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Chicago Tribune from Chicago, Illinois • Page 9

Chicago Tribune from Chicago, Illinois • Page 9

Chicago Tribunei
Chicago, Illinois
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CHICAGO DAILY TRIBUNE: WEDNESDAY, APRIL 14, IrrO. THE GUMPS-CARP-CAVIAR CH-ATTER. I Eg? -1 9 immonnommon uI.sI CHAMPS VS, VARDON-RAY IS OLYMPIA'S PLAN 'SOX AND TIGERS IN BATTLE ARRAY FOR OPENING GUN is so? NI-RI GisbNE Nozul 1-N IN You muSsr NAN (VI fooqt4INQ oveq -THE EstLK pzNcz Virri4 vJ1E-- S1-1 tvt(Thr I-11M A- moop eU'I NOIrkt-- NOst- RUNNINc7 AAN'( CIZCUS IS SO? WI-RI GANE NOti IN 3 ou MuSsr 1-AN GO'T HA.Nit4INQ oveq -THE BALK ZN CZ TALkNtr NNITh NE vii S1-1 tv I wr 1-41M moop u'i NOu 'kt-- NOsr ---NRUNINIINc7 AN CIZCUS who wish telephone re-Wailers ports of baseball scores may obtain than by telephoning The Tribune, Central 135, 136, 137. The-e telephones are proided for the special scogsnmodation of fans who desire this information. (A P' 4 Is 1 -) ,1 sibNE1 Zm I I MS 1 flou(4)-rr wrrH wi OWN FR'E NN ANO NIT tv( 0N ou t.4 AN1) I'LL SELL rrW WHEN 1 (7 c4 -1 AND LON C7 A I PAN i-Ht mil' ERt I IN HOUSE GOES 1 MI- SNI THIS IN YOuR 11 ()MN It4 'r'til VI Otes IT (4 oaS, PARTH ER- ou Loot Yi-ik cst-- Pr clos ALLovER THE NER4t-t BokH000: ANb I'LL SNI Ty tis IN youR 7. 'N (zs 1 Bou(4)-41- 1-r OH itS- AND IONC7 lx I PAN 'rHt RENT IT OINIIN NI-TH iAf ov, 1 (ou'RE HERt- I IN THM IN "r't-iI t-tOtesE IT (4 NI ANO WITH tY IS. R-1- GoEs N.011 Lout tv(oNN 0 14-1- LeT 1.4()L1S'E pr clos ALLove, THE ANI) I'LL sELL. rr- tAE NE( C1N BORH 000 vI HEN I Qt-1- 1--- c400D I i 0 i-f 14.s CERTAINLN RE- Is. NZ I il 1 I (41-7-12( tp 6 c--'-'. ('-'7r tflb 41,,, k.i 01 iii ---s, 1 lc e. Illa p. et 11 tb 14.3:i,.." 1 4 1 ,,,4 1 iteefftr ck; d' l' t- 0 a og 1Triln ore -A -4 1,,, I 41, 04,, 111 twill ast t------------- t' Ell ......5, k------''' -----rn, i A (141kt 1 1 4 7 1 y)-1 SibNEI ZrA lir A I too' I 1 lir i Je I Rill WEATHER FORECAST. nitotrith, little change in 1 1 By JAMES CRUSINBERRY. 1 nee still were a few of In park when the sun Taee 11 1 were I in Cornkey I 1. 'fribuneDecisicms BY JOE DAVIS. Olympia Fields. the club of things, is planning to stage one of tee biggest matches of the year. Through Phil Gaudin of the Skokie club. who is booking dates for Harry Vardonsand Edward Ray, Olympic Fields has offered a purse of 82,000 for a match between the British players and, Walter Hagen, national open champion. and Jim Barnes, western title holder. The dub suggests that 814:00 go to the 'winners and 000 to the losers. The date proposed is immediately following the western open championship at Olympia. e. Send 'canton IlivItatIon. A letter already has been sent to Vardon advising him of the r)roposition. Should the match be consummated it will be held under a uspice.1 of the 'Western Golf association. A number of hxal players who will compete in the open event at West Baden Springs next week will leave Sunday night, which will give them two days' practice over the bill to course. Club Changes Name. IThe Austin Golf club last nigh'. changed its name to the Columbus Park Golf Club, stnd elected the following ofileersc President. Julia X. vire president. T. J. treasurer. Pr. W. G. Waidell; seeretary. N. A. 'Vegan: dim-tors, Prtul Ilur. nett. Hofner J. Itoott (3 yearol. F. Kasess. L. Bolt It! yesrs); C. Et l'Intrree C. J. Miller year)). A. report received from the west parks lard stated it was probable the course at Columbus park would not be ready until late in the season. George Walker, who has been assistant to Willie Marshall at Onwentsia ter several years. will be at 1 Macomb Country club of Illinois this summer. The Wake of AMERICAN LEAGUE OPENING LINEUPS TEN MITERS OF A. L. START LAST YEAR ERE MEYERS AND MONIS To WRESTLE TONIGHT IN BATTLE FOR TITLE WHITE SOX. (I'mon, you Sox, get off in front, Lead them all a merry hunt; We'll be there in force this al To see the Tigers take the gaf. Decisions of Tribune tight representatives are: At Hot Springs, Ark.KItt Henry heat Hay Rivers 101. At PhiladelphiaJack Totand beat Frankie Clarke RI; Harry Smith stooped at Of. Richards 31. At San AntonioYount Denny beat rittlie Huse 101. At BoetoaPal Moore beat Frank. Duly 121 Williams-Nehalk the battery is For this day of opening biz; DETROIT at CHICAGO. Bush as' Leibold al SLAB, TOO, OBES ARID Young 2b Weaver .36 Cobb cl' E. .,1 Veach tr I ackson If New York, April 13.OnlY ten Amer Heilman lb Felsch i Ad I lean leazue pitch( rs are eligible to use Flagstead Jourdan lb 1 the "spit ball" during the 1920 season, Jones 3b: Risberg I President B. B. Johnson announced toStanage el Schalk Y. Cleveland has nominated Cover' 1 i leskie and Caldwell: Chicago. Cicotte lean leazue pitchers are eligible to use the spit ball during the 1920 season, President B. B. Johnson announced today. Cleveland has nominated Coveleskie and Caldwell; Chicago, Cicotte em-t 4 e.1. AA- 1 bdk (17--t- isitc (sK--- (ALL and Faber; Detroit, Leonard and Ayers; St. Louis, Shocker and Gallia; New ork. Quinn; and Boston, Russell. Neither Philadelphia nor Washington has a pitcher eligible under the new rule adopted at the February league meeting. BAN ON CUSSING Johnny 1feyers and John Kilonis, the Norfolk, Greek, will meet tonight for the worlds middleweight championship in the main bout of the 'Arrest ling show at Col. James E. Stuart's llth infantry, 1. N. at the Second Regiment armory, Madison and Rockwell streets. Conditions call for the men to go to a finish, best two in three falls. They will weigh in at 158 pounds at 3 o'clock at the Arcade gymnasium. They will wrestle for 60 per cent of the receipts, 60 per cent to the winner and 40 to the loser. The semi-windup will be between Lou Talaber and Ben Strefanski. Bennie Ginsberg, Jewish heavyweight, and Casamere Powloski, a local Pole, will meet in the opener. standing on the street car tracks, who asked the messenger boy where she would get the next car to Clark and North avenue, and the messenger boy replied; If you keep standing there, ma'am, you will get it in the back." CANDIDATE'S CORNER. floo-rah for Woody Lent The ex-ee-u-jive (if n. Ile traltied the guys that licked the Klee, Iloo-rah for I'Voudy (To be contumed.1 You're Starting Something, Bill. Dear Wake: Yes, I remember way back when ladles did not smoke cigarets, and. In my opinion, ladies do not smoke cigarets now. Quick, just like that. BILL. V. D. H. Is beaten by at least twenty years on the P. Kill, Undertaker," sign. It is nearly as old as the Go to Hell's Buffet ign in Kensington. G. B. S. Why Not Get Up Dear Wake: The Trib's advice, Don't Buy a Tribune, Borrow One," Is too literally observed in these parts. For the love of Mike, show this to your circulation manager. WoUld like to get my hands on the paper for which I have paid good kale, at least once a week. S. B. St. Frances, S. D. 0 the oyster ship, it soiled away, But shortly ran aground. They the Jennings tribe will tame -While you bag our first home game. Daus pt Williams ST. LOUIS at CLEVELAND. Austin Graney I Gedeon Chapman as Tobin al Speaker Sisler Smith Williams 3b Jacobson Severeid cl Johnston lb Gerber as O'Neill ci Sothoron 1 DRAWINGS MADE FOR PENN RELAYS AS A. A. OPENS The American Legion is putting on a boxing show at Gary. April 27, which promise to draw a big crowd. The windup will be furnished by Dennis O'Keefe and Goats Doig, welterweights. The semi-windup Nv 1 1 1 he furnished by Paddy Clancy and Bill Henry. Two six round prelims also will be staged. All talent will be drawn from ex-service men. Bobby Ward of St. Paul has been signed for the opponent of Bud Christian in the semi-windup to the Tony Melichar-Dattling Levinsky windup at Kenosha.April 28; Frankle Jumatti is matched for a bout with Moore at -Nashville April 21. Greek Knockout Brown has closed a match with George Chip to be staged by the Tulane Athletic club of New Orleans April 19. It will be a twenty rounder. The winner will be matched with Champion Mike O'Dowd. Profanity on the taseball fields will not be tolerated in the American association this season, President Hickey told his staff of umpires at a conference here yesterday preliminary to the opening of the season today. The umpires were instructed to order any player or manager cif the field at the first offense and to report subsequent vio NEW YORK Gleich Peck NEW YORK Gleich Peck Philadelphia, April 13.Draw ings for position at the pole at the an nual relay carnival of the University of Pennsylvania on April 30 and May were made public today. In the two mile college relay championship. in which the Oxford Cambridge team is entered, Harvard drew the pole position; Michigan. No. 2, and I11ino. N. 3. while the Walsh team drew the tenth position. which will be about the middle of the track. Lutz Wrestles to Draw in Show at Battery Nick Lutz and the Roughhouse Butcher, heavyweights, wrestled 15:00 to a draw in the feature contest of an athletic program staged by Sheridan A. C. At Battery last night In a finish lightweight bout, Roy Bruder of Victory A. C. pinned Joe Sterner, Sheridan A. with a harnmerlock and body scissors, in 34:00. Hughie Gannon and Ed Schubel went 15:00 to a draw in another lightweight go. at PHILARELPHIA. a iGalloway as as iStrunk a lb a lb 3b Perkins Mays Welch cr 11 iGriffin -211i 2b 3 b' Perkins el ay. Perry went down last night, but unless the weather man does another ec- 0. ea lee centric stunt the -) keegeg- -eves 1920 base-ball sea i ugel son will be opened C. e--- 1 e. at the south side it.74: ier today at 3 o'clock see Nvith the 'Whitb ee combatting Detroit's Tiers, anodtherrm a will re a' pomp and pop and popcorn than the nationa1 pas- time has seen since the days be Leery WILLIAMS. fore the war. Arearentty, all that is needed to eke it a record opening is some werm and the weather man, who has -ega acting foolish this spring, has Lief wAy promised to settle down and serious, and remember that spring .5 with us. If he goes through with part will be a big day. There ele be thousands present regardless 1 eig fact the two bit seats have gone 1 i-, 5) cents. aryl it coets a to sit 'etc-, one formerlY- sat for 75 (ents. oi extra quarter means nothing to a 2) fan. Are Fit. The diamond was too wet yesterday any practice, but le -eh the heip of CI Sol. a squad of groundkeprs, and a couple barreIe of gasoline it can be feed up to Barring any rain er another blizzard. there lee be no tropble along, those lines. The White Sox team is fit for a reg'sear combat. It )k a final work- 7t7f et yesterday on le' i---1 eie grass In the 1 ieeeld. A half sox or mo --1 re r. I ieehers are eager sl; lr the first as- 'se- if eeee--- -gement. The' ti it --19 regular ham A 'with the 1 xception of first ti esem et e. are will be 'e. el: -i the contest '-e ee14 l'ie were the a I- 'ev of them went -ei the park and metered up. They re looking for. RAY SCHALK. i arcl to big things, and expect to start lay with big things in mind. Louis Comiskey, who passes out the oiled up his corn pop111, but was undecided last night '-h ether to make a spread on ice cream iees and cold soda pop. or whether 3 go heavy on the hot dogs and corn. Williams Likely to Pitch. It looks if Claude Williams will aw the assignment for the slab, and are be will be opposed by le veteran. George Daltes. Neither Gleason of the locals nor Man'egr Jennings ot the Tigers would a definite choice. Eddie eicotte eight be on the rubber for the Sox ed Bernie Boland tight hurl for De- etet Pelt Williams. with his southpaw enders, has often-been able to stop isie slugging of both Cobb and Veach, azd as he is in good trim, he is the e-obable man for Chicago. Dauss is of the wise birds of the American In artistic stabbing, and he, t-e, is primed for a real battle. Ted Jeurdan is the only new player do, 44 47,71 tY, vA, urry WILLIAMS. Pipp Ruth Lewis Meusel Pratt Ruel Pipp Ruth Lewis Meusel Pratt Ruel sth via enact ait lel 1 lations to president Hickey. Wild Throw Costs Michigan 4 to 3 Game with Auburn I I Auburn, April 13.Specia1.3 I Scoring two runs in the ninth, Auburn I defeated Michigan this afternoon, 4 to WASHINGTON at BOSTON- I 3. A Wild throw to third by Ruzicka Slam the boll and clout 'cm far While we shout andlaugh liar! liar! Hurling alone is almost nil Unless the batters swat the pill. WHIT. Dauss is mentioned as the probable slabman for Detroit. Form in line at the right to pen your own wheezes, White Sox well wishers, looking for another pennant, will be inclined to inspect closely Ted Jourdan, who will be stationed at Chick Gandil's old station. Experts have expressed doubt whether he will measure up to the batting standard demanded of 'major leaguer. If he does part of Kid Gleason's worries will be over. KID Kid Gleason, he's a good old scout, ji the game from pitch to out; If players all were game as he. We'd hate that flag most certainly. Newspaper heading: Singer Kills Husband in A Flat." In these fortissimo times, were it not better to do this than to torture the neighbors in a minor M. A. Help! This Wake is conducted by Harvey T. Woodruff. Help! As a Boy 1 First Heard The story of the nearsighted old lady A. A. F. BASKET TOURNEY. Gary. April 13Reau Its in the loci haaketball tourney of the A.T14 teur Athletic federation her tonight: Pullman 'Manual. 28: Gary Colored baLtamo. (i. rtiotbei nyhool, 24; Austin loch. 7. Itamittudi 31 Dvorak Fa 'eons, 14 It ciories CI C) Cr II z' -4, Kid Lavigne Is Insane; MM. dEMIENIMmu MP SAION 4b to Be sent to rjr! to force a runner allowed the winning 2b: run. Score: g(0) f)) 'S3 I) 3 Ite RatiertesJohnston and Shining; Ruzieka and Genebach. Judge lb Hooper 1 Milan McNally 2 Rice Menosky Roth McInnis 1 Shannon 3b1Hendrys Gharrity Foster .3 O'Neill Alai Scott I Harris Johnson Badgers Capture Game Detroit, April Kid Lavigne, former lightweight cham- pion prize fighter, has been adjudged insane and the examining physicians E-7-- recommended that he be sent to an asylum. Four years ago his wife start- Erl ed proceedings to have him committed, but he was then pronounced normal. El The rehRon why, I'm loth to say: The crew was mussel-bound. COG. Do your remember way back whrBarnum's show covered the lake front and the big attractions were Louise Montague, the first $10,000 beauty." and Jumbo? ml from Beloit by 3 1 Madison, April 1 '31-Wisconsin won its third preliminary I contest by defeating Beloit, 3 to 1. This I completes the Badger preliminary schedule. I Alexander Now Member I of Chicago Amer. Legion at 0. 4 i' 3 1-'; toff .3. 4 a to ....:211 1:::, thiiiiitikallOMM. $.:, 0 Alit 1.1"-41 i 4 4,74 Regulars Of Oak Park Trim Yannigans, 6 to 1 Chris Fitzgerald Buys Interest in Racing Form New York, April 13.Chris J. Fitzgerald, connected with the turf for more than a generation as writer. starter, judge, and steward, has purchased a large interest in Daily Racing Form, which makes its inaugural bow as a New York publication tomorrow morning. iloted Trap Shooter Dies Foltowtng an Operation Davenport. April Vettleaf, trapshooter of national repute died at his home at Nichols, last night following an operation. Grover Alexander is now a member 1-ak Park High school regular base- of Lake View post No. ISS, American ball team trimmed the to Legion. 11, in the first game of the season at I the high school field. MIIMIMMPUIMM3MBEE00.111W on either team, Ted, it will be remembered, was utility man on the Sox in i 1917, after which he went to war and then returned to baseball, performing f( Minneapolis last year. He still is only a lad in the game, but seems ready now for the big stuff. He may not have the finish and precision that marked the playing of Chick Ganda, who has gone, but there is a chance that he will become great before the season is half over. Tigers Out for Pennant. Jennings' bunch been so enthusiastic over a pennant in years as they are this spring. They trained in the corn belt of Georgia, coming out in tne condition, and a long series of games against the Boston Braves on the tour north has tended to lit them for the hardships of a season. Any player who can stand the trials of a barnstorming trip ought to be able to shine in an ordinary baseball season. a In kA kg is BASEBALL FOR SUNDAY. JUNIOR LEAGUE. Libby, McNeil and Libby at Nieissens Pyott field (Saturday): Badgers and St. Casimeres at Twenty-fourth and California: Olympics and Monticello A. A. at Monticello and Grand; Altro's A. and Mars A. C. at Thirty-eighth and Paulina; Metros and Kildare Billiards at Forty-sixth and Fullerton. LIBERTY LEAGUE. Altzeld Clovers and Sio-Nillis at Ilarrison and Washtenaw: Cactus A. C. and Roamers A. C. at Winnemac and Robey: Shiloh A. C. and Wizard Arrows at Roscoe and Drake: Aerial A. C. and Romer at Sixteenth street and Fifty-first avenue: Taylor Colts and Marshall A. C. at Twenty-third and Dearborn: Altros A. A. and Mars A. C. at Thirty-eighth and 1 Tuxedos THEVRE read you don't have to wait a month or more for these tuxedos, and they're just as fine, just as stylish as the best custom tailor cln turn out. Hart Schaffner Marx S'17 made them. I ...) $65 $70 $80 $83 dIO.m. Maurice Rothschild Southwest corner Jackson and State Money cheerfully refunded Cliicato Minneapolis St, l'sut AT rdsley, $12 IS 1 2 Express Prepaid ert All Mail Orders. ,..,4 -4 i'4- 4.... A''--i-71A------'; 1 2 '4'W. fl.e..A,'...,." A I 1 i -'s. 1-1 :ze.0'.:J,-- .1: -1 .4: .4. .,.4, k'- Ile-- A 'T--- D' -'-f7-7 -7 Express Prepaid an All Mail Orders. (-r 1'1' 1 Final Clearance' Uncalled for 4 Made in Black and Tony Red Russia Leather There are no other shoes in the world like these. Intrinsic quality and social preference have eAablished their unquestioned leadership. 'Are flare! NEW YORK: 583Fifth Avenue One Eaa Thirty-fifth Street. CHICAQ0: 326 Michigan Avenues Sc' filisfacloty tame-by-poll to alparts of the world 1 -WILT IA: -k --14 Ase o- -41 tt-- 4. ::.4 I .1 et A a 11 0 .4." 4 1. a .3: -4- .4 .4. .1. .4. 'e 1 2 -w. 4 lop4u ef: ..4 i- -1, ''''0Y- INV, IL vip II "41 7.: iroz gi? i fi, Ar: i :4 Vg.0. i .7 ,..7... VI'. i for Ali -t .,4,, 3 Altt. .4, :10.26rt, AMC AP 4 -emomon- (''P VW :4474 .4. 1514a ty tr .5. i tirtin z.4.4.- ,...4:.. z.5..: -4: il." in; 1 .11 --4 4e '1. "0... WI I. 3 I 1 4, i I. It I Ate .4 ,7 1, $-Stir ''11. 4 There are no other shoes in -i -ekt the world like these. Intrinsic Ins, rk "4 Ara, ill 1 fr. it. VI quality an socialperence 4: Nt ref have eAablished their un quegioned leadership. -k. -I t. illtywo zi. 11: 'Are flare! -')1 5- NEW YORK: 583 Fifth Avenue 6-1 -i -A 41 One Eaa Thirty-fifth Street. Jolt T-i- CHICAOO: 326 Michigan Avenue. Sc' 6 ei filiffacloty tervzce-by-pol A 4'1; Alr. nrii to alparts of the world 7 tp, 4 tikw Lf tv A -0 4 bil? i r' 4 g4 1.,.511..., N.PC-,...,IL 7 '''l 4 1 1 t. 0 4 i 2.. ...44 Ulec r- t. spo t. I ir 7( 0 )-- At I ti 0 .17 A Cf 1 zr 4,4 it, .01,, 0: 4 1, roll IL, fb kl- ,5, 3 4431, 4 A tt: ow: ii. Ulf 70 ..16, 714441, r191A RT. ix OvIARTIN II i--- wz100.41.10- a a.cloc. 9 ANA Ai vvennons. V.1011110.1.1111. Apoonsit 1 Ask for 1263 alitsEcON: oat $30 to $60 Values I 8242311 JA DIFFICULTY in providing comfort in Footwear without detracting from style has been overcome in our Spring Shoes and Oxfords. Particularly in the Ards ley will men find natural comfort admirably combined kith smart appearance 1: 3 Every uncalled for suit and o'coat in our bargain subway will be said at the above prices. Better call today and look them over. Maybe we have just the suit you are looking for. If we have, it will be some bargain. Others, $74 $8, $9 to $18 111 13 NT I 44'6 db slims TAILORS SINCE I114 31-39 WEST JACKSON BOUL 11 1., cg rd I 1 I 4 I Litt et (Ot el ,16 razt I I 4 i A 2 I 1 I TAILORS SINCE UM 31-39 WEST JACKSON BOUL i LI Trttitcyrra skadolip Za flowisito State and JacksonOn the N. Comex arifrvi- Le133 -11-

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