The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 21, 1948 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, May 21, 1948
Page 8
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TEN (A**.)' COUNTER WEWS CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION MUy rmt« m*s ILu lor o<uu«cuUv« La- IKI Um«« p*t Jln« p*r d«y ,,..,. lit I tLm«* per lint i>«r day ftc I tlwi* p4r lln* p«Hr day ...... Tc U time* p«r llu* per day ...... ic Womb p*r lin* We Couot flv* »rera£* wordi W th» line Ad ordered (or three or *U times *mJ ktopp*d before «plration will be chanted for the number of time* the wl appeared and adjustment of bill made. AU ClA&nlfled Advertising copy »ub- mltUKl bf penoiu reeldlUK out*itie ol tbe city nausi be Accompanied by cash' R*t«c may b« ***Ur computed from t^« atx>Y« t&ble. Adrertlciuc order for Irregular Icwr- Uons lakes the on* titn* r»U. «o rMpoaslbillij wm b« uke. for mm* thtm one Incorrect lawrtIon 01 •ny clmlfi«0 »d. Ail fed* *r* reMrtct*d to their oropei clasftltlcsulon. ityLe nud tlP* The Courier rewr*«* th« ri£Ul to Mil or reject my *£. Notice W? wish la express our appreciation of [he kfmUiess sncj tlio<tg>(ft<ll- neKS of our Jrlends liere And In Cootor. Missouri In Lite death of otir hinitier mid uticle,' Henry Bosw«U. Mrs T D RoFiv,-")! niirf Inmlly Mr. K. E, Boswcll Mr. J. E. Boswcll • Apartment For Kent Two room ' coti^Re f iiriitstied. No children no j«ts. Phone 2046. 5'lB-ptf Three room Inrulshetl apaLiinont. Mnt« Sired. Conpl* only, nriH ^5, X<ra. Edgar Borum. Plion* :tn:i. Thr«« room* partially fnnilBhcd • pertinent Mlih private baiti. Couple onl)-. 224 ttougnn. 3-21-ptc-24 Household Goods BRATTHK HKAT KEKP COOL Table rims, nil sl/vs from 17.-13 up. Kioor Inns, window Inns, nltlc linui, wasli#u-atr cuolpra. J-'r(Ktrt»lro room , coolerv ftnd air coii(HUoiil>isr. ADAMS API'J.MiVcK CO. I 2W W. Mnin. Phono wn\. \ i-ll-sH-f-11 i fj«l H Dexler or npefil Qtieen Washer : It ADAMS Al'J'LIANCK COMPANY : Now, 208 W. llnln, phono 2071. I Don't Take A Chance J'ut automatic fire controls in your attic before you start your attic fun. [ have all kinds of extinguishers" attd will in- slnll. Red comet glass grenades, guns, and Unks. Call me nt (>7I N. Highway Gl. CUKTJS J. LITTLE 5-J9-ck-(i-2 Building Material HOUGH MJAIBKK S AND HAHDWOOUH Kriuiiljijr, l>u* hojinjs, platform ju/n- bcr Hiul Umbels. Hilclgo luinhcr deliveries nrnde. Patterson Lumber Co. J/ako City, Ark. Three room furnished apartment, good location. Coupie only or with one cliild. Reply to Box CL °<° Courier News. 5-lft-ck-tf Apartment for rent. 1125 West Sy cans ore, furnished. S-l7-pk-24 a Dell. Ffcon* 77*. Apartments Wanted Thr«* or /our 'room furnished apurt- •*nt wanted. Phone «S1 or 482:*. i-Vl-ptc-23 SPECIAL DO your own woik nml save. Auiy oiiiur lool.s >*6n rimy ntecl. Also For Sale HAY and COAL Phone 4-18!) Box C5£ Blytheville, Ark. 3-3-cH-tI enptlAti bllndi now m stock, fundv ni»de K.. A:. Bllndn E'aUH Store 109 E ilftlD £L pho(14 44(19. l.UCKY you wltti tlie new cur Keen tlie untioistery clean with colorless rum >'onin L>cnl'3 i'smt Store. Foods P«rmRTi«nt fnmlly K of tlire* dc.slrcs 6 r«ni Unfurnished tioufie or apart- f ent. Cfcll O, A. NeUon, pnone ii4 Business Service Directory Auto Supplies and Services . »TATIOM Main * DlrUIOD Phone 2M3 Don't •n<tftage* your I* ily with teultr Un»— BUT LXE TXMti. lt!lt-ck-ll Jeep parts now arailable at POOLE MOTOR CO. „ W« MH nil all your n»*da G*t fenuln* iMirta from our com- Blete llr». fcUS POOLI. OWNBR A OPIRATOH South Hlehwuy si «t Sttel.. Mo. ' Phon. 31«*1« 49 11112-ck-tl Autn Supplies WESTERN AUTO 4-19-ck-tf Business Opportunity On Chicknsawba between Frisco R. R. and Second Street, will build for suitable tenant on Write Mrs. S. S. Sterntergr, p. 0. Box 196, Blytheville. If out of town, mail will be forwarded. 5-19-pk-2C R«»d'Courier News Want Ads. Piyen tor Bnlc, 209 N. 22nil sirrel llcck a|]BI[|. S-il-k.58 Al all iLinc.i nt WLlllnins Fish ,\(nr- kct Special prices for cnfes, churciirs pn tiles 2A honr service- 523 s ->]KI "•-eet. puona asaa. 4iao-pk-5iM 2—1947 Chevrolet FUetmaster town sedans, with radios and h«at«rs. 2—1946 Ford Super Deluxe Tudort with radios and heaters. A clean 1945 Ford V-8 Pickup. A good 1946 International Stake Pickup. For good dependable Used Cars and Trucks see our excellent stock today. Bernard Gooch, Mgr. 5th at Walnut Raymond Cole, Salesm. Phone 445:i Insurance For Complete Insurance Prelection Call 3545 W. J. Pollard Agency Planned Protection OLENCOE HOTKI. BUILDJNC1 124 W. ASH dT. Loans Money To Loan On farm land or city properly. We also bnv notes. CONWAY & IIOUCI-HNS Glencoe Hotel Building JFor Salt, City Property Kaat Skle Special . A 5 room modern home. Id..I loc»- tlon. Terms II needed. On Dou^aii WJII block, 5 rooms «nd hath. Pla»- lereil, AOIIij foundation, Rood reiMlr* only »:i75u. «I3W enih. ftaUnce »J5 per fiionlh Hi 5 per ceiu. Photie FIELD lirocrry slock, nrw Moclc In new bulldlnn, new llctnres. Stock can be tmiglil 11,00(1. building unrt llxturm <-nn li» rental lor »100 per moiuh. SPC 11 ftt 602 KftM Mftln. 5-20-clc-2« II-' you II lo buy or s«ll jfn] *n- business, phone FIELD. Two room house on '.'* »cre ground. 5«6 K nose Kl. Call VHt. One of the best residences on hilly Street. 6 rooms, bath,' hardwood floors. Price $5600. i Good terms. I H. C. CAMPBELL! Realtor Phone 4446 or 2930 5-17-ck-tf A FAIR DKAI. You fire A.Sjitred by the BlytfteirlJle H< i iii Khtiiie Board or a fair deal In your r«ai estate traiifiacllonfi wlien you tio.i! wiih a tnemliiir ol theboarci. Only ntciiihcrs of llic tMJHrtl ar« UEALTOKB. C/ioosu one of the (oliowins Itfc'AI.- 'L'OHS In IJlyihevlllft when you sell, i iniy or trarte in real esiaip.s: Beti Hammer E. T. Hubhard F. B, Joyner Max Losnn Johnny M»rr flussell Marr Hii£j=RlI Hiales Beit Ross 'Jimmy Slevcii-ion VPS E. M. 'J'erry " -V Ray Worthlngton 5-2l-ck-22 5 room liome with biilh on Kontuoky Street. Corner lot, best neighborhood. iThis is an extra #ood house, j fully insulated ami will rate a FHA or GI loan. Price i (JSL.-_ ,. K M H«cK ; W. M. Hums It C. Ctunpbctl W C. Ctiica K H. Davlrt •I', r. "Doc" Dcai A (•'. Uictrlfth CVriL Kails Hubert tiraves Loans Money to Loan Jo you need n luun io rppnlr 01 re- inucJel? No down payment, no mor- l»8«. i\o reel inpe FHA API'ltOVKD HATE i*7o ASK FOR DSTAllS Max Logan, Realtor Phone 2f)3i Lynch BuU'jlng HLytlieTllIe. Art Laundry ins uutH.rrco ftiirt strctcticrt. E. lAwicnce, 100 W. Cherry Plumber Real Estate Loans F. H. A. Loans Farm Loans TERRY ABSTRACT AND REALTY COMPANY 113 W. WALNUT PUONI SMI If you iifetl « (irensert plumber, or * r.tpvn sinvo repair work ilu-.e. call I I!ttrry ileyuia aV Ilu*jUi\rJ Hardware Radios Farmers Column Kor flftle: 50 busncl!; Hayiil 5iu\ Hertns lititl 5Cl tnishei.s Orgdnti t)i' p^r niisl]i-l $4.50. Heel Holland. Highway nt Slut* line. 100% I Good four room hovise and bath on Lake Street. On Iliavwl street and bus line by | door. Price $4250. • Colored property: 2 — 3- jroom houses on Mathis Street j price ?MOO each. Duplex on Matliis Street. Mxlra good condition. Good tieiglihorliood. Price $2700. Good business property on Highway 61 South. Large lot. See or call out side White Paint — -- — $4.98 gallon; ?24.50 in 5 gal-1 JOHNNY MARR Ions. I »•»•«• Garden tractors 1'/• ti.p. nil Realtor ?Hin.85. Screen doors S7.15 up. JIM BROWN STORK 105 \V. Main 4-14-ck-tf 'Davis Tires.a'nd.Tubes carry a definite written guaraii- \\"ESTtOK,N AUTO 112 S. Second Street Phone '1111 Russell Marr Phone 807 Johnny Marr Phone 259G 5-21-ck-tf IT IS THE DEALER BEHIND THE USED CAR THAT COUNTS 1SJ2 Chevrolet Aeroscdan. Clean as a pin. 1947 Ford Tudor. Looks like new. 1941 Plymouth 4 J)oor Sedan. A lieauly. 1910 Packard Coup*. A good cheap car. 1940 Chevrolet 3-1 Ton Slake Body Truck I»3» Ford 3-4 Ton Stake Hody Truck 1946 International |/ 2 Ton Stake Hody Truck 3939 Dodge 1 '/ 2 Ton Stake Hody Truck 1947 Ford VS </ t Ton Express Body 8-19-16 1>A and 2 Ton Trucks, 2 speed Axle to choose .from. Many other Trucks to Choose From Easy G.M.A.C. Payment Plan SULLIVAN-NELSON CHEVROLET COMPANY Phone Sales Deft. Optn 5/8 HI 8 p.m. We Nev«r Close 301 W. Walnut For Salt, Misc. Wonted to Buy Hocpotnt. electric range Iu good condition. Slngte bnd. Innersprlng nmt- tress. aprinRs. Mr. E. B, Thomas, pnonc 4471 day or 3398 nlglit. 5-l9-pk-22 B^a&test cushman scooter In town. Like new. half price. Plione 2493. 1"300 Heani, Billy Sam aerrytnan. a'.i H P nuiDoard motor, used IESS tnsn three hours. $80. Money hack SUarimiee, Phone 36S6. 5-17-ck-tl -T-^~T ;—, , rme Ogclwi Soybean Seed. M Radios, adapters and! Hale Seed Farm, Burdette. ' aerials, for loss nt WKSTKKN AUTO 'l-l!)-ck-tr PERSON AU LOANS Mitomorjlle-slK n:\uirc--ooiiiL\iccr-ritmi tnrc cjulcit IID TMC seryjce iVntnimhyoei ntlcnimu Com* in or telephone. ^y;» CrKNKRAl CONTRAC'I' fUHCHASE COKE'OfeATLON 132 W Ash Bl BlrthftvlLlo Ark Services icltrftl mirfilui Urn Tt'kpliom niitl will -la^G, I.nuni we Travel Time Is Here Far ttip first tlnin In Blytlirvllle. otlcr pcrlcct jilnr.o ttiti)il.(t with Inmous rlerlronlc "atrol>oscopr" ...... no 1 (lenemUnR oti the Innlts ot :liR Huniixn ) cnr — cvi-ry tone [ierfoct--«ny pitch tlo- lrccl. Cull »i.i lor ••strnhoKcope" «n- nKcmriu. HmoVs MIIK!C Store. 107 Enst ln ytrcet, loloimonc all. 5 1'i-ck-lr .Whether you're yoiin.? rpwlywcrls ... or slaifl world travelers seltin ff „„( HKain . . _ ,.„„.„ |)C assured of hours of carefree, pleasurable summer driving after a T.angston-Wrotcn check-up. \Vith the knowledge (hat experienced motor It-clinicians have gone over every detail necessary to miles of vacation driving, UMI be .highways unlimilod •head! Lawn Mowers sliarpened and repaired. Blytheville Machine Shop, Phone 2828. 211 S. Second. 4-G-ck-tf Sewing BELTS. BUCKLES. Covered bm- tmiR, hmtcm holes. Mi\e Mlllrr. Aim* BJKIP. Etmii Crowilcr. phono :ts:j9. H no iinsuer. .JSM, 606 N. Fifth St. Sporting Goods Krc pr sflpc-uon of rtflcs. pistols, sliol -mis. nmrmmuion. Ilshliis rnulrmipnt -nit nnsrti.ill rniilnmrnl ADAMS AF- 1'IIANCK COMPANY. 208 W Mnln -^inno 2071. j 13-cii-B 13 Phone 702. 4-7-ck-tf The healthiest chicks on the market: AAAA Grade Pulloreum-Tcslccl. BABY CHICKS AAAA 514.05 AAA 1S.95 AA ?I2.!)."> JIM BROWN STORE 3-18-ck-tk For Sale: Puerto Rica sweet potato plants $4 per 1,000. D. J. Ingram, Holland, Mo. 5-6-pk-(>-6 For Sale, Cars & Trucks Help Wanted, male ponvmlty to S'nV. to , • 5 room house in best location, on West Hear,,. Large closetsj ^Tr'or^^^r^'rr^K attic fan, worktop in g»ra B e,|5 1 Vi; nr .nd h *S£«i^S, I l > Si?. 1 ?S2£ perfect condition. M«nii* 97. c. L. IKHE. j-in-pfc-s-is FOUR ROOM HOUSE in well-kept hlock near Rice Stix factory. Could he made a nice home with paint and paper. Vacant now. FIVK ROOM ifOUSfc on corner lot. One of the best locations in Northwest part of Blylheville. Can be financed TWO BEDROOM HOUSE on Knsl Davis, equipped with attic fan, automatic hot water heater, large screened front porch. Can be financed with K11A loan. • j STOP LOOKING KOH A JOB, \ve i-»i rr>i 11 v r 1 I i r ! havc openlnRs for several aqcnts It) UUL l.l'.A lOlir hlOCKS from! NorUl Arkansas niul South Missouri. If I you have R car nncl like real eata'.e | business we vlll help you. NVrlU N»1 tlonal Farm Ascncy. 1833 Midland . Kort Smith Arkansas. 5-21-pk-26 ed to huy or trade n Mrooks Music Htore aiythf-vzlle. Telrpiion'c \Pittsburgh Hermit Hoards d i?25,000 Stamp Collection 11 i PITSBURGH (UP)—I hiin- Wanted: ... . . Farmall tractors. Only expcr-. ienced mechanics need apply. vel ' Top wages, good working conditions. Applv in person. DELTA IMPLKMENT CO. Iflanila, Phone 31 4-M-ek-lf Used cars and trucks iiiomVor t ' a1PT ^ m "'' room death trap rhilli[)S ilotor Co. I hermit. ' " >ear -° ld -Nol-th Side 5-6-ck-tf | .. G f ta / Puffer had the stamps ; l". led n'niost to the ceiling aloiiK Late Model Used Cars S. ^"fc g^i ^ lief nnd is noiv in a county home. The value O f Pfclffcr's correction «n s not been determined yet but Frcrl ott. stnmp expert 'who Is Lewis I" 1 " 111 !'!"!: the sale, said the collection is the "heaviest single ncqnlsi. to be placed on the market, knowledge. Since there are approximately J.OdO stumps in a pound. Pfeiffer's collection produced tile almost un- total of 2,400,000. Stamp LEE MOTOK SALES Phone 20S6 j <l-21.-ck-tf i 1114 . h »v- truck Io7d tow. WANTED: M,n under 55 witn car JOT y- M: ""' '"""s T^'J fi " 7 ho would be saiisficd with an op-, - ..................................... - ........... ----------- r-iK-o-^i j [ion earn 550 per weclt to , American industry now is urn I to h ' ™ 5-1S-P1C-26 j tiired consumer goods per- capita r .' i tlla " il rtirt before the war—evi- mechamc tor (deuce that the 0. s. slaiidarrt of u^,,,,, living has reached a new hieh • f xpc s h °! lc d that when the col- level. s lection has b wn sorted and ar- mtii-ed. a S2S.IWO -master collection" might be found. Dogs, Cofs, onrf Pets Fnppj- Tor 5nle. Phone 7S73. ing used cars and trucks: '•17 Fleetline. Two door, radio and healer. ''17 five passenger, two tonei coupe. Radio and heater. 2 — '40 Chevrolet Uvo doors Typewriter TYPEWRITERS Smith. Cornn* DON EDWARDS 110 Tt,t Trpewr Second Si Mm Phin* Farmer's Column hor I SCO pounds 111 Jeep mickK. Rlflilon wancms "Does thlti*s iH'Ililnv; rls(- \vill " Cnll Rlytliovllle Willys Snie-s. ,"^4 , „ s-2i-rk-6.ii ( Lynch Building LICK MOTOR SALES has on their lot the follow- Main Street. on beautiful s rental property Tor home and investment combined. MAX LOGAN Realtor J'lione 203'i Help Wanted niKe ptione to choose from. 2 — '.-16 Chevrolet low pickups, lloiiy Rlreet. One House und two Terms. f-"Qur Lonsrs nnd 6 I Sirrct. 55,200, tcrtn» Kor real estate and \ ns \ \ t'lKLUS 2394. Three grocery storps. one on 61 Highway. Two llvlnp room.-!. $3.000. One near Blythectlle on railroad nnd bus line. ' " " S2.1KKI. Onr np.Tf-oll Thorns FlKl.r> Wftntetl: Colored fumlly to chop rot- Ion. House furnished. Dogwood Ulclue. Knymontl stringer. 5-2U-pfc-a4 Bookkeeper Wanted \V'e need an assistant liook- —5_L j keeper. We prefer a man with lots 16.800.1 experience hut would he interested in a person that has the ability to learn and we will teach him. Only interested in a man that wants permanent con 11%-lnK rooms, less thn.n For Sale, Misc. • \r T-Vir< if . TV,, U for Sale, Misc. 1 16 (,MC \Y-i ton I.WB I - [•(ICrC. • UsrrJ WoOfJstocfc typewriter, uprtpht. • . . .„ i , Just ov 1 — '-16 ( hevr.ilet S\VH truck ' Co . . rhnulctl. PUcc MO. Sloele SM« Mo - s-ji-pim THKSK CARS AND TRUCKS CAN KE BOUCHTON EASY TERMS rrrlecUon ''"""' 2 on ,t a ,e." B ood con- Dodge tractor and ai > " " t- I^'IM^V Li*v\.t«ii <lllu it 1 ^^tiiiini mvaioo Oil r\Ol Wftl new 22 foot trailer. New two l "'" lcr - BatKal " 170< w - MM ?: 20 . pk , ^lp- one pair p oW, wclclH nl Iso ROCK! Avcrv cuSilvnlor mid 1 Enrl Mlmmons. 3', tnUcn < U>11 lUOtov in tniClOV. 825x20 " '"""J"""^""- p , h ?r p ™, tires ,ear on tractor. 1000x20 "cmv',or";'; if . Tlirr. m..,, s. i™ .A 1 ? 1 '' 01 '- Complete for Only way, Upton BooXnr. 5-n-pX-24 One ttirc* plprp sectlor\Rl scat for porch or room. Canp with rrnmvnhle npnolstrrcrt ciushlons »nd back. Mr«. lftvator>', oil hot wnler nection. See Tom A. Little Jr. Blytheville Motor Co. lfl-ck-26 Experienced Bookkeeper Male or female. Reply \\\ own handwriting and slate salary expected. Box CK, care Courier News. i 5,18-rk-tf. Milk poal,v south lull si O. Bor: Hedrooi 2875. FKRTIMXEli Planters Coop. Phone 720 5-6-ck-6-G For S»le OIK- M with HM 221 cultivator. Can be seen at CUKVROLKT CO. 1— IfJIfi CMC I",; ton"l.WB, good rubber, two speed axle. 1 — ISMli Chevrolet, R\VB, good condition. Two ,1'VIG Chevrolet pick- >h. 300 jr 1 '. We have about 200 kegs of nails in all si/t-s for sale. Tom Little Heally Co. ']9-ck-26 Private Rooms bedroom, call J33S. J-lB-pk-e-ls 5.13-pk-fi t:i BofHed by SANDERS & WHEELER BlythevilU, Ark. Mystery rdgft r«?or blndi>« posipulrf; HHt tiem or OtHcite ivps *1,S9 send ctirck or nionpy otder. p. B. KaRlwoort, Jr's IVmttnir ond Advcrltslnn ARPHCT. CaruUictsvlllc. Mo. 5:IS-nk.6.IK Irr l>os nncl Phone 353S. .US i —"-.'->'<>J*«H-«"i,V'rtll"t : «>^-.V-ll(ll. Delta Implement Co.. Manila. "I" 3 ' °"° vv!th 1 " iuiio all<i !lc;lU - r* i * . f. Ol' 5-21-ck-tf Stale- Certified BurdcUc 1 0 - Improved Ark soy Soy; beans. Buvdeltc Planlalioii. ! Runlet te phone 782. 1 4-7-ck-tf Several 1010 and -It Chev» rolet passenger cars. I.KK MOTOR SALKS ;i(W K. Main Street Phone 2056-2057 6-7-ck-tf le 7.cnlth radio. I,umi<r«t«. 5-19-pH-Ji s. riccllciu condition. Have largo, quantity 2 inch and -I inch soil pipe fittings. Can furnish any filtinp; you need. Special price on large quantity. Tom Little Realty Co. 19-ck-26 e. cool hcrfrooniK, Close In. Mm ' 310 \V. Walnut. S.lO-pk-6,10 J (»n«. Phonr 952. ms" 1 ^" 1 '^ "chlcXBinwha.' rhonn rnrnishM Jj^droom «djolnfne hath ?!." P _. ° r mf>n ' 2IR IiaTlR - .l-M-pk-23 Lost lost: Studio couch pillow Mlt> co\*r m I1npn, nraiiRe nnrt brown Icflf do- Alfin. *A rewftrd for rflnrn PhottP 44^0 _^ Wanted to Rent PAY~YE~ARS~RENf~ In advance, 5 or 6 room i house or apartment. Phone! 3182. 6-17-ck-23; 2071 for Repairs! HADIO & PHONOGRAPH Service—JJoJh ASI and FM REFRIGKRATION SERVICE Household-Commercial and Aid-Conditioning Gas & Klcctrlc WASHERS GASOMNE ENGINES ADAMS APPLIANCE COMPANY .1. W. ADAMS, Mgr. 206-08 West Main , Poh«« 1071

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