The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 15, 1954 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, November 15, 1954
Page 3
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MONDAY, NOVEMBER 15, 1954 BIA'THEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE THREE Vast Search Seeks Guilt Innocence of Cigarettes (Last of a Series) By ALTON L. BL^KESLEE AT Science Reporter NEW YORK (AP) — A multimillion-dollar search is getting underway to find the answer to this question: Are cigarettes guilty or innocent as a cause of cancer, heart disease or shortened life? Numerous laboratories and agencies, here and abroad, are conducting it. The search will lead into strange byways. It should in time produce enough evidence to give yes or no answers, to the. satisfaction of almost all ptysicians and scientists. One phase is a research program by the Tobacco Industry Research Committee, starting with an initial half million dollars. This week its scientific advisory board, headed by Dr. C. C. Little, Bar Harbor, Maine, announced the first of six grants totaling $82,000 fov research projects. This advisory board snys no one has yet proved a definite cause- anti-effect relationships between cigarettes, cancer and heart disease. It has mapped a broad program to cover studies of humans and human lungs, smoke tests on mice, human habits jobs and geographical differences, the effects of inhaled smoke on ainimals' nervous systems, blood vessels and lungs, and lo make analyses of tobacco. The British tobacco industry lias contributed 5700,000 for research; a Danish cigarette manufacturer, $200.000. The American Cancer Society, saying that "presently available evidence indicates an association" between smoking and cancer and heart disease, has just earmarked a special half-million-dollar fund for more studies on lung cancer. This society is continuing its study to learn what happens to 180.000 men whose smoking habits are known. The Veterans Administration and National Cancer Institute are making- a similar study of smoking habits of 200,000 World War I veterans to determine any relationship between lung cancer and smoking. In some laboratories, scientists are breaking- down cigarette tars, trying to find any specific cancer- causing agent or agents. If one were found, and proved —or strongly suspected—as a. cause of cancer, it might be removed from cigarettes to make them safe. Development or use of new types of tobacco, shown to be free of suspected agents, has been proposed. Cigarette paper is being studied. If danger is found to exist there, that could be removed, or avoided- In one human experiment, a New York scientist is having his skin painted with tobacco smoke extracts, to see if they producfe skin cancers as tobacco tars have produced skin cancers in mice. His skin also is being painted with other chemicals which are known to induce cancer in animals. He is relatively safe in this experiment, for any skin cancers which may appear could easily be removed in ample time. The buildup of evidence so far has numerous well-known physicians and scientists either convinced or highly suspicious there is a link of definite danger in cigarettes, even though the extent has not been accurately measured. To others, there seem to be serious loopholes in the statistics, or other explanations; in short, lack of sufficient proof. Dr. Little, for example, says the TIRC's scientific advisory board of nine prominent scientists and physicians all "believe more research is needed. Not one says that cigarettes cause cancer—nor that it does not. We've got to be able to take any kind of evidence, and weigh it." No Strings No string are attached to scientists working under TIRC grants, he adds. The committee '"will make no attempt to direct the administration of the project once started, to influence Its course, or to control the results." The scientists are free to publish their findings and conclusions to inform the public. Dr. Little says he would like to see answers sought -to such questions as effects of smoking on the nervous system, whether there are differences in the nervous or other makeup of smokers.and nonsmokers, or smokers of pipes or cigars compared with cigarettes. What makes teen-agers start to smoke? What kind of person may tend to smoke moderately or to excess? Move tissue studies, more analyses of tobacco and its components also are under way. Time Is Issue One theory of cancer is that some cancers, at least, come only after years of irritation. This is one reason for suspecting smoking in lung cancer. But, Dr. Little asks, is this because of the irritation, or because the person himself or his body tissues have changed during the process of aging? Time enters into the cigarette controversy. Some experts say the evidence is clear enough now; that in time they will convince others that this is so. The others say not enough facts are known; that in time the facts will influence or controvert the present evidences. Research may bring such addi- s o m e incontrovertible proof of cause-and-effect action — to convince most of .the authorities. Certainly an energetic quest, going deep Into various questions or aspects raised, could produce unexpected dividends of great importance in probably unpredlcted | Future of India's EconomyRestsOn Outcome of Fight Nehru Struggling With Private Interests On Land Reform 1932 '34 '36 '38 '40 '42 '44 '46 '48 '50 '52 THE PEOPLE SPEAK — Above Newschart shows total vote polled by the Republicans and the Democrats for House of Representatives seats Irom 1932 to 1952. The GOP set a high tor the period by getting close to 30 million votes during the 1952 election. In previous elections, the GOP had generally played "second fiddle" to the Democrats, who won more than half of the election! during the 20-year period. Even Red Bosses Concerned With Soaring Teen-age Crime VIENNA W>—Even the Communist bosses admit they are worried about a soaring teen-age-crime rate, and a decline in moral standards in Eastern Europe. Western officials in Vienna feel that acts oC teen-age rowdyism in the East are a reaction against the restrictions of communism. Hungary and Poland seem the hardest hit. Hungarian newspapers say people in Budapest are afraid of leaving home at nights for fear of holdups. In Poland, teen-age hooligans reportedly terriorize entire neighborhoods. Polish newspapers have reported teen-age crimes almost every day of the past six ways. It could produce more knowledge about cancer or heart disease, not connected with any smoking aspect. That could become one ot the great, positive values from the current controversy. Meanwhile, smokers can decide for themselves whether they agree with the experts who say cigarettes are bad, those who say they are not, or those who advise waiting for more evidence. months. Communist officials blame the high teen-age crime rate on police. Communist bosses also complain that judges are Loo lenient with offenders. The Communist newspaper Esti Budapest carried this account: "It was not Saturday but Tuesday, it was not a payday but just a day of the week, but the movie houses and dance hnlls in one Budapest district were crowded to capacity. "There a young: man was seen dragging a girl from a dance hall and hitting her in the face with his fists. Nearby they carried drunk out of a tavern and hurled him into the street. "pirls immediately swarmed around visitors entering: one of the places. They were between 14 and 17 years of age. The place was full of teen-agers, none of them having' a regular job. "If you asked a policeman why he did not arrest one or the other of three criminals, prostitutes and hoodlums, he just said it was no use. Police authorities would release them the next day anyway." Youth Who Never Flew, Swipes Plane for 300 Mile Jaunt , GLADSTONE. Mich. l.n — An 1B-| year-old Gladstone boy who Iwd By El'GKNE LEVIN NEW DELHI (ft The future of India's economy may be decided in a mounting struggle between private property Interests and the Nehru government. The government contends its entire domestic economic program is at slake. It wants the unlimited right to determine, with parliamentary approval, how much it will pay for any property involved in land reforms, housing; and industrial development schemes, eluding nationalization. Compensation at full market value, the government contends, should not be expected. Property owners, a powerful bloc within Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru's own Congress party, demand that- the Kovevnmcnt recompense them fully. 'Hie controversy is expected to dominate the winter session of Parliament, opening today. Nehru and his party are pledged (o create a "welfare state" in India. Key portions of their progrnm call for wholesale property acquisitions. The government must pay owners Tor any property "acquired or taken possession of." But the constitution does not say how that compensation should be determined. Officials claim the government is entitled to set a price based on "what -society can afford to pay." providing the sum gives a "fair return" and does not amount to confiscation. But recently the Supreme Court said the constitu tion, as it stands, must be interpreted to mean "full compensation at market value." Nehru and his Cengress party then decided to amend the constitution to give Parliament the right to set compensation. In effect, this would mean the government would deicie how much to pay; Parliament would be asked to give its approval. Business interest s. besides claiming "the fundamental right" of full compensation, insist this amendment Would discourage the foreign investors India Is trying lo attract. fooled around planes .some' yesterday flew i\ sleek stolen plane, from Grand Rapids to Gladstone, j giving .several Air Force Jets ihej bird en route. < After landing the single-ennuie, j .;^6,000 Eeeeherafl Bonanza at a : small airstrip near this Upper Pen-j insula town, Ditrryl Spauhiing | calmly said: ; "I just wanted to get to Gladstone in a hurry/ 1 i State police, who arrc.sU'd him j on investigation of at least throe j charges, including unind larceny,i said he. told them lie intended to| fly home for a visit and then pilot the craft to Detroit, where he was scheduled to be inducted inlo the Army today. The youth's rush trip of 300 miles weftVlng along the coastline of Lake Michigan hud the Ai; Force. Civil Aeronautics Authority, stale police and civilian pilots dix/.y in an air and ground search for several hours. The plane was owned by Le»r Inc.. n Grand Rapids ttireralt, instrument company. A Lenr mechanic til Kent County Airports aid he heard the plane's engine start but figured Edward Conklin, chief pilot for Lear, vas in i, until it wcaved erratically while taxiing for takeoff. Air Force Jels Intercepted the liuhl plune but SpiuiUling, with his lower air speed, WHS able to outmaneuver ihem. the Air Force said. The jots were forced to turn back because of low fuel supplies. The \A\\\\c Uimlly wus spotted by Fred Sensiea, » private pilot, on. a small lunding strip near Gladstone. Spanieling was arrested at his grandmother's house near Gladstone. Police said he readily admitted the umimnomcd IliRhl. They quoted him ns saying he had no fornuil pilot training. Me was removed to the Delhi County Jail at Escojiaba. Four Million Problem Drinkers Said in U. S. DALLAS i/I'i — There are nearly four million "problem drinkers" in the United Suites, says Dr. Duke McCiill. president of the National Tpnipprani'i? League. Inc. He told some 200 persons open- Inn tile leanlle's three-day convention yesterday that of that number 750.000 ure "true chronic alcoholics." McCall Is president of Southern Baptist Theological SeminaTry tt Louisville, Ky. i Each automobile span: plug fires I about 15.000.000 times in 10,000 miles of driving. Cardinal Spellman Outlives Insurance ABINGTON. Muss, l.fl'i—Willliim S. Spellman. fnlhcr of Francis Onr- cllnal Spcllmim, Cniliollc archbishop of New York, enjoys the rnn> experience today of collecting on his own Hie insurance. Spellman, who is M, lui.s outlived the policy. Insurance experts j sny tlwl happens Lo only oue per-1 sou in 100.000. Union Central Life Insurance Co. said the cardinal's lather would be handed a check for several thousand dollars representing full payment, on the policy. 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Afternmins ittul by Appointment Tills book explains how many dangerous effects of pilc.s, fistula, rectal find colonlc disorders cnn often be H-vevted ov eorrcttcd—even tiller neglect,, even after Incorrect truut- inent. Address Thornton & Minor Hospital, suite 1172, Oil E. Linwood, Kansas City 9, Mo. FUEL OIL G. 0. POETZ OIL CO, v | Sell That Stuff Phone 2-2089 Visit Conny's Conoco Service, Ash & Division Free Tickets Will Be Given to The First Ten Children Who Bring A Correct List of The Misspelled Words In this ad, to door Either Night Permenter Grocery Rosa Arkansas "Save Your Pennies" Telephone 2676 Smith Service Station Phillips 66 Road Service Phone 4861 Luxora, Arkansas YOU CAN'T BEAT FUN Under the Persona! Direction of Nellie Westerman Sponsored by American Legion Post 296 BENEFIT WELFARE and BUILDING FUND Tiny Tot Popularity Contest for Hoys ;md girls from 1 day up In bill not including 7 years (i WINNKRS King & Queen, Prince & Princess. Duke & Duchess. Dane-Fergus Jewelry. Usccola Lockets by Fitzpa trick. Osceola-lflylhevillc. Perry's Drug Store 'Reel Drug Service" Luxora, Ark. C. D. Smith Oil Company Luxora Telephones 4081 — 2621 Western Auto Associate Store Phone 87—Osceolo Koontz Grocery Lloyd Koontz, Owner Luxora — Rte. 1 — Box 212 Burdette Service Station C. L. Tyler Burdette Plantation Seed, Fertiliser and Gin Florenden Plantation Planters and Giners Tom H. Callis — Margaret Carney Luxora Ark. 2 Loving Cups Presented to Winners in Baby Contest Prizes awarded on stage of Audetorium Friday Hite LUXORA HIGH SCHOOL AUDITORIUM Adults $1.00 CAST: Master Of Ceremonies Lucky Unison "Doc" Dean I'ianist Tommy ,lne Olive Diamond Lil '. Charles Fra/.ier Oil Well Willie James McGlaiijrhlin Frivolous Sal John A. Williams Good Time Charlie Gerald t'hafin Klondike Kale lames Cole Bull Moose Malloy Raymond Smith Minnie The AJoochcr • Jr. Permenter Wall Street Sam Joe McGlauglilin Bip Bertha • • Clarence Mynck Senator Kissem VVistcr Wright fi Acts of Home Talcnl Specialties Three lines of Dancing and Singing Chorus Girls Bell Hops, Yankee Doodle Dandies and Kisses Chorus Girls—Clara Simpson, Becky Clark, Lauretta Denlon, Bohhy Simpson, Joan Barron, .loann Taggart, Shirley Leigh, Sarctha Carr. Gaynelle Vernon, Janie McGlaughlin. Linda Bynum, Wanda Bourland, Kay Whitmore, Peggy Ford, Pat Perementer, Dixie Shaw, Wanda Shaw. Frankie &"Johnny number—Gerald Chapin, as Charlie, James Cole as Frankie, Charles Frazier as Nellie and Raymond Smith as the bartender. Paris Fashion Model number by Burdetle High School girls. FIRESTONE-0. 0. HARDAWAY 107 W. Main Blythtville, Ark. Best Display Of Toys In Mississippi County Compliments of The Luxora Office Mississippi County Bank OSCEOLA, ARKANSAS Compliments Swift's Funeral Home and Undertaking Co., Inc. Burial Insurance 112 E. Hale Osceola Jesse Brown Hardware—Groceries—Meats Luxora Dyess Implement Co. Massey-Harris Sales and Service Osceola, Ark. — Ph. 885 Compliments Ark-Mo Power Co. Compliments of Chafin Brothers Luxora Picturs Of Baby Contestants In Windows Qf Gillespie Store! Standings Posted Daily THURSDAY & FRIDAY, NOV. 18-19 Curtain Time-8:13 P.M. A FRIEND Renfro Grocery Highway 120 C & W Cleaners 300 South Divicion Ph. 3-4343 Blythevill* Students 50c Children Under 72

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