The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 5, 1935 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 5, 1935
Page 2
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MUJE TWO (ARK.) COURIER NEWS t>ociai Calendar WEDNESDAY'S EVENTS Ml 6, w H Minyard entertaining Wednesday Budge club .Junior G. A 'B First Baptist church meeting at chinch, J.S'J pan. uelpiilan Fine Arts club meeting al Hotel Noble, 8:30 <uu;. Bible study Crunch oE Chilst meeting with Mrs Jo'el McFarlnnd 2:30 p. in. 6udbury:P. T. A. meeting 1:30 p m at auditorium ' THUhauA^S EVENTS Mississippi county B T. U oi Baptist churches meeting ai Arr more), 7 30 P, M Joint meeting of B N"l Brlth and Jewish Lad.ies Aid at liome of Mrs. S. S. Eternbere, 8 p. m. Mi's. C. \V. AlnICK Having 'rnui'S- dny' Luncheon club. MldrWeek Bridge club incctlnB with Mrs. W. L. llprper, The Holy Name society of the Immaculate Conception church Is meeting at the social hall at 7:3u pju. "Thursday Contract club meeting with Mrs. J. F. Lenti. Thursday I3r|dge club mcellng with Mrs, ' N. B. Menard. Little Slam on This Hand Is Double-Dummy Problem Solution to Previous Contract Problem the six of .spades, U-ast the seven of clubs, Next the six of hearts., West lets go u .spade, dummy tile seven of diamonds, unit East the queen of Eiwdcs. Now the live of Hearts. West lets go the three of spades tind dummy the eight of diamonds. East begins to fee! Hie squeeze now—-Iw lias to discord tlie J ' ny WM. E. Secretary, Aincrlc.-ui Hrlilgc 1,1'iiKHC I hope you didn't try to wort: today's hand out by just InklpB a pencil and marking the cards oil on the paper. If BO, I'm nfm|d you found the hnnd more difficult limn you expected. Haro|d Solof of .Plltiljurgh gave me this hand' and sn)fl .Hint It was „,„ „ ..., ....... . dealt out in it regular rubber gniijc taking tlie tpiido fliie.we. But, by at home, and iiflcr llic. hand was East's discurd of u club, declare! played he couldn't inidei'Slnnd why is forced to lead the King of dlu.- .lx-pdd hadn't been jnude.. When nionds '«ml West finds hlmsclt lie laid the hand out; lie found he of clutjv If ilc spade, declarer makes ensiling the Won of diamonds and the Imnd b/ had a \ i cry fine double dummy problem, The Tlie opening lend wu.s tlie sis of diamonds, which Bust won he ace. He returned a club. with You might IK able to defeiit the eoi)- MISS Mildied Cook Weds Lee Warvmgtpn .The marriage of Miss Mildrcti Cook, of' Memphis, and Mi Lei Wairmgton, of'this city, vvns solemnized last evening at the ho|iiy 61 Mr. and Mrs. W. Owen Blue. Tlie Rev. Btuart H. Salmon, pastor of the First Presbyterian church, leap: the ring wivlcc at eight o'clock betore memceis of Ihc iam- ilies and a lew friends. An improvised altar had bwii with a tackground ol V K tO 7 3 4 S 7 •!' 4 A K t A K Q 7 E S ' AQ J,1Q + J 7 5 a *10S V A Q J Ii 5 •! 'J Rubbcr---?{pnc vul. Kontli West Nurtli .K.ii6 white carnations and ferns, Htink- edwlln white, tapers In candelirV bra. .'.The bride .'wore a model of rose taiip2 rough crepe which )iad deep smocking In the joke The long, lull sleeves were caught at the \vrlsts with culTs of lielgc taffeta', •fhc wide be|t was also of taftetn and hei hat was of crepe, )n the same shade, with a nose veil. Slie Yfore a.cQrsage. of • .Talisman roses and valley lilies ' her matron ot hoiio;, Mis, f^oplne Marshall, uoie a fiock bi rose Lrlntle crepe Umuned. with a large collar, caught up at the throat, nnd a beige turbnn Hei flowers were BrlarcllIT rises und valley lilies -Mr. Marshall was Mi Waning, ton's best man. An in(oih.YI reception followed the ceremony nunng which puncn Was serjed with Ihe wedding cate "Mi Warrln»ton nnd his biide are now at home at Mi's Alma Bass' residence on Lake St Mre Warrington, who ib the daughlei of trie Rev and Mrs D B Cook, of Newport, resided here before she moved to Memphis - Mr ttarringlon, who ib the •mn of Mr and Mrs Lee Wnulngton of yils oily, is {i niemcei of "(he city police force 'Out of lovm guests attending the wedding were Mi and Mu Okie Warrington nnd Mr and Mrs Ba>.(cr Monday of Memphis, and !\fcss Lillian Waning ton of Osceola » -1 • Pastor Complimented The Rev v E Buttcrworlh hud a biithday Friday so members of Hie boaid of the First ChrWiim church and their wives surpi!s,K! mm with a party lhat evening Games were piajed after the Rev Mr Buttcrwoith had been presented a puise containing S16 A birthdaj cake, decorated with candles, and dessert were served ' * * Methodist \\. M. s. Has Business Sled Reports' of committees and tin. reading pf the inlssionarj bulletin featured the business session of the Woman's Missionary society of the First Methodist church Monday afternoon, Ht the. clmrUi Mrs W F Brewer presided In the business session and Mrs W L Homer gave the bulletin 'Ph*% rlo.,.11 I . . . - tenaed Pass PUBS I * 1'nss Paes Opening Pass II he tots go the of ululis Ihc dummy's four is K°o<l. w' 1 ' 11 if he lets go the four of spudcs that will make dummy's iica and nine good. You will notice that, If small spado were discarded, instead o| the ten spot, declarer would not imvc been able to take the spade finesse If forced to. (Copyright, 1035, NEA Service, Inc. "SONS" l(> Mrs. John W. Kdriiiglou ne'dlcatccl to Mrs. Roberta'Blue* of Pro'eior, Mrs. Limya Davis tllzhiijh of Augusta, and Mrs. Molllc Sle'riibcrB of BlythcvlIlD trapt by pluying the first two trlcJJB some .other way, Ijiit tiie,se (h«t l»'o plays arc dellnlte<i< sot. frp|ii no'ii; on 'the hand must' be ipadc agalnit the test, possible dcfeis:. . " TliQ second' .jtrlck \ij \yqn in dummy vvith thc!;klng ot clubs. At this ' 'nol!il- : -tnke'"twp igim(b of hearts, wlnnlii" the sccoiid round In dummy with' tht'klng'WMl dlst arris a diamond and East a spnri£ Now .lead : tlic-'ace of clubs. Wouli you: (Ijscaruy ii diixmond di 1 a small •pa'dc? nlf.yjmi.db .either, you lose y'pur" contract. The only 'way the han(i can be made st point is f,br .S.outjr jo discard tl)c ten of spades. Now' start tjie heart suU.. Cash hp ten, lead the ssyen, and over- "The sky wits cleur as we spei along The molar hnmmeil u I'lens fiOJlg For a dear friend's ho»sc came to view Where the story we're telling Hegins for you. "Stalwart aiid line Ifese sons tow cr above mother there Today's Contract Problem, yoiilli js playing llie contract at sis iio>,' West opens the Ilv.o .of clubs, \ybal Is the safest way to jiliiv (tip lu>iid, and can you .Ht'caratclv' Xead tlie cards so JIB to i.uako ilic play that .jvlll g,vo r you your contract'.' • : A a J s , v -f s ' K10 C 5 A 10 -i 3 V K 10 ? f Q 0 S 5 2 G52 * A K ? 7 •V AQ9.GS 4 AS * A J pii .in ne\t Ir take with tlie jack. East wil) .discard n diamond and a spade nnc ! West n diamond and n club. Now lie (juecii of hearts L*> played, \\ discarding the ten of chibs, duinnij As she'introduces lier guests aiji bids , ' Theni her hospitality share. Tlie solicitation for her we note ii looks nnd notions too Ere they return their business «f fairs to do. When gone she speaks of then with motherly pride Telling how they've tiikcii the fu tlier's place by her side; , ; Assumiiii-' responsibilities \vhlcj were jiurlng lier down And in doing so her life with jp did crown; So out for all' and all for one Spells' the genuine worth of true mother's sons. '.Into tlie quaint old town wu rid cjrattiligf gaily' s'litlit by .*$«.' Viceting none who familiar loo] Its history to ;is, i\ closud book. Slit here a fiituiitlon strikes fire .Vhich lifts our hearts yet highc: Tvyo noble a>|;s with a mother . Henley for the 43 who ut- T? Have Dincc .Mr and Mrs fliiiseli Pliillips Mr and Mrs Harrj Klrby, Dr and Airs Hunter c Sims and Mr and Mrs Max D Miller will entertain with 9 dance Friday evening, 10 o clock, at the country club in honor of Mr. and Mis Robert Kimbroush, of Nashville, Tenn who sill be liouwguests of Mr and, ^E Jlarry l^irbv They have Ipvited MQ gucols t • t n interesting picture of Japan ii ler program (it the nicctiny ol he woman's missionary txicicty ol he Pirst Christian .'church" Mpn- aay'afternoon at , the home ,ot •Irs. W. V K. Stovall.' Slie was as- tilled by Mrs. V. E. Butterworth and Mrs. W. W. Shaver who save alks, and Mmes M. Fitzsimm'pns, John C. McHaney and R. H. Cameron who participated in a play- Business bession The 5! members of the wonmuo missionary union of tlie First Baptist church who attended the biis- mesj session at the churcli Monday afternoon heard Mrs c c Crockejt .conduct the devotional bjie used the «& chaplei of r^ukc the scripture fp f {i, e u, En , c raona ; - B. ' MU- guest ^, _M Genteel and courteous and cultui ul they, Hospitajity outstanding, in all the .say Direct, iipilyht. conscicntlous—goo True specimens of real maiihoot "In • our home county again w ride Along our beautiful country side And again 'tis my pleasure to} nis' A dear good mother, as 'we ; down the street. '"" And of lier only boy she talks I me Tlie Joy he adds 10 her life we si In business a iiartner helpful in fine ' A bulwark she counts on in h year's decline. Modest, thorough und courteo Is lie A smilu that chcm— as met at sen; oj Mostly Persoa«: TUESDAY, FBBRUAftY 5,-1935 I 7?y/s CLWQUS WORLD %S m .. -i :..;.. .,--u:.'.. ON EARTH is HOURS J. A. . f'tel! !}as rjtj|rned /roil emplils where lie iiUenrtcd"llie iiOTiil of \\\$ fall)cr7||i-la\v, II , clem, 07, who riled siiliirclay Mrs. A, C. Jllayloch Is -now lit tr .home on JIol)y street, iiflei been In tjic IJlj'ljicviili. jspiuil several weeks for treal- ent. She will have to rcmali i ted for at least another week W. M. py.lcs, formerly ot here nd now "of Hot Sprints, spen st iiljjht, with his daughter, Mrs slle Hooper, and family. •' . . w. J. Wtmdcrllcii wn) spend to ICITOW in at. i^oiiis attending ic usincss. ' : Clarence Vollincr is spending this •eek In Louisiana on business. ' Mrs. Paul, Huckeiu has gpn'3 W lemphls for . several days' stay •Ith her mother. Airs. Hnrvey Morris went to Icmplils today. Slic will be ai jr. Cumptell's Clinic for a week r ten days undergoing treatment or hci 1 • feet. ' ' '•. • Miss Lily Turner, of Hcber rines, Ark., has urriycd to spend tvcral weeks 'In the home of Mr. ml Mrs. Hin-yey : Morris. • 0. W, McCutchei) "is" uttendiiiB o business In Missouri. Mr. nnd Mrs. Byron Morse imd lr. und Mrs. R. p. Kirsliner mot- red to St. Louis 'today '•Tor' two inj'S. Mrs, p. W. McCiitchen, w!io i.s akillg the- rest atfti- is only light|y improved, She plans to o to Memphis within a few days o consult Jier physician. Mrs, Joe) 'Chandler, 'Mrs. Mull 'lonughnn and -..: dn,iiglite,rs, .Eiir- inra and' Rasemiry, ''sjicnt yestcr- lay : Jn iMbnjujjiji.' , ,'/,""., .-', \ Mrs. J. H. 'pislier had' as her .wsls yesterday Mr.?. Lily Afjclile .ml daughter, imogone, 'pf Mlcoln. flo. ''...'' '••.'' " : " ' Mines. J. J.. Davis, J.' II. . uis,' John! H. "Long ''a;>d J. .'It. ^Jshcr have returned from Sca'rey rtior'c they attended ."j.|jj~ funerai ii. i\ relative of Mines. Davis, . riiul i Lous. '-.'.' ..' " ; .,Mrs. Olan Allison and two chll- iren have returned from "'"byert- tnirg, 'Teini., "vyjierc'ri'tiqy" amended lie dinner Kiven'.by her" -graiid- nother, Mrs'. J.C.W. Grlffl}i; Avho celelirated her fljith 'b'jiih'day at he home of her daiighter, Mrs. y. A. t Ellis. There \verc '3? ayesu from Dyersburg, Me'mphis, points of Kentucky, Fulks, terin., and Biythevlllc. '"" ' ; " ' ..... Mrs. L. 3. BriEcpc Is in )his today. ; ' L ' ' PAY BEGINS INSTANTLY AFTER. MIDNIGHT AT THE INTEBNATJONAL DATE LINE/ TWENTY- FOUR. HOURS LATER THIS PAY HAS TRAVELED AROUND THE EARTH AND HAS REACHED WESTERN ALASKA, WHERE IT V/ILL " EXIST ASJOTHER 24- HOURS/ Tile 180th meridian corresiipnds. ahnost wholly witli the International Date Line, and here every new day begins, on earth. For' every 15 degrees of longitude; west, of, this line, the • new day begins an hour ater. Finally, as we,completely circle Hie globe, «'e find 11 Tuesday :eginning, jiiiit when ^i Tuesday is finishing at the 180th meridian, ^Ierll- •' Mr. nnd Mis. U L. vynrcl aijcl son, Lloyd, will leave Saturday lor St. Petersburg, Fja., tor u visit,', County B.'Y. P. U.' Will Hold Second Traiiiing School XDUNTY D. Y. 'p. IJ.-18 The Second Annual Mississippi Bounty B. Y. P. IJ. TOliiing school will bo held from February 24 to Jltirch 2, at Blythevlllc, wi'tn the First Baptist chinch ' as host, J. P. Friend, county director 'has announced. C. Aubrey Hearn, Nashville icnn., associate soulhwidc ' sccre- ct, tlio devotional, on llic Ihcuic International Lubricating Oil" was conducted by Mrs. J. Cecil owe after the business scsMoii, which vas presldeu.'over by Mrs. "dith McCoo). The hostesses, Mrs. \V. H.<g^ov> all end flj-s, J. {(. gtovull Eer/cd o ~,alad plate w-ilri Eandwlches ujid tea. * * f Sudbiiry I'. 1. A. . Mecls Frjday~N'l;M. The Suilbiiry school Parent-Tea- ctier association will hold llic Febpiary meeting Wednesday nlglil in the school •aiiditpiium. The progi-am will begin at 7:30 o'clock. Its theme relates to the aniuial observance p!' Founder's Day. The^'program is as [ol|bws: " IJle .Itopca .qf the Dependable, us Gibraltar's projeclr ing rock A 'chip 1 one suys 'ofT the old family block.' "Oh,, boys! II yoii only know' whnt yon mean '' To molh:rs v.-ho tlnuj upon you Miiy God direct each of you In doing rigin-^U life through. May Mother's gray hairs ever remind The years .slic'.s fast Icuvins l)c- hlnd Thai each day of hcis you happy nmkc. Will from lipr face 'u wrinkle tu!;c, "For only God himself well knows How hi life she's lightened all your blows; As |lfe tosses you about, here or there, ' For everything that comes to you she'd gladly share. ' So as you stand, stalwart anct line Think often dear boys ol tliai Mother ol mine." and associate editor of the Monthly B. -T. U:. Magazine;- riiid one of the leaders In Young People's activities in the .Southern Baptist, Convention, will hcod 'the faculty which. will -include' the Rev. Alfred Carpenter, pastor of the First Baptist Church; Miss Edna Suumerman. church secretary and B .'!'. U. director of the First, Bnp- tiil Church, Pardgoiild; and MrS J. L. Nevtom, wife of Rev. J. L Newsom. former pnstor ot the Second Baplist church here. Courses h> "General B. Y !> u Administration" jCiirisl"; the Intcrnie'riiatc _ , locX, 'K^p 'M»rr, Robert Grimes .Tom-.W Jackso^ John Buchanan, .JJ.,l>V !f Mul{lns 8u(t v G w.-Slm- i. moru se;vtd 5 dienr pies < topped with shipped pream and coffee TUe meeUns v\as dismissed 'by "' Blaylocb.- W. Mrs i George t yv. Ba_rhain gave Founders,"Mrs. Ernest Fry. Legislation Favorable to Child Welfare, Mr. W. Leon Smith. American . Fo|k Songs; ; gudbury Glee Club. ' National President's Message, Mrs. George Dysingei. D. -U '-• U. Manual" aiid the "Junior », Y. P. u. Manual" will be of- Icml ciich evening with two minute periods and a M'-mjimtc KIDNAPED BY laxicabs were named after a noal ?. ab . Is PI) abbreviation of i-alirlolct.! the diminutive of tlie French cab» Jlole, eame 1,0111 i cll| ,.,the ttaltnn c b ( nieanuig "a somcrsauU." {,0111 Latin' caper, "a lie-goat." ' • members. "Refreshments by . ' aper, Blue The Itch Germs To get rid of itdi, rash, Idler, fubl conjoins Icslcd medicine tlml melts. . the hospitality committee. . ' ! Monty Lack If first Jar fails. ]{t fieetued a ditTe^ent petapn in winter Ite lozLliis'sumij" summer msppsition. Constant "co'.dj" kid- imped- hi5..vita]ity, ,apd i w d e him urilab].;. _4nd aj) 50 .nee^esjjy. rw.ayi i» VltaRlii.i A i bqencc has developed: a powerful weapon t|ic cPmhioii cold. This BOTrl BELONG TO THE FKH FAMILY— AT SPAWNING TIME, THE SALMON TRAVELS- THOUSANDS MILES TO V WATER, AND THE EEL TEAS/EX'S THOUSANDS OF MILES TO R.EACH THE OCEAN See Social Benefit From ,^S, ncd will " 3UL slaWoi r Eliipinatio'n of Defective '.Strains Aikeuauer of the StaU 'Hospital for Nervous Discuses fialcl. - Tliere Is no law in : Aifcwsai-.1 permitting such oiicraUons, he ox- plained, and the institution cannot take it upon itse.lf to'perform them. Altliouuh the families mielit agree, he said, the patient could ihe state if llie operation htis Today's Markets New York Cotton NRW YORK,',Feb. Cotton closed steady. > ' open • hlyli low - U232'.- 1235 1226 • HOT 12-10 1232 laiip 123fl 1232 1227 • 1231 1223 1232 1238 1231 1331 1237 1231 <UP> — Closing Stock Prices A. T. und T. March May Oct Dec Jan Spots closed ..steady ^at 125S, up.5, ti 1 Orleans Cotton NEW ORLEANS, FCb. 5 (UP)r-rr Cption closed steady. ", ; ..... . open ,i>igh iow March. 1.230 1231 .1235 Way , l'i'4S 1239 12S2 July pel Dec Jan 1237 1223 1240 1234 1230 1223 1230 mi; 1 12:1(1 ;230 - 1235 Ajiaconda Copper . close 'Bethlehem Steel 1233 Chrysler 1233 Cities Service 1237. Gen. Am. Tank 1228 General Electric. Geiieral Ivlotors 1237. Int. Harvester - HcKeiion -Robbins Montgomery'- Ward New York - Central Packard :.;. Phillips Pet, • Radio Corp : St. Louls-S.'P. elpsa, Simmons Beds i: 1233,'standard .pj N. J. 1239 ' Texas Pp. 1233" u. s. Smelting U. ,S.. Steel' Zonitc BV TED II. JIALOY VnlteU 1'iess Staff Corrtspondcnt , WTTLE ROCK, Ark., Feb. 5 (UP)—Aiupng the eminent writers, doctors aiul psycholo'els'is"Who ad- Vpeatc sterilization as a cugenK's ihcasure, liuvelo'ck Ellis, noted BHlisli. authority, lias waged ii front'line •fight for its enactment. Albert Edward Wiggaiii, Ameri- ^aii\aiitlipi7of "Fruits of tile Family'., Tree,".^traced 1 the ixrsomil Ills-! lorijs" of '\ niahy families to 'the 1 coiiclusioii 'thul iiicntnl traits were .'a .^iargc degree and should "lie eliminated from future society by sterilization. ' Bertrand Russell, English phil- osoplier-savant, also is a clinmpion of the eugenics measure. The two mosl fumous examples of iiicntiil cliaractcristlcs were found in the Jukes ana Edwards families. Ji] tracing out the Jukes family history, sociologists found an almost, .unbroken line of .prostitutes, criminals, petty thieves and beggars. • The Edwards family' supplied numerous governors, statesmen, authors, jurists, professors -an'd doclors in an unbroken line of faniily lustre. . Ellis 'Is more radical than Adolph Hitler,.m his campaign for sterilization of. rnqrpns, 'epileptics, insane persons and 'cninmals ' through world-wide program."' In Oklahoma, where .a new sterilization law is being ; used, there is strong support of ithc luw. Dr. G.-N. Bilby, Oklahoma health director, advocates sterilization "not only as a means of ridding society of its worst elements but as a measure ivhieli would also reduce unemployment in this country." Popularity of' such" a- measure has spread over . Arkansas, Many 1_4 requests have been made by fain- 10 1-8 lli ? s " 0 f insane persons to have the 2H L-3 Patients sterilized, Dr. Charles i«l TRDtooitni ,1 *™ R c«flt»ll6n Knr QifirJ.CJf action—adult or child—n-'Iy on fcley's Honey amlTar. J)oa't neglect & cold- coiitfhl H mnj* become serious. Get FOLRY'ft today. Takp no other. Money-back At nil r RITZ Tuesday - Weds, MAT.- NITIS- -2:00 - IQc & 25c -6:45 - 10c & 35c The NEW ADVENTUr<ES< of Bulldog Dnimmond 1 1"! 351-8 23 1-8 30 1-2 •10 '. •1 1-2 . 25. 3-4 16 1-1 '' Liquid - Tablets Salve - Nose Drops Checks ' COLDS and .FEVER Firet Day Headaches In 30 Minutes , Spots closed at 1254, up n. Cliicayo Wheat May open 94 3-U 87 Ir-J close high low 04 3-4 83 3-4 88 86' 7-8 87 7-8 Offspring of AppleseexT? Trees Wasting Away (UP)--Per- Appleseed's PJTTSPIELD, Mass. Imps one of Johnny Chicago Corn July open 81 5rS IS , high 83 Ir2 78 5-8 lp\y close " 17 5-8 78 1-2 volion interval. Outstanding young people over the county will conduct the devolioiial periods. A goi'l of 400 has been set. Last ycTir' 1 in the first' county-wide course ever attempted in Mississippi county, with E. E. Lee, of DaU las, Texas, Southw.ldc 8. Y. P. U. fluid secretary, in charge, approximately 350 attended. Churches expected to send rep^ reseiitativcs include: Armorcl Clear Luke (BlytliKvillc), New Lilierty (Blytlieville), Second Baptist' (Ely, thcville), Dell, Manila. Lcacluillc Manila Station, Boynton. FainicH, Lusora, Osceola, Wilson, Keiser, and First church. offsprings, a Baldwin'apple tree, a Jl ' b ' li century' nnd a half old; slowly is wasting away on • Major Hugh ijmilcy's estate.' - : Believed to date -hack to 1780 nad the time that Appleseed started his mission of planting apple seeds wherever he thought suitr able, llic tree has a circumference fo 12 feel and a spread of 78 feet. Cardui llclp^ In Middle IJJc -When in n weakened, ritn.;down umdllion during the change of life, Mrs. J. R. 'Mardfe, ol CajnpbEllsr ville. Ky., writes that she took Cardui. "I am glad to recommend Cardui to ether Indie?, especially reaching "Caidui biiilt lip my strength,' helped ihe nervousness, and tile headache av.d the dizziness," Cardui relieves pain and ncrv- outncis duo to certain ftiiictinnul causes, aUo.increases tlie .ippelitc, frnpro'voi .digestion^ -and thereby strengthens the ,.whole system. it docs not benefit 'iOU, consult those \vho sutler alter my .ag)',-" tlie \vithLORETTA YOUNG ZANUCK production f R eteaicd thru UNITED. ARTISTS : I'liriimoutiti'Nowsv; ;NoycIl.y^— "Paramount Souv- ' ' ' -'••'• enirii :No'. Musical— ^Whure's That Tiger" USEDCi SALE t Saw Money « ' ' Shouse 4ittle Chevrolet Go. . s magic foot! element liclps keen "colds" from gelling a rpolhnM''Jn your body, VlI.lMI.V OK-. TABJ^TS OF COD Ltvra OIL contain «u abundant supplv'of this vajianl vitamin, together with "sun. slviua" vilapiln D. "And they i.rsth" only vitqmm cpucentmtc lab'lct^ ..|ier calcium and phosphorus '" ' .'Each tablet" brings you all * Il| '" "."^^POfuful of .. od l,ive P'l- S' x tablets daily will lieln vour body to brush aside cold e*tms»n& gam new strength ami vitality. At all KOOI! drug stores. Jl for c/tli bottle of 100 McKtssON' CONCENTRATE TABLETS. Mr. Farmers; No Need to VVait Until Fall to Buy Your Home Furnishings Our new method of selling enables ypii to take ad- yantagB of. today's low prices , . . select your needs now pay only one-half down and the balance this fall. This only applies on purchase of $40 and over RUGS, RADIOS, STOVES, FURNITURE HUBBARD FURNITURE CO. OXY Tues.-Wed.-Thurs. MAT. & KITE—lOc - 25c They're all in Ihis grand and glorious musical comedy-drama! WAKE UP Will, Cjlh.erine Daueit'Hfiiry Ar. ™V\ Andy Osvln.,, \JVInl SWw. 1 Story by John Mcthdn, Jr. Dlrccltd by tXurt NtumanivA B.F.ZiiJmjn Ptoduttion. Prei«nlcd by C«rl L«t-' nml«, A-UNIVERSAl PICTURE. l''ox News Throe Stooges Comedy

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