Washington County News from St. Stephens, Alabama on March 28, 1918 · 2
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Washington County News from St. Stephens, Alabama · 2

St. Stephens, Alabama
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 28, 1918
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THJE WASHINGTON COUNTY NEVS. CUATOM, ALA, WASHI CGTON COUNTY NEWS ; , ': PttBUHKD KVEKY I'MURHftAT BV i: THE WASHINGTON COUNT if PUBLISHING OO. ' Pm.ham PRtirn-. PiilHihiT. ... ' JOE.M. PELHAM. J.. Editor Sntered as eecnit-aaae mail matter September 10. 1VRL at the 1'rmt.iBloe at Chatom. Ala. ftUHHCKiPTKm Pkick TO CONTRIBUTORS " ' . CnrreaiMtiHlenU nurt eipn rbetr namea t every article Intended for publication, tba unr will not he published if the wiiter an requests. Be orlef. nates' few worda aa poseiole, give pure sews, avoid comment and do not uhH nfloln mat ikM. - a Communication! muat reach thla office ant later tban Tneaday niebt in order to appear in the current issue. Rejected manuscript will he returned when neeeeaary poataire. in aem. Communifatlone in tbe interest of candidates will be charged lor ' as artvertiaemeata. UMtuartea and trmutea w reepentone-unii oent per wora. . We are noi responsible 4nrexpreslona nl nor mrreaimndenta. t ' Address all communications to The Washington COontt Sw. Chatom. Ala, Please send in All Communications by TUESDAY, if possible THURSDAY. MARCH 28, 1918. Announcement , FOR CONGRESS I hereby announce myael fa candidate for Congress from the First Congressional District or Alabama, subject to tun action of the Democratic Primary Election to be held In August, isms. R. PERCY KOACH I hereby announce myself a candidate for Congress from the First Congressional District of Alabama, subject to the ac tion of the Democratic primary August, 191 S. and respectfully solicit your vote and influence. , JOHX MrDUFFIE. FOR SHERIFF Wo are authorized to announce t. L. Armstrong for sheriff, subject to the action of the Demoeratio primary to be bold in August, 118. We are authorized to announce the .aitdldacv of W. H. IiOng for Hhertft. subject to the action of the Democratic primary to oe neia in Augusi, iwo. We ure authorized to announce the eandidaoy of A. O. Richarilson, Jr., for sherjll. subject to wo action oi ine democratic primary to be held in August, P18. We aria authorized to announce Wirt W. Warren as a candidate for Micrin, subject to the action of the Democratic primary election. FOR REPRESENTATIVES We are authorized to announce the candidacy of R. E. Blunt for re-olretion to the House of Representatives, subject to the action of the Democratic parly In the primary to bo held in August, 1!18, FOR STATE SENATOR. We are-authorized to announce T. J. Bedsolc for State Senator from the 18tb District, composed of the counties of Washington. Clarke and Choctaw, sub ject to the,aelion ofthe August primary election. . FOR SOLICITOR OF THE FIRST JUDICIAL. CIRCUIT OF ALABAMA. We are authorized to announce Frank E. Poole as a candidate for Solicitor of the First Judicial Circuit of Alabama, eompoaed of the Counties of Clarke, Monroe, Washington and Choctaw, sul- ject to the action of the Democratic pn mary. OFFICIAL CALL For The Thirty-fifth Annual Convention of the Alabama Sunday School Association The Sunday School workers of Alabama in all denominations are hereby called to meet at Birmingham on Wed nesday. Thursday, and Friday. April 24th. 25th. and 2&h, 1918, i the ' Tliirtr-fifth Annual Convention of the Alabama Suuilay school association. The present World War const it trtes -a challenge to the forces of. religious edaeation, and it is tbe privilege and duty et the Sunday school as tbe greatest existing ajfency for popular religious education ts meet this chal lenge. . It is the task of our nation with its allies to "make the werld safe for de- Bioeraey''; bat it is the task of tbe Sunday sehoe), as the teaching service f the church, together with its allies, the home and the pnblie school, to "make democracy safe for the world." To accom polish this task, nttelligenee and godliaess, edscatiea- and religion must be made the eon men possession, of all people. Religious education today is therefore no longer a merely sectarian or denominational question. It is a community problem, a national responsibility, and only through the eo-epe ration of all Christian forces caa we aieac-sre op .to our opportunity. We, therefore, call upon all persons interested in the Sunday Behoof, in religious education, and in the moral and spiritual ideals of our State, to assemble in this convention. The Alabama Sunday school association, being a voluntary, unofficial organization of Sunday action) workers, rsprenenM and embodies the same ideals of democracy and popular control in the field of religious education that the American Nation represents in the field of National Government. The attendance, therefore, at this convention is not limited to dflically appointed de Wales, Jbot is opm to c pi-Mi?, '? rrLc :, 1 00 pbr .AR. register will be accepted as delegates. The First Baptist church of Birmingham has been designated as the Convention Hall, with the First Methodist church for tho twin meetings at night. , - Information regarding the convention cau be had from It. C. Cox, chairman convention committee. Birmingham, or Leon C. Palmer, general secretary, Montgomery. Spright Dowkll. President. 1 Chas. C. Tbtach. Vice-Pres. G. II. Dknxy. Chm Et'lu. C. J. W. Bowers, Ch m Ex C. " Irony "The meat division. United States food administration, has issued a letter to all the packers of Chicago urging them 'not to buy bogs from the farmers at less than an average of $15.50 per 100 pounds." So said the papers of a recent date. - There is a fine irony in this request, in view of the present i "trust-busting"-activities ot Mr. Francis J. Heney. Heney is breaking open safes and making sensational charges in an effort to convict the packers of the deadly sin of having acted in common. While he is doing so, the government, thru the food administration, asks the packers please to act in common. It is y the same old paradox that comes from the attempt to label an economic necessity as economic sin. But the point now is that it is again demonstrated that while Mr. Heney is trying to dig out evidence of an ancient combination, the government is asking a present combination in order to win the war. And winning the war is the most vital need that faces us, far more vital than the need of reviving the art of muckraking. The Chicago Evening Post. Seven Oaks. A letter from Bud Browne stated that they were at the sea shore lining up for their trip to France. - Oakley Rathborn, another Seven Oaks boy. was on a 10 day furlough to visit his mother and sister, he is located at Demiiain. N. M., a member of a machine gun unit. . ' Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Kelso were visitors at Home Lawn Farm Saturday las(. ' " Ben SchafSer for the past eight years a familiar agent to the Washing ton & Choctaw Laud Co.. has sold out his holdings at Yellow Pine and left for St. Louis last week, we understand to enter the real estate busiuess there. Dale Chapman leaves this week for Davenport, Iowa, to learn the automo bile business. - ... ' Members of the N. I. C. have de cided to co-operate on 10 acres of broom corn, the present price being $300.00 per ton, and Mr. Dugger of Auburn Station say one-half ton per acre is a good yield for this county. ('. Laton has rented the Sutter farm for this season and is busy repairing the buildings. Rubbing Eases Pah Rubbing tends tbe liniment tingling through the flesh and quiokly slops pain. Demand a liniment that you caa rub with. The beft rubbing liniment ia MUSTANG L I I GooJ or Ae Ailmenb tf Horses, Mules, Cattle, , Etc. QooJ for uour oum Aches, ' Pains, Rheumatism, Sprains, Cots, Burns, Etc 25a,50e.!.. AtaflDoabt EOT Fired Over 200,000 Shots From One Gun : In John W; Garretf, Colorado Springs, Col., boasts of one of the ablest of Uucle Sam's great trap-gun army. -V-- .C-? Garrett not only, can shoot just about as well as anyone in the United States, for the world, but, incidentally, he can shoot quicker. ' There are many -who ' believe Mrs. Adolph. Topperweia, the only woman professional trapshot, can load, shoot and unshell quicker . than any other shooter, but it is doubtful if the fair Mrs. Topp can work any quicker than Garrett. -' , . , The recent publication of trapshoot-ing records brought out many meritori ous performances that were not listed, and several of these were to the credit of the Colorado Springs trapshot.' The one that he points to with ere' dit toak place at Colorado City, Col., on Christmas day, 1902. On this oc casion he broke 200 targets straight in 30 minutes and 13 seconds. Garrett has broken 99x100 targets in the last event of the Past ice Gun club progiamme, and was requested by oth er shooters to see how many he rould break against time, consistent with a good score. Shooting alone, in strings of 25, five from each peg, the same as if he was in a squad, handling his own gun and .shells, and loading the same as if he was, in competition, Garrett broke the first 100 straight in 16 minutes and 46 seconds, and 'the second 100 iu 13 minutes and 27 seconds. There was no time taken out, the time being tak en from the firing ofthe first shot un til the last target was broken. The first 1000 clay target match event had Garrett as a contestant, and he won. This match took place at Colorado Springs, on August 6. 1904. Garrett broke 965 targets, and J. H Roh re r broke 940. The actual shoot ing time was two hours and four min utes, and the elapsed time was four hours and 13 minutes. Each broke 100 straight in practice before the event, and -Garrett broke 96x100 in an open event following. .The men each shot at 975 targets with one gun. deciding after each had shot 25 targets to use one gun while the other cooled. Quite naturally. this took a little more time. - On June 8, 1901, Garrett shot a 100-target match with Walter Shem- mell. at Colorado Springs, and broke 100 straight, which, he thinks, is a world's record for an individual match. In the grand American handicap, at Chicago, 111., on June 21, 1910, Gar rett broke 80 singles and 10 pairs 100 straight in a field of 56 profss-sionals and 173 amateurs. This is a world's record. Garretj; attributes his success during his 20 years of competition to sticking to one gnn. one shell and one powder. He has fired more than 200,000 shots from his solid-frame shotgun, and hopes to fire that many more.- Age-Herald, Oscar Gray is Appointed Washington," D. C. March 17. The appointment of Congressman Oscar Gray to be a member of the Con gressional Committee to have charge ofthe coming campaign of the Demo crats, is. considered by the members of the Alabama delegation to be a dis tinct compliment to the First District Congressman. Tbe Democrats, in making un the list of men who would direct the na tional fight for the Democrats, knew that the Democrats party this fall would face a crucial fight, for the Republicans not only have now practically as many members of the House as the Democrats, but they are even hop ing for a clean sweep in tbe doubtful districts north of the Ohio. Much progress has been made in cementing the divisions that have existed in the Republican, party, and the leaden are hopeful that they can elect enough Republican Congressmen to absolutely control ibe next House. Realizing the hard fight before them, and the necessity of having a congress which would stand by the president, - the Democrats named Mr. Gray for important duties on the Congressional Campaign Committee of the House. Mr. Gray, who enjoys an excellent standing in the House, was chosen by a unanimous vote. , . Ii-f The Wv.e TOO Bales at 35 Cents Per Pound Brings $125,000. Montgomery, Ala., March, 22. All records since Civil war times were broken here today when 35 cents per pound was paid for a round lot of 700 bales of cotton. Tbe amount involved was about $125,000. A local warehouse firm was the seller and George H. McFadden & Bra, of Philadelphia, the buyers. 4 ' ; ' Saving the Farm Waste ' It is said that a farmer near Collins- vilhi has sold $400 worth of cotton from cracked bolls. ; , ; " ' " The bolls were those that failed to open and Were slightly cracked. Us ually they are plowed under and are of no value. - Lately, however, it has been found that the bolls can be pick ed and hulled, much like peas, and the cotton ginned out Tbe Btaple, having been protected, is perfectly white and clean. Some say,that this is the first time in their experience that this cracked cotton was not stained, however. The Collinsville . man picked every cracked boll on his place, and the cotton ginned from them was sold for from 15 to 20 cents." The above clipping from tho Gadsden Daily Times-News contains it les son to farmers, the principle of which may well be extended to tle conserva tion of other farm products. : Many a farm runs at a loss or at a reduced profit because advantage is not taken of the many opportunities to convert waste into profit. The practise of saving has added millions to the income of many industrial enterprises ami would also add materially to the value of farm products. In the south each year, for example, thousands of carloads of sweet potatoes have gone to waste through lack of facilities for curing and Storing. Proper preparation for the saving this year of such waste is good business. Each farm has its peculiar condit ions, and each farmer ovs it to ' himself and to the nation to make proper safeguards against the waste that has hitherto prevailed. As the motto is, among some farmers, "We have made it; let's save it." Mobile Register. ' Mule and Horse Twins. A farmer near Eola, Missouri, has a set of twins .the like of which few persons outside of stockmen have ever heard of. They are twin colts, one a mule and the other a horse. As shown in the picture, they are three days old. The explanation for such a freak of nature is very simple and easily understood by stockmen, and yet tb.ere are few who have ever seen such specimens in the animal line. H. E. Zimmerman in "Our Dumb Animals." Our Soldiers are Well Paid. By comparison with the other sol diers in this great war. the boys from the good old U. S. are mighty well paid. This is the way it runs so far as this paper has been published. The pay mentioned is for a full year: French, $20.00; German. $38.00; British. $89.00; U. S.. $360.00. Citronelle Call. Here is some wholesome war advice from the Ohio State Journal: Eat less; breathe more. Talk less; thiuk more.' Ride less; walk more. Clothe less; bathe more. ' Worry less; work more. ' ' - Waste less; give more. Preach less; practice more.- . . Everybody needs his home paper. The Washington County News costs one dollar a year. You should he a subscriber. If you are not whv not! Profitable PoAftloos tor Reliable? Men rhll. hNiMM Utmrntfl, In Ik. oitti 1 bat M ,? la wlllaa fnicV.na au, tr-. m-M and " Ovi a,, .r ihr ml oMratm-fe Art-ei.a. ovr t-a.ta., .tknaanurabfc Aattimvi Mh,i M Inwtlulf irlt. m t Miff. OBl4 lik. h-i fro r. fcr mm. .4 aoa mmum 111. 9om m rat la. 4. ui anwun atntsoT cs BiiBi mi. av mri a It fiaiia. S. C. Etfad Ttd Vt millllllllllMlllllllllMMalllllalMlllllirillHIIIIillllilll 1 LEGAL NOTICES :iiiiniimiinnimiiHimiiNiin nmmmmnrmnii NOTICE. AH legal a.lverUneiiu-nta mi i at he paid for in advance. The rate ia cents per word for the tirat (sane and 1 cent wr word for each aneceeding iaaue. For In-atance: Hbould an adveatiaement rua for X weeks, the rate will he SJf eenta per word. " EXECUTORS'-SALE NOTICE. Under and by virtue of an order and decree of the Honorable F. C. Turner, Judge 'of the Probate Court of Wash-ioirton County, Alabama, we, W. T. Cater and W. C. Cater, executors of the estate of William Cater, deceased, taill sell at public outcry, to the highest bidder, in front of the poatoffice at Malcolm, In said county and state, between the legal hours of sale, on Mondav Urn 16th day of April, 1918. the following described real estate belonging to the said estate, to-wit: South half ofthe Northeast quarter and the South half if the Northwest quarter of Section twenty -five (26) Township three (3), North of Range one (1), West, iu Washington county, Alabama, and containing 160 acres more or less. Said sale is made for, the purpose of a division among the joint owners thereof. Said executors are authorized 'to sell said property for cash or on credit, in bulk or separately, as they may deem best. f , - W. T. CATER, .' .'-..' W. C. CATER, Executors of the Estate of William , Cater, Deceased. ' 3-21-4 COMMISSIONER'S SALE By virtue of an order arid decree of the Probate Court of Washington County. Alabama, rendered and made on the I8th day of February, 1918, 1, the undersigned Commissioner, will sell to the highest bidder for cash, or on properly secured credit, as ia of the best interest to the parties interested herein, in front of tho Court House door at diatom, Washington County, Alabama, within tho legal hours of sale, on Monday, April 8th. 1918, the following described lands: iTlio Southeast quarter (SEJ) of Section Eight (8 in Township Two North of Range One West, Washington County, Alabama. WALLACE F. PRCITT, 3-21-3t " Commissioner. - MORTGAGE SALE , Default having been made in the terms of the mortgago executed to J. M. Reynolds ou March 22nd-. 1913, by F. J. Joliusou and Raima Johnson, mortgage recorded in the oilice of the Probate Judge of Washington county, Alabama, and said default continuing, tho undersigned will sell at public ouu-ry for cash to the highest bidder, ou the 3rd day oi Juno. 1918, at the Court House door of Washington county, Alabama, between tho legal hours of sale, the following described property, to-wit: Nwi of Ne of Section 18, Township 5 North Range 4 West. Said sale is made for the purpose of paying tbe mortgage, debt and cost and expense of foreclosure. Dated this tho2(ithday of March, 1918. J. M. REYNOLDS, Mortgagee. Joe M. Pelham.'Jr. Attorney for Mortgagee. ' 3-28-8 ADMINISTRATOR'S NOTICE TO ; : FILE CLAIMS The State of Alabama,) Probate Court, Washington County, f March 26, 1918. In the Matterof the Estate ofMatt Sraall-wood, Deceased. ; . Letters of Administration on tbe Es tate of Matt Smallwood, deceased, having been granted to the undersigned on the 25th day of March, 1018, by the Hon. F. C. Turner, Judge of Probate of said county, notice is hereby given that all persons having claims against said estate, are hereby required to present the same within the time allowed by law, or the same will be barred. ' . THOMAS SHCMAKE, " v Administrator. , Joe M. Pel ham, Jr., Atty. for Administrator. 3-28-3 NOTICE FOR PUBLICATION Department of the Interior. TJ. P. Land Office at Montgomery, Ala., March 20. 1918. NOTICE ia hereby given that Sallie Brigga, mother of Will-am D. Payne, wbo la in army of tbe United States, of Copeland. Ala., mho, on March 10. 19! 4, made serial Horn eate tut No. osuM, He- eeipt N.i. 138769. for the 8e) . of tbe w4, section is, lowniuip i jNortn, Itaoice 6 Weat. 81. rteuheiie Meridian, baa tiled notice of inU-nlim, to make Three year Kroor. to eataiman oiaim to the land above de ribed, before tbe -ludge of the Probate tjourt, at i natoni, Aia., on me zuin oar ot April. 1918. . Claimant namea aa witnesaea: William O. Bradley, Trenton T. Uendry. Wehater D. Hendry, w. 11. field, an or uopeiana, Ala. .' Cato D. tiLOVBS. 8-216 ' . - Register. KOI'ICK FOR PUBLICATION . Department of the Interior, V. 8. Land Office at Montgomery, Ala.. Feb. 14. 1918. NOT1CK la hereby given that William Clarke, of fibby, Alabama, who, on Feb. 27. 1915, made Serial Homestead No. O04O6. Receipt No. 1330011. for tbe Hei of tbe NwU, Section 20. Township 6 North, Range t West, St.. Stephens herldtao. bat tiled police of intention to make Three year Proof, to eatablisb claim to the land 'above described, before tbe Judge ot tbe Probate Court, at Cbatom. Ala, on tbr 2Mb day of March, 1U1S. Claimant names aa witneaeea 8. M. E erett. U. W. Knapp, C.C. Howard, J. it. Uurdy, all ofTibby, Aia. - . Cato D. GLOVita. J-28 ttegtater. NOT1CK POIl PUBLICAIION IVpartnii'nt of Ibe Interior, U. !t. I .and Office at Montgomery. Ala., Kb. 33, i91S. NOTICE I hereby alvrn ' tbat Dan Rhodes, of Loner. Ala., wbo. on October 8. IRIS, made Serial Uomeatead No. 0771s, Ueoelpt No. DIU9.V), for the NeU of the sr 1-4, i-eclion 1 , Townablp 7 North. RanseS Weat. St. Stephrna Merliliao, has Sled notice f intunllnn to make Snal iveyear Proof, in ealabllab cluim to tbe land above deaerihed, before tbe Judite of the Probate Court, at I baton, Alav,oo Ihetttb day irf March. lltlM. Claimant namea aa wltoeeeea: Wees AKibieon. O. T. Loner, bert Boy kin, Marten Ki aoka, all of lee, AM. ' , Cato D. Glovrb,' ' S-SS-B a Keriaier. For Sale. - Horses and Mules. J. T. PINlKEUTOX. l-24-3tnos. - ' Waynesboro. Miss, Call at TLs Waahinzton County News office aool leave your order for ' Job Wolk.-- We Ho priutiui; tliati ySessoa.. ' : WHIIIHIIIHIIIIinilinilWHIHIIWIWillllHIIIIIIWWWIIWIIIWj 1 Professional Cards I Ellll.mjUuil11uiluiuun1,nii1,..iuiU.li,.iii..u,i..,f? JoeM.Pelham.Jr v Attorney at law - Abstracts anil General fiaulice ' : Chatom, Ala. - WALLACE P. PKUITr . - ATTORNEV-AT-LAW ABSTRACTS MADE AND -- CONTINUED - v unarom, Aia. - K. PERCY ROACH ATTORNEY AT LA,W AMP SOLILITOB IN CHANCERY ' . - MOBIL. ALA; Will practice in tbe Circuit and t'banopry Uoilrta of Washington County, Alabama. Special Attention to Real Us tale nod Chanoerv Matters. JOB O. OBAN ADS. J AS. N. OKANAPK. GRANADE GRANADE iiioeiEYs ii hi in soiicnoss iihiiceit C ATOM. ALABAMA. i Will practice in all tbe Courts of Waab, ington, Clarke. Cbnctaw and aiijolnlns countiea and in the Supreme Court. S-liUy R.H.fc R.M.Smith ' LAWYERS CITY BANK BUILDING MOBILK, ALABAMA 6-14.1vr . WM. H. ARMBRECHT LAWYER 523-S25City Bank Bldg., Mobile, ALA. v Will practice in Waahingion County .' in association with Local Attorneys. 3-4-lQ-lvr. sHLm'glathery SURVEYOR Chatom, Ala. Prepared to do any Land Hurveviug la Washington" County. Ala. Charges. $4.x per day and expense. Field Elites procured tor II OU per Section. Maps of Washington t oitmy, or any part oi the County luruisbed at Keaaonable Coat 7-8-iy , H. A. GRIMES. D. D. S. BIOBBE, ALA. Will answer all jalla. ' Phone in bouse. 7-3-14-lyr. Hotel St. Andrew . Mobile's .New Hotel . Daeovieh & Sons, Props. Slicriiiaii Stationery Co. Leading Stationers 21.- N. WATER STREET -21 MOBILE ALABAMA 5-I41vr BIENVILLE HOTEL MOBILB,ALA. European Plan Rates; $1, $1.60, $2 Pit Daj P. C. STEELE. Prop. ' , NOTICE FOH PUBLICATION fjepartmeni of tbe Interior. IT. S. Land Offii at MoiitKomery, Ala., Mar. 18. lftia Notice la hereby triven that Orlt.rder Miller, ol Millry, Ala., wbo. on ffi. t, 1913. made Serial Homeateail No. iiglirt, leceipt No. 1101014, for tbe SwJ ot Ne', W,.or SeJ, SeW or Se)i. Section 4, Towns. iip 7 North, Kan ire 4 Weat, tt. Stephens Meridian, baa filed notice of Intention to mke Three yer. proof, to fataliliab claim to the land above described, he fore tbe Judge or the Probate Court, at Cbutoui, Ala., on the 26 day of April, 191H, Claltkiaiit names aa witnesses: AllnM Kail, K. W. Crane. W. H. Tate, J. J. Dauuhorty, all of Millry. Ala. CATO D. Glovkr. 8-21-S ' Uegiater. HOT1CK FOB PUBLICATION Department ofthe Inferior, U.S. Jjind Offlce at Montgomery, Ala., March 14, 1VI8. -' NOTICE is hereby (Wen that Clifford Piinsle, whose post-offlce address la Seaboard. Ala. .did. on the 17th day oflleeem-qer, 1917. file in this office Sworn Statement and Application, No. 010344. to purchase ibe Sejf of the Nw'4. Section , Township Z North, Kanice West, St. Stephens. Meridian, aud trie ti in Iter thereon, under the provisions of tbe act of June 3, 1H78. and acta amendatorv. known aa tbe "Tlmlwr and Btoi.e Law," at such value aa mipbt be sued by appralaemenl. and that, pursuant to such application, tbe land and timber tbereon have been appraised. One Hundred and Twenty nn6l HJ Doll are. tbe Umber estimated 40.170.UI, board feet at $2,011. per M, and tne Irtnd $40.17; tbat aald auptu-ant wHl offer final pr- of In support of bla appii-o .tliMi ant aworn statement on tbe '8th day of June, 191s, before tbe Judge of tbe Probate Court, at Chatom, Ala, Any person ta at liberty to protest tbia purchase before entry, or initale a eontest at any time before paient ioauea. by flllnx a oorrnWated affidavit in this nffioe, aliexloff mots which would defeat tbe entry. . -Sl-9t t Cato D. Olovbb, Jteslater. NOTICE FOR PUBLICATION Department of tbe Interior, V. S. Land Office at MoBliromery, Ala, March 14, 1WIM. NOTICE ia hen-b a-iren that Jama. It Johnston, whose post-elBoa addreas ia Fraokvllle. Ala., did. on the lltb day of May, 1917. file la this office Sworn r-tale meat and Application. No. ututll, to purrka,e the S of tbe sew. Section 1. Township S North, Banc S West, St. Stephens Meridian, and tbe timber thereon, under the provisions of tbe act of June S. Ib78. and acta amendatory, knows a the -Tlmhr ana mune mw," at sues value aa night ha fixed bv awniaiaemenLand that. Durauaaim auob apnlioatloa. ibe land and timber there, on naveheen appiaised,Tbi Hundred aud wu ana o-uv um lare, tne limner estimated 104.717 90 hoard fwt.lllll nr kl ...rf .... land IJ; that said applicant will offer final prod in fupport of bie application and aiaiement on toe an aavof Juee. Il. before we Judge of the Probate Court. atCbato, Ale. Anypenmn le at liberty to pmtaal-ahw purobae before entrt . or lufyaMai a nmiiMt at any time before patent leeuee, bv fillns norronnratvd anVlavH la tble office. aliecia - nw,w nww uvk'h, M VDirf, . . t aio 0 movtra.

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