The Missoulian from Missoula, Montana on February 5, 1926 · 8
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The Missoulian from Missoula, Montana · 8

Missoula, Montana
Issue Date:
Friday, February 5, 1926
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Hi 1 ?. ! ,f ii 8 r"TH5T5AILY MISSQUOAN; FRIDAYfMOR N I NO, FE BRUAR Y 5rl926- LOYOLA WINS FIST EITRA i mum ES WHiPPED sr.-cm BY 22 TD 18 SCORE Home Quint' Ties County Near End and Then Wins Out by Four Points. , Tying- the score with a whirlwind finish In the fourth quarter and eng- il:ty. every, gain being- a. drive of from in roe to 12 yards. He handled BY RAY ROCENFT. Jack Pelaney has been promised a bout with tiene Tuiituy, providing he whips Johnny Kisko, the Cleveland shipper, in their cngiurrmcnt at New liork tonight. Kisko made things in teresting for Tunny not so. long- ago and will he no cinch for Iflaney. o O o ieo jjOtnsKt is wind in his left eye as the result of a -waJlop which Joe Roche- lmdt'd on the orbit, which was sore when he went into the rinir for ing two baskets to decide the g.nne that fight, as a result of haviiiir been In the extra-five minute period neces sary, Loyola last night maintained Its record of successive victories in? a thrilling battle with St. Charles academy. Left bihin in the first period, Loyola, played the hrawnier invaders even the rest of the way. but could not catch them until the dosing minutes t . f the fourth quarter. Then Joe J"'Orazi snapped in two baskets and Loyola took a one-point lead. Chevel-lier of St. Charles came back with another basket and the Helena quint were again ahead. A free throw tied It at IS to IS juRt before the gun. In the extra period St. Charles had three short shots in the first minute, but missed them all. Boyd pitched- a side shot to put Loyola ahead. Each missed a closeup. Then re istered a neat side try to put the score to 22 to IS in favor of Loyola where it remained until the timer's pistol ended the fray With the crowd in a frenzy of cheering. It was Loyola's sixth straight triumph and the first defeat for St. Charles in tight starts. ' The Loyola team, considerably out-Weighed, put up a game struggle after finding themselves . in the second period. Lynch's play in the back court was exceptional, his long shots timely. Boyd and Joe D'Orazi jabbed In accurate pitches when they did the most good, while Laca9se and Tony D'Orazi stepped a fast pace. Good, Saint forward, was the most dangerous player on the floor, caging several long distance shots, as did Mitchke, a husky guard. Smith at the other guard played a strong game, and not until the fourth period did Loyola's passing game fool the Helena defenders. Shaw, veteran guard for St. Charles, has been declared ineligible and did not come with the team, his absence being felt. Loyola started the scoring when Le-mery tooted in a rebound. Good pitched a beauty from midiloor, then Cvnvtr-.ed. three fouls in ' a row Slitciie took a long side shot. At the r.d of the first quarter the score was to iar tie Saisis. Mittfcke scored .r:-"r.?r sit? effort eirly 53 the second l?ri---i J; D'Orsti converted a foul Lcss s-cr?i v-ier the basket vrv-."a lirew ir.e ta.s tnrouga tie ring damaged by Ray I'elkey Shortly before. J Motors expe-t vision to return 11 Lomskl gives the eye careful treatment. oO o , A bout between Leo '"'and Ilert Colima. which was to have been lougnt iiiesuay nig lit. nas been can celled. It seems that Lomski and his manager, liiily Xolan. were trying to make too much money at once by taking on all offers. With a. rest of two weeks, the eye damaged in the I'elkey fight would have beon O. K. and . Leo would probablv have as hipped Roche. Instead it swelled shut. the first time Ruche landed. . . ' o 00 s "Red'Vjn range, his manager,. Charles I'ylej and. George Wilson, Husky Stai tho bull unusually- well, iiev-er fumbl ing. Steve wa also a great basketball guard and a fine sprjnlef 'n tho back 10 Hon corns GOMFARATIV E Experts Say She Has .Noth ing to rear in Helen. ' ON PROGRAM I 0T ra fir i-ast center. Ecyd converted a f:-L rKi h&'.i tinte the Saints led, II to . Lysch opened the third quarter scrcir.g with a heave from center. Boyd pitched a foul. Good connected on another distance siiot. Mitchke Fhot a basket from two thirds the length of the court. Clievallit-r converted one of two fouls. Lynch sent in a long side shot. With the rooters urging them on, Loyola opened a snappy passing attack in the fourth quarter. Boyd pushed in a -side try and Joe D'Orazi .scored after a a criss-cross of passes. Joe D'Orazi flipped a side shot, put ting Loyola ahead. Hardly, bad the ball been moved to center for the tip-off before a foul was called and Chev-allier missed a free throw. Then he redeemed his failure with a long heave to put the Saints ahead. Thirty seconds before the gun Lacasse wa given a free throw and cooly sank the ball. Then came the whirlwind extra period. The lineup: ",'"'FG FT PF Pt. each chipped in $50 towards a fund for Rollie Corbett, Seattle- boy, who sustained a broken leg in the game between Seattle and : the :Chicago Bears. o O 0 Six full teams ,;have , reported for spring practice?. en the gridiron at Oregon Agricultural college. ..Coach Schissler?intends to keep them at it for nearly three months. ;-. . : Idaho meets the---University of Oregon, leaders of the Coast conference race, at Eugene;, Ore., tonight.. In their recent game at. Moscow, Idaho, was defeated by a. 10-point margin. In .Montana, circles- the. Bobcats play Brigham Toude of Provo, Utah, at Bozeman and the. Miners meet Inter- mountain at Helena tonight. o Q 0 Saturday night's schedule is: Montana vs. Gonzaga, at Missoula; Washington State tollege vs. Univer- ity of Washington, at 'Seattle; Idaho vs. Oregon Aggies, at Corvallis, Ore. The Miners phi y St. Charles at Helena. o o o Remember old Sam Crawford, who mayed right field for - the Detroit Tigers for so many years, breaking up hundreds of games -with his prolific club. Crawford will coach the South- em California Trojan baseball nine this spring and-has alreadv started his candidates at work; : The tig salaries paid the members of the New York Americans hockey team by Tex Richard has caused much dissension in the professional hockey ranks, players of other teams have de- tided to form a union so that they may demand increased pay. The New York Hockey stars gathered by Richard have found the going tough, winning six and losing 12, but they are-dra wing $30,000 crowds at each game in the Madison Square Gardens, so Rickard is en joying returns from his investment. Nice, France, Feb; 4 CP rThi? first opportunity -for a direct comparison of Ihe tennis game- Suzanne-. I.ojiglcn is playing this winter -with that of Helen Wills came today when the French champion met Mrs, C. V. Aenehllmann in Ihe Nico tournament, and tho com parison was impressively favorable to Mile, Lrnsrlen. . ... Suzanne, attacking vigorously, downed Mrs. Aesehlimur.n, formerly Ix'slie Bancroft of Boston, in two love sets.- On January- 22, the- American woman champion was pitted against tho same 'ipponent in tho Metropole tournament and won, 6-2, fi-2. Experts agreed, however, that the comparative scores hardly represent Mile. Lenglen's superiority, for Mrs. Aeschliniann today was able to bring only two of the 12 games . to deuce and scored - only nine points in tho first set and 11 in the second. , t . r It is recalled that Mrs. Aeschlimann defeated M.iss Wills during the .season Of 1922. . -,. J . Miss Wills scored two more victories in the Nice tournament today, in the mixed doubles she and C- F. Aeschlimann came, through- ?to-- tlte.r.semi-f inalij - by 1 4ef eating Peggy Saunaerp 1 ml Mr. aciiovaJ, 4-G. 6-1, 6-3. Playing the first round of the women's doubles. Mss Wills and -Emily Eennttt of Eng.. land trounced Mile. Uovaisky and, Mrs. Emmett, 6-1, 6-0. After wat:hing the French girl dav today., 13 experts matching imprjesalons agreed in failing to see why she should fear to meet"; her American rival. Central and Missoula Clash; Cubs Play Idaho Tech . at University. Two attractive " basketball games are on the. kchedule' for tonight, with Missoula high nchobl ' tangling with Mutto Central at. the high school gym, and with the undefeated drizzly Cubs taking on the ' speedy Idaho Tech Tigers at the university gm at7:30. JTissouLi scholastics arc eager to set somebody down hard after that defeat by Butte' bixt Saturday night, when a voller of lone heavies inriniited the Mining .City quint to' come from be hind.' Missoula controlled the tipoff through the giime, had the ball in their possession oftener, . and showed nice passing, but they could not hit the basket, 'while 'Butte time and again popped tho ball I:i from midfloor. In the lineup for tVach Sullivan's Central quint. are Winston and Nugent, 'forwards; Hanley, center: Kepplerand Murray, guards. Three or these players are veterans. Idaho Tech's lineup against the Cubs will include Hodson, Peters and Armstrong, forwards ; Richey, center; Marter and Tatro, guards. Twenty victories in succession fire now 'credited to the State University freshman teams1 though not all this season, and Coach" A4ams' youngsters are determined to -keep the 3tring of c'&nquosts ' unbroken 'against what is expected to tn -the toughest opposition thlsf setisoii at hoi'me.sCla-ck, . Sullivan, Stocking? 'Lewis ami Wendt will start the fray :,Joy the CJbs.-.-: . f ' Bobcats Come From Behind to Win Game Bozeman, Feb. 4. OP) The Bobcats of Montana State College, after trail ing in the first half, played fast bas ketball In tho closing minutes tonight to win from RiiKham Young . univer sity, leaders of the division conference race; by 36 to 31. Montana State had Its scoring stars, H.-irtwlg and Cottam-, back In shooting form tonight to take part in the fastest game seen on 'the floor here this season. . Brigham YoUrigJ.exhibited a perfected passing play and a dangerous accuracy on long shots, but in jlte lust half missed a number of easy shots near the basket.' The Bteltar guarding of Valery Glynn for Montana was an outstanding feature of the game, Glynn adding three flwld goals to his team's score. Swenson, Brigham loung for ward, led a fast nnd .desperate rally for the visitors at the end. Romncy, Grigham Young center who is six feet and four inches tall, gave his team the tip-off but close ' Montana guarding forced the visitors , to long' shots through most of the game. ' r vice grand; William ..Mac Kit y, warden; Stojt (iarrltiou, conductor; K. Clutter-buck, cliaphiln EriioHTowuseiid, outside Kuard; Villioni iU-Curt. Insidv Blard- BASKETBALL. Bobcats, ff6; B. Y. F 31. Eobkittens; 30; Idaho Tech, 2. BOW ...r. COMMERCIAL LEAGUE. Idle Hour Alleys. Loyola (22) Boyd, If Lacasse. rf-e. .... 3irifiry, c A- D'Orazi, lg Lnoh, rg J. P'Orazi. rf .... St. Charles (13) Chev&Hier. U ... Corjd. rf B'.ikovatz, c 1 0 ...2 3 FG 1 3 0 1 0 0 0 1 FT PF Pts. Kiiatb, lg .... j0 S':"chfc, n - .2 Fr-e throws mised J. D'Orazi. C: A. D'Orazi. 2; Boyd, Ch'-vallier. 2. P.eferee Kirk Eade'.y (Mtntana). Tiriic-i Turner (Ya'.o). Big Bill -Cusick gave "Chubby" Crawford a beating the- ether night, having tho former. O. A C. football star groggy several times.. However, Crawford managed ' to. stay the limit with Chet Mclntyre's- Mul'an miner. 0 o 9 Every man on the Gonzaga quint which meets the Grizzlies tomorrow night at the university gym is a veteran. Ingram is the itar of the outfit, the ace around whom Gonzaga has built its football and basketball teams this year.. " ' 000 Will the use of resin help reduce baseball batting- averages, which have worried the magnates considerable of lati years, because of top-heavy games repK-te w ith slugging? - Rotary Laing .., Dummy Streit Linn Olson . Miller Totals Eddy-Jackson Harter Williams ., Dummy. ......... Oavja " ..,...... Totals Bear Cats Wright Severy Thomas Ramskill Durapd 1st 180 2nd 153 13$ -166 .........174 107 ..206 193 242 12 3rd 173 140 161' 178 165 Ttl. 506 442 -577 619 MEHLHORN WINS PLAYOFF. Hot Sprii:-?, Ark., IVh. .fjf) WiKijin "Wild Biil" Mtfhllwra. jut Chicago, ck-feated his fellow townsiru-ji. Bobby Cruik.'iiaiik, by one s the t Aith-r:r-r,trul op'.n t,'.lf The i-easoos of 1 i2 1 and H'22 saw the slut-gTs obtain their highest balance over the pitchers. In 1921 Detroit's team average, the, highest in the A-r.'.iIean league' history- 'as .016, while in 1'jZZ Si. Iuis Browns as a tearo hit .313. In the National league the Cirdinals in V'Zt and the I'irates in V;'i2 both hit .30?. 0 Oo Ib 123 and 21-2 there was a slisht decline in both Ka.j j. but bust sascn tie hitv-rs again gained the advai tii;f-. t;,e Arrif-rican ligje If. idfrs batting 'y'j'i jm a team, oijd lae Pii-at jrctUcg lift Same ; fori in t' Nation!. tourna -1 o (y o , Totals Kiwanis Rains Swingle .............. LtVasseur .. Ktrkemo Mcl'uno v .. Ckipp. .1 Totals N. P. Shops- It. Larson .......... Wigcl Stinson .' II. Larson .... Mitchell ... Totals Hoot Owls N'agle Dummy ....". Bertness Hayden .'910 1st 196 ...132 -,...,..173 140 .........146 .....,...7S9 . 1st 1S9 127. MS 165 ....,v175 813 1st 143 ...135 136 160 150 724 1st .1SJ 1S3 167 150 169 S33 1st ......164 -140 -..179 McCurdy ....19g S31 2nd 158 134 164 140 233 S32 2nd 151 162 170 159 13S S00 2nd 151 -163 180 169 156 S19 2nd ISO 160 202 16S 213 016 2nd 178 140 HJ 168 isi r 817 2588 3rd Ttl. Philadelphia M en Want Heavy Battle Philadelphia,- Feb r4.-C45) Herman Taylor and Robert Gunnis, local boxing promoters, ' left hero tonight 1 for Memphis, Tenn., to confer with Jack Oempsey on Saturday regarding their offer to ha-ve tho world's champion tox either Harry 'Wills or Gene Tun-ney in the uew municipal stadi tun here in the first week in; September. Recently the promoters wired Demp-se.offerin.g him $-500,000 to rh.eet Wills or $300,000 for a bout, with Tunney. BITTER ROOT BUREAU L 0. KINNEY. Fl VALLEY RESIDENT DIES Law and Pharmacy Teams Defeated 134 117 116 14Q 201 438 383 .485 420 583 738 2359 3rd Ttl. 112 432 149 448 141 .459. 187 511 202- 536 821 2436 3rd Ttl'. 178 42 135 215 378 174 .490 151 4S0 , 174 480! .-1.1a 3rd Ttl. 185 522 The Arts and Sciences' 'school bas ketball team last night defeated the Law school squad, 2ff to 1:9, .and the Business Administration quint .downed the Pharmacy school teani, 2C to 15, in the second round of intramural games played at the university gymnasium. A small crowd - was "present." 'Harry Adams refereed. ' The next games will be played at 7 o'clock 'Monday night. MRS. MALLORY; BEATEN. 146 133 213 130 46:- 562 r7i 62 323 2839 3rd Ttl. 173 110 133 197 163 515 420 411 r.4i 512 1132 ment here t ju.iy in the IS-hoie pl.jy fl of the tie in the 72-holo match. Bill's card was 73, Bobby's 71. M I .T. w tr ;m m m mm u m m -w SU ri S SI M A SCIENCE Not Experiment MY method of treating Piles and other Rectal and Colon ailments is recognized as the most scientific and effective in me today. Among the thousands treated are many patients sent to me by other physicians. There is no hofpHal operation; no confimtnt; no retention from work. My treatment is safe, mild, soothing; the cure rapid. And I remove all doubt hy a WKil ll I1UAKA1N I C.K to cure any cat of Pile or refund th rwtknt'l fee. WftW t Axy for my h fEE lOO-paac Uluitiited dtmnptivt booklet. "m POHtlAH 1, tlcnn 1 v-tity yt.irs igj t t'.sm avra ttn of Use leader !.-. th National leaini In l:0 baittl;.? 4i u.uiiir. aj4 elge on pitching. In 111 h Athletic hit a new icord V.r th majors. The next few yvirr t!.-re vas slight 'le-rline bgajn. ajrl in lii", lVi, and 117 the i-itchers heM the upf-r band. O Oo AfU-r the nd of the World ..,r, batiirg increased as tt." 1 'Ah ivi-rj-r "f the pitchers a.nd urdil liiO. vt. a new hlgii t"am mark of .30, the fir, time it had ever iis.d the ..v.. u.utk wiih attained. OOo The Idaho Tech fjuint. whkh ti.tts tliu Orizzly Cuts tonight, i i-xw-cted TftaJa 814 S12 80S MURCHISON SHOWS HEELS. New York, Feb. 4. W3) Wen Murchison of tho Illinois A. C, twice took the measure of his Herman rival Hubert Houben, tonight In maintaining hif supremacv as Amnri. Kpnnfns ch.imr.ion, first at V vardi with Houben third and again at 69 yards with th Teuron foiirtH ' to orrivo thl.- the U'. DEAN. M.D..Inc o oraas: attlc officcs: morning on lap of an artliwui Montana trip. Tl.eyl opened their Juunt by d-fKitirg the .uaiaci, t(J:Uin, Llfle.H, 31. 22, ,p,u ,.,j DlUon Normal, 36-7, lout to tin- Mjpf:rn. 16-.. and played tho Bobklttenu uozoman last night. oOo Steve 8ulliin, Bulto f-ntr:il who brings hist Butto rrew her' to-1 nigni lor a giilim with tho Miwtoula high, hold.j the uiHtlnctioM of h.-.vliut been tlio first Montana player Heled..,! for an all-conference berth In the north west m n conform, ... sulliva.i wm tlm "Kfliy of Ihn 1922 flrirrlieH. Ho was 0. driving, smashing, ltne-bucker, cjipablo of (.lipping irTotign snv 0rt r.f nn nponlng. One nfternon atB.)ze. ' Soon! New York, ' Feb. 4. (A3)-Mrs: IVIolla Mallory, fof-rhei national tennis cham-iHon, '-met defeat to'day for the fh-st time-in nine years' 6t indoor play. In the Heights Casino invitation tournament she was eliminated in the .(semifinals by Miss Martha-' Bayard, Short Hills, NT. J., 6-2, 3-6,'. 9-6. ' re . Miss Bayard will pdy in the finals Satiirdaj against the winner of tomorrow's semi-final match between Miss Hilary K. Browne, former national champion "and Mrs. J. Dallas Corbiero of-Boston.; -. - DELANEY TO M(EET RISKO. "New -York'.' Feb. 4. Jack Do-laney of Bridgeport, donn.,' will' make another bid "for heavyweight honors when he bdxes Johnny Kisko of Cleveland,' in thoten-rouiidlaturo at Madison Square harden omorrow-'highf. lUsiift-.euiwB-tlie-'ifinR with the record; trf . ncVcf;;1iavirlg been nocked off hi feet.""1 '"' M Victor, Jan. 30. Speeial.A former re sicent of the Bitter Root, died suddenly at Walla Walla, Wash. Word has been received here by friends of tho death of L. O. Kennedy at his home there. Mr. Kennedy with Mrs. Kennedy vas returning from attending a show, when they stopped in a confectionery stoie. While making purchases Mr. Kennedy sank to the floor .and expired w-'tliout a struggle.' He Is survived by his wife; two sons, Frank of San Francisco and Earl ' of W'alla Walla and an aged mother. Mr. Kennedy lived here for years, and will be remembered by many. Mr. Kennedy' was a civil engineer and -has been with a government crew for many years. Victor Brevities. , Miss rancis Helm who is taking a nurses training course at St. 1 Patricks hospital came up from : Missoula . and spent the week-end hex with friendss. There will, be a" benefit dance here tVednesday evening. The ' Old- Fellows are at the head of the affair and plans are being made for a big crowd. , ..Iuchard Foley is seriously ill at his home. Mr. Foley hRS been confined to lii.-i home most of the winter. The auxiliary of the Eastern Star will give a card party at 'the Masonic hall Friday, February 13. ; ; - ; , f : '. '--. vj ' '-v. .f ' ' : . Blinlur'Nluholson iwrr boftesn to a Kri.wp t)f worn. ri at .'SOO'i' Friday ,f ve-c-V K 1 T..UJ1 otroni fr H 2srnn0.. il yf K ro iiiip."Tllr . guustii' Were Mtii.uni-t It. O. C'sterpfcn, -tlinlelr iBa4t:"t.r M'-Biigf-biond, C: "Vi bocke.v.;, .August So'HJdi-rVO HMv8,-M..fU Byrd, L. Suinraerc,-. Bert 1 Koilco." KeyiTTllomp- non, Kalph Jones,-JamfS'Pierce, Arthur I'lighUii.r, . A. J. Lof ftus, a. L. .CocUMn, J. P. Wbl'U amj Sarah ShockUsy, The pj.ity wa given at .tio hojno tC Mrs. Herbert Sommera t0 host on -the same evening tnti .fm of.-.uw uip-bagff cJib4 -nt.thfl hoin? f Mr., and Mrti-Bert Kerle MemlieJ'a.'4rt-Beqt, wt'r K- Ostergrcn,: Bert Ki .U humniers, 1 C. W." Shocklcy,1 K, sanpmt, m. lCdfiinond, A. J..tLoflTS Aml.tbq host, who' wa-,Winner.o'( first honors wjiile his brother. L. Sum more. ;waa tvccliuined "'cellar chaiupion.'i , . . Mrs. A. J.. Algie left for Pond Creek, Okla.; Friday.' She ,wai4'ayd.lhere by the serious Illness of 'her 'mother." Mm. L. e. Mrs.. Lee is. wull kiwu here, .having visited her daughter, each year and wm here the past fall -fur' several weeks visit. ' .' .'-. Mrs. M. .Osborne, wbo. has been- visiting relatives here for a. week returiled to. her homo ;n Hamilton,. Monday. fr!l. Thomas guild gar tu public card p'aity at the G. Pbjre Home Tuesday evening. There .weTro several tablet) of "500" at play. - ... Mrs. Clara Bodlng ot -.Missoula is visiting friends and relatives bore, . , liarby teachers attended teachers institute at Corvallis Monday night." Bev. E. tnutterbuck has returned from Bozeman, whore lhf attended tho wcrkers conference .of ' the; Baptist cnurcli. ' ' ?iv , ' ' ' . L SET No Indication as to When a v;'JurrWM.B .. I .1 - ... . .- ... " ' ? " 'With 'the'jury. term In deparfincut; No. 2 of tho' district court fiidud. a similar: session for department Hh.,-1- appeared In the offlnff yesterday aft-j ernoon wnn tno annuuncemunt hy Judge A. L. Duncan .that ho would set a law and motion -caleiukir ul .1m, o'clock this morning.' r I indication as; to when a ' Jury panel would bo drawn was given 1101 was there any . indication made as t when tho hearing of the eases to bt set tomorrow-would begin. It is known that there are it large number ..of de- murrers pending before Judge ruiicu!i, nnd the opinion was expressed that th.j court miKht elect to dispose of tuoi-j before calling far u, jury. ' FOOD SALE. ipale of tempting, home-cooked food- M. j. groeery; Saturday, February 6t beginning at Id o'clock. Adv. ' .1 $1.00 YOU CAN'T BEAT IT. Bes'erve your neat today for Hhomldiii Welsh Malo Singers at Liberty, Friday Feb. 5. $1.00. Adv. ',,'.,. ' ' . ' WigH made of spun' , glass In 0'i- many aie said to defy detection, better than those made of haiis. :'" ' ;, ' ..V. .f;ii? (i fj; :'-., X,'.' ' . .. , , r . , . fl, , . I, '' " ' ' 1 ' '' Take the Original ' Package Home Safe Milk ' and Food ; fantg, Convalescents, id, Nursine and Expect- Mothera, Children, etc. The school child inquires proper nourishment, not only ,to upbuild muscle; bone and teeth, but also to maintain strength and vitality during the growing period. "Horlick's," is composed of clean, full-cream mill;, combined with a nourishing extract of the grains. Prepared a t Homo in a moment. No cooking. J.D.F. INSTALL NEW OFFICERS pilllllllllllllllliU I Basketball Game H j Butte Central High vs. Darby, Jan. 30. Special. The" new officers for the I. O. O. ' F. were installed for tho coming year at the I. O. O. F. hall at last meeting. They were Glenn Brown, noblel grand; E. J. Kcrlec, vice grand; Monroe Edgmond, secretary; Charles Malloy,' treasurer; 1. C. Over-turf, . right supported to noble grand; Marcelluo Bay, lef t : supporter of . Vice grand; W. If.' Lord, right supporter? to The New Fre e Iy-H af h'erihy ' Shaving Stick ForTeiider Faces ' MA 1 1 1 F NT ... ilFnir.INi I "ANTlSF PTie - ' SHOOT Sunday, February 7 10 o'clock , f Northwest of White Pine First and Second Frto Given. "" 1 O' 0- N 1 1 rt5 OUNCES ' ", -CENTS ; . I jorover years WHYPAY WAK PRICES ? j h Ss ItfiHions of pounds y M yitised-by the Jw HIGH SCHOOL GYMN Missoula High TONIGHT ADMISSION, 50c . iiHiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiirifiiiiiiiiiifiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiviiH llll BEET SUGAR 1001b. Sack TA I O. K. TRADING CO. Phone 218 1701 So. 5th St: II llll HI S P EC D A L BULL DOG ORANGES 1 ;, v . The New Kind , t v f; VISIT OUR STORE TODAY .'.1 1 Hand see beautiful display 12 large Juicy Bull Dog Oranges for 63c Eat Oranges! ' ? Buy Bull Dogs! BOURDEAU MERCANTILE COMPANY ,835-833 6outh Hisflin, : 'J, ' , Phorwi 610 and 611 " It'.. , I I At I , t'i r 5i

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