Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on February 16, 1895 · Page 5
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 5

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 16, 1895
Page 5
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New Spring Styles of Hats > Arriving Daily at DEWENTER, THE HATTEH and FURNISHER. I f\N\ GOING f\]Nf\Y. LEGISLATIVE NOTES. Said one of our Customers, but I want you to save my measure. stick to him. When I get a GOOD] TAILOR You Suit rue to a T. * E. PLURIBUS UNUM! TUCKER & YOUNG, TttB FEftRL STRBET TfULORS. I •AILY JOURNAL SATURDAY MORNING-, FEB. 1C. Drink McLinn's Kolatona. A team owned by Cash, tho livery nan, ran away Thursday ni^ht with bobsled load ^of ladle* and gentlo- QOD. The Boston Sample Shoe company rill opon u store at 322 Fourth street, ke Oppenbeimor will have charge of ho business. Jacob Anholr'e barber shop on 'bird street, is undergoing repairs, n ew front baing 1 put in, and other 1m- rOTcmoDts added. A residence in Jackson township on ho farm of Mrs. Kate Blglor burned own at 2 p. m. Tuuwday. Tho loss ssaid to be $l,OCO. Frank Baker, wbo was Injured lomo montbs'a^o by afire wagon run. Ing over him, is said to bo again uttering from bU injuries. Dr. J. H, AUon will mako an ad- resa to men next Sunday afternoon D theE. R 1'. M. C.A. rooms. ' Chos- n For a Name," will be his subject, A motion by the do.'tmdiino for a ehuaring of tho CP.SO of Lo»ansport gainst Martin McH*10. was overruled r Judge D. B McConcoll, yesterday. Paternity proceed Ing3 have boon egun against Ellis Armstrong, a young wrnor of Harrison township. Tbo iso will corns up at "Squire Lalng's this afternoon at ~ o'clock, an A. Logan camp S. o! V., is nrlng for a alok member, George r oobt, who has been removed from t. Joseph's hospital to a room on roadway, whero every attention is alnggiven him. Goo-ge Cuppy, tho pitcher, ia fered |2,400 by tho Cleveland, Ohio, atiooal Longuo ball team. Ho de- aad»$2700. tie yesterday received ank contracts from tbo Cleveland ase ball management. Uroucrcii»rul llolil Up. Lewellyn Shaw was bold up by a ne bandit Wednesday night -while ivlng from Burnottnvillo to Idavllla. r. Shaw piled his whip vigorously the horee and to tho man who held L« brldlo bit, and succeeded in pass, the would bo robber. Awarded llfhest Honors—World'* Fair. DR, POWER MOST PERFECT MADE. pore Grape Cream t/ Tartar Powder. Free Ammonia, Alum cv wy other adulterant 4O YEARS THE STANDARD, Suniiiilc Abreii'l. Pdru Journal: People wonder ho v it comes that Manager S B, Patterson shows himself to be such an energetic person around tho opera houeo. It is easily explained. He acquired energetic habits in hii youth and as they brought him everything he possesses he continues to Indulge in them. Mr. Patterson has been what is commonly called a hustler all his life. His mother died when he was only nine years old and ho felt at once as though a good part of his future depended upon himself and started in accordingly. Ha spent most of his time with an aunt and was given a good moral training. For the rest he owes mofit to himself. When ho started out to make money he went at anything and everything that was honorable. Ha made money selling papers, bought out several exclusive agencies and finally purchased a naws and cigar stand. Fourteen or more years ago ho had a chance to go into the hat and furnlsh- lug business. Ho entered on a small scale, not knowing how long he would keep to It, but ho advanced atsadily and was sonn in control of the business and everyone in Logansport was B,S familiar with "Patterson, the haberdasher," as they were with then 1 prayers. Years and years ago Mr. Patterson storied hia theatrical work by securing tho appointment ns Dramatic Mirror correspondent. In this way ho always met the loading professional people coming lo the city and formed acquaintances that have since proven very ad- vantngoous. When established in Lls hat and furnishing store Mr. Patterson thought it, would bo good for his business to have, tho reserved seat board for the opera house in his store, He made Manager Dalan a cash offer as an inducement to place the board with him and it was accepted. Soon aftor Mr. Dolan came to him and said ho wanted him to act as his theatre treasurer, offering a vary acceptable 6um for the service. Mr Patterson saw hie money that had been paid for the board privilege coming bick again and accepted, thus drilling more and more into tho theatrical business. WhonElwin Stuart took tho opera, house he came to Mr. Patterson and offered him the position of treasurer at a salary even higher. Again he accepted and also acted as Mr. Stuart's business assislant. Then Mr. Smart died and Mr. Dolau took ^he house again. The actual business Deg<in piling up on Mr. PattersonJo heavily that he finally asked why it wouldn't he a good, thing for him to take tha house &nd responsibility himself. Satisfactory arrangements were soon rcade acd it became Maisger Patterson in reality. Then the Peru house was added and now he is almost sure of fettiaf? control of the elegant ground floor house which is proposed for the now $60,000 Masonic temple to be erected in Logansport this year, [n cue -he take* charge of this new place he will give up his lease of Dolan's. State Normal School Graduate* Cannot Become Teacher* Without Examination—Anti-Fa** Bill Killed—io£*nsport VUltom. Indianapolis, Feb. 15. 'ihero were two reoorts from the commitUeon education on the bill to exempt graduates of the 8tate Normal school from examination for teachers' licenses. The majority report recommended the passage of the till. Chairman Adams of tho committee signed the minority report. He said he believed such a law as was contemplated by tho bill would lower the standard of toachori throughout tbe State. Tbe normal school ho said, like every other graduates persons who ought not to receive diplomas. The aiacussion of the two reports became general. Representative Gregg aaid it seemed to him that tbe StatoNormal School IB asking for such a law as that proposed in the bill, was confessing that it was afrall to put its finished product in competition with tbe product of the other colleges of the State. The minority report was concurred io, and the bill indefinitely postponed. * All the members of both houses of the legislature received comic valon.' tines yesterday. They came ID large square envelopes suggesting the idea that another reception was on the boards. The first members who opened the envelopes tried to conceal the contents, but later developments put the laugh on them. The Speaker was on the list and held up b's chromo for the admiration of the House. * » • Peru Republican: Representative Stakebake's bill to prohibit the play- Ing of base ball and foot ball on Sunday was dlacusaod. Representative Stuteeman proposed an amendment to include croquet and "two old cat." Tho amendment was voted down and the bill passed to the third reading. * * * Mr. J. E. Button, of th'e Logacsport Reporter, and county superintendent Harvey G-ardner took a look at the Legislators to day. » * * Mrs. Senator Ellison, of FortWayne, formerly Miss Hannah Hall, of this city, ia a frequent visitor in the Senate and Houae. THE OPERA HOUSE To be Made a Ground Float Struc- ture—Jlr, Dj]*n ou ihe Proponed Improvement. A ground floor opera house will be made of the Dolan play house, Prep- arationi are to begin at once for the charge. William Dolan states that there is a demand for the ground floor structure, and he will employ a Chicago architect to make plans for the proposed alterations. The main entrance will probably be from Broadway, with a storm roof over tbe eido walk. There will be two galleries in the new house This move is made because of the fact that the store rooms on the ground floor of tbe present building are not desirable for business purposes, and the improvement will be mide in preference to having the rooms vacant. 6x2^ CANXOT BE FOCSD.. Ground Hog Boots! Too late foo Felt; buy Leather, It's a a Ground Hog case now, and it will pay you to help you clean out our Winter .-Boots. WfU-KER 6c RfVUGtt. 420 Broadway. Bernard Ilaoinel of tlie South Sido SUM illli-nlnz. A systematic search and inquiry has been sot on foot by the relatives and friends of Bernard Haemol of the South.Side, who has not appeared a his home since Saturday. He was last seen Monday evening near Gustave Rock's saloon, and at that time he was said to have been somewhat intoxicated. His disappearance i§ thought to be duo to. foul play or to death from exposure, ae it Is thought he could not have gon:) far in the condition he is said to have been in Monday night. The wife and daughter are much worried at his absence. See The Specialists For CHroflic and Private Diseases and Deformities. Diseases of Women treated by the uew eleotrical method thuc hut; given wonderful results. Don't forget that their vapor treatment for nil Chronic l.unr- Troubles cets the remedies to Uie clii-en-seii spots uud cures whfii. everything else fails. Call ai-d investigate tiuy ,vny. U oosts you. notifies for consultation. Drs Cliristoplier & Longenecker, AtsTIie Medical and Surglcaninstitute. 417 Market Si, - - Logansport. IncL JUSO-MC TBMPJ.E PLANS. The Dram-infra of Oinnrt Rapid", Mich., Architects on exhibition Here. The drawings for the new Masonic Temple have reached here from the office of A W. Rush & Son, the Grand Raptde architects. As outlined by the drawings the building will be of four stories, the first one of cut stone, and the remainder of pressed brick. The plftnsdare on exhibition at the Pacific express office and the committee of flve now has them under consideration. The proposed building will cost about $60,000. MONUMENT MEET. The anti pass bill was discussed at length in the, Senate. The report of the majority was adopted. This kills the bill, * * * Mrs, M. W. Collott acd Mrs. C. B. Longweli were- visitors in the Senate and House to-day, THE TWO KENNEDYS Tim Trial of tho Brothers «" cf Burglnry mid larceny Vewteriloy. A jury was engaged yesterday in hearing the evidence for and against Sam. and Dave. Kennedy, who have been In jail for several weeks under indictments for burglary and larceny. The Kennedys came bera from Muncie. Chief Miller, of the Muncle police force, and patrolman Ball, and a companion, also of Muncle, were in attendance at the trial yesterday. By their evidence it was shown that Sam. Kennedy had been sent up from Delaware county for four years for alleged highway robbery and thit he had only been released a little over a year ago, a short time previous to the night that a barn on tbe Skelton farm east of the city was entered and a number of valuable carpenter's tools taken. The Munoie officers also 'stated that Dare. Kennedy had been chased out of the magic city for some of his objectionable actions. The case went to the jury at 6 o'clock last night and at 1:30 a.m., the twelve were still out. A sealed verdict will be returned thla morniog. A big crowd was in attendance at the trial. PLASS FOR A JiEW CHURCH The board of director! of the Royal Center creamery have chosen officers as follows: S. A. Williamson, president; C. M. Anderson, secretary; E. B. Thomai, treasurer. A Twelve Thonsand Dollar Edifice Proponed For the Cumberland Presbyterian*. Plans are on foot for a new building for . the Cumberland Presbyterian church. If the congregation decides to build, a $12,000 structure will probably ba put up, and the Rev. Wellborn at present suggest! a plan which provides for a reading room and for baths for both seiea. Pink gams and mouth and dazzling teeth And breath of balm and lips of rose Are found cot In this world beneath With young or old, Bave only those Who ever wisely, while they may, * Use SOZODONT by night and day. A State Convention of (he ijtiacln- tion—Will Meet Hire Xt-xt Year. The monument men of Indiana met in State convention yesterday at the Grand hotel,. Indianapolis. About forty were present. The association elected officers for the ensuing- year as follows: President, August Diener, Indianapolis; secretary and treasurer, Schoyler Powell, Loganeport. A spirited contest was had /or the convention next year, and John O'Haver and Schuyler Powell stood up for Lo- gansporl- with tho roEuH that this city was selected for the raeoting place, the convention to'take place probably in February. An Old Ulan'.* Misfortune. Juhn George Heikle, 70 years of age, who was cared for at the Cass county jail and sent to Frankfort by the trustee, is 8 id to have had both feet frozsn when he reached that city. The Htuilonf. Sud JTMsrht. The students of Hall's business college drove out in a bob sled to the home of William Reed, four miles south of the city, yesterday evening. When it came time to return, the horses could not pull the heavy load over the bare ground and they had to stop at a form house and bjrrow a hay rack, and finish the journey on wheels. f;s, ^ /< ne Cnnmplou Po^l Pl«y--r. Ja"mes T. Malone, tho champion pool player of the world, is in Logansport and will give an exhibition of fancy pool and billiard shots on Monday evening next at the billiard rooms of Woo. Prosch. 406 Market street. Some of ths shots made by Malone are marvelous. He offers to give any player 50 points and beat him in a game cf 200 points. . The Xodern InT«lM Has tastes medicinally, in keeping with other luxuries. A remedy must be pleasantly acceptable in form, purely whoUfcoae In composition, truly beneficial in effect and entirely free from every objectionable quality. If really ill he consults a physician; if : constipated te uses the gentle family lazative Syrup of Figa • KIley Elll*'Trial Set. Riley Ellis will be tried next Friday. Fansler & Maboney have been retained to conduct hia defense. Ellis was with Harry Worden the right be shot Warren Knowlea, and was (he first to attack the latter. Worden was taken to the prison Xumerou» Fire Kxprrlence*. Indianapolis News: Whenever ihe fire alarm sounds, W. S Wright, deputy Secretary of State, ha.s a tor. vous chill. The story which is told of Mr. Wright's recent experiences with fires is truly remarkable. The night after he came to Indianapolis a fire was discovered bsneath his room in the hotel. It was put Out without the public being any the wiser. About the time Wright was eworn into office, tho extraordinary series of hay Sres occupied public attention, and every one in the State House was on the eve of expectancy. Several lires occurred in plain sight from the office window. Wright's experiences with fires did not end with the numerous cases of burning hay. The fire in the Conde Implement Company's establishment burned for a whole day directly across tho street from tbo Secretary of State's office. Fire even invaded the State House, and there was a burning waste basket in Clerk Meyoard's office just across the hall. The day of the Denison Hotel fire capped tbe climax. Wright came early to his work. Ofl his way down town he discovered a fire in the rea of a drug store at Indiana avenue and Illinois street. Liter in tho morning he rushed to the Denison Hotel, where he helped to carry out the effects o Secretary Owen, who was in Detroit at the time. Worn out by his exer, lions, Wright concluded in tha after noon that be would go back to Logans- pore, where he is the president of the J JUT mil Publishing Company. On the way to Logansport the front end of the smoking jar s-as burned. In goiog to tbe Journal olfice be encountered a fire hose. I-Je wa' told that a fire bad been burning in a large store in one cf the central blocks of the town. Mr. "Wright generally sits with hia hat on bis head. It ia sail that he is waiting for the fire balls to ring. SOME FOREIGN FADS. Hofore Long* Appointed. James M. Eouk has been appointed guardian of the minor heirs of Sophro- nla I. Rouk, deceased, aad Sam'l H Rouk has baen named as guardian of the children of the late Martha J Rouk. Their bonds were fixed at *300 each. Hufilunds or Sickly Wires: Dan't bo discouraged. There is escape from doctors' bills. Zoa-Phora, Woman's Friend, has brought health to many families, when other remedies and skillful physicians have failed. Sold by B F, Keesling and Coulson &Co. A Frosty Bide. Two tramps reached this city yesterday morning from Chicago, riding in an open freight car, and had walked In a circle in the car to keep from freezing. When they , reached here they were covered with frost, and were suffering from tha oold. An Appeal Taken. The case of Julius Do nice, who w»e given judgment against the L. N. A & C. railroad company for $5 250 by a jury in the Cass circuit court, has been appealed to the supreme court by th« defendant An $8,000 bond was filed yesterday with James Murdock. the Lif ayette banker as security. Thecate has been in the courts for a long time. . - " In Gus Heege's no-sv Swedish comedy, "A Tenuine Yentlemen," which Manager Jacob Litt will cause to be produced for the first time in April, all the scenes are laid in America, with the exception of one which is laid in , Sweden. Mr.. Hecge has proven him- north yesterday morning and entered ; Bell a unique figure in the characteri- on his seven years of work for the j ""lon-of an Interesting stage person- Srate. I Queer Practices Thut Mny • Ua Imported. Several new fads ore reported from France, one of which is stilt-walking 1 for the elite. Such an amusement must necessarily be practiced only in tho. country, however, s;iys the Xe\v Yorlc. Tribune, as even the eccentric gr.audes. dames of Franoc would hardly care tQ be scon walliiug on stilts in the 1'ois dft Boulogne. At a house party up the Hudson n short time ago half a dozen pairs of stilts -,yere provided .{or the amusement' of tlm guests and the attempts to master the awkward-looking afl'airs caused. much merriment. One yonug lady who.. had practiced the art in her childhood evoked rrmch admiration as she slroda oil with lier attendant swain with, perfect case. Another report from the French capital is to the cft'cct that the abbreviated, costume which the l v aris>ienne calls her. bicycle dress has boon found so com». fortable that several women who love, to hunt and fish wear it habitually on their country estates in the daytime, ThC3* rejoice in the sharp contrast of • silkeo, lace-bedecked tea gowus and tho smartest of dinner frocks in the evening-. Bicycles seem to have succeeded in introducing in a few months what dress reformers have been vainly trying 1 to inaugurate for years, i. e., a sensible outdoor costume for women, Even in America, it is now considered the proper tiling to wear a very short tailor-made skirt \vith Knickerbockers and leather leggings for country tramps or sports— although to the credit of American women, be it said, that extremes arc considered vulgar. Our really ".s.-r.art" women wear c-ostiiincs that are invariably ladylike. AnoU'.er new irnnsatlantic idea, which this time i.s English, is !o Iiavcj dwarf tree:'- as ornaments for dinner tables, the i'.i.iri:,; having i:niUited successfully the Japanese method of producing liliputian spr—irnens of elierry, apple and oilier lowering fruit, trees.' While we have for some time past in this country been talking easily over telephone lines 1.000 miles lo:rr, Europe is still in the earlier stages of sut'H work. London has for some time been connected with Paris, a distance of Sid- miles, and 1'aris with Brussels, a distance of 10S miles, but, so far as known v nobody has talked through to Jlnisscls. from London via Paris, although thin, kind of reaching onward is the 2rst thing an American telephonist thinks, of. International jealousies stand in the way a good deal, and it is said that there is little hope for the present of uniting telephonic-ally the cities of Paris, .Cerlin, St. Petersburg- aud other- important centers. The Germans aro. progressive in tliis respect, however, and have just put up four silicon, bronze telephone wires between Ber-. lin and Vienna, a distance of 40D miles,. There is a longer line—190 miles—be-, twecn Berlin and Konigsberg:, and tho, German administration expects to build.' a CS2-mile line from Bodenbach to Trieste, while it has also been experiment* ing between Berlin and Trieste, a distance longer than any, namely, 725., miles. —Komnoor g-as, supposed to ae a very. superior kind, was patented ia London, in 1SSL and his conception ol his new role at this time will be of some curiosity. (WOHAN'S FRIEND.) is the BEST REMEDY for GIRL, WIFE, MOTHER, Sold by B F K«eiUag aniTJo^n Coalmen.

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