The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 22, 1948 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 22, 1948
Page 2
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PAUB FOUR 1HK BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NBW8 TUX COURIER NEWS OO. H W HAINES, PubUsber JAMES U VERHOEFF, Editor PAOL D. HUMAN, Advertising •ait National Advertising Representatives: Wtllkc* Winner Co, New York, Chicago, Detroit. AtluU, Memphis Published Every Afternoon Except Sundt; entered u second class matter at the pott- oCk» at BlythevUie, Arkansas, under act of Con- fre**. October 9, 1911. Served by the United SUBSCRIPTION RATES: Bj carrier tn the city of BlytnevUle or any iuburbau town where carrier service la main* talned, 20c per week, or 85c per mnnth. By mall, within a radius of 60 miles. (4.00 per .fear, J2.00 for six months, »1.00 for three month*; by mail outside 50 mile tone, 110.00 per year payable In advanc*. Meditation Confirming the souls of the disciples, and ex- borilnf them to continue tn the faith, and tliat we must through much tribulation enter Into th< Uncdom of God.—Ads 14:42. * * » God has not chosen to save us without crosses; as He has not seen fit to create men at once in the full vigor of manhood, but has suffered them t« grow up by degrees amid all the perils and Weaknesses o( youth,—Fonelnn. Barbs In the old days Indians prl/ed corn for its 'color rather than iu taste. In the modern day the White man goes by the kick. » * + Police in an Indiana town arc seeking a culprit who nearly wrecked a movie iliraler. Likely a ui-n who lacked self-control when somebody crawled over his lap. • * In a Massachusetts beauty shop, women watch movies while their hair is beine dried. How (to they get their lints on after a thriller? • * * The only nice thing about a flood Is that It mikes you fe«J ;\zd that you contributed to (he Red Cross. • • • It's still advisable to stack up waste paper— but not tn picnic grounds. tion*. th« r»c« promiw. to b* mor« bitter than usual. So all of us might well resolve to keep in check the emotions that politics may arouse in the coming months. If the Wallaceites can be beaten and egged and fired from their jobs this early there is real danger that, unless their opponents use their heads, incidents might occur which not only could cause physical injury but also affect our leadership in (he family of nations as the world's greatest democracy. Might Be Worth a Try The President has offered Congress n $27,323,000 bargain. He wants that sum to hire 10,000 more tax-enforcement officers and raise the pay of others in the interest of better collections. The Treasury claims thai we lose a billion dollars a year through lax evasion. If this is true, something- surely should be done, especially with the present tax cut and high defense expenditures looming ahead. The President's offer may not be A guaranteed bargain. But if there is a chance to recover that billion for.about one-fortieth of the amount, it would seem to be worth the gamble. VIEWS OF OTHERS ••»•*»•••»••*•»•••»••••«••«**«*•«• Murder in Greece Anti-Wallace Violence Bad, Calls Attention to Him The New York opening of "The Iron "Curtain" got some of the best anci least expensive publicity in the recent history of motion picture exploitation. Communists arid their sympathizers picketed the theater and engaged in a street fight with Catholic war veterans. A lot of interest was aroused, and a lot more people will probably want to see the picture . than would otherwise be the case. All this was for free. And no doubt, 20th Century-Fox is grudgingly grate- ( ful to the Reds for forgetting that one can benefit something he opposes by calling attention to it. But the comrades aren't the only ones afflicted with this • short-sightedness. There have been some t recent examples of the same affliction .- among apparently loyal and well-intentioned Americans. These examples have centered around Henry Wallace and his third-party movement. Mr. Wallace has been denied hotel accommodations and meeting halls He was the target of fcg g s i n his home slate of Iowa. Some of his followers took a beating in Indiana. And so on. Such behavior calls attention to .Mr Wallace and his cause, of cours* and creates some sympathy even a ' mo ,ig those ivho oppose his ideas strongly The egg- and fist-throwing may be traced to frustration among people whose muscles work better than their minds. But the • calculated, non-violent actions are an affront to the very principles that the perpetrators of those actions seem to inncy they are protecting. There is no loyalty to American traditions in denying the rights of free speech and peaceful assembly to the : tlnrd-partyites. Such denials are for the Soviet government, which Mr. Wallace . frequently defends in unflattering com- panson to our own. ' Let Mr. Wallace accuse and disparage and ?T S - L0t him lalk hiraself »' and out of corners, and allow himself to be pushed along with the twisting paths of Co™,., pohcy. But let him talk. If the fantasies and inconsistencies of h 5 public pronouncements cannot be ev- P'ocled by Sane and reasonable arjru- ' m ^- then no eggs or blows or lockouts can demolish them. We are only j n the early spring of the el ection season .After the conven- tioiw have P ,cked their candidates and i. the campaign gets in full swing we all know that blood wil. run hot and Ce wil run high. The candidates' oratorv -eluding Mr. Wa.lace's, wil, grow ™ e extravagant. This always happens. And with a «JW.t. in the JMd who can fjnda nothing to admire in American policy an d . w muck to apologiM lor « Rwigia ,. ^ American authorities In Grrcce hid better Uk» more than a routine interest in the Investigation of tlie death of George Polk. The body of thia Columbia Broadcasting System correspondent was found in Salonika Bay, bound »nd with a bullet hole In Die bnck of Ills head. After maintaining secrecy (or some time about the discovery, the Greek iwlice said that they suspjcted foul play by the Communists Perhaps that Is the correct explanation of Folk's death, but It is not the obvious one. Alter all, he was trying to Interview the Communist leader. Gen. Marlcos Vlfiades. It is not too plausible that he should have b««n killed by those whose story he was trying to present. The current outbreak of police terrorism in Greece, and the political interest of the Greek authorities in Folk's Journalistic venture, are reason enough for a careful check on their Investigation nnd any additional explanations forthcoming Irom them. Further, it is absolutely necessary that the American authorities take the strongest pcsslble measures to safeguard the unhampered flow of news from troubled countries which are dependent on American aid. Dwlght orlswoW, the American aid administrator in Athens, has been all too quick in the past to dip his brush into th e whitewash bucket. Such glossin B s over, however, tend to raise doubts here at home about the state ol affairs in Greece, Instead of coming as reassurances. Mr. Polk's death is. as the Greek government fears, an international incident. —St. LOUIS POST-DISPATCH. Farm Program President Truman has sent a message to Congress on long-range agricultural legislation The Wen originated with Secretary of Agriculture Anderson, who has told friends Hint such a plea to Congress would put the Republican* "on the spot." However, his suggestions aren't greatly different from the ideas which Congress has been shaping into a long-range farm program. He bears down harrier on the surplus problcm-when it develops The President explicitly wants surpluses to be used for improving th 0 living standards of our people, notably by continuing school lunelies That is calculated to make a hit with city as well ns farm, votes. In this, and some other re- spccls, the President's recommendations would make the farmer a permanent warn or the city government m ore riefimtely than the congressional plan would. He urges expansion or the soil conservation program, indicating that he still thinks congrtss should provide the 300 million dollars fo r tills work, which he asked In his budget message congress has been looking favorably so far on cutting that figure to 250 million. Certainly, soil conservation, if the money is spent judiciously, 1 6 a matter of high Importance. No doubt, there's a good <(,,„, of ,,„__ both the President's and the Congressional st _ nds on farm aid. One thing seems pretty certain- a farm program, and t fairly HlKn} ontp , continued. For it not only has the strong farm bloc behind it-it also ha, a good d«l of .pprov., In city quarters. The feeling has grown that farmers must pros- times UaUOn ' S '° haV6 * S ° Ud tesis for *o°d —ARKANSAS DEMOCRAT SO THEY SAY I he administration has pictured a world erne" «ency. in which this country would be a "world Policeman- to divert attention from Its trouble, at honw.-Rcp. Dewcy short m> of Missouri.. » * . The rolltburo »t Moscow backed by its third Party filth column in the United States is not »s «r««t a tiireat to the American system of free enterprise as is the American businessman who runs around cfying wo if._Sen. j. Howrd McGrath ,D) BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS — At Least a Little Progress ' SATURDAY, MAY 22, 1948 Victory Gardens GOP Senator'sldeaofOne Way I o Help Overcome High Cost of Living in U.S. Bv T*pt*>r Vdcntt - i . ' Modern Washington Art Finds Buyers in Smelly Fish Market THI DOCTOR SAYS B..Ed«m P. Jordan, M. D. .Written for NEA Sen-ice People may frequently wonder hy > urine examination K , s? f ,«.rss» ' By Hamun W. Nichols (Unlttd Prw. staff C«rr«p -WASHINGTON. May 22. (UP)1 There big as life, hung _...„ Macabre." It was a lovely oil Job showing a gal i n a pinlc dress kick- L U E, a f ! at heel with a skeleton. Right alongside the picture hunt a couple of smoked herring. th« skeleton covered with » herrinf "We had a little trouble with th« aisease. for example, the urine ""hiV 0 ,"'"'" bl ° od and » Protein which is known as albumin. By studying (|, e natare S)lrt „„„„„* cours* of illness, the physician of these substances causing the can get a very good idea as o the progress of the disease. What Is found in the urine is of tremendous importance in the diagnosis and treatment of any condition u-hich may involve the kidneys, the bladder, or other portions of this excretion system I exhibit their paintings in " " acre of hams ! Right there fresh fish, pickled fish, lettuce) I cheese, blueberries and raspberrlM.' i ihe market Is a coming and golni j Place for thousands of Washlngton- i Inns looking here and there lor a few things to eat. ' Back to "Dance Macabre " The painter of that'one. said Kathan raised mischief about having his stuff hung in a market. He'd" spent i a couple of months with his bru-Sgs trying lo get the babe in i; 1( . yf-i chemki » com- | "Wo convinced him." sa i_ Kath- sugar. The result* is that the wrdi.ig t o the students that it's not "' e " 1C Wood l'"^es i«acily realistic. • >t ' Sn0t ' listic. «• '. u ^--?ss . iou By Peter NEA Washington Correspondent WASHINGTON (NEA)-If Sen Robert A. Taft of Ohio can't do n better Job of running the United States than he has done in running the Joint Congressional Committee on the Economic Report !>. doesn't look as though he'd make », very hot President. Under Talt's system of operation, nobody has been permitted to da "nything while he was out of town. And he has been out of town frequently, campaigning. Politics before business, every time. The Taft Committee report on the President's economic message to Congress was due last Feb. 15. It isn't in 'sight even yet. But maybe that's just as well. Last summer. Sen. Raymond E. „.,_,.__, M. navi,,?h~ itS ^Le'^ups "">' into the high cost of living. Three —• ume - grou P s oubcommiltees were appointed to taxes—has been eliminated bv the lull committee. What's left is'pre!,- ty thin stuff. Victorj- Gardens Urged to Lick HCJL As a. solution for the. high cost of ming, the committee recommends Victors' Gardens. That might have been all right in March, but it's pretty late to get started no* in all but the northern tier of states "To mitigate the effect of'high prices," tiie committee recommends more farmers' markets should be' established, and consumers should shop more intelligently and use f"I? 5 "^- I. 1 *" 1 * Anything about isn't Oh yes. There is one item about cutting excise taxes which directly increase the prices of essential cost- the high prices" themselves even mentioned. . hold hearings during vacation time the east, mid-west and west, Sen. Arthur V. Watkins of Utah ran the western show. He completed his report early in March with some red-hot recommendations. The eastern subcommittee, under Sen. Ralph Flanders of Vermont, filed a report, aiso pretty The mid-wesiern group, under Sen. Joe Bal lof Minnesota, hasn't been heard from. But the full committee has, at long last, gotten around to making a final report of last summer's work. And It is not only too late, but too little. Most of the recommendations are lifted from the western subcommittee report. But the guts of this Watkins report—such as the recom- . What they proiably mean here is lipstick and whisky. There are no excise taxe,? on meat, potatoes, spinach, nor even applesauce. For the inflationary danger committee has another dandy'sug- gestion. It-is to give the matter more stuay. Then if things get any worse ^something might be done .about, goocl. | them. The committee doesn't say imrt. r when _ They must mean ne ^ Certainly no politician is going to have any time to save the country until after election. There lire other things the committee recommends putting off. One is.the matter of doing something about, controls over scarce items. In one place the report says there should be allocations of scarce raw materials ior consumer goods. The committee also recommends making more money available to educate people on meal planning. What this seems to imply is that there should be more of this stuff like the r?cent fiasco of sending government cook books to th-> Pennsylvania Dut:h. and telling them to eat more cabbage. Savings Bonds, Not Cash, for Tax Cuts As for what to do with the tax cuts you're now beginning t o eiijov the committee says you shouldn't have these. Instead the government should give them to you in the form of savings bonds, cashable only when the danger of in- llation is past. 3"or management and labor, the . _. committee offers some startling for[advicp. It it that management should reduce prices and labor adopt reasonable wage attitudes Why hasn't somebody thought of this before? The report also says there should be mutual efforts by management, of production through labor disputes. There's another original idea for you. of ises tiie ' Con =s,'rv;«;H,S;i=SfP'^« fore a most important part of the The help around the market I, physician's r/.agosing course of over-all method of and many observing the human diseases Note: Dr Jordan Is unable to answer Individual questions from readers. However, each day he u-ill answer one of the most frequently asked questions In his column QUESTION: What causes heartburn? ANSWER: Heartburn is usually due to a slight regurgitation of the contents of the stomach. It is caused by hydrochloric acid in the membrane's higher up the eating passageways. IS Years Ago In Blytheville— , . ' ".,*. me lltHTKCl IS foscmatod. If not owed by the invasion of the gallery. Hnrr.v Gllili.ini, n 'cleaver matJMt one of the- -butcher • shops ha^a" sharp look-at a hunk of sculpture called "Opossum with Young " 'Thai's a pretty lookin' thing" said he. "but-It looks more-life, lo.v than a DOSS—what do ya- C all it?" George Macon. who shaves the fnourtvt 1 " 185 °" youn S' celer - v 5t «el«. "Looka there." he said. "You 'got three men. a ladder, two horses awful T r P ' tCh ' Orks Thatvs *" want fo° 't°" va ' ue ^ o1 ' wrm t they Maybe so. "They" wanted $100 Most of the men who dish the flsh and sweep the floors in one of the few such markets still remaining in the country thought everything was just wonderful. A!- • -' _ " ] — --• «->n ii-n-JdiLu, n porter kin ft But to give them their due..there r of summed things up as an linoffl ire a few sound recommendations ' lise thls wd to call for suit con- I C1B| spokesman for the workers " ""• trol s immediately. ! "This is fine dope." he said lean- Therefore, when East came in I in B on his broom. "Most of it hand with a two-spade bid and Mrs. work , <oo. I understand." Zacks bid three hearts, she de- in the report. One is that the Bureau of Internal Revenue be given enougn money to cat:h tax dodgers. It was . the OOP that cut this. A second is nied the ace of spades.'With the The air loo miles above the ...~ v^ vi n ltvl , tul . llui _ A second is *"^« ^*c tv<.t; ui b^aaes. wun tne * llc ttl ' iuu mites above the to defer unnecessary public, works J um P forcing bid by her partner j cartn 's more than hot enough to until costs come down. .A third la * demand for controls, if she had i bo " water under conditions exist f-rt f>n*Mi-.1*l_ I ,, . . I V-, .-,1,4 1-. ~.- _ * .. . . ivir. J.L-- , «*"«110 CA1OI.- . . to complete reclamation projects that will increase food-producins acreage. A fourth l s to remove monopoly restrictions on production. And a fifth is to promote savings- bond sales. IN HOLLYWOOD BT ERSKINI JOHNSON" NEA Staff Correnponaent federal judge's ruling thai the "The Girl more Prom and Jones more Beach" ? v ^-L ,1 arry evcmual won n, K?- CRSe ' He ' s alrra "y S L n '!! .°I >mio:l »n« that « for Hollywood. ,'i - f n . nald ^ the contract since last But he hasn't cashed McKENNEY ON BRIDGE Use of Jump Bid For Suit Controls B.v William K. McKennej- America's Card Authority Written for NEA Service By William E. McKenney America's Card Authority Sometimes the failure of the .....v vuiif,. £,..._.•..»., *rjjci * t \a LLirKijtiHtj a. 'HH'onciits to bid mslies it niore any of his ] picture ' of fighter units called ! difficult to get into the right con- . — --- , .. she had,] 1011 water under conditions exlst- I held her ace of spades or was void ! in e on the surface 'of the earth. in that suit, she would have bid • —— _ three spades. -School. It was now easy for North to [ Byron Morse will be nrpsit**- analyze that the three-heart bid' of senior class of the 'BlvthAm.' showed strong support in hearts | High School next year CiuWinr OtherwUe Cf wha d k "' g °' .< lia ™° nd5 -| McGa! ' gh( ? will serve as seer"! orginal 'bid* vulnerable, S^noJJ j ney'. Knm^w**™"™^*- - free raise? So he decided that Bill McKenzie will be president there was no need for futher bid ding and went to seven hearts. There was no play to the hand. of the junior class, other officers will be Dick Tipton. vice president Jean Armantrtmt. secretary. Hal ~ »•—•* "' 411C v rtli "- "trtii ftrmanirouc, secretarv Hal as 2acks rut led the opening .spade | Moore, treasurer and Barnes Crook, lead and took three rouiids' of trumps. The Zacks won the match, as reporter. Mr. and Mrs. returned from Max B. Reid have Henderson. Tenn., Lauren B. turned donn the part.) Business A* Usual Like all other Gl's, director Wililiam Wyler has his favorite war ularly ! story. As chief of a special photo- June ' graphic unit, Wyler uas directing ichVrkT "Tv! 1 ? S " M any of his l ]lcturc ' ° r J>Shter units calL.. |checks. „„ the claim that the con-| ••Thunderbolt." He found himself liract, is not legal. His attorneys i one day in • in Msace | have arranged that Uncle Sam's where Wyler was born come tax department to postpone j He remember the little store «\L u P J. y ,'i1S nks ""'" the case Iln " Wlllch nis famil J' tlad 'eft him and any is settled. | went to see If It had survived. • * • ! Sure enough, there was the little , I drygoods shop, alone in a demol- Jane Withers has put her foot '< 'shed block. The Httle lady who oown on jin- en ile roles. She'll re- i managed the store vras there when main oft the screen, she tells me, Ihe walked in. until some studio casts her In a : She was glad lo see Wyler but mature, grown-up part. Jane's not too surprised. She had a hunch i oilier .imbition these days is to he'd lie along one day with the I produce and »rite. i accounts In order in case he'd like ! Nrir Look Duct ' American forces. She had all her ! their opponents at the other table where they visited relatives and stopped at six clubs. They made | Mr. Reid delivered the commence- seicn but, of course, lost the . mcnt address. Their sons Jerry 1 " atcn - 1 and Dick accompanied them. Secretaries' Aide Mrs, Z*ek* Warner brothers are planning to team Doris Day and Gordon Mc- Re a in a scries of musicals. They're to examine them. Willy was touch cA and appreciative when she iV " ~ -^••^0 vi i.Luan.Hi>. i nev re showed htm tile books, but she told calling it 3. "New Look MacDonald him to wait. She returned In a fe* and f.doy comblnatton. | moments with a box under her i ... . aml she - nari(1 ed It to Wyier. t John Payne says he's making' "There's 4000 francs in there," Ti 0 ' ^ ffo " for a "'cconciliatlonilhe litlie lady said. "I had them, tract. However, that did riot pre! tvlt V- De Haven ' Gloria is | hidden out behind the cemetery i vent Mr. and Mrs. Howard Zacks thinking it over. i a \vay from the Germans. That's \ of New York City from arriving ' ' i jour profit" [ at a grand slam contract in hearts sample of the fan mail Republic I Wyler stood the shellfire and i on today's hand Mr and Mrs. '^J Cc .l V _ i ! 1 ?.,' hes< ; aaj'=>_sl"ce the ! flak, pretty well, but "business_ as ; Zacks recently won the Eastern »<574I » A KQ9S + J85 Tournament—Both viH. South We* XortJ, tut '* Pass a* 24 3" Pass 7» Pass Opening—* K « ~3irT 15 receiving these days, since the: flak pretty well, but "business as Zacks recently won the Eastern 4R African v iiim separation of Roy Rogers and i usual" in Mulhous* almost got him. , States leam-of-four chamnloiuhiu I 5l Train trai Dale Evans ^''s letter vas signed; • • • : with Charles H. Sanders and Jack 53 Notion by 150 kids): Comedians Bud Abbott .nd Lou : L. CushtnK. 54 Container. HORIZONTAL 1,7 Pictured late aide to stenographers 12 Reduces in. rank 13 Rat 15 Individuals 16 Hindu garment 18 Stellar bod> ISlMale child 20 Narrow pieces 22 Pigpen 23 Parcel post (ab.) 24 Parent 26 Unlidy 29 Expert 33 Region 34 Shrub genus 3i Rings 37 Bestow 38 Myself 39 An (Scot.) 40 Make a mistake 43 Puffs up 48 African worm 51 Train track 4 And (Latin) 5 Pause 6 Czar 7 Grasp firmly 8 Universal language S Editors (ab.) 10 Obtains ti Insect 12 Dower property 14 Attempt 7 Measure SOiVote in 46 River duck Guido's scale 47A*suagft 31 Writing tool 48 Fruit « J^ ke lace 4n Heavy blow .. -„.*. 3t> Observe SO Onager 20 foreign agent 37 Aeriform fue)52 Lieutenant* 21 Health resort 40 Bitter velch (ab ) 23 Sacred song 41 Beams 5-j Undeveloped 42 Gel up shoot 44 Capiui of 56 Electricar unr__ Peru 58 Symbol for • 45 Paid notice samarium 25 Idolize 26Cartograph 27 Before 28 Ocean , --.. -..».v ., . i kvUl.ll^iAHi. __^ 'Dale Is our Idea of an all-Amer- | Costello get a wooden Oscar from I Mrs. Zacks (South) had the tvoe lean cowgirl and Roy is our idea of I their 10.000 adopted kins at the'o! hand on which most exoerts I of speed "? *'!' Am ' rlcin cowboy and they r Lou Costello. Jr. Youth Founrta- '. like to open Ihe bidding Prob- shorthand ™ MM be(08elller again. Please do'tlon. Bet they appreciate it more , ably many West players would •" Arrofates SOniPlhlMcy n*- II'A n-t\\ «lnn r-_-:».~ »U_ n K rtrtlj nnn . ; '. . l""jt,*.-i V.UUIH | o «.),«.„ 59 Hurry! > something or we will stop seeing . than a gold one, ANY Republic pictures." j Personally. I hope prexy Her- i Plastic earphones molded to bert Yates changes his mind about ' j overran with one spade, but „.,,:., j the hand was played in the East- »t,ern States Tournament, West out 1 passed. Zacks in the North then to bid two hearu. 60 Conductor VEXCTCAfc 1 Nevada city 2 Forebode 3 Genut of

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