The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 5, 1935 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 5, 1935
Page 3
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Conveutionable Limitations Have Been Lilted From Mouse Pain lev's Ail Ciii-nnd-ilrted conventional .color schemes do not, handicap the home modernlMr of today. Time was. for Instance, when fill sliultra. 1 ; hnrt to W p'aiiiled a dark green. Now a liny Era'y cottage may blossom forth with rose pink shinier.';, n orcam colored bungalow with ver- inllllon shntwrs, and a snowy white cottage with scarlet or sky- blue shutters and fi-ont door. Indoors, also, a painted floor is no longer expected to be a liverish brown or a bilious yellow—it, may be robin's egg blue, or buttcrcii)) yellow, or glossy black. In figuring out the paint scheme for the exterior, how should one S!o. about it? There is no doubt that a wise selection of colors will go tar towards minimizing bad architectural details, "and there Is :io rfobt tbnl bndly chosen color sehr-ines will not (jive chaim lo n house. Pnwcnl day tnslc/deinnmbi two- color schemes for the exterior, not three-color schemes." Also good taste suggests thnt rai- low of the trim be colored than used to to, especially when bright colors are used for the trim. Almost never does one see the bead or IKKL that " extends up the outer corner of a house painted n" contrasting color, as It used invariably to be. l^Ye- qnenily trim color Is confined to shutters, the front door, and window" nasties, oven" window frames, being given the body color. Never use pink shades or pale blue shades on a large house. Keep them for little houses. But that does not mean that bright blues, pale or strong greens, (lie reds and terra cottas ,nnd even yellows nnd oranges, may he used on large houses. New England Cottage Home of Six Rooms fe-Woss?^—- .£i~3^;-ff '4iJ • HOOR. PLAN .SECOND FLOOR PLAH Reveals Possibilities ol Horn o Modorni/nlion A striking example or wlua fan f done. ID mnki- an old ' nmisc modern uL a nomlnui coil |.s shown I" <lu> 1C. i\ Iiioim'yer residence, HOHI-H, which luw; Just been remodeled. 'Irp bndly (IniiuiBfd Hie hou.v n yonr HBO 1ml tlie uniftim? now Is very liveable nnd ailructlvc wlil) n number of icjilinr's I'.spednlly suitable for a family where there are children. The house Is now Eng-Jsh Colonial, palmed er n with RITPII shutters nnd a brick red shingle rouf. The house was put on n solid foundation, new r>)mnbln« was Inslnllcd anil two rnnms added. There arc now two livhiK rooms nnd a sun room, dlndii; room, breakfast room, large kitchen umi a bed loom, with baih, on the firs!, lloor. Up^faii-s n central hull opens Inio three tod rooms, balb rooMi with mse colored (lx- ture.s. nnd n Hvfjig-lx-d room. Al : the. up.xiaii?; rooms have close!.' nnd t'vo of Ihe bed roam.'; )uivi> built-in book jilielvivi nnd drxk.s One of Ihe downstairs living rooms also hiw two book shelves nm desks. The kitchen htis plaid gingham paper On i\u- walls ami the Usual built-in lenuues. New liimlwnod floor:; «•<•>•<; laid throughout Ihe house, iliu down slair.s Is papered and I lie upWr rooms are plastered. A Cflhipalmi K] nco.ii.ilni 11,350 WO nnneis or thp (lntl,\l Btftles with lie provision* or tho Malloniil lomlnfi Aft, wiili-li make po:isll)h> he model nlnulon ol ihelr homes, nid eiiuijimcni, l,-, being launched jy the Federal iionslnii Admlnls- ti'iillon, In I'uopemtlon with ind coiiniy fiirin Garden homes the rcsxilt or. reason for this of the i\ • ^ •••.•.! if,*,, 1.1 !>(:(., i n.-it: 01 11 lu iUJlOlnQ- stlc arcbltectuve in America has bile. Having accepted this tvpc of gone through several phases of family and personal iranspor atlon developinent. In the mam we have lo the degree we have, it Urn-all* ™ 1 ' s8 C0 " sel ' vri - beralnc "Wssary to house one or Is jiainlcd a different color from the bottom— are no longer fash The past 1 have brought about n however, definite - - aou n definite riiin lonable. The reason is that nrchi- Uan 6 e in floor-plan arrangement! ^ve tects are seeking to make a hoifie whereas the types of exterior As a logical result of all UiLs due in the main to the look Minified. Too high foundations, treatment ru._ „.....„ are going out of'style for the I steady," till- interior ot the. From the " tn pmcn in automoble i,™, i automocmcs ' ' made of two materials—timl>er and stucco, • for example, or shingle and brick—a ditferencu iu color is necessary,, buv'• otherwise it is. best to keep- the house all Ihe same color. ' ' ... ."It. is important .to• hnve..-regard tor the color'of- the-root in select- hie 'the the'itriin, .find also to watch . the 'color 'of "'neighboring houses, unless .Yours Is, well separated frohi thpnr'by trees.-if you are using a brilliant and unusual color 'for 'trim, use white ivory,,or a pale buff for the body color, you cannot, .go; fur .wrong- in 'the use of brilliant 'colors if you .use only one, in combination with; n nentttil color. ; • •' ' - •; In many old-fashioned houses the addition of shutters pahUc'd.'n bright color will-.add considerably con 1 to' tho' appearance.''' Houses 'wjlii !<•}'<!: long.;need shtil- lers lo give, the windows a wilier rooms • other colors are indicated, blue lloor'might be used room will) hrh ' his change is plans will iiuickly nml:o this plain. The type nf arclillcctnre, too is ideal,, in that it. will always be In good taste. You never need to worry about re-sale value wllh Ihis sturdy type of limiso. Work Is Started on 0. W. Coppage Home Work was started yesterday on the new home to be .nd. gniiigc ing the home, of Mrs. Coii[icd?e\s feature of parenls. Jlr. 'anil '-Mrs Joe ' P .-.'. (Pride! -.. •;".••:'> :•••': ' •''•'•'•'• The four moin .collage is lo be iho Ifoiishut Adnilnla- luillon'r; vepre.viUiUlvcs will sork Hie arllw oooperaliiiii OL nil open- olc.i In Ihe county Inlrresii'd ' i|i- Ifolly III I'm in ImproVfiiifM. HA Avnilnlvlo lo oans Wlllt livo 01 I luce roals r,f any wall „ Aois as Primirii? Cord as Woli When pnlnllnv; wnlliionm IK.I already .slznl, (I. is possible to rnltir llie stoliiR ran I. so Hint It, will ,.,.ivc US a IM'lllllUI! fnjll ;,.. «,.]| Tlir- j-.lzlnfj riwislsl.-; of a /;«ni| Interior. iipni' vnrnldi thinned wifli lui'lienlliip In aluiiit Ihe eotiMMriu-y of lliisd'il nil. To Mils vainfsli-sjw Is nddrd a small immnr,' «r |),r. paint thiiL is lo be iisod us the llnl'ih com, Just enoiiiih to I'olor j|. The walllxiard can tln-'ii be FARMERS BANK & TRUST CO. E DMT. ware ami lustre. face the street, nnd the )iviiit> iriin-e r wiininr Inexpensive furniture painted In qunvlcrs face the "back yard Tnc : w!u i-» ", ,r ' brilliant, peasant colors, such as back-yard, beeomins aShniued of and bed room arc - ; found. In Slavic or Swedish llself. has taken on now II J a : ,° Wlli Th$ i embroidery—peacock blue and red " and yellow and while — with a tossy black floor, will give an ef- ,1111!" Ilviua .roo'm fhe kitchen tect at once ..-festive, and artistic, 'play in the garden instead ot'thc while terr .. while terra cotta n to hv,nvi-n • find brick houses that well as color. effect;, bare, bpx-liV£ houses call lor shutters to give a decorative touch (o relieve the plainness, old brick houses that arc stained with efriorcsence. arc often niade drier inside and generally more comfortable, as well as - Improved ' in nppearance, with h coat. . of paint. There arc paints for both stucco waterproof . When a color scheme for the exterior of the house lias been decided upon nnri carried out, it. should be given the final touch or emphasis in garden planting and scncral landscaping. Crimson rambler roses, tall pink hollyhocks wisteria,,; crepe myrtle, Dorothy Perkins roses, can each add just Ihe right finishing touch to the color scheme of a house. Light for (he Interior An interior color scheme depends basically upon the need for lleht Many houses which were once "^"' 1 ?" Ily S "£ plica wilh sunlight and a r hwe been robbed of (hew necessities by encroaching build- beiii(» Treatment for tlie Trim Nor is it nccsscary that, trim be. conventional/ It is uecotnlng in- 3ly fa'shlonaWe—and hence le—t ooutlino tiie. panels of and perhaps the top surve , , colored noor street. Hie back-yard bam nnd , " ack8 ' wm <t B!"-nsc are disappearing. The B a " i " S r0( ? m fliv - i a8C is l'«" of 'lie house itself, and' ^ ro ° - street. lo our oiitomobilcs our homes. We now drive" directly in- .housf:!,. and step from our inlo the privacy and an attached be on the a . cenlral liall. • lueluite a tile it i'.'tc>:s in (he 11 V«" i fii'e place eaiage. Builds New Garage J. J. Jolimon' is haying a new ,„ double gavage coastrncted at Ihe of rear ot his home. 019 \V. Ash. The. 'building is a brick imitation with '" *'"'"*•••>• i —"•""•& i.> * «!«;«, jnnimion wnn HOIISC " N O- :!28 Is of the gnrdon ' n coinposilion roof ;incl e.sju-ciafly l"»mi i\'JV> nvr>nnt Mini It ,,,~~ j_ flll^ ' ' ' t '* '' Ij'IK. except that it was de- slEiiert lo .idiipl ilielf to a corner lot. If the house is located near lot. the front ve a! haseboard and ceiling moulding with .some contrasting color. In a lllc c ' ul 0( " . bedroo;,) that !i»s rose nowere<| dOD '' : '- s wcl '- ns E "« Ktieaee door wallpaper, it is suggested that yoit- wi " 1>0 llftnr lllp sidewalk siin-ound- can U.IR effectively n narrow rosp, i 1 "" ""' '' wo fi|1 S^ nf »'<? corner lot. . Jl'P fJflOl'S U'ldl t 'JjT*\S Door Should Be More Than Mere Hole in Wai! Doorways—liw otl:'ii m: I'.'.oy considered as mere hole;; In a wail tor entrance and exit purports, and how often, do Iliey urevi nt nh up- pearaDco all ion suguesllvp ol lust that! in reality. Ilievc is srarc?K' n detail that can add more dlsilndltin lo a home lhan ils doers, u now costs no more lo have dear:; of good design mul qiiuliiy 'Hum lo install ugly ones of noiidejeriiit appearance. While at one tiini J.-eaiitiful doors were inacic in order only, nnd at Breat cost, it is now possible to buy cheaply r.iand- arji size (loor^ of rare lu-diiic"!- ura'l l:«iuty 'and sound i:wHiue- tion In choice materials, imeibr and exterior door:; of nlj ty'ixx may l» bud at low cosl as tin- lesult ef staiulaidiKiition. The addition or new d<»re throughout can well be included In most of tlie home impnn-r'- nient projeets planni'd dm in;; Hi; MIC piTCent |il»u Is to m-lnp, (lir- uilnn to a t'lliuux bol'oie the ...CIK beeomo too liusy with (heir .spring piowlnir. A .small i'1'oiip of Held men or (hi> 1'nrin Section of tlic )Iou.sln£ Admlii|.,iuit!o]i will work imrtor lllc litlflonnl Db-cetor.s, nnd In C00 p. eratlon with Hie Riale Associate Directors 111 c-linrii« of modcrnl/u-1 lion, in Hieir effoi j.s to brluu to' the direct attention or all the farmera In (he country the hone- IIw which are available lo ihem under the modmil^niion piofiiani O.mlucl Various 'Slulrs Letter;; hnve hccn sent lo hi'inls or hnin n[(i.;iiH/::(il[iii", in each Hlate asklnu for Ilielr aid in this Intensive camnalBii. One of thv lir::t stop;: will be lo form ,'Uate advisory committee.'; on rural IIOIIK- IriR. Amoni! tho officials and or- (janl/atlons which a;^ lielnit invited Ui ci)0]ier.Ui: In' jonnlng i)ie:w Director, State Home Dnmonsira-1 tlnn nu-ctior, ilnnie Maiiaficment' S/, hend or the /IgrlniHunil Ei)|iHiferlni; Uepartmeut, Extrusion AHi-iciiltuml UiijUnter, Director 01' Vocal iolial Eriimitlon, Rmt'ruency ffclief Admlnlntifiior, I'resiitciil ol the Slate Farm llui-cau, Master of the Klale Clrnnei!, nnd President of the Ktnte. Karmer;.' Union. Pi-fscnt |>taii;; iiicludi; the orsan- milion of campalgnu in nmst or l!u> ;t,oi2 counties or lite United Slates, with special meetings In which Hit; local civic bodies will lie asked t olake. part. " • Wherever vlie Heller llntulng Committees arc organized on n coimty-wfitc Iwsls, these committees will be asked to enlarge their activities In order to Include farm moderni^ntfon. Where there nre no county-wide. The Costs —of household furnishings arc not increasing, with but few exceptions. Prices- ---at this store must be rig'ht, and you can arrange .For convenient Credit Terms- Deltcr riouslng federal liousini 1 l'ro;<rnin of llic adminislvnlimi. f.'nltlr t'rt'M-i \'I'K l.'mi'ns • I'dlnling llic interior of linen drawers blue not only makes them smoolh, s.-inltnry nnd easily cleaned, but also helps to keep u le ||n- en white and accessible. Such drawers ore especially conmilcm for l:cepltiB every-day linen. liiilinvi port, even ligtit over a pleas- free from ukue and nC lo sliopnei:;. may be nlifohux nead Courier New., want Ad. ^ nmf «« l - "'"l'"<^ '"".'.ilu. ^-"••-v ^ ii.uitjw rosr 1 . pink line on creamy white trim Downstairs more vigorous colors may be used—Chinese red black navy blue, and such. PainBiig tlie window and door trim a dark color for emphasis often elves expression to a house otherwise Jacking in character or individualily. This treatment also tends to make tne whob appearance neater than when the trim offers no marked contrast to the rest of the house. | When there are many opcnin Trim may be painted with cither flat paint or enamel. The lat ter is more durable 'and is wn sh- -ible; the former lew expensive Color in the bathroom Eoc 1 ; without saying nowadays and U can be achieved in so many wavs with striking and attractive remits that suggestions are not needed. rat cannot bo Tlie interiors or ihese hoirao should be painted in p a i c so f. colors, or in bright light'colors m order that every bit of enlcrh, light may be reflected and em phasizcd. Anyone who has » V rr seen the transformation wrousht In-a dark hall by suta t uC white enamel for lh c old dark -stained and varnished finish of tbe trim will undci-stand the noc cxslly of such a color scheme As to wJial should be pain'ted •ilid how. lake Ihe matter of floor"' H is always well to give softwood floors in |>oor condllion wvera coals of good Hoor paint. A well painted door Is easy to kecj> clean and is durable. But choose. B11 in It-resting color. A bright clear yellow floor with pale yellow and white rag rugs, ivory trim, leaf- Ereen transparent curtains and a pale flowered wall-paper, makes a delightful bedroom. In downstairs I,RT US GIVE YOU AN ESTIMATR ON A House CHEAPER THAN ISRICK lien«(idil - Kvcrlastins H.CHALSELL 140G W. Ash WATCH THIS PAGE For Next Tuesday's Ac/ Jesse Webb Lumber Co. Chicken Time Is Here Sner A FENCE VALUE-TRUE TO ITS N'AMK Here is a graduated spacing I'onllvy Fence that can uo strclchcd .-intl ei-crted like a field fence without special lools. No lop or bottom boards rpnuivcti and when completed will stand for years—a s straight— as (rue—as firm as the day it was erected. Small spacing- a I the bottom insures'cafe protection for poii try of all siws. Guarantcod to ho ;;n ef- dtirahlc I'oultry Fence. I- competitive mail order —-provided you want to use your money in your farming operations..Your particular requirements can he cared for if you will come in and discuss them with us. CHARLES S. LEMONS Hmisohold- KUHNrriJHH -Modcralclv I'riced priec' J< ' Hubbard Hardware Co. Phone 32 Right On Over the Old Roof CERTAIN-TEED Uuniversal Shingles •arc the most attractive, economical, fireproof, and universally satisfactory quality shingles on the market A unique type of shingles especially designed for re-roofing-over old wood shingles, the quickest and most economical way to re-roof. Money for roofing and other repairs is available under the NATIONAL HOUSING ACT at ;P pay^.fo '-i-small monthly payments. Phone us and lef'The Man From the Lumber Yard" make you an estimate.

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