The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 5, 1935 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 5, 1935
Page 1
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Served by the United Press BUT THE DOMINANT IffiWSPAl'Elt OP NOHTHEA BT ARKANSAS AMI) SOUTMEABTMmF IERNEWS IEABT MISSOURI ' , ** %— • VOL, XXXI—NO. 27f> Blythevllle Conner TSlythevllle Dully News ' „. , lilythevllle. Herald Mississippi valley' tradur Kl ^ 'I'll RV1I ,| ,Fj, ARK A NSAS, TUKSDAY, FEBRUARY l>, 1<M) HOME EDITION SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS Continues Effort lo Fasten Crime on Hmiptmann' 1 - Dead Friend FLEMINfiTON. N. .1., Feb. 5 (UP)—IslJor Fiscli instead nf Kruno Hichanl Uiiujitiiiun lurked in St. llaymond's remetery on the night nf April z, WK, nnd roUfoteil SttWW ransom from "Jafsle," [Umjamlri Heier r swore today at llauptmami's • <Hal. Fl.KMIKOTON, N. ,.1.,'Fob. !> (I PJ—The shouted declaration 01 Chief Defense Counsel Edward •) Hellly that he would prove Isidoi FIseh, now (lend in Germany, was tlie Tjlmlbergh murom extortion- er, brought Bruno Richard Ifriupt- inanir.s murder trial lo a slinip climax Joday. It. wax dmiijtr the examination .of Mrs. liertha Hoil, n Bayslde housewife, tlint Rellly mndc r.latement to ihe murl. Mrs. lion" had testified' Hint Isidoi- • Rseh .had- brought tv-o suitcases toiler home nnd wanted to leave'them there before he de parted for Europe. Tho defense liK'ernce wns 'that Fisch wfis trying lo dispose of (he ransom monej by leaving it with friend*. Ally. Clcn. David " T. Witenlz objscted that Mrs. noil's testimony was incompetent nnd immaterial and his objection was sustained but not before Rellly announced his Intention lo prove lhat "Isidor Plsch was the'man who Jumped over the comelor: wall mid received Hie ransom money. Every available clue" in Ihe Liud- i^leigh babj LUtniplng mjsterj led * lo nobody ^else bnl Haiipliminn Ool-H Nonnan Schnarzbopi Henfl of the New Jersey state police lesuned at, the 2Jlh day of Bruno Haupt matin <i trial loi tiie crime yesjerdny Stolen Automobile' '" Is Found Abandoned A car, owned by Spurgeon Patterson stolen herL Sunday night 1 ab been found abandoned on n imd nenr here ind stripped of iccessones f i Officers were investigating i ic port .that the car niay have beftv stolen bj bindlts who harl pieu ouslj stolen -mother car In Mis sourl. Mtsslssippr.llccnsc plates hVd been . removed , from, Ihe Icar and Missouri* nlntes 'ilUcheil 11 Is understood: i ' i Pnlteison jUio fornieilj lued here and \Hlts here tnuejs o\e- soulbern stiles Gold Buyer- Injured ;" When Struck by Auto ' V''>i •-•'- '''"• .:'..' • ^ L <l A. B. riqimelrt.; 45. gold buyer of Atlanta, Cm., sustained inccra- lions aboul Ihc head find a fool Injury wlien lie wns si rack by J car, said to have been driven by N. S. Tnylor. hulchev,-. on Main sired. Simdtvy night. • OalalU of the accident were not available and no rcjwrl could be obtained from police. Mr. Holllfield'. who .said the (Irlvi-r Identified himself n,s- THylof, itci'lnrcd no charge had bean preferred. llollfteld Is In MIC -Blyllipvlllc i hospltol, ' . . . PWA Loan lo Pine Bluff College Is Increased , °* pcb. 5 (UP)- mlnislrator Harold L. "'"rased 22 r.on- " by Plnc Bluff, Ark, $ (!5 .oon loan and grant io state college for *vm- iiaslnm. and eisbt racultv rVsi- incre-ircd to $79.500. ' Flays Louisiana 'Despotic' Rule At (lie moment Huey LOUR wan speeding from New Orleans to Union Kongo to smash at his'fciM, liep. J. Y. SancUrs. above, one of tho I.oulsiana''01d GuanV anil foe 01 the Km <r ii'>h «as mikinp i flirnlng spuccli in ihe House m V a«hlnston clnii»ing Uiat de mocracy in Jiis state had"been re- liliced ^> Aahilc despotism The LoiiMini cipitn! 1 ' torn*. f\jighuClub Neai Caiulh- tile 'Scene of Muir dei ous Onslaught - .! CARUTHERSVILLE: MO.— onic 'rs are scekint' J. p. Ornhhm and Albert ' Cotkrell, who Sun'dav nijlit Hacked Sim Bjrmm with kniics The affray happened at the Silver Dollar, a iiigiit club about wo miles outside the city limils. t. was f lilted that Byunin nnd he oilier -two lia'd had. previous rouble, ' nnri Sunday night when Jymnri entered the place and en- nged in -an argument with th!- wo, - they attacked him. One of he "men n-lelded n butcher knife, he oilier a itocket- knife nnd an •on 'bar. : ;Oiie of the. men lenped on Synum's back, and held hi.s head 'rack, while the other slushed wltti !ie:i,;u(clier knife. D. . -,|j. Show, an eyp witness •bo: is nlso. n deputy constable, aid several in (he place gabbed iin. pinioning hie. arms to hi-i Icie so that he could .not Inier- ere. lie. said his -rums were not clcnsfid unlll Cirahnin -Rnil : Cockell had made their .escape. Officers did not. indicate whelh- not action "would be ttiken gainst those who -interfered will) Constable Shaw. The nllendlng physicians said lint nllhoush Byiiiim hnd lost n rent quantity of'BoMl. he f.tonil fair chance' loTecover. •"• Charges Administration HeadingJJ. S. to War AKRON, O. (UPJ-AmcHca is beln? hended directly toward nii- , ol\;r world war by Ihe RonsDvi-lt administration. J. n. Maltha, O f New York, author and traveler lold n lecture audience liere "CCC camps, mobllUallon mcas- nres nnd the entire FERA will bring as .1 world n-ar far more ilGvaslnling than the last one" he •said. "No administration was 'ever more prepared for war than (he present one, which has had six limes as many war plans on the fire, for two years .a.s Ihe Wilson regime had." iaggett Oil. Company Is Incorporated Today LITTLE ROCK. Feb. 5 (C'PI- ic Baggell Oil company of Bly- heville was IncoiporalPd by Ihe ecrelary of state (oday with these named as incorixirntors: C. S. naggett, Lucille Bcigcetl and Mrs. J. C. chism. Three Negroes Held lor Casnden Farmer's Deal] Ark,, tvh. 8 (llf'l Charges 'ol , first, ilpgnv'. -iinmlr ven- filed jodiiy ngainM,. .(oh VVim>, :ir>, Ills; \vlle, Husle, :ftj nil Irriimy Tumpr, :tn. negroes):To Ilii Flaying-'Vfr'i nol*i-l. l,. linhlrt sou, M. ri' niieim Vlstn frnii ftnbllisnn's hcily vva.s found by pnrchlne parly in a shallow ijinv nenr his hnme-lnte yf-.sierdny. II hnil been shot through ihe lir-nf wllli u rifle nnd hLi hi-ail MILS liiul Mlir-rlft" A." W. Rllt.s Siild Wav admitted thr Iclllillfi. "ill' Ifpllri ' stivceji ||i« ! . fumier nii'irliic ne •o?. 1 ; was given ns Ihn Vimse. FflLLSINEffl iiyti School Girl in Serious Condition nl Hospital Here . ' . l/>ls Mc-Mr-hns, Ifi-year-olcl ItnyL (huil cirl. Ls in a i;erioii.s condl- to n r.r, Ihe TIlyMirivlUe hospllal ufferlne from injuries rcc-eivm vhen she was run over by n chool bus Monday, morning. Miss McMeniy; .was injured In. ernally when a wheel .nf, the bu; passed over .her 'lowe:l'v«bdo'men. The accident occurred nbnu't 3U illei Iron! llayii o;i h rural roule Charlie Morgan.. Hayti coirsolldnt- ed school bus driver, -had picket ip Ihn girl and .two other slu- lenl.s nl Ih? extreme.; end of his Inily enrly morning roule lo the school. Instead of having-- the student' nkc seats In (he His pinpei Moi ean allowed them lo nil in Ihe hi\eis cab v,Jlh him plinnin o have Iliem change to bus -en it hLs next stop when othei chil- hen entered the bus ,i 1B ,, m | e |. slrtod <51iovtli nftej Dje llirrt Indents liad enfeied the cnb \ull ilorgan (he nght i,aml door of he cab s«ung op™ nnrt \ii<< itcMonns sitting nexl lo the dcor tell out ind undei oil" of (he lual reii n heels of (he mo\me bus The girl MIS bioiighl to the (ospini \esleidnj Ifu condition as leporled <,omp\\hit nor^ to 5100 Fine Assessed for Drunken Driving Carl Peel nriestcd bj a Hectoi OK-nship .constable, was fined 5100 01 drHni^ i^hlle chunk b\ Aet \g Judge-V. G. Hollnnd in "mnh- e-ipal court \estridi; James IfnwHiorne.'. ne^ro. wns ned n\e dollars for petit hi enj Judge Holland was rhil\- timed ! special judge on n rot- of nl- orneys attending court. Failure I a special judge (o have been ected through proper formalities ecently was marte t]lc . ba<ls of u einuiTw 'ly-.-n,, attornev for one efendnnt on" appeal i n . O i rf ,, u Merchants Lose Their Licenses WASHINGTON. I'Vb. R (UPl- he department of agriculture in- ny suspended.;the licenses of nine rmips aiitl.liifKvldfiolsVdoJnr bus; less ns' :cohi"inLsslonf >i7icre'ha'iil.<> ealer.s, or :brol:ers under (he per- hablc agricultural conimodltief Each wns chnrBed jwllli non- nyment. of reparation.'awards ls- ued ngnlnsl them. / The groii|> IncliWwl'tlie Oolden wnlam Sweet Corn company, Gilam. Ark. .' ; Hail Association Disbands After Ending Labors APPLETON. \VLs. (UP) — The Fricwllv Nclglitor tfall Ar.sociation hns disbanded-lts business done. The assctlation consisurt of GOO formers, whose crops escaped Ihc fury of a hailstorm last summer, which lold wosle surround Inj lands In Outgamlc county. Members of the association do- nnleil more tluiii 300 loads of fodder corn and 1,000 bushels of wheat to (heir unfortunate neighbors. Recently the last of tlie stricken farmers was taken core of and the organlzMllon disbanded. Itroke Fatal to Father of Local Pastor's Wife E. A. Bryant, of lifangimi, kla.. father of Mrs. Alfred Car- enlcr, died last night following a take of paralysis. The Rev. and Irs. Cavpt'Mer left this mornlne or Hint, city. Kentucky Jury Turned Milkmen for a Day MT. STERLING. Ky. (UP) — iidee D. 13. Caudill was In favor of excusing Clayton Ramcy from jury duty in n murder Uinl here because Ramey (old the court he had "50 cows to milk at home nnd no one to help." Counsel for both sides objected. Judge Caudll) look (lie mutter Into his own hands. He instructed Sheriff Josh Owing.* (o take Ihe entlrr; panel of 12 to the Ramcy form, where ' Ihe Jurors Rainey with his milking. Decision Tlion Would } lavp Minimiuii Influonco U|> larkels on . VVASI1INOTOH. Wi 1 (IIP^- A high Koverwnnil "nlTlel il do P U> the, nrtmlnistrntlon'.s ; nionetnry proai'iiin v.iul indiiy'ihc stipnliiL i.'Oiii'l'.iiHiy iiiiiid (t(>W/i Its opinion In tho cold I'latir.e'" yiirjp Mndlidny nftei;iloon. "*\',i lie fesed his liel'ler'nii (he con- tentioni , thai .sliniihi: ithe dccLslott be rendered nn Kni,iii'dn\ Ihe do mestii) m' would Irvr- all m Sunday in which ,tb. dlgp'.st. Die "ting. Market (-onslderallom lie snld, would work against n decision, next Monday ns lint I the eve of Mncoln'n hiilliday on which domestic markets are ill dosVd while foreign market,'; nle op-n A.Monday, decision uonld IheVe- fore Give foreign- tradeis on open innrket", nn .opportunity to piofit by the Im'onrmlfoti wlille dnnirstte traders would be severely linndi capped. I nd lent lorn ,'ihnt the comt nmy be taking market •'trading In' consideration in t lining Its npii ton.nre regarded by |h c ndmlnL' Ballon a.q the mast dhtmlilng me:or about the romt's dcllbern- tions. Those close to Ihe ulminlslta- llon note thai if |)> r dHisioi s lavornble lilllc. luvd b» r-n,e ( rrom Ihe ,s|ireulnllvr- re-] inse Oi Ihe contrary Iliere would |j ( . nr "inphaflc rfacljon rmm UK depressing effect,, ilie. ronslileinllon of Ihe hj. (h,. (riljunnl hi- >nri on fttoc/; and loimnodilK nnrkels. The conn. the> argue .s nware of this .sttunllon and muH )(. Matching Ihe mtfrkel for sonic >articulnr i-e'nsou.., ''— i ' Roosevelt May Bnlain and France Hear Huey's Foe Vclministi-atibn Bill Would Make; .Reserve System Viitliaj Genlral Bank WASHINGTON. Feb." 5 (UP)- Wmlnistration .sponsored leplsla ion \ii-tually.. lrnn.sfoimin<> the ederil reserve, system into i cential tank" wns prepnied fci ntroduclloii into. con§ies.s todn> The long awaited administration ranking. bill provides for central- zed bnnking control in the ferl- f«J reserve board, bringing the oanl closely under aclmlnistra- Ipn nomination and giving u wide (sci'cllon over credits. Tjvelvo sweeplns ehangos In the resent federal rc-«rvc net were roposrd, the most Important of 'hlch were eomblnntlon of the ftices of ngeiits and governors of ,ie:. tsvslve regional bant; under lose supervision of Waslilnjion mhoriUes and (he , establishment ( an open market commiltee in vashimjion lo m \ a ? Al ,,f.,ican r«llt conditions. The plan ivas considered'certain f extemive dLsciissinn and <ril- e.lsm In congress. 'lames Destroy House on East Sycamore St. A six-room house at 417 Rnsl ycamorc street, valued nt about 3.000, was practically destroyed- bv re about, four o'clock this movir. «t. Jim Allen, owner "and occupant f the house, built n fire in a Hcncn stove early this morning hen Illness of his baby forced 1m to rise and heat (he house, i some manner the fire ignited "old shingle roof, probably thru defective flue, (he b!a?e galnm* eadwny before firemen arrived, The roof of a house at Franklin nn Dolman, owned by Ike !\f(IIer, as slightly darnngcd'bv fire yesterday afternoon. Night Club Thwarted An nppnient nttem'pl' to burn ho Silver,. Moon night dllib, about n mile above -the Arkilraas-Mls- oun slate line on Highwav 01 viis llnvarted at rin enrly ~l>nur his moinlng uh»n pnssliif mooi- °ts dl^eoveitd the bla?c ind slop >ed the file iccordlnp 10 lepans •caching here today. Blankets, which had been sonk !d In kciosene or gnso'lnc had )een placed ngnlnst and under the wills of the night club and ignited, investigation is said lo have rfiscJoseci. Tlu fclnnkets were drog- icd away from Ihe building be- it liatl been fired. City Loop Games Be Played Tonight Ml high school ploy —0-. ..kllwl v\kli I""J Jonesboro Slate college training school, a high school team, at the nnnory | !ore (o ,,|g|,,, following rcgMinr city loop case Games scli- xlulcd for (onlght. Jn the op3ning gn:nc. :U T oclock, Terry's Service Slnllon plays Eas', Arkamas Builders. In »»tiy c ™ c RMicr> ' .The situation In Louisiana that led (o the molt bj ihe Snune Deal Association Mill he laid lie. fore Pieslilent Tlooieielt b) E Melinfte\, one , , , ot tlie ai-ochtton leideis i c I cording to -t slatement ft> Me- Jnlfej in BIlo\i, Miss NPU oiilbreaks by- tli«.,Sq\iarr: Dealers, are jearoil i- Long's Mud- .e)9 )>eep ri close giia;d to st,em Attempt to Services Held Monday for Mrs, A. 0. Ashland Fimornl services were held Won- Agree PAnin r.'li fi (IlP)-nreal llrlt nlii filial riftiife,litivf ngieed on u romplole pie! nf iiiutunl dpfdise Pieinlei Pleiie,rinndln lold Hit chniubei orrteriul(r£ todnv Oemocrals Divided Over Work Relief Appropriation tWASIHNniON nh 5 U1P>- Malniii iliiiiiKe in ihe nilinlnls- lintloi^ ft(IWI(10(1(100 wdik relhl MM ^«i pudleled lodaw nflei Dpmririn!) nil Ilirt wimln nppiop ,lfllioa- lommlllfe slioueil n dh l^lounf opinion v.hkh nil),lil lluow (In bilaueo of ormmlltu powi) lo (he Heiiublltnii mlnnilly Reports Hugfe Inflation of Utilities Valuations WA°3!llNi-IO»r~reb ', HIP)- Prlvile ntllltlis fre(|nenth escape pijment of federil Income tn\"s tluough leorgnnlrniion schemes the ftdeinl Undc, comniksion n. polled to (he seunle today Havel on lls -tl\ ymi lii(|iilr\ in lo iitliilje'; (tie roiimfrston elinrgcd compmles It had examined hid Inflated thch nssils SH01H-I8W resiiltl;i^ in |i,nen"d Pn - and elnctrlt lairs The willing up of boot values 01 niseis the commission elnig cd wn." dom rirqtientlj llnoiith onllmMIc Juilgmcnl' of high jUcnd i \eciitlve- nud by iKifmiL- torv hni-s-bnek appraisals of pioperlles In compinj Would Boost Payments] Under Annuities Plan WASHINGTON Feb 'i (UP)— The admlnlstinlimi throui'h lee Telm\ of the [im^rj Heniy Moigentlmu li lodaj recommended lhat contilbuton old nge tension taxes In the seciiiltj bill lo ilmiplj increased lo pieicnl mij>e federil rontribiitlons In yenls to come •> Morgnnthnu .proposed •((>-, the liousc wijs nnil means commiltee that pairoll, and etiindm I&MS under the contrlbulori o|d agt nn- i»U> ij"lfin slnil al ly,o Instead or on-" pei cent n- proUded In the I 111 i|,ej «Qulti increase to six pei cent nl the end o( 12 veais Instead nf n\e pel cent nt the end of 20 jeiis Moigentlmu «nld (Imt the (huiee would fncllitnle the continued op erntton of the sjstcm on nn ndt t|iinl> nnd sound liniiiiclal bisls Althoiil ImiTOSluj hei\y burdens on uluie uener ition.s , , Prince Foresees Hapsburg Rule! Gives Schools 65W Cent of Pinrepck of Twn Cptjt I cvy n nof it, rcii 5 (nrf— Ab^llllril nf (he iiiu-off i!i!niar>' wa'i voieil in>|la house of ippif- •i)i<n\r<i 1Mb iffcrnoon, n ( 0 f 'lift !. aliealj n ieyimo iu|il nou pru loUliu irniei'nni, ^o, l s evneUcd to M-II II Rf.i'tvv 1 W traw^ fT'liuf W('llflfni;'c'0iiii(v vokd wHIi llu< wli'nutv In faior of lelcnllnn of Ihe urn nH • i Dlsre^nrdlng otflplal cfforla to Inisli refeience ^Jo.jeliiii} of llnpiburg nile lo Ausirla, Pnnje Lrual nuerllirnr ion 'Knrlienibflrff ilca cliancejioi, declares rnsloia tl<ifi lo ewentlal In tlie future Tlj<> Helmwehr will bring thli »lau(, 'saW,(lic justice, .-.hmin here •» ho fluted n tronp re- vWvv,iri Vlenn^a few da>a ogo Craighead Quorum Court Orders County Farm Sold JONESBORO,..Ark.—The Oral" end County penal-ianri was ordered abolished Monday by n vote "' 30 to .si.v bj' tlie quorum court Hng ; , a heated controversy'. County Judge Spurgeon Clark was PDOinte! chairman of a commit ee to rent or otherwise dispose of lie farm properly nsr soon-OB pos- •In'dge Clark declared that the mil's operations were responslblo lore limn else for B be Tyler, 'ars. Jther, .1, j, d had bee na resident of - •<••* >..m, miymmg else for ni' , A ' °' Aslllon<i ' 85. ounly denclf of about 550000 ho died Sunday at - iho home of) The farm wns defended 'at 'the 1 ' " rat m ™"»Z b y -Pro S ecutIn e nttor- uey .nrnver U Dudley, and at today's mpeling hli Crittghcad County deputy. A. U. Tadlock, spoke In his behalf. Dudley's offer (o waive nl! his fees If other officers of the coun- Mo., section for many She hnd been in a serious con- lltoii for aboul two. weeks. Mrs. 'Shlnhd suffered n pnrnlylio stroke hout 8 years ago and hnd never illy recovered. The nev. John qopelaiid n f Cnoter officiated at (he —._. v< ••\.»iii.i4 nt nit; htfrVICf.S nd Interment was made at Ivfaple Drove. The I,, a. Moss UnderUik- ns company was in charge of fn- erdl arrangeaient.i. Tlie decensed is survived by her rother, three nlrce^ nnd four ephosvs. ' St. Louis Woman Will Manage Coffee Shop Mrs. Grace senton, of St. Louis, ins arrived here to assume man- gement of the coffee shop at the 3(iff hotel. She lias been in hotel u.siness for .1' number of years. LeRoy.Wilson Dies Funeral services were held Sun- ay for f.<;Roy Wilson .12. sou of • D. Wilson, well known local In- urance ageni. 309 South nih tree!. Services were held nt 3 o'clock '111- Ihe Rev. E.. L. Bobbins, pas- °r of the First Penlecostnl Church of dod officiating. Inter- ncnt was made at North Sawba einetery. Tfie L. O.I Moss Under- fiklirg cmopany was'i uneral arrangements HD Vti-s. refused. . ---—• "• «•». ^WMH- .*n > S IM au|j|juiL, me unifnnmeni 15 would do likewise, to Insure Jo set Ihe dally license fee for rontltniatton of Ihe penal farm, operation of tracks on a sliding scale of $100 to $1.000 at Ihe "discretion of the, racing commission. He also favors more liberal allocations to the old nge pension fund, lie .Mld.. Officers Return From Trip to Atlanta Prison Ed Rice, cliisf of police, nnd Eddie 13. David, deputy sheriff, have returned from Atlanta, Oa., where they accompanied several men sentenced to serve federal prison lerms nl Atlanta hy Judge Mnrtlneau at Jonesboro recently. Among the prisoners who wore turned over to officials at Atlanta was Luther Blake, who was arrested here on n .counterfeiting charge about n mcnth ago. He entered n plea of guilty nl Jonesboro and was sentenced to serve three yonrs. Senator Helped Block RFC Aid to Competitor WASHINGTON, Fcb. 6 ,(UP)— Evidence that Senator A. HaFry Moore, former Democratic governor of New Jersey, agreed in 1933 to help Ihe New York Ship... — — v ,^ —,„ «..^,- building Corporation prevent a cmopany was in charge ot competitor from obtaining an RFC """"•" loan was presented today to Sen- . by his widow, ate munitions Investigators u !„._ -.1.1 «»- ,. -l . ° _' i t ,,. , mum iwo sisters, Moore was elected, to (he .senate clear, according to Samuel F. Nor' t brothers and Jils parents, (last November, Hampton Repoits, Res,ults of. Informal, . Poll of House Members LITTLE. ROCK, Feb. 5 \VP1-- Pnssngc of his horse racing bill by n safe majority was forecast by Rep. Eugene Hampton, of Leo county, todny nfter nn unofficial poll of Ihe house. He said 01 members are pledged lo support his hill when It- Is called for a vote, expected Wednesday. The measure was not culled up todny as was Ijidlcnlcd when ac- llon was deferred yesterday. Tlie morning hour of Ihe house was occupied .with routine mailers. No effort will be mode fo railroad the bill Ihrough the house, Hampton said. He will support, the Local Woodmen Will Pick Delegates Tonight Two delegates, to the district meeting of the W. O. W. lodse "'ill be elected nt n meeting of the local chapler louighl nt "l:3ft o'clock. All members of Ihe lodgs are urged to be present to participate in the voting, ii is slated. J. J. Jaggers and C. A. Cunningham arc d-olcgates. holdlnj over from last. year. Two lo be named tonight- will complete UK local lodge's representation. WEATHER ARKANSAS—Partly cloudy, colder In extreme northwest portion tonight. Wednesday cloudy and colder. Memphis nnd Vicinity—Fair lo- nliht. Wednesday partly cloudy and colder. The maximum temperature hsre yesterday was 50, minimum 31, ris. observer. nocnc, rt-b D (ur)- amendmonl ,iodnv -cived Ihp wiv roi rmisa-ie of n lies tix In Hie senate, lls sjion- oi s clulinod Senntoi ]) n Thoiilnsoii of •"Welm Hm inn subnillled the 'inendinenl iijni „,„„),( n(vf) tlle T-hcnl fund (jfi I cf ceill of irvenue «00noo foi n phaiiiv fond, ind five lh,(> finftlndri lo nil old t" t-fn'loiv fund !, *' , The moeiidmenl .[ollov;ed u'con- leuce lust nlelil In n down- 'o\ n hot»l n) \v)iliili thres boll- 'iW '.onntoMt Dlorjsedi supnoft of 'he mcnsme In 'ictvlin foi the •hnUllei nid ol3 aqo pension "ii'Jj of Clle-iibrlfi, ,1 f, Slinicr I w\in>« nnd chnrlw minx gf The minntoinho stohn-d n tlnen- •nii /llllbuslei Dimmed ly HardV. c hnvei ali(| tHAi\D i^.,\ n ., . n ,.J'. 'earned "ell ncdleli Pas^rc* Bini ,roo Bfecl" IJnll iind ivn, f , qr ||to, snte of (ax "f Hie, Ar»C(i<linoul Ilia't Jiln .„,„ c mc ivoiifd pass \tjtlf tince ~\ o"lei ^ sriup He Indicated he would '•nil fo) si \p|o |d| 0 j (|,( s Wae },\ "onatnr Pimci raid hj n,ntild ffier n nnol awentlineul llniltlnc he pioposca sjtlca tfl\ bill to two icii-s t . , ( O'lOO^Itloii lo tlie cales tflx broke ™t-ln flip liotl'o (odny olt«ti Rco NfauDin Cunuulti" ot Washington Bounty UiEipitucetl -\ lesolutlon lo end n onmmit'ee If| Jtl'sl^sinpL <y Investltrnl" administration of 'he ffiles tax' in lli n l -int" Tile •evolution \ us ndool d lo send •oitmilltccnicn nt tlieh o«u expense RODS II K Tonov of pin« rjiufr, *> K Ma "on of Camdeii nnd Joo ^orlon of Lo?nii counlv sjld in =ueiiinf /or ll^ le^olutton UieV 'iculd opro'o am sole;, Ink when. '* nrnio to ()!•> limsc I ut (hn'f - r "ummiii"s Bliould Lc pivcn p»f- i »is i -lnn to make hli p ft rsoral tn» 'The Tliools In my couiilv cant li>»d Ilik ]or« ' h" eoiielii'lfd The sterllf^Rillon bill of 8^natoK iMtc T Plik «ai <seL roi fir^t Consideration when 'tlie sena(^ nvnned (it S P. M. n^lit Over Uun-GiT Primary Repeal of the tun-oJI' prtmniy aw, nlreadv voted 1 '. In, the semte ^loirfit i bittl- in the house to-' <Ia\ when the bill tins call d up for nnnl action. ^Apoeals for ; 'Jeffersontan • democracy" from "uppcrlei's of nin-off olectloiis were nrved with c]\a\«^ of 'rotten "olllicnl tradei' hj its opponent 1 ) is Ilie blil wns srgiied for nearly in hour before the noon recess. A popular compromise suggested during debate \Va" for i pref.r "ntlil prlmon trimn.ln? eandl- datcs (o t^o for each office in he first ^leollon That vou'd IBT utf Interest In the second prim- <rj Insuring n ballot on all ma- 1 or end mlhol offlc" , It v,as c\- Jhined A bill lo tint effect nl- eidy lias pa«ed the how Strongest opposition to th. rtiri- oii came from R=p G B Colvin of Pero coiintj, nnfl Dr J A Christian, of Veil county. roll Tax Bill Beaten UhoiKrh (he house wns In ses- lon onh a half dny Nerkrdaj, ive bills were passed and one de- cated Tjenty-one nen me«ur«s verr introduced when the "riood- atss \\ere thrown open nt 4 30 The bill vhich MSI defeated bv N5beig of Plumps wont'! ha-ve provided that n pel] tax receipt cr.uld be Issued cnly after the axpnyer had paid his personal tax. t provided nl^o Iliat personal taxes delinquent, • prior to January 1 93!>. could be cancelled bv 'mv- meut of Hie H31 ti\\ss ' Oate.s of Clevehnd denounced he measure because, he declared, t nould make (he ownership of property n renulrement for \oting Crawford Of Nfiss^ippl n nd3 ils "maiden" speech in (he house denouncing the bill on th<i groundi' hat It would enable utilities antj orporatloni to dodgeV taxes. '

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