Miners Journal from Pottsville, Pennsylvania on February 22, 1892 · 2
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Miners Journal from Pottsville, Pennsylvania · 2

Pottsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Monday, February 22, 1892
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MINEBS' JOURNAL, MONDAY MORNING, FEBRUARY 22, 1892. MINERS' JOURNAL. TIIK MINERS' .JOUHNAI,. Tlitc Minkiw' .IiH'KsAl., the lead i tie lwipcr in 'Schuylkill county is published daily, Sunday excepted, by the Miinkhs' .Iiii rxai. l'r.lNTlMi 'ourAKV. Kvery issue istuled with special and Associaled Press reports of events throughout the. world. Hs loetxl columns contain the brightest nmi most accurate description of home events. The news of the county is herein brielly and skillfully chronicled. It is the only morning paper published in the county and is therefore recognized as the best advertising medium. It is clean in character, fearless in comment and edited throughout with ability and care. The daily Minkks' Jovknai, will be served to mail sulwcribcrs for (Ri.lXl per year, payable in advance'. The price of the Weekly will continue as heretofore at Sl.OU per year. Correspondence relating to matters of public interest and news items solicited. Address all communications to THE JI1X KUS' JOL'liXAI,, l'ottsville, Pa. MONDAY, FET1KUARY ls2. To-oay we fi'lebrate the With of the man who made the. hatchet ami cherry tree famous. While there are many hatchets to-day, there are few (leorge Washi nitons. That Philadelphia policeman who, after heing dismissed for insulting two young girls, committed suicide, was certainly possessed of a keener sense of disgrace than is usually attributed to wearers of blue wats and clubs. while lWderly, it is hinted, took up the, matter in the belief that it was the popular view, and would restore him t the power and confidence he once held among the workingmcn. The consolidation was effected only after some of the best legal miuds in the country had expressed an opinion, ami it is not probable that the deal would have been consummated had President McLcod not been convinced beyond all shadow of a doubt that it would stand the test. The question of a violation of the constitution has now been raised, however, ami the Attorney (ieneral will no doubt make a thorough examination as to whether the claims of the protest mite can he established. This decision will be awaited with much anxiety, especially since changes have already been made in a number of departments of the roads in the combine. "Whatever the conclusion of the .State authorities may be, it will only be reached afler every p.iinfc at issue has been thoroughly examined and considered. HAVK YOU THE (ilMl VK Oxi! reason the friends of Senator Cullom are advancing why the Senator should be nominated for l'reiident, is that be resembles Abraham Lincoln in many respects, la these days of practical jxjlitics resemblances count very little, and the Inximers of the Illinois Senator should remember til .'re was and will lie but one Lincoln. Yestkxday Philadelphia sent a ship load of supplies to the famishing districts of Russia. The vessel departed with a God spec 1 from th ; heads of every church in the City of Urotherly Love. The good ship Indiana goes laden with contributions not only from Philadelphia, but many smaller towns contributed their mite. How much of the. load did l'ottsville contribute? Mhs. Jam KS (i. P.LA1XK, Jk., has, after a long right, won her suit for divorce. Judge Palmer, of Dead wood, South Dakota, has ordered that James G. I!laine, Jr., pay Iter $1. 000 suit expenses, $100 as attorney fees and 100 per month for the support of herself and child, until further order of the court. While this may come rather hard on the young son of his father, everyone will applaud the decree of the court as about the right thing to be done. PEOPLE TALKED ABOUT. P.ill Nye cleared $-10,000 from his lalxirs as a lecturer hist year. This w;ls one of Bill's bts; jokes. Granville Woods, a colored resident of New York, is the first of his race to attain prominence as an electrician. His new method of supplying electrical energy to cars was tried Saturday at Coney Island and the experiment was a success. In his system there are no exposed wires. Mrs. Harrison's public reception at the White House on Saturday afternoon attracted more people to the White House than ever assembled there before on a similar occasion. Sixtyione hundred persons entered the mansion and when the reception closed hundreds were still awaiting admission. The funeral of the Duke of Clarence cost only 7,500. As he was only a son of the Prince of Wales and the heir prospective to the British throne, it couldn't be expected that they would spend as much money upon him as Uncle Sam spends when he plants a Congressman. Princes are born, but statesmen are works of art. Queen Victoria has formally announced to the press, through her private secretary. General Sir Henry l'onsonby, that she will no longer grant gratuities to mothers ot triplets except in casts of unusual poverty. What can have caused Her Majesty to take this stand? Is it possible that enterprising British matrons have been going too extensively into the triplet business just for the sake of the bounty ? Many People- liuvo It anil 1 Not Know 11, How to liccognlzo tho Symptoms And llowto Treat Them. Hundreds of people have the grippe who do not know it. Not necessarily the tinal stages, but the first stages. They feel pains in the head, and a had taste In the month, get tired, and despondent, have, chilly scnsaUons, limbs und muscles ache. In some eases these things are overlooked. In most cases perhaps they a-.-e considered simply a slight cold. In nearly every case they indicate the coining of grippe. There is hut one thing to do when these symptoms appear, and that is to take prompt and vigorous measures, to fortify miture to repel the enemy. A little well directed effort at just the right time will accomplish very much more than labored ell'orts afterwards. There is but one thing to be done, and that is to use a pure otimulant, something that will promptly arrest, and in no way injure, something endorsed b'y scientists, recommended by physicians, nn.-l popular because so efficient IhitTV's Pure I Malt Whiskey. Two years ago, and hist year I when the Grippe was raging, this was the staud- ntvl remedy used, and recommended by the pro-i f.'ssioti. It did more to prevent the Grippe than ! all other known or recommended remedies. It j preserved many people in health who would i otherwise have been grcviously wick, perhaps even worse. It is as eHicient to-day as ever, It should be borne in mind that other so e.illed I whiskies may not he so ellicient, ami if any j dealer asserts that such whiskies arc the same, i distrust him at once. There is but one meuiei-j nal whiskey, and that is Unity's Pure Mull. ! IW5O0 I'OIl LIFE SAVING. Highest of all in Leavening Power. Latest U. S. Gov't Report. ft M ttsUiikM & k&tf 21 Ji Msf Etfcfi- J"; I in THE GREAT German Remedy! 'E3 ;rum,5 run mc &ibit.m Lawyer Kline's Gift to Ills Hpsouors from the Hotel liojnl Unclaimed. Charles W. Kline, a lawyer, of llazleton, Pa., has sttited that he is willing to give $."00 to the man or men who took him safely out of the Hotel Koyal while the recent lire was in progress. No one has yet come forward to claim the money, but this is attributed to the fact that Mr. Kline's gift is not yet generally known among the lirenien. Mr. Kline was rescued from a perilous position on. one of the upper lloorsof the hotel. He was overcome by smoke and was unconscious when unknown hands took him safely down the ladders to the ground. New York has 50,000 Swedes. Japan boasts of 1,100 miles of railroads. Buc-klcn's Arnlen, Salve. The best salve in the world for Cuts. l!ruiscj, Sores, I'lcevs, Salt Ithciiiu, Fever Sores, Tetter, t'happed Hands, Chilblains, Corns and ull Skin Kruptions, and positively cures Piles, or no pay required. It is guaranteed to give perfect satisfaction or money refunded, l'rice S!.) cents per box. I-'or sale by (!p. "W, Kennedy. There are 20,000 women farmers in Kngland. P. 4 R. NOTES. Can electricity be stolen ? That is the. tjiiestion just now worrying a St. Louis Judge. While the average thief might dc-t'line to lend his services in earn ing away an electric current, an electric light company in St. Louis has entered suit against a bridge company, charging that the wires of the latter .steal tin; current from the wires of th former. Tho bridgde company contends that electricity can't be controlled, and is, therefore, not the goods, property or effects of any one. Lynch ixgs are of frequent occurrence in some sections of the country, but it is an unusual occurrence tor the one who has been wronged by the one to be lynched acts j as executioner. This was the case, however, at Texarkana, Arkansas, on Saturday. A negro, Kd. Coy, assaulted a white woman, Mrs. Henry Jewell. A mob caught the iiegro and soon decided to burn him tit the stake. Six thousand people witnessed the horrible execution, and among the crowd was Mrs. Jewell. When all was ready she was brought forward, and herself applied tin1 torch to the pile surrounding the bound negro. Taking such cases out of the hands of the law seem almost justifiable sometimes, but very few women could be- found who would lend their aiil as this woman did. Only One and t lie Host. l-'roni the Pirn-grove Herald. j The Mixers' Joi'k.vai,, that old and reli- j able daily paper, donned a new spring suit j last week, and looks neat and saucy. It is j reduced somewhat in sie, but makes up in quality of news. The Mink us' Jock nal j is the only morning daily paper published in the county and should prosper. It Will (Jain Hoth. l-'rom the Tower City Kcho, The Minkks' Jiii knai. Company has housed a large, new, double acting press and the Minkks' JocitXAi., on Thursday of las; wcisk, came out with a new heading and in new )ody type, very readable, neat, and as dean as a well washed new liorn bal)e and very newsy. The Minkks' Jot u-NAb has always had the name of being' a good, reliable paper, and by the energy and spirit of improvement manifested by its new management it must still gain a wider reputation and circulation. We wish the new Minkks' Journal a successful career. Items of Interest l-'rom Different 1'olnts Alontf tlio Lino. The. Union News Company will put newsboys on the W. & X. road to-day. It is said (ieneral Superintendent I. A. Sweigard, of the P. & K. company, w ill go to Jul rope in June for the benctit of his health. Horace B. Johns, assistant trainmaster to Mr. Blaine, at Beading, is to be transferred to Philadelphia us assistant to Assistant Superintendent Metzler. The Beading Company is having considerable difficulty with coal consigned to seaboard jxiints, and in consequence, the railroad men say, many of the sidings south of Bridgeport are blocked, which greatly interferes with traffic. Supt. C. M. Lawlcr, of the Mahaimv division, was summoned to Philadelphia by President McLcod and a number of changes are likely to lie made among the present officials of the Heading; road in a few days. Mr. McLcod, however, is moving slowly, but when his stall' is made up it will be found to contain the brightest railroad men in the country. President Mcl. cod's private car, "Alexander," which was taken to Heading over a week ago, to be fitted up with steam heating apparatus, was sent to Philadelphia last evening. Mr. Me Lend and family, it is said, will leave for Florida this week. The private car "Heading," which is also undergoing repairs and lieing paintl the new-color recently adopted, will be finished this week. Miles' Nerve and Liver IMUa Act on a new principle regulating the liver, stomach and bowels through the nerves. A new discovery. Ir. Miles' Pills speedily cure biliousness, bad tasto, torpid liver, pilc-9, constipation. I'nettuale.d for men, women, children. Smallest, mildest, surest ! 50 dosejj, 25 cents. Samples free, at (leorge "V. Kennedy's Drug Store, l'ottsville, Pa. -An onion always calls the eves and nose. Xo Matter How Hard any druggist tries to noil yon hia own Cough Medicine, remember he does it because ho makes more money on it. Insist on having Kemp's Balsam for the. throat and lungs, for there is no cough remedy so pure and none so .quick to break up a cold. For influenza, soreness of the throat and tickling irritation with constant cough, Kemp's Ualflam is an immediate cure. Lftrge bottles TjOc. and SI. At all druggists. Minneapolis made 7.877,947 barrels of Hour in A Kenl Hulsam Is Kemp's Balsam. The dictionary snys, "A balsam is a thick, pure, aromatic substance flowing from trees. Kemp's Balsam for the Throat and I. imps is the only cough medicine that is a real balsam. Many thin, watery eough remedies are called balsams, but such are not. Look through a bottle of Kemp's Balsam and notice what a ! pure, thick preparation it is. If you cough use i Kemp s llalsam. At all urnggists. Large- bot-i ties Mc. and 81. Blotting paper is made of cotton rags lxuled in soda. A Million l-'rlemls. A friend in need is a friend indeed, and not less than a million people have found jut su;-h a ; 'Yiciid in lr. King's New Di-seovery for Con-i sumption. Coughs, and Colds. If you have j never um-,1 this Ureal Couh Medicine, tine trial j will com inee you that it has wonderful eurati ve 1 jiowers in all diseases of Throat, Chest and I l.unns. Much bottle is KUaranteed to do all that I is claimed or money will be refunded. Trial bot-ties free at Ceo. Kennedy's drue, store. Potts 1 ville. Larc bottles .'inc. and 1. 00. I-.ie those ilcjtthlvl $1.0(10 will hotmliKi' lslllotis.SnellBdepcnuirnraou.se where mil. (msiiM'llllRijlTTjaisai'mJH wi Senator Morrill is called the patriarch of Washington w hist players. t will cure von. The success of Hood's Sarsapnrilla is because it possesses true merit, and 110 claim is made for it which is not fully supported. The manufacture of corn husks into paper is increasing in the West. Iiev, Wm. Ilolllnshod, Pastor of the Presbyterian Church of Sparta, X. J., voluntarily writes strongly in favor of Hood's Sarsapitrilla. He says: "Nothing I know of will cleanse the blood, stimulate the liver or clean thestomach like this remedy. I know of scores and scores who have been helped or cured by it." The highest praise has been won by Hood's rills for their easy, yet efficient, action. The moon is above all human follies and always looks down on lovers. lo vou MUlfer Witt jthntt!reUaii(lallgoti( I''n'Ki if so, use Bnot assist or cure. Jnever falls. Cleanse tho vitiated I Sci.Purra Bittf.ks :!(., j'mS 1. Bit nlll.. .." .. " "closely confined In Jthe mills and work- II shops; clerk,vtio do f not procure, sufficient joxerciso, and all who! i arecoDUned Indoors I ihottkl two Scu-IU'N Hitters. Thevwill 3 not then bo weak anil Jsleklr. nz throtiah the skhif 111 i'iiiiples,l5lotches. tnd bores. Ituiv or, mi MJLPinrn Bitters, ji md hunltn will to! IS low. SLI.l-irillt HlTTKKsl iwUlcuic LlverCoia plaint. Don't le Hs 'ouwrad: liwillctircl you. I If v m not wish! " " UlTIKRSI E ...ir(iiw,n 1111 build you tin aarl! i suera. tiso a Imttlo ofi:nae. yu 6troI8 antil Km pni-p !Otti.-u .liicmmv. ! it never rails to cure 1 ,,, i.,. Jjou't be witut"v!ll make your blood S ! Dottle. Try I will not reirret It; TOu5Purerichand strong, et k. and your Cesh hard. 171 I.adiua lu delicutcl Trv bX'LPHi.'U HlT- Ihonlth, who aro allffTERS to.Dlht, anrll rundown, snonm nselvou will Bleep Weill sulphur iuttkrs. tano tcci neucrrrnrrt. Itemurkablo Facts. Heart disease is usually supposed to he incurable, but when properly treated a large proportion of cases can be cured. Thus Mrs. Kl-mira Hatch, of Elkhart, Ind., and Mrs. Mary L. Haker, of Ovid, Michigan, were cured after suM'erinR; years. H. C Unhurer, dniK-pist at San Jose, 111., says that lr. Miles' New Heart Cure, which cured the former, "worked wonders for his wife." Levi Logan, of ISu-ehanan, Mich. .who had heart disease for 30 years, says two bottles made him "feel like a new man." Dr. Miles' New Heart Care is sold and guaranteed by (Jcorpe W. Kennedy, Druggist, Pottsville, Ia. Hook of wonderful testimonials free. The Czar of Russia has organized two cricket clubs among the young men of his court. Do you want tho best Medical Work puullshojl eend 8 fc-cent stamps to A. P. Oituwir 4 4Jo, -Jo6ox Jitas. 9J0'i- receive '' c Hunger anil ill temper are convertible terms. Never discuss an important subject before breakfast. Petroleum is now of the l.owell mills. used as fuel in some BRIGHT & CO i .7UKOUS IMt.Y WX. The jinpular ocean steamship, the F.truria, of the Cunard line, was detained at the quarantine station, New York, on C.4 ,,-.1.... ...lit. ..n i u:...- j- o.iiuuuiv, nii iur. t-iiu nag lining jioiu her masthead. She had on board -Jl-J cabin and .'19.'! steerage passengers, till of whom eeie ordered to be kept in close confinement by Health OHieer Jenkins until the vessel and the baggage of the Kussian Hebrews be thoroughly disinfected, and uii'il it has been definitely ascertained whether the steerage posscngers are infected with the dreaded typhus fever or not. The cabin passengers, many of whom tire wealthy and influential, are tilled w ith consternation at the suspected danger and with indignation because of their detention, but only the strictest quarantine can save Xew York and the country at large from an epidemic of that terrible scourge typhus or spotted fever. Til E COM11IX K 1MIOTKSTK1). I Mr. A. J. Cassett, who has been promi- n?nt in the management- of the affairs of; the Pennsylvania railroad, and T. V. Potv-de:ly, of the Knights of I.alKir, have Imth ; written letters to Governor Pat tison protest- j ing against the Heading combine. The relative posit ions of the two men would lead to the inference that both capital and labor fear the results, but it is doubted whether ; these two men enter their protests with any thi.ught of the effect the combine may ; have upan the general public, or of its 1 la'ing a violation ot the constitution. .Mr. ( Cassett protests because the corporation of which he is a master spirit has lx-en out- ; stripped and now has a formidable rival. Those Who AVill Servo nt tho Jfcxt Term of Common I'leust Court. The follow ing named jurors were draw n on Saturday to serve during the first week of Common Pleas Court, beginning Monday, J I arch 21: Robert C Creen, jeweler, Pottsville William 1) It yer. laborer, I't Clinton John C Larkin. g.-ntleuiau, Pottsville C II Sehankweilcr. bartender l'ottsville David Dress, ,Ir, carpenter, Schuylkill Iluvcn J is L'lMlerave, constable. Porter W Jeremiah l'oulk. laborer. I" rack ville Daniel Kiiiim -I, farmer, Hrunswiek W .lame-i Matthews, laborer, (iirardville Ceorre "V Johnson, insurance aj;ent, St Clair (ieorc Kinsley, merchant, l-'rnckville Peter Webber, clerk. Ashland Thomas Hums, laborer. Haven Una A II Karini, student, Pottsville Walter Handall, miner, Taniuo.ua W H Moyer, laborer, Kldred Twp Nicholas (irim, hotel. Mahanoy City .laeob Krause, laborer, Pottsville James MeCurl. carpenter. Pottsville II K Downey, machinist, l'ottsville John lieber, inanufaetrrer, l'ottsville Kdward I-'arrcll, fireman, St Clair Albert Shappell, painter, Pottsville William Hodgson, mason. Tumapia John l-'ov, Jr, laborer, St Clair Michael M.'Dcrmott, Sr, laborer. M.mheim N John K Lehman, merchant. Trcmont William Kyan, laborer, Norwegian, Curry's John II Kehoe. hotel, (.Iirardville Alb.-rt 1. Hadssty, tinsmith, Tamaipia William J Warren, merchant, St Clair Carl Coojran, aent, Shenandoah Philip Partner, merchant, (iirardville Charles Deiner, engineer, Norwegian, K (Mooncy's) Michael Mcehan. grocer, Mahanoy City Hugh Freel, laborer. Cole's No 2 Thomas llelles, salotn, Shenamioah Cyrus HheetK, gentleinall, l'ottsville Joseph O'Doimell, clerk, (.'ass. North Samuel t'ngcr, agent, Yorkville M (r Snyder, merchant, I'oltsviile Homanus Urower, miner. Treniont J Hodrian, Jr merchant, Krackville .lohii Smith, merchnnt. Mahaiuiy City Ilobcrt Howe, miner. Shenandoah Robert McCann, laborer. St Clair John Stevenson, laborer, l'ottsville Lewis Hrode, laborer, Tamnquu Jihn Holaud, miner, St Clair John Hc-rn, teamster, i'alo Alto Solomon liaekville, farmer, liynn Twp .1 J Monahau, justice, Shenamioah Harry Constein, tailor, Ashland Thomas Connor, Jr, engineer, Butler, S Thomas It Conway, miner, Treniont Twp Michael Seanlan, laborer, (iirardville Joseph Hretz, miner, Tremont O-.ven Curry, laborer. I-'rackvillc Jacob BriU. saloon, Mahanoy City Andiew Miller, miner, Mahanoy City The Princess of Wales thinks children should not lie allowed to read Shakespeare. The fibrous covering of cocoanuts is usimI extensively in making ropes and mats. r.nginecrs of railroad trains in Texas and most of the Western States cany revolvers and sometimes rilles on their engines. Do "Not be Deceived. Prisons with weak lungs those who are constantly catching cold should wear an A i.i.cock's Ii mors Pi.asteu over the chest ami another between the shoulder blades during cold weather. Kemember they always strengthen and never weaken the part to which they are applied. Do not be deceived by imagining any other plaster like them the" are not may look it, but looks deceive. lusist always on having Ai.I.cik k's, the only reliable planter ever produced. There were-nearly seven hundred lives saerifeedby mine explosions in Europe and A merica hist Year. 1 irsorvlnM: I'ralse. M desire to say to our citizens, that for years we have been selling Dr. King's New Diseovcry for Consumption. Dr. King's New Life Pills, Ilueklen's Arnica Salve and ICIcetric Hitters, nnd have never handled remedi fs tliitt sell well, or that have Riven fmeh universal satisfaction. We tin not hesitate to 'iHruntre them every time, hihI we stand ready to refund the imrchase price, if satisfactory results do not follow their u-t These remedies hare won their jfreat wi-ularily purely on their merit.-. U. W. Kennedy, drutfiJd, l'ottsville. A credit to the familv is trusted bv evervlnxlv. -the ?rion who A Xiitlomil Kvont. The holding of the World' Fair in a eity scarcely fifty year? o!d will he u remarkable evct, but whether it will really benefit this nation as much as the discovery of the Kesto-rative Xervine by Dr. Franklin Miles is doubtful. This is just what, the American people need to cure their excessive nervousness, dv.- : pepsia, headaehe, dizziness, Merplosne.-, m u-i raltfia, nervoiM debility, dullness, confusion c-f j iniml, etc. It acts like a charm. Trial bottles j and tine book on "Nervous and Heart Iis-j eases,'' with uncqualed testimonials, free at ; ieotre W. Kennedy's , Irup: Store, l'ottsville. Pa. It is warranted to contain no opium, mor phine or dangerous drills. Irt tlie southwestern islands of Japan the women art tho laborers. AVe kee) a full line of luiltl- j ers Havtlware, Mining Supplies, I Electric Supplies, Agate Iron ware, Headlight oil, Lubricating Engine and Cylinder oils. Lanl, Sperm, Cottonseed, Fish and Linseed oils. Al Lowest Market Prices. 109 AND 111 CENTRE ST. POTTSVILLE, PA. My son, do not put your oar into general -onversation of sensible people unless you have a good skull. People will not have a new eouh remedy, when they know tho value of Pr. Mull's Cough Syrup. She stood at the gate in the late Spring twi light, ami when she said good bye, she felt neuralgia kiss her rosy cheek; but she only smiled, for her mother hud invested 25 cents, in a bottle of Salvation Oil. - A Calift.rninn claims to hav raptured a rattlesnake with two beads. A mother, father nnd their eighteen children joined in one day a Mennonite colony in Lane county, Oregon. M others! Mothers!! - Mothers!!! Are you disturbed at night and broken of your rent by a siek child suflcring and crying with the excruciating pain of cutting teeth ? If so, go at once and gel a bottle of MKS. WINSLOYV'S SOOTHIMJ SYKUP. It vill relieve the poor little Hullerer immediately depend upon it;, there is no mistake about it. There in not a mother on earth who has ever used it, who will not tell you at once that it will regulate the bowels, and give rest to the mother, and relief and health to the child, operating like magic. It is perfectly safe to use in all causes, and pleasant to the taste, and is the prescription of one of the oldest and best female physicians and nurses in I the United States. Sold everywhere. 2ft cents a i bottle. Some lawyers wait until a rich client in dying Ix-fore thev work "with a -will." The inhabitants of Great liritain consume about live times its much tea per head as the people of this country. A locomotive has been built in London that will draw a train a hundred miles an hour. '"Look me in the face ! My name is 'Might-have-been !"' I inn also called 'No-more, 'Too-lute,' 'Farewell !' 11 The poet who wrote the above, must have been in the last stages of consumption. Perhaps he had only learned, for the first time, that if he had taken I r. I'ierce's iolden Medical J is-covery in curlier illness, he would never have reached his present hopeless condition I What can be more sad than a keen realization of w hat "might have been ?" lMiy.sicians now admit that consumption is simply scrofula in the blood attacking the lung-tissues.. It is never safe t; ulhw the blood to remain impure, and it is especially reckless, when such a pleasant, harmless remedy as Ir. IMerce'.s (iolden Medical Piseovery will drive every : : .f scrofula or impurity from the sys-t-.'in.. . a current of healthy, rejuvenating blood J. through the veins. The unsuspecting school loy is sometimes like municipal revenue raised bv tacks. After the Cirlp Convalescence i very slow, and to recover the health-tone a good tonic is absolutely necessary. Hood's Sarsaparilla has been used witlt wonderful success as a building-up medicine and blood purifier after atlaeks of the drip, after Typhoid Fever, Scarlet Kever. Diphtheria, I'uuemonia or other prostrating disejisei. It iossesse just the building-up effect so much needed; it vitalizes and enriches the thin and impoverished blood, vnd invigorates the kidneys and stimulates the liver bo that they resume regular and healthy action Thousands of ieopIe have taken Hood's Sarsaparilla a.s a preventative of the (irip with success. Thousands have found in it restorationto health anil strength after this dreaded complaint For instance, Mr. Jacob Knapp, of Tipton, Iowa, a well known business man, says he bad the (rip twice, leaving him very weak and with a bad cough. Hoods Sursapariihi gave him a spcudid appetite, made him feel strong and as sell as evei. FOR -SALE CHEAP Second-Hand Cottrell & Babcock Printing Press, well adapted for Country Newspapers. Address JOURNAL POTTSVILLE, CARTER'S llflVER ; fi fir . .-T VST" fc-iiasi W Vis? li Utea icii Headeh' and relievv- tvi tho tr"'UbR r?flii Jcnt to t b'Kiiu stt'J of i he system, such at jizzinss, Nfcsei U!o..-!tn.vs.-. OistrKS afi( atmt;, l'ani in tue Si!e. :. While their iimW m.rl(Ji .iu sue ess icfj.- I'ot si -own in curft:$ ..MOrt'-M yef. rirrzu''- Tni.K iAVKJ. f!.-. -id tv event it; tins ar.'iiic.niiilair.t. wh!W .r.t"S a! mo corjL't. a-il dis-.nle:-:; of li o stonuu;a-:t;r.-Hiiate tb-3 hver ard rt ula the b?t. i vk? v. ti3 y oniy curea 'A-r-uld !e a"mo'-t pn 'icet fy tbtw -''. .!i;."c: frm I'iv.'i d sireAsinr: e-"nipjt;in "iir. i'..-.Tniitirvlv th.'ir doea iiot vnt. ;ete, and th.-f-.- v.V o" ' try then, wih flwl j-. V.c )h;? vah'.iblo in sc t.iftnr vays Mut ;lu-' A'Vtl r.ot t e i.iiliiii? U. dc withou' Wci r-v. ir" alj sick heivJ h.irie (vf so manv lives that horv in wV,tr. 'v ntalrw our frreat tomit Our till cmni i hiU' oraTS do not. Out" a.1 Iwt'vi.F. ri fiu.- .w r-r? ffn.n.: And v,t.v st-sy ij tiiK'ij- r,e r to pilij mak . d"se. Tney arv strUth" vef.vtattk' and dc r't.'ipfvr p:ir-.;e. bu .y their g"nttrt action -h'iis, il Th .1 hi VUiIr at VIA lieniv " fr S.t.i wi'H' vnece., or wnt by tniv. 5br. G.F.THEEL Con Xorth Fo air tli Wtreett OOO bel.tireea.TuiLADKLpHiA, Qtl tubln m the n-iaht iu dif-r T, I.tVi. lilH if b-lJl Wt'f : Skin IU-a i hi t-K, k to k r a , Hit.i! KcIt--tii ltTu-In 01 miiiMiu. wti 're ail tli- n fail- NitVou lability, itH'turcn. W .t: k. Krront Of Youlh Loni Vkhhi. luritMuc utttrri(;tf, want drvniopm-'iit. i-io. lln Hp-r:or Looiivlf i-iiit'lf. him t chiM-K thi dl"ftsM Imni"1ir . oaving Kn-f nuiVriiiir. Si-ud 4c. s:rtin for tnk Tltl'TH" and fr tt'Sttmimial, Houm, daily fri.m 9 i. M. u 3 P. W. F.v.-n p Trura 6 u 9. Wr4ni-diy and Saturdr KrDium, from 6 to I 1. M. Sunday till It utxm. Don t be humhui.-d by qn-li LiiL-ir frandiitent Kiiaranltt-s, fr cooMJluniirnt and ctuii iHilDuui drugs anl thrir o calU-4 new w w.nd-rful cow IK) u ml s : the ar woriltlest and ruin ihoijsamt. S- n ! i tripsin 'tila. and Sat. PIiila.lcli.hi lnil Ttnif. Don't be deceived and huriibiiBTfr! :ir7 Dij t. tio ian iipvit h, cun-J onl.--hv arlfiittlUi lJijnbin anil Spt-oliilltt, who know t a" thiTinj?!! i--i;uiuiiinna lhj true n.icurr uf your din.-e r. Wi'Kktlr-SM. all pT-OllS T6 di!T-r'-Ilt 10 thOtr UlttiltT'S, U till naTural tliwi all diM-- Mil Oo e U' p- of yn.bfnl f-rror ao i iii'iiM-i-otioii-. aff st e n one difterttitiy a-ud il in iwsc-itdp fur an cac to t-ll the UO-- n:na: of yr.ur dta-- iqiTpIt lo.'kinc a! T-t.i. hlLhoupb frjine tlnl:n to do ' to urut FiM'h and aru-r rvll oth.-rs fJl fr-nH Ur. T1IKKU i" only fltiuliic t'liy-ician and adTprttniiif Sp"i'wt. wlioi al.lo lo kVirt- vdu. Q'laekn (flf stfU-d, prat Phr-i.-ians an SiH'i.illiL-) with th'ir oti-ap Twatnifnt fu;n thouiaiidn. cl.r: li- H and other eoQtMvr.i li! rf-vt-reinN, fr r.Tiptit-o-Itiht-lnt'-". nu:-unii. sn csilt-d fcrrKii hi.iilnls and all c r. prcoaratum art; dit'iiirou and th.'ir th..!i-.anls of Tii'tm- li -c vurl. TIIK JKKITM'AL ran Im cnvliwc "r, TIIKKb U none t. t-vjul Iiitn in J,1II iu - Iir1 perlci(H I chfturtntiifi of r.-(Vniti,v Trr iu wire prouounci-d iin-urail and curM ty ini- r . y Rtven to all rvaJ ufIi''Tii. Wriu or cUl .1 Vv a'wJ WALL PAP It will pay anyone in . an 4 TTRIII VI to BPtid Bo. to pay ptaKe on our l-auMrul Jlue c over lOUmntrhril sample at lowpn priM-3. addraos ' Ii. CADV. &a Ubcb l"BvWenoe. R. 1 99 Pure. THE BEST FOR EVERY PURPOSE.

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