The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 22, 1948 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 22, 1948
Page 3
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nx CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION beloce raplrt tfc* HUKDK of «d «d'JUM«M ChmMed • --th» cftp m\i8l be »»««« "W, b« •*»"» comp r4«r lor oc. t\ wttl tw charg- tb« a4 »p. cow >utj- ouulde of a'nlcd t)y cfcsli uted Horn the •ON tban o«« &«orrcct Kir <*u*CHMl <4. AW <M« »M nejtjkM t* c. wge TM «M . rttWT h« nl ».-opcr . fhe Jtoitt You won't b« Mtisfied till you MM • look it th« FM RADIOS— 141.50 m> HUBBARD HARDWARE OO. Ill W. M«ii StAf T'Unfe MEAT KKEP COOfy Tabl« («n». nil tlr.rm from »7 4S nn floor fsni. wluctov f«ns. atllo r»n> wuhrrl.iir roolpra, Frlsldalr. room cooj»»«, «ud »i r ixmdlllonlnr ADAMS API'UANCK CO. J(X W. Moln. I'hone 2071. __ _ 6-3l-.k-«-Jl ttel & Ulster or speed Queen Wuher • I ADAMS AI'IM.IANC? COMPANY NOW. 2U8 W. Main, phwi. M71 l:J3-ok-«;l3 Don't Take A Chance Put automatic fire controls wi your »(•(>« before you »t»rt your at-l-ic fan. 1 have all kinds of euwnguishers and will in- Tw* *oorn hLrnlLlied aparlment. with. Ufttits und wHter. Phone 201B, TV*, pftora eottag* no pet*. Pho Thr«« roonn pftrtlnlly furnished ftpArtnient with prl\-au bntlt Couple only. 224 Oon^ail. i-21-]»r:-^-l T It r e e room funii.shed ai>arWnent, good location. Couple only or with one child. Reply to Box CL % Courier New*. 5-19-ck-tf Apartment for rent. 11M West Bye-a- mor*, furnished. l-17-j)k-'24 D«1J. Phono 774. 5,4-ck-Lf. Apartments VV a filed PAY YEARS RENT In Advance, 5 or 8 room house or apartment. Phone Thr*« or lour room furnished apnrt- ^nt wanted. Thone 42il or 182a. P«rmBnent family o/ tlirep dps Ires jo rent unlurnLshed liouse or apart- w«nt. C»U O, A, Nelson, phone ',1412 Business Service Directory Auto Supplies Services STATION 2- m31tm ' 'honn 25«3 oaa-t tnO*uiet jout l» ily with »«turr tU«»_BUT LEE TIHK J3,ll-c»-!t Jeep parts now available mt POOLE MOTOR CO. CMI nil tU jour " 1 "* "*"* rro Phone St««le 49 OPERATOR Uo llilJ-ck-u AHto Supplies WESTERN AUTO Opperfunify On ChickasKwba Ijclwecn Frisco R. R.aiul Second Street. wiH build for suitable tenant on long- lease. Write Airs. ,S. S. Sternberg, P. O. Box 19U, Blytheville. Tf out of town, mail will be forwarded. 5-19-pk-2G From the poaVs o< North~Sw<> <ien the sim cnn be seen continuously for six weeks. . uul tanks. Call me at 671 iX. Highway 61. CURTIS J. LITTLE SPECIAL uo your own work anj t&ve. Hwu a concrete »ilKer, wheelbarrow I ftiul fiiiovel*. ' Aul>- other tooia you may aewl. Also For Sale HAY and COAL Phone 4489 Box 659 BlylhoviH*, Ark. »-3-ck-ti Venetian blind, now 10 Meet K«»<JT SJ**. "iif ' B L' n< " ""' p "' nt 8wr« 109 I Mnln si. (hoa« ««». _____ _ __ I.UCKV you with th. new c«i~ic7^, lUr iipnolitcry clcnn «nh colorleii Mti» foam near. PMnt stor, SMI-ck-Sill foods . 5-21-pk-2a KUKSH FISH Insurant* For Complete Insurance Protection Call 3545 W. J. Pollard Agency Planner! Protection CILKNCOE HOTEL BU1I.DINCI 1»» W. ASH 3T. i!8-ck-tf Loans Money To Loan 0«i farm land or city property. We also buy notes CONWAY & HOUCHINS Glcncoe .Hotel Building 2^19-clr.-tf Real Estate Loans F. H. A. Loans Farm Loans TERRY ABSTRACT AN'IJ KEA1.TY COMPANY !I3 W. WALNUT PHON. ,.„, 1947 Cli«vr*>Ur Fl*«tmost*r t»wn icdont, radio* and k««t«r«. 1 — "** '•'* *u^«f D«|UK« Tnd»M with radio* •nd A el««n 1945 (t«fd V-t A f^d 1944 Ur«rn«tUn«| Stoke Pickup. For good dependable Used Cars and Trucks see our excellent stock todey. onipang Btrnard Goech, Mgr. Raymond CoU, SaUsm. 5th at Walnut p hoM 445S K*«t Side Special 4 • room mo4»ra lwi. TKM« if a On Dounan »)• hlock, 9 roomj «n<l h»tk. trM], Klld fnuniUtton. 1004 r« HIT »37so. »i3w c ojl» »• « p.r __ 1—1946 CMC I'/, ton I,w"i, good rubb«r, two upeed axle. 1—1946 Chevrolet, SWB, rood condition. Two 1946 Chevrolet pickup*, on* with radio and heater. Several 1940 and 41 Che\* rolet pasacngei* cars LEE MOTOR SALES 30S K. Main Street Phoiu 2056-2057 ' 5-7-ck-tfl Two. room bo MM on «•« mrr. lre un<l W c. XOM ». C.ll 3M>. One of the beat renidences on Lilly Street. 6 rooms, hath, hardwood floors. Price $5600. Good terms. H. C. CAMPBELL Realtor Phone 4446 or 2980 5-17-ck-tf loans Money to Loan Do joii need a loan to repair or r<- attodtl? No down payment, no mor- *ffe, no r«<j tap* m* APPROVED RAT» 3C*. A8K FOR DETAILS Max Logan, Realtor fhona :1034 Lynch flullalni BLjtnetlllr Ark, /.ounrfry IftutiLprpo and Atretctied . LRwrencs, 100 W. Cherry Plumber t yo\i need a licensed plumber expert atore repair work <lo' « c Hurry Mcycra at Hulibard Hardwa NERAL CONTRAC-1' ?, A , 8 5- C ATS! IATIO BlrtUnvlllo Ark Radios F M Radios, adapters and aerials, for less at WESTERN AUTO 4-lfl-ck-tf Services ,H,«m K a!,<i Farmers Column J-'or SB|«: 5O b\inn«18 Hoyal Haw lleKiis nnii so tunnel* Orgdon. Be per hiul.el H.5O. Re<l H^ Highway at st*t« lln». 100% outside White Paint ?4.98 gallon; ?24.50 in 5 gallons. Garden tractors !'/» h.p. R t] Screen doors $7.15 up. JIM BROWN STORE 105 W. Main 4-14-ck-tf Davis Tires and Tubes carry a definite written guarantee. WESTERN AUTO 4-19-ck-tf Ptire_ Ogden Soybean Seed. Farm, Bnrdette. Hale Seed Phone 702 4-7-ck-tf The healthiest chicks on the market: AAAA Grade Nice S room home with hath on Kentu.-ky Street. Corner lot, best neighborhood. This is an extra good house, fully insulated and will rate a strong FHA or Gl loan. Price Good four room house and hath on Lake Street. On paved street and bus line by door. Price $4250. Colored property: 2 3- room houses on Mathis Street price 11400 each. Duplex on Matin's Street. Extra jfood condition. Good neighborhood. Price $2700. Good business property on Highway 61 South. Large lot. See or call JOHNNY MARR Realtor ! HZ S. Second Street Phone 4111 Russell Man- Phone 807 Johnny Marr Phone 2596 5-21-ck-tf COMFORTABLE MODERN 5 room house in best location on West Hearn. Large closets, attic fan, workshop in garage, perfect condition FOUR ROOM HOUSE in 'well-kept block near Rice Stix factory. Could he made a nice i ... . i •>*".>•• C..H.CIICMI. Lijaui:e lor anvance- nonie with paint and paper ' ln " u - wnt. BOX 311. steeie. MO. Vacant now. ' >-i»-p*-2s FIVE KOOM HOUSE uli corner lot. One of the best lo- 8ATUKPAT, MAT M, I9« LOOK! Before You Leap WHOLESALE PRICES TO RETAIL BUYERS! 1*44 CJt«vr«J«t Out S«4«n. L.w 1944 For4 Tud.r Ch«vr*l«t 1940 Pack»r4 C*up«. A r««l buy. i»3» Chevrolet T«wn !«dan. 1939 Ford Tudor Sedan. 1936 Ford Tudor. A 9 ood fi.hin, ear . Truck., large « n d small, 1944 and old«r m.d.l,. Many other Trucks to Choose From *«sy C.M.A.C. f aym.nt P/<m SULLIVAN-NELSON CHEVROLET COMPANY W. N*v«r Close 301 W. Wnlnut Phon* 578 S«lt« til I p.m. Ht/p Wanted, Fern a/* SALESWOMEN-Earn good mcomc In your spar* tlmr. Sell Nylon Hosiery Ht Servlre to your neighbors and friend.*, tiood. commission ,Free salea IcH iinri perionnl lioslery. Delaware HoAl«ry, Inc., Mlddleiown, Del. 5-22-pic-23 He/p Wonted, mo/e WANTED: Man under who would be xatlsfled iwrumlty to earn $30 Mftrt. Excellent chance ~ror anvance- 55 with cur with An op- lord. Ircu. Tel,:],hone 4B26. ]j,,, ra C.-BU--I r> II T , i-io.iiK-23; t imoreum-1 ested. Travel Time Is Here you're y«n mf , no , v i vwptls > _ _ or sUi(1 world (ravelers se (tin K „„( BRain . . . ,„„.„ ^ Assured of , m ,, s nf cai . f , rrcc> plcasilval) , e ^^ «l»«ng after a I. H n Ks t,, n ^Yr,,le n check-up. With the knowledge (hat expended mutor Uchnici.ns have Kon e over ever,- d e(ai , neccswilrv , 0 mllps ,, f v.«l,on driving, id, ,, e . hi(fhu , lvs for the Jlrst tun,, in Blytheville. »r unrr uertect piano tiniliiR wlili the ininous electronic ••SuoboRconr • nc 0«pcilrt)iiR on [he tallies of thr Kiminn I ""-"-cry lonn pcrrrcL—any p1lcl , flr . sired. Oil] us lor "Sirnhoscow cn- jKnsfiiiPi.t. Broot» Music Store. 107 Enst .mn -Strc«. telephone 811. 5,12-ck-tt | I.RWII Mowers sharpened I and 1-epnircd. Blytheville Ma- ichine Shop, Phone 2828. 211 S. Second. 4-G-ck-lf BELTS. RUCKLES. Covcrrtl btit- ?.'« Fi 1 ! 1 ,""?. h "L"- M » e MU1 "- *""» nixw, KJnia Cronffcr. phone 3539 It no »n»»er. *6:i2. W S N. Firth St. Sporting Goods Sr.e or selection or rlri*.i. pistols BABY CHICKS AAAA fl4,!)5 AAA 13.95 A A ? 12.95 JIM BROWN STORE 3-18-ck-tk For Sale: Puerto Rica aweet potato plants ?4 per 1,000. D. 1. Ingram, Holland, Mo. 5-6-pk-6-6 For So/e, COM & Truckt cations in Northwest part of Blytheville. Can be financed TWO BEDROOM HOUSE on East Davis, equipped with attic fan, automatic hot water heater, large screened front poroh. Can be financed with FHA loan. DUPLEX four blocks from Dum , Alain Street. Reconditioned, | \l™ a " on beautiful shady lot. Good rental property for home and investment combined MAX LOGAN Realtor Wanted: mechanic for Farmall tractors. Only experienced mechanics need apply. Top wages, good working conditions. Apply in person. DELTA. IMPLEMENT CO. Manila, Phone 91 4-14-ck-tf NEW ORLEANS (UP) seven constables in New a woman mother. . Every tim with hack door, leaving her face the constables. 92-year-old to evict the mother to Texas community in sear ci, f ™T ™?» lta of P^historic ani- The aevcxt Incentive toward re- »aiT'>l r+n **~ _.l "1U 'C mother m bed naked. W= , UU iaii -i put the old ]ady out like that and we couldn't dress her rn» those "Bui we'll catch her one of these tone STOP LOOKING FOR A JOB We have openings for several ngents In North Arkansas and South Missouri. If you have K car and like real esune business ue ^m help you. Wrlu Nn--- farm Agency. Blvd.. Fort Smith Ar*P . 1833 nsas. Midland Lynch Building p| lons Help Wanted Holly Rtreet, One home »nrt . >'onr house* and Street. J5.200. termi For real estate und In FIEI.US 2J94. COMPANY. t. ADAMS AP- 208 W M»ln ' . __ Dogs, Cats, and Pett Poppy (or ««ie. monfT287.y Wilson Henry. Typewriter "" <"rtor 5-12-ck-tr ^TYPEWRITERS DON* EDWARDS 110 X rh« Typewriter Second at Pmne 3381 16 rk tl Farmer's Column for bale: one pair good none mnlrs . I"*.i 01di w ' I|iJ ' t "bom Ijoo pounds f»ch. Al.^o sood Avery ciUllvntor »nd liarnosf. Earl Simmon*. 31, m\\ts Jx^llrifsst rrorn Blythcvtllc. Phone 790. * 1 _jnKR».ay, Ul>lorl BoolsrffVlT-pJ.M KKUTIMZRR 3-9-18 Planters Coop. Phone 720 5-fi-ck-G-fi Kor Si'ilp— One AT Farmall with KM 221 cultivator. C'an be seen at Delta Implement Co., Manila. 5-21-ck-tf State - Certified BiirdoUc 1» - Improved Arksoy Soy- heans. Burdette I'lantation. "urdcUe phone 782. One near Oil Mill, rr,one FIELD 2:,,,: ——f— 5»/e, Misc. l^ed Woodstock tj-pewrlter ~i .tint overhauled. Price j+o stee Co.. steele. Mo. 5. Kills Poole has the Real Little Man's Car lor 5-0,,. The Willys.Overland J«p ever)- n»>- 1. proving H.ielf as the he^t. car lor me average postwar tamll'y. Hlpnt price raiiKe. rlrtlni. comlort— and no waiting! Cull POOI.E MOTOR STEEnT' I»- r " art """ nsl '", ll °." PHONE STBKLK, MO. ' "* A> S-Jl'-cli?l» T , i<; '.K iI'OTo'ifsAi,KS has on their lot the following: used cars and trucks: '•17 Flcetline. Two door, radio and heater. '<17 five passenger, two tone coupe. Radio and heater. — .,,,ee p , 2—'40 Chevrolet (wo doors I SSstJ'rBi 00 ™.; to choose from JR»M«II phinips, 2—'.(fi Chevrolet low mileage. 1—M6 GMC !>/> ton I.WB truck. 1—'46 Chevrolet S\VR truck TffKvSK CARS AND TRUCKS CAN BK BOUGHT ON KASY TKRMS 5-21-ck-tf Wanted: Coloreil famUy to ct\op cot- ion. House Ulrnlshea. Dogwood Binge. Raymond Stringer. S-20-pK-24 Bookkeeper Wanted - ..„.„-. -v/«-. ^' e need an assistant book«*>-<*.« ( keeper. We prefer a man with (experience but would be interested in a person that has the ability to learn and we will teach him. Only interested in n man that wants permanent connection. See Tom A. Little Jr. Blytheville Motor Co. "s.n'.pit.a ]9-ck-26 <»» lola H lota c K.noo 1 llth ptione " tor "- one on 81 Hlgh- B rooms. «3 000 ' nuion. Phone 2484. One three . Rood ron- S-M-pk-33 piece recllonal xeat (or Cane with removable Hons tn<\ back. Mrs. pickups,' Hkinttlb lnv.lory. oil hot •«<er. B«rn«ln 1704 w. Mum. MltK ROM*, see L. South lllh street. O. Borah. 300 ]!M2 Dodge tractor and H new 22 fool trailer. New two Ion motor in tractor. 825x20 lii-es lear on tractor, 1000x20 Ion trailer. Complete for onlv fl5. SUJ.UVAiV-NKI.SOiV CHEVROLET CO. 5-20-ck-23 Wlf.T.YS Fa J "P truck.. the Word «l«lion w.n nnV.I^ ^ * toc ""^ " lock "> n«» milldlng. TIBW Ilcmres. Slocx c«n IK bought, bnlldlnir and future. "" .!>« , r £Jt«< 'or »ll» per month. S"'* It M 60J K».« Main, ,1-M-rk-M . „ , 4-7-dlc-tf JS ., lr We have about 200 kegs of nails in all sizes for sale. Tom Little Realty Co. 'lft-ck-26 im >"!" pOstpMd: too (,em or cnictte type «ri9 tend checx or money order. KB. Eastwood, Jr» '•"nllng and Arlvertlslnc ftsenr.y. carnthersulle. Mo. S.13-pk-5l5 v»cuiim>. excellent condition Used rnone ___ Have large quantity 2 inch and 4 inch soil pipe fittings. Can furnish any fittitijr you need. Special price on large quantity. Tom Little Realty Co. 19-ck-26 Vsed baby plsy pen phone 1349. 1614 Hc»rn rt car seat. J-22-pk-2S 3>,i H P oilt!x*ra molor. \i»m lm« Jhan thr»e honr>. $*). Money t»»c)c |u»r«nt«t. Phone M\t 5-11-cn-tf for lu >>"«in« Complete garage shop fqxilpmi ...He. All nr any part: machine - real »»-j battery rharRer. wrlrle™ pMrjt eQillp- P i alf^ ! M^I *S? " ll ««»"'>«oiw' tools, Pnone I,6-PK^,« | M«nll* ft. 8, L. IKru. l-ia-pt-l-H Private Rooms Nice bedroom, 11M call 2J38. 5-U-pk-«-18 Mfrdroom only. Bedroom r. cool henrooms 310 w Wnlnut. isawba. phone S;l3-p«-813 Close In, Afen S;io-p*-6,io 318 N Bth Phone Room., with («ns. Phone 9^2 5-ia-pk-6-19 hpd ' 00 "' lev signal-booster system. , ., f rleot «d, is said to insure slalic-tree reception in the demonstration or radio receivers in noisy city locations. Cynls N - R»i% Abilene p a l e ,' ldenti »^ 'he bones R> or a giant mammoth. Ono was . four and one-halt feet !°"f, * lth a Joint a.s large as a foo ball. A rib structure and several teeth were ting up beiore th» two men roped off the sent for the scientists. Heart Courier News Want Ads. »rljolnln» bath. "l». Lost 5 "" 110 Cc '"' h r '"°' ""P °'" n " " nd h ">»-n l«»i reward for return. Phon Wonted to Buy «ii « '1 '" B " ? or trarte * '«» o«*a plunix. Brooks Music store. 107 E»" M.ln. Blytherille. Telephone all ii2-ck-tr Bottled by SANDERS & WHEELER Atk. Used cav s and trucks Phillips Motor Co. ___ _ _ _ 5-G-ck-tf j Late J.KE MOTOR SALES Phone 2056 -1-21-ok-tf k i load ""•• T ^" ain. phon« 3317 or Jhere nr« H to 18 jxnmds of mineral matter, mostly llm« and phosphate, In ev«ry ton ol milk sent off. the farm. I 2071 for Repairs! RADIO « PHONOGRAPH Service—Ho|h AM and FM RKFRFGERATION SERVICE Household-Commercial ind Aid-Conditioning; «»B ft Klectric WASHKKS RASOMNB ENGINES ADAMS APPLIANCE COMPANY 20fi-fl8 fl'tsl J. W. ADAMS, Mgr. Main Pohnt 2071

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