Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on July 5, 1896 · Page 3
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 3

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Sunday, July 5, 1896
Page 3
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YOi; EVEl: iu:Ier (rc=i roil ner- vouaiu!.is?..Wben every ueryc aeomqd TO nuivcr (Vlth ii pocu!i:ir, creepy feeling, first in oae place, and then another ,inil .-ill sucnipa llnally to concejitraco In a •writhing.liimalc m the cram, and you be cono 'Irriuble, fretful f.ati pooviiQ; to bo 'followed by'iiu icnpotecu-weiikeuod condl 'tloc of tuc norvo qcaters. rinsing In the ars,. ,7ud siecpiess, rflliie'rablo nights ? -Mrs. Eu?ouo .Scarios 3:0 timon'.oc St., Elk- liar;, Iu£.. says: "Nervous troubles had made me nearly insano and p'ayslciaiis Tvt-ro unable to heio mo, Siy mumory was almosc cono ami every little thing worrlcd'mo until I u'as almost dijtractod. I really foared I was becoming a maniac. I Imagined all soru o; ovll things and would cry over nothing. I commenced taklns Dr. Slllcs' Ecstoratlvo Nervine and four bottles o! this wonderful remedy completely cured me, and 1 am as well now as 1 ever was." Dr. lilies' Norrino Is sold on guarantee, firs', bottle will boncDt or money refunded. Br.'; Miles' • Ncr/ins Restore?. ' Healiii.,.,... THE Is a Good:Machine. standard of (acellence. Munj of the "Munson" consider It THE,BEST. Toil will and It a valuable assistant In jour of. • nee. Address lot pattlcnlars THE MUNSON.TYPEWRITER CO MAJtl'FACTURERS. .840-344 TV««t lake St., Chicago, III. OMi-MALy tat or max. POZZQNr5 'COMPLEXION POWDER! fhu boon the flta'ddnrd for forty year* and 1 9 I* more por«l*r to-Uaj* thun-HTor boxorv* } POZZONI'8 I ItibAtduleomplozlon powdor-bomotlfytng,| " refrustlDg, cloinlr, honlthful and banoleu,, IA a«UcaJe, Inrislble protection to tbe Jtuce. ^ J Witherorf toxorpAzzoHro » ™»r i t.. allteoBt NcoTllT* GOU> PUFF I \ : BOX I* (n»D tree, of. eluurgt. , , •-AT DBOQGIST3 AMD FANCY'STOBES.! N Ta ttie Ladies, •'"' .Those .who are interested In dermatology should ball on.Mrs. Strlngham, who !• :l<x;at«!d in. tlie St. Elmo building on Bread-way and be oonvinced tbat dermatology 18 yrbait every: woman of Intelligence and refinement needs. It Is conceded by our best mind* that a beau. tlful complexion is a necessity of tb« Nineteenth century, and 'which civilization must have; ; and every worthy bus.. band or .brother will take Interest In , *ndthos^'who"are suffering from any ' cutaneous disordera' such as eczma, tetter, freckles, a'cme, llrcr spots, blrth- marka and euperfluous hair are succees- , folly trcatea. Bright energetic .girls .Winning "to worK for J10 a' weelf should cnil-and sellMrs. Strlngham's prepara- " tlons: -., '.' '••-'••-. StriDgtiam, DERM ATOLOQ 1ST. CHAS. L. WOLL, ;-: UNDERTAKER x N». ta MMlwt Street C«U» «ttenasd to promptly, d»7 or Ctntnd Union »nd Mutual t«l«phon«i. Offlce, No, 18; BoMdence, No. 121. DR. S. H. WARD. HOrWEOPATHIST ' .Office 309 Fourth Street. Of tt Tdjlors Jewelrr (ton ;Untn»l Te'«pbon« No. Sto BeildenBii Ms'North Street. ; '\ 1 ' f .. \ . . t. _ >. , A COLUMN FOR THE DRUMMERS Traveling men are In rited to send. Items o Interest to this .column Personal notes will I) gladly received. Matte should reach The Jour nal office by Friday night to Insure publication the following Sunday. Mr. A. L; Furbee was soliciting bus! uwisin Hartford City, lud,, Tuesday, a hiMt week. * * » ' Wlio Is the '•InwHtrL-r .He Is tin follow wh'o is alive all over ami all tin •dine. The pros* doesn't, grow, uudui his feet. He Is constiin-tily awake to tin business situation, tiiwl 1C It Isn't good lie w-iai-m-miase 'to make it so, you !il;t to meet himi ats-Mi* German. did .Tolm B Ootigli. I wa.uit, saiifl the Gorman. "l.t hoar that man who Guilts ml't his goal dalls." * ' # * Tlie'LaCnyotte T. Pr A. are to play n iune of ball \vliUi the Lojwnsport T. 1', A.'s on flu> llth. Lafayette, of course. won't be in it. » « ». Tin 1 wholesale groccris and travoliji;: men OH Bloonilngtou, 111., are makiiij; n doteniiined effort to secure from the next •lefrislaimire a.n act TO retince pa«x«- i'Ser ran-* not to exceed 2 cents pec MiHe. They also insist that the rnil- roa-ds s'lui'.H not issue passes to any but railroad employei'S, HOW isn't this a jns demand wl-th everything else y-u the de cline, on A game of base baffl is to be p-hi.yed at Fort Wayne. Ind.. the 25th of .Tuly between T. P. A.'s sad. Fort Wayne T. P. A.'s. It is sa'id Clwt MytM- Franklin Is hi daily training- and mil be the star pitcher. « *. * T. P. A. members -are reminded that t.lieir sumuruiimiMiI dues' are now past due' and must be paid l.f they would retain tliotr niejubcrsMp. AVlio Is It that can afford to -neglect thorn? Keinit direct -to State Secretary. W. N. 'Qiiigg. Richmond. lud. * * * A poorly pa.i'cl. man c,n the. road is gen : cru.Uy as poor in securing bnsiucs as the pay. lu % receives. * « * The up-to-date • traveling salesman 'LTlos an up-to'-dato lines of samples and no other kind w-iil 'do him. * * * • The man who succeeds ou the road is usually, the one wlio- -believes In himself while the one jvlio. fn.iils believes V* 11 fate. * * * Push your business as a traveling salesman energetically, maintain, Us lijrnrty awl your Intesrlty and you will came out all ri'ght. ''.'.' * * * ' .The buyeir for. a, wholesale house •Should always, treat the knights, of the p in >the same manner as ho would jave thorn treat him. Respect begets respect, *..**• .When a commercial traveler gets discouraged and loses Iris energy,, then tlie sooner- lie quite the road the better It will -be for himself and for his house. HAY LOSE HEAVILY. -red VtfnOrman Stands to Drop Every Dollar. Fred Van• Onniui, who at .one time •was proprietor of tlie Murdock hotel ioi -hlis city, but who -now has the management of -the' Wes.te.otit,- <the : fine new hotel •oceutty opened at Richmond, is likely to lose c'vorj" dollar he has Invested In .hat house. - . .' ••-.-• .The hotel, which is the. venture of the 'Coujinierolal club .of Richmond, is iiortgaged: to Mr. Wesitcott, for whom tlie house ta named, and the club, hav- ng defatted .interest m 'the amount of about .$1,200, .the mortgage has been p oi*otosed and the lease declared for- 'alited. The-Richmond Item -has the loiwtag to say, ot' tlie matter: •• 'The action'taken by Mr..'Westcott la-osuilit Lit an„Interesting complica- lon." The lease given by Mr. Wesbcortit o *tre ctob, is of course, prior to -that ;lven to Mr. Van Ornmn by the club; ind if he sees flt to crowd 'the matter >nt there is probably no way to pre- •enit It. It Is well 'known 'that flie feeing between tlw two m&a lias been any- hing but fitaully'and no oaie. seems to, doubt tlint-Mr. Westcatt will.take the management away from Mr. Van Or- ma.Ti as soon as the property becomes Ms. .Tills would be.a -costly nrocetedlng. o Mr..Van Oruian, who has Invested .bout ?25,000-.ln-'fur.ntolitngs,'. etc., with. .rraxsttcaUy np'retiirn.( as .yet on his money, and tt.would; doubtless glv-o him cause for ada^'riffe.suit against was see.n,' but,-had hoibhing to say, ex- cept'-.ttiatflt'would be.time enough..to mice some notion when notice was served on Mr. Vain Ovma.n requesting possession.' .'Mr. Westteott was 'asked: "What, of Mr. VanOrmau It' you come into possess tan or rlic hotel'property?" "I guess he can rest perfectly easy," was the reply. His many- friends tore sincerely hope that such, may be the case and that Mr. A'an Orman will not lose a dollar lu the- venture. the club, with j\RW02ifl entered, iato ten-A-ear lease tariood faJthi .The lub Is thus'placed between Mr. -Wc«t- co'tt amid Mr. VaniOrnwui and ts in any- hlng bufanven-viaJile 'positton. An Item repoutcr aittcmpted to see IE Vain Oilman, but as he Is quite sick 1th ira afc'tack of quinsy and bllousness he could jnot be seen. Bepldes he had otlfled .of-. MT..1SV,estcatt's :ts attorney, R. A. Jackson, A. CHILD ENJOYS The pleasant flavor, pen-tie action, and soothing effect of Syrup of Figs, when In need of a laxative, and If the father or mother be costive or bilious, the most'prratifylng results follow its use; so that It Is the best family remedy known and every family should have a boTtle. THE BUTTON FAt>. . Do you wear a button': You don't? Well you are not in -tflie. "'push." But rlKins you are not a candid-ale or not It-rested In eaiulidares, thai may ae- uuit t'or.i't.. The button ci-axe i;rt>iuis- es -to sweep overytlitog before It tills .summer. Here are a few of the lu- soriptlo-ns to be seen on sonic of the buntoms which arc not strictly political: •I have troubles o-f nuy own, don't ineiiiion. yours." "It's a tfood thiius pusli it alou;;-" ••Never-touthwl m-e." .• '•- "Pon'r kick." '•If you love me gri,u." "Are you' In the swim,, i-t' not notV" And so on. Get a button. why MILWAUKEE EXCURSION. Low Rates Through Chicago sylvan'ia. Lines, Penn- Excursioai tickets lo Milwaukee will be sold v;la Pcsnnsylvaiiia lines -Tilly 14th, 15bh and ICth, account the B. Y. P. U. meeMiiijT. TJie-Iow rate will be opeu to all. Tlckels will be good re- tu-rn-injr leaving Milwaukee July 20th, 1st, or 22d.i Extension of re:urn limit ro Aug. 5th Diay be secured by dcpo.sit- : ug tickets with joiint agent In Milwaukee on or before July 20th. The lYun. sylvitiiia -is !,e-- .'i-.rect route to Milwnu- koe through-Chicago wdth solid trains to Chicago' Union Station without clvange from principal cities and towns n Western' 1 Pennsylvania, Ohio and Indiana. Far rates and time of . train apply to nearest Pennsylvania Line ttcket agent. ... . ' . : SUNDAY EXCURSION TO DAYTON VIA PENNSYLVANIA LINES. July 12th. from Logansport, ?2 round trip. Special-train leaves 5.a. m., central, time; returning leave Dayton 0 p m. Visitors ace permitted the freedom of :Iic Soldiers' Home, the most delightful ind attractive spot of Dayton. Lake. Side Park.ls'alsb open: Everytlilug ar-. •anged for a pleasant.Sunday outing.. Old clothes are just as good as new. ones when they look that way. Gar-, ments colored with Putnam-Fadeless Dyes look like new. It riinfcea-iio difference what your goods are made of, boil them with Putnam Fadeless Dyes ind they will be dyed a.fadeless, crock- ess color. Each package colors silk, wool or cotton. The brightest and >est dye for carpet rags. They color Irom one-tlilrd to one-hnlf more goods ;lwn any . other, dye. Sold by J. M-, Tohnston. . . . , • .. ..- YOUNG PEOPLE'S SOCIETY OF CHRISTIAN ENDEAVOR. Washington, D. C., July 7th to 13th, ,806.—For the above occasion .tickets: will be sold by the Wabash Railroad, ompauy at rate of-$10.75 for the round rip. Tickets will be'sold July 4, 5, 6 ind 7, 1896. Good for continuous .passage in both directions. Arrangements •an be-made extending time of tickets' eturnlng until July 81st Side tripe roin Washington have been planned at ;reatly reduced. raifes.--C. G.;; Newell; Agent,. ,. ..'.-... D. ' '&' C. .'SUMMER 'SERVICE . TO . .. . . Their new steel, passenger -steamers ire In .commission,' making four trips jer week •'between Toledo, Detroit, lackinac, Soo, Petoskey, Dulnth. \If are contemplating a summer oytihg end 2c stamp for illustrated paraphle-t. Address . ..' ••'•--. . '•-.. --'.-; •• A. A. SCHANTZ, G. P: A. . .-• Detroit, Mich.. . V ADDITIONAL:. LOCA L, - ^ Subscribe for the Journal, 40 cent* ler month.;•'." . •„••'• •.". • •:..„-.' • VV Geo. "Harrison has the. finest-line .of ammockfl In the city; ,••:'-•:" : •'• ,-,••;." Round ti-lp rate to: : St| Joseph,-;$2j.'to ake Miiilnkuckee, '$1. .Train 'leayeir 'andalla station ',every -Sunday!..- at! : 7- Only the sufferer knows the miacry of.-.. : dyispepsla,,: but., /Hpjd'a "''Sarsaparlila;. cures .the 'most stubborn eases•': of jthls; disease.j : .v, : ; '-.;'-;;.;.>-'..' ,-."-.•..;.•>.- -v;-;';-^, ; .;". ! TJie -following' named persons; 'entered Michaels' UnilVeisWiy';tbJg f ,week:; v THOUSANDS HAVE BEEN CUUED "BY THE USE OF HIS WONDERFUL LITTLE PELLETS. NO OTHER MEDICINES RECEIVE DAILY SO MANY TESTIMONIALS FROM GRATEFUL PEOPLE. STRONG WORDS OF PRAISE EVERY MAIL BRINGS THEM UNSOLICITED FROM ALL PARTS OF THE COUNTRY. The Beneficial Results Obtained From the Use of-Munyon's Improved Houi- copn-rhte Re,med,ies by those Afflicted Wltti Rheumatism, Kidney Trouble, Dyspepsia, Ca.ta-rrli, Astlima, Bron- chi'fis and Other Diseases are Being Testified to by Thousands Every Day. ge, 111.. William Le Bci-ge, of La Gran sa-ys: "I had .lumbago for four ycaiv. I wis so completely -helpless I could not rise from my tlwir nor put on my clothes.' I 'was in a dreadful way. It took only* three bottles of Muuyon's wonderful R,heuir.atisin Remedy to euro me. I .never found auything like it." • Munyon's Rheumatism Cure Seldom fails to relieve in one to three hours, and cures In a. few days. Price 25c. Munyon's Dyspepsia Cure positively cures all forms <,' indigestion and stcm- ach troubles.. Price 23 cents. Muuj-on's Cold Cure prevents pneumonia and breaks up a cold in a few hours. Price 25 cents. •Muuyo-n's Cough Cure stops coughs, night sweate, allays soreness and speedily heals the lungs. Price 25 cents. Munyon's Kidney Cure speedily cures pains In the back, loins or groins and all forms of kidney disease. Price 25 cents. • Munyon's Headache Cure stops headache in three minutes. Price 25e. Munyon's Pile Ointment positively cures all forms of piles. Price 2"> cents. Munyou's Blood Cure eradicates all Impurities of the blood. " Price 25c. Itlunyon's Female Remedies are a boon to all women. Munyon's Asthma Remedies relieve In 3 minutes and cure permanently. Price $1. . "•• ' Munyon'a Catarrh Remedies never fall. The Catarrh Cure— price 23c.— eradicates the .disease from the systeir, and the Catarrh Tabletsr-price 25c.- • cleanse and heal tbe parts, Munyou's, Nerve Cure is a wonderful 'nerve tonic. Price 25c. ;•" -Munyoa's Vitallzer restores lost vigor . ''^A sepajpate cure for each disease At all -druggists, mostly 25 cents a vial. ' Personal ' letters to Prof. Munyon, 1505 Arch street, Philadelphia, Pa., answered, with free medical advice for any disease. DANCES ON A TURTLE. Uttle Girl Fnrnlnh« Strange AnKUomimt to * Chicago Crowrt, . In front of a restaurant on the east Bide of State street, • near .Hopkins' thentiir, Chicago, for the last few days a large sea turtle has been eking out a mi,sorui)le existence in a shallow tub ,of niiiclil.Y water. . : Besides being a guarantee that the restaurant proprietor is ready to provide patrons with genuine turtle soup, the decrepit, reptile-furnishes rare diversion to : 'pedestrians who crowd nroiind the tub nt all- hours of-the dny" and look on in open-roouthed wonder. Occasionally some man pokes the poor creature with his cane' to sec if he is still 'alive. 'The ; turtle mn-kea n feeble effort to bite the cane, and then, with a {rasp, subsides in the dirty water n^ain. as it longing 1 'for the day when its misery would be ended in the soup kettle. ' :-...- . .' ; _ ' ,The ; other evening-- a 'ragged" liittle g-irl, whose schooling- in the streets had TURTLE'S SHELL..not taught'her; to entertnin any 8}'m- pathy;,for so'TOlserible a creature-SB a. turtle,' approached the crowd which was standing arourid the-tub. With her. was another little'g-irl with an ac- co'r'diori. haibg'Jng' by a strap from her ••boulder.-•; •'.-:•' : •'''•"' • " ; ' ' . : V -•;•• ' 'The moment the girls saw the turtle-, .the' one' with ' : the v wind- ; itistriiment struck up a weird : a;ir; while the other girl, to- the delight of -' t;he ' crowd; stepped .info' the tiitfand onto the-back of the aniinal^in-th.eHvater. 'A moment (later;sbe wn's'-'dancin-g' on the Kar^d shell [bit, the'Testniirarit-keeper'a soup sign.' ;,-''. : :Thc'tin ; tIi!Swaa"too->ven'k.to.mttke 1 th 1 e; :cst:resifitance,.and,- accompanied . e I'hbwlsi of ::the-;!crovwf and ' .the'. ftib; d o n ca "u n'i'll 'nt,-laat,'onci of the' waitdrs •; \from;- the-:ihsid'e cinne ;oiit aadi-Bto'pped" '<ih;B ! 'prbceedihg';byj.->pickifl8'>th'e^d oncer '^T^nd'-pltrtJinB^he^XJp-! tpej^MeTraHtj.--;^! Clearance Sale of Tie^. . " Commencing WEDNESDAY, June 24th, and continuing lor.19 days, or until closed, out, we will sell for CASH/cbolce of any. He : in bouse, consisting of TECKS: OLUB HOUSE, FOUR IN, HAND. DEJOIN'VILLE, BOWS, el:c., for 38 CENTS Cheaper lines of TECKS , FOUR IN HANDS, BOWS, etc., be sold as low as will 19 CENTS In order to close out. Cal 1 early and take advantage of this gret* 1 • TIE SALE while the opport unl-ty is presented; as you are sure of getting a BIG BARGAIN, n o matter what you buy. STRAW HATS - Commencing on same date, we will sell any straw bar:In stock' a.t cost to close them out. Here is your chance to get good values for little money. • ;'-, .... SPECIAL KNEE PANTS SALE Do not forget the line o f knee pants that we are closing out ftif from Oc to 19c per pair. So me excellent things.to;.be -had 107 «*• price. '• ' .' AH Goods Charged/lust be at Regular Prices. JOHN D. FERGUSON & C< 322 MARKET STREET, <''.'v-.-$ J. J> FEROUHON. /i. P JEKKF Inventors rut This Out for Future Sketches of all kinds prepared for 'decorative and commercial purpos'eB.. Mechanical and prospective draw ings of Electric, 'Pneumatic-and;., -ul-tur.il devices prepared for the Paten t office.- • ' - . . Di?si?ui-ns a.specialty. - ' .; Claims for Letters of Patent prosec utcd.. BYRON B. GORDON, Draughtsman & Patent Attorney. Spry Block. ••••-. Natural and Artificial Gas BiUsdusthe Fii*' of each month, ten day' $te race. All bills able at the office of the Company, 317 Peaj* • - ....'..','•'.•••'. "" Street.'- • .. : :• -.- ; ; - ••- ••• - ! -,' Special-Low rates] on heaters during months df£May, June. July, August and tember. • For General Debility For Rheumatism For Lung Affections For Convalescence after La Grippe Wnereverandwhene-v-er«d«bfolatel7puitt«linnlantl*i)eeded,th«ph7»leiMi ma T confidently pr«»crlt>« the •-.'•'.'.'' :' R. Cummins & Co. "Old Procew" H«nd-n«d« Sour-flash r This whiskey is advertised in the leading medlc»l jcin'r: \ nals and is approved by the profession. Each bottltbears ^ the certificate ofjts purity, given by Pro. J. N. Hurty,: ' .Chemist, Indianapolis. ' •[ '-St? A. KIEFER DRUQ COMPANY, •''- .1-:>Jii -'.•; DEAFNESS : : eANNOT v.BE -CUBED .by local, applications,'as they cannot roach'the diseased portion of the 'jear. There Is only one-way toicure deafness and that Is by .cbri'stltnt'lorial- remedies. Deafness Isjcausecl by'on Inflamed^.cQri- dltlon'of UiVmucous'Hnl'njg of'the'.'Eu; staci'lan .Tul».^.'Wheii::this'.,tulie;.gets Inflamed :youi ha,ve -a., rumbling: • sound or imperfect ,hearihg,;;nnd' when, it is;*n-'- •Hreiy.closed:deafness fa. tlie'.-.resitU..;-an'd. uniese 1 -the: Inflammation', can'-be/ taken outlaid ^thfejtube"/e.stpr€%io Its''nor- "m'nl'i'.cohditlol);"' 11 , -heiarl : ng;; w tf-'js.;n'pthlng;6ut an ''inflamed condition., of tbe muconsv surfaces... •-,. -• ., .;. ' ;-' : ,: 'We \vill glveV One Hundred,^ , .for any; .case of deafness (caused '*/:;'.;'• v-Y '' catarrh) that cannot be cured Catarrh Cure. Send for'.circu! . > , _ ; , F.. J V CHENEY & CO., Toledo, •&£•/.:$£&$ : : Sold by Drugglsts^TGc,' . ; . \.''\,I\fi'i*g&fy '.'..'..' '. '.'.'".'. '""'$$$; Dr. Barnfleid'has Ben;'Fisher's drug ..Natural;: gasMUs July,' •company^ ; : ' '"

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