The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 16, 1931 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 16, 1931
Page 5
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"THURSDAY, APRIL 1C, 1931 H1/VTHKVII.U'!, (AUK.) COUU1KH CLASSIFIED ADS Two cenls a word lor first insertion and one cent a word 'or each subsequent Insertion. No advertisement taken for less than 60o. Count the words and send the cash. Phone 306 PAGE FIVfe OUR BOARDING HOUSE By Ahern HKIIIX MI:H;; uin.ti c»r»v JirliiiiDi:. la.jn Nil. Ynrk DpUt. m'nriln \YAI.I.Arl-: 1hr d:ij ntlrr iiln ilit $$?$$?$$ HEAL BARGAINS USED CARS In order to make room for tiade- ins en New Fowl Cars air.l Trucks, we are offering THIS WEEK Sne- ctnl I'riccs and Terms on Used Cars-You :>huukl take advanlai of [his opiwrtiinlty to own a good used car ;il a very low price. 1023 ''OKI) STAND. COUl'i: Original paint like new, I 5 A-l llravy Duly Tires, I 1931 License, Guaranlcid $225 1!H8 KOKD TUUOll Sh'lMN, Newly paiutrd beautiful dark blue color, seal covers, fully tquipix-d. A llarsain .......... ...... $165 Eleven Others To Select From 1'hoae SH PHILLIPS MOTOR COMPANY Authorized Ford Dealers * 5 S § § S 5 -A.\M lllr IJT AI.AN rilllSOV. lux rolunird fntii, ii >rtir nnij H h-jlr In I'nit* h[tiO>lnt: <irt. nu>l WiLlhu-r'* II: ..... t-r lincl lULiki'ii t^rlt rir^n^c- nifin n, HKirrj u »c:l]IKIri ulnn. c» H' l''urcil (.llj .It'll unU ^\ll.•^c• Ji liriii-llrr. !!!• vrt. L>iirllcLi' t,a4 krri iklllr In 'luusr [or lilni. y '•>|i*r I'hrj «nnh tiirr. Aunl Uli'i) iu(i\r« lii n «'<IIE:ILU> nt hrr IIIMI. IIAIUJM I.OItlM:, .llnx'a la,, an nnnrri'. mnrrlr< II U CM II rilll.l.ll'S. million:, Ire". ,un only BMslp. They're try lug 10 mnko troublo. L won't tielievo it's true," llm tho tiny voice was imi loml enough lo ho convincing. U aua such a very lltlle. pathetic mnrmm not yet fire. »»s kinno early whal Mils inlglii mean. sho went un the nr[iM ID dress. Ttiy Hist re.ictlim from licurlnj. 1 lLio Bliocklnt; new.^ had w^ru on Tho walk bad tlrcil her bul It also — nothing to cllJiii in lu this over . u;ul been soothing. (Sypsy slipped wheliulny &e;i of duuU. [out ol her slroel,dross am! Into a * » • thin m'fllsco. lihu di.inyed no G Yl'SY rcalliod alto still hclil the; hi yh-he pled slippers for a pair ol ..... -..., .*.„. .^ ..... ..,. sutln mules and sank lo tlio cush not She llrurk In i. nnd lh:n Ulll,',l }t:in'lr rtniMiI n)V:tlr Inkc. Sbr UeflnrfH for him. Jim Irlr* i . KUll:ll[mi unit ^iirrlo fnlk In Jlio tiul r:ir In u lirtiulr linrlnr iioaci-n iiniunn «n> hrilr^ nlniill Jhu \\' lfe." r I tli FOU SALE FOR SALE—Baby chicks. Pay thi fall. See us about plan. Marilyi Hatchery. ' 9C-TI I f OU SALE—Good, dry cook wow Buchanan Coal Co., i'hone 107. 11P-CN FOR SALE—1,500 bushels yellow- feed corn. 75 cents per bushel at, crib. K. N. Trimble, Lilbourn, Mo., Phone 1U. 13C-K27 FOR SALE- Rowdcn Cotton Seed. Wclcli Foster, The Grand Leader. HC-K20 FOK RENT tOR 'KENT—s'room furnished flat garage and coal house. Call 6TC-W. W3-TF FOR RENT—Three, five and six room residences, also a furnished house. Dr. J. A. Saliba, Phone 4X0. \O\V <IO ON WITH llll> ST01H CMAITICK XXXVM1 /"iVl'SY sat perfectly uuicL She could not raise ner eyes; she coulJ uol even seem lo brcalljo. Tho voice ol ilia unseen speaker contlnuctl: "Why, L heard U at the country club, U'e all over town DOW I Jim's lea v I us Ibis slil De married ID New York and Is going to divorce Her, And here's Murcla I'hllUus Hack. D widow, wlih nil that money—! Well, 1 t;uesa you can, sea for yourself. Personally I think It's priceless. 1 never heard anything like It!" There was a flutter o( soprano laughter. A second voice with deeper tones put in something thai was an Inaudible murmur. "1 suppose you're r I slit/ 1 'ho first epeaker agreed, "only honestly everyone knows about It—" Then tho conversation lu the ccxt boulh swung lo a coming house party. There was no more mention ot Jim Wallace. Tho beauty parlor operator was comblns out Gypsy's waving liair. "Now It you'll show no how you wear It" she said, "I'll put ihe pi as In." Gypsy struggled to master her voice. "I—I tblnk I'd rather do it ' , myself^it you .don't mind." sho said U seemed to her that someone else had said tho words. comb nnd tbat she Imd started to arrange nur nalr. "ought to liej;lii. SONIC-QUO Eilylu come and would thliiK H queer oi her to be silting there, elating at licrsdr In ilio mirror. She had (or -olien nboiu the linger waire. about iiur eaiiernc-sa ' or ' I0r lsn ' r *° l)C Huffy and eolt about hor face. She scruucd U up Into n light knot at the D.IPC ot iicr neck, jnmtucd the ti:itfiil:i5 111 crosswise, it was only iuiporlant now tti j;cl away from ihla plai:e before anyone should rccoyntze her. yh§ was pulling on her ha( when ho Iiairdrcsser reappeared "Oh!" she fculd reiiroachttilly. ">i'-iro all ready lo go! Is the ware tlto way you wanted It?" i'robnbiy sho hoped Gypsy wo'Jld reinovQ tier hat so Hint she rnlglit her work but IE so tho girl disappointed tier. "Tlio wave Is very nice," Gyp&i* said. Sho bad not even noticed what U looked like. "I pay the girl at tho desk, do 1?" "Yes. Mrs. Wallace," At llio name t!ypsy colored a&aln As quickly as possible she left the shop and got out on the street. Then Bho was undecided wiiat lo next. Her lirst IjnpulEo Had been to £0 lo Jim and ask him II wbat she had heard was true. Now sho knew tbat sho could not do that. ions of I lie rlinlEO lonsue. Then sbe lay l):ick and closed her eyes. V71NUTLS passed and Uypay 6UU by there. Pre&eully sho heard FOR RENT—Apartment In Ingram building. See Parkhurst Company. DC-TP FOB KENT—5 room modern a[javt- nient on V/cst Main St., Arcola heat. Phone 41V or 479-W 10c-kl7 FOR RENT--Cue of the Miller Apartments nt 10(h and Walnut, liol and cold water, Arcola heal, garage, shade trees, pretty lawn. A[i|)ly to Ike Iviiller. lOc-tl FOB RENT- Modern five room furnished bungalow. Call 46. pklS FOR RENT—Two furnished llglil housekeeping rooms. 113 W. Missouri Avenue. lbl'-K18 WANTED "Certainly not. Here—I'll pet (had you a mtrror," Tho other girl tils appeared and a moment later was back with a large black mtrror. Sho banded tho mirror lo Gypsy nntl was gone. This was a "private affair to be discussed only between tier self and Jim. She could not so to his office where there wi?ra clients, other nsemuors or the timi. stenographers. She must wait unill ihey wurc alono at home. \Vailing was very hard. Gypsy U:rncd homeward. Shu walked past Ibe corner where she should have laken the street car without nolle ing U. When BRQ realized Ibis she had gone so far that sbo decided to walk tho rest ol tho distance. At toast she was spared tbe curious glances of other passengers. She feeling that faces were peering at ber from behind cur* talncd windows ot houses alie passed ami that people were saying, "There slic Is! That's ilia girl Jim Wallace is joins to divorce. Every* a low kneel; ul Eho <1oyr. "Wliu Is H7" Hyrsy called. Il w:ia Jim wltn unawcrcd. "May 1 conic In?" he aslicd. "Of" B!iu Blancd to rlco but Iho door opened before she was on her feel Jim. iimimculatu iu white ILanuel ronhi'ia mid bluo ccal, apiic;ire'l. "JJon'i move!" lie protected. "Just .hnught ','A como in ainl talk a mo uciiL You look as liioiiEli you were all In! [|;IVQ a big i!ayr Gypsy sat up. Sho caupht the ^Sllfice about 3icr moro securely. "I'm not ilrcd." shu paid. "1 went down town this afternoon nnil do cldcd lo walk back of taking the car. It was foolish. I eucas. It's pretly warm—" "Ytu sliould Invc telephoned tbc oQice," bo reproved ber. "1 could have brought you In tbe car. Wncn you're' down town n round four o'clock or after you ought lo let uic uiow." "L will next lime," slie smltc'h There was conic tiling reassuring i bun i Jliu'a preacnrc. Sbo gectucil so and strong and suro of himself. Slowly her douuta began to loosen. Jim Inquired about preparations for iho dinner neH evening. He sticmcd lo be In unusually good is, loldi ber r!:at Harrison hail was rcinJy. A'wlco during Mi<? me.U Oyv^y lin*l ihn Impresslnn Hint .Urn U'H oyehis; her nilmirlngly. sbo con hi not lie suru. They drove KI ihe Mnnleya' ti^mo i:Hor ami reinnlncd until uoarly U o'clock. Duriuii ihe drive home In tlio ocul iil>',lu (Jypsy formed u lu;i'j!i. M;o uoiihl think uo mnrc of (h« !;o^lp s!ic bad heard kti the i luulor until Jim hitnsolt br<iugiit uji i!;c euhlecl. Hiie h;id !;>ith In hi* hi>riL3ty. If Jim Had decided un soniy flmstlc 'Giirrio uC net Ion ho \vould iell her alniut It. Il was comparatively rasy lo i~o- solve tlii'istf ihlnxs; much mtiro cult to [nit thnu Into [irurilco. I'nr (iriL 1 Ihliii;. ihuu^li Jim Gay tlial uvuilug. liMisy lia»1 feclhiK lie ton gay. Uvoryllilni; he i-alil nnd did sccnied t,o be wnli r rll been pleased with (ho, Invitation Gypsy confronted her reflection tn tbo m I rro r. Her chc eb s were flushed. She wondered II Ihe hair dresser hail noticed iho color come into ber face. Of course tho girl had overheard. I)k) sho know who Gypsy v:ns? Sbo had called her ".Mrs. Wallace" but there were a doz^n different families of Wallaces What did all that matter anyhow? .What did she cure about Iialr dress ers or who the woman on the other side- ol tho curlaln might be? Was it—could it tw true? Would Jim do such a thing? Was it because ot Marcisx? A Uny. defending voice arose in tho girl's consciousness. "I won't believe IL" th» TO!CO said- "It's ono In town knows about IU" At last she arrived borne. She orccsd the front door and snirtei! the taint, delicious odor at Ma ti!da's baking. The, kitchen door must Lavo Lcen loft open acatnsl orders. Even so lite smell was do- licloud. Everything about the house was orderly, exactly as H should be. Preparations for dimicr w/cro a I most complete. Sam had departed for the (!ay, leaving word lliat he would bo ou hand early next morn Ing to scrub the walks ;mrt porches. "Mr. came borne. 1 tbinH he's upstairs." Matilda announced looked at tbe clock oi the and chatted about his day's work. Presently lio n-:^'cl, 'How about driving out. to stc Abblo nnU Charles Mauler after dluncrV Uecn promising to get out there tor u long while." "I'd IOYQ to go," Gypsy said, "Oh. I must start dressing! Matilda will have everything'on the table." She vftnl to tho dressing table, scaled herself. Jim edged toward tlie door. "(i'jMa I'll glanco through the iu- per," he s:\id. "Will you bo dnwn soon?" "in 10 mln'Jtes!" Gypsy declared. Sbo had her hair down and was combing H out vigorously. There was color in her cheeks now bul t was not from humiliation. Gypsy fluffed the soft waves about ncr faco. Tho beauty parlor operator liad done her work splendidly. There were a balt-dozeu crystal Jars and bottler ou the drcsdlu^; table. <>ypsy dabbled in one, then another. roiiP,lns her cheeks, diiist- ii!K then] with powder and touching tier ear lobes with fragrant scent. She moved quickly. Soon sho was slipping out of tho oes'iscc nnd Scttiuy Inlo a pale yellow, ruffled colton frock. It had a full skirt and sash. The ruffles slood out crisply cool, giving Gypsy the look of a tjuaint youns 'ady ou an old-fashioned valentine. Sbo turned and ran down stairs, arriving In the living room just as lb ;u:d w.iLlod. dinner tor Murk mi C\L'U!IU; Gyiis llihili ol almrward. The ilay ntid hern uanu but iiy live u'clwli H [air.t hruere was sllrrlnii. K:un tint leaves In Uic table ou the porcJi and GI>L out the ihiest daumsk in ibc collection of llucii. She nut inll whHo tn;iOT3 in Ihe sliver ciindle- sMcka nnd In tho ccnler t»f Uic table a IOIY bowl ot pink ro^ca. Tliey wcro Irotn Uio gardon. frcatily cut and Effect, Gypsy wore the chiffon Crock with Us bright colors ngnlnsi u creamy bacligvound. She wns n very at- Uncllvo youns hostess na sho greeted tlio Kiay-linlrcil lawye-r. .llm \vns in his fuoai rharmliiK mood. "Gkul to see you, tny di^ir," liar* rlsun said heartily. "Glad to be here. It'a ihou^iilfiil nl you young folbs lo Itotbcr with nu old nnn." "\Ve"«o \\nnleil you to come to see us for u long white," Gyi^y lo!J him. "DUI you? Well. 1 Ehculd huvu come. Nice pface you've jjol hero- yes, n tii:e old hoiurl" lie looked up at tbc hifih celling- ed wails, sighed ns tbuu^h he ml^hi ho thinking f-f dajs wiian lie nail sal In that room :u itio ynesl ii Jim's father. InhUml or IIGUI^: glonmy hu snillrd KII-! began ou amusLus anecdote. They went out to the porch ami Maltlita bc^an \n serve HID men I. Harrteon enjoyed hirnscLt. He seemed tlell^hlcil svllh ihe uuul'jor (lining room, praised llio Rfiniuii Ort •3"U5-f AS RIPPER 15 <3eiTl/i.' ! ~ weuu, I'LL L6AV/E IT l/Vi IfP SUMS we Hrf You PtD A MR. HAWKS WELL, MRS 1 . rlCOP.. HOUSE -fill/JK I'LL BE <3£TTIAS6 BACK 1 TO CHICAGO J PACK UP AFTER BREAKFAST, EV/6M ;]V_ IF VQUR BUM WlMG •- 1 1 •iii r.i BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES \VEU,! By Martki and |irciinl>cil lo return some ilny to sec Si in Itie suushitio. Me lold slorles llial were ilcllelillulb' lm- morons arnl tic talked seriously. They Unscreil over ilesscri. At last Uyr;sy lc«l the w.iy uack lo ttij living room anil for t\vu uiijri.' tiunu Mark Harrison entcrtnlucil Uitni. When he linnlly rose in go lie look Gypsy's band in liis. "Slio's a fine sirl. Jim." he sild. smiling. "I envy you. Take nouti care of hcr[" Afler liio lawyer avas soae fly]>?y wen I lo Ihe kitchen lu hnvc a List looli anil ECO thai all was well there. She ivaa feeling ahr.ost, happy o little laler when bho cllmlicd the stairs. Tlio mood C'julinuci] throtighont the moruing next ilny auil until parly afternoon. Then us Oyrsy slcpned out to brlliK In the letters llio postman bail lelt site saw Marcia rhillips comlui: up the walk. (To ii^. C"-"'ntl««crt) WHERE IS, , ? ....SPM.WOK! COM\NG OF TWE. SHE -UP DOWN DOT, POULTRY WANTED—Market prl- i-cs, any quant lly. Marilyn Hatchery, 210 S. Fourth St. BC-TF POULTRY WANTED — Market prices paid ?.t C. I-. nenitctt Co Feed Co. ?.IO N. Railroad St.. wcsi cf courlhouse, J. E. Fisher, Pri 84. 24C-TF WANTED -- Gravel Iiaulers fron: iBttrdctto lo Clear Lake Farm F. A. Kogcrp, Route 2, Box 81 Clear Lake Farm. C-K-1" WANTED -- Family washings. 01 general ItoubCwork. Mrs. Dora Mi/cll, 2207 18th St. TI NEW ORLEANS. April 1C. — Colloti closed qniet ami steady. Open High Low Close 1017 1020 1011 IOIS 1074 107S 1M7 1100 1100 1110 1128 ,1120 1'EHSONAI, GENUINE DUCO Authorlwd re flnlsUing station. C. T. Shamlii with Dcnloti Chevrolet Co., Mai! at Franklin. 3P-K2 I] [iVlREPAIRED FAY 0. DAVIS Alwatcr Rent Dealer I'hone 421 Invest With Safety CTo paid quarterly on full paid stock, ?100 and up. Guaranteed by first mortgaifc loans on liomcs in Blythovillc. Secured and Insured. Blytheville Building & Loan Association W. M. Burns, Sec. avc your shoes rebuilt, at our True Blue Shop, 322 East Main. All ork guaranteed. 10[j-kn \ew Orleans Cotton GOOO D\O THW \T W'lVL UOU6 BOT , f\V SV\E ONE CHANCE Iny nly- 3ct Dec an lar 1012 103C 107il 1002 no:; 1123 Spots quiet and utirhangHl at BOO. New York Cation NEW YORK. April 1C. (UP) Cotton closed barely slcaily. Open High Low Close 101G 1020 1012 .... 1W1 1045 1037 ... 1014 1077 1070 ... IMS 1101 1004 .... 1107 1109 1102 1120 1134 1127 May July Oct. Dec. Jan. Mar. Si»U quiet and unchanged at 1015. JACK FOK TWO TiK.\SONS COLUMBUS, O. (UP)—Jock Keller, sophomore hurdbr cu t'.ie Ohio State University Iraek tram, is called Jack for two reasons: because it is a nickname for his first name, and because ot the Initials of his full name, which is John Alton Claude Keller. IDAHO FARMERS CUT WHEAT ISOtSE, Ida. <UP>—Idaho farmers have followed the advice of tr.c Federal Farm Board to curtail wheat production, if federal farm rcixtrllug bureau forecasts ore correct. The farmers y'.au to cut, down their wheat acreage 23 per cm this year. On the other liaud they will increase their oals planlit)",! seven per cent; corn five p"r cent: barley 12 per cenl. Irish potatoes. 11 p:r cent; sweet potatoes, 29 cent, and hay one per cent. autorcil lo sar tlial dinner \ND HIS FRIENDS @f I CAMT QUITE OOT VJHAT WE LOOKS V/OUC6R IP FELtA WiAO STbLS TUE WD To HIDE 1M THAT 6EAS I a&TTE:R OJCli IM THIS PLAU is soivjs TO LAUD RI6HT US=G.... L '•)'< ; 'y ; ?> ME VUOHRIES LITTLE CLOSER .'• ^00 WWTS TO TAKE HIM ON T«E. UKK 0' THUNOER, VLL Boss; DX>) THE WMi\;tS MOST V.'£Rt-lTP CHMiCTTO \L ON OL" 6ULU r.ur. gi«l (rt B>^*^

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