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1 1 Amusements. An Vltrllanca Sales Auction. The following gentlemen have been igilance committee, to enKuie the gei DAILY TRIBUWE L00A1 DEPARTMENT. J. P.PbilUps natal HBELER, USKKU Bankers and Dealers in.

Foreign and Domestic full anti-Nebrasbk vote In their respective wards on Ileal estate for Sale. XDWI3T OLAU. J. W. PtCKEKIfi CLARK PICKERliNG, Real Estate Agents and Commission Merchants, OFFICE, 8 WELLS STREET, BETWEEN LAKE AND SOUTH WATEB STREETS THEATRE.

WM XirASXAirn. -etagk kamackk. 2ND WEEK OF MR. AND MRS. W.

J. FLORENCE. 3, 1856. AUCTION AND COMMISSION MERCHT and Real Estate, So. South Bircr street, in the Mouday Kvciitug, the day of election Others are requested to volunteer and act with EDITOR.

WILLIAM W. front i a iini'li' US. these committees. BKONOirtis. Con i-neus jHcmin 1 am prepai ed to receive consignment of all descriptionl, Auction or Prirate Sale.

1 keep a Rester expresaly for Beat Estate, to which I will pay particular attention. Tuesday Evbxtxo, Mabcb 4th, l.Sjii, March FOE THE SPRING TRADE OF 1856. IVTcw and Choice Spring Goods lb Te Momlttr. aIv fTRST WARD. 5 Clark, corner 1 nanuonia sweeia.

SIGHT EXCHANGE ON JEW YORK BOSTON, and all I riti ia sums to salt Purchasers. "ni SiUi tland, for 1 and upwards, at lowest curreut I at. "utile to all -parts ot the Culled SUhj. and' Cfrs to Wheeler, Bro'ii A Wall street. New York.

CltT- nn'l Holl 3. U. Dunham Messrs. Jtidson it 1 CHlCAfiS WHOLESALE 511UKET. Orrice op rum Cmcifia Iah.t Tkibcji, Monday Evening, March 3, The City Mills trove Inwerel thlr piiemi of Flour fl.WV bbt.

Spring ta fa Bi mer nt 1, winter to nominal bout A decline In 0M; S(teajc, being te-dy' faitions. l)repad Hogsare in better demand i three ear kda of gonit to havy sold toy at aver no criterkin, ho-eler, of the genera rnaraet. 0II'1 arci r. vtuite, iuiuw ji outers Avery IJpham, Arthnr Pickering, KeTHolds. Klv A Co.

Chas. T. Ward. James A. MarsliaU AUCTION AND COMMISSION MERCHT VesseK and Stocks.

No. It? Dearborn street, Cash advances mad ou Consignments jas. a. naasBiix. tuo23-dAwly chas.

a. vells. F. Turtle, P. Page, S.

L. Brown, E. C. Larned, H. Newhall, O.

Lunt, Wm. Jones, O'FLANIOAN AND THE FAIRIES. Phelim O'Flanlgan Mr Ftorraee Mary O'Flanigan Mrs Altcmua Overture by the Orchestra. OUB GAL. Caroline Morton, with sonss Mr Florence.

Overture by the Orchestra. GOOD FOR NOTHING. Tom Dribbles Mr Florence Nau Florence InvmiKii To th( VrL Circle and Paronette 50 Cte Or Totman iw siei "-t-, Geo. Manierre, H. L.

Wilson, J. K. C. Forest, Aaron Uibbs, ieo. Anderson, F.

T. Sherman, J. Y. Scammon, Win. Bross, LC.

d. Wicker, Edward Wmslow, iLq. UiuM'a" ailta-tlen. riiroai, T'v I Iron Wneehfr, ill i 'Mi if K. F.

U5E, the M. G. WHKELEB. SANTOriP, .1 "'WB E. l.

Taylor, We ijOote priees rb follows FLOl'H. City MUIs extra at Buiwrftne Dickerman, Wheeler S.B. Ttfose desirous of investments in Real Estate 4 find good Bargains at our oQice. Also, particular iiiu iitiaii Said to buying and selling Produce, Prorisions and Merehao ise. FOR SALE, HOUSE AND FOUR YEARS' Lease of Lot No.

117 Ontario street. North aide. Can be had cheap, bv callm? on fe-29 CLARK Jk PICKERING, SWells ssreeu ih- SECOND WARD. ihey us chestra Seats, 15 cts Private Boxes, S6 and 3. Second or BANKERS AXD REAL ESTATE AGENTS, Geo, Grull, REAL ESTATE AGENT, AND AUCTION and Commission Merchant, Nq.

96 Randolph, between Clark and Dearborn sireet. Will attend to galea of RtKil Estate. Vessel, Stock? Household Furniture and Merchandize of evtrv deei-io1 c.l hy'1" 35c off at wholesale. Country brands of best quality range from wbolesali-. Buckwheat Flour Ut ROtntruit'.

The Kleetlon Ketmrna. We shall keep our paper open uutU TWO O'CLOCK TO MORROW MORNING, for the purpose of putting in as many of the ELECTION RE-1TRXS as we ohtain. Onr friends are aolicited to tmiij; or sen to the TRIBUNE office all the returns, they may obtain, tavora for which we shall be duly grateful. l'lu of IIollliis th Poll. The onlinaiH-e relatina to elections provides that the polls shall tie opened in each of the several wards oVInek, A.

and continue open nntil 6 o'clock 1' M. exwiit one hour Fordinner. If deemed neccs- raiuny tjircie, 2o eta tauery tor coioreu ei-suus, vs. Doiirs open at 7 performance commences at precisely ri Collection made in onr vicinity, and remitted on day of Rye Flour V- bbi. WHEAT Sarins io etore and mill red wimter navment.

at Current rates of Exchange. a sun to LEL AV1) DEAN'S Brass and Orchestral Band white 51,351,45. Refrb to H. A. Tucker Aiams, and tseorge FOR SALE, HOUSE AND LOT.

ON South Branch Addison, on Bushneil street, between Tr il- W. Dole, Esq. Jans pnU'i-n) among Me war i Avenue and Archer Rttad, tf applied for soon. teb29 CLARK Jk l'K fc.KK.NU, 8 Wells streeu Notice. Asf Agents for the Prairie State Bank, we will redeem its circulating Notes, In exchange at "rOULD RESPECTFULLY ANNOUNCE If the pith Lie tiiat tfaey are prepared to farnish Hasie for Falls fartiea, Military Pariules, Serenadta, and all public ocGaaioug.

Any numb- of Musicians can be furnished on reasonable leruir), by application tu J. Leiand, P. O. box COR N. at; -ow lbs- OATS.

27(1 to store and livery utablea. RYE. Nominally at 9U10. BARLEY Ranges from DRESSED HOU-- lot light and faewry. MESS FORK Held at bbl.

BEKF Ilreased, iu the quarter, te tor fore quarters and 1 1. A RARE CHANCE ANY PERSON HAV-INGneans, wiih a general knowietige of machinerr, can be shown where they can make a liW per cent, invest- the current rata. WE WILL OPEN TO-DAY, Thursday, Feb. 21 sf, 1S5G, OUR FIRST ARRIVAL or stock SUPERB ASSORTMENT or Spring Shawls, CHOICE FRENCH SHIRTING PRINTS, uiu iu ajiuuiw i.j soon calling at the Keal fcslate fco. 6f.

KEAL ESTATE GENERAL ADCTIONEER, IS LaSalle street, iiETBWBEN LAKE AND SOUTH WATEK ST BESTS. (Fire Prorf Marbl? BuiJdlng.) TTJTLL GIVE HIS PERSONAL ATTEN- TION to pales of Real Estate. Stocks, Vessels and Morisases, pubiie or private saie, to the sale at A uetion of Cargoes, liousehold Furniture, Works of Art, Jewelry, Ac, and to out-dor sales generally. nov2A Jolin Rankin. MOBFORD BROTHERS.

Notice. The undersigned, as agents of E. or S. T. l)eaa.

14, Clinton street. janl6n.mM Rooms of sirv. tlio polls may he continued open till midnight. feb2st CLARK 4 PICKERING, 8 Wells street. ii -1' ik.

known, for it mil thirty minutes before the closing of the same 5e lb for hind nuaruirs. TlitlHAl A Co. Base, Mcleansnoro', wtu redeem as llllt INDEPENDENT ORDER OF GOOD TOI PLARS. Star of Hope uroolamation must lie made that the polls will TO CAPITALISTS. 5 ACKES FKOSTISG on Madison street, joining CoL HamUton's Pronertv.

notes at the current rates, lor exchange. MUTTON. 3Hc i ft in careaas; 4, at retail. POIU.TRY. 2021.

Turkeys 9lle ft. CHEESE. Country Western Reserve lttallfc; Ham oc29 j3tf EPW'll TINKHAM CO. for sale by L.Mige, au. ia.

every ni- os-nirtxT at 7 nVi.Vffc: iat -'W 'CLARK PICKERING, 8 Wells street. Templar Hali, Vcomer Wells ttsgr Notice. The Hamilton Cobxtt Bank has i i lose in half an The following are the places designated for hold-ins: the noils burg lZtoC. willing kl .1. ri-soilut nice to and ater street, tiura coor SlGARS.

New Orleans eomraon to feu- wcz prime to ENERAL AUCTION AND COMMISSION JT MERCHANT AI WHOLESALE DEALERS in Yan this day appointed Messrs. Gwthhe, Dat A of Chicago i W. Waughop, 8 Bouton, Doty, Jacob Harris, Joel Cf Walter, Charles Hurley, Wilson, Charles Quinlan, RM Hough, Joel Ellis, George Gage, Cb.asM.Gray, Bradley, TH1KD WABD. Wm Church, Tuthill King, Wilson, Robt Morris, Peck, Starr Foot, John Edwards, Porter, Dr Lynn, A Tittaworth, FODRTU WARD. Geo Rormaun, Nathan Cobb, Outhet, Henry Deal, Foss, It Sturrs, LP Hill, Wm.

Colby, Coffey, FIFTH WARD. Wm Butts, Husted, Pierce, Wm Hendrickson, Lafiin, Fisher, Sherman, Joseph Pitts, A Sherman, A Miller, SIXTH WARD. John Van Horn, A Ellithorpe, Henry Smith, Warner, Hiram Warner, Waite, John A Frederick, Cochran, C. Hays, SEVENTH WARD. Geo Schneider, Schmitb, Letz, James Hugunin, AFC Miller, Geo A Gibbs, Maohkle, Agents for the redemption 01 its notes, at the current rate 01 Ward No.

1 At the City Hotel Judges, H. Ful choice 8(oi9c; clarified and cofTee grades in bbls 9isltyzc; crushed, pulverized and granulated LOT 25x80, THE NORTH WEST COKNEU Clark and Cross streets. For sale bv teb34 flaARK PD'SERINvi. street. A RARE CHANCE FOR A FARM.

ANY kee onons, tiiins. i-iiiiertr, uriiiainia ana fuuea are, and Gilt Jeweiy. Whips, Lookicg Glasses, Crickery, Chinaware, Ac Ac. exchange. LOCO, cashier.

ler K. S. Kimlierly, Thomas Church. utrance on ells street. Members of the Order visitina the eity are invited to attend when convenient, and those locating here are requested to join the i.ndge.

We loot for ihe support of aU friends temperance, both male and female. For iuiormation concerning the Order, call or address C. W. Strong, 47 Ciirfe streeu, up stairs or E. K.

Bowen, D. G. W. O. No.

5 Ctark street, Chicago. marl-dtf MOI.ASS1F.S I'nha 4.Va5c: Plautaoon 4bftu4SC sugar McLeansboro, Oct. 1, Randolph street, outn west truer ol wells) Cnicago, a licit Ward No. 2 Engine House Ao.1; Isaac frpeer, u. House 4 Oct; Notice.

The Bank of Southern Illinois MCH LACE AND MUSLIN CUETAINS, COFFEE Rio HiiiilSJJc; O. Java firm at iwle S. Hough. O. P.

Hansen baa this day appointed Messrs. Gwtsse, Day A Mocha 16C4nic. Ward No. 3 Police Court Room, Court House Kr'KI' Person desiring to parchase a Farm in the West, cannot do better than to go and see a Farm of S31 acres, situated in Racine County. State of Wisconsin, being twelve miles N.

W. of the city of Racine, and sixteen miles s. W. of tlie. city of Milwaukee, both of which are important flipping Ports, and best markets in the West for Produce.

tSaid Farm has about 100 acres, under the plough, and the balance in meadow and pasture lands, with 60 serfs of tim Weal Estate Dealers- HlfWVTINES. 2125c gallon. Whiskey Ik Chicago, Agents for the redemption of its notes, at the cur 11. (iiv.v, Charles Stein, John C. Rue.

LINEN SHEETINGS, FRONTING LINENS, OILS, Etc. Linseed, pure, gal. by do 1 A IIAKN. Ward No. tEngine House No.

2 N. Berdell, S. boiled, Lard, winter, 81,00 Elephant, winter, Whale, winter, $1,05. Burning Fluid 75e. Alcohol, 95 O.

Collins, H. B. Bay. 'S i.V V''B rent rate of exchange. WM.

L. JOINER, Cashier. Bolton, Oct. 6, 1855 Chicago Firemen's Insurance Company, Office over Davisson's Bank, corner of Lake and Clark is fully organized, and is prepared to take fire risks in Chicago, on Dwellings, Furniture, Buildings, Goods, Produce, pruof, 75c: do 80 proof, 70c. Ward No.

Old Engine House No. N. Sturte HIDES. Green Green salted 7c; Dry Hint wot THE GREATEST MEDICAL DISCOVERY Of tlie Age. MR.

KENNEDY, OF ROXBURY, HAS discovered, in one of onr common nature weeds, a (hat cares EVERY RIND OF Ht MoR, from th worst Scrofula to a common Pimple. Ue has tried in over eleven hundred, and never failed except in two eafs, (botii rimmier humor). He has now in his possession over two hundred eeniliiAtes ef ii value, all within twenty miles of Boston. Two boule3 are warranted io cure a sore mouih. int.

Russell Green, J. M. Morrison BARTLE WHITE, Land Brokers, Surveyors aud General Ageuts, At Independence and Sioux City, Iowa. PARTICULAR ATTENTION PAID TO making Collections, Buying nd Selling Lands, locating Land Warrants, or entering Government Land, for cash or on time, in Dubuque, Deeorah, Fort Dodge, Council liluit. oriiotix Ciiv districts.

nnnnrCinuiKInt; 15c; Dry sail 8Hte; Call' dry Calf skins 10c; Kip dry 12Jai3ic, according to quality; Kip green lOe, for 12 ft ber. It has a nne stream oi never tanuig wau-r, running directly through, and several fine springs of water, equal to one in every fie id. There is a good farm house, and two good barns ard first rate fences made of oak rails upon the tkim. The Society is as good as can be found. There is a grod school within half a mile, and two churches within two mles.

It is said by those best acquainted in the ne.Lborhood to be one ot the best farms Racine County. There is no exaggeration in the statements here made, and there is not the least doubt about Us being one ef Thv mosi Ward No. 6 Engine House No. Reuben Taylor hides, and 5c ft at for overweight; Sheep Rktns com J. E.

Smith, Nathan Allen. .,.,,1 and temic speedy cure. Ward No. 7 Engine Honse No. ti.

Leverauce mon Pelts 25. sale. Hew York Market March 3rd. Lbt telbgrafh. Samuel Rattle, Philip Hoyne.

DAMASK AND TABLE LINENS, TABLE CLOTHS AND COVERS, AND HOUSEKEEPING GOODS, OF Eery Descriptiont ROUtNSON. I-KNTO Ward No. South -end of North Market; Enos EIGHTH WARD. alt street. in oiiiao.e mvesunenis in isconsin.

The terms can be made quite easy, with a mall pay men; iu advance, and balance for nine y-ars, if desired. Any person wishing to see the "farm can get further information, by catling on Clark A Pickering, Weils t-treet, c. cko.u. Amnpr on mmmcoi srade. ccod home traile and all kinds of insurable property in me city ol Chicago.

DIRECTORS. Thomas Church, J. K. Bottslord, B. W.

Raymond, O. Ltmt, George F. Foster, Chas. Bnrley, A. Gilbert, C.

B. Farwell, Wm. M. Larrabee. Tbos, Chcbch, President.

E. J. Tiskhah, Treaa. J. K.

Borrsronn, Vice Pres't. C. N. HouiES, Sec'y. Chicago, August 23, 155.

Announcements. Claims made in Nebraska for non-residents, and held until in market. Money received on deposit and interest allowed, or invested uu account. Mout-y invested at the highest rates of ime.est, on Keai Estate security, at usuai commission. We have at ail times two or more Surveyors io the field, making selections.

No investments made until personally inspected and ttili description given. ftS- We have 5,01) acres Timber and Prairie Land Sheldon, Ayres, Geo. F. Foster, Michael Lantry. One to three bottles will cure tUe worst oi' pimples on the lace.

Four to six bottles are warranted to cure corrupt and nm-nine ulcers. One bottle will cure seaiy eruntVnsof the skin. Two or three bottles are warranted io cure lite worst cases of riasrworm. Two to three bottls are warranted to cure the most desper exnortand demand. Sali- bills at.

$6 25 258 for fancy and low grade. Extra Michigan, Indiana, Illinois v. igo or a. aruer i in sain street, Kiicme. feo; CLARK A PlCkhKlNtl, Welts st reel.

and Ohio. Canadian firm sales at la, tor com If, ctlOte eXtra. Gbais Kxtr Wheat, limited demand; market unchanged, i a hit unft anther lVnnesfH.e at 73. RFe for sale. TELLS STREET PROPERTY.

40x1 18. to an alley, and corners on an allev. fronts west. REFER TO Messrs. Barclay CUicaco.

Ill's. Lewis T. White between Madison and Monroe. For sale bv CLARK A PU KKKINJ. Well rtreet.

Jas Pole, Hiram Reimolds, Charles A Scranton, Khauer, Hammond, Spears, Capt Clement, Thomas Forrest, Furgeson, Braunhold, E. Prussing, Wm Speight, Buttilo, N. Y. Messrs. Wtiteiaw a Marshall, Cleveland ttbio Mcl'lure, Mills avA .1.

L. Iangworthy Bros. u.ichaned. Sales bu at SI 12 delivered. Barley quiet at 1 ltial 2S.

Corn drooping. Market demand for export and home use libu Sales bu at 70(a 7-ie for new mixed white and vellow Jersey and Southern. Old mixed Western held 75c. Oais Firmer sales at 3x for Southern; aitai Vn.T!N. Perkins a P81 i ih- i.i'iy partie-in sell 'hi cuy.

mt'iit'-( wnrth-, Any our rlglits i i-iM" ilitmag'-, 1 Tt'rrtlories. Thomas, Geo Rumsey, Bishop, Ogden, A Brown, Miller, Benson. Wm Whitney, Harper, Andrew Nelson, Amos Jackson, Kevnolds, A Oliver, Dubuque, lowa urewer. ttazeii, ana Olaer bee lueept-ndence, Iowa J. M.

IU, Notice to the 5th Wakd, West Chicago. I am not a Candidate for Alderman ot said Ward. My HOUSE AND LOT ON BUFFALO ST For Sale. Beween Harrison and iron's west. Bet: ii -Irr ft.l for Sta: tor Vt esteru.

ate cae ol' rheumatism. Three lofbur b.tiles are warranred to cure salt ueum. Five to eiht botties will cure the worsi ease of scrofula. A bem-St is always experienced iron the tirst bottle, and a perfect cure is warranted when the above 'juaiiaiy is takou. Nothing looks so improbable to thus.

who have in vain tried all the waderiul m'dicmes of tht' day, as that a common weed growing in the pastures, aud along old stone should ciire every humor in the systpi-i yt-t ii is now a tlxed fact. If you have a humor, it has to stirt. There are no us nor ands hums nor ha's about it suiting some cases and not yours. 1 peddled over a thousand boities of it in the vie ty-of Boston. I know its effects in every case.

It has aldy done some of the createst cures ever done Massachusetts. Whisket Lower. Sales 500 bbU Ohio and Frison at 29dil ams ti Rooms, t'ut-houses. Ac. i.v.

r.js.r i loiiepenaeuct. ioa. T. T. WHITE, tiioraCitr, Iowa.

febI5-dSmw2m business Is such that I cannot be in town in time to be in ARK PICKERING, 8 We lis st. stalled in said office, and do decline in favor of Kussel STAPLES SIMt, 'ARE FOR SALE. COR- We shall continue to receive daily, from this date, our Splendid Stock of Rich Dress Goods, many of them made to our own order, and confined to us. Green. ma3-2t H.

WHITBECK. 1 FEET SiUJ XVVJ NKK of West Majiison and Oaruewfr street. EATj I STATE AGENTS AND STOCK Mb. Lucres A. WnxAKD.

Dear Sir The So. f7 l. i Salle str t. NINTH WARD. Ward No.

0 Engine House No. 8 SI. Piversy, F. Hathaway, J. H.

Kinzie. More of the Speeches. The speeches of Messrs. Wentwobth and crowded out of our paper of yesterday. We give a synopsis of them to-day from the Pro.

John Wentworth was called for and responded. I had hoped the speaking would oil be done by others. We editors drain ourselves daily. I have kept quiet this evening. My object was to train in others for the coming campaign.

We must go according to the programme. That's the way the other parly does. Dyer goes to Cook every morning to learn his lesson, and he plays his part well, to my personal kuowledge. If we are defeated, it will be our own fault. The North has always teen defeated by its own fault.

Poughfacea have done the deed. Slavery has now taken up Stephen A. Douglas because he has stoop ed lower and eaten more dirt than any other man in uuderaijEttttd bavins t'oiwi a copartnership for the iKOVisios Pork Less demand, and mess lower. Sales ft) bbls at I6 25 for mess, and 14 25 for prime Beef unchanged, sales 200 bbls. Beef hams quiet at $13 lt 50 Sales 201) tierces Ohio prime mess at Sls.OO Dressed selling at ui meats better.

Sales 350 pks at UK for Shoulders, and Sf SCK for hams. Bacon firm. Sales loo bxs stM.i-t middle ribs 9e. Lard lower. Sales 7.10 bblsat lOJ-iMliAjC.

Butter in moderate demand at 21c tor Ohio, and for State. Cheese duU and plenty atstiOc. New Tork Stocla 3Iarltet-Mar. 3. undersigned citizena of the Second Ward, feeling anxioas to secure the services of an honest and competent representa L'iiuil.

Tmo Or I gave' to children a year old to old people of slxry I have seen poor, pursy, wormy looking hildivu, whose Ucsti was soft and flabby, restured to a perfect state of health hy one boitle. To those who are subject to a sick headache, one bottle will always cure. It gives great relief in catarrh, aud who have been costive for have taken and been reaulati hv it. Where the bod is sound, il works quite tive the City Council, for the ensuing term of two years, and having entire eoniidence in your qualifications for the urctiose ana ae 01 tveai estate, pay mem 01 1 axes cxaiui-tuition of Lands TiUes, cM in LUnois and the adjoining States. 1'arUes desiring infarm iuon coiicruine Lois or Lands, will receive it ly by mail or Particular attention sriil bu paid the negotiation of Ins to the investment of m.mey either in Real Ks'ate ir in for on' or mrc irs, secured on ample with 1 i good Htmsea.

Will sell the wbo.e, or pai on advan ageooa Oemvp. CLARK ft PICKERING, 8 WelU St. ACRES FOR SALE. EAST OV liLOCK li Canal Trustees' tub. (t of See.

T. t' jania CLAHK PICKERING, Wells street. HOUSE AND LOT FOR S.LE, OX HAL-STKD, be' ween Third and Fourth streets. Ix-t -UlsUtt to ie foot alley. House contains Kooms, lio: HlK-k -341.

For sale by t'LAKS I'll 8 Wells strei-t. Wm Felton, Rumsley, Woodbridge, jr Rawson, Magill, A Tucker, RLarrabee, Richards, Towner, Jackson. Dorfee, Wm. B. Ogden, John Tear, William Gamble, Owen, Krismaun, Holt, Dole, Geo Dole, A Scranton, position, beg yoa will consent to the use of your name as a Candidate for ihat office, at the approaching Municipal Elec easv, bat where there is any derail tment of the functions of UV1IK'.

tion. naiure, it will caust- very singular leltos, bui you must not be alarm UitS' always disapiear in from four days to a week. There is "never a bad result from it. On the contrary uiin tha: fWIinff iu iTrtne. von wiii fel voursfii" like a nw Having no party preferences to gratify, we make no de BY TELEGRAPH.

Stocks are Srm. Little doing. Honey and exchange nn-chanaed. IUinuis Central Bonds 88; New York and New Railroad 7o; Cleveland and Toledo 79; New York Central 7c; Reading 93. and undoubted Real esite.

at double ihe amount exclusive of im prove meii is. We wiii aisvi eil emd business nctes, on commissioa. CollecUons made in city or country. JOHS K. STAPLES.

THOSLAS SIM. liF.FEIESi'ES. mands of you, but your unqualified disapproval of the attempts to force Slavery upon the Territory of the-Govern- person. heard some of ihe mit extravagant eiscomiumji of HOUSE st; eel. ii ihal man ever iisteued to.

-o ciianire ot diet is necessary eat the best vmi can set. I have likewise an herb, which. AND LOT FOR SALE, ON MAY corner of Ike, Lot 1512. I'LIKK Pli'KEKINti, Welle street. Il in ment, consecrated to freedom I Joss Foster 167 169 LAKE STREET.

NEAR LA SALLE ST CHICAGO feb22 LARGE ARRIVAL OP BLANKETS WEST'S Carpet Furniture WAREROOMS. iIetv-iis OF Winter. After people had foudly sup 111' tVrtWt''" i AND LOTS FOR SALE. THREE when in sweet oil, dissolves Scrofulous sweliiiig of the neck and under the ears. Price 50 cents.

DIRECTION FOR VSK. Adult, one table -spoonful per day. Chik1ien over years, directions can be nuide applicable to all eonv-atutioiis, take enough to HOUSES Houss a the North. Let us discard bim. Abolish the past I ink 1 1 the future.

Act together for principle. Give posed that winter was departing, and we would have warm weather, it suddenly changed on Saturday evening and again became cold. Last evening quite and Lota on Ann street, etweeo Madison an. Statlstles of CiLlcao. Below will be found in a condensed form some valuable siatisties of this City for the close of the year lboo Total mrmber of miles of railroad centering in Chicago, Feb.

Itkh, 40 Total number of miles now complftfed aud in operation, Increase in four years, or more than (5Ut) miles Der vear 2,893 nnerate on the bowels twice a dav. CLARK Wells up all isms and oppose slavery. Let the friends .1 mo: l' S5B. KENNEDY gives personal attendance in bad cases of temperance remember that if Mr. Dyer and his ticket SALE, LOT 50x100, BEING THl Ira J.

Nicholas, N. A. Jones, T. Speer, O. Metz, John H.

Poiaier, C. T. Bosgs. L. C.

P. Freer, Thomas Alien, Geo. Collins, A. Bigelow, William T-Barroti, M. B.

Smith, J. K. Poilard, Alex. Cambell, J. B.

P. Ru sell. R. W. Dodd, I K.

M. Houffh. John W. Waughop, W. W.

Smith, Wm. P. Ross, R. Bamber, Sidney Douglass, Ira Colman, J. W.

Hooter. E. P. Town, H. Knight, N.

S. Cunning, J. Speer, J. M. Van Osdel, H.

L. Fuelioti, H. R. Hemmenwav, W. B.

Burbank, P. A. Bin-bank. a severe snow storm set in. The ground is again covered with a white mantle and the Frost God reigns supreme.

But wait a little longer for the Scrofula. Wholesale Dealers in Chicago. Brinckerhoff A Pen ton, J. H. Reed Bay Baldwin, F.

Scaiumon 4 Sawyer, Pai-'e A Barclav A Brother. Xorth west corner of Van Bnren and Jetter on sts. ctrry the dayat the nextelection, Mr. Douglas won't tel5 CLARK Weiis street. Wig fa Price SI.

Manufactured by DONALD KENNEDY, I2U Bronson Peck. 78 William s-reet. N. P. W.

Yanrfian Providence, R. t. Waters Louisville, Ky. Wm. Green, Cincinnati, Ohio WU'iam Adrtance, banker.

Louis; Jas. H. Kees, Kxj, Chicago Geo. Steel. Chicago; II.

K. Swift A hicugo Thorn A bankers, Nw Orleans. feblt-ly Real rotate Agency. NEW FIRM. THE UNDERSIGNED HAVE THIS DAY assocta ed themselves together for the transaurtion of (it'aerai EtiaJ Estate iiusine sm hicftpo, and tlirough the country generally.

They will pay particular attention to buviiig and selling on commission, aud wilt buy and selron their own account. Parties having Renl Kstate 10 dispose of sre invited to leave the same with us for sale, and those isliins to purchase may find it their interest to give us a call. We Ua a large amount of Heal Esiatc, which we will sell at reasouabie prices and on terms. From our acquaintance property he ciiy and vicinity, and our large acquaituaiu-e 11. tins and oier StaU's we feel con- draw a sober breath for a week.

Mr. Douglas is raising slaves, and wants to in E. ood time coming. T70R SALE, 5 ACRES, LOT (20), i Warren street, Koxoury. A iiberal discount made to those who buv to sell aenin, t-ec.

cai. T. t). b. (tt.

95 Z410 Aerea Illoek 11. See. tS-. T. (an.

R. im. Apo' heejiries, who would like to act as apent will WitiidbawnF. A. Bragg is no longer a cantii; 81 please sena lueir oraerB.

2,315 'i Ser. T. R. fc Si See, T. (til).

R. (Ul. I lUKK I rlOKGKIMI. 6 stre 'i Ser. T.

R. Toral number of miles projected to be completed in from live to eight years, Total number of miles of railroad in operation in the Sfctte of Ilionios, Feb. 16th, 1S52, tour years ago, Total number of miles now in operation, Increase in ibe Staie for lour years, Total earnings of all the railroads (40 miles) leading into the city during the year ItSl, say, Total earnings of the roaus leading Into the eity for the 1S55, Increase iu four ears, thirteen and a quarter mUlinnn of dollara nN. i jan2 I' date for City Collector. Grateful to those who have Chicago, March 1st, 1856.

crease the market for them by slavery extension, it is as much a matter of principle with him as it is with Ike Cook that the candidates shall buy their liquor at his saloon. Observe the tactics of onr opponents. See how I MI.I 6J BLANKETS, 9i BLANKETS, 10J BLANKETS, 11 BLANKETS, 12i BLANKETS, offered him their support, he leaves the held. 340,000 00 Winter Dry Goods, AT COST, AND LESS THAN ICOST. I 1 I.

itutli'rin with 13,298,201 06 13,268,201 09 BTJSIKESS NOTICE. Card. SALOON IN RACINE FOR SALE. Within one blocs of the W- stern K. K.

Peput I and the Harlw. Honse aiAi, two story? and rl-I' ment under tbe whole. '1 his oners an eseellenl inducement to any ixie wishing to invest ill the business, ianao CLARK FICKF.R1XU. WelV street. In an article headed "Commercial Agencies, I lolrrmit.

i fiinl so koo'I 110 8 caeut our aomty 10 serve on-tnenos ana me punuc iu a manner that will merit their favor. HHiCIXS, LAW A Masonic Temple, Iearborn street, opposite the Posi oilice. EDWARD HtGGlSS. KOBI. LAW.

ViS U. KKililJiS. B. F.STROTRER deCil Splendid quality fine wool and very heavy at an EXTRE1IELI LOW FIGURE, Comforters Feather PiKows Hair Pillows Feather Beds Spring Mattresses Hair Mattresses Sea Grass Mattresses and Husk Mattresses. published in the Democratic Pn of Feb.

2Sth, we observe reference made to Russell 4 Waters of Boston; E-Ri sslll however, is the correct style FOR SALE CHEAP. LOTS 11 AND 12 IN Block (t. Sec. tS, T. heme 9 tIM to jaa CLARK I'l KKRINti.

sir-et. Messrs. R. M. Hough, John W.

Waughop, and L. C. P. Freer, and others. Gestlemes Until I received your communication, requesting the use of my name as a candidate for the office ot Alderman of the 2nd Ward, I had not the slightest dispoai-iun to become a candidate for any office, nor have I now but, believing it to be the duty of every good citizen, who enjoys the benefit of government to contribute so much of his time and money as may be necessary for its support, I do not feel at liberty to withhold my consent to your wishes, so flatteringly expressed.

If elected a Member of the City Council, I shall endeavor to discharge the duties of the office with an eye single" to the best interests of our eity. You may be assured of my cordial concurrence in the Anti-Nebraska entiment. Very respectfully, yours, ma3 A. WILLARD. 83,509 they unite.

Look at their nominating convention. Their President was an old line Abolitionist their Vice-President was a Know Nothing in full communion tlieir next officer was a man who went around unking Maine Law speeches. And yet tUey keep np a constant croaking cry of "Will you fuse The caucus that nominated Sir. Dyer stuck its head in the dirt and supposed all else was hid, intending after the chase was over, if it was not killed, to raL-e lN Pt.IR"i- .11 "11. KHilloKK A l'KNTON.

I AjiiU i such a manner as to imply a connection with m. TE HAVE NOW Foil SALE. AMONG TV L. D. OLMSTED CO.

JILL xow Grv THEIR CUSTOMERS an opportunity to buy BLANKETS, MERLNOES, others, the ft.liovin ltts Jones jr. of this city, or at least a similar 20,187,953 16,633,813 Madison street. a of lot 4, blocK. I. S.

method of doing business. In either case tue uu- Total number of trains arriving and departing now, Number of points at which the Chicago railroads reach the Mississippi Population of rhicaso iu 1K2 Population of Chicago iu 1855, or nearly 130 per cent, in three vera Total reo-ipis grain at Chicago for the year 18T4, bushels Tofal receipts of grain for 1855. Increase ahout 33 per cent bushels Total shipment ot" grain from the port of Chicago for the year bushels itai number oi hogs handled in Chicago for 1854-5 Toial value of the beet packed iu Chicago in 1855, Receipts of lumber at the port ol Chicaiio for 1ST3 Now laid tip in the port of Chicago, Steamers, Propellers, Sail Vessels, Total number of vessels arriving in Chicago during the lust year, The toial tonnage of vessels arriving in for 1855. tons uresion would be erroneous. Messrs.

ti. Kussell 45 138,515 FlHK-rBoOF k-. tl" smile i-Kl's IsTk. sti.l ml its Nebraska head in triumph. We understand the I conduct an associate office of our connection- $1,152,420 96 r- ii'- game.

They do not understand us. They bet that I never haj any connection with Jones we IN thb FURNITURE WARERQOMS WILL BK POUND A Splendid Assortment of Enamelled Chamber Suits Mahogany, Walnut and Cherry Bureaus and Bedsteads Brocatelle, Plush and Hair Cloth Sofas, Tete-a-Tetes, Ottomans, Easy Chairs Rocking Chairs; Parlor Chairs, Marble Tables, Mahogany Tables, Centre Ta WM. F. n'WOlT JiS. G.

MACLAT FJ. F. yriWBT D'WOEP, ACL AY Qt 15111 REAL ESTATE AXD L01 I5E0RLKS, and Tax Agents, COMMISSION MERCHANTS FOR THE Purchase and a.le ot Real and the Ne iouatton oi Loans oi hv and auntry Pit-perty. Coupon Bonds secured on Real Kstate, negotia! at the most lavonvble rales. First class notea and acceptances bought and sold Advances ma le ott Murities left for sale.

Corresondeuei solicited with reference to any cf the above business. No. RANTrOLPH STREET, tD FLOOft, sep: chicago. 326,553,367 we would break up in a row at tins meeting, and 1 are 8ure) would not be willing to borrow any lustre Chicago, Feb. 29th, 1856.

Editors op Tri- bchk I am uot a candidate for Alderman of the Ninth FLANNELS, 1RESS PLAIDS, street, 101 iiiocn .1. Sub-lot 7, lot block 41, O. T. Cor W. Adam? an 1 fan ii, X.

3i ft, lot 2, block 51. Market sireet ti. bitck -vS, IWoufoe Irt 1. block S.S. Water Ixit S.

block HI S. Huron stree 5 lots Wolcott1-; Addition. 2 Water Lot, on Branch, near Chicago Avenue. 2sf I.tits on North Chicago A.enue, m-ar the Ksver. Wer Ia9.

and 31, Kinzi's Addition, liltck IS, BushuelPs Addi'ion. Lake street. Lot 6, block 3'. Lot 12, bloek Ff-I. Add.

Siate Lots Si and blwfe ft. I. Add. t'lark 7 Lot in block llii, S.S. Jackson Lot 16, blocks, S.S.

ftt Lot in Butler, Wright A Webster's Addition. The lots will be sold low, oa 6 1 10 years' c-edit. LAW A CO. were so satisfied that it would lie so, that they hud sacn a opposed connection might confernpon them, tlieir land of music drumming for recruits. 1 saw it I nor pleased with us did we allow it to pass unnoticed.

233 5,410 1,608,845 $206,844 75 red So far from the decision referred to in this case, hav near this entrance march four times around three i i I LK the vMiiu.n ing any application either to Jones or their men but no one fell in, and it marched away again. Ward at the ensuing election. Yours respectfully, mhl F. D. OWEN.

To Robert Malcom, Esq. Dear Sir, The undersigned, voters of the 8th Ward, would respectfully ask the use of your name, as the People's Candidate for Alderman of the said Ward, at the approaching Municipal Elec bles, Card Tables, Hall Tables, sjfide Boards, Secretaries, Wotnota, Etageris, Worksiands, Jenny land Stands, Leaf Stands, Music Stands, Music Racks, Piano Stools, I have lived in this city over twenty years, and 1 (if ni" ii' a-1 rriti'l by 1 Amount imposts received on foreign goods at the Chicago Custom House, Total amount of capital invested in manufactures duruii' the year lha5 showing increase over the previous vt-ar Total numlwr of men employed in manulac- never saw aristocrats natural born aristocrats method of doing business, we may mention tuai ine house in New York, with which Jones Co. claimed to be connected, (but which we see by recent cirt u-Ut has repudiated the connection,) was mulcted in stitou so low to pick up a few votes as at the present To Sperulators in Farming ids. XROM 10.000 TO 50.000 ACRES ot FARMING LAND in one purchase, at a verv low OR SALE OR RENT. 5 3-STORY FRAME tion, and we do hereby pledge you our hearty support should you eonsent to be our candidate for said office 6,295,000 00 8,740 311,031,491 rurituT in 1K.i5.

3.740.) time. Houses, on corner Franklin and Superior Toial value of manufactured articles, (in The movements of the Nebraska men are all im G. C. Whitney, heavy damages on a similar charge showing, con price, and on the most favorable terms. Apply to D'WOLF, MACLA M.

D. Ogden, A Ol'IMBY. crease in ioo, DE LAINES, O'Af K.S, A EMBROIDERIES, A C'E BONNET Also. 4 New Frame House on Superior street. Randolph stre-'t, 3cd tior deli clusively, that there a very material difference in amoun; pudent, but the most impudent of all is the eft'ort to de21 HIGG1NS, LAW CO.

ALS TAPESTRY VELVET CAKPETS, TAPESTRY BRUSSELS CARPETS, THREE PLY CARPETS, SUPERFINE CARPETS, EXTRA FINE CARPETS, HEMP CARPETS, STAIR CARPETS, STAIR RODS, 1855. S1.2y6.3A, organize a Fierce club ot sailors to caOie me men carrying out uie same acstgit. uusu' complain of the unfair and dishonorable appropria CHARLES M. DUPUY vtlio ive been repeatedly shipwrecked into support Ktyan ftmim, Geo. F- Foster, O.S.

Goss, John Stephens, Christian Bets, D. C. Ferguson, Ernest Mttetler, H. Geslbreiht, T. Juerens, Christian Bender, Wm.

F. D'Wollf; Gotilieb Pabst, tlli- TlltMl who trv to flrown ttum. This is a little tion of an article originally published in the New l.ft this lw V. Truly says the New York Herald "there is not another city on this continent of three times the population of Chicago that can show anything like this." Receipts by the Michigan Central Railboad at De-thoit The following is a comparative statement of the receipts ai Detroit ot flour, grain, Ac, by me Michigan Cen Vu'iul of an orgimization of httckmen in favor oi York in special commendation of our uv.ui v.lto out-ofts' to prevent traveler? tnm own Parent and Branch offices by Jones but The Illinois Central Land Company OFFER 00,000 ACRES, OF CHOICE, SELECTED, FARMING AND TIMBER LAXDs, on the line of the Illinois Omral Railroad, in tracts to suti purchasers. These lauds were carefully selected by actual survey itb particular relerenc to tertility and health! ul location, and are well watered and wooded.

These lands wiil be sold on hette'r terms and at lower prices than the same description of lands otlered by tlie Hi Central Railroad Co. hoise wishing to purchase arc invited 10 examine la; 4 and 1. tun. hki HOSIERY, LAND AGENT S. Cor.

Michigan Avenue and Water street, IKear tbe III- Cent. R. R. CHICAGO, For time Parchase and of Farms, Unimproved Lands mid Town Lots in Illinois, Iowa, and adjoining States. coiniitir to the of our city.

mitit'-; a iv now lost siht of. We are the tral ttauroaa, iur tue jmib joji Counterpanes Oil Clotlts, OF ALL WIDTHS AND SIZE; THE SEWEST PATTERSS OF" North Ami'ricau Uilierty party. We btuy all former as most of the business men of this city have doubtless read the article its original shape, we shall not receive mnch injury from the attempt alluded to. Business men who have tested both offices, and who are certainly best qualitied to judge of their re will ii. 'v.

111. I Besides many other Goods, at such Low Prices, that they i il Ne ti- lit ami nrrsonal animosities. We Ave all right. K. fc.

McUaaff, B. W. Thoma C. H' J. Miller, J.

V. Z. Blaney, J. W. Freer, Hiram Reynolds, Wm.

Whitney, L- Wariich, Andrew Nelson, T. L. Forrest, F. H. Benson, Andrew J.

Brown, E. James E. Bishop, J. J. Scbaub, D.

Harper, A. H. Peats, Chrs KirchhotT, James McDonald, C. Lawson, C. Lipftert, H.

Fischer, J. Wr. BrocKsmidt, Martin Moeller, G. A. Itobb, t'hrs.

Spa wlding, Knauer, F. Lasemann, Joseph Willard, S. B. Kenny, Wm. Sieigut, R.

aieadowcroft, Abner R. cranton. can afford to buy them for next Winter's use. ill eet ed if we are only united. 1855.

352,417 lli.423 8,913 193 55 334 S67 390.242 1W.565 EXTENSIVE CONNEXION AND leneral Eastern Adverti-ini; will this Agency AN obtain turuier aescnpiion at our omee. Appiv to D'WiLF, MA LAY A QMMHY. ociSi-tf Randolph street, iasrs. U. S.

BlaiKwell was called, and related Home spective merits, have given an emphatic decision of Curt a in Ooods, ta eutral Point, at which bu vers mealing in th Wsi will hod it their interest procure inloi'mation aud make selec rrritih .1 and eloped by exhorting the au- their preference with whien we are periecuy sainr Flour, libls P.irk Heef Apples Highwines Whisky Wheat, bu VMtk Barley Oats Beans Rye t'-iru meal, lbs Bran and shortd. lbs llUttlT Dr. Heyroun, Henry Apfel, C. Whitlessey, B. H.

Morford, A. S. Downs, Wm. Tweedle, George Haewslein, Andrew T. Shermau, Peter Peterson, T.

Kinersou. Hans Hansen, Jo.seph Waldhauser, J. S. Van Vechun, H. Stone, A.

Mouns, Andrew BLakir. George Aneward, Becfewith. Edwd Theodrie Sohlotzer, George B. Dunham, and others. OUSE AND LO ON DESH-AISES STn RICH BliOCATELLES, SATIN DE LAIXES, pi r.N it: Like -in- dii'in tu rt'iuf'tilKT that the Xtbraska qnestiou was fic(1 and tlwiy wiu notj matters where their own near West Market, 142 CALL AT 142 Lake Street.

And see the Bargains we are offering. 333.651 10,412 t.172 7,238 1,1111 644,949 2,860 313,011 .1,347.397 543,449 9,717 19,133 177 although Dyer and his friends experience guides them, be influenced by newspaper tho iiuly one at lno ilonv it. iiotise and Lot on corner of La Saile and Erie sirecs. Business Lot. on North Clark street, ai a very low ligurc.

Three 10 Acre Blocks iu section IVWOLF, MACLAY A QCIMBY, oclS-tf Randolph sireet (up stairs B. DoroLAss a Id 1 Stro l.tmilur Pal" GERMAN DE LAINES, WORSTED DAMASKS, COTTON DAMASKS, LACE CURTAINS, MUSLIN CURTAINS, EMBROIDERED MUSLINS, CORNICES, CURTAIN Kitrnrlor th hi thill 11 tions Owners of Real Estate Will be particularly benetited by plarin hcir lands with us lor sale, as is often pterin ed from the fact that iis market value is unknown out of us immediate neighbor- t'Ot'd. Capitalists will find favorable opportunities of realizing large returns by investing in rapidly improving Western property. Catalogues will be published from time to time, containing descriptions of property for sale. These will be delivered to applicants, gratis, or forwarded to any part of the conn- 343 2,017 67.4110 5,670.583 5,610,563 123,0311 7,919,940 17,012 91 1 ui Hit- I Thomns Dyrr.

Wool. Free to All. Phrenology at South Market Had I iirassseed I ACRES ON THE ARCHER RO.VD, jt near ftriehUtn mil ulder i itizena reculleet that in 150 Thomtis liver was eleeted a member of the Legislature by 'his and to-morrow evening by Prof. Palmej. Heads Thomas, Mftst-R M.

D. Ocoek. E. B. McCagg, W.

Caitte, head Live hog. Horses Sheep C. H. J.

J. V. 7. Blaset, and others. thp vntes ol' PeiU'iemts, Whigs and Free Soilers jr.

I t. 4.530 CM A.eree, iier ivu' two, mi uttuauu Plank Road, for sale by ii WOLF, MACLAY A QVIMPY. oetf) Randolph QO AAA ACRES OF CHOICE LANDS ontheUneof the liltnois Cen'rul UaU illetroit Free Pres. Do they recollect that while there he opposed a charter to the Michigan Southern Railroad to come Gentlkmbh I have received your very flattering invitation, requesting the usa ot my name, for Alderman of the Eighth Ward. I did not expect to be called out at Sua time but.

if vou believe, from my course in the Cit Council here L. 1). OLMSTED CO. janl5 BURR Late Burr, Watt- rman A Manufacturers of Waterman Russell's Patent Iron Strap IS I arks, BEG TO CALL THE ATTENTION OF SHIP Masters and Owners tn ihese superior Blocks. The peculiarity of these Blocks eiuwsls in the Strap passing through the inside oi' the Shell instead of runni'iiz amund the outside, thus makina it the neatesi and strongest block made, as the stain is entirely on the t-rup and pin, instead of on le strap.

The Block is very easily kept in urier, as by t-implv backing out th pin. the srrajt can he drawn, cleaned and replaced in a tew moments. Wherever these blocks i FX1 ox i 1 8 1 i $1 Si 1 i i If ii 1 1 ft 1 II BANDS, LOOPS, TASSELS, GIMPS, One -lrice Only, AT WEST'S Carpet and Furniture Warerooms, 197 LAKE STBIET 197 decS to this city? manipulated and advice free. LEVI J. NORTH, Dear Sib The imderfceueJ have marked with pleasuro and approbation your worthy efforts to contribute to the public recreation by tlie Aliment of a place of amusement in our midst conducted in such a manner as to grat ify Ihe faticy, without the taste or morals of the community, and charai-terised in its performance by a degree of talent rarely com road, in 'he l.ontiiies of Piatt aud Champaign Sai.1 lams are selected, and are offered in iois suit- purchasers.

D'WOLF, MACLAY A 'Property offered for sale will, fnr a small sum, be entered in our Catalogue and circulated gratis aU over the country. Buvi-r of ibe lilUiOi Centra! road Lands can avail themselves of the knowledge and experience of ilte late Land Aseni of the tTompauy to supply the tinea It of making judicious selections. Particular attention given to (he Payment of Taxes, ins Warrauts, Examini Land, aid to a General Land Agencv business. To facilitate the sale ef lands tensive arrangements are being made with responsible Local Parties at a distance wishing informatifti or desiring to tofore, that it will be id the interest of the Ward, and the city in ceneral. you are at liberty to use my name for said office.

Do they recollect that the people of Chicago were Chicago It a Hi) Tribune STE.O POWEE PRISTKC JOB OFFICE, (Under the charge of C. H. DiT.late of Buffalo.) Having perfected our arrangements, we art now prepared Io do all kinds of indignant at his course, and got up a paper instruct without distinction of party for, I believe that politics should never enter our Municipal Election, as it is altogether a local matter, and exclusive confined to the city. ing him to go for all toad charters desiring to come the State to Chicago, from the East, with three bined. V-rv respectfuliy, yours, Ac, testifying their sens, of your merita, they pLJJf QRNAJMENTAL PRINTING, purchase, by addressing us may depend upon taiaaul ana prompt atieutiun.

1 CHARLES M. PL PI thousand signatures, and that he disregarded it en ROBT. MALCOM. Agents 01 unions lajia del Randolph siren '-nd tlr IMPROVED FAliMSIN WILL XEAK JOLIET- Two of the best Farms in Will juuty, wo uav-e lor sale ai a very low price. D'WOLF, MACLAY IMBY, ne26 9S Ratid- dph street.

ARDENLNG LAND NEAR THE CITY, TO lease for a term ot years. WOI.F, MACLAY A yi'IMUY. oc2fi Randolph sircet, Lp Statrs. herehy tender von a complimentary benefit at the Amphi- tirely City Attorney. Cyrcs R.

Joses is a Can In a manner not to oe excelled by any Ottice lninew est. We can furnish at short notice II Do thev recollect that on learning tne above, the IMMENSE ATTRACTION AT THE GRE.1T caKI'ETHME, or on such evening as you may designate, assuring you ti nt they will exert themselves to render it worthy of jour didate for the office of City Attorney, at the approaching mu- CONCERT BILLS, i-iitzens got tip a petition with the names of from Late Laud Agent fur III. ent. R. 1 DAVH Micliigaa Land Agency, DETROIT.

M. COWELL No. 176, 2D have been used they have been highly a "proved ot. For prices and terms, apply to liCRIi A 114 South street, New York. X.B.

Having understood that some parties on the Lakes have been making blocks similar to onrs. We hereby give notice, that any blocks strapped with an inside strap is an infringement o'n our pavnt, and we shall prosecute not only the maker, but am person who -nay so made. Lignuinvitsp Dead Kves, Heartu aud Bulls' Eyes of superior Hiialitv, for at Low Prices. febail 2ta diverts and their wishes. nicipal election.

lengui- Street Commissioner Peter Rees is a Candidate fur Street Commissioner, in tlie South Division. teb2.s-td Beecher, Hollister Wilfeins, 133 1SD 13S LAKE STREET, UP STAIRS. POSTERS, HANDBILLS, CIRCULARS, PAMPHLET8. VISITING CARDS, BUSINESS CARDS, INVITATION TICKETS, WEDDING CARDS, suitaole tor ar- JLi 17-00 to $100.0) per acre, near the ci ttu'uty-six to twenty-eight hundred voters to the gislatiu-e to grant a charter to the citizens of hy which they might organize a company to build a railroad from this eity to the State line, southward, on whicit they might arrange with all B. R.


D. Delevas Ford, offers himself as a Candidate for Street Commissioner for the Soma Division of the City of Chicago, at the ensuing ANll I.I-r Vn i.t TEW STORE AND DWELLING HOU5E-- XT Very truly yours, James R. Hugunin, L. Darling, Wm. L.

t'hurch, Jas. L. Howe, Samuel Ashton. Wm. Wavman, Richard Hamilton, Jim.

H. Marfill. J. B. I'nderwood, J.

F. Horton, Jatne Xavier, H. -L SpauldinK, Andrew Uarvie, H. A. Mitchel, Wm.

Beis. UeorseW tiage, Lorenzo Fletcher. l'iiilip Hi'yne, L. D. Hoard, H.

Zimmerman. Wm. B. H. tSray.

I. Cook, 1, W. orbin, JaTt- Dittfy, Mas Mvcrs, D. WH-on, .1. A.

Kun-'h's, John C. Miller, M- K- TtuVy, .1. H. Fiter, Floyd French, ,1. A.

Il-dm. Alt s. II. Peters, 9 STORY), Jeflerson Avenue. I'ine and oiher Lands, Saw Mills, Ac, constantly on hand, at low prices, and easy terms, for saie.

Lands aud Farms throughout Illinois and Iowa, received for sale by ns, free of all charges, unless saies are effected (, oudence solicited. REFEliEaiCES. Rees A Kerfoot, Chicago; .1. C. Ynuehan, Ed.

Trib nne, Chicago; N. P- Ulehnri A Chicago W. S. Dnggs, Ales. H.

Adams, cashier, Detroit; L. 3H. Hubby, President r. A C. K.

Cleveland, Hon. John Croweil itaih Newkirk, Phila. A Nixon New York E. I- Coweil. Peiria.

janS5-ly POLICIES, BALL TICKETS, municipal election, and solicits the support of his friends XI North Clark street, to rent. Supplied with gas and water. Apply to D'WOLF, MACLAY at Ql'DiBY ,.,1 I'll' BILL HEADS, feb26.dtd and fellow citizens. dei Kat.dolpti street. Kastern companies to run into Chicago on, and sent several persons to Springfield to urge its passage It" they recollect that Thomas Dyer, then Kepre--a-atative tr im Chicago, and Chairman of Committee i Banks and Corporations, absolutely neglected and refined tu tiring the measure before the Legislature Do they not recollect the outburst of condemna- ogether with all sorts of ORNAMENTAL PRINTING, We hold ourselves always on hand and ready.

WRIGHT, MED ILL, DAY CO. Chicago, October 15th, lfSo. Aldekman 3d Ward Calvin D'Wolf is a Candidate for Alderman in the 3d Ward. feb21-td For Alderman in 7th Ward. Ezra Tay- Candidate for Alderman in the 7th Ward.

fe21-td RAILROAD LANDS IN ILLINOIS FOR To Messrs. Wm. L. Chtrcb, J. L.

Howe, Sam'l. Proposals for Stone. SEWEKAGE CoMMISSIOSERS" OFFICE, ChicagT, 111., Feb. 2.r!th. 1806.

FOR THE PURPOSE OF ASCERTAINING the economv of subsuming stone for brick in the upper portions of the five foot circular sewers (or the Cily. received at this office, until noon, on the 2tth dav of March for 12vW culne feet, uf 'ound and durable arcii stones, not ies Oian eight inches deep, and dressed sufficiently tn admit ot being laid in cou r-es on centering, good monar jomis, not over three qiuner of au inch thick No al owance for more than cidit inches in depth wiii be made in ilie measurement. Delivery of stone to be at such i ini on the River bank, between Chicago Avenue, Van Bnren street, and the huro -r piers, as ihe Commissioners shall iieiermia. Froposais will the earliest day tx commence delivery and now sion tlie whole quantity will be delivered. Each prposal lobe endorsed "Proposals for Satisfactorv set'urity for the iailliful performance of all con-Uacs will ne required.

The Commissioners ieserve the rif ht to rject any proposal at their discretion. Bv order of the Board. J- D. WEBSTER, Acturs Com r. THREE HOUSES AND LEASE OF LOTS, on Ies Piaines street for sale by oc30 MACLAY Q1IMBY.

ILVE RESIDENCE PROPERTY. WE have subdivided the beautiful itlock. e.r ter i.f Huron and Rtii-h streets, aod now oil ii very low. in lols t.i suit purchasers. For further particulars, applv to f.

il. KKP.FOtIT fehl Clara stieeL Urii acres In if randy ounty, 2 mwes irom ia-- anw $300,000 Wortli OF Carpets, Oil Cloths, Curtain Goods, Bedding, The only Honse in Chicago exclusively in the Carpet Trade. AT Ol'B Extensive Sale Rooms May be found an assortment of Goods in our line, eiceed-ng both in quantity aad style, i All others iu the City Combined. I We are constantly selling to Crowds of Buyer? the most ml. 1- i.

Jill ll. COOKE'S: 1, on tiic S. K. I. it.

n. 1 from EIw-od, on Uie 1T. iu Wiil Couniy, hU a in: Ill; r.pH-i.s-1 il r.i Miao vi Letters from the United States, Cana A. A t. Lotus ti.

k. 14441 acres enmliifO '-ouuiy, irom 10 tiur uum ti from everybody for this outrage upon his constituents Do thev not recollect that he was understood aud -n tho C. A. St. Louis ti.

R. Vshimt, Wm. Wavman, R. J. Hataiiton, r.

a. ni u. i i. Uoard, Floy .1 French, orse W. Gag and others (lEHTS Ia reply to your card tendering me a complimentary benetii.

ullow me to express my thanks for the highly fiatterlngnia liter in which you speak of my efforts to contribute to Uia amusement ol' the public, and to desisnite Monday, the 10th day of March next, for the purpose you I.F.VI J. NOBTIl. latin acres in i.itiuks'u'i iwiiht. ip'iii o-a Cardincr. on the A.

a.iti St. l.oiiis K. PROFITABLE INVESTMENT. WE acr- tn ciiiiiy, uiues iiui A Township Election in April. I dwis Clark is an Independent Candidate for re-election to the ofllce of Town Collector in the Town of South Chicago, at the ensuing Township election in April next.

For Alderman 5th Ward. John C. Miller will be an Independent Candidate for Alderman in the Fifth Ward, at the ensuing election. feb21-td For City Collector. Solomon M.

Wiix- sos respectfully announces himself as a candidate for the ofilce of City Collector, at the ensuing election. (he A. Loms k. U'li- 'i limn any a- in. win i.t in a lniiutt-4 ui ilsf in.

an till' are authorised to offer for sale, the oiilh half of No betr landf can touiio any n'-r- uiiii a.uA -2i sr- to. 16. at a verv low figure. i with haviug other objects to promote than the interests of this city and his constituents Have thev not reason believe that he will again ili-iejard his eitv and constituency if elected'? above. 1 he soli istwoieet ol bl u-K loam ana one 01 ipicsv.

ExcEU-tiOR. In adopting this motto, and un- yellow, both mixed wiin ana aim shih.i da and Cuba. One volume, 12mo, cloth, SI. Gov. Reynold's Life and Times, vol.

12mo, $1. III. Napleou's Secret Correspondence, 2 D. B. COOKE 4 feb22 135 Lake street, Chicago.

Statement OF THE ATLANTIC FIRE AND MARINE INSCR VXCE COMPANY of the City of Providence iu the Slate of Rhode Island, January 1, 1856. The amount of the Capital Stock is One Hundred and Fifty Thousand Dollars, all paid in. The assets of the Company are 2373 Shares of Rank of Commerce. Providence, par value, SI 18,650 market value .4 41 exeeiient wneai sou. D-u-a 13 unknown thickness.

Sale of Fort Dearborn Buildings, IVearty ihe wtH'ie 01 incise israu ir The attention of capitalists is repieswd, as there is room for a handsome pt oht be realised. S. H. KERFOOT A feljl ''lark street. IOR SALE.

A BUILDING SIT FAT ED ON Michigan slreet, between Wells and size by 40, and two s.ories high; piattred and oih v.i. with wat4-r above and below. Also uso ior Va year-, il mil ii. Ml I. ma or ni roiling urau-i'-.

iTiiian luun! not ietu than 160 acres, for either casW 4 I'YVK. HK'iNV I Jl- Elegant Goods ever brought to the Western Market, at LOWER PRICES, Than it is possible for any other House to allord. or on credit. The nu lcrsi-n1. m-'v pe seen ior a tew i tiw AND OF THE OLD STEAM DREDGE.

Office Geheeal SrrERtsTEsnEscE or Lake Michigan Works. i Chicago, Feb. 2d, 156. mom House, in Chicago; or letters addressed to him. at tiuen it is now renting for $40 per month.

Apply to For City Collector. George Anderson respectfully announces himself as a candidate for the ottice of City Collector, at the ensuing Municipal Election. Post otiioe, Livingston ounty, 111., wiu recede BAVlli tibonVi 11.L1E, Persona desiring any Articles in our line of buiiness, are Invited to Call and See our almost Endless Variety of Goods, ten'ion. Will the older inhabitants vote tor him for Mat or under these circumstances Can they trust him': might they to': Will the voters of recent times vote for him iu view of the above facts? If they desire the est interests of the city, lot them consult the old settlers. Ask it they think Dyer wants to do the duties.

faithfully, of Mayor, or whether he has not an axe to for himself or some party else. A Oli Settler. it, ureing our claims to the public we would assure' those whose attention it n.ay arrest, that we have pi iced it at the head of oar advertisement, fully impressed with the belief that we are entitled to It, as against cUlma of all others. It lias ever been, and ever will be, ur Pr de and ambition to secure the confidence of all taose who putroniie us. by sellin? thb irnsr GOODS at tuk lowest rntcis.

lim ing tlie past Win-er months, we have greatly ailabokd our HAM'rACTCBlc rAClurtF.s, and shaU be, thei-nsning season, in Ihe weekly receiptor DIS1KABLE and WM, KADI 8SASOSABLI GARMENTS, by I I- from uur maaufaeturing honsr in New York. KKE KKHttltll. Ortn jV7 As the lands arc his own, uo aeiay ior will oeenrin elfectinea sale. J- Vi.i.K. Si, ISM IVc.i i.

ti.l-UAl-il lllf .11 ni In, i'-' i lin- .1 hi. UUfti i I sliull I lily t.t 11 U. SEALED PROPOSALS WILL BE Received at tins tithee until Uie thinv-first day ol March, proximo, at ncn, for the purchase from United Mates, iseniv ihareafter. from the or1 00 i.i. iio being Dy tar uie largest Stock ever ExMbhed in Chicago, GEO.

H. CLARKE. EsSK B. THOMAS. Clark Thomas Shares tilob Bank, rroviuence.

par market value 200 Shares Coouuen'al, Providence, par value, mai-ket value 1-- Cash on hand aud in the hands of agents, or m.i persons Bills Receivable lor Marine Premiums Dearborn reservation, oi me nuiowiug ouiumiga u-u XTEIIY CHOICE HErilHESCE LOTS. SUISft, ro tier Kits' an-! Siipi rior streets, with native Fob Street Commissioner South Division. LAWRENCE at the solicitation of his friends, will be a Candidate for the office of Street Commissioner of South District, at the ensuing election, and solicits the sup wh MtMin streets and alleys. feblttd 31,722 05 84 No. 1.

the Old Drica nouse, lormeriy uui ri 4tiai loreattree-. iru. bv 35 feet. SltxiyO. (MS! ll-on'.

oi. ai'ii-ii for W6 per foot. i. 30 Sn. 2.

The old wooaen ouuumc easi oi uie iui uxi nnartm HI hv 2D feit liOts maraeu REAL ESTATE AND LAW OFFICE, No. 4 Metropolitan Block. K. CLARKE. and Commissioner for Wisconsin, Iowa.

Indiana, chio and t'ennsyivania. LOTS NEAR AMKP.ICAX CAR WORKS. corner Co tage iirove and Southern Avenue, fnr on time. oa Mvriek Avenue, tor $17 per lout, on time. 5.sXii, in bloc on Fririe and lndiaua Avenue, $3,000, NOTICE.

Our SALES and DISPLAY ROOMS are at 133 and 137 LiKB STREET, rjp STAIRS, -e BEECHES, EQLLISTER WILEISS. oc3 itna Runks or other 0. 3. me OIU t7tiAiir, (Ji.av, Lake Ice We learn that the Crystal 1. Company are now reatlv to receive ortlrrs bah Arenne to the Lake, al rorn t.i per mediately soath of No.

bit fty a leet. Onr trade is not contiuea to any part nruim but cmbrai-. the sstike RAsolorTHK Clotuisg aCSINESS, an! in oiu- siock wUl be found the finest and mow rASHi1.1t-abu, as well as meoicm QOAltilKa. to the making up of which, the greatest personal attention has been given, so that our motto shall apply to every article. illl'.

So i he ola wooaen mcers anu sotuiera uanoo-a, For City Surveyor. We, the undersigned, recommend SAMUEL S. GREELEY for re-election as City Surveyor, and hereby signify our full confidence in his pro fessional skill acd fitness for that office 1 -ii (ipl ing our itiens with their pure ice. Orders m.y lie left at Xo. Dearborn street, tit stall No.

11 No. Tbe oidwioden carpe-iiters' shop, formerly officers' 1'U 1 vn-- or nil rov ol' Ttie I .1 11 I fin uff I iiipti'vi thf A-rowth il.LTON. M.D., Chemist. iVt4." IMPROVE VOl" It El ESI till 1. quarters, south ot 3So.

4: size ty ai ieei. 1 ThU Wmt hmi biuh of hewn lotrs. 39 bv 30 ft Street Market, and at Xo. North Pearlwrn iediiors by the Company (paid since) 15,500 00 Lnuiea adjusted and due, nothing. Looses adjuRtd and not due paid since) 5WU Claims not adjusted, waiting proof, nothing.

All other elttiins aginst the Company are small, such only as ordinary conunijent expenses. The greatest amount insured in any one risk by instruction to aente, not to eed Five Thousand Dollars. The areatest amount to be insured in any one city or village is not fixed. We are governed by the character of buildintfs and Uie facilities for extinguishing fires. ATKINSON LESTER, Steinberg laidor, G.

Braun, J.S. Mechlins, PARIS treet, with Messrs. Webster and Baxter. house, 15 by 16 feet. p3 BiQ.

1 tie ntllK auu uiitciiiiirTrj nuu uo n. 1 A 1 tv I ww H. LiOwenstem. Hiock corner Bnena Vista, on time CLAKivr. TttnWA, i MetmpoU Ki.jfc.

4" NEW STORES, WITH LOTS. ON STATE STKKKT, near Kidndc' Coaru lor ct-up. CLAKKk. A MHOMa. teb25 Block.

We also learn from a reliable source that the the old steam dredge boat, lying uau.ed up nonii-easi u. fr boitle Lake A Brown, OPTICAL ESTABLISOjIEXT, anuly The extent of onr sales and the cash system, enables us to offer uk bat iskocemests in the way of low rmctj, which v. ill he found a considerable per centaste less than ara usti ally charged for goods of equal or inferior quality. In a w.rd, it is our determination to yield to no competi.i.m, either in ih quality of our goods or in the soDEHATtos of OCR charges. iThin ia nt.t urea -e ooat uuwtocawruicusu amount of iee stored in the Company's House at the Wbuteale and Retail Dealers to Dress, Cloali.

and Mantilla, r-i cnicAjK, Like is very large, quite sufficient to answer the demand that may be made. All those jiersons who Now 'rk Liyi'Il- 11A1U care tnnue m' Insurance taken in Mocks of Buildings, and particular neighborhoods or sections of a eity, that no onebre snail subject the Companv to loss 01 more Uiaa Ten Tuous na The bid- must be specified in writing, wim the bidier's name and residence, for each item separately. I ebus toheuaid on a notification that the bid is accepted; trie ki.itarB and the hulk of old steam dredse, to be s.neh I Phhln WO RENT, FROM MAY 1ST. MUCK TRDDELXGS, FRINGES, GI3ITS, 1-YE. 'titract with the company will be regularly supplied Hire irtUCU Lrjstui, I House, on are.

removed by ihe purchaser clear off ihe Fort Dearborn reser- The hereby certity that the foregoing is a just and correct statement of the affairs of the Company, to Paniel McIIroy, Clazburg, H. Friedrich, T. Grunewald, Ogden, Jones S. H. Kerfoot Lewis Stave Russell A Trabue, F.

Hathaway, F-dwo. I. T.nkham H. Tucker, Geo. A.

Gibbs, David Lee, A. H. C. Burlev, F. H.

Benson (5o. Smtih A James H. Rees. N. P.

Ielehart Staples A Sim, N. S. Benton, Otto Matz, Van Osdel A Bauman, Joseph Creole. CLARKE THOMAS. 4 Metropolitan Block.

and with ice eoual at least in quality to that shown a1ECTACIa.Is. COBDS AND TASIffllLa, BUTTONS, ETC, ft nee of the bid or bids, otherwise to revert back the m.ed J. NuammoD, Isaac N. Arnold, J. W.

Wansbop, Edwin La-a John Evans, Braunhold A Sonne, Geo, W. Lay, Isaac Speer, James Long, L. Hoard, John Y. Farwell. W.

L. Greenieaf, Walter Kimball, W. Chicke injr, Tharkts R. Sheldon, John A. Cuiler, Wm.

H. Maute, John B. Gerard, States. withiut any resu-muou uy ujUu. t.

the streets. It has been asserted that this company will not be aide to sup ply the full quanti ISicIi Embroideries, t4dreaswiTOUga nicagu Peoiosals for Public Buiidincs-" everal bids by Uie same TJUEE AND FINE FRENCH BI-CONVEX and Bi-Cotieave Crystal Glasses, set to line (iold, SUver aud Steel Bows. shall aiso keep a foil and elegant assortment or 1. i.s-ti.emb.n KcitsiSHlsG Ooods, direct from the manu'ac-i irirs. Puriicitlar attention is given to thia department, and it will be foiutd worthy a careful eiaminattun.

A call is respectfully solicited, lnm those who are about to order their Spring outfits. lirPES, 9 Claks Street, Ol.d P. O. Boiuhug. mlr4 OSK PKH'R OXLY 1 8.

MAURAN, President, B. Stetf s. Secretary. AmiToit's Office, Statu of Illinois, ttpringfield. Feb.

2tHh, lS5t WHKKEAS, The Atlantic Fire and Marine Insurance Companv, located at Vrovid-snce, in the State of Bhode ties they contract for. We are authorized to state White Good, Thread, Houiton and Smyrna JS" i any oth-r i with it. Thy proi'e- i' i iv or Hair 1 it-K. mttoiie, itud that long 'In- tcnil it will not fadi chan ii'lnr dyt" it iU etlwct upon th i i ni' ni tkini the hair harsh, it rca-: 1-t A an.l actable. UH beanti- t.

HUNT. O- VIU. O. II. IJRODUCE AND C( MEK-caANTS, corner North Water and La.

Saile iiicapo. 9t Advances made on roneipnmentB. Befer to Edward I. Tinfcnam Smith Pollard, iii.dCooly. Wadswonh A Chicago, 111.

Ira liaker that this is uutrue. and that every contract mill be wm WW jr IE? 1 feb-tdoi4 yupennienimg engineer, ftc. Fure Urazil una scown rt-ooi PerSS.Sc priuciple, set in tine Gold. Silver, ami Steel bows. vlii 5 ov

Keadins and Magnifying Ulassea. MUM 1 fulfilled. The well known wealth and position of mji.1 tor long Island has filed in tnis oniee a siaiemeiu. oi me connt-f, it Btrnira- a required bv An act to regulate the and" short selected to sou the eyes, according to OR ATS AGE PIPES, the partners iu the concern is ample guaranty that all tae exact prtreipies me agencies of Insurance Companies not incorporated by the Titir.i arvriT-nvwi Fehruarv 17. 1SSS and whereas i' .) uriii ustti the skin.

The ftewerage Omce, Chicago, Feb. 19, 18S6- CLOSING OUT SALE. inUama'tion imauiosis, partial or toiai Wtodnesa, et cetera. Uaiestmrs, Joftn li. oear i.uriiu-:wa, St.

johnMtx. liyroa, ill. Parfc hiUn-r, Bloom ington. 111. L.

Ue lour, Hi. ARTIFICIAL FLOWERS, BD3B0SS, HOSIERT, ULOYE3, CORSETS, Fob Cnr Attoenet. J. B. Underwood will be a Candidate for CHy Attorney, at the ensuing Municipal cured and strengtn ana a Paris Optical EsiabUUiaeBt tcii Randolph SEALED PROPOSALS W1LLBE RECEIVED till noon on the nh dr of March next, for SIX HlL-.

hnrni RllIt'KS. of the ordinary funn HEAVY WINTER CLOTHI N-G, AT COST. 1T ok 1R. CUILTtN. til- prepared hy Mr.

J. feblWd' election. opfs Pernerives, Jewelers and Walcfemakera-a tilasaes t'aeir coutractswiU be tultilled. We have seen the Crystal lake and the operators the company, and the immense quantities already stored there, and there can be but little doubt of their being equal to the task assumed. The ice t.iken from Crystal Lake cannot be exceeded for purity and solidity by any in the Union.

hems properly prepared snd size Mid for FtJCH MILHiSS, similar in quality and said Companv has furnished sausfactory evirteiice that it ptriseisid of the required amount of invested in stocks m(rLgages, and has filed in this office a written instru-mem. signed bv the President aad secretary thereot; appoint inc B. Irouas urv, ol Chicago, its agent tor the transaction of the business of said Company, and fully and unreservedly authorizing him to acknowledge service of process for and on bnhalf of said Company, consemiug that service of process upon him, the said aacnt, snail be taken and held be as valid as ii served upon the Company, and waiving all claim nvir tlo pnrpos fr which it is in size, but weagts luriuto, iaicua iu a or lone alahte persons residing al a distanc re- SKIRTS, PEXTOlV ttOBIXSON, Successors to Hrinckerhoii kVntoii. "IT THOLES ALE DRUGGISTS, SOUTH WATER STREET, would the atienuon 'i ihe Trade to thir exi-nsive stock now iu store, eoiit-is-ing ol Medicines, Patent Medicines, Ate. fcblS The Si-BricniBER, in order to make room for a vrry heavy s.uck of Spring titHuis, now bii manutae ttire will, on and after to-day, oBer the balance of his slock ot Ovkr Coats, Talmas, Heavy Cassimere and dram- n-u, Cuiwa, M.

CUemi Stiectaeles, aud noi beine able to i-ersonany, ii 1 iiieaU observe ihe Nl SliiER OK INt'HKR their eyes are distant from this pauer while readtn the accompanying Ladies' and Misses' Silk and Merino Vests, FRET of sraooai. and glased cylindrical sl enMeman well known For Constable. Ctrcs Keeli announces himself as a Candidate for the ofttce of Constable In the 3d Ward, at the ensning Municipal election. U13 For Colllctor. F.

A. Bragg announces himself as a Candidate for the office of Collector, at the ensuing Mnnicipal election. I feb13 fnrm tm1 mmiiiv tTrelve inches in diameter. lu'i-riTritmd bv a rinii or collar tor the thr any other cert itV remarks wire oa wunui 1 ina.iu know and I will supply item with specwues or of a proper power io suit their sight GENTS' UNDER SHIRTS AND DRAWERS, Woolen Goods, Hoods, Comforters, RigoleU, MITTS, JACKETS, ioinL. four inches loue, of eual thickness and -trpng ti to snarnnty of tlie genu TSoih l.rMNKSS Coats, and Wisteb Vests, at Cost.

TUp well known superiority ol these Goods in quaUty, Pty aiin QhUu. and the GKEAT RBDUl'TMBT IN' PRICES, should induce evn those who re not immediately in want, tnav oi ui t- i nrith attiwH tor pus nicti bonse drama. Ontician and Graduate of the Optic Occuliwie Colleges dX-ii of ienua and 1'aris, ol error ov reason oi sucn wrvu-e. Now, thekkfoue. In pursuance of the provisions of the act i aforesaid, Thus.

H. Campbell, Auditor of Public Accounts of the of Illinois, do hereby certify that the said W. B. Lounsbury, is authorized as an asent foi the said company, to transact the business of Insurance in this State, until the thirty-first dav of January, in the year eighteen hundred and fiity -seven, so far as he may be legally empowered so to do by said company. In testimony whereof, I have hereunto subscribed my i ami retail, by t'-tiN, ti Wa.rit, street.

New York. 1 he collars aod junctions, must be included in the price Mer fnnt for the uiDes. detailed drawings may be seen at this ZEPHYR AID TAPESTEY WOESTED t08 JD h- Janesville City Bank, JANESV1LLE, Wlat-OSslX. THIS ASSOCIATION, ORGANIZED UNDER the General Banking Law of the Stale contain, to transact a legitimate Banking business all us di-part- Pariciuar attention paid to collections, and proceeds promptly remitted at the curreut rate of eictiange, witooii; charge for commission. HKNEY B.

BREWSTER, President. to call and examine them. Tlie attention ol Customers and lite Public generally respectfully invited. Specimens 01 me nnas uu i deposited with the Commissioners bat. if not, ttul desenp- Candidates Withdrawn.

The following gentlemen, we are authorized to state, have withdrawn from the Municipal contest. Voters will bear them in mind and not throw away their votes. P. A. Bragg City Collector Messrs.

Tearsouand Kord -Aldermen in the Second Ward Mr. Witbeck Alderman in Fifth. I'rop Mr. Hubbard Alderman in the Ninth Ward, and Mr. S.Prescott, is announced.

J. a Underwood, City favor ins oi meir si utAiii-s. a infill K. rcivfd irom anv one party, tar It. K.

Swift Bankers, CHICAGO ILLINOIS. For Cnr Attorney. At the request of many friends, MURRAY F. TL'LKVwUl run as an Independent Candidate, at the March eltion, tor City Attorney. For Police Magistrate.

At the solicitation of ma-iv friends, the subscriber is Induced to offer himself aa a candidate for Police Magistrate at the ensuing Municipal Election, and solicit ''x" ettisens, iiu.iuitturrr prices. Chinelle, Canvass, Patterns, Coinmenced SLIPPERS, jv.vcv Goons, SHELL, HORN, AND RUBBER COMBS, HAIR BRUSHES, MOHAIR JET BRACELETS, une, ami antxeu toe seat 01 my omce, a. jpniigneu, uiih 3Dth day of February. A. P.

TIIOS. H. CAMPBELL, Audisor P. A. Agency, 77 Randolph stree', corner of Dearborn street.

W. B. LOUNSBURY, Agent. less, than 250 thousand brick, or ten thousand feet of pipe. Those proposing to furnish more than one million ol bricks, or thirty thousand feei of pipe, are revested to 1'U othS quantities, less than the greatest amount they propose AH IS dii.

ib. dav thev can be- I I'HAKMAr GOID JLD SETEB FRINGES, T1SSEIS, LACE, ein to dehver bricks or pipes, and how soon the whole ifn, H-ill tu. fitrninhed. 's t'Kvra aid Aut'K Exchanite and Credits on New York, Boston, Philadelphia. Baltimore, Washington, New Orleans, and principal Ue- of t-auada, England, ScoUand, Ireland and Ccmunen-ImI Earope.

The undernamed Houses in London grant credits on the undersigned Messrs. It ititst; Bros. A amouui p-Mala fnr Ttrick." or STIES, kt. Ac, FOB HEC1LUS. WINDOW SHADE, SIGN AXI) ORNAMENTAL PAINTING, febl.

1116 Wells street, trader Colby Hoase. DR. E. EKSENPCTSCH. "1 LECTIO PHYSICIAN, SURGEON AND Crrr Attorney.

John A. Thompson, City eiaca rroiosai oc "SStflctorv ftecaritv for the faithful performance of all THE followins certificates are among numerous others which he has received ti-oin the most disUuguiaied and scientific men Columbia N. May 11, 1S50 Dr Rosenberg Sir I have received the Eye Glauses which I ordered at vour esiablishment, and seiecied bv your advice They are of a and perlecily adapted to niv siuht. I think ihe French Crystal in clearness and ouru'v of material far surpasses any I have tor-inei-lv ued- I can now read by their aid the Qnest print by candle lishi with ease. I am, sir.

yours AiAKliJ. VAN B1.KES. Banlc. IaOcWs, BXKS AND ALL OTHER rNSTITUTIONS reoiiiring reliable ieenrity, are invited to eiamme Liliie's Patent Combination Locks hetore purchasing. These celebrated Iks are now the principal Locks purchased and relied upon hv the largest banks, and nearly all others in the cities of NeV York, Philadelphia and Baltimore.

Also, in Trov Svraeuse, Rochesier, Oswego, and Bunalo, they have liken the place of all other kicks, whose proprietors are eonslantlv publishing cert ncates long since given, and from banks where at present the locks are not naei ALSO, Liliie's Patent Chilled Iron Safes and Loeks, i- mH Msnai to Banks. Bankers and all others requiring MrfsectStyaauSlire or thieves. Thirty thousand SSlarTworS Thave 6 shipped to tbM market the past S-arlv la soM. They are perfectly safe against reason, and nearly -M. ATKINSON 4 LESTER.

Attorney, will be a candidate tor re-election at the ensuing t'. Lake street. ocl7 10, KVi ijivpn hy ii. Sm t'ity. 'it thnt il eontaii.ed siryi'liiiinp, and h.v- contract? will be required.

Munic palelectioo. The Commissipuers rescicu.c of M. F. Tuley. The Magazines fob March.

Messrs. McXally A Theatre Building, Dearborn street, have Prr-n vn, Household Words, and the School Fkllow March. These are unusually interesting numbers and will of ccure 1 read and appreciated. Co to McNally's to purchase. The latest Metropolitan journals will be found there.

tospos asd Wsstsiihstke Kakks. Lotsbury. Messrs. Corrrs ft Co. Persons resiilini; in the interior of England, Scotland or posal, at tneir mscreiio.

1 Aeroiclir nr. Hliee. Washington street, corner of vi ens, gives particular notice, that he nearly always cures he most pertinacious chronic diseases of multifarious kind, and numerous complaints ot the female system as well as To tbe CrtiZBNB op Chtcago. Mr. George GLOSSM-a win be a Candidate for Mayor, at the ensuing SAMUEL LIGHTBODY, Vice President.

JOSIAli T. WltlUHl, Cashier. nErss ro People's Bank and John Thompson, New York City. Citv Bank, Boston. Wisconsin Slarine and Fire Insurance Co.

Bank, MU- WMariue Bant, Exchange Bank, Ft. K. Swift A Chicago, Lucas A Simmons, st. Louis, Mo. Gilmore 4 Brolherton, Cincinnati, Onto.

Jan2fe ttn-ns-nl, THE OLD ESTABLISHED NORTHWESTERN INSURANCE OF OSWEGO, T. INCORPORATED IN I8S2. Capital, -U In 1SO.OOO, with A scttn.r. Issues Policies against Fire or Marine Loss, and pay Losses at then- old office. in.lilce.l J.

P. WKBFTER, Act'g Comm'r. i I ha ills of Uns CUT Spring Klecuon, suoj--- 1 TTfiARS 100 HHDS. NEW ORLEANS SU- tbe mate svstem- by aieaas ot au tuaenlicai rAocess, which forces the medicine through the pores of the skiu, and the organic structure, directly to the root of the 1MJP I E. J.

SCHWARZ, FASHIONABLE jj FRENCH, Shirt Store, WHOLESALE SLX AND RETAIL. No. 137 Randolch street, opposite the Court Douse, AR. 100U oba. Kenneo ana i lannea ue WILLIAMS, THOMPSO A Ireland, desiring to reatit money to their friends in the estern States or Terrtt ories of the nited States, can do so by lodging their money with the nearest bank, and requesting the tcanager to procure, either of Mess.

s. Baring Bros. Messrs. Coats ot of the London and Wesunin- For Street Cosohssioxbr. At trie request SS-Ulll.

K11W 21 South Water St. It Ami i.i wh.mi I It li' be Vai; VIIKATtiN an.AT Kmothrhs. ami ja21 OALS. LINSEED OIL, 2.000 2,509 Winter Bleached Lamp Oil, disease. Hours for ennsultatton from 10 to o'clock A.H., and fTtim 3 to 4 o'clock P.M.

Crystal Lake Ice. THE CRYSTAL LAKh ICE COMPANY are preparrd to furnish the people of Cnicago with a pure article of Ice, from Crystal Lake. Families and others who liave once had the pleasnre of p.nd. niivf. nnme.

of Many Friends, the Subscriber offers himself as a Candidate for the office of Street Commissioner of the South Dlvi-aTtbe next Mnnirirl Election. JOHN EG AN. janal Id For Constable. L. G.

Hager will be a Candidate for the office of Constable Second Ward, at the enso- 1SXIS A CO. For sale by For the Chicago Tribune. Card. 4t an adjourned meeting of the Board of Physi- i.uitiud Surgeons of the Chicago Homoaopathtc Hospital, held 00 Saturday evening, March 1, tUe loliowiug Preamble anj Resolutions were uuant- thieres enio.lylre.frm dampnesu -e. bavTnl star Bank, a Letter of Credit lor uie amount pajuio Chicago, in favor of the person in the" Cnited States, to whom they wish to remit money, which Letter of Credit will be cashed by the undersigned at Chicago, or.

If required, can be made available with any of fie correspondents of the undersigned throughout the United States or otherwise, a utit tha imdersurned. w.lfc RECOMMENDS HIS ELEGANTLY AR-RASOED Store, in which are to be found every variety of Shirts, White and Colored Siik and Woollen ln-dirSSte and Drawers. WooUen. Cotton and Fancy t-tock-togrnne and common Pocket Handkerchief Neekerebtet. everv eokir and ouality Cravats of Silk, Merino, Ac rrnhr.llaii and all other kinds of GenUe OILED CIDER, A VERY SUPERIOR SAYRS.

54 A 36 Slate street. n'eSSdtol hereof anybiuMing, can be exchanged at soy of our agenda by paymg the expense Article, for sale by vue a. Southeast Corner of Clark and South Water sts Iebl5 irg Municipal Election- using an nnmixea article, ana r-reler to receive pure, ana flavor according to taste, will please leave their orders at the ofilce of the Company, 1st door north of the Fost ottice. Dear of repainting. WOELD'S SAFE COMPANY, 5a 21 Dearborn street, Chicago.

WHITE. Agent. 11.1,.: 1 tr.MB the comer money may nf nnblln National Bank of oi Keoiie', man's Furnishing Goods, at exceedingly tow prices. Through advantageous purchase in the bast, la en jyll crio lyia I ooru street, and they can rely upon being supplied a ita provincial Bank of Ireland, DnDun sauonai ice, from Crystal Lake, rctularly, during the coming uputslv adopteo the noWe generosty of the Ut. Rev.

Ttiomas M. Clark, D. of R. the riolivoTMi bv him on Tuesday J. Do rcb ester Jnypector.

TVTORTH SIDE PROPER 11. tazj ftui front on Lasalle street, by 108, to an aUey, includin. the corner of Chicago Avenue and Laaalie, in block 4, Bush hell's Addition. vmnrvn abled to sell at prices mat win eiy wmi. season, and at moderate prices.

For Street Commissioner, S. D. D. C. Haw- LETiris a candidate for the ata of Street Commissioner for the South Division, at the ensuing city election and asks the support of all those who think experience has qualified him for that omce.

Jna8 OrteVr everV iLZ oCS. received, and promptly For sale or ATMENTS IN NEW YORK NOTES, ACCEPTANCES, 8 Wells street. Wessrsl Guion No. 1 Tower Chambers, Liverpool. MAM ROTHSCHILD A SONS, ERANKFORT, O.

FRKKES. PARIS, oei LADIES' SKIRT CORDS, Also, Ladies' Corsets, OV ALL STYLES AND SIZES, HHDS PRIME OLD N. O. SUGAR, eiIa2oaeaa attention to a general assortment of articles for Genaett "I'Jiln 50 10D maiunnm. thai ihe treated her.

re truly 1.. at her i.tliee, will 'u''' andftesamto be WgeUwBlbe paid by the nndersigned E. HBjrPSTEAD. For sale by evening last, at the First Presbyterian Church iu eity were devoted to tlie charities of the InsU-t-te under our management, therefore RmoW, That in behalf of suffering humanity id of the cause of Homoepathy, we hereby tender our wannest acknowledgments to the Kt. Reverend and gratefully inscribe his name as a ben-e at tt of the Institution.

whose favor the tame may he advised by Tlie Disputed Territory. PRIOR TO THE COMPLETION OF THE Railroad from Chicago to the interior of the State, Uie trade ef Central Illinois was laoeopoliied by Louis, attract this trade, which, by force ot eustom. t-t. Loms sull relatos, the business men of Chicago must makethemseives known, and there is no advertising medium so (ood as the ILLINOIS STATE-CHROSICLE, PohludiMl at Decatur, and which has an estensive cireula-HMta Macon. Pbt, Moultrie, Do Wiu, Christian, Shelby.

Awtres. Publisher 111 Shite Chronicle, MRS. HARVEY 84 Lake street. Crrr AttorskT- are authorised to state, thatl. F. Vara to named as the People'. Republican Attorney, at theensuing to the person in Just received at jaa2Hf France; XootA. nfciei SAtorge an fine selection of Portmonnais, Poeket Book. and other useful things, are constantly on hand. CaH therefore, ai 13J Bandoiph at.and eramrne for the Bank er House reeeiving the same.

.1 ..1.4 tslrian be taken ITT Sit Dated on Erie Street, between Piue and Island Sts. to give th plain and Particular care shoal. House contains Kooms, nrsi-rau c. eow IVot Exactly Burnt Out. Municipal whose favor the Letter of aheda, Ac Lot 25X100.

full address of the person in niu ws- MONEY FOR ACCOUNT OKDKBED BY TELEGRAPH. Excliaiige for Sale On the principal Cities of the UNITED STATES, CAN AD AS, AND ECBOPE. R. K. SWIFT CO Bankebs.

Chicago. Feb. MSi.wlmTg CLARK PICKEBIXO. Wells st Fnn Of MARSHAU-Calt. J.

W. CoNNETT is ftov il. nractieabie the Signature ana I Li A lAlt lXiti JH TtUS REMOVAIa. tutotvtd, 'l uat a copy of hia rnotograpiuc uae- occasion, with a good crosnect. at 26 9 below rero.

creattarequwav-, be I TT w. f.vor the ctedit to to ODEY FOR MARCH, J-UK SJULt. ax lie obtained and placed In the office of the No-1 C.irlence OI IU" i'- I me oesi sei iremen uw bvctiqwibi orw Mo. KeM t. along with the order tor the I Bovs ever be remembered with gratefiU thanks), the Itest set nf Firemen that ever maned a break feb9-u58-Sm a 1.

r- r. A. r. r. WlLiaAH BOLTON, X) EYNOLDS, ELY 4 CO.

HAVE REMOVED ana 1 and am ana atvd. and 14S Lake street. candidate for the office of Cty Marshal, at enso Municipal ElectjoBj WtlliaTB- IL Gray fa a Candidate for EIArtlon. iiuniuuu, nun mai urn autogtapn rte retjuestcu append thereto. issued, soouto w.

I happv to say, we are now pranared to furnish the ILVER LEVER FOR $10 AT I to their A ew Blocs, best of Pinners. tetter of Credit trniiiiues oraw THOsTPSOS'i BOXES SOAP FOR SALE BY E. HBMPSTEAD. afUHTRa Emltroitltties, Wiit Goods, Ltifn and HositTy, Kt wired. That the above resolutions be puttUshed in the dailv navieiMnf Corner of Sontii Water st.

Michigan Avenue. 5QQ CASKS CODFISH. ac Cclle'on Of Inneniance, ors I oysters, emson. c- servea up aouoie quick ume. 50 Citv Marahal, at the asaie on Qreat Britain, ooiao.

so Bases no GOLD LEVERS, CHEAP, AT THOMPSON'S. janlSd J.atnwf, aad tiutt a written eopv sisned by each 1 and Aeeoonta, iMiDna lOO DDrr- t-fiTJ MARCH. FOR SALE BY 50 Can- BAGS PIMENTO. RKTSOLDS, ELY A Corner South Water street and Michigan Avenue. Canada, and the ata Ior MabshaiS.

P. Putnam is awu ue ninilsOfil IU niSIlOfl VUAra. ILVER LAPINES FOR 8 AT OLD CHAINS AND SEALS, AT "X7HOLESALE FURNITURE AND LOOK- oS of City Marshal, the eruing Municipal Crrr ianlt-dd THOMFStlM'S, tsn UJULAM, M. Sec y. Cukafeo, ifareh 1st, lxi.

TMOrStlTS. fclUMlU 1 m. iv'A a IU ArHlilTjD ImiiArtAn: 11 IVk ITI 9 1 MAY i-f BBLS. CREAM TARTAR, II 1 a Keg, Bi. Carb.

Soda, LM CrtMind Ginger, febj fillW ry. Brlui Ireland, and Class Pbuea, Hair Sealing and Plush ManuiKturers of easily be acquired by using ihe Balm of a Thousand tIUa EXHIBIT ON MONDAY, MAEClt TnaaniHceuv a-Krtmtnt the abov atI "MSTni -iihlXSloi tu ie oAuuJWh. febiT-tey. 1J. H.

ttUUal iWrttVCfi AND COMMISSION MVTl Jisjutli ler su-eel, iuwaso. orner u4 aiaj a -a. ESKS. DESKS. COUNTING, AND ALL other kind? of leks.

IchotsdTstpetee, D1 Tratretera tfc. I Lent's mmj-'''u, (Wim Dm under- owers." AliiletltlinGans 25 Tone tm LOO) Tartaric Acid lliilsierv ana t-aoine. ahafK tiffioe Furniture of all descripUoca, wholesal and feM.041 SSSSkk sbreet Case ridcKEE, CO Continental Kuropc, KT, ro Bankers. I Hiock, "Havtnarket Square, Boon- K- 1F1 "xhe created care takea in Packing Goods, for transport 1 CASES POLISHED BELGIAN IRON, IU mrle by WM. BLAIH A -t AA BBLS PRIME N.

O. 11 It 9 A Corner of South aier stree: and Michigan Avenue. fobS lieynoida 4 Ely's Block. sale by 11 Sonth Water street. 11 South Watar treet.

lor al by ine uimoA oiiigence uiuut3MSBu, au ai icDia retail, widi a large and ttuduouahle aasoruaent nf Parlor andt Chamber Funuiura, at riNERTY lalFBEUiSTEIVE, 1M UaiiraiAlu reu fort feb Tor tenia TTESZm STREET PROPERTY, NORTH I IV Sale, 20 feet front ir1.4 toraa REEMAN'S DIGEST. FREEMAN'S HAi 5 OR OTHERS, HAVING veal. -TFXEENHaDWRED WtcP I n. rnnrriT bkysoi-ps, kltUl- rrr; unras' rosin, I rtfa tavci tion, ffvf" AIM'S a. oone eveniuKa, 1 UVi RainaliUnh strMtt- 1SF in Albert OeuitiT, Rlaekmara Irwta il, Chwafn; RiWtsoii.

SS I 1. I Clark 4 ISUsell, Ullluiaue, SUUnuii rT tj' nriiw Sift. writinf or book keeper, by addreas- -r KEEN A LEE. For sale by can have the servicea PANACEA, FOR SALE BY ing boa UtA. jeb2i A xjsb, rAAon a w.

i.s 11. P- Irwin, Sodu i'oiui, kora. Kpju, ijjy, 1 Chicago, March lst Sec'y..

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