Gen. -Wilson has 3ut an tnd to the furnishing of munitions of ar from Georgia and Alabama. At Selma, Montgomery, Columbus, West Point and Macon, all the machine shops, foundries, arsenals, &c were destroyed. The rebels cannot jnatn&cture materials for another campaism. A detailed and intensely interesting description of the circumstances attending the death of the foul assassin Booth will be found Jn our columns, together with the statement of Sergtant Boston Corbet t, who dispatched the wretch. His body has been buried -pri-Tately and mysteriously, where it will never Again be seen, bud the In amy of his atrocious deed will be forever linked to his name. Our correspondent with the funeral cortege continues to send us detailed accounts of the scenes and incidents transpiring at every station along the route. The remains left Cleveland last night at 12 m., and were to have arrived at Columbus this morning at 7:30. Intelligence' from St. Louis states that the fragment of Jeff. Thompson's and Shelby's forces in Arkansas numbering from 6,000 to 12,000 men probably greatly exaggerated are preparing to invade Missouri. If true, it will be a short lived affair. The President issues a supplementary proc lamation changing the day of national hum 1-latlon and prayer from May 35th to Thursday, June L It is now definitely decided that Mrs. Lincoln win come to this citv to reside. Her con. Capt. Robert Lincoln, will also accom- party her, and engage in the profession of the i law in our courts, where his lamented father won an enviable and honorable distinction. The afflicted widow and family will receive a warm and sympathizing welcome from our citizens. We give the highjy important opinion of Attorney General Speed, on the terms of Xee's capitulation. It appears from Secretary Stanton's statement that since the capitulation, rebel officers have appeared In their uniform within' the loyal States. And upon this fact, the question arises whether such conduct is not an act of hostility. The Attorney General reaches a conclusion upon the subject without any apparent hesitancy, -which may he summed up as follows : 1st. That the rebel officers who surrendered to Grant have no homes in .loyal States, and Lave no right to come to places within those where their homes were prior to going into the rebellion. 3d. That persons in the civil service of the rebellion, and have otherwise "given tid, comfort or support, were residents of rebel territory, and had no right to return tq, Washington under that stipulation. 31. licbt'l Officers have no right to wear their uniforms in the loyal States ; they have as itueh right to bear the rebel flag through the streets of a city as to wear the traitors' garb it is an aet of hostility. The opinion of tbe Attorney General will commend itself to the judgment of all. The intelligence of the assassination of President Lincoln was received with extraor dinary manifestations of sor.osv by the peo tie of New Orleans. It was some hours be fore the people would tolerate the belief that the news could be true ; and when at last the assurance was placed beyond a doubt, the people burst tortnin waa mi nerce exclamation of indignation, calling upon a just God for a fearful retribution upon the assassin. All business in the city was at once roppended, and the coffee houses closed up. All the foreign consuls located in New Orleans drooped their flass at half-mast, and manifested active sympathy with the sorrow of the people. Our letter from Nashville indicates the organization or combination of a new force, to move lit the direction of Arkansas and Texas. -General Stanley appears to be designated as ibe leader. - ' . The very able letter of our Memphis correspondent will attract attention. No person in that city better understands the situation and the inside workings of affairs. The arch hypocrisy of some of the pretended Cnion. sympathizers is admirably exposed. FROM SPKI3iiFIEK.f. 'ike ArrmngmenM for th Fonrral Ob The Procession and Decorations. (Special Correspondence of the Chicago Tribune.) SPBOtflmuki April a& About J00 ladles and ceutlemenarebusyatwork n the catafalque, end draping the outside and inside of the State House. .Colonel Loomis, who accompanied the funeral cortege to Albany, has Just arrived here, and re-j-orts that the story of the imperfect embalming la false, and that the body is in a perfect stats of preservation, and looks very natural. The people of our state will have the sul pleasure of looking qipoa the sacred race of the noble dead. Hon. Sharon Tyndale, Secretary of the Rational Sionnment Aseooiuon, is receiving a large aon-oer of letters daily, all speaking fevortibiyof the c"jecta ot the Association, and many remitting money to aid in the great work. If the corre. Jiondence increase, as. is expected, three and our clerks will be needed to attend to it. Governor Miller, of Minnesota, writes to Gov-rnor Uiesby that himself and staff, and a noa-"ber of prominent citizens, will visit Springfield to partiripiite in the obseqme to the late President. Tbe Governors of eight or ten States, with their atsff. and prominent citizens, will be here , on the interesting occasion. Tbe funeral osTing been changed to Thursday, , Js 44 U, it is supposed, and correctly so, thit tue iTS-prresetitatiTe Hail will be open alt of rt'eflnes-nrj night in order that -every one miy have ao. opportnnlty of seeing the face of the noble dead. Hon. Frederick Carlisle, Grand Secretary of the I". L. A in Michigan, has notified the Graad Seo Tetary of this State, that the Grand Council of ".Michigan will be folly represented at the funeral of our late President. Members of the Order in "V ieeonein, Iowa, and Missouri, have also slgm-. fed their intention to be present. AH the railroad ticket asents wili sell tickets to Sprlneflel&and Inca to aay points on their reaprcurs roads, at a Jki th more than half fare. Co. K. 66Ui reeiment Illinois volunteers, non- eterans, arrived here to-day from Goldsbero, tbelr time having expired, acd will be paid off and jnusterea out oi service to-morrow. " The committee appointed to meet the remains of the late President, will meet the body at the St Spools and Al'on ailioad depot, on Jefferson Bireet, at 8 o'clock a. m., Wednesday, May 3it, and will accompany . the saaie to tbe State House in the following rttrr. Brisr.Gen.JobnCock.ChiefManhal.and - .&ds: Band ; Military Sscort, under command of enry H. Dean. . "Ct.mmlttee on reception of remains; Hearse; vmll hearers : relatives of deceased in carriages : cortege accompanying r'tmins; citiren geaer- - iosraT H. SsrvOTS, Secretary." Sraniemxn, ID-, April The Committee of Invitation observe witn Regret that in the published card inviting attvnaance to the funeral of the President, In this city, dinuct mention of the Xegielilure of Illinois was omitted. Such mention t not lt.t.-nriui md a Dlace Is aiigced in the Tirogramme and nroceseion. Their ortsence is -, carbesiiy Invited. O. EL Minsk, Chsirmm. FROTI UDIAfAPOLIS. Tas Dismissal or vl. mnrrar Be veked Olilltary flUUtrt-Xiao fuse rai woseciDies. ! Special Dispatch to the Chicago Tribune. r Iwsianarous, April ta, 1S65. Col. C. 8. Hurray, eMa Indiana volunteers. 'Vboes dismissal from the service was recently published, this morning received a telegram from Col. Burnett, Judge Advocate, who is at Washing ton, announcing that the order dismissing him TroiB flie service has been revoked by the War Department. Each a prompt revocation aece xily implies that the original order of dismissal was an error. Tbe 164th regiment. Ma). Simpaoa commanding, efl this afternoon for the front. The news of Johnston's surrender to Sherman on the same terms granted to Le. had )ut reached the city, ana was communicated to the regiment while marching down Washington street. The boys Sel exceedingly good over it, and seemed to take jride to tbe thought that thpy were to cloe up - the Inns line of gauant regiments which the Hoo-lier State had seat M do battle for the Kepablie It bas been raining all tne afterooon, and the arrangements fr the fnnral ceremonies have "teen necessarily hindered theeby. A slronsr force will be kept at work during tbe nicrht, and It is hoped that everything will be completed in time. . Gov. Morton ts expectea to reacn noun to-mgnt Vetoed. Auut. Anril SB. Governor Fen ton has vetoed -9 r the Kew York Central Kail road bid, aUewing an vol. xvm. FROM SORTH CAROLINA. Jolmston Surrenders, upon Lee's Terms, all the Forces in Georgia and North Carolina APPALLING STEAMBOAT DISASTER NEAR MEMPHIS. EaPLCSICK OF THE STEALER SULTANA NEARLY TWO THOUSAND LIVES : LOST. Thrilling Details of the Calamity. j THE FUNERAL CORTEGEFROM BUFFALO TO CLEVELAND. FULL PARTICULARS OF TIIE DEATH OF BOOTH, TIIS ASSASSIN. Tbreatened Invasion of XVlissouri by 12,000 Rebels. Geary Movement of Troops to V the Trans-3Iis&hsippi Department. THE DAY OF NATIONAL HUMILIATION CHANGED. Gen. Wilson's Cavalry Raid Im-. mecse Destruction of Property. OFFICIAL Bl LLf:TI.. --. Wab DirAitmiiT, I Washihbtou, April id, 1S65. To Mijor General Dlx : . A diepatch from Gen. Grant, dated at Balelgh. 10 p. April 26th, states: "Johnston surrendered the forces in hi command, embracing all Rom here to the Chattihoo-chle, to Gen. Sherman, on the basis agreed open between Lee and myteif for the Army of Northern Virginia." Ed win H. Szahtoh, Sec'y of War. Fortbbss Mokkob, April 7 A steamer arrived here tbis morninc from Horehead City, brinetng advices from ftewttt-rn that General Grin hag el-fctnally pot an end to the armistice agreed upon between Sherman and Johnston. Grant bad eiven Johnston to B o'clock yesterday (Wednesday) noTDtcjr to snrrender his army. TDe conditions are sdbdosb. General Grant announced that after that hoar hostilities woald at once be resumed. To this General Johnston is said to hive replied that, if Jefferson Davis and the leading Genera! officers of toe Confederacy were pardone d, aijd permission, eiven tbem to leave tbe country, he would be authorized to accept the terms proposed. PKOCI,AntTlQ.. Tbe day of National Changed. Humiliation By the Fretldent of the United States : W htrta by my proclamation of the 35th inst. Thursday, the 5th day of next mon-h, was recommended as a day for special humiliation and prayer In consequence of the assassination of Abraham Lincoln, late President of the United States ; -but, whereat my attention has been called to the net that the day aforesaid, is sacred to a large number of Christians as one of rejoicing for the ascension of the Saviour ; Now, therefore, be It' known that I, Andrew Johnson, President of the United States, do hereby suggest -that religious services, recommended as aforesaid, should be postponed until Tnursday, the first day of June next, in testimony whereof I have hereunto set my hand, and caused the teal of the United States to be affixed. Done at the city of Washington, this 29th day of April A. D. 1SSS, and of tbe Independence or the United States of America the 89th. Ahsbiw Jobnsom. By W. Hctttee, Acting Secretary of State. TUtElBLE PISASTEtt. 1 he Steamer Sultana Blown Up Fourteen Hundred Lives Lost, (Special Dispatch to the Chicago Tribune. St. Louis, April id, 1886. A dispatch to headquarters from New Madrid announces a horrible catastrophe down the river. Tbe steamer Sultana exploded with two thousand soldiers on board. Fourteen hundred Uvea were lost. " " - . latsb. k - Special Dispatch to the Chicago Tribune. St. Louis, April 28, 1885. The following" dispatch has just been received from below: ,. , "Siw Madrid. April 28. The steamer Sultana exploded her boilers, burned and sank ten miles below Memphia at three o'clock yesterday morning. The boat and cargo are a total lo s. She had on board two thousand exchanged Union soldiers from Ticksburg, and about one thousand civ Hans, including twelve ladies and children, only tea of whom are known to he saved. Eighteen of the deck crew and nine of the cabin crew were saved-It is thought that from five to seven hundred will include tbe full number saved of the whole boatload, many of whom are badly tcalded. George Cay ton, pilot . Win, Boberty, mate ; Clements, engineer, were the only officers known to be saved. The latter la dangerously acalded." At four o'clock this morning the river front of Memphis was covered with soldiers etraniruni? for life, many badly scalded. Boat Immediately went to tneir rescue, aua are stui en?ageu picking tbem na. General Washburn immediately organ ized a soara ot otneers to investigate tne matter. They are now at work doing so. Mo farther particular received. Special Dispatch to the Chicago Tribune. Caibs April 28. The steamer Marble City has Just arrived from Memphis. Although the newa is of the greatest importance and general Interest, her officers failed entirely to favor s single correspondent m Cairo with the papers containing it, consequently reporters in Cairo are not indebted to this steamer for the following particulars ot the most ap- pa'ling steamboat disaster that perhaps has ever occurred. After considerable delay your correspondent has obtained a detailed account of the blowing up of the steameT Sultana and wholesale loss of life. The ifuiUtvt publishes a statement t.y W. I. s-now, ii. b. bena.or Bom which is as follows : On the morning oi tne T7tn, about s o'clock, I was awakened by a sensible tremor or shudder passing over the boat, "but heard no explosion. Not anticipating such terrible consequences, I arose and deliberately dressed. Just before finishing dressing I became aware of a large volune of steam driven through the cabin by tbe wind. I opened the door of my stateroom, ar.ft in an instant realized the horror of tbe fact that tbe boiler had exploded, killing and scalding many ; that the pilot-house and at least one-third of tbe cabin too had fallen to the boiler deck, and the boat iimi Are. with a fresh breeze earr vine the flames with ligbtntng like rapidity through the bilanc of the cabin towards the ladies' saioon. I stepped wv to avoid the heat, and denuded myself oi my dress, except my pants and vest, and rushed to k. mr nf the boat, which was in tbe channel. and much nearer the Tennessee than the Arkansas Side 1 lOOSN um wwuw hw icuunmenn, ilia ,1k. of leaDine. but found It s sea ol reads, so dose together, that It was impossible to i . t.v.fMit kiiiintr one or more. I determined to try the Arkansas shore, which w.. - t,Mi.niiArtera of a mile distant. I passed over several bodies of dead men killed and curred sometime prior to my advent on to it part ol tbe boat. 1 found tbe same sea of heads oa this tito. tint fovntt that thi had driven tbem from the viemi'v of the wheel house. Prior to mv lean I saw several busbinds fasten life preservers to tbeir wives and children and throw them overboard into the struggling mat below, i struck out for tbe Arkansas shore, ana reached a lo? lodire l In nf- tten leet of water, among overflowed CO to a wood lnrds. at ten minutes to 4 o'clock bv mv watch. which had not ceased to run. Aftsr four hours of exposure. I was rescnea dt tne steimer Silver Fpray. Tbe boat contained 1.1 8 souls. Ton den-Si y with which thay were packed had aw.kened mv curiosity, and 1 iooau over, wiia t . clerk, bi. crrtiflratea and books before retiring. Th'n number included eighty-five hands employed on the boat There were some females, besides a tew children. The bu'k of the pas-seneers were returned nrisoners from Andersonville, which nltwA tHn lfL nn the lTtb of l"t Febraarv Among them we -e tbe remnant at Biat pointof prl- (niwri rsmnrvrf at I Thtrk.nian.a and dettvsburfir. 1 hey aumhsred. altogether men aai S fi J cers. A large number of horses were on tbe boat which providentially fell unresisting victims to Uh flames. Had they broken loose tbe fate of the swimmers would have been determined. Aa near as can be ascertained without other data tbaa observation, between two and three hundred reached the bank, while about an equal number floated down the stream on doors and furniture. A dense mass, estimated at about 500, took refuge on the bow of the boat, while the flames were driven aft by the wind, A lew moments after-wards ibe wheel houses, loosened by concussion and flames, fell off outward and the boat turned stern up stream, reversing the flames. The largest part of this number then mnst have perished, as they had no material at hand to throw over to snstain themselves except a few bales of bay wbich were immediately seized on the tuning of the boat, Gang pianka were thrown overboard but sunk at once under their living; freight and rose too far out of reach. A yawl roat was landed bottom np from the bnrricsne deck upon the heads or tbote below and afforded support - for a few in that condition. The whole time before the boat was an entire sheet of flame could not have exceeded twenty minutes. 1 was not more than one-third of the distance to shore when I observed the fact Tbe prijoners represented nearly eveiy State in the Union, even Texts, and the calamity will be as widely felt as a battle of no inconsiderable proportions." UTSST. . Special Dispatch to the Chicago Tribune. 1 - Cairo, April 2S. The following is the Memphis Bulletin's account of the disaster to the steamer Sultana : " Capt. Mason arrived from "New Orleans last right, the 26th, with about 2,200 people on board' 1,964 of whom were exchanged Federal prisoners from Vicksburg, the balance being refugees and regular passengers from various points don the river. Proceeding towards St, Louis, she left the coal pile about one o'clock in the morning, and had made some eight or len miles, when an explosion i f one of her boilers occurred. Tbe boat, with re mass of living freight, took fire in the vicinity of the engine, and ia a short time ebe wss burned to the water's edge, ani cow lies on a sand bar near Foeleman's Lauding, with nothing visible but her charred remains and her iackstaff standing erect. The scene following the explosion was terrible and heart rending in the extreme. Hundreds of people were blown into the air, and descending into the water, some dead, some with broken limbs, some scalded, were borne under by tbe resistless current of the great river, never to rise again. Survivors represent the screams as tbril'ine. With no immediate succor at hand,the desperate efforts to save life were agonizing beyond precedent. Some clung to trail pieces of the wreck, as drowning men cling to straws, and . sustained them'elves for a few momenta, but flnallv became exhausted and sunk. Only tbe best of iwlmmers, aided by fragments of the wreck, were enabled to reach tbe woods, and there take refuge until rescued by boats sent from the lauding here to their assistance. There were about fiftten women and children aboard, and as near as can be ascertained, not mote than two or three had been found at tbe hour when this account was written. Some of the wrecked people were borne by tbe current as far down as the Levee at this city, and this wis the first intimation officers of tbe boats in port re-reived of the terrible diser. A yawl was immediately sent out from tbe Garble City, and in a tew minutes seventeen persons were picked out of the water and brought ashore. Two were afterwards found clinging to the wheel, and thty were also saved. Upon hern? brought to a realization of the calamity, the officers of boa's in port, nnder notification of Capt. Senior, ol the river guard, steam d up, and in a short time were at the burning steamer, where hundreds of people were picked up and brought to this landing, arriving about daylight. lhtywere met by numbers of citizens and ladies, who supplied them with abundance of dry clothing from the Quartermaster's Department and from various stores. At tbis time it Is impossible to give a correct statement of the cause of the accident, and the number or names of the lost and saved. Every thing is in the greatt confusion. Kowberry, first mate, was on watch, standing in tbe pilot bouse with Capt. George ay ton, woo was at the wheel at the tune of the explosion. He only remembers tbe shock, and that he was blown into the air, snd was afterwards taken frorrthe water. He saw the lower, deck in flames, and knows ho more. He can give no Idea of the cause of the accident, and says the boat was going at tbe ordinary speed, and that all seemed well up to the moment the explosion oc-cuired ; that the second engineer, a sober reliable a. an named Clemens, was at toe engines, and that nothing more than common was in progress. Captain Cayton was also hurled into- the wreck among broken boilers and rubbish, sustaining slight injuries. He immediately jumped oter-board with a doom, by which he was enabled to teach, the Arkansas sbore, three miles below, where striking a sapling be seized and clung to it until saved.' Clemens, the ngin'eer, was badly burned and scalded, and can hardly recover. ar. John Foeleman. residing on the Arkansas side,- on being aroused by the noise and seeing he burning Fteamer, hastily constructed a rude rait, and in this way was the means of saving about 100 lives. In the woods among the drift of the wreck the officers of tbe Rose Hambleton found a family bible containing the records of a lamily named Spike, of Assumption' Parish, La- The names recorded are Sumu'l D. Spike and Elithea Spike, married Oct. 31, 1S37. The record shows that there were twelve in the family. It was subsequently learned that the father, mother, three aaughters, two brothers and a neice were lot. Several of the bodies were recovered. This f lm-liy had $17,003 in gold, a1! of which was lost. The steamer Boetona No. , Captain Watson, was coming down the stream from Cmcinn ttl when the explosion occurred, and rendered very valuable assistance, saving many lives. The Pocahontas, Silver Spray, Marble City, gunboat Essex, Rose, Hambleton and others also rendered much service at the time of tbe explosion. CapU Mson bad retired from hie watcu and was in bed. Be was afterwards seen throwing shutters and doors to tbe assistance of people in the wat.r, and here all traces of blm vanish. Clerks Gamble and Stratton ase al?o missed. The Sultana was officered as follows; Master, 3. C. Maon ; First Clerk, W. J. Gamb'e ; Second Clerk, Wm. Stratton; Pilots, George Cayton and Henry Ingraham ; Enjineers, Nathan Wintcnger ard Clemens; First Mate, Wm. Rowberry ; Steward, Henry Cross. George Cayton snd Wm Row-berry were the only ones known to be saved, ex- em Clemens, wbo is almost dead. The body of Wm. Cruddes, company I, lest Virginia cavalry, from Wheeling, Va., was found. He bad taken the precaution to label himself. Among the soldiers on board were thirty commissioned officers. Tbe troops were of various regiments, and nearly all ex-handed prisoners. They belonged principally to Western regiments. At the hour of writing only 600 or 600 persons had been saved. Not less tbaa 1,000 lives were hurled into eternity by this most melancholy of all river cisaeters. Hon. W. D. Snow, member of Congress from Arkansas, was on board and escaped uninjured The following-named persons drifted down and were saved at Fort Pickering: Lieutenant J. N. Seffer, 175th Ohio infantry; Sergeant C. W. Mills, loth Indiana cavalry; Sergeant William M. Duke, 42d Ohio infantry ; L.brooke,Sd Michigan cavalry; commissary ser gesnt Tach arias, 7ih Michigan lnf intry ; corporal Peacock, 8 h Indiana cavalry; CM. Eldridadge, 3d Tennesf ee cavalry ; J. Baker, do ; B. Hamilton, de ; Levi Heckner, do;M. Thomas, do; J. M. Dougherty, do ; J. Milsape, do ; S. Weesedo ; J . B. Wood,do; S. B. Lacken,do: M Ramsey do.; W. H. Chance, 9th Ind. cav. ; E. 8pencer, Pth Mich, cav, ; U. Taikington, ion. cav. M. Daly, 18th lnlantry ; .), rarker, vtia mtsniry ; J R. De lender, 3d Ind. cav ; P. M. Brown, 6th Ky. cav.; H. Van Fleet, 14th Ohio inlantry; M. Reynolds, 8S.h Ind. infantry; H. P. Hunt, 86th led. infantry; M J. Gray, 6th Tens, cav.: O. L. Sbeton. do: J. Benson, 40th Ind. Infy; J. Eating, td Mich ; A. Dlpu re, 44th Ohio iurv; B. Alattbias, ttttn do ; J. xnatcner, 4tjtn do; j - naiey, luza ao.; o. r aitmuaiau, via Ana. cav.. 1 tiiies, rta onioini y ; i. w. atackson, sin ay. cav.; li U Wallace, ltb Ohio lnry; Sergeant H. Bodrer. 9th Ohio cavalry ; G. Dersber. ISth Mich, inl'y ; L. Cook, 28th Ohio infantry ; Carr, 7tb Ohio cavalry: John Kevins, stn Indi ana infantry : S. E. Wbiler, 56th Onio ; W. Mo-Murry, 4tb Tennessee cwalry: J, Wecott Mc-Clothiers, Ohio cavalry; B. T. Hill, 2d Kentucky cavalry; J. W. Dunsmore, 1st Michigan Engi neers ; J. Moore, 176th ouio ; c post, do.; J. Nowland, 4th Ohio cavalry; J. We'ch. deck hand ; G. tt. Sbeppard, 10th Indiana cavalrv. and his! fither. the Indiana Bmllary spent : Capt. J. Eiiott, 44th colored in fantry ; Lieut, J. F. Eliott, 12Sto Indiana, Co. C. : iient- ewain, via laonna cairj t ueu. v. r. Divan, luth Indiana cavalry. Co. A: Lieut. Bar- nett, ISh Kentucky infantry; Lieut. Dickinson, 2d Michigan cavalry; Lieut. McCoid, 97ih Ohio tnfantrv: Lieut. Lerkin. Lieut. Saoire. luletObio: (.tit. Tappart. du. : Ltent. Earle. lt Michia-an engineers ; Lieut. Davis, 71st Ohio ; Major Carlin, to.; Capt. looser, 6Stu Ohio ; Capt. Hake, llSin unto. TIIE FOERAl. COBXEGS. Proarress ot the Rt mains from BnfTia. to to t-ievcianu auciuvuh va use Itoute. .. Special Dispatch to the Chicago Tktbune. Buttalo, N. Y. April ST 1C:10 p. m. The cortege departed on schedule time, as dated. A few moments previous to starting, a beautiful harp, woven of flowers and evergreens. was laid upon the coffin as the girt and present of the young ladies of the St. Cecelia society. The ladies of ihe Unitarian Society of the city of Buf falo presented a rare and elegantly worked anchor. also woven of flowers and evergreens, numerous other delicate floral tributes were bestowed upon the bier ol Ihe dead. As we left the depot the hand slaved a ftmeral march. Great crowds of people were assembled, who evinced their be reavement J wearing n& uauitm, and me like. Special Di snatch to the Chicago Tribune. Nxab HAarstJBO, N. Y., April 8710:50 p.m. country gathered about a large bonfire, and stood with uncovered needs while the train pissed. - Special Dispatch to the Chicago Tribune.l North Evans, N. Y., April 27.-10:55 P. X. ' Larce bonfires with crowds of neoole about. woo Stood witn ueaua uncovered as we paas. Special Dispatch to the Chicago Tribune. Akoola, N. Y-, April 27. lt:la r. a. Bonfires blazing, and crowds of people stand silently by as the train moves onwar -a. iSnecial Dispatch to the Chicago Tribune. Btxraa Crixx, N. Y- April 27-11:45 r. 1 Tw-not mlendidlv decorated. Large asemblara of people present, wno nocseo aoout tne car con. tuning the President's remains. Special Dispatch to the Chicago lnouce.j DmntiBK. N. Y April 23-13:10 a. a. An Immense aaeemhlaare with uncovered beads were In waiting. In the centre of the vast depot were iwentv-tiix vouna out tea uwquuk, hnlriinir tn her band a small file. They were , I i. ! i ,1 ... 1 - tl ...K .ttw.o.n uiessea in wiui. uiwiiu wtiu via m. oou .n.iinrt Ih. .boulder and waldt. In the back ground was a band of music piay the funeral dirge. After the music ceased the young ladies entered the car containing the remains and placed a wretfb of flowers and evergreens on the coffin. The depot was richly decorated. Long waving i(nM oi everxr.-eens arched from the beams, and large beautitul flags Intervene l aud clapped each other, emblematic vi uao-uuiiy oi uio ouuct. Minute guns were fired during our stay. Special Dispatch to the Chasago Tribune. Portland, N. Y April 2S 13:35 A. l amm. Ac Crowds assembled about, with (Ira drooping. The. mea rxma.nei uncovered as the train passed. Special Dispatch to the Chicago Tribune. WrTixu. N. Y-, April 231 a. k. Tbe depot Is handsomely decorated. A long , A. it ..v ....I .re ausnended from wires. atdgive a splendid litht A. large assemblage r rr,.,txl. A delega'lon of five ladles mr.M . afMiM on th ) mar vt s coma, On tbe cross was the inscription" Oyr's the cross : tntn. u. mm."' The names of the la- 4ie weie ; Mrs. Drake, Wife ef tk Ute Celoas Drake, killed at Cold Harbor, Mrs. Brewer, Mrs. Bkllilier, and tne inisses ow&ers. Special Dispatch to the Chicago Tribune. : Riplxv, N. Y., April 281:24 A. Jt. , People gathered about the depot. Large bonfires blazing. Flags draped in mourning. , Special Dispatch to the Chicago Tribune. I Stats Lnrs, Pi-, April 281:32 a. m. A crowd of people stood uncoved about a large bonfire. From temporary poles sat in the ground drooping flags are suspended.. . Special DlBpatcb. to the Chicago Tribune. i North East, Pa.. April 281:47 a. m. Here Major 'General Dlx took leave of the re- : mains, ne navine conducted, it Buieiv tnrougn tne State of New York. The Mayor and Common Council of Erie then took charge, and continued to do the honors until they gave np the sacred dust to the Ohio delegation. General Dlx took tbe midnight train for New York. While the train remained, a little girl, aged twelve years, named Leonore Crawford, came on board and nlaced a wreath and cross of roses on the coffin of the President, on tne cross was tne inscription xi eft in A-eace. Special Dispatch to the Chicago Tribune. . Habbob Cheek. Pa.. April 282:05 a. m. 1 Drooping flag displayed 'from the depot. Large nuniuer oi people assmoiea aoout oouiires. t tween this snd list station were con?remtd . number of farmers with their families, all of whom luuu uncovered as we paaeu. Special Dispatch to the Chicago Tribune. Ebik, Pa., April 282:26 a. m Changed routes from tbe Bufla'o and Rrio in -ine t,ieveuma ana jsne Kaurojd. 11. Notting ham. Eo . Snneruitendent of the latLer mud. nH J. Lewis Grant, General Superintendent of the lurmer roao, are Doin on board and giving im mediate attention to all matters comlog undr ibeir control. E. D. Page, a well known and rapaoie eenueman is uonouctor. Mr.'', was the Conductor who brought the President over the load four years ago, snd Mr. Nottingham was generalissimo of the train on that occasion. As to he a?eemhlare a Erie It was laree and order! v. Owing to tome rnlsunderstanding there was no pr paniiiiMi w naeiTe uie cortege in a oniiiantana appropriate manner. I believe the reason is thit the people had become impressed with tbe belief mat no public demonstrations woutd be a-lowed. A transporency, shrouded with folds of the Amer ican nag. naa tne lonowing inscription ; " Abraham Lincoln may die but the principles of liberty which rendered him a mart-r, beiLg embaTmed In his blood, will Ive forever.'" Special Dispatch to the Chicago Tribune. ; Spmmgfibld, Pa., April 288:27 a. m. ' A crowd assembled at the depot with lighted torcnes ana drooping nags. Special Dispatch to the Chicago Tribune. Cohhbatjt, Ohio, April 288:48 a. m. Tbe deoot is nrettilv dratted. OnitA a rmvil of people are on trie platform, who stand uncovered aa the cortege flits by. Between this snd tne next station tne tanner? witn their families had congregated abOHt large bonfires, ana stood eiiem auo respectiui mourners. Special Dispatch to the Chicago Tribune. Ashtabula, Ohio, April 284:27 a. m. Minute guns heralded our comine. A lar?e roncnurse of people assembled at the depot, whf I llltlllll MHU ILDi IU DCC LUC VUWU VUUUUH. iig tne corpse, a large nne nag was floating arch iikis aiM v. uiu car.. Special Dispatch to the Chicago Tribune. Gin iv a, Ohio, April 284:62 a. m. Platform crowded. Men stood uncovered, and women waved white handkercbiela. At Union- vine, was a like spectacle. Special Dispatch to the Chicago Tribune. , Madison. O.. Anril aaK--n9 m A very respectful assemblage of people gathered on the platform, both men and women standing wlih niicovered heads. Depot decorated hand somely witn nags ana otner devices. Special Dispatch to the Chicag o Tribune. - PilsasvtLU. O.. Anril 288:41 a. m A large crowd of people are congregated at the depot, which is decorated with mourning badges and flags. Like scenes present themselves at mentor. Special Dispatch to the Chicago Tribune. WaioroHBr. o.. Anril as :na a m A number of very old grey-headed men were standing in a garden leaning on their staffs and uncovered, xinnrixeas or watchers lined the sides ot tne track and looked longingly at the sable carnages fleeting bv. Special Dispatch to the Chicago Tribune. EnOLin. O.. Anrf rt-A-2 n m Ms). Gen. Hooker and staff and other prominent geuuemen came onooara at in?s place, preparato- Special Dispatch to the Chicago Tribune. Ci.Evin.Ajn. O . ADril 2f 1 a. m Train has arrived at 7 o'clock precisely, schedule time. Have had a quick and pleasant ride from Buffalo to ihis point, not the least accident occurring to mar the tranquillity characterizing our miBflon. The followiug compose the committee to meet the remains: Hon. R. P. Boal- oing, uor. i ins, i nomas denes. Jr., Col. Anson Stager, Amasa Stone, Jr., Hon. H, B Pa.vne, Hon, John A. Foote. Hon. H, T. Wilson. . 1. . u. .... ...nn, x.u.1,1 vi .v. 1 1-, ui. oiiignam- Don. Wm. B. Castle, Charles Hickox, John Mar- iiu, kivb. vr m v unui?, ii. A. J (.tlDSOn, lr. 1. (J. K. " eifer, xir. x-roctor A nayer, n. tt. Hurl but, , owles. Jacob Henrr. James .nri Wl'ey. The above named met the funeral escort at Euclid, and returned with the cortege to this A most magnificent nrocessiou has been Tnrmx and is now commencing to march through tbe principal streets. The great body of military and vi. ii vitt uiiiniiiriB aid auruifu lu Hue, The belts of the citv are toll in as the sion moves. A national salnte of onna was fired on the arrival of the remains. The siiip-fing in the harbor dUplpjed their colors at half- UlBbl. i. A new building hai been erectedVin the public rtiuaiv ior uie fptcitu purpose Ol oelug tue uepOS Itory of the remains white in this citv. The tullding Is thirty-six feet Ion', twtnty-four feet wide and fourteen leet high. The roof isofp:- fc a bij ii, iiiu uio rvibcra are coverea witn wnite doth. The catafalque consists of a raised dais lour by twelve feet on the ground. The cotlin will re?t on tne uais anom two leet aoove the floor. On the four corners will Btand oelnmns sunnort. lug a canopy. The columns are draped and have been wreathed with evergreens and white flowers in tbe most beautiful manner. Eight immense plumes of bl'ck crape surmount the sides of the building." Slender flag poles bearing crape pirtwuers ana mounting nags are ranged along tbe top of the bniKing. Evergreen and floral wreaths are need to loop np tbe drapery and uuwu me vapiutm oi me cuiumns. The inside of the building is In admirable keen - mg with the exterior. Heavy drapery of black cloth, lestoona of everereen and floral wreaths and bouquets completely shroud the pillars and rwi. ia we center u tne catma.que. xue noor and sides or the dais are covered with black rl ilh in folds drooping from the four corners, bordered with S'lver fringe, and the borders of the comtre are brilliantly ornamented with wbrte rosettes snd stars of silver. The inside of the canopy is lined with black cloth, gathered in folds, and white and black crape serves as plumage to the posts at the corners of the catatalque. In the ctnter is a large star of black velvet with thirty- bix Butrs, oue ior esca oiaie m tne union. A be floor or the dais is covered with flowers, and a figure of the the Goddess of Liberty placed at tne neaa oi tne conin. Tbe cei'inrr of the bni.dinir is huno with beaut ful festoons of evergreens and flowers, while the four Doets wbich sustain on either side tbe pagoda roof are hung with large rosettes of mingled evergreens, and magnolias oi two varieties. Appiopriate drapery hangs from the cornice oi the building and swings from pillar to pillar of tne structure, toe enas oi tne building are heavily draped with black cloth, over eaeb. end is a large aolden eagie witn tbe national shield. I he sides supporting the second roof are covered with black ciotb on tbe outside, on which are fastened beautiful evergreen wreaths and floral devices. The procession is still passing through the streets, bu the remairs will be taken to the Public Park at an early hour, and the features ot the Pres- dent will be exposed to public view from 9 a m. to 9 d. m. Is fs believed lhat dcrinff this time there will have passed In and out at leaat 150,0c9 aouie. tw Special Dispatch to the Chicago Tribune. Clivbxasd 11:30 p. m. It Is indiFDUtablv asserted that as the cars were comiDg in irom Buffalo this morning a line of recpie nve mnes King was voluntarily termed fi-ou. that part of the city away out beyond the suburl s, so eager weie tbey to get a g-aze at the ronerai coneee, aua especially at tne car wnica enveloped the dust of tne fallen. When the train arrived at the depot an immense mass of neoole thronged about intent upon seeing the features of tne ntsioeni. It has been raining nearly from morninc to the hour ol writing. Still tbe people were not deterred from a cumclitine in tbe streets and wendvn? their wav to the public nark where tbe temDorary but elegant builrMng has been erected in which to mace tbe bodv wbile lvtnr In state in this citv. A ne rain pourea aown m torrents irom lu to 12. hut men, women and children braved the ele ments. Symbols of sorrow and evidences of the uoDallmg gloom in which the nation has been cast were everywhere prevalent. Up to the very latest pour tnere were nunoreos still seeking admission, bar thev will have to bear the dtsavDOintment. i ne cortege departs n om tne cirv at 12 o'clock to-night, and wi.i arrive at Colnraba at 7:30 tomorrow morning. Maj, Gen. Hooker will be chief mourner until the remains are deposited in Springfield, and will remain with the funeral cor- u ge to mat time. - Tin: assassis Interesting Particular or XXls Death toiloqav tKiw'rn Hnoin aaa lae Cavalry Mow file Was Killed State - meoioi sergeant turscn. Nw York. April S8 It appears by the Ber- alii't account that Colonel Baker sent Lieutenant Colonel Conger and Lieutenant Baker, of bis de tectives, wits Lieutenant uoupnerty ano nis cav alry, on rescuing liarrctt s larm, tney were tola by a son of Garrett that there were two men in toe barn. This was at two o'clock in the mora- inff. Wednesday. Proceedine to the b im. l.H-ri- tenant Baker was sent forward and called noon Booth to come out, give no bis arms and surren der, and mat young barren wouto go into the barn to receive tbe arms. Upon his entering the turn. Booth exclaimed : u Get out of here I von have betrayed me." A colloquy then ensued, of WUICO toe lonowixtg is tne .uoeisxice : i.fentenant UAtei ton must eive nn vonr arm. and surrender. We have come to take you a prisoner, and will treat yon as a prisoner. We will give yon five minutes to surrender, or will hnra tbe barn." jkooth " Who are yon, ana wnar. no yon want 7" imrnirOom had been eiven to Lieutenant Ba ker not to disclose tne character sf those who we in pursuit. x$aker wewaxiljvu. nDtuicuuw iue jtta .nann.r Booth " is a nard case. At may ne taati am to be taken by my menas." Alter some mrtner coiioquj w ma ew, cwtu, aepmroelv convinced tbat he was in the toils of Federal soldiers, said: "Give me a chance for my lite. I am a cripple with one leg. Withdraw yonr roec one hundred yards irom tae oarn ano a will come out and eht von." lieutenant Baker--" We did not come here to fight, but to take you prisoner. You must give up your arms aaa surrender. Booth " Let me have Mm. to ronsideT. A conversation in tbe barn, between Booth and Harrold then took place, which was not over- beard by the party outside. In about fifteen or twenty minutes. Booth called out ; Ho are yout I could have picked off half a dozen of your men while we were talking. I could have cbot yon two or three times, but I don't want to ki 1 anybody." Lieutenant Baker "Then give no yonr arras t a enrrender. We have come here to t ke vm." Booth "I will never surrender; I will never be tat-, n ally..' Lieutenant Baker "If yon dont do so imxue-rii.ti. w. will set fire to the barn." - Booth "Well, my brave boys, prepare a stretcher for me." - , , . . After th"s a coT varsa'lon took place btw?eo Twth a-i.1 TtaTrnlrl. (Ill fill? Which Booth, WSS heard to say, "You damned coward, will you l. mm an. 9 ttnlvo. trO. I don't Want VOU to stay with aae." Be the ftddretsfcd the Fartj ou. CHICAGO, SATURDAY, APRIL side and said: " There li a man who wants to come out." - i Lieut. Baker" Then let him hand out his arms and come out." 1 Another- talk here occurred between Bocth and Han-old, in which it appeared thai the latter was beercinj? to be allowed to lake out some a una with him, and Booth was beard to say, " Go away . irom me i aon t want anyuiins; more to do witn you." Harrold then came to the door and asked to be let out. Lieut. Baker said. "No, hand out your arms." Barr-dd replied, " I have none." , . Lieut, Baker " Yes, yea have you carried a carbine when you camejiere. Yon must hand tt out." Booth " He has no arms : they are all mine. npon my word as a gen.leman. He has no arms. An tbatare here belong to me." , Lieutenant Baker then approached the door. Bairoid thrust out his hands and was pulled from the door, tied and placed in charge of a guard. Col. Conger was then satisfied that further narlev with Booth was In vain, and proceeding lo the other ride of the barn. Lieutenant Baker na'led uui i wL-p ai nay ana iieutea it. nitrun a lew minutes, the blazing bay Hghted up the inside ol Wit; uarxi. Aoota was discovered leaning on a crutch, wbich be threw aside, and with a cirbiue n bis bauds, came towards the side where the fire had been kindled. Daueed. looked at the fire a moment, and then started towards the door. When in about the middle of the barn he was shot. Colonel Conger and Lieutenant Baker at once entered the barn and broogbtBooth out. After identification, by order of the War Department the body was privately interred in the clothing which was upon it. . 'Ibe Herald'M corresnondent sava ibA n.rlAv with Booth las'edalocg while; that Boot a told Aem ijougneriy ne naa a neaa drawn on him and could shoot him if he chose; that Booth' could see those outside Dlainlv. while th..v cnnM not see him inside; that wbea the Are was light- " , . u v-vj it i" w B n:u, nuu luu l . I f U ( . AJOUgU- erty ordered SerpejDt corhetc ta fir wtiiniiM, eld, through one of the crevices. Booth was armed with two six barreled -and' one seven-barreled revolvers. W hen the party started to return with tbe body, Hirrold refused to walk, when a rope was fastened to his neck, and the other end of it to the saddle of one of the cavalrymen. As soon aa a horse could be procured he wa- mounted. Ase noria t correspondent says it Is learned that Harrold joined Booth iuetafter the avsaaain. a uoo, and it is believed brought the horse into ine aiiey. STATXaKHT OF BBROSAXT OORBBTT. ' The fol owln? is the statement of Wmni Rn.. tonCorbett: "On Tuesday evening my superiorofficer, LieuL E .ward P. Dougherty, received information that-iwo persons answering to the description of Booth and his accomplice Harrold were concealed in a bain on the place-of Henry Garrett, about three miles from Fort Royal, In the direction of Bowl- jiiig ween, a nere we captured a man named Jett who ferried Booth and ma arcomniii- uvmi tua Potomac At first he denied kuowing anything at out the matter, but when threatened witu death if he did not reveal the spot where the assassins were secreted, be told us whre they could be luuna and piloted us to the place. Booth and Harrold reached the barn about dusk on Tuesday evening. The barn was at once surrounded by our cavalry, and some of our party engaged in, conversation with the ruffians from the outside. He was commanded to surrender several times, but made no reply to tbe demand, save that, If you want aub, you in use tane me. w nen erst asked to sur-r du r. be asked : Who do von take me for v a ebort time after, in response to the question as to nueuier mere was any Doo y eife witn mui in the barn, he stated he was the only person in the building that bis companion. Harrold. had taken another direction, and was beyond the reach of capture. At three o'clock, or a little after, the u-jmee were Kindled. iootn naa the advantage of ns in respect to lleht. He ennld see nn. hnt vt could not see him. But alter that, the tables were turned against him. We could see bim plainly, but could not ba spn w him The flames apneared to cnnfVian bim .mi ha made a spring toward tbe door, as if to at'empt to force his way out. As he passed by one of tbe crevioes in the bain, I fired at him. I aimed at bis body. I aid not Want to kill him. I took deliriArAtrt mm athu eboulder. but my aim was too high. The ball struck him in the head, just below the right ear, and passing through came out about an inch above tbe left ear. 1 think he siooned to nl -fc nn thing lust as I fired. That may probably account for his receivins' the ball in the bead. I wa. over eight or ten yards distant from him when I fiied. 1 was afraid that if 1 did not wound him he would kill some of our men. After he was wjundefl I went into the barn. Booth was lying in a reclining position on the floor. I asked him, where are vou wounded V K rentieri. in . fhiA voice, his eyeballs glaring wiih a peculiar bril-litncy, 'In the head; you have finished me.' He was then carried out of the buraini? buildme- into the onen air. where be dlpit ahnnt two hours and a half afterwards. About an hour before be breathed his last he prayed for us to shoot him through the-heart. anrf thn ond hi. misery. His sufferings appeared to be intense. Booth, although he could have killed several of our party, seemed to be afraid to fire. Mine was the only shot fired on either side. . When be fell, he had in his hand a six barreled revnlver. unit at biB feet was lying a seven-shooter, which he uroppeu aiter ne was wounded, two other revolvers were also near him. He declared that the arms belonged to him, and that Hirrold had nothing to do with the murder. We gave him brandy, and four men went in search of a doctor.. whom we found about five mtlea from tha of tl e occurrence. But wben the doctor arrived. Booth was dying. He did not talk much after re ceiving nis wound, wnenaskridif be had anvil, uig to say, he replied : "I die for my country," md asked those s ancing by lo tell his mother so. He did not deny his crime. - Washihoton, April 28 The excitement which prevailed in this city yes'erdsy has considerably subsided. W hile all regret that the assassin, ow ing to the rashness among tba soldiers engaged in the capture was not taken alive, they at the same time felt grateful that the murderer had pud the penalty of bis crime. . Had he been brougbt to the Washington Navy Yard alive, nothing could have withstood tbe fury of the excited corgregated thousands. Whjt disposition wis made of Booth's body afterthe autopsy npon ... m iuiiucoiuic iw nu:ii ill, uut luiui Ulfciug di.-pesa) In keeping wi:h his ignoxxuiiious career was made, is certain-. Harrold who nas been exhibiting gret stoicism Fince bis capture, now appears to realize the awful position in wbich be i placed, and through tbe dsy bas given way to freau: nt weeDior?. He 1? quite young, and his ippeararice would indicate . nim to oe not over twenty, some time airo ne was an applicant for the position of surgeon's s eward in the Potomac flotilia, but was unsuc- cessiui. . . . A TVysterlona fircnmf.tsnce-4 Well anewn Citizen of Balllaiera Com mits Suicide 111 Body sent to Wash- UglVU, KALTiaora. Anril 28. A well known rtttiren nt Ba'timore committed suicide last Morday a short distance irom tbis city by shooting bimaelf with a pistol. No cause could be assigned for the rash act except that he had recently seemed depressed sua meiancnoiy. suosequem events nave induced the suspicioa that be was in some way implicated in tbe conspiracy, and last night the body was exhumed embalmed and sent to Washington, by order of the Government. Tbe affair cuses much speculation, and there are many reports in connection with it, as well as some facts which it ia deemed imprudent to publish at present, . FKOM aVASil-LIGTOX. Kidl. trie tine the Department or wasntnaton. Special Dispatch to the Chicago Tribune. -Washakoton, April 28. The Department of Washington has been di vided In to four Military Districts, as follows : District of Alexandria to embrace that portion of tbe Department of Washington, and all troops serving therein, lying south of the Potomac, except the northern neck, south of the railroad from Fredericksburg and Aquia Creek Landing, with headquarters at Alexandria, to be commanded by Major General J. Vt. Parks. Tnairict of Washington to embrace that nortion of the Department of Washington north of the Potomac, aid all troops serving tterein, excepting the City of Washington and the country between the Potomac and PaCuxent Rivera, south of Piscatoway, wita headquarters at Washington, to be commanded by Brevet Major General O. B. Wilcox. District of Fatuxent to embrace tne country be tween tne Potomac and Fatuxent Rivers, and soutb of Piscatoway, and all troops serving therein, except Point Lookout and the immediate vicinity, with headquarters at or near Port Tobacco . A olouei u. aa. wens, xota micuigaii, temporarily in charge. . nt. triet of Northern Neck to embrace the coun irn- try between the Potomac and Kappabannock Rivers south of Fredericksburg and Aquia Creek Kail road, and all troops serving tnereiu. Colonel K. B. Sweiber, 16th New York cavalry, temporarily in charge, with headquarters at such point as he may select. . . . ' . Tbe District or Bt. msry 8 is discontinued, ana the commander ordered to report to General gut. . ruttttlua UEaaaui trrivs, I "WAsameros, April 28-m a. m, f To Hon. E.M. Stanton: I h.y. th. honor tdraenort that the Secretary of State and Mr. F. Seward are improving ateadily. V ery reepecuuiiy, , 3. K. Babses, Surgeon General. . Surgeon Generai's Orrrck, t . Wabhtkstoh, April 288 p. m. J Hon. E. M. Stanton r if- - I have tbe bonor to renoTt that the Secretary of State took his usual ride this morning and is tree irom pain to-night. Mr. F. Seward requested today that some oue should read to h.m, and says he is much better. His strength is improving giad- uaily and the wonnas or tne scarp are neaiixig. - . I . rut-tttj ..viu.i - . J. K. Barn is, burgeon General. A racreasfnl snreical one ration was Derformed on Secretary Seward's jaw this afternoon, in tbe presence of several eminent surgeons. The Secretary is recovering rapid iy, and rides oat each day m company with hia family physician. Ne-w York, April 27. Th. ConunerciaTt Wah iegton special saya: tne vauiie oi ine Farmers-Banc, in Richmond, has been opened and the contents found undisturbed. ' - "A Cabinet meeting, to-day, considered international questions likely to arise from the con spiracy, WulCU IS xuieseu to urvv cxwiiBiTV nmi-nca'ions. , . "President Johnson was loudly cheered, today, while passing through tbe streets. " Booth's bodv has been placed where It will sever be seen by mortal eye again." - The .roat special says: a .cunjivaiira del egation, beaded by commissioner Lewis, caned on the President, making tne most radical address Jet delivered. The President replied, repeating is conviction that the rebel leaders ahonid be punished and the masses ot tne people lOTgivea. Decretory Dttvini uiu . - n- "a . m. FBOJI ST. LOOS. ''. y Special Dispatch to tbe Chiesjto Tribune. , . Br. Louis, April S8. A dispatch was received yesterday by the De- nsrtxnent commander Irom Capt. Crocker, Co. A, Sd Missouri mftntry, at Miami, Mo, statin? that with a portion or his company ne naa encountered and drove a party of thirteen bushwhackers, kill-wir eight of them and capturing -their arms and "There are thirteen hundred returned Union prisoners in the military hospitals of this city. from Maine to Minnesota. They are generally ) improving rrom tne noma w vwt bar barity. : - . - general Wilson's Cavalry It aid. CrrtCTSKATi, April SS. La's ueorgia papers five full accounts of Gen. Wilson's treat raid, fier defea'ins the rebel forces at Selma, and de- rovine the arsenals and manufactories there. Wllirnniwini t . . " - . Vet Point, Cclnmhns and Macon, scatterin tbe m ltla on all aides, rnuilnir the otry remaining railroad breakine np all the mactrne shops, and destroyine military stores. The manufacture of materials for a future campataU fallow impoe-ibae, . i, ; -irffy 29, 1 865. POSTSCRIPT. : 'UV.' -'"v, , 4 O'CLOCK A. 31. PEOM NW.TT0BiE.-: The' jHitary Establishment Being Placed on a Peace Basis. : Mrs. Lincoln and Family Coning '- To Chicago. ? ! InterefftiEg Details of Bootli's Death. Special Dispatch to the Western Associated Press New York; April 23.-Gfoesbeck & Co of this city, offer f 10,000 towards tbe recovery of one Jeff. Davis, fugitive from justice. - Attempted Suicide. '-'- ' The Tme sayg a German named George 8prtng-stein has taken Ihe assassination of President Lincoln to heart so deeply that he attempted suicide last evening. The Tribune, commenting on Secretary Stanton's order to commanders in the field not to re-gaj4 Sherman's armistice, says : " The inevitable inference is that Sherman has been suspended, or that the Secretary of vVar means to eocnpel him to resign. It Is very plain that' a commander in thetleld whose sutHirdlnates were publicly notified to disregard bis orders cannot Jong remain with self respect or even be retained in his present position. " Booth's Eflecta.: The Adtwtiter't Washing to letter sayt : " There are reasons for believing thit Boom was aSUnced to an estimable lady. It is certain there are no grounds for the rumor that he had won the affections of the daughter of a prominent New England Senator. There was nothing more than a drawing-room acquaintance between the oarties. On Booth's person was found a diary In which he had recorded the events of his flight and other matters calculated to fix his guilt npon parties connected with the rebel Government. There was also found in his pocket sterling exchanga, obtained in Canada last October, where the diabolical plot was, doubtless, arranged. Mrs. Lincoln'. Future Plans. - ' Since tbe departure of the remains of her husband on their last journey Mrs. Line. In bas become more calm, but findsvft impossible at times to regard her loss with resignation, so heavy, so unexpected was the blow. President Johnson bas urged her not to bastenher departure from the White House, snd she will remain there until the close ot May, when tt Is her present intention to locate herself in Chicago. Her eldest son, CspU Lincoln, proposes to practice law. in that city, where Master Tbaddeus can. enjoy excellent educational advantages. Gen. Grant. The same letter says it was fortunate for the Re public that Gen Grant was here wben the intetlt- fence of Sherman's blunder reached President obnson, and that he so promptly left to convey the disapproval of the Chief MiTistrate. It may be that his presence will be required in North Carolina for a while, but President Johnson desires to have him return at the earliest possible Oay, and remain here second in cmniahd of the armies of the United States. Obltaary. . . - Washington, April 28. Richard Cox, one of the oldest and most prominent lawyers in this city, died this mornint;, aged 73 years. , Booth's Uody. ' Very great curiosity prevails as to the disposition to be made of the remains of Booth, but it seems that the authorities are not inclined to give the wretched carcass the honor of meeting the public gaze, and it will probably be deposited in whatever place promises the most utter obscurity. Yesterday a photographic view of the body was taken before it was removed from the monitor. It was then placed in an ordinary grey army blanket, in which it was sewed up. A plain box, measuring six feet by two, had been previously made in a joiner's shop for the remains, but it was not used. , Reducing- the Expenses. Was Dbfabtkent, Aim't General's Optics, 1 , Washington. April 2i, 1665. J Gen ke i Ohder No. 77. For reducing the expenses of the military eatablianment, it is ordered 1. Tbat the Chiefs of the respective Bureaus of tbeir Departments proceed immediately to reduce the expenses of their respective Departments to what is absolutely necessary In view of the Immediate reduction of the forces in the;fleld and in garrison, and tbe speedy termination of hostilities, and that they severally report statements of the reductions they deem practicable. ' . 2. That the Quartermaster General discharge all ocean transports not required to bring home troops from remote departments. All river and inland transportation will be discharged except that required for the necessary supplies to troops in the field. - Purchases of horses, mules, wagons and other land transportation will be stopped ; also purchases of forage, except wbac is required ior immediate consumption. All purchases of railroad co&siroction and transportation will also be stopped. 3d. That the ComraiFsary General of Subsistence discontinue the purchase of supplies in his department except of such as may, with whit is on hand, be required for the fcrces in the field to the first of June next. . - 4. That tbe Chief or Ordnance stop, all purchases of arms and ammunition and materials thert-for, and reduce the manufacture oi arms and ordnance stores in Government arsenals, as rapidly as can be done without inj ury to the service. 6. That the Chief of Engineers stop all work in all field fortitlcatioa. and other works, except those for wbich specific appropriations have been made by commanders for completion, or that may be rcqu'red lor the proper protection of works in progress. 6th. That all soldiers in hospital who require no further medical treatment, be honrably discharged from tire service, with immediate payment. All officers snd enlisted men wbo have teen prisoners of war, and are now on furlough or in parole camps, and all recruits in rendezvous except these for the regular army, will likewise be honorably discharged. Officers whose duty it is under the regulations of the service to make v out rolls and other papers connected with the discharge except those for the regular army will likewise be honorably oiscbarged. The officers whose duty it is, under tbe regulations of the service, to make cut rolls and other final papers connected with the discharge and payment of soldiers, are directed to make them out without delay, so that this order mav be carried into effect immediately. 7th. The Adjutant General or the army will cause immediate return to be made by all commanders in field garrisons, detachments, and Sosts of their respective forces, with the view to leir immediate redaction. 8. Quartermasters, Engineers and Provost Marshal General's Departments will reduce the number of clerks and employees to that absolutely required for closing the businesa of their respective departments, and will, without delay, renort to the Secretary of War the number required of each class or grade, t ne Burgeon ienerai win make similar reductions of surgeons, nurses and attendants m his bureau. 9. Chief of respective bureaus win Immediately ranae nrcmer returns to be made out of the public property in their charee, and the statement ef property in each that may be sold upon advertise ment ana puuiicauott, wituout prejuuice to we service. in. rnmmandera of nrlsons will have rolls made out of tbe names, residence, time and place of capture, ana occupation ot ail prisoners oi war who shall take Ihe oath of allegiance to the United statoa. to the end that such as are disposed to be er me good and loyal citizens of the United States, and who are pioper oblects of executive clemency, be released upon terms that the President snail deem fit and consistent with public safety. By order or the Secretary ot w or. W. A. Nichoi, Asst. A. G,-Official t Thomas W. Vinokht, A. A. G. TT7AR CLAIM AGENCY OF T T tbe Tnite! States Sanitary Commission. pay, bounty, pensions and prize money secired without charge. With Central Agency at Washington. D. . iiif miiaMi fikoiHtiea are oHered for th successful prosecution of claims. Office 6 Reynolds' Block, rear r. o., iearDorn . r. ioa ig.inico, p2STll5-14net M P.BAi'LxKlT. Agent. I - m v t fx I i! U 1 1 tj Xt I 1 MR. WM. F. BLOCKI. tvho baa been for th' last five years In our employ, has bete admitted aa partner In the drug business or GALE BROTHERS. . The business wil be conducted as hTetotbre. under I the name and. style ot OALB BROTHKKS. at.29yxis.xt 810 PER DAY AT HOME. Any person, male or fVamle, having a lew hours daily to tpare, can learn the particulars of a l leas ant nnsiness oy aoareMng, wiia euunp lorreiurii. ral of $2 to S rennlred. tpwinwt ihe first rational bane, IRiimwmi to M.-Mr.. L. w. Beek A Co. r-liiMa ..-rrcinAnnt. Third V.tkxn.l Bank. KewYork ccnespondent, the Kationat Curraney lint. RD38v96.1m y, il. L. WILEY, Frest. 1. w. r.. tiaanier. A P. A. All the members of the J V e ATrcrtcitia Protestant Association are reauea- ted to meet at their respective uaiis. Monday Morning, at 8 o'clock precisely. By order ol the W. ti. M-, H.J ahna. ' apaaviltitnet JOHN P. FRET, Bee. Sec. nOUSEEE2PEK Wanted bv a sirirde sentleman a youne lady as oase- aeener. tine wEocan wnuniuir.uu retired HteiBttie country. Address - Housekeeper, Chicago Fost O trice. - ap39vx22 It T EAT. ENGLISH BROAD- Xii CLOTHS and BLACK CAS8IMEBES, aa also many other rnnn .nn-na For Gent's use. at KLV'B Tailonnsr and FOTnhuilng aiouae. corner Hear Horn ana n aanuw """" apaaviant sattj vwEna rTTST! DUST! DUST! AVCZD IX L AVOID TT I And at the same time prepare for cold weather, by , . nanus ALLEN'S BUBBER MOULDING ADD'ied to your Doors and Windows. 'Ail orders addressed to E. aLLKV, 81 lVaTborn strt. oKr!. V King's Block, promptly attended to. apzsvasit t. rp-ATBERS OF THE BOARD iVI rf Trade. Intradlng to Join tn tbe procession on Monday aremruewea to miKB room, on m"----? . . . . 7 - r. . - j . ! .t tt ftV.lno.t. u tba nroceasion will tefveiVi o'clock precisely. th Board is earin-"j '"'."ST' ' ' W H. LW, Marshal. mnE SPRING TERM ; OF PAXalOSa'S ACADEttlT, : S'2 WABASH AVBNlTB, wni eoTfTnerwe on WEDMKSWaY, May ad. 18"5. rrlTslpplyatttebuildica. Lincoln Mourning; Pin, FBBFKCT PICTUKB. Ttrm loyal breast sbonld wear one. Bent by mall, ! Kvery f'J ,v. i... as I...U. Addres. t. L. iilUUiii, Vi iwarbora-aw. Chicago, ut avosvAo-tt - . itei :i n-m : r.j .,- im ibj .... iilj . rr-J .... , . . - ." ..: : . . :-:,.:'.-r!i ' ' ''. i - ' ' - i - . ; . ...... . - .,.., ' """"' " " llrr'TETg'r'tfgT runm i.i isTcto asbrrttemcitts ANOTHER TRIUMPH OF . AMKRICAN eNITJS! TLe Excelsior Tripple ActlEg BUTT CHURN, Patented DecemberSSrd, 1869. for 17 lean . - - i . v Thi Tmppli Act i no Cur us has four ProreT7era, or Flutter-w b ela, similar to those of a steamboat propeHei. hut revolves both ways hi addition to ana in connection Ith he d&shar motion, and th ribs wi'r their concave recesses, and wa thins: it well lrorta an eiamintition. by any scientlflc person. THIS MOST ADMIRABLE IMYENTISM Has been examined by many and proronnrti by com-x. pettnt joriees, rarmers, aricul'tJTirt8 ana - rliipl WMThftDifiao Mthe most simple, Durable. Bapid and Complete Uutter Cltura . Rver Invented in tbis or any other country; and we X L J wrquajieuuunm tne present century. Ibis chu-n makes butter wben th cream is iu order, in from tbree to seven minntnu. hnt hnttAr Sia luwit made with 1'- In tbe incredible short time of Two I MiSTjTas It can be prope-Ued by a child five or elx .TCIRUI 1(13, 11U Ut) " nnnn.ry CUUTlllXlK 1U S VOT abort time. W neu the butter is gathered, the whole top, in a few i eeonos, is taken off the Churn, ao that 'he tml-r Is as easily taken out aa thonxk it was In a common wash tub or nail. We don't wish to challenge nor bout, but arlberest-ictly to the truth, as tbe churn stands u-on its own merits. Is its cwn beat r fTence, and will show for itself. The piinclpie ol the Churn is Entirely New and Original, AKD WELL 8KCUBED BY Broad tud Carefully Described Claims, Which renders tbe Patent one of the most valid and secure ever granted. . Dealers In Patents, Manufacturers and Speculators, who aeek a safe and profitable investment, that is sure to make money, ard tbat rapidly, are reapectftdly invited to call and critically examine the Churn. It Will be cheerfully . Exhibited to aS wishing to tee it operate, With a view to test Its oractlcabtlltv. ntillrv nnd merits, feeling assured that it will result In a perfect coiiuriiiifcLxou ui ute xacui aoove Butteo. Agents wanted In most of tne Western ,. States. - Any energetic business man can surely make money and that rabidly, as will be satisfactorily shown. Remember, this la no fancy picture, nor every-day vcvureuce, du one ox tne most VALUABLE PATENTS EVER OFFERED," ASD IS WELL SECURED. . 7 Can and see it operate at the City Hotel, corner iiime atiu Bitwui, viiicagu, xn. apavxtft-xt Lincoln Moiirning Fin, PERFECT PICTTJBE. Every loyal breast thould wear one Sent by mall, poit-paid. everywhere ior SS cent. Address C. I. trKiitbH, n- ues.1 oorn st., uBicago, ui. apwviT it BLCOMlSGTOi KURSEM, McLEAJJ COUHTY, HL. AGBICO.TTJKII T Strawberry, tece, 25 cents each ; three by mail for tl. Buasell's French's Seedling t) cents per dozen. - Osage Orange Plants, Second size, tlO per 1000. "a. 3tr E m . Largest, best, cheapest stock we know of. Adlrondac Iona, Israeli a, good one year $2 each (18 per iozen! Dklawaee Strong layers, $30 per 100 ; 1000 for (350. Conoobs pletdid layers, 12 for S3; 100 for tit i'IOOO for (ISO. Hartford, Norton's Virginia, Crevellng, all first-class, one year, (28 per 100. Catawba, good 1 year. 11C0 for (60. ' " E1EEGUEEXS, large and Small. . ROSES, 600 VAIUETIE9. 8uperb Monthlies (3 per doe ; Giant of Battles, 50 cents each; Japan Uliee, Gladiolus liahiiaa, dry roots and in pots. Tiger 1 lowers and Tuberoses, 100 for (3 CrfPH Ilfiusfi and Bf tiding: Plants FIYBLABGE HOTJBES FULL, Planted ont up to the middle of June or later. Also Dahlias, Rosea and all plants In pots. Splendid stock, in part of Ageratum, Antirrhinum, Basket and Vase Plants, Bouvardias, Carnations, Crysanthemums, Coleua 'VerachafTelitl, Daisies, Fuchsias, as. H'llotropea, Lobelias. Myoaotla, Pansiea, Pelargo-. nlumR. Petunias, double and single, Phloaea, Pyreth-rom, Salvia 8plenden,Bcarlet, Bltver-Kyed and Unique Geraniuma, Variegated Balm, Verbenas. SWEET POTATO PLANTSj BEST EARLY TTELLOW. Packed, 100 for (3.50 -. 5000 for (15. Also Cabbage, Tomato, Sgg Plants, Pepper, Cauliflower, Broccoli, 6c, &c. Address F. K. PHOENIX. ap59vl23-t SA TTTHA2t W V T A1LROAD purchasing J-. AGENTS, CONTRACTORS AND OTHERS. Wo are prepared to contract and deliver on the M. C. R-R between Michigan City and Kew Buffalo, large amonntaoi Timber, Flics, Ties snd Wood, OB 'WILL SELL 2,000 ACHES SPLEXDID T13IBEK L1SDS, Tn . brdv. nrlnlotatosultnurchaser. Thislandli Bliuatea on ooin siues ui m- vr. a. i.-, nuu runs i l.ake Mi hiran. at a convenient point ior a xaer. Anxa ia a O0 cnaxxce tor pruaa wxeixuxs Mr Operate in Timber and Wood. For particulars address H. H. ROBFRTS A CO.. apWvil7-t-sat-satamon-net Michigan City, lad. CtATAWBA WINES "We would V r-ail attention of the trade and fiimlliee to our Fore Catawoa Winer, raised on our own vineyards In fihirt- vhii-ta have lonif been Dronoonoed br the best Jadses as snperlor to any Id this market. Besides WOLCaa W3 UaUSa UiC tSLoa i. riiESCS AND CLABET wixes. ii-i I i- n. tv lo i j. SKEKKY WINES, . 6fAJilii.llsU CATAWBA- CATAWBA BRANDT. CHAMPAIGN. At Xiowest Prices- 48 North Clark-st , Chicago. - v R PAinotM of thla citv wi l meet the wants of niany CueluUJerti VJ aa.trcui.jjg uui vatn urn tt AAacoa miu to them we offer ereat Indacemezita. pavpa-'Jt nex-i tsq im ' - GRIND-STONES. . fv,ii Mjuii4m.nt nf .tl kinds l&re and small slzax. for sale below the market price at Ko. '& Norta Wells street. XxlUMAB txAAia. apgiviai-iw 1 THS. CHILD. : lo! Atthefonch where iirfant toeauty tjeep pr ailtnt watch, the mournful mother kpeo. Waittnsr for the child to awake, that she may take It to fcVH K'TTc. 1 97 sxreei, ana Bve . rauw graph taken. Jaras ae viaite, smiu per aozea. sp9 wi-iv Vi 7E ARE IN RECEIPT OF a lot of the cross craped Monming Flags. Issued by the' M ssrs Howell Bros., of Philadelphia, WAiett we inaa oe pwagwi w yrewsu. FI5EE OF CHABGB, To such of our customers and friends as chcose to call lor tnem to oay. x-v Ai i VU- - anaVlSllt AVI i.aiiM v-1 w i. - CHANGE OF TIKE. Tn Mnseauenee of the expected arrival of tbe fu neral cortege In th-a city on May 1st, the distribatioa of Painting, and Ergravings by the Chicago Art Aa-sociatioa will take place at O'BEXEN'S AET EMFO- BIX7M, . ; Saturdty ETeig, iprll 9tli Uo memberships remain unsold. " aiasvltsit K. SPAL3BTJBY. Sec'y. LUtfCOIaTJ ',' ;.; MouniiDg Pins and Badges. ha nnmt desin out. havine a true aud perfect likeness of our lata President. Just the thing for soldiers and societies intending to take part in the pro- ceKlon on Motoay nut. " Tje&iers can make laree profit on th sale of them. An IV erij n. . ' " -' ' -' i i ' i i i.n. - n2viS4-lt 94 Dearborn street. rITY TRADE. We have on consignment a choice variety of - PICKLEF, . B- .l- MMMhul nf H It Y HFlXOtiG, Philadelphia. These goods are warranted in every respect equal to Crosse ft BlackwelTa English Pickles, The list comprise the rbnowlrir styles, (bottles and wrappers sanxeaa lxossb mnwcBov. mdct, ficcadiliia, H.t.xvLNsj, CijLxTUiWKRs. tiNiuBS ana C. S. HITCniM CO., aTS7n954-tne1: 211 South Wa'er street. AXLE : GREASE ! i Beat In ase. Eoi sale by G. G POPE. Z.22 So. Clark-st. apumwi-u net t,tbaa .. , NUMBER 294; FLOREr.CE SEWiHG MACHitaE Od. .IP.l. I V vi ." P. a V fP 4C. k 'ro i O. ZOO - Washing-ton Street. apE9vl-2tnet saaho CHICAGO, ILL. VOTJR LIFE IS IN DANGER -A- wben riding over cheap Axles S. KOWXIT'S CXLEBEAIE3 Axles and Snrinjrs - ABB FOE SALE BY "45 ft 47 Lake Street, Chicago. if. B. To prevent imposition and to enable an to get a genuine article, each Axle and Spring Is stamped " 8. MO WHY. - ap39vl ISt ltew sa To House Furnishers. SPRING STYLES. Tbe Subscriber ts now receiving rich and elegant PARLOR, HALL, .IKIBSROaSrl, HBRAEI ASD Clllllirs " irAl 'Jiia lililWiU, ' 1 In all tne ntw and desirable tints, entirely dlflerent from anytblnz ever I offered in this marKet. Prices to ctr- 1 respond with tne lowest gold basis. - ALSO A FEvE COLLECTION OF .v CHEAP PAPERS FOBTHETKADE. N Choice atvles of desirable aroods at Detter Darsaliks ajtutn aire oxtered at tne auusa. jB; &. L. F.lXO 70 IiATin STSHZ7T. Uf IMnAVI AlllnPA Kew Stiles, a Fine Collection. GEEAT BARGAINS. 'WHOLESALE AND RETAIL. FJXTDRES, TRIM M fcc. FiXOIf, 70 Lake Street. TO HOUSE FCMISUERS. BEJIDIDIlSra-S AKD 13el IT'-o.rnisliing'S, Of every description. Curtain Goods, &C. E. G. L. FAXON, 70 IalcelStreet. p26u69S-4tnet Lincoln Moiirniiig Pin, FEBFKCT PICTUEK. Every loyal breast should wear one. Sent by mall, post paid, everywhere for rtj cents. Addre-a l;. L. a)H1GGS,0-J Dearborn St., Chicago, IB. ap&vxTMt "POSITIVELY THE LAST DAY JL O AT rXflC U ! PJI I ! M 3J IkUla lis Ma UL sliwlllfa . 1 THE CELEBRATEIf HAIR EEST0EEE, Who holds bis last levee TO-DAY (SATURDAY J j OFFICE HOUKS from 8 A. M. to P. M. , . ALL C0HSTJLTATI0K8 FREE. otBce. Ko. T Sine's Block, corner Waahlnirton and Xiearnorn sts., tnicHgo, xxt. apnivt-u.- SPRING STYIiES OF HATS km GAPS At Keducetl Prices. opg9v88-8tnet A. STCITH 3c CO. north nniCAGO AND VJ WESTEKS RAILWAY. iv ew THRopGii Lira: To Escanaba, Marquette, Eortage. Eagle Harbor, On tonagon, and axi lutermeaiaie poxubs u. - LAKE SUPERIOR. Trtfn nrniTmiiT has mrcted arranrernents wherehy Merchandise or other Freight may be transported through to aboTe points with dispaicu and at low rare. . , Ttma tWatil Ililrs Wft ttl f txninnij I irt, W-BIX UUllTV caatIi ahnnii. w Hpiivered at che Wisconsin Division Freight depot. For throTieh rates or othjir Jjiiornia- tlon apply to taw- Wr;; a-. GAIL HAMILTON. J. K. WALSH & CO., corner of Dear born and SfatUson atreeta, have now ready " SkJLrrAxlelxes and SbLetcrAes," tHe new TiookL by Gail Hamilton. Price $2, free ay maU. -" apv00-lt CLOSING OUT. Havtear determrpedto "wind up" the retail depart ment of my business with a view of devoting my vrxoietxmetotae nuoaianDra auajwu-. Plain. Jarjuanaed and Flanisbed .Tinware,. Fartl'S "about ronrmenclnr to seep h'ute wHlnn- nonhf.rlly nna n w wen n ... . , . - utnve. and housekeeping articles of ana. I still have on hana tne BlRge" ' Stewurt," And other Cooking Stoves. Also a few secondhand apg?-n955-10tnet ' A. fcr. lTA.r.r Ui.LlU. 41. 43 and 45 State street. EID, WHITE & CO., rn-!TTlTYSSION MERCHANTS. KTrs 19IaaA ttrPPt. CThlCaeO. tkAT fcrOatU WAWT- Advances niade on confiipnmeDte or tor ahlpmcntsca! f)pBT "K ft ha, w T. i .arnaivfl. "t"a. ' - - - aplpSlv-BT BAflFTTJ INTERNAL REVENUE. Hti. and r tniTS of eold watches, pianos, meia ons. oarrlaeea and silTei plate for th a itiita ahonlll Sit tf-tnjX VtA TV1 RA- Elf ikiy lnfcrmatiori ube had n wpUceJlontotoj streets. All returns mnst be in on or before May 1st, or assessment wlU be made with the Rddlt to u of aL penalties itaposea Q ix" PETEK PAG g. AnpasoT 1st Dtatrtct of nilBOUL UlUID-n TEMOVAL. The Agency of the I . Haggachttserts Mutual Life Insurance Company, also the ofitce of Dr. IB A HATCH, the Examining ptivnieian tor the Corrpanyv-R-Ul be removed May let next to Booms Nob. 3 nd H Lombanx'a Block. Mv- rce rtreet. adjoining uie roa trace. 1S -v x a KTeto atibrrtisrmpnts. THE PHAN TOiSI TEATEIER ! WILL OPEN BOOS AT - Smith' ' apWvtB Jtnet St. Domiiigo Preparati6ns, , 3FC.-U-J3S3 StlDenjngb l Biners! An Infallible remedy for Dyspepsia, Loss of Ansa. tlte, Indij-eatlon, General Debility, etc. -irirr Knpecl.lly recommended to weak and debilitated WQV men and cbildrerx. RECCf.'r.rFKCED KS USED BY THE MEDICAL FACULTY. ,: a3 ST BoSlM FOB. THE SOCIAL CIECLK. ,a , ' '. ' nuss ; St Bomlogo Paacli, A DELICIOUS BBVEBAOB. , We challenge tbe wnrld to produce as genulna arkV cles aa we above enumerate. TH r Tunm. i' The ST. DOMINGO MANTrFACTrRIJfO Crraaa KY, of the City of Kew York. Office JSo. 3ft sa atreet. For sale by BTJRKHAM3 A VAH 8CHAAQC- 5?,ie!SS.5ru?!rtet1 N-J-IS Lake street, and a it BECK Willi, corner of Dearborn and Soutb Watea atreeta, Chicago. ap!3iJfiiATro-iet-tf If EW SKIR1 For 1868, A new and great tnvenuoa in Hoop Sktrnv ' ' THS DUPLEX IUX1PTTC (OB DOTJBLK) flTaSi &P RiNti, tTESTS. BRADLEV Al. CAST. OAtej i.aj.o. wrst.) Vt CTtambera Strvt, New Yorat., " Are tbe owners oi the patent, and exclusive ni.aa facturera ot this. . STKEL SPRINd SKIRTS. This invention consist, of Duplex (or two) Blllsr Stee Sftinis, ingeniously brai .ea tlAtiy nd unci toe-ether, e!ee to edee, maAiuc the tousbet, aof) el&atlc flexible and durable spring ever used, am bun? the wearer, in consequence oi its great elastxe. ty ana flexibieness. to place and fold the klrt wbea in use as easily aud with the game convenience ac a sltic or mns'.ia dress. It entirely obvtbtes and ailesK-cti tbe caiy objections to Hoop Shirts, via: tbe ammr crowded aembues, carrUges, railroad cars, cbaact pewi l i id fei-j crbwuea pmcu, irom Uld tl 1 m Clxi contracting them to oeeunvrae a em. l tnaee. entirely removes tbe dittculty, while giving tbe etetf tbe naaai rail ana symmetrica form, and U tbe It grit ept, and most stylish std ,-raeefal irpearnnce for ts. dsvmn street, opera, promenadf or hoaae drevs, A laej havtna enjoyed the di ensure, comfort and irraat n vemencecl wearing tha xrplex Klilptlc Sprinx fjtsf for a line e day, will never ail er war a wtidnZiy Si pen?e with the use of them. They are the betQurly ty Id every part, and by far the lightest, meat our.. Die, comfortable and economic1 skirt rnado. M reel anta will be snppded aa above, Md by Chlcsgo b rs, and ladle, in most flrtt c:asa retal! stores la kaat Citv and throughout the different States.. KVinonire for the . - LEX ELLIPTIC SPRTNO SXIBTS. Bradlej's Duplex Elliptic Si lit, Combrnma eiecaaee. llrht&es.. eomrort and mm Combining eiecaaee. Ilahteess. comfort and eeeax my. and uixuestlorxably the most desirable axasA made.- a . i ir is. nv FIELD, PALMER LRTTFH, . Mb, m. 114 and 116 Late street. Cblcfea. Cridk y's Duplex Elliptic Skill. Very flexible. 'folded casllT. when In mut. ta omiik a trnall "pace, malaliig the most mgTenbta gklrt worm. iu juage-gt.e JBieayo.. Bradiej's Duplex Elliptic Skirt. AT WHOLESALE, by Toimasca, iiAaKuia oo, lyr6489ta-aw aet 4ft Lake street. SUBSCRIBE FOR THE , CSD SERIES OF ' SEG- U- S. 7-30 LOAM At tbe FDETH NATIONAL BASK, TJ. a. Depository and Agent ftir Jay Cooke, No. SO La Salle Street. - rf" Liberal Commisalons allowed Banks sod Baak era ISAAC 6. LOMBARD. apxarBxi-autnet caakhsr. niARRHCEA AND DYSEJf. a TERY. Wag i am1 8AfrrTAirr Gniarnioa, seicai, lit. IST. LOH8, JNOV. lb. Merart. J. C. Maotjium, DruepU : tientiemen : 1 ne Aeenuoi ine ommiosion nars ait trirmted larjrely In the Army your Extract of Bennc Plnnt. fnr tha rmn if rtlarrhma and d vwn trv avnaa their reporta testify to ita eweltent qnatltiea, and the Buccevs wiid wnicn is naa dcbu iukhi in ine irratriuxe ol Uuo com piaiiiia. jk u. tuiiMAN, W-aVR xOrLTKF WVtU OF ST. XXU18 OOTJ8TTT Fbxsxdkhts imci, 89 gpnuos Stkht. St. Loms. Mo- Jan. SO. Idea, t Ifferori. J. ft C MArntB, Draeplste t we nave nnea yonr eomnonna enmcx oi wnne nrnam atrnnntr niftntr of tho iinidiam faiuUlea rpAldinr with the most satisfactory result. AVe TmhesltatLniKV recommend it a& the beat Dtarriicea Medicine In eSAW JUV1 "-lfL rBifWS For eale hy all Prnfti. H. BWVIXlLE, WUoleaait Airent. 76 KandolDh-et Chicaeo. IAlU4II19l-WTi HA 9 o. DAHLGKEEN, rTEMDrEjoEKS, XO Dosiilaltiois &X.r Seccnd door soa'h ot B.adoTpk La'les 81 ks. SaUna. to .Ac. Dyed or Cleaned la aauretfoT m.nnrr. Gentlemen's wearrne Arpsrel Cleaned, Repaired or Dyed with netnes snd diepatch. apop t&yim tb bawtu net s. M. FASETT, 114 AND lift Pouth dark street. Is now prepared to luraiaa at wholesale or retal his Inimitable I'lIOTOtJKAPlIH ABB All Am LirJCOLIM, The negative of which was tat en before his first noml nation ior rrn. . u - n i wq wiiicu imm uvt, .mw woo.. exce.led. Orders nllf d promptly. apataWO 6tnet Cense and Grounds Wanted. Atit rterson havlnfi? a HmiFe with trroundf on any of tbe aveunea. worth ircm 2 to ik4,0u, can bear of to S. L KKiir OCT 4 CO., 7 A- a mircnaaer oy appiyimc to ueaxDorn Birect. apZiawM-innet FZaCASArO-T nOOYL a niatHuaknt inftrnffihifl mnm. anltahlo fbr onfl Ol two single gentUmen. or ior a Rem Ionian and ife near MJcniEan avenne anu iweum turen taiiucwu-taliW. with toard, hy sdreaaing "KB T," P. O. Box IxyniCagO. aiwruxim MT. OCK PROPERTY, ON THE I XJ South Branch, with the most desirable RAIL DrnUCU. WltU tun UitBl umiamrav xjxjj- KfcCTlONb. suitable for Lumber Yards, I BOAS COKK for sale or rent by the Chicago Booth Branch Does Company, lioomfio. 4 Cobb's Bmidlng, J ZOX Dea--horn street. A. J. lUilSLT, Becxetary. apllrl.frwt TU-Taa net DIARRHEA AND DYSEN-TERY. Hkaikj'rs 11th Cavat-vt, Mrasorm voia, 1 Id Brigade Cavalry Division, 7th Army Corps. Car FurrcAiKS, Little Bock, Ark, Feb. &,'6 Messrs. J. . C. Maguikk, 8t Louis : eeBtlemen I ake nn (el rued pleasure In bearing testimony to the efficacy of the "Compound Extract of Benne Plant" prepared by you, lu my own case. My complaint is a necuuar one, using enronic uiarrnea, rx.mniif-i.tpd with d aDensia -. but a dose of your valu- able preparation InvaTlibly affords relief, and I would not be without It under any consideration. On the march T alway carry a bottle with me. - Dr. Blade taurjreon of my regiment, nsed thebozyoa were kind enough to send to tbe reeiment, with great success in the hospital, and .peska in high terms of ita Virtues. very reapeciiuuy yourou mwv w V SA. If. inJXl, VOl- 1 ' 1U 1414 JUO. T (M. H. SCOV1L, 76 Randolph-st, Caiieasa, - Wholesale and Bxtail Agents. ap55ngi-3t-TC THASAT-net SPRING TRADE. IT. T. 1MERRILL, ; wholesale Dealer In - Tiin.!! glasswaei; Kerosene Ismptt, Lantern!, Lcoklng Class", a. - i rim Jars, t latks, c, r ' 71 & 73 Eaadolph St., Clucagb. rw Acent for Fish's Patent EEROBEKE COOKTBfa LAMPS. apl.a-iT8-TB SAlrn net tr Power Cora Sheiler and Cleaner. -antn till. uiitMfiHif linraea will easily shell anrl clean from three hundred to four hundred bushels per bour. or, two borsis cn shell one thousand buabels . ...... i i . rimnlHt .nrininitriiit.U. per aay. li i. nit: i.iii--; o..... - machLne In use, ard d. es lu wi-rk BB-n-ari ttian any other. All machines warranted to etve satlsfactioii. For nartlcnlarB addresa F H. SCHBOEDEK, Box Si 33. 1 , mcnU- or uui a. niun " - " ' -. amine the maerdne. op2inaso-2t ltew-aa net CHICAGO "WATER WORKS. Oma or th Boabd or Ptmuc Woiora, uuuwiut atui 1., irw j umii.Annnal Water Tax. due Mar 1st. ln. Th Tu1Ur(i nr l-nh!ie Works have assessed the amount, to bepaid as water rents or assessments for theskx mouths commencine: May let, 1865, and ending Nov. i, la6. and uxe same are oeciai-ea to Dedueanapayaoieoixux 1 ";' STrst Day of May Next. ' By the rermirernente of tbe City Charter the water tax Is assessed and is a lien on all lots or isna wnica shall abut or adjoin any street, avenucor ailey-trxrougU which the water pines are laid, and which shall hava a bnlldir r thereon, whether the water snail tie used ia aach building or on snch lot or not. if not paid curing May. j v?"" '7 the water rents on all lota where the water is used. -In t li A Water ft';BC6.nitili CH gut. w ucio biiQ am any nnt nMi riieoiuit of 20 per cent will be made If tha aanxe is paid during May.. , , J. G. QU.DSia, i- - - ' ' Iv.. - O. J. BOSEr" angn3i-3t ru THASAnet Board of Public Works. A TTENTION, SIR KNIGHTS. The a: embers of Apollo Commandery. No. 1, Knights Temp:ax, will meet at tha Asylum Masonio nl v t i x v" u.,c, .... Ti . "armed and equipped," to participate in the ronerai obaequle. or our late lamented President. M-mber ot other Oomr manderies are eordla ly invited to join with u- uyr-roerottheAt. u. . a.a.aixjix... ' apay6-3tnet ' TOTICE Tbe members ot , tne 1 Mercantile Awcallon are realleged to meet . the orn.R ofthe Aatiociallon, at 9 o'clock SATUKxlAlT M OPS G t o tbe nece,, v art auf emems lor rreVtheVemil the BOTciei aid .ameatea MblmVtSS EDWIN BCrtNHAM Pxeaident. an2Svti5-gme ROOFING PAPER Fifty tons, superior o.uanty, lor sale cheap. . i a: f -- - .. . - , . yicreaw m ki wes. - i i t '

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